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For inspiration, ideas and helpful tips, visit our website:

The Twelve Days of Christmas for Edible Artists Sung by Marilyn Morrison

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me A brand new fondant sheeter On the Second day of Christmas my true love sent to me Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me FIVE AGREEABLE CLIENTS, Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Six Drying Racks, FIVE AGREEABLE CLIENTS, Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me Seven Silicone Molds, Six Drying Racks, FIVE AGREEABLE CLIENTS, Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the Eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Eight Edible Printers, Seven Silicone Molds, Six Drying Racks, FIVE AGREEABLE CLIENTS, Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the Ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Nine Piping Bags, Eight Edible Printers, Seven Silicone Molds, Six Drying Racks, FIVE AGREEABLE CLIENTS, Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Ten Convection Ovens, Nine Piping Bags, Eight Edible Printers, Seven Silicone Molds, Six Drying Racks, FIVE AGREEABLE CLIENTS, Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me Eleven Tiny helpers, Ten Convection Ovens, Nine Piping Bags, Eight Edible Printers, Seven Silicone Molds, Six Drying Racks, FIVE AGREEABLE CLIENTS, Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter. On the Twelfth of Christmas my true love sent to me Twelve Retail Stores, Eleven Tiny helpers, Ten Convection Ovens, Nine Piping Bags, Eight Edible Printers, Seven Silicone Molds, Six Drying Racks, FIVE AGREEABLE CLIENTS, Four Days of Rest, Three Cake Toppers, Two Brand New Mixers, and a Brand New Fondant Sheeter.

From the Director edibleartists NETWORK

Volume 1 Issue 1 Premiere Issue 2013 Editorial Joanne Prainito Creative Director Cheryl Naughton Editor Jen De Guzman Rolfe Writer Janine Eshelbrenner Writer Editorial Offices P.O. Box 870614 Stone Mountain, GA 30087 Contributors Jeannie Gearin Grace Natoli Sheldon Ken Fehner Dave Mason Doug Marranci Gracie Prainito Advertising Marynell Christenson 770/982-9749 Subscription Services To subscribe to the magazine please visit Production Dawn Lewandowski Partners Image Coordinators This symbol denotes that the author is an Edible Artists Network Local Beat Reporter. To join or for more information please visit aboutus/local-beat-reporters.

Edible Artists Network Magazine is published 4 times per year by JC Media, P. O. Box 870614, Stone Mountain, GA, 30087.


Happy Holidays everyone. So this is what it feels like to realize your dreams have come true! 2012 has been an incredible year for us and what better way to celebrate our one year anniversary than with our first edition of Edible Artists Network Magazine. This is my favorite time of year, everyone’s sprits seem to lift a little higher and people seem to open their hearts to the joys of the season. As I place the last ornament on our tree, I can’t help but imagine what it would look like in a cookie, a cake,………… come on, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. This “collective creative spark” is the driving force behind our work here at Edible Artists Network. Our goal is to continually create a space for artists to come together in the spirit of artistry and camaraderie sharing inspiration as well as information. It is YOU that brings our network to life and provides the heartbeat for this project that we love! This issue is holiday-themed and provides you with tutorials, articles, and other items that delight and inform. We feel blessed to have such amazing contributors who work so hard to share what they have learned. Contact information for these contributors can be found at the end of each article so please feel free to drop by their sites and Facebook pages and share some love! Hope Santa is good to each and every one of you, and never forget to follow your dreams, if your patient, they really do come true. Please enjoy this issue, as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. Sincerely,


P. S. Since our main focus is community the content of the magazine is reader-driven meaning that it is written for you, by you. Let me know if you have something to share or if there is information or sections you would like for us to add to the magazine or website or if you just have a comment you would like to share. We are here for you so contact me today at and together we will continue to build our community.

Table of Contents F E AT U R E S 5

Using Facebook for Business Learn how to connect with your customers on Facebook.

14 Poinsettia Cupcake Tutorial Learn how to make these beautiful cupcakes for the holidays. 17 Photography Tips from Grace Frustrated with bad pictures? Learn some simple tips to taking better pictures. 20 Icing Smiles Help Bake a Difference! 22 Cake International Birmingham 2012 Read the review and see the winners! D E P A R T M E N T S (in every issue) 2 6 10 12 16 25 26 28 30

Editor’s Note Facebook Contest Winners Cookie Corner Industry Interview Edible Artist on the Rise Cottage Food Laws What’s New and What’s Hot My Cake Story Edible Art of the Day

On the cover The cover image is courtesy of Nina Evans Williams of Mon Cottage Cupcakes located on the Island of Anglesey in North Wales. UK. Click here for her website or here for her Facebook page. 3

