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The little blue book Volume II


LITTLE BLUE BOOK VOL: II Welcome to Edge & Wax. Our Little Blue Book series continues to guide you through the essentials when taking to the mountain…


e carry an extensive range of products to help you get the best out of your time on the mountain and have picked just a selection to show you in this edition. Volume II shows just a sample of our extensive product range which is available with more product information and videos at

For 2011-12 we have an extended ski, boot and clothing range including new additions Arc’teryx, Atomic,Dynafit, G3 and Movement. We now also offer a ‘Try Before You Buy’ service on feature skis, a premium rental service for back country items and those gadgets you would like to take on the mountain with you. And we now offer interest free finance on selected purchases. Please note that the Little Blue Book shows supplier’s recommended pricing (RRP), always visit our website for the latest savings throughout our product range. See you on the slopes soon…


Working with our suppliers we have a select range of skis available on a try before you buy basis. Bookable in advance and subject to availability, the skis will be prepared to perfection in our workshop and set up for your ski boots (If applicable) and supplied ready for transport in a Sportube hard case. A rental fee is payable, and upon returning the skis safe and sound, if you decide to purchase the fee is fully refunded. Look on our website for the skis with a try before you buy icon.


PremiER Products Rental Programme...

We offer a rental service on a range of premium high quality products, from GoPro Cameras, ski~mojo, Snowpulse Avalanche Bags, BCA Back Country products and Scott Touring skis. See page 63 for more information.


Edge & Wax now offers 6 months interest free credit on all transactions of £500 and over, allowing you to spread the cost of your new purchase over the season. Full information and terms and conditions can be found on our website.


Our staff enjoy nothing more than testing out the products that we sell, whether on the slopes as part of the Edge & Wax Fall Line Test Centre programme or in our showrooms. We are constantly recording video reviews of our thoughts on the products for you to watch online! Look out for the video tab on our website.

Graphic Design & Catalogue Management: Steven Vaughan – Staff Member | Editorial: Scott Hargrave – Staff Member | Printing: Forest Litho – Partridge Green We would like to thank our suppliers for their assistance with the production of this catalogue. Disclaimer: This publication has been prepared solely on information supplied by the contributors and manufacturers; its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The publishers and their production team cannot accept liability for inaccuracies, errors or omissions in such information howsoever arising. Prices are correct at the time of going to press, excluding genuine mistakes. Edge&Wax reserve the right to implement manufacturer’s price or VAT changes. Full terms and conditions are available on request or online at © BLiSS Outdoor Ltd (T/A Edge & Wax). Registered in England No. 06647299 / GB 935 9563 79.



Includes help selecting the right skis from our carefully chosen range of Piste, All-Mountain and Backcountry skis.



Not just for prodding people in ski queues, we have a pole for every taste.



A correctly fitted boot is critical to you enjoying your time on the mountain and getting the most from every turn.





Outer wear, socks and base layers for all mountain conditions.

Focussed range of high quality gloves to ensure comfort and safety all day long.



Protect yourself whilst on the mountain in comfort with our range of helmets and body armour.



Look after your eyes with our range of eyewear from goggles to sunglasses.



A guide to looking after skis and snowboards to get the best from your equipment and keep it in top condition



An introduction to the key essentials to take on the mountain when you are considering anything from touring to heli-skiing.



Record your time on the mountain with our range of GoPro HD helmet cameras and accessories.



From ski transportation to hydration packs or day sacks, we have luggage to suit your needs.





Some last minute essentials for your trip.

Jargon busting, Edge & Wax style


Buying a pair of skis doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. let us help to guide you through the process...


hen buying a pair of skis, there are a few simple pieces of information that will help you to find your perfect match. With the introduction of carving skis and new technology, ski length is based more on the user’s weight than the tradition of using your height. Combine this with your ski level and your aspirations and this will help narrow your choice very quickly.

CHOOSING SKIS... First, select your current ski level from the list below: 1

Never skied before


You can stop with a snowplough


Snowplough turns, doing the odd blue


Starting to Parallel turn, onto blues


Venturing onto reds, step turns


Getting confident on red, the odd black


Comfortable skiing most black runs


Comfortable on ice, going off-piste


Aggressive off-piste skiing, carving on piste


Professional Instructor

Here at Edge & Wax we then break this down into 5 groups; NOVICE (1-4), INTERMEDIATE (4-6), ADVANCED (6-8), EXPERT (8-10) and PROFESSIONAL (10). Our ski ranges are labelled in this way to assist you. Now you know your ski level, you need to decide where you will mainly use the skis: Groomed piste runs All snow conditions (from ice to slush) All mountain skiing (piste & off-piste) Off-piste skiing (powder) Ski touring This should now give you a focussed list of skis to look at as potential new skis perfect for you.


Dynastar Outland 80 PRO Skis The ultimate versatile all-mountain ski for progressing expert skiers wanting to excel on the groomers yet crossover and enjoy soft snow too. The moderate tip and tail rocker creates a shorter running edge length for more maneuverability and pivoting speed control.

£525.00 (RRP)



For selecting the correct length, we take your ability, weight and where you will use the skis, and can calculate the approximate length. Weight (Metric)

Weight (Imperial)

Ski Size

49kg and below

7st 8lb and below

140cm (135cm women)

50 - 56kg

7st 9lb - 8st 8lb

145cm (140cm women)

57 - 62kg

8st 9lb - 9st 7lb

150cm (145cm women)

63 - 68kg

9st 8lb - 10st 6lb

155cm (148cm women)

69 - 75kg

10st 7lb - 11st 7lb

160cm (152cm women)

76 - 81kg

11st 8lb - 12st 7lb

165cm (156cm women)

82kg and above

12st 8lb and above

170cm (163cm women)

For NOVICE skiers, this is your recommended ski length. For INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED skiers we recommend adding 5cm, and for EXPERT and PROFESSIONAL skiers you would normally add 10cm to the above length. If you are buying the latest skis with Rocker technology, these are actually designed to be skied up to 10cm longer again in addition to your ski length measurement, we actually recommend adding 5cm on for all-round versatility unless it is an all mountain powder monster..

So What Is Ski Rocker?... Ski rocker is the biggest change in ski design since carving skis. A FULL rocker ski has the tip and the tail up in the air, it is like you are standing in the centre of a banana: Rocker

These would be amazing in powder, for float, but not so great on piste. So designers combine rocker with CAMBER to produce skis that are more versatile depending on their intended use: 20% Rocker

So as the tip (and sometimes tail) are not in contact with the snow, the effective side edge of the ski is shorter. The ski will still carve well, but this is the reason that we recommend using skis in this style a little longer. You won’t lose any control but you do gain more float when the snow is softer or in powder. We cover rocker in more detail on our website at For any questions on ski selection or fitting, simply contact a member of staff. We also have our online ski selector tool that will produce a list of skis for you allowing you to filter the results.

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K2 Force Skis A forgiving flex with Catch-Free Rocker makes learning to ski easier than ever. All this combined with a modest price tag leave no excuse not to get out there and give it a go. An ideal first ski.

£315.00 (RRP)


Atomic Smoke Skis The Smoke is the perfect introduction to all-mountain skiing but comes into its own when carving on-piste. The Adaptive Camber Construction delivers uncomplicated handling characteristics when the skis are flat on the slope but pop it on the edges to give a perfect grip.

£360.00 (RRP)




With an all-new construction and stunning looks, this is the definition of a one-quiver all conditions ski; the Venturi tip and tail allows the ski to perform on the piste and fly in deep powder. A factory finish makes this THE ski for those seeking performance and comfort in all terrains.

£525.00 (RRP)

£625.00 (RRP) with Scott S10 Bindings


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Atomic Cloud 7 Womens Skis Women’s Flex Zones on the Cloud models ensure particularly easy handling for the progressing skier looking to develop their skiing. The Cloud 7 is lightweight and boasts very easy turns.

£320.00 (RRP)


Volkl Aire Womens Skis Effortless gliding is the motto for the Aire. Specially designed for those starting out, the Aire stands out for the ways it lets skiers conserve energy. The Power Grip and 3Motion bindings system lend the ski reliable control even when speeds start rising.

£350.00 (RRP)

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Head X-Shape STX PR Skis Whether carving hard-packed slopes or charging into bumpy terrain, this agile ski will make the best of it. Superior speed, edge and control with Intelligence Technology and sandwich construction means this ski is one of our favourite piste skis around.

£480.00 (RRP)


Volkl RTM 77 Skis The RTM 77 clearly prefers to spend its time on the groomed slopes, with a tip rocker providing effortless turn initiation that adapts to the skiers whims as if by magic. There’s an extra bonus to it: The bow arc provides decent lift for fresh powder days as well.

£485.00 (RRP)

Atomic Theory SKIS



The 2012 ski of the year, and we agree! For sheer all-round versatility and value for money this ski is hard to beat. A width of 95 mm enables the Theory to deliver sufficient lift in deep powder snow. The slanted sidewall construction with tip-to-tail wood core provides great rebound and a pleasurable ride in all conditions. Thanks to the adaptive camber there is good shovel lift in virgin snow and uncomplicated handling characteristics where the skis are flat on the slope. At the same time it can still carve across the pistes.

£475.00 (RRP) 8

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SKIS | womens | INTERMEDIATE & advanced

Head MYA 5 Womens Skis The Head MYA No. 5 has a wider all terrain shape, Intelligence Technology and sandwich construction that gives this performance oriented descendant of the men’s X-Shape MTX a real edge on hard pack and enough float for everything to the sides.

£465.00 (RRP)


K2 Superfree Womens Skis Designed for good intermediate to expert skiers who really want one ski to cope with everything! Although only 76mm underfoot it will sit up in powder thanks to its All Terrain Rocker, but its recent additions for this season has meant that on piste it really flies.

£475.00 (RRP)

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SKIS | advanced & expert

K2 Rictor MX 14.0 Skis The Rictor is an ideal ski for advanced and strong intermediate all-mountain skiers who want to rip up pistes, shred powder and improve their all-round skiing. Features Mod Monic Damping for stability in all snow conditions and elimination of ski chatter.

£540.00 (RRP)


Dynastar Legend Idyll Womens Skis


One of THE standout skis from our ski test, and customer feedback confirms this ski is. It is solid underfoot with a reassuringly good edge hold allowing you to carve down the piste effortlessly, whilst the 78mm waist keeps the ski nimble but allows you to ski the whole mountain.

£430.00 (RRP)


Movement Le Fer Skis The Movement Le Fer is a new ski, orientated at the piste but maintaining the same freeski spirit of the other skis in their range. Aimed at those looking for a top of the range ski to carve with. The Le Fer utilizes cutting edge technology to make the ski, with a combination of wood, metal and fibre-glass. The Le Fer is responsive, powerful and precise and would suit an athletic skier very well.

£649.00 (RRP) 10

Comes with Marker 12 Bindings

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SKIS | advanced & expert

Atomic Blackeye Ti Skis The Blackeye Ti, featuring a modest 82 mm waist width, combines smoothness on piste with sufficient lift in soft snow. The Step Down Sidewall and combination of wood core and titanium ensure superb stability and unrivalled performance.

£525.00 (RRP)

Volkl Mantra Skis


Our suggested binding: Marker Griffon Schizo £210.00 (RRP)

The Volkl Mantra 2012 freeride ski is for the freerider perfectly balanced between on and off the trails. Those who don’t like making decisions the evening before, and who generally want the best of both worlds under their feet, will love their time on the Mantra.

£500.00 (RRP)

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SKIS | expert & professional

Atomic VC 75 Skis A stunning piste ski for the aggressive caver thanks to the Vario Cut (VC) technology that offers a variable ski radius. A traditional camber with rocker the ski is making full use of its edges to ensure precision and grip, while a Densolite core features all of the characteristics of a wood core but has improved vibration damping.

£800.00 (RRP)

Scott Venture Skis


Our suggested binding: Scott S14 Bindings £190.00 (RRP)

The Scott Venture was easily the most rated ski in the British ski industry tests held in Bormio, Italy. Using its Venturi tip and tail and the additional of Rocker on the tip this ski is playful, dynamic and aggressive, covering all bases for a one ski quiver.

