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Featured Topic: Rebirth

By Amber Maier, Elizabeth Sullivan, MFA, MA, BA, and Adam Dince

Year of Manifesting Your Moxie 2023

By Jessica Hoch

Echinacea: The Cure-All Herb By Jodi Jacobson

From the Editor By Steve Wagner

Karmic Cycle Completed By Maureen Higgins Change & Fear By Angela Zabel

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Rebirth: Embracing the Unknown

Through the Akashic Records I have learned that our highest soul purpose is that of soul growth. Our souls grow through our own healing process, or the endless cycle of death and rebirth that creates the transformations that we want to make within ourselves and our lives. What I have also seen is we often carry the same lesson over many lifetimes and struggle to have the soul growth necessary to be truly reborn.

Why is it so hard for us to change and grow?

Think about the symbols of rebirth. The phoenix burns to a pile of ashes before it can be reborn. A caterpillar liquifies before it can be reborn as a butterfly. We need to allow aspects of ourselves to die before we can be reborn, but death is just the beginning.

Often, we aren’t prepared that it doesn’t get easier after experiencing the “death” of old patterns that no longer serve us. The fact is, the unknown can be more challenging than death. Only focusing on letting go does not prepare us for the new.

Rebirth requires us to let go of comfort and embrace the great unknown and not run back to the safety and comfort of our old ways.

There is no comfort in growth, there is no growth in comfort.

We can find ourselves in an uncomfortable in-between. We aren’t who we used to be, but we aren’t quite what we are becoming. We need to have the courage to take steps forward as the newest version of ourselves, even though the path is not clear.

Rebirth is hard! That’s why we are called spiritual warriors. We need to continue to fight our internal battles, even when we feel like giving up.

Remember that our deepest resistance comes right before a major breakthrough. Hold on, you’ve got this! a

Amber Maier is a certified intuitive life coach, healer, and teacher and has passion for helping lightworkers discover their soul purpose, awaken their unique gifts, and move past their blocks so they can fully embrace their power and achieve their wildest dreams. She loves to share the magic of the Akashic Records and Angels through her dual certification program. To work with Amber, visit

Rebirth 3 States – What are you Planting this Spring?

What if we consider the three states we tend to organize time into – Past, Present, Future.

We can learn about our past by looking at our body – it is the state of our past. What scars, what condition, what kind of vitality do we have? What past seeds have come to fruition by our body’s current state?

We can notice our present by our state of mind – how are we orientated mentally, emotionally, socially? Are we feeling clear, calm, connected to self and others? Are we agitated, or distracted, or disturbed, or stupefied? Are we inspired by our present moment? What present seeds are being planted that will shape our body and color our present reality?

We can notice our future as consciousness – consciousness is without form, qualities, it is pure creative potential. Anything

is possible to manifest. When consciousness alchemizes with matter and qualities, then realities present and take form and our future unfolds.

When our mind is clear and seated in a body free of toxins with good flow of energy and we engage with consciousness in this calm state the future sure looks peaceful and those seeds of consciousness manifest. a

Elizabeth Sullivan, founder of Soma Soul Sovereignty, trains practitioners and clients in the art of Self-Healing on their pathways to SelfRealization. She is an advocate for people to transcend their traumas and step fully into their talent to support higher consciousness manifesting on the planet at this evolutionary shift. Elizabeth is a certified Yoga Therapist that specializes in Somatics, Ayurveda, and energy medicine as well as a writer in these areas of expertise. Find her class schedule and more at

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How to Experience a Sacred Rebirth in This Lifetime

If you were given the opportunity to experience death and rebirth in this lifetime, would you take it? Many of us associate rebirth with reincarnation, which is real. However, we can experience a beautiful rebirth in a conscious life-changing way, any time we’d like, and I’d like to share how. Bufo Alvarius is poisonous toad, native to the Sonoran Desert in Mexico, whose venom contains a sacred medicine. Bufo is the most powerful medicine/entheogen known to humankind; nearly 5-7 times more powerful than DMT (the active ingredient in Ayahuasca). When the medicine is ingested at the right dose, and as part of an ancestral medicine ceremony, it can put the part of our brain to sleep that’s responsible for the Ego and allow us to transcend the physical. In other words, complete Ego dissolution. When the Ego dissolves, there is no “I” or “Me” left to experience anything. Its ineffable.

Now, once the Ego dissolves, we reconnect with our Essence, which is a fractal of Source/All That Is. And this state of Egoless consciousness allows us to experience our truest nature. It can allow us to remember who we’ve always been – the very fabric of the Universe itself.

Now, as the medicine wears off, the Ego returns. And in this moment of return, we often experience what feels like a rebirth; like opening our eyes for the very first time. And this rebirth can allow us to move forward with a renewed perspective on life. And this born-again state can foster soullevel healing and an approach to life with a sacred “knowing” of our purpose and meaning. As Ram Dass once said, “Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough.”

Eagle Spirit Collective, is an amphibian medicine church that has served over 150 doses of Bufo Alvarius across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas. And if you feel the medicine calling, it would be an honor for us to be a part of your rebirth experience. a

Adam Dince is the founder and medicine minister of Eagle Spirit Collective. Additionally, Adam is a hypnotherapist that specializes in healing trauma, limiting beliefs, and other life challenges through hypnotic regression. Adam authored the book, “Back to the Beyond, Exploring Near-Death Experiences Through Hypnosis” which can be found at all online book e-tailers. Finally, Adam is a Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Sacred Stairways Healing located in Stillwater, Minnesota. Learn more about Eagle Spirit Collective at More about “Back to the Beyond, Exploring NearDeath Experiences Through Hypnosis” at

Your Soul Is Calling!

Discover your soul purpose & awaken your intuitive gifts so you can fully embrace your powerful light!

Akashic Record Readings Angel Healing and Messages

Certified Intuitive Life Coaching

Get a free guide to your soul purpose and gifts as a Lightworker at:

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By definition Moxie is a character trait, a way of being. Moxie is the cleverness and charisma, the persistence and perseverance that we show up with in our lives. When we say yes to our Moxie we are saying yes to all the best our character has to offer.

For many of us the last few years have been a rollercoaster of emotions and self-discovery with all of the ups and downs, excitement and a little bit of terror. Because of the time of introspection there is a collective shift happening now. We removed the cobwebs from the corners of our imaginations (and hearts). We started to remember and embrace the authentic nature of our being. A collective return to the light within and when we make these major shifts in our lives change is always involved. Whether it’s a change of heart, change of mind, or change of habit, in order for personal evolution to occur something has to change.

Jim Rohn says there are 3 motivators of change “When you hurt enough that you have to, learn enough that you want to, and receive enough that you are able to.” Which one are you feeling? Which one was the catalyst to start your journey?

Honestly, for me, it’s been all three over time. The love and support received by friends, family, and community during times of heartbreak and the lessons I learned through all of it have

been the main drivers in my life to remind me that we are all so capable of profound change in our lives. Through everything that has been going on I start to see themes and messages come through.

This is where our bracelet club really shines. You get an exclusive to the club bracelet each month with an intention practice and loose crystal or stone. When I’m creating your Moxie Monthly Bracelet Club bracelet each month I really tap into the conversations I’ve been having with people, clients and even friends and family. If you listen you can start to tap into the collective energy. Much of what has been showing up lately is that we are finding ourselves in this space between.

The “in-between” is the space between moving on from what no longer serves you and not knowing what the next step is. You’ve taken the step to move forward, the action to serve your highest version of yourself and your life, but you’re not quite sure what the next step is going to be. This is a beautiful time to relish in the aliveness of the present moment. The perfectness of right now. When we can learn to let go of our attachments to what was and what might be we can fill our hearts with gratitude and awe for what is. Gratitude for the whole human experience, even when it’s hard. Embrace the moment of pause. This is the space where magic happens. The mind becomes clear and the next steps are illuminated.

Other themes that are coming up are surrounding perseverance, willpower, and finding your authentic voice. This is where you are now in a place to move forward from the 'in-between'. The whisper that there’s something more has stirred within you. When I’m teaching yoga I always love to use the phrase “don’t compare your first chapter to someone else’s chapter 20” –Anonymous. This is true on our mat and off of it. We are all on our own beautiful journeys writing our own amazing stories. Where you are right now matters. All of these energies and journeys are what guide the way and inspire me to create everyday.

Moxie Malas was created as a wearable affirmation of the energy within. From the very beginning it’s been so much more than jewelry - it’s a vehicle for a broader message. A reminder that everything you are looking for already exists within you. Sometimes we need a little (or big) reminder of that. At Moxie Malas we take people beyond the bracelet with workshops, retreats, trainings, and our Moxie Monthly Bracelet Club. Our values are to support personal discovery, healing, transformation, and empowerment. This January we have one such retreat. It is our 5th Annual Expansion retreat where we collaborate with Dr. Patty Hlava of AwakenPeace to bring you a day where you will reinvent the resolution process by uncovering clarity in your vision for your Self and embodying your intentions for the year ahead. This experiential retreat is not about planning or trying to control the future. You will not set goals or write a list of resolutions.

This workshop is about one thing:

Expansion is the balancing action of contraction. It’s part of a natural rhythm that invites flow and ease into our life.

• What do you want to see expand in your life?

• What do you want to grow?


Awaken clarity and embody your vision for 2023 by defining your intention for the New Year. Choose your direction by being clear about what quality you want to embody so that you can manifest your Moxie in 2023. a

Jessica Hoch Owner and creator Jessica Hoch has been a yoga teacher for 13 years now and with a degree in Apparel Design Moxie Malas was the perfect love child of the two worlds. What originally started out as gifts for family and friends has blossomed into a collection of meaningful jewelry for the person who wants what they wear to be intentional and a reflection of their journey.

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E chinacea

Do you Have echinacea planted in your garden for its beauty? Then you should bring some inside for your witchcraft practice! Echinacea has many different names, such as purple coneflower, snakeroot, and hedgehog. These beautiful plants are found in eastern and central North America.

This amazing herb is great for getting through a tough time, from drawing prosperity into your home, to enhancing your spell power! This herb is a must-have for every magickal practitioner.

Have you been struggling with finances lately? Don’t worry, I have a great solution for you. Grab a vase and place some pennies in the bottom, add echinacea flowers to it and place it on your alter. If the flower is not in season, then use dried or tea form echinacea instead. Ask your spirit guides to assist you in your financial affairs and watch as money problems seem to melt away.

Echinacea is also a great way to assist with fertility spells. It’s meant to clear spiritual blockages that may be inhibiting your success. By hanging a mojo bag of dried echinacea over the head of your bed or even taking a ritual bath in the echinacea flowers can boost your fertility. Any type of hardship you may be experiencing; job loss, relationship ending, death of a loved one, echinacea summons your inner strength.

Another amazing gift that echinacea provides is the ability to open your psychic awareness. You can drink tea before you meditate or do tarot. See the results for yourself. Your intuition will be more accurate because echinacea opens your third eye.

This herb has amazing medicinal properties and has been used as the cure-all plant throughout history. It's been used to treat scarlet fever, malaria, syphilis, and even blood poisoning.

