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Summer and Winter 2012–2013

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Standing Committees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 International Voluntary Abroad Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Indonesian Oral Health Month 2012 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 GC Europe Workshop on composites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 IADS Legends: Interview with Dr. Mark Vella Bardon - IADS information officer 1971–1972 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 ......................




Jordanian Association for Dental Students (JADS) Perla Negra

Tunisian Association of Dental Students (TADS)



IADS Armenia: IADS is a part of my life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Working in partnership with dental professionals to provide expert care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 The 59th IADS and YDW Annual World Dental Congress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Abstract: LH for treatment of adult anterior crossbite with severe crowding combined with facial asymmetry case . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 IDRP: From Poland with love



Dental Students´ Research Journal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 World Oral Health Day

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Healthy Teeth Day in Armenia Bright Smile, Bright Future


The Healthy Tooth in Healthy Russia



First IADS Training session . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 2014 IADS Wrigley salivary research award abstract submission open . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 66th World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Mid-Year-Meeting 2013 Lisbon, Portugal

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Interview Dr. Karolína Floryková (Our “Kajka”) Second IADS Training session Upcoming Events of IADS




I am happy to present a new issue of the IADS Magazine. Throughout the past months I had the opportunity to share my passion with enthusiastic and inspiring people. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the creation of IADS Magazine especially Editorial Board. This “two in one” issue contains information about Executive Committee, Standing Committees, introductions of our new members, events of your members, IADS projects and much more. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Dr. Petra Horáková Editor 2012–2013


Pavel Scarlat Romania

Dr. Adham Elshourbagy Egypt

Drg. Esti Riyanda Astuti Indonesia

Malek Ghorbel Tunisia

Murad Alrsheedi Saudi Arabia

Tai Meng Wei Malaysia

Tarek Omran United Arab Emirates

Dr. Emad Youssef Egypt

Anton Alexandrov Russia

Dr. Blanca Leticia Thompson Llaca Mexico

Inessa Djagaryan Armenia

Muhammad Nur Falah Indonesia



Pavel Scarlat President Country: Romania/ Republic of Moldova IADS e-mail:

Dr. Nada Uncianschi General Secretary

Artjom Meier D.D.S. Treasurer

Dr. Petra Horáková Editor

Country: Romania, Timişoara

Country: Germany

Country: Czech Republic

IADS e-mail:

IADS e-mail:

IADS e-mail:

Belal Heddaya International Exchange Officer

Dr. Tatiana Vorovchenko International Scientific Officer

Dr. Stefánia Zsuzsanna Radó Immediate Past President

Country: Egypt

Country: The Russian Federation

Country: Germany

IADS e-mail:

IADS e-mail:

IADS e-mail:


STANDING COMMITTEES 20122013 CREME The Committee on Recruiting New Members.

Sofyen Ghorbel Chairman of the Committee on Recruiting New Members Country: Tunisia IADS e-mail:

Fundraising Committee The basis for fundraising was established so many years ago, but in this area we want to (re)adapt the present relationship with our main sponsors.

Lino Vinhas Chairman of the Fundraising Committe Country: Portugal IADS e-mail:

Prophylaxis Committee As a future dentist, we want to participate in prevention because we realize how important it is. And it is also one of the reasons why the Prophylaxis Committee was established.

Dr. Petra Horáková Chairman of the Prophylaxis Committee Country: Czech Republic IADS e-mail:

SCORE The Standing Committee on Research and Education (SCORE) stresses the need for the students’ involvement within the dental scientific community by offering opportunities for the ones who desire to make a difference within the society.

Dr. Tatiana Vorovchenko Chairman of the Standing Committee on Research and Education Country: The Russian Federation IADS e-mail:

Training Committee Train new trainers and sub regional trainings (TNT/SRT) is a unique program designed by students in topics related to the soft skills such as leadership, project management, stress and time management, fundraising, and presentation skills.


Dr. Adham Elshourbagy Chairman of the Training Committee Country: Egypt IADS e-mail:

INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY ABROAD COMMITTEE Every day the circle of projects is getting bigger and IADS members are also getting more experienced. We are happy to promote this best attribute of humanity among our members and encourage them to come to people’s in need help making them smile.

Aims of the Project

Dental problems in the project locations

• To provide oral health care and oral disease prevention, education and supplies to under-served populations in developing nations • Train their local people to take responsibility for the continuation of the preventive education and care and the meaning of basic dental prophylaxis • To create awareness amongst students from all over the world about circumstances of life in rural areas and lack of basic dental services there • To devealop problem solving skills, research abilities and knowledge of participating students about field work realities as a complement to university education • To promote intersectorial teamwork as a basic element of sustainable development, thus serving as a complement to university education. • To improve socio-economic as well as living conditions in the rural areas.

• Lack of dental services. • Poor oral hygiene. • Low benefit from existing preventive measures due to absence of dental public health education. • Traditional managment of diseases. • High prevalence of dental problems especially dental caries and periodontal diseases. • Lack of mother and child dental care.

Whoever goes to a voluntary work project knows it is one of their best experiences they could have as students. Voluntary Work Projects allow a student to go to another country and participate in an ongoing project to help the health of a local population, instead of being in a Faculty. The work differs from project to project: in some places, it is simply oral hygiene promotion and it may be organised by the dental faculty of a local university, who provide the health care plan, and students can participace in it when they attend. Another option is to join existing dental volunteer program organized by volunteer organizations. All the time in IADS we work on establishing new project and offering our members new volunteer destinations. We also organize own volunteer initiatives, collect students reports, popularize dental volunteering among our members and enhance them to participate in outreach trips. We always try to join our international meetings with volunteer field trips

Drg. Esti Riyanda Astuti Chairman of Voluntary Abroad Committee Country: Indonesia IADS e-mail:


INDONESIAN ORAL HEALTH MONTH 2012 “HEALTHY TEETH AND MOUTH FOR A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE” inspired by World Oral Health Day on 12th September which is also celebrated as National Oral Health Day in Indonesia. The theme of this year is Healthy Teeth and Mouth For a Better Quality of Life. Indonesian Oral Health Month started in 2010 and was organized by 14 Dental hospitals in 14 different places. Over 10.000 patients are treated every year. This year, IOHM was opened in Bali by the president of FDI, Dr Orlando Monteiro da Silva and also by President of Indonesian Dental Association, Dr drg Rini Zaura MDS . This event was believed to lead the society to have optimal dental health and maintain their oral hygiene. Dental Hospital of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta is also involved to succeed in this project. The event was organized during 15th-17th October 2012 at Asri Medical Centre and Muhammadiyah Hospital of Pakem. Over 200 members of Local Dental Association and Young Dentist worked to treat the patients. The number of patients treated in Asri Medical Center during Indonesian Dental Health Month 2010 was over 1100. The number of patients even increased during IOHM 2011 which was 2100. Meanwhile at 2012, we have treated 1165 patients. The publicity of this program was gained through mass medias such as news papers, TV commercials, flyers and radio. During IOHM, each visitor was offered free dental service including Dental Health Education and Currative treatment.

Indonesian Oral Health Month is a continual commitment between Unilever Indonesia, Indonesian Dental Association and Indonesian Dental Schools Association in order to elevate the awareness of oral and dental healthcare. By giving Dental Health Education and Free Dental Treatment, it expects to ameliorate the understanding of how dental disease can be prevented and treated by the society. This event also supports the project of Indonesian Healthy Smile. This project is


Fissure Sealant, topical application of uoride, restorative treatment, extraction, scalling were the examples of the treatment given to the patients during IOHM. Public dissemination was also conducted towards hundreds of school aged visitors and this was ended by the Mass tooth Brushing Instruction that was followed by visitors of all ages. Eventually, the continuity of this grand project is expected by all organizers and also the sponsor since the message and the objectives of this project are clearly conveyed - to make better quality of life by healthy teeth and mouth. Hopefully in the next IOHM, the number of visitors will exceed the last number of visitors during this 3 years record. And the dream of Indonesian Healthy Smile will really come true.

Drg. Esti Riyanda Astuti & Fauziah Karimah


REPORT FROM IADSGC EUROPE WORKSHOP ON COMPOSITES 4. 10.  6. 10. 2012, LEUVEN, BELGIUM The International Association of Dental Students in cooperation with GC Europe has organized the workshop „Understanding and using Composites“ in Leuven, Belgium. This workshop took place at the brand new Meeting & Education Centre of GC headquarters in Leuven Thursday 4.10. - Saturday 6.10. There were 12 students from 7 different countries participating on the workshop, and these were Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Syria. On Thursday we have headed for a common dinner into the Leuven city centre. Afterwards we had tasted typical types of Belgian beers. On Friday we had enjoyed guided city tour and visited the Dental department of the famous Catholic university. Then we have moved into the GC Campus where we have been kindly welcomed by the GC team. We have started the composite training course and hands-on from Mr. Roeland De Paepe, CDT. On Friday afternoon we have learned how to restore the IV. class defect in a very esthetic way. After the course we have rushed into the most famous place of Leuven, the Oude Markt, a square called the “longest bar in Europe” as every building on this square is a bar, pub or a club. On Saturday we have continued at GC Campus by veneers and class II restorations. After the workshop we had to say goodbye to each other and get back to our homes. Anyway we have had a great IADS time once again as you can see in the reviews of the participants lower and at the gallery. On behalf of the whole IADS group I would like to thank Mr. Pavel Scarlat and the GC team, especially Mrs. Liesbet Briké, for this great opportunity.

Kateřina Miklišová International Scientific Officer 2012–2013


„I have seen one beautiful part of world and I have learned really a lot. Thanks” Matej Magura Slovakia „Relevant topic, engaged and competent trainer - plus new IADS friends!” Frey Brus Madsen Denmark „It was really a great time. Workshop was very well organized and I learned a lot. I also had an opportunity to meet great people from all over the world and I think we had a lot of fun together :)” Maria Zawadska Poland

„I appreciated the professionalism of our instructor and his level of expertise in the field of composite materials.Together the hotel, the GC office and the city of Leuven created a great environment for the workshop and I would like to come back some time in the future.“ Matej Kováč Slovakia „The workshop was better than I had expected it to be and the food and accommodation was also of high standard. In total I am very satisfied with the price of the whole trip compared to the quality.“ Signe Stenkilde Denmark

„It was very useful hand course, and I liked the using technique in restoration and veneer .” Eyad Tayfour Syria


IADS LEGENDS: INTERVIEW WITH DR. MARK VELLA BARDON  IADS INFORMATION OFFICER 19711972 quite impressed with the cameraderie that existed between the dental students from various nations. The Assembly honored me with accepting our invitation for 1971. I noted that the social life was great fun. The assembly meetings were as expected restricted to discussing the usual financial matters, new memberships and a few other trivial matters other than planning future annual general meetings. The “scientific” programme was composed of lectures by eminent professors of the local dental schools. While giving some thought for the programme for the Malta congress I wondered why dental students could not discuss matters which were directly related to them. Since I could not attend 1970 congress in Berlin I sent a letter to the General Assembly. My three colleagues from Malta presented it and the proposal was accepted.

