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#EduLife | East Kent | Issue 12 | March / April (Easter) 2019


6-9 Main Feature

Holiday Memories Contents Louie’s Helping Hands & The Llewellyn School Big Build


Holiday Memories from our own Dave Stevens and Drapers Mills Primary Academy


Carrot Patch Brownies Recipe


Canterbury Sports Awards


Edu Life and TDC come together to work on two projects in Thanet






All Smiles - Oral Hygiene Advice


New Organisation in Canterbury - City Impact

4-5 12 20-21


Health Advice - Weight & Healthy Lives


Edu Life launches ELders with AGE UK


Kent Coast Volunteering Launch After Merger



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Left - Right Angela, Debbie, Sara & Tania receiving our Thanet Community Award 2019

Louie’s Helping Hands & The Llewellyn School Big Build What is Louie’s Helping Hands? Louie’s Helping Hands is a Children's Charity run by a small team of volunteer mums! The charity’s main purpose is to help support the children who attend The Llewellyn School in Westbrook. Since 2016 we have helped to provide equipment and alternative therapies to children aged between 2 - 11 who have a vast range of complex and medical needs in our community. What Is The Llewellyn School? One of our Trustee's, Sara Llewellyn and her husband Phil originally set up the school for their son Louie, in their family home after the sudden closure of Louie’s School, The Royal School for Deaf in Margate. 4

Not only did this impact on The Llewellyn Family but a number of other families in the area also struggled to find suitable school placements for their children. This lead to Sara opening The Llewellyn School and Nursery. January 2017 the school received registration as an approved provider. The school has grown from strength to strength which in turn has led to the school outgrowing the family home and the search for new premises began! Quex Park Estate’s generously come to the rescue, offering a plot of land to build a single storey, timber framed school within their grounds. February 2018 planning permission was granted for the school build to go ahead. Only thing now was how to fund it! So this is where Louie’s Helping Hands stepped in, we may only be 4 mums but together we are a force to be reckoned with! We set ourselves a target of having the new school open by Easter 2019.

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Sponsored article So this is where Louie’s Helping Hands stepped in, we may only be 4 mums but together we are a force to be reckoned with! We set ourselves a target of having the new school open by Easter 2019. With lots of fundraising events, social media and news articles about our charity recently it has helped raise awareness, we are also fortunate to have an incredible amount of

Get in touch contact info. Keep up to date on our Journey through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Progress Picture January 2019 at Quex Park support from local businesses, community groups and fantastic individuals, (not forgetting our friends and families) they have all helped us to get our brand new school to this point! We have successfully won 4 grants so far, including a ÂŁ20,000 National Grid Community Grant towards to the new build. Even though what we have achieved this last year has been amazing, we still have some way to go. We are appealing to all local trades and builders who may be able to support us in any way to completing the build! We also have several fundraisers planned for this year including Quiz Night at Cafe Darcy, Golf day at Westgate & Birchington Golf Club 18th May and also Keith Taylor taking part in the Brighton Marathon to name a few! But we need more if we are going to be successful in our mission and to keep the ongoing essential support to the children and families of the The Llewellyn School.

You can support us online using the following links Educational Life CIC is proud to be supporting the Freemason's Golf Day at Westgate & Birchington Golf Club along with Think Big Tech and Think Big Media. The golf day is being held on Friday 17th May 2019. The event is open to groups of 4 entering a four-ball style competition with different prizes to be won and the main point of the day, raising money for Louie's Helping Hands & The Llewellyn School Big Build. At time of writing this there are still places available to play and there is also sponsorship opportunities available for the day and also around the golf club for up to 2 months. If you are interested in joining us on the day or sponsoring the event please get in touch with John at Think Big Media 01843 627 001. 5

Feature article

Making Memories What school holidays are really for Written by Dave Stevens and Claire Turner with inserts from children who attend Drapers Mills Primary Academy Recently, I met up with a group of (very) old school friends and, as is usually the case, we started reminiscing about the 'Glory Days' of our youth. We laughed out loud as we recalled the adventures and antics of our teenage years and fondly remembered our days at Primary School together. After we'd said our customary goodbyes and made our promises not to leave it so long next time (how many of us break that one) I realised that not one of us had mentioned a single lesson we'd been in together or any memories of our times in a classroom at all. All of our fondest memories were of our social time. Evenings playing football and hide-and-seek, weekends of just hanging out with great mates and, of course, the school holidays. All of the moments that forged our lifelong

Picture above - Dave and his brother, Andy, playing 'Cowboys' 6

friendships happened away from 'adults' when we were left to our own devices with only the limits of our imaginations standing in the way of our next great adventure.