This plant can boost your immune system and can help prevent viruses and infections. Taking echinacea while sick can help reduce your length of illness. I currently take echinacea daily to help lower my chances of catching a cold!

Why does echinacea help prevent sickness you ask? Between the composition of the antioxidants and alkaloids. They work together to fight off free radicals, also it helps your body’s inflammatory response system. For those suffering with osteoarthritis echinacea is a great supplement to take, trust me I know! By decreasing your inflammation, it decreases pressure in joints, which decreases your pain.

Echinacea is also antibacterial. So, if you struggle with acne this will help to decrease your outbreaks.

Studies have shown it may lower your blood glucose by making your cells more sensitive to insulin. That is great news for pre-diabetics and diabetics. This does NOT replace insulin so make sure to discuss taking echinacea with your medical doctor before you change any of your medical regiments.

Echinacea is an essential piece for your apothecary. You can take it in supplement form, tincture, or just drink it in a tea. You can find Echinacea at Midwest Witchery and Healing. Don’t be caught out in the cold this winter with illness. Grab your Echinacea today. a

JODI JACOBSON, owner of Midwest Witchery and Healing, uses organic and ethically sourced components, as well as hand creates her products during proper moon phases to ensure the most potent beneficial energies whatever your needs. Practicing witchcraft over 40 years, Jodi can help you with your spiritual needs. Find out more by visiting

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About the cover artist: Philip Noyed's Aurora Space View

Philip Noyed is an innovative multimedia artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He creates virtual reality (VR) art, abstract photographs, geometric illumination light sculptures, kinetic mobiles, videos, 3D paintings and mixedmedia public art installations.

His artwork represents the quintessential contemporary art movement using cutting-edge creative technology that is changing the way art is experienced today. The images shown in The Edge are from Neo Art Space VR experience where people are immersed in the art and experience it with all their senses to find a sense of wonder, awe and healing.

Neo Art Space is the first galaxy of immersive VR art and features the most out-of-this-world immersive light art anyone has ever experienced. Neo Art Space contains over 30 beautiful light experiences - bioluminescent caves, radiantly colorful forests, electric energy fields, aurora borealis skies and geometric light spaces – as well as many unique interactive experiences.

Philip has shown his art nationally and internationally. He was named Artist of the Year, 2022 by ArtTour International Magazine and has won many awards for both his art and Creative Direction. His artwork has been featured in national and international magazines and he has been featured on TV, Radio and Podcasts. He is a speaker on art and technology, the healing power of art and branding.

From the editor )
| Also available as an ebook
“Heavenly help is an unconditional gift offered by a benevolent universe. Corin Grillo’s lighthearted approach will jump-start your wealth endeavors as you tap into the celestial resources abundantly provided.”
— JEAN SLATTER , author of Hiring the Heavens and founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach certification program
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Karmic Cycle

We have entered the beginning phase of moving out of the karmic cycle. For millions of years, we’ve incarnated in low vibration realms for learning purposes, but we are now moving into an era where we don’t need to continue doing this. We have been rigorously doing our inner work, since that’s what it takes to collectively shift out of the lower realms, and remembering that we’re all energetically connected.

By doing inner work, we’ve created a tipping point where we can move out of the karmic cycle and incarnate solely in higher vibrational lifetimes.

I’ve been noticing the karmic cycle being worked through with many clients lately. When I work with clients, I see that many people are doing the same inner work at the same time. Everything I see with my clients is shown symbolically so that I can understand the meaning of what it represents.

Lately, I’ve noticed that people are letting go of something that I’ve been calling an “old star map.” This old star map keeps us in a logical mindset around the Divine but logic doesn’t make us feel a part of the Divine. It keeps us in divisive thinking that keeps a polarized reality in place. This is what stops the karmic cycle from ending.

A “new star map” came in so we can embody the knowing that we are a part of the Divine which makes up everybody and everything. This allows us to know, on a deep level that we are co-creating our reality and can have a life filled with greater purpose and happiness. As with everything, this is a process. The more of us that do this work together the faster things transform so we can all fully move into a higher vibration.

After working with the new star map, I had an experience while in the harmonic egg at the Om Center of Healing in St. Paul, that created another dramatic shift for me. The harmonic egg uses a combination of frequencies, sound, and colors to create a healing environment and energetically heal a person mentally, emotionally and physically.

Before my harmonic egg session, I had been grieving the loss of my deceased friends, Andreas Moritz, Mel, and other friends and relatives who had died. I found it strange, since I had already grieved the death of them, but it was as though they had just died. My intention for the egg session was to get to the root of the grief and transform it.

Once in the egg, I was transported through a portal to a cliff with a canyon below. Many deceased people were on the cliff, including Andreas and my other friends and family.

Andreas approached me and said, “Glad you received our message to inquire about us. We are currently preparing to incarnate on earth again.” I was surprised he and others needed to incarnate on earth. Andreas was such a spiritual person when he was alive – he wrote 16 books on health and spirituality that are read all over the world and still available on his website

He went on to say, “It’s not as though we really need to come back but we’ve really had no choice given that everyone is still in a karmic loop since the critical mass shift in transcending the karmic cycle hadn’t occurred. However, this is now changing.” As he said that, a portal opened up above us and everyone on the cliff popped up and through it!

As this occurred, all of my grief left me and I felt such joy for them!! I knew the reason I felt such strong grief was to make me aware of this. Perhaps they needed a certain number of people on earth to ground this transition to move beyond this lower vibrational karmic wheel!

I contacted Andreas’s wife to tell her about this. She said that she felt something shift in this regard a few months back and perhaps we were on “sister tracks” regarding this shift! I’m sure that is true!

During the rest of my egg session, I talked to people in my life who I wasn’t completely resolved with so I could move completely out of the karmic cycle. I felt reborn after this amazing experience! So much so that I turned it into an energetic healing audio so others could have their own experience with this!

The Hopi Elders are saying, “We are at the hour of transformation now.” We all have the ability to evolve and transform our lives and it is much easier to do so when you have the knowledge, tools, and practices to raise your consciousness and vibration. This is why we’ve built the School for Higher Consciousness – to empower and support people through the dawning of a new era and raise the level of consciousness on the planet.

We invite you to join us for a free Winter Solstice meditation on December 21, 2022 at 7:00 pm CST to experience the energies and gifts our Guides are bringing in to assist during this critical time.

Let’s all join hands and do this work together!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! a

MAUREEN HIGGINS, MA. Maureen owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen also founded School for Higher Consciousness. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through the school’s workshops. You may also experience them through her audios available at

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ANGELA ZABEL, Teacher, Coach and Medium, has connected to those on the other side her entire life. She provides healing energy and messages from those that passed. Information to help you on your journey are shared with compassion. Angela offers personal and spiritual growth coaching, classes and retreats at

We are racing towards a new world full of change. Energy is moving so quickly that the movement alone can physically make us feel dizzy, off balance, nauseous, emotionally whipped out, angry, or easily irritable—a sense of feeling off balance emotionally. 2023 will feel like a rollercoaster with big ups and downs. I challenge you to ask yourself, are emotions coming from inside myself or the energy surrounding me? Decide how you will work with change and fear. We are moving forward and never going back. Now is an exciting time to experience new things if you choose to look at the excitement of change. The other option is looking at change with fear.

I used to want my world to stay the same, to be comfortable, and to know all the things to come. I was trying to convince myself that I was happy to remain the same, but the truth was I was not. The change I felt was like a rug was pulled out from under me. I felt an intense sense of fear and unhappiness, causing me anxiety. Ultimately, the choice was mine. I had to choose to move into the unknown, sometimes into unsettling energy, and learn to trust myself, knowing I was creating a better life for myself and looking forward to the moment I was in. I was excited about the next surprise, whenever it may come.

Fear came when I felt like I needed to be in control of the situation I found myself in or when I felt a lack of control in my own life. I would then ask a critical question- what do we believe about ourselves and the world?

We are unveiling a part of ourselves each day and lovingly exploring who we are. Your Soul is waiting to have a conversation with you. Have you ever talked out loud to yourself or in your head? If you have, this means you have already started a conversation with yourself. Have you been telling yourself you are worth it and have a lot to offer yourself, the people around you, and the world, or are you talking negatively about yourself?

Now is the time to change the narrative you are having with yourself. You are vital in bringing change for us all into being. We are stepping beyond fear. Knowing we are worthy of experiences that benefit us and connecting with one's self on a different level. We need to acknowledge the support on the other side to help us move forward. We must all tap into the other side's empathic feelings of support, excitement, and love. We must understand that we are the catalyst for change alongside our Soul, which can bring us the sense of wanting to do more in our lives, to create the life we want.

Concentrating on ourselves makes the changes we want in the world. However, we have been taught to put others first. The people teaching you this wanted their needs met first. Examine your interactions with people. Are you putting your needs second? Ask yourself why you think it's right to put your needs below others – taking care of everyone else but yourself. Are you still hearing the words from others that you are not good enough, not measuring up, are not worth it, and are always doing things wrong? And the list goes on. We may overcompensate by helping others, looking for acceptance from a feeling of not being able to please the people who matter the most in our lives.

Is there drama happening around you? Are you playing into the cycle of drama or walking away? Do you need to be the one to fix it? Are you staying in the drama out of obligation to family, friends, or coworkers? Is your inner peace worth the effort to step out of any drama? Can leaving any drama give us time to draw in supportive people around you? Can you enjoy conversations and interactions with people that surround you? These are questions to ask yourself as you move forward.

Changes hold fear of losing people and things that have long been in our lives. These losses can manifest through family, friends, relationships, coworkers, jobs, and even physically moving to another location. Moving past relationships that don't serve us can be difficult and fearful. Give yourself time to grieve, just as you mourn a physical death. Many of the emotions you go through with death are the same as releasing a relationship that doesn't serve you. So be gentle with yourself.

Fortunately, we are not doing it alone. We have support from many realms, loved ones, angels, nature, and more. Connecting with ourselves and other domains helps us tap into feelings of unconditional love, support, and knowledge, helping us navigate our journeys. These connections create new possibilities. Each one of you holds immense personal power. Exploring your connections creates new opportunities for yourself, others, and the world. Our world is expanding to include others from other worlds and expanding our universe and theirs. We are not alone and never have been.

As we grow and expand, the animals around us are expanding energetically, experiencing changes in their behavior. They may be good, bad, excited, despondent, feeling off, or just plain different than normal. All of us, animals included, are experiencing personal expansion in this new energy.

Anything you pushed down because you didn't want to deal with it will be bubbling to the surface for you to examine and then let go of. The supportive energy is here to help us release many old patterns and beliefs at a fast pace. Thankfully, it will take less time to release what doesn't serve us than it took us to create the beliefs. So there is no need to examine every little thing. When you release one aspect, many more will be released with it.

Each of us is creating change in us and our world. It's time to envision the change in the world as already happening. We are creating a world of possibilities. There is nothing to fear and much to be excited about.

I invite you to enjoy and be excited about the new world we are creating and release the fear of change. I am.

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We are creating a world of possibilities. There is nothing to fear and much to be excited about.