A) Dear Dr. Mark Vella Bardon, could you please tell us about your involvement within IADS and what were more exactly your responsibilities? My involvement with IADS stemmed from when my twin brother Klaus, MADS President, and two of his colleagues went to the congress in Prague in that fateful year of 1968. They invited to the 1971 congress to Malta then. That congress ended only one week before the Russian tanks invaded Czechoslovakia! In 1969 the onus fell upon me, MADS secretary, to attend the Malmo/Copenhagen congress to confirm that invitation. I was


From “History of the IADS” ( ) I quote: 1970 a major reappraisal of the Scientific Program for future Congresses took place. It was Mr. Mark-John Vella-Bardon who urged that discussion groups should replace formal lectures as the major content of the Scientific Program; whilst dental students have a great variety of lectures available in their own countries, the IADS Congress provides a unique opportunity for international discussion on dental topics of mutual interest. The success of these groups was immediately apparent when they were subsequently introduced. The conclusions of these discussion groups were forwarded to, amongst others, the relevant F.D.I. Commission. The 1971 congress arrived and lasted ten days, most of the participants staying for a fortnight. The social programme was absolutely fantastic both on the free days with excursions to various beaches as well as a couple of boat trips. The evening fare was of a high standard too. The comments on the IADS Newsletters speak for themselves. My sincere apologies if I sound boastful about this! I suppose that I was elected to the IADS executive thanks to the euphoria of the delegates who enjoyed the congress so much! It was quite a surprise to me, as I had no such aspirations whatsoever. I managed to raise enough funds to as Exchange/Education Officer attend various meetings in Scandinavia and England. I also participated at the 1972 Congress at Worth Abbey in England.

and philanthropist surprised me with a visit too. Both were emotional and heart warming encounters. In a way they brought back all those “vibrant” episodes. D) IADS activists develop projects which serve the international dental student community, and could you please tell us of one of the main projects which was developed during that period of time? B) The IADS Meetings are the most important events of IADS, which gather dental students from all the corners of world. Could you please tell us how were the congresses organized during that years? Membership of IADS 40+ years ago was much more restricted than it is now that the world has become a “global village”. There was no internet, email or mobile communication. Phone calls were prohibitively expensive and therefore any communication took place through the post. An executive meeting took place once, in midyear between the annual General Assemblies. Organization of the congress was almost entirely in the hands of the host nation. C) Students who participate at the IADS events and activities usually enjoy unforgettable moments. Could you please tell us about a very vibrant memory you always remember which relates to an IADS experience. I cannot agree more. The IADS experience is one that remains ingrained in one’s memory. Today it has a lasting effect, even more so since contact is maintained via email, Facebook etc. May I remind you that our dental school had just 9 students! They were all members of the organising committee. Meeting colleagues from different countries, even different life styles is a rewarding experience. There were around 220 participants in Malta in 1971 and it was indeed wonderful to see them all integrating together both socially and in all meetings ... enjoying every minute. My proposal was particularly vindicated because ALL (nearly!) took part in the “work groups”, hung over or not! In this way interaction between the students was not restricted to the official delegates. I have too many “vibrant” memories to recall one in particular. It could make an very interesting novel. To compound this, my younger brother Frank hosted the 1978 congress and appointed me as the adviser of the congress committee. I accepted that wholeheartedly and had a wonderful time to feel a vibrant student once again! Unfortunately, I have not met any who participated on these congresses. It is sad because I considered them all to be special friends. However, I was fortunate enough to meet two of my colleagues from the executive 1971/72. Jukka Meurman from Finland visited me in 2000 when the congress was held again in Malta for the third time. He was already established as a top researcher and one of the emminent professors of dentistry of the present time. Prof. Meurman kindly accepted to deliver a talk at that IADS Congress. Only recently, Jacob Gelt Dekker from Holland, now a world renowned enterpreneur

I note with pleasure the major advances in promoting projects by IADS. Our only project in those far off days was a student exchange programme. This was rather limited mainly due to the postal delays in communications. Today contact can be made in “real time”. E) How do you feel today about IADS and what feelings come to your mind when you remember about it? My feelings about IADS remain unchanged. Interaction between students of different countries an educational experience - “No man is an island”. IADS is one way to expand one’s views on dental education. Perhaps for us in a small dental school in a little island this carries more weight. But it is my opinion that even when belonging to large groups it is quite beneficial to make contact across borders. I am sure that all my predecessors and followers in IADS can vouch for this. F) IADS is an continuous development enlarging it’s representation and sustaining international dental projects. What advice would you give to the current generation of IADS activists? It is rather difficult to advise IADS activists because I have no experience in promoting international dental projects. All I can say is that today there are opportunities to facilitate the promotion of these projects. One has to remain faithful to these goals. It is important that dental students worldwide understand that to become a dentist one does not rely only on academic performance but also on having an open mind to everything going on around the dental world. IADS is one way of achieving this. Encourage ALL dental students to participate in IADS. It is not there only for official delegates. The activists can achieve this goal. I cannot close without saluting Dr. Peter Swiss. He was a guiding light during my days in IADS. His dedication and perseverance kept the organization alive in difficult moments. He remained a “father figure” for quite a few years too. It gave me great pleasure to notice the recent IADS “Peter Swiss” Excellence Award. I congratulate the recipients. They should be really proud, especially because Peter is to my mind the most important personality in IADS history.

Pavel Scarlat IADS President 2012–2013


JORDANIAN ASSOCIATION FOR DENTAL STUDENTS first event as a part of the Oral Hygiene Awareness and Screening Projects, in an attempt to raise awareness and encourage good oral hygiene among children and their mothers , JADS various teams made sure that the event was an experience full of knowledge, health care and good times , by organizing two separate lectures about oral hygiene for the children and the mothers, also by providing playing areas organized by volunteers to entertain the orphans while waiting to be screened by the screening teams. Those included five medically prepared teams who screened the attendance and kept their dental records for a call back treatment at the University of Jordan Hospital, the event was a great success with 60 patients screened and now being treated at the hospitals by the students themselves.

Jordanian Association for Dental Students - JADS, it’s not just a name; it’s a symbol that possess young prospects and ambitions in Jordan. Dental students are looking forward to having such a beneficial association that represents them locally and worldwide. JADS vision is significant; it is to help dental students in Jordan; a small country in the Middle-East, in order to get hold of what they need, to encourage them to use their minds and their efforts, think and work together, and help people and teach them what it really means to be a part of an association that has a purpose. Since it has been only 2 months for JADS establishment, JADS members have been working hard to launch their activities. So they started with Oral Awareness Campaigns and Screening Events, since Oral awareness is a primary issue in a developing country as Jordan; and it is not just about helping people and treating them, it is also about raising their awareness about oral hygiene as the oral health can affect the body as a whole. “You cannot be healthy with an unhealthy mouth any more than one can be healthy with an infected foot,” Richard H. Price, DMD, spokesperson for the American Dental Association (ADA). So, it is true that Poor oral health has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. Thus by changing certain habits, one can improve the health of his/her mouth and teeth and lessen the risk of health issues. This is what encourages JADS to go forward to working hard, with passion and gratitude in this association. On the 8th of September 2012 , JADS has launched its very


A week later JADS sent back their teams to Swelieh orphanage center for the second campaign of its kind in the history of the growing Association. This time with 12 medical teams only for screening, besides the awareness team and the organizers, thus this one was even a greater success with more than 100 patients being screened within an hour, dental records were kept again, and most of the patients are now being treated by the students at the University’s Hospital. JADS believes in the volunteering work and the responsibility of dental students towards their community and to help those in need. As the association is taking its baby steps, it is making sure that the volunteering work and the community service as well as Dental students service will be vital parts of the promising Association, in the form of sustained Projects that is adopting and putting into action, to reach the ultimate goal of being the pioneers of advance and the change we all need.

Osama Afane President of JADS

Osama Afane is a 4th year dentistry student at the University of Jordan, Coming from a small country in the middle east such as Jordan. He has always believed in change and being part of huge things happening around and world wide. He has always believed in the potentials of youth every where. thats why he took the lead of forming a dental student association in Jordan - JADS - as a first step towards great things. “We are all part of this tiny world, so we aught to give back to our planet earth and work together towards our humanity and prosperity.”


Perla Negra is a local organization of Dentistry Faculty from Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila in Campus Torreón. “Perla Negra” means Black Pearl, the name comes from the name of a pirate boat, because the identity of the school is Pirates of Dentistry. In this University the student organization is elected by votes, and in September 9th, 2010 we were elected by first time, the president in that time was Leticia Thompson student from 4th degree, who in communication with the dean of the Faculty C.D.Ph.D. Raul Medina started to work together for the students doing many activities. Our mission since that time is promote the identity of the Faculty (“Pirates of Dentistry”) making the students feeling of belonging and love our profession. Creating a link between students and faculty not just inside, also outside the school. Offer supports to students, academic and leadership conferences, cultural, sports and social activities, being mediators between students, academics, university authorities and with all of this improve our proud faculty and help us achieve our goals. All of our goals in 2010–2011 was completed! And the students of the faculty reelected Perla Negra in August 18th, 2011, the president was Leticia Thompson again, then student for 5th degree, who continued working for the growth of the students in intellectual and social aspects. On June 2012, Perla Negra finish the period as the organization of the Faculty and start to work with International Association of Dental Students. On September 2012, the association elected was “Blue buccaneer” and the president was Roberto Gamez, student of 5th degree. Dr. Blanca Leticia Thompson Llaca Mexico She is graduate student. She used to be a president of students for 2 years. She likes sports, she plays softball. She is a dynamic and active person who likes to do something new every time. And she thinks that if you give a smile you will get one back. She wants to study a Master in prosthodontics and implants.