I really loved the school holidays. Half terms were a welcome break from school, Christmas and Easter were just long enough to cram in everything we'd planned with family and friends and the summer holidays seemed to go on forever. It was during these summers that we all made the fondest of memories. _____________________________________ Claire's favourite memory has to be... "when my older cousins used to come and visit during the summer holidays, I have lots of wonderful memories from those times including, falling asleep on the beach under crocheted blankets (oh the tan lines), maggots down the swimming costumes (don't ask!), and ham salad and sand sandwiches (yum yum). However, my favourite lasting memory of that time is the three of us playing together and having fun in the garden.

The best game was the army game, we roped my older sister in too. She was Sargent Major and we were privates Tall, Middle and Small. We spent hours following her orders marching all over the local village and hiding in the sunken gardens to fight the enemies.

#EduLife | East Kent | Issue 12 | March / April (Easter) 2019

Thanet feeds itself beeer My Name is Sharon Goodyer and I run Our Kitchen. My biggest criic is my daughter and her thoughts on the meal in a bag Noodle SSr Fry are: “And enjoyed by all. the kiddo picked out the veg he liked. Dinners have been a real struggle recently but this went down really well. ”

introductory Offer

Sharon - 07912 793 980 Are you interested in being a 7 volunteer? Get in touch

Holiday mem

We recently asked some of our Young Reporters from Drapers Mills Primary Academy what they loved most about their school holidays and this is what they told us...

I knew it was Christmas on the horizon. I woke up cheerfully at approximately 10.15am. Also I woke up everyone else. WOW! I felt great I jumped downstairs and opened my presents.

My Favourite Holiday...

I got the new Tottenham shirt that had my name on the back and lots of other new things. It was dinner and I went to my stepnans for dinner she made a nice roast.

Oh I remember the first time I went to Pontins back in 2016. The soft, sandy beach was super fun! - Isabella ...took place during the Christmas season. I went to Centre Parcs. I stayed in a safari lodge , it had two floors. We went with one of my mums friends and her children. - Harry I went to the Margate beach with my family and had a delicious melting ice cream. We also had a walk around parts of Margate. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that I wore my favourite crop top, which was blue with flowers. Also every summer there is some songs near my house and lots of fun things - Nina Most of the bouncy castles are out so kids could go on them and you could always go down to a park or beach, to have a picnic without it raining - Ella 8

After dinner I went back home. I sorted out all my presents one by one then I watched a Christmas film. Christmas is my best holiday because it is very beautiful - Ruby Definitely SUMMER! Of course it's summer, my favourite bit - getting a tan at the beach! There's so much more like...warm weather and more time to stay in bed. - Holly summer. My family and I were offered to go on holiday to Haven, a caravan park. We had just got to our caravan. When I visited the epic park which took me hours. Secondly we went to a pool party, archery and survival lessons. - Annie

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mories at summer; mostly because more places are open, my favourite is Dreamland because there are loads of rides and you can do other things there. There is rollerskating, also, the beach is across the road so you could pop out and get some lunch; when I was on the big eye I looked at the view and thought wow it's beautiful, so you can relax and enjoy the view.

Feature article

Can you see this advert? Yes So can your potential customers

My Best Holiday! It was in summer 2016. I went on a trip to Denmark, Sweden and even up to Norway. On my first stop it was in Denmark. I still wonder how I did about 3000km to go and come back in an old Ford Fiesta it was uncomfortable. The next day I entered Sweden I slept at my mom's friends. When I arrived in Norway I went to see the Fjords. And the camp was just next to the Fjords and there was a trampoline in the water that I enjoyed - Satya My favourite school holiday is Christmas because we get to open presents, spend time with family you don't often see and have FUN!