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A Linden Hills art gallery where art meets experience, Everett & Charlie features original art from only Minnesota artists. Founded by Minneapolis Art Curator Suzie Marty, Everett & Charlie was voted “Minnesota’s Best Art Gallery” by readers of Star Tribune in 2021 and 2022. The gallery includes paintings, screenprinting, photography, pottery, glass, jewelry, textiles and leather, sculpture and woodwork, and it offers a calendar of openings, trunk shows, artists’ talks and workshops, demonstrations and live music. The gallery is available for private events.

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Creators Space

Community Center, Event Destination Community Creativity Center and Coffee House sparking and cultivating the Creative Spirit. We provide the space and tools for anyone and everyone to Think, Explore and Create, organically building a diverse community working together to ignite personal enlightenment and growth along with positive change and impact for our community.

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BodyLabUSA’s goal is to bring awareness and education to everyone about the benefits of alternative healing to help our bodies emotionally, spiritually, and or physically. We offer events throughout Minnesota currently, with more states coming soon. We offer a mediumship gallery event and educational sessions throughout the day. Our first 25 guests receive a free gift bag!

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Word Count: 70 word max. description

Location: Online updated each month print updated bi-monthly (6 editions/year)

Included: Photo/image/logo, website, contact info, social media


Our purpose is to create community awareness of spirituality by bringing together vendors who share their modalities of healing, journeys & awareness with communities to assist in uplifting humanity and awakening to the reality that we are souls having a human experience. Each expo includes a Gallery event and guest speakers. Join us at events in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.

Email: Phone: 701-721-2801 Website: Location: North Dakota


Light of the Soul, Inc.

Akashic Records, Crystals

Light of the Soul, Inc. is a spiritual center founded by Jeanne Crescenzo empowering Soul Conscious Living through spiritual healing services, training, and crystals from Mother Earth in store and online. Jeanne is an Akashic Medium, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, QHHT practitioner, Theta Healer, and creator of the Galactic Soul Keys Oracle. When we remember who we truly are we can create a beautiful world.


Kinstone is Wisconsin’s modern megalithic “Stonehenge”. Located 2+ hours southest of the Twin Cities, and open daily 10am-6pm, May-Oct.

This 30-acre park-like sanctuary boasts three stone circles, thatched chapel, labyrinth, dolmen, prairie, dry-stacked stone sculpture, dragons, and more. This sacred space offers peaceful, calming connection to the land. Enjoy self-guided visits, music events, full moon sound baths, solstice/equinox observances, meditation, drumming, and more. Unique venue for micro weddings, day-retreats, small group classes/workshops.

Email: Phone: 608-687-3332 Website: S3439 Cole Bluff Lane, Fountain City, WI, 54629



American Academy of Health and Wellness Acupuncture School

Would you like to start the New Year with a Healthy Body, Mind and Great Spirit ? We are here for you! American Academy of Health and Wellness offers you and your loved ones many affordable holistic care options, including acupuncture, cupping (guasha), acupressure/ massage, and TuiNa massage.

Email: Phone: 651-493-3622 Website: Location: 2233 Hamline Ave N #432, Roseville, MN 55113

Peng Roden Her

Licensed Acupuncturist, Medical Intuitive, Master of Qigong

As a medical intuitive, Peng Roden Her has the ability to sense the physical, and mental/emotional ailments of his patients – he combines these gifts to treat both the symptom and the source. He has strong passion for teaching and demonstrating the mind-body connection through breath and movement and was a featured expert in Taking Charge of your Health, a program put together by the University of Minnesota: Center for Spirituality and Healing and the Life Science Foundation.

Email: Phone: 612-708-0753 Website: Location: Bloomington, MN

Email: Phone: 651-214-6560 Website: Location: Little Canada, MN

Amber Maier, Soul Alignment Coach

Akashic Records, Angel Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Thetahealing, Reiki Master, Teacher

Amber has passion for helping you discover your soul purpose, awaken your unique gifts, and move past your blocks so you can fully embrace your power and purpose. Amber uses a unique blend of intuitive coaching with guidance and healing from your Akashic Records, Angels and soul to help you take powerful steps forward on your soul path and quantum leaps in your personal healing and vision for your life.

Email: Phone: 952-220-5428 Website:

The Akasha Akashic Records Readings

Akashic Records readings connect you to your Higher Soul in a vibrational dimension. It helps you look at your current life in a soul perspective. It also helps you understand your current life patterns, how to break them and heal from them. Reading sessions are guided by your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones in a loving and safe environment.

Email: Phone: 626-863-7971 Website: Location: Whittier, CA


Purely Natural Healing

Craniosacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Chinese Medicine

For those who are ready to heal, we together can move you out of the pain and shift your energy into what you are truly here to do. Every session is focused on what is going on at that time.

From womb to a walker. Barb has studied and worked in both Eastern and Western Medicine for over twenty-two years.

Come for the HEALTH of it!

Call: 715-441-5905

Now serving you from two locations: 93 Little Canada Rd W, Suite 100, Little Canada MN 55117 and 111 Maple St N, Turtle Lake WI 54889

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Carpe Diem CBD

CBD Manufacturer & Distributor

Our Minnesota Grown, unique farm-to-shelf products enrich the mind and body so you can Seize the Day in complete wellness. We understand and are empathetic to those who cannot live life to the fullest. Therefore, our team is dedicated to solving the growing challenges that affect the mind and body. Seize The Day with us! Promo Code: Edge15 for 15% off your next order.

Email: Phone: 612-599-6906 Website: Location: Minneapolis, MN


Dr. Marcia Krueger, DC Innate Ability Chiropractic Care

Dr Marcia helps people of all ages, sizes and abilities achieve or maintain optimal health, mobility and balance. Marcia supports your body's innate ability to heal itself. Educates and inspires active participation in your health and well-being.

Email: Location: Chaska, MN Phone: 952-746-5199 Website:


Jill Goux, The Energy Renovator & Intuitive House Whisperer

Master Dowser, Transformational Coach, Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Channel and Spiritual Teacher

Jill Goux has been sharing her wisdom, gifts and natural talents since 1995. Her diverse ‘energetic toolbox’ has helped thousands of people understand, manage, & shift their energy to create a life they truly desire. Join her on a conscious journey across the country as she connects a crystal grid to expand heart energy to raise the vibration. This ‘Trip the Light Tour’ connects powerful souls towards a common goal of expansion, illumination & enlightenment.

Email: Phone: 612-423-6360 Website: Location: Minneapolis, MN


Ethereal Reunions

Past Life Regression/ Quantum Resonance Crystal Healing Bed

Past Life Regression and Healing sessions, Reiki and Distance Reiki energy healing, Reiki classes, Reunion sessions with Medium Katri Sipila, and one on one Healing Guidance! Our newest offering is the Quantum Resonance Crystal Healing Bed… fashioned after ancient Lemurian design! It assists the body in its innate ability to heal itself using seven types of energy transmission including scalar waves.

Email: Phone: 218-310-0951 Website: Location: 205 W. 2nd Street Suite #445 Duluth, MN 55802

Maureen Higgins, MA, Wings of Freedom

Energetically Healing Audios, Private

Sessions, Workshops

Want to feel lighter and happier and create a life filled with meaning? Help your mind, emotions and body let go of the past including outdated beliefs, memories and emotions with individualized energy healing! I’ve created a number of energetic healing techniques you can access through audios and sessions. Learn how to develop your own mastery through a number of energetic healing workshops!

Email: Phone: 651-665-0104

Location: St. Paul, MN Websites:,

Kalila Healing Arts

Energetic Healing, Coaching

Kalila Healing Arts mission is to empower you for optimal mind.body. spirit wellness. We offer Energetic Allergy Healing sessions, distance Reiki, classes, special events, online courses, and more. Stacy Edland, founder of Kalila Healing Arts, is an Energetic Allergy Healing practitioner, Reiki master, certified EFT Tapping practitioner, certified life coach, and has a master's degree in education.

Email: Site:

Jodi Knott – Your Wellness Journey

Craniosacral/Dynamic Body Balancing, Reiki Practitioner, Essential Oil Coach, Tarot, Distance Healing

Our bodies have an amazing ability to stay healthy, and heal quickly, when we are in balance. With disease, there is an imbalance within the body, mind, or emotional body. Each session is curtailed to what you need; by working with you and your energy I clear, balance, and process issues so your body can function optimally! With love and light, I am here to support you on Your Wellness Journey!

Email: Website: Location: Shoreview, MN

The Mystic Geek

Spiritual Connection Mentor, Tarot Expert, Energy Worker

Jessica Karels made it her personal mission to empower people who are caught up in the hustle of life to tap into their inner wisdom so they can confidently handle any of life’s obstacles and help heal the world. Certified in Usui Reiki, Evolved Neuro-linguistic Programming, Transformational Coaching, and Quantum Time Release, she uses a variety of spiritual and everyday tools to facilitate individual growth and transformation.

Email: Website:

Annette Rugolo

Environmental Healing

Annette Rugolo is an Author, Global Teacher, Speaker, Environmental Healer and Soul Guidance Facilitator. With almost 20 years of experience, she provides tools of transformation that support those looking for lasting change.

Email: Phone: 612-394-3736 Website: Location: Chaska, MN 55328

Char Savoie, Charvinity LLC

Medium, Divination, Paranormal Investigator

Certified Usui Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher. Intuitive Medium and Divination Reader offering services and a wide range of metaphysical and paranormal classes. I also provide a wide selection of hand-crafted products including hand-crafted divination tools on my website. My passions are being an Empath mentor and Paranormal Medium.

Email: Phone: 763-772-5591 Website: Location: Anoka, MN

Soul Path Energy

A Soul Guided Approach to Healing Healing is remembering the truth that you are a powerful being who is light, love, joy, peace, and presence, and feeling whole once again. My reiki, intuitive energy, and soul path guidance services can help you remember that truth. Are you looking for a holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? I strive to create healing pathways for my clients, empowering them to feel whole and live better and healthier lives.

Email: Phone: 612-250-8769 Website: Location: St. Paul, MN

True Quantum Holistic

Energetic Healing, Dowsing

Vanessa and Andrew have been True Quantum Healing practitioners for over 4 years. Their alternative healing sessions have yielded positive outcomes with many issues such as trauma/ptsd, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disorders, soul retrieval, past life karmic clearings, soulmate/twin flame partnership healings, entity attachments, abduction issues, mind control de-programming assistance, energy weapon detox or removal assistance, removal of and protection from magical intrusions, ascension issues, bloodline healing, DNA healing, blood disorders, respiratory disorders and much more. They also offer spiritual guidance and TQH training sessions.

Email: Phone: 423-445-0077 Website:

Yoga, Ayurveda & Energy Medicine with Elizabeth Sullivan

Multi Dimensional/Universe Energy Work

Whole Being Wellness is an integrative, personalized approach to health and your full potential in human form. Everything is energy. Becoming more skillful and managing our energy is vital to our well-being. Our energy patterns affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Healing ourselves is one of the greatest journeys we can take as humans and multi-dimensional, multi-universe beings.

