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TRAINING: Adult Learners’ Week 2014

Joint Services Housing Advice

CHILD BEREAVEMENT: Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Specialists for Overseas Security Operatives, Mariners Taxation and Security Operatives in the UK. Whittaker & Co are Accountants who focus their accountancy skills specifically on security personnel offshore, in the United Kingdom or working in an offshore environment, ie Oil & Gas Industry. We specialise in providing accountancy services, tax returns and tax advice. Our clients include Non UK Residents, Maritime Security, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Personal Tax Payers. “It was a simple decision to make choosing Whitaker & Co after hearing some really good feedback from other customers. I left the military in 2011 and decided to pursue a career in close protection. The switch from military to civilian life left me with a lot of questions and paperwork, forms etc. to fill out but with Whitaker & Co’s help this transition proved effortless. It also gives me great piece of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about tax days etc. and allows me to concentrate on my job. I would recommend Whitaker & Co without question due to the fact that the staff are very friendly and approachable and highly astute.”

“I have been in the Maritime industry for 12 months following a successful 22 year career within the Royal Marines. I have been utilizing Whittaker’s for the whole period, colleagues advised me at the start to choose Whittaker’s and I have nothing but high complements towards them, they answer all my questions and reply to all my emails promptly, they also go out of their way to send a representative, to talk to maritime teams about the complexities of tax and how to achieve SED. I would not hesitate to recommend Whittaker’s to anyone.” Ian Nisbet-Mole - Maritime

Richard Daniels - Non Res




Whittaker & Co, have supported and will continue to support and fundraise for the Pilgrim Bandits.

The Associates is a group of professional companies that have collaborated to offer advice through their own respective companies to serving Armed Forces personnel in transition to civilian life and ex forces. They are the ex-forces specialists with the majority of the companies having an ex-forces individual running or working within the company.

If you wish to know more about our services or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help you in more detail please contact us: Tel: 01686 610662 Bryn Isel, The Bank, Newtown, Powys, SY16 2AB



• Full, weekly and flexi boarding for 9 – 18 year olds • Located in 33 acres of beautiful historic woodland • Full programme of evening and weekend activities • Great transport links, only 40 minutes from Birmingham airport • Leavers’ destinations include RADA, Oxford, Durham, Imperial College London and London School of Economics




I N S P I R AT I O N A L • I N T E L L E C T U A L • I N D I V I D U A L Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Sport Scholarships & Bursaries are available.

For further information please contact Annabelle Addison on (01902) 751119 or (01902) 793002 Tettenhall College, Wood Road, Tettenhall, WV6 8QX Find us on Facebook



To Board or not to Board



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Lichfield Cathedral School


Adult Learners’ Week 2014



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Joint Service Housing Office >> Barratt Homes, P40 - 41 Things to know when purchasing a new home.


Scotty’s Little Soldiers The ICS Group


What is fostering?


Finding the right franchise opportunity for you!


Key role in the homeland defence, search and rescue tasks of the UK

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The Beacon: Case Study, Daniel Maddison


Walking with the Wounded: Employment: Dan Majid


Lambie- Nairn: Invictus Games 2014

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Can I claim a tax refund? it’s anything less, you’re entitled to claim the difference which is where we can help. I receive Get You Home (GYH) and/or Home to Duty Travel (HDT) allowances. Can I still claim?


an Post, RIFT Managing Director, answers your questions on tax refunds.

What is the claim actually for? It’s for tax relief on the cost of travelling between your main residence and your workplace. Your main residence is the place you go home to when you’re on leave. We can’t claim for training locations eg Phase 1, 2 or 3. I already get expenses, can I still claim? If you receive 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles plus 25p per mile thereafter, and you haven’t paid tax on these amounts, great – you’re being fully reimbursed. If

Most likely, yes. The amounts you receive don’t normally cover everything you’re entitled to. It’s important for you to know that we deduct HDT or GYH allowances from any claim we make as both are paid non-taxed. I live in married quarters, can I claim? If you live in married quarters, on or off base, and spend your leave periods there, that would normally be classed as your main residence. The claim in this case would be for travel between your married quarters and your daily workplace, if your mileage is high enough. If you already receive a Home to Duty allowance for this, we would review the amounts received against the

allowable limits and claim for any shortfall.

Yes, it’s still classed as your main residence.

I live on base, can I claim?

Can’t I do my own claim? Yes. But please be aware that you will need to comply with the legislation on temporary workplaces and have the time to liaise directly with HMRC. However if you don’t apply the rules correctly and claim more than you are entitled to, HMRC may seek to recover some or all of your refund.

If you live on base part of the time but go home to another address for weekends or longer periods of leave, the leave address would be classed as your main residence. The claim in this case would be for travel between your home address and your accommodation on base. If you already receive a Get You Home allowance for this, we would review the amounts received against the allowable limits and claim for any shortfall. I’m based in Germany/Cyprus, can I claim? Yes, you can claim for travel to and from a UK residence. If your family are in Germany or Cyprus with you, your accommodation there would normally be classed as your main residence. I live with my partner/parents, can I claim?

Can HMRC demand the money back? Yes, as explained above, HMRC can if you’ve claimed too much. The difference from doing it yourself is that at RIFT we assess your claim thoroughly against the legislation and providing you give us full and accurate information, we offer you our RIFT Guarantee. This means that if any money recovered is repayable to HMRC, RIFT will make the repayment at no cost to you. We will also defend any HMRC enquiry free of charge – it’s all part of our service. - Page 5

FOREWORD: Clive Knaggs, Individual Education and Resettlement Officer for 51 Army Education Centre Group based in Gütersloh Germany. He is a MoD Civil Servant advising and guiding today’s Service Leavers. celebration of lifelong learning . This year 2014 is the Adult Learner Week’s 23rd year and it will take place 14th-20th June 2014.


will do anything” or “I haven’t a clue” are probably the most frequent words I hear from a Service Leaver the first time we talk. It is rare to find someone with a well prepared and thought through plan for when they transit into civilian life, so that is why we like the Adult Learner Week so much. Without the provision of English speaking local colleges or universities, soldiers and their dependents within British Forces Germany (BFG) are not necessarily offered the same personal development opportunities as soldiers in the UK. The UK national Adult Learner Week takes place annually and is a

It is rare to find someone with a well prepared and thought through plan for when they transit into civilian life...


It is an ideal opportunity for Education and Training Services in Germany to introduce soldiers and dependents within BFG to their Further Education and Higher Education learning options. Having been inspired by Adult Learner Week our contribution is that each Army Education Centre in Germany will be hosting a Personal Development Fair ‘road show’. This is aimed at the population of UK Based Civil Servants, Service Men and Women with all the spouses and dependants in each major BFG Garrison. The Personal Development fair will be a mix of exhibitions, stands and presentations for one day. At 51 AEC Group in Gütersloh our efforts are concentrated on Monday 16th June 2014 which is going to be one day of maximum effort to sing the praises of Education and Personal Development. The road show travels on to Paderborn on Tuesday 17th June 2014 and finally onto Hohne on Wednesday 18th June 2014, at Hohne and Fallingbostel they are even promising freebies, demonstrations, tombola, ‘Steve’s Fish & Chips’. Which reminds me, the first time I had even heard of Adult Learners Week was whilst I was teaching on a Unit Resettlement Information Staff course up at Hohne in the North of Germany. We were all in the classroom when strange guitar music floated in on the air with a whiff of fish and chips, this interrupted our lesson. We took a break and we discovered that Hohne Army Education Centre had set up displays and activities along the corridor and in each classroom, the German language course had German food from each region, the music class was demonstrating the Spanish guitar and the Fish & Chip van was also getting going. It turned

Followus: us:@educationmat @educationmat Follow

out to be a welcome distraction to our course and a timely opportunity for the students to discover even more personal development ideas to pass on to the service leavers from their units. This year Further Education and Higher Education establishments are represented by various colleges and universities including Portsmouth University, Staffordshire University and the Open University. We also have vocational opportunities being covered by training organisations such as the Bristol Management Centre, Quanta Training, the City and Guilds organisation, Lincoln Business School, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Chartered Management Institute and Wessex Business School. There are others of local interest such as Civil Service Learning, the electronic learning centres and a multitude and variety of education centre evening classes. The Adult Learner Week is the ideal opportunity to put in front of a Service Person and engage them in the wealth of opportunity and start the spark of an idea and to offer them the chance to enrol on distance learning courses which will offer them support to gain a qualification during the instability of the Germany drawdown and return to the UK. This all links in with one of the biggest worries facing Service Families which is moving home and schools please have a look at this editions articles featuring advice from the Joint Services Housing Advice Office and information on continuity and changing Schools. Finally just to add that all too often most resettlement is done in the final years just before leaving, what I say is that resettlement starts on joining the Services and does not stop – ever!


OPEN MORNINGS Sat 13th Sept & Sat 4th Oct 9.00 - 11.30am

COME ON BOARD EVENING Thurs 9th October 5.30 - 7.00pm • Academic excellence • Boarding fees just £3,650 per term • Strong pastoral care system • A stunning array of enrichment and weekend activities • Cadet Force with over 150 recruits • Easy access to motorway and airport links

01384 817325 Heath Lane, Stourbridge, DY8 1QX



Case Study: Daniel Maddison

4 year-old Daniel Maddison joined the Army at the age of 18. In February 2014, after six years’ service in the Queen’s Royal Lancers, he left and eventually became homeless. His decision to leave the armed forces was an attempt to save his marriage which unfortunately ended shortly after. Daniel then found himself homeless and without plans for his future…..Daniel stayed sofa surfed wherever he could before contacting SPACES, the Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex-Services run by housing association Riverside-ECHG. He was then referred to The Beacon situated in Catterick Garrison where Daniel quickly found his feet and made use of the facilities available to him. Spending most of his time in the PC training suite, audio visual room and education and employment centre. In a short space of time he has recorded and produced his own song. ‘Dreams’, which you can listen to on You Tube, it really is worth a listen. Daniel had a feeling of loss after leaving the Army; he missed the team moral, the support of the Army and the bond the soldier’s give to each other, without question. He attempted

Page 8 -

to re-join the regiment but was unable to do so due to the redundancies taking place. Being unable to depend on his mother, with a heart complaint and having to manage his 7-year-old autistic brother with the daily issues that can bring, he felt that he had to fend for himself and contacted Spaces. This was one of the best decisions he felt he has ever made, He doesn’t know where he’d be without that support, as it’s helped him massively. Whilst living at The Beacon, Daniel has taken advantage of one of the free places sponsored by Train 2 Train on the Compliance Instructor Course. This qualification gives Daniel a PTLLS (teaching qualification), alongside several other qualifications which he is able to deliver and develop further using skills he’s already gained during his time in the Army. Daniel found that he has a natural ability to facilitate training and had a shining light moment whilst completing the course, he decided with the support of the tutors to turn it into a career. Daniel is in the process of setting up his own business; he has produced a business plan, gained a

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business start-up award, designed his company logo and produced his website which is amazing. If you require any training and live around North Yorkshire please give him a thought, you can find him at with his renewed confidence and can do attitude he applied for jobs and secured an interview with Autism care UK, to work as a Support Worker alongside developing his business. This gives him the best of both worlds, an opportunity to help and better understand the difficulties his brother faces daily, as well as making best use of the first-hand knowledge and skills of the condition he is able to bring to the role. I have no doubt that Daniel will succeed in his chosen career path due to his own effort and determination but can confirm that The Beacon will continue to support and assist him on leaving as and when required. From all of the staff at The Beacon good luck, you are a remarkable young man. For more information please visit our website:


Cadet Force Music


or the tenth year running, over 300 cadet musicians and 140 adult instructors from 34 counties from across the United Kingdom have gathered at Altcar Training Camp in Merseyside for the National Cadet Force Bands Concentration. Young musicians from the Army Cadet Force and the Air Training Corps, aged between 12 and 18 years of age, received a week of expert musical tuition in all aspects of music, including concert band and marching band. Many of these young people arrived at camp with very limited musical knowledge; however, with the teaching provided by Cadet Force Bands, these cadets have progressed and have become junior musicians.

