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APRIL 2019 NO. 317 EXPLORING THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS READ ADDITIONAL CONTENT EACH MONTH AT WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET 6    Decoding Power vs. Force by Mas Sajady 8    In Memorium: Ilga Liga Cimbulis 8 Arkansas Healer presenting ‘Return to Innocence’

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Why Nature is Essential to Your Soul


16 Connection to Sacred Wild & Urban Nature by Julie Morley 16 Mother Earth: The Forgotten Healer by Sara Astraya 17 The Power of Nature: Reconnecting to Our Roots by Allie Maurer 18   Come with Me through the Essence of Nature by Elizabeth L. Lukacs 19 Spirit of Gaia, Spirit Leaves, by Janet Michele Red Feather 20 Nature offers Us Serenity, Wisdom & Connection by Rahjta Ren 20 Embracing Nature and Growing Our Tree of Life by Johanna Kern 21 A Journey with the Rivers, by Barbara Ryman 22 Into the Woods: How Nature brings Us to our Best Selves, by Anne Brady-Cronin


8 Pagan Pride hosts May Day Celebration in Willmar 8 MoonCrafted Essentials: Bringing Handmade  Magick to the South Metro 10 Awakening of the Dove A Pleiadian Message, by Christine Day 12  Sara Astraya launches E-Mentoring to make finding Your Life Purpose Easy 14  April Horoscope: In like a Lamb, Out like a Lion Mercurial Messages Through the Zodiac,  by Heather Roan Robbins 15 Affirm: ‘I am Safe to Feel’   A Monthly Affirmation, by Charlotte “Mama” Rose

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Decoding Power vs. Force BY MAS SAJADY THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS has provided an opportunity for me to reflect on the difference between power and force. Through these reflections, I’ve realized how important it is to be able to detect the influence of power versus the implementation of force. As this wave of awakening hits our planet, I believe it is a skill we all need to cultivate. Power and force are not synonymous, and my recent experiences have taught me this. For some time now my work and character have been persistently slandered by two to three individuals. Using standard “fake-news” and paparazzi tactics, they have manipulated my words, taken incidents out of context, attacked my family, and any organization, vendor, or individual that associates with me.    Sadly, I am not alone. Many colleagues and well-known players in the consciousness arena have experienced similar situations and, like me, found that the legal protections lag the escalation and evolving nature of cyber-bullying and cyber-hate crimes. Today, there is so much misinformation and deception pushed onto us. The time is upon us where we must hone our inner guidance and ability to detect truth. In doing so, we can activate personal power.    So what is power, and how is it different from force? Power is a reflection of the degree of openness to Pure Source and all that is true or based in reality. In other words, all that is pure, unfiltered, free from distortion, ego or mental programming of any kind. It is rooted in Pure Source — the unconditionally loving, infinitely accepting space of ultimate neutrality. Power is efficient, bringing maximum results using minimal effort. It can be associated with the flow state. It is a space where all things are possible and creativity is limitless. It is life-ward focused, strengthening the physicality when opened to. Force is a reflection of the degree to which one is closed off from Pure Source. It is filtered by a false reality that is laced to one degree or another by distortion, ego and mental programming. In a sense, these filters THE EDGE MAGAZINE 763.433.9291 P.O. Box 664, Anoka, MN 55303 PUBLISHERS TIM MIEJAN & CATHY JACOBSEN EDITOR TIM MIEJAN 651.578.8969

are the kink in the hose to Pure Source. The more distortions there are, the more you are limiting your flow from Pure Source, and the more false your reality. Force is rooted in and driven by fear. Results through force are unsustainable and require significant effort to achieve - working hard, pushing through, and swimming upstream. It is a space with limited possibilities and little creativity. It is draining of life force and leads to weakening of physicality when dominant.   There is no need for us to succumb to force. When we are able to ignite the power within us we unleash a multitude of abilities and limitless possibilities. We come into a space of higher consciousness where the frequency and vibration of our world can elevate. But it is our responsibility to tap into our own power to attain a life of significance and we must carefully avoid pathways where force can be used for personal gain.   After nearly a decade of assisting individuals with personal development and spiritual work, I’ve seen a pattern emerge. Those who have the greatest commitment to change, growth and personal evolution are those who have a deep desire, and increasingly accurate ability, to see and know truth — no matter what. Despite the depths of their initial programming placed on them by families, cultural rule-sets, religions and institutions, these individuals are dedicated to finding truth. In doing so, they align with their higher self where distortions and false realities melt away. 


Their desire to do what is needed to reach a state of higher consciousness gives them the power and determination to face their fears and the courage to move through the heaviness of humanity. When they achieve a centered state of balance, wisdom and assuredness, they access a connection to Pure Source so strong that no amount of force, fear or manipulation can fool them or shake their foundation of awakening. The purity wave of enlightenment that is moving through our planet is magnifying everything that is or ever will be. There has never been a more significant moment in time to learn to differentiate what is true from what is not. At the core, we are Pure Source itself. As such, one might say that recognizing what is true is as simple as noticing whether it resonates with the core of your being. I am not discouraged by the state of the world or by the extensive web of lies, deceit and use of force that we face each day. “Why?” you may ask.  Because I know that for those of us on this path to awakening, we have the power to transform if we are able to reveal the truth of our own grandness and look within to find the well of solutions and magnificence waiting for us. I encourage you to reflect on your desires. Ask yourself if you seek to know truth, to really understand it and be able to detect it. Then, as the world offers up a myriad of realities to you each day, approach each with the question, “Is this true?” Let the answer come. It always will. a

Internationally known energy healer and transformational catalyst Mas Sajady presents a powerfully transformative workshop, “Power vs Force” 7-10pm Friday, April 26, at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. All proceeds will benefit LHSC. Visit minneapolis. MAS SAJADY, founder of Exponential Intelligence®, Medimorphosis and Medihealing® has helped tens of thousands around the world break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives so they achieve not only success, but also significance in their lives. Visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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Arkansas Healer presenting ‘Return to Innocence’ What do the Holy O, the moon portal, 999 to the power of 7th paradigms, the Nine Clusters, the Crystal Lattice, Karions, the Brown Ray, the Neutral Zone, the Order of Trons, the Fractal Codes and Dr. Dan Mathews the Neutron Stars all have in common? They all play a part in a Holy Divine Healing (HDH) experience with Dr. Dan Mathews from Arkansas. He will return to the Twin Cities May 15-21 to present a full-day workshop combined with Soul Breathing, a group healing event and individual healing sessions. The workshop,  ”Return to Innocence: Breathe in your Holy O Royal Correlator & your Steps to Ascension,” will combine Dr. Mathews’ Holy Divine Healing with Soul Breathing™ — a powerful breathing process facilitated by Terri Peterson. It will be from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday, May 18 at Courtyard Marriott Bloomington, 7800 Bloomington Ave. S. The event will include new information received by Dr. Mathews the day of the event, and it is described as “magical, cutting edge and highly transformational.” It is limited to 18 spots. Those who are new to Soul Breathing can arrive an hour earlier, at 9 a.m., for an introductory talk to learn the breathing technique. The Group Healing Event will take place from 7-9 p.m. that same evening, at the same location. As you share your gifts and your unique vibration, the group energy created together will assist with the upliftment of the planet and the expansion of human consciousness. The event includes a Q & A and it will be teleconferenced. The workshop and group event are expected to fill quickly and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The costs are: Group Healing Evening Event $35, and Return to Innocence  see HEALER on p. 12


In Memorium Ilga Liga Cimbulis (1954-2019) ILGA LIGA CIMBULIS was known to The Edge community as a noteworthy animal communicator and intuitive, but she was so much more. She worked as a professional photographer before creating the Minnetonka-based Eat Play Love Pet Sitting business. In work and in play, Ilga served others with her compassionate love and energy, consistently enriching the lives of those she knew. Ilga will be remembered as a bright shining light who made the world a better place for everyone she met. Ilga’s life touched so many and they were all changed for the better by her generous spirit and passion for life. Ilga enjoyed many years with her beloved horse, Julaan, and the many furry family members that she took care of through her business. Theater was another passion of Ilga’s, frequently attending plays at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Children’s Theatre, Old Log Theater, and the Minnetonka High School Theater. Her sanctuary for balance and wellness was at The Marsh, Minnetonka, where she enjoyed yoga classes, water aerobics, book clubs, and socializing during lunch and happy hour. She was also a long-time member of the Minnesota Arboretum and enjoyed the nature programs, the walking trails, and especially the

holiday events.   Ilga Liga Cimbulis was born on May 6, 1954 to Egons and Liga Cimbulis in Minneapolis, and she passed away peacefully on Feb. 13, 2019, after an eightmonth battle with cancer. She died in hospice care at Hopkins Care Center in Hopkins, Minnesota, surrounded by loving friends and nursing staff. Ilga was preceded in death by her parents and brother, Maris Cimbulis. Ilga was a graduate of Minnetonka High School in 1972. Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Hopkins Care Center and Park Nicollet Hospice Care. A Celebration of Life Service will take place from 1-3 p.m. Saturday, June 29, at The Marsh, 15000 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka. Memorials can be made in memory of Ilga Cimbulis payable to Hopkins Health Services, 725 Second Ave. S., Hopkins, MN 55343, and will be used for resident’s needs, such as a new TV or new electric recliner. Our hearts ache but also rejoice that her pain is over. Ilga’s life touched so many and we were all changed for the better by her generous spirit. a

Pagan Pride hosts May Day Celebration in Willmar The Second Annual May Day Celebration Pagan Pride of Willmar will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 4 at Willmar Community Center, 624 Highway 71 North in Willmar. It will feature two psychic galleries by Psychic Medium Tiffany Johnson (Psychic Tiff), speakers, vendors, readings, music and much more. Psychic Tiff is a lifelong professional psychic and evidential medium who is well known in the paranormal community. Grant Wilson from SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” says “she is the best psychic I have ever worked with.” Her psychic galleries, which include readings conducted at random, have been described as “raw and authentic.” The galleries will include mediumship and may include strong language and emotional-adult content. All gallery participants are not guaranteed a reading. Tickets are now on sale at 320.765.2510. Another featured speaker, Justin Steinberg, will present “Project Origin: Untold Stories,” and Renee Plemmons will make the featured presentation on the Raindrops Technique. The featured band is Leprechaun Pirates. For more information, email or call 320.765.2510.a

MoonCrafted Essentials Bringing handmade magick to the South Metro MoonCrafted Essentials of Shakopee, Minn., is a small handmade business that is fairly new to the local business scene. It is run by makers, and witches themselves, Theresa Mennig and Brandi Plaster, who have been creating their own magickal tools for about a decade. MoonCrafted Essentials began in September 2017 with a website and catalog of candles and ritual bath products. MoonCrafted Essentials was born from the need for spiritual tools made with magickal intention. As a small, pagan, family-owned business, MoonCrafted Essentials strives to help pagan practitioners reconnect to the magick that surrounds them every day. It may have all started with handmade candles, but the shop’s selection has now grown to include invocation candles, ritual soaps, bath potions, body butter, jewelry, crystals, and the newest addition of handfasting cords. Based out of their Shakopee home,

MoonCrafted Essentials participated in both Southern MN and Twin Cities Pagan Pride, among other local events in 2018, with plans to attend both again this year along with Paganicon. They have also been featured in the July 2017 Bella Soul Box subscription box. “We don’t want to be another drop shipping or wholesale business,” says Theresa Mennig. “Even though not all of our products are 100 percent handmade, there will always be some personal touch in all our products.” Brandi Plaster, wife and co-owner, said, “There is such an important connection between practitioner and the tools they use, and we want to help people bring magick back into their daily lives.” Learn more at You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. For direct questions, email btadmin@ a



Awakening of the Dove A Pleiadian Message

BY CHRISTINE DAY BELOVED ONES, WE GREET YOU. Since New Year there has been a pure form birthed on the planet. A completely new framework was created and activated, and this form has enfolded Earth with its essence, and interwoven itself within the multidimensional layers of the planet. This framework has been forged at this juncture to support you in being able to transform and accelerate your awakening by shifting your awareness to stabilize you within an alignment to your multidimensional sacred aspect Higher Self. The design of this process is to enable you to begin to live from a different perspective of understanding and clarity within your day-to-day lives and to see, sense, witness and or have a “knowingness” of Truth that has always existed beyond the illusion of the 3rd dimensional drama. Each one of you has the potential to fully engage with your unique God light aspect now and consciously utilize this higher aspect of Self. These openings originated from the Corridor of Light anchoring on Earth.

