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Architectural Portfolio

Designed by Evan Klinger *Background is a screenshot taken in Fallout 4Š

Table of Contents: Page 3: Hand Sketches-Pencil Page 4: Hand Sketches-Marker & Charcoal Page 5: Revit Page 6: Photoshop Page 7: Architectural History Drawings Page 8: Garling House Page 9: Design Studio I Page 10: Design Studio II-Site Design Page 11: Design Studio III-Details Page 12: Commercial Working Drawings Page 13: Habitat House Page 14: Douglas House Page 15: Author’s Cottage Page 16: College Store Renovation Page 17: European Sustainable Building, Historical Architecture and Art Trip

Hand Sketches- Pencil These sketches were drawn in Graphics 1 during my first semester at collage. They were drawn using pencil and consist of exterior views of a wide variety of buildings and vehicles. *Background image features a pencil drawing of the Metal Trades Center located at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Hand Sketches- Marker & Charcoal These sketches were drawn in Graphics 1 during my first semester at college. The three images on the right were drawn using fine tipped marker while the image in the lower left and the background image were done using charcoal pencil. *Background image features a charcoal drawing of the box art to Fallout 3 that I drew.

Revit My second semester of college was the first time I was introduced to Revit. In Graphics 2 I learned the basics of how to design and render a building. *Background image features an interior rendering of the commercial building project (bottom right)

Photoshop I was first introduced to Photoshop in high school but never really got into it until my first semester in college in Graphics 1. During this I learned how to import textures and how to incorporate renderings into realistic environments.

*Background image features a edited drawing I was required to clean up for the assignment.

Architectural History Drawings In architectural history I learned about the vast varieties of architecture throughout history. One of my requirements was to hand draw a famous landmark each week as I learned about the era in which it was constructed. *Background image features a pencil drawing I did of the San Apollinare In Classe.

Garling House The Garling House was the home used to design the working drawings using AutoCAD 2018. This was done during the second semester in Residential Working Drawings. *Background is the standard Pennsylvania College of Technology title block.

Design Studio I In Design Studio 1, I learned how to problem solve to accomplish the requirements of the client. I learned to take the time to draw detailed sketches to help determine the final idea I want to present to the client. *Background image features a set of detailed sketches as a prof of concept for my basement shelfing idea.

Design Studio II During my second design studio class we focused on sit design. I was given various projects with requirements that taught me how to properly manipulate contours and how to use existing features on sites. *Background image features a final rendering for a custom monument designed by Caleb Burk and I.

Design Studio III During my third design studio class we focused on details. I was given various projects focusing on working with existing structures and one focusing on designing a hotel. *Background image features a rendering of the common area in my partner Austin Benham and I’s Hotel Project

Commercial Working Drawings The Insurance Building was the main building used to design the working drawings using AutoCAD 2018. This was done during the fourth semester in Commercial Working Drawings. *Background is the standard Pennsylvania College of Technology title block.

Habitat House As a final project in Graphics 1 we were assigned to sketch and develop a model of the Habitat House. I started by hand drafting the elevations and sketching two exterior views. I finished by creating the elevations in AutoCAD and using them to laser cut the pieces for the model. *Background image features one of my hand drawn exterior renders of the Habitat Home.

Douglas House

As a final project for Architectural Graphics II, I was assigned to recreate the Douglas House designed by Richard Meier, using Revit. To do this I was given scanned images of the floor plans and the elevations of the home, which I imported and scaled into Revit. From there I used them to recreate the home’s main structure and then added the details from pictures of the home I found online. *Background image features an exterior rendering of the Douglas House I made.

Author’s Cottage As a final project for Design Studio 2 I was given a fictional peninsula located in the state of Maryland, to design both the home and the features of the site. The scope of the project is to use everything I learned in class to help fit everything the clients desire into what little space the site provides. *Background image features the in progress model of the Author’s Cottage site

College Store Renovation In Design Studio III, I was given the task to renovate Pennsylvania College of Technology’s College Store. I took notes on what the employees said the store lacked and implemented more modular shelving and furniture. *Background image features a render of the proposed entrance alterations to the college store.

Evan Klinger Architectural Portfolio  
Evan Klinger Architectural Portfolio