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ElementDesign Studio Architecture // Urban Design

Firm Mission Element Design Studio believes that the built environment influences and affects the emotions of the users. Through this belief, we look at each project as an opportunity to invoke a sense of place for the user. Each with its own constraints, we strive to create harmony between the users expectations and or clients needs. Through innovation and creative thinking, we strive to deliver seminal works within any budget.

Firm Profile Element Design Studio is a young, energetic, international design firm with experience in Commercial, Retail, Mixed Use, Residential, Educational, Interiors and Hospitality projects and urban design developments in both Mexico and the United States.

residential | 230 West Huron Street- Suite 4 North West Chicago, IL 60654 T 312.337.8251 Fax 312.337.8268

commercial | urban design

Collaborative design process Element Design Studio’s design process is collaborative in nature, including industry experts and client input to achieve successful projects.


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