Email: Phone: 651-270-0660 Website: Location: St. Paul, MN


Terrain Health LLC, Dr. Robin Rose

Integrative, Functional, Precision Healthcare

Terrain Health and Dr. Robin Rose are leading the biomedical revolution in functional and precision healthcare, utilizing advanced testing and next generation technology that target the human gut microbiome, and understand its links to overall health, immunity and disease through its interconnectedness with the other systems in your body. You are the center of your health journey, We study root cause analysis, and treat people not signs and symptoms.

Email: Phone: 203-900-4416 Website: Location: 38C Grove Street, 2nd Floor Ridgefield, CT 06877

Dr. Erika Way, DC, DCBCN, Beyond Chiropractic

Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, QNRT, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Detox Programs and Energetic Healing

Dr. Erika Way empowers her patients to transform their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies so they can manifest their optimal path. By combining the tools of Chiropractic Care, Functional Medicine, QNRT and Energetic Healing, Dr. Erika helps her patients transform the physical, emotional and energetic blocks that keep patients feeling stuck. Once you have the tools for your "health tool box" you can become the master of your own health.

Email: Phone: 651-288-1988 Website: Location: 7300 Hudson Blvd North, Suite 210, Oakdale, MN 55128

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Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance

Experience Transformational Ceremonies that Awaken Your Higher Consciousness and Expand Your Inner Light

Carolyn Vinup has been practicing and teaching Sacred Sound Healing, Feng Shui and Creating Sacred Space Ceremonies for over 20 years. Carolyn guides spiritual seekers through Sound Healing Experiences, Spiritual Blessings, Transformative Ceremonies and Attunements that awaken your higher consciousness and expand your inner light. Come experience the beauty, tranquility, warmth, and wisdom of the Sacred Sound Chamber. Carolyn's Sacred Sound experiences and workshops are immersive, interactive, inspirational, and consciousness raising.

Email: Mobile: 612-325-5162 Website:

OM Center of Healing

Sound & Light Healing Therapy

The Harmonic Egg® is a resonant chamber, utilizing sound and light, to deliver positive, life-changing results. It delivers a natural, holistic energy therapy designed to help the body heal itself, our many clients have found it to be helpful for a variety of health issues. Experience relief from anxiety, difficult emotional issues, injuries and pain, spiritual dissonance, mental and developmental disorders, and illness.

Email: Phone: 651-363-3539 Website: Location: 2334 University Avenue W, Suite 150 St. Paul, MN 55114


Teresa Cover, Earth's Natural Defense

Certified Natural Health Professional and natural health specialist that works for her clients to achieve optimal health. The body has a fantastic innate ability to heal itself, provided you give it what it needs. Please book an appointment with me, put your dis-ease to rest. Teresa Cover – Earth’s Natural Defense. Naturopath, SHAPED ReClaimed Practitioner, and Health Coach. Take Your Health Back, Start Today!

Email: Phone: 651-4389355 Website: Location: Hastings,

Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness, SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

Naturopathy (Traditional & Esoteric)

Over two decades of experience and continual training in holistic mind-body, energy healing, and non-verbal health systems including Esogetics/Colorpuncture, Ayurveda, Complex Homeopathy, Brainspotting. SchaOn is your go-to practitioner for helping resolve old traumas or new health concerns. Get more out of life and start feeling vibrant again – Schedule your Free Initial Mini-Consultation now!

Email: Phone: 612-217-4325 Location: 93 Little Canada Rd W, Suite 100, Little Canada, MN Website:

Emily Fossum, MA, LPCC, owner of Earth & Sky


Psychotherapy, EMDR Therapy

I am a psychotherapist with a passion for helping you connect to your soul’s truth and open your heart wider. Heartbreak, depression, traumatic stress, grief, and never feeling good enough are some reasons that your heart may have closed. I use intuitive listening and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy to assist in removing unseen emotional, energetic, and mental blocks to a happy heart. I believe that a broken heart is a heart that is calling to be broken open.

Email: Phone: 612-547-9589 Website: Location: Minneapolis, MN


Holly Busse

Reiki Master/Teacher, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader

I believe people want to feel healthier and less stressed. But it can be confusing where to start. I offer in-person and distant reiki sessions, in-person and Zoom reiki classes, and in-person and online stress reduction training. I have experience with speaking and teaching engagements sharing my personal journey with stress and anxiety. Keep it simple. Be gentle with yourself.

Email: Website: Location: Chanhassen, MN

Peggy Edman, Willow Pond Healing

Reiki, Qigong and Pet Bodywork

Feel relaxed, harmonious, and balanced in your body and mind. I am a Reiki healer and Master/Teacher, with 15 years experience. Reiki helps you feel better on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Your pet can join you on your healing journey.

I am a Certified Canine Massage Therapist, with 20 years experience. Give your animal companion the gift of wellness.

Email: Ph: 612-804-8005 Website: Location: 11417 NW Hanson Boulevard, Suite 101, Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Pinnacle Divine Holistic Services

Master Reiki, Iridology, Feng Shui, Mixed Media Art

Pinnacle Divine Holistic Services provide Master Reiki, Certified Iridologist and Holistic Nutrition and Feng Shui consulting services. Mixed media artist Michelle Ressler is developing a set of Celestial Connections healing cards, which will be available soon.

Email: Phone: 763-443-9732 Website:

Location: 1440 85th Ave. NE Suite A, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

Falina Stammer, P.M.T, R.S, founder of Balanced Elements Reiki Training & Bodywork LLC

Professional Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Sound Healing & Aromatherapy Student

Falina Stammer has over 20 years of experience and is the founder of Balanced Elements Reiki Training & Bodywork LLC. She blends many modalities to give you what your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit need. A free 15 minute consultation is available Specialties: Massage/Reiki, Hypno-reiki meditation (exclusive) Sound Healing, Reiki Training (adults and youth 9-15)

Email: Phone: 612-991-8309 Website:



Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh

Heal the body, clear stuck patterns & deepen your Soul connection through conscious breathwork. With over two decades of experience in holistic health and many years as a licensed pharmacist, Terri offers a variety of holistic sessions: Soul Breathing™, Soul Coaching, Supplement & Nutrition guidance, BEMER therapy, Pranic Healing & Reiki. Use breath to optimize your health, raise your vibration and transform your life.

Email: 651-442-4623 St. Paul, MN Websites:


The Center Within

Transformational Intuitive Certified Coach

Is NOW the time to step fully into your authentic empowered self? Michele supports clients with intentions to live in alignment with their soul’s divine blueprint and inner wisdom personally and professionally. Michele’s guidance as an intuitive coach and spiritual teacher for over 25 years accelerates and amplifies your natural process of removing blocks and what no longer serves while clarifying your next steps as you ignite your full potential.

Email: Phone: 612-465-9775

Location: 8120 Penn Ave S Suite 500B Bloomington, MN 55431 Website:


Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Medium, 5D Astrologer, Teacher, H.H.P., Yogi 22 years of Multidimensional Healing work with clients worldwide. Take your SPIRITUAL JOURNEY-WORK to the next level with grounded, practical wholeSelf tools and high-frequency, intuitive insight. Together we will dis-cover and clear the Shamanic Root of your trauma from within the deep soul shadows… those which stem from beyond this lifetime, yet create the themes playing out in your life today. All you have come to realize through your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical bodies, will be integrated fully, recalibrating the foundation of your current dynamics… in all areas of your life.

Email: Phone: 505-699-8008 Website: Location: Santa Fe, NM

Keri Mangis


and Lifestyle

Are you ready for a body, mind, and soul transformation? Grounded in the science of Ayurveda and the art of Alchemy, these consultations are for those ready to transform what’s lead in them into gold. Wherever you are in the process of transformation from the meltdown to reflection to the rebirth, Keri will provide the support, encouragement, and guidance you need.

Email: Phone: 612-599-9668 Website: Location: Minneapolis, MN

Change Your Limiting Beliefs – Linda Minnick

Working with Your Subconscious Feeling stuck? Attracting the same thing over and over again? Working but not getting anywhere? Are you ready to move forward? PSYCH-K is a proven method to change the subconscious and limiting beliefs that keep from moving forward. It’s fast, easy and effective.

Email: Phone: 678-641-7005 Website: Location: Roswell, GA

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Virginia Nava Hieger

Personal Empowerment & Transformation

Virginia Nava Hieger is an unconventional coach and consultant. She assists people to live aligned with their highest purpose and greatest potential. Virginia’s process is unique because she combines her expertise in strategy and marketing with her empathetic style of transformation. Virginia guides people on the path of creating their optimal lives and fulfilling their highest capabilities. VIP 1-1 sessions are available.

Email: Phone: 404-388-2657 Website:

Pat Sheveland, Healing Family Grief

Grief Coach Certification Training

Healing Family Grief provides certification training through The Confident Grief Coach School. Through this extensive training, learn key concepts of coaching specifically designed for working with the bereaved to help them create lives filled with peace and purpose. Course approved by International Coaching Federation for 34 CCEs.

Email: Phone: 952-210-3767 Website: Location: Chaska, MN

Dwight Raatz, Raatz Life Coaching & Consulting

Intuitive Life Guidance

I provide coaching for individuals and small business owners looking for clarity in their life and/or business. Clarity and focus are foundational aspects allowing a person to truly know themselves and their goals. I utilize intuitive and experiential skills to help you outline the steps to create executable plans to achieve your goals and improve life flow.

Email: Phone: 612-269-6578 Site: Location: 417 Rucks Farm Rd Delano, MN 55328

Shannon Walbran

Intuitive Guide, Psychic Coach, Author

Are you at a crossroads? Need help from your angels? Schedule a 1-hour Zoom, phone, or in-person session to ask about your ten toughest personal and professional problems. You’ll receive immediate, detailed, step-by-step practical advice. Certified intuitive life coach, practicing since 2003. Download your free 100 Questions book at

Email: Site: Location: St. Paul, MN and Johannesburg, South Africa


Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist

Need relief from anxiety, depression, phobias or PTSD? Ready to gain insight into your soul’s purpose through Past Life or Life-Between-Lives regression? Over twenty years of experience.

Email: Phone: 651-649-1952 Website: Location: Mendota Heights, MN

Casey Constant

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Connect with your Higher Self and spiritual team through hypnosis in order to find the meaning and healing for the physical, mental and energetic ailments in your life. Weight, pain, anxiety etc. are all signs that there is a deeper message awaiting from your subconscious. QHHT allows the line of communication to your higher divine consciousness to be easily accessed to receive instantaneous healing and guidance from them!

Email: Website:

Loc: 5898 Omaha Avenue North, Suite #2, Stillwater, MN 55082

Greywind Raven


Guide, Past Lives & Contracts

Lisa Howard provides energy services using methods, including past life resolutions, soul contract modification, releasing trapped emotions and heart walls. These methods provide solutions to issues impacting your current lifetime. Also, providing psychic training and spiritual growth workshops. Over ten years of training and certifications.

Email: Phone: 320-395-9893 Website: Location: Winsted, MN

Dr. Janaka Hanvey, Lighthouse Therapies

Past Life Regression Therapy

Lighthouse Therapies provides past lives regression services. Objectives are for clients to learn how a past life or series of past lives experiences affect current relationship issues, phobias, addictions, talents, themes, as well as provide insight into how past life trauma can relate to current life trauma. Another frequent occurrence is discovering spirit guides that inspire and protect one through many lives.

