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May 2011


appy Easter, Chag Sameach! We hope that all who recently celebrated Easter and Passover enjoyed it in the company of friends and loved ones, sharing an opportunity to meditate, appreciate nature, and marvel at life’s mystery and transcendence.


hef Marcela Chavez Our new Chef’s career began as an 8 year old who surprised her mom with a successful birthday cake. Much like her mother, our guests have been raving about her delicious creations and revamped menu, featuring exciting new dishes and an innovative take on our proven favorites. Follow!


í to Cilantro

Did 

10 Dry-roasted almonds

Cilantro Pesto is as ver-

1 cilantro roll (100 grams)

satile as its better-known Basil cousin? Easy to

3 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

1 tbsp. parmesan cheese




grow at home, cilantro is a fragrant, healthy herb Place almonds, washed cilantro




that adds zest to vegeta- cheese in a food processor. bles, pasta, meats, and Chop for about ten seconds even fruit. Try Chef while gradually adding the extra-virgin olive oil for the perMarcela’s special recipe! fect pesto consistency.




oyal Event! We share great news about Andrey, our Gen-

eral Manager and Isel, Esencia Spa’s Director. As the world focuses on the marriage of Prince William and Kate, we get ready to salute Andrey and Isel as they celebrate their May wedding. CongratAndrey hugs Isel after proposing while on a carriage ride in Chicago.

ulations to the bride and groom!

Lights, Camera, Action! A new video by Costa Rican multi-media producer Gaby Bruna, is now featured on our web site. Please enjoy: ”El Silencio Lodge & Spa: A visual journey of services, facilities, and experiences.” Born and raised in Costa Rica, Gaby has documented projects in Ethiopia, Haiti, China, and Latin America. A Hearst Foundation Award Recipient, she has produced features for key media including The Miami Herald, The

Washington Post, and Costa Rica’s La Nación. Gaby recently returned to her birth country and founded her own production company, based in San José. To learn more about this talented visual communicator please visit:


rlando’s Eye Showing the makings of a great artist, Eco-Concierge, Orlando Flores recently sold his cell phone to purchase a high-end professional camera. His first shoots have already produced a beautiful set of images that re-interpret our surroundings through novel angles, crisp early morning sunshine, and an evident reverence for nature. We look forward to Orlando’s first art opening in the near future! Follow!

Forest Peek-a-Boo by Eco Concierge Orlando Flores




wo Chances to Win Condé Nast publica-

tions in the USA/Canada and in the UK are currently holding their annual Readers’ Choice Survey. Praise your favorite hotels, destinations, and operators for a chance to win a dream

Our General Manager, Andrey Gomez shares the stage with Greg Schwab of Elite International.

S and

alad Bar! We wish Costa Rica, El Silencio to thank our friend Lodge & Spa, and its associate

Greg sister



cruise or Thailand vacation.


Participation is free!


Elite International Luxu- especially enjoyed An-

are especially excited be-

ry Hotel Representation drey’s presentation of El

cause El Silencio Lodge &

for organizing a remark- Silencio’s

Spa is one of Costa Rica’s

able road show in New the 10,000 square ft. or-

pre-selected properties in

York City and Los Ange- ganic garden and green-

the US survey!


Vote in the US/Canada Survey! Vote in the UK Survey!



of Punta Islita.

Our General Man- house






ager, Andrey Gómez en- most of the restaurant’s joyed meeting many top vegetables, herbs, and travel professionals, an- tropical fruit. swering questions about



“Costa Rican Oxcart” by Marcos Steve Ruiz, 2002


xpotur, a showcase of Costa Rica’s best attractions, tour operator, and lodging offerings welcomes travel agents from all over the world.

We hope you

can join us May 11th– 13th to learn more about our country’s diversity, boundless nature, and peaceful character.

If you are registered, please find us on stands

#176 and #177. For pre-appointments contact:

Travel Quote from a Favorite Book!


oonwalking Life Author our immediate relaxation and cul-

Joshua Foer recounts his participation in the surprising world of memory champions, a littleknown but colorful collective of mnemonic enthusiasts capable of amazing feats such as memorizing 4000+ binary digits in thirty minutes. Discussing the role of memory in creating and preserving our own human identities, the book addresses the positive impact that travel can have, not only on Follow!

tural outlook, but on our awareness of living: “That’s why it’s important to change routines regularly, and take vacations to exotic locales, and have as many new experiences as possible that can serve to anchor our memories. Creating new memories stretches out psychological time, and lengthens our perception of our lives.”



Traveler Poll: When visiting Costa Rica, what is your favorite itinerary sequence?


abulous Duo! Our two properties, Hotel Punta Islita in sunny Guanacaste and El

Silencio Lodge & Spa in the Central Volcanic Range offer an ideal combination of settings to enjoy the best of Costa Rica’s attractions


with simple, seamless logistics.


81% Mountain-Beach

Both inde-

pendent, boutique hotels focus on bespoke vacations for upscale sojourners.

To ask

about our combined specials, please contact:

At Hotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica’s best experiences intensify in planetfriendly, people-positive equilibrium. Upscale comfort, inspiring ocean views, privacy, eco-adventures, local art & pampered wellness provide a storybook setting for a fun beach getaway.




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