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Paperdoll Clothing Justin Monton, Lukas Douglas, Brittany Livingstone, Desiree Hale, Elizabeth Fahlman Professor Fang Wan Branding (MKT 3240, T01) December 6, 2012



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Project Summary

Project Summary Page 2

Elizabeth works at BizView Media, so when we were brain storming a list of

potential project ideas, she brought a list of BizView’s clients for us to choose from. The best client on the list seemed to be Paperdoll Clothing. Elizabeth had worked

Executive Summary Page 4

personally with this client already, so much of the background research needed for the project was completed. Also, the owners of Paperdoll agreed to help if

Internal Assessment Page 5

we had any additional questions. The business itself seemed interesting, and since they were a new client of BizView’s, as well as a new business (less than a year

External Assessment Page 6

old), they still have lots of work to do in exploring their opportunities for differentiation and their branding strategy.

Branding Strategy Page 10

One challenge that Paperdoll faces that made this project more difficult is

that the industry is full of competitors. We felt that they still had something special Branding Implementation Page 14

to offer, that their passion and willingness to succeed would be able to lead them along a profitable path if they were given some direction. We analyzed the deep-

Supporting Research Page 17

down brand DNA that was developing at Paperdoll and from there were able to develop a refined statement of what value they can promise to their customers.

Appendix Page 19

Based on that value statement, we then came up with some potential real-world ways to deliver that value. The methods we suggest would help to increase brand

Bibliography Page 23


awareness, which is currently lacking, as well as create a way that Paperdoll could seriously differentiate itself without having to lower prices.


The owners are very busy but managed to make themselves available to

answer the few questions that we had, not that there were very many. Most of our interviewing/research had been done by BizView employees, so we built on what was already there. This made it very easy to complete the project. One thing that made this project difficult was that because Paperdoll only sells women’s clothes, we had to rely mainly on the female group members’ perceptions to guide our thinking.

It was interesting working with such a new company because their current

Executive Summary

possibilities are limitless. Though they have financial constraints, they are otherwise uninhibited. We believe that if Sarah and Marlette were to take the initiatives we

have laid out, they could see an increase in their business and brand awareness

District in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was founded approximately one year ago by

very quickly.

Sarah and Marlette, who went into business because of their passion for clothing.

Paperdoll Clothing is a women’s clothing boutique located in the Exchange

All clothes are imported from Los Angeles, and only six of each item are brought in. They have built good relationships with their designers, who have been selected based on quality and fashionability. Recently they have partnered with BizView Media, a local marketing firm that works with small and medium businesses to proThanks for a great class and learning experience! ďżź

duce video, photo, and print material and develop marketing strategy.

The target market for Paperdoll is young professional women, between 20

and 30 years old. Their clothing allows women to retain their femininity while still being taken seriously in the workplace. Not only do they provide clothes for the office environment, but they also have clothes appropriate for going out after work, to dinner or a bar or club.

Competition for Paperdoll is thick, especially in the downtown area of the

city. In the Exchange District and Osborne Village there are many other boutique-style stores, and close by there are larger chain stores that can appeal to the same target audience. Justin Monton, Elizabeth Fahlman, Brittany Livingstone, Desiree Hale, & Lukas Douglas


Paperdoll has some differentiation opportunities available to it, specifically in

providing a personal shopping experience. Not only can they use their low traffic


to provide excellent service, but could also look at starting programs like orchestrating nights out for groups of girls. They rent out the front of their store to a cosmetics company (Provici Cosmetics) and are nearby hair stylists and bars, pubs, and clubs that would also target their consumers.

Overall, Paperdoll has a great concept started, but they need to work on

honing their unique competencies to generate repeat business and increase traffic to their store.

Internal Assessment

the center for make-up application, the overall set-up is awkward. The displays, although very bright and modern, are cluttered. The display that divides the make-

When we talked with Paperdoll, the goals they suggested they wanted to

up section from the store should be removed which would solve all the issues

achieve were very vague (see Appendix A and B). They want to increase their

related to this section of the store.

sales and profitability, and felt that social media was an area they should improve

on. As a very new company, they are still unsure of how they should be positioned.

clothing they know will not zip-up, button-up, or fit over their bottom. The different

The owners started the business because they love fashion, not because they

sizes available at Paperdoll are very limited at 2, 4, and 6. Rarely did I see an 8

have always wanted to be business people.

and never a 10. However, certain clothing they carried was sized XS, S, M, and L.