Email: Phone: 651-271-2460 Website: Location: Forest Lake, MN


Christopher Gunlock, M.H.S.

Christopher offers harm reduction resources and services for those journeying with entheogens/psychedelics. plugs you in to coaching, classes, sitters/guides, discussion groups, and legal ceremonies with traditional medicines (not offering illegal substances or medical treatment). Reach out to learn about psychedelic safety, find a supportive community, and make the most of your psychedelic experiences.

Email: Location: Various Studios at Creators Space 218 7th St E, MN St. Paul Website:


Eagle Spirit Collective

Non-profit 508(1)(C)(A) organization that celebrates our connection to the Divine Creator through sacred medicine ceremonies, self-exploration, and shadow work. We build relationships through monthly integration meetings, group meditations, spiritual mentoring, and other fellowship events.

Email: Phone: 651-504-2493 Website: Location: Stillwater, MN


Mary Newstrom, Zenith High

Shamanic Teacher & Mentor, Shamanic Healings, Spiritual Wellness Coaching, Cacao Ceremonies & Shamanic Cacao Cleanse

Internationally known Shamanic Practitioner and creator of Spirit Flow Shamanic Study Programs, Mary has studied with shamanic teachers in the U.S. and with the Shipibo Shamans living in the Amazon basin of Peru, enhancing the skills Mary brings to her training and healings. She holds a doctoral degree in psychology and is certified in Health and Wellness Consultation.

Email: Phone: 952-913-5574 Website: Location: St. Louis Park, MN



Michele Jacobson, PhD

As a lifelong Intuitive, Michele has been gifted with skills as an intuitive, psychic, mystic, healer, medium, animal communicator and knowledgeable in all things faerie, including Faerie Teas. She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology focusing on areas of understanding personal development. Located in the Twin Cities area with in person or phone sessions available. Visit her website and learn more about all her services.

Email: Phone: 612-554-0061 Website:

Lisa’s Energy Healing, LLC

Animal Communicator, Akashic Readings, Medium, Healer, Life Coach

I’m a Life Coach, Animal Communicator, Akashic Records Reader, Medium, Gallery Speaker, Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Master.

I teach how to read Akashic Records, Healing through the Akashic Records and Animal Communication. My spiritual journey began in 2009 when I took my first Reiki class. I’ve appeared at over 80 expos in the last three years and have been on national television. I’ve coached thousands of people through reading’s and healing sessions. I offer online, in-person and private parties.

Email: Phone: 630-334-3118 Website: Location: Friendship, WI


Ryan Evans

Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology

A Certified Master Level Astrologer, Ryan practices an integrative approach to Astrology combining imagery, past life analysis, and healthy encouragement of choice and free-will. As an Organic Flower Farmer of 20 years, he aligns his engagement and practice of Astrology with the observed and experienced lessons and teachings of the Natural World and her rhythms.

Email: Phone: 608-632-0750 Website: Location: Viroqua, WI

Starcodes & Heartcodes

Astrology, Heart-Centered Readings

Ceremonialist, counselor, intuitive, and astrologer for 40 years, creator of the Starcodes Astro-Oracle Deck, author of the weekly Starcodes column, Moon Wisdom, Everyday Palmistry, and several children’s books. As an ordained interfaith minister and Druid grade member of OBOD, she brings her spiritual search to her work. She has an active global practice via phone and Zoom.

Email: Phone: 914-315-5001 Website: Location: Ronan, MT



Automatic Writer and Spiritual Sensitive

When Catherine was five years old she started seeing angels and guides and reporting spirit messages to her parents and their friends. She has over thirty years of experience and her expertise is automatic writing clairaudient clairvoyant channeled messages that help assist you on your path. Get your questions ready and email them to Reasonable rates!


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CHANNELS continued

Grahm Wibstad of Heart-Centered Channeling Spirit Guide Readings

As a channeler, Grahm can connect with past loved ones and pets, although he specializes in communicating with spirit guides—loving souls that offer their wisdom, support, and direction. Your spirit guides will share how to best move forward in your life. They often offer career and relationships guidance, but nothing is off-limits, and all questions are welcome. Grahm offers sessions via Zoom and free mini-reading events on his Facebook page.

Email: Phone: 507-272-8149 Website: Location: Rochester, MN



Seer, Remote Viewer

Jenny Lee is a multidimensional internationally recognized medium, author and remote viewer who channels what Spirit says in a very natural way. She does not use tools of any kind when she completes readings and depends solely on her Spirit Guides and the spiritual energy around us to gain information. She believes that Spirit talks to each and every one of us, but most of us don’t know how to listen for it.

Email: Phone: 406-850-0613 Website: Location: Fargo, ND

Rebecca Krogen

Psychic Medium, Celtic Shaman, Paranormal Investigator

Psychic Medium John

Readings, Mentoring, Healing and Unsolved Cold Cases

John is an Intuitive Psychic Medium, Mentor, Speaker and Unsolved Cold Case Specialist. He relies on Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance while connecting with the other side. He links up with Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Email: Phone: 917-881-6708 Website:

Heather Schepman –Energy Healing Teacher, Reiki, Intuitive Medium

Christie Umboh, owner of Holistic Arts

Crystals, Clearing Products, Jewelry, Gifts

Intuitive jewelry artist and wellness professional, with an array of jewelry, crystals and clearing products for the soul. Christie is a Reiki master and Guided Meditation Therapist, and has worked with Echo Bodine for years to create jewelry infused with love and light. She combines numerology and crystals to make personalized jewelry. Christie has teamed up with The Edge to create videos of new products in the metaphysical community.

Email: Phone: 651-705-6110 Website: Location: Eagan, MN

Moxie Malas

Intuitive Jewelry, Workshops, Retreats

Crystal energy and aromatherapy jewelry created as a wearable affirmation of the energy within. Each piece is handmade in MN with genuine stones and crystals with its own story to tell. We have our Moxie Monthly Bracelet Club that comes with unique bracelet, loose crystal and intention practice each month. At Moxie Malas we take people beyond the bracelet with workshops and retreats to support personal discovery, transformation, and empowerment.

Email: Phone: 651-808-7378 Location: 7406 Central Ave NE Fridley, MN 55432 Website:


Professional Psychic Medium & Animal Intuitive

Voted the best by WCCO, CBS, TCT and MSP. Born a naturally gifted Psychic Medium. Alison James is one of the finest professionals and most referred names by those in the know. Five-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career and stays on point with fine-tuned focused readings, utilizing her efficient modern question direct© methodology. Alison has a strong affinity with animals of all kinds and is a successful healer. She is the genuine real deal!

Website: Location: Worldwide

Rebecca is an international psychic medium, Celtic shaman & paranormal investigator. She offers clearings, psychic/mediumship reading, shamanic healings & more. With over 50 years experience she can use her gifts to help you on your journey as well as help you understand the influences in your life that shape your soul path. Her guides and angels assist her in helping you communicate with passed loved ones to seek guidance and closure.

Email: Phone: 218-532-2607 Facebook: Site: Loc: Fargo, ND

Cindy Lehman

Soul Readings, Beginning & Advanced Psychic Development Classes

Private, respectful Soul Readings to connect with your soul’s wisdom for guidance, clarity and healing. All questions are welcome. Relationships can be looked at from a soul perspective including connecting with those who have passed on. Offers beginning and advanced Psychic Development classes. Teaches others to more fully access their own intuitive/psychic/soul gifts, while living and creating from heart in a healthy partnership honoring both body and soul.

Email: Mobile: 612-669-1861 Website:

Carol Margaret Lowell Medium, Psychic, Ghost Communicator, Intuitive Hands-on Healer, Teacher, Mentor and Lecturer

As a medium, I communicate directly with the spirit of the deceased. A mediumship session allows you to understand the truth about death. It isn’t the end. It is just a transition to a different state of being.

I am a Reiki Master, trained in Level 4 Healing Touch, and certified in 5-PATH™ Hypnotherapy and 7th Path™ SelfHypnosis. I am also a Ghost and Energy Clearing Specialist working with Angels and Guides, Intuitive Energy Healer, and trained Past Life Regression Facilitator.

Email: Phone: 612-840-3562 Website:

Nicole Intuitive Medium

Medium, Intuitive, Mentor, Health & Wellness

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m an evidential medium, intuitive and mentor. I offer mediumship readings; where I connect with a loved one of yours in spirit, and then bring forth healing messages. I also offer intuitive readings; to help gain clarity within your daily life concerns, relationships, career, are just a few examples. I also teach a variety of classes; psychic/intuitive development, mediumship development, and mediumship next level circles.

Email: Website: Location: Wayzata, MN

Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and crystal healer. I will hold space to support your energetic healing. I offer private in person or distant soul readings to connect with your soul, and Reiki with crystal healing to support your healing. I also teach Usui Reiki and a Psychic Foundations course where you can explore your psychic abilities, and learn how to manage your energy. All questions welcome.

Email: Phone: 651-440-8703 Website: Location: St. Louis Park, MN

Jurema Silva

Brazilian Soul Healer, Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Leader & Mentor

Jurema is much more than a psychic or a medium. She is a true soul healer, who has been transforming the lives of countless people in the U.S. and worldwide. Jurema is one of the most celebrated spiritual leaders in the upper Midwest. A session with Jurema is transformative, uplifting and breathtaking. Schedule your session for an Intuitive Readings/ Spiritual Counseling or Distant Guided Brazilian Healing today.

Email: Phone: 320-260-7305 Website:

Transforming Your Phoenix

Healer, Life Coach, Clearings of Negative Energy and Entities

Pinpoints the core issues that hinder your progress and hold you back in life. She helps with self-actualization of Who You Are, strengthening your spiritual gifts and growth. Nancy helps you overcome and heal limiting beliefs and self doubt, and guide you through your healing process. This includes healing issues connected to past lives, ancestral issues, within yourself and your environment that need resolving for full Clarity and optimal spiritual growth.

Email: Phone: 715-928-3098 Site: Location: Baldwin, WI

Kelly Wagner, owner You’ve Got Kelly

Intuitive Counseling, Marketing and Business Coaching

As a knower and seer, Kelly has learned to use her unique tool set in new ways. Kelly is fascinated by discovering and understanding her client’s “Why?” Kelly is able to assist with both past and present issues – whether its energetic healing of their ancestry, current relationships, business/ marketing strategy, or planning their next step. She dials in and see an illuminated “Yellow Brick Road” that shows Kelly the path her clients should follow to fulfill their goals and live their optimal life.

Email: Phone: 612-251-6666 Website: Location: Eden Prairie, MN

Partner Directory CONTINUED
Alison James
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Teacher, Coach, Medium

Angela has connected to those on the other side her entire life. People who passed and those from other realms, here to support us. Healing energy, messages from those that passed and information to help you on your journey, are shared with compassion. Offering online and in person private and group sessions, personal and spiritual growth coaching, classes and retreats at

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Group Tarot with Kate Mura

Your quirky alternative to team building. Whether you want to shake up your current culture, sit more deeply into co-creating a b.e.s.t. world, strategically plan a bit differently, or just have a fun alternative to a Zoom happy hour, Group Tarot is a surprising yet effective experience for corporations, organizations, teams, and other collectives to interact in an uplifting, engaging way.

