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700+ Yearling Bulls


103 ETN Loop • Lindsay, MT 59339 Office (406) 584-7520 • Lee (406) 584-7546
Lee a call to discuss the Choices!



M910934 DOB 01-09-14 WC PLATINUM 8558 P M930171 DOB 09-18-18 BW WW YW Marb $TSI 3.9 76 128 0.19 262.16 100% 6% 15% 25% 25% BW WW YW Marb $TSI 3.2 77 123 0.07 254.96 100% 5% 20% 60% 35% Reg # DOB Tag H/P Sire Dam Bwt. Adj. WW Ratio BW WW YW Marb $TSI M972456 1/25/22 212 P DC/CRJ TANK E108 P WCR MS COUNTY LINE 0252 P 78 812 118 -0.1 76 143 0.10 283.3 M971975 2/17/22 2138 P DC/CRJ TANK E108 P WCR MS THUNDER 4296 P 100 820 119 2.0 74 140 0.06 278.1 M972573 2/17/22 2134 P ELDER'S BLACKJACK 788B WCR MS TANK 9313 P 90 805 117 -0.5 78 141 0.12 279.6 M972571 2/17/22 2131 P ELDER'S BLACKJACK 788B WCR MS TANK 9227 P 94 816 119 1.1 73 127 0.13 264.9 M972473 1/29/22 242 P WC PLATINUM 8558 P WCR MS KINGSBURY 0165 94 794 116 2.0 80 130 0.08 261.6 M972667 3/8/22 2299 P WC PLATINUM 8558 P WCR MS PRINCE 9126 P 86 812 118 0.2 83 129 0.14 262.1 M972464 1/27/22 229 P WCR REMIX 606 ETP WCR MS COUNTY LINE 0574 ET P 84 856 125 -0.6 81 126 0.17 260.9 M972725 3/27/22 2414 P WCR SIR COUNTY LINE 9153 P WCR MS PRIME CUT 992 P 76 781 114 -2.0 80 132 0.14 267.9
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Clift at Clift Livestock, Ellensburg, Washington Cover
A C T I V I T I E S & R E F E R E N C E F E A T U R E S 22 Feedlot research leads scientists to seek Charolais-influenced cattle 31 Sure Champ Spotlight: Ava & Calley Stewart 4  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3
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by Molly Schoen

Sire: DC/BHD King F2503 P Dam: JDJ Ms Cigar B2011 P ET to Cordell Dartez, Abbeyville, LA tied for 2nd High-Selling bull at $8500. Consigned by Evans Ranch, Rick & Cindy Evans, Brownwood, TX

Sire: DC/BHD King F2503 P Dam: OHF Lady Oaks B226 to Bruce Roy, Mansura, LA Dam is a Cigar x Three Trees Nancy 9126 ET Consigned by Arlitt Ranch, Bill & Raye Arlitt, Poteet, TX

4/6/21 Polled BW: 85 WW: 700

Sire: DC/BHD King F2503 P Dam: JDJ Ms Cigar B2011 to Rocking S Ranch, Bristow, OK full ET sib to Cordel Dartez bull

Consigned by Evans Ranch, Rick & Cindy Evans, Brownwood, TX

Sire: RBM Fargo Y111 Dam: Endsley’s Vitka 197 to Bella Angel Farms, Michael & Angela Flynn Henry, Yantis, TX Dam by E. Duke Stone 257, a former AICA Trait Leader by Duke 914 Consigned by Endsley’s Charolais, Hastings, MI

Yantis, Texas 75497 (831) 234-9224 2601 Austin Ave. Brownwood, Texas 76801 Office: (325) 646-1561 Cell: (325) 647-9039 RE MAJESTY 188 P ET EM971973 4/4/21 BW:
& Angela Henry
CR 3425
86 WW: 735 Polled
M961304 1/27/21 Polled BW: 96 WW: 744 YW: 1,334
RE KINGDOM 180 ET EM971956
B225 KING 36H P
M972356 10/24/20 Polled BW 75
for your purchases at the 31st Annual Ranchers Choice Bull Sale J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  5
6  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3
P.O. Box 186, Liverpool, Texas 77577 Larry Ludeke (832) 439-4666 E-mail: Sulphur, Louisiana Full French & Purebred Genetics B ulls for the B eef B usiness 4315 E. SH-71, LaGrange, Texas 79845 Processing Center (979) 249-2571 USDA INSPECTED PLANT SELLING 200+ BULLS ANNUALLY Available Private Treaty Ranches in Texas & Louisiana Functional • Sound • Real World Outlier x SCR Ms Turbo 7003 p Eye Appeal + Dimension p Top 15% REA EPD p Time-Proven Dam Caldwell J701 BJCF EM967900 ET Marlin K96 BJCF P/S Ruidoso x KC Impressed Linebred Maternally • Growth lufKin K88 BJCF M973755 PLD Ruidoso x Watt x Vanessa Powerful Look! Look for him in OKC, Fort Worth and Houston! fro M our C attle M en ’ s C ongress P en of B ulls M973753 J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  7
CHAROLAIS 59TH ANNUAL SALE JWC MARKETING LLC WES CHISM 281-761-5952 WES@JWCMARKETING.COM PO BOX 1368 PLATTE CITY, MO 64079 SALE MANAGER: SALE SPONSOR: CHAROLAIS JOURNAL REPRESENTATIVE: Hadley Schotte 785-562-6632 AUCTIONEER: Justin B. Stout 913-645-5136 Bid and purchase live on the internet. Go to IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS • DES MOINES, IOWA MONDAY • FEBRUARY 13, 2023 • 1:30 PM LONG YEARLING BULLS • YEARLING BULLS • BRED HEIFERS OPEN HEIFERS • PERCENTAGE HEIFERS • GENETICS OFFERING 60 LOTS CONTACT US FOR A CATALOG! MLL BADGE 263 P LT Badge x SAT Gridmaker 5120 x LT Ledger DOB: 1/14/22 EPD: BW: -0.6 WW: 75 YW 130 TSI: 267.58 JAB CASSIE 117 POLLED JAB Around Here Buzz x WC Up the Limit x LT Pearl DOB: 3/2/21 Bred AI to RBM TR Rhinestone LAFRAISE BELLE 361 DOB: 4/30/21 LDSC BRCHE Luscious x Outsider x Rhinestone Bred AI to M6 Slam Dunk 3115 LAFRAISE REDEMPTER 341C PLD ET DOB: 7/5/2021 CCC WC Redemption x M6 New Nancy 2134 P EPD: BW: 1.2 WW: 71 YW 132 TSI: 275.39 RF MS JOAN 270 DOB: 2/8/22 RF SC Outer Limits x Resource x Ms Joan ANG INDEX CASE M&M Outsider x TR Ms Kay 30A DOB: 3/10/22 EPD: BW: -0.1 WW: 56 YW: 94 TSI: 231.20 8  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3
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Eric, Angie, Haley & Brayden Dennis 170 Rock Bluff Road|Saint Jo, TX 76265 940-841-2792|edennis591 DENNIS CHAROLAIS FARM For sale catalog & more information, contact: Videos of bulls will be posted on B EEF G ENE BULL SALE Dennis Charolais Farms 1PM|Saturday, January 28, 2023 Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission Sulphur Springs, Texas lot 1|M974568|sired by milestone Lot 15|M976513|Sired by inception lot 7|EM966669|Sired by cigar Lot 29|M976311|Sired by Swagger Lot 23|M976507|Sired by mescalito lot 45|M976332|Sired by renegade Lot 58|M974744|Sired by outkast BULLS Raised in large grass traps Fed high roughage ration No bulk feeders Selling 100 Breeding Age Charolais Bulls 10  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3


Rogers Bar HR just won the 2022 Florida Bull test making us the only breeder to win 3 years in a row! There were SEVEN Rogers Bar HR bulls in the top 10 - out of 94 bulls across all breeds - placing 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, with the top bull gaining 5.92 lbs/day!

Our operation is a true forage-based program. Rogers Bar HR bulls are developed on GRASS - bermuda, bahia, star, and ryegrass. They are bred in the South, raised in the South, and they will work for you in the South! Be it grass or grain, our bulls will put on the pounds for you. More pounds, more money!


Saturday, February 25th, 2023

Selling 60 Charolais Bulls


sale and bid online through

Rogers Bar HR’s focus is on Charolais. Our program is designed to produce the best Charolais in the breed. We are the largest breeder in the South, and one of the oldest breeders in the country. We have been performance testing to produce only the best Charolais since 1959. Let us put our bloodlines to work for you and your operation. us for our Spring “Turn Out” Bull Sale (601)765-8848 (Office) (601)765-7751 (Doug’s Cell) PO Box 1718 33 H Rogers Lane Collins, MS 39428 J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  11
Catalogs and Videos Available on Our Website and Facebook February 1st! Watch
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OUR GENETICS ARE WORKING ACROSS THE U.S. FEED EFFICIENT II LOW BACKFAT II HIGH DRESSING % II QUALITY PREMIUMS LT RANSOM 8644 PLD M914463 CE: 8.1 II BW: -1.0 II WW: 58 II YW: 100 M: 23 II TSI: 248 MARBLING (TOP 7%) BUILT IN LT PRIDE 0401 M943564 CE: 10.3 II BW: -4.0 II WW: 52 II YW: 91 M: 22 II TSI: 238 Top 15% MB, CE DAM IS A BRENDA HEIFER SAFE - CALVING EASE HTA MISSLE 110H M954353 CE: -2.4 II BW: 3.2 II WW: 58 II YW: 109 M: 20 II TSI: 251 TOP 2% FAT; 8% SC, REA CANADIAN OUTCROSS SIRE “HIGH CLASS” WCR MASTER CHIEF 037 P M939613 CE: 12.1 II BW: -3.8 II WW: 62 II YW: 119 M: 28 II TSI: 267 TOP 2% CW, REA OUTCROSS SIRE “BLACKJACK” DC/CRJ TANK E108 M905524 CE: 13.0 II BW: -1.9 II WW: 66 II YW: 146 M: 37 II TSI: 294 Top 1% TSI, CW; Top 2% YW, M RBM FARGO Y111 EM809088 CE: 7.6 II BW: 0.7 II WW: 77 II YW: 149 M: 28 II TSI: 283 TOP 5% WW, 1% YW, 3% TSI LT PATRIOT 4004 PLD M852822 CE: 2.2 II BW: -0.5 II WW: 65 II YW: 124 M: 26 II TSI: 263 TOP 15% YW PROVEN SIRES Sons and Grandsons of these are being offered in our 2023 production sale! All Reference Sires Are Tested PA Free J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  13
14  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3
DR Monsoon 45 Calving Ease, Complete Build, Maternal CCC Cheetah 0029P Back to back NILE Champion! WC Inferno 6561 P Rushmore x Blue Value DF MR Outrageous 64G Exciting Power & Profile! BRCHE White Bear 8505 Pld ET 2019-20 Show Bull of the Year Boy Outlier 812 ET P 2018-19 Show Bull of the Year CCC WC RESOURCE 417 P Balanced, Great Daughters SHF Addiction 1609 Pld Great Cow Families LT Tioga 4090 Pld Top 9% CE • 5% BW • 15% MCE • 3% M WCR Sherman Tank 0525 ET Top 1% YW, Milk, TM, TSI (573) 641-5270 WC Uncharted 7328 P Performance, Power Numbers TR CAG Carbon Copy 7630E ET Rhinestone x Carbine MJ NS Tiago 1432 P Look, Performance, Outcross Shardon Double Vision 1D Pld Outcross Right for the Times! TS Waylon 31F ET Power, Sound Attractive FC RF SUMMIT 0018 ET Top 20% CE, TM • 15% BW, MCE CCC WC Redemption 7143 Unique, Perfect Design LT Rushmore 8060 Pld Top 4% CE • 2% BW • 1% M • 3% TM LJR Mr Bad Hombre 2373E ET Structure, Power Call for a Sire Directory or View Online SHF Absolute 1508 Style & Perfect Foot RF Full Strut 0223 ET Top 8% Milk • 15% TM • 20% MB DC/CRJ TANK E108 P Calving Ease and Performance TCCS Saint Christopher Denver Grand, Homo Pld SHF Rehab 8104 P Substance with Power 2020 NWSS Champ! J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  15
16  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3


This past summer, I had the pleasure of traveling to the UK with 22 other Charolais enthusiasts from the U.S. to participate in the World Charolais Congress. During this 12-day adventure, we met Charolais breeders and breed execs from all over the world. We were also able to see, and learn about, Charolais cattle in the four countries that make-up the United Kingdom.

In late November, I traveled to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada to attend the Canadian Western Agribition. I had heard about the Agribition since I was 15 years old. I was told it would rival the National Western Stock Show, the American Royal and the North American International Livestock Exposition for the quality of the cattle in the show. My expectations for this iconic show were high, and I was not disappointed. Craig Scott, Kasey, Arlana and Kord Phillips, Helge and Candace By, Darwin

Bruce Mitchell and Sally Northcutt have been working with Craig Scott, Darwin Rosso, and Sean McGrath at the Canadian Charolais Association ironing out details to allow us to run a joint genetic evaluation of Charolais cattle. Our AICA Board of Directors voted to support this joint evaluation. Since July 1, 2022, there has been significant behind the scenes effort to determine how to identify Charolais cattle that are dual enrolled in both Charolais Associations. With Mike Brooks understanding the need to use ICAR numbers (stemming from an international numbering system), Sean McGrath, Canadian Geneticist identifying the dual-enrolled animals and Kelli Retallick, Geneticist and President of Angus Genetics Incorporated (AGI) directing her team to modify the software program at AGI to accommodate ICAR numbers, we are very close to a joint

Rosso, Dennis and Lissa Serhienko, Mike Panasiuk, Cole and Jill Harvie, Craig Wilgenbusch, Carman and Donna Jackson and Keith and Karen Black welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family.

Craig Scott, General Manager of the Canadian Charolais Association, served as my host in Regina. I first met Craig in Louisville at the North American International Livestock Exposition during our fall 2021 Charolais Board Meetings. Craig and I spent nearly two weeks together during the World Charolais Congress in the UK this past July. Craig Scott and Kasey Phillips, President of the Canadian Charolais Association, attended our fall Charolais Board meetings this past October in Kansas City. I was able to spend time with both men during our National Charolais Show at the 2022 American Royal. I share these details to let you know that Craig and I are on the same page when it comes to our desire for the American-International Charolais Association and the Canadian Charolais Association to work closely together for the benefit of our Charolais breeders and members.

For several years now, Neil Orth, Rex Ricketts and the AICA Breed Improvement Committee, along with Bill Bowman,

evaluation for Charolais cattle in North America. I went into detail about the work that has been done to facilitate a joint genetic evaluation of Charolais cattle in North America, because I believe the EPDs generated by this evaluation will provide a stimulus to increase international trade of Charolais cattle between Canada and the U.S. Jumping back to my visit to Regina, SK in late November, my first full day at the Agribition included the 2022 Canadian National Charolais Sale, which included 19 lots from 19 consignors. Lot 203 caught my eye in the stalls ahead of the sale. She was an open Charolais heifer named SVY Dina 221K who was born on January 24, 2022. Dina was sired by SVY Mayfield 30H, who was in the same string of cattle as Dina. Mayfield is a coming three-yearold Charolais bull who is quite impressive. After studying the Mayfield bull, I was even more interested in the Dina heifer. Later that afternoon, Dina sold for $20,000 Canadian dollars to a U.S. Charolais breeder.

The 2022 Canadian National Charolais Show was held the following day at Agribition. I enjoyed watching the show and learning more about Canadian Charolais cattle, many of whom included U.S. genetics in their pedigree. The Champion

J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  17
Strengthening Industry Relations Through International Trade Work Closely Together
V I E W P O I N T continued on page 52
I went into detail about the work that has been done to facilitate a joint genetic evaluation of Charolais cattle in North America, because I believe the EPDs generated by this evaluation will provide a stimulus to increase international trade of Charolais cattle between Canada and the U.S.