Having a larger size available in some garnets but not all confuses customers and

Upon visiting Paperdoll Clothing, our group noticed a few areas the small

Women are very sensitive and try at all costs to avoid trying on a piece of

business could improve on to enhance the experience of their cliental. Such areas

slightly embarrasses them when they have to ask if a larger size is available. Con-

include the changing rooms, make-up section, size selection, and store hours.

sistency is key in this case. Be a store that is meant for “petites” or enhance the

current selection of sizes available.

The changing room area is located in the back left section of the store. It is

across from a rack of sale items and has a medium sized ottoman beside the two

The store hours are the last area we chose to focus on because one of our

changing rooms. The changing rooms are not comprised of drywall but of curtains.

group members showed up at 4:15pm on a weekday to discover that the store

To improve the sense of security women need to feel while being in a changing

was closed. The hours listed on the door however said it should have been open

room, we suggest the owners replace the curtains with drywalled changing rooms.

for business. Someone was sitting on the make-up chair in the store and informed

It would not take up any extra space and it would include a secure door where

said group member with a hand gesture that the store was indeed closed. Paper-

women feel safe and not like someone is about to peek through the curtains and

doll Clothing should always stay open during the hours listed on their door sign as

see them in their undergarments. There is a mirror located in each change room

to not deter any potential or current customers.

which is very appropriate in a clothing store because every women does not necessarily want to walk out of the change room to see what an item of clothing looks


External Assessment

like on their figure. The lighting in the change rooms is also very well done with


make-up-mirror style lightbulbs around the mirror which are very tone flattering.

Canada’s economic progress in general. It is divided into eleven subsectors in-

The make-up section at the front of the store is too large. The owners rent

The retail industry in Canada involves direct and indirect effects towards

out this space to a privately owned make-up distributor to gain extra income for

cluding: Motor vehicles and parts, furniture and home furnishing, electronics and

the store. However, this make-up section is basically the front quarter of the store.

appliance, building materials, food and beverage, health and personal care,

The displays are against the front window, right wall, and divide the section from

gasoline stations, clothing and clothing accessories, sporting goods, general mer-

the regular part of the store. With little room to walk in the middle given the chair in

chandise stores and miscellaneous retail stores. The focus of this section is the

clothing and clothing accessories sub-sector specifically in Manitoba. Since Paper-

their business. Starting a physical retail business involves a limited number making

doll clothing is locally located in the heart of the Exchange District in Winnipeg, it

the industry very competitive as well. All the license application that the owner

would make more sense to get more information on Paperdoll’s direct competitors

needs in order to start the local business can be located online and sent to the

that involves substantial effects that Paperdoll should consider when making man-

City of Winnipeg offices. A lot of informational help can also be found in the Ca-

agement decisions.

nadian Government website giving support to local businesses making it easier for

them to be legally recognized as a business.

When it comes to industrial trends in the retail business, an article that dis-

cusses current innovations in the retail industry could also be used to help Paper-

doll clothing reach the goals that they are trying to reach. “Innovation in Retail

gaged in a pool of Red Ocean involving numerous competitors both containing

Pricing and Promotions” discusses about current ways on how retail stores are

local, national and international competitors. Clothing shops like Hush, Shout, Luxe

continuing to grow their revenues by synergizing their pricing strategies with the

and Charm, and Paramix from the Osborne Village and Ordnry, The Foxy Shoppe

current market trend. The article also talks about innovative promotional models

and Unfold Apparel, all within the Winnipeg Exchange District are Paperdoll Cloth-

that improve the effectiveness of the advertisements that the retail stores tries to

ing’s direct competition. These stores share the same strategy and target market in