Twelve-year-old Cadet Hannah Eves (left) of Hampshire and Isle of Wight ACF Band has spent her first music camp in the beginner band. When asked what she had enjoyed most about her time at camp, she said, “I like that we can all learn from each other, even when we play different instruments. I’ve had so much fun spending a week away with my friends and learning how to play new songs on my saxophone.” The cadets follow a syllabus entitled the Music Army Proficiency Certificate (APC),

which includes modules on Regimental Music, Engagement Planning, and Music Theory. Cadets have been trained and tested on the APC syllabus and have achieved a record number of passes. Cadets can also achieve Vocational Qualifications through Cadet Force Bands, with BTEC and DofE modules being completed by over 70 cadets at camp. The 3 Star and 4 Star Cadet Band and the 4 Star Corps of Drums performed at Ince Blundell Village Hall on Wednesday 16th April for a very appreciative crowd of local residents and Royal British Legion members. The concert provided an ideal insight into the world of Cadet Force Bands and highlighted how far the cadets had progressed in a short space of time. WO1 (BM) Sarah Marinescu of the Royal Military School of Music and WO1 (BM) Matthew Speight of the Queen’s (Minden) Band mentored CFAV instructors and provided them with professional tuition. Part of the cadet musical training involves learning the precision drill required for a marching band. In order to assist with training, Lance Sergeant Carson and Lance Sergeant Blakelock of the Army School of Ceremonial worked closely with all personnel to perfect their drill and assessed

the Senior Drum Major and Senior Bugle Major competitions. Company Sergeant Major Natalie Hamer of Lancashire ACF, was awarded Senior Drum Major; an award that makes her the most senior Drum Major in the Army Cadet Force. Senior Bugle Major was awarded to Cadet Bugle Major Downward of Shropshire ACF.

The final parade took place on Thursday 17th April, with over the cadets forming one of the largest musical ensembles in the country. Prizes were awarded for the most improved cadet in each cadre, best cadet shot, and best student on the Adult Instructor Training Course. Aside from the intensive music courses, cadets have also been participating in some non-musical activities, including archery, shooting and swimming. Talent show auditions for the ever-popular “Tex Factor” competition took place during the first few days of camp, culminating in the final on the last night of camp. Acts included vocalists, dancers, and contemporary musicians. Talent show winner Lance Corporal Rachell Hicks of Gwent and Powys ACF said, “I have become so much more confident since I joined the ACF. The band gives me an outlet for my music that I would never have had before. I love it!”

Cadet Force Bands are now on Twitter: www.twitter. com/CadetForceBands and Facebook: CadetForceBands > - Page 9


with a detector designed to alert soldiers to the improvised explosive devices (IEDs), a bomb exploded. “I was going through the drills, looking for secondary devices, looking for them to fire upon us. I could hear screaming and realised someone had been injured”. He continues, “I looked at my arm and it wasn’t moving. I climbed out of the ditch and my arm swung forward from the shaft (upper arm) and I thought ‘That’s not right’. I put my hand round and squashed my whole arm in my fist. I was covered in blood. I thought it was being held on by my shirt. I thought ‘My arm has come off but everything else is fine so I am going to be fine. I am just going to have to deal with it’. As he applied a tourniquet, he noticed that he was moving his fingers, that somehow the limb was still attached and after several operations medical staff were able to save his arm.

Case Study: Employment - Dan Majid


t was while studying a Leisure and Sports degree at university in 2004 that Dan decided to join the Officer Training Corps. After completing a 200km jungle marathon his next challenge was the Parachute Regiment’s arduous P Company selection process. Having volunteered for operations in Afghanistan he was deployed in 2010: “I had got so much

Page 10 -

from the army - adventure training, skiing, mountain climbing and diving. It was time for me to pay my debt. Adjusting to working with a regular army unit, 2 Para, in Helmand was easy and simply a matter of “having the right attitude”. That was until 26 November 2010 when at the front of a patrol sweeping

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Having seen the charities expedition to the North Pole and with a long standing desire to climb Everest, Dan applied to join our Everest expedition team. As Dan commented himself, “Mount Everest is a special place and something I’ve always wanted to do. I truly hope to inspire people by doing it. Life goes on and expeditions like this will hopefully persuade others that regardless of their injuries dreams can still come true.” Dan continues to act as an ambassador for the wounded community and having received funds from our First Steps Bursary Scheme has successfully re-trained as a Geography teacher and is currently at Leeds West Academy.

For more information please visit our website:

>> Provided by: Dan Majid, Walking with the Wounded


Disco unt for Arme d Forc es

Year 9 (13+) September 2015 Assessment Days: September 2014 Deadline for Applications: 31 July 2014 Day and Weekly or Full Boarding • Boys Aged 11-18 • Girls Aged 16-18 Inspirational Oxfordshire Setting by the River Thames • 19 Miles from London Heathrow Outstanding Pastoral Care • Excellent Academic Value-Added • Extensive Co-Curricular Programme Academic, Sport, Music, Drama and Art Scholarships Available

Further details and a registration form are available from


To Board or not to Board? This is a difficult decision for most parents, Harry Potter inspired children and after reading the books many are excited and keen to experience the fun and excitement of boarding school.

into their care. Schools are happy to arrange taster days or sleepovers before the new boarder starts and arrange buddies and mentors with current pupils to help them settle quickly. Open lines of communication are encouraged between children and parents; the first point of contact will often be the house parents who look after the children in the boarding house.


f you are considering a UK Boarding School for your child contact the experts, Sue Anderson and her team are the education specialists when it comes to UK Boarding Schools. Preparation and planning is key to ensuring a successful boarding school placement. We all have access to the internet, research can of course be confusing, there is a lot of choice, they all look wonderful and families often do not know where to start.

It’s harder on the parents! Boarding life is structured; the children are kept very busy from the time they are woken until they go to bed.

Page 12 -

The UK boarding school specialists have visited over 350 UK boarding schools and offer free help and advice to families, “this first hand knowledge enables us to identify what is special and unique about each school and match this with the needs of each child. The ease and convenience of our special educational service aims to make the search for the best school a stress free experience”. Short listing and visiting three or four schools, is a very important part of the process and a deciding factor in selecting the right school for your child. It is about the people that we meet, these people are going to be a part of your child’s life, this is as important as the beautiful buildings and excellent facilities that these schools offer. “We took the kids off school for a week and flew back to the UK to visit schools. This was a fascinating experience. Never had I seen schools so welcoming and interested in us. We came out of the first school and sat in the car, took a deep breath and went “Wow!” The decision was made there and then, that we would be happy to go to boarding school”. Ian, father of two new boarders. The boarding house parents have a wealth of experience in settling new boarders

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“It’s harder on the parents! Boarding life is structured; the children are kept very busy from the time they are woken until they go to bed. After the school day has finished there are activities, sports training, music lesson, drama rehearsals, prep (homework) and supper, and lots of fun and laughter”. Jane, a Housemistress. Parents of new boarders will often comment on how independent their children have become, they are encouraged to think for themselves and take responsibility - good life skills in preparing for the next step, university and beyond. “Deborah recently came home for halfterm; we could not believe how much she had changed in just six short weeks. There was an air of confidence that had been missing before, a real sense of self worth. No more slouched shoulders and lack of eye contact whilst mumbling monosyllabic answers to the simplest questions. She had negotiated the airport successfully and even remembered to pack the correct books to do her holiday homework. I am so pleased we took the plunge and let her do this”. Sharon a Forces Mum. Check the website for more information

Independent Co-educational School

11-18 Boarding and Day

Leaden Hall School • Happy and fulfilling all-round education • Excellent pastoral care • Extra activities include CCF and outdoor pursuits •

Services Package

Please ring 01884 252543 to arrange an individual visit

Our girls are successful at winning scholarships to independent schools and gaining entry at 11+ to South Wilts Grammar School

15% Forces Discount Available from September 2014 on fees charged after application of CEA Independent Girls School Ages 3 to 11, Day and Boarding

Tiverton • Devon • EX16 4DN • Leaden Hall School, 70 The Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2EP t: 01722 334700 e: - Page 13

BOARDING SCHOOLS: Military discount half page 'I am'.pdf




Boys and Girls Aged 2-13 A Family School for Day and Boarding Pupils For further information or to arrange a visit please contact: Mrs Louise Coates, School Secretary

Page 14 -

Follow us: @educationmat

Tel: 01953 681246

Email: Website:

Excellent Independent Girls’ Boarding and Co-Education Day School in the heart of the Derbyshire Countryside Boys: Nursery to Year 8 Girls: Nursery to Year 13. Fully co-educational by 2019 The Settlement, Ockbrook, Derby, DE72 3RJ T: 01332 673532 E: W:

BOARDING SCHOOLS: SS_PressAd13:Layout 1 2/5/13 11:30

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Sunningdale ningdale School chool A traditional nal boys’ ep school The traditional boys’boarding boardingprep prep school

Est 1874 74 7-13 years rs

run country prep rep school Family run country prep school •Family m Maximum15 15in in aa form form •Maximum Outstandingresults results •Outstanding Approximately40 40 minutes minutes •Approximately nutes

fromcentral central London ffrom l London d Tel: +44(0)1344 620159 Tel: 01344 620159 E-mail: E-mail: Sunningdale AUT13.indd 1

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08/05/2013 14:05



Sporting Excellence Stonyhurst College encourages all its students to take part in a wide-ranging sporting curriculum that develops confidence, teamwork and life skills


hile Stonyhurst College has forged a worldwide reputation for developing outstanding rugby players, it also has a much broader sporting curriculum that offers students the opportunity to develop self-confidence, respect and discipline. Sport enhances academic achievement by strengthening character, developing skills and challenging students to do their best. Whether it’s on the rugby field, hockey pitch, golf course, tennis courts, cricket pitch, in the sports hall, swimming pool or competitive shooting in the range, all sport encourages teamwork and determination. Stonyhurst’s Director of Sport Simon Charles, who accompanied college students on a recent highly successful rugby tour to South Africa, said: “Our vision is to create an environment where all pupils can achieve success in sport, from engagement and participation, to performance and excellence.”

“Competitive sport is at the heart of our programme but what is of equal importance is enjoyment and sportsmanship. This crucial positive and enriching experience in sport complements our holistic approach towards education. We believe what happens on the sports field in terms of attitude, behaviour and motivation can have a positive impact in the classroom - learning to work hard and achieve is a transferable skill.” Having produced an extraordinary number of rugby internationals in recent years, including Kyran Bracken, Will Greenwood, Iain Balshaw and Joe Ansbro, Stonyhurst continues to turn out some of the country’s best young players: last season no fewer than 12 were selected to play at county, regional and academy level. Two of them play for the U16 England squad. Head of Girls’ Games, Emma Kay, said: “In the last few years we have been extremely successful, gaining local and regional success

in both hockey and netball and we are continuing to challenge our girls to strive for excellence in their chosen sport. We provide them with the opportunity to develop in a range of sports which gives them breadth and depth.” Head Girl Harriet Shepherd, who is captain of the girls’ netball said: “At Stonyhurst sport has not only developed my skills as a player, but has taught me leadership and teamwork; it develops individual personalities and friendships as well as talents.”

Stonyhurst College Stonyhurst Clitheroe BB7 9PZ 01254 826345

Exceptional pastoral care Seven former pupils received the Victoria Cross Generous forces discount available

Developing outstanding individuals HMC Catholic Boarding and Day School in Lancashire for Boys & Girls ages 3–18 years 01254 827073 Page 18 -

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Teaching Important Values for Life Lieutenant Colonel Marc Godfrey, Contingent Commander, The Royal Hospital School (RHS) Combined Cadet Force


he Royal Hospital School (RHS) Combined Cadet Force (CCF), which is one of the largest contingents in the country, contributes fundamentally to the life of the School; teaching invaluable lessons in leadership, self-reliance, and responsibility, as wells as important skills for life beyond school, no matter what career path is chosen. With around 200 Services families at the Royal Hospital School, it is clear that these benefits are held in high regard when choosing a school for their children. CCF encourages youngsters to explore the countless opportunities available and to develop skills that can be hugely important to them in later life. They participate in a wealth of activities; take part in competition and ultimately feel a sense of achievement. Leadership is one of the most important skills taught and cadets can progress from recruit to senior NCO, although not all will aspire, or have the ability to achieve the senior posts. Nonetheless, they have the scope for exercising leadership in a variety of areas and can develop in confidence by taking charge of a section. It is very often these children who are also successful in achieving positions as School Prefects and, later in life, as leaders in whatever field they choose. CCF activities are inclusive and, above all else, fun. For those in Year 9 (13-14 years) at the

their time at school!

Royal Hospital School it is compulsory but from Year 10 pupils may choose whether to continue; however, as the most exciting activities are associated with CCF, many opt to continue throughout

Basic weekly training takes place on a Friday afternoon, generally led by the NCOs, but the highlights are always weekend field days and camps in exciting parts of the UK and overseas. The courses and camps provide many opportunities for personal development and allow the young people to experience hardship and excitement in a controlled and safe environment.

Many of the adults involved in CCF at the Royal Hospital School have previously served with the Regulars or Reserves in all branches of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Currently twelve teaching staff have served in the ranks up to Warrant Officer, and in Commissioned Service up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Their prior military experience enhances training for the cadets and maintains strong links between the School and their parent’s units. When carrying out their prime roles in the classroom or in the boarding houses this experience enables them to have a special understanding of the needs and aspirations of Services families.

