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Dear Residents With the Christmas decorations down, I hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Welcome to 2011 and your Eden Local community magazine. Let’s hope it’s a good one…… A big welcome to the new businesses on board with the ‘Eden project with a difference’ and hello to the rural communities, who can now collect the Eden Local from a store or outlet in their nearest village. So what does the New Year mean to you? Whilst for a lot of us, the New Year celebration was weeks ago, for the Chinese community and around the world, it is the XinMao year. Xin (Metal) is the eighth of the ten celestial stems and Mao (Rabbit) is the fourth of the twelve terrestrial branches and marks the year of the Rabbit or Hare. Here in Penrith and the surrounding areas, we have a celebration of the World Cup event in September (details on page 34) and we also have some anniversaries to celebrate. In this month’s issue, we have a article about Hunter Hall School, which has been celebrating its Jubilee year (pages 18 and 19). A potential news forecast this year, is that it might be the year of the Cumberland sausage. We hope it will be awarded PGI status, (Protected Geographical Indication) concluding a six year campaign by the Cumberland Sausage Association. The European Union approved the Cumberland Sausage Association’s application back in July 2010. What does this mean? Well, when the legal process is complete this year, the Traditional Cumberland Sausage will join a small and elite list of distinguished PGI protected products, including Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, Stilton Cheese and Champagne. Well, it means a lot more, but hopefully this gives you an idea and next month we will cover the topic in more detail. As promised in last month’s issue, we now have our salt stock information button on the front page of our website, that gives

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you access to a list of some local salt stockists. A big thank you to those who have agreed to give us this information. Getting into my monthly stride, I have been busy out and about in Penrith and the surrounding areas, meeting local people in the community, planning this month’s publication and future articles for 2011. I returned to the Stoneybeck Inn for the re-opening (pages 8 and 9) and I sampled another dish for the ‘chopping board to the table’ article (page 6) with Abu at Indiagate. I met up with Derrick and Melanie, the owners of new business Dottie Days (page 12). There’s me rabbiting on, but then it’s the year for it!

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Lee Quinn, Editor Eden Local Notice: Eden Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Eden Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

B-leek mid-winter – Carleton Hall Farm


Craig Hennessy’s Soup Recipe


Chopping board to the table


Beauty and the Beast


As it is the Stoneybeck Inn


EDC Community Fund Off to a Great Start


Dottie Days



Jamie at Home

Hunter Hall School 25 years

18 - 19

QEGS Basketball for Kids 20 Ullswater Community College 22 Carlisle College


Interview Techniques


The Wainwrights Society Little Mell Fell 28 The otherside of the ‘Mallett’ Future Eden FM star



Curtains Up NBM


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Burns night Saturday 28th January Traditional meal, piper, speakers: £18.95pp 7.30pm for 8.00pm, Glass of whisky on arrival

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In the B-leek mid-winter

In between the weather, we have experienced Neil Hodgson and his lads, Chris and Craig battling with the veg that’s been frozen in the ground. With the odd break, Neil tells me that the snow isn’t the problem, it’s the ice. The snow on top actually protects the veg from the minus temperatures at night. Whilst families have been house bound, businesses closed temporarily, along with schools and transport disrupted, the conditions have been so dangerous, that the best option has been to stay at home. The day on the farm, however, carries on. There are cattle to be fed and milked, which then has to be collected. The shop will open, because for those customers making the journey, they will still require their regular veg and other provisions, so they have to be replenished. Fresh vegetables, as I mentioned in my previous

visit to Carleton Hall Farm, are only harvested when needed. In late November to early December, Neil keeps an eye on the weather. He salts the yard so people can get in and out and there is hope that the temperature will rise after lunch, before dark, so that at some point Neil and the lads can get out into the fields to replenish the shop stock and maybe collect a bit extra if the weather’s forecasted to get worst. Once again we focus on locally produced vegetables and this month we are looking at leeks and potatoes. The potatoes were taken in back in the autumn and put in to store, so as and when required, they make the journey to the shop and local businesses. The leeks are not grown up on the hills over Penrith like the carrots, swedes, parsnips and turnips, where the soil is rich, but not too moist. The leeks are on the lower ground not far from the River Eamont, where the soil holds the water, just a short walk to the shop. Neil did lose a field of cabbage last year and some leeks, when they were submerged in water. On the day I went out into the fields with them, before the snow came in mid to late November, whilst the wind temperature was bitter, the ground was as good as it gets for pulling leeks. The