incorporate. Ways on how to effectively measure the effectiveness of these pro-

comparison to Paperdoll Clothing’s mandate. In addition, these shops also con-

motions are also discussed throughout the paper. As usual, technology is one of

tain almost the same things that Paperdoll Clothing could sell as well. As consum-

the highlights of economic innovation when talking about improvements. The arti-

ers find their perfect product that suits their wants and needs within these clothing

cle also highlights current developments about the technological industry relating

shops, consumers will not fail to notice the big similarities between these shops that

it to businesses. As a conclusion, the article suggests ways and modes of how a

they are looking their clothing pieces into. As an example, all the clothing shops

retail business could further their concentration when it comes to the market that

mentioned considers social media as a marketing tool and uses these medium to

they are trying to target, helping increase their market share and revenues in the

leverage their competitive advantage against their competitors. Also notice the

long run. (Grewal and Etcetera, 2011)

fact that these clothing stores contains very close interval for their store hours and

they are geographically located in a small neighbourhood as well. These similari-

Clothing and clothing accessories retail is a billion dollar sub-sector indus-


When it comes to local and direct competition, Paperdoll Clothing is en-


try in Canada which contributed 2.3 Billion Dollars to Canada’s revenue back in

ties make it more challenging for each and every of these stores to stand out from

2010. In Manitoba, all the clothing and clothing accessories retail stores had an

one another.

accumulated $612,226 of operating revenues in 2010 which is .02% of Canada’s

revenue at the given year. The operating revenue for the Canadian clothing retail

not only need to consider innovative trends in their respective industries but they

industry kept on growing on average of 3% for ten years from 2001 until 2010. (Sta-

also need to focus on what the customer wants. In the article discussed earlier, a

tistics Canada, 2010) These numbers serve as an overview or a target so that Pa-

few industry trends towards retail promotions are discussed. Because of the con-

perdoll can be well informed on how much potential they can aspire in continuing

tinuous growth of the internet, targeting online promotions could be implement-

To differentiate themselves from their competitors, clothing retail stores did

ed to effectively entice people in the group that the owners wanted to sell their

Strategy Statement:

products to. Considering this database, in addition to the information that they

“To achieve differentiation by focussing on a specific target segment of

could also implement in store, retail owners could then effectively use these infor-

mation to efficiently price their products. Ideas do not end within the internet and

young professional women and providing an excellent personal shopping experi-

pricing, the article also discusses about new types of promotions that effectively


retains customers to buy products from the same store. Invite-only promotions are

- our branding group

also getting popular according to the article. Another promotional model called “Conditional Promotions” are also found to be effective when consumers have

Paperdoll Clothing’s Mission Statement:

less concrete shopping goals. (Grewal et al, 2011)

“To feel like you just spent time in your girlfriend’s closet.”

The retail industry, specifically clothing and clothing accessories, is a very compet-

itive market and there is an existing red ocean that makes it challenging for retail

- Sarah and Marlette (Owners of Paperdoll Clothing)

shops to penetrate. Secondly, although competition is huge in this industry, there is still a lot of potential tactics that organizations can use to differentiate themselves

In the near future, we want Paperdoll Clothing to become more recognized

from one another making the industry a very colorful and diverse component of

by their target market. The amount of women that are entering the business world

the Canadian economy. Lastly, there are current trends in the retail industry that

is continuously increasing. These women are always looking for guidance on what

organizations can use in order to reach their customers, retain their consumers, in-

to wear at work that will allow them to be seen as equal to the men while still not

crease revenue and further their market share. With these things in mind, clothing

having to wear a frumpy women’s suit. To achieve this goal, Paperdoll Clothing

retail shops continue to better themselves day by day making it more efficient yet

will need to advertise to professional women in specific ways that will reach them.

challenging for consumers as well.