Aubrey L Ward 

12950 Ne 40th Lane

Williston, FL 32696


Rolling B Ranch

624 Brae Tarn Road

Warm Springs, GA 31830


Cagwin Farms

8816 N Voorhees Rd

Edwards, IL 61528

Mallory J Miller 

19152 N 150 E Road

Danvers, IL 61732

Willow F Shaffer 

1472 Hwy 61

Loraine, IL 62349


Brian Ford 1767 E 800 South Oxford, IN 47971

Johnie Anne Mc Donnell  1602 Sr 28

Union City, IN 47390


Olivia M Allen 

2877 Ireland Ave Nw

Tiffin, IA 52340

Fisher Bisinger 7481 20th Ave

Wyoming, IA 52362

Darrack J Clingman  19523 70th Ave

New Virginia, IA 50210

Braxton M Dight 

1821 190th St Rockford, IA 50468

Kent Ferguson 2414 120th St

New Sharon, IA 50207

Ben Schwarz 25840 200th Ave Eldridge, IA 52748


Kaden Wilson 1968 Adams Union Ave

Creston, IA 50801


Cole A Flower  1615 16 Rd

Stockton, KS 67669

Mosbarger Cattle Co

601 E Hwy 24

Goodland, KS 67735


Harper L Herman 

517 W Union City Road

Union City, MI 49094

Troy Markley 11835 Lehring Rd

Byron, MI 48418

Cooper J Ostrum  3091 144th Ave

Dorr, MI 49323


Zachary M Orthaus  7879 157th St N

Hugo, MN 55038

Aubree C Paplow  26114 470th Ave

Sanborn, MN 56083


Griffin W Goering  412 Ardie Circle

Syracuse, NE 68446

North Carolina

Jonathan Scott Jenkins 7203 Hwy 141 Marble, NC 28905


Taylor Barton  787 Powers Road

Sabina, OH 45169

Hannah M Leith  1019 Private Drive 6636 Pedro, OH 45659

Sara E Leith  1019 Private Drive 6636 Pedro, OH 45659

AmericanInternational Charolais Association

The AICA is the official registry for Charolais and Charbray cattle in the United States. Charolais cattle were first brought to the U.S. in 1936. In 1957, the American Charolais Breeders Association and the International Charolais Breeders Association merged forming the present AICA. Membership in the AICA is obtainable when the applicant has ownership in at least one animal, and has paid the initial membership fee of $125. AICA annual dues are $100.

Mckayla R Nelson 

44869 State Route 681

Coolville, OH 45723


Mattilyn Rhai Bixler  907 N 11th St Tonkawa, OK 74653

Charlotte E Boone 

9924 N Ashfield Rd

Owasso, OK 74055

Grady B Carter 

11690 Ncr 3340

Stratford, OK 74872

Hudson C Carter 

11690 Ncr 3340 Stratford, OK 74872

Keller D Oakes  221 N Sexton Taloga, OK 73667

Avery J Staggs  15428 Rockwood Ave Wayne, OK 73095


Five Fourteen Cattle Co 91470 Territorial Hwy Junction City, OR 97448

Alyssa L Pederson  15395 Guthrie Road Dallas, OR 97338


Brian & Tina Eaton

611 Big Spring Road Newville, PA 17241


R5 Cattle Co

705 Oak Grove Road Lexington, TN 38351


Calco Charolais Po Box 125 Utopia, TX 78884

William P Herd 

11275 Golden Mist College Station, TX 77845

Animals Held in the System

Ali Mc Daniel  3093 Crews Road Bells, TX 75414

Jose Rivera 36967 Bell Rd Waller, TX 77484

If an animal is registered online and held in the system, you can transfer that animal at any time. If an animal was registered online, but wasn’t held in the system, it will not be able to be transferred online. You will need to fill out the back of the certificate that was mailed to you and send it back to the office to be transferred.

DNA Fees

As of January 1, 2023. Samples recieved at the lab after 12-15-22 will reflect the new price.

100K - $40

H/P - $20

BPA- $7

2023 Dues Reminder

Reminders will be mailed in November. Active members – $100; junior member – $25. Junior member Charolais Journal subscriptions are an additional $25. Be sure to update all contact information including e-mails and websites. If dues are not renewed for 2023, online passwords will not work.

New ONLINE Lab Results

New online lab results! View your lab results with one click. Under the “herd” tab, click into “My Lab”. Your DNA tested animals will be listed there. Click the “view” button to see details on each animal. You can also download the results in an Excel file by using the “Lab Test Results Export” under the “tools” tab.

18  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3

Expedited Registration WorkNEW FEES

If an animal needs to be registered with in a day or two a rush fee of $75 ($150 non members) will be added to work. Once the animal is registered you can pull it up online to view the registration number. The new certificate will be mailed out the following day. We also offer FedEx mailing for additional $75 ($150 non members).


Weight Data Online.

Log in with your breeder number and password. Hold your cursor on the “my performance” tab. Members with enrolled females can enter weaning and yearling weights from the animal list. We offer both individual entry and list entry. Make sure each calf has a record by using the “calving” button. Udder and Teat scores can be added in the “calving” section. Dam Docility score and Body Condition score can be added at Weaning. Contact AICA if you have questions.

Export Your Data for Sale Catalogs

Under the “tools” tab, you will find a new “Data Export” button. This data export gives you the flexibility to export data on animals in your herd and use those data files in your own management packages. You can download and save the files directly to your computer in a CSV (can be opened in Excel) format. There are many options within this feature including selecting the type of animal to export and specific data.

New ONLINE Lab Results

New online lab results! View your lab results with one click. Under the “herd” tab, click into “My Lab”. Your DNA tested animals will be listed there. Click the “view” button to see details on each animal. You can also download the results in an Excel file by using the “Lab Test Results Export” under the “tools” tab.

Performance Deadline Approaching

Performance data must be submitted to the AICA office by February 1 to be included in the March 2023 Genetic Analysis. Please make sure calf data, weights and weigh data have been submitted online or on forms to AICA.

A merican -I nternational C harolais A ssociation

Executive Vice President Dr. Clint Rusk  Ext. 101

Recording Secretary

Maggie Smithee  Ext. 401

Vice President of Operations

David Hobbs  Ext. 200

Youth Activities & Foundation Kaitlyn Chism  Ext. 201

Asst. Recording Secretary Sarah Page

To Use The Extension Numbers Listed For The Above Staff, Phone (816) 464-5977.

President Eddy Loggains

4431 Larkin Road Violet Hill, AR 72584 (870) 404-4332

Vice President Michael Sturgess

407 Breesport St. San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 867-6863

Secretary Donnie Leddy 15635 472nd Ave. Stockholm, SD 57264 (605) 695-0113

Treasurer David Hubert 510 Maple Ave. Oakley, KS 67748 (785) 672-2540

Ex-Officio Mike Schumacher 14809 Pike 139 Bowling Green, MO 63334 (573) 324-2528

Area 1 Scott Eaton

113 Georgetown Dr Glendive, MT 59330

(406) 852-3205

term expires 2024

Area 2

T. Lane Grau

1680 CR 37

Grady, NM 88120

(575) 760-6336

term expires 2023

Area 3

Donnie Leddy

15635 472nd Ave

Stockholm, SD 57264

(605) 695-0113

term expires 2024

Area 4

David Hubert

510 Maple Ave.

Oakley, KS 67748

(785) 672-2540

term expires 2023

Area 5

Michael Sturgess

407 Breesport St. San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 867-6863

term expires 2024

Area 6

Eric Dennis 170 Rock Bluff Rd Saint Jo, TX 76265

(940) 841-2792

Area 7

Chad Zehnder 982 397th Ave NW

Stanchfield, MN 55080

(612) 554-2154

term expires 2024

Area 8

Jim Husz 22790 Icon Road

Maryville, MO 64468

(660) 582-9151

term expires 2023

Area 9

Tyler Davis PO Box 935 Ashdown, AR 71822

(903) 908-5913

term expires 2024

Area 10

Troy Bertsche 4328 E 1800 N Road Flanagan, IL 61740

(815) 674-1244

term expires 2023

Area 11

Jeff Harrod 645 Evergreen Rd Frankfort, KY 40601 (502) 330-6745

term expires 2024

Area 12

Frank Ellis Jr. 250 Ellis Road Letohatchee, AL 36047 (334) 315-8927

Southeast Representative Floyd Wampler 294 Peoples Road Bristol, TN 37620 (423) 612-2144

Southwest Representative

Cody Beck 19800 John Wayne Perry, OK 73077 (765) 719-1622

North Central Representative Hadley Schotte

2811 South Lancaster Drive, Apt. 9 Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (785) 562-6632

Other Regions Call The AICA Office. (816) 464-5977

Commercial Advertising

Jay Carlson

Carlson Media Group, LLC

Beef Breed Group (913) 268-5725 office

Bill Nottke

Kim Coudron Schwecke

Dr. Clint Rusk

Kaitlyn Chism

Fundraising Chairman Larry Lehman

Activities CHAIRMAN Jeff Bunker 13080 Janus Ave Sparta, WI 54656 (608) 633-53342


Area 3 Director

Advertising/Marketing CHAIRMAN Michael Sturgess Area 5 Director


Bob Tibbs 3545 Old Level Rd. Havre de Grace, MD 21078

(410) 734-6873

Affiliate CHAIRMAN

Frank Ellis

Area 12 Director


Marty Lewis 9411 W 56th St S Monroe, IA 50170

(515) 250-2362

term expires 2023

term expires 2023

Area 13

Kyle Reaves 5840 West Allens Bridge Greeneville, TN 37743 (423) 723-9245

President Larry Ludeke

Vice President

Bob Tibbs


Rod Smith

Treasurer Ray Franz Directors

Mike Schumacher

Dr. Clint Rusk

Kaitlyn Chism

Breed Improvement CHAIRMAN

Rex Ricketts Rt. 3 14800 Tucker School Rd Hallsville, MO 65255 (573) 882-4553


Dan Eversole

Area 15 Director

Commercial CHAIRMAN

Dennis Metzger 205 E Hill St Whitman, NE 69366

(816) 519-8208

VICE CHAIRMAN Scott Eaton Area 1 Director

Finance CHAIRMAN Larry Ludeke P.O Box 186 Liverpool, TX 77577 (832) 439-4666

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Entry Deadline: May 10 | Late entry deadline: may 20

Cattle must be on grounds: Sunday, July 2 Noon

Cattle released: conclusion of show Friday, July 7

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DoubleTree by Hilton Roseville | Holiday Inn Express Hampton Inn Roseville | Home2 Suites Roseville

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South Dakota’s land grant university uncovers potential for Charolais genetics to help solve cattle feeding challenges.

While black-hided cattle have long been seen as desirable in feedyards and packing plants across the country, research from South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD gives colored cattle – specifically Charolais-sired cattle – exciting new legs to stand on.

There is no real dispute over the value of heterosis or “hybrid vigor,” which occurs when two breeds are crossed. Usually, the best traits from each animal are exhibited in the offspring resulting in an animal that is superior to either parent.

Cattlemen know that although Angus beef, for example, may have more marbling than continental breeds, Angus cattle are generally lighter muscled and cutability often suffers when they are fed to greater slaughter weights.

Crossing Angus cattle with larger-framed continental breeds like Charolais often results in high-performing cattle without sacrificing quality carcasses.

Enter South Dakota State University’s research team. The university boasts two locations in eastern South Dakota designed to perform research using real-world feedlot environments. Graduate students and Animal Science PhDs create and execute experiments at each the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Ruminant Nutrition Center located near Brookings, SD and the Southeast Research Farm located near Beresford, SD.

A rolling population of cattle is required for accurate testing. Recent research projects include testing feed ingredient inclusion accuracy, trace mineral delivery methods, and the effects of different cattle receiving protocols.

Dr. Zach Smith and Dr. Warren Rusche oversee the operations of both facilities and are largely responsible for ensuring accuracy of many research components as well as supporting graduate students.

“The goal is to make sure the grad students graduate with their masters. These research projects are a huge component of that,” said Dr. Rusche.

In the spring of 2019, SDSU’s cattle buyer was given a budget and sent to the Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction in central South Dakota to purchase cattle for the Brookings site. There, he found an impressive set of Charlolaisinfluenced cattle. Uniformity in size, age, and finish are important in a research setting, and the Charolais calves met each of those requirements.

Additionally, the cattle used in SDSU studies need to be

adaptable to the harsh climate of eastern South Dakota where temperatures vary from -20 to over 100 degrees including wind, all forms of precipitation, and humidity. Since the Charolais-influenced cattle were born and raised in South Dakota, there was little concern they would be able to adapt.

After the first experience feeding the Charolaisinfluenced calves, the SDSU research team decided to purchase calves from this ranch in subsequent years. A variety of research projects were conducted, none of which focused on cattle breed. After the projects were concluded, the cattle were harvested. According to

Rusche, here is when highlights specifically tied to breed composition emerged.

The steer calves purchased in the fall of 2021 were finished to 1,475 pounds and harvested in July. Even though they were heavy, and July was particularly hot, the Charolais-influenced cattle’s feed intake was not affected.

The cattle graded exceptionally well with over 50% grading upper 2/3 Choice or Prime and only 17% Yield Grade 4 or 5. Only 12% of the cattle did not grade Choice or better.

Interestingly, the heifers from this ranch graded even better than the steers with nearly 80% grading upper 2/3 Choice or Prime with only 15% Yield Grade 4 or 5. Breaking this down according to Rusche, even

22  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 C H A R O L A I S J O U R N A L
Charolais-sired calves on feed for research at South Dakota State University. Sourced from a South Dakota ranch, Charolais calves began filling pens at SDSU in the spring of 2019.

though the cattle appeared to be over-finished, they did an exceptional job of depositing fat in the muscle rather than backfat or KPH fat.

While the Charolais-sired calves were fed in Brookings, black-hided calves meeting the same research criterion were fed simultaneously at the Southeast Research Farm. These cattle were fed through the summer, and their feed intake suffered during heat stress events. Because of the differences in how cattle responded to heat stress, the SDSDU researchers are considering a limitation on the number of black-hided cattle on feed during the summer months.

With the current year’s group of Charolais-influenced calves already on feed for research in Brookings, work is underway to ensure the next round of cattle brought into Brookings will be sourced from the same rancher. The South Dakota rancher’s herd handling techniques coupled with the herd’s uniformity in size, age, and genetics, plus overall herd health at receiving make these Charolaisinfluence cattle ideal for research.

Having quality, healthy, productive stock from day one is key. The cattle can perform immediately while letting graduate students, staff, and faculty gauge the e cacy of protocols, feed ingredients, and environment without having to hypothesize about why certain animals in groups do not perform or dealing with health issues.

“SDSU’s Ruminant Nutrition Unit and its faculty are evaluated on publishing, grad students completed degrees, and mentoring. The cattle are the tool. The research SDSU does answers questions for cattle feeders in the upper Midwest. How can we use feedstuffs grown here combined with genetics available here? The ultimate goal is to turn the cattle into something that provides a high degree of eating satisfaction to consumers,” Rusche says.

Rusche considers himself a “breed agnostic” stating there are “good ones of every color”. Yet, the veteran cattle producer turned researcher finds the possibilities triggered by early research exciting.

“I think we’ve used color as proxy for quality and value,” he says. “But, we’ve had a chance to feed enough of these [Charolais-influenced cattle] that I’d put them up against an awful lot of cattle in an awful lot of places.”

Rusche continues, “As our knowledge advances, we can evaluate cattle based on their value while being color blind. Biological basis of heterosis has not changed. There are real advantages to using breeds complementary. These [Charolais-sired] cattle have been grading particularly well. The producer has made decisions to use Angus on the female side to make these good calves. It’s hard to find cattle that excel in everything from feed conversion plus quality grade and cutability, but I think we’re seeing that.”

To say SDSU has been pleased with the way their Charolais-influence cattle have performed is an understatement.

“Combining Charolais and Angus genetics to keep quality without having excess fat while maintaining feed e ciency has proven very effective. Small differences in feed conversion adds up in a hurry with the rising cost of feed,” Rusche says.

Identifying cattle sources with exceptional growth, e ciency, and carcass potential is a key component to the future of South Dakota State University’s feedlot research program. Charolais-influenced cattle have proven to meet those criteria well. Given all that’s already been learned, Charolais genetics will likely continue to be an important tool in the university team’s mission to find answers to today’s cattle feeding challenges while also training the next generation of animal scientists.