requirement on this day was 50 kilos. They would be back in a few days for more, as there’s no point in pulling them out, if they are only going to have to be stored. The best fridge is the soil and that’s why the Carleton Hall grown vegetables aren’t stored in fridges. They are just picked and put straight on display when they are needed. It was another period of time spent bending down as they moved across the field, pulling, trimming with ‘snaggers’ and filling the crates. That was the morning, it was off to the potato store, then some carrots that day before back for milking. Thanks again to Neil and his family for letting me behind the scenes. More about the community farm next month. Meanwhile, it’s time for some fresh leek and potato soup!

CARRS BILLINGTON AGRICULTURE SERVING THE RURAL COMMUNITY WITH RANGE, SERVICE & VALUE and conveniently – ALL UNDER ONE ROOF Call into our Penrith Branch 01768 866354 to see wide range of products available


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Leek & Potato Soup:

EdenLocal •

Ingredients ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

1 white onion 4 cloves of garlic 100g butter (a knob) a glass of white wine 5 leeks 5 large potatoes 300ml chicken stock 100ml water fresh chives salt & pepper cream for garnish Illustrations by Tommy Martin

Method 1: Dice the onion, melt butter in a saucpan and fry the onion. Add diced garlic and then leeks, continue frying. 2: Deglaze the pan with wine. Add diced potatoes, pour in chicken stock. Bring to boil, then simmer for 20 minutes. 3: Blend and season to taste. Add cream and chopped chives as a garnish and serve. Our special thanks to Craig Hennessy, Head Chef at The Queens Head Inn, Askham, for providing this recipe.



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From the chopping board to the table Indiagate, 11a Burrowgate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7TE tel:01768 210020 fax: 01768 210050

In our up close and taste study of signature dishes prepared at Indiagate, we start the new year with a starter. For me this meant meeting up with Abu once more, to discuss and sample a dish I have not tried before. When I first sat down with Abu, some months ago, we talked about the passion in the kitchen to create dishes that were traced back to regions and origins, which have then been innovated and cultivated in the kitchen at Indiagate by the head chef, to make them unique to Indiagate. For many, many years, my taste for Indian cuisine had been consistent – curry and maybe a variation would be deciding whether to have lamb or chicken! I then discovered Sag (spinach), which I then had with lamb, maybe once chicken. In the last 20 years, basically it was 3 maybe 4 dishes that I would eat regularly. Recently, I have decided to explore and I will try everything. I thought I loved Indian food, but now it’s a passion. This month, I was tasting Modu Wala. It comes with chicken or lamb, but is highly recommended with king prawns. I tried the lamb and please believe me when I tell you, that my mouth is watering whilst I write this article. On the menu at Indiagate, this starter has the images of a ‘two chillies’ strength next to it. This is middle of the road for some, too hot for others, but not enough of a challenge for another group maybe? I’ve tried the hot stuff and now for me, it’s more about enjoying food at my comfort level. On this menu, you get to choose the strength. You can have one, two or three chillies, but as I understand it, the menu is a good guide as to the right amount to bring out the best in that dish. EdenLocal

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So what does Modu Wala mean? Well, in this article and as a direct translation of the menu at Indiagate, it relates to fruit and honey. Many dishes are named because of a region, but some are named relating to the food availability in that region. In this case, it’s mango and as discussed with Abu, we don’t get very many mangos growing on the trees here in Penrith, however, in India there are over 1000 varieties and they have been grown in India for over 4,000 years. Grown in almost all the states, India shares about 56% of the world’s production. So with mangoes widely available between March and August, it doesn’t have many regional boundaries. The origin of Modu Wala here in Penrith, goes back before Indiagate opened its doors to the late nineties, when a variation of the dish was created by Abu and his team when they were asked to create a menu for a large corporate, which tasted unique and special. Today we have chilli, honey and fruit in the mix to create this dish. Would you put pepper on your jam sandwich or sugar on your Vindaloo? That to me is a good reason why you should try this dish It is, once again, a dish that gives your taste buds an unbelievable workout. I’ll be back next month with another up close and taste study of signature dishes prepared at Indiagate.


