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1 Athens Oktober ‘96 A Congress that brought us closer ! It has been only a few months since that day in October , when the “Athens sun” warmly welcomed 420 Dental Students in our 2nd Congress. The Congress was hosted in Zappeion Megaron , a charming and impressive neo-classical building with a long successful history of meetings and events. The scientific programme included 20 lectures from distinguished Professors covering a great variety of topics, not only from the fields of Dental Science but new technology applications, ethics, student and professional matters. However, what is really surprising was the active participation of students in the Scientific Programme. 39 Student presentations were selected and included in the form of free announcements or poster. An evaluation committee consisted of distinguished professors evaluated and awarded 5 of the presentations, but also expresses its appreciation for the high academic standard of Student presentations. Also participation of the audience was remarkable, with questions and high level of discussion after every student presentation, which lasted

much longer than it had been expected !!! The active participation of students proved that Dental Students have both interest and knowledge, and I hope will begin a tradition to be carried on to all our next Congresses. The Social Programme was full of events, hoping to leave all participants with a wider picture of Greece,

its life and people. A party organised by the Greek students association was programmed to welcome those of the participants who arrived earlier than expected. A live Rock group followed by Greek music and dances was the best way to bring us all closer. The official opening night took place in the charming Open Hall of Zappeion Megaron. After the greetings of the officials and the opening song, a glass of wine, a snack and the smooth sound of a Jazz Quartet under the open night sky, helped us to know each other better.


The second night was the time to taste the Athens night life. A big party in a centrally located club, where fun went on till the crack of dawn… The third night a lovely Greek ‘taverna’ hosted participants. Delicious Greek dishes and live Greek music, helped us relax and enjoy the cosy atmosphere. The last day was a day devoted to Greece, ancient and modern. Waking up early in the morning , we visited Mycenes, the ancient city and the Tomb of Agamemnon. We climbed up all the way to the ancient Acropolis just to admire the astonishing view and learned about the mysterious history of the place and the people who built it. Argos and its ancient theatre was our next stop. A representative of the mayor welcomed participants and offered to everyone a small welcome gift. Lunch was taken in a fine traditional tavern in the area. With the delicious dishes coming one after the other and the excellent local wine, this lunch will remain unforgettable to us all! The old traditional city of Nafplion was our last stop. Some people preferred to explore the secrets of the traditional narrow alleys, others decided to sit by the seaside and enjoy the sun going down, some others put on their bathing suits and took a quick swim, while some daring ones climbed all the thousand stairs up

everyone had a great time and we were all sorry to leave for Athens just about the sunset. Accommodation and dinners were arranged at Stanley hotel for all participants . Stanley , a B’ class hotel centrally located with a roof garden bar and a swimming pool met the expectations of all participants. Its roof garden with the view to the night Athens from the lighted Acropolis till the sea of Piraeus hosted our spontaneous gatherings and parties throughout those 5 days.

A wide dental exhibition including all kinds of Dental material and Equipment , accompanied all days of the scientific activities. Also an exhibition of children drawings related to dentists and dental students added a special smile to our Congress. Either attending the lectures or participating to discussions, dancing to parties or joking with friends over delicious Greek dishes and music,

either making friends or visiting the dental exhibition, exploring the traditional alleys of Plaka and the nearby islands or visiting the Ancient monuments, this Congress really brought us together. And together we should stay, dreaming, working , acting for the Europe of the next century as we want it. Nikos Mattheos EDS President, Gen. Secreatry of the Org. Committee

At present time we’re working on the poster’s and booklets design, which will be ready really soon. News on the coming Congress, All people in Barcelona are By Raul Minoves working hard for a Congress which President of the Org. Committee,EDS Vice President will be a big success in all fields !! An event you certainly wouldn’t like to As you already know, the the train from the airport arrives. miss!! Spanish Delegation and me as 2. They will provide us a News are coming up all the time, mail responsible , are in charge of place to hold our own lectures and so keep in touch for more! For more the 3rd EDS Congress in meetings within the Congress information or questions , please Barcelona in 1998. Here is some Palace they have hired. Besides address to : information bout what’s been students will be able to attend as Raul Minoves Sabanes going on since we started many lectures from FDI ‘s Avda. Carles III, 47- 49 working on it and which are our programme as they want. Esc. A 8o 1a advances in this field. 3. FDI has sighned an 08028 Barcelona As we informed you , our accord with IBERIA (Spanish Spain next Congress is going to take Airlines) which will conced the tel. ++343 4913087 (personal) place at the same dates with the right of having a 50% discount on ++343 402 42 00 (faculty) FDI one, that is from 8th to 12th the price of the plain ticket to all fax ++343 402 42 12 (faculty) October , and both Organising those participating in the Congress. (faculty) Committeesare going to 4. We’ll be able to cooperate. We already have participate in as much of their reached agreement in the social programme as we consider Natalia Porras Leal Av. Gaudi, No 27- 29,5th 4a following points: necessary. As you can see we 1. They have made the can take many advantage 08025 Barcelona hotel reservation for us. For the colaborating with them. FDI’s aim Spain moment there are 250 double is to join togethertogether as many tel. ++343 43 31 886 rooms set apart in EXPO Hotel people related to dentistry as ( 4 Stars!) , which is ten possible and EDS of course has the minuteswalking from the best connection links with student Congress Palaceand just by sector Railway station where