TUNISIAN ASSOCIATION OF DENTAL STUDENTS When we become in charge of student involvement and try to serve as the hub for student activities, then we won’t be embroidering his social life but we are in fact lightening up his way to embrace a better future, and that’s how the Tunisian Association of Dental Students has managed eminently to “Map” the way to success. If we try to get back in time, we’ll find out that the associative life has taken part of the Tunisian students’ lives for decades now, avoiding to be stymied by any system that might impair their principles or imprison their thoughts and offering a variety of social and fundraising events which has developed the communication between students inside of their own faculty and across all faculties in one town, and that has actually allow students to bond relations across the state. Moreover, in Tunisia we do find the birth of a new association to be extremely rewarding, especially when founders follow a careful planning of their program and know how to make the right decisions. Accordingly, the idea of founding our own dental association was born within generations before us. And by the time the TADS was finally set up, we were facilitating sustainably the integration of newcomers into our yearly program and for that reason why our newly born association has carried a lot of weight with almost 800 adherents. When we blew our first candle last year, it was lucid enough that we were the ones to trigger off a Social Responsibility that has long been treated as a sideline to the real action in our faculty for years ago. Genuinely, That candle was our pride as it was the proof of our non-stop hard work since the day we’ve put our hands together to rise up with our faculty, to make our voices heard internationally and to chase our ambitions till we taste a different type of success, not the one that makes you pass the year in school, but the one that gets you above and beyond your expectations to a great level of complacency, it’s the sweet delight and great pleasure that fills us up when we see our efforts coming to fruition after driving the attention of students to more interesting domains as well as people from all walks of life to the right ways to shape up their oral health, and so, their sanitary lives in general.


Technically, the members of the TADS were always been adept at making the university experience enjoyable by enriching education beyond the classroom. We actually reached the heart of too many people as we provided humanitarian aid and compassionate care within a great sense of philanthropy. As a matter of fact, the reasons for believing in and supporting human rights to a standard life style grew out of what we saw growing up in different parts of Tunisia right after the revolution, where too many needs were revealed. And for the sake of the most vulnerable suborns our help can reach, we provided hospitals with what’s worth of about 10000dinars of medicines and equipment. Then we organized another caravan for disadvantaged children lacking necessary school stationery supplies in the countryside in order to supply them with all they might need for their schooling, hoping that our small help would ultimately encourage them to bring a transformational change into their lives for a better future. We’re always bound to bring out the best of the TADR, for that reason why we prepared and presented some interesting conferences after choosing the major topics carefully in order to spread our message correctly and develop a profound deliberation among dental students. And so, we held our first conference about Brest cancer, as too many Tunisian women were positively diagnosed with this disease, then AIDS that’s been taking millions of lives worldwide, as a small participation in the international fight against it. Added to that, we prepared a couple of plays about both diseases to emphasize more the need of rising a local, and hopefully a national, wake-up call to the right ways of prevention and early screening. We knew afterwards that we needed more effort just to; finally, aim our arrows to the quiver. Briefly, we knew that we needed to step into the international scale, though French is our second language in Tunisia and, overly, English isn’t getting the attention it should especially inside dental and medical schools. So, we tended to bring the awareness to the value of the English language mostly in our studies to gain the attention of students easily. And with a bit of hard work, we stepped up our program from a simple English open day; to an English conference that was the first to be held ever by dental students. The conference was about pre- and postnatal

oral healthcare and was attended by students, residents, and professors who were interested enough to open the doors for mutual work in further conferences. Meanwhile we managed to get integrated into the IADR and get our TADS the honor to be recognized by the international association within just a year! Great achievements in a significantly short period of time, that’s us. Likewise, The TADS family has always been committed to breaking the cycle of school routine. For that, our mission aimed, in one hand, to encourage arts, enlarge the student’s culture and improve all kinds of skills. However, face to school stress that we have to deal with daily, we needed to refrain this mindset and loosen up the air a little bit. Therefore, we started with a small assembly in which we invited dental students, we talked to them about our yearly program, and that actually led the way to further discussion and a chance for students to know each other. Then, we organized a small karaoke, a tournament of card games and arranged a card contest. And in the interest of taking advantage of all the entertainment, we invited singers and bands and launched a concert for the benefit of a countryside Hospital, by then; we were literally following a nice motto that says: “have fun and get it done!” It was quite challenging, yet, we did reach our goal and that was all that mattered. In the other hand, comes along our main goal in enticing students into voluntary work, so we set up a gardening day and invited students to plant trees all around in an initiative to join in the faculty’s upkeep. Similarly, we carried a lot of awareness-raising actions in which we tried to bring attention to the importance of dental as well as overall health. Matter of fact, the decay screening initiative inside primary schools was an experience to learn from, no wondering it did captivate the attention of our professors who appreciated the great part of the work that was already done as we were in action, giving the kids good sanitary advices, and merely ending up with an actual scientific research! As it seems, this year of 2012 was above and beyond all forecasts and it’s still a very exciting year for us. By the time we

decided to develop a better sense of our program, we came up with the idea of organizing the TADS big hit: “the culture festival” that lasted for 7 days straight, during which many clubs tended to display their work publically inside the faculty. At long last, the festival created a great diversified event of the year astounding enormously students and professors. Beyond all doubt, this experience we live daily within our association has been definitely worthwhile, it’s made us more aware of the ways to deal with people and get our voice to be heard. It’s made us realize, with every passing day, the right ways to develop a successful model of change away from stress and day-to-day life, into a chance to be productive and creative. And eventually, after almost a couple of years of hard work, the TADS team and members have shown that they are mature enough to carryout planned and well organized events and they were never forced to bring about changes. In fact, at the end of the day, they get to bring their projects to completion without needing any kind of torturing whatsoever, and they were enjoying their time all along. Plainly, the guaranty to a long-lasting life for our association requires, without fail, our utter commitment and engages our ceaseless interest in reaching a tangible success each year, and that’s how we’ve managed to spring up with our association, not to overlook the support of professors and dentists right from the start till we eventually managed to have an impact on everyone in our faculty by our output, our sense of voluntarism, and the way we run our association with integrity, professionalism and accountability. And thus, we, the members of the Tunisian Association of Dental Students, will keep on chasing, with bells on, a better future for our association because we do believe that success is a continuous journey of patience and hard work.

Fadwa Chtioui 5th year dental student, a member and the chairperson of the English club in the TADS


IADS NEO ARMENIA IADS IS A PART OF MY LIFE I love the feeling, which I have while waiting for my new students to arrive!!I love the feeling, which I’m having while telling them something they have never heard before! I love being NEO! My story of being NEO starts from March 2011, so it’s almost my 3rd year of being NEO, actually I do feel old. That year I was supposed to go for an exchange, when suddenly Armenian Students’ Medical Parliament (AMSP) organized sudden elections for IADS NEO post, so I took part and as you see I’m here, standing on my both legs and feeling myself great! Of course,1st of all I was shocked by the fact, that I am chosen as NEO, because before that I wasn’t even a part of AMSP and now I’m not just a part of AMSP, I’m a person who’s organizing practices for foreign students, who’s organizing social programs, who’s meeting a lot of new people every year, who’s signing contract with other countries for exchanges, who’s organizing exams....well, all this is outstanding, but for me as a freshman, this seemed to be horror, because I had no idea, how to manage this all! I’m very thankful to my friends from parliament and IADS members, who really helped as much as they could. I started to do my 1st steps in the big bright world of IADS! I can never forget the feeling I had, when I was already reaching Delhi, India for my 1st during my whole life international meeting! A lot of thoughts and questions were hooting in my head, starting like where will be my hotel, how many people will be there with me in the room and finishing like is it possible for me to be a part of all this or how will I represent Armenia among this crowd of dental students, who


are more experienced then I am. I will never forget the nervous feelings, which I had, that was exhausting! I was thinking that it will be impossible to remember all those people, talking with each other and sometimes even to me! But as you know, never say never, and I didn’t as well. Now I have a lot of friends and IADS is a real part of my life, it seems to me this is my 2nd family. Sometimes I notice the same expression on the faces of some freshmen, and trying to help them, I think they shouldn’t be afraid as I was, because nobody will eat you, we’re family and we’re all of us here to make some changes, to realize for students of our countries see the dental reality in other countries have the practice, which maybe they wouldn’t have anymore! Each year I can’t wait for next meeting as I know I will meet my friends, my IADS family, thinking about development and changing students’ dental world. NEO position is the responsible one as you should organize not only your students practice abroad ,be in touch with other NEOs and students, but also host students from other countries and make unbelievable and fantastic exchange in your country! I’m very proud to be NEO of AMSP. I’m very thankful for the chance to change! I want to tell all the freshmen entering to our world full of healthy teeth, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find you’re place in our family, because rudeness, envy and spite are enemies of IADS, you’ll have caries because of them do like I do always smile!! Oh, and I totally forgot to invite all of you to have your marvelous practice in incredible Armenia!! Happy Holidays to all of you!

Inessa Djagaryan Armenia


Reference: 1. Dentine Tubule Occlusion, DOF 1-2012. 2. Gillam DG and Orchardson R. Endodontic Topics 2006; 13:13-33. 3. Boiko et al. J Clin Peridodont 2010; 37:973-980. 4. Schiff T et al. Am J Dent 2009; 22(Spec Iss A): 8A.

5. Canadian Advisory Board on Dentin Hypersensitivity. J Can Dent Assoc 2003; 69: 221-6 6. Cummins D. J Clin Dent 20 (Spec Iss):1–9, 2009). 7. Relief of Hypersensitivity, DOF 4 – 2012. 8. TNS – Sensitivity Market Research 1 – 2012. 9, Combination Tubule Occlusion, DOF




Summer has not only become the symbol of a well-deserved time to relax after difficult exams, sunbathing and swimming, but also the symbol of meeting friends and getting to know new people. The aim of the Annual World Dental Congress is to unite students of Dentistry from all over the world and to offer new pieces of knowledge and experiences to them. This year, Romania has gained the privilege to organize the congress with the pre-congress taking place in Mamaia, the main part in Bucharest and the final post-congress in Bukovina.