Understanding How To Use Facebook For Business By Ken Fehner – Owner of The Social Gloo It seems that more and more businesses are creating Facebook pages, and most are created for all the wrong reasons. Many business owners have heard of other companies who have created a Facebook page and their failing business is now an internet success story. Well, I’m not saying that hasn’t happened; however, that’s not the reason to create a business Facebook page. You should create a business Facebook page not only because you have something to say to customers; but more importantly, because you want to communicate with your customers… that means you have an actual conversation. Recently, I bought a new gas grill. Sadly, the instruction manual was lacking when it came to using the pizza stone that came with the grill. I burned my first pizza. So, I went online to see if I might find better instructions. Well, the

You should create a business Facebook page not only because you have something to say to customers; but more importantly, because you want to communicate with your customers.

website wasn’t much better, so I visited their Facebook page. I asked what I had done wrong. I was very happy when I got my question answered with some very easy-to-follow instructions. This company is doing a couple of things right. First, they are using their Facebook page to supplement their website. Second, and most importantly, they are paying attention to what their customers are saying. How does that make them money? After all, it’s really nice of them to pay someone to answer customers’ questions, but what are they getting out of having a business Facebook page? Well, how about new products to sell? That’s right! Their customers have turned into their research and development team. The same folks that loved their grills were also asking why they didn’t have a custom grill cover. Guess what? About a month after I bought my grill, they announced they would have a custom cover soon. It is available now and was well worth the wait! The design is awesome…zippers in the right place, so you can get to the storage compartments without removing the whole cover.

Now I could stop there, but I want you to think for just a moment. What else is this grill company getting from their Facebook page? Yes, brand loyalty; but what else? How about this? The strongest selling tool any marketer would kill for…word of mouth. That’s right! Their 19k-plus fans are saying great things about all their products… and because almost 80% of shoppers check out social media sites before making a purchasing decision, this company’s customers positive comments are more effective than any paid spokesman or traditional advertising the company may use. Let’s face it, we trust our friends and people do business with companies they know, like and trust.

Ken is the owner of The Social Gloo, a new media marketing company specializing in social media management for business. Visit Ken at 5


“Who Takes the Cake” contest DECEMBER 2012 WINNERS


First Place Zeynep Yaşar • İstanbul Christmas Cake with a Santa Girl :)

Second Place Nina Williams • AMLWCH A little baby asleep while waiting for Santa all on a cupcake! One of my favourite christmas cupcakes

First Place Jocelyn Elizabeth • Echo bay Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Christmas Cupcakes


A very special thank to our guest Judge Richard Day of Richard’s Cakes who has taken time from his busy schedule to help with our contest. And a very special thank you to Amanda Hershberg of Tasty Prints for sponsoring our contest.

Second Place Tracy Goodson • Salem Gingerbread House

We have selected two sets of winners. The Judges choice, and those with the highest votes. To view all the entries click here.

WHAT THEY’RE PLAYING FOR First Prize – a beautiful Poinsettia Ceramic Cake Stand (a $75.00 value). Second Prize – Cupcake Charms: Edible delights to adorn your cupcakes! A set of 12 edible dainty Christmas flower fairies are brought to you by Amanda of Tasty Prints.



“Cookie Kraze” contest DECEMBER 2012 WINNERS


First Place Andrea Rodriguez - Sweet Butterfly and her Cookie Christmas cards and gingerbread kids.

First Place Hiromi Greer and her Gingerbread cookies Gingerbread cookies decorated with royal icing.

Thank you Janine for making this contest a huge success, with more than 74 entries, Janine (our guest judge from www.sugarkissed. net) certainly had her work cut out for her. We have selected two sets of winners. The Judges choice, and those with the highest votes.

Second Place Emma Gonsalves and her Sugar on Snow Stacked sugar cookies frosted with royal icing and fondant flower accents.

Second Place Kim Roberts and her Christmas Poinsettias

To view all the entries click here. Prizes will be awarded to all four winners. A very special thank you to The Cookie Cutter Company for sponsoring our contest.

WHAT THEY’RE PLAYING FOR First Prize $30.00 and for Second Place – a $20.00 gift card. 7

Not just for the holidays, and not just if you’ve been naughty…

THE BEST “HI-HAT” cupcake recipe and information comes from Martha Stewart, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here. But, if you know me, you know I have to do my own little tweaks to something I already love. So, just what makes these cupcakes so naughty? It’s a few special ingredients: • Devil’s Penis Chilies (they can be any dried chilies you have around) • Chocolate-covered popping candy (any popping candy or Pop-rocks) • Salted Burnt Caramel (*the whiskey or any preferred alcohol added to the caramel is optional. I added a few teaspoons into the caramel mix.)

3 Then, this is how you create the heartshaped cone in the middle of the cupcake: use a sharp knife to cut out a cone shape.