J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  23 C H A R O L A I S J O U R N A L
Charolais steers on feed at South Dakota State University remain on feed during heat stress events whereas the feed intake of black-hided steers suffered.

super dispositions.


GAIN & GRADE 8014 PLD M916638

A new herdsire that adds outstanding performance and carcass quality, along with style and muscle. We are excited about his calves and his future. Calves have exceptional dispositions.

ANNUAL BULL SALE FILIPPOFAMILYFARMS Reeder, ND 34th Annual Bull Sale FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2023 1 p.m. (MST) • Bowman Auction Market Bowman, ND SELLING 70 PUREBRED YEARLING CHAROLAIS BULLS ALSO SELLING 5 YEARLING HEIFERS FROM THE HEART OF THE HERD Ultrasound Carcass Tested • Bulls Fed Free Until April 1 Free Delivery Within 250 Miles • Satisfaction Guaranteed Blake Honeyman •701-206-0272 Ryan and Rhonda Honeyman 701-928-0788 • 701-853-2870 (home) 1006 11th St. NW • Reeder, ND 58649 HC Legendary 5013 Pld M868733 BW: -4.1 WW: 67 YW: 133 M: 13 TM: 46 SC: 1.2 TSI: 277 Very complete sire. Super calving ease with top growth. Daughters are great. He adds thickness, style, good foot and leg structure and disposition. NGC DUTTON 942G ET PLD EM946177 BW: -2.1 WW: 72 YW: 137 M: 37 TM: 73 SC: 1.3 TSI: 281 New herdsire that adds tremendous calving ease along with superior growth. His calves are exciting and he will have a big selection of sons in the sale. Calves have
BW: 1.6 WW: 87 YW: 144 M: 25 TM: 69 SC: 1.2
Schurrtop Beefmaker 9598 Pld M950351
Keys Hooray 177G Pld
-2.5 WW:
M930805 BW:
60 YW: 126 M: 10 TM: 40 SC: 1.5 TSI: 273
BW: -6.3
Super calving ease and growth in one package. Calves are stylish and deep with super dispositions. He has outstanding foot structure and was the sire of our high-selling bull last year. 24  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3
WW: 62 YW: 108
11 TM: 42 SC: 1.5
Home raised herdsire that we have been using AI on heifers with very great results. Exceptional calving ease with plenty of growth. first set of daughters are proving to be outstanding females.
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Turn Up The Heat!

Calving Ease + Power


Bull Sale •March 4

Owner: Alan Mead (573) 216-0210

Upcoming Events

March 4 Mead Bull Sale, Versailles

March 4 Peterson Bull Sale, Mtn. Grove

March 11 Wright Bull Sale, Kearney

March 18 Bradley Bull Sale, Springfield

March 18 Windy Hill Open House, Cedar Hill

March 18 Wild Indian Acres Bull Sale, Joplin

March 25 8 Story Production Sale, Gallatin

April 8 Renaissance Sale, Strafford

April 14 MCBA 60th Anniversary Banquet, Springfield

April 15 MCBA State Sale, Springfield

April 21 Wild Indian Acres Online Female Sale

April 29 Aschermann Bull & Female Sale, Carthage

May 13 Mead Female Sale, Versailles

WC Inferno 6561 P Top 2% TM Top 4% Milk Top 5% MB Top 8% WW, YW, TSI
WWW.WRIGHTCHAROLAIS.COM Derry & Mary Wright, Owners Chris & Kelsi Peuster, Managing Partner 42922 Old Hwy. 10 w Richmond, MO 64085 816-456-3792 Derry 816-529-2190 Chris 816-776-3512 farm office Bull Sale March 11 26  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 Mike, Sara, Connor & Cannon Kisner 5805 Perkins Road • DeSoto, MO 63020 (636) 586-2299 • (636) 236-0306 cell Shannon Carpenter, Manager (937) 418-2275 Bull Sale March 18 Top 1% YW, Milk, CW, TSI Top 2% WW, SC, REA Top 25% MB Making an Impact! LT ATLAS 0251 PLD CHAROLAIS FARMS Bonacker Family Cedar Hill, MO David: (314) 974-5230 Follow us on Facebook Open House • March 18, 2023 The Dale Ridder Family 1585 Little Bay Road Hermann, MO 65041 Home (573) 943-6462 Dale (573) 680-4691 Cell Derek (573) 680-4692 Cell
Ranch 3287 Lick Creek Road Leasburg, MO 65535 Riverdale Land and Livestock Office 11027 Chateau Chura Sunset Hills, MO 63128 (314) 378-3255 cell Bill Nottke JDJ Smokester J1377 Pld ET Semen: $50/straw; No Signing Fee Milk Trait Leader ROE Sire Peterson Farms Charolais New Whistle Steve & Sandy Peterson • Jeremiah, Andrew & Joey 8767 Outer Road, Mtn. Grove, MO 65711 (417) 926-5336 • (417) 746-4410
4, 2023 • Bull Sale
of Quality
ANGUS & CHAROLAIS Barnett, MO Corman Charolais Dan Corman Pomona, Missouri (417) 252-1373 Jeannine Doughty (816) 616-8838 P.O. Box 523 Harrisonville, MO 64701 Big Creek Charolais Progeny of Fire Water, Budsmydad, Grid Maker, Slasher, Revelation, Bluegrass, Royce and Wyoming Wind Get your at the Home of the 34th National Champion Female MBS CHAROLAIS Mike & Brian Schumacher 14809 Pike 139 Bowling Green, MO 63334 (573) 324-2528 home (573) 324-5411 work We Collect Data. We Sell Bulls. Cell 660-670-4721 • Home 660-277-4728 LKD Miss Ledger 419 8 STORY FARMS Charolais Cattle Austin & Courtney Story 29143 175th St • Altamont, MO 64620 (660) 749-5834 • (660) 663-5048 cell • Production Sale • March 25, 2023 Bruce & Janna Bradley Marshfield, MO • 417-848-3457 BRUCEMBRADLEY@HOTMAIL.COM B/B BRADLEY CATTLE Bull & Bred Heifer Sale • March 18 5 J Charolais The Johansen Family 11218 County Line Road Syracuse, MO 65354 (660) 473-2945 WCR Sherman Tank 0525 ET P Charolais for 33 Years The Right Kind! LEHMANN CATTLE COMPANY Charolais & Angus 9376 SE V Hwy, Lathrop, MO 64465 Jerry & Michelle Lehmann • Alex Sauer & Suzie Theriault 573-999-4759 or 860-459-9337 M6 Ms Sun Jewel 5124 P ET Top 1% TSI Quality+ Proven Genetics HALE FARMS Rick Hale 54 Hosier lane Louisburg, MO 65685 417-838-7251 This Space Available Contact David Hobbs 913-515-1215
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Cedar Hill, Missouri (314) 974-5230 cell You’re Invitied! ▲ First Annual Open House Saturday, March 18 Arrowhead Sale Facility 8333 Hwy B, Cedar Hill, Missouri 1:00 pm Introductions WH Pasture Tours 3:00 pm Intensive Grazing Tour 5:30 pm Complimentary Dinner 6:30 pm CharAdvantage/Marketing Program AICA Reprsentative Herd Bulls, Donors and Heifers on display 30  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3



How did you get involved in the Charolais breed?

Ava & Calley – We started showing 4-H bucket calves and other livestock at a young age, but didn’t start showing the Charolais breed until four years ago. Ava first started showing Charolais heifers and once we started showing together, it made every show more eventful to set goals and compete with each other.

What other activities do you participate in?

Ava – Outside of the Charolais industry, I am involved in our local county 4-H program, where I show cattle, swine and poultry. I have served as president of our Needles & Nails 4-H Club and have participated at the state level in the 4-H Presentation contests and 4-H clothing and style show. I am a freshman this year and just started jumping into all the high school activities. I am involved in FFA, volleyball, track, speech, one-act play, honor choir, swing choir, and represent my class on student council. My agricultural experiences have helped me develop skills that I can use beyond the cattle industry

Calley – I have shown a variety of animals in our county 4-H program including crossbred market steers, different poultry breeds and crossbred pigs. I am also involved in 4-H speech, favorite foods contest, and participated at the state level in the 4-H fashion show. Currently, I serve as the historian of our Needles & Nails 4-H club. I also participate in junior high volleyball, basketball, speech, track, band, and the math counts program.

What is your favorite memory that you have made?

Ava – My favorite memories are from Charolais Junior Nationals every year! Meeting new people from across the country and getting involved in all the contests are the highlight of my show season. My favorite memory was the fitting competition during my first junior national in Brookings. My younger sister and I, along with a few other Nebraska members, really enjoyed working together as a team. I learned a lot that week, and I still look forward to seeing the people we worked with at Junior National each year.

Calley – Some of my favorite memories while working with my Charolais cattle are attending Charolais Junior National each year. My first year attending in 2020, I learned about the AIJCA conference and had a blast competing in multiple contests. This year at Char-cation I decided to sign up for the impromptu speech competition at the last minute. I ended up getting reserve champion, so I plan on doing that contest again in the future. My favorite memories of Junior Nationals include our team winning second place in team sales along with third place in the quiz bowl competition. I enjoyed working with these people and look forward to seeing them at Charolais Junior National next year.

each year promoting the Charolais industry. I really enjoy doing this contest because it gives people who don’t have personal experiences with livestock a glimpse of the agricultural lifestyle and the challenges of producing livestock. I also received the Livestock Achievement Award in the beef cattle division at the Nebraska State Fair for my Charolais breeding heifer project and my involvement in the 4-H program.

Who has been your role model in the Charolais breed?

Calley – My role models in the Charolais industry include my neighbors, friends, and immediate family. Our neighbors, the Dybdal family, were the main reason we started showing Charolais. Other families such as the Utech and Sudbeck families have been of great support and make going to cattle shows so much fun! My family supports me and also helps me with preparation for the ring, along with helping me wash and clip my calves at home. None of my accomplishments would be possible without the help and advice of my family and friends.

What are your future goals?

Ava – My goal is to continue working with livestock and become a large animal veterinarian. This is a demanding profession, and I am grateful for the agricultural opportunities I have had to teach me the fundamentals of the livestock industry from a young age. I know that my experience in the Charolais industry will help me reach my goals and give me a background into the challenges of working with livestock.

Calley – My goals include participating at future Charolais Junior Nationals, growing my Charolais herd, and going to more cattle shows throughout the year. In the future, I would like to have a career involving either law or medicine. The discipline, leadership, responsibility, and time management skills I have developed while showing cattle will help me to succeed in achieving my future goals.

C H A R O L A I S J O U R N A L J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  31



Carter Hoge, Area 5 Director


O f f i c e r s

President Devon Benes Valparaiso, NE (402) 499-3429

Vice President Weston Schrader Wells, KS (785) 488-6390

Secretary Shade Bunker Sparta, WI (608) 855-0270

am a high school student at Macomb High School. My family consists of my parents Mark and Katie, along with my two younger siblings Nolan and Nora. We have all been and still are being raised showing livestock. We all enjoy our family bonding time in the barn at Hoge Livestock just outside of Good Hope, Illinois.Q: Where was your first Charolais Junior National and how many total have you attended?

A: My first Charolais Junior National was in Grand Island, Nebraska in 2017, and I have attended every one since, making this year my 5th.

Treasurer Mattie Harward Richfield, NC (704) 463-5828

Ex-Officio Molly Smith Lockhart, TX (512) 995-6263

Q: What do you want to accomplish as an AIJCA board member?

A: As a Charolais board member, I want to give back to an organization that I have loved being a part of growing up. I want to do so by working with kids at shows and helping put on contests. I hope to help young kids find a breed they feel welcome in as I did.

Q: What is your favorite Junior National contest?

A: My favorite Junior National contest would have to be the fitting contest. I love going to the Junior National every year to put together a team to compete in the contest. I have had the chance to be on teams with some kids I didn’t know, and it was a great way to get to know new people and make new friends.

Q:. What is your favorite thing about the Charolais Breed?

A: My favorite thing about the Charolais breed is the people. Throughout my show career, I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by great people at shows and the Junior National which is part of the reason it is my favorite Junior Nationals.

Q:. Who inspired you to become a Junior Board Member?

A: I was inspired to become a Junior Board Member by seeing them help in the ring throughout my Junior National experiences and decided I was going to try to be on the board one day.

32  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3

Q: Who was your favorite Charolais show heifer?

A: My favorite Charolais heifer would have to be my Charolais I showed in 2022 as she was a bred and owned heifer. She would have to be my favorite because of the memories I made while showing her throughout the year.

Q:. If you could be any person in the world for a day, who would you be?

A: I would have to say I would like to be one of my siblings to put myself in their shoes for a day.

Q:. How many different states have you shown cattle in?

A: I have shown cattle in 8 different states.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Outside of the Charolais industry, my other interests include playing football and wrestling. I played football this fall at Macomb High School where we had a great season ending 10-11. I have also just started my wrestling season. Other than sports, I am also highly involved in my school’s FFA program and my 4-H club. I enjoy showing other species outside of cattle such as pigs and sheep.

Q: If you could have a lifetime supply of anything, what would it be?

Area 1 Maddy Rohr Elbert, CO (720) 467-3302

Area 2 Dillon Borg Concord, NE (402) 369-2676

Area 3 Weston Schrader Wells, KS (785) 488-6390

Area 4 Jaycee Littleton Simms, TX (903) 701-2129

Area 5 Carter Hoge Good Hope, IL (309) 255-4131

Area 6 Lucas Crutcher Fair Grove, MO (417) 766-3278

Area 7

Shade Bunker Sparta, WI (608) 855-0270

Area 8

Mattie Harward Richfield, NC (704) 463-5828

C o m m i t t e e C h a i r m e n


Mattie Harward

Programs & Activities

Weston Schrader


i j c a M

At Large Austin Alexander Bremen, AL (256) 287-1166

At Large Nissa Olsen Manhattan, KS (785) 313-2975

At Large Ethan Shoemake Warner, OK (918) 424-8703

Membership Shade Bunker Junior National Devon Benes

e m b e
Membership in the nationwide AmericanInternational Junior Charolais Association (AIJCA) is open to anyone 21 years of age and under as of January 1 of the present year. The initial membership fee is $30 and $25 annual dues thereafter. D i r e c t o r s B y A r
h i p
e a
At Large Jenna Tlach Prole, IA (515) 393-0841
Interviewed by Shade Bunker, Secretary
A: I would have to ask for a lifetime supply of money to buy show cows.

Using $Profit to Breed Better Charolais

We are excited to be breeding, evaluating and marketing our bulls with Leachman Cattle of Colorado. We are using their $Profit indexes, measuring feed intake and efficiency, and seeking out the best bulls in the industry. To buy females, contact us directly. See our bulls selling in the Leachman Early Bird Sale online in January and in the Leachman Fall Harvest Sale in November.