CONSCIOUS PATH Those of you on a conscious path, who are actively engaging within your heart, are able to propel yourselves forward to merge with a higher level of your awakened state within your unique God light. This process is an aspect of the New Dawning Prophecy that was set in place for your planet and humanity for this time. You have come here to have this direct experience of living on Earth in a conscious state of awakening. The purity of the collective God consciousness essence is currently utilizing the Corridor of Light to build a further expansive form of this framework. This is to support you individually in your quest to fully experience the multidimensional aspect of you. This pure consciousness framework is being extended into the magnetic core of your planet, flowing outwards to the multidimensional energetic atmosphere, surrounding Earth. We liken this flow to an energetic womb that is supporting you in a transmutation process of birth within your physical cells. Simultaneously there is a rapid, electrical shift throughout your energetic body. You are being held within this space while you move through this powerful transitional birth. The quality of this energy transmitted from the framework is about to enter another phase. By the middle of April these transmissions will contain a higher resonance frequency of God light. These vibrations will 1 0  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

be transmitted directly into the magnetic core of the planet, shifting the magnetic rotation. This energetic light will continue to steadily build, creating a series of crescendo light waves. This will create a continuous movement of light, designed to shift you deeper within the sacred aspect of your God light, expanding you further and further into a higher state of consciousness. This flow is designed to act as an energetic network moving across the planet. It brings communion to those of you who are actively engaging within your hearts, bringing you access into a series of multidimensional doorways to a higher perspective of Truth and love.

AWAKENING OF THE DOVE This process is a first step, a preparation, of the next process to launch you into what we call the full “Awakening of the Dove” energy. The Dove energy is set to fully activate on our planet on April 27. This is part of the completion prophecy within the Mayan calendar. There is a call being put out to all of you to open and receive these new frequencies of light that are pulsing from this expanded framework in readiness for this full shift of consciousness. These energies, called “frequencies of love,” have been released at this time on your planet to prepare you for being in direct alignment with the Awakening of the Dove energy. This energy of the Dove is the return of a higher essence of love consciousness for your planet. This is what we refer to as an “unconditional love”state. This energy has been designed specifically for those of you who are on a conscious path of awakening, because you are ready to realign to this higher form of love. This higher frequency of love is for you to receive and engage with now, and it is to be re-accessed through your multidimensional heart. This is you being returned to a natural aspect of the Higher Self. An aspect of your mission is for you to access and begin to transmit this love outwards from your heart to humanity. As a race, you need this frequency of pure love within your environment of Earth. Simply, this is the right timing for this essence to be an active gift within your lives.

POWER OF LOVE Know that this love frequency can shift the balance within the planet. The essence of the love can be sourced through the hearts of people, whether they are aware of it or not. The power of love can transform and heal. Love is the one true healer that always reigns supreme in every moment. No one thing is greater than love.

There is much for you to celebrate at this juncture. This celebration is about you and your unique sacred place that you have upon Earth. Those of you who are actively engaged with the frequency of Truth in your lives will begin to witness a profound shift of light birth within this multidimensional framework on Earth. This frequency will reveal and anchor you further within your place. As an individual, you are supporting these preparations to become manifest. Each one of you holds the platform of this framework within your heart’s multidimensional unique signature frequency. An essential aspect of your unique signature frequency of God light essence is love. The process of your love has always been an active ingredient within you, whether you are aware of this or not. The “wheel is turning” to re-activate this force of unconditional love within your heart. You have always been an aspect of the multidimensional wheel that turns within the Universe, and now your spoke within the wheel is going to become lit!

YOUR VAST POTENTIAL Take this time to bring your awareness through your heart and then open your consciousness outwards. Let go as you breathe into a higher, more open space of your heart. This opening is there, waiting, like a doorway, and it awaits your conscious reconnection to this realm of your light. Be within your heart and let go. By letting go with the conscious breath, you reach outwards and inwards in the same moment. You can move towards the sacred elements of home that exist within your heart. This is the time to utilize your vast multidimensional potential, which has always coexisted with your human self. Your heart is naturally linked into the framework — you only need to consciously choose to align within your heart and then consciously open your awareness within the framework. The energies have been set in place for you to expand an energetic connection within the vastness of the collective God consciousness that makes up elements of this framework. We will witness you as you choose to take this next step. We always continue to play our role, for this is our mission: to anchor stability within the sacred space that exists for you to realign. This space is limitless, held by the power of God, within the full collective communion of light, that has always existed throughout this entire resident Universe.

MONUMENTAL CHANGE This step brings monumental change within you. This is self-empowerment, because  see AWAKENING OF THE DOVE on p. 12




continued from p. 10

you set in motion the fulfillment of your own self-realization process for this lifetime. That is for you to continue to have the human experience and simultaneously to consciously awaken to your Higher Self. Part of your own self-fulfilling prophecy is to change the way you relate to your human part so that your relationship can deepen within yourself. The aim is to be able to hold yourself with love, patience and compassion within your human imperfection. Shift from an action of self-judgment, which creates an internal separation, and move into a place of self-acceptance for all your seeming mistakes and idiosyncrasies. Self-acceptance is the full expression of self-love. When you end separation, you end the internal suffering of the human ego. When you end the internal separation, the enlightenment process can accelerate. Through realignment to Truth, by gaining the reconnection to your Higher Self love, you open up to and allow the possibility for self-acceptance of your imperfections


continued from p. 8

Workshop $222 (or $199 by April 24). Register for both events by April 24 for $215. Register early to reserve a spot at CSC/Offerings.html. Checks and cashs also are accepted.  Contact Terri at Theconnectingspirit. com, 651.442.4623 or theconnectingspirit@gmail. com. Testimonials reveal that Dr. Mathews’ Holy Divine Healing changes individuals on all levels — physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritua lly, and multidimensionally — throughout all time and space. As consciousness expands, Dr. Mathews’ work expands to the next level. Participants say that as they become immersed in the high vibrations of the Holy O and all that Holy Divine Healing has to offer, they begin to understand how this process can expand their soul’s growth.   Dr. Dan Mathews is a chiropractor and spiritual healer from Little Rock, Arkansas, who emerged from a near-death experience in the 1990s with knowledge of how to connect people with their “indwelling God Presence.” Since that time he has remained consciously in communication with the Beings of Light that he encountered during the “death” experience. He continues to receive updates on how to better serve people, the Earth and humanity. And he generously shares it with everyone he meets. He is completely devoted to his path of uplifting humanity and the planet with his gift. For more information about his work, visit, Holydivinehealing. or watch?v=70bABxvLJmo a 1 2  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

that exist within your human aspect. You have the direct experience of being “perfectly imperfect” and you can celebrate yourself as a human being. This is the aspect of your mission within your human experience that you have come here to play out.

WITNESS THE ILLUSION The drama on your Earth plane is going to continue to accelerate on many levels. The important thing for you to begin to accomplish right now is to simply witness the illusion of fear that is perpetuated by the ego mind. During this process the essential piece you need to remember is that the illusion is strong and the Truth is even stronger. You can only align to Truth by building a pathway to your heart. Each moment you spend within your heart is accumulative to your stabilization within the vastness of clarity and Truth. Be focused on your goal of a heart connection, step by step, one moment at a time, knowing that within each moment all will be revealed to you for the next moment. All the magic is within your heart in the moment. This is not a time of knowing anything or even understanding

what is coming. The ego mind is obsessed in its need to understand and to know. This is a time for revelations to be discovered within the very moment that you are actually experiencing something. Allow your awareness to adjust to this changing forum, of not trying to work out what is coming and just being with what is right in front of you. When you are present in the moment, everything can shift around you because you are aligned to the moment. You are aligned to the magic that exists in each moment. When you try to figure out what is going to happen, or what you need to do to find a solution, you separate and disengage from being present in the moment. You move with the ego mind and move away from the magic within your heart.

DEEPER TOWARDS TRUTH Keep breathing and letting go within your heart and allow your self to be guided by your heart. Move deeper and deeper within this vast space. The letting go with the breath aligns you deeper towards Truth. Simply be the witness to the drama while  see AWAKENING OF THE DOVE on p. 14

Sara Astraya launches E-Mentoring to make finding Your Life Purpose Easy You know those people who know exactly what they want to do with their life from a very young age? Yeah, that was so not Sara. Sara wanted to explore everything. She worked in politics for a while, then tried working in banking for a few years and later landed in human resources. While she was good at a lot of these jobs, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was still looking for something. And then one day changed her entire life. She remembers sitting with her co-worker in the computer lab at work. She was meeting with her as they normally did when the conversation took an unexpected turn. The co-worker said, “Sara, it seems like you might be an empath.” In that moment everything shifted. Sara had never admitted to anyone in her life that she was an empath. Yet, somehow, some way, that co-worker was able to pick up on that. It surprised Sara, because she spent so much of her life trying to cover up that part of herself. She was afraid of what people would think of her. She was afraid of being called weird or being labeled an outcast. And Sara didn’t even completely understand what it was at the time. Just like that, everything in Sara’s life started to change. She started to see everything differently, gained a greater appreciation for nature and felt inexplicably interconnected to everything. During

the following months, Sara became infatuated with the study of energy healing, metaphysics and astrology. She became a Usui Reiki Master and began doing intuitive readings for friends and family and eventually the public. Quickly it became clear to Sara that the Universe was pulling her in a different direction, one she never expected to go in. Sara went on to become a trusted Astrologer, Healer and Intuitive Mentor. “When we first start to realize that we are experiencing a spiritual awakening, when we realize that life as we know it will never be the same, it can be overwhelming and frightening, Sara says. “You are not alone.” Sara believes that a big part of our purpose in life is learning how to help and heal each other. Sara’s experience with her co-worker has inspired her to find ways to “pay it forward.” That’s why she started the new online business, Sara Astraya. Her e-mentoring sessions via email and Zoom video conferencing enable professionals to align with their true calling in a new way. “This revolutionary new spiritual business will help you better understand yourself and why you’re here,” Sara says. If you are interested in an intuitive reading, distance healing or ongoing mentorship, contact Sara Astraya at 651.528.9364 and visit a



April Horoscope In like a Lamb, Out like a Lion Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)…Your imagination may be working overtime in both love and creative projects as the month begins. Work with this fertile environment, but check your facts, and clear up misperceptions. People around you are evolving and need your support, not resistance. Find creative solutions, not fights, April 27.

Mercurial Messages through the Zodiac

BY HEATHER ROAN ROBBINS APRIL ROLLS IN SOGGY, foggy and impatient, but rolls out like a steamroller. Mercury and Venus are in intuitive and sensitive Pisces as April begins, and Mercury appears to move very slowly as it has just left retrograde. On April 2 Mercury finishes the last of three conjunctions with intuitive, imaginative, but very confusing Neptune since mid-February. Venus conjuncts Neptune April 10, leaving a sensitive cloud of creativity, idealism and a magical, potentially unrealistic, approach to romance. We may feel raw and vulnerable, but are also vulnerable to Spirit and our creative muse. Reality grows sharper edges mid-month, and we feel our strength, as the Sun squares Saturn April 11, and squares Pluto April 13. We have nuts and bolts to deal with. We are brought to our hearts April 14-15 as Venus sextiles Pluto and squares Jupiter, and again April 18 under a Full Libra Moon. Change is in the air; the spring revolution kicks in as Mercury speeds up, enters Aries April 17, Venus enters Aries and the Sun enters Taurus conjunct Uranus on April 20. Look for new chapters, new agendas, fresh approaches. But just when things build momentum, the stars ask us to rebuild infrastructure and handle political or organizational issues as both Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde, while Mars squares Neptune April 24-30.

