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Vol. 7 2015 Issue 9

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AROUND EDMOND October is over and as I sit here, a day after the tragedy at the OSU Homecoming Parade, I am thoughtful of the importance of living life to its fullest, spending quality time with family and friends, and thinking about what’s important. To me and to our communities as a whole. I have had several people around town mention the Life Happens articles we have been running during the last year, thanks to Edmond Family Counseling. I have had some ask why we are bringing up subjects like prescription drugs, teen drinking, heroin usage, and in this issue a new dangerous synthetic drug hitting popularity among the youth of Edmond and surrounding communities. I don’t know if the young woman that let or caused her vehicle to do what it did during the OSU Parade was drunk, on prescription medication, or was previously abusing drugs, however, there is one thing I know. Abuse has no place to flourish if it is constantly in the open. The example of the worst case scenario was terribly sad, and our hearts go out to everyone affected. For those that are a little dismayed at the running of such articles, they are for the public benefit. Whether for a mother or father to gain information, for a teacher to become aware of what’s happening with some students, or for anyone who is silently struggling with the issues that for the most part have been a silent taboo to speak publicly about in the past, and for some this makes getting help feel impossible due to embarrassment. The taboo mentality has to stop if our communities want to genuinely try to prevent any further incidents in the future. As a community we have to do better, despite how many think it isn’t their problem, and it’s just a private matter. Because eventually it becomes all of our heartache. Something to ponder for this month. This month, we had the privilege of meeting up with the Hodgens’ who own Oklahome and you’ll love their story on how they created their Modern Farmhouse. Craig and Jennifer are complete opposites and their creation is proof positive that opposites can do great things! In this month’s Local Flavor, we feature Fuzzy’s Taco’s. If you are new to the area, Fuzzy’s is a franchise that cannot be overlooked for its fun atmosphere, terrific food and amazing prices! Located at 15th & Bryant. In Life Happens, the staff at Edmond Family Counseling speak on a new substance that they have been hearing about that is making news headlines and it is a “wax”, a highly concentrated form of marijuana, obtained through a dangerous process involving the use of butane or other highly inflammable liquid. For more information, visit EdmondFamilyCounseling.org or give them a call at 405-341-3554, and follow them at Facebook, too. If you have tweens and are new to Edmond, have your kids download the BeEdmond app ~ as it offers terrific resources for our communities kids! And lastly, we are continuing our preview of our supporters fall items in a fun photo feature called “What’s in Store!” I hope you enjoy it as much as I did shooting the photos! This month, we featured the first mobile fashion boutique - Cargo Room, which you must visit while you’re out this fall at an event near you! I just want to thank all of you for reading this issue, and keep your eye out for daily events & more at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @ EdmondActive and at EdmondActive.com with Around Edmond! See all of you around Edmond! ~ Sherri

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Advertise for the Holidays, and reach local residents at Edmond’s largest online network! Call 315-7325

Citizens Bank of Edmond’s Heard on Hurd Ends With More Than 100K Attendees For The Season $7,000 Raised for Edmond Public Schools $2.6M Economic Impact More Than 100 Volunteers Edmond, Okla. (Oct. 19, 2015) – Citizens Bank of Edmond’s Heard on Hurd local street festival closed a successful first full season with 20,000 attendees who enjoyed three bands and local food and pop-up shops from nearly 60 vendors last Saturday. The full eight-month season of Heard on Hurd from March to October this year drew more than 100,000 attendees to downtown Edmond and generated more than $2.6 million to the local economy. Event attendees also made a positive impact on the environment by generating more than 100 bags of recycling. Citizens Bank of Edmond puts on the event for the community with no financial gain. Fifteen percent of Heard on Hurd alcohol, sold by The Patriarch and Bricktown Brewery, and t-shirt proceeds, sold by Tack Designs, benefited the Edmond Public Schools Foundation. The donation of $7,000 was revealed at the final Heard on Hurd. More than 100 volunteers gave their time, skills and resources to make Heard on Hurd successful. While the majority of volunteers are Citizens Bank of Edmond


