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Hidden Causes of Weight Gain






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Success Story Waleska Rosario

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Roasted Garlic Hummus

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britney gordon


COVER STORIES 9 Heart Health & Stress

11 EECP: Enhancing and Enriching Lives

12 Use the Right Diet Strategy for Effective Weight Loss

14 Hidden Causes of Weight Gain

20 Success Story Waleska Rosario

23 Beat the Jiggle with this Triceps Exercise Routine

Michelle Boyden

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Healthy Heart Issue

29 A Basic of Good Health... Get Your Sleep!

Vol. 4 Issue 02 (#52) / February 2012 / activelife Guide





Your guide to a healthy lifestyle


Heart Health




Bottom line: Be active!


ebruary hosts Valentine’s Day, American Heart Month and the Super Bowl—this year, right here in Indy! So naturally, here at activelife Guide, we are thinking about how we can help you keep your heart healthy!

While it is obvious how Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month are both matters of the heart, you must be wondering how the Super Bowl ties in as well. Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd largest U.S. food consumption day in the U.S, following Thanksgiving Day? And it’s not carrots and water we’re munching on game day. Did you also know that heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States? And that most risk factors of heart disease are preventable? Non-modifiable risk factors: • Age (45+ for males, 55+ for females) • Family history of heart disease Modifiable risk factors:




And it doesn’t take much. The new federal recommendation of 150 minutes a week of moderateintense physical activity, like taking a walk after dinner, can easily be achieved in 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

According to Quindry, “Taking steps—literally – to alter one important risk factor, sedentary lifestyle, can act as a catalyst to cure other modifiable risk factors.”

DEBBIE SAPPER Phone: 317.507.5652




So enjoy cheering on your favorite team and indulging—in moderation, of course—in your favorite Super Bowl snacks. But then take the party outside after the big game and throw the ball around with your Super Bowl guests for a challenging game of touch football. Get moving and protect your heart. And remember—be active, live well!

Kim B

Kim Brenton



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• High blood pressure • Diabetes • Cigarette smoking • High cholesterol • Poor diet • Sedentary lifestyle (Source: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and John Quindry, Ph.D., FACSM)


disease factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other risk factors simply by being active.

Dr., Noblesville, IN 46062; Copyright by active life Guide Corp. activelife Guide is a registered trademark of active life Guide Corp.

Super Bowl XLVI

activelife Guide strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before



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tips, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge activelife Guide from any claims.

Basically, to prevent heart disease people need to be active. Research shows that exercise improves heart


activelife Guide / February 2012 /


program. If you follow these fitness

Healthy Heart Issue

By Stacey S. Conrad, DC, CCSP, CCEP

Heart Health




have a profound effect on heart function. Too little exercise or too much exercise can have equally harmful consequences. Excessive physical exercise increases acidity and the production of free radicals and oxidative stress. So, if you exercise aggressively and think you can eat poorly and just work it off in the gym, you may be in for some unpleasant effects and doubling the stress on your heart. We are all familiar with the super athletes of our generation who are succumbing to heart disease in their 30s and 40s.



opefully by now everyone has reorganized their lifestyle to eliminate most of the daily stressors that come from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. During the holidays we spend too much, eat too much, drink too much, sleep too little, and end up feeling ill and depressed heading into a new year. Many of these “bad habits” will stay with us since it only takes about 21 days to develop a habit, good or bad. Stress comes at us in three basic elements: CHEMICAL stress, PHYSICAL stress and EMOTIONAL stress. Most of us are dealing with a combination of these on any given day. The surprising thing is that most of our decisions are what fuel our stress. Stress creates cell inflammation, and inflammation is a major contributor not only to heart disease, but to many other diseases as well. Healthy Heart Issue

CHEMICAL stress comes from everything we consume in the form of eating, drinking and breathing. I’m sure most everyone will agree that what they eat and drink are not exactly the healthiest choices! Many so called “heart-healthy” foods may actually cause more harm than good. It is important to understand that a dietary balance of 80 percent alkalizing foods (fruits and vegetables) and only 20 percent acidifying foods (meats, grains, dairy and processed foods) is most valuable to you over your lifetime. The primary destructive force that the immune system has to contend with is free radicals, and free radicals are increased by acid-forming foods. Free radicals damage healthy cells by causing cell alterations (mutations), which can lead to many illnesses including heart disease. Everyone likes to justify that what they are consuming is good for them, but

deep down inside they must realize the truth. Just do a little research on your own to find out what soda, alcohol, sugar, salt and fats do to affect your nervous system and immune system. The Internet is full of information to help guide you.

