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elhaus Visual Exegesis

Shirting Catalogue Fall Winter 2011/2012

Jakarta, Indonesia

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia – elhaus is a fine clothier and quality garments of menswear with classic aesthetics and the ethic of craftsmanship that suits every gentlemen. It will last and will age with you well. We do not think our products to be a simpvle piece of item, we think and craft all of our products by pouring our hearts and soul into them. We believe menswear are timeless, yet mercurial.

Left: Top: Motie Godey Right: Top: Linden Godey Bottom: Iron Tail

Top: Linden Black Chambray Products: Vol. II

To have a modern cut and silhouette with a classic feel on it is our approach on all of our products, jeans nonetheless. It has come to our attention that everybody needs a pair of jeans that would last with them for a life time. Their own timeless pair of jeans, the pair that will age with them. The pair that they will never be tired of wearing, because it becomes a part of them. With our signiture cut Warbonnet, we achived that perfect fit jeans with reasearch and developement, it’s timeless and will be your favorite jeans after putting it on.

Top: Linden Godey

Top: Linden Blue Chambray Bottom: Warbonnet

Form, fuction, aesthetic, meaning. Form doesn’t necessarily have to follow function. But function doesn’t necessarily come up from form. It all works together, one may appear first, but one may appear as a support to the other. Linden is made out of balance; supported by it’s aesthetic and meaning. We dont see it by its detail. But by the whole product. all the details in it; the hidden buttondowns, hidden cuff placket, curved belly flap and the dome yoke are one. One line, one rythem, one connection. All of those, forms the product. We love to make the details not just by it’s shape, not just the shape that gives the product it’s signature. We put everything that gives connection to the person who wears it. The dome yoke follow the shape of a persons moving arm, makes it ergonomic to move in. All of the hidden button gives the shirt a cleaner finish and makes it at the same time easier for the person to use an outer wear.

Top: Linden Blue Chambray

Right: M.P.S Selvedge Houndstooth Left: M.P.S Selvedge Plaid

They used to make clothes for it’s use and not for it’s cosmetic outlook. Their were shaped depending on their usage. This is an iteration of a shirt from that time. With functions that is useable today. Our Mountain Pocket Shirt, is features a cigarette pocket, together with a utility pocket. Top M.P.S Selvedge Plaid

We like how it drops on us when we wear it. An old model that falls nice, even now.

Warbonnet and Iron Tail are the two signature jeans cut we have. We pull out the essence of classic jeans and iterate it with modern intrepatation. Even though it is modern we make in such way so it has an authentic feel to it. The jeans is not just a product, it has a soul. We like the idea of a clean-finished jeans, not only it’s look, but also it’s inside. It is harder to create the inside of a jeans clean, it needs precision and attention. What we like most about it, is the hand involving process you can see. The leather patch is made by hand. Tooled and chiseled, a technique that is used in the older era in the America. To add a personal character to the leather.

Bottom: Warbonnet

Stockists Indonesia Jakarta Orbis ( +6221.727.83935 * 8

The Goods Deptl * 8

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Shirting F/W 11/12  

elhaus shirting catalogue fall / winter 2011/2012

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