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)…As April begins, take care of your health, your psyche, your whole inner world, even as demands pick up. The work you do behind the scenes comes to the front burner and gets attention after April 20. Stay as centered, strong yet adaptable, the last week of April. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)…Your whole world may be shifting and changing, which can be challenging, as Uranus gets underway in Taurus. But change can be good; keep your eyes open for opportunity. If things move too fast, sit down and find your center. Take personal time to contemplate the direction of


continued from p. 12

you are connected to your heart. However, do not react to the illusion of the drama. Stay in your heart. Build your bridge into your heart. Develop this connection one moment at a time. Build your bridge to Truth. Align to your God light within your heart, breathe and be. With each conscious breath, you claim your sacred heritage, and you forge the pathway to the vast sacred space, which contains the love of your being. 1 4  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

Capri23auto from Pixabay

those changes after April 20. Gemini (May 21-June 20)…Clarify and sift as the month begins; though your energy is still diffuse, misunderstandings and mistakes get sorted easily. Ferret out important information April 10-13. Get ready for some rocket fuel for your plans after April 17. Cancer (June 21-July 22)…Watch your opinions, with Mars in your solar 12th house the tendency will be to speak up without thinking through consequences, especially when feeling vulnerable. Gentle that anxiety, introspect, and be kind to yourself and others. Bravery returns after April 20. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)…Enjoy a soft heart and fertile imagination the first week of April, but be ready to focus and take on personal responsibility April 10-14. Feel the luck April 14-15, but don’t skip steps. Look for excitement April 20-22, along with clues about new creative or emotional opportunity. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)…What a fertile time in your imagination. Don’t get too distracted by other people’s needs. Although you always feel called to be of service, right now, serve your muse. If you are excited about a possibility, your health stays stronger. Re-engage the world after April 17. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)…If you’re feeling permeable, go gently; find healthy and creative ways to be sensitive. Much may be going on with your work or love partners, more so after April 20; they need your support but also need you to speak up honestly and take care of yourself.

We give you the gift of a sacred sound frequency that will support you to build your heart connection within each moment — AENTAH AEN (pronounced AY EN TAH AY EN) — which will accelerate your connection to your heart. Use this sound only when you can are fully committed to the moment within your heart. Remember to live one moment at a time. Give yourself moments of living within your heart to fortify your spirit and to remember and align to Truth. Blessings, The Pleiadians. a

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)…This can be a cuddly, friendly, if emotionally complex month. People rely on your good spirits, particularly at home. Stay sympathetic and open, but stay on track with your own work. Watch for new creative opportunities and important dealings with children after April 18. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)…Don’t get lost in your daydreams; dream, and then take action on new possibilities coming in as the month begins. Get work done while people are cooperative mid-month. Be ready for action, tempestuous winds, and temporary delays after April 20. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)…Your psyche is going through some deep and interesting restructuring as April begins. While you may be feeling wildly creative, it’s important to tend to your practical resources. Communication blossoms after April 17; time to network, connect, express and travel locally. Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)…It’s all on the table as April begins and Venus, Mercury and Neptune all work through your solar first house. Let people see your gifts. You can handle the presently amorphous conditions better than most. Be aware of other people’s sensitivities, as well as your own. Focus on grounding and managing your resources after April 18. a HEATHER ROAN ROBBINS is a heart-centered and choice-oriented astrologer, palmist and ceremonialist with 30+ years’ experience. Her book, Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life using the Moon Signs and Cycles, brings real astrology into an accessible format. She’s trained in astro-locality, mythic, multi-generational and traditional astrology and uses them at the core of her spiritual counseling. For a daily view, read Starcodes at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

CHRISTINE DAY is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Affirm: ‘I am safe to feel’ A Monthly Affirmation

BY CHARLOTTE “MAMA” ROSE INTELLIGENCE IS NOT in the mind, but rather, in the heart. In fact, emotions move with incredible self-direction when allowed. Let’s start with this question: “Why did this happen?” — which we all ask, both consciously and unconsciously, about a million times a day. This basic query is answered by filtering our experience through a series of thoughts that can collectively be called a, “belief.” Our beliefs are the means through which we assign all meaning to our experiences. Our beliefs create our identity, or, the person whom we are referring to when we say, “I,” or “me.” The term “ego” often is used to explain this identity. When we begin to deepen our senses, we realize that this “I” is just a small part of the larger being that we are. In order for the identity, or the “I,” to stay intact, it must continually reinforce itself. Think of it as a structure that is undergoing constant threat and must repair itself to stay standing. The main goal of a belief is to reinforce the identity and it will do so until it is questioned. The moment that we recognize a belief is the moment of questioning and a great moment of power. We are empowered because we can then make a choice, and the ability to choose in each moment is our ultimate power as creative human beings. How would your life change if the beliefs that kept your identity intact started to fall?

What if we stopped affirming beliefs like, “This is who I am and who I will always be,” “I do not deserve it,” “I am only able to experience this much and no more” or “I am guilty, bad and broken?” When our beliefs come into our awareness, we have the opportunity to change them by replacing them with a new affirmation of health, well-being, worthiness, trust and love — which are our true identity. The practice of changing our beliefs is as natural as reinforcing them, and all that it takes to do so is the conscious intention to recognize and question what we believe to be true about ourselves, others and our world as a whole. When we enter into this practice with the willingness to let it all fall to love, love will guide and reorganize not only our own lives but our entire world. When we are doing this work, we are really looking at relationships: the relationship between self and other, between inner experience and the outer world, and between the pieces of our world that create larger systems. This work creates a healthy relationship with self that simultaneously expands to create healthy relationships between self and everything that self interacts with. We’re talking about an exponential chain reaction in which one self-loving thought turns into an action and then invites another self-limiting belief, be it our own or that of another, to shift as well. Imagine that no matter where you are you treat everyone

with absolute empathy, non-judgment and love while still maintaining your own healthy boundaries. What would you need to behave that way in any environment? You might say, “mental health,” or “to feel safe,” or “to have a good sense of intuition or inner-direction.” All of these are necessary. To behave in a way that is both knowing and loving, we must feel safe. We must cultivate a sense of safety that comes from inside of us and can be carried with us into any environment and situation that we encounter. From this sense of inner safety comes a strong intuition or inner direction, which tells us where our boundaries need to be. We also find mental health when we follow the same roots back to the core part of us that exists as pure potential. How, then, can we cultivate this feeling of safety so that our lives can naturally reorganize to balance and create more balance in our world as a whole? We can allow our emotions to move freely within us. We can let our thoughts do what they will and know that we are not them, for we are the one who thinks, who watches, who observes and who has the power to choose to give a thought energy or to let it pass. Our emotions will always tell us which thoughts and beliefs are life-affirming and which are life-draining. If it feels like love, joy, magic, expansion and freedom, then it is worth keeping and nourishing. Thoughts that feel like this reflect our more expanded or true identity, and they will cultivate the sense of safety that allows us to live, feel and express ourselves authentically. If a thought  see SAFE TO FEEL on p. 22

explore decades of wisdom | visit the edge archives at APRIL 2019 THE EDGE  



Mother Earth: The Forgotten Healer BY SARA ASTRAYA SO, YOU CAN hear trees talking? People must think you’re nuts. She was 40 years old, going through her daily routine just like the rest of us. Her day was spent at an office job she liked, and her nights were spent at home with family. She had a “normal” life. One brisk autumn day changed everything. She was walking her dog down the sidewalk when she heard a soft mumble as if someone were whispering to her. She looked around and saw no one there. She shrugged her shoulders and continued down the road. “I must be hearing things,” she thought to herself. A week later it happened again. The sound of whispers surrounded her as she walked down the street. She stopped in her tracks, completely stunned by what was happening. The voices of the trees were gentle and low. She leaned in quietly and with deep focus tried to make out their words. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. She did not have any mental illness. She wasn’t under the influence of any drug. There was nothing wrong with her hearing. She intuitively knew that what she was experiencing was real. It was as if she had inadvertently tuned into a radio station playing the songs of nature. What started as something strange and mysterious slowly grew into one of her most cherished gifts. I personally have never heard the loving voice of a tree or plant, but this woman’s story always stuck with me. We are all so energetically interconnected, it makes sense  see MOTHER EARTH on p. 18



Connection to Sacred Wild, Urban Nature BY JULIE MORLEY WHEN HUMANS RETURN to more-thanhuman places, we remember our deep-time connection and kinship with all of life. In my own experience as a city dweller, returning to wildish places allows me to silence the din of my human preoccupations, and hear the sacred pulse of what Earth scholar Thomas Berry once called “the great conversation.” Humans seek to preserve wild places, care for them, and love them because of this essential sacred pulse, this need to converse beyond the human, to reinstate our innermost rhythmic synchronicity with life’s biodiversity. I have always cherished wild places, and I experience immense grief watching those places dwindle through disrespect and desecration. I say desecration, because to me, wild places — more-than-human expressions of connected creativity — not only symbolize the sacredness of nature: they nurture it in all of us. Wildness, and the desire to remain fluent in it, haunts those of us raised in human-constructed places, concrete places like the one I inhabited much of my adult life. The need to reconnect drives us city folk into the dusty hills and canyons; seeking the smell of chaparral, chance encounters with a coyote or bobcat, or perhaps just to hear one’s own thoughts beyond the clamor and congestion of cars. The fact remains that the wild places are unavailable to most urban-lived

realities. Many people in urbanized worlds will rarely enjoy the sacred experience of wilderness; sometimes because there is no affinity, but more often because there is no opportunity. Children growing up in urban and suburban concrete spaces suffer deeply from the absence of this connection, exhibiting the symptoms of what John Muir once cautioned against: the loss of “inherited wildness.”

HEALING THE BIOPHILIC HEART In spite of oppressive systems that impair people’s connections to the more-than-human world — that world that created and surrounds us, dwells within us. My work as an environmental educator reveals to me that most young people desperately need and want these connections. I have seen children who have never before experienced more-than-human ecosystems marvel at them and long to come back. Sadly, they may not have the opportunity to return though they live only a few miles away. But I have also seen the healing held in communal gardens that green concrete places, reviving the heart of community through connection to plants and pollinators. What biologist E.O. Wilson once called biophilia, an innate love for diverse lifeforms, seeks expression in many ways. Sacred connection to the more-than-human world happens not only in wild places, but also in tending to our biophilic hearts. Current prison gardening programs heal

the biophilic hearts of inmates, while dog rehabilitation programs provide both inmates and shelter animals with healing interspecies connections. Green cities have been shown to reduce anxiety and violence, and children who live among pets (and plants) are healthier and happier; the biophilic heart wants to connect. Cultivating relations with diverse life that makes up the more-thanhuman world, reconnects us to our greater planetary family. Noticing and attending to the activity of more-than-human creativity around us — whether practicing shinrin-yoku (forestbathing) outside the city, or watching sparrows flitting around an urban café tabletop — helps us heal our biophilic hearts.