This, coincides with our next goal for Paperdoll Clothing; increasing advertising. They have recently updated their website but this is not enough. They need to

Branding Strategy


reach out to their customers through social media types like Facebook and Insta-


gram. However, Sarah and Marlette are not very technologically inclined, so an-

In order to be competitive in such a red ocean as the Winnipeg women’s

other short term goal that they will need is to quickly hire outside help to advertise

clothing industry, there are many short term and long term goals that Paperdoll

through technological means. To increase their advertising, they will also need to

Clothing must achieve. These goals will allow Paperdoll Clothing to differentiate

increase general awareness of their brand to Winnipegers by advertising in local

themselves enough in the industry to at the least create a blue pond. Throughout

magazines and through partnerships with other local businesses.

the process of achieving these goals, we want Paperdoll Clothing to focus on

what we believe that their strategy statement is, as well as their company mission.

of Paperdoll, increase their stores accessibility. This does not mean that we want

In the short term, we would also like to see Sarah and Marlette, the owners

them to expand their number of locations, but rather that we simply want them to

change their store hours. At the moment, they are open from 11:00am to 6:00pm

their mission statement. This means that we want to see them put more effort in to

Monday to Saturday, and they are closed on Sunday. This may be convenient for

making it feel as though you have “just spent time in your girlfriend’s closet.” We

them but it is not convenient for their customer. Their customers are young profes-

want them to outshine their competitors through the use of extensive personal

sionals who are working from nine to five. These customers are unable to get to Pa-

selling. This will be achieved through the implementation of an extensive data-

perdoll during the week, which only really makes their Saturday hours accessible

base. We want this to be like nothing that anyone has every seen before. It will

for their target market. Therefore, we want to see them stay open for at least two

allow for the most personal experience that anyone has ever had while shopping,

more hours on weekdays and be open on Sundays.

we want Paperdoll to focus on the customer first. We then want Paperdoll to set a

goal for themselves to get to personally know each one of their customers so they

Finally, for Paperdoll’s short term goals, we want to see Sarah and Marlette

In the long term, we want to see Paperdoll truly run their business around

expand their staff. At the moment they only have one other employee working

can bring the clothing to the customer rather than the customer coming to the

at the store because they feel that they are the heart and soul of the brand and

clothing. This may sound confusing, but simply put, it means that the employees of

that no one is able to do quite the job that they do. They are one hundred per-

Paperdoll will know their customers so well that they will be able to call them and

cent committed and don’t feel as though they need help. However, from class

let them know when a product that they would be interested in is brought to the

we have learned that it is very risky to have the owners of the company being the

store. This will create an advantage over their customer as well as be the path to

main driver of that company. For example, we can relate what Paperdoll Clothing

their blue ocean.

is doing to what Martha Stewart has done with her empire. Martha Stewart is the

soul of her brand but she has created such a strong soul that if she was removed

should try and reposition itself in the market. At the moment, it Paperdoll of itself as

from the brand, there would no longer be a brand. Likewise, Sarah and Marlette

being competitive with many of the shops on Osbourne Street like Hush, Out of the

have become the key drivers of Paperdoll and without expanding their staff, they

Blue, and Paramix. However, after the achieving its goals of advertising, workforce

will have no future for their brand if they are unable to continue with Paperdoll

growth, customer data base and extreme personal shopping, we feel as through

clothing and dedicate as much time to the brand as they do now, in the future.

it can become a much more high end shopping experience. They are a unique


Given these short term and long term goals, we believe that Paperdoll


company and if they capitalize on their opportunities, they can become a benchmark in their industry as well as more luxurious. (Appendix C)

Surely, know that both of those previously mentioned things take time and

come with age, but we feel that Paperdoll is comparable to a local company

that is trying to become global. They are small now, but with the right resources Paperdoll Clothing can come out of nowhere and become a game changer.

They can be the next big Winnipeg company, and even expand their business if

they are aggressive. Paperdoll can also learn lessons from companies like BBVA

and many of the other European and Asian. They can dream big, and think of

their company. Any employees they hire will be the window into the company

extravagant things to implement into their business. These things might not be the

from a consumer’s point of view. They need to buy into the vision of Paperdoll and

Canadian norm but they would create such intrigue that people from everywhere

give the consumer the experience Sarah and Marlette want them to have. Each

would want to come to Paperdoll. Their extensive customer database is just one

employee should treat each customer individually and tailor their needs to meet

thing, but maybe the next step is massage chairs for the men who are waiting for

the needs of the customer. Proper training and a family environment will help aide

their girlfriends and wives to finish shopping, or even a different set of mirrors that

the owners in making their employees understand how important their values are

you could look into in their change room areas if you are having a fat day.

