The Story Garden International

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■ From pre-A1 to A2

■ 6 Levels

■ Blended teaching

■ Inclusive learning

■ Lapbook

M. Bertarini M. Huber J. Cadwallader M. Worgan

The Heart & Mind Approach and Storytelling

The Story Garden is based on The Heart and Mind Approach, an emotional didactic that creates synergy between the cognitive and emotional aspects of the pupils. Emotions and thoughts not only interact, but their integration is essential in the learning process.

■ Emotions and thoughts are dynamically intertwined

■ Contents of the stories comes directly from the traditional fairy tales and classic novels

■ Storytelling is a powerful pedagogical tool which appeals to the hearts and the minds of the pupils

Inclusive learning pathways

■ Examples of fairy tales, fables and classic novels introduce topics and vocabulary

■ Cartoons for each fairy tale to engage the pupil

■ Use of the language to communicate emotions, needs, information throughout the coursebook

CLIL lessons

■ Differentiation of style, form and spacing thanks to the variety of activities

■ Peer mentoring, Proactivity and self-confidence

■ Different intelligences and learning styles: through songs and music, cartoons and act out the story activities, draws and audio tracks.

■ Logical-visual strategies and metacognitive development

■ CLIL sections, dedicated to cross-curricular links between English and other subjects

■ Mr Green’s messages: a value pathway in which pupils are given advice on how to be happier with themselves and live happily with other people.

■ Laboratory activities which activate creative processes and provide new input to recycle the language

Living English: window on cultural topics

■ Situations that pupils are familiar with and which are transposed into English-speaking contexts

■ A double-spread page to learn and use English to express and share pupils’ daily lives and feelings

■ English as a Lingua Franca which brings people from different cultures and ethnicities together

21st Century Life Skills

■ Systematic, carefully chosen and graded activities to start teaching pupils life skills

Lessons to promote health education, global citizenship and copying with emotions and needs

Real-tasks activities for evaluating competences

Further supportive lessons

■ Activity Time pages in the student’s book: workbook with revision, reinforcement and consolidation activities

■ Easy English section with activities dedicated to inclusive learning paths for SLD and SEN pupils

■ Living Grammar section (from level 3 onwards) with simple and clear tables, examples of grammar structures followed by fun activities

TRUE OR FALSE ? COMPLETE THE SMILEYS. SHE IS MY GRANDMA. SHE IS MY SISTER. ACTIVITY TIME Unit 6 103 in autumn in November in the morning on Monday at one o’clock at Christmas 8:00 = 8 o’clock a.m. 20:00 = 8 o’clock p.m. 6 5:35 7 7:30 8 21:55 9 2:00 10 14:25 5 Halloween the school is open. 6 ten o’clock we have English. 7 Saturdays the school is closed. 8 the evening have music lessons. don’t know. It’s twenty past eleven. Unit 2 LIVING GRAMMAR 97 Animals iguana parrot bat butterfly jaguar hummingbird frog tortoise spider lizard tapir 1 Say and colour the words. mosquito Unit 6 EASY ENGLISH 140

Lapbook: Learning by doing

■ It offers a hands-on way for pupils to learn and retain information about each unit

■ It is a multi-sensory tool designed to meet the needs of all the different learning styles

■ It includes practical projects that the pupil can put together and it aims at developing fine motor skills

■ It is useful to revise and consolidate and for inclusive learning

Teacher’s Material

Digital Tools for blended solutions and online lessons

■ A browsable version of the whole Student’s Book and Teacher’s Book with interactive activities

■ Songs, chants, music and all videos

■ Liquid book, the accessible, easy-to-read book

■ Audio material for students available through Eli LINK App


Access the digital samples by visiting or scan the Qr code

■ Teacher’s Guide with methodological notes, unit-by-unit lesson planning, Teacher’s notes, Games section, Tests and Letter to parents

■ Educational Posters & Flashcards

■ Class CD and code to access the Digital Book

■ Tests on YL Exams available online

S TORY GARDEN Teacher’s Book The 1 Teaching suggestions for all the activities in the book Language, grammar, culture tips and notes Audio scripts Syllabus planning by competences Extension and supplementary activities Mariagrazia Bertarini Maria Giuliana Saletta ALICE’S CRAZY PARTY Unit 5 GLUE 11 THE WOLF AND THE SEVEN KIDS Unit 1
Book Teacher's Book + Photocopiable Flashcards Poster Pack with Activity book, + class CD Worksheets + Lapbook (for levels 1-5) + access code (Levels 1-3; 4-5; 6) Digital Book with Eli Link App for the digital book Level 1 9788853632777 9788853632838 9788853632890 9788853634764 9788853634818 Level 2 9788853632784 9788853632845 9788853632890 9788853634771 9788853634825 Level 3 9788853632791 9788853632852 9788853632890 9788853634788 9788853634832 Level 4 9788853632807 9788853632869 9788853632906 9788853634795 9788853634849 Level 5 9788853632814 9788853632876 9788853632906 9788853634801 9788853634856 Level 6* 9788853632821 9788853632883 9788853632913 9788853638113 9788853638120
* NO Lapbook for level 6
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