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Communication Strategy (Print Advertisements)

Pillsbury- "Ready to Cook" Category Launch (Savoury & Sweet Blend)

“Projects Handled”

Brand Positioning Of CHOCOS Semiotic Analysis Fun & Nutrtion

Brand Seed:

Nayee Soch Nayee Kalpana

Methodology: Field Visit Insight Building for Consumer Needs

Deriving Brief for Copywriting , Photo Shoots and Concepts for Advertisements. FBI Analysis for Competitors, Communication Artworks, Product Shoot Print Ad Launch

Field Visit : • Markets Of Delhi & Ludhiana


Competition Metrics 1

Communication Plan: • 1st advertisement : Bottle range • 2nd advertisement : Complete Dining range • 3rd advertisement : Dining table shot with family

Competition Metrics 2

Communication Concepts: Route 1: Affordable Glamour

Route 2: Add taste to everyday meals Route 3: Naya-sa

Result: Blend Route1 & 3

Mood boards:

Modern | contemporary | stylized

Naya-sa | Something New | Fresh

Features + Brand:

FBI Analysis:

Talk about the promise that only this brand can offer Talk about the promise that only this brand can offer





Brand These ads talk about the Masterbrand promise or showcase their range etc.

Micro level details, features of the product are the reason to buy


Idea/Innovative: Disruptive, categorychallenging ads

FBI, Indian Ads:





+ +


FBI, International Ads:





+ +


Conclusion: • Most Indian advertisements are talking about “Features” and “Features+ Brand” Comparatively, a fewer companies are playing up their brand story or have innovative advertisements • Most International advertisements are playing up their brand story… Perhaps, that is where the trend is moving







A cluttered space

3 Routes in this zone… from evolutionary to revolutionary…

Communication Artworks:

Route 1: Affordable Glamour

Route 3: Naya-sa

Product Shoot:

Final Print Advertisement: 17th May 2012, Hindustan Times:

Demand for Ready To Cook Food in India: Change in Socio Economic Pattern

Growing Urbanisation Increase in working couples Less Free Time Change in Food Habits

Target Group: •

Age : 28 to 35

Graduate, Sec A/B/C/D

Proud home maker

Core of the family

Family as No.1 priority

Rooted family values, progressive outlook

Affinity towards cooking aids

Benefits: •

Readily available

Convenience of time and effort

Uncompromising on taste and freshness

Good food that gladdens hearts

Empowering moms by helping them win small joys in life

Competitor Scan, Part 1: Brand Persona

GITS Persona:

Competitor Scan, Part 1: Brand Persona

MTR Persona :

Competitor Scan, Part 1: Brand Persona

Mother’s Recipe Persona:

Competitor Scan, Part 1: Brand Persona

Aashirvaad Persona:

Competitor Scan, Part 2: Communication Inferences:

Competitor Scan, Part 2: Communication Inferences:

Customer Insights, Brand Identity:

Customer Insights, Brand Identity:

Decoding the Pack:

Decoding the Pack:

Decoding the Pack:

Decoding the Pack:

Decoding the Pack:

Customer Interaction with the Pack: Buying Behavior:

Field Visit:

Customer Interaction with the Pack: What Customers Think:

Customer Interaction with the Pack: What Customers Think:

Substrate Analysis: Available Structures:

Substrate Analysis: Factors Affecting the Packaging: • Nature of the product – Is it sticky, crisp, brittle. • Food composition and it’s type

- Does it have moisture, fat, protein, flavor ? a) MVTR: Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate b) ERH: Equilibrium Relative Humidity. • Form and shape of the product

– Is it smooth, regular, irregular, sharp edges Product Life •

Biological spoilage due to micro-organisms

Spoilage due to chemical reactions like oxidation (discoloration, rancidity) and enzymatic reactions.

The environmental factors such as light, humidity and temperature.

Substrate Analysis: Types of RTC Products:

Fat Enriched

Cereal Based

Food Behavior (Cereal Based): Medium Moisture Food (8-10%) Sensitive to Moisture Pick Up Moisture Content increases Product Becomes Soft & Unacceptable(12-13%)

Pillsbury Brand Study:

Inferences for Ready to Cook:

Pillsbury’s Doughboy:

Customer Insights, Brand Identity:


Pillsbury as a Mother Brand: Savory Mix

Sweet Mix


Gulab Jamun



All products & services share the same budget, customer, and market position

Too much riding on one brand: No shield from future adversities

Consolidates equities; awareness and positive associations of individual brands first leveraged by Master Brand, and then top down from to all product lines

Venturing into new categories can be contained if not compatible with master brand

Mother to Child Brand ratio: 100:0




Kitchen Hits Dosa

Kitchen Hits

Kitchen Hits Dosa

Dosa Dosa



Helps bring focus with flexibility for future decisions

Going into individual brands (0:100) before the overall resources are not robust is a pitfall to be avoided

The equity, awareness and quality perceptions of the Master brand are harnessed across markets/ segments Ensures there is no brand/ image dilution by overstretching

Name Suggestions:


A Sanskrit word that means praise or in the sun . The name places the brand and the housewife at the centre of attention, to be admired and emulated.


From ‘adansh’ in Sanskrit meaning part of the sun; it cues radiance, warmth and vitality.