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Foot Care at Home

My last years favourite present was my new iPhone 6S; I nearly cried! Normally my family and I host at home and they came to our house but last year we went to my aunties and my other family came between 23rd - 30th of December. On Christmas day I had a splendid, delicious roast dinner. On boxing day, when my other family came round we had a tasty buffet. I love Christmas SO MUCH - Tya For the full favourite holiday memories go to We'd love to hear about YOUR favourite childhood memories. If you have some you'd like to share with us and our readers, please send them, with photos if you have any, to

Fully Qualified and Insured Mr David Walkom (M.C.F.H.P. M.A.F.H.P.) Member of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals Make an appointment today We come to you for your convenience

Call - 07714 247 219 9

Carrot Patch Brownies Ingredients:



185g unsalted butter 185g best dark chocolate 85g plain flour 40g cocoa powder 100g milk or dark chocolate 3 large eggs 275g golden caster sugar Pinch of sea salt

100g white chocolate 1 tbsp. coconut oil Orange food coloring 12 large strawberries 1 pack oreo cookies, crushed Mini Eggs

To make the brownies: Preheat your oven to 180C/ 160 fan/ gas 4. Using a square 20cm tin, cut baking paper to line the tin, or grease with a little butter. Break up the chocolate and put it into a bowl with the butter. Fill a saucepan with some water and rest the bowl on top without it touching the water, put on a low heat and stir until melted! Put the caster sugar and 3 eggs into a bowl. With an electric mixer, whisk until thick and creamy like a milkshake, usually about 5 minutes and it will have doubled in size. Pour the now cool chocolate mix into the whisked eggs and fold to keep the bubbles. Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into the bowl with a pinch of sea salt. Conintue to fold in untl combined but make sure to not over fold! Chop the remaining 100g of chosen chocolate and mix that in too. Pour into the tin and bake for 25 minutes! Take them out when the middle of the brownies doesnt wobble and the sides are coming away from the tin. COOL COMPLETELY!

To make the carrot patch: Use the same method to melt the white chcolate over a pan of boiling water. Once melted, add the orange food colouring and coconut oil and mix. Line a baking sheet with baking paper for the strawberries. Using the stalks, dip the strawberries into the melted orange chocolate and place onto the baking tray. Refridgerate for at least 15 mins. Sice the brownies into 12 pieces and top with crushed oreos. Add ‘carrots’ and mini eggs! 10 Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 12 | March / April (Easter) 2019


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The Micro Museum The Micro Museum, Kent’s only museum dedicated to computer history, re-opens on Good Friday this year and can be found on Church Hill in Ramsgate. The new season starts with the opening of a brand new branch just down the hill from the Museum - The Games Gallery - where visitors can enjoy the world of retro videogames. And, because games aren’t much fun unless you can actually play them, visitors will be able to enjoy getting hands on using the huge selection of vintage consoles and emulators. The owners, Mike and Carol Deer, have brought out of storage some interesting new exhibits from their private collection to provide greater learning opportunities in the main Museum. There is also now more room for the exciting planned events and for group visits and private parties.

At The Micro Museum you can: Discover

the history of computing from the very first ideas about calculating through to the start of the 21st century. There is a history quiz to earn a certificate and, because the Museum is a Kent Children’s University learning destination, successfully completing the quiz also earns a passport stamp.

2019 Events: Easter










The first weekend at The Games Gallery. An exhibition of the innovative electric vehicles invented by Sir Clive Sinclair.

A return of the popular electronic music event where you can try your hand at making your own beautiful noise on an array of keyboards and other devices.

Learn about the computers and software that landed men on the moon 50 years ago. An event full of horror-ible and monster-ous games to enjoy just before Halloween. Dates, times, events and all you need to know about visiting the Museum can be found on the website. The Museum of Vintage Computers and Videogames

See the collection of 100s of vintage home computers, consoles and games and microelectronics gathered together over 40+ years by the owners. Play on a large selection of games consoles at no extra cost – everything is included in the standard admission charge. School and educational groups are welcomed and have the option of a guided walk around the exhibits (information available on the Groups page of the website).

Church Hill Ramsgate CT11 8RA 11

Canterbury Sports Awards

A Celebration of Endeavour and Excellence at The Canterbury Sports Awards 2018/19

Written by Dave Stevens

I first attended the Canterbury Academy Sports Awards a year ago and remember vividly how impressed I was at the calibre of the youngsters receiving nominations and awards. Having been involved in sports coaching for the best part of the last thirty years, I appreciate the time and effort it must take these young sports stars to compete, and succeed, at Regional, National and International levels. This year’s awards were held in the main hall of The Canterbury Academy last week and they certainly pulled out all the stops again, as nominees from a whole variety of categories joined their parents, guardians, local sports club officials and distinguished guests to celebrate the students’ achievements from the previous twelve months. There was a real sense of occasion from the second I walked through the doors, as I was escorted to my table by one of the Academy’s sixth form ‘hosts’. The hall quickly filled up with guests and you could feel the excitement and a sense of anticipation in the air. It wasn’t all serious, though. There was a genuine sense of fun running throughout the awards ceremony. As an introduction to the evening, a mockedup ‘News Desk’ and ‘Youtube’ screen featured students as they reported on some of the achievements from the previous twelve months. A ‘roving reporter’ and his film crew mingled with the audience and interviewed some of the guests as they were being seated. There was also a fantastic video montage from stars of sport and screen as they wished everyone good luck for the evening. When the likes of Jim White, Brian Lara, Jack Green and the legend that is Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara 12

