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Council Gives TLC to Small DC Businesses in Friendship Heights BY BRITTANY JACKSON Contributing Writer The day is Saturday. Sales associates are taking smoke breaks outside large high-rise buildings. There are sparkling Range Rovers and BMWs parked along the street – eyes are glued to cell phones or the person next to them, and people are walking hastily, carrying bags adorned with Gucci, Loehman’s, and the Big Brown Bag items. There is a sense of self-indulgence and affluence when entering Ward 3’s Friendship Heights. In an effort to help small businesses organize as a whole, bringing forth common issues such as graffiti, taxes, business licenses, street fairs, and promotional brochures, Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh recently secured $50,000 in the District FY 10 budget to establish one or more business associations. Washington’s Ward 3, however, is the most affluent ward in D.C., accounting for the highest average family income, and lowest number of constituents receiving food stamps and TANF. Adding $50,000 for small business associations to big-name shopping stores, real estate firms, and exquisite jewelry stores seems to be increasing the wealth amongst those who are already wealthy, and subtracting from those who have little to nothing. Frank Pruden, a Vietnam veteran and Washington native, who was quietly sitting at a bus stop, said that over the years he has seen areas in Ward 3 change dramatically. “Blacks owned a lot more businesses, but during the riot years, many things were burnt down, then foreigners and the

BY SURITIA TAYLOR Contributing Writer One could sit around and relax for three months, soaking up the summer sun. But why not do something even better, hit the ground running and get an internship? Whether paid, unpaid, or for credit, there are millions of internship opportunities available in every industry imaginable just waiting for eager students to fill them. While some companies’ deadlines have passed, don’t get discouraged. There are many companies that are still scrambling to find young, enthusiastic undergrads, recent graduates, and even those > See INTERN, page 3


financial elite took over, and built high-rises and condominiums,” Pruden said. He said he wishes things were different, saying that there aren’t many opportunities for a homeless man scrounging in the area to survive. In exploring Photos Courtesy of Erica Hawkins areas in Tenleytown Small business in D.C.’s Friendship Heights area, loand Friendship Heights, cated in Ward 3, will receive help with development. it did not become physically evident that With so much capital there was a dire need for funds in booming throughout Ward 3 the area. Although the funds are to locations, the bigger the industry, be used for non-profit institutions, the more sales and revenue. Smaller including the D.C. Department businesses such as cabling and of The Small & Local Businesses computer shops, restaurants, coffee Development, which is also the shops and convenience stores come funding source, it is difficult to out of necessity to meet consumer determine whether the greater wants. needs within D.C. communities are Small businesses may be able being addressed. The gap between to benefit from the proposal in the those privileged versus those who form of advertisements and minor appeared less fortunate was a stark improvements, but the direction to one. which the funds are headed does Azi of Andriana Furs, a not speak to major needs within store decorated with elegant furs, D.C. communities. said that although business has N e i g h b o r h o o d been fairly moderate, the economic representatives, non-profit downturn has not negatively initiatives, and those seeking affected their business since 2007. grants to help others are minimally Azi does not feel there is a primary recognized in other neighborhoods. need for a business association in Based on the Business Needs the Friendship Heights area, noting Assessment form issued by Cheh that she is content with business as to determine business needs, some usual. of the primary concerns addressed The exploration of areas were business trends, marketing in Ward 3 mounts as a concern efforts, storefront interior and of whether or not federal funds exterior, and the perception of the are being allocated properly and commercial district. appropriately disbursed. Criminal activity, police “The business association is issues, loitering, homelessness, and a good start, but there is so much “changing the character of the more that citizens in D.C. could surrounding neighborhood” were benefit from,” said Brent Jackson, a also among some of the issues junior marketing major. addressed in the form.

