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Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor


Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

Crossbow Isle Y Ddraig Goch


Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor


Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

Crossbow Isle Volume II

Y Ddraig Goch Part 1

Irefenia Salgonda Elensaรกr Gelindor Editor KLJ


Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

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Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

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Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor


Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

Recapitulation of Volume 1 – Ithilhin-Moonchild Parts 1, 2 and 3 SPOILER ALERT! If you have not read those books yet, be warned that the following contains a spoiler. If you read the recapitulation now, you will learn about names, places and essential developments that will be detrimental to the reading pleasure of those books.

After introducing the beginning of the tale on the elven planet Phaéthon, the twelve-year-old Moonchild Ithilhin returned to the house of her youthful looking grandmother Morgan, the healer of the little village Willowbee. Morgan is closely befriended with the Ithil’quessir elves who have raised Ithilhin after her mother had perished. The Ithil’quessir is an elven clan that lives in Rialian Yldannan, a realm inside a tremendously huge cave at the southeastern tip of Crossbow Isle, which they had found thousands of years ago, equipped with a unique sky that mimics the real sky and is the home of an immensely tall and large tree, unknown in this world. In Willowbee, Ithilhin receives her new ‘earthly’ name Enyana and learns much about the life in a village that is well protected by the powers of her grandmother and the Ithil’quessir elves. During that time, a long brewing situation in the northern lands of Crossbow Isle aggravates. Here, the Liegelord Kimball Caradoc rules with iron fists and behaves rather irrational by questioning and torturing his people in his search for something that no one on Crossbow Isle could know. People flee the land and one young maiden finds her way to Willowbee, where she is taken care of. However, Kimball Caradoc cannot allow that a lass evades his ‘rules’ and he sends first a search party over the lands, looking for her, which returns without viable results. Later, he himself comes with a host of thugs to learn in a magical way that somehow, the village where he had sensed the maiden could not be found anymore. However, the situation in the north worsens and Rasmus McCarthy, the tinkerer, who travels the island on pursue of his business, reports to Morgan what is developing in those lands and they decide to rescue the parents of the maiden who had found refuge in Willowbee.


Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor During that time, Enyana celebrates her thirteenth birthday and undergoes an elven ceremony where many talents and skills are bestowed on her along with a magical Elvenstone, which becomes her companion on her from that day on immortal life. Since no one knows why Kimball Caradoc is behaving so erratically and advances his search drastically by chasing the population of whole towns to the coastlines of Crossbow Isle, Enyana, Morgan their friend Rasmus and the ancient Druid Zaron along with the elves and villagers organise rescue missions for those stranded at the northern seashore where nothing would aid and protect them during the approaching winter. Zaron had remembered about an island southwesterly of Crossbow Isle and proposed to bring the refugees to it, whether as an interim solution or for good. However, this island is not as uninhabited as he had thought and the presence of the Amrun’quessir elves is revealed, an elven race from the ‘Lands below the wind’, whose ill-fated mission had spilled them onto the shores of Crossbow Isle. Hundreds of years ago had they barely escaped from an irrationally behaving mage with great powers who had sought to get hold of the treasures guarded by Fucanglong who is one of the nine dragons dwelling in the land Zhongguo (China). With that mission, those treasures were relocated by a small group of Amrun’quessir elves to safeguard them from falling into the wrong hands. Now, Enyana and her friends learnt what had happened then, and were invited to meet the two monks who had hidden those treasures in the mountains of Crossbow Isle. As they came to the mountain, Enyana was welcomed by the monks and Fucanglong, who later bestowed the powers of the stars on her, a mighty weapon with magical powers that would aid her to conquer the schismatic mage without killing him because that was one of the major barriers to cope with the situation at hand. If they had injured or killed Kimball Caradoc or any other human or human like being of this world, they would have lost all their powers and abilities, which would have had the same effect as losing a battle and worse. Now Enyana had to learn how to handle those forces and on the day of a rare planetary constellation that may have bestowed godly attributes to the mage by the name Torgos, who twenty-five years ago had possessed the real Kimball Caradoc as he was a little lad at the age of ten, they all met the spiritual manifestation of Torgos in combat.


Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch In a fierce battle that affected all of Crossbow Isle, Torgos tried to kill all his adversaries to gain the treasures he required to become a ‘God’ and to deliver Fucanglong’s unborn son to the dark force of the Universe. Moreover, he tried to fulfil his obligation to an ally who had bestowed powers of black magic on him and had apparently different motives and plans but Torgos failed his ally as much as himself. Enyana used cunning tactics that matched Torgos’s personality well and prevailed. With Fucanglong’s help, she removed all powers from Torgos except his eternal life and sent him into the world with the least of human abilities. Now they had to clean up the mess that Torgos had created and to take care of the real Kimball Caradoc who still had the mindset of a little lad and not the slightest notion why everyone hated him. Zaron and a little elven helped him to cope with the situation but not much later, Enyana and her friends had to cope with Torgos’s legacy, a Minotaur that the worlds below had sent to Torgos for reasons not yet known. Some thugs who had helped Torgos to subdue the people in the north of Crossbow Isle, had had their own agenda and were tried in Caradoc Castle for the atrocities they had committed to gain wealth and power. Whilst they were awaiting their punishment, Enyana had to return the Minotaur to the deepest of all worlds, which ended also the lives of those who were found guilty. Thereafter, peace had apparently returned to Crossbow Isle and Enyana prepared for her new assignment, because Fucanglong had asked her to become the tutor and mentor of his son Y Ddraig Goch who was supposed to hatch during the next summer solstice on the island Ai Seler’ en’ Tolea’Fuin where the Amrun’quessir lived. Y Ddraig Goch, – volume two of the Crossbow Isle sequel continues the tale and we wish you much reading pleasure. Enjoy