are sending you their best wishes, you know you’re in for a good evening… and the star guests didn’t stop there… This year’s special guest was none other than Linford Christie OBE (I did say they pulled out all the stops this year). Linford is a personal hero of mine and, to this day, is still the only British man to have won gold medals in the 100 metres at all four major competitions open to British athletes: the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the European Championships and the Commonwealth Games. Throughout the evening, Linford was charming and enthusiastic as he handed out awards to the winners from each category. Linford also addressed the audience with a fantastic motivational speech, praising the nominees, their coaches, teachers and parents – highlighting how key they all were to success in any sport or chosen field. At the end of the Awards Ceremony, Linford was joined on stage by last year’s special guest presenter, John McAvoy, who had made the trip back down to Canterbury to be part of the evening again… a lovely, and well appreciated, gesture and testament to the fantastic impact The Canterbury Academy has on its students and the wider community. A big ‘Thank you’ must go out to the organisers and sponsors of this fantastic Sports Awards Evening. I thoroughly enjoyed my second visit to this incredible awards ceremony and would like to thank the staff, students and guests for making me feel so welcome. It was an honour to be invited along to such a prestigious event. Congratulations to everyone who attended, from the nominees and winners to the staff, coaches and parents who make it all possible.

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Educational Life CIC & Thanet District Council Working Together Educational Life CIC have embarked on two projects with Thanet District Council to help inform and educate the young people of Thanet. 1 - Helping to reduce smoking at the school gates Firstly we joined forces with Colin Rouse and his Active Thanet team, the idea is to help reduce the number of parents who smoke near the school gates. The children at Drapers Mills, Garlinge, Newington and St Peters are being tasked with designing posters with a few of the posters then being used on banners which will be put on the school gates thanking the parents for not smoking. We will then attend each of the schools involved with Eddie the Elephant and Colin and his team to give out leaflets and talk to the parents after school in the coming weeks.

Educational Life News 2 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle assemblies within schools Jane from the recycling team got in touch and wanted Educational Life to deliver some assemblies within some schools, the pilot of this project is with 12 primary schools across Thanet, Chilton, Drapers Mills, Garlinge, Laleham Gap, Northdown, Newington, St Nicholas at Wade and St Peters have already signed up. This project is to help educate the students what happens to rubbish when it is dropped on the floor and also what happens to items when they are not recycled, for example did you know it takes 200 years for an aluminium can to decompose; or 10-12 years for a cigarette butt; or 450 years for a plastic bottle. Check out the update in our next edition for both of these projects.

Two Questions to consider Are you part of a school who would like to be involved in either of these projects?

Do you ha have a project you want to work with Educational Life CIC on? Get in touch 01843 63 10 10 13

r e t s a E & d r o w s s o ! Cr h c r a e S d Wor


#EduLife | East Kent | Issue 12 | March / April (Easter) 2019

Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a joke? It might crack up! What kind of plants do eggs keep? Eggplants!

What did the Easter Egg say to the other Easter Egg? Have you heard any good yolks today?

What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite type of music? Hip Hop! What day does an egg hate the most? Fry-days!



Different countries celebrate Easter in different ways. In Sweden they don’t have an Easter Bunny, they have an Easter Wizard!

you hidi guess n dot g in th who is -todot is ? 15

March ]]

Saturday 2nd 10.00

Sunday 3rd 10.00

St Laurence Historic Church Tour

What’ St Laurence Church

Ramsgate Blitz Walks Ramsgate Library, Kent

Tuesday 5th 19.15 - 21.30

Broadstairs Writers Circle

The Royal Albion Hotel, Broadstairs

Friday 8th Sunday 17th

Power of Women Festival

All over Margate, Ramsgate and Bstairs

Saturday 9th

Margate Collectors Fair

Union Crescent, Margate

Thursday 14th

Zest Communities The Corner, Whitehall Road, CT12 6DFq

10.00 - 15.00 15.00

"Confidence is the Key to So Much" Cinqueports Farmers Saturday 16th 10.00 - 15.00