SACRED CONNECTION All humans require this sacred connection, this sense of belonging to the “family of things” as the late, great ecopoet Mary Oliver put it in her poignant poem, “Wild Geese.” Cultivating connections to our Earth family means that we belong to each other in flourishing and finitude; we are not alone. Especially at this time of great loss, extinction and migrations, we need each other, to be there for and with each other. When we let our canine companion walk us and wonder at their sense of smell ten-thousand times greater than ours; when we plant flowers in the city that innately know how to grow according to the principles of the golden ratio; when we encounter a coyote, possum or skunk, on garbage night and wish them well with their foraging, we are connecting with, we are belonging to, the family of Earth — even if it isn’t perfect, perhaps especially because it isn’t; it is sacred. a JULIE MORLEY is an environmental educator, and author of Future Sacred: The Connected Creativity of Nature (2019). She is currently a doctoral student at California Institute of Integral Studies, Transformative Inquiry Department, focused on interspecies relations, creaturely co-creativity, and flourishing in the Anthropocene. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Power of Nature: Reconnecting to our Roots BY ALLIE MAURER WHAT WE CALL NATURE is the driving force supporting our existence. With each passing decade we seem to forget and separate ourselves from our natural environment, yet it will always be what sustains us. Everything we need to survive is provided by nature and our perfectly balanced ecosystems. The air we breathe and the plants that produce oxygen, the rain that grows our food, the air that blows the seeds and brings the rain that quenches our thirst and that of the food which we consume. None of this would exist without the sun, which provides crucial vitamin D for our health and mental well-being. Everything that exists has energy. Call it vibration, prana, chi or spirit, it is the force and essence of nature. As a part of nature, we need to be connected to the flow of this energy. The more we cut ourselves off from prana, the less we thrive emotionally, mentally and physically. The more we connect and allow this energy to flow through us, the greater well-being we have. One of the strongest ways to improve our energy is by having a strong connection to nature. This is easier said than done if we are living our lives in less-than-natural places like urban cities, or climates that can keep us from spending time in outdoor spaces. There is no substitute for the energy you can connect to in the middle of a forest or swimming in the ocean, but there are many alternatives. Here are some tips for connecting with nature: • Bring the outdoors inside. There are many affordable, easy-to-care-for indoor plants to choose from that can live in a variety of conditions. Having indoor plants will not only improve air quality, but also improve well-being by reducing stress, supporting happiness, and accelerating the healing process. Not only will just having them around and taking care of them connect you more with nature, but you can also touch them and sit among them during meditation. • Make a terrarium, a fun, creative project and a beautiful addition to your home. • Do earthing. If you have access to a small patch of grass outside or a large enough houseplant inside, you can participate in earthing. Years of extensive research has shown that by being barefoot in natural environments (meaning get off the concrete, carpet and artificial ground) we connect with the Earth’s energy. Not only does this “ground” our energy, but it also supports our well-being quickly. • Work with crystals. Start by using crystals that help ground your energy. These are direct links to Earth energy. Try Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Black Obsidian or Smokey Quartz. • Eat fruits and veggies. You are what you eat.

Moe Codling from Pixabay

Fresh organic produce is filled with prana. As the prana leaves, the food dies and rots. The more vibrant and colorful diet you eat, the better. Processed foods lack nutrition and subsequently prana, because the natural aspect is altered or destroyed. • Drink water. Humans are composed of 60 percent water. We will die faster of dehydration than starvation. Do yourself a huge favor and choose water over other beverages. It is natural and science has proven that it holds memory. Try infusing it with positive energy and intention before you drink it. • Grow herbs. Gardening is a great way to reconnect with nature, and herb gardens can thrive outdoors and indoors. Not only that but you can add them to just about everything you cook or drink. They are incredibly healthy, medicinal and delicious. • Get out of the gym. Exercise is great and exercise outside is even better. Try going for a walk, hike or do outdoor yoga. • Spend time with animals. The benefits of this are endless — and they also help us connect with nature. • Enjoy outdoor pictures. When all else fails, look at beautiful pictures of nature without any thing manmade in the picture. Envision yourself in the scene, smell the fresh air, feel the earth below your feet and sun on your face. In a pinch, even this can help. Connecting with nature is within everyone’s reach and the benefits are well worth the effort. a ALLIE MAURER is an international spiritual teacher who uses her abilities as a psychic, medium and healer to empower others on their own journeys. Through private sessions, spiritual mentorship, life coaching and events, she teaches clients around the globe how to embrace their path, move beyond fear and blocks, and powerfully create the vibrant life they desire. Discover why thousands of people around the world turn to her for guidance. She also adores working with animals as an animal communicator and animal healer! Contact Allie at or 952.334.6496, and visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




continued from p. 16

that some would have the gift of tuning in to the frequency of nature. Maybe part of the secret to nourishing our souls and reconnecting with the Earth is learning to quiet the mental chatter. We get so caught up thinking about what we need to do and where we’re going next that we forget to appreciate the moment for what it is. Nature slows us down. It’s always there. It reminds us of the beauty and wonder of the world we live in. As we look up to the sky and feel the warmth of the sun hit our face, our bodies immediately respond with a sense of relaxation and peace. When we are caught up in the busyness of life with racing thoughts and a restless mind, the feeling of the Earth beneath our feet grounds us. Water has tranquil, calming qualities that heal us inside and out. It is no wonder that the Earth surrounds us with what we need the most. Here are five simple ways to nourish your soul: • Spend time alone outside. Whether you take a walk, go fishing on the lake or get elbow deep in the dirt while you garden, it’s all time well spent. • Invite nature into your home. Bring in some greenery and plants, open your windows and enjoy the warm breeze. • For the animal lovers out there, put up some bird houses and bird baths around your home. You’ll likely see a variety of forest friends and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful sounds of the songbirds too. • For those of us that are sunshine deprived in the winter, Happy Lamps are a lifesaver. A friend of mine introduced me to these and I couldn’t believe how well they work. Happy Lamps provide natural spectrum light therapy that helps combat stress, improve sleep and make us happier in general. • Admire the night sky. The magnificence of the moon and stars sets the stage for quiet introspection and mindfulness. It reminds us to live a life of gratitude for all we have and appreciate the beauty of nature. Whatever you do, find something that speaks to your soul. Embrace Mother Earth. She is waiting for you. a SARA ASTRAYA is a spiritual teacher and healer with experience in Reiki, astrology, intuitive counseling and mindfulness meditation. Whether you want to discover your life purpose, learn how to take the next steps in your spiritual development or simply enjoy some relaxation and “me time,” Sara can help. Her passion is helping people restore harmony in their lives so they may experience more love, happiness and success. Contact her at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Come with Me through the Essence of Nature BY ELIZABETH L. LUKACS “FROM TEARS, TEARS OF JOY or tears of sorrow…we all have the tears. And as our teardrops fall, we remember how raindrops fall across the window pane or on our face… they flow, they flow to puddles, and puddles move to streams, streams connect to oceans… and oceans produce ripples. Ripples are the beginning of waves and waves move through air…. “Air dances with leaves and leaves are one with branches. Branches extend down to roots, and roots embrace soil. The depth of soil sinks to center…just like the depth of our soul does. The center is where we find ourselves finally, completely, as we embrace all things in our center of being — just being…where we are raw…where we are real…it is natural, it is our nature…and it is here that we realize that we are nature itself.”

THE GIFTS OF NATURE Nature is a source of comfort. I visit with nature each day. It is a place where I can just be. I step into a thicket of moss and find myself real and raw. Such wonderful gifts await me here. It’s here that I can take time to still my mind, so that I can hear my spirit speak to me. At first, I hear all the chatter. I let it happen because I know that it needs some time to settle down. I give my mind permission to sort “things” out. Oh, it’s this and then it’s that and it just goes on and on and on. I understand, that is what the mind does; it thinks about everything! Something divine happens when we allow this — the mind becomes freer. Free like the wind that moves from here to there unbound. When my mind can be free like the wind, it eases its constraints, it softens, and it settles down. It starts to connect to the moments, the present — the environment. This allows me to unfold and expand and it brings more space into my mind. My body and all my senses begin to feel a sense of freedom as I recognize the beauty in front of me: the beauty all around me. I love the wilderness, the wild, the raw of nature. When my sensory perceptions are activated, the littlest thing in nature has such a profound effect on my state of being.

I melt into my senses as nature melts into me. As I spend time in nature, my mind gaining more peace, I find myself relaxing into the natural order of things. When I allow this, I notice my emotions beginning to surface. Emotions such as joy, gratitude, love and serenity, and this is when my journey into nature deepens — knowing that my mind, body and emotions are receiving a multitude of gifts. And if I remain still in this place long enough, I begin to feel my spirit unfold.

SENSE OF COMFORT What that feels like is an extraordinary sense of comfort bubbling up inside of me. I feel a tingling and an energy moving through me. It comes from my center and moves from there through my whole body. I feel a warmth, like a soft, knitted blanket I’ve had for years, a blanket my grandmother made for me as it covers me gently. I can feel my heart filling up and overflowing with love. These feelings from my spirit excites all my senses in a way that makes me feel completely connected, secure and united in perfect harmony with all that is, and I interact with it like a sacred dance. When I allow time for this kind of experience, I feel as though Spirit is nourishing me with soul food and it leaves a taste on my lips of divine essence. It’s more powerful than anything that one could have or hold materially. Here lies within the gifts of nature. Perhaps I should make more time such as this. a ELIZABETH L. LUKACS, owner of Deeply Well in Taylors Falls, has been teaching mind, body and spirit since 1986. She has studied with shamans, mystics, and healers for over 30 years. As a leader in the field of energy works and the healing arts, Elizabeth is known as one of the most accurate intuitive counsels; delivering you exactly what you need regarding your “whole” and total self. Elizabeth delivers Total Well Being uniquely personalized to your life; capitalizing your inner strengths, and building your power within. Contact Elizabeth at 651.269.9060 or Explore the many exciting services for your total well-being at Special for Edge Readers: $20 off a 30-Minute Session at Deeply Well (coupon code 1822), or $40 off a 60-Minute Session at Deeply Well (coupon code 1844). COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

As I spend time in nature, my mind gaining more peace, I find myself relaxing into the natural order of things.

Spirit of Gaia Spirit Leaves

BY JANET MICHELE RED FEATHER WHEN THE NATIVES SAY, “The Earth is my mother,” they actually mean this on all levels. We come from the stars and take on earthly form. Thereafter, we depend upon Earth for our sustenance. Long ago, we depended upon Gaia and all of her creatures for our life’s lessons, as well. Whether we think of her as “Gaia,” “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature,” it’s obvious we are part of her, as she is part of us. Why else would we feel such a deep emotion looking down over a fertile valley transected by a tumbling, deep blue, sparkling river, burrowing through its bed? Why would an eagle’s familiar prolonged cry tug at our hearts? The simple answer is that Nature, for us, is a deeply felt, personal connection, essential to our soul. Often when Cedric Red Feather and I drive over a bridge here in the Cities, I immediately picture the Mandans as they were long ago, so happy in their earthlodges along the unfettered banks of the clear river that flowed so freely. There were no unnatural sounds, no burgeoning steel and concrete edifices, no air and water pollution. Only the clean, green, high vibration of the loving and caring Mother flourished, robing her humans in natural protection. What a life, the time spent living in harmony with the Natural realm. Now we are too busy playing with our phones and electronic devices to care. Despite how “advanced” we have become, Gaia, in her patience and persistence, awaits the return of her prodigal children. We need her colors, her oxygen, the kind of serenity only she can offer. There are no strings attached. Once her plants and creatures become aware of our presence, they are ready and willing to accept and communicate with us. We find renewal in the song of the wren, the sound of rustling leaves, or the voice of a burbling creek dodging boulders in its wake. Our hearts soar with the eagle and crow, find delight in the gossip of finches. Even now, in the midst of a prolonged wintry blast, there is love emanating everywhere within the frozen landscape. I take the river route to school so I am enriched on all sides by a variegated landscape of bare branches, brush and wetland plants. Black crows glide in


complementary arcs above the still frozen river’s surface. Large, gnarled nests, layered with twists of bark, string, and plants wear fluffy white snow caps. A lone eagle soars high, looking for prey. Everywhere, under the chill blanket of polar effects, evidence of life peeks through and persists. Through rain, ice, wind, sleet and snow, Gaia sends signs of love and life. Winter is a time of reverie, and I find myself dreaming of the ancient stone farmhouses of the beautiful Lakes District in England. I feel a pull toward the English countryside. There’s something about the bright green hills, pristine blue lakes, and asterisk-lit ocean waves below sparkling promontories that surround the United Kingdom — all of these create a fantasy fairyland. I imagine summertime, viewed from the window of a quaint stone cottage on some remote, vernal expanse in the Cotswolds. Add: tons of lovely, old shade trees for protection; a beautiful omni-colored garden of day lilies, phlox, hyacinth and other fragrant flowers teeming with butterflies; a cushioned chair, notebook and pen; and the dream is complete. Indeed, it is healing just imagining a life within the natural realm, a place free of worry and time constraints. Something interrupts my mental wanderings and prompts me to draw aside the vertical blinds to the sliding glass doors of our fourth floor apartment. Tall drifts of snow blanket the balcony. From the eaves, very long, rugged white-blue fingers of icicles point downward. Beyond the railing, cold branches are now frosted over in lacy white sleeves. A crow descends in slow motion atop an evergreen, its branches bowed down by weighty masses of snow. Everywhere, the landscape looks like a cozy Thomas Kincaid winter village. There is nothing to long for; everything to nourish the soul is already here. a JANET MICHELE RED FEATHER, J.D., M.A., is a ceremonial singer who has learned over 60 traditional songs in Mandan and Lakota and sings in nine different languages. Janet was a full-time defense litigator in California for nearly eight years. Her life changed significantly after she traveled to North Dakota in 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life. A regular columnist for The Edge, she has also appeared in Psychic Guidepost, FATE Magazine and Species Link. Her book, Song of the Wind (2014, Galde Press), dealt with her experiences as an empath, and her journey through Mandan spiritual culture. She is a full-time, tenured English faculty member at Normandale Community College. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



