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Manage HIPAA/HITECH Security Compliance with Compliance Management Software According to FBI, healthcare frauds cost the country an estimated $80 billion a year. This indicates that personal health information of a large section of the people is under great risk of being misused for fraudulent activities. Even though medical practitioners take all the necessary steps to protect the interests of the patients, there are still loopholes that can be put to use by fraudsters. Hence, what is required is an automated compliance management solution that can help healthcare organizations to ensure that appropriate controls and safeguards are implemented to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of sensitive patient data. With the enactment of the HIPAA/HITECH Acts, the federal government has done its part to contain healthcare fraud. Now it is up to the medical practitioners and healthcare providers to do their part to ensure that personal information stored, accessed, or processed adheres to a set of guidelines or security rules. The best of breed compliance management solution can definitely make a difference as it includes all security and IT-GRC functions required to be compliant; with easy to adopt compliance management framework, leading edge context based inference engines, most advanced alert processing and easy to use logging and monitoring solution. Given below are some of its important features. Continuous security and compliance with real-time dashboards Multiple regulation harmonization Configurable citation and policy based Risk Model with real-time risk status Ready-to-use pre-packaged content—policies, best practices, assessment Questions, with the ability to fully and quickly customize Completely cloud-based service with no investment in hardware or software Completely customizable to the business needs Extensive Reports—risk reports and compliance reports on demand Single and centralized repository for all compliance related evidence Integrated External BA and Vendor Management Easy plug in if PCI compliance required Simple to implement and easy to use Besides, the federal government is taking a carrot and stick approach to ensure compliance to HITECH/HIPAA. As there are criminal penalties for non-compliance there are also incentives for those abiding by the rules. Hence,an effective compliance management solution is the best means to avoid penalties and achieve compliance and security. Read more on - threat management solutions, vulnerability management, IT Compliance

Manage HIPAA/HITECH Security Compliance with Compliance Management Software