Tuesday 19th

Parents Group Session

13.00 - 14.00 19.15 - 21.30

Cinqueports Newington Childrens Centre

Broadstairs Writers Circle The Royal Albion Hotel

Wedsnesday 27th

Group for Young Adult Carers

Quarterdeck Youth Centre

Sunday 31th

Cliftonville Farmers Market

Oval Lawns, Eastern Esplanade

16.00 - 18.00


10.00 - 13.00

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’s On


Tuesday Tuesday 2nd 2nd 19.15 19.15 -- 21.30 21.30

Broadstairs Writers Circle

The Royal Albion Hotel, Broadstairs

Thursday Thursday 4th 4th 14.00 14.00

St Peter’s Village Tour

St Peter’s Church

Saturday Saturday 6th 6th 10.00 10.00

St Laurence Historic Church Tour

St Laurence Church

Tuesday Tuesday 16th 16th 19.15 19.15 -- 21.30 21.30

Broadstairs Writers Circle

The Royal Albion Hotel, Broadstairs

Monday Monday 15 15 -Sunday Sunday 21st 21st

Active8 week

All Over Ramsgate

Saturday Saturday 20th 20th

Looping the Loop Fest Wonderland Wabbits

Broadstairs Bandstand

Wednesday Wednesday 24th 24th 16.00 16.00 -- 18.00 18.00

Group for Young Adult Carers

Quarterdeck Youth Centre

Thursday Thursday 25th 25th 15.00 15.00 Saturday Saturday 27th 27th 10.00 10.00 -- 14.00 14.00

Zest Communities The Corner, Whitehall Road, CT12 6DFq Intoduction to Bowls

Ramsgate Bowls Club, Royal Esplanade

Check out and our facebook page for the FREE weekly events and for updated information We list all FREE to attend events as part of our complimentry service, we list our advertisers and sponsers events as a thank you for thier support. DO YOU HAVE ANY EVENTS COMING UP? TELL US! 17

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Schools! Why you should visit the County Show The Kent County Show on 5, 6, 7 July 2019 is the region’s showcase event for farming, agriculture and countryside life. For three days a year in July, animals, horses, vintage vehicles, gardeners and more converge on the Kent Showground in Detling for a celebration of the best of the county. With displays of livestock, produce, horse shoeing demonstrations, woodland crafts and survival skills, the Kent County Show is a fantastic place for young visitors to learn about the work that puts food on their plates.

The Kent County Show is produced by the charity, the Kent County Agricultural Society and education is at the heart of the society’s charitable work. For schools visiting the Show, a range of free talks and tours are available to take your class to the heart of the action. Visit the Heavy Horse Village and Woodland Area to meet the animals that were once used to plough the fields and then stop by the Heritage Section to discover how the tractor took over and developed. Live beehive demonstrations reveal the world of the honey bee and a visit to the Garden Life Marquee explains how important they are to growing the 18

food we love to eat. Take a guided tour through the Cattle Marquee with one of our experienced stewards and meet the different breeds of cow and then stop by the working dairy to learn about milking. Whether you’re interested in where eggs come from or want to discover the journey from sheep fleece to woolly jumper, the talks and tours are designed to fit your class’ curriculum and interests.

For schools, the Kent County Show offers discounts on tickets. Free teacher tickets are available for every ten students and a 20% discount is applied to student and additional teacher tickets. Coach parking is also free. To find out more on what talks are available and to book your school tickets, contact Becky Parrock on or 01622 633058.

#EduLife | East Kent | Issue 12 | March / April (Easter) 2019

Kent County Show MAKING MEMORIES FOR 90 YEARS Additional discounts for schools Free educational talks and tours

5,6,7 JULY 2019 Contact the show office for more information 01622 633060 19 Kent Showground, Maidstone ME14 3JF

Children's Centres

All Smiles? Written by Leanne Hawker

Did you know that World Oral Health Day is in March? Our oral health is really important, particularly giving our children tips and techniques to continue looking after their teeth as they grow older and become more independent. Here we give some easy ways to look after tooth and gum health.