BY JOANNE L. HALL Contributing Writer A rained-out Samsung Mobile 500, did not stop the NASCAR Kinetics: Team Howard, from hosting its “The True Color of a Fan” NASCAR Viewing Party yesterday at 3 p.m. in the Blackburn game room. The viewing party was the closing event of their semesterlong internship competition. “The purpose of the NASCAR Kinetics Team Viewing Party was to help expose NASCAR to one of its least popular audiences, the African-American community, as an attempt to diversify its brand. The party was a platform to educate as well as celebrate the essence of NASCAR, all the while promoting M&M’s, one of NASCAR’s many sponsors,” said Tierra Dotson, sophomore marketing major. More than 150 people

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Cheating Policy To Be Revisited By Administration

Viewing Party Sheds Light on NASCAR

Interns Get Valuable Experience For What Lies Ahead


came out to support the team and the competition brought to the campus in partnership with M&M’s. The party offered free food, games, music and prizes to those who came to show their support. NASCAR fans and students participated in face painting competitions, Wii video game competitions and eating contests. Prizes such as a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy, as well as a $25 gift certificate to the Cheesecake factory, were given out. Everyone in attendance received a NASCAR gift bag which included a NASCAR laundry bag, an aluminum water bottle and a NASCAR bandana. “NASCAR Kinetics: Marketing in Motion,” is a program that is fairly new to Howard University’s campus. Beginning only a year ago, the program is an internship competition in which several

BY ASHLEY HENDERSON Contributing Writer Howard University Provost and Chief Academic Officer James Wyche, Ph.D., said the consequences of cheating should depend on the contract between the instructor and the students as stated in the course syllabus. “No one size fits all, the consequence depends on the severity of the offense,” Wyche said. “Same judgment across the university and infraction just doesn’t make sense.” Wyche said the Academic Excellence Committee of the Board of Trustees would address whether or not the university should adopt a campus-wide policy on academic misconduct and punishment. He said the current policy does call for a discussion for possible revision, but “a unilateral policy – no,” Wyche said. This new discussion was prompted by the discovery in the fall 2009 semester that more than 50 students cheated on an exam in the School of Business Quantitative Business Analysis class. Casegrader detected that the students collaborated on the assignments, sometimes using exactly the same entries. Cheating at the colleges and university is pervasive. According to Education Portal, the

Internet’s largest education port for researching schools, degree programs and online courses, 75 to 98 percent of college students who surveyed each year admit to cheating at some time in their academic careers. According to the portal, the students who are most likely to cheat are engineering and business majors. The Howard University Student Handbook is clear about academic dishonesty. The handbook states that students will be disciplined for intentional acts of dishonesty, which call for penalties ranging from no credit for the course assignment or examination to suspension from the university, depending on individual school policies. On Jan. 6, Associate Dean of Academics Samuel Paschall called the students and told them they were charged with academic misconduct. “My world was shattered,” said one of the students who, for protection of identity, refused to be named. “My father stopped talking to me. He couldn’t understand why I would compromise my education with cheating.” Associate Professor Ayoldele Mobolurine, a professor in the School of Business, said the objective of the assignment > See CHEAT, page 3

Colloquium Hits Once Again, More ‘Fearless’ Than Before

Bree Gant - Photo Editor

The 21st annual James A. Porter Colloquium brought artists, art, and enthusiasts to Howard’s campus. Themed “Fearless: Risk Takers, Rule Breakers and Innovators in African American Art of the African Diaspora,” the two-day conference, presented some of the most famed and controversial contemporary black art. In addition to celebrating black art, speakers discussed the drive pushing current, past and future artists to break the rules. Renee Cox, the famous multi-media artist, photographer, actor and curator was a keynote speaker for the event. Cox shared some of her famous self-portrait work fighting stereotypes in the black community, especially for women.

- Bree Gant, Photo Editor

> See NASCAR, page 3

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April 19, 2010

So You Want to Live Off-Campus ? As Howard students are looking for off-campus housing, it is important for all college students to be aware of their rights when getting into leasing. Search Tips:

Photo Courtesy of Krystal Robertson

Recently, Howard student Krystal Robertson hosted a launch party in the D.C. area for the relaunch of her entertainment Web site, which began last year in February.