PRECONGRESS MAMAIA 17. 8.  19. 8. 2012

My preparations began by buying a travel guide and looking for articles about the places we planned to visit. An article in a Czech online newspaper informed us of a rather difficult traveling possibilities to this touristic center, of horrible accommodation marked by communism and of dirty beaches and sea. It was exactly the opposite way. Thanks to the excellent work done by the organizers, who managed to pick us all up at the airport, the journey by bus was pleasant and though it lasted several hours, it was fun. On our arrival, we were shown to a modern hotel with a delicious dinner with a party in a beach club following. After the first unsure moments when groups were formed by people from the same countries, you could quickly see we began to get to know each other and mix these groups, supported by a general good mood, the sky above us and music. The Czech group had an unforgettable moment when discovering a tasty drink „Amnisia“ made of absinth, triple sparkling wine and sambuka. Since we are open friendly people who like to share their experiences and discoveries, a bottle of absinth was drunk during that first night – an unforgettable experience for the local bartenders. I can’t skip a personal remark so I want to thank one unnamed guy from Egypt, who was kind enough to go back with me and helped me find my lost jacket. Thank you once more :)

For the second day, the organizers prepared a nice afternoon at the beach for us. The music was playing all the time and we could try water sports and many of us had time to get sober or to sleep the missing hours and therefore get prepared for another party. There was no sight of dirty beaches nor of the dirty sea as previously mentioned in the travel guide. We stayed in the water for long hours, until we all had our fingers pruney. After dinner and the necessary preparations we set off to try another club. The men enjoyed finding out that Romanian girls are beautiful, always neat and not too much dressed. Women spent most of the time trying to figure out not only how can Romanian girls dance on such high-heeled shoes but moreover, how can they even walk. Sadly, everything comes to an end, we had to move to Bucharest for the main part of the congress.

Dr. Petra Horáková Editor 2012–2013


CONGRESS  BUCHAREST 19. 8.  24. 8. 2012 The congress began with an opening ceremony with a traditional dinner consisting of Romanian dishes. The second day was full of scientific program and lectures. There were many important doctors and professors giving lectures, which gave students a possibility to learn many new things from the field of current dentistry. Periodontics/Ortodontics Interface, a contemporary discipline (Dr. Nicholas Aronna Mallia – Spain) Reliable and Efficient Endodontic Management for a Successful Practice of the young Dentists (Dr. Ionut Luchian – Romania) FDI World Dental President, Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva A meeting of Young Dentists Worldwide was held at the same time as these lectures. The afternoon was dedicated to the 8th IADS Lecture Contest where students have the chance to show their projects to the whole world. The projects are usually the results of the whole year work of students and their professors and doctors. The judges were: Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva (Portugal), Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez Balut (Mexico), Dr. Octavian Fagaras (Romania) and Dr. Nicolas Aronna Mallia (Spain).


1. place Huang Chun-shuo LH for the treatment of adult anterior crossbite with severe crowding combined with facial asymmetry case.

2. place Radulescu Raluca Ana Isolation of Oral Keratinocyte Stem Cells.

3. place Sarah Eslami shahrbabaki Isolation of Oral Keratinocyte Stem Cells.

Special price Liliana Barbosa Evaluation of the influence of different head positions during mastication. Congratulation!

Tuesday was the day then the first part of the General Asembly (GA) was held with the second part following the next day. For those who don’t know what this is all about. The General Assembly is the official meeting of the ruling body of IADS composed of the country and university delegates. The meeting functions according to a pre-established agenda which has the purpose to touch and discuss the development of educational projects and initiatives from all around the World. One of the main points which was discussed was accepting new member states. New to the IADS family are therefore Dental Students’ Research Unit (Saudi Arabia), Jamaica Association of Dental Surgery Students (Jamaica) , Dental Students Association of the Evangelical University of El Salvador (El Salvador) , Omani Dental Students’ Association (Oman) , Organizatia Studentilor Dentisti Sibiu (Romania), Consejo Estudiantil Perla Negra (Mexico). Then followed the reports of members of the Executive Board and of the Chairmen of Standing committees summing up their work during the last year and the development in their projects. The delegates also accepted three new Standing committees: Committee for Support of Organizing Meetings, Committee on Revising the Constitution, Committee on Training Education. An important change was done by accepting the proposal to decrease the number of delegates necessary for the state of GA of being quorate to 33 %. The GA was terminated by electing new members of the Executive Board. For those unwilling to participate on GA, there was an alternative program: Difficult Multi-Disciplinary treatments with Orthodontics (Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez Balut – Mexico). Periodontal Surgery Techniques available in your armamentarium (Dr. Imran Sharif - United Kingdom). Aesthetic and function in the rehabilitation of the anterior area: a multidisciplinary approach in the light of the new technologies and materials (Dr. Andrea Mastrorosa Agnini - Italy/USA). Different implantoprosthetic solutions according to function and esthetics (Dr. Octavian Fagaras - Romania) GC Europe Workshop (Dr. Marcio Vivian Cardoso). “Regenerative Periodontology” Workshop (Dr. Adriano Azaripour, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz). The congress finished on Wednesday by the Closing Ceremony in the spaces of the Radisson Blue Hotel. A nice surprise was a video made of pictures taken during the whole congress which was widely appreciated from the participants. Then the new Executive Committee was presented, a thank you was said to the organizers and new prizes, the so-called „the IADS Peter Swiss Excellence Award“ for outstanding work in the service of the worldwide dental student community. Congratulations go to Esti Riyanda for International Dental Summer Schools, Petra Horáková for The Healthy Tooth in the Healthy World and Cosmin Popa for Organizing Team of the IADS Annual Meetings. Congratulations for being our heroes! To finish with, I would like to thank all the organizers who managed to prepare an unforgettable congress that leaves us all with plenty new beautiful memories and new friends. Dr. Petra Horáková Editor 2012–2013


Malek Ghorbel photos



The Abstract Introduction: An adult female (27 years old) came to our clinic with a chief complaint about not chewing food well and irregularity of her teeth. Clinical examination found Right Class III (Left Class I) molar relationship, anterior crossbite, and severe crowding combined with full mouth periodontitis and a mandibular left shift resulting in facial asymmetry. This patient refused to receive orthognathic surgery, so we decided to adopt non-surgical orthodontic treatment. Before the orthodontic treatment, she accepted the periodontal phase I therapy and the situation has been under control. LH (Low Hysteresis Improved Super-elastic Ti-Ni alloy wire, developed by Tokyo Medical and Dental University) technique and newly developed open coil spring for #26, 27 distalization were performed to facilitate the correction of anterior crossbite and #25 blocked-in. With the use of differential MEAW technique and intermaxillary elastics (IME), the severe dental crowding was corrected. The treatment was completed within 18 months and a desirable occlusion with adequate overbite and overjet was achieved. Objectives of the investigation: LH (low hysteresis improved super-elastic Ti-Ni alloy wire, developed by Tokyo Medical and Dental University) for treatment of adult anterior crossbite with facial asymmetry and severe crowding will be discussed. Experimental methods used: The radiographic methods of the research include intraoral photos, posteroanterior cephalometric projection, lateral cephalometric projection and panoramic x-ray films. Also the cephalometric analyses before and after the treatment were


presented in this case. About the treatment plan, full-mouth DBS(Direct Bonding System) and the method of leveling with 0.016 × 0.022 LH were used from the start of active treatment, and open coil springs (100 gf ) was also used, setting over 33–31 and 41–43. And then, for continued space creation, open coil springs(100 gf ) was used after 29 days, setting over 11–12, 21–22, 33–31, 41–43. A unilateral MEAW, added over the right lower arch for midline correction and crowding relief was also considered. After about a year of observation, 32 was extracted and MEAW was added over the bilateral lower arch for crowding relief, mechanical stress was performed over 25 and U3L3 IME (intermaxillary elastics) was used for cuspal interdigitation. In addition, straight wire expansion was used in the case, and intermaxillary elastics were set to facilitate midline correction. LH straight wire with crown buccal torque was set for expansion over 25–27, and 37 toe-in and crown lingual torque was performed in this case. For the finishing and detailing of the case, rebonding of 24 with the 34 bracket for better cusp interdigitation and torque control was done. After debonding, a circumferential retainer was delivered for the upper arch and a Hawley retainer for the lower arch was used for the retention. Essential results including data, and eventual statistics: The analysis showed a skeletal Class III with severe crowding and crossbite. L1 to mandibular plane angle showed a severely lingually tipped lower incisor, meaning retraction of lower anterior teeth is not feasible. Conclusion: This case showed skeletal facial asymmetry combined with full mouth periodontitis. In answer to this patient’s decision, orthodontic treatment and periodontal phase I therapy were performed. After 18 months of active treatment, a normal occlusion and a desirable cusp interdigitation were achieved. Therefore, adult anterior crossbite with severe crowding combined with facial asymmetry and full mouth periodontitis can be treated with LH treatment.


IADS 9 Lecture Contest Date:


August 29 Location:

Istanbul (Turkey) 60th IADS & YDW Annual Meeting (Turkey - Italy)

Deadline for abstract submission:

July 13th, 2013 Lecture Contest registration form: Contact information:

IADS International ScientiďŹ c OďŹƒcer Tatiana Vorovchenko Email address: 25


FROM POLAND WITH LOVE… Last year I had the chance to participate in the IDRP (international dental research project) in medical university of Lublin, Poland. It was such an amazing experience added to my life , started with a very nice welcome party and ended with its not a goodbye , till I come back again dear friends. “Diagnosis , visualization and management of dental caries” that was the name of the project … for the duration of two weeks we had the opportunity to know more about recent diagnostic aids for detecting carious lesions in its very early beginning and how to reverse the process of demineralization and stop progress of the lesions. We were lucky to have workshops and hands on devices like diagnodent and heal ozone.. also to work on extracted teeth

with magnification using bench microscope. All of this was done under supervision of our great mentor Dr. hab Renata chalas who were very helpful. At the last day of the program participants presented research protocol for a new studies they designed based on what they learned in the program. “Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy It.” The team had people from Turkey, Armenia, Poland ofcourse and me from Egypt.. all of the participants seemed to agree with the previous saying ,we had parties , barbeques , playing and talking about our cultures and traditions. We spent the weekend in Krakow, that famous beautiful city on south of Poland. We visited famous places there like Wawel-the royal castle and Bazylika Mariacka. By the end of the program a strong bond between us has already established and thanks to the social networks we stayed in touch till we meet again oneday. I want to thank the IADS for such a great opportunity and would like to encourage all students from the IADS members interested in research to participate in such great program like IDRP. Dr. Emad Youssef Egypt


“DENTAL STUDENTS’ RESEARCH” JOURNAL The recent years have showed an increased participation of the dental student community within the dental research field. Ambitious and talented dental students start at an earlier age to get involved in research search projects, in cooperation with dental academic entities or with other er students worldwide. The results of a student research project require to be published and appreciated by the international dental community, so it could benefit the field of Dentistry. Therefore the “Dental Students’’ Research” Journal was founded and registered in Switzerland, in or-der to support and offer a publishing platform towards the innova-tive and ambitious research projects in which students are involved. d. The publication is opened towards undergraduate, graduate dental al students and young dental academic entities all over the world. The he journal seeks to become a leader within the dental student research ch publications, covering all the dental research topics available today. y. It will publish original scientific papers including short communications ons and reviews as well. The “Dental Students’ Research” Journal team is composed of national/ onal/ local officials in more then 50 countries worldwide, who representt the interests of the Journal within their dental student communities.. The publication is run by a team of Associate Editors (Scientific and Communication), Editor-in-chief and it’s activity is advised by an Advisory visory Honorary Board. The first issue was published during the month of June, and it’s planned anned for it to be a biannual publication.