PHYSICAL stress to your heart can come in many forms: loss of sleep, sitting for hours watching TV, commuting time in automobiles or airliners, sleeping on a bad mattress or, more commonly, a terrible pillow. These habits all create poor posture, and poor spinal posture at the base of the neck can affect your heart function, as this is the region of the spine where your autonomic nervous system connects brain and heart. Studies have proven that spinal adjustments at this region of the spine can have an impact on regulating heart rate variability. Obviously, exercise can

both positive and negative, can create problems for the heart. The emotional high that some experience in an excitable moment, say at a sporting event when your team has won the big game or even lost, can put you in an emergency situation. These emotional triggers are all too often set up by years of physical and chemical stressors that have set the stage for this catastrophic event. Even more devastating to your health and heart are the daily negative thoughts that have become so prevalent in our society. Negative thoughts have an acidifying effect on the cells in your body, and acidification leads to disease. Every choice you make is either helping you stay healthy and well or causing too much stress on your nervous system and immune function. Stop compartmentalizing your health and start looking at the BIG PICTURE. The best cure for heart disease, or any disease for that matter, is prevention. To have a healthy body, you must first have a healthy nervous system: the brain controls everything, and it connects to everything else in your body through the nervous system. / February 2012 / activelife Guide


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By Dale Guyer, MD

EECP: Enhancing and Enriching


Lives “It feels like a deep muscle massage,” said Dr. Eric Braverman, an internationally known expert in the treatment, to Time magazine writer Christine Gorman. If the concept at first sounds

“Tired of being tired”


“unconventional,” take heart. Initially based on Harvard research done more than a half century

ago, EECP continues to gain ground in scientific circles, where mounting evidence supports numerous benefits of EECP for

demand on an ailing heart by

f you’re tired of not being able to do normal

For many, despite their best laid

helping push blood through the

everyday activities, join

plans, conventional approaches—


thousands of others

diet , exercise, medication, or

who have discovered

surgery—no longer work or may

The procedure is painless and

the life-enhancing benefits of

seem too aggressive. Fortunately,

simple. Oversized blood-pressure

a revolutionary new therapy. If

a new and effective therapy is

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you’re among the more than seven

providing relief and allowing

buttocks that pulse in sync with

million patients with symptomatic

patients to once again live life to

your heartbeat. These pneumatic

coronary artery disease in the

the fullest.

cuffs are timed to inflate in

United States, you’re probably all too familiar with the current

That’s certainly the case

areas around the calves, when

conventional arsenal of treatments,

for the countless people

the heart reaches its resting phase

from statins and beta blockers to

undergoing enhanced external

between beats. As it inflates, each

counterpulsation (EECP)

angioplasty and bypass surgery.

therapy, a procedure that decreases

Healthy Heart Issue

disease and a variety of other conditions. For heart disease, recent studies suggest that the

progression, starting with the

more invasive procedures such as

patients suffering from heart

cuff squeezes blood out of the legs and back to the heart.

extra blood flow to the heart from

EECP therapy initiates the

production of tiny blood vessels that, in turn, better nourish the heart muscle. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits and uses of EECP, please contact the Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine. We will be more than happy to explore this exciting treatment option with you. / February 2012 / activelife Guide


By Alec Smith


Use the Right Diet Strategy for Effective Weight Loss acids and thermogenics can be helpful to successful weight loss when incorporated with exercise and a healthy diet.

“The secret to healthy weight loss is not a secret anymore”


ffective weight loss is really about making h e a l t h y lifestyle changes. It starts with a commitment to oneself, and it can take many steps to eventually achieve real change. Exercise is important, but making changes in both our diet and nutrition is key in helping our body to make healthy changes.

accomplishing the toned and lean look you are going for.