£545.00 (RRP)

K2 Superstitious ERS 11.0 Womens Skis



The K2 Superstitous Womens Skis are the best choice for expert-level women who charge the entire mountain and aren’t spooked by a blessing of new snow from mother nature. Sporting All-Terrain Rocker on the widest SuperModel Chassis, the Superstitious provides top-notch performance in soft snow, both on and off trail. We have specified this with the matching Marker ERS 11.0 Binding.

£649.00 (RRP) 12

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SKIS | expert & professional

Line Prophet 98 Skis

Our suggested binding: Marker Griffon 13 £175.00 (RRP)

Any concerns for going wider than 90mm will be gone after your first turn on the totally new Line Prophet 98. Early Rise™ provides extra float & easier turn initiation and Capwall™ construction provides the high speed stability and responsive edge feel normally found on narrower skis.

£420.00 (RRP)

K2 Coomback Skis


Our suggested binding: Marker F12 Tour £290.00 (RRP)

The Coomback ski is a versatile ski, balancing the lightweight attributes of a backcountry ski with the confidence and performance characteristics of a traditional freeride ski. Features a lightweight Fir/Aspen core with Triaxial Braiding to keep the ski torsionally stiff without weight gains

£390.00 (RRP)

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SKIS | touring

Movement Logic Skis

Our suggested binding: Dynafit TLT Vertical FT Z12 £430.00 (RRP)

This Logic is a high-mountain touring ski designed with floatation and stability in diffi cult conditions. Lively yet predictable, this new generation of wide ski is changing the touring market.

£499.00 (RRP)

K2 Sideshow Skis


Our suggested binding: Marker Baron £260.00 (RRP)

The SideShow is actually for those who ski more firm snow than soft. Through still admirable in powder, the metal laminate sidewall construction will etch laser sharp arcs on translucent hardpack that will leave the racer in you smiling.

£410.00 (RRP)

K2 She’s Back Womens Skis


Our suggested binding: Marker F10 £260.00 (RRP)

With the narrowest waist and curviest sidecut in the women’s Adventure collection, the She’sBack also has the qualities of being the quickest and lightest. Two sheets of metal give a smooth, supple feel and positive edge hold, and the Speed Rocker makes it even more forgiving.

£370.00 (RRP) 14


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SKIS | bindings

marker squire schizo 11 bindings The popular Schizo technology breaks new ground, offering you the ability to move your stance fore/ aft 3cm in each direction for the ultimate versatility. It allows the to go from pipe & park to all mountain skiing, or from hard, groomed snow to powder with the turn of a simple screw on the toe piece. The Squire Schizo brings this technology to a new price point, for intermediate through to advanced skiers riding mid-range freeskiing skis.

£170.00 (RRP) DYNAFIT TLT RADICAL ST TOURING BINDINGS The TLT Radical ST represents everything about Dynafit’s binding technology; extremely lightweight, anatomically correct, energy efficient and lower in height for more direct contact with the ski. The Radical ST is so easy to use and it makes the frameless system accessible to all skiing fans.

£390.00 (RRP) FRITSCHI EAGLE 12 TOURING BINDINGS This binding achieves what no other has managed to do up to now: it combines maximum walking comfort and stability without the slightest compromise on safety, and considering its superior performance, the Diamir Eagle is also light and easy to handle.

£317.50 (RRP) marker griffon 13 bindings The Marker Griffon has earned a place as the go-to freeskiing binding in the market for anyone looking for a high performance, 13 DIN freeskiing binding. Special Features: freeride brake, short contact area for lower swing weight, low stand height.

£175.00 (RRP)

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s useful as ski poles are in ski queues and for picking up dropped gloves, the main reason for ski poles is to help maintain rhythm and stability through turns on the mountain. A solid ‘pole plant’ is a fundamental element to creating beautiful arcs of varying shapes down the mountain. Correct pole use can also help in accelerating out of turns.

Pole materials An aluminium ski pole can be relatively low cost, so if you lose poles this may be a sound purchase! Higher quality alloy ski poles will have taper wall tubing for strength and light weight combined. Carbon Fibre can be used to create very strong poles focussing on strength where it is needed and lighter weight towards the tips, to encourage easier swinging of the poles between pole plants. Carbon Fibre also offers variable flex so that the pole springs back from the pole plant giving you an extra bit of power through your turns.

Which basket do I need? A small solid basket is ideal for piste conditions being used on firmer or prepared snow; they won’t sink in when pushed into the surface. For powder skiing though these would simply sink, so a much larger basket is used with open venting to give the basket a greater surface area to stop it sinking into the snow.

Straps and Grips Straps allow you to keep hold of the pole in the event of a fall, but some skiers won’t use straps to avoid wrist injuries in a fall. A modern variant is Leki’s Trigger-S system, where the grip integrates with a special glove or strap attached to the glove, and releases in the event of a heavy fall.

Sizing your poles As a guide to correct pole length, turn the pole upside down and grab the pole right below the basket. Your arm should be at a right angle or slightly lower. We have also produced a table as a rough guide. Height cm (ft/in)


Height cm (ft/in)


Under 103cm (3’4”)


153-160cm (5’1” - 5’3”)


104-112cm (3’5” - 3’8”)


161-168cm (5’4” - 5’6”)


113-122cm (3’9” - 4’0”)


169-175cm (5’7” - 5’9”)


123-132cm (4’1” - 4’4”)


176-183cm (5’10” - 6’0”)


133-142cm (4’5” - 4’8”)


184-191cm (6’1” - 6’3”)


143-52cm (4’9” - 5’0”)


192-198cm (6’4” - 6’6”)



leki hot shot trigger s poles For the skier who has everything, this premium aluminium ski pole with quick release Trigger-S system comes complete with an integrated shot holder in each pole! Perfect for those nippy days and to celebrate the last run of the day.

£119.99 (RRP)




One of Leki’s best selling ski poles thanks to the perfect blend of Leki Extreme Carbon fibre in a 14mm diameter. The Trigger S system protects your hands from potential injuries in a fall such as skiers thumb.

A high quality ski pole combining premium carbon fibre and aluminium , with Speedlock variable length adjustment. Features the quick release Trigger-S System and comes with piste and off-piste baskets. A perfect all-conditions ski pole.

£99.99 (RRP)

£99.99 (RRP)

K2 LOCKJAW 3 piece adjustable ski poles

SCOTT RS12 ski poles

A three piece periscoping shaft for easy stowage and quick length adjustments. The length can be quickly adjusted from 95cm to 135cm, the pole features a bubble inclinometer and snow depth measure.

The RS12 is a performance ski pole manufactured from Scott’s S4 aluminium for strength and light swing weight. It features an ergonomic slim line EC-1 Grip System with an integrated easy to adjust wrist strap, and a 3.6 Disc piste basket with an ice tip the those firmer slopes.

£65.00 (RRP)

£50.00 (RRP)

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Made to Eric Pollards specification and graphic design, this is a freeride ski pole with style! The grip features Line’s new Grab Tab™ caps allowing lighter grip on the poles. The grips have then been resized using a bicycle style wrap tape. Includes two sets of Screwoff™ baskets in 60mm and 80mm sizes.

This women’s specific ski pole features a lightened S3 aluminium shaft which remains durable but allows for a lighter swing weight. The P-Core grip is resized for the female hand. An over-long 15x24 wrist strap allows easy adjustment, whilst the piste basket and ice tip allows you to achieve a firm pole plant in all conditions

The Snowflake is a women’s all-mountain ski pole made and assembled in Europe for quality. A durable steel tip and allconditions piste basket help you to achieve secure pole plants whilst the grip has been resized and reshaped and features a classic adjustable wrist strap.

£50.00 (RRP)

£35.00 (RRP)

£35.00 (RRP)



head Multi S ski poles

A cleverly designed ski pole, with a Live Grip that ergonomically adapt in three areas to ensure optimum comfort and balance. A smart detail are the two small magnets on the grip that help keep them together when on the lift. Made from 18mm 6061 Alloy for strength.

Restyled for 2012, Volkls pole range is as good looking as it Is functional. A soft touch dual density grip is comfortable and secure, whilst a 16mm alloy pole shaft is the right blend of strength versus weight. Includes piste baskets and a hardened ice tip.

£30.00 (RRP)

£27.50 (RRP)


A quality aluminium ski pole featuring an 18mm diameter tube profile for strength. The Multi S is equipped with piste baskets, and a comfortable dual density tacky rubber grip for secure and comfortable contact with your gloves.

£25.00 (RRP) See more:




aving seen hundreds of feet per season we can confirm no two feet are the same. We feel the key to a good fit for ski boots, is a focussed fitting session, like the ones we offer here at Edge & Wax. Video of our boot fitting process can be seen on our website and comprises of the following steps: Interview: No right and wrong answers here, we just ask some questions to build up a picture of what you are looking for and what your feet have been up to. All over a nice cup of tea or coffee of course. Measuring & Analysis: We take key measurements also analyse your feet assessing your arches/instep, volume and looking at how your foot behaves in and out of a ski boot. Shell Checks: We take a selection of boots based on the above information, take out the liners and place your naked foot inside to see how much room is around the foot in all the key places. Trying Boots: Then it is over to you. We focus on a shortlist of boots and trying them on until we have a boot which is closest to what we are looking for. Our mantra is “fit then flex” as too much attention is often paid to flex which can be adjusted in most cases, and is different between manufacturers. The Fitting: We then heat mould the liner so it conforms to your foot profile. We can also stretch or adjust hot spots on the boot, and create custom foot beds. If you are looking for a well fitted boot that will last for years, footbeds are essential; they keep you in the optimum position for skiing all day and reduce fatigue too, making your precious time on the mountain more comfortable, less tiring and allowing you to develop your technique. Once you are happy, the boots are yours and we discuss after-care, reminding you that our boot fitting comes with a comfort fit guarantee. We also show you the correct buckling technique, which ensures good ankle hold and all day comfort.

AFTER CARE Look after your boots to ensure many years of comfortable service. Boots should be stored with the buckles lightly done up and with the liners in the boot to maintain their shape. For drying you should invest in a boot dryer, or place them in a nice airy room upon your return and let them naturally dry out. Never store your boots anywhere too warm, such as a loft. Heat is how we moulded the boots to your foot shape so we want to avoid it. Keep the soles clean and replace if worn, do get them checked and replaced. Invest in some Cat Tracks that slip on and stop you slipping around on icy streets. (p.23)

nordica fire arrow f3 The Nordica Fire Arrow range aims to address today’s style of skiing with a new shell, designed to enhance lateral precision, progressive forward flex and a 45˚ closure system for maximum heel retention. The F3 features Nordica’s EDT technology eliminating boot twist resulting in sharper turns. This boot focuses on optimum stiffness, progressive flex and rebound.

£309.99 (RRP)


dalbello krypton pro id ski boots

atomic hawx 90 ski boots

The Dalbello Krypton Pro I.D boot is one of the most adjustable boots we have had our hands on. It features adjustable flex from 100-140, and combined with interchangeable footboards gives you increased versatility.

The Hawx 90 ski boot is designed for all mountain use. The i-Flex zone at the front of the boot works like an additional joint on the Hawx. It promotes natural forefoot flexibility, improves balance on the ski and provides for precision control.

£450.00 (RRP)

£270.00 (RRP)

head vector 120 ski boots

head dream 10.5 one womens ski boots

The Vector series is packed with Head technology perfect for tearing up the frontside of the mountain, with features like triple-injection-technology, spineflex buckles and heat fit liners the Vector 120 covers both high performance and comfort. Now incorporates a BOOSTER power strap.

£340.00 (RRP) 20

The Dream 10.5 is a women’s performance boot that offers the precision and performance that you would expect from a high end boot, whilst offering all day comfort and stunning looks. This boot has a soft walk heel and extra grip system.

£240.00 (RRP)

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With a Climbmatic walking mode and Ultra Grip soles, this is a highly versatile ski boot with a performance flex and 102mm last width. Popular with instructors and seasonaires alike.

The Sportmachine 90 boot uses NFS technology (Natural Foot Stance), allowing a neutral foot position which increases precision, balance and reduces effort. Medium width boot.

The Live Fit 70W is a great ski boot capable of instantly adapting to the shape of the foot. This is made possible by the Live Fit zones specially integrated into the shell and which precisely enclose the forefoot.