In association with Mr Vikkis

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ria minicentr



Year: 2003 Gear Box : MANUAL 6 SPEED

Year: 2005 Gear Box : MANUAL 5 SPEED


8 8645











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As it was, as it is The Stoneybeck Inn is now

I have visited the Stoneybeck Inn probably a dozen times in the last two months in order to capture the images behind the scenes, which have now led to a fantastic transformation of the building site I first witnessed when I visited on 22nd November 2010. My last visit was the official open day on 12th December 2010 and I must congratulate Thomas Dent, General Manager and Kathryn Messenger, Conference & Events Manager for their achievements in this project. The Ullswater banqueting suite, which was part of the major extension to the rear of the Inn, has a 20 foot high ‘pitched’ ceiling and exposed timber beam work. It has fully opening French windows on the south

side, which in the summer will add the opportunity for champagne receptions, marquees and barbeques. The banqueting suite is the ideal function room for weddings, staging live music events, award ceremonies, private & corporate parties and all types of conferencing. The layout of this room to accommodate its varied usage, can include a raised stage/platform and a cassette wooded, panelled dance floor. It has its own bar and with its own lobby/ reception, which also has French doors facing south, it can cater for up to 150 seated table guests or 200 conference delegates seated, theatre style. The Coniston Dining Suite, is an upstairs dining area above the main bar in the original

building. The first thing you see is a striking piece of artwork in the form of a modern day landscape mural depicting the familiar landscape of the Lakeland mountain range, this is also the stunning view from the windows of the Coniston suite . Approximately 18ft by 4ft the mural runs the entire back wall and it was designed, drawn and painted by two local artists Dawn Tweedle & Kay Jacques from Penrith. With a west facing aspect towards the Lakes, you may take in the sunset. The room can cater for 40 seated guests. The Buttermere Suite is located on the north side of the Inn, where the kitchens used to be, through two frosted glass doors, it is now a private, elegant and bright dining area.

A good luck wish for the Stoneybeck Inn


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now and as it will be… fully re-open for business

With floor to ceiling glass, enclosed wine displays and subtle lighting that overlooks the original bar area. This room caters for up to 20 seated guests. The Windermere Conference Suite, located between the main bar area and the Ullswater banqueting suite, with a wall mounted screen and LCD, subject to your requirements and room layout ie theatre, horse-shoe or classroom, this room can function as a meeting, presentation or

training suite. It can also be used for private dining for up to 20 delegates or diners. Ideal for business/working lunches for small groups. The Hub of the pub, finally is the newly refurbished, main bar area and main entrance to the Inn. It has open spaces and quiet places, secluded behind exposed Cumbrian stonework, next to open fires. Fine wines, real ale and an extensive range of beers, the seating arrangements include formal table seating and cosy

leather sofas. It is the main dining area for the Sunday lunch time and Wednesday evening Carvery. The pictures can show you so much, but you’ll need to log onto www.thestoneybeckinn. co.uk and see Head Chef, David Farrar’s 30 years experience unfold in a mouth watering menu. The Stoneybeck Inn Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP t: 01768 862369

e: enquiries@thestoneybeckinn.co.uk


from some key supporters behind the scenes

ShaunMarston B U I L D I N G M A N AG E M E N T LT D



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10 • EdenLocal

EDC Community Fund Off to a Great Start The Eden District Council Community Fund of £50,000, which was launched in November, has got off to a great start with numerous applications from all over the District. The deadline for the first round of applications closed on the 13 December with a decision due in early January 2011. The next deadline for applications is the 7 April with a decision due by the end of April. The £50,000 Community Fund is being spearheaded by Eden District Council’s Leader, Councillor Gordon Nicolson, who is keen for the Council to support and develop community initiatives, with the District being a vanguard area for the Coalition government’s Big Society idea. Cllr Nicolson said: “I’m delighted by the response to the Community Fund. I’m particularly impressed by the wide range of organisations that are already doing an incredibly good job of supporting the communities of Eden. I’m hopeful that the money we provide through the Community Fund will be a catalyst for further improvements.” “The Council is facing unprecedented cuts to its budget from central government and a range of difficult decisions have to be taken by the Council in the coming months. However, we have clear priorities which have been informed by the community of where to spend our limited resources and setting aside a pot of money for community initiatives was one of the easiest decisions to make.” EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085


