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For Release: September 4, 2012 TOWN OF HEMPSTEAD - PUBLIC HEARING (Town Hall Pavilion, 1 Washington Street, Hempstead, NY), to be held on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th at 10:30am.

SAVING THE STEVENS HOME LANDMARK STATUS PENDING FOR BELLMORE HERITAGE BELLMORE, NY - The process began in October 2010 when Bellmore residents, Christine Keller and Theresa Greene, found out that the Stevens Home at 2396 Bellmore Avenue, Bellmore, NY was up for sale. Family photo albums sold during an estate sale revealed glimpse of the historic significance representative of the property and the important role the Stevens family played in Bellmore’s maritime tradition. The Stevens Home’s 1920’s vernacular architectural style bungalow resides on a large parcel of land (125x150) which includes a second plot which was originally used for planting. An application for landmark status was submitted to the Town of Hempstead Landmark Preservations Commission in December 2010. Christine Keller submitted the application after having researched and located historic information about the Stevens Home/Property and family. “Once I spoke with the Lorenzens and Hardings, Stevens family friends, I was confident that I had to do something to save the property.” Nancy Solomon, Executive Director of Long Island Traditions responsible for the South Shore Estuary project working to preserve our farming and maritime culture has been of critical assistance. She surveyed the home and provided supporting details as to the homes architectural significance. Nancy is author of On The Bay which documents the unique structures originally built by bayman, fisherman and duck hunters. Silvana LaFerlita Gullo, Executive Director and Lloyd P. Zuckerberg, Founder and Chairman of Nassau Land Trust as well as Lisa Ott, President of The North Shore Land Alliance are supporting Christine’s efforts to save the property. Legislator Dave Denenberg, local organizations such as the Bellmore Preservation Group, Wantagh Preservation Society, Bellmore Historical Society, Bellmore Public Library, and The Garden at St. Marks have been in support of saving this historic home. Many community members have also shown support by signing petitions. Mark Bonilla, Town Clerk expressed his support early on in the landmark process and wrote a letter to the Landmark Preservations Commission requesting the home be recommended for landmark status. Landmark status was recommended by the Commission and it will now go before the Town Board. It is important that places like the Stevens Home be preserved so generations to come can enjoy a real life example of the community’s history.

At this time, an individual who appreciates the historic value of the home is interested in its purchase. The plan is to restore the Stevens Home/Property and maintain it in the character in which it was first built and loved by the Steven family for almost a century.

TOWN OF HEMPSTEAD - PUBLIC HEARING (Town Hall Pavilion, 1 Washington Street, Hempstead, NY), to be held on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th at 10:30am. Please attend public hearing to show your support for landmarking!

THE STEVENS HOME is the HISTORIC HOME of Stan Stevens (Bellmore boating community leader, tugboat captain, active bayman and boat builder). He dredged the land for the building of “south” Bellmore, was involved in building of Wantagh Parkway, Jones Beach Water Tower, and Robert Moses Causeway. Stan’s father, Charles ran the Bellmore Ferry Service to High Hill Beach (which stood on land near current-day Zach’s Bay prior to the development of Jones Beach). Stan’s mother, Pauline Annie ran the Breakers Hotel on High Hill Beach. The vernacular architecture and “time capsule” interior are valued and should be preserved and large parcel of open land, conserved. The Stevens Home is an amazing representation of Bellmore’s past and represents the best of what Bellmore wants to maintain for its future. This home can help to continue the legacy of Bellmore Village “A Walk Down Memory Lane”.

Stevens Home 09/01/12 PR  

TOH PR Landmarking of Steven Home Bellmore NY

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