“Publish, not perish; we are going to make it more achievable for dental students in Dental Students’ Research, a journal by dental students nts for dental students.” Hossein Basir Scientific Associate Editor “Dental Students’ Research” Journal

“Dental Students’ Research” is a research media tool which facilitates dental students, dentists and academicians to publish their dental research work. This also will inspire and motivate the young researchers to get involved in scientific events and getting published. A scientific publication is a trusted reference offering evidence based dentistry, therefore I’m sure DSR will develop to be great dental journal which would publish innovative and contemporary dental advancements” Drg. Esti Riyanda Astuti Communication Associate Editor “Dental Students’ Research” Journal

Our future belongs to the young generation who through their efforts in finding innovative dental technologies, will assure “tomorrow” the successful development of the dental field. Pavel Scarlat Editor-in-chief , “Dental Students’ Research” Journal IADS President 2012–2013




Many years ago, the international health day celebration was taking part to raise the health knowledge and remind the community regarding theses days for better health life. In addition, these important days is well renowned in most of the world country, health promotion activities are done during it through holding campaign in a public area and visiting places which need health supports. Recently, World Oral Health Day started this year to be mutual with all of important health day’s issue celebration. FDI has specified 20 March as one of their main projects to emphasis on the important of Dental disease prevention in all of the worlds. International association of dental Students take this date into consideration and Start the collaboration with FDI to make this day more successful. As 12 Countries were participated in this World Oral Health Day through promotion of oral health issue by motivating the involved organization and dental care provider to visit public area, Shopping Mall, Orphanages’ Center, Famous streets, Primary Schools and University hall and Campuses. So that, this day is one of our duties as a dental care provider to leave our clinics, Patients and classes to celebrate with our com-


munity and be part of them through educate, share and demonstrate the oral health issues for better quality of oral health life. All in all, 12 IADS Countries member representing 14 organizations were able to raise the awareness and oral health prevention of total of 23722 people from Egypt, Armenia, Jamaica, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, North Cyprus, Jordon, and Tunisia. With a high record number was achieved in Turkey through raising a total of 7000 people. All these activities were inscribed in details by forming an IADS-WOHD-2013 Booklet. So, world oral health day is the right day that reminds us as a dental care provider to share our knowledge and advice toward our community.

Murad Alrsheedi National exchange officer, Saudi Arabia International Association of Dental Students



The 20th of March was a big day for Armenian Medical Students’ Parliament. That was the day, when the international program was held. The chance to hold this program was a great honor for AMSP. The program called ‘Healthy teeth in the Healthy World’. This program was internationally organized by FDI. So in this great day a big delegation from AMSP started the mission. We decided to visit Universities and promote the international day of mouth cavity hygiene. So our first stop was Yerevan State University. It’s the biggest university of Armenia, that’s why we chose it. Here we found a lot of people, who was really interested in what we were promoting, that was really exiting. Around 300 students saw how to clean teeth in the right way, how to take care after their mouth cavity. Though we were terribly tired we decided to continue our travel. The next stop was Armenian-Slavonic University. This is one of the most popular universities in Armenia, that’s why we chose it. Here also a lot of students were interested in our theme, so we From all ages’ healthy teeth and gums undeniably linked to oral hygiene, the ancient healers claimed that the person is healthy, as long as its healthy teeth. Given the high prevalence of dental caries, periodontal disease, it is quite understandable desire of modern dentists to use all existing prevention methods for the prevention of dental disease and reduce the intensity of the current. One of the most effective and at the same time the most simple and affordable prevention of these diseases is the correct and efficient dental care, oral health as a whole, using the full arsenal of modern oral care products. FDI celebrated World Oral Health Day every year on 20 March and this big event give fascinating and unbelievable opportunity to promote healthy life with healthy smile whole over the world. trying to explain everything to everybody. Then the student day was over, the university was empty. We finished our work, exhausted and happy. At least we tried to make people have healthy teeth in healthy world. We did a great job and are very thankful to FDI and IADS for giving us the opportunity to realize this program in Armenia. World Oral Health Day is a good way to create awareness of the value of oral health and this is huge opportunity to explain and develop knowledge and skills of society starting from childhood! Thank to FDI and IADS for organizing inexpressibly crucial event!! Inessa Djagaryan Armenia


BRIGHT SMILE, BRIGHT FUTURE Colgate, the world leader in oral care presents its project “Bright Smile, Bright Futures” in partnership with AISO (Association of Italian Dental Students) and led by Prof. Lorenzo Lo Muzio - Department Director - University of Foggia. This project can be helpful to improve the oral health of children and its program can provide oral health services such as brushing of children’s teeth in the classroom, education of children on brushing their teeth twice a day for at least two minutes and using the floss once a day. This program has been integrated into a wider project which also includes academic and clinical activities run by dental students and dentists of the University of Foggia (Dr. Giovanni Giannatempo, Dr. Michele Sarcina, Dr. Giuseppe Troiano in cooperation with Gaetano Illuzzi academic senator) and that can be helpful in improving the oral health of children. Starting from topics as anatomy of the teeth, the difference between permanent and deciduous teeth, the formation of plaque, the importance of fluorine and dental sealants Dr. Giannatempo, Dr. Sarcina, Dr. Illuzzi and Dr. Troiano have been able to involve children and teach them the bases for a correct oral hygiene. The main goal of the project is making each child understand the importance of oral health but above all teaching how to take care of their teeth. Thanks to an animated cartoon in which appeared “teeth superheroes” and “bad bacteria” that caused the formation of decays, the speakers explained children how many times brushing their teeth and its right modality. Students and dentists of the University of Foggia have done a complete first visit on 300 children, from Foggia and Giovinazzo, to collect some epidemiological data such as occlusion, tooth decay, type of diet, gingivitis, plaque and dental care.


Our next goal will be to bring this project throughout Italy so we will be able to do a national epidemiological study. The next cities will be Napoli, Sassari and Torino. The program is part of the World Oral Health Day, WOHD, promoted by FDI, World Dentists Federation. This year Foggia was the only Italian Dental School participant to that project. Your smile is probably the first thing that people see on you, that’s why it is so important to take care of.

Francesca Flauret Editor - Prophylaxis Project Officer

Ornella Bevilacqua Local Exchanger Officer

“My name is Francesca Flauret, I’m 22 years old and I ‘m from Italy. Right now I’m attending the second year of dental school at the University of Foggia. I can describe my self as optimistic, precise, smiling, clever and lively. I love children and in particular their laughter. For these reasons I accepted to follow all the projects about them, especially those ones that treat prophylaxis in order to protect the innocent and spontaneous smile typical of children.”


On the 1st of June 2013 the huge dental prophylaxis project of IADS “The healthy tooth in the healthy world” was organized in Russia with the name “The healthy tooth in healthy Russia” in collaboration with the Russian Association of Dental Students and Young Dentists. 12 cities from all around the country participated in it: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Kirov, Arkhangelsk, Omsk, Saratov, Orenburg, Izhevsk, Voronezh, Barnaul. Local organizers of the project were dental students and young dentist of these cities in collaboration with the leading dental schools of the Russian Federation. The date was chosen not occasionally, for this is the splendid first day of summer, for this is the “Day of children protection” in Russia. Moreover, now, thanks to us, it is the holiday of the healthy tooth in healthy Russia!

The other interesting part of the project was the huge survey on awareness of Russian citizens about oral diseases, risk factors, means to prevent them. More than 2,500 people participated in the survey, more than 4,500 participated in the project. The results of our scientific work will be published in national and international dental journals.

What did we do this day? 131 future and young dentists from 12 Russian cities were marching through crowded places of their towns (parks, squares, shopping malls, central streets), armed with the knowledge and tooth brushes, were keen to teach Russian citizens to brush their teeth correctly! And it was the real holiday! We even didn’t expect such interest, such agiotage, which happened on the streets. Passers-by came to us, listened to us, asked us a big variety of not only interesting, but tricky questions, regarding everything: oral hygiene and all other fields of dentistry! All volunteers were glad and proud to share their knowledge with them, gave advice, recommendations and, the best for the citizens part, a lot of presents (oral hygiene products). Thus, not only were our participants able to observe the correct technique, but also to tried this “new” correct method on the place using the tooth brushes received from us!

We strongly believe that this holiday in Russia will become a part of this day in future years, and, probably, will be an official holiday of the country one day! We hope that this project will become a part of every country – IADS member! As for Russian Association of Dental Students and Young Dentists, this project encouraged us to develop more prophylaxis projects in our country with the target on students, pupils, children of kindergartens and orphanages. It is great to be together, to develop together and help people together!

Certainly, this project is the pride of IADS, as not only are students able to help people to improve the level of their oral hygiene, but also to communicate with each other, work voluntary and understand all charm of this work, when you are able to serve people freely, without any conditions…and this is the essential part of being a doctor, this is the way to understand your meaningfulness!

Together is better!

Dr. Tatiana Vorovchenko International Scientific Officer of IADS


FIRST IADS TRAINING SESSION WAS NOT ONLY A TRAINING SESSION! FITS was the amazing experience, which gives a push to “IADS Training project” to an important level. During 2012, IADS had only two IADS Trainers and the hope was more IADS Trainers to emerge within the IADS Countries, and the Program to reach a new stage of development by being able to form independently new IADS Trainers. However, it was not only a Training session! IADS Training committee decided during their meeting in Bucharest organizing of the first IADS Training session in Tunisia. Tunisian Association of Dental Students (TADS) took the responsibility of the event organization. Lots of work was done thereby the Tunisian Organizers to facilitate the website, hotel, advertising, sponsors and amazing social program. Contact was made with the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) on a national level in Tunisia and on the International level as well. The program was set to have an amazing week in Tunisia, Starting from the Pre-F.I.T.S. in Tunis for 2 days, then the Training sessions in Al-Mounastir City and finally the First International Student Congress in Tunisia.