NORWAY , the Faculty of Oslo has to report a big activity in the field of exchange! They are now cooperating in Socrates Programme with the Dental Schools of Madrid, Sheffield, Dublin and Stockholm, while they have established some exchange with the dental school of Bucharest ! The university of Bergen is also going to be active in international matters as well! Best wishes for success to Ola and Knut ,the new delegate and vs delegate of Norway, ( ski safe guys!!) SPAIN, the Spanish Dental Students Association is preparing its annual meeting in Grenada this summer! All EDS members are welcome to participate in the science sessions ( held in Spanish only...)and of course the wild parties !!! Ask now Natalia and Raul for more! The Greek Students will also be there ! Just don’t miss it!!! ( Attraction Videotape Available on Request !) GREECE, the Athens Dental Students Association decided to make its annual Congress early in October! The Scientific programme will include poster presentations and free announcements by students, while the social will be parties, parties and more parties! Also the Annual Dental Students Beach Volley Tournament will be on 18th May in Varkiza beach! The Dental School of Athens will be able from the coming year to host two EDS Exchange students for an elective period! Applications will be available soon, while we’re already discussing with Slovenia for a common project!!! So those of you who are interested in the Athens’ sun....just stay tuned for more!!!

PORTUGAL The Portugese people are in charge of organising the XX EDS meeting this September !!! The meeting will take place in Oporto by the first weekend of September. The place, the time and the Portugese people will surely make this meeting a big success!!! SWEDEN , DENMARK and UK have their new enthusiastic delegates! They are Johan from Sweden , Thomas from Denmark and A.J from UK. We’re looking forward to meeting them in our next meeting ! NETHERLANDS The Dutch Dental Students have just created their National Association!!! The Association is called SISO and will represent the students of all Faculties in the country. “Our ” men Casper Bots (Editor) and Olger Meijering (Headoffice) are leading parts of the effort!! We wish them all the luck!!!

EDS is now cooperating with the AEGEE Antenna of Athens, leading the two organisations to an affiliated status! AEGEE is a big student organisation , aiming to prommote the idea of a united Europe through exchange, student mobility summer universities etc. EDS and AEGEE ,having a lot in common , could do a lot together for the benefit of students and our common goals. The idea of organising a joint summer university is already


It has only been a month since our last meeting in Bucharest and the memories of Romania are still fresh! The XIX EDS meeting took place early last March in Bucharest , organised by the Bucharest Dental Students Association. This meeting will be remembered as the meeting where critical decisions where taken , preparing EDS to face successfully the challenge of a changing world in the coming century. Without doubt the most important part of the meeting was the new

constitution, the adoption of which allowed us to welcome Slovenia and Norway as full members, while we also received the application of the Romanian Students. We were also happy to see the Turkish delegates again in EDS meeting after some time the connection was lost. Other topics we discussed about were the Exchange Project, Socrates and EDS, EDS expansion, EDS on the Internet,

EDS Paper Prize Award, EDS Magazine and more. As a conclusion ,the meeting in Bucharest was a meeting held on a turning point for EDS future and it helped EDS prepare to rush into a turning millennium

By Casper Bots, EDS Editor Dear dental colleagues, Time has come to inform you about the coming EDS magazine wich willappear in June! The only magazine specially made for all the European Dental Students and a very important tool for the EDS it selves. The next magazine will contain the following interesting items: Review EDS-Congress Athens 1996 Report EDS meeting Bucharest, March 1997 Preview EDS-Congress Barcelona 1998 News from: members, Executive Committee, projects etc. A scientific page Due to the changes during the last months, the EDS is back on the road again. The road wich will lead to an optimal way of communication.

We, the next generation of dentist should realize that if we start with integration right now, although it is not always easy, it will result in more respect, more exchange of information or people.................. and on the end in a dentist wich will be better prepared on his future in a dynamic "chancing world". I would like to challenge you to help our "EDS magazine team". Please, send us all the information about the things that happen in your country. You can think of: research, thoughts, education system, connection to the labour market, future of dentistry, new materials, national magazines. In the future, we will look if we can make a magazine with one special item.

For the moment, I like would like to ask you to send all the information you have by mail, e-mail or fax directly to me or to the EDS Head Office. We prefer of course English text but also other languages will be no problem. The deadline of the next magazine will be: May the 1st 1997 Think, gather and react. The "magazine-engine" is waiting for fuel. You have the power to make the magazine with me, then shall our EDS magazine spread its wings out over all the nations and inform all dental students from East to West and North to South. EDS....................just do it!