1 You’ll end up with a cupcake with a lovely depth of flavour, as well as layers of wonderful textures.

Naughty Cupcakes Chocolate Hi-Hat Surprise Cupcakes By Jen De Guzman Rolfe


4 Pull out the cone, then cut the top off. You will use this to cover the hole back up.

2 So I actually didn’t use Martha’s cupcake recipe; I halved my normal salted dark chocolate espresso & soured cream cake recipe. I chopped up the chilies very fine and added them to the batter. You just want a hint of chilli instead of a hot, spicy cake. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

5 Have your caramel and popping candy ready, and be sure to remember which tops go with which cupcakes, so they fit properly.

Jen De Guzman Rolfe, is an ex-pat Californian foodie now based in the UK and is the owner of Jen’s Just Desserts. Please visit her website at

6 Fill each hole with caramel – about 3/4 way full, then add your popping candy, then another layer of caramel on top.

9 Now this part is fun!

12 You don’t actually have to dip the entire marshmallow top in, as some of the chocolate will drip down. Your dipped hi-hat cupcake should then look like this:

10 7 Replace the cupcake tops.

Be sure you pour your melted chocolate glaze into a taller/deeper glass jug or bowl. If you use a shallow bowl, it won’t be deep enough to dip your whole hi-hat.

13 & Decorate as you wish.

8 Then, make your marshmallow frosting as per Martha Stewart’s Hi-Hat Cupcake recipe.

11 Then, dip, bab, DIP!

Click here for more tutorials or to share your tutorial.

14 You can eat it straight away, whilst the chocolate is still gooey. Yum! Hope you enjoy your naughty cupcakes… and the special holiday season. 9



What You Will Need To Make Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments • Your favorite sugar cookie recipe • Holiday cookie cutters (This tutorial uses a candy cane, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, and mini Christmas tree.) • Green, red, and brown gel food coloring • Green and red hard candy (such as Jolly Ranchers or Life Savers) • Straws • String, twine, or thin ribbon

Stained Glass Cookies By Janine Eshelbrenner

Problem: You’re on the naughty list and you will be extremely embarrassed if your kids see you pull coal out of your stocking again this year.

Solution: Instead of disappointing Santa Claus with the same old decorated sugar cookies this year, impress him with stunning stained glass cookie ornaments.


How To Make Stained Glass Cookies Since you will not be decorating these cookies with icing, you can add color to the design by dying your cookie dough. Start by preparing your sugar cookie dough and separating it into three equal sections. Add a few drops of red coloring to the first section, green to the second, and brown to the third. To avoid making a mess, incorporate the coloring into the dough by making an indent in the dough with your thumb, squirting the food coloring into the indent, and folding the dough over the indent. Knead each section of dough until the coloring is spread evenly throughout. It is best to perform this step while wearing gloves unless you want you your lovely skin tone to be replaced with festive food coloring stains. Next, roll out each section of dough to your desired cookie thickness. Use your cookie cutters to cut the dough into holiday shapes, removing sections from the center of each one where you want to have the stained glass effect. To remove a tree shaped center from your Christmas tree cookies, use a slightly smaller Christmas tree cookie cutter. To remove small circles from your Christmas tree and gingerbread men cookies, use a straw. To remove rectangle sections from your candy cane cookies, use a sharp knife to cut the shapes by hand. Also, use a straw to cut holes in the dough at the top of each cookie so you can string them up as ornaments later. Place the cut dough on a parchment lined cookie sheet and set it in the freezer for about 15 minutes before baking.



How To Make Stained Glass Centers for Cookies While your cut dough is chillin’ like a villain in the freezer, prepare your candy for the stained glass centers. Unwrap all of your green and red hard candy and place them in separate sealed Ziploc bags. Use a kitchen mallet or rollingpin to crush the candy into tiny pieces. You may want to muffle the noise with a kitchen towel. Then again, you may just want to bang along to your favorite Christmas tune. Remove your chilled dough from the freezer and bake until the dough is just set. This will probably be half the total baking time that your recipe calls for. (I bake mine for four minutes.)

Click here for more tutorials or to share your tutorial.

Remove the cookies from the oven and carefully scoop a small amount of candy into cutout centers of each one. The candy will melt and spread so you do not need to completely fill the area. Set the cookies back in the oven to bake for the remaining amount of time. (I bake mine for an additional four minutes.) Remove the cookies from the oven and use the pointy end of your boo boo stick, a toothpick, or sharp knife to pop any large unwanted bubbles in the candy. You will need to move quickly as the candy will start to harden and stick to anything it touches.

Let stained glass cookies completely dry before storing or stacking them. Keep in mind that the candy will be sticky. To turn your cookies into ornaments, simply loop some pretty string, twine, or ribbon through the hole you created at the top of the cookies. And if you are having guests that you really want to impress, string the cookies together to make stained glass cookie garland. Just a few easy steps and you will have the most stunning edible holiday decorations on the block. And Santa will be sure to visit your house first to get his cookie fix!