to the well being of the company. The location has to also reflect what the soul

of the company. Creating more than just your regular shopping environment will

If Paperdoll Clothing’s owners Sarah and Marlette follow through with this

Paperdoll then needs to implement these beliefs into the internal portion of

branding strategy that we have proposed, they can honestly become the most

help them differentiate themselves from the competition. Upgrades to the dressing

sought after clothing store in Winnipeg.

rooms and an expanded cosmetic’s section will give their location a more luxuries and professional appeal.

Branding Implementation

As for the external environment, Paperdoll needs to work on understand-

ing the needs of their customers and create visible features give them what they

Paperdoll Clothing needs to first understand that the soul is the brand driver

want. This is the final step for their brand synchronization.  The soul, internal and

and they need to build their brand with that understanding. In a small business,

external environments need to work in cohesion. Since the company is young,

the owners are the drivers and Sarah and Marlette need to integrate their beliefs

they are still making themselves known in the city. Now that Paperdoll has estab-

and visions to the rest of the company (Appendix D). It is important that they con-

lished a strategy and a target market, they need to tailor their core competencies

tinue to drive their company while holding down other full time jobs. This requires

from their soul and internal environments to meet the needs of the customers.

special commitment from them as they cannot devote all their attention to the

Because their external features stem from the other sections of their brand triangle,


they can create sustainability within their company because all three sections are


This particular clothing industry is very passionate and Paperdoll needs to

working in cohesion.


emphasize that, starting with the soul and permeating that belief to the internal

One tactic Paperdoll can use is an elaborate database that does more

and external features of the company. Sarah and Marlette should make them-

than store regular demographical features of their customers. By tracking their

selves available to customers and show them that they truly care about finding

customers by product, size, colours, brands, they can learn what each customer’s

them the best pieces of clothing for their lifestyle. Paperdoll should also implement

needs are on a deeper level. This gives each customer individualized treatment

other strands of their brand DNA such as professionalism and luxury into their soul in

that can make them feel special. Paperdoll can also use this to retain custom-

an effort to drive these meanings throughout the rest of the company.

ers by sending them emails when certain product lines become available that

match similar purchases made by the customer. As this relationship gets stronger

Paperdoll Clothing is not only ready to meet the needs of these professional wom-

and stronger, Paperdoll can then establish brand loyalty and grow their customer

en but also believe in their needs will help them create relationships with women

base. Customers who feel passionate about Paperdoll will then tell their friends

who are exactly their target market.

and families about it. This helps Paperdoll create additional ways to increase their

customer base.

out regular emails to groups of clients separated by taste or body type. Each

group (4-5 groups) could receive an email every 3-4 weeks, with a new outfit

Paperdoll can also look to create a complete shopping experience that

To keep in constant communication with its clients, Paperdoll should send

makes their customers feel special. By partnering with a cosmetic company and

suggestion. This outfit would be best suited for their body type, and would help in-

hair stylist close by, they can create shopping experiences that go beyond clothes

crease repeat business and promote the “personal shopper” aspect of their DNA.

and beyond your normal shopping trip. Packages can be created that revolve

around the creation of a shopping experience that can include good friends and

over time if Paperdoll doesn’t synchronize their brand DNA starting with their soul.

good wine. You can start your experience at Paperdoll by trying on outfits ac-

Sarah and Marlette are the drivers of the company and they need to work hard

companied by a glass of wine. Your experience can then move to cosmetics and

to establish the groundwork that will drive the internal and external environments

a hair stylist to complete your experience. This can be packaged as a beginning

of their DNA. Along with implementing these tactics, they also need to decide on

to a girls’ night out or as a weekend afternoon of pampering. The key is that Pa-

appropriate measurement tools to gauge their success. For the past year, their

perdoll creates intangible effects from their tangible objects. The clothes become

measurement has been minimal.