Individual readings and coaching sessions, also offered. Visit the Group Tarot FB page at

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Ashley Assists LLC

Why is building a network important? It allows you access to opportunities you might not be able to find on your own. I am a Networking Concierge and have spoken to over 200 organizations, associations, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs about building a robust network. I have connected over 1000 people, been interviewed on the Mel Robbins show on CBS, and the host of two digital TV talk shows on RVNTV and This is it TV.

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Winning Copy


Specializes in intuitive copywriting that gives brands an authentic feel – all from a place of building trust and relationships. With an emphasis in developing long-lasting relationships. Sara compliments her nuanced understanding of conscious marketing with a genuine care for the craft. “For me, it’s not just about another sale. I put my heart into everything I do and


AM950 The Progressive Voice of Minnesota

Radio & Podcasts

AM950 is the only Progressive Talk Radio station in Minnesota. We strive to provide the best progressive programming available. We feature national talkers Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Amy Goodman, David Pakman and Brad Friedman. We are also dedicated to local programming that creates a community forum for important Minnesota Progressive issues like Native Roots Radio.

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Everyday Women’s Network

Subscription-based Global Streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) TV Network that provides a platform for women to view a vast variety of content relevant to their everyday lives. The platform enables our channel partners and content providers to reach their audience by broadcasting (including live streaming) their content using the latest streaming technology. Our goal is to inspire, empower, educate and support women of the world to live their best life and through each subscription, EWN contributes to several UN Sustainable development goals.

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Bergh Consulting

Strategy, Branding, Website Creation, WordPress Care Plans, Ongoing Support

Bergh Consulting supports businesses and organizations in creating a digital foundation including strategy, branding, and website design and development. We take pride in a simplified processes to get you online joyfully. We focus on the details so you can focus on what you love. Our favorite clients are ones who are passionate about what they do and want to make a difference in the world.

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Wild Horse Recording

Full Service Audiobook Production

Do you need an audiobook but dont know where to start? Our Full Service audiobook production allows you to continue doing what you do best, while our team of production managers and professional narrators create your audiobook that you will be proud of. You will get: project management, your choice of narrator to fit your desired style and performance, voice over for opening and closing credits, editing, mixing, mastering, file formatting, uploading to a distributors.

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Galaxy Media and Management

Need publicity for your business or book? Want to get your book published by a legacy publisher? Check out Galaxy Media & Management. More than 20 years helping authors get published and their books into the hands of readers. Excellent reputation. For more information go to

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Sgarlat Publicity

Sara Sgarlat works with authors — established as well as unknown — to create innovative and highly effective campaigns. Before starting on her own in 2009, she was Director of Publicity for many years at Hampton Roads Publishing Company (major regional house responsible for titles such as the series of Conversations with God books, and Marketing Director at Rivanna Health Publications.

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Awakenings... Gifts & Guidance for the Soul



The area’s premier metaphysical store and learning space. Located in the heart of Longfellow neighborhood of South Minneapolis, on Minnehaha Avenue. We offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Let our friendly staff guide you to hand curated selections of crystals, singing bowls, and one of the largest selections of in-stock oracle, affirmation and tarot decks.

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Midwest Witchery & Healing LLC

Being a nurse combining holistic, homeopathic remedies for your wellness, along with using majick as a Witch, Jodi Jacobson creates unique medicine. Using organic and ethically sourced components, Jodi hand creates her products during proper moon phases to ensure the most potent beneficial energies whatever your needs. Practicing witchcraft over 40 years, Midwest Witchery and Healing can help you with your spiritual needs. This is a safe environment for all on their own unique path.

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As a Paranormal Investigator, the one thing that is often said to me is that what I do must be “scary and creepy”. When I am faced with this statement, the people who say this to me will says it like it’s an exciting adventure. I feel like they think being a Paranormal Investigator is like people who ride the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. The spirits entertain us and we have our interactions and go home. This obviously is not the case.

No disrespect to anyone who doesn’t understand what it means to be a Paranormal investigator nor to those who only know anything about it from watching the unending list of possible shows on Travel Channel or streaming on Discovery Plus. My position is not meant to insult anyone as I believe my role in this universe is one of teaching and helping people with understanding. I am meant to help people understand why spirit communicates with us.

The Paranormal is many things. In fact, what people seem to gloss over is that the Paranormal covers more than just spirits and ghosts. By its definition of being Paranormal also covers ufology and cryptozoology and other areas of this realm. Yet, as we talk about Paranormal, we generally use that term to talk about it as spirit communication and I will continue to use this nomenclature for the sake of familiarity.

When we talk about the Paranormal strictly from a side of spirit interaction, it still is many things but what stands out for me and what I most identify with it is that the Paranormal is beautiful. The TV shows and some investigators/groups want to focus on the darker aspects of spirit communication. They focus on the specter with the chains, the unhappy spirit who oppresses the living, or the legends that are so out of date now that no one wants to correct them for fear that locations attached to these legends will lose income. I come from the point of view that paranormal investigating and metaphysical/spiritual communication go hand in hand. There should be no gap but I find myself trying to bridge the gap. So, why is the Paranormal beautiful? Here are a couple of examples:

If you could reach out to a relative who have passed, why wouldn’t you? Having the opportunity to hear their voices via some piece of paranormal equipment like the spirit box or working with a gifted Medium who brings forth your loved one is a wonderful gift. Especially if you can get someone who brings through a loved one and although they themselves never met the person, they bring through their mannerisms or perhaps a favorite phrase. Do you ever think what it would be like to have 5 more minutes with a loved one who passed away? What would you say? What would you ask?

Now that we talked about how the Paranormal could be beautiful to you personally what about sharing that beauty with someone else? Many gifted Mediums who read this magazine can

attest first-hand how powerful it is to bring a loved one forward to someone. Give them the opportunity to experience their loved one again. That’s called Mediumship but it is also Paranormal. If people think Paranormal is only using “equipment” to reach out to a spirit, then how about this? I use a spirit box. This little radio scans the AM or FM frequencies, which in theory allows you to have real time conversations with spirit. I use it along with Mediumship to help people hear the voices of loved ones again. It is powerful and moving. I will leave you with this. On Easter Sunday during a Facebook Live where I use my spirit box, I decided to try and reach Mother Mary. Reaching out to her is not a comment on one religion over another, it is simply who I chose. I asked at the start of this session, “Mother Mary, are you here?” the response was a female who said, “I am here.” The rest of the session became calm with many voices coming through the box telling all of us, “I love you.” over and over. The point is that regardless of religion or belief systems or what we are told on TV, amongst many things, the Paranormal is truly beautiful. a

Greg Bakun is a seasoned Paranormal Investigator, Intuitive and ITC Specialist. His favorite method of communicating with spirits is through the spirit box also known as the ghost box. Greg bridges the gap between the metaphysical and paranormal by bringing together Mediums and Paranormal Investigators to help each other validate communication, share information and promote respectful investigations. Greg is the host on the popular radio show “GhostBox Radio” Live every Sunday at 4:06pm CST on AM950 Radio in the Twin Cities and streamed around the world on iTunes and Spotify. Sunday nights at 10 CST, Greg runs GhostBox Live on Facebook, a Live spirit box session where viewers can connect with their loved ones who have passed.

Powerful Juju

Featuring a dozen mythological and contemporary women of color who were trailblazers and heroes, this book offers inspiration and protection against the most difficult aspects of life. 9780738767154 • $16.99

a catalog New Worlds of Mind, Body, & Spirit Since 1901
From Najah Lightfoot
PARA NORM AL INVEST IGATOR 16 | NEW YEAR'S 2023 • the edge magazine

My Journey Into Shamanism

For over two decades, I have been on an alternative healing path for my health. This journey has led me to practitioners in many modalities, including homeopathy, traditional therapy, Reiki, holistic nutrition, and acupuncture. I have experienced steady and profound improvements in my physical health through this time, however, finding a permanent resolution to ongoing flares of depression and generalized anxiety has been a more elusive pursuit.

The first time I ever experienced shamanic healing was in late December 2020in Texas while visiting my sister. While I have had many energy healing sessions in the past, this was the first time I had one that incorporated shamanic healing. I left feeling centered, grounded, and calm for the first time since the start of the pandemic nine months prior. This feeling lasted for almost three months.

In March 2021, my feelings of anxiety and not being grounded crept back in. I turned to Google–a shamanic energy healer near me–and to my surprise, found Zenith High, owned by Mary Newstrom, right in my suburb St. Louis Park. I had my first session with Mary and left with a restored sense of being centered. During this session, she told me about her shamanic studies program, Spirit Flow, and invited me to consider joining the program starting the following month.

Coincidentally, I had created a vision board more than a year prior and intuitively had placed a large design with the word ‘shamanism’ in the center. Tucked in the back corner of my bedroom and forgotten during the pandemic, it was not something I had thought about for some time. I noticed it the evening after my healing and conversation with Mary and knew it was a sign leading me into Spirit Flow.

You know those decisions that come effortlessly, as if there isn’t any possible answer besides yes? Joining Spirit Flow was one of those. Between Mary’s incredible healing energy and the excitement she conveyed when sharing her program, I knew learning shamanic techniques to incorporate into self-healing was my future. I submitted my application the same evening and joined her program, which began a short two weeks later.

From the first Spirit Flow workshop, which taught me how to journey and form relationships with my spirit animals and guides, I knew I had found a mentor, friend, and guide to help me achieve a new level

of healing and purpose in my life. The format of bi-monthly day-long workshops with time to integrate and practice new skills has allowed for mastery of the many techniques presented. I also studied Reiki a year ago and find it is a great companion to shamanism.

As I reflect on the last 18 months of Spirit Flow, it is clear I have reached a place where anxious thoughts or a down day are just fleeting moments in my life. The last time I had a particularly upsetting and worrisome event in my life, I journeyed to my trusted spirit animals and guides, asking for guidance on how best to handle a situation. I was able to ground myself, trust my intuition, and hold space for a loved one without it overtaking my thoughts.

As I continue the work of a year two student, I can see myself fulfilling my dream of helping others through energy work. I look forward to the remainder of my year two studies and on to year three. In addition to the workshops and check-ins that are part of the curriculum of Spirit Flow, there are additional activities to deepen our spiritual community of students and alums. Connecting with other students through our ongoing activities, including camping weekends, bonfires, book clubs, and other spiritual-based activities, are just the icing on the cake!