While it makes sense to reduce calories to lose weight, a very low-calorie diet only forces your body into survival mode, reducing your metabolism. Your body also misses out on key nutrients such as protein, which can mean low energy, poor workout recovery and even loss of your lean muscle. The overall result is that you will likely make less progress in

Eating smaller meals throughout the day will also help maintain metabolism. A typical day might incorporate oatmeal and a protein source for breakfast, a mid-morning snack of celery with peanut butter, and a chicken salad for lunch. A protein shake might serve as a midafternoon snack, and the evening meal could be chicken breast with vegetables.


When you skip breakfast for instance, you miss an opportunity to get your metabolism going early. In the morning, your blood sugar level is low and your body is not yet giving signals to ramp up burning of energy stores. You can quickly change that by ingesting a complex carbohydrate such as oatmeal, and a protein like an eggwhite omelet in the morning.

activelife Guide / February 2012 /

An herbal cleanse assists the body’s natural cleansing process by providing fiber and herbal supplements to trap and move toxins through the digestive tract. It can be a great way to jumpstart weight loss and help boost metabolism, as it can get your digestive organs functioning at peak performance again.

A key to successful weight loss is your protein intake. Protein boosts metabolism, makes you feel full, and maintains your lean muscle for a leaner and more toned look. Eliminate refined carbohydrates— the kind that tend to be most prevalent in our diet—including cereals, pasta, bread, potatoes and rice. Get your carbs from natural sources such as whole grains, and reduce carb intake towards evening. It may just be good for the psyche, but give yourself one day a week to give in to the guilty pleasures that you want. Think of it as a reward for being good, and one day a week will not wreck your progress. Also, think of supplements as tools to help reach your goals, and not as a fix for an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise. In particular, an herbal cleanse, essential fatty

It may seem paradoxical, but ensuring you have adequate essential fatty acids in your diet is important to metabolism and burning fat stores. EPA and DHA are two fatty acids from fish oil that have benefits ranging from heart health to healthier skin, but they also help with the body’s ability to burn fat. And CLA, in particular, reduces the conversion of glucose to fat and promotes fat conversion to energy, helping tap into fat around the abdomen and thighs. Thermogenics give a boost to metabolism and work by raising the body’s basal metabolic rate so it burns more calories. They contain ingredients such as caffeine and herbal or mineral blends, typically related to natural spices that have thermogenic effects in the body. Remember though, that thermogenics are not at all a magic weight loss supplement. Take the right steps. Sooner than you think, you’ll start seeing the results you desire and have a strategy in place for lasting change.

Healthy Heart Issue

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By Cory Black

Hidden Causes of

Weight Gain H

ave you ever watched a television show that makes losing weight a contest? Superficially, it may seem that if you gain weight that you are just an overeating, non-exercising slug. As we enter into a new year, weight management often emerges as one of the most frequent things for people to consider. If you are someone who eats right, exercises regularly, and feels as if you are doing everything correct but still are unable to lose weight, there may be some hidden reasons preventing your weight loss.







Hormone imbalances. Men, especially after turning 40, may have reduced testosterone levels. For women, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone may be unbalanced. There is a strong connection between estrogen and insulin sensitivity/resistance, and this is one reason that women are often more sensitive to carbohydrates than men are.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency. In effect, you may be starving your body for cofactors required to burn fat, generate energy and detoxify your body.

Medications. Antidepressants, high blood pressure medication, birth control pills and some antiseizure medicines can affect fat burning and energy metabolism. That does not mean that you should stop your medicines; but do ask your physician if there is an alternative.

Overly rigorous exercise. We have all heard the expression, “no pain, no gain.” However, did you know that over exercising, especially in the early stages of a weight management program, can raise cortisol levels so that fat is preserved? Rather than keeping your heart rate high, spend 75 percent of your time exercising at the lower “fatburning” heart rate, and then bump it up for short bursts.

Gastrointestinal malabsorption or inflammation. Gas, bloating, loose stools and reflux disease are frequent signs of poor digestion that leads to inflammation. Inflammation increases water retention and stress hormones, which often block fat burning.

Low thyroid. Actually, low thyroid is less often an issue than you might think. However, persistent stress hormone release can actually down regulate pituitary function and yield a normal TSH. Additionally, we live in a part of the Midwest known as the “goiter belt.” Low iodine can lead to a swelling of the thyroid and reduce thyroid production, reducing metabolism. See number 4 above.