There are four CCF sections; the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force, and at RHS these also have active participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon and the Windsor Horse Show, as part of the CCF equestrian team. The RN is primarily concerned with waterbased activities and the strength of this section at the Royal Hospital School is a direct result of the School’s 300 year historic seafaring links. RHS is one of the few schools that have a RM section, which focuses on military training together with the Army section. The latter also has a REME section which maintains the School’s Land Rovers and a Pioneer Corps which has built an obstacle course and target indication range. The RAF section provides cadets with the fantastic opportunity to fly, both in gliders and in the two-seater Grob tutor. Competition is encouraged and each year the Contingent competes in the RN CCF National Regatta, the RM Pringle Trophy competition, the Army Combat Cadet competition and the RAF Cranwell competition with some good success rates. There is also the possibility of gaining formal qualifications by enrolling on the BTEC First Diploma in Public Services and also through the National Citizen Service; a flagship Government civil society programme

Page 20 -

aimed at 16 and 17 year olds delivered by the Office for Civil Society.

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The CCF flourishes at the Royal Hospital School and provides an enormous benefit to pupils in terms of their personal development and enhancing their educational experience. The facets instilled in children at this early age will resonate clearly with serving members of the armed forces. The Royal Hospital School is a coeducational boarding school for 700 11 to 18 year olds set in 200 acres of Suffolk countryside overlooking the River Stour. The School offers exceptional fees for services families eligible for CEA and generous bursaries for pupils with a parent or grandparent who has served for at least 3 years in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Auxiliary Service or merchant navy.

For more information contact Admissions on 01473 326210 or





sat 4 oct 9aM – 12NooN

cEa means you pay just £687* per term Generous Seafaring Bursaries available if you do not qualify for CEA 01473 326210 www.royalhospitalschool. org *based on 2013/14 MOD CEA allowance

Photo copyright: Lichfield Cathedral School 2014



Exploring faith through music at Lichfield Cathedral School

ichfield Cathedral School is one of 44 members of the Choir Schools’ Association, which represents schools attached to cathedrals, churches and college chapels in Great Britain and overseas. Choral music is fundamental to Christian worship and thanksgiving at the school and music also provides a focus for the school’s outreach work with local primary schools and community organisations.

on Sunday), often staying at school for parts of the holidays to sing for major feasts such as Christmas and Easter. They also have a busy concert schedule, both in and beyond Lichfield.

Music serves as a powerful expression of faith and is used to highlight significant moments in the Christian liturgy - to distinguish and clarify the shape of worship. Music, specifically singing, enables large groups of people to unite in one voice, which inspires and uplifts members of the congregation. In essence, music articulates the emotions of praise, thanksgiving, joy and sorrow in ways that words cannot.

In September 2012, girl choristers were received into the 700-year old Choral Foundation for the first time. The girls sing evensong once a week and provide the weekend services twice per term when the boy choristers are on exeat. At the time of their installation, the Very Revd Adrian Dorber, Dean of Lichfield, commented: “The admission of girl choristers to the historic choral foundation of the Cathedral is good news for us all. It enhances the Cathedral’s worship, which is our primary purpose. It also allows girls to share the educational and other benefits of being a chorister, which boys have been enjoying for centuries.”

In a cathedral school, music provides a rich heritage transcending our individual lifetimes through our connection with the Choral Foundation. Some twenty boy choristers board at the school and sing in the Cathedral Choir, continuing an ancient tradition of liturgical song that stretches back over seven centuries in Lichfield. The boys sing six services a week (Evensong most days and a Eucharist as well

The cultural distinctiveness of Choral Evensong is cherished within the Church of England. Evensong combines elements of Evening Prayer with congregational hymns, choral chant, canticles, anthems, scripture reading and prayers. Those who attend often find Evensong a serene service which offers time for contemplation at the end of the day. Our worship finds a larger platform in regular

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opportunities to broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, and (more occasionally) BBC television. Local children are invited to take part in Evensong during the annual “Be A Chorister For A Day” free workshops at the school. “Singing in a Cathedral Choir uses the voice in a way that most children have never tried, and it can be a real eye-opener to them to see what they can achieve,” said Benjamin Lamb who, along with his wife Cathy, is Director of Music at Lichfield Cathedral. Headmaster David Corran noted that: “As an inclusive, non-selective school, we believe that the Christian values and caring ethos upon which the school is built enable all pupils of all beliefs to explore and develop their own journey through faith and what it means to be human. Involvement in music creation during chapel services, assemblies and cathedral services, whether singing as part of a congregation or playing an instrument, helps pupils to fulfil their potential in mind, body and spirit and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.”

>> PICTURE: The heritage of educating Lichfield Cathedral boy choristers stretches back seven centuries.

Outstanding academic results Traditional education built on Christian values Small class sizes and tuition groups Broad and balanced curriculum with extensive Beyond the Classroom programme High standards in music and performing arts Leadership development UCAS application support and career advice

An outstanding independent day school for ages 3 to 18

Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport Scholarships available for entry to Year 7 (11+), Year 9 (13+) and Sixth Form Choral scholarships available for boy and girl choristers Substantial bursaries for military families and civilians working for the military

Contact Lesley Bannister on 01543 306168 The Palace, The Close, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 7LH

SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS: a strong emphasis on maintaining positive contact with families and friends, through visits, as well as through facilities including MSN messaging, Skype, web cam, email and regular phone calls. Family rooms and accommodation facilitate visits and families spending time together. Family photographs take pride of place and cards and gifts are sent for special family occasions.


Educational provider for children and young people with special needs

stablished in 1975 as an educational provider for children and young people with special needs, Hesley Group has since extended their range of services, so they now have many years’ experience of supporting adults and younger people, with autism, learning disabilities, complex needs and behaviours which may challenge. In the past year Hesley has developed two small Independent Specialist Colleges, as an extension of their specialist school provision at Fullerton House and Wilsic Hall Schools, to support young people with complex needs through the potentially challenging transition to adulthood. Additionally, in the past year at Fullerton House School, a small service has evolved to support young people with learning difficulties in conjunction with particular emotional needs. In developing new services, Hesley look to build on established values: of being focused on the needs of the individual, of keeping people safe, of providing high quality services and of seeking the best long term outcomes for all those they support. All Hesley services utilise a core model of provision, the Hesley Enhancing Lives Programme (HELP), which is based on the ethical and proactive principles of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), which originated from Cornell University in New

Page 24 -

York State. Hesley are very fortunate in having the European Lead for TCI as their Workforce Development Manager; and also in having an expert and experienced therapeutic clinical team, comprising psychologists, speech and language therapists, behaviour analysts, occupational therapists and psychiatrists. This team works directly with the children (and adults) who use Hesley services; and with the stable, committed and well-trained staff teams in each service, to help optimise and individualise care, support and education for each person. School and college provision is primarily on a 52-week per year basis, but with flexibility around this to reflect the particular needs of individual children and young people. Education and care are delivered around three key components, each developed to reflect and address the complex needs of those who come to live with providers such as Hesley: a staff team with specialist training and expertise; high quality, therapeutic physical environments developed to meet particular sensory and other needs; and progressive, individualised programmes of care, education and support. Life at Hesley: Hesley fully recognise the emotional wrench of a child or young person living away from their family, for all those involved. There is

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The schools and colleges continually strive to provide a wide range of different experiences and opportunities for children and young people. As an example, a recent well planned trip enabled a young person to participate in a full day of events at a theme park. The staff team used their skills and experience to ensure that engagement and interaction was possible for the young person for the whole day, so they were able to enjoy the main rides as well as the other attractions. Holidays are arranged for groups of young people, so they can take part in activities and events away from the school setting, from holiday homes in peaceful locations yet with good access to a range of amenities. For some young people this can be their first holiday experience. Every effort is made to ensure these holidays are as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Young people and their families are supported to ensure that special events are properly recognised and celebrated. Wilsic Hall School have, in the past six months held a themed night for 18th birthday celebrations, with a DJ, a buffet and a “Deal or No Deal” game; a Prom Night, which included the arrival of the young guests by limousine; and an Halloween Party, with appropriately spooky house decorations. The Easter Holiday theme for 2014 was “A Yorkshire Life”, with a Movie Night, an Easter Egg Hunt, a Movie Night, a Scarecrow Competition, an Easter Disco and Yorkshire Games. While Hesley is rightly proud of its South Yorkshire location and strong ties to local communities, the specialist nature of its services means it provides care, support and enablement – and Hesley believe, facilitates the achievement of long term, sustainable, positive outcomes – for and with children, young people and adults, from over 60 local authorities from around the UK. In looking to the future Hesley aim to maintain a positive balance between the established and the new and exciting, with at the centre of this, the needs of those they support, as well as their families in clear focus.

Hesley Group Schools and Colleges - living and learning together

We seek to offer: • a flexible, positive and empowering first choice of placement. • stability and progress when this may not have been previously possible. • an alternative to hospital of which you may not be aware. At Hesley Group we are:

• Autism • Learning disabilities • Highly complex and challenging needs Many of the children and young people who live happily and learn positively with us have had multiple placements before coming to a Hesley Group school or college.

Referral enquiries freephone 0800 055 6789 Established in 1975, Hesley Group, through its schools and colleges support 8 to 25 year olds with a highly experienced and expert multidisciplinary educational, care and therapeutic staff resource, in high quality purpose built settings. We’re focused on positive outcomes and progress towards sustainable independence.


Zip Consulting is an Independent education psychology service, offering:

• Support and advocacy for parents and children at all levels of the educational system.

• In-depth assessment, psychological and educational profiles for children.

• Regular support for children, parents and staff in independent settings.

We specialise in:

• All educational needs, and issues, including dyslexia,

dyscalculia, processing difficulties, expressive and receptive language difficulties.

• A range of additional sensory and mental health needs,

including vision and hearing impairment, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Difficulties.

I travel across the UK and abroad

Forces discount’s available

Discover a fresh approach to dyslexia support...

For ages 9 to 19

St David’s College has over 40 years experience providing specialist support for Dyslexia and additional learning needs. With small class sizes, an unrivalled outdoor education programme and an extensive range of sports and activities on offer, our students gain the skills and confidence to succeed and reach their full potential. The Cadogan Centre, a specialist on-site department for learning support, is home to around 16 fully qualified one to one teaching staff offering seamless extra support for those who need it.

Call 01492 875 974 or visit St David’s College, Gloddaeth Hall, Llandudno LL30 1RD • Email:

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Shapwick School, in rural Somerset, is a specialist day and boarding school for children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia from 8 to 19 years of age.

“Cobham Hall has allowed me to approach my dyslexia from a different angle.� Isla, Guardian (Head Girl)

Cobham Hall is a small mainstream boarding and day school for girls, aged 11 to 18, with a CReSTeD accredited Learning Support Department. Discounts available for Services families.

There is more in you than you think. Tel. 01474 823371 |


INVICTUS GAMES 2014 Lambie-Nairn develops brand identity for Invictus Games launched by HRH Prince Harry


ondon 2014. Working in collaboration with The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and the Ministry of Defence, the award-winning agency, LambieNairn has announced that it’s the agency that helped develop the brand identity of the Invictus Games – a new sporting event for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women launched by HRH Prince Harry. The sporting event’s Organising Committee chose the name Invictus Games, based on the famous poem by William Ernest Henley. Lambie-Nairn then worked with the Organising Committee to develop the brand for the Invictus Games, including the logo. The poem “Invictus Games” was recited by Nelson Mandela to himself whilst he was incarcerated for 27 years - and to other prisoners - as a way to bolster their spirits, and motivate them to press onwards. “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” So ends the poem ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley.