The Kathrein Family Darek, Kaylee, Clint, Roxane, Kendra & Jacob Kathrein Charolais, 11865 195th St., Little Falls, MN 56345 Clint’s Cell: (320)
The Holtz Family Cody, Kaitlyn, Chris, Kirsten, Gail, Greg, Faith & Kyle HB Farms, 11848 92nd Ave., Little Falls, MN 56345 Greg’s Cell: (320) 630-3908
P052G Reg.
Purchased in
Leachman Early Bird Sale,
1% Marbling EPD!
The Charolais bulls averaged $5,218 in the 2022 Leachman Fall Harvest Sale. CE BW WW YW Milk MCE MTL SC CW REA Fat Marb TSI $PROFIT 12.8 -4.2 59 106 22 12.5 51 1.1 24 0.70 0.033 0.46 258.87 $24,016 Lee Leachman, Managing Partner Jerrod Watson, Bull Customer Service (303) 827-1156 Semen Division: 970-444-BULL (2855) Office: (970) 568-3983 •
the 2021
Free Ride boasts
Less Birth · More Marbling · More Pounds
BULL SALE FARMS New Richland, Minnesota Kyle, Emily, Lauren & Naomi Wakefield Larry & Joyce Wakefield • Dan Wakefield (507) 402-4640 • Wakefield Farms Original Charter Member Minnesota Charolais Association Family Farming Since 1937 Charolais Seedstock Since 1962 A name you can trust for Performance Tested Charolais and Red Angus Bulls WAKEFIELD Saturday, March 25, 2023 • 1 PM Dunlap Livestock Auction, Dunlap, Iowa JWC MARKETING LLC WES CHISM 281-761-5952 WES@JWCMARKETING.COM Sale Manager: Auctioneer: Jon Schaben Offering 55 Charolais and Red Angus Bulls WF EMPIRE 207 P M973744 DOB: 12-10-21 BW: 89 AWW/R: 778/110 Sire: WCF Mr Silver Gun 467 Dam: Patriot x Fasttrack EPDs BW 0.5 WW 77 YW 135 Milk 27 TSI 274.33 CW 43 REA 0.94 MB 0.21 EPDs rankTop 1% CW • 2%WW • 3%YW • 4%TM,TSI • 8% REA WF POWERSHIFT 217 P M974496 DOB: 1-6-22 BW: 95 AWW/R: 763/108 Sire: Keys Powermax 57G Dam: Sundance x Infinite Justice EPDs BW 1.0 WW 61 YW 109 Milk 26 TSI 251.68 MB 0.19 Contact us for catalog! PERFORMANCE TESTED Select Charolais & Red Angus Bred Heifers WF Crystal 193 P F1324523 DOB: 8-27-21 BW: 83 AWW/R: 689/101 Sire: LT Citation 5228 Pld EPDs BW -1.7 WW 63 YW 116 Milk 21 TSI 264.34 MB 0.31 Bred to LT Remington
Lindstom Cattle Company Mike Lindstrom 30467 464th Avenue Centerville, S.D. 57014 605-300-0297 EM955620 BW: 82 Lbs. AWW: 728 lbs. Sire: TR Mr Diablo 2584Z Roll of Excellence Sire Dam: HF Mustang Sally 904 Pld Time Proven Maternal Outcross White Rose Sallys Diablo 114J Introductry Semen Price Until June 1$25/straw; $35/signing Roger Hinrichs 15766 Evans Ave NW • Clearwater, MN 55320 Cell: 763-286-2145
Roger Hinrichs 15766 Evans Ave NW • Clearwater, MN 55320 Cell: 763-286-2145 National Western Stock Show 44th National Sale - January 14 Sioux Empire Farm Show January 25 Black Hills Stock Show January 30 & 31 Iowa Beef Expo February 13 Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic February 23 LookWhiteforRose at— Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic 44th National Sale Iowa Beef Expo New for 2023! Every Heifer born in 2023 will be offered For Sale! More Details to Follow.
Great Northern Bull & Female sale Scott, Julie, Beth & Katie Moller Dustin, Maggie & Paisley Fischer Princeton, Minnesota • Clear Lake, Minnesota Scott: 612-272-2913 • Dustin: 612-716-7401 Find us on Facebook! Heritage Cattle Company 4th Annual Sale Friday, march 24, 2023 at 1 pm Northern Genetics Facility • Clear Lake, Minnesota 35 Charolais bulls • 25 Simmental/simangus Bulls • 25 select Female lots Auctioneer Justin B. Stout • Proven Cow Families • Genomic & PA Testing • Scan Data & Semen Testing • Free Delivery in Five State Area HCC Final Solution 36H ET Sold in 2021 sale to Douglas & Porter Condra and MW Farms. Maternal sisters by LT Citation sell. NGC Capitalist 118J ET 2022 High Selling Bull. Sold to Circle Cee Charolais & Saddle Ridge Charolais, Alberta Canada. Two full brothers sell. Maternal brothers by Ace-Orr Lock N Load sell. NGC Dutton 942G ET 2021 High Selling Bull. Sold to Honeyman Charolais. Maternal brothers sired by LT Citation, LT Badge, and KC Jack 0891 sell. Sires include Ace-Orr Lock N Load 243 PLD DC/CRJ Tank E108 P LT Badge 9184 PLD KC Jack 0891 P LT Citation 5228 PLD CML Raindance 996G SAT Gridmaker 6306 P ET


President ............................ Dale Hecht Grove City, MN • (612) 799-1859•

Vice President .................... Erik Jopp Richmond, MN • (320) 292-5553

Secretary/Treasurer .......... Sydney Zehnder Stanchfield, MN •(320) 216-5307 •

Levi & Danielle Anderson Anderson Show Stock 9031 80th St. SW Stewartville, MN 55976 (507) 460-9346

Larry & Kathy Balvitsch Stony Brook Livestock 662 West Water St. Mondovi, WI 54755 (320) 968-7735 (320) 249-9271

Rodney & Jolene Balvitsch

RJB Cattle 7623 SW 74th Ave Ellendale, MN 56026 (507) 649-1446

Michael & Amy Brass Mill Iron Lazy 5 Cattle Co. 4340 30th Ave. SE Rochester, MN 55094 (507) 536-4030

Jeff & Angela Bunker J & A Charolais 13080 Janus Ave Sparta, WI 54656 (608) 269-0008

Zach & Kim Schwecke Coudron Charolais 23505 631st Ave Gibbon, MN 55335 (763) 286-4157 (507) 380-1369

Christopher Eklund Eklund Charolais 33698 Hupp Street NE Cambridge, MN 55008 (763) 691-8074

Ashley Eisenbraun

Eisenbraun Cattle

52579 CSAH20

Paynesville, MN 56362 (320) 828-4287

Carter & Amanda Feuchtenberger

Highview Charolais

26635 U.S. Hwy 59 Morris, MN 56267 (320) 815-8997

Dennis, Kari & Brandon Fischer

Dustin and Maggie Fischer

North Grove Charolais 52917 295th Street Grove City, MN 56243 (320) 857-3044

Raymond & Connie, Aaron & Michael Goulet Team Goulet 10129 75th Ave. NE

Foley, MN 56329 (320) 387-2898

Dale & Jill Hecht

2H Cattle Company 33695 CSAH 30 Grove City, MN 56243 (612) 799-1859

Harlin & Sue Hecht

Double-H Charolais 16732 283rd Street

Paynesville, MN 56362 (320) 243-4386

Roger Hinrichs

White Rose Charolais 15766 Evans Ave NW

Clearwater, MN 55320 (320) 558-2371

Erik Jopp

Jopp Family 24108 Cty Rd 12

Richmond, MN 56368

(320) 292-5553

Clint & Roxanne Kathrein

Kathrein Charolais

11865 195th Street

Little Falls, MN 56345

(320) 232-7336

Junior Advisor .............. Ashley Eisenbraun (320) 828-4287 •

AICA Representative..............Hadley Schotte (785) 562-6632 •

American-International Charolais Association 11700 NW Plaza Circle, Kansas City, MO 64153 (816) 464-5759 •

Duane & Susan Kuester

White Ember Charolais

N5709 330th Street

Menomonie, WI 54751

(715) 505-3136 Duane

(715) 308-1976 Sue

Daniel and Stephanie Lauman

LauMar Farms 16635 Utah Dr. Mayer, MN 55360

(612) 282-6276

(763) 258-6198 Stephanie

Moller Family Heritage Cattle Company LLC

105 1/2 6th Ave S Princeton, MN 55371 (612) 272-2913

Dwain, Barb, Katie & Rachel Nelson Nelson Charolais 42146 115th Ave Rice, MN 56367 (320) 290-5136

Chris, Leslie, Brooke, Desirae & Colton Polzin Polzin Cattle 26450 665th Ave Darwin, MN 55324 (612) 916-0105

Judd & Abbie Redalan 29991 Cty 21 Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 421-0123

Reinhardt 4R Charolais & Angus Ranch 34996 480th St. Palisade, MN 56469

Keith Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Stock Farm LLC 73412 420th Ave Lakefield, MN 56150 (507) 839-3212

Jim Volz 711 E Willis Street, Box 162 Hwy 169 S Elmore, MN 56027 (507) 943-3865

Kyle & Dan Wakefield Wakefield Farms 20701 150th Street New Richland, MN 56072 (507) 465-3756

Larry & Joyce Wakefield Wakefield Farms 20701 150th Street New Richland, MN 56072 (507) 465-3756

Val & Bev Watje

Val Watje & Family Charolais 31273 810th Street Brewster, MN 56119 (507) 842-5694

Chad & Cameo Zehnder Zehnder Waage Partnership 982 397th Ave. NW Stanchfield, MN 55080 (612) 554-2154

Dick & Linda Zehnder WDZ Herds 3748 Town Hall Road NE Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 (320) 253-0680

Bill & Penny Zimmerman One Penny Ranch 17358 165th Ave. NE Foley, MN 56329 (320) 355-2191


Genetics Built on Excellence Genetics Built on Excellence

55 Years Breeding Polled Performance Charolais




This is your invitation to attend our Retirement and Dispersal Sale on October 3, 2023. The retirement party on Saturday, September 30 will be held in Mark & Becky’s “Shed” next to where the cattle will be penned. We hope many of the friends we have made over the past 55 years in the Charolais business will attend. Starting with our first cow DE Lora, whose first calf for us was Double-H Laura, the first AICA Sterling Dam of Distinction whose head now hangs in the AICA office, we have strived to produce highly productive cattle. All of the herd is polled and most are from embryo transplant and AI breeding.

During our 55 years in Charolais, we have received many rewards. Harlin served many years as the Minnesota Charolais Association President and later was elected to the AICA Board of Directors where he served for 17 years and was named the AICA President. During this time, Sue served as Charolais Dees President for 15 years. Howard & Mark were AIJCA Presidents and Dale was named AIJCA Herdsman of the Year while all three were on the AIJCA Board of Directors. Several of our greatest honors were when we were inducted into the AICA Hall of Fame as well as being honored by the junior association as both the Conference Honoree and the Show Dedicatee in different years. The National Charolais Show in Fort Worth, Texas was dedicated to us in 2009. Prior we were named AICA Seedstock Producer of the Year and in 2006 Harlin was named AICA Herdsman of the Year at the National Show in Denver.

Some of you will remember the bull Double-H Polled Showman who put our herd on the map when he was named National Reserve Calf Champion in 1980 at the National Show in San Antonio. From there, he went on to be named Grand Champion many times across the U.S. and Canada. Showman sired 2,050 registered progeny between the U.S. and Canada. We even found his progeny in England during our travels to the World Charolais Congress. Another sire we owned with a group of progressive breeders was KC Stolichnaya who was named to the AICA Roll of Excellence Sires. Recently our home-raised bull Double-H Outback was National Reserve Junior Champion at the National Show in Denver. Several of his excellent offspring as well as his service will sell in this sale.

Howard, Laura, Chris, Alyssa, and Matt have owned cattle at our place throughout the years, but since they live in Massachusetts we don’t get to see them as much as we would like. Their animals will sell in this sale.

Dale and Jill along with Dallee, Georgia and Josie will carry on in the Charolais business as 2H Cattle Company so we hope to continue meeting up with you while watching the girls at their shows. All 5 of them are heavily involved in the business.

Mark along with Becky, Taylor, Payton and Riley have been a major part of our operation for many years and their cattle will also sell in the sale. Mark’s job has taken a lot of time away from the farm so he will not be able to help us as much as he used to (He has been a major part of managing our operation) and with Harlin’s advancing age we have decided it is time to hang it up.

We are hoping to see many of you on September 30 and if you are unable to join us, we hope you will follow our offerings on the internet.

Harlin 1968 2 year old homozygous polled daughter of Fargo and the great M6 Ms Nancy 6100, this super young cow has a M6 Bells & Whistles daughter at side who had an adj. 205 day wt. of 777 lb. DOUBLE-H 6100s Beauty 008H ET

DOUBLE-H Dream On 627D ET

Dream On has made a tremendous impact on our herd. In addition to selling this super donor we will have several fancy daughters available.

Dream On was a Junior National Cow-Calf Class Winner as a 3 year old. Her sire is the Canadian National Show Grand Champion Bull and her dam has embryo calves all over the U.S. Her Grand Dam, the great 248 cow, certainly needs no introduction.

Homozygous Polled


Homozygous Polled


6100 x Resource—1/2 interest sold to Bill Nottke in Denver Sale. One of our top donors.

Homozygous Polled

CML DISTINCTION 318A Sire of Dream On DOUBLE-H TIPPER 026X Dam of Dream On Double-H Goldmine 609S ET x Double-H Gold Fire 306A

Donor Cows | Daughters of Donor | Fancy Heifer Calves | Proven Herd Sire | In Demand Embryos

Pregnant Recipients | Semen | Semen Tanks

Embryo Offering

WCR Ms Design 7228 x WC Capital Gain

Double-H Tipper 026X x M6 Cool Rep

Double-H Tipper 026X x CML Distinction

CML Pld Ginny 4T x Monopoly

Double-H Echo x LT Ledger

Double-H Dream On x DC/BHD King

JDJ Ms Curlin X161 x CCC WC Redemption

M & M Savanna 9009 x CCC WC Redemption

Double-H 6100’s Beauty x M6 Grid Maker

Her great granddam JMB Metallic was Grand Champion at the Manitoba Ag Expo and her dam Precious Metal was the Reserve Champion Female at the Minnesota State Fair.

Homozygous Polled

Sale Manager:

JWC Marketing LLC

Wes Chism 281-761-5952

Double-H Charolais | Harlin & Sue Hecht 16732 283rd Ave. | Paynesville, MN 56362 (320) 243-4386 | (320) 760-0359 Harlin cell Mark Hecht (320) 423-6644 | |
DOUBLE-H Diamond 920G


The best show bull we have had in many years. Bleck Charolais of Stewart, MN purchased 1/2 interest when he was only 7 months old. Outback is an Outlier son who was National Reserve Junior Champion in Denver at the 53rd National Show and Grand Champion at 2022 North Star Classic. Many of the females in our sale are carrying his calves who will be born next spring.

Outback had a 205 day weight of 801lb. and a 365 day wt of 1403 lb.

His first calf is Double-H Fergie who was shown 5 times before she was 7 months old and was a Champion every time even though she was often shown against much older heifers. Watch for her in the shows this summer!