Any weight loss program should include the correct exercise program and a modification of diet. However, do not leave out consideration of your digestion, supplement support for cofactors, medicine conflicts and stress and hormone factors. At Ailanto, we often work with patients who have struggled in the past with weight loss. The key is to find those things that have blocked progress in the past, and then correct them. 14

activelife Guide / February 2012 /

Healthy Heart Issue

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Cover Story



“Keep Calm and Carry On.” No, World War II wasn’t breaking out in Indianapolis in the fall of 2011. The posters, with historic words on a Colts blue background, hung in windows all around town in an effort to raise the morale of Colts fans who were witnessing an unpleasant start to the season for their favorite team. But it takes more than a poster to raise morale. That’s where Britney Gordon comes in.


activelife Guide / February 2012 /

Healthy Heart Issue

By Matthew Hume


XLVI britney gordon


Healthy Heart Issue / February 2012 / activelife Guide



By Matthew Hume

Cover Story

Of course, we can’t deny it. The Colts didn’t make the Super Bowl this year. But for the past few months, Indianapolis has successfully accentuated the positive by pouring every ounce of the city’s efforts into hosting Super Bowl XLVI, sure to be one of the most talked-about Super Bowls in history. Certainly, the coming of the Super Bowl has helped further transform a city that, in part, has relied on sports for decades to make its mark on the world. Football energizes its fans with nail-biting passes and jaw-dropping touchdown runs; but come halftime, it’s a football team’s cheerleaders that put smiles on the crowd’s face and allow fans to give their fingernails a rest. Meet Britney Gordon, one of the many beautiful and talented young women on the Colts cheerleading squad, and this month’s activelife in the spotlight.

to be involved in many of those exciting events!” By “we,” Britney is, of course, referring to the other 40+ members of the Colts cheerleading team. “Our squad is very close, and I have definitely made friends that I’m sure I will keep forever,” Britney tells me.


Making the Cut

A quick scan of the cheerleaders’ homepage on the Colts website reveals row after row of beautiful faces, flowing hair and gorgeous smiles. (It’s a little overwhelming.) I asked Britney how she got to be a part of this incredible team, and she makes it quite clear that it takes more than a pretty smile. The audition process, she tells me, lasts about a month. “Auditions are nerve-wracking! We learn dances and perform them in front of the judges, who make cuts once a week for three to four weeks.” If you’re lucky enough to make it that far, you’ll go on to the final audition—a fashion

A student in dental hygiene at IUPUI, this is Britney’s second year as a Colts cheerleader. “I love every second of it!” she says with an infectious, bubbly smile. “We are all very excited for the Super Bowl to be in Indy this year and can’t wait

> Go behind the scenes with our exclusive photos of Britney’s cover shoot at


activelife Guide / February 2012 /

show. “We have an interview the week before, and then at the show, there’s a swimwear, evening gown and dance portion,” Britney says. The judges look for poise, personality, a fit body, strong dancing skills and a pretty smile in their cheerleaders. Britney says she gets more nervous each year she tries out. “If I don’t make it, I know what I’m missing!”


Born for This!

Britney has been active her whole life. “I always try to do something every day,” she says, “whether it’s running, biking, rollerblading or dancing.” Growing up, she played almost every sport known to man, started dancing when she was 2, and has been cheerleading since the 4th grade. And you Glee fans will like this: “I was in show choir in high school, which is more physical than one might think!” she says. Britney is grateful to have grown up with parents who appreciate a healthy, active life. “They taught us how to ride a bike, played outside with us as children, and still rollerblade with us,” Britney says. “My mom has also always cooked healthy foods for our family to make sure we get the proper nutrients to stay fit!” Parents, take a lesson from this Colts cheerleader. It starts at home. As a high-profile cheerleader, Britney must watch what she eats. “I eat foods that are protein packed, and I like to fill up on lots of fruits and vegetables,” she tells me. “Whenever I have a craving for something sweet, I eat some type of fruit. It stops the craving, and it’s nutritious!” Britney also does her best to avoid too much liquid energy. “A good morning workout allows me to skip the coffee,” she says. (I wish it were that simple for your humble correspondent. But then again, I’m not a Colts cheerleader.)