The Community Fund aims to make baseline funding available to local groups which they can then use to kick start community initiatives and as support for larger scale funding bids to organisations such as the National Lottery. The Community Fund is intended to be able to support significant projects, therefore the maximum limits for grants are: • For a project seeking to set up a sustainable community enterprise up to £10k • For one-off community events up to £2.5k • A minimum grant level of £500 is proposed. Applications to the Community Fund are invited from organisations such as Parish and Town councils and other locally constituted bodies. Applications will involve the completing of a covering report and proforma, completed applications will then be determined at a Council Leader’s portfolio holder meeting. The grants will be administered by the Council’s Strategic Partnerships section. For more information about Eden District Council’s Community Fund visit the following website: www.eden.gov.uk/your-community/ community-fund


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Penrith Penrith’s only department store, has everything all under one under one roof

Food • Delicatessen • Butchery • Fresh Fruit & Veg Electrical • Style • Home • Furnishing And our superb coffee shop at Relax

Penrith Co-operative is your unique one stop shop and multi drop

YouR loCAl Co-oPERAtiVE DEliVERYing tHE SERViCE to YouR DooR juSt likE wE Do in ouR StoRE Free home delivery is provided within the Society’s area of activities only. Please check before purchasing that free delivery is possible. Also check what delivery date and time is possible. our delivery vehicles are not refrigerated, so do not order chilled or frozen foods. if purchasing in store and asking for home delivery, please take these items straight home yourself once purchased.

*Exclusions apply

19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD TEL: 01768 862366 we also have branches throughout the area at keswick, Shap, lazonby, Hallbankgate, westgate, Frosterley, Stanhope and St johns Chapel and our new home StoRE in keswick info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


12 • EdenLocal

Dottie Days Congratulations to Derrick and Melanie who have opened thier new innovative business, which is just entering its 3rd month here in Penrith. So what is it all about? For those of you who know what a dress agency is, you have a head start. In London, you can go to Knightsbridge or take a walk down the New Kings Road and find one of 37 listed dress agencies in London. Nearer home, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh all have dress agencies, so is it a trend? Well, if there is an opportunity to have nice clothes for the family at very affordable prices that are new or slightly used, isn’t it common sense to think about it? Dottie Days is actually a ‘New and Gently Worn Clothing Agency’ for all of the family, so it not just dresses. Soon after Dottie Days opened, a lady went in looking for a hat for a wedding. She found a hat. It looked like it had never been worn. She bought it, wore it and the hat felt as good as new, but for £5.00 this was a small price to pay. Even less than that, potentially because rather than put it in a bag or box, leave it on top of the wardrobe and wait for a day when she would be tempted to wear the same hat again, which would be a crime, she took it back to the shop. It’s now for sale again, but if it is sold within 8 weeks, this lady gets 50% of her original purchase refunded. The downside is that the top of the wardrobe needs dusting again! Are you getting the idea? At Dottie Days, there are clothes for all ages, sizes, for men, women, boys and girls. So here are some thoughts for consideration….. • Does your weight fluctuate? • Will you ever make it into that size, which occupies 2/3 s of your wardrobe? • Are you losing weight and your budget can’t keep up with the cost? • Are you stretching your clothes, but can’t stretch you budget? • What is the fashion? Who cares - you just want to be comfortable? • Are the kids out growing your budget? So ball gown today, evening dress tomorrow, cocktail dress next week and as for the ladies, you can save money, time, feel good and look good for a small price. EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085


Remember Dottie Days is a clothes agency, it’s not just for girls! It will take in clothes that are new or barely worn, for all ages, male and female. If it sells them in the time stipulated (conditions apply), you will earn money and failing that, the clothes, if not sold, will be donated to a local community based charity. With limited space and with some clothes going out in the same week that they arrive, there is always new stock and many reasons to visit on a regular basis when you are in town So don’t forget, this is a chance to save money. Re-using is better than recycling. Changing your wardrobe for a new wardrobe or temporary wardrobe comes at a price, but Dottie Days makes it affordable. You can do your bit for the local economy, the planet and local charities. There’s nothing wrong with that. Tel: 01768 892221 10 Little Dockray, Penrith, CA11 7HL e-mail: melanie@dottiedays.co.uk


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Approved member Steve davis recommends Network vekA