Elensaar Gelindor & Irefenia Salgonda xxi

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

Preface Dear Reader and Elven friend. As Crossbow Isle spans over five volumes in fifteen parts, we found it most suitable to let you know what the entire tale holds in stock. Therefore, we have ‘conjured’ a very brief introduction to the tale of Crossbow Isle.  About four-thousand-years ago, the Elven Planet Phaéthon was deliberately destroyed in a fiery inferno and a large number of its inhabitants were stranded between the times. From within this void, time did not anymore appear as a consecutive string of events but allowed their minds to access some of the many realities that are attributed to each planet. The lass Ithilhin or Moonchild was born and lived in one of those accessible realities of planet Earth on a place called Crossbow Isle. Here, Ithilhin, the Moonchild was raised by elves who had ‘somehow’ come to that island as well. As the ripples of the event that had led to the destruction of Phaéthon bounced back and struck the reality where Crossbow Isle was located, another part of the plot unfolds, coercing Ithilhin and her friends into an intriguingly planned plot, which is spiced with countless mantraps, hilarious to gutwrenching situations and deadly fights that eventually will guide them to an event that changes this universe and its realities and reverses the adverse influences of the ‘One’ who had caused the destruction of Phaéthon. However, they are not yet able to influence the effects on the planet that the ‘One’ had isolated and occupied for himself, – the people and world he had changed to his liking – Earth! xii

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch



















Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

The following pages are excerpts of Ithilhin Moonchild part 3

I Returning to AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin …Excerpt

Winter had come and gone and spring was sending its first promising scents into the air. Enyana sat on the cliffs above the sea and enjoyed the first warm rays of sunlight that were gently caressing her body. Her mind recalled the months she had spent here in Rialian Yldannan and could hardly believe that time had past so quickly. It felt as if it were yesterday that Kimball had brought the sheep to Willowbee and that the first snow had covered field and forest a few days later. Now spring was knocking on the door and winter was definitely about to retire for good. She listened to the relentless waves washing deep below her feet between the rocks and she looked forward to go to AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin. Enjoying its warm turquoise waters, -1-

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

the swaying palm trees, her friends and most important, – to witness the birth of Y Ddraig Goch. Much had she had to learn during the time here in Rialian Yldannan and often had it been difficult to master the multitude of talents that were bestowed on her during her Shekitiara. Becoming the tutor and mentor of that little dragon without being in control of her own powers would have been simply too dangerous. The powers she was able to wield were that mighty that any careless or clumsy attempt to demonstrate any of them to her pupil could spell disaster. Albeit the little dragon would inherit at his birth an unbelievable amount of knowledge about ancient lore, about the universes and their genesis and many more subjects of the mystical and magical worlds but he also would inherit many of the powers that were bestowed on her but he would not know how to activate and use them properly. That was her obligation as his teacher and mentor to unleash his knowledge and guide him to use his powers appropriately. It would be her responsibility to channel them into the right directions and awake his responsibility. Pondering about all the tasks awaiting her in a short while, she wondered how she ever should teach that infant dragon all what it needed to know. Questions like, “How can I ever teach him to fly or how to breathe fire?” swirled in her head and made her wonder how she should master all those new and so different duties coming her way. She knew that Y Ddraig Goch was born with all his natural abilities like flying and fire breathing and she expected that it was a task similar of teaching young birds how to fly, – but she was no bird and never in her life had she breathe fire.


Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

She knew that dragons were born with wings and hence, had the ability to fly but she still had to learn flying herself ere she was able to master it as skilfully as the seagulls, which soared with ease through the air above. So many questions and no answers yet. Her only hopes rested on Zaron and Deirdre because they had promised to help her coping with the unusual tasks that Fucanglong, the Mighty Old Dragon had entrusted to her. Enyana was sure that they would find the right answers once the time had come. Much the way as Liam had told her after she had fought the firestorm. He was right. There would always be one of her friends she could count on. Enyana’s eyes wandered over the vastness of the sea, capturing the serenity of that moment in her heart ere she walked slowly back to Rialian Yldannan, the realm of the Ithil’quessir. Faye would certainly be waiting impatiently for her return because out here on the cliffs the still clumsy and boisterous puppy was not yet allowed to play unattended. It was just too dangerous. As she emerged from the tunnel that connected the realm of the elves to the outside world, she walked along the small creek where sparrows were flitting over water and meadow and once again, she marvelled, “How will I be able to teach that to my little dragon?”  …Excerpt

Early morning on the second day of their journey, they beheld the humongous cloud hanging above the calm waters, hiding AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin from everyone’s sight. The ship steered directly towards the cloud and once they had reached a certain point, it veered starboard. -3-

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

As the repelling feeling crept into their minds, – well known by the crew and all others who had been on AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin before, – Tristan asked Rasmus why he felt like that and the tinkerer explained to him that this was one of the protecting measures to ensure that no one ever longed to explore the shores hidden behind the clouds. Once they approached the area near the passageway into the lagoon, the feeling suddenly changed to its welcoming mood and Tristan walked with much firmer strides to the bow. Here he stood and watched the razor sharp blades below the surface and feared for the safety of the ship, “If the man at the wheel makes now just one tiny mistake, I might even have to learn how to swim in my old days”. Not much later, the ship’s bow dived into the curtain of dense fog. It was so opaque that he could not see his own hands and an eerie feeling crept into his heart. Enyana joined him because she always had taken pleasure in the first sight of AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin. However, this time it was one of those rare occasions that she would not have liked to miss, – watching Tristan’s reactions once the ship had managed the passage. The zero sight and the silence between the rocks, only broken by the small waves washing along the ship’s hull had never failed to raise someone’s fears and she could see how waves of tension played over Tristan’s face. The veil of mist opened as sudden as it had shrouded the view and revealed sheer walls of black rock all around the ‘Emas Putri’. Tristan was shocked as the solid masses appeared left and right, just a few arm lengths away but as the ship moved on, he beheld the first corner to the right and his grip eased.


Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

The ‘Emas Putri’ manoeuvred around the first bend and now he could see that another bend to the left lay ahead of the ships bow. Tristan still felt quite worried and asked himself where this island was supposed to be or if he was already within. Just that moment, the ship rounded the last corner that unveiled that unforgettable view over the lagoon and at AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin. Turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches fringed with those queer looking palm trees and cheerfully crying and wildly gesticulating people on it’s shores – that was AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin. Tristan stood with wide-open eyes at the bow and once more, his mouth opened wide to relinquish a good part of his inner self. He was simply stunned. Something like that he never had seen in his whole life and that albeit he was by no means the youngest anymore.


Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor


Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

II Bela ed’ templa or, can rocks fly?  …Excerpt

Rasmus stood with Morgan in the kitchen and was just about to ask why they could not sit at the table to drink their morning tea as Gawain shook his feathers and looked at the table. “Rasmus, you would better stand here with me at the fireplace because it might be dangerous to sit at the table”. Just at that moment, the small rock bounced out of nowhere on the table, jumped over the edge and jolted over the floor to roll right before Rasmus’ feet. The Tinkerer looked shocked at Morgan and asked, “Who in three Trolls’ names is throwing stones at you?” she laughed and said, “Let me send it back where it came from, then I will -7-

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

explain it to you”. She took the stone in her hands, closed her eyes and returned it to Enyana. “You don’t have to worry, that was Enyana’s doing”, she said brightly smiling. “She currently is practicing to send objects over long distances and that is the reason that we are standing here at the fireplace having our tea instead of sitting at the table. Gawain is here to let Nooriaty see where and how the stone has landed and Enyana has to practice until she has learnt how to place it on my table without making a lot of noise. So don’t be shocked if it clatters again”. Rasmus looked at her and said smirking, “Our Enyana. She truly is something special. I hope to see her soon again. I really miss her”, and with his last words, the stone appeared again on Morgan’s table but it did not jump off or make any noise because Enyana had not focused well enough and had sent a wheelbarrow load of sand with it and on top of the sand pile lay her stone. “Wow – that was different and now we have even enough sand to build a new house. How often does she have to do that until she can do it properly?” Rasmus asked and watched how Morgan took the stone and sent it with best regards from Rasmus and her back to Enyana, – together with the pile of sand. Enyana looked at her feet, which were now buried beneath a mound of sand and laughed. She took the stone in her hands, caressed gently its surface and thought, “I miss you too, Rasmus. And I am so sorry that I have messed up the place and dropped you again”, she said softly to her stone. Many of times had the small rock to make the journey between AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin and Willowbee but soon had Enyana learnt to lay it gently and without sand and noise on -8-

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

Morgan’s table and she was proud as Nooriaty told her that it had not ‘clattered’ anymore. After she had accomplished so much, she felt how hungry she was and ate the fruits and fishes that Rhiannon had brought and drank the juice that Maimoon had prepared. Then she lay at the fringe of the glade on a patch of thick grass and thought, “Tonight I will try it again and I will master it”, and she fell asleep.


Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor

- 10 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

III Moving Moments  …Excerpt

Early next morning they stood near the rocks whilst the monks sat nearby. Enyana focused on her inner self and today it proved to be no difficulty anymore. She had searched for the pulsating image of her Elvenstone, which was now shining brightly before her inner eye as if it was turned on during her yesterday’s journey through her mind and thought about to become invisible. Tianhou saw a fine veil of mist appearing around Enyana but she was not focused enough and only a few parts of her body vanished out of sight. She said in Enyana’s mind that she had to concentrate and focus on her entire body to let it vanish. - 11 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

The people would not understand to see only parts of a young woman and suppressed her chuckling. It looked funny, because only Enyana’s legs and hands stood and hung before her, the rest of the young woman was hidden. She tried it many times but every time she heard Tianhou’s laughter and her merry remarks. “This time I can see your head without your body. Ouch, that doesn’t look too good”, or “This time only your legs are visible and Faye snaps after them”. – “Don’t you think that your behind should vanish as well?” – “Just to mention it, your ears and hands are also part of you”, and with a body shaking laughter she fell into the soft moss, followed by a not lesser heartily laughing Enyana. The monks who had witnessed Enyana’s ‘performance’ laughed gaily but now they got up and bowed. Enyana heard Lu-Dongbin’s voice in her head, “My beloved daughter, we thank you for the joy we had to witness your practice but don’t become discouraged. Such failures happen to everyone who is trying the first time to master Quella tuulo’ Elea but you do well and in a short while, you will have learnt it perfectly. That will be much to our disliking because it happens not often that we are allowed to watch something so enjoyable. Thank you and good luck”. With those words and brightly grinning, they bowed low and vanished in a small cloud of mist. Enyana was still chuckling. “I hope I will manage to vanish entirely at least once today”. “I think it is because your concentration is slacking. Sit down here and try to concentrate. Look for something to draw your mind to and focus on it. Once you are there, try it again. You - 12 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

will see it is not difficult at all, if you are not distracted. Later when you exactly know how it works, it will be as easy as winking but for the time being you have to draw your full attention to it. However, you have learnt it very fast, – much faster than I had expected”. Enyana thought for a moment and nodded, “I will think about my seanmhair how she sits beneath the old apple tree and watches the sunset – that might do it”. She sat with entwined legs as Lu-Dongbin had taught her, opened her mind and focused on her beloved seanmhair. She pictured her sitting beneath the tree, gazing at the Sun. With that picture in her mind she thought, “I am entirely invisible for every living being”, and opened her eyes. She beheld the scene in front of her like through a gossamery veil of thinnest threads and saw the happy smile on Tianhou’s face. It had worked.