Healthy Heart Issue

Britney’s Tip:

Skip the coffee—work out instead!


Giving Back

Cheerleading for the Colts is a point of pride for Britney, but it also brings a great reward. “We have a lot of appearances at hospitals, nursing homes and schools,” she says. “Some of the children we see are very sick, and seeing the smiles on their faces makes my day. It’s such a good feeling to know we are bringing a little joy to these people.” On the more exotic side, Britney says the squad sometimes tours to destinations such as Mexico, Japan and London. “We get to perform for military troops and at other events,” she says. “Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the opportunity to do this!” There’s always next year, Britney.

“Auditions are nervewracking!” says Britney, and she says she gets more nervous each year she tries out. “If I don’t make it, I know what I’m missing!”

And what advice does a Colts cheerleader have for someone looking to get fit? “You don’t have to jump into a major workout right away,” Britney says. “Start off small with just a short walk. Every day, go a little further and add other things in. And slowly replace junk food with healthy snacks.” She wants everyone to know that anyone can make improvements. “It just takes a good attitude and a little faith in yourself !” I ask Britney for her final thoughts on her role as a Colts cheerleader. “The Indianapolis Colts’ mission is to make the community a better place and to unite the city,” she says. “We want every person to feel as if they’re a part of the team, because they are. What would a football game be without the fans!?” So “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Enjoy the revelry of Super Bowl XLVI, and keep the hope alive for 2013!

Healthy Heart Issue / February 2012 / activelife Guide


activelife’s Success Story By Kim Brenton


A Lifelong Struggle “Ever since I can remember, I was fat,” says Waleska Rosario. AFTER


Age: 41 Height: 5’ 7” Weight before: 198 lbs Weight now: 118 lbs Location: Bonao, Dominican Republic Occupation: Educator Favorite exercise: In weight training, hammer curls and lat pull-downs; in cardio, spinning and running Favorite clean meal: Brown rice with beans, raw veggies and seitan (a meat substitute)

rowing up overweight, Waleska has been called all kinds of cruel names from “cow” to “grease ball.” She hated sports and any type of physical activity and turned to food for comfort. Waleska’s poor health habits followed her into adulthood. She led a very inactive life, where food continued to be her source of comfort. Her main solution for weight loss, at that time, was starving herself. There were times she would only eat Jell-O, soda, crackers and Gatorade— sometimes surviving on only 200 calories a day! She also relied heavily on diet pills to curb her appetite. However, her hunger wasn’t physical, so it was insatiable. The diet pills left her cranky and jittery. At times, she would take any diet pill someone would recommend, ate almost nothing, smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and drank a lot of coffee to curb hunger. Waleska was aware of how malnourished her body was, but she didn’t care. She was only concerned with losing weight.

Old Habits

Waleska went through two pregnancies, where discomforts and complications prompted her to turn to food yet again. Food helped calm her wrecked nerves while taking care of a crying, colicky baby after her first pregnancy. She held onto that weight for three years, lost it, and then gained 45 pounds in response to the stress of her second baby going into respiratory distress and ending up in the ICU for 16 days. Throw in a few more life changes as time progressed, and Waleska hit her highest weight at 198 pounds on a 5’7” frame.


Shut Up and Stop Whining! Then one day, Waleska stumbled across a book entitled Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life by Larry Winget. She realized that as unhappy as she was, she wasn’t doing anything about it; she was just complaining and continuing to seek comfort in food. The book made her realize that what she was doing wasn’t working. So she picked up several more books—this time about healthy eating and proper nutrition. And so began her healthy journey.

The Change Waleska began by cleaning up her diet. She eliminated white carbs, sugar and processed foods; she began eating more frequently, in smaller portions; and she added weight lifting to her workout routine instead of cardio alone, training six days a week. Waleska was never much of a meat eater, so rather than adding lean proteins to her diet, such as fish, poultry or meat, she decided to try TVP (textured vegetable protein) instead. TVP is a type of meat substitute, easy to prepare, that is commonly used by vegetarians and vegans. That led her to eliminate all meat from her diet, simply because it was more convenient at the time. These new healthy changes resulted in rapid weight loss. At this time, Waleska started reading about vegetarianism and veganism. She