employees, several other groups including University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond Public Schools Foundation and Oklahoma Christian University members also help in making the event possible. “Being a volunteer at Heard on Hurd has been an extremely rewarding experience for me as an employee,” said Aimee Yarbrough, Vice President of Loan Document Preparation at Citizens Bank of Edmond. “Volunteerism and being involved in the community is something that is in the fabric of the bank and Heard on Hurd is the culmination of everything we stand for, I’m proud to say that I’m a part of that.” This month, the festive lights from the two bank locations lit up the earlier sunset evening. The podcast, We Apologize for the Inconvenience show, also live broadcasted the event by providing a live feed of the band to listeners as well as interviewing and describing the scene in between musical acts. A mobile vehicle stationed away from the stage was able to broadcast out the live feed for those attending the festival. “This is our first time broadcasting live for an event and it could not have worked out better than it did at Heard on Hurd,” said Stephen Tyler and Aaron and John Souders from the WAFTI show. “Heard on Hurd was amazing, we had a blast doing the event live and are glad to be able to boost this local event. Kudos to DD Audio for providing the vehicle to

showcase the live stream at the event.” The Heard on Hurd music stage this month featured alternative pop duo, the Lunar Laugh, singer/songwriter from Athens, Ga., Emily Hearn, and blues and R&B tinged rock band, KALO. “We are so blessed to have amazing people at this event,” Jill Castilla, president and CEO, said. “The bands have been so talented and kind, the volunteers have poured their time and sweat equity into making the event possible, the vendors provide value and good food for all, and the attendees continue to come out in droves and support local. We would’ve never imagined this kind of support from the community when we first started and it’s amazing to see all that has transpired since we started Heard on Hurd last year.” Local food trucks and pop-up shops continued their strong support for Heard on Hurd and were excited to be part of the end of season event. “Our restaurant is located in Edmond and we are so glad to be able to bring our food to Heard on Hurd to show off what Edmond has to offer,” said Let’s Do Greek owners Marsha and Gleen Aguilar. “Our team had an amazing time at the season closer.” Stay tuned for more details on next season by liking Heard on Hurd on Facebook or following @HeardonHurd on Instagram and Twitter.

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This sunset was the most popular sunset photo we have ever posted on Instagram, and sadly for the saddest reason. God’s reminder of his love for Oklahoma. #OklahomaStrong


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who were and are affected by the tragedy on Saturday October 23 during the OSU Homecoming Parade.

What’s New


Edmond’s Fall Festival This year’s DEBA Fall Festival was an amazing gathering of Edmond families, businesses and the Edmond Electric, Police and Fire Department employees. There were thousands in attendance during the 2 hour event, and fun was had by all. Businesses handed out candy, had games to play at the Festival Marketplace this year and the Elsa’s, little Firemen, Ninja Turtles, little butterfly’s, puppies and a little horse enjoyed every minute!

Edmond Historical Ghost Tours This year’s Edmond Historical Ghost

The benefit of these 15 minute “Ghost

Tours are over, but excitingly saw a record

Tours” will be to restore the Plaques marking

enthusiatic crowd of residents eager to learn

Downtown Edmond’s Historic Buildings.

spooky facts about our beloved Downtown

Well done to all of the actors, and to our


community for taking advantage of some of

We caught up with Stephanie Pate Carel,

the unique events we have in town.

Saturday night October 24, and found out

Next year, due to requests from readers

they had to extend the last night to 4 more

on Facebook, we will have the full schedule


available for you in advance!

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OKLA HOME Introduces The Modern Farm House

We’re Kinda Like Green Acres Green Acres is the place for me. Farm livin’ is the life for me. Land spreadin’ out so far and wide Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside. New York is where I’d rather stay. I get allergic smelling hay. I just adore a penthouse view. Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue. Craig grew up on a farm in rural Stroud, Oklahoma. Living with his grandparents, John and Mary Lou Cooper (their names even sound country), he had a full-time farmhand job by the time he was 5 years old (or so he claims). As a kid, he spent afternoons under the dining room table creating miniature farms from toy tractors and toilet paper rolls for hay bales. As a teenager, any hour outside of school (or sometimes in lieu of school) was spent on a combine or some other piece of farm equipment alongside his Grandfather. He’s always been a hard worker and to him a firm handshake from a farm-raised good ole boy is worth far more than any letterhead inked contract. His Grandfather