Friargate House, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR

& Conservatories



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14 • EdenLocal

JAMIE OLIVER CURRENTLY RECRUITING IN YOUR AREA Jamie Oliver is rallying the troops to join his thriving business venture, Jamie at Home. 39 year old, Sam from Penrith was one of Jamie’s first recruits to sign up to join Jamie at Home, and is now one of 3,000 Consultants nationwide selling his gorgeous, designer led Jme collection of kitchen and dinnerware products through home parties. With many people now either looking for work, or looking for an additional income to boost an existing salary, Jamie Oliver’s direct-sales business has gone from strength to strength. Launched in March 2009, Jamie at Home was born out of Jamie’s passion for bringing people together, getting people in the kitchen and his love of beautiful products. Sam is keen to share this fabulous business opportunity with others in the area and is looking for more recruits to join her team. Sam is hoping to create more jobs in the Penrith area, where by holding just

two Jamie at Home parties per week in the homes of friends and family, you could earn an additional £520 a month in commission. Sam said, “The Jamie at Home business opportunity is open to everyone regardless of prior experience. Whether you’ve been made redundant and need to start earning now, or need a flexible income opportunity to fit around a day job, Jamie at Home can help you start earning an income from your very first party.” She added, “I am looking for mums who want to do parties in the evening around the children,

or maybe at Mother & Toddler groups, or people who are looking to start a full-time career with Jamie at Home. There is the opportunity to earn a good income with fabulous incentives such as additional bonuses, an opportunity to meet with Jamie himself, top-of-the range cars, and of course you can get your hands on the beautiful Jme collection yourself!’ If you would like to share in Jamie’s success and be part of Sam’s team, please call 07971544568 or sameggleston@hotmail.com.

Staying in is the new going out this Winter Cold, wet and dark Winter evenings shouldn’t signal the end of fun nights with the girls. With the new winter/Spring Jme collection, staying in is the new going out! Catching up with the girls is much more fun in the warm comfort of your own home, with a glass of wine and the opportunity to indulge in every girls favourite past-time, shopping. With gorgeous designer-led homeware products starting at just £2.75 you’ll have a night to remember, and go home with something to show for your money at the end of the evening. To book your Jamie at Home party for a fun night in this autumn, and to find out how, as a Host , you can get your hands on the Jme products for FREE please call Sam 07971544568 or email sameggleston@hotmail.com EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



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Eden House of Cakes Let us make, your cake‌..

We can recreate an object, a scene or theme so come in and talk to us about creating your dream Special occasions, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Christenings, Retirements, seasonal celebration, Corporate or even a gift, traditional or innovative.

Eden House of Cakes Sandgate House Penrith CA11 7TJ Tel: 01768 899225 Email: info@edenhouseofcakes.com



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16 • EdenLocal

Photography Workshops Eden landscape photographer Tommy Martin has started teaching a series of photography workshops. Based in Askham, the workshops on offer include a range of days tailored to suit complete beginners looking to get started in digital photography, through to experienced photographers looking to improve their landscape work.

Introduction to Digital SLR Photography: This one day workshop is aimed at people who are new to digital SLR photography. It covers the basic principles of making quality pictures, and explores some of the techniques that makes the difference between professional and amateur work. Next Introduction Workshop dates: Sunday February 6th Wednesday February 23rd

Landscape Workshop: This workshop is aimed at people with some knowledge of the basic principles of photography and who are interested in improving their landscape photographs. The day includes practical sessions in the field, exploring some of the locations where Tommy Martin has shot much of his own landscape work. A classroom session includes an introduction to finishing images and preparing digital files for print. Next Landscape Workshop: Sunday February 13th

Digital File to Photographic Print: This one day workshop is classroom based, focusing on finishing your digital images and getting them ready to print. The day focuses on using Adobe Photoshop as a modern darkroom to bring out the details, colours and tonal range that we want to see in finished prints. Next File to Print Workshop: Wednesday March 2nd There are a maximum of six places available on each one day workshop. The cost is £85 per person and includes lunch and refreshments. The days start at 10am and finish at 4pm. More details can be found on Tommy Martin’s website: www.tommymartin.co.uk/Workshops/ EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



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& Kitchens

Sale now on Up to 30% off a range of Kitchens

d i n ly



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V anua e ns 31st J d E se

t clo s i ffer v im sale O











s re



t o oo n nd Bedr o ti n a e



Sale now on up to 40% off a selected range of bedrooms

Tel: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 Email: edenvalley1@btopenworld.com www.edenvalleywindows.co.uk Friargate House, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR

& Bedrooms

Lakeland Logs QUALITY DRIED HARDWOOD LOGS Delivered to your Door

01768 895204


info@lakelandlogs.co.uk www.lakelandlogs.co.uk



phone: 07881 530085


18 • EdenLocal

Est. 25 years

In times gone by, the road from Penrith to Appleby went out to Carleton, past the Cross Keys, down the hill – a milestone remains halfway down on the left – and over the River Eamont beside Brougham Castle. Nowadays, the route is blocked to through traffic by the A66 but still leads to two important modern assets of the town: the magnificent Frenchfields sports ground; and Hunter Hall School.

disturbing the peaceful rural setting of the ancient farm.