£295.00 (RRP)

£209.99 (RRP)

£200.00 (RRP)

head NEXT EDGE 70 ONE ski boots

nordica CRUISE 75 WOMENS ski boots


This boot has adjustable flex rating so it’s great for all mountain skiing, and with its higher volume you can ski all day in comfort. This is a classic and well proven ski boot.

A generous width and lighter flex ski boot, ideal as a first ski boot for those with higher volume feet wanting comfort. Features a womens specific thermal liner.

Head Edge J series ski boots are for the budding young skier, but retain many of the features on adult boots, along with generous room to allow for the growing feet of a child.

£150.00 (RRP)

£209.99 (RRP)

£70.00 (RRP)

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backcountry & touring SKI BOOTS

NORDICA HELL & BACK EXPERT ski boots The Nordica Hell & Back range has been developed for all mountain skiing, for those who dream of skiing outside the ropes. These boots perform perfectly as a backcountry boot with its Hike and ride technology which enables you to hike or skin up the mountain. These boots feature a dual density shock eraser, full rubber sole for great traction when hiking on hard surfaces and a 45˚ instep retention buckle for great heel retention. The Nordica boots this year are using a Dynamic Performance Code to describe the three main parameters of the boot, which are stiffness, progression and rebound.

£289.99 (RRP)


dynafit titan TF-X ski boots

dynafit zzero4 px-tf ski boots

An aggressive freeride backcountry ski boot for the expert skier, featuring changeable soles between ISO Touring soles or ISO Alpine (Available separately). A generous last where it is required results in a boot adept at touring without discomfort

This is the perfect boot for Freeride Tourers looking for best in class downhill performance and compatibility with all binding systems including Dynafit’s own systems.

A true ski tourers boot for the tourer looking for excellent downhill performance and a classic 4 buckle design for optimum fit.

£550.00 (RRP)

£500.00 (RRP)

£450.00 (RRP)


See more:



Therm-ic SmartPack RC1200

Therm-ic SmartPack 950 System

The ultimate boot warming system from Therm-ic features up to 22 hours of warmth and a universal remote control for quick selection of 3 heating levels. It includes a global charging system. A compatible footbed is required.

This is a complete boot warming system which will give up to 18 hours of warmth with 3 heat levels. Includes trimfit insoles which are fitted over your existing ski boot footbeds.

£189.95 (RRP)

£119.95 (RRP)

£34.95 (RRP)



This boot warmer is ideal for warming and drying ski boots and can be used on ski gloves too, so great for stating out a day’s skiing in comfort. Available in 230V for Europe, 110V for USA and even a 12V car version to warm and dry boots on the drive back to the hotel.

A clever little invention, these slip over the soles of your ski boots so that the soles are protected when walking on streets for longer periods. They also give you far more grip than the ski boot sole, making walking much safer and more comfortable. An ideal gift for a skier.

£16.95 (RRP)

£15.00 (RRP)

NORDICA BOOT BAG A boot bag is essential to keep your boots safe and protected whether in transit, or in the off-season when you have them stored away. We carry many styles and this example is a great bag for the money, with an external pocket for essentials and an adjustable shoulder strap.

£24.99 (RRP)

See more:

This is an excellent way of drying your boots out after a day’s skiing, to keep them in condition and comfortable to wear the following day. The system is available in 230V with a Euro or UK plug, and 110V for USA, is compact enough to pack and gently circulates warm air through the boots.





e cannot recommend strongly enough investing in good quality ski socks. Modern technical ski socks are designed to perform inside a ski or snowboard boot under the conditions you will experience. Modern socks have padding in the right places, and then thinner material where it is not required to help transport moisture from the foot and aid a closer fit. Moisture is the key thing to consider - you can sweat up to half a pint of water in a day’s skiing, and that sweat can collect in fabric. On a ski chair, in comes the wind chill to cool the moisture in your socks, chilling your feet. Therefore a technical sock will do a better job of keeping your feet dry and warm. Technical ski socks are harder wearing than tube socks so you only need to buy a couple of pairs to treat your feet to the comfort they deserve. In-resort, thanks to high wicking materials, they can be hand washed in the evening and will dry overnight. Merino wool is often used for warmth without the itchy feeling some fear, or we offer wool-free alternatives for those with allergies.

FALKE ENERGIZING SKI SOCK As used by racers on the world cup circuit, this sock incorporates compression technology, to support the muscles groups in the lower leg when skiing to maximise blood flow and reduce fatigue. We were raising eyebrows too when told this, but having worn them they really do work. Low volume fit.

ÂŁ34.00 (RRP) 24

See more:


Falke SK5 Austria Ski Sock

Falke ST2 Ski Touring Sock

A highly fitted ski sock with minimal material for the closest fit, whilst still offering high wicking to keep feet dry.

A ski sock with strategic placement of padding and yarn structures to allow for the movements the foot follows when ski touring. High wicking yarns with a light wool content keep the foot dry whilst the placed padding ensures comfort on the hike

A boot fitters favourite, the SK4 is a low volume performance sock, but with padding in all the right places for optimum fit and performance. High wicking yarns transport moisture efficiently keeping the foot dry. Try a pair of these on with their right/left anatomical fit and feel the comfort.

£25.00 (RRP)

£20.00 (RRP)

£20.00 (RRP)

Falke SK2 Ski Sock

wigwam snow whisperer pro SOCK


Our best selling ski sock, this offers the perfect blend of comfort, warmth and durability. Anatomically designed with high wicking yarns with a little wool for all day comfort.

£20.00 (RRP) See more:


The Wigwam Snow Whisperer Pro offers a light volume race sock acting as a ‘second skin’ to keep feet dry and super comfortable. A boot-fitters dream sock. No wool content so ideal for those with wool allergies.

All the properties of the Falke ski sock line have been put into this children’s sized sock, so you still get an anatomical left and right fit (making them fun to put on!) and still have warm and unfussy feet thanks to high wicking materials keeping moisture away from the foot.

£15.00 (RRP)

£12.00 (RRP) 25




earing the right garments for the conditions you are skiing in not only keeps you protected from the elements, but is essential to keep you safe on the mountain. Conditions can change at very short notice and you need to be able to adapt to the weather quickly.

This is why layering has become accepted as the best way to dress for the mountain. By having several thinner layers of clothing you can achieve two things, firstly the convenience of being able to increase or decrease layers to adapt to the conditions, and secondly encourage breathability. By having thinner breathable layers, as you work hard, sweat will not build up and start to chill you, and instead is carried away from the skin via your base layer and mid layer, to the outer jacket shell. Layering is also convenient, as your base layer will do most of the work, meaning you can wear your mid layers and jacket for longer without fear of smelling out the après ski bar! Make sure in selecting your perfect jacket or trousers that you have the right number of pockets to suit your needs; if you don’t wear a pack then versatile pockets are essential, if you are wearing a pack then you can opt for a cleaner more fitted jacket or trousers giving you a good range of movement.

scott preston jacket This Gore-Tex jacket will keep you protected from the elements in style, with a regular fit for easy movement, a fully detachable and adjutable hood, and pack-friendly seamless shoulder areas. Thermolite 80/60 gram material in key locations keeps you warm whilst allowing heat generated to be carried away to keep you warm and dry. An anti-chafe chin guard and hand warmer pockets round of a great all round wintersports garment

£320.00 (RRP) 26


Schöffel nigel Gore-Tex Jacket

Arc’Teryx Sidewinder SV Jacket

Top quality Gore-Tex Stretch performanc shell fabric features on this feature packed jacket. Lightly lined with effective Primaloft insulation, The Nigel features removeable hood, integrated balaclava, hand gaitors, pit venting and more than enough useful pockets for a day’s skiing.

From the Arc’teryx Whiteline range, this jacket is aimed at the all mountain skier. With a new Gore-Tex 3-piece Pro Shell to keep you dry whilst remaining breathable, watertight zipper pockets, this amazing garment is topped off with a unique ‘Sidewinder’ WaterTight(TM) zipper.

£590.00 (RRP)

£525.00 (RRP)

Schöffel Whistler Jacket Featuring Schöffel’s own Venturi Stretch waterproof fabric, the classic Schöffel features are all here: wrist gaitors, removable hood, integrated balaclava and various pockets including MP3/ phone specific pockets with easy access. One of our best sellers.

£450.00 (RRP) See more:



Arc’Teryx Sabre SV Jacket A multiple award winning jacket and for very good reason. This waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex soft shell jacket features a relaxed fit with articulated patterning optimised for snowsports activities. A nice feature is the oversize cuffs that fit over or under your gloves or mittens. Laminated WaterTight™ zippers throughout keep your essentials dry and the jacket features an integrated RECCO chip for safety.

£400.00 (RRP)

Schöffel Costigan Jacket

Scott Drexler Reversible Jacket

This straight cut jacket offers a relaxed fit, and is manufactured from Schöffel Venturi Stretch fabric to follow your movements on the mountain. Key features are a removable hood, wrist gaitors, a security pocket for essentials and a two way zip for easy access to a variety of internal pockets.

This was a standout jacket at the ski shows, thanks to it’s reversible function whilst retaining warmth and waterproof protection via a Entrant® Dermizax Stretch laminate. As practical tearing up the mountain as it is on the way to the apres ski.

£350.00 (RRP)

£255.00 (RRP)


See more:


Arc’Teryx Sabre Pant

Scott Academy Wintersports Pant

A best-selling garment thanks to it’s versatility the Sabre pant features a Gore-Tex 3 Layer Pro Shell material with a fully articulated knee and seat area for perfect fit in a relaxed, freeride friendly fit without needing to be baggy. Features oversized pockets and Kepotec(TM) reinforced instep sections.

A great relaxed fit, over-width waist band, and generous leg length make this a great all-mountain ski trouser. Microloft insulation is used in strategic locations to keep you warm, whilst Entrant® Dermizax™ protects from the elements.

£300.00 (RRP)

£255.00 (RRP)

Schöffel Irving Dynamic Trousers

Scott Enumclaw Wintersports Pant

A best seller here at Edge & Wax thanks to the versatility of the zip-off bib section, and the articulated traditional ski fit. Primaloft® lined for warmth with a waterproof Venturi® Stretch shell, with reinforced insteps.

A relaxed regular fitting ski trouser offering great value for money, with Microloft insulation wrapped in 10.12 Spectrm™ waterproof fabric. An extra deep waist band ensures a comfortable fit, and inner thigh venting allows you to cool off on warmer days or at the Apres Ski.

£200.00 (RRP)

£185.00 (RRP)

See more:



Schöffel Lindsay Ski Jacket

Arc’Teryx Tempest Jacket

A beautifully fitted ski jacket, which being made from Gore-Tex Stretch performance shell gives you full range of movement and protection from the elements. Combined with a Primaloft insulation lining, this is a perfect ski jacket for the frequent skier.

Shaped specifically for the all-mountain freeride skiing woman, this jacket offers ample room for layering and good articulation of movement. The Gore-Tex Soft Shell is highly breathable and has a full fleece backer for warmth without bulk. The generous storm hood is helmet compatible.

£500.00 (RRP)

£420.00 (RRP)

Schöffel Selma Ski Jacket

Schöffel Ellen Ski Jacket

A feature packed fitted women’s ski jacket with plenty of pockets strategically placed to reduce bulking. A clever feature is the removeable fleece lined collar which can be easily washed to remove sunscreen and make-up. Stretch Venturi fabric protects you from the elements and offers room and stretch for base and/or mid layers.

For those looking for a modern sportier look the Ellen features piping detail throughout a Venturi Stretch fabric giving a full range of movement and stylish look. An integrated balaclava is also featured as are wrist gaitors and a full size removeable hood, so a truly functional garment.

£400.00 (RRP)

£360.00 (RRP)


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Scott Zuri Reversible Jacket Two excellent jackets in one; Wear as a standard ski jacket with Entrant® Dermizax™ outer shell for protection from the winter elements, or reverse for that puffer jacket look, with synthetic down liner for maximum warmth. Looks stylish and requires less packing too!

£255.00 (RRP)

Scott Colbie Jacket

Scott Audry

The Colbie is a classic in the Scott women’s clothing line, a regular fitting fully featured jacket with all the features you would expect from a best seller; A detachable fully adjustable hood, powder skirt, a lift pass friendly shielded arm pocket, underarm venting and anti chafing chin guard. And plenty of pockets for all those essentials.