Invictus is Latin for ‘unconquered’ and the logotype for the ‘Invictus Games’ captures and elevates this unerring belief in the human spirit. From a branding perspective it turns a belief into a clear purpose. It’s not what the games are endeavoring to do, but ‘why’ they’re doing it that’s ultimately important. The Invictus Games provides a platform for personal achievement; a platform for our wounded warriors to compete, not just against each other, but against themselves; and the chance to prove that ‘I AM’, sits right at the heart of the name. Jim Prior, CEO at Lambie-Nairn said: “This is an event that recognises the courage and bravery of these athletes and we’re proud to have worked with the Royal Foundation and Ministry of Defence to develop a correspondingly courageous and brave brand for the Invictus Games.”

sporting achievement that recognises the sacrifice they have made.” The Invictus Games, which will be hosted at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and is presented by Jaguar Land Rover, will see more than 400 wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women as well as veterans from 14 different nations, competing in nine different sports at a number of venues including London Aquatics Centre, Copper Box Arena and Lee Valley VeloPark, while Track and Field disciplines will run at Lee Valley Athletics Centre. Tickets now on sale for £12.85 and are available at

Sir Keith Mills, Chairman of the Invictus Games said: “We are delighted to have worked with Lambie-Nairn who helped bring the name we chose to life through the brand. The Invictus Games embody the fighting spirit of wounded warriors, and what these tenacious men and women can achieve, post injury. The event will celebrate this through - Page 29


Adult Learners’ Week:


his year between, Adult Learners’ Week (14-20 June) will be celebrating the transformational power of lifelong learning through a series of activities and events. Continued learning can have a positive effect on any adult’s life, but it can be of particular benefit to those in the services. Sound literacy and numeracy skills, for example, are the foundation skills that underpin the ability of service men and women to assimilate training, carry out their duties effectively and safely, and to take advantage of career opportunities. These skills reinforce almost every aspect of life in the forces. Accurate ship’s navigation depends on sound numeracy skills and even something as simple as daily briefings demand effective note-taking and speaking and listening skills. But why else should members of the armed forced make the decision to embark on adult learning courses? Here are our top five reasons: 1. It will keep you healthy Staying healthy should be of optimum importance for service personnel, who need to be in peak physical condition for work, in addition to facing distinct physical and psychological challenges. So it’s good news that learning at any age has a range of positive effects on psychological and physical health. For example, studies have shown that those

Page 22 30 -

who take part in learning in later life are more likely to give up smoking and to increase their exercise levels. There is also a positive relationship between individual health and basic skills levels. Women with higher literacy levels and men with higher numeracy levels are less likely to suffer from depression.

their children perform in cognitive tests, even when taking into consideration factors such as parents’ qualifications or IQ. Similarly, adults engaged in learning became more involved in school life and improved their parenting skill, helping with communication and behaviour management

2. It will improve your confidence A wide range of evidence shows that adults participating in basic skills learning experience improved confidence and enhanced self-esteem. Within the Army, half of respondents to a learner’s survey reported their course had given them confidence. Similarly, over half felt that their course had encouraged them to take another personal development course, suggesting that this type of learning can enhance confidence when it comes to engaging with further educational opportunities. These benefits for the confidence and self-esteem of learners are also widely recognised by line managers, suggesting that gains in confidence within the classroom lead to increased confidence in other aspects of learners’ working lives.

4. It will improve your employment prospects The services have historically recruited all their personnel at the lowest rank and have ‘grown their own’, promoting staff to all posts from within the organisation. As such, there is a strong culture of training and development to prepare for immediate job roles and promotion, with encouragement and support for individual improvement and progression. Taking advantage of this should be a priority as it could help you rise through the ranks.

3. It’s good for your family Research indicates that skills are transferred from parents to children, so improving your skills through adult learning courses may have a positive effect on how well your children end up doing at school. Studies have found that the higher the parents’ basic skills, the better

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5. It will help you transition to civilian life Improving your basic skills in the armed services will help to prepare you to engage more successfully with the employment market if or when you decide to transition to civilian life. Individuals with good basic skills are more likely to be employed and to command higher wages. To find out more about the benefits of adult learning, what is happening at Adult Learners’ Week and how you can get involved, please visit

Approach Training Safely:

Piglet: “Pooh, how do spell love?” Pooh: “Oh Piglet, you don’t spell love, you feel it.” - A.A. Milne

May 2014 saw three ‘awareness’ weeks, all of which are close to my heart. • Dying Matters: You only die once, • Mental Health Awareness on the theme of anxiety. • Dementia Awareness week, with the message ‘Don’t bottle it up’. A common denominator in these events was the desire for us as individuals and communities to talk to each other, to let people know how we feel, what we want or need to make us feel at ease and at peace with ourselves and the world around us. There were other similarities too, including the message that these issues affect all of us in some way during our lives and offering us a variety of support systems and information. These conversations can be difficult to start and made more difficult by our desire not to upset people we love and care for, reluctance to discuss ‘taboo’ subjects such as death or mental health or to accept the reality that has been thrust upon us without invitation. However, it may help you to think about the effects of not having the conversations, leaving things unsaid to play on your mind, not being sure how to care for someone in the way they would have wanted because no-one asked?

“She said that it was such a relief that I’d brought it up – she said she’d wanted to raise the subject herself for a long time!” Liz Manchester, who raised the subject of what happened after another stroke with her mum [] What do you say to someone diagnosed with a life limiting illness , dementia or a mental health issue? Have you ever crossed the road to avoid an uncomfortable conversation? What happens when you can’t ‘cross the road’ or ‘bury your head’ because it is happening to you or yours? Would you be able to ask for help, would you accept it when it’s offered or are you the type who just tries to keep going and wears yourself out?

‘We only get one chance to have our dying wishes met, which is why it’s so vital to talk, plan and make arrangements for the end of life – before it’s too late.’ ‘…we want anyone who has concerns about dementia to get in touch with us for information and support.’

‘Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in nearly every country in the world and, while a low level of anxiety can be a useful motivating force, in some cases it can take over your life.’

If you take the time to visit the websites for these organisations, you will not be met with doom and gloom. You will find smiling faces, supportive communities and a huge amount of information in a range of formats that you can read and digest at your own pace. “The other day I met a man who didn’t know where Tripoli was. Tripoli happened to come into the conversation, and he was evidently at a loss. “Let’s see,” he said. “Tripoli is just down by the - er - you know. What’s the name of that place?” “That’s right,” I answered, “just opposite, Thingumabob. I could show you in a minute on a map. It’s near - what do they call it?” At this moment the train stopped, and I got out and went straight home to look at my atlas.” - A.A. Milne, If I May - Page 31



utoLearn technical training has been set up to provide bespoke industry recognised training, accreditation and qualifications to the automotive sector.

Accredited Training Provider for Portfolio, Programme, Project, Risk, Change and Benefits Management Courses Full Range of Open Courses and In-House events at Reasonable Prices Enquire now on: 0845 838 9918

With backing and support from major manufacturers such as TRW, Bosch and Delphi along with being an IMI Approved Awards Centre, we can offer custom packages tailored to your requirements, giving you the skills, knowledge and qualifications to aid you in obtaining a job within the motor trade or setting up your own business. Our range of courses support our qualifications and accreditations, if what you need is not listed at present, please enquire as we can add it to your personal programme and develop it for you. We have had recent success with Lincolnshire Police, giving the collision investigation unit a custom training package on the latest vehicle systems.

ELC No.2948

To add to the ATA’s credibility, VOSA accept “Diagnostic Technician” and “Light Vehicle inspection Technician” level ATAs when applying to become an MOT tester, this means

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For all qualifications and accreditations we offer up skilling and training prior to any assessments required, this is often done on a one to one basis, all training and assessment is carried out in a relaxed environment at our dedicated training suite in Boston Lincolnshire, however options are available for onsite training subject to suitable facilities and location.

A selection of our courses: • Light Vehicle Inspection (VOSA Approved) • Diagnostic Technician We offer a range of IMI Awards • Service Maintenance QCF level 2 and 3 qualifications Technician alongside ATA accreditations, and • Refrigerant Handler our own specialist courses. IMI Awards Qualifications: ATA accreditations are nationally • Automotive Refrigerant recognised across the motor Handling Level 3 (2 Days) industry. They act as proof to • Automotive Refrigerant customers and employers of Handling Level 3 the skill and competency of (1 Day refresher) a technician in various areas • Hybrid electric vehicles of vehicle service, repair, Level 2 (1 Day) maintenance, inspection, air • Hybrid electric vehicles conditioning and diagnosis. Level 3 (2 Day) Each level of ATA is developed, monitored, and certified by the IMI awards. Becoming an ATA accredited technician can allow garages to promote the high standard of work it carries out with proof of the competency and skills of its technicians. Many employers are now stipulating ‘ATA accredited’ as a minimum requirement when applying for a job.

Page 32 -

that technicians can apply to become and MOT tester without having to sit the NTTA entry exam if they have completed and passed either of these ATAs.

1 Day Training courses: ATA preparation day (see below) • Vehicle electrics • Vehicle Fault Diagnosis • Common Rail Diesel • Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) • SRS systems • ABS & TC Please get in touch for further information:

Email: matt.holmes@ or phone 0845 634 5310 (local rate) for more information.


Trident Training Services post in another Viennese NGO. I holds the CAM Public Relations Diploma with Distinction, a national qualification, and am an NVQ assessor. I particularly enjoy explaining how public relations, particularly in support of marketing, can help you wherever you work and can make all the difference between staying put and moving on.


rident Training Services courses take place in Rochester, one of the most picturesque towns in Kent. Planned your course at the end of the week and bring your family. Trident’s Course Director, Jane Hammond, tells you more. Trident’s courses take place in a large, comfortable meeting room, set in an ornamental garden, which is accessible through a gate in Rochester High Street. You could have a course tailor-made for you alone or you share the costs with up to five friends. As Trident’s Course Director, I have been running courses for both individuals and groups since the 1990s. One client thanked me for the course she had taken 15 years earlier, saying it proved to be the turning point in her life and led to her very successful career. Another, working for an international NGO in Vienna, said that the course had enabled her to find a public relations

So as to make your training time both enjoyable and affordable, I have obtained a special deal for you as a client of Trident at the Gordon House Hotel, a few doors down from La Providence, where the courses take place. Prices, including breakfast, range from £60 for a single room, £70 for a double or twin room, and £85 for a family room. All rooms are en suite. I have also negotiated a special discount of £5 off all room prices and a ten per cent discount off a la carte meals. Main a la carte courses, for example, range from lamb shank with vegetables and Mediterranean cod with vegetables cheese, with rice to mussels in cider sauce with spaghetti (all at £10.95 or £9.85 to you). If you fancied something different, there are restaurants which are much pricier or cafes and bars serving much less expensive meals. It is thought that there are nearly 50 places to eat and drink in Rochester High Street alone, so you have plenty of choice. The town is an ideal place to spend a few days. Rochester Castle has the tallest keep in England, giving a marvellous view of the countryside. Children particularly love the castle and its surrounding grassed area, bounded by stone walls. Another place children enjoy is the Guildhall Museum, where they can visit

the reproduction of one of the prison ships moored in the Medway in former times. If you are interested in history you would certainly enjoy visiting the Historic Dockyard in nearby Chatham where you can

explore a submarine, as well as boarding other ships. You could also visit the Royal Engineers Museum and learn about the sappers’ experiences. Or you could take a guided tours of the tunnels under Fort Amherst, built in 1756.

Trident Training Services

Brush up your public relations skills to market yourself correctly. One- and two-day courses introduce you to the basic principles to help you succeed with any business venture. Your IRTC and SLC grants will cover Trident’s courses so you can start out on the road to success. Contact Jane Hammond at

Trident Training Services 01634 847 772 - Page 33


From Soldier to Private Security Professional


teve Lambert is a former British Soldier who served for 17 years, leaving colour service as a Staff Sergeant to pursue a second career in the private security industry in 2004. He is now the MD of Perseus Risk Management and Perseus Security Services and oversees training at Perseus Close Protection Training Academy in Warwickshire. “In 2004 I made the decision to leave my military career behind to train as a close protection officer (CPO). Not a decision taken lightly, I conducted in depth research in to the industry and after much deliberation, decided to go ahead. Once I’d completed a basic 3-week Close Protection (CP) course, I was offered a position on the British FCO contract in Baghdad where I deployed in October of 2004. I was placed in a 6-man team of Ex-Pats charged with the close protection and mobile security of the FCO and embassy staff that needed to attend many infrastructure meetings at various ministry building across the city of Baghdad. I remained on this contract until June 2006,

Page 34 -

during which time the security situation across Iraq and in particular, Baghdad had deteriorated drastically with the city experiencing an average of 300 attacks per day at its peak. During this time, I made a conscious effort to gain as much experience and qualifications as possible, to help me both improve my skill-set and thus my survivability along with the advancement of my career. To that end, in June 2006, I was offered a position on the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) contract, as a team member of the USACE Commanding Generals team, tasked with the reconstruction effort of Iraq. Soon afterwards I was promoted to Team Leader (TL) replacing the recently appointed South African TL who simply did not have the tactical experience/awareness or leadership qualities to run such a high profile security detail loaded with experienced former British and US Soldiers. Continuous Personal Development (CPD) is an absolute “must” for anybody serious about a career in CP. During periods of

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leave, I enrolled on various development courses including medical training and advanced driving. I also enrolled on distance learning courses in security management and leadership to help formalise my historical and newly acquired operational and leadership experience. As the industry became quite flooded with former soldiers looking for job opportunities, the CPD courses I undertook ensured I was able to both continue and advance my career in close protection. In 2008, after conducting approximately 1000 missions as a CPO and Team Leader, I was selected for promotion as the Regional Security Manager, charged with the oversight of training and discipline of the Baghdad and Central Iraq security escort teams. Mission planning and risk mitigation was an area I was keen to enhance upon to enable the TL’s to more effectively plan their missions, by utilising all means available to them, including direct liaison with the US Army units on the ground from Battalion down to Platoon Commander level to arrange mutual support as the teams were carrying US Army clients.