F.I.T.S. On February 12, all the participants went to Al-Monastir where they met all the rest of (TADS) members and Tunisian participants. Three trainers from Associa -Med (IFMSA-Tunisia) – Merwen Ben Alia, Sara Ben Youssef and Fatma Hbobbi were in charge in FITS, for three days the participants became well trained , they were ready and motivated trainers to start their work in the IADS-Training project. The training was not only about the performing of training sessions, but we worked on touching their lives and putting what in the sessions in them. Training extended outside the session’s room, and this is the best experience we all had.

Pre-F.I.T.S. On February 10, participants arrived to Carthage airport. Action began immediately after the participants’ arrival and also before the accommodation. Amazing social program took place with a lot of fun, places, and a lot of knowledge about the history of Tunisia and its great Carthagian heritage.

Post F.I.T.S. (First International Student Congress in Tunisia) Immediately after the F.I.T.S., (TADS) organized their first international congress. During the congress, there was a session entitled “The Power of words” about communication skills this session performed by Hedi Ben Jamaa (IADS-trainer, TADS delegate in IADS and the African IDRP director). All the fresh graduate trainers attend the session to support their team member and to gain a live experience. The congress was a great opportunity as well to learn about what is new in dentistry and it was a great model to make the students to practice the lecturer’s life.

Feedback and outcome of (F.I.T.S.) Fourteen new trainers in IADS are working seriously on improving their training skills and improving the IADS Training project after the great experience they had in F.I.T.S.

“The end of the F.I.T.S. was a new beginning for me. The next morning I woke up full of inner energy, full of hope and self-belief. it was an up break with a passive “me”, a beginning of a new life where I can make an influence and be the change. “ Souha Sboui National Training Officer –Tunisia

“F.I.T.S. an eye opening, life changing, experience... Where I got to have the most amazing training sessions which helped me grow and mature as a person and as a trainer I got myself awesome new friends and it was in Tunisia. The hidden heaven of northern Africa, Thank you TADS & IADS.” Alaa Salah National Training officer of Sudan

I am very happy I got to share this experience with people I now get to call my friends, and I would defiantly do it again when I will get the chance! Thank you so much IADS for this amazing opportunity “ Alex Cretu IADS European Regional Training officer

“Organizing F.I.T.S. was one of the best experiences I lived. It was so amazing to host people from different countries, to share with them great moments, and to learn together how to be a better person. It was a very enriching meeting in which we learnt as much as we laughed, can’t wait to see my friends and to live that good moments again!” Nesrine Gharbi African Regional Training officer

“F.I.T.S., one of the most amazing unforgettable experiences I have ever been through. A way that allows me to get to know myself more, exchange and discuss ideas meet new people while improving our skills, raising our awareness and moving us to a higher level of thoughts and values .personally it’s sort of Upgrading particular.” Arij Rmida participant, Tunisia

“Taking part in F.I.T.S. was one of the best moments of my life. There is nothing I consider more important than self-improvement and that is exactly what F.I.T.S. has given me. After F.I.T.S. I can proudly say I am a better person because I know myself better and with that knowledge I can help others have the same experience I had with the most wonderful people. We raise leaders to lead the world into a better direction – SELF-IMPROVEMENT. It was one of the best weeks of my life, and I will not forget the hospitality of the Organizing committee and the restless hours!

“The F.I.T.S. experience wasn’t just a good training session , it was an opportunity to discover an other side of me , the limitless and creative one which helped to improve my associative work as a leader, to get over fear and stress in my exams and to be more self confident in my daily life .” Ahlem Ghomri participant, Tunisia


F.I.T.S. Became a well know word among IADS members even to those who did not attend it, it is always brings many memories to me personally and am sure for all the participants and Organizing committee. Before F.I.T.S., expectations Focused on the training only, but now expectations are in the history now we know that the future is coming with more success.

“When I registered to participate in the F.I.T.S., I was not really sure about what I was doing but I did it anyway just by curiosity. Then, once the program started I discovered a whole different way of learning. It was truly the most powerful learning experience in my life and it is thank to that originality that I will never forget what I have learned in F.I.T.S. I have also had the opportunity to transmit this learning around me, in discussion with friends and family but especially during my first experience as a trainer. I just can’t wait to once again participate to such an adventure .Those 3 days will remain forever etched in my memory.” Wieam C. Ben Amor participant, Tunisia

“I’m pleasured and very much pleased to have the chance to share my experience. For me F.I.T.S. wasn’t just the first IADS international training It was my first true international group work I’ve learned so much on how to meet with different societies and backgrounds at one point. I must admit that my presentation as well as communication skills improved as there were too much new info introduced at the training I must thank everyone who worked on making this training simply the best. Covering all aspects a trainer could need.“ Nehal Balbaa participant, Egypt

“F.I.T.S. for me was a great experience where I got to learn so many news conceptions of leadership and communications skills ...It was my first step as leader ...I enjoyed each part of second there adding to the participants and trainers who were wonderful ....I really recommend all IADS members to participate in such trainings .” Imen Ayouni participant

“To me the F.I.T.S. experiment was an open minding exp. It thought me a lot of thing it helped me to realize my hidden potentials.” Yasmin Yasser participant, Egypt

“It was really great seeing old friends and new friend in F.I.T.S., it was a good experience, we worked hard, we partied hard, together is better.“ Hedi Ben Jamaa particpant, Tunisia


“Proud” After the last session in F.I.T.S. all the participants were suppose to describe their feelings, proud of all our new team was my feeling. Everyone was very motivated for a better future, but all were sad because it was the end of this amazing experience, wishing that they could meet again in IADS.

Thanks Thanks to those who did a lot for our project, those who did all the great work and efforts. Even if they are not one of the committee officers or trainers, they did that because they believe in what we are doing, without their help we could not do anything . Thank you Nesrine Gharbi (African Regional Training officer), TADS, Malek Ghorbel, Sofyen Ghorbel, Azmi Ben Dihab, Khalil Boubakri and all the organizers for the great hospitality and hard work.

Good-bye! F.I.T.S. On February 17th, was the time to say Good-bye! it was so hard to let all the those great memories in Carthage Airport again and go back home but all the wishes were to come back and live this great experience again.

“Reaching the top is easier than staying there, so keep yourself motivated to guarantee the continuity and success”

Dr. Adham Elshourbagy Chairman of the Training Committee

WILL YOUR RESEARCH TAKE YOU TO CAPE TOWN? 2014 IADR WRIGLEY SALIVARY RESEARCH AWARD ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS OPEN How to Enter Abstracts can be submitted from September 2. 2013 through January 13. 2014. To apply, you must submit an abstract through the IADR website and select the IADR Wrigley Salivary Research Award button. For additional details, visit www.iadr. org/SRGResearchAward. The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) is delighted to co-sponsor the 2014 IADR Wrigley Salivary Research Award with the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Salivary Research Group (SRG). This will be the fifth consecutive year that WOHP and IADR SRG have partnered to give these awards to deserving researchers. Abstracts can be submitted from September 2. 2013 – January 13. 2014. Saliva plays an important role in oral health and these awards reinforce the need to explore salivary-related research to help make advances in this area. WOHP is committed to helping dental professionals understand how, through the stimulation of saliva, sugarfree gum acts as a convenient tool for everyday preventive oral care on-the-go. The awards provide an opportunity for junior investigators and dental professionals to participate in the IADR 92nd General Session & Exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, June 25.–28. 2014. The awards are intended to recognize excellent research and assist with travel costs to attend the 2014 General Session and Exhibition. At the conference, each winner will be asked to present their scientific poster or give an oral presentation in a scheduled session. Further details are below.

The Awards There will be up to three winning abstracts: one Clinical Salivary Research Award for dental scientists ($1.500 USD), one Clinical Salivary Research Award for dental students ($1.500 USD) and one Basic Salivary Research Award ($2.000 USD).

Who Can Apply? Undergraduate and graduate dental students, as well as non-dental students, dentists involved in research and other dental scientists are eligible to apply. All applicants must be a member of IADR and over 18 years of age, however you do not have to be a member of the IADR SRG.

Abstract Requirements Abstracts submitted must be within the Salivary Research area of study. All entries must be no more than 300 words total and contain content under the following headings: introduction, methods, results and conclusion. The SRG program chair will confirm that the elements noted above are included, and if any pieces are missing, the entry will be disqualified.

Review Process An awards committee consisting of SRG leadership will determine the awardees. The IADR SRG will distribute award letters approximately two months after the submission deadline.

About Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program For more than 25 years, the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program has supported independent, clinical research into the benefits of chewing gum, including saliva stimulation, plaque acid neutralization, and tooth strengthening to help oral care professionals and their patients understand the role of sugarfree gum as a convenient tool for everyday oral care. Today, Wrigley operates oral healthcare programs in 47 countries worldwide. The WOHP is one example of how we make a difference to people and the planet through performance, and how we incorporate our principles based approach to business into all that we do. For additional details, visit

About the Salivary Research Group, IADR The Salivary Research Group forms one of the main scientific groups within the IADR, the leading forum for dental researchers to present their oral care research results. All aspects of salivary research are considered, from oral health to functions and properties of individual protein to salivary diagnostics. The group has a large student membership and offers them unique opportunities to give presentations in both verbal and poster formats to a collection of world experts.

