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extracts of a wasteland collections of details and elements found between cars and asphalt the 7th of april 2012 at the innerharbor wasteland of Sandnes

a painted cross

cracked asphalt

a few cars spread out on the asphalt

dividing elements

enclosed asphalt

asphalt void

inviting to the sea

a shadowed surface

the silo, always in sight

one car in the middle of the void

a biker pausing to talk on the phone

a foot leaving the frame

a puddle of water

asian lightpost

at the corner of the silo

branches on the concrete walls

Silo - texture

Growing upwards

a piece of paper on the asphalt

a window into the silo

brickworks and windows

the old silo wall by the river

an extended volume in front of the silo

the old bicycle factory

the new high school

granite elements near the river

reaching for the sky

inviting to the roof

suface - transitions

Bricks in many ways

between the floor and a wall

a repetative office

different stones arranged

crossing the street

Printed in Bergen the 10th of april 2012.

Extracts of a wasteland  

Extracts of a wasteland in Sandnes

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