Nature offers Us Serenity, Wisdom and Connection

Embracing Nature and Growing Our Tree of Life


BREATHE IN. FULLY, UNTIL you feel the air tickling at the bottom of your lungs. And then breathe out, letting your breath “fly away” with your worries and unwanted thoughts. Repeat until you smile. That’s right: smile. You just oxidized your body. Your body is happy, and your brain is happy. For no reason at all, other than your own conscious breathing that connected you with your surroundings. Do we remember to breathe that way when we sit in front of our computers, spend hours on our cell-phones, rush to do the numerous things that need to be done each day, and lock ourselves up in concrete walls? Do we still acknowledge nature as our true home, or have we invented an illusory world in which we dwell — disconnected, disoriented, with too many distractions from who and how we are? Our Tree of Life is not just a symbol, a nice piece of jewelry, or a sporadic meditation about our direction and purpose. Our Tree of Life is real. It has roots, leaves, it is covered with bark and there are birds singing among its branches. There is a whole community of plants, mushrooms and all sorts of other species residing in its generous shade. It is meant to support and sustain life. It is a part of a community that thrives because of its nature. Or rather because of nature. It takes generations to create such community. It takes all of nature to support it. In this 21st century, many of us forget how important being in nature is for our well-being. It’s not only that spending some time in nature helps us to reduce stress, makes us happier and less brooding, and relieves our so-called “attention fatigue.” Spending some time in nature directly affects our ability to progress – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. It helps our creativity and problem-solving capacity. Our personal evolution is directly linked to our connection with nature. How does it work? Being in nature induces the alpha brainwaves in our brain. Alpha is “being here, now, in the present.” It is the resting state for the brain, while at the same time helping our overall mental performance, alertness, our mind/body integration, focus, learning and — in many cases — a

WHETHER A SHORT WALK among trees casting their soft shadows, or more extended treks requiring evolved survival skills, nature nourishes us within so many aspects of our Being. Sitting quietly in nature brings a serenity, a soothing that speaks directly to our cells and can bring forth a sense of infinity from within our heart. The breath and dance of leaves communing from their trees, the sweet scent of beaming flowers, the soft, subtle messages we receive from a babbling brook or the majestic beauty and wisdom emanating from a mountain range. For those who might not experience nature on a regular basis, there is such delight in the simplicity of going barefoot in a grassy environment. It can be your front or back yard. In the warmer weather, a few minutes of removing shoes and socks and gently moving your feet to and fro on the grass can be so refreshing and rejuvenating. Breathe and feel your connection to Mother Earth/Gaia. Energy will surely emanate into your body. Our lakes within the Twin Cities offer blessings as jewels. These beautiful bodies of water produce negative ions and can also stimulate the release of endorphins within the brain. A visit to the Minnehaha waterfall, located in Minnehaha Park in Southeast Minneapolis, will dowse you with the goodness of negative ions. Experience an enchanted domain of towering old-growth trees walking the path alongside Minnehaha Creek between Lake Harriet and 50th. Discover a meditation listening into the wisdom of these elder spirits. From within our hearts, we can find healing reverence among these natural treasures. My personal life-changing awareness through a trek into nature began about two years ago with subtle whisperings of a calling to mountains. Without much clarity on these inner indications, I had a knowing that listening very attentively would be wise. “Signs” came forth as auspicious and synchronistic encounters: photos and paintings of mountain regions and then a personal invitation from a friend to visit his cabin retreat atop a mountain in Bonner, Montana. Bonner is a small town about 10 miles east of Missoula, and the mountaintop little cabin is another 12 miles by highway and then three miles up a winding, narrow rural road to this dreamscape of magnificent visual panorama. Unaware at the time, I was heading into the deepest and most profound spiritual trek of my life, into nature. The experience of not having the modern convenience of running water sobers a city person quickly. The use of an outhouse brings about much appreciation for those who pioneered the way for modern life. I was exhilarated in the natural setting of big sky and crisp clean air in early September in Montana. Through a network of friends, I received  see SERENITY on p. 22



genius-like state allowing for creations of any kind. Spending some time in nature supports the well-being of our Tree of Life. It is no accident that we use the symbol of a tree to represent our life journey. Tree of Life symbolism has a long history, crossing many cultures and belief systems. It is a symbol of positive energy, good health, new beginnings, bright future, and immortality. Perhaps the symbol was created when our ancestors saw themselves as the protectors of the land they lived on, or maybe because they observed that their family’s safety and well-being were possible only when there was an adequate continuity of the intricate network of its branches — their family members through all generations. Or maybe it was because of their deep understanding that our own Tree of Life needs nature to survive, to thrive and to maintain its true happiness. As we learn and develop through our life journey, so does our Tree of Life. We have more interest in finding the best ways to evolve, we seek the wisdom of our ancestors, and later — as elders — we reach to our depths to find the assurance of our own significance, to find out whether we have been following our Heart and fulfilling our purpose in life. Just like an old tree that loses its bark but bears seeds that contain its very essence, we too want to make ourselves immortal via leaving behind our legacy. We want our own Tree of Life to contribute to the community which cherished its growth. Embracing our Tree of Life can happen only in harmony with our origins, and tracking those always leads us to nature. Without it, we wither before our time, we lose our direction, our innate joy; we run in circles and — sooner or later — hit a wall. Our very core belongs to and yearns for its most natural environment: nature. Embracing nature nourishes our Tree of Life, and nourishes our soul. a JOHANNA KERN is a transformational teacher and multiple award-winning author of Master and the Green-Eyed Hope, 365 (+1) Affirmations to Create A Great Life and Secrets of Love for Everyone. She practices and shares The Master Teachings of HOPE. Visit and www.facebook. com/JohannaKernAuthor. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Columbia River © Barbara Ryman

A Journey with the Rivers BY BARBARA RYMAN I’VE BEEN GUIDED TO the rivers. Never would I have expected this, yet when I look back over my life there were signs. Growing up I played for hours in and around Minnehaha Creek that empties into the Mississippi. During my 20 years of touring as a singer-songwriter, I spent my down time hiking in the forests and mountains often along rivers. Whenever I toured west, I made it a point to stop at the confluence of rivers in western Montana forming the headwaters of the great Missouri River. Something there was profound and powerful and touched me at a deep level. Then in the summer of 2012, as I was preparing for a long road trip and thinking of all the beautiful spots I would visit, the Missouri entered my mind and a realization and knowing swelled deep in my heart. I had work to do with the rivers. It was a part of my mission and it was time I honored it. I trusted this even though I had no idea what this would look like. My guidance told me to go to the source of rivers and Lemurian crystals would be needed. I gathered all the Lemurian crystals I could find and headed west, knowing the first river would be the Missouri. On my way, I stopped at another place I had always been drawn to, the Black Hills, especially Bear Butte, the holy mountain of the Lakota/Dakota people. There I would offer my prayers for guidance.

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It was at Bear Butte where I experienced my initiation into the mission. As I entered the drive that ascended to the foot of Bear Butte, a huge buffalo was resting at the side of the road as if to greet me. Only five feet away, I stopped and in silence stared into his eyes and he into mine. There was no threat as I felt myself enveloped in the energy of this magnificent creature. A Native American woman came down to see the buffalo, saying the buffalo never rested that close to the road and this was special. I went on to the foot path and walked up the mountain in prayer. I experienced so much love and confirmation, my insecurities and doubts washed away and I fully committed to the project.   Five hundred miles further west, I arrived at the headwaters of the Missouri, the first river and my first experience of carrying out the work. As I approached the riverbank, I held a large golden Lemurian crystal, which I knew would be my master crystal. In the other hand, I held a small Lemurian crystal. I opened to Spirit and to my guides and called forth the spirit of the river. Immediately and spontaneously I began chanting in a language I did not recognize, but I knew it was specific to the river. It felt familiar like a song. I could feel the spirit of the river rise up in joy and recognition. Then, as I opened more, a huge download of energy entered me, entered the master crystal and transferred to the small crystal. This energy was

expansive and full of love; it seemed to be coming from the earth, the sky, the river and my own heart. I felt the presence of star beings and the Lemurians assisting in the process. It all happened very quickly, and when it was complete, I placed the small crystal into the river. I felt another wave of crystalline energy expanding through the river, knowing it was energetically assisting in restoring the original pristine purity of the river. I gave thanks and wept because the beauty was overwhelming. I traveled on, finding the source of the Colorado, Rio Grande, Columbia and Mississippi rivers, and experiencing the joy of the work. To date, I’ve gone to the source waters of 221 rivers, leaving a crystal in each one. I find every river to be unique, each with its own song that I’m able to open to and chant as I work. I feel blessed and honored to be carrying out my part in anchoring some amazing light on this amazing planet! This work has been documented in the form of a website at May all be blessed and let us remember what our Lakota and Dakota brothers and sisters have stated, Mni Wiconi: Water is Life! a BARBARA RYMAN is an advanced level Frequencies of Brilliance practitioner, having trained 11 years with Christine Day in this cutting-edge modality for healing and spiritual awakening. An award-winning singer-songwriter, she has recorded seven CDs over the course of a 20-year touring history. Her new release, Breathe, is “deeply spiritual, addressing journeys, destinies and connections,” writes Jon Bream of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Visit and COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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an offering to visit a small strawbale construction dwelling in the Jocko River Canyon area 30 miles north of Missoula, should I decide to return. Upon arriving back home in the Twin Cities, I very quickly came to the conclusion that I desired an extended time for solitude in the mountains. Less than a month later, I set out to return for what became a four-month delving into the silence of nature and listening into precious cherished teachings from within the Jocko River and the towering wall of stately solemn mountains. Insight from the flowing water, as well as the sacred geometry of swirls created by river rocks, transmitted eloquently within my early morning meditations. It was a sensory experience of Oneness, experiencing feelings that can be rarely known except perhaps by way of the most inspired poetry, music, dance and fine art. My immersion into nature struck deep chords of a resonant harmonic that speaks as spirit: we are all connected in interdependent ways. It had been nothing short of love as Love herself — nature, teaching an essence of Being. Come and be in nature, however the calling might feel good for you. Whether simple or robust in your approach, the communing is of healing and listening into that which speaks the language of your soul. a RAHJTA REN, a recording artist for RCA Records, was awarded a Gold Record for work within the contemporary jazz genre. He has dedicated himself to decades of expansive meditation practice and musical pursuits. Contact him at ren.rahjta@gmail. com, and visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Into the Woods How Nature brings Us to our Best Selves BY ANNE BRADY-CRONIN “CLICK.” THAT IS THE SOUND of my boot as it settles into just the right spot in my ski binding. I love that sound — clear, simple, purposeful. It’s the sound that tells me I can let go, I can breathe a bit more deeply, my mind can clear, I am “home.” I’m heading into the woods. I was raised as a farm kid, and it’s true what they say, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” There is nothing I love more than time outside, in the woods, an open field, my backyard. I truly believe we are born into nature. It surrounds all that surrounds us. We attach to the buildings, the asphalt, the noise and the stress, but that’s not really us. Our brains are constantly bombarded by noise. We’re so inundated by it that we don’t even notice how our bodies are constantly bracing against it. That is why we immediately feel our bodies relax when we enter a natural setting. We connect to what lies beyond the noise and buildings — to the trees, the plants, the sky, the grass, even the abundant snow we’re receiving this winter in Minnesota. Mother Nature welcomes us. Finding nature space isn’t always easy. When living in a city, even a smallish one, finding space that feels tranquil can be a challenge. I find that even a walk in my tiny backyard helps me reconnect to myself. I take time to move slowly so I can really look at the trees, the plants, the grass, or yes, now the snow. Even from inside, I watch the snow through the window, the way the shadows accent the drifts, how the wind plays with the snow, moving it from here to there. The simplest of things can give us the peaceful feeling that nature provides. Being in nature provides us a space to truly be ourselves. Seeing the colors of nature immediately begins to calm our mind and to relax us from our core. The smells of nature, even just the simplicity of fresh, unpolluted air, trigger our brain to release chemicals of relaxation. Our muscles relax, our shoulders drop, our belly expands. Nature is a pharmacy we don’t need a prescription for, but