OklaHome: Craig & Jennifer Hodgens Designer: Rob Allen Interior Designer: Beth Allen

08 edmondactive.com

modelled for him that work-ethic is 7 days a week, sun up to well-after sun down and a trait to be well valued. While I didn’t grow up in a big metropolis, as a little girl I always dreamed of living in a big city highrise. One of my favorite classes in high school was Career Development. Mrs. Cunningham taught me how to write a resume and dress for success (“never wear a pink suit – they’ll think you’re a weak girl). My first “real” job was in the children’s department at the local JC Penney’s department store. Looking back on it, I think my boss and co-workers were making fun of me by calling me “Miss Corporate Jenny” because I wore a smart business

suit everyday to sell onsies and binkies behind a cash register. My idea of being a success was wearing high heels, an up-do and sitting at a big desk with a city view window and my name on the office door. After college, I announced to my family that I was moving to San Francisco. Without friends or family, a job or a place to live in California I trekked in a 1970s U-haul across the desert aiming for the big city and just about gave my mom a heart attack. In San Francisco I loved my job designing weddings on luxury yachts for high-end city brides. From San Francisco, I moved across the country to New England continuing the event planning business for New York and Boston brides

and loved visiting the big towns on my days off soaking up the hustle and bustle of city life. In public, Craig and I often look like quite an unmatched pair. His closet is full of brand-new, tags- still-on buttondown, crisp collar shirts I’ve bought him that he’ll never wear. Every morning, he instinctively grabs the next hole-worn, grease-stained green John Deere T-shirt in the line. I shop at Ann Taylor and own 6 pairs of pointy black heeled shoes. We get weird looks when we meet new clients a lot of the time but soon enough they understand that we actually make a good team. We’re just “Kinda like Green Acres” as one client put it clearly.

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OKLA HOME Introduces The Modern Farm House Craig wore overalls to our wedding. I only “allowed” it under a new suit jacket for a few photos with our grandfathers. Both grandfathers, then in their late 80s wore their overalls too. Looking back through the professional photos, the ones of the three farm boys are hands-down my favorite. Last year Craig’s Grandfather, John who was his mentor and best friend passed away. I knew since the day I met Craig that the day his Grandfather died would be the hardest day of his life. There’s no one in the world he wanted to be more like or who understood him as well. Everyday he strives to carry on his legacy of providing for his family and going the extra mile to help someone in need. When I first introduced my parents to Craig while we were dating, my mom told me, “You’re weird, he’s weird, but you’re both weird together.” We get that. We make a good team. I’m relationships and branding. He’s the brain and the sweat equity. God certainly has a sense of humor when he creates a lid for every pot. But He does it. Even if that lid is greasy cast iron and the pot is shiny stainless steel. When Craig started building homes, we automatically wanted to create a fun juxtaposition of our personalities with a Modern Farmhouse style. With huge wrap-around front porches, corrugated steel roofs and of course ship-lap siding, Craig gets to relive his comfortable farmhome feel. Pair this with sleek, metallic light fixtures, clean white subway-tiled kitchens and a mid-century minimalist décor and you have a serene and simplified feel. And the best thing is, the market is really seeming to love the new Modern Farmhouse style too. It’s literally all over HGTV. We’ve had a ton

10 edmondactive.com

of clients searching for this look and for a little land to call their own but haven’t been able to find anyone in Edmond who doesn’t build cookie-cutter traditional style homes. It’s exciting to see that our niche is really growing in popularity. My favorite pieces in any home Craig builds are the pieces that tell a story. He once shipped in a 10’x8’ extremely heavy carriage barn door flaking with layers and layers of paint. This door came off a 1930s barn in Massachusetts and cost more to ship it than to actually buy it. It even had the original leaded glass diamond glass intact. Craig had the door split in half and repainted barn-red. He hung it on rails and made two true barn style doors for a client’s dining room. Those doors are priceless. They have character and simply make the room. It’s the touches like that that make OklaHome-built Modern Farmhouse style homes special. For more information about OklaHome Homebuilders and to see a gallery of photos of their Modern Farmhouse style homes, go to www.OklaHome.com or visit their Facebook and Instagram page.