About the International Association for Dental Research The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) is a nonprofit organization with over 11.000 individual members worldwide, dedicated to: (1) advancing research and increasing knowledge to improve oral health, (2) supporting the oral health research community, and (3) facilitating the communication and application of research findings for the improvement of oral health worldwide. To learn more, visit www.iadr. org. The American Association for Dental Research (AADR) is the largest Division of IADR, with nearly 4.000 members in the United States. To learn more, visit


66TH WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION The World Health Organization (WHO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health. It was established on 7 April 1948, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and is a member of the United Nations Development Group.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim President of the World Bank Group

World Health Assembly (WHA) is the decision-making body of the World Health Organization. It is attended by the delegations from all WHO Member States and focuses on the specific health agenda prepared by the Executive Board. The main functions of the WHA are to determine the policies of the Organization, appoint the Director-General, supervise financial policies, and review and approve the proposed programme budget. All non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in official collaboration with the WHO and public are allowed to participate. The WHA is held annually in Geneva, Switzerland. The 66th World Health Assembly was held from the 20th to 28th of May 2013, the IADS two official delegates were present: the IADS Treasure Dr. Artjom Meier and the IADS International Scientific Officer Dr. Tatiana Vorovchenko. Besides, the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) held a youth pre-WHA workshop, from 16th to 20th of May. More than 40 youth participants gathered in Geneva, representing various medical fields (dentistry, medicine, pharmacy). The workshop involved a combination of keynote addresses, expert panels on five important WHA agenda topics, and small working groups on these issues for advocacy preparation. These five topics were non-communicable diseases (NCDs), human resources for health (HRH), maternal and child health (MCH) and sexual and reproductive health (SRH), the post-2015 agenda, and research and development (R&D). Throughout the three days, we split into groups to prepare focus points and briefing papers on these

issues, which we would use throughout the WHA to discuss with member states, and interventions, which we would submit for presentation to the Plenary. The IFMSA delegation has hosted in the afternoon the first youth organized and youth-led side event at the World Health Assembly. Health of the World’s girls – The missing link in the global development agenda? Currently we have a global health community assuming they are addressing girls needs with maternal health programs and we have a development community thinking they are acting for girls development without fully considering their health. We need to bring these two paradigms together, and truly embrace health as a tool for enabling girls to reach their development potential. During the 66th WHA the youth attended the Plenary, Committee A and B meetings, all side-events of the Assembly. Many questions were asked, many answers were received. Every single attendee noticed the presence of the youth, heard strong ideas and considered great ways which were suggested to solve global problems. Our voices were heard by all the Member States, NGOs, WHO secretariat, press, other participants of the WHA. We could approach many interesting and brilliant people working on global health issues, come in contact with them. The hash-tag #yWHA tweets most of them. The youth pre-WHA preparations and participation were so impressive and important for all of us, the WHA and future global health itself, that we look forward to organizing the next year pre-WHA by multi-disciplinary Organizing Commit-


tee from the IADS, IFMSA, IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation) and other associations. We strongly encourage all the IADS members to take part in it next year.

Dr. Margaret Chan Director General of the WHO

Global health is very important for dental students, because many questions discussed at the WHA will affect our professional activities. Non-communicable diseases and their risk factors are strongly related with dentistry. Dental students are strong human resources for health. Universal health coverage is one of the most important current global health issues, access to the primary health care, including dental care being important components of it. Health in all polices is a widely discussed problem, which suggests involvement of all spheres of life to shape better global health. As this point the voice of dental students is not yet heard at the global level. We hope through our work we could encourage our members to join our efforts to establish the official relations with the WHO to work on joint global health projects. The IADS delegates had a chance to meet with Dr. Orlando Monteneiro da Silva - the President of the FDI (World Dental Federation) in its headquarters in Geneva to discuss the new ways of collaboration between IADS and FDI, the opportunities that our official relations with this world organization might bring. These are prospective internships at the FDI HQ, their involvement in the International Dental Research Program, joint participation in the WHA and representation in the World Health Professional Alliance (WHPA). IADS is really proud to be a member of FDI and enjoy all the opportunities of its membership. One of them, as you may know, is the current meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, where we can attend and participate in all the FDI activities. The President of the Health Assembly, award recipients and representatives of the awarding institutions stand on the podium of the plenary.


IADS representatives with president of FDI

This week saw intensive collaboration with our great friends – the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) and the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF). Together with their official representatives IADS discussed the creation of the future World Health Students Alliance, which will help our members to be more involved in the world health students network, will allow us to participate in each others activities, work together for the global health and bring the voice of the youth on a new level! We believe that this collaboration will open new horizons for us.

EDSA and IADS collaboration

And of course, in this article we want to tell you about our closest colleagues - European Dental Students Association, whose official representative, its prevention officer –Vaiva Jakutyte, also attended both events. In many informal meetings we talked about possible joint projects of two associations, which in fact represent the same part of healthcare world – future dental professionals. We are happy to be together side by side and work to achieve the same goal – provide dental students with the opportunity to improve and develop. Therefore, we encourage all IADS members to be proactive and stay tuned, learn and track all association projects and participate in it. The world is so huge, but the world of active people, unfortunately, is not, yet. Working together, joining our forces, bringing up our voices, we can shape the future we want! Be with IADS, join IADS, act with IADS! Together is better!



Dr. Tatiana Vorovchenko International Scientific Officer of IADS

MIDYEARMEETING 2013 LISBON, PORTUGAL much enjoyed the party. I met the members of ExCo whom I didn’t know before and we talked about our universities, organization of congresses, parties and meeting of new people. I remember talking to Stefania and Carolina about their work for IADS, their studies and their plans for future. The next day was Thursday and I attended the SCORE and the prophylaxis committee meeting representing the absent members from Czech Republic. It was short and rather informal, for there were only few of us. After this I had no further obligations at the conference and so Matej, Kajka and I decided to do some sightseeing in Lisbon. I volunteered to be the guide of our little group, because I already visited Lisbon 4 years ago.

It was around Christmas last year that my friends and I decided to take part in the following mid year meeting in Lisbon. They had been to IADS meeting before and persuaded me to come with them. So we reserved the places, booked the tickets and I started to look forward to this trip. We set off to Lisbon on Tuesday, march 26. We flew from Prague and landed in Lisbon later that day. We met some organizers at the airport and they drove us to hotel. We went to dine with the rest of the participants that arrived that day and got to know them a little bit. Quite a happy bunch I must say. The next day we attended the general assembly. It was supposed to be held at the lecture room of the dental clinic, but it wasn’t fit. So we went to a congress hall of the hotel. It was somewhat chaotic, but all the members of organizing committee kept us entertained and their effort to sort things out was outstanding. At the general assembly we discussed current events, future plans. Reports of the executive committee were read and new members of IADS were accepted. Then we had lunch in a local restaurant. We ate typical dishes of local cuisine and tasted good wines from Portugal. After lunch we continued with general assembly. I the evening we went to a restaurant at the riverside and we ate Pastel de bacalhau (codfish pie). We drank and danced and chatted and I very


João (the head of Portuguese organizing committee) showed me on the map some interesting places to visit and how to get around. So we toured Lisbon and we were amazed by its wide boulevards and steep narrow streets as well. We saw the Praça do Comércio, and went through streets of Bairro alto, Chiado and Baixa, which are boroughs of the Lisbon city centre. We visited the Castle of São Jorge and the cathedral. It was all beautiful. In the evening we reunited with the rest of the participants for the dinner. Again, we ate some local delicious meals and socialized. Traditionally on every IADS meeting there is one night dedicated to exchange fair. It is a party where all the participants present typical food and drinks from their country. Some brought candy, some brought typical spicy salami and others had pastry and cakes. You go around and try everything, drink everything and at the end there is a huge party. It is a nice way to learn something about different

countries and meet the people that you still didn’t meet. The party went on till early morning and it was great. On Friday we attended lectures and presentations. First there was Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva current presidant of FDI with his presentation of goals and visions for FDI for year 2020. Then other doctors held their lectures about Implantology, options for parodontal surgery and other topics. It was interesting to see the modern trends in dentistry in other countries and to learn about the personal experience of these doctors with these things, that are often hard to find in literature. The lectures concluded the official part of the meeting. But there was still something left. The goodbye dinner and party. The organizers booked a place in lovely local restaurant and we had one final opportunity to confirm, that Portuguese cuisine is in deed very delicious and so are the portuguese wines. We ate and drank and talked and sang till very late in the night. The trip to Lisbon was a great experience for me and I enjoyed it very much. I met many new and interesting people, I made new friends. I found out what drives these people to attend IADS meetings. It is the exploration of different cultures and different parts of the world, but mostly it is about the people, the students. Meeting new friends and catching up with the old ones. And they also do it to help others explore the world and find new friends in distant lands. Now I am proud to say, that I have been a part of that. I have been there, I have felt the energy, and now... I LOVE IADS. Matej Kováč

Matej Kováč, born in Bratislava, Slovakia. Studies 4th year of Dentistry at Masaryk University in Brno. In CDSA helps with organizing of events. His future plans are to return to Bratislava, become a general dentist and start a family.



INTERVIEW DR. KAROLÍNA FLORYKOVÁ 1. Why did you decide to get involved in IADS? This question draws a smile on my face. The reason why weCDSA –Czech Dental Student Association-wanted to join IADS was ironic. The main idea was a debt and historical misunderstanding. I was a president of CDSA during this period so I had to decide with my ExCo if we will pay this debt and join IADS again or not. We then decided to be a part of IADS family and it was the most incredible decision ever. 2. How did you feel and what did you experience in your early career in IADS? As I see, during my own recapitulation, most of my time in IADS was pretty FUN-tastic. The first meeting in Romania in 2009 was extremely wonderful. The first real meeting with IADS family is always the best part. I met a lot of amazingly great people. My English language was horrible; however, nobody made fun of me. They even tried to help me. Not only was the first GA such an interesting experience, but the social program was also amazing. I cried a lot during the last moments of meeting. I had serious IADS flu after my return back to home. In spite of the fact that it was exceedingly beautiful, saying goodbye was not nice at all. 3. How did you decide to be an Editor of IADS? I’ve always wanted to support IADS ExCo. The Editor’s work is a piece of cake for me. I’ve been CDSA Editor for 4 years and I’ve adored this type of cooperation. That was the reason why I wanted to continue in this activity even in higher level. In the beginning of my Editor’s career there was no Editorial board. The work was a little bit harder during the first year. We then created a new Editorial Board, which is getting better and better. Special thanks to Mr. Pavel Scarlat. Moreover, I’m very proud of the four issues of IADS Magazine we’ve created. 4. Did you have any unforgettable moment during your work as IADS editor? The best memories were with our graphic designer Thomas Pricker. He is such a wonderful person, who helped me during my Editor’s period a lot. Not only were we fellow workers, but we were also good friends. I am grateful to have this amazing job for 2 years. It’s a great pleasure and honour for me.

5. You have worked as IADS editor for 2 periods. Tell us your opinion about the recent Editorial Board. The Editorial Board has good idea, which is delegation and can indeed help a lot. It is exceedingly difficult and pretty wrong to make the whole magazine run by only the editor. Trust me, I had to do it myself because there was no other way. Magazine project in general should be a mosaic of many people, many characters and many views. If it is not a group work, it will remain boring. Despite being the best, it’s too much work for one person. I totally agree with this idea and I’m supporting it from the first moment. 6. Do you have any advice for IADS editorial Board? Members of editorial board are from different countries and different time zones. It is extremely hard to spot the time, when all people are online for video conference. These online meetings are interestingly important for the best cooperation. Editor has to be always prepared and has to know how to lead other members. So my advice is simple. Keep in touch and adore your work. Keep it visible for best understanding. I want to thank Ms Petra Horáková, my successor, and all the Editorial board and wish them the best. Guys, you are great.