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feels like fear, anxiety, tightness or defensiveness, then it is worth questioning. Remember, this is the process through which we find our true strength in vulnerability. To allow this process to happen, we must create the support that we need to supplement our feeling of safety as we make room for the safety that is innately a part of our guidance system. Use the affirmation, “I am safe to feel,” 2 2  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

may I say, a daily dose is ideal. A University of California-Berkeley study found that people who spend time in nature experience a decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and brooding, and they have an increase in attention capacity, creativity and ability to connect with other people. In addition, Stanford, Utah and Texas A & M studies with functional MRI have proven that the areas of our prefrontal cortex become stimulated after just 60 minutes in nature, in ways that decrease anxiety and depression, and increase feelings of happiness and contentment, and make us more willing to reach out to people around us. Simply put, not only do we feel better, but we think and behave better also. The benefits of being in nature are many. I love to meditate alongside a tree, to feel what is has to say to me, the wisdom of its age and experience. I connect to the roots of my shamanic beliefs that nature has the answers to all things, if only we learn to look, listen and be guided. Our Spirit is lifted, our vibration expands, and we experience a stated of groundedness, all simultaneously by visiting Mother Nature. I believe nature loves us, as we love her. Nature reminds us that we are a part of something large and wonderful. That miracles really do surround us as we watch the brilliance of the colors of nature, the multitude of plant, tree and flower forms, the scents that permeate our brain and direct it to calm and relax, to open and expand our awareness. There are tremendous gifts in nature — all there for us to simply enter and enjoy. So let’s do that! a ANNE BRACY-CRONIN is an intuitive coach, speaker and healer. She assists others in healing the limitations of their past and cultivate a clear purpose and vision for their future. Anne is a psychic and medium who helps those in grief, connect to their passed loved ones, and to their true inner selves for peace and clarity. Visit her website to schedule, or for upcoming events and classes, and sign up for her blog/ newsletter for weekly inspirational conversation and insights. Visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

whenever you notice a thought or feeling arise in you. Remember, you can always move from your mind into your body to find a safe space when powerful thoughts and emotions come up. Look back at the monthly affirmations that I’ve written from December 2018 through now to find specific tools and support that will help you do this. We don’t have to move, sort out or organize our thoughts and emotions because they move on their own. As your emotions regain their freedom, they will show you their intelligence and self-direction and they will effortlessly reorganize every system of your

being, including your beliefs, to balance. This is healing. This is how we cure the sickness, sadness, loneliness and hurt of our world. Through this process we find true meaning and power. a CHARLOTTE “MAMA” ROSE is an artist, psychic and mother of two based in St. Paul, MN. With a constantly evolving worldview, she is passionate about both listening to and expressing herself to others through music, writing, poetry, visual art and healing arts. Charlotte offers one-to-one creative work, psychic development and healing sessions. Find more on and on Instagram @dearmamarose. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




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Retreat Centers The following Retreats Centers are available in the Upper Midwest: Audubon Center of the North Woods, 320.245.2648, conference-retreat-center — A private, non-profit environmental education and conference and retreat facility near Sandstone, MN, 90 miles north of Minneapolis. 780 acres on Grindstone Lake, over seven miles of trails, lodging capacity for 160+, large lakeside dining hall, scratch-based food service, and meeting spaces and classrooms to accommodate any size group.  




Boreal Bliss Yoga Retreats,, — We create space for all levels of yoga lovers to retreat into the wilderness of Minnesota. Yoga, pranayama, meditation, writing, hiking, nature, community, acceptance, tranquility and belly laughs are just a few things our guests will enjoy. For upcoming retreats, visit our website or email for more information.

and a small lake for swimming/boating. Join us as a guest or as an annual CSR (Community Supported Retreat) member.    

The Fields at Wellsprings Farm, 13537 47th St. NW, Annandale, MN 55302, 320.274.1860,,  — Fostering Healing, Learning & Connection for Individuals, Community & Earth. The farm offers space for individual and small group retreats on 40 beautiful acres with three hermitages, wellness center, labyrinth, walking paths

Golden Light Healing Retreat Center, 7102 Sundew Rd, Sobieski, WI 54171, 920.609.8277, — A Secluded Retreat Center on 200 acres of woods, field and prairie. Custom private and group retreats. Cabins and camping, great meals, large workshop/yoga room. Full facility rentals for your workshops and events. We offer training in Reiki, Mediumship and Shamanism. 


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ASTROLOGY Birth chart, forecasting and karma readings offered. Come in with a friend for a joint reading! Located at 555 7th St. W., 2nd Floor, St. Paul. Meredith McCowan, Earthling Astrology, , call or text 651.325.7361,,

FENG SHUI SERVICES Residential/Business consultations, mentoring, energy clearing, workshops Barbara Bobrowitz, Energetic Alignments, 763.571.9437,

AWAKENING / ORACLE SESSIONS / CO-CREATION: Strengthen intuition, empowerment, understanding of and ability to co-create, thus expanding relationships. Discover your frequencies and clarify your life’s purpose; have your true being seen and acknowledged. Oracle sessions for individuals/couples/small groups. Also available for gatherings/classes. Asanara Aranasa, 612. 655.0393,,

FLOWER ESSENCES: Numerous Flower Essences for spiritual and emotional healing. Books, Practitioners Available. In business 37 years. Contact Martin Bulgerin. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

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HEALING TOUCH & THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Relax with a meditation, intuitive healing touch and chakra balance, then enjoy a 60-minute therapeutic massage, all for $75 for first-time clients (2 hours). Edgar Massage & Chakra Balance, 5215 28th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.384.4572,

BOOK PUBLICIST Sara Sgarlat works with authors — established as well as unknown — to create innovative and highly effective campaigns.  Sgarlat Publicity, Sara Sgarlat, 434.245.2272,,

HERBS: 600+ medicinal & cooking herbs, tinctures, capsules & oils, new and used books, Natural healing practitioners available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking, ND, Duane Givens. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

BREATH WORK / ENERGY HEALING / SOUL COACHING: Heal your Body, Clear your Blocks, Enhance your Soul Connection, Transform your Life. Soul Breathing™ workshops and group sessions ongoing. Individual Breath Sessions / Pranic Healing® / NPMDT® / Bemer®  by appointment.  Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh., 651.442.4623,,

HOMEOPATHY: 2,000 Homeopathic Remedies, Individual Potencies, Books, Practitioners Available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking ND, Martin Bulgerin, We buy and sell new and used books. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

COACHING - SMALL BUSINESS & PERSONAL lllona provides small business administrative organization overview; Wholistic image consulting with unique color model & tools; Tutor student organizational study skills; Organize anything. Call for details/appointment. Illona Iris, Omega Rainbow Enterprise, 612.387.4610

HYPNOSIS: Karie’s mission is to help people find peace within themselves. Offering Healthy, Happy Healing Options for All. Karie is working on her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Clinical Counseling and has multiple certifications. Inner Healing Hypnosis, 1001 Kingwood Street, #127, Brainerd, MN, 208.55.RELAX,,

CRYSTALS, STONES, STONE ENERGY Ki Stones features mineral specimens, crystals, tumbled stones (over 150 types), decorator pieces, jewelry. In-home store open. Call for an appointment. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Maple Grove, 763.420.9017,,

HYPNOTHERAPY: Need relief from anxiety, depression, phobias or PTSD? Ready to gain insight into your soul’s purpose through Past Life or Life-Between-Lives regression? Over 15 Years Experience. Located in St. Paul. Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT, 651.649.1952,

EMOTION CODE/ ENERGY HEALING: An energy healing technique that releases trapped emotions, which are harmful energies from negative past events. Clearing trapped emotions helps the body to heal. All sessions are done remotely, meaning you don’t have to leave home or work. Tree of Life Healing, Colleen Picha, ECCP, CMT, 507.649.0580,, 

HYPNOTHERAPY Client-centered hypnotherapy. Why not start today? The rest of your life is waiting for you! Located at 311 4th St. SW, Suite 211, Willmar MN. Jessica L Hanson, CHt, LLC, Willmar Hypnosis, 320.979.6875,,

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HYPNOTHERAPY & CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™: Change your mind. Change your life. Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy.™ Transform limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, habits, 5 Pillars of Balance, Spiritual Direction, Conflict Resolution Skills. Judith Froemming, BA, CH, CTC, HNLP, Infinite Mind Hypnosis & Coaching, 651.216.0085,

METAPHYSICAL SHOP: Palm Reading, Astrology and Psychic Readings Drumming & Meditation, Biomat Sessions available. We carry various products such as Crystals, Rocks, Cards, Jewelry, Dream Catchers & many gift items. Open Thursdays 3-8 Fridays 11-5, Saturdays 10-3 . At 26789 Forest Blvd., Wyoming, MN. Crescent Moon Metaphysical Shop, Nancy, 612.328.0891

HYPNOTHERAPY/PSYCHOTHERAPY: Help with healing overwhelm, trauma, sexual abuse. Build two-way communication with God, angels, guides, dead relatives. Heal across time/ lives. Exorcisms. Channel for Mother Mary. Jerry Buchmeier, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, 763.546.4133,,

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT / SOUL READINGS Soul Readings for clarity and guidance. Psychic Development classes to heal, reclaim your gifts, and consciously create with your own unique body/soul partnership. Cindy Lehman 612.669.1861,,

HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING - CERTIFIED ALL LEVELS: Past Life, Between-Lives Regression. Private & Group Sessions, Healing, Spiritual Mentoring. 20+ years experience. Madonna Kettler, Ph.D., LBLt, CHt, 612.709.5578, madonna@madonnakettler,

PSYCHIC MEDIUM INTUITIVE ENERGY WORK & GUIDANCE: Kimberly is a local Psychic, Spiritual Medium and Energy Intuitive who offers Energy Work and Guidance. HopeHealing By Kimberly,, HopeHealing.Me

INTUITIVE READINGS, ENERGY HEALING & E-MENTORING: Sara Astraya supports your personal and professional growth. Soul Purpose Reading includes 7+ page report and E-Mentoring sessions via email and Zoom video conferencing. Sara Astraya Intuitive Readings, 651.528.9364,

REIKI HEALING Experience the divine energy of Reiki for balance, relaxation, wellness. Treatment sessions. Studentoriented training for all levels. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Reiki Master-Teachers, 763.420.9017,

JOURNEY COACHING: Clear Mental Clutter thru radical self awareness generating energy for empowered living to authentically Step into YOUR Happy Mind, Body & Soul. Complimentary Hour Clarity Conversation.  Smiling Wellness, 612.554.9163,,  MAGICKAL TOOLS: MoonCrafted Essentials of Shakopee, Minn., helps pagan practitioners reconnect to the magick that surrounds them every day. Handmade invocation candles, ritual soaps, bath potions, body butter, jewelry, crystals, and handfasting cords. MoonCrafted Essentials,

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Get a handle on behavior problems. Discover what makes your pet happy and what irritates them. Animals are sentient beings and can have surprisingly complex thoughts. Our pets are on a divine mission to bring love and companionship into our lives. They are aware of our burdens and difficulties, and can be greatly affected by them. A little guidance and insight can help both you and your pet on your journey together. Marie Savage, 612.508.9606,

612.508.9606 www. earthwaterwellness. com


I have been an intuitive tarot reader for 11 years. I am very honest and up front not only with what I am seeing in the cards, but what I am feeling as well. I do though express this information with complete tact and tender loving care. I have done my readings in a boutique and at expos with great success and my clients have left very happy. I also do private readings by appointments and by phone. 651.492.9917,,