Janine Eshelbrenner is the creator and author of the blog, where creative sweets are made simple! She has a passion for creating sugary treats that are easy to bake and decorate. 11

Industry Interview Richard’s Cakes, Manchester England

Emma (manager) with her infamous 50 shades of grey cake

local community. In an effort to reach out to the international fans of its work, Richard’s Cakes has also posted video tutorials to share new techniques with other bakers.

Richard with Prince Charles

The team at Richard’s Cakes has harnessed the power of the Internet to create an international following, amassing over 34,000 Facebook “likes” in just the past year. With the addition of local classes and Internet-based video tutorials, Richard and his colleagues have succeeded in establishing a baking community that allows them to share their insight and bake and decorate creative, beautiful cakes. Richard kindly agreed to speak with us about his journey and provide some tips for up and coming bakers.

Want to hear the full interview? Click here.

Our cake decorator Hannah with ‘Fizz’ off Coronation Street

Richard opened his first shop with the help of a grant from the Prince’s Trust. A charity led by Prince Charles, whom Richard has met on multiple occasions, this organization provides support to young entrepreneurs. After receiving a grant that matched his personal investment, Richard opened the doors to his bakery and, ever since, has dedicated his time and talent to creating gorgeous, one-of-a-kind cakes for his customers.

Starting a bakery, like starting any business, is a challenging experience; however, Richard and his team have succeeded through their hard work and undeniable talent. As a piece of advice to up and coming bakers, Richard encourages them to remain patient, maintain realistic expectations, and practice, practice, practice.

Learn more about Richard’s Cakes by visiting the company’s Facebook page and website.

After paying his dues for many years, Richard and his team found international success with the establishment of their Facebook page. Richard, when asked what surprises him most about today’s industry, replied that the power of the World Wide Web has proven to be an unexpected asset to his company. “The Internet opens so many more horizons and avenues,” Richard commented, “so that’s what we want to explore.” With this surge in attention has come the ability of the team at Richard’s Cakes to expand their operations. In addition to continuing to offer diverse, delicious cakes, the company has launched baking classes for residents within its Richard in the 80s with one of his first cakes.

Melissa who runs facebook


Shop 13

Supplies Needed:

Poinsetta Cupcake Tutorial

By Jeannie Gearin

Poinsettias and pastels are a beautiful addition to any holiday table. Here is a cupcake project to try even if you have never made gumpaste flowers before.

• Rolling pin • Pasta roller (optional) • Small Poinsettia cutters, 3 sizes • Petal veiner • Foam square • Foam pad • Pink luster and pearl dust • Super Pearl luster dust • Pixie Dust • Paint brush

• Ball tool • Pink, white and green fondant with tylose powder added • Cupcakes • Pastry bag with large round tip, such as Ateco #807 • Buttercream frosting • Piping gel • Multi colored pearl dragees • White sugar sprinkles

Procedure 1. Roll out pink fondant as thin as parchment. If using a Kitchen Aid pasta roller attachment, set it to #5. I combined two different poinsettia cutters to get the variety of small petals that I wanted. The finished flower will have two outer rows of 5 petals and one inside row of 3. Cut about 13 – 15 petals per cupcake for the amount you wish to make, allowing for breakage and flower variety. Three green leaves are needed for each cupcake. 2. For each petal, place in the center of the veiner, press firmly but gently with the foam square. Then, move to the foam pad and roll the outside edges with the ball tool. (Picture #1) Take care to just ruffle and thin the edges without losing the veining. Set on egg foam or similar surface to add shape to petals as they dry. (Picture #2) Allowing to dry overnight is best, but the petals are very thin and may be dry enough to dust after several hours. 3. Mix the petal and luster dusts together and carefully brush color onto the dry petals. (Pictures #3 and #4) Once the petals and leaves are dry, it’s time to frost the cupcakes. With a large round tip and buttercream frosting, pipe a large mound on the top of the cupcake. Place three leaves into the icing at opposite angles. Use the largest petal and space evenly to make a circle of 5 petals. (Picture #5) Use the medium size petal and alternate (Picture #6) this row of five between the first row, slightly tilting the petals upward. End with the smallest petals in a tighter row of three. Add a small bead of piping gel in the center and attach dragees to the center. Sprinkle with sugar crystals. (Picture #7) Jeannie Gearin is a cake decorating instructor at several locations St. Louis, MO. She has been sharing her passion for baking and decorating for over 20 years. Visit her at or


Jeanie is a Local Beat Reporter








Click here for more tutorials or to share your tutorial. 15

Edible Artist on the Rise By Gracie Prainito Edible Artist on the Rise is a column written by one of our youngest bakers, Gracie Prainito. In each issue Gracie will bring you her unique perspective on the creative art of baking. Below is her unedited story:

I get to bake with my mom and spending time with my Mom is great fun. She has taught me everything I know and I guess that’s why I enjoy it so much. I started baking when I was five and I just turned 9 in September.