- 13 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor

- 14 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

V Hex Goblinfly …Excerpt

Enyana told him exactly what Nooriaty and Tianhou had taught her and Hex Goblinfly listened attentively. “That is good, because now we will develop your talents and skills how to change things and flying is also on our program”. “I can fly”. “Well”. Hex Goblinfly laughed, “What you consider to be flying we call ‘hovering’, but for the teacher of a young dragon – that is not good enough. Trust me, – it is essential that you learn how to fly as your pupil is supposed to, – don’t you think so? Because you will have to show and teach him what real flying is all about. No matter that dragons are born with - 15 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

wings but without proper learning they are unable to fly like birds. They too have to learn it from their parents and in this case, you are the surrogate parent who has to show him how it works, – isn’t it? As with birds flying the first time, they are very clumsy and insecure and you have to be prepared for all eventualities. Don’t forget, once he is ready to fly, he will be quite large and as I was told, it would not be the first dragon dropping from the sky”, he grinned. However, that is not yet our concern and you don’t have to worry. We will master that ere he will hatch and to Willowbee we will go as well for a few days ere his big day comes. We both will fly over the sea to the big island”. Enyana looked wondering at him and asked softly, “And you really believe that I will learn to fly like a bird?” With a bright smile, Hex Goblinfly looked at her, “I Hex Goblinfly promise you that we will fly wherever you want and that will happen soon. But before that, we should begin to learn all the other things that are necessary before we can concentrate on flying”. With round eyes, Enyana looked at him and nodded. “Well, then let us begin”, she said with firm voice and looked expectantly at her charming teacher. “Now I will teach you how to unfold some of the skills which were bestowed on you at your thirteenth birthday. You have to understand the nature and properties of all matter and you have to know how to use that skill once you need it. You will learn to change and alter any matter in a way that it becomes useful to you. You have learnt how to look into the structure of a stone or fruits and even into living creatures like Faye and you know - 16 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

how to move them wherever you wanted to have them, – right?” Without waiting for an answer he continued, “You have discovered that your Elvenstone is the key to all your powers – as well as to each and every talent that was bestowed on you. You also have received the talent to pass unharmed through any matter and without destroying the structure of whatever you have passed through. How to do that will be the first subject that you have to learn now.  …Excerpt

Enyana thought that she dreamed, because the rock beneath her begun to change and she beheld its beauty. She wandered through the mountain and saw many differently shaped and vibrating strings of energy. She saw precious stones and memorized their patterns and forms of energy. She beheld the beginning of this mountain until this day. It sang its ancient song to her and now she was able to understand it. As she wandered ahead, she became aware of some vibrantly vibrating strings and reached for them. In the strings of her hands, it turned a bit more solid like a small red stone gleaming and glinting in a state between energy and solid matter. With the stone in her hand she continued the journey and after time she woke up. Outside, the Sun shone brightly and she went through the doorway to greet her as she often had done. As she stood there, watching the rays that were painting the sky with its intriguing colours she realised that she held something in her hand, opened it, and saw that small red stone from her last night’s dream.

- 17 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

With disbelief, she turned it and the light of the raising sun brought life and fire into it. Piercingly bright rays of warm red light emanated from it and she marvelled not only about its beauty but wondered even more about its appearance in her hand. Hex Goblinfly, who had joined her silently, watched for a while. “Are you all right Enyana?” With a puzzled expression, she looked at him. How should she feel after a long and peaceful rest with a queer ‘dream’, which had ended by leaving a precious stone in her hand? Wordlessly she stretched her hand out and the elf took the stone from her palm. “This is a ruby. They normally grow very deep in the mountains. What has happened?” he asked softly. “I thought I was asleep and I had a dream. I was wandering through the whole mountain. I have seen its birth and it has shown me many different kinds of energy forms, which coexist within its structure. I have felt the various vibrations. The energy patterns of this stone I have seen and felt and as I reached for it, it has changed its energy form, not entirely solid but also not pure energy anymore. I do not understand why it is now here in my hand. Suddenly I feel tired again and very thirsty. Hex Goblinfly, can you explain that to me? I am very confused. I feel queer and I can feel the vibrations of this mountain within myself”.  …Excerpt

The new day promised ideal weather and the best conditions for flying lessons. The Sun shone from a cloudless sky and Hex Goblinfly stood next to Enyana holding her hand. He - 18 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

lifted off and they hovered over the meadows just above the ground but then the elf pulled her high up and showed her the isle from a view as normally only birds can see it. Enyana held his hand firmly and looked around. It was simply fantastic. The wind played with her hair and weightless they soared over the island. After a while, Hex Goblinfly sat her down and darted away. He flew sharp bends, loops and upside down. He dashed high up into the sky like a firework arrow1 and dived down to land directly in front of Enyana. His brightly smiling face spoke volumes. He had enjoyed it like a little lad his first ride on horseback. “All that – you can do soon all by yourself. Are you curious about it?” he asked beaming and Enyana nodded joyfully. “How can I do that? As you know, I only can ‘hover’, that’s it and nothing anywhere close to the acrobatic flight you have just shown me”. “This is the icing on your cake. Look into the air. You will find the same energy strings and vibrations as in any other matter. Use the strings to glide along them. Very quickly will you find out how to use this element to your advantage. It will carry you wherever you want and you can fly weightless through the air and sore as the eagles do it. Once you have understood how to use the energy strings of the air you will fly as if you were a bird. Then, we will fly to Willowbee, to your friends, to your grandmother and I will accompany you. Concentrate and focus on the strings, embrace them firmly with your mind and use them. If you do not fly too high during your first 1

Firework Rocket, also called ‘Chinese Arrow’ in earlier records

- 19 -

Irefenia Salgonda - ElensaĂĄr Gelindor

attempts, you will feel more secure. Down here at the bottom of the vale where the thick mosses and grass will buffer your body if you should land on your behind is the best place to start. The monks are also here to ensure that nothing bad happens to you�. She looked around and beheld Lu-Dongbin and Cao-Guojiu standing on top of one of the mountain peaks watching her. She waved merrily and thanked them for their help. It was their contribution to ensure that this extraordinary being was not hurt because she had to learn how to fly. There was no way around. She had to teach the young dragon how to fly ere he was allowed to go through his second birth. Enyana’s first trial was a total disaster. She focused on the energy strings, lifted off but she had not added the wind into her reckoning and at the first gust, she lost focus of the strings and plummeted down onto the thick layers of moss like a rock. She looked up to Hex Goblinfly and the monks and rubbed her hurting backside. The monks had buffered her fall but since she had not flown high enough, they had not enough time to stop her fall entirely.