Progeny selling out of these exceptional cows:

Double-H Charolais | Harlin & Sue Hecht 16732 283rd Ave. | Paynesville, MN 56362 (320) 243-4386 | (320) 760-0359 Harlin cell Mark Hecht (320) 423-6644 | |
WDZ Bennington 0151 M943473 Polled 2022 Minnesota State Fair Class B ROE Grand Champion First Calf Crop AWESOME! Top9% WW 15% YW, MB, TSI Bulls, heifers, embryos and flushes available private treaty. Dwain, Barb & Katie Nelson Travis & Rachel Molitor 42146 115th Ave • Rice, MN 56367 (320) 253-7482 • (320) 290-5136 A Program with a PURPOSE JAB Convoy 153 Polled ET EM967949 • DOB: 9-20-21 M&M Outsider 4003 Pld x JAB Chattanooga Lucy 755 2022 Royal Breeders Classic Reserve Champion Bull. F1308802 • DOB: 3-2-21 JAB Around Here Buzz 657 Pld x JAB Kourtney 711 Polled ET Bred 5-25-22 to RMB Rhinestone. JAB Cassie 117 Polled JAB Delilah 112 Polled F1308802 • DOB: 2-7-21 JAB Around Here Buzz 657 Pld x JAB Baby Wiley 641 Polled 2022 AIJCA Junior National 4th Overall B&O Female 2022 Wisconsin State Fair B&O Champion Female 2022 Wisconsin State Fair Reserve Supreme Champion Female Monday, January 31st, 2023 Black Hills Stock Show He Sells! Full Sib Embryos For Sale Monday, February 13th, 2023 Iowa Beef Expo She Sells!
Sire: WC Platinum 8558 P (Benelli x Blue Value) Dam: WCR Ms REmix 9250 P (Remix x Primecut) CE BW WW YW M TM REA MB TSI EPD 6.2 -1.6 85 149 24 67 0.77 0.10 285.67 % Rank 1% 1% 3% 1% BW: 80 AWW/R: 728/111 AYW/R: 1,323/114 Yrlg Ultrasound: REA R: 105 % IMF R: 122 M959157 Chris, Leslie, Brooke, Desirae and Colton Polzin 26450 665th Ave • Darwin, MN 55324 Chris Cell (612) 916-0105 • Leslie Cell (320) 282-2497 • Offering Full Possession & 1/4 Semen Interest in the Denver National Sale!
J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  49 40th Annual Production Sale Friday, January 27, 2023 • 1:00 p.m. MST IN OUR HEATED SALE FACILITY AT THE RANCH 3 Miles west, 1 ½ miles north & ½ mile east of Bowman, ND JAY and SUSAN SOREIDE (701)523-5355 or Cell (701) 523-1323 Joy, Zach, Kaylee, Casey and Johnny Kinsey (701)523-1324 or Cell (701) 206-0610 8307 149th Ave. SW • Bowman, ND 58623 or Herd Sires: Find us on Facebook Selling Five of our own Top Indexing, Fancy, Registered Replacement Charolais Heifers Will be halter broke SCC Superman 61Z PL • DCR Mr Sir Solution F370 JAB Desperate Man 907 PLD • DCR Mr Granite G103 WCR Sir Bravo 6366 P • HC First Hand 0337 JAB McKinley 802 PLD • EC Revolution 305 PLD EC Double Down 375 PLD • WCR County Line 753 PLD Selling 65 Yearling Bulls • 5 Replacement Heifers SCR Sir Superman 293 PLD Sire: SCC Superman 61Z PLD BD: 3-17-2022 BW: 85 205: 728 Index: 104 CE: 10.3 BW: -2 WW: 63 YW: 111 MK: 27 TM: 58 TSI: 253 WC Big Ben 9036 P • Raile Sovereign J827 Y064 EC Front Line 734 PLD AI Sires: KEPPEN CHAROLAIS Steve - Myrna - Greg - BJ 405 Samara Ave. • Volga, SD 57071 Greg: 605-690-0680 • Steve: 605-690-3218 South Dakota Charolais Breeders Association 2008 Outstanding Seedstock Producer Bull M# BD Sire BW WW CE BW WW YW Milk TM SC CW REA FAT MARB TSI/% 28 ET P1372296 2/1/22 1E66 102 813 5.2 .6 68 130 27 61 .8 40 1.02 .002 .22 274.9/4% 2947 M972891 2/16/22 234 73 840 14.8 -4.1 68 134 33 67 1.1 34 .86 .010 .19 282.5/2% 2949 M972893 2/28/22 0891 92 877 5.3 -1.0 75 140 36 74 1.2 30 .86 .004 .19 284.4/1% 2244 M973527 3/2/22 234 96 853 9.8 -1.2 72 142 31 67 1.0 37 1.01 .009 .17 288.3/1% 2934 M973513 3/6/22 8147 86 817 8.1 -.1 76 133 30 68 1.2 34 .9 .010 .14 271.8/6% 2973 M973560 3/16/22 234 91 898 10.2 -1.6 77 150 35 73 1.2 38 .94 .011 .18 294.6/1% Performance EPDs 6 Herd Sires Consigned to the South Dakota Charolais Breeders Association Sale on 2-9-23 (12-5-22 EPDs) The auction will be at 12:30 PM in Watertown, S.D. Register to view and bid on LiveAuctions.TV KC Benaiah 28 ET MORE INFORMATION COMING ON OUR WEBSITE KEPPEN CHAROLAIS (Calving Ease and Performance since 1987)

Charolais Sale Results

Sales are listed in sale date order. A list of sales in this issue is provided below. Myron


Myron Runft Charolais Complete Dispersal

Mankato, Kan. ❚ November 17, 2022

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery, Burwell, Neb. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service, College Station, Texas

25 Bred Cows $3,248

8 Open Heifers $2,181

52 Lots $3,264

Not Included in Above Averages: 104 Angus Females $3,420

222 Commercial Bred Heifers $1,930

Total Sale Gross $953,900

High-selling lots: $8,500 – Bred Heifer. WR Freida J604, 2-18-21, by WDZ Kingsman 737 P. Bred to KEYS Powermax 57G. To Zehnder Waage Partnership, Stanchfield, Minn.

$7,500 – Fall Pair. WR Miss Standard F672, 4-4-18, by M6 Beef Standard 251 P ET. Bull calf, 8-22-22, by WDZ Kingsman 737 P. To Boyert Show Cattle, Pleasantville, Iowa.

$8,500-Bull. Endsley’s Link 191, 3-25-21, by RBM Fargo Y111. From Endsley’s Charolais. To Struthoff Ranch.

$8,500-Bull. RE Majesty 188 P ET, 4-421, by DC/BHD King F2503 P. From Evans Charolais, Brownwood, Texas. To Cordell Dartez, Abbeville, La.

Ridder Farms Family Values Mature Cow Dispersal Volume I & Bull Sale

Hermann, Mo. ❚ December 3, 2022

Sale Manger: JWC Marketing LLC, Platte City, Mo. Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman, Macomb, Ill.


High-selling lots:

$9,250 – Cow-Heifer Calf Split. SAS Ms Windy Out Source 959 P, 8-22-19, by CCC WC Resource 417 P. Bred to DC/BHD King F2503. Cow to Curtis Weidel, Hebron, Neb., for $5,000. Heifer calf, 1-17-22, by SAS Pendleton 9005, to Aristo Farms, Topeka, Kan., for $4,250.

$7,000 – Herd Sire. CR Milestone 7220F11 ET, 2-7-18, by WC Milestone 5223 P. To Bar S Ranch, Paradise, Kan.

$6,050 – Cow-Heifer Calf Split. RCR Ms Msjor Mac D343, 1-15-16, by RCR Uno Mac Y849. Embryo implanted by DC/CRJ Tank E108 P x JDJ Ms Cigar B2011. Cow to Aristo Farms, for $3,750. ET heifer calf, 1-28-22, by DC/CRJ Tank E108 x RCR Ms Impressive S305, to Linda Strnad, Formoso, Kan., for $2,300.

$5,500 – Bred Cow. LCC Texas White Squaw 2748, 3-2-18, by RBM TR Rhinestone Z38. Bred to DC/BHD King F2503 P. To Arlitt Ranch, Poteet, Texas, and Evans Charolais, Brownwood, Texas.

Wagonhammer Ranches

Total Package Female Sale

$6,500 – Bred Cow. WR Ms Sue H628, 2-22-20, by CCC WC Resource 417 P. Bred to WDZ Kingsman 737 P. To Eric Ott, Columbia City, Ind.

Cavender-Draggin’ M and Partners 18th Annual Fall Production Sale

Jacksonville, Texas ❚ November 19, 2022

Auctioneer: Doak Lambert, Decatur, Texas

Average: 22 Bulls $5,580

Total Charolais Sale Gross $122,750

31st Annual Rancher’s Choice Bull Sale

Nixon, Texas ❚ December 3, 2022

Auctioneer: Greg Clifton, North Richland Hills, Texas; Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service, College Station, Texas


80 Bulls....................................... $4,332

Total Sale Gross $346,550

High-selling lots:

$10,500-Bull. Endsley’s Atomic 1133, 5-921, by RBM Fargo Y111. From Endsley’s Charolais, Hastings, Mich. To Struthoff Ranch, San Antonio, Texas.

High-selling lots:

$10, 000 – Donor Cow. RF Ms Ia Wind 722, 1-7-17, by CCC WC Resource 417 P. To 4M Land & Cattle Ltd., Justin, Texas, and JBE Farms, Washington, Kan (1/2 embryo interest)

$7,000 – Bred Heifer. RF Suzie 102, 12-2020, by LT Authority 7229 Pld. Bred to FC RF Summit 0018 ET. To Full Circle Cattle Company, Lakin, Kan.

$5,750 – Bred Heifer. RF Ms Duchess 2054 ET, 10-25-20, by CCC WC Redemption 7143 Pld ET. Bred to FC RF Summit 0018 ET. To Full Circle Cattle Company.

$5,500 – Bred Heifer. RF Ms Joan 130, 12-29-20, by BOY Outlier 812 ET Pld. Bred to FC RF Summit 0118 ET. To Glenn Sellhorst Charolais, Fremont, Neb.

$5,000 – Bred Heifer. RF Ms Southern Spice 138, 12-31-20, by CCC WC Resource 417 P. Bred to FC RF Summit 0118 Et. To Full Circle Cattle Company.

$4,750 – Bull. RF Lawdog 1224 ET, 9-3-21, by LT Badge 9184 Pld. To Andrew Jenkins, Wentworth, Mo. (3/4 interest)

50  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3
Averages: 2 Herd Sires $5,375 15 Cow-Heifer Calf Splits $4,473 18 Fall Pairs $2,956 28 Bred Cows $2,993 17 Bred Heifers $2,932 11 Open Heifers $1,955 91 Lots ........................................ $3,145 Total Sale Gross $286,200
Bartlett, Neb. ❚ November 18, 2022
Cody Lowderman, Macomb, Ill. Sale Manager: CK Sales & Marketing, Seneca, Mo. Averages: 11 Fall Pairs $3,732 8 Bred Heifers $3,756
Runft Charolais Complete Dispersal Wagonhammer Ranches Total Package Female Sale Cavender-Draggin’ M and Partners 18th Annual Fall Production Sale 31st Annual Rancher’s Choice Bull Sale Ridder Farms Family Values Mature Cow Dispersal Volume I & Bull Sale 20th Annual Charolais Source Sale
3 1/2 Donor Cows $5,986 17 Bred Heifers $3,786 35 Bred Cows $3,002 55.5 Females $3,430 13 Bulls $3,162
Not reported in above averages: 1 Pregnant Recipient $4,500 18 Embryos $492 20 Straws of Semen $170 8 Red Angus Bulls $2,494 2 Simmental Bulls $2,400 Total Sale Gross $272,950

20th Annual Charolais

Source Sale

Shelby, N.C. December 10, 2022

Auctioneer: Will Thompson, Lawndale, N.C.

Average: 36 Bulls $3,417

Total Sale Gross $123,000

High-selling lots:

$6,400 – Bull. CFR Armored 130P, 4-13-21, by DC/JDJ Armored G258 P. From Clayford Ranch, Patrick, S. C. To Kenny York, Hartwell, Ga.

$4,900 – Bull. CFR Armored 125P, 3-23-21, by DC/JDJ Armored G258 P. From Clayford Ranch. To Kevin Clapp, Seagrove, N.C.

$4,600 – Bull. CFR Fargo 108P, 2-9-21, by SAT Fargo 8017 P. From Clayford Ranch. To Kenny York.

$4,500 – Bull. CFR Bluegrass 061P, 10-0621, by LT Bluegrass 4017 P. From Clayford Ranch. To Adam Summers, Thurman, N.C.

$4,300 – Bull. Mazeppa Uncharted 381, 8-24-21, by WC Uncharted 7328 P. From Mazeppa Charolais, Mt. Ulla, N.C. To John Headen, Silver City, N. C.

Canadian Western Agribition Charolais Show

Regina, Sask. ❚ December 2, 2022

Judges: Ryley & Jill Mader, Carstairs, Alta

Senior and Grand Champion Female: Miss Prairie Cove 44H, 1-25-20, by CCC

WC Resource 417 P. Heifer calf, Longview

Faith1K, 1-1-22, by BRCHE White Bear 8505 Pld ET. Longview Cattle Company, Grenfell, Sask.

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion Female: CML Desirae 53H, 1-27-20, by LT Patriot 4004 Pld. Bull calf, CML Circle 7 Nitecap 25K, 1-4-22, by LT Authority 7229 Pld. McLeod Livestock, Cochrane, Alta., and Circle 7 Charolais, Shaunavon, Sask.

Senior and Grand Champion and Supreme Champion Bull: SVY Mayfield 30H, 2-3-20, by CCC WC Resource 417 P. Cay’s Cattle Company, Kinistino, Sask., Serhienko Cattle Company, Maymont, Sask., Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D., and Hansen Farms, Turton, S. D

Yearling and Reserve Grand Champion Bull: WGD Ruger 8J, 1-4-21, by LT Ransom 8644. Springside Farms, Airdrie, Alta., and Daines Cattle & O’Neill Livestock, Red Deer County, Alberta.

J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  51
Grand Champion Female Grand Champion Bull Reserve Grand Champion Bull Canadian Western Agribition Reserve Grand Champion Female

Clint & Kelly




continued from page 17

Charolais Bull at this year’s Agribition was SVY Mayfield 30H, who I first admired the day before. The following day, Mayfield was selected as the Supreme Champion bull out of 47 entries in the Agribition Supreme Bull Drive. No longer incognito, Mayfield is now famous, and I predict his daughter, SVY Dina 211K will be also. And now the Paul Harvey part of the story: a few weeks before Agribition, two U.S. Charolais breeders purchased an interest in SVY Mayfield 30H. The new owners plan to have Mayfield on display at the 2023 National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. I tell you this story to backup my belief that strengthening industry relations by traveling to other countries, building personal relationships, and conducting joint genetic evaluations will lay the groundwork for an increase in International Trade……. which goes in both directions!


52  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3
Jenna and Jake
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MASON Cell: (605) 680-0780 •

MARCH 4, 2023 Satterfield


MARCH 18, 2023 Full

MARCH 25, 2023

Dunlap, Iowa

APRIL 15, 2023

Missouri Charolais Breeders Association State Sale

Springfield, Missouri

J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  53 44213 204th St. Lake Preston, SD 57249 (605) 847-4529 Alan & Deb Vedvei E-mail: Reich Ranch Charolais Bull Sale • April 13 Tim and Ree Reich 1007 Kingsbury Belle Fourche, SD 57717 (605) 892-4366 39120 192nd Street Wagner, South Dakota 57380 (605) 384-3300, (605) 491-0986 Vedvei Charolais Featuring–M6 Rock Star 306 P ET Fresh Air x Rio Bravo EPDs: 3.3 2.3 67 111 18 4.9 52 0.9 KEPPEN CHAROLAIS Steve - Myrna - Greg - BJ 405 Samara Ave. • Volga, SD 57071 • (605) 627-5229 • Herd Sire Prospects & Embryos for Sale Private Treaty Calvin Sandmeier (605) 285-6179 13123 322nd Ave. • Bowdle, SD 57428 Gary Sandmeier (605) 285-6766 Contact these seedstock breeders for herd sire prospects and herd building females. “2000 AICA Seedstock Producer of the Year”
Space Available Contact Hadley Schotte (785) 562-6632
Purebred Charolais Private Treaty Sales 42nd Annual Bull Sale• March 3 Bull Sale April 10 Bull Sale • April 3 Bull Sale April 8 20629 443rd Ave Lake Preston, SD 57249 (605) 860-2080
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J&M Ranch
BULL SALE • FEBRUARY 11 S.D. Charolais Breeders Association 2008 Outstanding Seedstock Producer Troy & VeaBea Thomas,
& Cally Kindred 18475
Cell: 605-222-1258 Cally’s Cell: 605-222-1515
Capri Place • Harrold, SD 57536 Office: 605-973-2448 Troy’s
Bull Sale April 11 Geyer Cattle Co. Sam & Connie Geyer De Smet, SD 605-860-2081 Bull Sale March 25 PC Missouri Bob 1227 Pld M801740 Multiple Trait Leader Top 15% CE, WW, TM, CW • 10% YW 1% MCE • 9% TSI SALE
Annual Iowa Beef Expo Sale
Moines, Iowa
Charolais & Angus
Annual Bull Sale
Annual Bull Sale
Cattle Company Third
Dodge City, Kansas
Wakefield Farms Performance Tested Bull Sale
Nomination Deadline: February 1 JWC MARKETING LLC WES CHISM 281-761-5952 WES@JWCMARKETING.COM PO BOX 1368 PLATTE CITY, MO 64079
54  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 Performance • Pedigree • Polled WELCOME GROVE CHAROLAIS Silas Maxwell 1120 Welcome Grove Rd. Mosheim, TN 37818 (423) 552-4072
Reaves C h arolais Kyle Reaves 5840 West Allens Bridge Greenville, TN 37743 (423) 723-9245 M6 Law & Order 577 P (M875914) M6 Cool Rep 8108 x New Standard x Nancy 6100 CE BW WW YW M TM 8.5 1.5 69 124 39 74 High-selling Bull at 2016 Fall M6 Sale! M6 Cool Germaine 1145 P ET (EF1149859) M6 Cool Rep 8108 x 0383 x 914 cow The Result of a brother/sister mating and Pick of the Flush. Our Choice to head up our ET Program. Genetics Include: Rio Bravo; New Standard; Gain & Grade; Fire Water; 0383, Nancy 6100. Welcome Grove choice from M6 Dispersal - Donor Female CE BW WW YW M TM REA Marb 7.9 0.4 63 118 27 59 0.87 0.11 MCF Lady GI Duke 5003 PET (F1022001) VCR 914 x HBR Lady GI 207 P ET CE BW WW YW M TM 1.9 1.4 58 104 35 64 Donor Cow at Reaves Charolais M6 Ms New Fire 3105 P M6 New Phelps 1104 P x M6 Nancy Water 1168 Welcome Grove Impressive (1321) BHD Reality T3136 P x MR Ms Impressive 405 Donor Female CCF/Bamboo Smokin Joe 5334 ET EM862003 Little W Farm BC E46 Duke B01 P ET Cigar x Duke 914 EPDs: 5.1 1.3 60 98 15 6.0 45 1.1 Mike & Connie Watkins Kellie & Scott Porter and Kristie & Jarrod Buhler Lebanon, TN 37087 (615) 444-3114 or (615) 642-0976 Come check out our bulls, females and ET Program! Bloodlines from 2244, 914, Cigar, Wyoming Wind and D040 CHAROLAIS BREEDERS Working Together to breed quality Charolais GP Ms Cigar L02 ET EJ Impressive Smoke 881P Smokester daughter Cigar Daughter B&B Farms Carl J. Boynton 984 Will Blankenship Road Pikeville, TN 37367 423-290-9458 Garrett Charolais Billy Garrett 5087 HWY 70E Crossville, TN 38555 931-456-5600 It’s time for a Drawing! Grand Prize Reserve Prize S04 HEAVY DUTY SQUEEZE CHUTE W-0 SCALE PACKAGE Third Prize ANDIS 5-SPEED CLIPPERS Donated by J & A Charolais TICKETS: $20 EACH OR 10 FOR $100 CONTACT: AIJCA BOARD, 2023 PLANNING COMMITTEE OR DONATE ONLINE - GIVE TO AIJCA
A Quality Program


