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Bernd Franke

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Bernd Franke

Bernd Franke was born in 1959 in Weissenfels/Saale and grew up in an open, tolerant, and, with regard to music, an undogmatic family home. There, as a child, he came into contact with classical music, jazz and pop music, which were regarded as completely equal. Such a musical understanding still characterizes him to this day, which explains his passion for improvisation. Characteristic of his œuvre since the 1980s is the crossing of borders, both musically and by incorporating socially relevant themes. Between 1975 and 1981 he studied composition with Siegfried Thiele and conducting with Wolf-Dieter Hauschild at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Musikhochschule Leipzig. In 1980 he founded the ensemble ‘Junge Musik’ Leipzig and continued to lead the group until 1983. Since 1981 he has taught at the Institute of Musicology at Leipzig University and the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Musikhochschule Leipzig. Since 2003 he has been Professor for composition, music of the 20th and 21st century, music theory and analysis at the University of Leipzig. He was also the recipient of the Hanns Eisler Prize and Mendelssohn Scholarship in 1981.

From 1981 to 1985 he was Meisterschüler at the Academy of Arts in East Berlin. He began regular correspondence with Stockhausen, Nono, Ligeti and Henze in the mid-80s, visiting Lutosławski in Warsaw too. In 1987 he was awarded the Composition prize at the 9th Boswil International Composition Seminar (Künstlerhaus Boswil Foundation, Switzerland) and the Kucyna International Composition Prize, Boston (USA). His association with the Künstlerhaus Boswil Foundation continued in the form of a number of long-term work residencies.

In 1988 he was involved in composer workshops at the Gaudeamus Foundation Amsterdam working with Ton de Leeuw and Chu Wen Chung among others, and in the same year he began work on his cycle half-way house - SOLO XFACH (for Joseph Beuys) with Solo 3fach. The piece was premiered that year by the Kölner Horntrio at the Alte Oper, Frankfurt.

He received the Leonard Bernstein Fellowship from the Tanglewood Music Center, USA in 1989 and studied with Bernstein, Lukas Foss, Louis Krasner and Oliver Knussen, amongst others. His first meeting with Hans Werner Henze, who was to become his mentor in the early 90s, came at the world premiere of the West-Eastern German Songbook at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. Franke’s Wann wird Friede sein, based on a text by Karl Vollmoeller, was included in the project. He continued to exchange letters with Henze and was to meet him regularly in Berlin, Munich, London and San Marino.

In 1993 he received study grants and delivered a series of lectures in the USA, including in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Carrollton and Minneapolis. In 1994 Henze invited Franke to sit on the jury at the Munich Biennale for New Music Theater. Between 1996 and 1998 he was Artistic Director of the ‘New Music at the Beck Galerie’ (Leipzig/Düsseldorf) series and in 1998 founded Ensemble SOLO XFACH with the aim of promoting authentic performances of the cycle of the same name. Since 1998 he has undertaken a number of long-term study trips and working stays in Southeast Asia and India.

Leipzig London New York C. F. Peters Ltd & Co. KG Peters Edition Ltd C.F. Peters Corporation Talstraße 10 2 – 6 Baches Street 520 Eight Avenue / Suite 2005 04103 Leipzig London N1 6DN New York, NY 10018 Deutschland UK USA ( +49 (0) 341 9897 9231 ( +44 (0) 20 7553 4033 ( + (1) 718 416 7822 * * *

The first productions of SOLO XFACH came in 2000: playback tapes were produced in Berlin Technical University’s electronic studio, parts of the SOLO XFACH cycle were produced at Hessian Radio Frankfurt with Ensemble SOLO XFACH and a full-length concert featuring SOLO XFACH (for Joseph Beuys) and a video installation by Peter Kees was staged in the German Pavillion at the Hanover EXPO.

In 2001 Franke began work on his CUT cycle; CUT I-III was given its world premiere by Ensemble Modern. 2002 marked the beginning of Franke’s association with C.F. Peters and since then his works have been exclusively published by the company. Franke became a member of the ‘Sächsische Akademie der Künste’ Dresden in the same year.

Since the beginning of the nineties he has been in close cooperation (lectures and concert tours) with the Goethe Institute (including Pittsburgh, Atlanta, New York, Toronto, Winnipeg, Prague, Helsinki, Stockholm, Kolkata, Bangalore, Tokyo, Taipei, Lithuania, Estonia). Since 2017 Franke has been a Member of the Austrian Society for New Music.

His international orientation and his experiences with different cultures are also reflected in the fact that some of his works were premiered in Asia, including in Tokyo (2013), India / Kolkata (2013) and Taiwan (2014). He was Composer in Residence in Finland / Kaustinen (2003), in Sweden (2004), and in Copenhagen / Ars Nova / Paul Hillier (2008 and 2009), at the Land of the Disobedient Festival in Lithuania (2009), in Kolkata, India (2011), in Taiwan (National Chinese Orchestra Taipei) (2013). In the area of vocal-instrumental works, his interest in intercultural cooperation is also expressed in intensive direct collaboration with lyricists such as David Bengree-Jones (UK), SAID (Iran/Germany), Christian Lehnert (Germany) and Adel Karasholi (Syria/Germany).