PERSEUS RISK MANAGEMENT: The teams were also tasked to embark on a program of conducting key leader engagements (KLE) with prominent and influential Iraqi Army, Police Commanders and dignitaries to assist with freedom of movement for our teams and the clients they protected. This proved to be an extremely productive and successful task with the relationship and reputation of our security company gaining both respect and support from the many local communities through which the teams travelled on a daily basis. For my last 18 months in Iraq, I was promoted to project level as the tactical advisor to the project directorate and the security teams on what was the largest US Government contract every awarded in Iraq which at its peak, saw approximately 1500 CPO’s and support staff, Iraq-wide. Towards the end of my time in Iraq, I had identified the growing concern amongst the more experienced operators that the newly hired CPO’s simply weren’t being adequately trained by the myriad of training providers in the UK to operate as a hostile environment CPO, which led to

some serious failures in close protection by many private security companies and their security teams based in Iraq. I therefore set about designing a customised course specifically aimed for former soldiers operating as a CPO in a hostile environment such as Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Africa. The course includes; Pre-Deployment Requirements, Cultural Awareness, Reaction to Trauma & Medical Crisis, Reacting to enemy attacks on foot and whilst mobile and the Leadership qualities required in close protection. The course was awarded a BTEC Level 4 ‘Professional Award” by Edexcel and is now part of the highly regarded 28-Day “CP Elite4” multi-environment CP course ran at the Perseus academy, which has seen 90% of our service leaver graduates move in to quality employment on the hostile environment ‘Circuit’.

MUST continuously develop your skill-set, qualifications and operational experience. Make use of the educational opportunities available to you whilst serving, as your resettlement back into civvy street is something that takes a conscious and

structured effort…..on your part!

>> PICTURED: Steve Lambert, Managing Director of Perseus Risk Management Ltd

To summarise. Developing a second career in the private security industry is by no means an easy process. There is lots of competition out there and in order to give your chance of being a success, you - Page 35


Royal Signal, Steve Gray, Encourages Military Personnel to Re-train During Steve’s resettlement process he underwent valuable training in October 2013 to pilot a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) at MTCS Ltd, Windermere. Only one month after his training, Steve landed a job at Roge Systems Ltd, a small ROV company based in Barnsley, where he started his new career piloting an ROV working on the Humber Gateway Wind farm project. Due to his military background he was asked to join the ROGE management team, where he’s now co-ordinating ROV projects. MTCS Ltd, Windermere is a fully accredited assessment and training centre providing a spectrum of operational, technical and supervisory training to the offshore industry. The majority of their courses focus on ROV’s as used in the oil & gas, nuclear and renewables industry


oyal Signals, Steve Gray, is living proof that great things do happen, even when the future for military personnel may appear bleak, with yet another round of redundancies announced for 2014.

I thoroughly enjoyed my training as an ROV Pilot Technician with MTCS and cannot thank them enough for the amount of support they gave to me, both during and especially after the course.

Page 36 -

Michelle Livesey, Training Coordinator for MTCS Ltd said: “With so many military redundancies it is heartening to see, not only someone who finds himself a job in a remarkably short space of time after his training, but has also become somewhat of an ambassador to ex-forces trainees. Whenever he can find the time, he pops into MTCS when there’s a course on to talk to the ex-forces trainees, who are undergoing ROV training. He really seems to empathise with all the fretting they’re going through and encourages them every step of the way to believe there is success to be had outside the forces. Steve is one of the most driven, positive people you can hope to meet and just gets things moving. “ Warrant Officer Yeoman of Signals (YofS), Steve Gray, is coming up for 22 years in the Royal Signals and only has 4 months to go before he leaves his military life for good. During his career as a YofS, he has gained an expertise and understanding of network engineering, including camera and surveillance equipment. Steve has worked as part of a shift system in a small team in Northern Ireland, where

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his duties included the operation and maintenance of remote cameras and surveillance equipment, including thermal imaging and night vision. He also developed a networked, ground situational awareness, software program (TiGR) for Afghanistan deployed troops. He then took a group of engineers to theatre to develop, test and deploy the software/ hardware to every British location. This included copper and fibre optics, as well as a radio frequency bearer system. Warrant Officer Yeoman of Signals (YofS), Steve Gray, said: “MTCS is perfect for guys like me who already have an engineering background, gained through my signals career. They operate an informal class with small numbers and very helpful instructors. There’s a state-of-the-art ROV Simulator with a range of deepwater construction activities to gain hands-on experience. MTCS passed my details onto a number of prospective employers and I was fortunate enough to get a job with Roge Systems soon after completing my training. “I thoroughly enjoyed my training as an ROV Pilot Technician with MTCS and cannot thank them enough for the amount of support they gave to me, both during and especially after the course. I get a real buzz out of going back to MTCS to support the guys on the courses, because I know hearing it from the horses mouth will mean a lot to them. The advice I would give to anyone considering re-training, whether it’s as an ROV Pilot, or anything else, is to be tenacious, network all you can, be at the right place at the right time and be pro-active.”

>> For further information on courses, please contact Michelle Livelsey, MTCS Ltd, Tel: 015394 48233 or email

Distance learning with The National Extension College


istance learning is a convenient way to study. It results in exactly the same qualifications that you would achieve at a local collegefor example an A level in mathematicsit’s just the way of learning that is different. It’s ideal for those in the armed forces, you can take your course with you wherever you are and it puts you in control of your education wherever you are posted. You can enrol at any time of the year, so if you miss the start of the academic yearno problem!

NEC has been providing flexible learning opportunities for over 50 years, and has supported thousands of members of the armed forces to gain qualifications. We offer discounts to forces personnel and are approved by the MoD under the ELC scheme­ provider number 1160.

One example is Mark, who studied for an English language A level while deployed in various European countries and Afghanistan – a situation in which learning using conventional classroombased methods would have been impossible. “The thing I enjoyed most about studying was that it gave me something constructive to do when I had downtime in Afghanistan, especially over the Christmas period,” he said. “It also helped me escape the mayhem, as well as making the time fly by.” As an NEC student, you will get access to your course materials straight away for most courses. This will be through your online workspace, where you can also interact with other learners through the online forums, and find useful information including resources to help you improve your spelling, punctuation and grammar and developing independent

Do you have a background in electrical, ROV Training from electronic, mechanical or hydraulic for a career in the offshore oil systems? and gas, nuclear and

If so, you couldenergy find a profitable renewable sectors career in the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Sector a fast growing and rewarding field, much in demand worldwide

study skills. A hard copy of your materials will also come out to you, wherever you are, by post. Your personal tutor will get in touch once you enrol to introduce themselves. They will be a highly qualified expert in their subject, and experienced in distance learning. You will be able to speak to them on the telephone, but also by email which is ideal when you’re in different timezones. Whether you are looking for a course to help you get promotion, for a change in career, or to learn for fun, studying by distance learning could be just what you are looking for. At NEC we think of education as an investment. An investment in your future, and an investment in yourself. Visit our website or get in touch today to find out more.

Widening opportunities through distance learning Choose from over 100 courses with NEC – the experts in distance learning: 20 A level subjects 19 GCSE and IGCSE subjects Business, management and book-keeping Counselling Writing and the arts Education and training-from early years to adults You can enrol at any time, study at your own pace and benefit from a personal tutor who is an expert in both the subject and in distance learning. A course with NEC fits in around work and family life, and will help you on your future career path.

Start your Career with With our Industry recognised ROV Induction Course

Approved by the MoD in support of the ELC scheme. ELC provider number 1160. Discounts available for forces personnel, quote code E106 Contact us today to find out more. NationalExtensionCollege NEC_home_study T 0800 389 2839 E W - Page 37


JOINT SERVICE HOUSING ADVICE OFFICE LONG SERVICE ADVANCE OF PAY SCHEME (LSAP) FOR ASSISTED HOUSE PURCHASE own your property. However you may not qualify if your property is a mobile home, house boat or caravan, or if your property is a dedicated business premises or residential accommodation with integral business premises.


he aim of Long Service Advance of Pay (LSAP) is two fold, to assist eligible personnel to enter the UK housing market; and/or, to help meet UK housing needs arising from changing personal circumstances during an applicant’s Service career. ELIGIBILITY Eligible Service Personnel. Service personnel are eligible for a LSAP provided they meet the following appropriate criteria: Royal Navy and Royal Marine Personnel need to have been accepted onto the trained strength For Naval probationary medical/ communications technicians this will be on the move from first to second year rates of pay and for officers on completion of the Fleet Board. Army and RAF Personnel. You will need to have completed 4 years service from completion of Phase One training. You are able to claim if you have not yet drawn any terminal benefits; and you have not given notice or applied for early termination, the only exception to this is if you have qualified for a terminal grant which is greater than the LSAP, from which, the loan can be repaid; As this is a benefit to enable you to get on the housing ladder unfortunately existing and recent property-owners are not deemed to warrant the same financial assistance as other eligible applicants, and you must utilise all of the capital realised from the sale of the previous property in the purchase of a new property. Accordingly, certain financial conditions are imposed on a LSAP when

Page 38 -

the applicant already owns property, or has owned property during the previous 12 months. ENTITLEMENT Amount of LSAP If you qualify in all respects you will be permitted an interest free LSAP recoverable from pay and, if necessary, terminal benefits. The amount of the LSAP approved will be limited to the lowest of the following calculations: A. 182 days’ gross basic pay including all forms of specialist pay (this excludes allowances); or B. £8,500; or C. In the case of a redundee, a sum not exceeding 90% of the terminal benefits due to the applicant at the earliest expected date of retirement or discharge; or D. The difference between the mortgage obtained and the purchase price of the new property, abated by any capital realised from the sale of the previous property. The purchase price of the new property may include associated legal, surveyors, land registration and estate agent’s fees plus the cost of any repairs, which are an explicit condition of the mortgage obtained. In the case of flexible mortgages, the “mortgage obtained” will be regarded as the maximum sum that may be borrowed under the flexible mortgage arrangements. Qualifying Property. Your property will qualify if it is intended for your own occupation or that of your immediate family. You also need to own or partially

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Self-Build. Land, with planning permission to build a suitable property, may be purchased under the LSAP scheme for the purpose of housing When built, the property must be for the immediate occupation by you or your immediate family, again it must be wholly or partially owned by you; and it must be solely residential accommodation. LSAP METHOD OF CLAIM Applications. Completed applications (JPA Form E024) must be forwarded via your respective, PSF, RAO or UPO at least 6 weeks before the expected purchase completion date. Proof of purchase will be sought by JPAC(LSAP) from the appointed legal representative. In cases where the applicant has owned property within the previous 12 months, a legal representative’s statement of sale (actual or intended) and purchase must accompany the application form. METHOD OF PAYMENT Once your payment is approved it will be made by JPAC(LSAP) direct to your legal representative. For information & advice on housing matters, contact: THE JOINT SERVICE HOUSING ADVICE OFFICE BUILDING 183 TRENCHARD LINES UPAVON WILTSHIRE SN9 6BE TEL: 0044 (0) 1980 618925 Mil 94344 8925




hilst the troops are preoccupied with preparations for the next deployment, partners are often left wondering about their own long term security and housing prospects, and may well ask themselves the question, “How will I secure my own family home?” In spite of several MOD initiatives to support house purchase, frequently military personnel serve many years before getting on the ladder; and often it is the partner that provides the motivation! Military Property Solutions (MPS) is a company designed to help clients onto the property ladder. Drawing together a range of experts, MPS provides help at every stage, and having negotiated fixed fees with all the professionals involved, it makes budgeting for the process easy. Ben Roberts, the Director of MPS explains, “In some respects the odds seem stacked against Service personnel purchasing houses, but making use of the current Armed Forces Help to Buy Scheme, I believe that we are better placed than most.” A recent customer, Capt Paul Pepper (RA) explains the process: “Ben’s breadth of knowledge of the housing market and how to use tools for understanding where and

how to purchase a property set me at ease from the start. Throughout, his method was one of guiding my own self-discovery of the market, so I could come to my own decisions.” “A key benefit for me was that Ben offered to negotiate the purchasing of the property on my behalf. The reduction in price he managed to secure in itself far outweighed the cost of the instruction. MPS partners a reputable firm of solicitors and works with a mortgage advisor who has specialist knowledge of the military process and advises Tri-Service. I chose to do everything with MPS on a regular payment plan which meant that solicitors fees and the mortgage application was included in the price. I found this was the easiest and best value way of working for me and it meant all the services MPS could access were available to me.” “It was a fun and satisfying process. At the beginning I had a limited knowledge of how to go about purchasing a property. It would have been easy to get side-tracked during busy periods, and once again to put off the decision to buy, but Ben managed to give me the support to make the decisions in a timely and confident manner. I now feel I have a good idea what I am

doing and feel confident that I could do this again for myself in the future when the time comes to buy my next property.”