JULIE GANN is a marketing professional by day who thrives on connecting the dots, solving problems, and creating content that drives results. Her passions outside of work include shamanism, yoga, gardening, cooking, and any activity which brings her closer to nature. Julie also enjoys using her talents to support her circle of friends and small business owners in achieving their personal and professional goals through mindful and focused messaging. Connect with her at

I have only recently realized that my work with Mary in Spirit Flow is leading me to restore missing or fragmented portions of my mental, spiritual, and emotional self. I plan to join Mary in the summer of 2024 on her yearly retreat to Peru, as the students who have gone share that the deep, accelerated healing that happens during the retreat is profound. I look forward to experiencing a true rebirth in the jungle. Spirit Flow has given me a healing toolkit that continues to grow and friends that will be with me for a lifetime. a

Shamanic Studies April 2023 Journey to Peru July 2023 2 0 2 3 H a p p e n i n g s S P I R I T F L O W S H A M A N I C S T U D I E S W E L L N E S S C O A C H I N G & H E A L I N G S C A C A O C E R E M O N I E S S P E A K I N G E N G A G E M E N T S F O R M O R E I N F O R M A T I O N O N 2 0 2 3 O P P O R T U N I T I E S : Z E N I T H H I G H . C O M | M A R Y @ Z E N I T H H I G H . C O M | 9 5 2 - 9 1 3 - 5 5 7 4 Specializing In: by Mary Newstrom
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Regardless of what the gurus or certified life coaches are selling to you, a true awakening is messy. It’s raw, honest, vulnerable, profound, and not as wonderful/blissful as many make it out to be. Nor is it a “virtue signaling, hand waving, spiritual meme posting, look at me I’m spiritual and you don’t don’t understand my suffering” attempt to call attention yourself to seek external validation from others.

No, it’s far from that. It’s a complete tare down of the identity in which you’ve constructed for others to see, in the exchange for who you were meant to be. A higher purpose, a higher calling. A deep and profound awakening.

you so valiantly choose to accept the call, is to embark upon a journey which requires the destruction of the ego, the self, and let go of all perceptions of who you are (currently) for an opportunity to align yourself with your highest-self or highest purpose. You must be valiant and remain vigilant. And your character flaws will make themselves known, every step of the way. This is a daunting task, that’s for sure.

Peng Roden Her, LAc.

A true awakening is not changing who you are, but a process of discarding who you are not. An honest self-reflection of your propensity to entertain the darkness within. It’s a process of unbecoming to become. It is a process of aligning who you are (currently), with who you are meant to be (divinely)—the highest-self, divine-self, ideal-self, or eternal-self. In your true god/goddess like form – embodied within this physical vehicle.

THIS is healing my friends, and it doesn’t occur overnight. It can’t be found in the next book. It doesn’t happen after 3 weekend workshops and it sure as hell can’t be made into a certificate which can be handed out. No “human being” can validate how far you’ve come except for you and your higher power. However, you’ll need to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Individuals who’ve already paved the way. Individuals who are pursuing their truth, their purpose, and who are willing to shift out of the victim-mindset and into a growth-mindset.

This is a Red-pill moment for those of you who are ready. I’m tired of handing out Blue-pills. I’ve been handing out Blue-pills for years. And frankly, I’m sick of it. If you want to play it safe, stay comfortable, and live in certainty…keep dabbling, taking classes, drifting, and gathering as many “certificates” as you can to appease yourself with outside/external validation. Pop your Blue-pills and go back to what you know to be true. Because you’re not ready for what I have to offer.

is a licensed acupuncturist, medical intuitive, and master of qigong. As a medical intuitive, he has the ability to sense the physical, mental and emotional ailments of his patients–he combines these gifts to treat both the symptom and the source. For treatments and qigong courses visit

A true awakening, is the beginning of an identity crisis. You will experience much suffering before this can occur. And few, very few, have the tenacity to answer the call. If you’re reading this article “right now,” perhaps you’re being called. But remember this… you’re not special… MANY are called… but FEW are chosen. And here’s the secret. No one has the ability to choose you, but you. Your daily actions, habits, and routines determine your capacity for the calling. You choose you (daily) through removing habits which aren’t in alignment with your highest-self.

The whole of our identity is composed of a community of identities. And as you embark upon a genuine awakening, identities within you, which hold the lowest of frequencies will become more pronounced – unconsciously affecting your main identity and therefore, affecting your character. And your job, if

I say this with love. Unapologetically, but with love nonetheless.

But for those of you who are ready for the Red-pill, know this, there are multiple Red-pills along the way. And with each breakdown (which will lead to your breakthrough), you will have to decide what kind of truths you are ready to face. But more importantly, more valiantly, which truths you are ready to swallow…and how much truth you can hold down. The breakdowns will be hard, hurtful, painful even. Cognitive dissonance will be your normal. And there will be times where you will hate me, spite me, curse me even. Shake your fists and ask why. This wasn’t the awakening you wanted, but this will be the awakening you needed.

My name is Peng Roden Her, I’m a licensed acupuncturist, medical intuitive, and Master of Qigong. I’ve been studying martial arts, qigong, and meditation since I was 13 years old. More importantly, I’ve been studying myself. And man, Peng has many flaws. It’s not easy, it was never easy, and it will never be easy. But it IS simple. And I’ve given myself the title of Master out of necessity, not out of clout or a sense of entitlement.


Do you have physical symptoms that won't go away? Insomnia, interrupted sleep, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, heartburn, acid reflux, fatigue, migraines, vertigo, hot flashes, and other symptoms that won't go away no matter what you throw at it? Have you used all sorts of complementary and alternative medicine therapies, got results (even though you're compliant) and are now experiencing diminishing returns?

If this is the case, perhaps it's a Spiritual issue Perhaps the care you're getting is addressing everything else except for the Spirit? And if this is you, perhaps I can help.

18 | NEW YEAR'S 2023 • the edge magazine

For years, I’ve been pulling my punches, watching the suffering continue – due to misinformation from well intended people. Vilifying and censoring myself, in an attempt to not ruffle feathers or challenge the ideas of others. Unfortunately, we’re running out of time. My voice is now needed more than ever. And for those of you who have been waiting for me, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that it took so long, but I’m ready now. True transformation requires HONEST self-reflection and nothing less.

Grab an acupuncture session from me and get a taste for what’s to come. And if you’re hungry for more, my next Qigong class will launch in February of 2023. Another Qigong class? No. It’s not another series of exercises or tricks to move energy. Classes like that are a dime a dozen. What I’m offering to you is a series of exercises which will lead to a series of transformations, the transformations can be earth shattering, so come prepared.

Not everyone is ready for what I have to teach, even those who think that they’re ready. If my choice of words and execution rubbed you wrong, good. This was intentional. It lets you know that I’m not going to be your cup of tea. However, if my execution perked you up and got you excited, GOOD. You’re my ideal client! I’ve been waiting for you, more rather, you’ve been waiting for me. Let’s not waste our precious time anymore. There’s much to do. Let’s rapidly move out of suffering and into healing. I can’t heal you, no one can, no one but you. However, I can align you to your higher source… and, I can show you the door… but you MUST walk through.

Let’s stop talking about healing and actually start doing it! Multiple Red-pills lie in your wait. It’s go time! a

JD Slajchert on Grief & Loss Healed with a Letter

I don’t think it has ever been more important to believe. Believe that the sun will outshine the clouds. Believe that the good will overpower the bad. Believe that the light will overtake the dark. We must believe, because what are we without the hope that something greater exists beyond? It can’t be that we’re just randomly here, without a purpose or cause. Or is it true that we are just something that exists for a short time, and then we’re gone, forgotten? To be honest, I think we have been grappling with this question since the beginning of time, but I believe there is something more. I believe we exist in life, and I believe we exist in the place that comes after life.

In my new novel, Darling, You’re Not Alone, I attempted to illustrate my idyllic heaven. Growing up, I think we all imagine heaven as a perfect place, where no pain and no hurt could bother us, but I think that heaven has less to do with feelings, and more to do with understanding. Heaven is a place where absolute clarity is finally achieved in a transcendent way. All the things we went through – good or bad – are explained in a way that helps us make sense of everything. But during this transition into becoming the angels we were destined to become, and while writing this book, I was pulled by this simple question, “Why is it that death is so hard on those we leave behind?”

In my life, I’ve watched many people struggle to cope with the loss of someone close to them. I’ve watched mothers grieve for sons. I’ve watched sons grieve for mothers. I’ve even watched strangers grieve for other strangers. Because, ultimately, experiencing death frightens us. But experiencing death is something that also connects us. We share the fact that we’ve all lost someone we’ve loved. Death is a terrible, gut-wrenching part of life, but what a miracle it is to even be a part of life.

As I thought more about this question surrounding the pain we leave behind for those we loved, an idea came to me. What if heaven did have everything to do with our time here being explained, but also provided the opportunity to share this knowledge with the loved ones we’d left behind? What if we were given the chance to write one letter, back to one loved on Earth, letting them know that we were okay?

Letting them know that it’s okay for them to go on and live their lives. That it hurt when we had to leave, but that we were hurting no more. That we were now happily looking down on them from a place beyond the clouds.

So, as a call to action, I ask anyone reading this to take a moment to think about who they would write to if they were given the chance to send one last message to someone. What would you write? What would you want that person to know? How would you want that person to remember you? Now, with that same person in mind, I ask, instead of waiting to write them that letter, how about you write it now? Because each day is a miracle. Each day a gift. Take a moment to write that person and tell them how much they mean to you today. Tell them whatever it is you’d like them to know. The opportunity to share our feelings and express ourselves is unique. The #YoureNotAlone Letter Writing Campaign challenges people to take action and make a difference by writing their very own “letter from heaven.”

I get asked all the time what it is that I believe in, and my answer is simple. I believe in people. I believe we all have the power inside us to be someone’s angel. I believe we all can carry the light. I believe in you. Give them heaven. a

JD Slajchert is an American novelist, public speaker, philanthropist and screenwriter. Three months after graduating from college, his debut novel MoonFlower was published in 2018. His journey as a writer found its unlikely beginning through a series of letters back and forth between him and a good friend. These letters later became the backbone of his first story. JD is also a motivational speaker that inspires individuals from all different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to follow their dreams.

It’s go time! And I’ve been waiting for you too!
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The #YoureNotAlone Letter Writing Campaign challenges people to take action and make a difference by writing their very own “letter from heaven.”

Know Thy Self


You have a powerful new vibrational energy to align with in 2023. The mystical energy of 7 is the energy known to be used by the Masters, Muses, and the Wizards. Last year in 2022 it was time for you to heal your differences and let go of conflict. Once you are no longer troubled by conflict, it’s time to explore the deeper aspects of who you. The energy of 2023 is vibrating at a very high 7-vibrational frequency and inspiring you to Know Thy Self.

The vibrational energy of 7 is encouraging you to explore the powers of your inner world. Your inner world is where you can access otherworldly ways to make your dreams and desires happen as you learn more about the art and science of using mystical manifesting energies.

This year the veils of consciousness will be much thinner as you become more aware of the innate powers you were born to use. When you start on your path to know thy self, you will awaken more of your innate spiritual powers. You will become more conscious of your many powerful hidden gifts.

Why aren’t we all using these energetic mystical powers today? Most often this information is passed off as crazy, impossible, silly, ridiculous, new age woo- woo! The adage proves to be true “If you can believe it, you can achieve it”. To make it come true for you, you must learn to trust the transcendent vibrational energies of 7 this year.

The interesting paradox of 7-energy is that not only is it mystical, but it is also a skeptical energy! To become a believer, you must see it work many times to make sure it was not a trick or just plain luck. One of the key factors is trust. As you begin to explore and harness your mysterious 7 energies, you will need to develop a strong trust in yourself and a trust in your innate abilities to manifest your desires. 2023 will be amazing as you learn how to use and apply your spiritual energetic abilities to create and manifest the life you dream of living. a

WES HAMILTON, master numerologist, brings a blend of extensive practical experience and extraordinary mystical know-how to his work. As a Master Numerologist, clients throughout the world seek his guidance and insight regarding important decisions.