It is important to remember that none of these tactics will be sustainable

more meaningful as you end up not just shopping, but having a great time with friends that happens to include purchasing outfits from Paperdoll.

Supporting Research

Partnering with various associations that fit their target market will also be

a useful tactic for Paperdoll. The beginning years of their target market fit into

the student profiles of the Asper School of Business. Establishing themselves as the

sult from a research study of shopping habits of Canadian women. The results of

place for Asper women to buy their clothes will help Paperdoll create relationships

this particular study are found to be correct 19 out of 20 times and the Master-

at the ground floor. This will also be a place to refresh their customers each year

Card MasterIndex has been around for 10 years. This is the first year they conduct-

as new students enter the University. Giving the students discounts before various

ed a study in Canada and they discovered five distinct life stages of women in

business events that may require a new outfit can be one method to introduce

Canada: Emerging Consumers, New Earners, Moms, The Established, and Silver

Paperdoll to their target market. Creating an association with an organization like

Spenders. The “New Earners” are women between the ages of 18 and 35, have

the Women Business Owners of Manitoba allows them to network with the rest of

settled into a full-time job, and do not have children. Most importantly, however,

their target market as these women are out in the business environment every day

the “New Earners” are the most powerful category when it comes to spending

and would like to look professional at all times. Letting this association know that

and happen to be the target market of Paperdoll Clothing. This benefits Paper-


The “MasterCard MasterIndex of Canadian Women Consumers” is the re-


doll Clothing because this category of women has money to spend and 49% of


New Earners admit the amount of personal income they spend on clothing has increased this year. Paperdoll is targeting the right consumer.

Another study that supports Paperdoll’s strategy was conducted by a To-

ronto consulting firm, the Verde Group, and researchers from Wharton’s Jay H. Baker Retail Initiative. The study is called “Men Buy, Women Shop: The Sexes Have Different Priorities When Walking Down the Aisles” and it studied shopping habits and experiences from the two perspectives. Conclusively, the study explains that “women react more strongly than men to personal interaction with sales associates” (siting required for quote). Therefore, by making the shopping experience more like going through a girlfriend’s closet and creating that personal relationship with their cliental, Paperdoll will increase sales and women will more likely return to the store for their next outfit.

(A): Proposal to Paperdoll Clothing

Google and OTX partnered to conduct a study called “The Online Apparel

Shopping Process” in 2008. This study found that 55% of people do their research online but then go into a store to buy the product. A suggestion for Paperdoll would be to consider sending their clients personalized emails which have pictures of a few new items in the store which they thought they might want to come on in and try on. This email would be a tool to get women into Paperdoll to give Paperdoll the opportunity to provide that personal shopping experience.


Marketing Proposal Prepared for Paper Doll Clothing Following is our proposal to partner with you to develop ongoing marketing strategies and tools to grow your business. I have outlined your current situation as I understand it, and the goals you would like to achieve. The Proposal is divided into three distinct phases for implementation so that we can focus on a few things at a time to achieve better results. The finer details within each phase will be confirmed during our marketing strategy meetings. Current Situation: Paper Doll is a relatively new business It is a very competitive market Main marketing has been through Facebook Major strength is passion for fashion Strong focus on the customer experience with an emphasis on personal shopping Accessories are a major source of revenue Goals: More Likes on Facebook Increase sales to support paid staff Improved profitability The Proposal Phase I - Building a Strong Foundation (Approx. 90 Days) Understand Paper Doll’s value proposition Understand the customer demographic Develop initial marketing strategy and timelines Launch interactive online marketing platform Redirect URL to new platform Implement initial SEO strategy Review and analyze web traffic metrics Phase II – Expanding your Web Presence (Approx. 90 Days) Review marketing strategy and determine next components to engage Activate additional marketing components Email marketing Vmail marketing Refine SEO strategy Review traditional media Radio Print ads Signage Phase III – Building Momentum Refresh creative content Implement video blogging strategy Develop and implement social media strategy Develop E-commerce site (research and strategy) Review marketing strategy and implement improvements


The phases above are an initial proposal. Once we have done a complete assessment of your marketing needs and goals, together we may decide to adjust our timeline. Your marketing plan will be a living document that we review and update on a regular basis.