- 20 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

VII Y Ddraig Goch ‌Excerpt

The Moon shone brightly over the glade and the elves began to sing one of their ancient songs with words that no one understood. Then suddenly, a deep thundering sound as if from an immensely huge drum echoed from the eastern side through the vale. Astounded they looked around, but nothing could be seen. Then a few heartbeats later, as if it were an answer to the first drumbeat, a deep drum roll came from the western side of the vale. It was as loud and deep as thunder over the sea but it clearly was not of natural origin. Shocked to their bones and with pounding hearts, Enyana, Zaron and Deirdre looked around but there was still nothing to be seen. As Enyana wanted to ask the monks if they knew what had to be done to protect the little dragon, they beheld only happily smiling faces but got no answer at all. - 21 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor

Another drum roll from the east made the ground vibrate and their bodies tremble whilst answers to the cascade of rapid beats came now from all around and seemingly from high above. Their hearts pounded and their bodies trembled under the deep rolling echoes that filled the vale. The eerie silence that followed raised the tension to the unbearable. Then, a gigantic flash of piercingly bright light lit the vale for the blink of an eye, followed by the mighty sound of an explosion and wild drum rolls filled the vale with ear deafening loudness. All, except for the two monks were well shaken up. Something like that they never had heard. Now the rolling thunder of drums began to rotate around the vale. The eastern drum began and within heartbeats it was followed by the southern, the western and the northern, ere it returned to the eastern drum. That swirling thunder around the vale lasted for many heartbeats until it ceased at the moment as huge plumes of red and golden light high above each direction of the wind rose brightened the entire vale. Now they saw it. Indeed, immensely large drums floated high above the vale in all four directions and in between every one of the gigantic drums, a long stretch of smaller drums and something that looked like humongous saucepans floated high up in the sky. The light from the fireworks high in the sky dimmed slowly and the drums began to hammer a staccato of beats that seemed to bounce from one drum to the other. The cascades of smaller drums had a higher pitch and answered to the deep and resonating sounds of the huge drums. It was as if they had some sort of conversation where one drum was talking to the other. - 22 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

As Enyana had seen the relaxed and happy faces of LuDongbin and Cao-Guojiu, she knew that they had nothing to fear and she was very curious about what else would happen next. As darkness had sunken again over the vale, another sound pierced their ears. It was a shattering sound as if huge metal objects were beaten with gigantic clappers, which immediately was followed by bright flashes of light, explosions and a staccato of earthshaking drumbeats. That continued for nearly five minutes and Enyana’s mind slipped into the eggshell of the little dragon. However, it seemed that those sounds even spurred the little creature and it worked hard to make his way out. As her mind returned, she saw dozen’s streaks of bright blue light coming from all around the vale and they joined just above the hillock to explode with ear deafening thunder into a shower of golden glittering light, accompanied by smaller crackling explosions. Small plumes of red and gold appeared above the drums and in rapid sequence all around the vale. The drums and the other instruments broke into a crescendo of noise and high above the vale, lit from the firework beneath, they heard a queerly singing and buzzing sound and beheld humongous large figures with huge wings circling now high above the vale. Suddenly, the air was filled with a fierce cascade of sharply and ear piercing sounds, which mingled with the echoes of the explosions. Four colossal explosions of whitish-blue light high above those elusive figures in the sky showed the silhouettes of gigantic flying beings with singing wings that slowly - 23 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

descended, and with a last outburst of drum rolls, clashes and light, those beings landed around the hillock. …Excerpt

At the very moment as the Moon had reached its highest point, all fireworks faded away and the wonder of a dragon birth unfolded. The crackling sounds from the egg grew louder and the pulsing became very intense. Slowly, faint cracks appeared on the outside of the egg and Enyana felt Y Ddraig Goch’s struggle to break free. An intensely bright beam of moonlight wrapped the shell into silvery light and at that moment, one part of the shell cracked away and a tiny head with two black eyes appeared, blinking into the bright moonlight. Enyana took the silvery plate, laid it in front of the little dragon, “Y Ddraig Goch, be welcomed on our world”. Zaron raised his deep and voluminous voice and chanted some verses of ancient origin and the choir of elves sang to it an enchanting tune. The sounds and tunes together with the bright beam of moonlight created a mystical and solemn moment. The nine dragons watched silently as the small dragon worked slowly its body out of the growing opening of its home that had sheltered him for thousands of years. Small pieces of the shell fell down and vanished in a small firework of bright light and silvery sparks, as their matter of stardust returned to the stars where it had come from, – to the time before the time. He understood that his destiny was to protect and guard the beings on this world from the dark powers that existed - 24 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

besides the bright powers. Now he understood that he was the Keeper of Life, as his father was the Keeper of the Secret Treasures. He had learnt about his destiny. “Y Ddraig Goch, are you taking on the duties and destiny that the Eternal Counsel of Dragons and Immortals of all worlds have chosen for you?” the deep voice of his father asked. Y Ddraig Goch looked at the endless universe above him and the earth beneath him. He thought about the humans that were his dear friends albeit he was a dragon. He felt the love they had for him. He saw Enyana holding him lovingly in her arms the day he was born and he said with firm voice, “Yes – I, – Y Ddraig Goch, take on my destiny to become the Guardian of Life Life””.

The universe disappeared and the fog returned, split in front of him and a huge dragon appeared. “My son, go back to the people who love and care for you, who have protected you as you were in dire need. Learn what Enyana will teach you and be a good student. We will see us at the day of your Minya Nosta. Now you know that only your knowledge and understanding will determine the day of it. Farewell, my son and send my deepest regards to those beings who have stood at my side in one of the darkest hours of my life. - 25 -

Irefenia Salgonda - ElensaĂĄr Gelindor

We shall meet again�. The fog grew denser and Fucanglong disappeared. Y Ddraig Goch stood there and waited for a moment, turned once around his axle but everywhere was only fog.