Student Idea Comes into Fruition with TheThread.TV BY CHELSEA BATTLE Staff Writer Celebrities Kanye West, Amber Rose, Jill Scott and blogs about ex-Cheetah Girls get top billing on a new Web site, So do Obama’s health care reform and an expensive looking pair of shoes. With a click on any image, news or blogs related to the picture float across the screen. is a new multimedia site designed by Howard student Krystal Robertson, a senior radio, television and film major. The Web site streams a professional studio entertainment news show, the latest in entertainment news, fashion, pop culture, artist interviews, politics, culture and blogs. Robertson is no stranger to the Web and radio culture. She is an on-air personality for She is also program producer at WHBC, Howard University’s radio station. Robertson started the, on Feb. 22, 2009 after attempts to get a job at numerous

blog sites she applied to failed. “I was looking for an opportunity to interview celebrities and artists and I wanted to be seen on video doing my interviews,” said Robertson. “I see the purpose and the idea it’s trying to get across,” said Justin Brooks, a mechanical engineering major. “It seems very wellorganized and detailed. I think it needs a few more interviews though.” The Web site uses video columnists who give insights in what’s going on in the entertainment industry, ranging from London fashion shows showcasing Black women, which often times a rare site, to a lawsuit being filed against Jill Scott. The goal of is to give viewers a glance at what is going on in the multimedia world. Robertson built the Web site in three days and gained sponsorship and major contributions from Barrett Technologies, a Floridabased Web site development company. The Web site is set out to be not only a professional quality production, but also a vehicle for

aspiring producers, videographers, editors and anchors to display their talent and build their skills. “I think the site is pretty cool,” said Kirsten Bias, a senior biology major. “I had a few problems when I clicked on some stories, but overall I like it.” Brittney Antoine, junior biology major, shared similar feelings, “I like it. I feel like it’s still in the beginning stages, but I can see that it’s going to blossom into something very nice.” Robertson understands these concerns. Overall, the site is a work in progress, always changing as new concerns crop up, she said. “I feel it could be a Howard ‘Mediatakeout’ if all goes well with the site,” said Akia Dillard, a junior psychology major. Since its debut, Roberts has interviewed several celebrities, including Chrisette Michele, J. Holiday, Clipse, and Melanie Fiona. “We are progressing and moving forward and there is a lot to watch out for in the near future,” said Robertson.

Student Hustles on the Rise BY CHELSEA BATTLE Staff Writer Hustle. This word seems to be a driving force behind every successful student that has pursued a craft in their Howard University career. Whether it involves singing, creating clothing lines, or throwing parties, every Bison can relate to the “Howard Hustle” mentality in some way. Freshman painting major Taylor Hill has caught on to the hustling mentality quite early. But Hill’s hustle is unlike anything students see during the springtime on Howard’s campus. As the weather began to heat up and students hit The Yard to catch some sun, Hill toted around his easel, pallet and canvas, in hopes of attracting his peers to his talents by painting portraits of them. Hill came up with the idea after encountering money issues early during the spring semester. “I had been struggling for money,” said Hill. “I wanted to try and find a way to make money legally, and fast. I figured, since I can draw, it’s getting hot outside, and there were pretty girls out, why not do self-portraits?” Hill is now seen daily in front of Blackburn, Fine Arts, and on The Yard, drawing portraits of his peers.

Being involved with art at such a young age, Hill felt that he could not see himself doing anything else but art once he enrolled in college. “I actually attended an art institute for a year prior to coming to Howard,” said Hill. “I always wanted to come to Howard, so when I found out that there was a painting program, I knew I had to jump on it.” Hill describes his times as a painting major at Howard unique because of how uncommon it is. He feels that since his program is so “low key,” he wants to promote or represent it whenever possible. “A lot of people don’t even know that my major exists, which is kind of discouraging,” said Hill. “If you are not in the School of Business, a political science major, or something high profile, you tend to get overlooked.” A commonality amongst most artists is that their art comes from inspiration. Hill expressed that most of his inspiration for other forms of art and music comes from the cycle of life. “Life inspires me,” said Hill. “It is really a beautiful thing when analyzed as a whole. Things can seem so chaotic, when they’re actually quite balanced.” Hill is a part of a new music group called “Surreal,” comprised of

all freshman males from various backgrounds. The name for Hill’s new hustle, “TriggaTay Tattoos,” was inspired by his name within the group. “‘TriggaTay’ [came from] a number of different meanings,” said Hill. At 15-years-old, Hill was in a shooting accident that changed his life. With his new hobby of tattooing, “trigga” is symbolic of both his accident and the tattoo gun used by tattoo artists. As Hill prepares to head into his second year at The Mecca, he is pleased with the amount of things he has learned over the course of his freshman year. “I can say I learned a lot about life, school, women, money, among other things,” said Hill. “I have definitely learned the value of hard work. When I was running out of money, and my parents could not provide me with any, I had to take action.” Hill remains optimistic about his upcoming years with Surreal and their new mixtape “Blue Magic,” being released mid-April, as well as his growth and learning experience as a student, an artist, and musician. “I see next year as being far better than this year,” said Hill. “But most of all, next year will bring me one step closer to that degree, which is why I came to Howard University.”