Teeth Cleaning •You should start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as the first milk tooth comes through. Make sure you are supervising your baby at all times. •Use only a smear of toothpaste for children up to 3 years – you can get specific children’s toothpaste or they can use yours. •Brush twice a day – once before bed and once at another time during the day - the most common time is in the morning. •Brush for about 2 minutes. Using a 2 minute egg timer will help your child see the time they will need to brush their teeth for. •Don’t let your children eat or lick the toothpaste from the tube. •As your child gets older, 3-6 years, continue with the above process, but increase the toothpaste to a pea sized amount.


• Toothpaste should be spat out, not swallowed. • Don’t rinse the mouth after brushing as this will wash away some of the fluoride protection. • From around 7 years they should be able to brush by themselves. However, keep an eye on them at first to make sure they are doing it properly. You may want to carry on using the timer.

Top Teeth Tips! Guide your child’s hand when they are learning to brush to help them see how to do it properly. Clean your teeth with your child to help them learn. Use a mirror – this will help your child see exactly where to brush. You can get teeth cleaning timer apps on your phone if you don’t want to use an egg timer. If you are struggling to get your child to clean their teeth then you may want to think about using a reward chart or jar. Make the rewards easy to achieve at first. Don’t remove rewards once they have been given. You could let your child choose their toothbrush so they feel involved. When playing you can encourage them to practice tooth cleaning by getting them to clean the teeth of their doll or teddy. Your child might like to do this as part of the teeth cleaning routine too.

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Visiting the Dentist The dentist is a scary place for many adults, but it’s important that we don’t pass this on to our children. Regular visits to the dentist keep teeth healthy and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Your child is entitled to free dental care until they are 18 – search the NHS website for your nearest dentist. Pregnant women are also entitled to free dental care. •Take your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth comes through. •Your dentist will advise you how often you need to go back. •Try to make the trip fun and stay positive about the dentist. •Taking your child from a young age means that they will get used to the environment, setting them up with good habits for the future.

Give your child water through the night to prevent teeth being damaged by sugary drinks. Don’t let your child have fizzy drinks – even sugar free drinks contain acid which can cause damage to your child’s teeth. Fruit juices and smoothies, although seemingly a healthy option will contain sugars. Limit these drinks to one 150ml glass a day and where possible drink at mealtimes.

•If your child does become scared to go, tell your dentist and they will try to help your child feel more relaxed. •Watching you having dental check ups will also let your child know that it’s ok.

How to Keep Teeth Healthy Keep sugary foods to a minimum and if you’re child is eating them, try to only allow them at mealtimes. Choose healthy snacks for your children – vegetable sticks, fruit, toast, crackers – things that are low in sugar. Beware of ‘healthy’ foods, such as some yoghurts aimed specifically at children, as they can be high in sugars. again, serve at mealtimes.

*Some information taken from the NHS website. 21

Canterbury Community News

City Impact dreams big for Canterbury City Impact CIC is a new social enterprise initiated by Canterbury Vineyard church that wants to build partnerships and contribute in resourcing people and projects. City Impact has been borne out of a desire to bring people together and work with other organisations and experts in their field. Creating a social enterprise that can act as a hub of information and support, that will signpost as often as it provides direct support to the people of Canterbury. Tish Hampshire, City Impact Youth Coordinator, is heading up the youth project. Since September 2018 she has interviewed a wide range of individuals and groups in the community, all of whom have contact with young people in different contexts. She has also been out on the streets of the city, and into schools, conducting research with young people to find out more about their concerns, their dreams, and what resources they believe might best benefit people of their age. Tish heard from various groups and individuals that the area at the top end of the high street, particularly the triangle of Dane John Gardens, McDonalds and the bus station would benefit greatly from teams of youth workers deployed to support young people, as well as appropriate spaces created for this generation during the hours after school. Tish says: "Having spent time with the police team in town, the council, local businesses and young people, I can see an obvious deficit of provision for youth in town in the hours after school. Most of 22

these young people cause no problems; they just need places to go before catching their buses home. We need spaces where they feel welcome, older positive role models - outside of their families and teachers - to help solve this. We need to be raising up this generation, expecting more of them - and for them and celebrating their involvement in our community." Longer term, City Impact’s aim is to be part of providing the solutions for the young people of the city. City Impact is in search of spaces for young people to use during after school hours, as well as suitable venues to host free-of-charge courses that will benefit the whole community. We would love to hear from businesses able to provide the gift of space to enable us to expand this worthwhile work in Canterbury. We are need of a home in which to base our wider work and actively search for permanent premises. To find out more about any of City Impact’s Canterbury initiatives, including the CAP debt centre, free moneymanagement courses, the Canterbury Community Gospel Choir - or if you have much-needed premises solutions for this CIC - please get in touch. Email: Instagram: CityImpactCV Facebook: @CityImpactKent Twitter: @CityImpactKent