- 26 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

VIII Learning isn’t easy …Excerpt 

The water took his mind away, running through small fissures and big clefts, passing by hidden treasures of precious metals and stones, reaching the hot layers deep below where the deeper parts of the world began. Up again to the sky and with the rain, it came to the roots of all plants from where it went into the smallest twigs, into the leaves and back to the clouds. Once again, he found himself coming down as rain to merge with the sea, and he understood the circle of life. Water was LIFE. Life without water could not exist – at least not on this world. He had seen what water could do because it was the source of all life for any plant and creature on this world. As he opened his eyes and looked at Enyana, she knew her fosterling had drawn a big step closer to his second birth. His eyes told her that he had understood and he had grown again. - 27 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

Before him lay the crystal sphere that had accompanied him on his journey and he wanted to give it back to Queen Nooriaty who had meanwhile joined but she shook her head and said, “This, – Y Ddraig Goch, – is a gift from your father. You have seen the hidden treasures and you have learnt about the powers of water. This sphere will accompany you all your life. Lay it on your paw and see how it finds its way to the right place, because it was waiting since eons for you to come but now it will find its destiny”. Ddraig did as Queen Nooriaty had told him, laid the sphere on his right paw and beheld with wonder as it began to gleam and flicker. It lifted off and hovered in front of him. As he looked closely at the sphere, a voice appeared in his mind and he listened, “Y Ddraig Goch, son of the ‘Old and Honourable Fucanglong – Guardian of the hidden treasures and lore. – Master of the past, the presence and the future. He has sent me to you as I inherit the lore of Earth and Stars. Since the beginning of this universe have I waited for you to be born. Y Ddraig Goch, you are my destiny, and I will be with you as long as this universe exists”.

The sphere hovered slowly in front of his chest and began brightly to shine ere it vanished inside his body. Ddraig looked puzzled around and was obviously at a loss. Nooriaty had lowered her head and listened to something in her mind. As she looked at him, her eyes shone with delight. “Y Ddraig Goch, your father sends his greetings to you, and he tells you that your second birth is not far away anymore. Now that the ancient lore about life was bestowed on you as - 28 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

foreseen and as a gift from your father, use it wisely and for the good. Never misuse it or it will be taken away from you forever”. She was proud of Ddraig. “Soon we will see Fucanglong again”, she said and her brightly beaming eyes gave account about the joy she felt. Ddraig looked at his feet and for once, he did not marvel about their ‘new’ size. Again, everything on him had grown, even his so useless appearing wings. “I wonder how long it will take until I can use them?” he asked himself the umpteenth time because by now his mind could ‘walk’ through all kind of objects but what he really had to do with his wings, he had not figured out yet.  …Excerpt

As the Sun woke her, she remembered that the ‘Emas Putri’ would return today and got up. A view over the lagoon revealed that nothing had changed yet. She looked very much forward to see her friends again. Noiseless she opened the door and beheld a peaceful picture to remember. Hex Goblinfly appeared beside her, grinning from one ear to the other. Here lay the three best friends that lived on AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin. Ddraig lay long outstretched against the wall whilst his head rested on his now quite tiny blanket. In front of him, lay Faye, cuddled against his chest and between Faye’s legs – lay Kegan soundly asleep. It was a picture of peace and friendship between human, animal and a being from another world. Ddraig woke slowly from his dreams and looked at Enyana. He as well seemed to feel the peaceful spirit that lingered over the island. His friends were still asleep and he tried to get up without any noise but then his huge wings joined the game. - 29 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

He had watched his legs and his tail but his wings did not do him the favour to follow the way he wanted it. He propped his body on the forelegs and wanted to follow with his rear end but one of his hind legs stepped on one of the wingtips and as he tried to pull it gently away, – it snapped. The moment it happened, Hex Goblinfly pulled Enyana quickly into the room and she saw the huge and impressive wing come free. It whisked over the earthen pots with all the herbs and flowers to ‘accelerate’ one of the chairs at the door from where it ‘dropped’ with a loud rumble to the floor. GOOD-MORNING AiSeler’en’ Tolea’Fuin!

- 30 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

IX Surprise ‌Excerpt

The full moon stood high above and shone down the whispering fall, which glittered like a steam of diamonds on a bed of liquid silver. The flowers had not closed their blossoms and the white, yellow and purplish coloured water lily blossoms bloomed in full pride and beauty on the surface of the lake. It smelled tempting of sandalwood, jasmine, ylangylang and the sweet vanilla scent of white orchids mingled with the heavy aroma of honeycomb candles that burned in the hundreds around the lake. Thousands of butterflies and hummingbirds sat with wide spread wings in the bushes and painted the inner circle in fantastic shimmering colours whilst the moonlight lingered gently over the glade. Big black birds with huge yellow-red beaks sat on the boughs and Gawain and his brothers and - 31 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

sisters came elegantly circling down to perch on the rocks near the waters edge, only Gawain perched on the mighty bough that reached far over the lake. The queens Deirdre and Nooriaty hovered majestically from the private areas beneath the canopy of tall trees with strangely shaped leaves and bore on the palm of their right hands each one of the Elves. They gracefully approached the lower lake with its wide curtained waterfall, well aware of the solemn moment they were going to witness in a few moments. Everybody saw how two single rays of moonlight wrapped around the two women that it looked as if they were glowing from within. With their precious freight, they floated above ground and hovered into the lake until they stood up to their waistline in the warm water. Two of the most beautiful white water Lily blossoms floated up and they sat the two elves on top. Now Zaron and Morgan followed into the water, which was as calm as if it was a mirror of polished silver, laced with beautiful flowers. Beholding the three magnificent women and the majestic figure of the ancient druid with his long flowing silver hair was a most magical sight. The elves, who were sitting around the lake at the stone circles of seven had taken on their tallest size and began to sing with the immortals. They sang one of the wonderful ancient songs, which was sung only on Tar’marty a’Ambar Tel’Quessir celebrations. Enyana asked herself once again where those songs had come from and what their lyrics had to say. No one knew how to translate them and no one understood them anymore but their power and magic remained unbroken. It was much like - 32 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

the engravings in Menomenta and at some places in Rialian Yldannan, – no one knew what their meaning was and no one could translate them. Surprisingly, not even the immortals who had lived longer than the Moon was circling the earth remembered who had handed those lyrics to the elves and who had chiselled the letters into the hallowed stones. Very often, had she pondered that matter and hoped that she would be able to unveil at least some of that mystery one day. Meanwhile the song had ceased and she listened to what Queen Deirdre had to say.