This is the last week of classes, HU! Congrats, Grads! You’re almost there! T H E H I LLTOP

1. Start your search as early as possible—up to four weeks before the start of the semester. While you’re looking, consider staying with friends or family, or in a hotel for short-term residence. 2. Be prepared to put a deposit down on the spot (make sure to get a receipt). 3. You and your guarantor should be ready to provide the following documentation: last year’s tax return, recent pay stubs, personal and business references, contact information for previous landlords and photo identification.

One of the largest things that the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs stresses is that students make sure the place they are renting is licensed. This would mean that the apartment, condo, or house would have to meet certain D.C. Housing Code standards. Some D.C. Housing Code Standards: 1. Bathrooms: Must be private and ventilated. It must have a bathtub or shower, toilet, sink with hot and cold running water, and it must have a waterproof floor and wall base. 2. Doors: Must be blocked; must open and close easily and must fit reasonably well into their frame. Knobs and locks must be in good working condition. 3. Paint: Must not be peeling or flaking and must not contain exposed lead paint. 4. Windows: Must have screens from March 15 Nov. 15. Windows must open and become loose easily; must contain glass without cracks or holes, and must be without air or water leaks. For students planning to live off campus next year, apartments and available houses for rent can be found on craigslist. com, as well as Each year, a list of available off-campus housing is posted for students in search of housing alternatives.

Information from:, DCRA


Cheating Incidents Cause Rise in Discussion on Policy Continued from FRONT, CHEAT was to do the cases independently, using the skills students acquired in previous courses. “I told the students in the beginning of the class that the assignment would not be covered in class,” Mobolurine said. “I directed students to tutorials, the software had tutorials.” Consequently, the students involved received a letter stating they were being recommended for immediate suspension and an “F” in the class. “I felt sad, sadness and for the most part disappointment,”another student said.

Ultimately, former Interim Provost and Chief Academic Officer Alvin Thornton, Ph.D., rejected the business school’s suspension recommendation and gave the students a lighter punishment — an “F” grade in the course. Wyche said he supported Thornton’s decision. The School of Business has turned to technology to enforce a zero tolerance policy toward academic cheating. Casegrader, which students often use to turn in assignments, has a hidden detector that follows each student after they login under their username. The software detects if

the student received any assistance from someone else, which to the professors, constitutes cheating. Cheaters too are resorting to technology, said Reggie Miles, a professor in the department of Radio, Television and Film. Cheating continues “at a whole new level with cheaters getting more sophisticated with increased access to technology,” he said. The policy in Miles’ classroom is that all technology be turned off during examinations. “Any form of dishonesty should result in a failing grade in the course, but it’s up to the discretion of each professor,” Miles said.

Internships Provide An Alternative to Work Force Continued from FRONT, CHEAT who are pursuing a graduate degree. According to’s Top Best Internships listing of 2009, companies such as Macy’s, Microsoft, Deloitte and Touche LLP, and L’Oreal were among the top 40. Ranked based on pay offered and the percentage of those hired postinternship, Deloitte and Touche holds the number one spot, perfect for business majors. Deloitte hired more than 2,200 interns last year, paying $24.50, and 73 percent received offers of employment. L’Oreal landed at the 25th spot, offering interns $18.47 per hour, hiring 85 interns in 2009, and planning to bring on 100 this year. If a large corporation isn’t where you see yourself, there are plenty of midsized and smaller businesses that need interns too; the key is to find your fit, a place that interests you in some way. Sundiata Jackson, a sophomore psychology major, has an interest in athletic training. He has secured a summer internship with Elite Athlete Training Services. “I’m going to be helping coordinate sports programs