The school has occupied Frenchfield Farm since 1991. Over twenty years, the buildings and land have been converted to educational purposes, including the installation of state-of-theart kitchen facilities, without

In 1993 one of the school’s original staff members, Mrs Louise Dexter, became Head. Classes were added for younger children and Nutkins Nursery opened in 1996, to complete the present age range provision from 3-11


phone: 07881 530085

The school was started six years earlier, however, and named for its original location: Hunter Hall in the village of Great Salkeld. It opened in September 1985 with 25 7-11 year olds presided over by Mr Aidan Warlow, the Head. Ownership passed first to a trust comprising the parents and then, in 1994, to a charitable company.



years. This arrangement, which makes for continuity and allows siblings to attend the same school for as long as possible, has been very popular with families. The pattern continues today, with flexible attendance at Nutkins Nursery followed by a single stream of classes of up to 20 pupils – Reception and Years 1-6. Mr Allan Short took over as Head in 2003 and consolidated the status of the school as a member of the Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools fully accredited by the Independent Schools Council. Dr Tony Winzor became the fourth Head from Easter 2009, a true “heavy hitter” in the teaching

EdenLocal • 19

profession, determined to apply his experience and energy to carry Hunter Hall onward and upward. This year is being celebrated as the Silver Jubilee of Hunter Hall, with special events culminating in a big reunion at the end of the summer term. It is clear that the school has evolved a winning formula in responding to the needs and potential of each child. Most leavers progress to the secondary school of their choice; about half remain in the private sector, with many winning entrance scholarships. However, although the end results are consistently good, the school is not driven by league tables. Rather, Hunter Hall is celebrating an inclusive genuine “family” ethos in which the staff, children and their families are mutually supportive and individuals flourish.

The many accomplishments of the school in this Jubilee year can be listed – in class, sports, culture and increasingly in the community – but the special atmosphere around the old farmyard has to be experienced. It is immediately apparent to visitors that the children are involved, busy, keen to do well, happy and self-confident.

Visits are always welcome during termtime (by arrangement: 01768 891291) and it is recommended highly that parents considering educational options for their children take that turn at the Cross Keys and see for themselves. Article by Geoffrey Rockliffe-King

www.hunterhall.co.uk info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


20 • EdenLocal

Basketball for kids

Basketball is a simple sport to play. That’s a FACT. Almost everyone can play it. No-one likes to be baffled by lots of rules; they bring down the enjoyment of the game. Unlike other sports the rules of basketball are pleasantly simple. Try to stop the other team scoring and try and score yourself. That is the main rule of basketball. How straightforward is that? All the youngsters need is a little coaching and practice for them to understand how to play and be as good as they can be. At QEGS we are providing the opportunity for young kids to embrace their talent for sport and to have some fun. Basketball club is a sociable event for

friends to meet up and engage with each other; everyone playing the game, catching up and generally having a good time. Believe it or not basketball can also make you smarter. When we teach basketball we are not only teaching them to play sport and keep fit, but also the value of teamwork and to play their part in the team well in order to score. Now I know no-one likes being told what to do, but someone who can listen to a coach’s guidance will be more likely to listen to others when they are talking to them and giving them helpful hints, for example a parent or a teacher.

Basketball club at QEGS is every Wednesday from 5pm until 6pm for 7 to 10 year olds. If anybody is interested they only need to turn up for the session and tell the coaches that they are new. It is really that simple. Just like the game. Written by Emily James, year 10

Don’t get stitched up with your Embroidery Call in to Sam Scotts we cater for small and volume embroidery that will cover all your needs. Its your name, your logo, your design, with our quality, experience and service.