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What’s In Store

Emory Anne Interiors 15020 Bristol Park Blvd.

Fit Circle

1200 West Covell Road



The Cargo Room ShopCargoRoom.com

Serendipity Market 917 East Danforth Road

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The Morgan Grand National And World Championship Horse Show

At The OK State Fair Complex By Chris Hultner

With Oklahoma’s Cowboy heritage it should come as no surprise that horses would play a big role in the states identity. In fact just a short drive through the outlying areas of Edmond would reveal many properties dedicated to horses and the people who make them a big part of their lives. We definitely live in horse country. There are many barns and farms in the area that offer boarding, training and riding lessons for a number of horse breeds. Thanks to Oklahomas central location in the states, we atract a lot of horse shows. In fact, some of the country’s biggest and most prestigious horse shows take place right here in the metro. More specifically, at the Oklahoma State Fair complex. The most recent being the Morgan Grand National and World Championship Horse Show. As a kid I spent most of my free time riding and working with Morgan Horses. They remain my favorite breed of horse to this day. The Morgan is America’s first horse breed. They are well know for their versatility, strength and durability. The US Government even bred Morgans for the calvary during the Civil War. The Morgan Horse can do it all and in the show ring is where they really shine.

14 edmondactive.com

Upcoming Horse Shows at the State Fair Complex Nov. 01 Nov. 06-21 Nov. 27-30 2016 Jan. 15-17 Apr June 02-12 June 17 Aug. 05-13 Oct.

Cinch USTRC National Finals of Team Roping 2015 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show National Reining Horse Futurity International Finals Rodeo Oklahoma Centennial Horse Show OQHA Redbud Spectacular Horse Show Ayrshire Grand National Sale American Quarter Horse Youth World Championship Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show

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Local Flavor Fuzzy’s Taco: 15th & Bryant Fuzzy’s Taco recently open in Spring Creek Plaza and has already become a favorite among the locals. Fuzzy’s specializes in Baja style Mexican food and they don’t skimp on proportions. Fuzzy’s is also family friendly and very affordable. On our visit we tried the Super Burrito with shredded beef, Nachos, a Pork Taco and a Bean Burrito with 2 drinks for just under $30.00. Niether of us left hungry and the food was delicious. Definitely wrth a try.

16 edmondactive.com

Emory Anne Interiors has scheduled their 2015 Holiday Open House for November 5!

Company C offers colorful rugs & accessories to brighten up your spaces!

Emory Anne Interiors has a full Bridal Registry!

HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Saturday 10am-5pm 405.753.4466 www.emoryanneinteriors.com

15020 Bristol Park Place, Edmond (on 33rd, between Santa Fe & Kelly)

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Edmond Events August 2015 1-31 Celebrating Edmond History - 30 Years and Counting Edmond Historical Society & Museum, 431 S. Boulevard

Into the Woods Bickham-Rudkin Park 15 Golf Family Fun Night Kickingbird Golf Club 15 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

Edmond Historical Society & Museum, 431 S. Boulevard 3 UCO Bronchos Vs. Fort Hays State 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium 4 Edmond Santa Fe Vs. Edmond North (Edlam) 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium

Downtown Edmond 22 Krazy Kids Dog Show Shannon Miller Park 25 Edmond Santa Fe Vs. Edmond Memorial (Edlam) 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium

1 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

15 Heard on Hurd Downtown Edmond on Broadway between Main & Hurd

5 Edmond Farmer’s Market and Junior Market Festival Market Place

15 Downtown Edmond Historic Tours Downtown Edmond

11 Edmond North Vs. Edmond Memorial (Edlam) 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium

26-27 Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Wildlife Expo Lazy E Arena