Hi my name is Gracie. The reason I am writing this is because I want to tell you why I like to bake. I like to bake because

Fondant is my favorite! You can create many great things with fondant. When my Mom pulls out the gumpaste and

fondant I know it’s going to be a great day. I remember not too long ago my Mom was working on an Angry Birds cake – she had to make all the characters right down to the pig. She allowed my brother Frank and I to join in the fun which started a little friendly competition. We both decided to make an angry bird, and have our Aunt Cheri Judge



the best of the three. Well of course my Mom won but I came in second, and my poor brother took dead last. It was a ton of fun and you can really create anything you can imagine with some fondant and a little imagination. I have found I can create anything out of fondant. give me a textured mat and it’s Christmas all over again. I especially love to make cupcakes and decorate them with buttercream, and edible glitter. So have you guessed who my Mom is yet? That’s right! It is Joanne Prainito



one of the founders of Edible Artists Network. My favorite dessert to eat is my Mom’s French Silk Pie. My favorite holiday dessert is Christmas cupcakes with a

handmade Santa on top, my friends just gobbled them up. When I bake I feel great because I feel like I can do anything. Did you know that my mom met BUDDY on Cake Boss? And that’s the reason why I like to bake.

Gracie is our youngest Local Beat Reporter and is a third grader in Addison, IL. If you have any questions for her please email us at and we will be sure to forward your questions to her.

Food Photography Tips

So you just made this awesome cake and you want to share it with the world but you need a photo of it…As much as I would love for you to call in a professional food photographer (me to be exact), that is not always possible. So here are a few quick tips to get you started. To me, it’s all about the light, and natural light is the best way to go We are going to give you some tips to take a nice picture of your beautiful home-baked item. And let me say that photographing cakes is not easy to do. It depends on the color and texture of the frosting against the color of the cake and the amount of detail you want to get. An all white cake can be difficult as well as a dark cake with white frosting can

be a crazy challenge. It’s all about the light…SO…let’s get started. #1. Grab your camera, cell phone, whatever you want to use. #2. Turn off the Flash (we are going for natural light here). Set your camera on auto exposure. #3. Take your plated cake and put it in front of a window…no windows in the kitchen…go to the laundry room or den or whatever. Ideally the window light is coming from behind and/or from the side…this gives you nice directional but soft light, which gives you contrast and makes the food look pretty. Pick a window with soft light coming in not harsh sunlight streaming in. Maybe you have glass doors with light coming thru, you may have to get on the floor.

Grace Natoli Sheldon has been a working commercial food photographer for the last 35 years. Her work can be seen in magazines, cookbooks, menu boards, restaurants, movie theaters, billboards, art galleries, airports…to name a few. She is fortunate enough to love what she does everyday.

#4. Now, get as close as you can. If you have a close-up or macro setting on your camera, use it. (That is what I used). We don’t want to see any pets, shoes, newspapers, etc. Use a plain background: a placemat or a kitchen towel. I used my black kitchen table. Use your elbows to brace yourself if you can. …if you own a tripod…you may want to use it. Available daylight is not as bright as it looks. You may have to adjust the exposure if your camera has that feature. OK, take a picture How does it look ….Have the window directly from behind or to the side.. You will have to experiment and see what you get. Walk around your subject. Look at it from all different angles. Shoot from directly overhead. Then crouch down and shoot from a low angle and then also shoot from a three quarter angle. Just keep experimenting and you will develop a system. Happy Shooting. 17

Commercial Kitchens By Doug Marranci The last few years have brought about a revival in small business ownership. In particular, baking and cooking enthusiasts have hatched businesses from their own kitchens. Unfortunately, they may find their aspirations dashed by the Cottage Food Law, which prohibits entrepreneurs in some states from selling homemade goods. In an effort to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners while enforcing the letter of the law, commercial kitchens have become a popular alternative to cooking from home. If you are looking to build a business on your culinary talent, a commercial kitchen may be the best place to start. These kitchens are rented to individual cooks, bakers, and culinary organizations by the hour, with rates reflecting the amount of time in the kitchen to which you are entitled each month. With commercial kitchens becoming more and more popular, they have begun adding to their services. For example, The Edge Kitchen, a new commercial kitchen in Kennesaw, Georgia, works as more than just a space for food preparation; this kitchen serves as an incubator for small businesses, offering guidance, re-

** all images were taken at The Edge Kitchen.


sources, and valuable kitchen access to small business owners looking to grow their enterprises. A non-profit partner of Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business and The Edge Connection, The Edge Kitchen is unique in that it helps its renters develop their businesses. Through the expert guidance of professionals at The Edge Connection, you will receive the practical education you need to ensure that the business side of your endeavor develops as nicely as your catalogue of recipes. Commercial kitchens are the perfect incubators for small businesses because they allow you to concentrate on growing your organization without having to worry about paying rent for a kitchen all your own. Many small businesses find themselves needing a commercial space but unable to meet the financial demands associated with a private kitchen. Additionally, instead of concentrating your financial resources on supplies, commercial kitchens provide all the equipment you need, including pots, pans, mixers, freezers, storage containers, and more, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Doug is the founder of Independent Kitchen Solutions which helps match small business owners with commercial kitchen space. For more information about The Edge Kitchen or renting commercial kitchen space please contact Doug at 404-987-6958, or His Facebook page is