An inclusive name that encompasses various cuisines, cultures, people. It provides comfort and depicts Pillsbury as an International brand that has arrived in India and understands the Indian consumer


Means taste in Hindi. The name includes the feeling of aroma, taste and provides for visual appeal


Hindi for Ready. It gives a proactive feel where the brand is all set to make the cook the hero of the house. It gives a feeling that food is quick and easy to cook.


Means method and adds a local auspicious vibe to the entire brand range. It reassures the cook that the process/method is not compromised due to packaged food.

Brand Positioning (Semiotics on Fun & Nutrtion): Process: Mind Mapping “FUN” & “NOT FUN” Workshop On FUN Workshop on “Nutrition” Workshop On Finding Patterns One FGD each with mothers and children in the TG 5 assisted shopping observation visits in Modern Trade with TG

Initial Mind Maps: Understanding “FUN”:

Understanding “NOT FUN”:

Workshop On Fun: Decoding the following : 1. Chocolate 2. Breakfast 3. Children

Workshop On Fun: Mood boards:



Play with Food:


Energy Activities:


Workshop On Nutrition: Decoding the following : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Mother Children Breakfast Milk Nutrition Whole Grain

Categories: 1. Ritual/ Consumer 2. Behavior 3. Language

Workshop Report (Mind Maps): Milk:





Not FUN:


Workshop On Finding Patterns:

One FGD each with mothers and children in TG: FGD With Mothers :

FGD With Children :

The FGD Report: Oreo


Observation: Open mouth, excitement, smiles at the end

Observation: Serious expression leading to a smile

Reactions: Papa ulta latak rahe hain

Reactions: Intelligent kid. Daddy ko phansaya. Sabko masti karni chahiye.. Akela hai toh Daddy ke saath khelta hai

Observation: Concentration as the fight increases

Observation: Curious, frowning, serious

Reactions: Cartoon sach nahin hota. Hum ko buddhu banaya.

Reactions: Possible nahin. Group mein baccha hona chaiye, akela nahin.

Observation: Smiling at the kid hanging

Obsv: Smiling, involved




Reactions: Friends ko chidand accha lagta hai. Complan se hieght badhti hai.

Reactions: Bachche jaldi bada hona chahte hain. Koi age nahin dekhta, growth dekhta hai

The FGD Report Contd..: Quaker Oats



Observation: Confused, tuned out

Observation: Serious, some tuned out

Reactions: Samajh nahin ayaa

Reactions: Ladki achchi hai, chahti hai daddy strong banae. Lekin bacchae daddy ko khanae ke liye nahin kehte

Observation: Involved smiling

Observation: Smiled

Reactions: Vitamins hai is mein

Reactions: Meri ladki bhi aise hi natak karti hai. Bache fruits nahi khate, yeh khane se vitamins milta hai

Observation: Alert, watchful, smiled at the end

Observation: Curious, serious



Reactions: Vitamins milta hai is se

Reactions: Fast life, not time. Healthy food, not oily.

Formats with which Kellogg's is competing:

Formats which have Nutrition and Fun values: Biscuits and Juices

Formats which primarily attract children: Candy and Candy bars

And a brand which has at various times defined marketing to Parents and Children

Character Recognition for Communication: Process: Age of child protagonist depicted Attitude of child protagonist Reason to consume Role of the mother

Age Of the Protagonist Depicted: Milk foods drinks: MFDs Bournvita



Chocolates, Candy, Biscuits, Restaurants Pediasure


Mc Donalds



Real Juice

10 – 12 yrs



Inference: •Squarely around the 8 yrs space, whilst our stated TG is 8 to 12 • The 8 yr old aspires to be shown as older than he is: we should peg higher in the spectrum

8 to 10 yrs

5 to 8 yrs

Attitude Of the Protagonist Depicted: Bournvita

Hardworking, Determined, Goal driven, Achievement oriented Horlicks, Complan

Burdened with expectation and competition, Struggling to achieve / belong

Reason To Consume: Oreo

Fun - driven by the three step consumption process Bournvita

Success, winning, handwork paying off, the brand as an enabler

Kellogg’s Chocos Attitude Of Child Protagonist: Child Communication : Coco as the fun agent who brings alive new adventures The children are depicted as the followers who admire and have fun due to Coco Mother Communication : Inquisitive and ‘cheeky’ Sits or walks around the at home situation: relatively passive

Inference: The child is not the key protagonist in the Child communication In the Mother communication, he pales in comparison to the other categories' ‘edgier’ attitude

Role Of Mother: Bournvita :

Unconditional support system Believes in her child’s abilities Stands by them

Horlicks :

Ambitious for herself and for her child. Confident, believes the choices she makes for her kids Uncompromising Pediasure, Real Juice :

The mother who is on the look out for nutritious things to meet the health needs of the kid Nurturer in various degrees, from the more conventional collective archetype to more individualistic (but not selfish)

Kellogg’s Chocos Role Of Mother:

Leaning towards the more conventional collective nurturer who is looking to balance taste and health

Segmentation In Discourses: Fun in “Language”

Fun in “Rituals”

Segmentation In Discourses: Fun in “Popular Culture & Mythology”

Nutrition in “Language”

Nutrition in “Rituals” :

Nutrition in “Popular Culture/ Mythology”

FUN & NUTRITION: • Fun represents the child

• Nutrition represents the mother

• They are fundamentally opposing concepts as nutrition comes with a purpose and fun has no purpose. • There a common ground..that makes the brand more powerful

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