for collegiate athletes,” he said. Jackson is already certified as a personal trainer. “We are going to work with athletes from University of Maryland, Georgetown, and other area schools, helping them to enhance their skills. If everything goes well, there’s always the chance that eventually, you could be picked up by a team as a trainer,” he said. There are many ways to find internships. Network and be sure to get acquainted with your school’s career development director or your advisor – they always know what companies need interns. Check bulletins around campus, and Web sites such as,, and even Craigslist. Jae Murphy, a junior broadcast journalism major, is going to spend his summer alongside the likes of Howard Alumna and Radio Personality Angie Ange of WKYS 93.9 and DJ Quiksilva. He will be helping them to broadcast their nightly show – “The Q and A Invasion.” “I am hoping that this may one day lead to me being a personality for WKYS, the potential is there if something opens up,” said Murphy, his eyes widening in excitement.

Read Tuesday’s Edition to See Snippets of Friday’s Greek shows! Congratulations to all!


NASCAR Event Attracts Many Continued from FRONT, NASCAR schools across the country are sent case studies each week that allows them apply what is being taught in the classroom to real world situations and obstacles in the NASCAR business world. Focusing on marketing, the case studies sent each week act as hands on practice within the program. “Being a public relations major and sports administration minor, the preparation classes I have took in these areas have been valuable in application to real corporate scenarios. Specifically, in regards to being on the NASCAR Kinetics team, I have been able to use my knowledge in communications and the role of sport in society to complete real life situations that happen day-to-day in NASCAR, ” said Stephanie Lockhart, senior public

relations major. The viewing party is the biggest event in the competition. It allows for the Howard community to come out and support their team and also to help NASCAR market their product to a new demographic. The more people in attendance at the viewing party, the greater the team’s chances are in winning. “Our team was really pleased with the number of students we were able to attract. The number of attendees to NASCAR events in previous years made us question the success of our event. However, this year we were able to attract more than 100 Howard students,” said Candace Brown, sophomore marketing major and NASCAR Kinetics team member.


April 19, 2010

2010 Natural Disasters Raise Global Questions BY BIANCA M. GARWOOD Contributing Writer

Natural disasters are inevitable, but current incidents have increased environmental awareness and alleged 2012 prophecy concerns. In 2001, the people of America were faced with the Y2K scare. Families nationwide collected water bottles and can goods in fear of computers crashing. People went into panic about their jobs, houses, money and investments. The computer glitch would create chaos with banking, security, broadcasting and other technology based necessities. Fortunately, it was a false alarm but 10 years later we have come face-to-face with another disaster- in 2012 the world will end. The prophecies generally imply that December 2012 will bring total demolition or transformation of the modern world. The prophecies include catastrophes such as earthquakes, a magnetic field shift, an asteroid or comet hitting the earth and other environmental destruction or earth changes. In the first few months of 2010, the world has experienced major earthquakes and aftershocks. In January of this year, a massive earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude hit Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Haiti’s worst quake in two centuries, has left more than a million homeless due to the damage of its infrastructure. The Pan American Health Organization estimated more than100,000 deaths, and still counting. On the heels of Haiti’s disaster, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Chile, one of the strongest