“I would thoroughly recommend MPS to anyone in the services who is considering buying a property.” “It is clear to me that all should look to do this as early as possible in their career and to take advantage of the supporting services available to them through MPS, as they may be surprised just how much of an advantage it gives them.” Whatever your situation, MPS has a range of options to suite your needs, and will guide you through the process. We can begin with a program of one to one tutorials, or an informal brief to a group of families, or formal unit briefings. So, what ever you require, don’t delay: visit, and >Get Started. - Page 39


Barratt lends Armed Forces in North of Scotland a helping hand to buy


ith Fort George and the Cameron Barracks in the Highlands and RAF Lossiemouth in Moray, the north of Scotland enjoys a proud and long-standing association with the nation’s armed forces. Both Barratt Homes’ Pinefields, Inverness, and The Grange, Elgin, lie at the heart of thriving military communities, due to their proximity to these important MOD facilities. In support of the servicemen and women within these communities, Barratt is offering Army, Navy and RAF personnel a helping hand to purchase a new home with its unique Forces Help to Buy scheme.

Pinefields offers customers a choice of two and three bedroom properties in three Barratt housestyles. All properties can be customised to match your needs and lifestyles, ranging from your choice of flooring and tiles to the option of extra power sockets where you need them. The high-specification homes have been built using modern timber frame construction techniques, helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. Building materials have been carefully selected to provide the development with a modern and contemporary feel whilst respecting the nature and character of the surrounding area.


With Barratt Forces Help to Buy you can own 100% of your very own modern, stylish and quality new home and Barratt’s expert sales advisors will help you every step of the way.

Thoughtfully positioned in a peaceful cul-de-sac within a well-established and thriving community, Barratt Homes’ Pinefields development lies just a few miles from the city centre and benefits from easy access to the A96 – the main route to Dalcross Airport and Fort George. The development also enjoys scenic views towards the Moray Firth, making the most of one of the region’s most picturesque assets. Both of these factors make Pinefields the perfect location for forces personnel and families looking to settle in the City with a home of their very own.

>> Hawick

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The Grange is growing at a steady pace, having secured a new sale every week since June 2013. The current phase includes housetypes such as the Hawick, Kelso, Banchory and Mallaig. The Grange, Elgin Thornhill Road, Elgin, MORAY, IV30 6DY Open Thursday - Sunday 10.30am - 5.30pm and Monday 1pm - 5.30pm Prices from £184,995 Call 0844 811 6655 - 8am to 9pm 7 days a week

The scheme helps home buyers secure a 5% MOD deposit loan (repayable over 10 years) combined with a Help to Buy equity loan of up to 20% from the Government. To complete the purchase customers require only a 75% mortgage, enabling them to own 100% of their new home whilst taking advantage of the great mortgage rates currently available for this level of borrowing.

Pinefields, Inverness

to Gordonstoun, one of the UK’s most prestigious private schools and one of the few remaining full boarding schools in the UK – an excellent choice for forces families.

Resaurie, Inverness, HIGHLAND, IV2 7PG Open Thursday - Sunday 10.30am - 5.30pm and Monday 1pm - 5.30pm Prices from £161,995 Call 0844 811 6655 - 8am to 9pm 7 days a week

The Grange, Elgin The Grange development, boasting a range of three and four bedroom homes, is making its mark as one of Elgin’s most popular developments. Integrated into the Thornhill area of the town via new road infrastructure, The Grange is an excellent option for those who wish to purchase a new build property within an already thriving community. What’s more, the development is just a 15 minute drive from RAF Lossiemouth making it the ideal location for RAF personnel who want to lay down roots in Elgin and enjoy the local amenities it offers.

Why Barratt Homes? • Barratt Group was awarded a maximum five star rating for the fifth consecutive year in the 2013 Home Builders Federation Customer Satisfaction Survey • In 2013, site managers working for Barratt Group won a record breaking 102 awards for quality workmanship in the NHBC Pride in the Job Quality Awards. This is the highest number ever won by a single company since the competition began in 1980 • Barratt Group was named Sustainable Developer of the Year at the What House Awards 2012, in addition to Sustainable Housebuilder of the Year at the Housebuilder Awards 2012 • Barratt Group is the only housebuilder to provide a five year warranty on the fixtures and fittings in its new build homes at the time of purchase

As well as being the administrative and commercial capital of Moray with a flourishing city centre, Elgin is home

>> Kelso

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>> Mallaig

>> Aberfeldy


Shared ownership – an affordable way onto the property ladder


f you don’t think you can afford to buy a home, then shared ownership could be the answer.

Shared ownership has helped thousands of people realise their dreams of owning their own home - and it could help you too.

What is shared ownership? Shared ownership – or part-buy and partrent – offers an easy, affordable and safe way to get onto the property ladder. You start by buying the share of your home that you can afford, based on its market value. This is usually between 25-75%. You only need a mortgage or savings for the share you buy. The costs of buying are also kept low as your deposit and legal fees are based on the price of your share, not on the home’s full value. The remaining share of your home is owned by a housing association to which you pay rent. Your rent is usually subsidised, so generally the total amount will you pay in rent and mortgage payments is less than if you were to purchase a similar home outright or rent it privately. Mark, who purchased one of our new homes in Cannock, said: “I earn good money but found it difficult to raise a large deposit in a short space of time. Buying a shared ownership property allowed me to move from a two-bed rented property to a brand new three-bed property with a garden, and my monthly outgoings actually reduced.”

Page 42 -

If you want, and if you can afford it, you can usually buy further shares in your home – or ‘staircase’ – at a later date. So over time, you could own your home outright. And if you want to move on, you are free to sell your home at any time.

Who can buy through shared ownership? Shared ownership is designed for people with a household income under £60,000 a year. Most first time buyers who can’t quite afford to buy a home outright can apply for shared ownership and you may also be eligible if you need to work in an area outside your price range. It is one of four government-funded affordable home ownership schemes, but for many people it is the only affordable option. For example, under shared ownership, you could buy a 25% share of a £150,000 property with just a £1,875 deposit and a mortgage of £32,625, compared to a £7,500 deposit and £112,500 mortgage under a Help to Buy equity loan. (You can find out more at Whether you are approved for a scheme will depend on your other financial commitments and what you want to buy. Housing associations and mortgage providers will want to be sure that you can afford to pay your mortgage and rent without being overstretched.

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What can you buy through shared ownership? Over the last 10 years, more than 80,000 new homes have been sold through shared ownership, and a strong market has developed for resales of shared ownership homes. There are many housing associations offering shared ownership all over the country, for all types of properties from flats and small starter houses to spacious family homes, in rural villages or on urban residential developments. So there should be a shared ownership home that’s right for you.

Waterloo Homes Waterloo Homes is a leading provider of shared ownership homes, with a portfolio of more than 4,000 properties. We offer high quality, affordable homes across the East and West Midlands and Lincolnshire. You can search for our latest developments at or follow us on facebook and twitter.

A stylish new home is more affordable than you think Move into your own home by buying through shared ownership with Waterloo Homes Part buy, part rent through shared ownership

1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes across the Midlands and Lincolnshire from around ÂŁ26,000 for a 25% share

0845 450 3995

@waterloohomes waterloo_ homes


When purchasing your new home it is important to ensure you have the correct insurance to cover your needs. Motor Insurance Standard motor insurance may suffice, however a key point to note is if you are CTC cleared and transporting any weapons in your personal car for any reason, for example a RCO within cadet organisation moving target rifles to the range, you will need extra insurance cover for your vehicle. Some insurance will offer Armed Service Families a discount on all quotes, again this may only apply if you deal with your chosen provider direct.


ou will need a standard Buildings Insurance; this insurance will cover repairs to your home. Many mortgages offer you bespoke insurance policies, or joint buildings and contents insurance. As a military family you may to spend long periods of time away from your home, not all insurance policies cover you for long periods of absence. Therefore it is important to ensure you check every policy, and upgrade to give yourself longer cover. There will be an extra charge however this is better than finding out your policy is revoked or will not pay because you have violated your terms

We would recommend shopping around, also your specific needs may not be quoted on many comparison websites therefore it is always worth the extra effort to speak to the insurance company direct

Page 44 -

and conditions if you are based away for more than the maximum period. As always we would recommend shopping around, also your specific needs may not be quoted on many comparison websites therefore it is always worth the extra effort to speak to the insurance company direct. Contents Insurance Contents insurance will cover the contents of your home. As with Buildings insurance if you are away for longer than the specific time frame of your policy you will need extra cover to ensure your valuables are protected and you receive your full amounts back should you need to claim. Kit Insurance Your extra kit is not always covered by your contents insurance however there are many very good policies available from specialised military insurance companies. Many of which can be found on a google search and some will have a presence on the base. Your kit is your life and not having enough insurance cover can leave you financially out of pocket or worse without kit that you need for operations.

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The government scheme “Defence Discount Service” have a full list on the website of companies with give you a discount visit www. . The Defence Discount Service is a valuable and tangible part of the nation’s recognition and appreciation of the Armed Forces Community. It is seen as an important element in developing the Armed Forces Covenant across the UK. The Defence Discount Service gives members of the Armed Forces Community discounts both online and on the high street. The Membership Card is a physical card that members of the Armed Forces Community can take into stores, restaurants and venues in order to obtain a discount. The Armed Forces Covenant sets out the relationship between the Nation, the State and the Armed Forces. It recognises that the whole nation has a moral obligation to members of the Armed Forces and their families, and it establishes how they should expect to be treated. It exists to redress the disadvantages that the Armed Forces community faces in comparison to other citizens, and to recognise sacrifices made. Therefore we would recommend Looking at the policy, then checking to see if they offer you the discount and are part of the DDS.


Specialist Property Insurance Brokers Is YOUR house properly insured?


f you own your own home what happens when you go away on deployment (perhaps at a moments notice)? If you have a partner who will be at home, there will usually be no problem, but what if they go to stay with relatives or are away on deployment themselves. If you are leaving it empty have you carefully checked your insurance policy. Did you know that most standard insurance policies do not give more than 30 days full cover if the property is unoccupied.

Did you know that most standard insurance policies do not give more than 30 days full cover if the property is unoccupied.

Getting someone in to check the property for you is a sensible precaution, many policies specify this has to be done every 14 days, with some it is only 7 days. There will also be other requirements such as leaving the heating on or turning off the water. Failing to follow these requirements could render your cover null and void. In this case what would you do if there was a burglary causing £0000’s of damage or a storm took off half the roof – could you afford to put things right yourself? How would you deal with it when you will not be home for three months and are half way round the world with poor communications. Have you advised your insurers that you have authorised someone to act on your behalf if there is a claim, it makes life so much easier if you think about this in advance. If you know how long you are going to be away, perhaps you let your house out to tenants – have you got an insurance policy that can cope with this change mid term or do you have to cancel your policy and go through the hassle of reinsuring? Do you forget to tell your insurers the property is let as you have so many important things to do in a very short time. Again you could be rendering your policy null and void. Can you afford to do this with your most valuable financial asset? You may be living in army quarters but have bought a house, which is currently let out, that you will live in

when you leave the military. You will need a bespoke Let Property Policy for this. Does it just cover the Buildings, Contents and your Legal Liability to your tenants or do you also need cover for Loss of Rent (if the property is made uninhabitable through a claim) Home Emergency and Landlords Legal Expenses. Some insurers will not insure homes owned by or let to military personnel, using your partners occupation and not declaring yours is likely to make the policy void. Using an Insurance Broker is the best way to get the cover you actually need. You may be very good at your job, but do you really have the knowledge to go on line to get insurance and be sure you have got it right? Getting it wrong can be a very expensive mistake. Brokers take time to listen to your needs and discuss options with you. We deal with a range of insurers who are used to dealing with non standard situations, we will do our best to tailor a policy to your needs rather than expecting you to fit a “standard” policy.

Call us on 0116 2629444 and you can talk to trained insurance brokers with over 25 years of experience in dealing with unusual cases. Website: - Page 45


Scotty’s Little Soldiers: Offering a helping hand where there is child bereavement in the military << PICTURED: Nikki’s daughter Brooke, aged 5 fun in the swimming pool with their cousins.


ikki Scott was in her late Twenties with two young children when she learned that her husband, Corporal Lee Scott, had been killed in Afghanistan. Lee was one month into a six-month tour when an improvised explosive device hit his vehicle in Helmand province.