Collaboration and Commissions received include those by and with Riccardo Chailly, Kurt Masur, Paul Hillier, Lukas Foss, Michael Sanderling, Joel Sachs, Gabriel Feltz, Andrey Boreyko, Fabian Panisello, Howard Arman, Stefan Blunier, Yukiko Sugawara-Lachenmann, Ueli Wiget, HR, Jürgen Ruck, Wu Wei, and renowned orchestras such as the Gewandhausorchester, the MDR Orchestra, BSO Berlin, Ensemble Modern, London Sinfonietta, Kings Singers, BR/Musica Viva, MDR, NDR, Calmus Ensemble, Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, Amarcord and the National Chinese Orchestra, as well as festivals such as the Darmstädter Ferienkurse.

Many of Franke’s works are produced as cycles, among others SOLO XFACH (for Joseph Beuys), since 1988, CUT I-XII (since 2001), in between (since 2001), and VEIL (since 2013). In his work, he is particularly interested in the processes of the deconstruction of orchestral and ensemble structures, and the further development of organic aleatoric as well as the cultures, philosophies and religions of Asia.



BlueGreen (2004) 18’ for saxophone quartet and orchestra

SaxQua - - - timp - perc(3) - hp - vc solo - str (min.

Commissioned by Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra

First performed 26 September 2004, Kiel (D), Raschèr Saxophone Quartet and Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.: Georg Fritzsch

EP 10989

Contrapunctus XI - Die Kunst der Fuge (2019) 8’ for chamber orchestra - - acc - strings

First performed 18 June 2019, Leipzig, St. Thomas Church, Bachfest, by Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie, cond.: Omer Meir Wellber

EP 14407

On The Square (2006/07) 21’ for orchestra - - timp - perc(3) - hp - str - offstage: ob, tp, vib, va

Commissioned by Musikalische Akademie des Nationaltheaters Mannheim

First performed 14 May 2007, Mannheim (D), by the Orchestra of the Nationaltheater Mannheim, cond.: Axel Kober

EP 12601

open doors (2002) 14’ for bandoneon or accordion and orchestra

band/acdn solo - 1(picc).1.1(clEb).1 - 1.1.flghn.1.1 - timp - perc(3) - hp - pf - str - CD

Commissioned by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR)

First performed 21 January 2003, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Per Arne Glorvigen (bandoneon) and MDR Symphony Orchestra, cond.: Rolf Gupta

version for accordion

First performed 17 April 2012, Freiburg (D), by Theodoro Anzellotti (acc) and Philharmonisches Orchester Freiburg, cond.: Fabrice Bollon

EP 10985

Praya Dubia (2009-2011) 17’ for orchestra

For Esbjörn Svensson - - timp - perc(3) - hp - str (

Commissioned by Musica Viva and Bayerischer Rundfunk

First performed 27 May 2011, Munich, by Orchester des Bayrischen Rundfunks, cond.: Lukas Vis

EP 12597

Raschèr Fanfare (2002) 14’ for saxophone orchestra

sopr sax(2), alto sax(4), ten sax(2), bar sax(2), bass sax(2)

Commissioned by Kaustinen Chamber Music Festival

First performed 01 February 2003, Kaustinen Chamber Music Festival (FIN), by the Raschèr Saxophone Orchestra, cond.: Bruce Weinberger

EP 10986

The way down is the way up II (2010) 21’ for orchestra - - timp - perc - hp - pf - str

Commissioned by Stuttgarter Philharmoniker

First performed 07 October 2010, Stuttgart, Liederhalle, by Stuttgarter Philharmoniker, cond.: by Gabriel Feltz

EP 12596


Three Marches for C. I. (2002) 15’ for orchestra

solo trp, solo bsn - picc.2.2.cor anglais.3.3 - - perc(8)

Commissioned by the American Wind Symphony Orchestra

First performed (part I) 21 June 2002, Pittsburgh (USA), by American Wind Symphony Orchestra, cond.: Robert Boudreau

First performed (part II and III) 21 June 2003, Pittsburgh (USA), by American Wind Symphony Orchestra, cond.: Robert Boudreau EP 68026

Träumerei (2010) 3’ for woodwind and strings (arrangement of Robert Schumann’s op. 15, No. 7) -

First performed 15 January 2010, Düsseldorf (D), Tonhalle, by Düsseldorfer Symphoniker, cond.: Andrey Boreyko EP 13462

Yellow Clouds (2009) 10’ for string orchestra

Commissioned by Young Euro Classics

First performed 21 August 2009, Berlin, Konzerthaus, by Junge Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie, cond.: Michael Sanderling EP 12594

