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Comenius Projects 2010 – 2012

22-23.08.2010 – Participation in a Comenius seminar organized by HRDC – Rodina Hotel – Sofia

13.09.2010 – Signing the contract of the three projects /photos – D. Bozhinova

15.09.2010 •

The first school day – head teacher’s speech – informing the teachers, the students and the parents

News release to newspapers, Varna Municipality, Regional Inspectorate of Education - link Three Comenius projects developed by Peyo Yavorov School in Varna were financed as a result of the 2010 selection of the Human Resources Development centre:

• •

Look what we have done How schoolchildren can contribute to keeping our planet clean and green

Overcoming xenophobia by deeper understanding of the European cultures

The projects will be realized by the school and its partners the Municipality of Varna and the Regional Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science in two-year period: 2010 – 2012. The whole amount of the subsidy is 60 000 euro. The minimum number of mobilities to be organized is 72 in 18 countries. The success of the school in realizing international projects is due to the support of the Municipality of Varna and the Regional Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. The main purpose of the Lifelong Learning program is to contribute to the development of the European community into a society based on knowledge and stable economic growth. The participation in the Comenius program raises the quality of the school education, shapes the student personality and improves the social and language competences.

21.09.2010 – participation of the head teacher D. Bozhinova in a mayor’s briefing

21.09.2010 – information on

23.09.2010 – information on the site of Varna Municipality – Educational department

28.09.2010 – interview for the morning program of Varna TV

01.10.2010 – a special issue of the school newspaper “Young reporter”

03.10.2010 – starting the website of the project “How schoolchildren can contribute to keeping the planet clean and green”

18-22.10.2010 – a visit to Bielsk Podlaski, Poland

29.10.2010 – news release to the newspapers

Students and teachers from Peyo Yavorov School realized their first international visit as part of the Comenius project “How schoolchildren can contribute to keeping our planet clean and green” from 18 th to 22th October 2010.

The Polish school from the town of Bielsk Podlaski was the host of the teams from Romania, Turkey, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria. The program included various ecological activities: celebration of the Tree day, a visit to the nursery school with little tree plants where a bonfire was organized by the hosts, a visit to the Forest Inspectorate, the Museum of Nature in the Bialowieza Forest and the reserve of bisons.

D. Bozinova direktor – 1st publication-1 in the newspaper Narodno delo

02.11. 2010 – 2nd publication- in the newspaper Cherno more

Хронология - проект Коменски  

this is description how to start school komenius project in Varna Bulgaria

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