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Facing life without her husband and with two young children, Nikki describes as a completely bleak time. As Nikki was learning to come to terms with her own loss, she had two young children to help as they faced their own grief. Without any formal training in bereavement counselling, the greatest lesson Nikki has learned from this time has been that it’s through shared fun and speaking openly about their loss that her family has come to terms with losing Lee. It was during a holiday to Turkey, nine months after her husband had been killed, that Nikki says she saw her children first smile again, while they were having

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Nikki used this experience to start up her own charity, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, which accepts as members anyone who has lost a mum or dad serving in the armed forces. The charity offers them gifts, days out and weekends away at one of the charity’s three holiday lodges in Great Yarmouth, Devon and Blackpool. Scotty’s lets other children who are dealing with the loss of a parent know that they are not alone, provides happy times for them to share, and keeps a link with other military families if the parent left behind is no longer connected to the army, navy or RAF. The charity currently supports more than 140 children of the fallen, up until the age of 19. It launched on 28th August 2010 and is supported by donations and fundraisers, and through the activities


Scotty’s organises, her own children, Kai, ten, and Brooke, five, have become involved in the charity. 28-year-old Amy Lawrence has found great support since her daughter Jessica, aged five, joined Scotty’s as a member. Amy’s husband Philip was only 22 when he was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. “I went into shock when I was told. Jess was eight months old and I didn’t know what to say or do or how to react,” said Amy.

“It was just really nice, all the children of all different ages. We love Scotty’s and it’s not just Jess, it’s helped me a lot as well because I’ve met a lot of friends who are also widows and they really understand,” said Amy. “We’ve started making happy memories through Scotty’s Little Soldiers. Jess does like the presents she gets but for her it’s more knowing that there’s other children who know exactly how she’s feeling and what she’s going through.”

“You go from being married and having a family and making decisions together and then suddenly that person’s gone and you don’t know which way to turn, where you’re going to live. It’s changed us an awful lot.”

Scotty’s looks to help the children deal with the loss of a parent without being prescriptive about how they deal with their grief, just by letting them know that support is out there and that somebody else has been through the same thing too.

Amy used to work as a nursery nurse and now hopes to study nursing at college, but she says it has taken her four or five years to feel normal again, and says her daughter still struggles to cope when she can’t remember things about her daddy or when she’s invited to bring a parent into visit at school.

Children receive birthday presents, Christmas gifts, tickets for events and experiences, gift vouchers at tough times of the year, help towards clubs and activities and holiday breaks at one of three holiday homes in the UK, in Great Yarmouth, Blackpool and Devon.

Jess joined Scotty’s Little Soldiers in 2011. She went along to a fundraising rugby match last year and made friends with other Scotty’s members, which Amy says was really good for her daughter.

For more information about how Scotty’s can help and fundraising, please visit: scottyslittlesoldiers.


Nikki with son Kai, now 10, and Brooke, 5 on holiday in Turkey

Child Bereavement UK supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement. In the UK, when a baby or child dies, or a child is bereaved, many of those affected are unable to access good quality support which meets their individual needs. Child Bereavement UK believes all families should have the support they need to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies. Our aim is to make sure they do. Support & Information line: 0800 02 888 40 email

^ PICTURED: Nikki and Lee Scott

Charity No in England and Wales 1040419 and Scotland SCO42910 -- Page Page 47 47



So it’s your time to leave the Armed Forces, and it probably all feels a little daunting. tax issues, Health/life/Critical illness cover, legal matters, mortgages and general financial awareness. Working with companies that are specialist within their respective fields and have experience dealing with military personnel and their families, we ensure that the information you receive is up to date, correct and most important of all given by people who are fully qualified, UK regulated and registered.


our probably spending a fair amount of time gathering the skills and knowledge available to ensure you are in the best position to move into Civilian life. So lets go down the check list: • Learning how to put together a professional CV, check. • Looking at the current job market & at the new skill sets required to gain employment, check • Gathering information on courses, check. Excellent, BUT how much time have you spent looking into one of the most important issues there is before stepping into civi street, having a financial plan. Now if your thinking, here we go how much is one of these going to cost me? The good news is absolutely nothing yes it’s free, as you design and build the financial plan yourself. However how effective it will be, is totally up to you.

Building a financial plan? A key element to a successful plan is obtaining accurate, clear, up to date information, which you understand, from fully qualified and experienced people with knowledge of your situation. Any wrong decisions you make now could result in poor choices and decisions to important financial planning, Tax knowledge, insurance,

Page 48 -

mortgages and legal matters which could have major implications later on in life. Receiving the correct advice and information is going to help you build a robust financial plan that will not only enable you to achieve your goals but give you a great lifestyle up to and beyond your retirement.

Doing nothing Through no fault of their own people, when they hear the words ‘financial planning’ stick their heads in the sand and ignore everything around them. This could be caused by rumours, hearsay or simply not receiving the proper information. Remember the saying ‘doing something is better than doing nothing’ building a financial plan is free; gathering advice and information is free. So when making your financial plan you are also gaining knowledge and confidence which in turn will put you in a commanding position if and when you decide to introduce products to help achieve your goals.

Where can you get help? The ICS Group was founded in 2011 to provide free financial awareness seminars to military personnel still serving or going through resettlement and people working within the security industry. Delivering key information in relation to financial planning,

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We personally pride ourselves on making our financial awareness seminars unique, captivating and easy to understand. If you can’t reach a seminar we provide an online advice form so you can still receive information from professional companies in the financial, insurance, legal, healthcare and property sectors. With more than twenty years of problem solving in a wide range of diverse environments, time served in the British Armed forces, the security Industry and training within the financial services, members of The ICS Group are in a prime position to make people aware of the financial issues that are unique to serving or ex-military personnel. We don’t sell products, we just give free advice and information to enable people to make clear, well informed decisions about their future financial plans. For more information please contact:

How much time have you spent looking into one of the most important issues there is before stepping into civi street, having a financial plan.

International Financial Consultant The worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading independent financial advisory organisation, the deVere Group, is seeking to recruit committed and determined individuals from the Armed Forces to join our Global Offices in over 60 nations. Given current success stories within the Group we are looking for individuals with the unique skills the Armed Forces provides, namely, dedication to duty, commitment and drive. So if you are looking for your next permanent posting to be based overseas in a location dictated by yourself and can bring effective communication skills to the role, we will be able to place you on the right path to creating an ambitious and adventurous career within the financial services industry. The deVere group are dedicated to providing clients with the very best financial planning and advice wherever they are in the world. With $10 billion under our management and with 70 offices in over 60 countries serving over 83,000 global clients, deVere are one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest financial advisory organisations. As an international financial sales consultant, your role will be to assist expatriates and international investors in their medium to long term personal financial planning. In this clientfacing role you will give clients all the guidance they need to realise their personal financial goals. This will involve effective and assured communication skills, information gathering, matching requirements to market leading products and closing sales. Full training and development with clear progression and vocational qualifications will be provided along with access to exclusive market leading products from the top fund houses such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

This is a fantastic career opportunity for the right professional. Apply today.

We look for:

We offer:

Successful and target driven individuals

Full training and development to achieve international qualifications (CISI) Corporate Supporters

Excellent communication and client relationship skills Capability to build rapport with people from multiple nationalities, jobs & industries Eagerness to further or build a career in financial consultancy Capacity to adapt to a fast-paced environment and manage time effectively Focused approach to build business

Access to exclusive products and rates through world leading financial institutions Impressive, uncapped and potentially tax free earnings Defined career path Ongoing support and training Global opportunities

Ability to lead, motivate and manage

We require: Willingness to learn Effective Communicator Career minded individuals

For more information please contact:

Mr. Lindsay McCorkindale



What is fostering?


ostering is a way of providing a family life for children who cannot live with their own parents.It is often used to provide temporary care while parents get help sorting out problems or to help children or young people through a difficult period in their lives. Often children will return home once the problems that caused them to come into foster care have been resolved and that it is clear that their parents are able to look after them safely.Others may stay in long-term foster care, some may be adopted, and others will move on to live independently.

Types of different fostering can include? Emergency - where children need somewhere safe to stay for a few nights. Short-term - where carers look after children for a few weeks or months, while plans are made for the child’s future. Long-term and permanent - not all children who cannot return to their own families want to be adopted, especially older children or those who continue to have regular contact with relatives. These children live with longterm foster carers until they reach adulthood and are ready to live independently.

Is fostering a job? All foster carers are registered with and contracted to a local authority or independent fostering provider. Increasingly

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foster carers are seen as professionals and receive a fee on a basis of being self employed.

What do foster carers do? The foster carer’s role is to provide high quality care for the child. The foster carers may also work with other professionals such as therapists, social workers, teachers or doctors to help the child to deal with emotional traumas or physical or learning disabilities.

What kind of people become foster carers? Fostering service providers need a wide range of people to meet children and young people’s very different needs. Wherever possible foster carers are sought who reflect and understand the child’s heritage, ethnic origin, culture and language, and fostering agencies need carers from all types of backgrounds.

What preparation and training do foster carers get? People who want to become foster carers need to go through thorough preparation and assessment. They attend groups where they learn about the needs of children coming into foster care. Alongside this, they receive visits from a social worker. The social worker will

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then prepare a report that is presented to an independent fostering panel, which recommends whether this person/family can become foster carers. Training does not stop when a person becomes a foster carer. All carers have an annual review and any training that’s needed to ensure they are suitable to continue fostering. Foster carers are supported to continue to attend training following approval.

Are foster carers paid? Increasingly, fostering is being seen as a “professional” role and many local authorities and independent fostering agencies run schemes, which pay foster carers a fee. This may be linked to the child’s particular needs but is often a reflection of the skills, abilities, length of experience or professional expertise the foster carer has.

What to do next and further information If you are a foster carer, or are interested in learning more about becoming a foster carer, then you might want to contact Fosterline. This is a free, government funded helpline and website offering confidential, impartial advice, information and support on all issues related to fostering. Fosterline can advise you with any fostering related problems and talk through options for resolving issues with your fostering service. Or alternatively contact Xcel 2000 on 0845 094 5651 who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Could you give a child a home? “Every 22 minutes a child comes into care and needs a foster home” Supported Fostering Services is a registered Charity, rated Outstanding by Ofsted. We are always looking for compassionate, resilient and reliable people who can make a positive difference in a child’s life. Would you like to help a child when they need it, by giving them a safe home? Please visit or call 01474 365500 to find out more about fostering with SFS and your local office. Make a life difference - Page 51


Finding the right franchise opportunity for you!


ranchising, a fantastic way to work for yourself; however do not expect it to be the easy option. Franchising requires much thought and hard work; however it is a safer way to owning your own business. Your franchise opportunity is a tried and tested business model, so all the creases have been ironed out before it is offered on the open market, giving you some peace of mind. Another advantage is you are able to see the business in operation before investing any of your money. To be a successful franchisee you would have to be the type of person who can accurately stick to someone else’s system, without wanting to make changes. You will be starting your business using someone else’s know-how and expertise gained over years of running a mirror image business therefore you have a system in place that is proven to work. You will however have to manage, promote, market and sell as well as millions of other tasks that have to be done in running small businesses.

Which type of franchise suits you best? In order to find which franchise is best for you, you must assess your own skills and experiences. Then select the franchise type that suits you. You should also consider what risks you are prepared to take, and although

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the risks in franchising are different to those involved in setting up your own business there is always an element of risk involved.

Where do you want to work?

What type of experience do you have?

You will have some idea of your ideal place of work, what best suits you? Do you go stir crazy behind a desk? Then sporting franchises may be a great option for you. Do you enjoy working face to face with the public? Then maybe a shop environment is for you.

Identify the skills you have developed over your years of service, in order to ensure the franchise you chose fits your skills and experiences. Are you a NCO or Officer? Many franchisees are geared to a franchise employing many staff with managed skills; therefore the ability to lead and management are paramount to ensure the success of your franchise. If you have little or no managerial skills, don’t be put off, you can utilise your ELC or Standard Learning Credits to gain qualifications and expertise in this area. Have you been involved in administration? Many franchise systems involve extensive administration work therefore it would be beneficial to have some experience in this area. If your require help and guidance, many military charity’s will offer you expert help and guidance, the main charity who encourage franchising is The Royal British Legion, a quick call can make all the difference.

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Our advice is to find a franchise that you will enjoy working at and is comfortably within your skill set, as you will be making the commitment for five years. In your day to day life within the military you have gained many skill sets and you have the discipline required. Match your franchise to not only your skill sets but your personality, what do you enjoy doing? Can you find a franchise to work in those areas? Check out the free website which will give you a comprehensive list of available opportunities. We also have various editorial pieces over the next year which can help you when setting up your own franchise or opening your own business, giving you help, advice and guidance from accountants, insurance specialists, and of course our editorial providers in this area are Ex forces personnel, who have been through the whole process themselves. So good luck with your venture, and please give us the feedback on how you have done.