Sam Scotts 14 Little Dockray, Penrith cumbria CA11 7HL 01768 866961 - www.samscotts.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085



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Equestrian Supplies Ltd “All You Need For.... ....Your Horse, Pony & Rider”

SeaSonal repairS

preparing you for the year ahead Slack’s Equestrian Supplies Ltd The Paddock, Gilwilly Ind Est, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN

Tel: 01768 890079



phone: 07881 530085


22 • EdenLocal


phone: 07881 530085



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Don’t get stitched up with your Embroidery Call in to Sam Scotts we cater for small and volume embroidery that will cover all your needs. Embroidered clothing is a great way to promote your school, club, organisation, charity, association, team or corporate image. Increasing awareness, uniformaty or just something for a group of friends or mates for a special event. Sports wear, work wear, school wear, everyday wear and an extensive range of clothing, shirts, fleeces, hats.

Its your name, your logo, your design, with our quality, experience and service.

Sam Scotts 14 Little Dockray, Penrith cumbria CA11 7HL 01768 866961 - www.samscotts.co.uk

Keeping Out the Cold this Winter Double Glazing Repair Specialist No Need to replace, When a Repair will do, Don’t Listen when told, It will have to be New, PVC Doors, Windows, Misted Units & Gaskets Too, Locks, Handles & Hinge Repairs, Will make it run As New. Cut Out the Middle Man & give me a call, 27 Years Experience should say it all.

Paul Barker Master British Locksmith Industry

EDEN LOCKS LTD Tel 07832 286087 01768 361201

 C.R.B. Checked  Local & Reliable  Non-destructive Emergency Openings  British Standard Insurance Locks  eden.locks@virgin.net

info@edenlocal.co.uk info@edenlocal.co.uk

www.edenlocal.co.uk www.edenlocal.co.uk phone: 07881 530085


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The strength of Practical Learning

There are many reasons to be optimistic about the future of Further Education. ‘Making things’ has, and will continue to be important to the economy. Many industries continue to be threatened by economic uncertainty. Accountancy, computer programming and even radiology can be sourced overseas. But as Michael Gove said ‘you can’t hammer a nail over the internet’. Nor take blood, serve a meal, look after a disabled person or fix a car. Training a skilled workforce is crucial to the success of industry. Carlisle College has had many notable successes with its students. Recently College student Michael Braithwaite of Motherby, Penrith won the prestigious JB Wilkinson Shield in recognition of his progress. Michael succeeded against every other candidate in the north of England. Carlisle College also scored a ‘hat trick’ of awards at the CN Golden Apples Awards, more than any other education provider in Cumbria. Carlisle College offers a wide range of full and part time courses. Work based learning is also a key strength of the College. Apprenticeships are an idea way to make sure that the workforce have the skills to succeed and support economic recovery. If you would like to find out more about what Carlisle College has to offer come along to our Advice Session on 13 January 4pm – 8pm where you can meet the staff, talk to the students and see our facilities. EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



Eden local_Layout 1 08/12/2010 15:15 Page 1

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Coming Soon...

The 2011 Carlisle College

P Ro SP e C t U s To get your copy text CCPROSPECTUS followed by

your name and address to 88020

Exceptional learning In exceptional facilities ...for exceptional people

Talk to the tutors see the facilities:

Carlisle College Advice Session Thursday 13 January 4 - 8pm

Visit: www.carlisle.ac.uk | Call: 01228 822700 info@edenlocal.co.uk

Your future now www.edenlocal.co.uk

phone: 07881 530085


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INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES! Interviews can often be a daunting experience, but with a few useful tips and some proper preparation, you can feel a lot more confident and really impress those potential Employers!               

Do your homework! Research the organisation, it will show how interested you are in them. Practice with a friend! Get use to answering ‘common’ questions with some useful answers. Look at your CV/Application from an Employers point of view! What needs clarifying? Prepare your Interview outfit and route in advance! This will help last minute panics. Ensure you arrive on time! Be punctual, but not too early as this won’t help with your nerves. Remember to smile and use good eye contact! People often forget to smile when they are tense. Practice your handshake! No ‘bone crushers’ or ‘wet fish styles’, just confident and firm. Watch out for informers! Other staff may be asked for their opinion on you, so stay pleasant. Avoid any nervous habits! Pen, thumb twiddling etc can cause distraction from great answers. Use positive body language! Avoid slouching or being like a toy soldier, just sit confidently. Focus on your good bits! Make us work hard to find your negatives, be positive about yourself. Don’t waffle! Be concise, accurate and helpful, information overload can be an issue. Never knock your previous Employers! Even if they’ve not been great, it can appear negative. Show as much enthusiasm as possible! Don’t miss the chance to shine, show how keen you are. Be a good story teller! Competency based Interviews (where they ask for evidence of what you have done) are becoming more popular, so tie in your experiences with their job requirements.