Robert A. Summerford II 148 West Pike Road Falkville, AL 35622 Located 12 miles north of Cullman (256) 784-5255 Bus. (256) 758-0653 Cell Alan Summerford • (256) 758-0652 Quality and Performance Charolais in North Alabama Scott Tipton Phone: (706) 754-8462 1001 Preacher Campbell Rd. Cell: (706) 200-6655 Clarksville, GA 30523 COLORADO 15493 Co. Rd. 57 Hillrose, CO 80733 Bred For Performance~Carcass Quality~Disposition Pat Gebauer & Luan August (970) 847-3345 Akin Charolais Jim Akin 6700 County Road 71, Lexington, AL 35648 (256) 229-5395 Res. (256) 710-4897 Cell Home of the Super Grazer 168 GEORGIA Your Herd Bull Source
BJR Summerford Charolais
MV Limestone Mountain View Charolais BJR Register 6132 ET P CALIFORNIA FEEDLOT CHAROLAIS JERRY & SHERRY MALTBY P.O. Box 760 Williams, CA 95987 e-mail: Mobile: (530) 681-5046 Office: (530) 473-2830 Fax: (530) 473-3278 Chris Matthew • 719 468 8100 Malinda Matthew• 719-980-2852 31213 CO Rd MM • LaJunta, CO 81050 Annual Bull Sale Last Tuesday in March FLORIDA OakHill Farm Home of Bennett Charolais Wayne & Lois Bennett Barn: (770) 893-3446 Home: (770) 893-2674 Cell: (770) 826-9551 1779 Holcomb Road Dawsonville, Ga 30534 Cattle For Sale Private Treaty “Focus on the Family” OFarmakHill Home of JWK Vanessa D029 ET Donor: 2244 x 934 Keahey Charolais Quality Charolais Since 1987 H 251-275-8137 C 334-456-2547 P.O. Box 207 Grove Hill, AL 36451 E-mail: Bobby & Pam Keahey Bull Sale • Nov, 4, 2023 Letohatche, Ala. CE BW WW YW MILK MCE MTL SC CW REA FAT MB TSI 6.1 0.1 69 131 31 6.3 66 1.3 36 0.85 0.008 0.15 272.91 RDK Samson 037P ‑Owned with Chad Bradford, Downey Charolais CE BW WW YW MILK MCE MTL SC CW REA FAT MB TSI 8.6 -0.3 71 134 27 8.5 62 0.9 35 0.75 0.007 0.01 272.41 WCR Ranger 115 P‑Owned with Chad Bradford, Wienk Charolais CE BW WW YW MILK MCE MTL SC CW REA FAT MB TSI 13.7 -3.1 59 110 28 4.9 58 1.1 24 0.51 0.013 0.12 253.62 WCR Primed 1132 P ‑Owned with Downey Charolais, Sykes Farm, Wienk Charolais CE BW WW YW MILK MCE MTL SC CW REA FAT MB TSI 6.7 -1.1 76 134 23 5.7 61 0.8 40 1.09 0.040 0.04 271.51 Heart J Royal Range 1743‑Owned with Heart J Charolais, Chad Bradford Herd Sire Limited Semen


ILLINOIS Curfman Farms

Rt. 2, Griggsville, IL 62340

Rick Curfman (217) 285-5213

Roger Curfman (217) 491-1923

Ryan Curfman (217) 248-7711

Bullard Cattle


Bulls & Females Available Private Treaty

Marty, Joyce, Kaitlyn and Mason Lewis 9411 W. 56th St. S. • Monroe, IA 50170 Marty (515) 250-2362 • Mason (641) 745-9448

BAR S Ranch

Innovative Beef Production

Since 1945


Breeding Charolais since 1956

1460 Penn Road Belleville, KS 66935

Home (785) 527-5047 Cell (785) 527-1269

24502 N.

1050 East

Paul Cell: 815-343-9380

Sharlene Cell: 815-343-9381


David Dickerson (785) 998-4386 Paradise, Kansas 67658 1864 2023

“Charolais Since 1960”

Producing quality breeding stock for 62 years.

The Bertsche Family 17052 N 400 East Rd. • Flanagan, IL 61740

Dale (815) 674-4419

Steve (815) 674-2395

Larry (815) 674-2397

Trent (815) 992-0282

Nick (815) 822-4417

“We don’t keep our cows, they keep us.”

Ken Stielow (785) 998-4335

Wells, KS 67467 (785) 488-2135 home (785) 488-7204 Spencer cell (785) 488-7227 Laci cell

Bull Sale • March 21

Females and bulls for sale private treaty

Charolais • SimAngus • Composites

Hubert Charolais Ranch

510 Maple Ave. Oakley, KS 67748 David & Shelby Hubert (785) 672-2540

April 4, 2023 44th Annual Bull & Female Sale



Corey Vaughan – (316) 213-5484 14630 E. 44th St. S. – Derby, KS 67037

Production Sale March 18

On Facebook: T&S Strnad Charolais

Terrill & Sarah Strnad 1716 280th Road Formoso, Kansas 785-794-2471 home 785-243-8600 mobile


557 190th Road = Hillsboro, KS 67063

56  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 MARYLAND Bob & Judy Tibbs (410) 734-6873 3545 Old Level Road Havre de Grace, MD 21078 Home of White Squall MYERS CHAROLAIS 14806 National Pike Clear Spring, MD 21722 301.331.7300 Fancy Creek Charolais Purebred Charolais Since 1968 The Don Olsen Family 17050 Tuttle Creek Blvd. • Randolph, KS 66554 785-313-2913 • 785-313-2975 KANSAS Beef Genetics Megan, Lori & Galen Fink 15523 Tuttle Creek Blvd. Randolph, Ks 66554 Phone/Fax: (785) 293-5106 Bull Sale • April 8 Hanover, Kansas 66945 LeAnna Laue (785) 337-2600 Brant Laue (913) 488-3896 Ron & Diane Nord & Family 2104 Charolais Lane Bloomington, IL 61704 (309) 828-1448 or (309) 827-0457 (309) 275-0409 Ron cell Raising Charolais Since 1962 s Schrader Ranch Spencer & Laci Schrader Weston & Josi 2118 Oxbow Rd.,
28378 710th
March 11-12 • Bull Sale BEAVERS CHAROLAIS TS Derringer H038
Brett, Tina, Madison & Austin Beavers
Ave • Collins, IA 50055 515-460-3074 •
...building a program around proven genetics
SAT LT Ridge 9238 P PVF Ridge 7142 x LT Brenda 2184 Pld
Merle Schlehuber 620-381-1712 IOWA
Road Cornell, IL 61319
65 years of quality seedstock production


Charolais Larry & Krista Dybdal 88361 575th Ave • Newcastle, NE 68757 Home: 402-692-3704 • Cell: 402-841-9784 Bull Sale • April 8
E State Rd,
269-945-5531 or Breeding Quality Performance Cattle for the Commercial and Purebred Cattleman.
RANCH Jamie & Kay Fred • Rose, NE Bull Sale • March 25 41st Annual Bull Sale • April 8 Ray D. Winz & Sons 72354 Q Rd. • Holdrege, NE 68949 Ray (308) 995-5515, Doug (308) 991-6941 Steve (308) 567-2286 Contact us for Semen on our Trait Leading Sires. Wagon Wheel Charolais Roseann Wilson (308) 750 - 8708 78939 Hwy 10 • Loup City, NE 68853
Bull Sale • March 23 40842 Farnam Road Farnam, NE 69029 Ryan (308) 320-4067 Marty (308) 362-4941 Jerry (308) 530-9652 Schurrtop Angus & Charolais Sure Performance Cattle Riley (308) 880-0828 Steph (308) 880-0681 Ranch (308) 749-2553 NEW MEXICO Private Treaty Year Round PO Box 2670 • Moriarty, NM 87035 Bill King (505) 220-9909 • Tom Spindle–Foreman (505) 321-8808 T. Lane Grau 575-760-6336 | GRAU CHAROLAIS RANCH Since 1965 Grady, New Mexico Colten Grau 575-760-4510 Total Outcross Performance Genetics 5th Annual Bull Sale Dec. 17, 2022 Rifle Creek Cattle Company, LLC. --Purebred Charolais Since 1980-Wagonhammer Ranches Box 548 Albion, NE 68620 (402) 395-2178 The Total Performance Brand Bull Sale March 15
Hastings ,MI 49058
West Fork Ranch


Production Sale • October 30

Your Source for White & Red Factor Genetics

Lawton, North Dakota Since 1979

Denae: 605-237-0526

Lane: 701-351-3298


Curtiss & Brenda Nipp P.O. Box 239 Wilson, OK 73463 (580) 668-3332



Breeding Registered Charolais Since 1959

Gerald and Loretta Effertz and Family PO Box 640 • Velva, ND 58790-0640

(701) 720-1156Roger

(701) 720-1363 Kevin (701) 338-2980 Office

Neil (701) 223-5202

Bryan (701) 624-5104


Rick & Lisa Wilson Hart Box 865

Chickasha, OK 73023

Office (405) 224-0645

Home (405) 224-0694

Castleberry Hill Top C Charolais LLC

Pasture Proven Genetics Since 1962

Kirk & Peggy Castleberry 873 County Road 1440 Ninnekah, OK 73067 405.574.2685 Cell

6651 Valley Camp Rd. Greencastle, PA 17225 (717) 729-6453

2234 State Hwy 7 East Center, TX 75935 (903) 754-0764

Ethan Propp Adair, Oklahoma 918-864-6567

President- Chris Link Office Manager- Caroline Link

Eric Dennis

HAMM Mogo B1 Full French Outcross

BJCF Caldwell J701 ET

Bulls for the Gulf Coast!

Bulls for the Gulf Coast!

Liverpool, Texas Sulphur, Louisiana

Larry Ludeke (832) 439-4666


1 mile South on FM 2588.

58  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 David & Georgeanne Webb David Webb Jr. 317 Old Vinland School Road Easley, SC 29640 H: (864) 246-6203 C: (864) 640-7756 Visitors Welcome Email: WC VULCAIN 422 P ET EM854233 Sired by LT Ledger 0332 P Herd Sires SAT Fargo 8017 P DC/JDJ Armored G258P WIA Forman 010P Tommy & Sherrille Wilks P.O. Box 118 Patrick, SC 29584 TEXAS Caleb Boscamp (830) 857-5189 Julie Boscamp (830) 857-5129 Liverpool, Texas Larry Ludeke (832) 439-4666 E-mail: Full French & Purebred Genetics Nubbin Ridge Farm Mike King, Farm Manager 6198 West Oak Hwy Westminster, SC 29693 (864) 958-1343 cell Home of: NRF Mr Donald Trump 716 P M863369 - Smokester x Full Sister 914 NRF Sir Ledger 736 P M876349 - Ledger x Smokester x Rich Lady Quality Seedstock available with a focus on 914 and Cigar genetics! SOUTH CAROLINA EPDs: CE: 2.5 BW: 1.7 WW: 71 YW: 133 M: 19 MCE: 4.4 TM: 55 TSI: 270 1360 CR 460 Waelder, TX 78959 Registered Charolais Michael & Lauren Sturgess Ranch located near LaRue, TX 407 Breesport St • San Antonio, TX 78216 Mob: 210-867-6863 Email: Jay Sturgess – 903-681-0725 Ranch located 12 miles Southeast of Athens, TX on US Hwy 175, then
Bull Sale
• Oct. 30
45th Annual Bull Sale • March 9 513-3555
cell Bull Sale March 11 Production Sale •
087C ET
Sale Feb. 21
Copy White

Dennis Charolais

...easy calving... ...explosive growth...