RUN YOUR OWN REWARDING SOCCER COACHING BUSINESS WITH THE SUPPORT OF GLOBAL SOCCER SPECIALISTS CHALLENGER SPORTS If you're looking at retraining and setting up your own full-time business or you're a military partner looking to run your own part-time business, then Challenger Sports might be worth a little investigating... Challenger Sports, established in 1985, are the largest soccer (football) coaching company in America and Canada and in 2013 saw 200,000 children attend programmes across 3,500 locations in America and Canada. Via a franchise network launched in 2013 they are now fast becoming one of the largest global soccer coaching companies with more than 30 franchise locations in the UK, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. Challenger Sports operate four franchise brands; TinyTykes, a pre-school fundamental learning programme for children 18-months to 5-years; TetraBrazil, an authentic Brazilian fusion of conventional soccer and futsal, developed in Brazil for 5-18 year olds; GK Icon, a specialist goalkeeper coaching programme for children aged 8+, developed by former England International Richard Lee; and Keep Up, an innovative football freestyle academy, developed by World Champion and 5x Guinness World Record Holder, John Farnworth. Each franchise comes with full training and a comprehensive support package which includes your own website, online shop for customers, branded equipment and merchandise, marketing and PR support, business school and much, much more. Although experience coaching soccer is preferred, licensed training courses are included in the franchise price.


The key is a passion to work with and develop children in sport. Global Franchise Director for Challenger Sports, Chris Sharman commented "We are attracting franchisees from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, what they have in common is a desire to work with children and have the freedom of running their own business. Even those currently unqualified in the world of soccer are finding our franchises the perfect starting point to enter the industry." Sharman added "Our TinyTykes programme is truly innovative and teaching fundamental skills to pre-school children in a structured and fun environment is one of the fastest growing sports sectors in the world, and with soccer just the medium for delivering gross and fine motor development, anyone can teach it, even those that have never played soccer before." Franchises can be run on a part-time or full-time basis with projected revenue for committed individuals topping ÂŁ80,000pa. Investment starts at only ÂŁ1,495 plus vat and with individuals looking to 'ride on the wave' of this summer's World Cup, what better way to spend retraining allowances, support funding or savings. If waking up in the morning and working for yourself is a dream of yours, give the team at Challenger Sports a call on 01256 698043 or visit their website:

TetraBrazil AGES 5 - 18 YEARS




For more information and to recieve a Franchise Prospectus with information on how much you could earn, what it costs, training and support, please email or visit



Days out & Holidays!

W m o r f s room


All Ranks, Tri-Service members club in London’s West End. • 2 minutes from Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Marble Arch • Modern, tastefully decorated bedrooms • Disabled friendly rooms • Rooms with air-conditioning • Free Wi-Fi throughout • Event Rooms for every occasion • Contemporary Lounge Bar for drinks, afternoon tea or light bites • Club Restaurant, serving Modern European cuisine with a range of British classics • Breakfast buffet with a wide range of healthy and traditional options • Reading Room a quiet escape To book call us on 0207 616 8345 or email The Victory Services Club for Veterans, Serving Members of the Armed Forces, and their families.

JOIN EAT & DRINK CELEBRATE STAY Victory Services Club 63- 79 Seymour Street | London | W2 2HF

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ith much attention being focused on schools “fining” parents who remove their children for family holidays during term time, as an armed forces family you are restricted in how and when you can take your children away. Unlike Civilian parents, many military families are unable to pick and choose time from work which will co-inside with school holidays, and in some cases no allowances are given and the fines can and do still stand. This editorial is not to talk about the rights and wrongs of the situation, but rather give you some pointers of making the most of what time you can afford during the holiday season, helping you to plan time away with the family, be it for one day or two weeks. If you are lucky enough to have leave longer than a week during the summer holidays then the world is your oyster and like any other family you can book trips abroad. You must remember when choosing your country of choice to check on the foreign and commonwealth website government/organisations/ foreign-commonwealth-office in case as a military family you need a security brief before going. Even if it is not a “stand out” country it may still be on the list however, a brief can be time consuming and you may change your

choice of destination. If you are booking last minute, prior planning can save you a headache or worst case scenario financial loss.

What if you have two or three days? We have many attractions in the UK which you can visit for a day out from Beamish museum in the North East of England to a fun filled day at Alton Towers. Our Capital city has of course many major attractions and if you have a couple of days spare you and your family can enjoy everything from the London Eye, Buckingham Palace or even enjoy the beauty of Windsor Castle. For armed service families and Veterans you can stay in the home from home Victory Services Club which is ideally situated in the heart of London. Camping is always a firm favourite with children. Visiting the fantastic English countryside, you can stay for a night or as long as you require giving a true holiday feel for the short space of time you have. The beautiful landscape of the Lake District and the many tourist attractions is a firm favourite and you have the added benefit of a choice of campsites. Devon and Cornwall again a favourite especially the cream teas, beautiful country side and many visitor attractions.

How about a trip to Northumberland? You can visit the fantastic roman sites. The many historic villages and towns including Corbridge and Hexham which can be found along the route of Hadrianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wall not only gives you fantastic views but has great educational benefits for your children. Scotland is a firm favourite with many camping familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and if you live in the North, a day out in Edinburgh is fantastic with Edinburgh Zoo for the whole family to enjoy as well as the many shops available on Princeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Street. You can again venture to the beautiful Scottish country side and enjoy the natural rugged beauty with many Bed and Breakfasts and campsites available. If you are feeling energetic and have a fairly fit family then you can visit Ben Nevis at Fort William, however remember it is a mountain and towards the top can be difficult terrain to negotiate so take all the usual precautions.

Wales has so much to offer you and your family and you can visit many places from Cardiff and the sets from Dr Who to the amazing seaside villages and country side ensuring something for everyone.

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Royal Air Force Boulmer plays a key role in the homeland defence, search and rescue tasks of the United Kingdom.


AF Boulmer is home to Air Surveillance and Control Systems (ASACS) Force Command. The Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) at RAF Boulmer compiles the Recognised Air Picture within UK and NATO airspace as well as providing tactical control of the UK Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) Force. The School of Aerospace Battle Management (SABM) is based at RAF Boulmer and is also home to ‘A’ Flight 202 Squadron (two Search and Rescue Sea King helicopters providing cover from Fife in the north to Hartlepool in the south, and from the Lake District in the west to as far as Norway in the east). RAF Boulmer is on the Northumberland coastline 30 miles north of Newcastle and surrounded by picturesque villages, historic market towns, ancient castles and breathtaking scenery with many miles of sandy beaches. The nearest town is the historic market town of Alnwick voted “the best place to live in Britain” 2002. It is a popular tourist spot, particularly in the summer months, holding an annual Fair and Music Festival and was also the venue for the filming of the first two Harry Potter films.

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Childcare in Longhoughton (close to RAF Boulmer) is offered by Little Flyers Childcare, comprising ‘tiny explorers’ for children aged 0-3 and ‘searchers and seekers’ for children aged 3-4. The Parents’ & Toddlers’ Group is voluntarily run by the local parents and carers of children aged under 3 and is supported by RAF Boulmer. The Group meets twice weekly in the RAF Boulmer Community Learning Centre situated in the village of Longhoughton. The Group consists of a core committee of eight people who are assisted by all users in the daily organisation of the session. It provides the local community with an amenity, which allows parents, carers and children to meet, relax and play. There is a large variety of play equipment available, including soft play giving an opportunity for young children to mix with their own age group before starting their education. The opening times are Monday and Wednesday 0900-1130, should you require further details please telephone 01665 607503 or write to:

Parents & Toddlers Group Community Learning Centre Portal Place Longhoughton

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Sports Facilities include: Operations Site Gym Facilities

The Ops Site gym is located in the SABM and is open 24/7. Equipment includes cardiovascular/aerobic, fixed weights and free weights. Personnel will require an induction before using the Ops Site gym for the first time.

Sports Hall

The Sports Hall, located on the Main Site can be used for a number of team activities including 5-a-side football, basketball, uni-hoc, volleyball and badminton. It also incorporates cricket nets and a climbing wall.

Fitness Suite

A modern fitness training facility is located in the gymnasium. It houses aerobic training machines such as rowers, treadmills, steppers, bikes and elliptical trainers. For weight training there are single-station resistance machines and a comprehensive range of free weights. The building contains full shower and changing facilities. Fitness suite membership cards and Health and Safety at Work briefings are available from the PEd Flight. Families of Service personnel, MOD Civilians and contractors are also able to take up membership.

Independent day and boarding school for children aged 3-18 Scholarships and bursaries available Adventurous Training

Various Station expeditions are run each year and are publicised widely throughout the Station. They include mountaineering, hillwalking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, skiing and mountain biking. The PEd staff are available to assist you in the organisation of your own expedition.

Squash Courts

There are two squash courts with changing and showering facilities. They are situated directly behind the cricket pavilion on the main site.


Swimming is available on Wednesday evenings at the Willowburn Leisure Centre in Alnwick. MT Transport is available.

Willowburn Leisure Centre - Alnwick Willowburn Avenue Alnwick Northumberland NE66 2JH Tel: 01665 605030 E-mail:

Excellent GCSE and A Level results Daily bus service from Alnwick, Beadnell, Dunbar, Greenlaw, Kelso, Powburn, Wooler and St Boswells For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact Admissions Secretary

Tel: 01289 307584 Berwick-upon-Tweed , TD15 2XQ - Page 57




he Kings Royal Hussars were formed by the amalgamation of The Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales’s Own) and the 14th/20th King’s Hussars in 1992. The 2nd Royal Tank Regiment are locally recruited Regiments stationed at Tidworth.

Tidworth has a wide range of facilities, most of which are within walking distance. On Station Road, in the Centre of Tidworth, you will find a large Tesco store, hairdressers, barbers, military supply shops, takeaways, High Street Banks, an optician and much more.

Also based at Tidworth are 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (1 RHA) and 19 Regiment Royal Artillery(The Highland Gunners) who operate the awesome AS90, a 155mm Self Propelled gun that can deliver it’s ordinance out to nearly 25 Kilometres (that’s over 15 miles).

Along Pennings Road, the main road going through Tidworth, there is a supermarket, petrol station, post office and florist.

Tidworth is situated in the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire, on the border to Hampshire, and forms one part of the Tidworth, Bulford and Netheravon Garrison. The A303 runs alongside Tidworth, making it easy to reach places such as Basingstoke, London, Reading as well as Southampton, Bournemouth and Exeter. The village of Amesbury is situated 9 miles from Tidworth Camp and just outside Amesbury are the recognised World Heritage sites of Stonehenge and Woodhenge.

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The Ashdown Family Centre in Drummer Lane (just off Station Road) offers a wide range of activities for parents, carers and their children from “Stay and Play” sessions to parenting classes, special needs groups and free counselling services. The Tidworth Leisure Centre is a fantastic facility and is situated in Nadder Road, which is just off Pennings Road and offers a wide range of activities for all ages. It is equipped with a fitness suite, swimming pool (including flume), tennis courts and squash courts. There is also a cafe, a hair and beauty salon, the HIVE, a library, Jo Jingles play area, Caterpillas Day Care,

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(children aged 0 – 5yrs), a Community Development Worker, community hall and an after school club. The Windmill Hill Children’s Centre is a Sure Start Children’s Centre situated on Wylye Road (off Pennings Road) and caters for parents/carers and their children (0-5 yrs). As well as daily activities they offer half term activities and host child-minder support groups. There are several nurseries, crèches and primary schools to choose from with the nearest secondary school in Ludgershall (Wellington Academy) or Andover. For entertainment there is the Tidworth Garrison Golf Club, this private members club was founded in 1908 and is one of Wiltshire’s finest courses boasting excellent turf and some truly memorable holes. Golf is incredibly peaceful at Tidworth with only a handful of golfers visible at any one time as the layout meanders its way around the eastern edge of Salisbury Plain. From the higher ground there are some striking views over the Plain. The course owes its existence to the military.

Queen Victoria School Raising to Distinction Open Morning Sat 20 Sept 2014 Admissions Deadline Thu 15 Jan 2015 Queen Victoria School in Dunblane is a co-educational boarding school for the children of UK Armed Forces personnel who are Scottish, or who have served in Scotland or who have been members of a Scottish regiment. The QVS experience encourages and develops well-rounded, confident individuals in an environment of stability and continuity. The main entry point is into Primary 7 and all places are fully funded for tuition and boarding by the Ministry of Defence. Families are welcome to find out more by contacting Admissions on +44 (0) 131 310 2927 to arrange a visit.

Queen Victoria School Dunblane Perthshire FK15 0JY

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