activelife Guide / February 2012 /

turned to, and a whole new world opened up to her. She learned that it was possible to build lean muscle on a plantbased diet, and Waleska decided to become a vegan. Today, Waleska says that fitness and proper nutrition has changed her life. Since deciding to become a vegan, her health has improved 100%, she says. She is no longer plagued by the ailments that once bothered her on a daily basis, and she enjoys her intense workouts and pushing her limits—trying things she never would have in the past. “The stronger I become physically, the stronger I feel emotionally and mentally. Fitness keeps me sane, aligned and happy,” she says. Waleska now hopes she can help others in their health and fitness journey, and she plans on becoming a personal trainer. Her advice to others is simply to get started and to get out of that comfort zone. She encourages others to clean up their diets and incorporate physical activity into their lives; and she also wants to tell women not to be afraid of strength training! “Not only does it build muscle that creates the definition we all love, but it also burns fat in the process.” If you have recently accomplished a health, fitness or nutrition goal that you would like to share with our readers, please contact us at

Healthy Heart Issue

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Beat the Jiggle

Training Welcome Michelle Fitness Model Michelle Boyden joins the activelife Guide family.

w i t h t h is

s p e c i Tr

Exercise Routine Mix + Match = Toned Triceps Have you looked at any videos of you from last summer only to realize that when you were waving there was some sort of a “jiggle” on the back of your arm? If that is the case, then the following routine has been designed especially for you! Don’t wait until the spring to start toning up your arms. Here we will show you six key exercises to tone your triceps! The idea here is that you can mix and match your exercises each week so that you are not stuck with the same routine over and over. All you need to do is pick three exercises for your next workout; then shuffle them around for the following week when you work triceps again. You should perform at least 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions for each exercise. Choose a weight that is challenging, to the point that when you reach your tenth repetition you are fatigued. Remember, a challenging weight will not make you bulky—it will help you tone and get rid of the jiggle!



For more routines you can do at home, visit

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Bench Dip

Target Muscles: triceps Setup Sit on a bench, legs extended straight in front of your body, heels touching the floor. Place your hands on the edge of the seat, and while supporting your weight with your arms, slowly push your hips off the seat. Action Slowly lower your torso by bending your elbows. Drop downward until your upper arms are parallel to the bench. Pause briefly, and then push yourself back up to the extended position. Repeat for as many repetitions you can perform with good form.



Close-grip Tricep Bar Press

Target Muscles: triceps Setup Grasp an EZ bar at the first bend, and lie back on a flat bench. Your feet should be flat on the floor. The EZ bar should rest near your sternum and your elbows should point toward your feet, not out to the sides. Once in position, push the bar up off your chest roughly two inches, which will generate a mild contraction in your triceps.


Action Push the bar upward, as if you are doing a standard bench press, with the following exception: keep your elbows angled toward your feet to engage the triceps muscles. Extend your arms as much as possible without locking your elbows at the top. Then contract your triceps, and slowly return the bar toward your sternum without resting it. Repeat until you reach failure. (Depending on the weight you choose, you should be able to complete 8 to 12 repetitions.)


Bent-over Single-arm Dumbbell Row


Target Muscles: triceps Setup Place one hand and one knee on an exercise bench. Hold a dumbbell in your other hand and extend your arm towards the floor. Action Bend your arm to draw the dumbbell up the side of your ribcage. Alternate, doing the same number of reps on each side.


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Healthy Heart Issue


Triceps Push-down with Rope

Target Muscles: triceps Setup Attach a rope attachment to a high pulley and grab with a neutral grip (palms facing each other). Standing upright with the torso straight and a very small inclination forward, bring the upper arms close to your body and perpendicular to the floor. The forearms should be pointing up towards the pulley as they hold the rope, with the palms facing each other. This is your starting position. Action Using the triceps, bring the rope down as you bring each side of the rope to the side of your thighs. At the end of the movement the arms are fully extended and perpendicular to the floor. The upper arms should always remain stationary next to your torso and only the forearms should move. After holding for a second at the contracted position, bring the rope slowly up to the starting point. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.


Overhead Cable Triceps Extension

Target Muscles: triceps Setup Hook a rope to a high cable pulley and grab the ends with both hands. Turn away from the station and step forward with one foot. Lean forward and let your hands fall behind your head. (Your arms should be bent along the sides of your head, your upper arms in line with your ears.)