Form meets style with this regular cut ski jacket, to give you ample room to move and for base and mid layers as required. Featuring a detachable hood, snow skirt and underarm venting, the jacket is made from 10.12 Spectrm waterproof outer shell, wth a quilted Microloft lining for extra warmth.

£255.00 (RRP)

£185.00 (RRP)

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Arc’Teryx Sarissa Pant

Arc’Teryx Sentinal Pant

Schöffel Lara dynamic trouser

For those wanting a high performance freeride pant but with integrated insulation, the Sarissa is the best out there. No corners cut on the insulation Coreloft, with a Gore-Tex® Pro Shell outer. There just isn’t a better made, better articulated, better performing womens ski trouser in our opinion. And the relaxed fit makes this a great option for a variety of skier types.

These premium quality winter sports pants flatter the female form whilst delivering all of the technical freeride/ freeskiing performance you would expect from Arc’Teryx. This is achieved by using Gore-Tex™ Soft Shell outer for a light weight pant that protects from the worst elements. Posterior thigh vents offer temperature control in exactly the right place whether descending or ascending.

A highly versatile pant thanks to the removable bib section, we offer this pant in a shorter leg length too. Venturi Stretch fabric gives a comfortable fit with less rustling. The ankle areas are reinforced to help prevent damaged from sharp ski edges. Adjustable waist cinches allow you to fine tune the fit.

£400.00 (RRP)

£300.00 (RRP)

£200.00 (RRP)

schöffel Savonna Dynamic III Ski Trousers

Scott Enumclaw Pant

The Savonna Dynamic III is your classic women’s ski trouser; Fitted without being tight, thanks to be articulated in the knee and generous in the hips. Being made from Venturi Stretch fabric the trouser feels ‘just right’ moving with you whether making your turns or heading up the stairs for a coffee. The insteps are reinforced to protect your trousers from sharp ski edges, and the waist has side adjusters to tune the fit.

An ideal ski pant for the winter sports enthusiast wanting good performance and a relaxed modern fit without breaking the bank. Fully featured with Spectrm™ waterproof and windproof fabric with Microloft insulation in the places that matter, and cooling areas to keep you comfortable for the whole day on the mountain. The deep waist and adjustable waist straps with double closure front is a great feature and very comfortable.

This trouser is available in three leg length options; standard for those around 31” inside leg, with the short leg version around 1” shorter with an adjusted upper section, and a long leg version for those with inside legs of 32” and over.

£185.00 (RRP)

£180.00 (RRP)


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he development of quality base layers for mountain use has been one of the biggest influences on all-day mountain comfort. In recent years yarns have evolved very quickly to offer fabrics that transport sweat away from the ski rather than absorb it, which is key to ensuring mountain winds don’t chill you. The minimum you should wear is one nextto-the-skin base layer. On colder days, you can then combine this with a midlayer, to maintain the breathability whilst adding an additional layer of warmth. The final layer – your jacket – then battles the elements keeping wind and snow out. Merino is the material of choice for base layers; It offers amazing natural properties, insulating the wearer whilst wicking away sweat, and it also does this without the traditional itching feeling of wool. Another benefit is that it does not smell after a short period of time unlike some synthetic fabrics! A base layer will give you the foundation to a comfortable day on the mountain, tackling moisture, heat and cold silently while you get on with enjoying your day on the slopes.

Icebreaker Oasis Crewe bf200 Base Layer This best selling men’s Merino wool base layer is made from Icebreaker’s Bodyfit 200 making ideal as a first layer against the skin, and as a standalone base layer in cool conditions. Packaged beautifully as well so an ideal gift purchase.

£52.95 (RRP) See more:


Icebreaker Atlas bf150 Long Sleeve Base Layer

Icebreaker Legless bf260 leggings

Icebreaker Bodyfit 260 Crewe shirt

As a boot fitting company we can’t recommend 3/4 length leggings enough, and a natural Merino wool one like this, made from Bodyfit 260 yarn is pretty much the ideal base layer for warm legs on the mountain.

As we move up to Merino wool based Bodyfit 260 yarn, we are now into colder conditions clothing, with the potential to wear this crewe shirt as a middle layer in very cold conditions. Being Merino wool, everything remains odour free for longer, always a bonus after a hard day on the mountain.

£44.95 (RRP)

£47.95 (RRP)

£64.95 (RRP)

Icebreaker Bodyfit 260 Legging W. Fly

Icebreaker Apex bf260 Zip Shirt

Icebreaker Sierra Realfleece Top

A colder conditions full leg length layer for very cold conditions and a variety of sports. Includes a fly for convenience.

One of our favourite garments due to it’s versatility, a Bodyfit 260 garment that with a zip makes it a versatile mid layer or next to skin layer. This even looks great round the chalet or for Apres ski. Includes finger loops and a 3 way adjustable collar.

A new product from Icebreaker and a winner. Imagine one of the most versatile mid layer and outer layer fleeces available, and then make it from natural Merino wool, trapping warm air, reducing odour and protecting you from the elements. That is the Icebreaker Sierra Realfleece. Once worn, never forgotten 1/4 and full zip options

£64.95 (RRP)

£89.95 (RRP)

£119.95 / £129.95 (RRP)

Made from Bodyfit 150 Merino wool the Atlas is an ideal all seasons base layer and ultra lightweight too. Whether on the mountain, cycling or playing a round of golf in cooler weather this will become one of your best friends quickly.


1/4 Zip / Full Zip

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Icebreaker Legless bf260 womens leggings

Icebreaker womens bf260 Leggings

As a boot fitting company we can’t recommend 3/4 length leggings enough, and a natural Merino wool one like this, made from Bodyfit 260 yarn is pretty much the ideal base layer for warm legs on the mountain. A womens specific cut with a close but comfortable fit

For those wanting a full length legging for use in other sports this Bodyfit 260 Merino wool will make a perfect multi-sport garment. We still recommend rolling the leg back above your boot line when skiing.

£47.95 (RRP)

£49.95 (RRP)

£52.95 (RRP)

Icebreaker Bodyfit 260 womens Crewe shirt

Icebreaker bf260 Tech Top Womens Shirt

Icebreaker Cascade Realfleece Zip Top

As we move up to Merino wool based Bodyfit 260 yarn, we are now into colder conditions clothing, with the potential to wear this crewe shirt as a middle layer in very cold conditions. Being Merino wool, everything remains odour free for longer. A womens specific cut shortens the torso a little and reshapes the raglan sleeves.

A strong seller for us last year, no doubt to it’s flattering fit, soft Merino wool feel, and the Bodyfit 260 yarn which makes this a very warm base layer or excellent mid layer in cold conditions. A 1/4 zip with wide collar to avoid too much hair interference has an adjustable collar that can be worn in 3 ways for preference.

A new product from Icebreaker and a winner. Imagine one of the most versatile mid layer and outer layer fleeces available, and then make it from natural Merino wool, trapping warm air, reducing odour and protecting you from the elements. That is the Icebreaker Sierra Realfleece. Full zip version for easy on/off and great hair.

£64.95 (RRP)

£74.95 (RRP)

See more:

Icebreaker Womens Oasis Crewe bf200 Base Layer This high quality women’s cut Merino wool base layer is made from Icebreaker’s Bodyfit 200 making ideal as a first layer against the skin, and as a standalone base layer in cool conditions. Packaged beautifully as well so an ideal gift purchase

£119.95 / £129.95 (RRP)

1/4 Zip / Full Zip





here is no substitute for a good quality glove on the mountain. Cold hands on the slopes and the lifts can be incredibly painful and in extreme cold dangerous, so make sure you invest in a well fitting pair of gloves. We sell various gloves to suit different budgets. Hestra have a very strong reputation amongst season workers and regular skiers due to their durability and great fit. Leather Hestra models include a small sachet of leather treatment and whatever brand of gloves you decide on, it is important to ‘feed’ any leather regularly so that they maintain their water resistant properties and soft feel. To size yourself up for gloves, you should measure around the hand excluding your thumb. This measurement in inches is your glove size. Hestra also offer additional information on finger length which can further enhance the fit. This information is available when you select a glove on our website. You can also choose between gloves, mittens and the new 3-finger format. Pick the style you prefer, although mittens allow you to insert glove warmers more easily. Don’t forget that glove liners are also available in a variety of materials to offer additional protection from the elements.

hestra vertical cut freeride glove Short freeride glove made from durable leather with a close fitting neoprene cuff. Tight fitting with external seams for increased comfort and a perfect, firm pole grip.

£120.00 (RRP) 36

GLOVES | unisex

Hestra Army Leather GTX A season workers and patrollers favourite, thanks to the Gore-Tex XCR membrane which enhances the waterproofing and breathable properties, and the extra long cuff design. A durable goat leather palm will last for years. A Bemberg lining is fixed in the glove, pair with a Polartec liner for super cold conditions.

£115.00 (RRP) Hestra Army Leather Short GTX Glove The Army Leather Short GTX takes all of the features of the Army Leather GTX Glove, and is reshaped into a compact shorter cuff model, with a neoprene and Velcro cuff closure. This allows for greater dexterity and is for those who prefer an under the jacket sleeve glove as opposed to a gauntlet style.

£115.00 (RRP) Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski The best selling ski glove and ask anyone who owns a pair and they will tell you about the leather palm and fingers for durability, the removeable Bemberg lining for easier cleaning, and the gauntlet styling with a wrist fit adjuster and snow cuff cord cinch. A classic for the ski hall of fame. Add a thin liner such as a Hestra silk liner for the ultimate cold weather set-up.

£85.00 (RRP) See more:


GLOVES | unisex

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Mitten

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski 3 Finger Glove

Hestra Leather Ski Cross Glove

Taking their best selling ski glove, Hestra have produced a mitten version, with all of the same features of the Heli Ski glove - snow cord cinch, wrist fit adjuster and leather palm and fingers, but with an open mitten style Bemberg lining, which allows you to add hand warmers or wear fingered glove liners with ease for maximum warmth

This is a recent addition to the Army Leather Heli Ski range, and has been an instant sell-out. Taking all of the features of the Heli Ski glove, the glove has been reformed into a three finger design for maximum dexterity whilst still giving the warmth benefits of a mitten style. Destined to be another Hestra classic.

A favourite here due to the compact nature of the glove, and close fitting adjustable neoprene cuff, which allows for a close fit under a jacket sleeve. Made fully from quality goat leather, pads are strategically placed on the knuckles and upper section for extra protection in harsh conditions.

£85.00 (RRP)

£85.00 (RRP)

£79.00 (RRP)

Scott Groomer Mens Ski Glove

Scott Traverse Mens Ski Glove

Scott Grand Am Ski Glove

A classic long cuff ski glove design made from waterproof and breathable GoreTex® with a 180gm Softfill insulation for warmth, lined with fleece. The Groomer also features an external zipper pocket for a handwarmer or your loose change. A leather palm with Toughtek® material gives good grip whilst protecting your hands.

For an extremely warm all round water sports glove, look no further than the traverse. With a hypora® waterproof membrane and PrimaLoft® 4oz. back and 2oz. palm this glove is very warm and is further enhanced by a Hi-IQ® moisturewicking liner. Features an external stash pocket for loose change.

This is an amazing value for money ski glove as this one features a Gore-Tex® waterproof and breathable lining and Softfill insulation for under £50! A lockdown wrist strap and overlength lycra cuff stops snow or winter chills getting to you via your jacket sleeves. Ideal first winter sports glove that has all the features of more expensive models.

£60.00 (RRP)

£59.00 (RRP)

£45.00 (RRP)


See more:


Hestra Womens Heli ski A best seller for Hestra and us too, this highly versatile long cuffed glove is available in glove, mitten and 3-finger formats. A women’s specific fit optimised finger length and glove width for a true female fit. The leather for palm for the women’s model is a softer and less bulky cowhide. The lining is removable for easy cleaning, and can be swapped or combined with other liners. An army goat leather palm makes this a durable glove too.