(B): Notes from Meetings & Interviews at Paperdoll

(C): Competitive Landscape, Before and After Changes ďżź

Qualifying Meeting Met with Sarah. There are two owners, who have separate jobs on top of owning the business. Additionally, they rent out the very front of the store to a make up company. They have been in business for just over a year. Focused on social media. Have around 700 likes. Focused mainly on new arrivals in the store and upcoming deals. Also use Instagram to promote new clothing in the store. Not yet involved in Pinterest but they are considering it. Done some flyers and tried out Groupon. Customers who used the coupons did not become repeat customers. Have not done radio yet but they are considering it. They have been on the radio and local television for interviews. Helped build their profile in the beginning. Current website: Have not yet begun to track views. Lots of pictures of merchandise that is in store. No ecommerce. They want to do it eventually but it can be time consuming. Currently do orders over the phone. Send merch as far as the US and all over Canada. They might want to keep it in store for another couple years before the launch their ecommerce site. Had several videos made. Some by local news outlets and others by professional media companies. The only problem is that the videos can become quickly outdated. Video blogging might be better for them. They are very passionate about the fashion industry. Even though they are busy individuals, they still find time to run and operate the store. They love making people feel good about the clothes they wear. Most of their stuff comes from LA. Some lines are local. Mentioned that they like to support local businesses. One of the questions that she asked was whether or not we were a local company. Seems to be important to her. Asked the price for our services. Elizabeth explained that what we offer is highly customized and we can't give a flat number without finding out what we need to do. Said that our pricing is anywhere from $200 to $500 a month. Didn't seem to fazed by our answer. 2nd Qualifying Meeting Reviewed current situation. There are two owners, two who work in the store. They are still in the stage where they aren't pulling money out of the business. They brought up e-commerce and said they weren't ready for it. When asked why it was a question of not having time to manage it. We talked about their website. The idea was to use it like a fashion blog. They updated their computer system and had trouble accessing their site and never really got back into it. Colin asked why they opened their store, It was their dream since high school and when the space came open they started the store on an impulse. Fashion is their passion. Asked about "personal shopper". It is really just a focus on customer service and helping them find things that suit them and their style. Looking at colours, body type, etc. Their demographic is late 30's and 40's. They buy two small, two medium and two large of everything. Their big focus right now is jewellery and it has good margins for them. We talked about the cosmetic side and they have the ability to cross promote with them. They have done some special events at Xmas and other times. However, they already have a website. They are currently part of fashion for a Cure. One of the partners has a photo studio in the back and took pictures for the posters. They have eight dresses in the show. They are collecting emails but don't know how many. They go into the POS. They send them through their server and have no stats or anything. They liked our email marketing. They want to do video blogging. Asked if we could help them get started and show them how to edit. Said it would not be a problem. She has a DSLR. They would likely have a Friday fashion blog. Their main goal is to get more exposure and more likes on Facebook. Colin talked about budget. Explained our normal price was $299/month. He said that because they were a startup we know cashflow is an issue but they would also be a great fit for BizView. Said we could to $199 for the first year, so long as they were committed to using all the tools and making this successful. They seemed really happy with that. Agreed to come back with a written proposal on Monday at 4pm.



(D): Brand Triangle

Bibliography Dhruv Grewal, Kusum L. Ailawadib, Dinesh Gauric, Kevin Halld, Praveen Kopalleb, Jane R. Robertsone, (July 2011). Innovations in Retail Pricing and Promotions. Journal of Retailing,87(1), S43-S52. Retrieved from

Google. “Home Consumers Shop for Apparel.” Think with Google. N.p., Jan. 2009. Web. 06 Dec. 2012.

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Paperdoll Clothing Report  

Branding 3240, Professor Fang Wan. By Lukas Douglas, Elizabeth Fahlman, Brittany Livingstone, Desiree Hale, and Justin Monton.

Paperdoll Clothing Report  

Branding 3240, Professor Fang Wan. By Lukas Douglas, Elizabeth Fahlman, Brittany Livingstone, Desiree Hale, and Justin Monton.