EDS was founded in Paris in 1998 by a group of enthousiastic students , dreaming of our common future in the open European society of the next century. Today , European Dental Students Association , with a new constitution, enthousiastic people and a lot of ideas, is ready to unite dental students all over Europe. EDS is an independant, non-political organisation aiming to promote the interests of dental students within Europe and bring the future scientists closer, by encouraging and organising a big variety of events, such as exchange programmes, congresses, etc. Europe is rapidly changing. We, dental students of EDS, dream of our common future in the Europe we want and we’re ready to play our part in it by discussing problems and sharing solutions. And in our effort, everyone is welcome. EDS delegates meet every six months in a different European city. We have our congress every two years. The next meeting will be early this Sptember in Portugal, while our next Congess will be in the Autumn of ‘98 in Barcelona together with the FDI Congress. For more information on EDS, our constitution, activities etc please contact:

Our Executive is: Nikos Mattheos President Raul Minoves Vice President Dejan Pirtovsek Gen. Secretary Laura Ghibou Treasurer

Nikos Mattheos EDS President Hadgichristou 8 Athens 11742 Greece tel ++301 9238337 ++301 9229272 fax ++301 9241542 email armitage@matrix.kapatel. gr

Headquarters Else Shormans-Olger Meijering EDS Headoffice Dental Faculty P.O. BOX 9101, NL- 6500 HB Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Our Magline at and

Actual screenshot showing part of the opening page of the EDS Magline , the official WWWeb page o EDS



By Dejan Pirtovsek , Web Editor Nikos Mattheos, Web - Co Editor Internet , a growing community of millions spread all over the world, is without doubt the future ultimate means of communication. EDS , representing the future scientists and citizens of a border free world, could not waste the chance given by the modern technology. Indeed our presence on the Internet throughout the past year was most impressive. The Awakening It all started last July, with the opening of the 2nd EDS Congress Web page. The page was initially created to broadcast updated information on the Congress Events, but later on ,with the addition of an interactive forum and an on line registration form, it became a meeting point for all participants where we exchanged views and ideas on many things as well as solved a lot of last minute problems in no time! With 30 % of the Congress participants directly registered through the Internet , via the appropriate interactive form, we completely bypassed bureaucracy , time wasting post or fax exchange and made registration just as simple as pointing and clicking !!! With hundreds of mail being exchanged , forum messages and a guestbook we became friends before we actually meet in Athens , something

that contributed a lot in the cosy and friendly atmosphere throughout the Congress ! The Mature Step After the Congress Web page, EDS was ready for the big breakthrough and that was the EDS Magline. A new “hybrid” name , coming from words “Magazine” and “on line” was chosen to describe the EDS Web page , a page aiming toContinued Article Heading provide much more than information. Early last October the Magline was “on the air”, initially covering topics like information on EDS activities , constitution, member states etc. Today , after 7 months of function , the Magline has become a perfect communication tool in the hands of EDS delegates and dental students. With additions like a photogallery and a fun page, continuously updated , providing space to all members for contributions, the Magline is now not only promoting our projects and activities , but bringing us closer and keeping connection between executive, delegates and dental students. Also the next step will be interactivity. In next weeks we will publish some new Web stuff and we will bring true life to the EDS pages. There will be a possibility for delegates and students to chat with each other on our homepage, only with their internet browser. They could send the online messages like conferences and Usenet news. We will make students of Europe and World much, much closer.


The Magline has no limits! Limited we are only by our imagination and ability to provide articles, photos and material to be on the net! So it’s a task for all EDS people to send news , articles , photos or whatever we think suitable for the magline!!! The Final Goal But our activities didn’t stop on the World Wide Web. Our latest project on the net is the Internet Online Meetings! Through the use of simple software distributed to the delegates in Bucharest meeting, we organised and carried out our first experimental On Line meeting, on the 11th April ! The first meeting was successful. With some minor corrections and provided that all the delegates will have the time to find a proper PC connection and install the Software, our next meeting in May will be much better, with this really promising project. Like in real life chatting to each other, we will also try to establish online live video conferences for all delegates who couldn’t attend on our true meetings. With a simple small camera and a PC computer we will try to broadcast life pictures and topics from the meeting point, so everybody coud be with us. All things will

be published on our homepage and there will be also possibility to talk with each other. With some help of Internet Phone software we can talk in real time with delegate who is 1000 kilometres away at only the local phone call cost. Can you Imagine that!!! The world is a small, tiny, global village. EDS , facing the year 2000 is already on the net! All it takes is a standard PC, a proper Internet connection and let’s all meet in cyberspace !!!


EDSA Newsletter - Spring 1997  
EDSA Newsletter - Spring 1997  

1 much longer than it had been expected !!! The active participation of students proved that Dental Students have both interest and knowledg...