7-9 Red Dirt Classic USTRC Team Roping Lazy E Arena

16 Arcadia Lake Triathlon Arcadia Lake, Edmond Park (2nd Street)

12 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

26 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

8 Arcadia Lake Sweep Spring Creek Park at Lake Arcadia

19 Arcadia Lake Deer Harvest Management Arcadia Lake

18 Edmond North Vs. Stillwater 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium

26 Boys Ranch Town Rodeo Boys Ranch Town - 5100 E 33rd St, Edmond,

8 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

22 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

9 12th Annual Parent Child Championship Kickingbird Golf Club

22 5K to Monet Fine Arts Institute

12 Edmond Farmer’s Market and Junior Market Festival Market Place 14-16 Beat The Heat Soccer Tournament Edmond Soccer Club 14 Movie Nights in the Park -

28-29 OCA Range Round-Up Lazy E Arena 29 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

September 2015 1-30 Celebrating Edmond History - 30 Years and Counting

5 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

19 UCO Bronchos Vs. Emporia State 2:00pm at Wantland Stadium 19 Golf Family Fun Night Kickingbird Golf Club Extra Info: 405-341-5350 or www.kickingbirdgolf.com 19 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place 19 Heard on Hurd Downtown Edmond on Broadway between Main & Hurd 19 Downtown Edmond Historic Tours

25-26 Rodeo Hall of Fame Weekend National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

26 Music4 Water Festival Shannon Miller Park

October 2015 1-31 Celebrating Edmond History - 30 Years and Counting Edmond Historical Society & Museum, 431 S. Boulevard 1 Edmond Memorial Vs. Yukon 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium 2 Edmond North Vs. Moore 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium 2 EdFest

18 edmondactive.com

Festival Market Place (Downtown Edmond) 3 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place 3 UCO Bronchos Vs. Nebraska Kearney 2:00pm at Wantland Stadium 8 Edmond Santa Fe Vs. Yukon 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium 8 Edmond Electric & Water Resources Open House Cross Timbers Public Service Center 9 Edmond North Vs. Putnam City 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium 10 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place 10 Mummy & Son Dance MAC (Mitch Park) 12 2015 Couples Championship Kickingbird Golf Club 15 Edmond Memorial Vs. Norman 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium

17 UCO Bronchos Vs. Central Missouri 2:00pm at Wantland Stadium

5 Edmond Memorial Vs. Norman 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium

17 Heard on Hurd Downtown Edmond on Broadway between Main & Hurd

6 Edmond North Vs. Union 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium

22 Edmond North Vs. Southmoore 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium 22-31 USTRC Shootout Championship Team Roping Lazy E Arena 23-30 Storybook Forest Arcadia Lake 24 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place 24 Trunk or Treat in the Park Mitch Park 30 Edmond Memorial Vs. Jenks 7:00pm at Wantland Stadium 31 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

November 2015

16-18 OHSRA/OJHSRA Fall Break Bash Rodeo Lazy E Arena

1-30 Celebrating Edmond History - 30 Years and Counting Edmond Historical Society & Museum, 431 S. Boulevard

17 Edmond Farmer’s Market Festival Market Place

3-8 World Cutting Horse Finals Lazy E Arena

6-8 Turkey Shootout Soccer Tournament Edmond Soccer Club 7 Edmond’s Got Talent Performance Mitchell Hall at UCO 7 UCO Homecoming 10am - Homecoming Parade, 11:30am - Homecoming Tailgate, 2pm - Homecoming Football Game University of Central Oklahoma 7 UCO Bronchos Vs. Linwood University 2:00pm at Wantland Stadium 12 Wine Through Time Wine & Food Tasting Fundraiser Edmond Historical Society & Museum 14-15 A-OK Alpaca Blast Off Lazy E Arena 19 Mozart Orchestra of New York Armstrong Auditorium

26 Edmond Turkey Trot Downtown Edmond 28 Small Business Saturday Downtown Edmond

December 2015 1-31 Edmond Holiday Light Displays Downtown Edmond, Spring Creek Plaza, Spring Creek Village, First Baptist Church, UCO & OC Campuses. 1-19 Celebrating Edmond History - 30 Years and Counting Edmond Historical Society & Museum, 431 S. Boulevard 3-5 Annual Holiday Show UCO Jazz Lab 4 UCO WinterGlow Old North, Nigh University Center - UCO Campus 4-6 Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant 5100 SE 33rd St, Edmond 5-19 Christmas in Downtown Edmond Downtown Edmond 12 Gingerbread House Contest Edmond Historical Society & Museum