ever recorded. It left central Chile in shambles and killed more than 700. Tsunami warnings were also broadcast, but the quake may have caused long-term effects, possibly disturbing the earth’s axis. According to NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist Richard Gross “Such a shift would have the effect of shaking as much as 1.26 microseconds off of Earth’s daily rotation,” he said in a press release. Microseconds although minimum, can eventually amount up to a lost of time said Scientific Online. China is the latest country to have been hit. The Qinghai providence was struck by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake this pass Tuesday. Local authorities said that at least 589 people have died and 10,000 were left injured. Courtesy of Shelter Box When asked his thoughts Earthquakes like the ones in Chile have plagued the world since the beginning of the year, instilling fear in millions. on the earthquakes, Robert James, a sophomore computer informaThe weather has shown ma- experts, this could ultimately cause tion system major said, “The end since 1990. April quakes which inis near.” The reoccurring disasters clude Sumatra at a 7.7 and Mexico jor changes. Since 1979 according less temperate winters in the North have solidified beliefs in 2012 theo- a 7.2, has essentially put 2010 on to AccuWeather, the latest satellite Atlantic due to the slowing producmeasured temperature data, has tion of colder and dense water. ries, but others aren’t as convinced. the right course. “A lot of the quakes this deemed March 2010 the warmest Also in February, Hurricane George Chapman, a sophomore, print journalism major blames the year have unfortunately happened March in satellite history. March Xnythia hit western Europe leaving citizens of the globe for said disas- in populated areas, and as a result 2010 has also been named the 4th at least 13 dead and more than a ters. “I feel as if the earthquakes casualties and damage are in the warmest month world-wide in the million households without power. are a result of America’s exploita- news” said seismologist Tom Par- satellite history. January 2010 came The hurricane stretched from Portugal to the Netherlands. tion of its resources, not a theory of sons from Thus in at a close 5th. making it seem like the quakes have Warm temperatures like Recently the environment 2012.” those previously mentioned can and the world at large has been More people are beginning to become more frequent. Although earthquakes are cause melting in Antarctica. attacked by unstoppable natural believe that earthquakes are occurA giant iceberg (2550 sq km) forces. Is it the cause of 2012 or ring more frequently but according seemingly normal, other doubts to Global Disaster Watch, the shut- have been reassured. “I don’t think broke loose from the continent of normal disturbances? Like some of ters are regularly scheduled natural the world is going to end in 2012, Antarctica in early February. The his peers Robert James believes that disturbances. The U.S. Geological but I do think that the world is size of the ice burg may harm “We are the only species that’s a viSurvey found that the annual av- changing” said Jasmine Lightburn, global weather patterns due to the rus to the planet” he said “we are erage amount of a magnitude 7.0 a sophomore marketing major. disruption of the oceans currents, killing the planet.” or higher earthquake has been 16 “The weather on its own is a sign.” researchers said. According to the

Howard Falls Behind in Construction Projects BY DIANDRA DAVIDSON Contributing Writer

Every year, a series of campus beautification projects take place that make the campus more presentable for major events such as homecoming and commencement. However, at Hampton University, Howard University’s long-time rival, the campus beautification has gone far past replacing flowers and putting up balloons. Hampton University recently received $7.9 million for its Proton Therapy Institute by the Department of Defense’s Naval Health Research Center. This is one of the many building initiatives Hampton has in place. Since 2002, the university has renovated many of its older buildings while erecting 15 new, state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities include a new student center, new dormitories, and there is even talk of a new football stadium in the near future.

“Now we all know who the leges and Universities (HBCU), unnoticed. In terms of necessities, real HU is, so why don’t we look such as Tuskegee University, Clark- a new heating system was placed like one?” said sophomore Shaki- Atlanta University and Spelman in Drew Hall, and the entire C. B. yah Drayton. College are all making large efforts Powell building, home of the John For Lauren Moody, a sopho- to beautify and renovate their cam- H. Johnson School of Communicamore nursing major at Howard and puses. These institutes continue to tions, has been undergoing renovatransfer student from Hampton, build new student facilities such as tions of the course of this school the first, most striking thing about dormitories and student centers year. Hampton is not the legacy, as The newly renovated one may say about Howard, but student lounge in the Armour J. “Howard should invest in better the beauty of the campus. Blackburn Center, as well as the “The scenery is gorgeous, initiative that started last year to and newly renovated classrooms, with a lake, manicured lawns, ensure that call campus founinstead of state-of-the-art libraries fountains, and old-fashioned tains work properly, have given and research centers.” buildings,” Moody recalled, the university a much-needed “Hampton, in my opinion, has Lauren Moody, face lift. Cafeteria systems in better facilities. The student Bethune Annex as well as sophomore nursing major the center there was constructed in in the Blackburn Center have 2001, offering a track, workout provided students with a more rooms, two theatre rooms, and enjoyable dining experience. multiple eateries. The ConvoYet, some students becation Center (equivalent to Burr which leave many Howard students lieve the cafeteria should not be the Gymnasium) is newly designed and to believe not much is being done at first things administration looks at basically a stadium for basketball Howard University. in terms of allocating renovation games, also for guest speakers that Despite the bitter feelings funds. bring large audiences.” some students might hold, there “I think Howard should invest Hampton University, along have been many renovations on in better and newly renovated classwith other Historically Black Col- Howard’s campus that cannot go rooms, instead of state-of-the-art

