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ITS Voice Services

Overview of Current Enterprise Voice Services

ITS Enterprise Telephony services  SGCPBX  The “Downtown PBX”- based solely in Raleigh  Digital (TDM) to the desktop – Adding VoIP  Nortel CS1000M Release 6.0  Approximately 4500 users-15 agencies  Enterprise IP Telephony (EIPT)     

Geographically dispersed across the state IP and digital to the desktop High Availability design Avaya Aura Release 5.2 Approximately 6000 users-10 agencies

Archdale Call Coverage Next Steps:

 Meet to discuss your Call Coverage  Determine who will have EC500 

Will need cell phone numbers

 Determine who will have Fax Messaging 

Will need email addresses

 Determine who will have a Meet Me

Conference Bridge

Key Telephony Challenges Today Business

 Increasing use of existing tools  Telephone  Conferencing  Voice Mail  Working from anywhere By need … Teleworking, travel, virtual office  By necessity …weather, pandemic, weather, strike, terrorism 

 Managing deployment of productivity tools  Ease and Speed of deployment  End user support  Security  Develop our own or off the shelf

Increasing use of existing tools  Telephone, conferencing, and VMail  

 

Automation of call answering to improve call handling and consistency Utilize features that improve flexibility with staffing required to support business processes Linkage of the desktop phone to alternate business tools and communications devices Expand conference capability to more users to enhance collaboration and save time

Enterprise Telephony tools  Call Coverage  Hunt Groups  Extension to Cellular  Meet-me and desktop conferencing  Messaging

What is call coverage?  Ability to redirect an incoming call on a

predetermined path using various timers and available answer points  Call coverage is automated and follows a preprogrammed route  Call coverage can have up to six different alternate answer points.  Call coverage is activated only when an incoming call meets certain user defined redirection criteria

How is call coverage used?  Essentially to reroute calls automatically

when the called party is unavailable to answer the call  Call coverage establishes the order in which calls are redirected to alternate destinations  Users define the criteria that governs automatic re-routing of calls  Call coverage can allow multiple paths for the call to take based variable criteria

Call coverage answer points can be…       

A voice messaging system An announcement A uniform call distribution hunt group (UCD) A direct department calling hunt group A coverage answer group A series of single extension numbers An ACD hunt group

A sample Call Coverage Call Flow 1 …receive calls from customers or staff

4 …answered by voicemail of the original called party if Cover Group 2 is unstaffed. Caller hears no interruption in ringing.

Client calls…

…your phone rings



Call coverage is activated automatically based on pre-defined system parameters Call Cover point 1 gets call alert based on station status…

Call Cover group 2 gets call alert based on cover point 1 no answer. All Phones ring…

Call coverage sending criteria can be…  Sender user’s phone status e.g.

Active on another call  All call appearances are busy  Don’t answer  Phone is in a send all calls state  Time of day, day of the week time schedule  All calls must be screened  Internal versus external incoming call 

Call coverage on sender phone status  Active on any call   

Incoming internal call to coverage or External call rings on phone or All calls go to coverage

 Busy on all call buttons  All incoming calls go to coverage  Last call appearance allows outbound call to be originated

 Send all calls feature button is activated  All incoming calls go to coverage immediately with short ring  Can be automated according to a time of day schedule

Call coverage based on time of day DAY OF THE WEEK






00:00 PATH 3 Voicemail

07:30 PATH 1 Office

16:30 PATH 2 Cell phone

20:30 PATH 3 Voicemail


00:00 PATH 3 Voicemail

07:30 PATH 1 Office

17:30 PATH 3 Voicemail


00:00 PATH 3 Voicemail

07:30 PATH 1 Office

04:30 PATH 2 Cell phone


00:00 PATH 3 Voicemail

07:30 PATH 1 Office

17:30 PATH 3 Voicemail


00:00 PATH 3 Voicemail

07:30 PATH 1 Office

16:30 PATH 2 Cell phone


00:00 PATH 3 Voicemail


00:00 PATH 3 Voicemail

20:30 PATH 3 Voicemail

20:30 PATH 3 Voicemail

Hunt Groups: more traffic but less stress  Allows equitable distribution of calls without an ACD

Hunt groups can route incoming departmental calls  Hunt groups can be a point in a call coverage path  Allows users to be added to handle overflow call volume during peak periods  Hunt group members can be anywhere; on another floor, in another building, even in another city  Hunt groups can queue incoming calls with status announcements  Hunt groups can be activated based on a time-of day schedule 

Hunt group call distribution methods Hunt Group Types  Direct Department Dialing 

AKA the “Hot seat”. The system starts with the first extension in the group and hunts for an available extension. If the first is busy, it checks the second extension, and so on. When it finds an available extension it connects the call.

 Uniform Call Distribution 

The system hunts for the agent with the lowest percentage of work time since logging in Or The system hunts for the agent who has been idle the longest since the last call.

 Circular 

The system routs calls in a “round-robin” fashion. The order in which the hunt group extensions are administered determines the order in which the calls are directed. The system tracks the last extension in the order to receive a call and the next call is directed to the next extension on the list. Extension idle time is not considered.

Hunt Group Illustrations Incoming call

Incoming calls



Working from anywhere  By need … Teleworking, travel, virtual office

How do you combine the proliferation of phone numbers and addresses to a manageable interface?  Match the users communications with the mobility of the desktop…  How do you maximize the advantages of Teleworking without investment in underutilized systems and equipment?  By necessity …weather, pandemic, strike, terrorism  Business continuity is expected by the public especially conditions are beyond your control  Utilizing the web as an extension of the office telecommunications network 

Mobility Options Find Find Me/Follow Me/Follow Me Me The Find Me/Follow Me feature supports real-time Find Me allowing users to control where their calls are directed when away from the desk. At the same time supporting Call Screening, along with pager and other advanced device outcall notification.

Extension Extension to to Cellular Cellular Calls to an office number are extended to a cell phone, allowing users to receive work-related calls wherever they are and whenever they need to.

Desktop conferencing Ad hoc desktop conferencing  User controlled and activated by use of conference button or “join” feature key  EIPT allows up to 6 parties on the desktop but no more than 5 outside parties, SGPBX allows six.  Display shows number or name of parties on the call  Participants can be dropped in the reverse order that each was added

Meet-me conferencing Controlled conferencing that is participant directed  Meet-me allows up to six participants on the conference  Joining the conference requires a pass code  Participants being added create entry tone  Participants can all be on outside lines external to the site  Meet-me bridges can be assigned to individuals, departments, conference rooms.  Meet-me owner controls pass code that can be changed at the discretion of the owner


Integrated Messaging There are two components to Integrated Messaging: 1st – Voice Messaging Enables subscribers to create, receive, forward and manage voice messages within their e-mail clients, such as Outlook. NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME 2nd – Fax Messaging Enables subscribers to receive, edit, forward and manage faxes all from within the subscribers existing e-mail client.

OITS EIPT Call Coverage Presentation  


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