21 The Santa Market Downtown Community Center

edmondactive.com 19


We specialize in wooden letters from 6” to 4 feet tall, wooden words, growth charts and crosses. We also offer a full line of Greek products for sororities and fraternities. We love custom orders and our motto is “ We don’t do ugly”. We can be found at Paper Arts on 2nd Street and Fretz in Downtown Edmond, Cabin Fever in Kingfisher, And The Funky a Trunk West in Yukon or online at WagsCreations.com! Phone# is 405-206-4325 Email: Susan@wagscreations.com

Emory Anne Interiors is one of the trendiest stores in Edmond, with a fantastic selection of new high end to affordable pieces for your entire home, very unique home accessories, full line of Company C, Lenny & Eva and Waxing Poetic Jewelry, Thibaut fine fabrics, wallpaper and custom furniture. Emory Anne’s also offers fabric by the yard and design services in store. Be sure to stop by to visit this store first when redecorating on any budget. You can find Emory Anne Interiors at 15020 Bristol Blvd, on 33rd between Kelly and Santa Fe Open M-F 10 am to 6 pm and Sat. 10-5 pm. Be sure to follow at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for sales & inspiration and online at www.Emoryanneinteriors.com! If you have any questions, you can call the store at 405-753-4466.

Paper Arts is a scrapbook and art boutique that provides top of the line supplies, classes and one-on-one instruction, as well as, ready to buy gifts. We take pride in offering a comfortable space for anybody to come create their heart’s desires. You can visit the store at 632 W. Edmond Road 405-330-2055 https://www.facebook.com/pages/PaperArts/

If you are looking for a cozy place to stay for your special day, whether it be a relaxing weekend, a summer Wedding or another special occassion, visit ArcadianInn.com and reserve your room, as they book quickly at this time of year. The Arcadian Inn Bed and Breakfast is located at 1st and University, across from UCO. To book a reservation, visit www.ArcadianInn.com or call 405-348-6347. Follow for specials at @ArcadianAarons at Facebook, Twitter Instagram & Pinterest!

MILLIES TABLE CATERING & More Millies is the place to go for weekly prepared meals, catering for your wedding or special event and for your Graduate! Millie’s also has new healthy items available for pick up in their Meals to Go freezer! Give Millie’s a call at 330-9156 or visit her website for more information! Located at 1333 W. Danforth Rd in Edmond! For more information, visit her website at www.MilliesTable.com

We offer affordable & stylish accents, restyled furniture, fun jewelry, unique holiday and home decor & gifts and we have an Etsy like atmosphere! Stop in now to see all of the latest decor & gifts and accessories for you and your home. Find Serendipity Market at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! Our Location: 917 E Danforth Rd, Edmond (Across from Ted’s Cafe Escondido) and you can call us at 405-340-8869

20 edmondactive.com


2 Doors Down Furniture Consignment is now accepting select gently used brand name quality furniture and accessories. If you’re looking to make a change in your home, this store is the place to check first as their stock is unique, trendy, and affordable, but you have to check in often as their inventory changes daily. Be sure to stop in to 2 Doors Down, located at 15020 Bristol Park Blvd Ste 400, off 33rd Street, between Kelly & Santa Fe, and take a look around, great owners and great pieces! You can also find them at Facebook & Instagram at 2DoorsDownEdmond or by calling them at 405-254-5175 if you see something you’d like to place on hold! If you’d like to consign your gently used pieces, send your email to twodoorsdown.edmond@ yahoo.com Store hours are M-F 10-6 and Sat. 10-5

Enjoy the country at any one of the 5 cozy Honeymoon cottages at Aaron’s Gate Country Cottages, in Guthrie, just a few minutes north of Edmond. Located on a beautiful wooded 10 acre property, you can relax with the outdoor jacuzzi’s or just relax indoors in front of the fireplace and wake up to a beautiful candlelit breakfast. Visit online at www.Aaronsgate. com to discover the different packages and to reserve your room, or call 405-282-0613.