Solo Concertos with Orchestra

Agni - Musik für Bassklarinette und Orchester (2019) 17’ for bass clarinet and orchestra bass clarinet solo - - - hp - timp, perc(2) - str. (

First performed 23 November 2019, Großenhain (D), Kulturzentrum, by Volker Hemken and Elbland Philharmonie, cond.: Ekkehard Klemm EP 14437

Arka - 3 Rituale (2019) 23’ for oboe, pipa soli and chamber orchestra oboe, pipa soli - timp, perc - str. (

First performed 27 October 2019, Neuss (D), by Ya Dong (pipa), Christian Wetzel (oboe) and Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss am Rhein, cond.: Isabelle van Keulen

EP 1445

MYO (2014/15) 31’

for violin and orchestra

vn solo - - - timp - perc(4) - hp - pf - str - offstage: va, vc

Commissioned by Gewandhaus zu Leipzig

First performed 21 May 2015, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Sebastian Breuninger (violin) and Gewandhausorchester, cond.: Michael Sanderling

EP 14105

Mirror and Circle (2013/14) 18’ for pipa, violoncello and chinese orchestra

Commissioned by National Chinese Orchestra

First performed 18th May 2014, Taipei, by Ya Dong (Pipa), Peter Bruns (vc) and National Chinese Orchestra, cond.: Yan Hui Chang

EP 14287




Cycle for Orchestras / Ensembles with various instrumentations

CUT I (For Manfred H. Wenninger) (2001) 6’ for electric guitar, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion and piano

First performed 10 October 2001, Dresden, by Ensemble Modern, cond.: Kasper de Roo

EP 10961

CUT II (For Jean Guitton) (2001) 6’ for percussion, harp, 2 violins, viola and double bass

First performed 10 October 2001, Dresden, by Ensemble Modern, cond.: Kasper de Roo

EP 10962

CUT III (For Eduard Goldstücker) (2001) 6’ for violoncello, oboe, clarinet, soprano saxophone and bassoon

First performed 10 October 2001, Dresden, by Ensemble Modern, cond.: Kasper de Roo

EP 10963

CUT I-III 12’ (simultaneous version) for ensemble

1.1.1.sopr sax.1 - - perc - pf - harp - electric guitar -

Commissioned by Dresdner Tage der zeitgenössischen Musik

First performed 10 October 2001, Dresden, by Ensemble Modern, cond.: Kasper de Roo

EP 10964

CUT IV (for Joanna Pousette-Dart) (2003/04) 17’ for flute and ensemble

fl solo (picc, b-fl) - 2(picc).1(ob-d’A).2(2.Ecl).2 - - hp - cel -

CUT V (for Philip Roth) (2003/04) 17’ for oboe and ensemble

ob solo (ob-d’A) - 1(a-fl).2( - - perc(3) -

Double Life (2003/04) 20’

simultaneous version of CUT IV and CUT V for oboe, flute and orchestra

Commissioned by Staatstheater Darmstadt

Movements can be formed both separately and simultaneously fl.ob soli - 2(picc,’ - - hp - cel - perc(3) - str (

First performed 31 October 2004, Darmstadt (D), Staatstheater, by Andrea Lieberknecht (flute), Christian Wetzel (oboe), Orchester des Staatstheaters Darmstadt, cond.: Stefan Blunier

EP 10990

CUT VI - VIII (2005/06) 24’

CUT VI (for Colin McPhee) • CUT VII (for J. S. B.) • CUT VIII (for Hans Werner Henze) for orchestra - - timp - perc(4) - hp - str - offstage: vc solo

Commissioned by Gewandhaus Leipzig

First performed 26 May 2006, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Gewandhausorchester, cond.: Riccardo Chailly

Separate version of CUT VIII first performed 31 August 2007, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Gewandhausorchester, cond.: Riccardo Chailly

EP 11032

All three movements can be performed separately.

CUT IX - XI (2008/09) 27’

CUT IX (for R.S.) • CUT X (for J.B.) • CUT XI (for C.S.) for orchestra - - timp - perc(3) - pf - hp - str

Commissioned by Düsseldorfer Tonhalle

First performed 15 January 2010, Düsseldorf, Tonhalle, by Düsseldorfer Symphoniker, cond.: Andrey Boreyko

CUT X first performed 24 November 2010, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Christian Giger

EP 12586

(CUT IX EP 12606; CUT X EP 12587; CUT XI EP 12588)


half-way house - SOLO XFACH (For Joseph Beuys) Cycle for Ensembles with various instrumentations Annäherung (1997/98) 14’ for piano solo

First performed 07 June 1998, Bonn (D), Oper Bonn, by Yukiko Sugawara EP 10886

Solo 2fach - in Annäherung (I) (1997) 17’ for flute (picc., alto, bass) and piano

First performed 01 October 1997, Chemnitz (D), by Irmela Boßler (flute) and Bernhard Kastner (piano) EP 10971

Solo 2fach - in Annäherung (II) (1997/98) 17’ for oboe (cor anglais, oboe d’amore) and piano