Action Without moving your upper arms, straighten your arms out in front of you. Bend your elbows to return to the start position and repeat.

Seated One-arm Dumbbell Extension

Target Muscles: triceps


Setup Grasp a dumbbell with one hand and sit on a bench, maintaining a natural arch in your lower back. Position your feet slightly wider then hip-width and extend the dumbbell directly overhead, palm facing forward.

Healthy Heart Issue

Workout #1

Bench Dip

Triceps Pushdown w/Rope

Seated Onearm Dumbbell Extension

Workout #2

Overhead Cable Triceps Extension

Close-grip EZ Bar Press

Bent-over Single-arm Dumbbell Row

Workout #3

Triceps Pushdown w/Rope

Close-grip EZ Bar Press

Seated Onearm Dumbbell Extension

Pick One

Action Lock your upper arm in position, and then slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head by bending at your elbow. Lower it as far as possible without breaking form, and then slowly extend your arm back up. Repeat for the required number of reps, then switch arms and continue to complete your set.

Sample Mix & Match Workouts

Got questions?

Ask Laura


Laura Marenco is here to answer!


Dear Laura,

Dear Caroline,

I am an avid reader of alG. I read a couple of months ago your article on doing weight training and cardio, and staying away from just cardio alone. I have incorporated weight training again in my fitness routine and I am starting to see results. The problem is that I tend to be really sore for a few days, sometimes three or four days, especially after leg training. Is there anything that I might be doing wrong? I am a mother of two so I hardly can get six hours of sleep. I eat every two to three hours which seems to help but I am finding that my energy is declining and I’m not able to perform my best at the gym. Any suggestions on supplements that might alleviate my issue? —Caroline, Carmel, IN

Some helpful hints from

one of Indy’s fitness


busiest bodies!



First of all, congratulations on following savvy advice and incorporating weight training! You will not regret it! Second, I admire your dedication—and let me tell you that the issues you are having are common among athletes. I believe that you might need to tweak your diet, maybe shuffle some carbs around, and incorporate some staples in your supplement stack.


Certified Personal Trainer

Get enough rest.

Rest is one of the most important factors in a successful fitness/ weight loss program. Remember that your body doesn’t “grow” while you are in the gym working out—it grows while you are asleep recovering from your intense workout! Getting inadequate sleep each night will play a number of negative roles that will make building muscle very difficult. Shoot for 8 to 9 hours a night.

Shuffle your carbs around.

Try to eat your higher-carb meals earlier in the day. As the day goes by, our metabolism starts to slow down, which may allow for unused energy (carbs) to be stored as fat. If you are weight training at night, I would suggest having some carbs half an hour before your workout so that you can use that glycogen to perform in the weight room. For example, have a small apple or orange, then do your cardio right after. Your glycogen will be used during weight training, leaving your body ready to tap into your fat stores for energy, which is what we want!


Supplement for success!

Yes! There are certain staples you must purchase today! First of all, are you getting enough protein? If you are weight training intensely, the rule of thumb when it comes to protein is to ingest one gram per pound of body weight. If you cannot meet these requirements through food alone, I suggest you get a good quality whey protein powder. The best one is going to be a whey isolate, which does not have any sugars, carbs, fats or fillers.

If you have any questions on how to accomplish a health, fitness or nutrition goal that you would like to share with our readers, please contact us at


activelife Guide / February 2012 /

Healthy Heart Issue



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Garlic Hummus

Ingredients 1 head garlic 1 19-ounce can chickpeas, rinsed, or 2 cups cooked chickpeas 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon reduced-sodium soy sauce 1 tablespoon tahini (sesame paste) 2 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley, plus a sprig for garnish Salt, to taste Paprika, for garnish

This garlicky hummus is the perfect dip for pita crisps. To make the crisps, simply bake triangles of pita bread in a hot oven until they are golden, about 8 minutes.


1. Preheat oven to 425°F. Remove the loose, papery outside

skin from the garlic head, without separating the cloves. Slice off the top half inch. Wrap in a small square of foil and roast until the garlic is very soft, about 40 minutes. Unwrap and cool slightly. Separate the cloves and peel.