I offer private, respectful Soul Readings to connect with your soul’s wisdom for guidance, clarity and healing. All questions are welcome. Relationships can be looked at from a soul perspective including connecting with those who have passed on. I also offer beginning and advanced Psychic Development classes. My passion is teaching others to more fully access their own intuitive/psychic/soul gifts, while living and creating from heart in a healthy partnership honoring both body and soul.  Cindy Lehman, 612.669.1861,,

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HOPE HEALING BY KIMBERLY Kimberly is a Spiritual Medium and Energy Healer who is dedicated to share her Wisdom and Divine Gifts to help with Hope & Healing. She has the Ability to Connect to your loved ones who have crossed over with Compassion & Care. During your reading you will feel feel your loved ones surround you and hear direct evidence, which can also release Trauma, Shame, Guilt, Fear to which you will find the Ability to move forward in life with Joy and comfort knowing your loved ones are safe and at peace. I look forward to meeting young your family. HopeHealing by Kimberly,, PSYCHIC AND A MEDIUM — DEBORAH LYNN11 NAMES, NAMES

Deborah is unlike any others, she will give you Names and Descriptions of people alive and or deceased from your past, present and future. Are you feeling lost, like you don’t have a clue which way to go? Be assured that Deborah Lynn11, with over 30 years experience, will Guide you to where YOU need to be.  Deborah Lynn 11, 651.439.5337,


I am a Psychic, Medium, Ghostbuster, Life Coach. I have happily traveled the world doing energy work, readings and ghostbusting. Readings/coaching gives you an opportunity to look within and access your wisdom, receiving knowledge that can assist when dealing with today’s challenges. Energy work and ghostbusting bring healing to you, your space, trapped souls, and the Earth.   Kathleen Kalil,

PATRICE CONNELLY, DIRECTOR OF QUESTFIELDS: INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT TEACHER, HEALER, STUDENT For 35 years I have taught and continue to teach Intuitive Development classes,

worked with numerous clients in one-on-one sessions in person or by phone bringing Spirituality, creativity and humor together. I offer practical hands on tools for students and clients to explore and to develop their own unique gifts working with their Spirit through soul, mind and body. It is a never-ending source of delight and pleasure to see students and clients become empowered in their ownership. Patrice Connelly, Questfields,

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Jurema is much more than a psychic or a medium. She is a true soul healer, who is been transforming the lives of countless people in the U.S. and worldwide. Thirty years ago, she brought to the U.S. a rich and diverse spiritual knowledge, resulting in an original approach to healing and counseling. Jurema is one of the most celebrated and popular professional psychics in the Upper Midwest. Her sessions by phone-video-in person are breathtaking and transformative. Appointments:,, 320.260.7305. Visit


Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul’s journeys, in this lifetime and past lifetimes. You are connected to this energy whether you are in soul form or human form. Akashic Readings allow you to learn your soul’s purpose and desired intents in this lifetime. This includes information regarding career choices, relationships, lifestyle choices and best possibilities for your future. An Akashic Reading can assist you in understanding your purpose and current life circumstances. Don Snyder, 763.300.7521,,



Allie Maurer is an International Psychic Medium, Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher, and Intuitive Life Coach. She is passionate about her life’s purpose: utilizing her natural gifts to provide guidance, clarity, and healing to those looking for support. Her clients love her accuracy, honesty, authenticity, compassion, and that she always treats them as an equal. Whether it is connecting to a pet, deceased loved one, seek deeper knowledge to the events unfolding in your life or healing: she is here to help. Allie Maurer, 952.334.6496,,


Born a naturally gifted Psychic Medium. And one of the finest professionals and most referred name by those in the know. Five-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career and stays on point with fine-tuned focused readings, utilizing her efficient modern question direct© methodology. Alison has a strong affinity with animals of all kinds and is a successful Healer. She is the genuine real deal! Alison James, 612.424.1411,,



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Meditation only, 9:30 & 11:30am), you will experience a dynamic message and music program. We have an engaging youth program, as well as adult education classes, throughout the year. Our monthly healing service is at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.


Sacred Gatherings are $90 total for 3 mos., $150 total for 6 mos., $240 total for one year. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Name, address, phone, email, website, gathering times & brief description. To be included: 763.433.9291 or or Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis: Anahata Collobrative, 2836 Lyndale Ave. S., Lower Level, Minneapolis, 612.759.0870, — Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis is a spiritual community that honors all paths to God. Using the principles of Science of Mind and the philosophies of our founder Ernest Holmes, the Center provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and make the world a better place. If you are ready to be home and in the flow of Good, come see us every Sunday for Meditation at 10:25 a.m. and our Sacred Service at 11 a.m. Visit our website for upcoming life changing classes, motivating workshops and for details about our inspiring Spiritual Book Club and Discussion Group that meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Eckankar / Temple of ECK: The Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, — Keys to spiritual experiences: Explore past lives, dreams and Soul Travel.  ECK Light and Sound Service: first Sunday of each month, 10-11am. Experience the Sound of Soul: third Sunday of each month, 10-11am.  Free Spiritual Exploration Classes: Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm. Temple hours:  Noon-9pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and from noon to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Tours available.


Lake Harriet Spiritual Community: A Center for Conscious Living, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.922.4272, — Raise your consciousness by attending our classes, workshops and Sunday Services led by amazing speakers! Raise your vibration in our beautiful, historic building (now on the National Historic Register). Give us a try as part of your spiritual journey and feel the love of our heartbased community. Visit our community for: great meditations, yoga classes, speakers and programs that include mindfulness, developing your intuition, releasing negative beliefs, allowing greater abundance, and breaking the barriers to deep self-healing. Spirit United Church, 612.378.3602,, -- Spirit United is a spiritually diverse community that is undergoing transformation. We are moving our location, so please watch for updates on the website and newsletter or call for more information. Unity Minneapolis: 4000 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis. 763.521.4793, — We are an allinclusive community that offers a positive, practical, everyday spiritual message. No matter which of our Sunday services you attend (8:30am


S E E K I N G , S E L L I N G , P R O M OT I N G

Classifieds are $1 per word, 20-word minimum. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Category & text To be included: 763.433.9291 or

Unity North Spiritual Center, 11499 Martin St. NW, Coon Rapids, MN, 763.754.6489, unity@, — Unity North Spiritual Center is committed to offering a space to support community members and youth in fulfilling their potential. Services and events include healing, prayer, men’s and women’s groups, meditation, sacred text and shamanic studies. UNSC serves the wider community through programs such as Family Promise and Family Table. Unity South Twin Cities: 7950 1st Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.884.6656, — Whatever your religious background — or if participation in a spiritual community is new for you — you are welcome here. We invite you to join us for Sunday Services (9am and 10:3am), classes of self-discovery, social events and charitable team projects we do in our Minneapolis metro. Our youth program builds self-esteem through discovery classes and fun activities. For a 30-minute refresh we invite you to our inspiring and peaceful Prayer Services (M-Th, 11am). At Unity South, we honor the God-created beauty and worth in each person. Our spiritual community is part of Unity Worldwide Ministries and is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as practiced in daily living. Let’s celebrate one another!



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Happenings Events are $29 for up to 35 words, $45 for 36-70 words. Listings over 70 words will be edited. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Date, title and text. Listing must include specific event dates and time, or it will be placed under Ongoing and not be included online. To be included: 763.433.9291 or or April 5 & 6 – Healing Touch Course 1 — Foundations of Healing Touch: Learn a variety of Healing Touch techniques and self-care through lecture and gentle, heart-centered energy experiential activities. This class is open to anyone who desires to experience energy therapy and help others. $335, 8am-5pm Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, April 6 – Spring Psychic Fair at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community: Enjoy a reading or healing in the peaceful surroundings of Lake Harriet Spiritual Community’s domed vortex, shop our marketplace and attend hourly workshops. Pshcic Readings. Healers. Past Life. Aura Photography. Mediumship & More. Free Admission. 10am6pm at Lake Harriet, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. For more information: 612.922.4272, April 6 – 3rd Annual Spring Intuitive & Holistic Fair: Join us for our 3rd Annual Spring Holistic & Intuitive Fair at The Historic Concord Exchange Building in South St. Paul! We will have over 50 vendors sharing a variety of Holistic Products and Services. Also: Psychic & Intuitive Readers and Healers, Metaphysical Merchandise, Essential Oils, Natural Health and Nutrition options, Chair Massages, Angel & Tarot Card Readers, Chemical Free Cleaning Products, Local Artists, Jewelry and much, much more! Food and beverage options will be available during the event. 10am-5pm Saturday, April 6, $5 admission, under 12 freeSearch Lulu Lapis Blue on Facebook. Contact Erika Wilm-Knapp at 651.747.5625 or email April 6 – Usui/Holly Fire II Reiki Classes in Duluth: Reiki Level I is the practitioner’s initiation into Reiki. The class focuses on opening the energy channels for self-healing, the history of Reiki and the Japanese techniques, $125. Reiki Level II is the additional expansion of the energy channels with the use of the Reiki symbols. This class focuses on healing others, distance healing and

deep discussions on the chakras, $150, prerequisite is Reiki I. Advanced Reiki is deepening the practitioner experiences on all levels, psychical, metal emotional and spiritual with the introduction of the Master symbol, $225, prerequisite is Reiki II. Classes are in Duluth, MN. Registration and more information can be found online at April 7 – Your Life as a Spiritual Adventure: Join people from all walks of life for ECK Light and Sound Service at the Temple of ECK. Dynamic speakers, original creative arts and singing HU, a sacred name for God, celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. 10am Sunday, April 7, and the first Sunday of every month, Temple of ECK/Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,  7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, April 8-20 – Stage 1 Frequencies of Brilliance Program: Frequencies of Brilliance Stage I is a Certification Course that initiates you into a cutting-edge healing modality. This initiation process is deep and intense…involving all aspects of Self. This is an initiation into a new way of living and of being and may be the most significant journey of your life. The 13-Day Training Course completes with you fully qualified as a Practitioner to bring this healing technique to others.  Visit or email Joanne at April 9 – Ayurveda: Herbs & Food for Healthy Living: Nutrition is a cornerstone to the Ayurvedic approach. Through the use of specific foods, herbs and spices you can bring balance to your individual constitution. This course will introduce several recipes and teach you how to use simple culinary spices and herbs for home remedies to boost immunities and rejuvenate the body and mind. $49, 6-8:30pm Tuesday, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, www.normandale. edu/ce/classes




April 9-30 – Simplified EFT Tapping — Foundations Certificate: Each of the 4 sessions will focus on key areas of wellness. You will be introduced to the Simplified method of EFT Tapping™ and learn how to effectively address subjects such as relationships, health concerns, financial wellbeing, and self-worth. Tapping is simple, effective and a great gift to yourself and others. $345, 6-9pm Tuesdays, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, April 11-May 2 – The Art of Muscle Testing Certificate Program: Muscle testing can be used for oneself and others to test for food and substance sensitivities, emotional imbalances and general pain relief. This 4-part series will introduce you to multiple applications to ensure the accuracy of your testing and results. The program is highly interactive and participatory. Please see website for more details. $169, 6-8pm Thursdays, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, April 12 – Crystal Grid Experience: During this Crystal Healing Class you will experience a customized crystal healing with a crystal grid set up in the room, as well as on and around each individual participant. Your instructors will be guided to which crystals want to work with you at each event, so each monthly experience will be unique and customized. 6:30-7:30pm, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot: Info: 612.930.2662, April 13 – NE Wellness  Psychic Gallery with Alison James: More than a Message: An intensive soul healing event where everyone shares in the transformative effect of spirit communication as a whole. Features Q & A and connections with those in the spirit worlds. Experience life-afterdeath soul survival in real  time at  this  intimate event. Adults only.  1-3pm Saturday, April 13, at NE Wellness, 1224 2nd St., NE, Minneapolis (www. Not handicap  accessible, upstairs. Tickets $50, final non-refundable sale, non-transferable. Visit  April 17 - May 1 – Sleep Well Series — for Your Health: Poor sleep has long-term health consequences, however most people don’t understand the science of sleep, what sleep health is, or even how sleep affects our physical body and mental health. This science-based sleep series is  see HAPPENINGS on p. 30 APRIL 2019 THE EDGE  



