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Remembering Bobbie...

Feb 2010

Remembering Bobbie...

{ Roberta J. Rothenbach }

The Yorkshire Terrier world lost a dear friend, breeder, exhibitor, mentor and educator in October. “Bobbie”, as she was known by most of her peers, truly loved the breed and the sport of showing these magnificent dogs . BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch Rothby’s Renegade was the #1 Yorkie and #1 Stud Dog for many years amassing an impressive record of 84 champion get. His son, BIS/BISS Ch Rothby’s Reputation was also the #1 Yorkie and #1 Stud Dog for many years and broke the existing record at that time for specialty wins.

Who can forget the chirping noise Bobbie would make in order to get a dog’s ears up for a winning photograph?

Her tall stature and graceful mannerisms made it so easy to watch her in the ring.

One of her greatest joys was mentoring novices and watching them succeed under her tutelage. She was extremely proud of her bloodlines and always credited those breeders who came before her with their wonderful pedigrees, which she incorporated into her own breeding program.

Roberta judged sweepstakes at several specialties, was on the Judge Selection Committee, chairperson of the Roving Specialty Committee and a Director of the Board of YTCA for many years.

She definitely put her mark on the Breed and more importantly,

left her mark in our hearts.

Remembering 1989






photo submitt


en Dent-Haywood photo submitted by: Kar


ed by: Karen


photo submitted by: Karen


Linda Karen Roberta


photo submitted by: Karen Dent-Ha

Remembering Bobbie... Remembering Bobbi Roberta

Beth S.

photo submitted

by: Vicki Meado



by: Carole A Della

photo submitted

photo submitt ed by: Carole

A Della Penn



Int’l Ch Sparkling Blu My Dreams of Glory “Deemer” Best in Show at the International Shows in Tuscon. Special thanks to all the judges! Pictured: Juliann Kowalsky, Mike Loller, Jane Roppolo Not pictured: John Rowton (Ch Andrea’s Playing the Game x Ch Sparkling Blu Dreams of Glory)

Am Nat’l Int’l BIS BISS Ch Sparkling Blu Dreams of Glory

July 10, 2003-July 14, 2008

Glo ry in h lives er kid on s!

Int’l Ch Sparkling Blu Dreams of Glory Too “G-Man” 2 Best in Show Bred By at the Internationals! Breeder/Owners: Nancy Lonas, Andrea Cooley, Jamie Romero

(Ch Andrea’s Playing the Game x Ch Sparkling Blu Dreams of Glory)

Ronik ‘s Remembers... For some, this is a chance to step back in time. For others, a chance to see some of the great breeders from the past, who’s dogs are found in the pedigrees of many top winning Yorkies today. For me, this is a chance to reflect and pay tribute to good friends, great breeders and their dogs. Sadly missed but never forgotten.... Nick Valenti Ronik’s Yorkshire Terriers “Charger”

Ch. Jentre’s Charger of Mistangay Sire: Ch. Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle Dam: Jenre’s Robina

Sire of multiple BIS & BISS winning dogs including Ch. Rothby’s Renegade. Owned by Renee Emmons.

Ch. Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle Jentre Yorkshire Terriers Owned by Ruth Jenkins

Ch. Finst Denaire Yal Royal Icing Owned b orkshire Terriers y Ruth Je nkins



tte y’s Bridge a g n a t is hM ilby & C of Mistangay G ’s y a g ngay Charger . Mistan BISS Ch Sire: Ch Jentre’s e Dawn Of Mista . Denair Dam: Ch

Ch. Denaire Dawn Of Mistangay Sire: Ch Finstal Royal Icing Dam: Ch. Denaire Fame

Photos submitted by Nick Valenti DVM

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r a e Y t s e B e h T s g o in D

by Michele Wrath SunnyOaks Dalmatians There are litters to plan, puppies to show, dogs to finish and specials to be debuted and campaigned. There are more letters to write and petitions to sign as the fight against the Animal Rights activists begins anew. And sadly, there are always more dogs to rescue.

For those of us who are breeders at heart, there is nothing more exciting than the promise of a new litter. The stud dog has been selected, health clearances are complete and arrangements have been made. Now the waiting game begins. If the dam has to travel or semen has to be shipped, you become a frequent viewer of the weather channel The final standings are in from the previous year – – wondering if you are in fact going to hit a temwhich now seems like a lifetime ago although it has perature spike or trough that could wreak havoc barely left us. It’s a time for some to celebrate, for on your plans. We recently flew across country. I others to rethink and second-guess every decision routed the flights through Dallas thinking it would that they made – from show selection to choice of be the least likely place to have snow – and of handler to use of ads – was there something they course it snowed the day we traveled – it was the overlooked that gave that other dog the edge? And first time they had snow on that day in 100 years! some will actually look at their dogs. Could it be that this dog did as well as it could do given its Most of the time it all works out, but it is always quality and ring presence relative to the competigood to have a Plan “B” and even better to have a tion? bitch that watches the weather channel with you and cooperates so that The Big Day doesn’t fall Regardless of the final outcome, in the Specials in the middle of a blizzard or heat wave! Ring we are all at Zero once again. It’s a bit like being in Sales. What you did yesterday is what you And somewhere between getting a breeding done did yesterday and this is today. Enough said on and whelping and raising a litter, there are dogs to that. Time to get focused on 2010! show. More decisions. he New Year is upon us. It is a time of reflection – to recount the highs and lows of the previous year and to decide and set into motion the plans for the year ahead. It is that season of unlimited potential, full of hope and the promise of things to come.