Soccer Fans Rush for World Cup Tickets in South Africa Scores of soccer fans in South Africa lined up overnight as tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup went on sale. The fans flocked various outlets where 500,000 tickets are up for sale ahead of the month long feat expected to kick off on June 11. In Cape Town, the sale turned tragic when a 64 year old man died of heart attack in a fracas that forced local police to use pepper spray to restore order. Being the first time Africa is hosting the World Cup, the tournament is expected to boost South Africa’s economy, especially through massive investment in the transport, telecommunication and energy sectors. Madagascar’s Rajoelina to Meet Ousted Leader over Truce Madagascar’s leader Andry Rajoelina has expressed willingness to form an interim government and electoral commission if negotiations between him and ousted President Marc Ravalomanana succeed. Rajoelina made the statement while speaking on national television. Madagascar’s military earlier this week gave Rajoelina an ultimatum to solve the political crisis by the end of April or else they will intervene. Madagascar’s political crisis and diplomatic isolation began when Rajoelina forced Ravalomanana to resign in March 2009 using a series of military-backed street protests [ER]

libraries and research centers. After all, students spend most of their time learning in the classrooms. I also think they should build another upperclassman dorm, to accommodate more students, as well as improve upon the dorms that already exist,” Moody said. According to an article published in the Howard University Capstone magazine in 2009, “Howard University received $800,000 for renovations on the Miner Building, which houses the School of Education. The building will undergo infrastructural renovations to its windows and roof. The university has also invested $1.5 million in renovations to the first floor.” There has been much buzz around campus about the prospect of new dormitories, a remodeled Punchout, and a new School of Communications. Though none of these ventures have come into fruition.

Obama Orders Sanctions against Somali Fighters US President Barack Obama has issued an executive directive sanctioning the assets of individuals deemed to have a direct hand in Somalia’s political instability and rampant piracy off the wartorn country’s Indian Ocean coast. Obama’s decree empowers the US treasury department to freeze assets belonging to individuals linked to the militant Al Shabaab rebel movement, which is believed to have relations with Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. The sanctions also target those interfering with humanitarian operations and the violators of an existing UN arms embargo against Somalia. Al Shabaab has remained the biggest threat to the country’s UN-backed interim government and has taken control of much of Southern Somalia. Uganda’s Besigye to Run against Museveni Uganda’s main opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), has chosen Kizza Besigye as its candidate to face President Yoweri Museveni in next year’s presidential election. A veteran opposition leader, Besigye has lost the past two elections to Museveni. The FDC is part of a new opposition alliance that aims to field a joint candidate to face President Museveni, who has been in office since 1986. Uganda is currently being wooed by foreign investors over recent significant oil finds that are expected to turn its economy round.

Information from - Compiled by Marquis H. Barnett, Nation and World Editor






April 19, 2010

SPORTS 7 Lady Bison Fall in Tennis Championship

Photo Courtesy of HU Sports Information Office

The Lady Bison tennis team defeated Florida A&M on Saturday with a score of 4-0 to advance to the finals where they would face South Carolina State, but lost on Sunday 1-4 in the MEAC Championship in Raleigh, N.C. The team was attempting to win their first tennis championship since 1995.

Sports Throwback Photo

Remaining Softball Schedule April

Wed 21 Washington, D.C.

at Georgetown (Guy Mason Field) 3 PM

Sat 1 Baltimore, Md.

at Morgan State * 2/4 PM

Sun 2 Baltimore, Md.

at Morgan State * Noon

Thu 6 Charleston, S.C.

at Charleston Southern 4 PM

Fri 7 Charleston, S.C.

at Charleston Southern Noon/2 PM

Sat 8 Princess Anne, Md.

at Maryland Eastern Shore * TBA

Sun 9 Princess Anne, Md.

at Maryland Eastern Shore * TBA


Thu 13 at MEAC Championship Ormond Beach, Fla. TBA Fri 14 at MEAC Championship Ormond Beach, Fla. TBA

April 19, 1991 Evander Holyfield beats George Foreman after 12 rounds for heavyweight boxing title.

Photo Courtesy of

Jesse Owens was an American track-and-field athlete who participated in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Germany. At the Berlin Olympics, Owens achieved international fame by winning four gold medals in the 100-meter run, 200-meter run, the long jump and the 4-by-1 relay team.