- 33 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor

- 34 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

X Ddraig’s first ‘Journey’ …Excerpt

Ddraig took a deep breath opened his eyes wide with astonishment. Faye looked at Enyana who just nodded and whoosh… was she gone as well. Now Ddraig felt uneasy. “Shall that mean that I have to travel that way as well?” he asked with shaky voice. “Just ‘whoosh’ and gone I am? I have not learnt that yet, which means I have to stay back”, he said disappointed and with a cheerless look at Enyana. “And why should you not be able to travel to Willowbee?” “Because I have not yet learnt how to vanish, let alone to travel that way, and flying has also not been on our program till now”. Very sad he looked at her and was about to walk disappointed away. - 35 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

“Ddraig”, Enyana’s voice said in his mind, “Do you remember the day as you have moved the rock and how you have held the ship?” Ddraig turned around, looked at her, shook his head that he became dizzy and asked appalled, “You don’t want to do that to me, do you? No, no, no – not with me. Under no circumstances can you do that with me. I am not a rock, or a ship. You cannot move me just like a bou…” –-“…lder”. Surprised he opened his eyes wide and looked at – Faye and Morgan, who stood in a glade in front of a huge weeping Willow. “What is ...lder”, Morgan asked innocently with a bright smile whilst Ddraig spun tree times around his axle to realise, here was no beach, – the air smelt differently, – those trees he never had seen and suddenly Enyana appeared next to her seanmhair, – cheerfully laughing. He could not believe it plummeted on his behind and looked not very intelligently at the two women and shaking his big head in disbelieve. “You have lifted me up like a rock and sent me to Crossbow Island”, he said with marvel and incredulity that Enyana took pity and caressed gently his head. “Ddraig, what have you learnt about energy strings? What have I taught you about size and weight?” “You have told me that I can move everything, no matter how large or how heavy or how far it is if I use the energy strings rightly”. Still wondering he looked at her saying, “And exactly that you have done with me”. “Yeah Ddraig – exactly that have I done. I have brought you hither and I have sat you down gently. Did you enjoy your - 36 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

journey?” she asked rascally smiling and caressed his head again to boost his self-confidence, – at least a little. For the moment, he was devastated about this ‘journey’. Morgan said friendly, “Ddraig my friend. Soon you will be able to travel the same way. We immortals prefer this way of travelling. We look for a place where we expect that no people would be around, as for example this glade with the old Weeping Willow here in the forest, which is known only to a very few and we travel hither to walk out of the forest as any mortal would do. …Excerpt

“Ddraig, go to the centre of yourself, find your strings of energy and order them in such way that your body becomes invisible. You have to match them with the patterns and frequency of the air that surrounds you. Try it – we are all alone, nobody is disturbing you and we have all the time you need. Use the technique you have learnt from Lu-Dongbin and you will not tire”. Ddraig looked calm and unwound at her, nodded and began to focus. This time he found his centre and energy strings very quickly and marvelled again how beautiful they glittered. He recalled the pattern of air and begun to change his strings the way he had learnt it from Enyana. After a while, he opened his eyes and beheld a smiling Enyana through a fine veil of mist, looking at him. “Your legs and your head are invisible, and it looks a bit funny I have to admit”, she said laughingly and he tried it instantly again. This time his tail was ‘gone’, he turned around to see it for himself and found…nothing. It was true, – his tail was ‘gone’.

- 37 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

He chuckled because he thought that he was looking quite queer without his tail. “Concentrate on all your energy strings because only then you will make it”, he heard Enyana in his mind and closed his eyes, not to be distracted by his ‘missing tail’. He took much time to get all parts of his body involved, but something was always hidden behind a veil of mist whilst other parts were still visible and much they had to laugh this morning. After many trials, he became disappointed and rested for a while at the thick and soft layer of grass. “Don’t despond. This art is not easy to learn. Even with all the powers you have, it becomes only easier once you have mastered it. It will be the same when you learn to fly. In principle you would be able to fly but as long as you have not mastered to control your energy strings perfectly, it is too dangerous to try it and only once you are in perfect control of Quella tuulo’ Elea, we can think about your flying lessons.

- 38 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

The tale continues in Crossbow Isle Y Ddraig Goch Part 2 More information about the Authors, Crossbow Isle and its volumes can be found on:

Full colour Crossbow Isle maps, size 26.5� x 39� (67.3cm x 99cm) can be ordered via our website.

- 39 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

Postscript Although Crossbow Isle was written in the first place to entertain and secondly to educate gently by written example as it manifests in problemsolving structures beyond the typical ‘brute force’ scenarios, but that alone would not do justice to this epic tale at large. Often enough have the authors pondered where the story came from that developed in their minds and why it developed as it did, but that again might be better explained in volume V “Elvenworlds” and its subsequent postscript. Therefore, let us look at the first volume “Ithilhin-Moonchild” which began with the revelation of Phaéthon’s imminent destruction. As fictional, as it appears to the unaware reader it may by all means not be entirely fictional as much as the elves that can be found in nearly every mythology around the globe. Those beings are not always called elves but there is hardly any mythology known to the authors that has not at least one species with similar characteristics as described in Crossbow Isle, which leaves room enough for speculation why such beings with great talents and higher levels of understanding have found a solid place in so many folklore. Perhaps it is true what the headline of Crossbow Isle suggests that truth has turned to myth. The same may apply to the notion that concerns planet Phaéthon, although here, the idea that it was the home of elven races might be purely fictional. What is not fictional is the notion that Phaéthon may have existed. As a matter of fact, the idea was scientifically discussed but was lastly dismissed by most astrophysicists, which as with all notions that cannot be backed by scientific facts, does not say that it is absolutely impossible. From the authors point of view it is more likely that the asteroid belt is not the remnant of the solar system genesis as proposed, but the remnant of a planetary collision.