CAREER: Make time to create your 2023 intention for what you want to create so that you can enhance the career you have or explore the career you desire.

RELATIONSHIPS : Take a deeper dive into knowing more about yourself so that you will feel authentic and confident to engage more in existing and new relationships.

HEALTH : Get to know more about yourself by exploring the vehicle you walk around in, your body. Listening to your body’s needs is a valuable skill to become your healthiest self.

SPIRITUAL : Explore your beliefs about the world you live in. When you know thy self, you become attuned to the flow of the universe.

To trust in your abilities and accept the deeper aspects of who you are being, develop these practices:
20 23
20 | NEW YEAR'S 2023 • the edge magazine
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Memoir as Medicine The Healing Power of Writing Your Mess, Imperfect, Unruly (but Gorgeously Yours) Life Story

This is not just a book for people who love to write. This book is for anyone with a story, a life story, and we all have that in common. A story to tell. The author, with decades of teaching memoir writing, guides you not only to know how to write your story, but shares the story of her own life and the healing that writing can bring about.

Spirits Unveiled: A Fresh Perspective On Angels, Guides, Ghosts & More

Spirits Unveiled is a practical guide to interacting with the spirit world in every day life. Welch helps the reader be confident in knowing how to honor and enjoy these relationships with the spirit world and also how to set good boundaries with entities who you would rather “not” have in your life. Explore the energy of land, animal spirits, extraterrestrials, angels, and so much more. Great book to leave out on the coffee table as a conversation starter.

Erik Gulsvig teaches seventh grade Life Science and has worked in the Wayzata Public Schools for over 20 years. He is a crystal enthusiast, loves his birds, and is an avid reader of The Edge.

The Ultimate Guide to Crystals: The Beginner's Guide to the Healing Energy of 100 Crystals and Stones (Volume 16)

Author Rachel Hancock once stated “(she) felt a calling to help others use crystals to heal their lives.” Her journey to understanding crystals eventually led her to intuitively choosing those crystals that best met her own healing needs. As she progressed, she researched the healing properties of the chosen crystals and was on her way to becoming a Reiki master and certified advanced crystal practitioner.

The book is well balanced between the scientific and metaphysical. Scientifically, the reader is introduced to the differences between crystals, rocks, minerals and other terminology which can be intimidating. These terms are defined succinctly and in a way everyone can understand. The lattice make-up and Moh’s hardness scale are discussed to understand the appearance and delicacy of the different crystals. Finally, major mineral elements found in the human body and crystalline structure are described and connected.

Metaphysically, Hancock gives her “starter kit” of the top 15 crystals practitioners should have in their arsenal. She describes how to cleanse, charge and attune to a crystal, setting your intention for its use. An entire chapter is devoted to the care of your crystals and what to do if your crystal has become damaged. The use of crystals in chakra healing and balancing is another devoted chapter. Other uses for crystals can be found scattered throughout the book.

Of course, the actual guide to the 100 crystals takes up much of the book. Each page focuses on a new crystal with its name, major attributes and a bulleted list of its uses in spiritual, physical and emotional healing. A beautiful color picture is included, as well as a table about the stone, including recommended pairings, precautions, elements and an affirmation in its use, as well as more mainstream information. It would be nice if there were some sort of a color guide you could access by fanning the book pages.

While specifically titled as a book for beginners, I feel this is an excellent book for any crystal collector.

22 | NEW YEAR'S 2023 • the edge magazine


We Are the Luckiest The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life

McKowen holds nothing back in this book about her journey with alcoholism and sobriety. Writing about the things many of us may think, but never say outloud, the author candidly shares her story as a wife, mother, coworker, sister, daughter and the effects of alcohol on every aspect of her life. There isn’t one aspect of this book that is sugarcoated. If you like honesty and straight forward writing, then you will love this read.

In the Spirit of Home: Practical Ways to Create Your Perfect Haven

Have you been looking to raise the vibration of your home? In the Spirit of Home is packed with simple solutions, using a variety of techniques, and exploring each room of your house to create a more magical home that will nurture you and those you love. Morrison doesn’t stop at the inside of the house, she takes you outside to the balcony and garden to continue the flow of good vibes for your home.

Our Spiritual DNA: Twelve Ascended Masters And The Evidence For Our Divine Ancestry

Ever wonder where it is that you fit into God’s plan? If incarnations of the great Masters, the challenges and accomplishments of their lives, and understanding your spiritual and genetic connection to God are topics that intrigue you, then this may be a read for you. Using Mary and St. Germain as her main focus, the author takes you on a fascinating journey where you may find much self discovery.



Sacred Nature Oracle is a stunning deck created by Holly Wilmeth that allows you to awaken to a place of sacred sanctuary and become one with nature. Enter into a world of natural magic and embrace the beauty that surrounds you. Each oracle card displays an elegant, sepiatoned photograph of a different plant spirit or messenger, communing with a different plant, which can guide users to calm themselves and find healing within.

The Pulp Girls are a dynamic duo dedicated to creating pulp art memes centering diversity and female empowerment. With this tarot deck and guide, discover your strengths and take charge of your life with insight from the powerful archetypes of the major arcana, including Justice, Strength, The High Priestess, The Magician, The Lovers, and The Fool, and the subtle day-to-day details conveyed by the minor arcana, the suit cards of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.


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Breathe in the Full Moon

The Being Curious Show

Sundays 2-3pm on AM950 the Progressive Voice of America. The Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian is about creating discussions that curiously connect Teachers and Seekers on a wide range of topics. Through the conduit of being curious, our intention is for our conversations to spark your own curiosity. Go to to hear episodes or subscribe using your favorite app.

Light Meditations for You and the World

FREE to Join! December is a time when the darkness outside starts to creep in and the stress of the holidays can start to weigh on us. Counter the darkness and stress by bringing in light for yourself and the world with Annette Rugolo’s Free Light Meditations for the World. The meditations will be held virtually December 5, 12, 19 2022. 7-8pm CST Price: FREE Register at

New Episodes of Edge Talk Radio

Edge Talk Radio is back – and hosted by teacher, coach and medium Angela Zabel. Angela brings decades of experiences and learnings, and an expansive new list of special guests! Listen to new episodes the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7pm CST. Find out more about Angela and her private and group sessions, personal and spiritual growth coaching, classes and retreats at Browse previous shows at

Charvinity LIVE every Tuesday

Join the Paranormal Network for LIVE readings, sales, and more. Each week we will chat about topics from both the metaphysical and the paranormal. I will share any upcoming events and sales with you that you may want to attend. FREE 7-8pm CST every Tuesday night in 2022 online via Facebook Live. Join at:

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Publicize your upcoming classes, expos, and other events on our new Community Calendar platform! It's the fast and efficient way to promote your event to an audience ready for holistic and spiritual exploration. ALL EVENTS

Christmas Day Sunday Service

Join Terri Peterson for an evening of SOUL BREATHING, HEART HEALING & SOUL CONNECTION by Zoom. You will let go of stress, clear your blocks, raise your vibration to find more clarity, harmony, peace and joy. It's a FULL MOON. As we breathe in the full moon energies, we will send our intentions out to the ethers to bring our desires into form and help create the new Earth. NEWBIES start at 7pm CST EXPERIENCED BREATHERS should join by 7:30p CST. Fee: $35 or pay what you can. $66 for 2 sessions. Register at Contact Terri at 651-442-4623 or

Author Book Signing for Busco

Meet the author of Busco: We Are All Just Mutts After All Robert Kowalski, and find out why he writes about diversity and inclusion. Free event 1-3pm Dec 10th 2022 at the Barnes and Noble at 3230 Galleria, MN Edina 55435. For more info and to order your own copy of Busco contact Robert Kowalski at 612-363-8888 and

Creating Sacred Space - Level I

Our physical spaces and the land they are built upon have natural and accumulated energies that can disturb our wellbeing. Learn how to intentionally create environments that feel more supportive and harmonious, so you can be at your best. Apply the techniques you learn when you travel, work in new spaces, and to help your family and friends. When: Thursday December 15, 2022 1-5pm CST St Paul, MN or online via Zoom. Price: $175 plus $50 for manual. Register at

Women’s Power Hour LIVE

We offer a FREE interactive infusion of centering meditation, supportive conversation, and community among women. Women’s Power Hour brings you the best of women empowering and supporting well-being, focusing on living healthier, more meaningful, and happier lives. Friday 11am – 12pm Dec 16, 2022. Online via Zoom. More at

Winter Solstice Meditation

Awaken to more of your potential! The School for Higher Consciousness is sponsoring a global meditation to help people better understand and integrate the energies coming onto the planet to help usher in a new era of freedom, wisdom and higher consciousness. Maureen Higgins of will be leading the meditation and sharing what she sees as the Guides and Ascended Masters bring in the higher vibrational energies. Register at to receive a Zoom link the day of the meditation.

Join Spirit United Interfaith Church, a like minded spiritual community on Christmas morning in-person or via Zoom. Presented by Rev. Pamela Marko, who is a wise teacher, energy healer and reader. Pam shares healing words of wisdom and calming meditations during Spirit United services. Date: Sunday, Dec. 25, 10:30am. Location: Holistic Gateway – Center for the Healing Arts, in the Thunder Bay Mall. 11 Little Canada Rd. E., Little Canada, MN 55117. To join via Zoom, find the link at the top right of our website


Intuitive Development I

In this series of five classes, you will learn how to connect to your intuitive abilities and listen to the insights provided by your Higher Self and guides. Discover how you access information – see, feel, hear, or know–and learn to trust your inner guidance. Saturday Jan. 14, 2023 10:00am – 2:00pm Wednesdays Jan. 18, 25, Feb. 1, 2023 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Baldwin, WI or online via Zoom $375 plus $25 for the manual. To Register: Call or text Nancy Randen at 715-928-3098 or email

Breath Mastery Seminar: Level 2 "I Breathe to LOVE"

Level 2 includes four breath sessions over the two days and much more. You will learn body mapping points along with affirmations to assist in clearing stuck emotions and trauma and the subconscious mind. There are breath sessions to balance and activate the higher chakras, free your self-expression, access higher states of consciousness, and connect to your soul purpose. Pre-requisite - Level 1: I Love to BREATHE. Fee: $425 or $375 (early bird) + pool fee. Saturday, Jan. 14 9:30am - 6pm. Sunday, Jan. 15 9am - 5pm. Register at Contact Terri at 651-442-4623 or

Develop & Deepen Your Intuition –Intuitive Development Levels I & II

Start your path to learning on energy healing and how to self heal and support others in a small group setting. Each class is designed to open and expand your intuition as you experience different techniques. Explore a range of techniques that you can practice between classes to keep developing your skills. Jan 19, 26, Feb 2, 16, 23, March 2, 2023 9:30am - 1:30pm CST. Saint Paul, MN or online via Zoom. Cost: $650 + 50.00 for both manuals. Register at

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