Finals Week is here, Seniors! Study Hard. T H E H I LLTOP


April 19, 2010

Daily Sudoku Directions: Each row, each column and each 3x3 box must contain each and every digit 1-9 exactly once.

Nicolette McClendon - Cartoonist

Morehouse Dress Code, Fashion Strikes a Nerve They’ve gotten over the first Caucasian valedictorian, who recently graduated with their Class of 2008. They’ve even moved past the 2006 arrest of three students for an apparent murder and robbery. Many Morehouse alumni, students and other members of the AfricanAmerican community are seemingly having a more difficult time getting over the recent uprising of homosexual men at the historic university. As students at Howard University, and members of a more accepting generation, it might not be that shocking to spy a male student on The Yard decked out in heels, leggings, a purse, or any other host of traditionally female attire. Apparently people at Morehouse College in Atlanta are a little less than enthused about this trend, recently moving the administration to institute a strict dress code in an effort to force students into dressing in what they consider a respectable and traditional fashion. The dress code bans not only traditionally female attire, but also pants sagging, pajamas, Du-rags and sunglasses in a classroom setting. Although the recent rules include more than just female

attire, it’s generally accepted that they were set in place to stop presumably gay students from wearing women’s clothing on campus. Morehouse’s mission statement claims the mission of the college is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service, assume special responsibility for teaching the history and culture of black people,

Our View:

Morehouse’s mission statement accepts them – so we do too. and pay the price of gaining strength and confidence by encouraging students to confront adversity, master their fears, and achieve success by earning it. No where in the text of the college’s lengthy mission statement does the college express an issue with students being true to themselves in terms of their fashion choices. If anything, the mission statement specifically calls for students to overcome adversity and master their fears. The clothes these students wear while leading their Morehouse lives of “leadership and service”

are insignificant – although they’ve instituted the dress code. As a community, African Americans have established their own mission statement for Morehouse College. Morehouse students and graduates are supposed to be strong, educated, and successful African-American men who marry Spelman women and produce another generation of educated, strong, AfricanAmerican children. Except the marrying a Spelman woman part, outwardly homosexual students with an interest in women’s attire obviously have the same potential to be strong, educated, and successful African-American men, even with their atypical fashion sense. Morehouse old heads and leaders of the black community may not approve, or even understand why there are so many young male students flooding the halls of one of the black community’s historical gems. But regardless of whether or not they approve or understand, Morehouse’s mission statement seems to accept them for their differences – although their dress code begs to differ.

sense that we are conditioned for it and abide by it. We love it. We conform to it and believe in it because of our fear to change. If hands on a clock can change position and meaning, then surely we, as beings of higher intellectual capacity, can change the actions that connect to our self-proclaimed “purpose”. And laziness, that allows us to lie in all the waste of our polluted minds. We will look around and wait and die and never understand the concept of “challenge”. We are not here to sleep. We are not here smoke. We are barely here to sex. We are here to move. And to move each other and the things around us. Forever we will lie in the dismay and turmoil of ourselves if we do not learn how to tame our craving for this. Selfishness to the point that

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Perspective Not to speak? I’ve always had hopes and dreams of a better world. A world where time and space was not wasted notions in ones life but moreso inconspicuous blessings. I once hoped that flying, in the sense that we free ourselves from constraints, was possible with the eternity of faith forever as our wind. I would dream that love was a belief that we could all trust. I’d dream that it was the way we could all connect like vines on a tree and roots in the ground. However, like the dawn of a new day—I steadily become reluctant to hope and dream in disproved and disabling situations. Much like the way hands shape clay, I am being molded by my experiences—and they are plenty. Much of them revolve around: consistency, selfishness, and laziness. Consistency in the

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what influences us is not what we encounter but what we allow. A tendency that we assume is of the norm but when you consider the heavens and the earth and understand that nothing (I mean nothing) can ever be self-sufficient, you finally acknowledge the interconnectivity we desire to fear. We cannot go on living like this. Selfishly. What are we meant to do if not to consider each other? Are we meant for selfish actions that “help” the brother but do not “LOVE” the brother? If so, cut off my hands, grind my feet, burn my tongue, and delete the contents of my mind because as long as I have a way to voice the wrongs of our ways I WILL. Riley Wilson, junior marketing major

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