continued from p. 29

designed to provide you with foundational sleep concepts, what effects sleep deprivation creates, and how to design a healthy sleep protocol. $149, 6-8pm Wednesdays, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, April 19 & 20 – Temple of ECK Open House: You are invited to an open house at the Temple of ECK, the worldwide center for the Eckankar teachings. Enjoy tours, live music, videos, spiritually inspired art, trails and refreshments. Open to people of all faiths. Noon-4pm Friday, April 19, and Saturday, April 20, at Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, April 19–21 – Shining Your Light as Soul: You are invited to the 2019 ECK Springtime Seminar at Hilton Minneapolis. Discover how to awaken to your full spiritual potential for more love, wisdom and freedom. Experience dynamic speakers, creative arts, inspiring workshops and more. The featured speaker, Sri Harold Klemp, shares stories about how you can experience more divine love in your life. Program includes free events for those new to Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. For more information, call 952.380.2200 or visit April 20 – Energy Medicine — Being the Practitioner with Cyndi Dale: Integrate energetic concepts, practices, and techniques and deepen your skills as an energy practitioner. You will review basic concepts and then explore the roles of brain states, primary cell, and disease patterns, both microbial and energetic, before practicing on each other. By the end of this course, you will be clear about energy protocol and your particular energetic gifts. $145, 9am-4pm Saturday, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, April 20 – Mindfulness Qigong — with Spring Forest Qigong: Mindfulness is simply being with yourself as you are at that moment. It is being honest and grateful for your life the way it is. Being mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur, helps you become fully engaged in activities, and creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events. Using meditation, eating, movement, gratitude practice and other mindful activities, you will begin to open and develop your own mindfulness practice for a healthier life. $129,9am-3pm Saturday, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, April 22 - May 13 – When Those You Love Are Hurting | Online: When a loved one is hurting, it’s easy to set yourself aside. It isn’t until later that you realize your overwhelming concern for another has cost you something of yourself.  This workshop is for you.  The one who is standing by another, watching them struggle through a dark or challenging time, and feeling helpless to affect positive change in their life.  You matter and 3 0  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

The Collective wants to help. Online, Mondays, 7-8:15pm Central. Register at workshop-when-those-you-love-are-hurting/ April 22-28 – Enchanted Boutique’s 5th Anniversary Celebration: In honor of the Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Enchanted Boutique will feature: special sales all month long; double loyalty points earned on Psychic Corner services; free miniclasses on Thursday, April 25 and Saturday, April 27; Party Celebration 5-7pm Saturday, April 27; and Vendor Expo from Noon-6pm Sunday, April 28. Located at 4074 White Bear Ave. N., White Bear Lake, MN. For more info: 651.600.3769 or visit April 26 – Crystal Grid Experience St. Paul™: During this Crystal Healing Class you will experience a customized crystal healing with a crystal grid set up in the room, as well as on and around each individual participant. Your instructors will be guided to which crystals want to work with you at each event, so each monthly experience will be unique and customized. 6-7pm, Healing Elements, 2290 Como Ave., St. Paul. Reserve your spot: Info: 612.930.2662, April 26 – “Power vs Force” with Mas Sajady: Internationally known energy healer and transformational catalyst Mas Sajady presents a powerfully transformative workshop, “Power vs Force” 7-10pm Friday, April 26, at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. All proceeds will benefit LHSC. Visit events/minneapolis May 1 - June 26 – Learning Leadership: Preparation for the Wayshower | Online: Who is a wayshower? Someone who is in the position to show the way to others because they’ve done the work themselves. The Collective teaches that the world needs wayshowers. People who have a genuine concern for others while also maintaining a healthy view of self.  In a world where leadership is confused with profitability, and integrity suffers, the role of the wayshower is becoming more important every day. Online, Wednesdays, 6:30-9:00pm Central. Register at course-learning-leadership/ May 4 – 2nd Annual May Day Celebration in Willmar: Looking for that perfect magickal gift? Join us at the May Day Celebration featuring: Psychic Medium Tiffany Johnson presenting two psychic galleries, speaker Justin Steinberg on “Project Origin: Untold Stories,” the band Leprechaun Pirates, and Raindrops Technique presented by Renee Plemmons. Vendors, Readings and more. 10am-4pm at Willmar Community Center, 624 Hwy 71 N. Info: Facebook Wallmar Pagan Events, email or call 320.765.2510. May 4 – Meditation With Oneness Blessings | Create Your Reality: You are a powerful creator with the ability to manifest any reality you focus on. In this guided mediation with Oneness Blessings you will receive tools and insights specially designed to connect you with the limitless resources within you for the purpose of manifesting your ideal reality into being.  11am-

Noon, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot here: For more Info: 612.930.2662, May 4 – Golden Purifier | Shamanic Journeying Monthly Series: In the natural world there is a special bird that is responsible for purifying that which may otherwise cause disease or death among other beings. This guide is known as the Golden Purifier because of it’s innate ability to transmute and illuminate. During this journey you will fly wing to wing with this guide learning how it wants to help transmute what no longer positively serves you. This is a part of a Monthly Shamanic Journeying, which takes place with participants lying comfortably on the floor with their hands and hearts open to the sky. Yoga mats, pillows & blankets provided, but feel free to bring your own as well. 12:30-1:30pm, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot here: goldenpurifier.eventbrite. com. For more info, call 612.930.2662, and visit May 4-5 – Tai Chi for Instructor Training Level 1: This program will teach you the twelve movement Sun Style tai chi form and certify you to instruct Tai Chi courses under the Tai Chi for Arthritis & Falls Prevention certification. This form improves flexibility, muscle strength, increases heart/lung activity, aligns posture, improves balance, and integrates the mind and body. Students will learn how to safely modify the movements based on learner capabilities or limitations. Upon successful completion of this program, you will be a certified TCAFP instructor for 2 years. $285, 8:30am-4:30pm Saturday & Sunday, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, May 15-21 – Dr. Dan Mathews & Holy Divine Healing: Dr.  Dan with Holy Divine Healing will return to the Twin Cities to present “Return to Innocence” daylong workshop (10am-4:30pm May 18, $222, $199 by April 24), a Group Healing Event (7-9pm May 18, $35) and offer individual healing sessions. Early registration for both events $215 by April 24. The Experience is highly transformational for each person present and for the planet. Events are at Courtyard Mariott Bloomington, 7800 Bloomington Ave. S. Register Early. Space is limited. Registration at the door on a first-come, first-served basis as space permits. Register: www. Call 651.442.4623 or May 18 – The Story of Us: A Love Relationship | Live: The Collective teaches that we are more than the human race — we are divine. What does this mean and what is our connection to Source and universal consciousness? The answers to these questions are far more vast and significant than most of us realize. Receiving this teaching will forever change how you view yourself and the One who created you. Join us and rejoice in The Story of Us. Saturday 9am-Noon at DoubleTree by Hilton, Minneapolis – Park Place. Register at



Free Podcasts in April April 2 – Free Podcast “Edge Learning Well” with Elise Marquam Jahns: Learning Well — Your partner in integrative health education. You’ll hear from fascinating experts who will share rich information designed to enhance your health, career and relationships. Learning Well…bringing growth, joy and inspiration to your life! This show is sponsored by the Integrative Health Education Center of Normandale Community College. 6pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at May 25 – New Earth’s Spiritual Expo: A wide variety of spiritual, holistic and metaphysical practitioners and shops will be in attendance, and speakers will be lecturing throughout the day on various topics. A Paranormal forum, hosted by Unveiled Paranormal Society of Grand Forks, will take place from 6:30-8:30pm. Something for everyone will be available throughout the day. Free admission, Noon-9pm, Alerus Center,Door 5, 1200 S. 42nd St., Grand Forks, ND. For more details, or email for vendor opportunities: 218.683.5382,, June 21-23 – Empathology 101™: Among 130 beautiful acres of nature including a lake with peaceful walking paths, this 3-Day Empathic Workshop is designed to accelerate the fire of your Life’s Purpose, discover hidden dormant spiritual gifts, and receive esoteric spiritual and psychological technologies that will help you to know yourself better. Our mission during this workshop is to provide empaths with the foundational training so they can get to know themselves better and share their much-needed gifts, love, and light with the world. Many unique processes will be offered to participants including a Sacred Homa Fire, and a nature walk through the eyes of a Shaman.  9:30am-6:30pm daily at Oak Ridge

ripples Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. JOHN MUIR

Listen anytime for free at  edgemagazine or call at show time at 714.364.4750. Show archives: Explore every show at Host your own show: call 612.710.7720   or 763.433.9291 for details April 10 – Free Podcast “Edge Inner View” with Cathryn Taylor: Join host Cathryn Taylor as she speaks with Don Snyder, who does Akashic Record Hotel & Conference Center, Chaska, MN. Reserve your spot: Info: 612.930.2662, June 22-23 – Star Gathering: The 2nd Annual Star Gathering is a keynote experience with five esteemed speakers dedicated to sharing experiences to bring you new tools for personal and planetary ascension.  It will be a life changing experience! $122/day or $222/weekend. 8:30am-5:30pm Saturday and Sunday, Hope Interfaith Center, 114 Pohl Road, Mankato, MN. Register at or call 507.386.1242. July 26-28, August 23-25, September 27-29 – Level 3 Hypnotherapy Training (81-Hours): Hypnosis Is The Doorway to Your Unconscious Mind. Are you ready to open your mind and release the inner potential of yourself and your clients? Become a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and experience powerful new skills that allow you to permanently connect your conscious mind with your own inner wisdom. During this 3-month course, you will unlock the inner doorways of your unconscious mind and discover how to help others make permanent changes in their lives. 9:30am-6:30pm daily. Reserve your

The sun, with all those planets

Readings. He will discuss how the Akashic Records inform you about your soul’s intent and how the information can assist you in your life. 3pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at April 15 – Free Podcast “Ride the Leading Edge with EFT and TRE®” with Cathryn Taylor: Host Cathryn Taylor inspires and empowers you to ride the leading edge of evolution with the integration of two of the most effective energy therapies, EFT and TRE®. Tune in on the third Monday of each month. Learn how to expand into your personal vibration of success. Hear how you can ride the leading edge of your own transformation and create the life you desire and deserve. 3pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at spot: Info: 612.930.2662,


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of grapes as if it had nothing else

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

in the universe to do. GALILEO GALILEI


revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch

If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive. ELEONORA DUSE

I don’t like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It’s just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess. WALT DISNEY I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars. WALT WHITMAN

I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature. PAULO COELHO APRIL 2019 THE EDGE  



DEADLINE: MAY 7 Our printed Edge Directory appears on newsstands every spring and fall, in the June and November editions of The Edge, and it offers you the opportunity to share with your community details about who you are and the service you offer. Purchase a display ad in this directory (full page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page, 1/8 page) and you get a free 100-word listing that includes your contact information and description of your services. Also available: a 50-word listing without the purchase of a display ad. Your listing is arranged in the directory by category (choose one: Animal Care, Eat Drink & Nutrition, Experience, Guidance, Healing, Intuition, Learning, Services, Shop and Spirituality.) Every directory advertiser chooses a sub-category in six words or fewer that more closely describes what you offer. Your display ad will appear on the page of your listing or as close as possible. DISPLAY ADS — PRICING AND SIZES: • 1/8 Page: $120 – 3.66" wide x 2.34” high • 1/4 Page: $190 – Vertical: 3.66” wide x 4.74” high; Horizontal: 7.5” wide x 2.34” high • 1/2 Page: $325 – Vertical: 3.66” wide x 9.67” high Horizontal: 7.5” wide x 4.74” high • Full Page: $675 – 7.5” wide x 9.67” high SINGLE LISTING PRICE: $60 for one listing • $40 for an additional listing with purchase of a display ad. Your Directory Listing will be published in The Edge magazine, and it will be in the online Directory flipbook for six months. Promote Yourself this Spring!


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The Edge | April 2019  

Why Nature is Essential to Your Soul. Also A Pleiadian Message with Christine Day, April Horoscope with Heather Roan Robbins, Poetry, and mu...

The Edge | April 2019  

Why Nature is Essential to Your Soul. Also A Pleiadian Message with Christine Day, April Horoscope with Heather Roan Robbins, Poetry, and mu...