DCF Pure Gold 802 P Jan. 28 • Bull Sale


Full French Charolais Bulls For Sale Private Treaty Bulls and Heifers

Cuero/Victoria, Texas area

Eric Dennis 170 Rock Bluff Road

Saint Jo, TX 76265 • (940) 841-2792

40th National Reserve Grand Champion Female

(281) 467-4710 • (713) 444-5708 • (713) 204-4903

Striving towards excellence in Charolais since 1996

Billy Stein, Manager (979) 200-1300

Tyson Hann (979) 324-6659 • • Roy W. Hann Jr. • Ranch Located Near Gause 1824 Comal Ridge Dr • College Station, TX 77845

Rafael Ortega • Owner Raul Montez • Manager 39606 FM 1736 West Hempstead, TX 77445 (832) 331-6800

K&K Charolais Ranch

Quality Charolais Raised in the Rocks at Cherokee, San Saba County, Texas

Kenneth Kuykendall

(325) 622-4227 • FAX (325) 622-4673

(972) 529-8723


“Since 1936”

Fall Bull Sale • October 20

J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  59
P.O. Box 595 • Raymondville, TX 78580 (956) 689-5162 • Fax (956) 689-3693 E-mail: Web: Mitch & Linda (956) 689-6379 Mitch Mobile (956) 535-0936 TriniTy Valley CommuniTy College RANCH regisTered Charolais CaTTle 100 Cardinal Drive . Athens, TX 75751 Marc Robinson 903.675.6285 SKEANS CATTLE
Registered Charolais Larry Skeans • David Skeans • Katie Skeans 940-736-7500 1138 C.R.162 Gainesville, TX 76240 465 FCR 781 • Donie, TX 75838 WASHINGTON VIRGINIA 4C4C Amos Charolais Matt Amos 360-751-2791 Luke Amos 360-749-3330 Facebook: 4C Amos Charolais Castle Rock, WA Your Northwest Source for Quality Charolais Cattle Alan & Leslie Alexander Pasco, WA 99301 509-727-9151 - Alan Follow us on Facebook Hang’n A Cattle Company CCC Resurrection 840 P Rancher’s Choice Bull & Female Sale 4th Saturday in February Agricola Knoll Farm Registered Charolais Cattle Mike & Terri Suchodolski 3676 Elon Road Monroe, VA 24574 434.384.5832 home 434.660.2793 cell AKF CREWS FARMS Billy, Billy C., Barry & Brent Chatham, Virginia (434) 656-2361 - (434) 656-3771 Time Proven Genetics 1 inch- 11x rate: $30/issue Prepaid 1 year (11 issues): $313 2 inch - 11x rate: $60/issue Prepaid 1 year (11 issues): $627 • Each additional inch: $30/issue • 5% discount for 1 year (11 issues) prepaid ads Reach Potential Customers Advertise your breeding program in the Charolais Breeders section each month! Don & Kathy Schill • (903) 388-1342 Spring Bull Sale • Feb. 8 Ms May Classic Bell 158 ET Pld Full sister to ‘Cigar!’ $365 $730 (936) 439-0270 Reed (281) 889-2626 RR Reed Dees 2020 CR 236, Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 (936) 560-0794 DOUBLE R DEES CHAROLAIS RR
60  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 will give you insight into the total cattle industry - all the breeds, issues, ideas and innovations. The Cattleman will tell you where the industry has been and where it is going so you won’t be left behind! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! $25 per year ($40 foreign) 1301 W. Seventh St. Fort Worth, TX 76102-2660 (817) 332-7155 Ask for Circulation Dept. 580 FM 1810 Decatur, Texas 76234 Mobile (972) 839-6485 S E R V I C E S MARKETPLACE CALL TODAY FOR FREE MAIL ORDER CATALOG Sullivan Supply Inc. Dunlap, IA 51529 Phone: (800) 475-5902 FAX: (712) 643-5154 Sullivan Supply South Hillsboro, TX 76645 Phone: (800) 588-7096 FAX: (254) 582-7114 Livestock Grooming Products SULLIVAN SUPPLY Fair Grove, Missouri • (417) 766-3278 • Video Production & Editing Photography Editing ELECTRIC FENCING • MIRACO WATERERS • WEIGHING & EID Offering System Solutions for Charolais Producers 1-800-531-5908 Download Linde’s App! Request Special Photos, Earn Loyalty Points View Promotions & Much More! Order Photos PHOTO/VIDEO AUCTIONEER PUBLICATIONS SEMEN SUPPLIES
J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3  61 Koshkonong, MO Clifford Mitchell (405) 246-6324 “Over 40 years of proven, practical experience” Greg & Brenda Hubert P.O. Box 100 • Oakley, Kansas 67748 • (785) 672-7449 greghubert@st-tel net Professional Charolais Sales Management Have you planned your advertising? Contact Your Area Field Representative Floyd Wampler (423) 612-2144 Cody Beck (765) 719-1622 Hadley Schotte (785) 562-6632 Charolais Journal office (816) 464-2474 ext. 104 David Hobbs (913) 515-1215 123 Earl Warren Rd Beechgrove, TN 37018 Cell: (931) 842-1234 CATTLE SALES – Registered and Commercial Auctions, consultations and semen sales FARM SALES – Land and equipment ORDER BUYING –“If you need it, I’ll find it” Home: (931) 389-6865 E-mail: Spring Charolais Edge Deadlne: January 25 March 2023 Deadlne: January 25 FEBRUARY 11 Charolais For Profit Bull Sale, Columbus, Texas (Entries Due) APRIL 29 Appalachian Classic Sale, Knoxville, Tennessee MAY 6 24th The Sale of Excellence, College Station, Texas Contact us for Sale Catalogs! Office: 817.562.8980 Cell: 815.762.2641 Fax: 817.562.8981 4812 McBreyer Place, Fort Worth, TX 76244-6083 INSURANCE 60 Years in the Charolais Business Mark Your Calender! See us at these sale events! FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OR A CATALOG CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL Over 40 years of evaluation, selection and marketing! NOVEMBER 1, 2022 9th Annual “Friends in Low Places” Elite Show Heifer & Bred Female Sale DYBDAL CHAROLAIS-NEWCASTLE, NE ONLINE AT SCONLINESALES.COM FEBRUARY 25, 2023 • 1 PM 6th Annual Gulf Coast Cattle Show Calf and Bred for the Purple Cow Sale FLORAHOME, FL APRIL 8, 2023 • 5 PM Dybdal Charolais 12th Annual Bull Sale LAUREL, NE See us at these sale events!


AICA Events January 2023

January 1 –

Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for February 2023 Genetic Analysis

January 2 —

Cattlemen’s Congress Class A ROE Show Oklahoma City, Okla.

January 3 —

Cattlemen’s Congress Class A ROE Pen Show Oklahoma City, Okla.

January 14 —

National Western Stock Show National ROE Pen Show Denver, Colo.

January 14 —

44th National Sale National Western Stock Show Denver, Colo.

January 16 —

National Western Stock Show National ROE Show Denver, Colo.

January 28 —

Fort Worth Stock Show National ROE Show Fort Worth, Texas

February 1 —

Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for March 2023 Genetic Analysis

January 1 — Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for February 2023 Genetic Analysis.

January 2 — Cattlemen’s Congress Class A Roll of Excellence Show and Junior Charolais & Percentage Charolais Heifer Show, 8 a.m., Oklahoma City, Okla.

January 3 — Cattlemen’s Congress Charolais Heifer & Bull Pen Show, 9 a.m., Oklahoma City, Okla.

January 12 — Stockyards Beef Festival/Females On The Front Range Heifer Sale, Dinner: 5:00 p.m.; Sale: 6:30 p.m., National Western Stock Show, Witwer Show Arena, Denver, Colo.

January 14 — National Western Stock Show National ROE Pen Show, Denver, Colo.

January 14 — 44th National Charolais Sale, National Western Stock Show, H. W. Hutchison Family Stockyards Event Center, Denver, Colo. Auctioneer: Justin B. Stout. Consultant: CK Marketing & Sales. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.

January 15 — National Western Stock Show Junior Charolais and Percentage Heifer Shows, Denver, Colo.

January 16 — National Western Stock Show National Roll of Excellence Show, Denver, Colo.

January 25 — Sioux Empire Livestock Show Charolais Show & Sale, W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds, Sioux Falls, S.D. Contact: Dean Odden or Brian Driscoll.

January 27 — Charolais Association of Texas Cowtown Cattle Drive Sale, 3 p.m., Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, West Arena. Contact: Eric Dennis, David Skeans or Jason Littleton.

January 27 — Soreide Charolais Ranch 40th Annual Production Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Bowman, N.D.

Contact: Jay Soreide.

January 28 — Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo National Roll of Excellence Charolais Show, Fort Worth, Texas.

January 28 — Dennis Charolais Farms, BeefGene Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission, Sulphur Springs, Texas. Auctioneer: Justin B. Stout.

Contact: Eric Dennis.

January 28 — 82nd Annual Red Bluff Bull Sale, 9:30 a.m., Don Smith Pavilion, Tehama District Fairgrounds, Red Bluff, Calif.

January 30 — Gold Rush Elite Multi-Breed Genetics Sale, Rapid City, S.D. Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar. Sale Manager: CK Sales & Marketing.

January 31 — Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo Charolais Show & Sale, Show: 9:00 a.m.; Sale: 1:00 p.m., Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, S.D. Contact: Donnie Leddy or Colt Keffer.

February 2023

February 10 — Honeyman Charolais 34th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, N.D. Contact: Ryan or Blake Hoenyman.

February 11 — Bradley 3 Ranch Wide Body Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Estelline, Texas. Contact: James Henderson or Mary Lou Bradley-Henderson.

February 11 — Charolais For Profit Bull Sale, Columbus Livestock Auction, Columbus, Texas. Auctioneer: Jerry Lehmann. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.

February 11 — Springside Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale, Stettler Agri-Plex, Stettler, Alta. Contact: Mike Panasiuk.

February 11 — Stewart Charolais & Red Angus 16th Annual Bull Sale, 11:30 a.m., Madison Sale Barn, Madison, S.D. Contact: Jeff Stewart.

February 13 — 59th Annual Iowa Beef Expo Charolais Sale, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, Iowa. Sale Manager: JWC Marketing LLC.

February 13 — NextGen Cattle Company Elite Genetics Online Sale, Sale Manager: CK Sales & Marketing.

February 17 — R Lazy B Ranch Charolais Production Sale, 1 p.m., Hub City Livestock, Aberdeen, S.D. Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar. Contact: Robert Birklid.

February 18 — Clift Livestock Charolais & Angus Alliance Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Ellensburg Rodeo Western Village, Ellensburg, Wash. Contact: Kerry Clift.

February 20 — Rennert Ranch/Heart-J Char-Lay

7th Annual Performance on the Platte Charolais Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Darr Feedyard Bull Development Center, Cozad, Neb. Auctioneer: Matt Printz. Contact: Kristian Rennert.

February 21 — Bina Charolais 28th Annual Powerhouse Bull Sale, 1:30 p.m., Jamestown Livestock, Jamestown, N.D. Contact: Lane Bina or Denae Stern.

February 21 — Deutsch Charolais Online Bull Sale, Contact: Tim Deutsch.

February 22-23 — NCC The Classic Charolais Show & Sale, Show: February 22; Sale: February 23, Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Kearney, Neb.

February 25 — 6th Annual Gulf Coast Cattle Show Calf and Bred For The Purple Cow Sale, Florahome, Fla. Sale Manager: Gulf Coast Cattle Services.

February 25 — Cannon Charolais Ranch 10th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Newton, Iowa. Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.

February 25 — Hang’n A Cattle company Rancher’s Choice 20th Annual Bull Sale, 12:30 p.m., JR Ranch Sale Barn, Othello, Wash. Auctioneer: Butch Booker. Contact: Alan Alexander.

Affiliate Events

February 1 — Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for March 2023 Genetic Analysis.

February 1–3 — The Cattle Industry Convention and National Cattleman’s Beef Association Trade Show, New Orleans, La.

February 6 — Cannon Charolais Ranch Online Genetics Sale, Contact: Tom Cannon.

February 8 — Broberg Charolais 6th Annual Bull Sale, at the farm, Tilden, Neb. Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar. Sale Manager: CK Sales & Marketing.

February 8 — Thomas Charolais Inc. Spring Bull Sale, at the ranch, Raymondville, Texas. Contact: Mitch Thomas or Tonnyre Thomas Joe.

February 9 — Watertown Winter Farm Show South Dakota Showplace Charolais Show & Sale, Watertown, S.D. Contact: Alan Vedvei or Scott Jensen.

March 4 — Kentucky Farm Bureau Beef Expo Charolais Show & Sale, Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, Louisville, Ky. Contact: Jeff Harrod, Chuck Druin or Jacob Miller.

March 4 — Mead Farms Spring Performance Tested Bull Sale, Noon, Mead Sale Headquarters, Versailles, Mo. Auctioneer: Jerry Lehmann. Contact: Alan Mead.

March 4 — Peterson Farms Charolais 30th Anniversary Top Pick Bull Sale, 1 p.m. Peterson Farms Sale Facility, Mtn. Grove, Mo. Sale Manager: Mitchell Management.

March 4 – Satterfield Charolais & Angus Twelfth Annual Bull Sale, 1p.m., at the farm, Evening Shade, Ark. Auctioneer: Justin B. Stout. Sale Manager: JWC Marketing LLC.

March 5 — Smoky Hill Charolais/Lazy H Ranch 21st Annual Bull & Female Sale, Lazy H Ranch, Hays, Kan. Contact: Maurice or Mark Rohr.

March 5 — Springside Cattle Co. The Spring Storm Online Frozen Genentics Sale, Contact: Mike Panasiuk.

March 6 — Boyert Show Cattle Fall Born Online Heifer Sale, SC Online Sales. Contact: Jared, Jake or Clayton Boyert.

March 6 — Cody Cattle Company with Hanel Black Simmental Black & White Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Courtland, Kan. Auctioneer: Jared Shipman. Sale Manager: Innovation AgMarketing LLC.

March 7 — Char Spangled Banner 2023 Junior National Fundraising Sale, SC Online Sales. Contact: Angela Bunker, Sydney Zehnder or Kaitlyn Chism.

March 7 — Doll Ranch 43rd Annual Production Sale, 1:30 p.m., Kist Livestock, Mandan, N.D. Contact: Charles, David or Harlan Doll.

March 9 — Effertz Key Ranch 45th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Rugby Livestock, Rugby, N.D. Contact: Roger, Kevin or Neil Effertz.

March 11–12 — Beavers Charolais Private Treaty Bull Sale, at the farm, Collins, Iowa.

March 11 — Nipp Charolais 14th Annual Spring Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Wilson, Okla. Contact: Curtiss, Justin or Travis Nipp.

March 11 — Wright Charolais 16th Annual Bull Sale, Wright Charolais Sale Facility, Kearney, Mo. Auctioneer: Greg Goggins. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.

March 12 — RBM Livestock Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Florence, S.D. Contact: Ryan or Mike Bergh.

March 14 — Romans Ranches Charolais Production Sale, Westfall, Ore. Contact: Bill or Jeff Romans.

March 15 — Wagonhammer Ranches Total Performance Production Sale, at the ranch, Bartlett, Neb. Contact: Joe Epperly.

February 25 — Meadows Creek Farm 7th Annual Black & White Spring Forward Bull & Female Sale, South Alabama Stockyard, Brundidge, Ala. Contact: Richard or Glenn Meadows.

February 25 — Rogers Bar HR Spring Turn-Out Bull Sale, at the ranch, Collins, Miss. Contact: Doug Rogers.

February 25 — Shepherd-Shamburg Charolais & Angus Private Treaty Bull Sale, at the farm, Stuart, Iowa. Contact: Sara Shepherd or Dan Shamburg.

February 28 — Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Class A Roll of Excellence Show, Houston, Texas.

March 2023

March 1 — Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for April 2023 Genetic Analysis.

March 3 — Sandmeier Charolais 42nd Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Bowdle, S.D. Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar. Contact: Matthew or Calvin Sandmeier.

March 18 — Bradley Cattle Bull & Bred Female Sale, Springfield Livestock Marketing Center, Springfield, Mo. Auctioneer: Ronn Cunningham. Sale Manager: CK Sales & Marketing.

March 18 — Full Circle Cattle Company Third annual Bull Sale , 1 p.m., Winter Livestock, Dodge City, Kan. Sale Manager: JWC Marketing LLC.

March 18 — T&S Strnad Charolais Annual Production Sale, at the ranch, Formoso, Kan. Contact: Terrill or Sarah Strnad.

March 18 — Wild Indian Acres Annual Spring Bull Sale, Joplin Regional Stockyards, Joplin, Mo. Auctioneer: Bailey Moore. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.

March 18 — Windy Hill Charolais Open House, 1 p.m., at the farm, Cedar Hill, Mo. Contact: David or Annette Bonacker.

March 19 — Big House Show Cattle Show Heifer Sale, Iola, Texas. Contact: Braden House.

March 20 — Brent Charolais 6th Annual Online Bull Sale, Contact: Matthew Brent.

62  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 C H A R O L A I S J O U R N A L Contact David Hobbs (816) 464-2474, ext 200, with affiliate event dates.
M o r e o n t h e W e b :

March 21 — Schrader Ranch 21st Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Wells, Kan. Contact: Spencer or Laci Schrader.

March 23 — West Fork Ranch Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Loup City, Neb. Contact: Roseann Wilson.

March 24 — The Great Northern 4th Annual Bull & Female Sale, 1 p.m., Northern Genetics Facility, Clear Lake, Minn. Auctioneer: Justin B. Stout. Contact: Scott Moller or Dustin Fischer.

March 25 — 8 Story Farms 5th Annual Production

Sale, 1 p.m., Daviess County Livestock, Gallatin, Mo.

Contact: Austin or Courtney Story.

March 25 — Geyer Cattle Company Annual Production Sale, 1 p.m., Magness Livestock, Huron, S.D. Contact: Sam Geyer.

March 25 — Wakefield Farms Performance Tested

Bull Sale, 1p.m., Dunlap Livestock Auction, Dunlap, Iowa. Auctioneer: Jon Schaben. Sale Manager: JWC Marketing LLC.

March 25 — Zehnder Waage Partnership Annual

Bull Sale, 5:00 p.m., Waage Farms, Greenbush, Minn. Auctioneer: Dennis Metzger. Sale Manager: CK Sales & Marketing.