£99.00 (RRP)

Hestra Cormayeur Womens Glove

Hestra Anja Pärson Pro Model

A truly classic design, this gloves looks every bit as good off of the mountain as on it, so an ideal gift which will be used more than one week a year. Super luxurious Italian lambskin feels incredible to the touch, whilst Primaloft insulation will keep your hands warm..

Despite all her competitions, Anja Pärson still has time for freeriding. The Pro Model that Hestra have developed together is made of soft, supple cowhide leather. The glove has external seams for a perfect pole grip. A short neoprene cuff with velcro adjust keeps things sealed whilst comfortable. A Bemberg lining with Fibrefill insulation keeps things warm. Available in glove or mitten options.

£99.00 (RRP)

£89.00 (RRP)

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Hestra C-Zone Womens A mid-cuff glove which is a close but comfortable fit for women. The Czone inner membrane is waterproof and breathable whilst the Primaloft lining offers a high degree of warmth without too much bulk. Combine this with a liner for a very warm and versatile glove system.

£59.00 (RRP) Scott Darby Womens Glove A great value for money women’s shaped ski glove offering a Gore-Tex® lined and Softfill insulated glove for under £50! A lockdown wrist strap and overlength lycra cuff stops snow or winter chills getting to you via your jacket sleeves. Ideal first winter sports glove that has all the features of more expensive models.

£45.00 (RRP) Scott Sphere Womens glove Available in a glove and mitten option, the Sphere is your feature packed entry level glove. A Jtex water resistant shell covers a waterproof membrane and full wrap Fiberloft insulation for warmth. The lining of the glove is soft touch fleece, and there is an external stash pocket for your loose change. Mitten option also available.

£30.00 (RRP) 40

See more:


LINERS When buying gloves it is important to also consider buying a pair of glove liners. These are relatively inexpensive, and like layering you clothing, help keep hands dry by wicking away sweat, and then trap dry air to keep your hands warm. Being thin they are easily stowed away in your jacket pocket when it warms up. When sizing, do not adjust glove or lining size, just order your normal size. We offer several types of glove liner, here are our best sellers:




The Hestra Polartec Powedry glove liner uses a technical light weight fabric to transport moisture quickly away from the fingers, to keep them dry and therefore warm. Perfect for all ski conditions including back country touring. Medium to light volume.

The genius behind the Hestra Polartec Waffled liner is the squares throughout the fabric. These increase the surface area, aiding in transporting moisture away and then trapping dry warm air. These are slightly higher in volume.

The Hestra Silk glove liner is our thinnest glove liner so is ideal for closer fitting compact gloves, and for those who appreciate the properties of silk to provide and additional layer of insulation.

£15.00 (RRP)

£16.50 (RRP)

£22.50 (RRP)

glove aftercare Look after your leather gloves with Hestra Care Balm. Treat the leather regularly and it will resist moisture. Moisten the leather a little first and then rub in the balm until the leather is saturated. Gloves rarely get damaged while skiing. Instead, the edges of skis and boot buckles are normally the cause of damage to your gloves so take care!

hestra leather care balm

£5.00 (RRP)


ES 2010/2011

SPECI AL ORDERS 2010/2011 HESTRA GLOVES Edge & Wax can offer a offer a special from Sweden, so SPECIAL ORDERS order service fast service on have regular deliveries with stockists, any in stock Hestra we largest UK Gloves.

hestra special order... Hestra carry the widest range of colours and styles of gloves and mittens in the world, so it is impossible for us to stock them all. However, we do offer a special order service for items in stock at the Hestra warehouse in Sweden and a fast turnaround. Please contact us on 01403 713 470 or via our website for a catalogue and order form.

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Order Details



Glove 3-finger

Page No.


Price (GBP)

£120.00 3-finger Cut Freeride Vertical Page No. Description£120.00 Model Seth Morrison Pro 14 £100.00 XCR Vertical Cut Freeride Leather Short GTX Army3317 24 Seth Morrison £89.00 Pro Model Leather Shape £110.00 16 Army Leather Short GTX XCR Army Leather Gauntlet £80.00 Pro Model Leather Shape Henrik Windstedt 23 £80.00 3523 Glove Army Leather 3023 3023 Army Leather Patrol Gauntlet 3523 13 £80.00 23 3024 Henrik Windstedt 3024 Dexterity Pro Model £85.00 13 3026 Army Leather 3026 Soft Shell Patrol £75.00 Glove Shell Short 3028 Army Leather Soft Dexterity 3028 £110.00 3035 Ecocuir Ventile Glove Soft Shell 3035 £85.00 Model 3040 Anja Pärson Pro 24 Army Leather 3040 £95.00 Soft Shell 3542 Chèvre Short 3042 Heli Ski Cuir de 12 £295.00 Ecocuir Ventile 3042 3542 Glove Cuir de 3043 Ski Peccary 17 24 £90.00 Anja Pärson Pro 3043 Model Model 3047 Kaj & Sverre Pro 25 £70.00 12 Heli Ski Cuir 3047 Switch de Chèvre 3050 Outseam Leather £69.00 17 Peccary Ski de 3050 3052 Cuir Army Leather Spring £80.00 25 Kaj & Sverre Ski 3052 3053 Pro Model£80.00 Army Leather Heli 13 3045 3457 Outseam Leather 3053 3057 Heli Ski Female 13 Switch £120.00 3361 3561 X-TRAFIT 3061 3057 Army Leather GTX Army Leather Spring 3457 £99.00 3045 On GTX XCR 13 Slip Army 3063 Army Leather 3061 Leather Heli Ski £95.00 3561 3361 3069 Short 13 Ecocuir Heli Ski Female 3063 16 £80.00 Terry 3078 Army Leather Wool Army Leather 14 3069 £75.00 GTX X-TRAFIT 3080 W.S. Leather Short 14 Army Leather 3078 Slip On GTX £90.00 3088 XCR Leather Vent Army 16 £100.00 Ecocuir Short 3080 Perret Pro Model 3096 Dominique 25 14 £75.00 Army Leather 3088 Wool Terry 3107 Leather Ski Cross 17 £100.00 14 W.S. XCR 3096 3611 Leather Short 3110 Army Leather GTX £95.00 3446 Army Leather mitt 3146 31073646 Vent Army Leather Extreme 16 25 Dominique 31103516








3317 3017








3646 3516

17 3446 16

Perret Pro Model Leather Ski Cross Army Leather GTX XCR Army Leather Extreme mitt




Order Details


Price (GBP)




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£120.00 £100.00 n/a

£89.00 £110.00 £80.00 £80.00 £80.00 £85.00 £75.00 £110.00 £85.00 £95.00 £295.00 £90.00


£70.00 £69.00


£80.00 £80.00 £120.00



£99.00 £95.00 £80.00



£75.00 £90.00 £100.00


£75.00 £100.00 £95.00




IN OUR OPINION A HELMET IS MORE RELIABLE THAN LADY LUCK IN PROTECTING YOUR HEAD… Giro Nine.10 Helmet A new for 2012 model, the Nine.10 takes the G9 and gives it a modern twist borrowing elements from the Giro Seam helmet. An engineered ‘Super Fit’ with ‘In Form’ dial size adjustment allows for perfect fitting and adjustment on the fly. New Strip Vent Shields allow you to uncover the venting without having to remove fiddly plugs. Compatible with all aftermarket Skullcandy TuneUps items for audio, the useful feature of this model is the availability of an XL size covering head sizes 62.5-65cm

£99.99 (RRP)


earing a helmet is still a personal choice in most resorts, but most skiers seem to have made the decision to wear one. We think wearing a helmet is the only way to go out on the mountain. You have the obvious safety benefits of protecting yourself; you just never know what is round the corner, or what is coming up from behind you. Modern helmets also protect you against the cold on chillier days, but have enough ventilation or adjustment to allow airflow through so even spring skiing is comfortable with a helmet on. Some models allow you to fit audio systems even wireless phone systems, allowing you to listen to your music or voicemail on the way up the mountain but still allow you to hear what is going on around you. Remember that you should change your helmet after a big fall, to ensure the same level of protection next time you have an incident. And if you lose a helmet pad or earpiece, we keep a wide range of spare parts in stock.



Dianese V-Jet Touch Helmet

Giro Fuse Helmet

A new concept in ski helmets, when we first saw this on the slopes we wanted one! The adjustable/removeable visor is a key feature here, and makes it perfect for those wearing glasses or not liking that goggle feeling on the face. The feeling of freedom is brilliant. With a total weight of 600 grams this is a light and unfussy combination for an all mountain/ back country helmet, and being Dianese safety is assured, venting is solid with scoop channelling and the liner is Sanitized® fabric and removeable for cleaning. Just add your call sign for that fighter pilot look!

The Fuse is a light, durable helmet with top-level performance. The dial operated In Form Fit System makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds. Giro’s In-mould construction fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmets impact-absorbing foam liner for extra durability without excess weight. Super Cool vents pull cool, fresh air into the helmet while pushing heat and stale air out helping you feel fresh all day with Thermostat ventilation control allowing you to custom tune airflow instantly with a simple, low profile control button on the outside of the helmet.

£139.99 (RRP)

£139.99 (RRP)

Giro Prima Womens Helmet

Giro Grove Womens Helmet

The Prima is a light, durable helmet with top-level performance based on the mens Fuse helmet. The dial operated In Form Fit System in a womens specific version makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds. Giro’s In-mould construction fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmets impact-absorbing foam liner for extra durability without excess weight. Super Cool vents pull cool, fresh air into the helmet while pushing heat and stale air out helping you feel fresh all day with Thermostat ventilation control allowing you to custom tune airflow instantly at the touch of the button. The Prima features additional lining in the ear pieces for additional warmth.

The Grove is a light weight, low profile shape making it the most popular winter sports helmet on the market. A great fit combined with three externally adjustable venting settings results in an extremely comfortable helmet for all day, all mountain use. The ear pieces are removeable for spring skiing, the pads can be removed for cleaning, and fitting is a breeze with a dial adjust ‘In Form’ fit system. Compatible with all aftermarket Skullcandy TuneUps items such as headphone inserts and Bluetooth phone systems which we also stock. The benchmark winter sports helmet.

£139.99 (RRP) See more:

£119.99 (RRP) 43


giro G10 helmet The G10’s light weight, low profile shape makes it the most popular winter sports helmet on the market. A great fit combined with three externally adjustable venting settings results in an extremely comfortable helmet for all day, all mountain use. The ear pieces are removeable for spring skiing, the pads can be removed for cleaning, and fitting is a breeze with a dial adjust ‘In Form’ fit system. Compatible with all aftermarket Skullcandy TuneUps items such as headphone inserts and Bluetooth phone systems which we also stock. The benchmark winter sports helmet.

£119.99 (RRP)

Giro Decade Helmet

K2 Rival Pro Helmet With Audio

A new for 2012 model, the Decade takes the Ember and gives it a modern twist borrowing elements from the Giro Sheer helmet. An engineered womens specific ‘Super Fit’ with ‘In Form’ dial size adjustment allows for perfect fitting and adjustment on the fly. New Strip Vent Shields allow you to uncover the venting without having to remove fiddly plugs. Compatible with all aftermarket Skullcandy TuneUps items for audio. The earpads have additional insulation to protect ears from the chill.

The Rival Pro showcases in-mould construction and PassiveChannel venting to create a very light weight helmet. The Full-Wrap liner and K2dialled Fit System gives a secure and comfortable fit. The helmet comes complete with K2’s removeable Baseline 3 Audio System with a 3.5mm phono jack to connect to an MP3 player.

£99.99 (RRP)

£90.00 (RRP)


See more:


Scott Tracker Helmet

Giro Nine.10 Junior Helmet

The new Tracker is a low profile and very light weight helmet with a slight brim with venting to protect your face and goggles from the elements. The fitted 3 piece internal pads are removeable and washable and Scott’s M-R-A-S Fit System allows for fine tuning of the fit. Comes complete with a drawstring helmet pouch for transit.

Our best selling winter sports helmet. It features an extremely comfortable fit thanks to the removable full lining, and ample ventilation ports. If skiing in warm conditions you can remove one or all of the vent plugs for air flow, and the ear pieces can also be removed. This helmet is compatible with Giro TuneUps Audio Drops. Comes in a range of colours.

