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By utilizing our approach, we optimize planning and execution, secure the right stakeholder involvement and approvals, and ensure that all levels of Customer management, project governance and project execution are well taken care off. A project well planned is a project well executed. We use our project management system N`PAS to achieve and improve the desired result for our Customers. N`PAS is a complete project management system which includes, administration of work orders, budgeting, a very good cost control module including electronic import of man-hours and cost, work packages, documentation, planning, historical data and notes, variation order control, check lists, more than 100 predefined reports and other functionality. The system has a proven track record and our Customers are very satisfied with the system. Emma: From our own investigative surveys, we found one constant with EPC contractors and shipbuilders who read our publication. They all put a premium on maintaining cost during their project. In terms of the complete life cycle of project execution, what strategies, products and services does Nordhagen employ to maintain a client’s cost efficiency? Olsen: Nordhagen Group has extremely high focus on cost during project planning and execution. Our principle is that “every coin counts”. Cost efficiency and saving money on behalf of our Customer is one of our key success factors. A strict cost control, especially related to Time and Material scope of works, good variation order control and procedure, and strict cost discipline throughout the whole project team is crucial to succeed. Additionally, identification and mitigation of risk is an integral part of the project planning process that our project management solution utilizes, and risk is tracked and reported throughout the project. To manage this we use our project management system N`PAS to plan, monitor and execute all aspects of the project. The system is tailor made and revised over more than a decade of projects to get a best possible cost effective project. We are proud that our Customers share our passion for this software and processes. Furthermore, our experienced personnel are of course a key to succeed in the projects. Our concept is to run projects with a combination of committed and expert personnel and a field proven project management system. All our personnel are thoroughly trained and experienced with our best case stage gate process management. Emma: Another constant with most companies that we speak to is the huge importance of health and safety in project execution. What is Nordhagen’s stance on matters relating to Health, Safety and Environment for project management? “Nordhagen Group has a long-standing HSE commitment..”

The N’PAS system Olsen: The most important objective of Nordhagen Group is to prevent accidents, injuries or losses. Health, safety and environment is crucial, and one of the most important aspects of a project. Our project philosophy is a “zero” tolerance when it comes to HSE. We strive to deliver projects within plan and budget, and without any incidents at all. Nordhagen Group has a long-standing HSE commitment to the highest standards for the health and safety for our employees, Customers, contractors and equipment as well as to the protection of the environment in the communities in which we live and work. We have experienced personnel and processes who live and breathe the HSE standards. This is incorporated in everything we do, and we will never take any short-cuts or simple solutions that could jeopardize health, safety or environment. It doesn’t help to deliver a project on budget and plan, if you have any incidents. Or system N`PAS also has a separate risk module for risk assessments and mitigating actions which follows each scope of work throughout the whole project and an integral part of the risk calculation includes assessment and mitigation of risk relating to HSE. Emma: Finally, could you enlighten my readers with a possible case study or scenario where Nordhagen AS helped a client improve safety, maintain budgeted costs and ultimately improved efficiency in the clients project execution using your software, such as N’PAS? Olsen: We have several examples and documented results where we improved safety, maintained or delivered the project even below the budget and improved efficiency. We are proud that our clients are satisfied with

the performance and execution of our system N`PAS and our project expert teams. We have documented cost savings on behalf of our clients in most projects in the region between NOK 20 – 50 millions. Several project have been delivered before scheduled plan, and we have a good QHSE records on our projects. One example is the statement from CEO of Maracc / Island Drilling: “The personnel from Nordhagen introduced speed and structure to the project. They were organized in an efficient and cost effective way. This greatly contributed to a successful result”. Additionally, the long standing relationship with Transocean in Norway, where we have been involved in every one of their major projects since 2006, gives us a great sense of accomplishment and pride, and recognition that our project management solution adds value for our customer time after time. This interview was conducted by Oil and Gas Innovation’s Emma Patten - Investigative Journalist and Nordhagen Management AS’s Jonny Olsen - CEO. For more information or to find out how Nordhagen Management AS can help your projects contact Mr Olsen at: +47 91 91 22 88 or via email at: or on the web:

OGI Autumn 2014