- 40 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch Explanation: if nearly all matter was absorbed during the formation of planets, why not the asteroid belt? More logically appears the notion that the remnants of a quite recent collision (5 to 10 thousand years ago) have just not yet formed a sphere, which might be due to the widespread and low density of masses. Altogether, the entire asteroid belt would not make a formidable planet anymore as it has only about 4% the mass of our moon. That in turn could well be in the range of collision debris if one considers the trajectory of colliding masses and its angle where the main substance was blasted away and part of it was absorbed by neighbouring planets like in the Levy Shoemaker 9 collision with Jupiter where the masses were absorbed. The collision, as suggested in Crossbow Isle may even have blasted away the atmospheres of other planets, such as Mars. However, the authors are not astrophysicists but interested non-professionals with scientific educations.–Levy_9 Coming to the book in your hands, – “Y Ddraig Goch”, also known as the Welsh Dragon, has caught the authors interest many years ago as they had travelled Wales, but research did not reveal much of known history, except that it is assumed that his origin derived from Asian mythology. Therefore, the authors have ‘created’ a formidable history that does his great name all honour. Moreover and as just for a dragon of Asian lineage, he is by no means one of the vicious creatures as dragons are usually portrayed in western mythologies but a dragon with a fine and noble character, much beloved by both authors and countless readers. Lastly, a few words to the miniature lesson about quantum physics, found on page 110 of this book. In fact, the universal truth is, – everything is energy, no matter its appearance. If one goes to the bottom of literally everything in this or any other possible universe, the ONLY physical basis of every matter is ENERGY. It truly does not matter how it looks, feels or tastes; everything is a manifestation of energy including living beings such as you and me. - 41 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor Every substance, be it solid, liquid or gaseous is composed of atoms. Atoms are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons, which in turn are composed of quarks, and quarks maybe composed of energy if there are no other subatomic entities to be ‘found’. The appearance of energy however, is still disputed. Although it is believed that a ‘quanta’ is the smallest unit of energy, which may have the form or nature of a string, it is not yet clear if there are gazillions of tiniest energy strings or if there is one humongous large string that combines every conceivable matter in this universe, which eventually could explain why information can be conveyed beyond the speed of light and why multiple parallel realities may not be fiction at all. Well, that shall do it for this instalment but you can expect that in every volume, the background of the tale, no matter how fantastic it might appear, has deeper foundations to be explored. Sometimes scientifically, sometimes psychologically, sometimes historical, such as the mythology of the nine Chinese dragons, the historical figures of the eight immortals, or the goddess Tianhou (aka Mazu).ü_Dongbin Watch how the tale unfolds, how seemingly unrelated events fall into their places as if they were puzzle pieces and, – enjoy the next instalments. You may rest assured that the ending of this tale will probably change forever the way you see life in our real world as it currently is.

The humble host of

Elensaar Gelindor - 42 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

The Authors Elensaár Gelindor

had very early developed a passion for music, art and technology, which guided him all his life to the most unusual places and events.

However, as restlessness might have lain in his blood, he followed the example of one of his grandfather’s, – who had migrated in the early years of his life to China. – So eventually, he took up an assignment that led him to West Africa where he worked for several years. Once he had met Irefenia, they both travelled for many years in pursuit of business around the globe and settled lastly in Malaysia. After a turbulent time that saw the introduction of new and unusual businesses, they moved to Borneo where Irefenia developed the first draft chapters of “Ithilhin – Moonchild”. From that point onwards, they both worked jointly out the story’s development and its central theme. Lastly, Elensaár decided to author Irefenia’s red-line-script into the version of this book. His writing style that was coined by stringent adherence to logic and sequencing had now been combined with a style of lively story telling that considerably aided and influenced the story’s flow.

- 43 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaár Gelindor

Irefenia Salgonda, born as the first of three children. She had very early developed a passion for writing. Her essays and short stories were circulated amongst friends. Later she wrote longer stories but never considered publishing any of them. Once she had met Elensaár, she accompanied him on journeys around the globe, which allowed her to explore her passion and fascination for ancient cultures, their history and mythology on four continents. During that time, she studied the English language and mastered it with distinction as foreign-language correspondent. Especially during the time of travelling, she pursued her writing passion extensively. Therefore, it was not much of a surprise as she presented Elensaár the first draft chapters of “Ithilhin – Moonchild”. He was ‘hooked’ by the tale and from thereon they jointly developed the idea to “Crossbow Isle”, – but this time with aim of publishing it.

- 44 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch

Understanding the world of real elves begins with

Crossbow Isle All Crossbow Isle instalments are published in 4 monthly intervals.

Crossbow Isle is available at AMAZON, B&N and many others online stores. They are also available as KINDLE and YUDU editions. YUDU e-books can be read on every computer like real books. Currently YUDU supports most tablet computers and Android devices but NOT yet APPLE machines, because it requires ADOBE or JAVA software to be installed, which APPLE does currently not support. - 45 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor

- 46 -

Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch Please take note! All 5 volumes or their 15 instalments are 1 book and 1 story only! Starting in between or skipping one part is affecting the understanding of the story! It is also not advisable to change the reading sequence because the story is quite complex and sorting things out whilst reading might not work all too well!

- 47 -

Irefenia Salgonda - Elensaรกr Gelindor

- 48 -

Rs y ddraig goch part 1  

The reading sample of the 1st part of Y Ddraig Goch Crossbow Isle sequel

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