#EduLife | East Kent | Issue 12 | March / April (Easter) 2019

Does your school Need IT Support? Think Big Tech work with many schools across the South East helping them with peace of mind ICT support Long Term IT strategy planning Classroom equipment support Onsite and remote technicians

Virus / Ransomware protection Back up and recovery services SIMs support

24/7 monitoring

We work with schools by providing a tested course of study that can be easily intergrated into the curriculum and is within budget 23

Health Advice

Not Just a Statistic? If you have a child in years 4 or 6 at school you may have received a letter to tell you whether your child was a healthy weight or not? If not, you might remember seeing a lot of posts from parents who were outraged that their child had been labelled as overweight or obese through the National Child Measurement Programme, (NCMP). It’s never nice to hear anything negative about your child and we can take it as a criticism of our parenting, but it’s not about blame, we’re all just doing the best we can! It is has been estimated that 50% of women and 60% of men will be obese by 2050. It seems a long way off, but this will actually be our children! As of last year, according to NHS statistics, just under 10% of children in Reception year are obese.

giving them something to make them feel better. This can set up bad habits and using food to deal with our emotions. There are some foods we eat more and some we eat less of. 3. Take responsibility. Our children cannot eat what we don’t give them. Although very tasty there is no nutritional value in crisps, cakes and chocolate etc. I speak to so many people who are trying to eat healthily themselves, but are still buying these foods for their children. Keep these foods to a minimum and if you are going to buy them then keep them out of reach. 4. Try not to blame your child for what they eat, (see above point), or refer to them as greedy or use other critical language. 5. Lead by example. You are the best person to teach your child healthy habits – if they see you keeping active and eating well they are more likely to do the same.

Whether you agree with the NCMP, there’s no denying that as a nation we are getting bigger and leading unhealthier lives. So how do we tackle the issue of weight and help our child live healthy lives? 1. Don’t single out one family member. Get everyone involved in a new healthier lifestyle. Sit down as a family and discuss ways to get fitter and eat well. The Change 4 Life website has great tips and recipes that should get the ideas flowing. 2. Food is not good or bad, a reward or punishment. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been guilty of resorting to sweet bribery just to get them to do what we’ve spent the last hour asking them to do! Then when they’re upset 24

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6. Children need 60 minutes physical activity a day. As well as maintaining a healthy weight, this can also help children concentrate, improve mood and build self-confidence.

7. Limit the amount of time spent on devices, such as games consoles and mobile phones. These items can lead to inactivity. Use the time to do family activities, play a ball game, go on a bike ride or just go for a walk. Why not create a treasure hunt and see how many things you can tick off your list before you get home. 8. Don’t talk about being on a diet in front of your children. Instead talk about healthy eating and exercise and be really positive about those things.

9. Think about portion sizes – your child needs to eat a lot less than you. Only serve small amounts at mealtimes and then give more if your child is still hungry. Also, don’t make your child eat everything on their plate if they say they’re not hungry. Children are actually really good at regulating their own appetite, which you will know if you’ve ever tried to get a baby to drink more milk than they want – they’re not having it! 10. When you’re shopping with your children get them to look for healthier choices, look for items that have mainly green and amber symbols on and choose snacks that are around 100 calories.

Helping your child to learn to make positive decisions around food and exercise will help them to maintain a healthy weight as they grow up and maybe we can change those statistics of the future… Stay healthy, Leanne xx 25

Age UK and 'ELders

ELders is launched and we hear from Age UK with a piece of art For the past twelve months we have brought you Young Reporters (0-14 year olds) and then Young Journalists (12-25 year olds).We have now created the opportunity for 25 years + to share their reviews, creative writing, artwork, photography or anything else that can be sent to us digitally. ELders is the name of our new project, the first thing that has been sent to us is a wonderful painting, sent by Age UK. "We were surprised to learn that one of our Community Hub Clients was actually an artist! Arthur Green aged 98 painted this wonderful picture some time ago, and brought it in to show us and tell us the story of how he


started painting: Arthur started painting when he was just 18 years old. Arthur is colour blind, but did not realise this until he tried to join the air crew and they were not able to take him on because of having colour blindness. Arthur belonged to the 'East London Art Magazine' and they would sell his paintings. Arthur enjoyed painting and selling them at a low cost to those unable to afford expensive 'original' paintings. At 98, Arthur now has poor vision and is unable to continue painting, but we were very pleased to see this wonderful picture and hear his story"