Tips & Notes

2. Puree the garlic, chickpeas, lemon juice, soy sauce, tahini

Make Ahead Tip: Cover and refrigerate for up to two days.

and water in a food processor. Add more or less water as necessary to make a fairly firm dip.

3. Transfer to a small serving bowl, stir in parsley, and season with salt. Garnish with a sprig of parsley and a sprinkling of paprika.


Garlic • Garlic can be used to treat high cholesterol, parasites, respiratory problems, poor digestion and low energy. Studies suggest that regularly eating garlic helps lower blood pressure, controls blood sugar

Per 2-tablespoon serving: 47 calories; 1 g fat (0 g sat, 0 g mono); 0 mg cholesterol; 8 g carbohydrates; 0 g added sugars; 2 g protein; 1 g fiber; 121 mg sodium; 74 mg potassium

and blood cholesterol, and boosts the immune system. It has also been found to reduce the risk of esophageal, stomach, and colon cancer.

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w By Chuck Lehman

A Basic of Good Health... With all the scientific data that


Get Your Sleep!

good health. It costs very little

to metabolize the alcohol. An

Bedroom preparation is another

we have at our fingertips, we know

to have, but costs so much when

excessive amount of alcohol before

component of good sleep. Block

many of the threats to our good

we do without it. Considering the

bed may induce sleep, but it greatly

out all ambient light, including

health. We can pinpoint the cause of

importance of making quality sleep

reduces the quantity and quality of

that glaring alarm clock right

diseases and see warning labels on

happen, there are some basic steps

restful sleep.

by the bed. The best sleeping

everything from soup to nuts. The

we can take to allow it to happen

truth is, death certificates should

more easily.

soft cotton pajamas or sheets.

bedtime is a definite no-no. With

Keep TVs and computer screens

Everyone knows the importance

a half-life of about six hours, 50

out of the bedroom, and block

of getting moderate daily exercise.

percent of the caffeine we ingest at

out neighborhood noise with the

have a box to check that says:

“cause of death was lack of sleep.”

temperature is 65°F, and use only Caffeine, in any form, before

Research shows that stroke, diabetes, depression, heart disease, obesity and even cancer are linked to inadequate rest. A full 50 percent of Americans are guilty of this basic quality of life deficiency. Experts have determined that the significantly sleep-deprived not only have a lower quality of life, but they also have a 20 percent higher risk of death than the wellrested. If you’re tossing and turning, here are some things to consider. For every two hours that you are awake you need one full hour of good sleep. Simple math says that you should be up for 16 and then asleep for eight hours each day.

“Nothing like a good night’s sleep”

Sleep deprivation is cumulative and similar to a rechargeable battery.

It’s good for us in many ways and

When a battery is not fully charged

produces those feel-good hormones

still in

and then put to use, it cannot go

called endorphins that can promote

6:00 p.m. and the other half can

need to visit the bathroom one final

the full distance, and in a matter of

and deepen sleep. However, it’s

linger until midnight. This includes

time. It’s the perfect place to take a

a few “undercharged cycles,” the

best to avoid heavy exercise within

caffeinated tea, soda and even

couple extra minutes to write down

system goes dead. If you’re missing

three hours of bedtime.


your worries on a piece of tissue.

during the week, make up for it on

In addition to eliminating exercise

So, when we think about how to

flush all your worries away. With

the weekend.

before sleep, the body also needs

eat and drink at the end of the day,

a clear mind, you’re ready for a

time for digestion. Dinner should

the result is that the last three to

perfect eight hours of sleep.

Prioritizing our daily schedule for a

be the lightest meal of the day and

four hours before bedtime are best

good night’s sleep is not being lazy.

it should be at least four hours

spent fasting. This may go against

The fact is that proper sleep is one

before sleep. And what about that

our typical daily schedule, but it’s a

of the simplest, yet most important

nightcap? Well, it’s not so good

very effective way to insure a good

things that we can do to promote

because it takes the body time

night’s sleep.

noon is our system at

your quota of recharge time (sleep)

Healthy Heart Issue

continuous low hum of a fan. And before you hit the pillow, you

Then, throw it into the bowl and

Oh, one more thing… Don’t forget to brush! / February 2012 / activelife Guide


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