Getting online is easier than you think. Grow your business by attracting new customers today! As a small business, your website is a vital piece of your marketing and branding efforts. We Specialize in… ● Easy-to-Use Website Design for small businesses ● eCommerce Development ● Brand Recognition

● Search Engine Marketing ● Affordable pricing ● and above all ... customer satisfaction!

Trailblazer’s Edge - Web Experts that Boost Your Profits! • 404/838-8375

The Cookie Cutter Company offers low cost, high quality cookie cutters in a hundreds upon hundreds of styles. Our pricing, combined with our wide selection of designs and fast shipping, makes The Cookie Cutter Company a leading provider of unique bakeware items. Created with the idea that baking should be fun and easy, The Cookie Cutter Company seeks to offer buyers a one-stop site for their design needs. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you with everything from decorating ideas and tips to product care and recipe suggestions.

Visit us today! 19

Help us Bake a Difference! By Icing Smiles

Childhood illness changes the life of a family forever; for children and parents alike, it can be hard to ďŹ nd hope and joy in the midst of fear and uncertainty. At Icing Smiles, our mission is to create special memories during a difďŹ cult time by providing unique, custom celebration cakes to ill children and their siblings. The impact each special cake makes is profound. Each culinary work of art provides the family with a smile, a laugh, continued hope , and for a few moments, an escape back into a world of normal childhood experiences. Icing Smiles started less than three short years ago with one hobby baker


and a dream to touch the lives of children around the globe. Now with over 3,000 Sugar Angels (our volunteer bakers), we serve all 50 states, and we are currently launching operations in Holland with Canada and Australia in the incorporation phase. We could not serve without our volunteers - from our bakers to our admin team! If you would like to get involved as a baker or admin volunteer, please visit our website at www. for more information. The Icing Smiles story is richly told on our facebook page at www.facebook. com/icingsmiles. We invite you to take a look at our smiles!

Cake International Birmingham By Dave Mason The Cake International – Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating & Baking Show at the NEC, Birmingham 9-11 November 2012 was a huge success. Launched in 1994, Cake International is renowned for being the event to go to in the cake decorating and baking industry. The show is so popular that the advance ticket sales for Saturday sold out for the second year running. Our local beat reporter Dave covered the event from the showroom floor. Here’s his review:


I drove for more than four hours to attend the show and was glad that I did! This is the first time I have attended Cake International and I was really impressed by the exhibits, product sales – basically the entire show! The exhibits were held to a high standard and the floor was organized very well. I really enjoyed looking at all of the products for sale. I was like a child in a sweet shop and I couldn’t get enough! Next year I will remember to bring more money with me! Cake International was a great place to meet a lot of my cakey friends from Facebook and I also enjoyed meeting some of the “celebrities” of the cake world. There was so much to see and do that one day was just not enough time to see everything. Next year I will exhibit and spend the whole 3 days in London. Here are some snap shots I took at the show: 22

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes – Silver Winner

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes – Bronze Winner

Agnes Art Cakes – Gold Winner

Vale Cooking and Fun – Gold Winner

My Little Shop Of Cakes – Gold Winner

Cake Rise – Gold Winner

For a list of all winners or more information about the show please visit Cake International at birmingham/2012/competition-classes Cakes by Heather Jane – Bronze Winner

Heidi Clapham – Gold Winner Made of 100 % chocolate not modeling chocolate but carved chocolate. 23

Emily Made a Wish – Silver Winner

Video overview by Paul Bradford paulbradfordcakes A former builder, Dave swapped his cement mixer for a food mixer in 2011and the rest is history! Since that time Dave has found great success in designing and creating customized cakes for his clients. You can contact Dave and view his creations at http://www. 24

Anna of Emily Made a Wish – Silver Winner

Cottage Food Laws Are you considering a home baking business? by Quincella C. Geiger ing…No sales to restaurants, coffee shops, stores or any other establishment that will resell the products. e) In most states there is a limit/cap on the dollar amount you can make per year. In the past couple of years, there have been lots of talks, discussions, articles, blogs websites and books dealing with Cottage Food Laws and how to start a Cottage Food Business. With that said, I’m assuming that most everyone is familiar with Cottage Food Laws, what they represent and how they work. But, just in case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a brief description: Cottage Food Laws (sometimes referred to as Home-Food Processing Rules, Cottage Food Rules or Baker’s Bills) govern baking/food preparation businesses that are operated from the home kitchen. Cottage Food Laws allow a person to legally bake and prepare non-potentially hazardous foods from their personal kitchens and sell them on a small scale, generally directly to consumers and farmer’s markets. In a few states sales are allowed to businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. Cottage food kitchens have not been approved in all states. Currently there are 26 states with Cottage Food Laws, 9 states with very restricted HomeFood Processing Rules, 3 states with Pending Legislation, 7 states with Petitions for laws and 5 states that have no Cottage Food Laws or initiatives. In the states where laws have been approved, the rules and regulations vary.