March 28 — C–B Charolais 37th Annual Production Sale, 5:30 p.m., C–B Sale Facility, Montpelier, N.D.

Contact: Curtis or Troy Brown.

March 31 — Driscoll Cattle Company Annual Bull Sale, Huron Continental Marketing, Huron, S.D. Auctioneer: Matt Lowery. Contact: Brian Driscoll.

April 2023

April 1 — AICA Herd Enrollment Deadline

April 1 — All Breeds Matter Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Filippo Family Farms, Rush Springs, Okla. Contact: Chris White.

April 1 — DeBruycker Charolais 39th Annual Bull Sale, 11 a.m., Western Livestock Auction, Great Falls, Mont.

Contact: Brett or Mark DeBruycker or Joe Campbell.

April 1 — Wagner Charolais 12th Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Nunn, Colo. Contact: Bob Wagner.

April 2 — Hassebrook Charolais Farms Production Sale, 2 p.m., Albion Livestock Market, Albion, Neb.

Contact: Bruce Hassebrook.

April 3 — Weber Charolais & Red Angus Annual Meat & Muscle Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Weber Sale Facility, Lake Andes, S.D. Auctioneers: Brad Veurink, Dan Clark.

Contact: Dean Weber.

April 4 — Hubert Charolais Ranch, 44th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Monument, Kan. Auctioneer: Justin B. Stout. Contact: David Hubert.

April 4 — Jackson Cattle Company Online Heifer Sale, Walnut Springs, Texas. Contact: Jeff Jackson.

April 7 — Roster Charolais Bull Sale, Spencer, S.D.

Contact: Mike Roster.

April 8 — Charolais Association of Texas Spring Innovation Sale, Cooke County Fairgrounds, Gainesville, Texas. Contact: Eric Dennis, David Skeans or Jason Littleton.

April 8 — Dybdal Charolais 12th Annual Bull Sale, 5 p.m., Laurel Livestock Sales Company, Laurel, Neb.

Contact: Larry or Ty Dybdal.

April 8 — Fink Beef Genetics Charolais & Angus Spring Bull Sale, Fink Beef Genetics Sale Facility, Randolph, Kan. Contact: Galen or Lori Fink or Megan or Chad Larson.

April 8 — Hebbert Charolais 41st Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Hebbert Sale Facility, Hyannis, Neb. Contact: Matt or Lacy Hebbert.

April 8 — Prairie Valley Farm Annual Bull Sale, 1:00 p.m., Platte Livestock Auction, Platte, S.D. Auctioneer: Dustin Carter. Sale Manager: CK Sales & Marketing.

April 8 — The Renaissance 31st Anniversary Edition Sale, 1 p.m., Chappell’s Sale Arena, Strafford, Mo. Sale Manager: Mitchell Management.

April 10 — Eggleston Charolais 38th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Wessington, S.D. Contact: Jamie Eggleston.

April 11 — Thomas Ranch 51st Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Harrold, S.D. Contact: Troy Thomas or Cally Kindred.

April 13 — Reich Charolais Ranch 66th Annual Bull Sale, Belle Fourche Livestock Market, Belle Fourche, S.D. Contact: Tim Reich.

April 14 — Missouri Charolais Breeders Association 60th Anniversary Banquet & Annual Membership Meeting, DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, Springfield, Mo. Contact: Annette Bonacker.

April 15 — Cobb Charolais Ranch 64th Spring Bull Sale, Western Livestock, Great Falls, Mont. Contact: John or Cheryl Cobb or Mike or Sarah Cobb.

April 15 — Lindskov’s LT Ranch 42nd Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Isabel, S.D. Contact: Bryce or Todd Lindskov.

April 15 — Missouri Charolais Breeders Association State Sale, Springfield, Mo. Sale Manager: JWC Marketing LLC.

April 18 — Dybdal Charolais Show Female Sale. Contact: Ty or Larry Dybdal.

April 18–19 — 2023 AICA Annual Membership Meetings, Committee Meetings and Spring Board of Directors Meeting, Kansas City Airport Marriott, Kansas City, Mo. Contact: AICA.

April 20 — JMAR Genetics & Guests New Beginnings

Bull, Female & Semen Online Sale. Contact: Jim Johnson.

April 20–21 — NextGen Cattle Company The Flint Hills Spring Classic Annual Production Sale, at the ranch, Paxico, Kan.

April 20-25 — Charolais Charbray International World Technical Conference. Czech Republic.

April 21 — Wild Indian Acres Online Spring Female Sale, 7:00 p.m., Live on DVAuction. Auctioneer: Justin B. Stout. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.

April 29 — Appalachian Classic Sale, 1 p.m., Knoxville Livestock Center, Knoxville, Tenn. Sale Sponsor: Mountain Empire Charolais Association. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.

April 29 — Aschermann Charolais/Akaushi 36th Edition Bull & Female Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Carthage, Mo. Auctioneer: Jackie Moore. Contact: Larry or Peggy Aschermann.

April 29 — Wienk Charolais Ranch 54th Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, Lake Preston, S.D. Contact: Jeff, Sterling or Ty Eschenbaum.

April 30 — AIJCF Scholarship Deadline. Contact: Kaitlyn Chism, AICA.

May 2023

May 5 — Jackson Cattle Company Something Special Elite Donor Event, Walnut Springs, Texas. Contact: Jeff Jackson.

May 6 — 24th Annual The Sale of Excellence, O.D. Butler Texas A&M Research Center, College Station, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.

May 10 — AIJCA Junior National Early Entry & Ownership Deadline. Contact: Kaitlyn Chism, AICA.

May 13 — Mead Farms Female Sale, noon, Mead Sale Headquarters, Versailles, Mo. Auctioneer: Jerry Lehmann. Contact: Alan Mead.

May 20 — AIJCA Junior National Late Entry & Ownership Deadline. Contact: Kaitlyn Chism, AICA.

May 26–29 — Texas Junior Charolais Association State Show, Brazos County Expo, Bryan, Texas. Contact: Danni Lunsford Amos.

July 2023

July 1 — Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for August 2023 Genetic Analysis.

July 2–7 — 2023 AIJCA Junior National Show & Leadership Conference, St. Paul, Minn.

August 2023

August 1 – Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for September 2023 Genetic Analysis.

September 2023

September 1 — Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for October 2023 Genetic Analysis.

September 1 — ACF Ludeke-Truax Veterinary/Medical Student Scholarship Application Deadline. Contact: Kaitlyn Chism, AICA.

September 12 — Boyert Show Cattle Online Steer Sale, SC Online Sales. Contact: Jared, Jake or Clayton Boyert.

September 16 — Wild Indian Acres & Friends Female Sale, 1 p.m., at the farm, DeSoto, Mo. Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.

September 19 — Big House Show Cattle Show Heifer Sale, Iola, Texas. Contact: Braden House.

September 20 — Benes Cattle Company Online Steer & Heifer Sale, Valparaiso, Neb. Contact: Mitch Benes.

September 23 — Satterfield Charolais & Angus Twelfth Annual Female Sale, 1 p.m., at the farm, Evening Shade, Ark. Sale Manager: JWC Marketing LLC.

October 2023

October 1 — Deadline for submitting performance information to AICA for November 2023 Genetic Analysis.

October 5 — Boyert Show Cattle Spring Born Heifer Online Sale, SC Online Sales. Contact: Jared, Jake or Clayton Boyert.

October 7 — Bradley Cattle & Hankins Farms Charolais & Red Angus Fall Colors Sale, 6 p.m., Hankins Sale Facility, Republic, Mo. Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman. Sale Manager: CK Sales & Marketing.

October 12 — JMAR Genetics & Guests Quality Over Quantity Bull & Heifer Online Sale. Contact: Jim Johnson.

October 17 — Jackson Cattle Company Spring Born Online Heifer Sale, Walnut Springs, Texas. Contact: Jeff Jackson.

October 20 — Meadows Creek Farm Arcadia Black & White Bull Sale, Arcadia Stockyard, Arcadia, Fla. Contact: Richard or Glenn Meadows.

October 21 — Fink Beef Genetics Fall Bull Sale, Noon, Fink Beef Genetics Sale Facility, Randolph, Kan. Contact: Galen or Lori Fink or Megan or Chad Larson.

October 24 — Dybdal Charolais 10th Annual Friends In Low Places Elite Show Heifer Online Sale. Contact: Ty or Larry Dybdal.

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A D V E R T I S E R S ’

64  J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 3 C H A R O L A I S J O U R N A L
I N D E X 007 Charolais 24 21 Ranch ............................................ 58 4C Amos Charolais 59 8 Story Farms 26 5J Charolais......................................... 26 Agricola Knoll Farm 59 Akin Charolais 55 Allison Charolais 52 Arlitt Ranch 5 B & B Farms 54 Bar J Charolais 7, 58 Bar S Ranch ........................................ 56 Beavers Charolais 56 Bella Angel Farms 5 Big Creek Charolais ............................. 26 Bina Charolais 58 BioZyme 60 Bill King Ranch 57 Black Hills Stock Show 20 Boscamp’s Arrowhead Ranch 58 Bovine Elite, LLC. 60 Bracewell Cattle Co. 58 Bradley 3 Ranch Ltd. 9 Bradley Cattle 26 Broberg Charolais ............................... 14 Broken Box Ranch 55 Bullard Cattle 56 Cardinal Charolais .............................. 55 Castleberry’s Hilltop C Charolais 58 Cattle Visions 15 Cattleman, The 60 Charolais Association of Texas 27, 58 Charolais Banner 60 Charolais Chatter 12, 30 Clayford Ranch Charolais .................... 58 Clift Livestock 12 Clifton, Greg 60 Condra Charolais Farms ..................... 54 Corman Charolais 26 Cowtown Cattle Drive Sale 27 Crawley, Gary G ................................... 60 Crews Farms 59 Crutcher, Matt 60 Curfman Farm 56 DeBruycker Charolais 52 Dennis Charolais Farm 10, 59 DESCO Charolais Farm 16, 58 Domek Charolais ................................ 57 Double R Dees 59 Dybdal Charolais 57 Eaton Charolais ....................... Inside Front ECP Cattle 58 Effertz Key Ranch 58 Eggleston Charolais ............................. 53 Endsley’s Charolais Farm 57 Evans Charolais 5 Fancy Creek Charolais 56 Filippo Family Farms 24 Fink Beef Genetics 56 Fox Hollow Farms 58 Franz Ranch ....................................... 57 Fred Ranch 57 Full Circle Cattle Co. 3 Gallagher....................................... 29, 60 Garrett Charolais 54 Geyer Cattle Co 53 Grau Charolais Ranch ......................... 57 Gulf Coast Cattle 55 Gulf Coast Cattle Services 61 Hale Farms 26 Hang’n A Cattle Co. 59 Harrod Farms 52 Haslag Charolais Farms 26 Hayden Farm ...................................... 52 Hebbert Charolais 57 Honeyman Charolais 24 Horse Creek Charolais ........................ 55 Hubert Cattle Sales 61 Hubert Charolais Ranch 56 Iowa Beef Expo ..................................... 8 Iowa Charolais Breeders Assn 8 J & J Trust Charolais Cattle 2 J & M Ranch 53 James F. Bessler Inc. 61 JMAR Genetics 16 Jorgensen Charolais 55 Justin B. Stout Auction Service............ 60 JWC Marketing 53, 61 K & K Charolais Ranch 59 Keahey Charolais ................................. 55 Kentucky Charolais Association 52 Keppen Charolais 49, 53 L.G. Herndon Jr. Farms Inc. 55 LaFraise Farms.................................... 56 Lambert, Doak 60 Laue Charolais Ranch 56 Legacy Custom Meat Processing 7 Lehman Charolais 59 Lehmann Cattle Co. 26 Linde’s Livestock Photography 60 Lindskov’s LT Ranch Back Cover Little W Farm 54 Long Hall Cattle 52 Los Pinos Cattle Co. ........................... 59 MBS Charolais 26 McNickle Charolais Ranch 56 Mead Farms ........................................ 26 Minnesota/Wisconsin Charolais Assn 33-48 Missouri Charolais Breeders 26 Mitchell Management ........................ 61 ML Lewis Charolais 56 Montgomery Charolais 52 Morton, Bob 61 Mountain View Charolais 55 Myers Charolais 56 NCC The Classic 28 NextGen Cattle Co.................................. 6 Nipp Charolais 58 Nord Farms 56 Nubbin Ridge Farm ............................. 58 Oak Hill Farm 55 Odden Charolais Ranch 53 Outfront Cattle Service 61 Peterson Farms Charolais 26 Prairie Valley Farms, lnc 53 Priefert 60 R Lazy B Ranch 13 Rambur Charolais, Ltd. 57 Ramro LLC 59 Reaves Charolais ................................. 54 Reich Charolais Ranch 53 Ridder Farms 26 Rifle Creek Cattle Co. .......................... 57 Rio Ranch 59 Riverdale Land & Livestock 26 Rocking S Ranch 5 Rogers Bar HR 11 Rolling Hills Charolais 52 Runft Charolais Ranch, Myron 56 SW&S Cattle Co. 59 Sandmeier Charolais 53 Sandusky Farms 52 Sayre Cattle Service ............................. 61 Schrader Ranch 56 Schurrtop Angus & Charolais 57 S.E.A.N.A. Charolais............................. 52 Shadow Springs Farm 56 Skeans Cattle Co. 59 Soreide Charolais Ranch 49 South Dakota Charolais Breeders ........ 53 Spring Valley Ranches 59 Springside Cattle Co 25 Stewart’s Charolais ........................ 51, 53 Sturgess Double S Cattle 58 Sullivan Charolais 52 Sullivan Supply 60 Summerford Charolais, BJR 55 Sure Champ 60 T and S Strnad Charolais 56 Tennessee Charolais Breeders ............ 54 Testerman Charolais 16 The Quality Group 16 Thomas Charolais, Inc. (TX) ............... 59 Thomas Ranch (SD) 53 Three Forks Farm 52 Trinity Valley Community College Rch. 59 Vaughan Family Ranch........................ 56 Vedvei Charolais Ranch 53 VitaFerm 60 Wagonhammer Ranches ..................... 57 Wagon Wheel Charolais Ranch 57 Wakefield Farms 57 Webb Charolais Farm 58 Weber Charolais Farm ......................... 53 Welcome Grove Charolais 54 West Fork Ranch 57 Wienk Charolais Ranch...... ................... 1 Wild Indian Acres 26 Windy Hill Charolais Farms 26, 30 Wooden Cross Cattle Co. 56 Wright Charolais 26, Inside Back ZOE Charolais 26

Featuring Sons of These Breed Leading Sires

Watch for videos of the bulls on

Elder’s Blackjack 788B

M866771 LT Landmark 5052 Pld CED 14.6 BW -5.5 WW 46 YW 88 Milk 42 REA .88 MB -.03 M905524 DC/CRJ Tank E108 P CED 13.0 BW -1.9 WW 66 YW 146 Milk 37 REA .77 MB .06 M927067 LT Badge 9184 Pld CED 4.2 BW -.6 WW 73 YW 124 Milk 17 REA .66 MB .02 M941957 LT Remington 0038 Pld CED 14.6 BW -6.6 WW 51 YW 100 Milk 27 REA .52 MB .29 M953708 Elder’s Houlio 4H CED -4.5 BW 4.7 WW 75 YW 127 Milk 24 REA .93 MB -.02 M880381 LT Affinity 6221 Pld CED 11.4 BW -4.9 WW 50 YW 102 Milk 29 REA .50 MB .28 M914463 LT Ransom 8644 CED 8.1 BW -1.0 WW 58 YW 100 Milk 23 REA .71 MB .27 M930804 Keys Powermax 57G CED 5.9 BW -0.1 WW 53 YW 98 Milk 38 REA .89 MB .14 M852822 LT Patriot 4004 Pld CED 2.2 BW -0.5 WW 65 YW 124 Milk 26 REA .52 MB .15 M852840 LT Tioga 4090 PLD CED 12.3 BW -4.2 WW 46 YW 80 Milk 36 REA .64 MB .13 M910934
CED -3.0 BW 3.9 WW 76 YW 128 Milk 21 REA .97 MB .19

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