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Curso 2012/2013

Spanish omellete Ingredients for four people: - 1 kg of potatoes - 4 eggs - 1 big onion - Olive oil - Salt

Preparation: 1º Peel the onion and the potatoes. 2º Dice the onion into very small pieces and put them in a large pot with a lot of oil. 3º Chop the potatoes into slices in a pot. 4º Fry everything on a medium heat, removing until the potatoes are fully cooked and golden brown. 5º Prepare two recipients, add the four eggs and beat. Then add half of the chopped potatoes and onions. 6º Coat a frying pan with a little oil. 7º Cook the egg mixture and later turn the tortilla so that it is browned on either side and serve hot. Activities: 1. Answer the questions. a) What's the recipe name? b) Which are the ingredients? c) How many steps are there? d) What is the correct cooking heat? e) Look for two kitchen tools. 2. Put the cooking verbs into the correct order. cook fry chop dice peel beat 3. Look up the verbs above in the dictionary.

Spanish omellete  
Spanish omellete