£80.00 (RRP)

£64.99 (RRP)

Giro Encore 2 Helmet

K2 Shadow Kids Helmet

A great multi-sports helmet allowing you to use this helmet for snow, skate and bike. The Fit Kit pad system allows you to tune the fit to your requirements and there are 13 open vents with mesh covers to keep the snow out. Compatible with all aftermarket Skullcandy TuneUps audio accessories.

This is a hard shell helmet for younger skiers and boarders, and has a hard shell construction for day to day use without adding too much weight. An adjustable fit dial on the back makes for fuss free fitting, whilst due goggle retention straps ensure one less thing gets left on the mountain.

£54.99 (RRP) See more:

£35.00 (RRP) 45


Therm-ic Power Beanie When we saw this at the ski show it was love at first sight. The Power Beanie is a heated rechargeable beanie hat. No more cold heads walking around the resort, playing golf, watching the footie. This is quite simply the best Christmas gift suggestion we can make for this season. Up to 6 hours of warmth are provided from the micro light lithium ion battery, with 3 heat levels via the easy touch external controls. An Impulse control feature stimulates blood flow to head. Comes complete with a multi voltage travel charger.

£67.95 (RRP)

Dakine ScrunTch Womens Hat A classic scrunch style wintersports hat which can be worn on and off the piste. The scrunch style allows you to adjust the length to suit.

SCHÖFFEL Cervinia Hat Schofell’s classic wintersports hat returns, fits perfectly to all head shapes, and with a 30% wool content keeps your head warm and dry.

Icebreaker Pocket 200 reversible hat This skull cap is made from merino wool for winter sports conditions. The skull cap can slide under a helmet or be used to cover up helmet hair when stopping.

£20.00 (RRP)

£20.00 (RRP)

£17.95 (RRP)

Giro TuneUps Bluetooth Link Audio Drops

Giro TuneUps Skull candy Audio Drops

Giro Helmet Pod

TuneUps with Bluetooth link technology from Skullcandy allows you to plug in your MP3 player while connecting to your Bluetooth phone wirelessly. Crystal clear treble and deep base.

The TuneUps Audio Drops offer great sound with an in-line mute button and a volume dial for quick, simple sound control when you need it. Fits all Giro helmets with the TuneUps tag on the earpiece.

One of our favourites here, this hard case allows you to safely pack your winter sports helmet (Remove the earpieces first) and there is enough room inside for your goggles and gloves too, keeping things secure.

£99.99 (RRP)

£34.99 (RRP)

£24.99 (RRP)


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Scott Flex CRX Back Protector

Scott Protector ShortS

Dianese Flip Airback Pro Back Protector

A premium quality all mountain protection vest, which manages to protect whilst remaining flexible. Features plates of d3o™ suspended in Scott Soft Flex material, enhanced by Deflexion™ high impact silicone material. Half zip front closure and removeable leg loops.

An aerated panel protection short with plastic side plates and a d3o™ Coccyx pad for extra protection. Further padding throughout is perforated to help breathability. A 6 panel construction allows for easier movement.

New from Dianese, a back protector with a sandwich construction consisting of Crash Absorb® and Nydaplast® in a 6 layer protection system. However this has been achieved whilst also reducing weight without detriment to the protection offered.

£160.00 (RRP)

£70.00 (RRP)

£84.99 (RRP)

Dianese Soft 3/4 PantS

Dianese Action Guards (Knee Or Elbow)

A 3/4 length pant made from breathable, ladderproof polyester frabric. Crash Absorb® is used around the thighs, which acts like rubber retaining it’s shape and is water repellent. Protective glass and carbon fibre mosiac inserts protect around the knee and abdomen.

£109.99 (RRP) See more:

Ultra breathable composite protection for your knees or elbows, these can be used for a variety of sports. 2 stiff abrasion plates sandwich a layer of Crash Aborb® material. There is a double adjustment strap top and bottom for a perfect fit.

£34.99 (RRP)

Dakine Wrist GuardS This slim fitting wrist guard fits under most gloves, and offers protection from falls thanks to the composite palm brace. A fingerless design with adjustable Velcro strap.

£15.00 (RRP) 47




ltra violet rays attack the eyes just like they do the skin, so it is important that at altitude where the UV rays are much stronger, that your eyes are protected. With bright conditions it is easy to get snow blind, or in a whiteout situation it can be difficult to find your way, neither of which is safe. For bright conditions a darker lens often mirrored will block harmful light and give a good clarity of vision. For whiteout conditions and low light, a light enhancing lens, often in a yellow or orange colour enhances the definition between the ground, snow and the sky, to allow you to safely navigate poor visibility.

ADIDAS ID2 PRO GOGGLES Since its debut appearance in 2008, Adidas eyewear’s ID2 goggle has taken centre stage, winning the red dot design award and the ispo Boardsports. This helmet-compatible goggle with a unique 2-frame levelling system is now moving up to the next level: with an innovative new filter change system which allows the wearer to react immediately to changing weather conditions. The ID2 basic filter is LST Bright, which creates a brightening effect while still offering high light absorption, for use in foggy conditions and hazy light. If the sun suddenly blazes down on the mountain, a darker filter needs to come out. With just two clicks, you can quickly attach the second LST active silver filter. Simply use one hand to click the darker filter in the top and bottom of the frame and you’re ready for bright light too.

QuickShift lens

£150.00 (RRP) Adidas yodai goggles The Yodai is an established model in the Adidas goggle line and a favourite for us. The peripheral vision offered is outstanding, without feeling too claustrophobic. The anti-fog features perform extremely well too. This shown version features an LST Active lens that works well in bright conditions and still offers a brightening effect when required.

£115.00 (RRP) 48

See more:


Scott Fix Goggles The Scott FIX offers a very wide range of visibility thanks to the spherical OptiView double lens. The double lens and No Fog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment is extremely effective in maintaining visibility in all snow conditions, and the combination of the 3-layer face foam and easy adjust strap makes this compatible with most helmets.

£80.00 (RRP)

Scott Notice OTG (Over The Glasses) Goggles The most advanced Over The Glass Goggle available, the Scott Fit System offers 4 settings in 1mm increments moving the goggle away from the cheek bones and increasing nose space, so that those wearing spectacles can optimise the fit to suit their face, and their prescription glasses. All the usual Scott features remain such as the spherical Optiview Double Lens and No Fog(TM) coating, and the goggle is also compatible with most helmets. An excellent innovative goggle.

£70.00 (RRP)

Scott Radiant Womens Goggles The Radiant is a womens specific design goggle, so has a slightly shallower and narrower frame so that it does not overwhelm the face. A spherical double lens and No Fog™ treatment keeps the lens clear with the Air Control system offering active venting across the inside of the goggle. This google is equipped with a Scott Optiview silver chrome lens, a great option for sunny to medium light days.

£65.00 (RRP) See more:


sERVICING a basic step-by-step guide to ski and board care... STEP 1: preparation & bases INSPECT YOUR BASES... You should keep an eye on your bases. If they are white or fuzzy in places this is a sign of waxing being required as the bases are ‘burnt’.

WAX AB REMOVER 250ml Holmenkol Wax AB Cleaner removes dirty wax from damaged areas before P-Tex repairs or the base before waxing. Ideal if you are servicing your own ski and want a clean base before you start waxing. It safely cleans tools too.

Before undertaking any work on the ski base, it should be prepared by cleaning off old wax and dirt using a wax removal product such as Wax AB.

£9.50 (£10.25 RRP)

Brake Retainers will make working on your skis possible by holding the brakes out of the way. A dedicated Ski/ Snowboard Vice is even better!


TEMPORARY REPAIR... Small gouges and scratches can be temporarily filled with a Repair Candle or Repair Strip. Simply light with a lighter (not a match) and drip the material into the gouge to prevent further damage. Smooth off with sandpaper or a Metal Scraper.

LONG TERM REPAIR... More permanent repairs can be made with a Repair Gun equipped with either clear or black repair rods. A repair gun will heat up the repair material to the correct temperature and provides a tool to spread the material into the damaged areas of the base. Repair Guns will put more material onto the base than a repair candle or heat applied strip. Because of this, a metal scraper would be advisable to remove excess material.

DEEP SCRATCHES & GOUGES... Some base damage will penetrate though to the core of the ski. This will be noticeable through a change of colour and material. For this type of damage, an intermediate repair material is required. Metal Grip is a professional repair product that is heat applied. This must be from a heating tool and not a gas lighter or matches. The corner of the heating plate on a repair gun can be used, or a base repair soldering iron. It should be applied to the core of the ski in a thin layer (allowing for repair material on top). Once applied, leave for 24 hours and then scrape off excess and apply the regular repair material of choice as normal.


The Pro 500 Ski Vice is ideal for base preparation, waxing and edge work. Securely holds any ski both base-up and on its side.

£80.00 (£90.00 RRP) HOLMENKOL FX REPAIR STRIPS 5 pack Modern repair candles for quick repairs.

£5.00 (£5.25 RRP) WORK STEEL SCRAPER Work grade steel scraper with sharpened edges, for removal of excess material from bases. Also useful when undertaking base repairs with repair candles or P-Tex.

£4.50 (£5.00 RRP) SKIMENDER RP100 REPAIR GUN A great tool for the enthusiastic DIY ski/board tech. Fitted with a UK plug and 6’ flex. Repair sticks in clear and black are available on our website.

£55.00 (£60.00 RRP) METAL GRIP 30cm Metal Grip is used to fill core-deep holes and damage next to metal edges.

£2.00 (RRP) See more:


STEP 2: tuning edges keeping edges sharp... Different snow conditions will blunt your ski edges at different rates, one thing is for sure though, at some point you are going to need to sharpen those edges to restore the edge to a good condition. Here are some key fixes and suggestions.

MOONFLEX DIAMOND FILES One of those must-have tools to keep your skis in top shape, these are handy in the workshop but also great in your pocket on the mountain.

£28.00 / £18.00 (RRP) 100mm / 70mm

REMOVING RUST... If skis/boards are stored with water on the edges or in the bag, the edges will likely be rusty the next time you take them out to use. Rust can be removed by using a Diamond File with a fine grade, or in areas that do not need to be sharp, by the use of a Gummi Stone (these stones can also detune your edges).

TUNING EDGES... There are a few different edge tools that allow you to set the base and edge angle. A Base Edge File Guide will allow you to use a file to set the base edge angle, and a Side Edge Tool will allow you to tune the edge angle with a file to between 1 and 5 degrees.

HOLMENKOL BASE EDGE FILE GUIDE The Holmenkol Base File Guide is a fully adjustable tool for accurate setting of the base edge angle, from 0.5 degrees to 1.5 degrees.

£40.00 (£42.00 RRP) HOLMENKOL ERGO SIDE WALL PLANER The Holmenkol Ergo Sidewall Cutter is an ergonomic ski and snowboard sidewall planer, with a gliding base for safe and accurate use.

To ensure you are only taking off enough material to make the edge sharp, take a marker pen, and colour in the edge, when you’ve taken the pen off, you have removed the minimum amount of material at the correct angle.

£45.00 (£50.50 RRP)

If the sidewall of the ski or board prevents the edge from being tuned, a Sidewall Planer can be used to carefully remove enough sidewall to expose the edge to tuning.



The Holmenkol Ergo Semi can tune side edges to between 0 and 5 degrees via an easy to use gauge.

Diamond Files can be used to refine the edges once the angle has been set. Starting with a course file and moving to a fine file will give the best finish, however if a single file is to be used, either a 400 or 600 grit file would be best. These are also great for touch-ups on the slope.

DEBURR & DETUNE... It is essential that the tip and tail of the ski are detuned to make sure that you don’t catch an edge and get smoother early exits from your turns. Observe the point at which the ski starts to touch the snow, and add half an inch further into the ski. Use a Gummi Stone at 45 degrees to detune the edge. The last step is to run the Gummi Stone at 45 degrees along the entire ski edge, with one pass. This removes the hanging burr from sharpening to reveal a true, consistent sharp edge.

See more:

£31.50 (£35.00 RRP) ZARDOZ NOTWAX PUCK The ultimate dressing for slushy spring snow and extra glide. Multi-buys available.

£10.00 (£10.99 RRP) HOLMENKOL GUMMI STONE The Holmenkol Gummi Stone is a rubber grit block for safe detuning of the tips and tails of skis and snowboards.