First performed 08 November 1998, Schreyahn (D), by Christian Wetzel (oboe) and Julien Salemcour (piano) EP 10972

Solo 2fach - in Annäherung (III) (1997/98) 21’ for viola and piano

First performed 27 January 1999, Munich, by Christiane Arnold (viola) and Siegfried Mauser (piano) EP 10973

Solo 2fach - in Annäherung (IV) (1997-2000) 21’ for bass clarinet and piano

First performed 03 May 2001, Heidelberg (D), by Volker Hemken (clarinet) and Bernhard Kastner (piano) EP 10974

Solo 3fach – für Violine, Horn und Klavier (1988) 17’ for violin, horn and piano In Memory of Joseph Beuys

Commissioned by Frankfurter Feste

First performed 30 August 1988, Frankfurt (Main), by Kölner Horntrio EP 10975

Solo 4fach - überlagernd (1999/2000) 20’ for violin, harp, bandoneon and electric guitar

Commissioned by EXPO 2000

First performed 15 October 2000, Hannover (D), EXPO 2000, by Ensemble SOLO XFACH EP 10976

Solo 5fach - zerbrechend (1998) 20’ for horn, flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon

Commissioned by Ma’alot Quintet

First performed 10 March 1999, Bonn (D), by Ma’alot Quintet EP 10977

Solo 6fach - erstarrt (1994) Version A: 28’ / Version B: 22’ for percussion ensemble

Commissioned by Stiftung Kulturfond

First performed 08 February 1995, Leipzig, by Leipziger Schlagzeugensemble EP 10978

Solo 7fach - in Distanz (1996) 20’ for ensemble

flute, trombone, percussion, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass

Commissioned by Stiftung Kulturfond

First performed 12 September 1996, Berlin, by Ensemble UnitedBerlin EP 10979


Solo 8fach - in Bewegung (2003) 20’ for 4 trumpets, 3 saxophones and electric bass guitar

First performed (bass guitar part) 11 May 2003, Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof, by Stefan Conradi

EP 10980

Solo 9fach - ins Unendliche (For Erich Hauser) (2001) 20’ for pipa, 2 percussionists, violoncello, double bass, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and bassoon

Commissioned by Festival Rottweil

First performed 23 June 2001, Rottweil (D), by Festival Ensemble

EP 10981

Solo xfach – tape (I-IV) (2000)

Production in studios of the Technical University Berlin and of the Hessian Broadcast, Frankfurt (Main)

Music informatic and tape: Ipke Starke and Bernd Franke

Solo xfach-tape (I, II, IV) / The tapes can be played as a prologue before the concert, as an interlude during the interval and as an epilogue after the concert.

Solo xfach-tape (III) / The tape can be played as a simultaneous version with all following parts whether performed individually or simultaneous.

First performed 15 October 2000, Hannover, EXPO 2000

EP 10983

Nearly all parts are compatible with one another. For further details see composer’s homepage or contact us.


in between Cycle for Ensembles with various instrumentations

in between (I) (2005) 12’ for violin and piano

First performed 2005, Tokyo, Bunka-Kaikan-Hall, UNENO-Park, by Gertrud Schilde (violin) and Klaus Schilde (piano)

EP 11239

in between (II) (2007) 15’ for piano, clarinet, trombone and violoncello

First performed 13 December 2007, Warsaw, Centre for Contemporary Art, by Mike Svoboda (trb), Pawel Mykietyn (cl), Jan K. Broja (pf) and Andrzej Bauer (vc)

EP 12589

in between (III) (2006/07) 14’ for clarinet and piano

First performed 10 May 2007, Mannheim (D), Nationaltheater, Theatercafe, by Ulrike Höfer (pf) and Nikolaus Friedrich (cl)

EP 12590

in between (IV) (2004-2007) 10’ for two violins

First performed 02 December 2008, Stockholm, by Duo Gelland

EP 11317

in between (V) (2009) 9’ for violin and violoncello

First performed 13 March 2009, Leipzig, Stadtgeschichtliches Museum, by Edwin Ilg (vn) and Sascha Werchau (vc)

EP 12593

in between (VI) (2012) 17’ for sho and sheng

Commissioned by Naoyuki Manabe

First performed 25 December 2012, Tokyo, Tokyo Opera Recital Hall, by Naoyuki Manabe (Sho) and Wu Wei (Sheng)

EP 12968



Cycle for Solo voice and Ensembles with various instrumentations

Lines (I) (2004) 12’ for soprano and ensemble

Based on poems by Novalis

soprano (percussion), timpani (percussion), strings:, electric bass guitar

Soprano part can also be performed with the Timpani part alone - further instruments can be added

Commissioned by Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung

First performed 10 July 2004, Nörten-Hardenberg (D), Hardenberg Atrium, by Ulrike Stöve (soprano) and European Music Project Ensemble

EP 11033

Lines (II) (2007) 17’ for soprano / treble and ensemble

soprano, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, violin, violoncello and double bass

