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EHOVECONNECT Direct to You From EHOVE Students

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What You Need to Know About Applying to EHOVE By Principal Dale M. VanLerberghe with video help from some EHOVE students

Apply to EHOVE online at Can’t apply online? Get a paper application at your high school counselor’s office or at EHOVE.

EHOVE Helped Me Choose. . .

EHOVE Helped Me Choose. . .

By Nicholas Hamilton

By Hannah Taubennestler

(Global Business Management • Margaretta HS)

(EMT/Firefighter • Huron HS)

EHOVE has helped me decide for sure that I am going to college. Through EHOVE, I have gotten to visit multiple colleges and earn college credit through my career tech program which puts me ahead of the game. EHOVE even feels like college with the buildings separated and having block scheduling. I was in Visual Media Tech as a Junior and plan to use what I learned in both programs to get ahead and pursue a degree in video production.

Through the NETWork program as a sophomore, EHOVE helped me start to realize what I want to have as my career. I’m working to get my EMT/ Firefighter certificates so I can get started on my career right after high school. EHOVE has helped me get the education I need to have a solid start in my career. After graduation, I plan to work and attend additional EMT classes at EHOVE Adult Career Center to advance my training in my career field.



See my EHOVE College Path video

See my EHOVE Career Path video

• Several programs usually fill to capacity. Any applications received after February 7, 2014 will only be offered available programs. However, applications will be accepted until August. • EHOVE’s application review team will consider your grades, credits, attendance, discipline record and counselor recommendation.

College Credit OpƟons at EHOVE By Nate Cruz (Early Childhood Education • Margaretta HS) with Ben Daneker (Engineering Tech • Edison HS) & Abigayle Keller-Delpercio (Health Careers • Margaretta HS)

• Notification letters are sent in the first week of March and accepted students are invited to the Meet & Greet on March 20.

EHOVE gives students the opportunity to go to college and stay in a high school setting at the same time. Some can take academic classes on EHOVE’s campus, some at their home school and some at the BGSU Firelands’ campus.

• EHOVE counselors will meet with accepted students at their home school in April to discuss future college/career paths and discuss schedule needs to help you stay connected with your partner school.

Every EHOVE student who qualifies with grades, etc. has the opportunity to get on-transcript, free college credit and/or free articulated credit. Articulated credit is where you get free college credit for what you do in your EHOVE program, if you go to a certain college after graduation. We’ll explain it more in our video so check it out!

See our College Credit Options video

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Straight from EHOVE students . . . hear

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Half Day or Full Day at EHOVE? By Kaylee Musso (Global Bus. Mgmt. • Norwalk HS) & Hailie Prater (Computer Network Tech • South Central HS) w/Tim Hunkley (Exercise Science • Western Reserve HS)

By Levi Frey (Construction Tech • Bellevue HS) with Andrew Boyd (Teacher Academy • St. Mary CC HS)

Connect with EHOVE

EHOVE is an awesome school to attend. Most students start their EHOVE programs as a Junior, but EHOVE also lets you start as a Senior. That’s what I did. After the first week, I felt like I belonged here but wished I had come as a Junior too. There’s also one Senior Only program and it’s called Teacher Academy. Watch our video to find out more about this option.

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EHOVE for Your Senior Year?

See our flexible schedule options video

WANT NTT MORE? MO ORE?? Ch Checkk outt th the EHOVE bloggers who are sharing their senior year through video blogs at

EHOVE students want you to know what EHOVE is really like. Watch their videos to see what they have to say.

See our video about sports and activities

EHOVE really works with you to make your schedule fit your needs. You can leave campus for BGSU Firelands classes or go to your home school for classes, sports or activities. We also have block scheduling, (which many students like), so we only have two classes plus our career tech program lab.

EHOVE Career Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

Look inside! 316 West Mason Road Milan, Ohio 44846 Permit #44 Sandusky, Ohio

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EHOVE Connect #2 2013-2014  

Direct to You from EHOVE Students