Drg Esti Riyanda Astuti Malek Ghorbel


“IF YO OU SEE FAR THER THAN N OTHEERS,TH HAT’SS BECAUSE YOU WERE STAND ON GIANTS SHO OULDERS” Silent moments were the last thing I had on the last few meters away of my friends to the Terminal gate in Dubai Airport on the 8th of July. Something left there bigger than my baggage to carry and deeper than anyone can imagine. 77 Days before that moment, was the Training committee regular meeting, before the meeting I told Tarek Omran “Asia-Training Officer” about my thoughts on organizing the IADS 2nd IADS Training of New Trainers session in his region followed by the 1st Asian Sub Regional Training Session and ‘Dubai’ Was the suggested City. The proposal was made and accepted by the committee. The preparations started by setting Organizing Committee from Sharjah University motivated and hard working students who did a tremendous job in getting sponsors for the event, setting the venue at Sharjah University for the Training sessions and the amazing City Dubai for the Social program. The Trainers for the sessions were Chosen; 2 Trainers from IFMSA and 2 from IADS. We started working on the sessions and the preparations after we had the meeting together to set our agenda. The Trainers were excited about the Training session and they decided to do their best in order to deliver the greatest Training session ever. When the advertisement had started, the increase in the number of attendees was a sign that this event will be unforgettable. The registration was closed faster than I expected which were just great.

knowledge and the questions are still in their minds. In these days the trainees were in their best moments of glory, they felt the skills inside them and their motivation was doubled. Borj Khalifa; “highest building in the world”; was the place that they knew that nothing is impossible and the interesting quote written at the entrance of Borj Khalifa was very motivating ‘From Sand to Sky’ which means that the place will remain forever as an example of the human powers and insistence. I wished that they all understand that now.

Fourth Day in UAE “The transformation Day” The most perfect thing that can ever happen in a trainee’s life is to wake up as a trainee and sleep as a trainer. I can describe their look when I draw on the white board before the sessions started “Trainee >>>>> TRAINER”, they all look at the board and their smiles began to grow and their motivation was beyond their limit. It was the success I wanted for them; to end with doubles of the initial motivation, with hundreds of achieved hopes and new lives. The old trainers team finished their training very well by the first half of the last day, they were ready to be trainers. I took the responsibility of the connecting the dots and the final touches in the sessions. The last session was the real life training experience; together we set the plan, criteria and everything for their first training sessions. They will be happy that they will prepare their sessions, present and receive feedbacks. For the old trainers’ team, we were happy to see how much they are motivated to work and prepare their sessions together.

First day in UAE “16 new trainee” Met with 4 old trainers for the first time on one table, breaking the ice has been just amazing, the motivation that all of us have; either Trainers or trainees; help us to break it in no time. One look to my Old trainers team member and I could admit that we had the same thought in our minds “This would be such an amazing event”, our energy boost again and we were waiting for the next morning.

Second Day in UAE “Fears and Expectations” Trainers and trainees went to Sharjah university where they started to get closer to participants who started to talk about their expectations and fears before the training. The trainees were in confusion, many questions passed through their head which needed to be answered, this was just a good start, they went to the social program enjoying but they never stopped asking about the next day and what they are going to learn.

Third Day in UAE “What? How? And Why?” All the trainees came to the room full energy, hunger for more

Fifth day in UAE “The free busy day” The plan was set 1 month earlier before the Training start to take the 5th day off as a free day and a transition between TNT and SRT, organizing committee asked the new trainers on the day before if they wanted to go somewhere for a free day and they agreed, personally I wished that they stay to have the chance to prepare but I can’t blame them they did very good in the TNT and they should take some time off before the SRT, the Old trainers were divided on the new trainers groups to help them later in the preparations and in their sessions, we agreed that they must come back from their ‘ free day’ to prepare their sessions and to train each others. The next day I woke up and I found a very pleasant surprise, all the team woke up early and they cancelled everything in their plans and just gather in the hotel’s on many tables to prepare their sessions, I was very happy to see them preparing discussing and presenting to each others. The day ended with a great safari night where all the trainers enjoyed the Safari adventure in the desert of the UAE.

TRAINING LOVE It didn’t only help my personal skills but also widens my horizon in soft skills. It’s an eye-opening experience to learn from

Sixth day in UAE ‘SRT HEROS’ The Day started with a great opening ceremony and words from the Organizing Committee and USDSA representatives, I was glad to represent our association and talk about our events with a few and simple words. The new trainer’s team was divided in 8 groups, 2 per each group, two sessions per day in 4 classrooms at the same time, trainers went to their positions and began to develop the participants from UAE’s Universities and the feedbacks from the participants and the Old trainers team were very good and gave the happiness, after the sessions has ended all the trainers held a meeting together to talk about their drawbacks to avoid it the next day.

Seventh day in UAE ‘The team’ The seconded day in the SRT, old trainers were not evaluating or supervising the TRAINERS anymore, we were enjoying the new experience we were getting from our new team members. The feeling of the new team was amazing, the feeling that we can understand each other with one look, support each other and together hand in hand we will work for the best of a great IADS.

Last day “ The Start point” On the last day all the team entertained together as much as they could, they knew that everything shall have an end, here as usual I consider every event as a new start to my life.

Dr. Adham El-Shourbagy Chairman of IADS Training committee

Modar Q. Abdul Rahman Trainer “It was an amazing experience on all aspects. I got the chance to get closer to other IADS members for the first time, which was a whole new experience for me”. Osama Afaneh Trainer I guess it was the best experience I have ever had , the feeling that you are helping people , giving them the knowledge in a different way in a way that they didn’t get bored ,they wanted more and more from us ,giving them the hand to grow up, giving them the way to reach their goals.”LOVE what you do so you won’t have to work in a single day :) “I guess I’m in love being a trainer . Dareen matarweh Trainer The ITS-UAE was an experience like nothing else: sharjah, change, awesome people, softskills, positivity and a lot of good memories. Petra van Pijkeren Old Trainer IFMSA Totally out of the box, inspiring, it was simply one in a life time lesson that opens your eyes widely to the world, it was a great mix of cultures, Civilizations, thoughts and experiences and knowledge the trainers were so unique. Karim Salah Trainer My FAVOIRITE part personally , that litterly touched my soul was being able to run a session in the SRT , somehtime in bettween these sessions I fell inlove with the art of training and soft skills, my eyes were glowing & my first comment was ‘this is what I want to do for life ‘ ! I love the IADS <3 Rayen Omer Trainer

Dear IADS friends and trainers, “Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.” I will always be pleasured to work with such an outstanding organization, great people who are willingly give you their help and hand. The inspiration of this newsletter came from you all with all the energy you have and also from my work close to our lovely IADS editorial board. I settled with my dear friend Nesrine Gharbi to start this magazine hoping that it fulfills all your expectations. This magazine shall hold articles abour the last updates in Training Education, Traininers experiences and memories.


27. 8. – 31. 8. 2013 The 60th IADS and YDW Annual World Dental Congress, Turkey Venue: Istanbul, Turkey Information: The aim of IADS meetings is gather representatives and delegates of IADS members. Partners of IADS and people interested in the association together to change ideas, update each other, brainstorm and work together. Website: Program: 29. 8. 2013 9th IADS Lecture Contest 30. 8. 2013 1st IADS Dental Olympics

1. 8. – 7. 8. 2013 IFMSA Annual Meeting

31. 8. – 4. 9. 2013 The 60th IADS and YDW Annual World Dental Congress, Italy

Venue: Santiago, Chile Information: Twice a year, the delegations of the NMO’s of IFMSA get together at the IFMSA General Assemblies. The March Meeting and the August Meeting bring together several hundred medical students from all around the world. During the seven days of the meetings, the delegates discuss matters of the Federation and make valuable contacts for their organizations. Website:

Venue: Giovinnazo (BA) – Foggia, Italy Information: The aim of IADS meetings is gather representatives and delegates of IADS members. Partners of IADS and people interested in the association together to change ideas, update each other, brainstorm and work together. Website: Program: 1. 9. – 2. 9. 2013 General Assembly Third training session

3. 8. 2013 Deadline for registration: 1st IADS Dental Olympics Turkey 2013


Venue: Istanbul, Turkey Information: The 1st IADS Dental Olympics Turkey 2013 will give the possibility to dental students compete in teams on basic of their dental clinical skills, earn points and win prizes. 10 teams will compete in different rounds (Radiography interpretation, Suturing on a chicken skin, Wax modeling, Ortodontic wire bending, Preparing a tooth for crown on DentSlim Simulators, Open cavity on DentSlim Simulators-cavity creation) and each team will consist of 3 dental students. Website:!olympics/cyuu

12. 8. – 16. 8. 2013 International Voluntary Project 2013 Venue: Kingston, Montego Bay, Jamaica Information: The International Voluntary Project 2013 is organized by Brush Up Jamaica (Association for Oral Health Advancement) and Jamaica Association of Dental Surgery Students. They are inviting 20 young dentists and dental students from all around the world to collaborate with 50 University of Technology Jamaica dental students and faculty, on a two week program. Website:


4. 9. – 6. 9. 2013 The 60th IADS and YDW Annual World Dental Congress - Post Congress Venue: Giovinnazo (BA) – Rome. Italy Information: The aim of IADS meetings is gather representatives and delegates of IADS members. Partners of IADS and people interested in the association together to change ideas, update each other, brainstorm and work together. Website:

8. 9. – 13. 9. 2013 The World Healthcare Student´s Symposium (WHSS) Venue: Lausanne, Switzerland Information: The WHSS is the largest international event for healthcare students and is held every two years 300 students of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, chiropractic and other healthcare professions will attend and spend five days together at this fabulous international students congress. Website:

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Advanced Defence Sensitive blocks 92% of dentine tubules in just 6 rinses in vitro*


• A daily mouthwash featuring potassium oxalate crystal technology • Crystals are deposited on the dentine and deep inside exposed open tubules • Crystals are deposited with every rinse to provide deep, stable, comprehensive tubule occlusion

Recommend Advanced Defence Sensitive for expert care when you’re not there * Based on % hydraulic conductance reduction.

Reference: 1. Dentine Tubule Occlusion, DOF 1 – 2012. Do not recommend this product if patients have a history of kidney disease, hyperoxaluria, kidney stones or malabsorption syndrome, or take high doses of vitamin C (1000mg or more per day). UK/LI/12-0806

Newsletter 2013  
Newsletter 2013