Commissioned by Gesellschaft für Kunst und Kritik

First performed 03 July 2008, Leipzig, by Elmar Kühn (treble), Tobias Lampelzammer (db), Gerd Schenker (perc) and Ensemble Hofklang

EP 12591

Lines (III) (2009) 10’ for baritone and ensemble

Based on texts by William D. Thoreau

baritone, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, violoncello

Commissioned by the International Festival of Music and Ecology: ‘The Land of the Disobedient’, Neringa, Lithuania

First performed 08 July 2009, Neringa (LT), by “The Land of the Disobedient - Ensemble”

EP 12592


Cycle for Orchestras / Ensembles with various instrumentations

Veil I (2013) 18’

version for chamber orchestra

fl, ob, cl(2), bsn, hn, trp(2), trb, pf(2), perc(2), str:

First performed 28 October 2013, Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, by Ensemble Modern, cond.: Fabián Panisello EP 12993

Veil (I) (2014) 11’

Three Movements for Orchestra

2(also picc.).2.2(Bb, Eb).2 - - pf - hp - timp - perc(3) - str

First performed 13 February 2015, Cottbus (D), by Philharmonisches Orchester Cottbus, cond.: Ruben Gazarian EP 12993

Veil (II) (2014) 11’

Three Movements for Orchestra

2(also picc.).2.2(Bb, Eb).2 - - pf - hp - timp - perc(3) - str

Commissioned by the Staatstheater Cottbus

First performed 27 March 2015, Cottbus (D), by Philharmonisches Orchester Cottbus, cond.: Evan Christ EP 14086


Chamber Music

AGNI (2010) 12’ for bass clarinet solo

First performed 04 December 2020, Leipzig, by Volker Hemken

EP 14437a

Amduat (For Fausto Moroni) (2008) 15’ for violin, viola and violoncello

First performed 16 January 2010, Düsseldorf, Tonhalle, by Ensemble Notabu

EP 12608

another way to describe monsters and whores (For Goya) (2003/04) 10’

3 pieces for solo guitar

First performed (Part I) 09 October 2003, Stuttgart, Staatsgalerie, by Jürgen Ruck

First complete performance 18 February 2006, Düsseldorf, Insel Hombroich, by Jürgen Ruck

EP 12609

approaching Mahler (2005) 6’ for brass ensemble, timpani and percussion

hn, trp(4), trb(4), tb, timp, perc

Commissioned by Mahler-Festwochen Toblach

First performed 09 July 2005, Toblach (I), by Bundesjugendorchester, cond.: Gerd Albrecht

EP 10997

Die Zeit ist ein Fluß ohne Ufer (1985/86) 14’

6 x Chagall for 10 instruments

fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, trp, trb, tb, hp, pf

First performed 26 September 1987, Boston (USA), by Ensemble ALEA III, cond.: Theodore Antoniou

EP 10960

For Elliott Carter (2004) 16’

five pieces for solo timpani

First performed 02 May 2004, Ulm (D), ‘Neue Musik im Stadthaus’, by Jürgen Grözinger

EP 11220

Herzschlag (for M.L.) (2018) 9’

music for brass ensemble

hn, trp(4), trb(4), tb

EP 14377

Iter magneticum (1990) 20’ for piano (4ms)

First performed 01 December 1990, Berlin, by Joseph Christoph and Steffen Schleiermacher

EP 10987

Le Quattro Volte (2015) 18’

musica per clarinetto (Bb), violino e pianoforte

Commissioned by Ensemble Pagon

First performed 26 November 2015, Berlin, Österreichisches Kulturforum, by Ensemble Pagon

EP 14144

New Brass Opera (2007) 12’ for horn, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, conductor (also tamtam)

Commissioned by Hohenlohe Brass

First performed 01 January 2008, Öhringen (D), by Hohenlohe Brass

EP 12602

Stille Wasser (2006) 9’ for electric guitar, electric bass and CD

First performed 30 July 2006, Rüsselsheim (D), by Duo Conradi-Gehlen

EP 12595R


The way down is the way up (2002) 14’ for string quartet

instrumental version of ‘I met Feldman at the Crossroad...’

First performed 2006, Dresden

EP 10968R

The sky over nine trumpets (for Heinz Mack) (2016) 10’ for nine trumpets

Commissioned by Galerie Beck & Eggeling Düsseldorf and Dommermuth foundation Sankt Moritz

First performed 10 December 2016, Sankt Moritz (CH), by Trumpet Ensemble Lucerne at the Vernissage

“The sky over nine columns by Heinz Mack”

EP 14288

Versuch zur Nähe (1999/2000) 18’

fragments for string quartet

In memory of Louis Krasner

Commissioned by Stiftung Kulturfond, Saxony

First performed 10 May 2000, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Leipziger Streichquartett

EP 10984

Solo Vocalist and Orchestra / Ensemble

Daheim in der Fremde (2016) 31’ scene for baritone, voice (speaker), oud, percussion and orchestra