£7.00 (£8.25 RRP) 51


STEP 3: WAXING & FINISHING PREPARING TO WAX... There are a few steps to waxing your skis that will ensure the best results. If you have not already done so in repairing the base, firstly clean off any old wax using Wax AB cleaner combined with some fibre cloth such as Holmenkol Care Fleece. Leave this to evaporate for 5 minutes after cleaning, you should notice the ski base take on a dry appearance, this means it is ready to be waxed. One of the biggest points to make about waxing a ski is to never use a domestic iron! Skis suffer damage at high temperatures or around 140-150 degrees if heated for too long, but the thermostat on a domestic iron will not have a temperature gauge or a precise enough temperature. Investing in a Ski Waxing Iron is an essential step to take!

WAXING... Firstly set the waxing iron to the temperature stated by the wax you are using and let the iron warm up for a few minutes. Melt wax onto the ski by holding the iron at 45 degrees and pushing the wax onto it. A small spattering of wax across the ski will be enough. Evenly work the iron across the ski to melt the wax in being sure not to linger in one area and applying even heat to the ski. Tip: Feel the underside (top sheet) of the ski as you are waxing, as soon as you feel any warmth, waxing is complete.

FINISHING... Leave the ski to cool after waxing for at least 15 minutes. Once cooled, take a Perspex Scraper and use it to scrape the wax away from the ski. There are different ways to hold the scraper which come down to personal preference, but a 45 degree angle is ideal. When the wax is scraped down to a fine layer in the ski, take a Synthetic Nylon Brush and use it to brush the wax to a thinner, smoother and structured surface. Take the notched part of the scraper and remove all wax from the edges too. We recommend a coating of Zardoz NotWax is applied after brushing, the super slick coating will give the ski a superb glide.

HOLMENKOL SMARTWAXER IRON The Holmenkol SmartWaxer waxing iron is a quality waxing iron with precise temperature control.

£47.50 (£50.50 RRP) HOLMENKOL NATURAL UNIVERSAL WAX Holmenkol Natural Wax (Formerly World Cup Universal Wax) is an easy to apply premium universal hydrocarbon wax.

£10.00 (£12.25 RRP) HOLMENKOL world cup WAX Available in cold (red/blue) or hot (yellow/ red) versions. This kit allows you to fine tune your waxing. 2x35g blocks.

£8.25 (RRP) HOLMENKOL horse hair brush Waxing brushes are essential to polish bases after waxing and remove excess wax to reveal the base structure.

£11.00 (£12.25 RRP) HOLMENKOL synthetic brush Waxing brushes are essential to polish bases after waxing and remove excess wax to reveal the base structure.

£11.00 (£12.25 RRP) HOLMENKOL 3MM PERSPEX SCRAPER Essential for removing excess wax from bases and featuring a notched edge for edges.

£5.00 (RRP) 52

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Starfix board Vice

Zardoz Ski & Board Tune Up Kit

Zardoz High Fluoro Ski & Board Wax

The Zardoz Ski and Board Tune-Up Kit contains all the tools needed to clean and prepare your base for the slopes in less than 4 minutes .

The Zardoz blue wax combines the super slippery, hydrophobic qualities of NOTwax with the base protection of a hard wax. Ideal for warm, moist snow.

£85.00 (£95.00 RRP)

£17.50 (£17.99 RRP)

£9.50 (£9.99 RRP)

Zardoz Low Fluoro Ski & Board Wax

Zardoz Z Ski & Board Base Cleaner

Holmenkol Care Fleece 25 Metre Roll

The Zardoz white wax combines the super slippery, hydrophobic qualities of NOTwax with the base protection of a hard wax. For colder, harder snow.

A base friendly citrus cleaner to compliment the Zardoz product range. Avoiding the need for aerosol, it is 100% biodegradable.

Holmenkol Fibre Fleece (Known as fibrelene by other brands) is ideal for polishing waxes once applied, without risk of damage to your board or skis.

£9.50 (£9.99 RRP)

£5.99 (RRP)

£9.00 (£10.25 RRP)

The Starfix Snowboard Vice offers multiple positions for easy working on snowboards.

bootcamp technician training B.C.T.T is a dedicated workshop training facility in West Sussex, offering training courses in ski/snowboard servicing, ski boot fitting, custom insole fitting and bicycle maintenance. Whether you are an individual wanting to learn how to look after your own gear, or an organisation wishing to train season staff right here in the UK in a focused environment, we have a course for you. Each course is dedicated either to the individual or the group, and can be tailored to any organisation’s requirements.

1 day ski course


Learn all you will need to know to get started with your own ski/snowboard servicing.

1 day BOOT course


Learn about construction of boots and the principles of fitting a ski boot. This is a certified BSBA 101 course.

combined 2 day course


Both of the above courses combined to form a two day course.

individual basic tuition


We also offer one-to-one tuition during less busy periods of the season. Call us to enquire about availability. This is for a duration of approximately 3 hours.

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he nature of backcountry skiing means that being self sufficient is critical. A competent backcountry skier will always plan for the worst and likely never encounter such a situation.

There are some key items to take on the mountain if you are considering backcountry skiing. We can help advise on this and give basic training in our showroom on using some of the equipment but we also recommend you book yourself a training session on the mountain before making your first steps under the other side of the piste boundary. With the right gear and attitude backcountry skiing and ski touring can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have on the mountain. For this season we have expanded our Back Country ski range, and also our back country rental programme, to include ski packages and avalanche air bags to compliment our transceiver/shovel/ probe rental. See page 63.

Snowpulse Lifebag Avalanche Airbag Airbags are THE recent innovation in backcountry hardware. Available in several sizes, the Lifebag 30 offers 30 litres of pack stowage combined with an integrated airbag system. This charge-free system relies on pressurised air to deploy when the handle is pulled. The bag which is u-shaped protects the back of the neck and sides of the head and when buried provides life-saving space to give you those vital minutes. We offer training on the system which also comes with an instructional DVD. The Lifebag 30 comes in Large for taller skiers, or medium for those with shorter torsos such as women. Avoiding the need for aerosol, it is 100% biodegradable. Now 500g lighter, thanks to a more efficient 2.0 inflation system and direct fit canister.

ÂŁ719.00 / ÂŁ699.00 (RRP) 45 lt / 30 lt



Snowpulse Prorider 15L Avalanche Airbag

Snowpulse xtrem RAS 22L Avalanche Airbag

The Prorider 15 2012 has been modified to further enhance its functionality. For heliskiing use , the shovel holder has been removed and concealable straps have been added. A compact 15 litres, ideal for freeriders looking for a lightweight option.

The XTREM 22 R.A.S, has been specially designed for those powder days when all of your safety equipment is required in order to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety. 22 Litre capacity.

£649.00 (RRP)

£579.00 (RRP)

Ortovox S1+ Digital Avalanche Transceiver

BCA Tracker 2 Digital Avalanche Transceiver

The updated S1+ finds all your friends and gives a clear overview of the entire burial position. This allows you to make critical decisions quicker, as multiple burials are displayed on the viewscreen. Stress free activation by just flipping the unit open.

The BCA Tracker 2 offers the industry’s fastest and most precise pin-pointing, with a triple receive antenna, real time display and an easy to use interface. Includes multiple burial indicator lights. Available for hire (Page 63)

£349.00 (RRP)

£285.00 (RRP)

Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Set 3+

K2 Pilchuck Kit

Ortovox’s most popular products combined in a package! Contains the 3+ Avalanche Transceiver, Beast Telescopic Shovel and 240 Light PFA Probe. This is the ultimate back country skier’s gift as it comes supplied in a single box containing the three items.

£339.00 (RRP)

See more:

A no-nonsense minimalist backcountry pack that’s thin enough to wear on lifts, loaded with a K2 Rescue Shovel and Avalanche Probe Alu 300. A very lightweight combination.

£150.00 (RRP) 55


G3 Alpinist Touring Skins The Alpinist skins have been engineered from tip to tail to be the lightest, fastest gliding, best climbing and most secure climbing skins available. The innovative overcentre camming clip stays put and allows for on the fly adjustments.

K2 Lockjaw Carbon Adjustable Poles With Level This multi-purpose backcountry tool is the swiss army knife of ski poles; Adjustable length, snow depth ruler and a bubble inclinometer to ascertain slope angle quickly to assess avalanche risk.

£125-138.00 (RRP)

£80.00 (RRP)

K2 Rescue Shovel Plus System

BCA Extendable Snow Shovel

A backcountry shovel to the extreme, the Rescue Shovel Plus features a hoe mode handle, deadman anchor function and all the hardware stowed in the handle to convert to an emergency sled. Digs out cars too.

BCA’s best selling avalanche shovel. An extendable handle shovel with enviable strength to weight ratio. Just 595 grams, and yet the handle can extend to 78cm for rapid excavation and reduced back stress.

£120.00 (RRP)

£44.95 (RRP)

G3 190 Carbon Speed Tech SL Probe

BCA Profile 240 Quickie Probe

G3’s lightest and stiffest full diameter snow probe ever. Just 180 grams with no compromise on tube stiffness. The SL mechanism allows rapid deployment and features a lightened cord to save every gram without loss of strength or function.

£71.00 (RRP) 56

An excellent quality 240cm probe, the main feature is rapid deployment thanks to the Quickie system. Cast the pole whilst pulling the quick release cord and the pole locks together, saving vital seconds. The probe comes complete with stowage pouch.

£49.95 (RRP) See more:



GoPro HD HELMET CAMERA GoPro’s HD Helmet HERO is the world’s highest performance wearable 1080p HD cameras. Professional quality 1080p / 960p / 720p HD resolutions record at 30 and 60 frames per second (60 fps in 720p). You can record up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and up to 9 hours total on a 32GB SD card (not included). We have one of these here, and wear it when testing skis, and can’t believe the clarity it gives, and it is very easy to use too. Maybe not ‘essential’ but certainly something that will add a new dimension to your time on the mountain, and ideal for the skiing or boarding family who have everything.

£299.99 (RRP)

GoPro 3d hero system

GoPro lcd bacpac

GoPro bar/post mount

The 3D HERO System allows you to combine two HD HERO cameras into a single housing to record 3D video/photos while simultaneously recording in 2D.

The LCD BacPac is a detachable LCD screen for your HD HERO camera. The LCD BacPac keeps your camera as small and light as possible, yet provides the convenience of an LCD screen.

These are a tube clamp for mounting your quick-release GoPro camera on to bicycle handlebars, seatposts, frames or poles ranging from 0.75” to 1.4” (1.9cm – 3.5cm) in diameter.

£99.99 (RRP)

£89.99 (RRP)

£19.99 (RRP)

GoPro battery bacpac

gopro chest harness

The Battery BacPac works as both a charger for your spare HD HERO batteries and plugs into the back of the 1080p HD HERO camera to nearly double record times.

The GoPro chest harness is a great way to get a different perspective to your helmet camera footage, holding the camera still. Get more of the view in shot when shooting in 1080p. Great for boarders.

gopro grab bag mount pack A selection of mounting hardware for your GoPro, enabling you to get the most out of the camera.

£49.99 (RRP)

£39.99 (RRP)

£19.99 (RRP)

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e offer a range of luggage from ski and snowboard carriers to daypacks for your lunchtime stop. When taking skis or boards to resort, there is a choice between soft cases and hard cases. Soft cases can come in single or double versions, and can be fixed or adjustable length. Some will have padding included, and ski clothing inside a soft case makes for excellent padding, and makes smarter use of your luggage allowance. Hard cases offer the most secure carriage of skis and boards, various sizes are available, and some airlines now state hard cases as being mandatory to take equipment on their flights. They are great for storing your gear after a holiday, and can be tied to roof bars instead of a roof box. For back packs, there are day packs that carry your essentials, through to backcountry packs that almost carry the kitchen sink. And now there are also avalanche airbag systems. One consideration is having a hydration system, as this will encourage you to keep hydrated on the mountain, and saves a fortune in restaurant stops too!