As on breed e long tim e e early r said to m on in my lif e e in d “ The ogs, bu re ar t the

e re a many re fe dog w do s des gs w ervin orth g of Do we try to finish the youngster with y of a all majors, from the puppy class, bein champ ga exclusively from Bred-By, only at Specialties spec ionship ial” , or any way we can? Is the dog that lives with the .

co-owner crate trained well enough to travel to the National Specialty so that when the Show Chairman At home, makes the announcements for the day it won’t be whelping boxes are your room number called out with the offending pulled out of the attic, rooms barker. are cleared out and the puppy room is set up. Websites are updated, blogs are started, and And then there’s the promising youngster – you puppy reservations are taken. The dog lists are active know the one. It was the puppy everyone noticed again with the results of the first shows, recent litter in the litter box. The one that finished easily, with announcements, and the endless stream of gossip that multiple specialty wins and all those majors and is so much a part of the dog show world. perhaps a BOB and group placement from the classes – does this one have what it takes to go beyond You can feel the energy in the air. After all, this will an exciting championship record to the test of the indeed be the BEST year in Dogs! specials ring? And there is a difference. As one long time breeder said to me early on in my life in dogs, “There are many dogs deserving of a championship, but there are few dogs worthy of being a special”. Hard words to swallow, but true none the less. You think long and hard, and decide to test the water. You’ll know soon enough whether this one has the right combination of quality, presence, timing and just plain luck to win. The decisions are all now in place. The new show year begins. Entries are made, hotel rooms are reserved and travel plans are finalized. Across the country grooming tables get pulled out, vans get packed, and alarm clocks are set for the start of the show season.

Happy New Year!

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Final 2009 Yorkie Stats

1 CH Groveshire’s Allure 1239 N Amies 2 CH Stringer’s Somethings Gotta Give 1033 A Stringer/S Barnes 3 CH Gaelwyn’s Celtic Reflection 550 M Bradley/T Bradley 4 CH Durrer’s Talk About Bossy 547 T Fredrickson/T Bradley 5 CH Stratford’s Diamond Jim 494 B Scott 6 CH Sugarfoot’s Living Th’ Good Life 349 V Edwards/M Edwards 7 CH Tyava’s Sure Shot 336 A Tyree/K Gonzales/M Gonzales 8 CH Empee’s Georgie Porgie 323 M Dearinger 9 CH Rothby’s Rolex II 212 R Rothenbach/V Meadows 10 CH Sanston’s Kick’N’ Up Trouble 205 A Bender 11 CH Cantlon’s Nicole 174 B Cantlon/L Butz 12 CH Estugo’s Nina Ricci 142 L Rojas 13 CH Legacy’s Beat The Odds 138 S Misner/J Misner 14 CH Sherlyn’s Man About Town 131 S Clark 15 CH Shakespear’s Tin Foil Toosti Roll At Tru-D’S 131 T Miller 16 CH Dumont Second Chance Scar Of Arcadia 129 L Semel 17 CH Starbarks Dreamgirl 122 K Davis/W Davis 18 CH Silktree’s Stellar Explosion CDX RAE 104 R Hutson/D Hutson 19 CH Lane’s Mini Cooper 98 V Wilson 20 CH Lance Tour De Force 96 G Echols

All Breed

1 CH Groveshire’s Allure 5041 N Amies 2 CH Stringer’s Somethings Gotta Give 4457 A Stringer/S Barnes 3 CH Stratford’s Diamond Jim 1894 B Scott 4 CH Durrer’s Talk About Bossy 1395 T Fredrickson/S Bingham 5 CH Gaelwyn’s Celtic Reflection 1329 M Bradley/T Bradley 6 CH Sugarfoot’s Living Th’ Good Life 1145 V Edwards/M Edwards 7 CH Empee’s Georgie Porgie 1029 M Dearinger 8 CH Lane’s Mini Cooper 546 V Wilson 9 CH Estugo’s Nina Ricci 535 L Rojas 10 CH Sanston’s Kick’N’ Up Trouble 480 A Bender 11 CH Rothby’s Rolex II 428 R Rothenbach/V Meadows 12 CH Hekan’s Promise For Karma 415 K Halbur 13 Kesar’s Two For The Show 357 B Bedsted 14 CH Tyava’s Sure Shot 336 A Tyree/K Gonzales/M Gonzales 15 CH Legacy’s Beat The Odds 277 S Misner/J Misner 16 CH Starbarks Dreamgirl 273 K Davis/W Davis 17 CH D’Arleen She Drives Me Crazy 244 M Mastellari/B Martin 18 CH Shakespear’s Tin Foil Toosti Roll At Tru-D’S T Miller 19 CH Psyche’s Pleasure Principle 223 L Bridgewater 20 CH Oakhurst’s Have No Fear I Am Here 208 M Mitchell-Bopp

Canine Chronicle Starting from January 1, 2009 up to & including December 30, 2009


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E Yorkshire Terriers A Monthly Internet MagazineVolume2 No.1 Feb 2010

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