Libretto: Adel Karasholi

Commissioned by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

First performed 24 February 2017, Cottbus, Theaterhaus, by Philharmonisches Orchester Cottbus, Adel Karasholi (speaker), Andreas Jäpl (baritone), Cham Saloum (oud/voice), Nora Thiele (solo percussion), cond.: Evan Christ

EP 14219

Ein Licht, das uns nicht kennt (2017) 24’ for mezzo soprano and saxophone quartet

Based on texts by Christian Lehnert

Commissioned by Dres. Fee and Ingo Holz‚ Freunde des Raschèr Saxophon Quartett and MDR-Musiksommer

First performed 24 August 2017, Leipzig, Museum der Bildenden Künste, by Christina Bock and Raschèr

Saxophone Quartet

EP 14247

Fynbos (2016) 15’ for overtone singer, solo violin, solo violoncello, string orchestra (min.

Commissioned by O/Mordent Kammarokester

First performed 29 November 2016, Stockholm, by Gareth Lubbe (singer), Hugo Ticciati (vn), Julian Arp (vc) and O/Mordent Kammarorkester, cond.: Hugo Ticciati

EP 14198

I met Feldman at the crossroad... (2002) 14’ for soprano or male voice (speaker) and string quartet

Based on a sonnet by David Bengree-Jones

Commissioned by Saarländischer Rundfunk

First performed 09 May 2002, Saarbrücken (D), by Cordula Berner (soprano) and Petersen Quartet

EP 10968

vocal and string quartet parts can be performed separately

Memoriam – Tempo e tempi (2009) 17’ for mixed choir and orchestra

Based on poems by Hans-Ulrich Treichel and William Shakespeare

Commissioned by the University of Leipzig

First performed 02 December 2009, University of Leipzig, Neues Paulinum, ceremonial act for the 600-year anniversary of the University, by the Choir of the University of Leipzig, by Mendelssohn Orchestra, cond.: David Timm

EP 12603


Miletus (2008) 30’

for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra

soprano - mixed choir - - - timp - perc(3) - hp - str

Based on poems by David Bengree-Jones and Anaximander

Commissioned by Berliner Philharmonischer Chor

First performed 26 October 2008, Berlin, Philharmonie, by Marietta Zumbült (soprano), Berliner Philharmonischer Chor and Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Halle, cond.: Jörg-Peter Weigle

EP 12598

Petrel Seascapes (2002) 16’

five songs for soprano and orchestra - - perc(3) - hp - pf -

Based on poems by David Bengree-Jones

First performed 16 April 2002, New York, Lincoln Center, by Camille Zamora (soprano) and New Juilliard

Ensemble, cond.: by Joel Sachs

EP 10965

Zerbrochene Nähe (2000) 14’

scene for baritone and orchestra - - timp - perc(2) - hp - pf(2) - str

Based on texts by Giorgio Caproni, Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger and the ‘Song of Songs’ (Salomo)

Commissioned by the Neue Elbland-Philharmonie

First performed 08 September 2000, Hannover, EXPO 2000, by Yaron Windmüller (baritone) and Neue ElblandPhilharmonie, cond.: Peter Fanger

EP 10970

Vocal Music

And Why? (2010) 15’ for five voices or mixed choir

Based on the Psalm 116

Commissioned by Calmus Ensemble

First performed 29 October 2010, Tourville sur Sienne (F), Festival Polyfollia, by Calmus Ensemble

EP 14286

Drei Lieder (2018) 7’ for baritone and piano

Based on texts by Minamoto no Yorimesa

EP 14378

Izutsu - Memento (2020) 12’

Scene for Noh voice solo

Based on texts from the Noh Drama

First performed 15 January 2021, Tokyo, by Ryoko Aoki (solo voice)

EP 14560

Luther Madrigals (2015) 19’ for 6 voices or mixed choir

Based on texts by Martin Luther, William Shakespeare, Petrus Mosellanus and Johannes Dantiscus

Commissioned by Festival für Alte Musik Knechtsteden

First performed 21 September 2015, Knechtsteden (D), Klosterbasilika, by King’s Singers

EP 14124

My friend Teo says (2020) 1’ for five voices

text: Bernd Franke

Commissioned by Ensemble Calmus for the project “Mosaik - 41 Statements zu Coronazeit”

First performed 17 April 2021, Marnach (L), Cube 521, by Ensemble Calmus

EP 14578


Questions (If I were Rain) (2012) 21’ for five voices

Based on texts by Khalil Gibran, Emily Dickinson, Rumi and Sumitra

First performed 05 October 2012, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Ensemble amarcord

EP 14471

Significatio – GESUALDO (2001) 12’ five madrigals for five voices

Based on texts by Carlo Gesualdo

Commissioned by Hallenser Madrigalisten

First performed 17 October 2002, Halle an der Saale (D), Händelkarée, by Hallenser Madrigalsolisten, cond.: Helko Siede