It’s almost Mother’s Day and Graduation , and now is a great time to save on something new with Edmond Wine Shop’s Employee Picks! Cases are discounted, too! Be sure to follow them at Twitter & Facebook @EdmondWineShop! Located on 15th & Boulevard and open Mon– Sat. from 10 am until 9 pm! You can also call in any order at 405-3413122 for a later pick up.

The Animal Medical Center at I-35 offers comprehensive medical care, annual vaccine packages with heartworm checks, general surgery & dental care, senior pet care, a well stocked pharmacy, nutrition counseling, a large indoor dog and cat boading facility with 2 large outdoor play areas and professional grooming Mon.-Friday by appointment. The vets on staff are Dr. Tomlinson, Dr. Krenek and Dr. Farr. You can find them at Facebook at Animal Medical Center I-35, at Twitter at @ EdmondVet or call 405) 359-6301.

The Healthy Cookies for Nursing Moms! If you are nursing or pregnant, More Milk Cookies can assist in breastfeeding. Currently sold at cupcakes to go go in Edmond and The Changing Table in Oklahoma City, lactation cookies are a delicious way to meet dietary needs while nursing. For shipping or questions, email MoreMilkCookies@yahoo.com or call 405.330.2190. For wholesale and retail opportunities, please email melanyboughman@yahoo. com or call 405.657.4646Cupcakes to go go, 2524 West Edmond Road 405-330-2190 www.MoreMilkCookies.com

Roost Oklahoma is Downtown Edmond’s newest retailer. Designer owned, they offer a little of everything, including furniture, home accessories, jewelry, gifts & custom made items. Be sure to stop by the shop located at 2nd Street just west of the Farmers Market/ Festival Marketplace and Fretz, in the little turquoise building. You can find them online at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @RoostOklahoma.

edmondactive.com 21


It seems there’s never an end to what people

to accommodate the dabs of wax.

A device

will try, in order to take the effects of a mind-

that looks like an e-cigarette is increasingly

altering substance to the next level. Something

being utilized to smoke the wax, making it

we’ve been hearing about that is now making

almost impossible to detect, as there is very

news headlines, is “wax”, a highly concentrated

little odor emitted. Another device, called an

form of marijuana, obtained through a

HK pen, heats the wax to over 300 degrees so

dangerous process involving the use of butane

that it evaporates, rather than being burned,

or other highly inflammable liquid.


producing a cleaner, more “pure” high with

process renders a product resembling a golden

fewer toxins. Being able to smoke marijuana

brown wax and which is purported to be from

without the telling, distinctive odor is likely to

70-90% “pure” THC, (the active ingredient in

be very attractive to those wishing to escape

marijuana), as opposed to the 7-20% potency

detection; thus the lure for adolescents – and

of regular marijuana.

the danger – increases dramatically.

Marijuana found in

Oklahoma is reported to have a potency level

Young people seem to be recognizing that

of approximately 9%, so we’re talking about

K2 and various forms of “fake marijuana” are

something 8-10 times stronger. Producing or

very risky and are beginning to avoid their use.

cooking the wax has produced a number of

We hope that with education, they will take

explosions across the country, causing deaths,

seriously the dangers of using “wax” and steer

serious burns and injuries and property damage.

clear of this new trend as well.

The wax is referred to as “dab,” (since a little dab’ll do ya in!), “butter,” “shatter” (as it sometimes resembles amber shards of glass), “amber,” “honey,” “butter”, “oil” or “BHO” which stands for Butane Honey Oil or Butane Hash Oil. The process of producing the wax is called “blasting,” and those who produce it are referred to as “blasters.” The number

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710 is commonly seen on clothing & devices associated with the use of wax and is simply the word “OIL” turned upside down. As if the production itself isn’t dangerous enough, the potency of the wax causes problems for its users as well.

Effects are

highly intensified, including extreme agitation, paranoia, passing out, hallucinations and extreme impairment.

There are reports of

people becoming uncontrollable, resulting in arrests or emergency detentions. The “dabs” of wax are smoked in a bong, either specifically tailored for the purpose and referred to as an “oil rig,” or a regular bong that has been adapted

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