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Which are More Effective - Subliminal Messages or Positive Affirmations? Regardless of being a well-established and highly effective kind of personal development, positive affirmations have some new competition - coming from a growing form of personal development: subliminal mp3s. Subliminal audio is being used increasingly more firstly because it is providing fantastic benefits for people, but also on account of its practically effortless way it works. Just about all you have to do is play the subliminal album passively and the subliminal phrases will go to your subconscious mind. All subliminal audio essentially is affirmations - only that they're recorded to an audio track and shifted to a greater frequency. Although you will not be aware of it, the subliminals will enter your mind naturally to begin making alterations to your subconscious self-beliefs, values and patterns of thinking. This can save you lots of time and effort - as opposed to needing to repeat the positive affirmations for 10-20 minutes everyday you'll be able to simply enjoy a subliminal mp3 as you work or perhaps do other activities. The result will be similar, only with the additional advantage that you can listen to mp3s in the background and let the affirmations to effortlessly flow into your unconscious mind while you carry out other tasks while resting, perhaps while working or even studying. This is not to say that using subliminal messages will be absolutely effortless on their own - you still need to take some positive conscious action towards your objectives, however they will give you a boost, improve your drive and self-control, and make you more prone to realize success. This change happens naturally your thoughts slowly change from within and within a couple of weeks you will notice a real improvement in your self beliefs, patterns of thinking, and perhaps your habits. Just like positive affirmations they can be used to help you develop in almost any personal development area - from increasing commitment to boosting your confidence, possibly even enhancing any medical issues. So if you're familiar with using affirmations you should know that subliminals will help too - the end result will not be magical, it will be similar, only with the extra benefit of saving your time. Download 3 Free Life Changing Subliminal Messaging Albums Valued At $44.91 Here.

Which are More Effective - Subliminal Messages or Positive Affirmations?