EP 10967

Time is a ... (1999) 8’

1. Performance / 2. Ritual for voices (SATB) and piano

First performed (ritual) 10 May 2002, Saarbrücken (D), by Isa Katharina Gericke, Tijana Grujic, Alec Otto, Bartlomiej Misiuda and Olav Kröger

EP 10969

unseen blue (I) (2002) 25’ for voices and bandoneon

Based on texts by Pascual Contursi, Shakespeare, Rimbaud, Michael Frank and Cesare Pavese

Commissioned by Ensemble Amarcord

First performed 16 November 2002, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Ensemble Amarcord and Per Arne Glorvigen (bandoneon)

EP 10991

unseen blue (II) (2006) 25’ for voices and bandoneon

Based on texts by David Bengree-Jones, Lodovico Agostino, Guillaume de Machaut, Arthur Rimbaud and John Milton

Commissioned by Ensemble Amarcord

First performed 28 April 2006, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Ensemble Amarcord and Per Arne Glorvigen (bandoneon)

EP 11034

Choral Music

Floods (2017) 8’ for mixed choir

Based on poems by Brian Walter (South Africa)

Commissioned by Anne Kohler, Klosterlandschaft OWL and Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung im Kreis Höxter mbH

First performed 01 September 2017, Marienmünster (D), Konzertsaal der Kulturstiftung, by ImPuls-Vokalensemble für Zeitgenossen, cond.: Prof. Anne Kohler

EP 14289

Luther-Quiz (2017) 16’ for male choir and saxophone quartet

Based on texts by Martin Luther and Emily Dickinson

Commissioned by Nordkolleg Rendsburg

First performed 25 May 2017, Rendsburg (D), Christkirche, by Sonux Ensemble and Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, cond.: Hans-Joachim Lustig

EP 14227 (Vocal Score)

EP 14235 (Full Score)

Nähe (2012) 21’ for viola solo and mixed choir

Based on Psalms by SAID

Commissioned by Heinrich-Schütz-Musiktage

First performed 21 October 2012, Weißenfels (D), by Gareth Lubbe (viola) and Vocalconsort Leipzig, cond.: Gregor Meyer

EP 12738


Noch bist du da (2021) 6’ for boys choir (or mixed choir) text: liturgical / Rose Ausländer

First performed 11 September 2021, Leipzig, Thomaskirche, by Thomanerchor, cond.: Andreas Reize EP 14604

On the Dignity of Man (2004/05) 15’ for mixed choir and saxophone quartet

Based on texts by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

Commissioned by Sächsisches Vocalensemble

First performed 22 May 2005, Glashütte (D), Dresdner Musikfestspiele, by Sächsisches Vocalensemble and Raschèr Saxophone Quartet

EP 10993

choral and saxophone parts can be performed separately

Pran (2012) 17’ for mixed choir

Based on texts by Rabindranath Tagore, translated by Martin Kämpchen, Trina Purohit and Lars-Christian Koch

Commissioned by Goethe Institute

First performed 14 March 2012, Kolkata (IND), by GewandhausChor Leipzig, cond.: Gregor Meyer

EP 12615

Rilke-Madrigale (2005) 12’ for mixed choir

Based on Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘Duineser Elegien’

Commissioned by Deutscher Musikrat

First performed 21 May 2006, Kiel, by I Vocalisti, cond.: Hans-Joachim Lustig EP 12607

Rubicone (2022) 11’ per coro misto a cappella testo da Leone Ebreo dal “Dialogi d`amore” e Battista Guarini

First performed 23 September 2022, Leipzig, Nikolaikirche, by Ensemble Vocal Modern EP 14657

Sieben Stücke (1981) 7’ for mixed choir, soli and piano

Based on texts by Wilhelm Busch

First performed February 1982, Leipzig, by the Choir of the Institute of Musicology (University of Leipzig), cond.: Bernd Franke

EP 12610

The Death of Orpheus (2010) 18’ for mixed choir and soli

Commissioned by Bayer-Kulturstiftung

First performed 21 September 2010, Dormagen (D), Kloster Knechtsteden, by Rheinische Kantorei, cond.: Hermann Max EP 12600R

Toggeli?! (2004/05) 18’ for chamber choir

Based on a Swiss legend

Commissioned by Kammersprechchor Zürich

First performed June 2006, Zürich, by Kammersprechchor Zürich EP 10995

Und alles schrie (2022) 16’ for mixed choir

texts by Christian Lehnert and Jakob Böhme

First performed 05 November 2022, Dresden, Annenkirche, by Sächsisches Vocalensemble, cond.: Matthias Jung EP 14671



Veyn nisht (2021) 6’ for mixed choir

text: Mordechaj Gebirtig

EP 11650

Wandel (2014) 21’ for violoncello solo, mixed choir and female choir

Based on texts by Christian Lehnert, Friedrich Nietzsche and Pindar

Commissioned by Dresdner Kammerchor

First performed 09 May 2014, Dresden, Festspielhaus Hellerau, by Emil Rovner (vc) and the choir of VitzthumGymnasium Dresden, cond.: Hans-Christoph Rademann

