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REGGAE Example of reggae: Burning Spear - Walk /watch?v=hocWfu-v3Mg

Reggae:  The stylistic origins of reggae are R&B, jazz,

blues, calypso, ska etc.  Culturally originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s.  Musically, reggae is easily identifiable due to the stereotypically syncopated off-beats (eg. Accenting the 2nd and 4th beat a bar, as opposed to in conventional rock music, where the stress is on the 1st and 3rd beat.  Bob Marley is said to have claimed that the word reggae came from a Spanish term for "the king's


Origins of Reggae: ď ś Although strongly influenced by traditional African

and Caribbean music, as well as by American rhythm and blues, reggae owes its direct origins to the progressive development of ska and rocksteady in 1960s Jamaica. ď ś By the mid-1960s, many musicians had begun playing the tempo of ska slower, while emphasizing the walking bass and offbeats. The slower sound was named rocksteady, after a single by Alton Ellis. This phase of Jamaican music lasted only until 1968, when musicians began to slow the tempo of the music again, and added yet more effects. This led to the creation of reggae.


Famous Reggae Musicians:


Instrumentation:  Harmonically, the music is often very simple, and     

sometimes a whole song will have no more than one or two chords. A standard drum kit with is generally used in reggae, but the snare drum is often tuned very high to give it a timbale-type sound. Bongos are often used to play free, improvised patterns, with heavy use of African-style cross-rhythms. The rhythm guitar in reggae usually plays the chords on beats two and four. It has a very dampened, short and scratchy chop sound. Horn sections are frequently used in reggae, often playing introductions and counter-melodies. The vocals in reggae are less of a defining characteristic of the genre than the instrumentation and rhythm. An unusual aspect of reggae singing is that many singers use tremolo (volume oscillation) rather than vibrato (pitch oscillation).

Impact on the world:

Reggae is also commercial..! ď ś As pitched on the Dragon’s Den!


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