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First time launch screen “Email” and “password”option enable to Login into profile with correct credentials of the application. NEW USER

First time launch screen “Register” option to create a profile where the user has to manually fill the basic information.

First time launch screen.“Google” or “facebook” option to create a profile. Welcome screen is the first screen user experiences after the launch of application with a centrally placed logo Welcome screen stays for 1s then sarts fading and switches to Launch screen slowly in another second automatically.

Use the facebook or google details accordingly from the iOS settings itself. Only if that is not available then look for other means [like make the user log in manually]


After logging , the user for the first time prompted to the “HOME SCREEN ” where user has different option specially curated from data of soundcloud for selecting or browsing given playlist. Once the user is logged in, the data is saved in the mobile. whenevr user reopens the application User doesn’t need to fill the data or login again.

The default five “Top 50” playlist is always on top of screen by default. The playlist is data driven selection for different catagories, fetched from global music industry and soundcloud trending tracks. Regional section is included(bollywood) for user - focous location based palylist for user centric design.

Genre The “#Genre” section is also data driven selection. Every song which is present in Soundclould database has a signature “#”, which makes it easier to seperate diffrent type of track and make a cluster of it. The “more of what you like” is curated playlist from the trends going around.

HOME SCREEN SEE ALL Tapping to this specific area it will lead to the music list window. Top 50 When the user tap on the palylist, the track list drop down. TRACK When tapping wherever in the track area leads to the music palyer window. BOTTOM BAR The “Bottom bar” has 5 buttons - Profile, Radio, Music player, Search, List. When tap on any of the button it directly transits user to respective window.

TOP 50 After taping the “Trending: top 50” the horizontal blocks drop down for vertical scroll up menu. “Trending” is the personalised playlist for user from user’s recent activity in chronical order. Scrolling left to right for more tracks

ARTIST Different “Artist” you follow or they are trending . FOLLOWING

The “following” playlist is most listned track from the people you follow in soundcloud.

BOLLYWOOD “Bollywood” is country specific playlists in this case its India. This specific playlist is fetched according to your location.



Tapping on “ARTIST NAME” direct users to artist window. Tapping on “#genre” direct users to genre windiow. Share button for sharing track in social media like facebool, google plus, twitter etc. Shows progression in user’s track. Download’s the current track,enables users to listen track offline and adds to the download playlist. Tapping on any track from the application will lead user to music player window. And the selected track will be replaced by the previous track or will start a new track.

For play, pause , next track.

Swipping up or tapping on list menu from the bottom bar leads to music player menu screen.

Once the Music player is slided up we get the Track list of the playlist, where when scrolling up user can see the other tracks.

#GENRE Each and every track has a tag, tapping in “#genre” will direct user to the diffrent track which fall into same catageory. “Artist” who fall into this genre catageory will be fetched and shown at the bar. And for more artist user can scroll right to left in that bar.

Most popular and trending “Upload” which falls into same genre catageory si

Most popular and trending track which falls into same genre catageory si displayed.

Taping on “search” icon from bottom bar enable search bar to slide down scroll down with search button. Tap on “search” button also direct users for recent and trending seach option according to industry tren and past search. Auto generated search option help user to minimize the effort.

Now the search menu is visible we can search any music, artist,upload and ablum. If its avavilable it will show in the results Hierarchy of search by the artist,tracks and Uploads. Hierarchy is maintained for all the searches (track, playlist, albums, uploads)

Above bar gives the information of the current track, Album it belongs to and the genre of the track.

RADIO Tapping on radio button from bottom bar enable present window. It slide from right to left for transits from one window to another.

Number of people user following and being followed. Number of : ALBUMS user has liked. Downloads by user. Likes by user. user’s favorities. And the playlist user has created.

Tapping on any of the sub station open up the radio window with playing

Tapping on any of the station directs us to sub station

PROFILE PICTURE Display picture uploaded by the LOGOUT If user want to exit from its account.

Tapping on the list Icon will direct to the information of the current playing track.

Statistics for number of people who has listened to youe uploads. Tapping on the share button user is able to share the Radio via facebook, google, watsapp.

Tapping on either pause or play button user will experience pause and next song respectively.

Settings is for user’s account setting where user can personalized his own

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