SPORTUBE HARD CASES The ultimate ski and snowboard carry case which crams a lot into the optimised space, and has wheels incorporated in the end for easy pushing around the airport. Once inside your equipment will be safe and sound, whatever it is put through before, during and after its flight. Accessories are also available including a TSA padlock. Series 1 holds one pair of skis and poles, Series 2 holds 2 pairs, and Series 3 holds 2 snowboards or 3 pairs of skis. SERIES 1



£90.00 (RRP)

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sportube tsa lock



Travel Sentry Approved lock allows your luggage to be unlocked, inspected and protected safely.

Genuine SporTube accessory, the Easy-Pull Handle makes airport navigation much easier.

A useful stowage pack for use in SporTube Systems or your normal luggage, keeping items safe.

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Dakine Single Padded Ski Bag 190cm The Dakine 190cm padded single ski bag is a fully padded and shaped travel bag for your skis and ski poles. Durable cordura outer with large web straps and a full length zip. The lining is waterproof and easy to clean.

£51.99 (RRP) K2 Deluxe Adjustable Womens Ski Bag A quailty women’s ski bag for a single pair of skis and poles, for skis up to 195cm long with an adjustable bag length. The bag is made from 600D nylon for durability, and has internal compression straps to hold skis still and a water resistant tarpauline liner. External compression straps ensure further security when in transit.

£50.00 (RRP)

Dakine Split Roller Large Travel Bag

BCA Stash BC 35 Litre Pack

The Dakine Split Roller Bag is a high volume versatile travel bag. The bag has plenty of room for all your holiday gear with a split level design for easy access to all the contents. Internal dividers help to keep your luggage organised and external stowage pockets are perfect for essentials.

An all day backcountry pack for the explorer. A 35 Litre capacity is ideal for carrying all the required equipment for a safe journey and whatever challenges arise. There is a stowable helmet carry system and both snowboard and ski carry systems. An included 3 litre water reservior is housed in an insulated pocket to protect it from colder climates.

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Dakine Heli Pack The original low-profile winter pack. Updated design with an insulated HydroSleeve makes a classic pack even better. This 11 Litre pack features a vertical snowboard retractable ski carry and a fleece lined goggle pocket.

£51.99 (RRP) 59


edge & wax starter kit We offer a DIY Edge & Wax Starter Kit to allow you to undertake basic maintenance and waxing in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. These items purchased separately would retail for around £125.00. The only items you need to add for your own workshop set up are vices and any repair materials combined with our online guides, this kit is a great introduction to ski/board tuning and a money saver too! The kit includes the following items: Universal Wax (125g unpackaged), Holmenkol Ergo Semi Side Edge Tool with File, Steel Work Scraper, Edge & Wax Plastic Scraper, Rubber Gummi Stone, Smartwaxer Waxing Iron with UK plug fitted, Nylon Wax Brush, Base Cleaner / Wax Remover and Holmenkol Ski Brake Retainers (pair).

£100.00 (£123.50 RRP)

Falke Cozyshoes Chalet Slippers The Falke Cozyshoes are Merino wool based slippers ideal for wearing apres-ski or around the home. With an anotomical fit for comfort, and a high cuff, these slippers will keep your feet toastie warm, whilst the rubberised sole stops you slipping around on hard surfaces such as tile and wooden flooring.

£20.00 (RRP) 60

Dakine Cool Lock

Dakine Torque Driver

A compact 3-digit combination lock with 94 cm retractable cable. Simply set your own combination. Ideal as a short term deterrent at ski and snowboard racks whilst grabbing a hot chocolate.

A handy tool for adjusting of ski and snowboard bindings, with 5 bits stored in the handle and a compact spanner. The tool features a reversible ratchet function. Small enough for your day pack.

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A.F.D Plate

Plate on the toe of the binding that moves/rotates, to help prevent early release, and release smoother


All types of snow – from perfectly groomed piste to slush and ice


For use all across the mountain; from piste runs to off-piste powder bowls

Alpine Bindings

The standard ski binding, with a fixed toe and fixed heel matched to your ski boot sole length

Back Country

Beyond the piste markers, travelling up and down to find fresh snow or just for the challenge!

Base Edge Bevel

The angle that the base edge is pointed away from the snow to stop it catching when gliding on the flat

Base Grind

Sanding down of the ski base to remove any serious damage and reset it to a flat profile before servicing

Bliss Bikes

The sister company of Edge & Wax is a cycle workshop and showroom

Boot Camp

The ski and snowboard technician and boot fitting training centre operated by Edge & Wax

Boot Sole Length

The external length of a boot, normally stamped on the heel of a boot e.g. “296MM”. It is NOT the same measurement as the boot size (See MONDO) and is needed to set ski bindings correctly


The bit that points down into the snow when you take your boot out of the bindings. To stop skis sliding away!


The shape of the ski base along it’s length, changed by ski designers to suit different types of skier and skiing

Capped Construction

Where the top sheet of the ski rolls over either side edge-to-edge. Great for strength and lighter weight skis

ClimaCool™ By Adidas A moisture wicking fabric or foam that wicks sweat away from the skin. As used on Adidas eyewear Core

The heart of skis or snowboards. Quality wood cores enhance a skis performance. Also can be foam for light weight. Also see “sandwich construction”

Diamond Files

These are used to polish ski edges to give as smooth, sharp and consistent ski or snowboard edge as is possible

Diamond Finish

On the bases, this is a wet stone finish where a diamond is drawn across the stone first to give a desired pattern. This then effects glide performance and waxing. Edge & Wax has 45 patterns available!


Deutsches Institut für Normung. Or for the rest of us the institute that determines and tests the correct binding settings, which are always referred to as ‘Din Settings’

Edge Angles

The angle that the side edge of your ski sits at. The more angle there is, the more grip the edge will give you in harder snow conditions. You can adjust edge angles to suit your ski style and conditions


The steel sections down the sides of the ski. Not stainless steel, but work hardened steel to allow angles to be set and to offer enough flexibility to bend with the ski and not be brittle

Fluorinated Waxes

This is a super slippery compound based on Fluorine added to ski waxes for improved glide – See “Zardoz” for a spin on this. It can also be harmful when heated, so when waxing always use a well ventilated room

Forward Pressure The most critical measurement when setting up ski bindings, without correct forward pressure a binding simply will not work correctly so it is critical that this is checked and set by a qualified ski technician Freeride

The description most given is to ski without rules, a set route or goals. Or just going with the flow all over the mountain


This is a laminate of treated material (PTFE) that resists water but allows the fabric to remain breathable


Marked piste runs that have been lovingly groomed overnight to give perfect carving conditions

Heel Piece The rear of the ski binding. It will have a DIN setting indicator and a forward pressure indicator/adjuster Hydrocarbon Waxes

The classic ski wax, hydrocarbon waxes contain hydrogen and carbon to improve glide. They are not as slippery as fluorinated waxes but are lower cost, effective and not as harmful when heated up for waxing skis

Intelligence By Head™ A series of criss-crossing coarse fibres throughout the ski that at speed hook together to stiffen a ski up

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The act of riding over any non-snow object, so rails, tables for example

K.E.R.S By Head™

Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Intelligent fibres collect kinetic energy from the ski, store it in a chip, and release it as you exit the turn. Sounds like marketing babble, it isn’t, it really does work incredibly well

Laminate Construction Materials of different kinds such as metal or carbon fibre are bonded to a wood core to make a coating. This can change the behaviour of the wood core, so it can be optimised by the ski designer LST™ By Adidas

Dazzle caused by glaring sunlight as well as rapid changes from light to shadow impact eyesight and concentration. Adidas eyewear has specially developed its Light Stabilizing Technology to account for these factors

Merino Wool Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer. The lanolin content is also anti-bacterial MOD Damping By K2™ Mod functions by absorbing vibrations and impact loads along the entire ski, providing stronger edge-hold and a higher degree of power and control MONDO Ski Boot Sizing Most ski and snowboard boots are sized using the Mondopoint system, where the size represents the length of the foot in centimetres Piste Skiing

Skiing on marked and mapped ski routes, these are regularly groomed and patrolled for safety. They are graded in difficulty, and in Europe Green is the easiest and Black is the most difficult


P-Tex (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) is an extremely durable thermoplastic that is used in ski and snowboard bases. It is easy to repair, and can be structured to retain wax


The RECCO® system consists of a detector used by organised rescue groups and RECCO® reflectors that are integrated into ski clothing and accessories. The reflector is permanently attached, requires no training and no batteries to function. It is always “on” and ready. It does NOT replace an avalanche transceiver however!


Where the tip and the tail of the ski are lifting away from the ground. Full rocker skis will only be touching the snow in the centre

Sandwich Construction The classic ski construction, with layers of wood, where metal and other exotic materials are glued together to create a sandwich ski core Sidewalls

The classic construction for the sides of ski walls, a sidewall is a separate section that protects the core and also helps drive power to the ski edges. Most often found therefore on carving skis. Full or Partial sidewalls also exist

Sintered Base

A high quality ski base, where chips are compressed and baked together to make a single ski base but with lots of small voids between the chips, where wax can be retained, to improve longevity and ski glide.


Ski touring skins are unrolled, a backing paper removed and then ‘stuck’ to the ski base with a securing hook at the tip and tail. The hairs (synthetic or Mohair) are facing in one direction to allow you to glide up the slope, but stop the ski sliding backwards


A custom made ski shipping box developed by Edge & Wax for the safe shipping of skis. Used on UK shipments

Toe Piece

The front piece of a ski binding, featuring a DIN adjuster, an “AFD plate” and sometimes a height adjustment too

Touring Bindings

Bindings which have a waling mode, where the rear heel lifts off the ski to make walking uphill (with skins) easier


An avalanche transceiver saves lives, it emits a beacon, and can be used to search buried beacons too. Essential back country kit

Trigger-S By Leki A clever grip and glove combination system which reduces the risk of broken thumbs or wrists in a fall Venturi By Scott™ An innovative shaping of the tip and tail of a ski to reduce sticking of snow against the base when in powder Zardoz NotWax™


A Teflon® (PTFE) liquid, rubbed onto ski bases. As water cannot stick to Teflon® in spring conditions this product excels at preventing that ‘stop-start’ feeling in slush

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Edge & Wax Premier Rental Programme...


ere at Edge & Wax we carry some amazing products, and much like any sport there are stand out products that you hear great things about, but don’t know if you wish to commit your hard earned cash until you have tried them. Not in a shop, not round your friends house, but where it counts – out on the mountain. So we have selected some key products where we have been in this very same position and wished such a service existed. We keep things as simple as we can, rental is per ski trip of up to 12 days. A deposit and ID will be required, and all of the terms and conditions can be found on our website.

SCOTT CRUISAIR SKI TOURING PACKAGE If you want to give back country ski touring a try, then this would have to be up there as the ultimate rental skis. We will prepare a pair of 2012 Scott Cruis’Air skis equipped with Fritschi Eagle 12 touring bindings. We will supply a pair of Scott/Colltex Skins pre-cut. And we will provide these all in a Sportube Series 1 hard case ready for the flight. Just add your own poles and boots.

£130.00 (Per Ski Trip) SNOWPULSE AVALANCHE BAG RENTAL The biggest innovation in backcountry safety in recent times, we offer a rental service for this excellent system. You will be renting a Snowpulse Highmark 22 airbag, with 22 Litres of storage capacity, an air deployed avalanche airbag and instruction DVD. We can give training on site for this also. Don’t be tempted to let it off for fun though, not only can that be dangerous, but we will then be charging you for the refill!

£100.00 (Per Ski Trip) SKI~MOJo Find out just how good this system is for those requiring upper leg and knee support with our ski~mojo rental service. Available in two weight options, and free set-up on site is available

£65.00 (Per Ski Trip) GOPRO HD CAMERA SYSTEM The incredible GoPro HD camera system offers amazing memories of your trip to the mountains. We offer a camera system complete with helmet strap, head strap and an SD memory card. A download cable easily moves video to your PC.

£60.00 (Per Ski Trip) SPORTUBE SERIES 2 HARD CASE Some airlines now require hard cases for those travelling with skis, Sportube are the best in the business. A Series two will comfortably take up to two pairs of adult skis and ski poles, and some essentials inside too.

£20.00 (Per Ski Trip) See more:

Edge & Wax Little Blue Book Vol: II  

The Little Blue Book Vol:II for winter sports season 2011-2012

Edge & Wax Little Blue Book Vol: II  

The Little Blue Book Vol:II for winter sports season 2011-2012