#EduLife | East Kent | Issue 12 | March / April (Easter) 2019 27

East Kent Community News

Thanet Volunteer Reflections & Resolutions Bureau, Dover District Volunteering and Shepway Volunteer Centre Merge

A NEW VOLUNTEER Service was launched recently bringing together volunteer centres with more than 100 years combined experience across three Kent districts. The arrival of Kent Coast Volunteering (KCV) was celebrated with Deputy Lord Lieutenant Paul Auston, dignitaries, councillors and volunteer centre staff and volunteers from Folkestone and Hythe, Dover District and Thanet. The new service is made up of Thanet Volunteer Bureau, Shepway Volunteer Centre and Dover District Volunteering Centre. The three centres will remain but have been renamed the Thanet, Dover District and Folkestone and Hythe Hubs. KCV offers a befriending scheme, which matches isolated older people with volunteers for activities including social visits, shopping and dog walking, a volunteer transport scheme, which takes people to essential medical appointments, shopping and to visit relatives, and volunteer brokerage, which matches people looking for volunteer opportunities with charities looking for volunteers. CEO Kerry Smith said: “This is about playing to our strengths and building on them to raise our profile and better position ourselves in a competitive funding environment. We want to maintain our role as the go to place for all things volunteering and we are committed to maintaining a local presence, so it’s business as usual at each of our hubs.” 28

Across KCV more than 140 volunteer befrienders help to prevent loneliness, 130 volunteer drivers make 17000 journeys covering more than 400,000 miles each year and more than 700 charities have registered their volunteer opportunities. The new KCV online volunteer brokerage system launched today was funded by Kent County Councillors from Thanet and Dover District – Pauline Beresford, Rosalind Binks, Trevor Bond, Sue Chandler, Nigel Collor, Emma Dawson, Liz Hurst and Derek Murphy. Find out more at the new website www.kcv. sponsored by Transform and launched today. Click on the hubs for services and projects in your community.

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Caremark Thanet: Contributing to the Store of Community Well-being Let me tell you about us. We are a domiciliary care company serving the Isle of Thanet. And we are different. We are different not simply because we provide outstanding care. We are different because our aim is always to contribute to the store of community wellbeing. Providing outstanding care is, of course, an essential part of this. However, we do more; much more. At Caremark Thanet we care passionately about the Thanet community. Our approach to business is very much based upon the indivisible links that exist amongst everyone at Caremark Thanet, our customers and our community. We live in an interconnected world. By providing outstanding care to our customers - something upon which we will never compromise - we are making a significant contribution to the store of community wellbeing. So how do we do more? We do more by being a community engaged organisation. We believe that connected communities are stronger communities and that stronger communities are good for the well-being of every person in that community. That is why we support a whole range of community organisations and events; and that is why we organise our own events that bring together our carers, our customers and our community. In the last two years we have organised a comedy night, a quiz night a variety afternoon and many more events. These events have helped us raise over £3500 for East Kent Hospital’s Dementia Charity

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Appeal. These events and our fundraising are excellent examples of how we contribute to the store of community well-being. Would you like to be a part of this? We are always looking for people to join our team of care and support workers. We look for people who share our vision of making our community stronger by contributing to its well-being. Its hard work but supremely rewarding. Our expectations of you are enormously high, and one of our expectations is that you will have high expectations of us. We also look for people who understand the importance of developing through education and training. Central to everything we do is the training opportunities that we provide. If you like what you have read so far, and you appreciate the transformational potential of education and training; we may be just what you are looking for. For more information about our care services, our employment opportunities and our community engagement programme call us on: 01843 235910; or see our website: w w w. c a r e m a r k . 29






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#EduLife | East Kent | Issue 12 | March / April (Easter) 2019


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#EduLife magazine Issue 12 March / April Easter 2019  

'Easter 2019 edition' of the new look Educational Life magazine, with the new name #EduLife. #EduLife is a magazine which shares good news f...

#EduLife magazine Issue 12 March / April Easter 2019  

'Easter 2019 edition' of the new look Educational Life magazine, with the new name #EduLife. #EduLife is a magazine which shares good news f...