They can be restrictive and limiting. So, before you start to gather baking ingredients, utensils, supplies and put the word out that you’re starting a home-baking business, here are a few very important things worth noting, considering and checking in to: a) Most cottage food states have an approval process which includes business license and/or permits. If you’re not approved, you’re not legally in business. b) Not all types of foods are allowed to be processed in your cottage food business. It’s important to check the list for your state. The item(s) that you plan to make and sell might not meet approval. c) Typically, you are not allowed to sell products online (via the internet) or sell outside of your state. d) In most states, sales are limited to consumers/individuals. Mean-

f) Last but not least…It is very important that you create a plan that outlines your vision/goals for the business and how you plan to operate the business. Your plan does not have to be lengthy or formal. Only if you’re planning to approach a lender for start-up funds does it need to be formal. To make sure you’re on the right track: don’t work from assumptions, find out where your state is in the mix, do the necessary research and planning. Remember: Cottage Foods Laws and Regulations vary from state-to-state. Interested in finding out the CottageLaw-Status of your state? Click here Cottage Food States Interested in finding out more about a plan for your business? • An Informal Basic Plan Outline • A Formal Business Plan Outline Much success with your Cottage Food Venture!

With more than 20 years of experience, Quincella is an expert in home baking ventures. Her book “Bringing Home the Baking” deals specifically with Commercial Kitchen start-ups and operation. For information on Cottage Food Laws and Cottage Food Kitchen operations please visit her at 25

What’s New & What’s

HOT! By Staff Writers

Satin Ice Fondant The New Retail Pack! Satin Fine Foods, Inc. • Satin Fine Foods is a global manufacturer of Satin Ice Fondant cake icing. The choice of professionals worldwide! Fondant is now more popular than ever and has become not just a trend but a staple in cake decorating. With all this new energy comes demand from new customers! Our new consumer-friendly retail pack offers the hobbyist, home-baker or novice much greater accessibility to the same premium fondant the professional’s many more convenient locations! Available in 24oz packs with 10 different colors and flavors, the exciting new product is widely available at cake supply stores and online retailers.

Artisan Extract Gift Set Sonoma Syrup Co.

Sofi Award Winning Extract Gift Set . Includes (3) 4oz bottles of Vanilla Blend Extract , Almond Extract and Lemon Extract . Adorned in a beauiful kraft gift box, tie and lemon bar recipe post card.

Vanillablossom Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract Vanilla Blossom Flavors

Pure Vanilla Extract made from Madagascar Vanilla Beans. We also supply Vanilla Past e, Vanilla Beans, 18 cm and up, extract ion grade to Prime Grade. Packed in 1 kilo vacuum bags or glass tubes. 26

Photo Frost Holiday Colored Icing Sheet Sampler Pack PhotoFrost Holiday Colored PhotoFrost Icing Sheet Sampler includes each of the following colors red, green, blue, white, silver, and gold.

Winter Cookie Cutters The Cookie Cutter Company The Cookie Cutter Company offers a wide assortment of various styles and sizes of winter themed cookie cutters. (Snowflake, Wool Cap and Mitten shown)

CakePlay Isomalt Nibs CakePlay s&fref=t s These fun holiday lollipops were made from CakePlay isomalt and edible images. They were created by melting clear CakePlay isomalt nibs, then pouring into cookie-cut ter shapes that included edible images. After cooling and hardening, they were decorated with holiday sprinkles. 27

My Cake Story By Staff Writers Several months ago we posted this question on Facebook “What inspired you to break into the Cake (Cupcake and Cake Pop) Decorating/Baking business? in an effort to get to know all of you a little better. We were so fascinated and inspired by your stories that we started a permanent blog on the site called “My Cake Story” to allow all of us to share our stories.

KiKo Pops I was asked to be the captain of my Jazzercise Relay for Life team last year. I accepted nervously. I needed a way to raise money for our team. I saw Cake Pops for the first time on the cover of a magazine in a Dr.s office. I was hooked. I knew right then that I had to make them. Our team raised $5000 to help put an end to cancer! Everyone loved the pops and kept asking me to make them for different occasions. So I continued. And KiKo Pops was born. I love combining my love for cooking and my art. I used to make wedding cakes. I loved making them, but they were very labor intensive and took so much time. Cake Pops are tiny works of art that puts smiles on people’s faces. That’s why I love them. It’s almost time for Relay For Life again. I better get to baking.