EP 14046

Future Works

Behind me - dips Eternity (2021) 25’ for voices and sho

text: Emily Dickinson / Saigyo

First performance 20 May 2023, Bad Reichenhall (D), by Theatre of voices Copenhagen, by Paul Hillier and Naomi Sato (sho)

EP 14692

Genesis (2021) 31’

Concerto for piano and orchestra

First performance tba, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, by Michael Wollny (piano) and Gewandhausorchester, cond.: Andris


EP 14616

Works of Bernd Franke are also published by Faber Music London, Hofmeister Verlag Leipzig and Breitkopf & Härtel.


And Why?

Mythos 116 (2011)


the Dignity WAR DREAMS (2016)




Portrait-CD Bernd Franke

Versuch zur Nähe


Gesualdo: fünf Madrigale


Gewandhausorchester, Kurt Masur (Dir./cond.), Leipziger Streichquartett, Hallenser Madrigalisten apollon classics apc 30204

Portrait-CD CUT

original versions and remixes

CUT (I-III) (Einzel- und Simultanaufführung / single and simultaneous version)

CUT-Remixe von zignorii++ (Jürgen Grözinger, Joachim Glasstetter)

For Elliott Carter

I met Feldman at the crossroad… (the way down is the way up)

Ulrike Stöve (Sopr.), Jürgen Grözinger (Pauken/Timp.)

European Music Project, Johannes Rieger (Dir./cond.)


SACD publications

AM 64013

Portrait-CD half-way house – SOLO XFACH (für Joseph Beuys) Annäherung (für Klavier solo / for piano solo)

Solo 2fach - … in Annäherung (II)

Solo 7fach - in Distanz

Solo xfach (Simultanversion von / simultaneous version of Solo 2fach, Solo 4fach, Solo 7fach)

Ensemble SOLO XFACH, Bernd Franke

Accent Music

AM 64015

Approaching Mahler

Bundesjugendorchester, Gerd Albrecht (Dir./cond.)

Mitschnitt der UA / Live recording of the world première

Toblach (2005)

Real Sound RS 053-0121


Raschèr Saxophon Quartett, Philharmonisches Orchester der Landeshauptstadt Kiel, Georg Fritzsch

Dokumentation-CD zum 100jährigen Bestehen des Philharmonischen Orchesters der Landeshauptstadt Kiel / Documentation CD to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Kiel


Mitschnitt der UA / Recorded live at the première (2001)

Ensemble Modern, Kasper de Roo (Dir.)

published by Dresdner Zentrum, Sächsische Tonträger

in between (IV)

Duo Gelland

Violin Duos vol. 3

nosag CD 152


Memoriam - Tempo e tempi

Recorded live at the première 2009 querstand 2010

Verlag Klaus-Jürgen Kamprad

VKJK 1008

Sieben Stücke

Kammerchor des Instituts für Musikwissenschaft / Musikpädagogik der Universität Leipzig

VKJK 00298

Significatio – GESUALDO cinque madrigali a cinque voci

Hallenser Madrigalisten, Helko Siede

RCA / Deutscher Musikrat 88697 25239 2 2

(= Musik in Deutschland 1950–2000: Chormusik a cappella 1975–2000)

half-way house – SOLO XFACH (für Joseph Beuys)

Simultanversion für E-Gitarre, E-Bass und Zuspielband / Simultaneous version for E-Guitar, E-Bass and tape

Duo Conradi/Gehlen – Sounds of Venice

Bella Musica BM-CD 31.9224 (2006)

half-way house – SOLO XFACH (für Joseph Beuys)

Perthil Remix von verschiedenen »sounds« aus Teilen aus SOLO XFACH / Perthil Remix of several »sounds« of parts from SOLO XFACH

ndh records 12076

Solo 7fach - in Distanz

Mitschnitt der UA / Recorded live at the première: 12.9.1996

Ensemble UnitedBerlin

Edition Kryptonale

Stille Wasser

Simultaneous version for E-Guitar, E-Bass and tape

Duo Conradi/Gehlen – unspoken

Bella Musica BM-CD 31.9271 (2006)

The Death of Orpheus for soli and mixed choir

Recorded live at the première 2010

Dokumentationsmitschnitt Bayer Kultur 2011

Three Marches for C. I.

American Wind Symphony Orchestra, Robert Austin Boudreau

AWSO 0115

PertHil - The Electronic Beat Variations On unseen blue (I) Vocals Performed by Ensemble Amarcord

p-c ndhrecords

LC 12088

Zerbrochene Nähe

Uraufführungsmitschnitt / Recorded live at the première

Elbland-Philharmonie, Yaron Windmüller, Bariton, Peter Fanger (Dir./cond.)

Reihe / series: Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000

Deutscher Musikrat, BMG

RCA RED SEAL 74321 73621 2

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