Here are some of those stories:

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Click here and tell us how you got started.

Boobala Cakes


I’ve always been a baker and have been encouraged over the years to go into the ‘biz’ by many friends and family. last year my hubby came home from work talking about some cake that his co-worker had bought and shared (and paid 55.00 for). He was talking about this cake like it was another woman.. I mean really.. that’s my thing.. baking cakes.. anyway, I took it as a personal challenge and did some research, found a cake recipe that sounded close, made it and sent it to work with him. Long story short, she told him she would pay ME $55.00 for my cake cause it was way better than the commercial one. And so, it began.. and we celebrated our one year anniversary in December and are enjoying our success very much!

Tasty Prints

I got into caking because of my 3 children!! I couldn’t find a good cake artist in the area. I did go to school for art, so I hard could it be??? So, I started making cakes for their birthdays. The beginning wasn’t pretty at many cake disasters!!! It has now become a passion of mine and now I am hooked!!! And that is how “SugarMommas” was born!!!!

On October 10th, 2010 my fellow USCG spouse was diagnosed with stage 4 myoepithelial carcinoma. We are a close knit community of women residing on a remote Alaskan island and we were all shocked to learn of Adrienne’s illness. The USCG Spouse’s association quickly pulled together to organize a fundraiser for this sick mother of two young children. A silent dessert auction and luncheon were planned and I committed to baking an incredible cake in hopes that it would raise lots of money for Adrienne and her family I had never decorated a cake before! I searched the internet, watched videos and researched recipes. I decided to make a fondant gift box cake with an elaborate bow on top. I must have been crazy! As I mentioned before, I live in Alaska and there are almost no cake decorating supplies here! All of the tools for my first fondant cake came from the hardware store and I learned to make everything (fondant, gum paste, cake, frosting, etc) from scratch. To my surprise the cake turned out gorgeous! The bow was elegant and my homemade fondant looked great! I am pleased to tell you that my cake raised over $200 for Adrienne! Sadly Adrienne lost her battle with cancer in August 2011. Since then I have started a small baking business and I donate my cakes to charities and local fundraisers every chance I get. I still make everything from scratch. I love experimenting and developing new products for cake decorating. I feel blessed that in my quest to help another I discovered my passion and talent for sugar art.

KC Cakes

Jen’s Just Desserts

Sugar Momma’s Custom Cakes and Cookies

As for me, I’ve always enjoyed food so baking came pretty naturally to me. I got a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science/ Nutrition and soon after turned my kitchen into an experimenting lab with one aim to create the best tasting recipes from scratch. After my daughter was born in 2009, I was motivated to learn how to decorate so I could make her an awesome birthday cakes. The summer of 2010, I took a couple of Wilton classes at a local Michael’s Store and started decorating cakes for family and friends shortly after. It’s been a great experience. I now teach Wilton courses at a local craft store and loving it!

Lovely idea... I started seeking the comfort of the kitchen when my mom passed away a few years ago & discovered my passion for all things baking/decorating-related (& friends/family really raved about my efforts). so, after turning 40 last year, i decided to go legit & register my business, undergo environmental health tests/inspection, etc. i still have a full-time job, so baking is a great escape for me creatively :-) 29

Edible Art of the Day A Year in Review

Edible Art of the Day is a dedicated to showcasing the best edible art from around the globe! We’re continuously inspired by the impressive talent of our members, here are a few of our favorites.

Sara Trull – Court House Cake Company

Liz Compton – Lady Bird Cake Company

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Aileen Lara – Cakes by Alyanna

Cakes By Lorinda


The Stripy Bear Cake - Jane Moreton

Eat Me Cupcakes - Elizabeth Simpson

Gifted Heart Cakes - Emma Waddington

Beaux Delices Elizabeth Watt


Michelle’s Cake Designs - Michelle Eriquezzo

Little Miss OC’s Anna Sarmiento


Cakes by Nina - Nina Rogers

Bespoke Cakes of Oxford - Nikki Hayes

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Naughty Cupcakes

Jen De Guzman Rolfe, is an ex-pat Californian foodie now based in the UK and is the owner of Jen’s Just Desserts. Please visit her website at

this issue?

Printable versions are available in an easy-to-follow format. Take a moment to download and/or print these items and create your own tutorial library courtesy of Edible Artists Network Magazine.

Stained Glass Cookies

Poinsetta Cupcakes

Janine Eshelbrenner is the creator and author of the blog sugarkissed. net, where creative sweets are made simple! She has a passion for creating sugary treats that are easy to bake and decorate.

Jeannie Gearin is a cake decorating instructor at several locations St. Louis, MO. She has been sharing her passion for baking and decorating for over 20 years. Visit her at www. or

More tutorials available at Have a tutorial you would like to share – create an account on our website an upload yours today. 33

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