HOT TIP Interviews are a two way process and you have choices too! • • •

Be aware of how an organisation treats you during the application process as this can give you an insight into what they may be like to work for if you get the job! If they have asked you for an Interview they must feel you have something to offer, so have confidence in your value and worth. And remember Interviewers are human too (generally!) and may be just as nervous as you!



ASSISTING BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANISATIONS TO REACH THEIR POTENTIAL Due to demand, we are currently running another series of our unique and highly effective STRESS AND TIME MANAGEMENT programmes, relevant to both individuals and organisations. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you or your staff to avoid absences and work more efficiently and positively. EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



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Readymix Concrete © j~{ b yw y~ y{ | h{wz Y y { { © W} y w B Z_o w z j wz{ w w y { { y{ © bw { w z h{wz { w y y { { | W} y w w z h{ z{ w w yw © Y {y Z{ { B Yw ~ < Wyy © \ {{ {y~ yw ~{ w z wz y{D

Call 017684 83617 for further details ...colours inspired by nature...

PAVING THE WAY TO A BETTER HOME... LAKELAND PAVERS Lakeland Pavers are a locally based block paving manufacturer. We are providers of top-quality concrete block paving and permeable paving to many stockists and contractors locally and throughout the UK. For more details about the extensive range of paving products and accessories go to www.lakelandconcrete.co.uk. If you like to know your nearest stockist

Tel: Fax: Email:

017684 83617 017684 83890 sales@lakelandconcrete.co.uk



North Lakes Industrial Park, Flusco, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0JB



phone: 07881 530085


28 • EdenLocal

The Wainwright Society Little Mell Fell from The Hause

Start & Finish: Roadside parking at The Hause (NY 423235) Distance: 0.68 miles Ascent: 394’ Alfred Wainwright began writing his Pictorial Guides on 9th November 1952. He recalled the moment in Fellwanderer. ‘November 9th 1952 saw my first step. It was a good evening for me. It was a winter’s night, but I spent it going up Dove Crag and was lost to all else.’ A. Wainwright Fellwanderer The book that Wainwright began to write on that evening was The Eastern Fells. He had divided the Lake District into seven distinct areas all separated by natural features such as valleys, lakes and passes. In this way the high ground was divided into separate masses with interconnecting ridges. Each fell was treated in the same way beginning with a description of the natural features and a hand-drawn map. This was followed by routes of ascent from various starting points, a summit description, the ridge routes to adjacent fells and details of the view. The meticulous pen and ink sketches that accompanied the written text were one of the unique features of Wainwright’s guides and helped raise them to the level of works of art. If you have never climbed a Lakeland fell, here is an easy starter from The Eastern Fells which all the family can enjoy. Wainwright describes Little Mell Fell as ‘an uninspiring, unattractive, bare and rounded hump.’ But for all this, the top is a fine viewpoint and the advantage is that the whole expedition can be accomplished in little over half an hour, starting from the Hause. Simply park at the highest point on the road connecting Watermillock with Matterdale End and after crossing two stiles, climb steeply up a grooved path. After a while the slope eases and it is a simple walk to the summit trig point at 1657’. There is a fine sweep of hills from Carrock Fell to Arthur’s Pike to identify (using your Eastern Fells

guide to help you, if needs be) as well as views of Ullswater and the Vale of Eden to enjoy. In my opinion, the view more than makes up for any other shortcomings this little fell might suffer. The Wainwright Society would like to offer membership of the Society at a reduced rate for the first year to the readers of Eden Local. The cost of membership will be £9 for the year to the end of 2011, a 25% reduction on the normal £12 renewal fee. Membership of the Society covers all family members living at one address. To take advantage of this offer, email me at publicity@wainwright.org.uk and I will send you an application form with additional instructions. Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer The Wainwright Society www.wainwright.org.uk

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Sale Starting 4th January 11 little Dockray Penrith Cumbria Ca11 7Hl T: 01768 866 624 e: sandwellfurn@aol.com www.sandwellfurniture.c o.uk

Outdoor Clothing

Sale nOw On Up to

40% off

selected ranges and other brands

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Shop online at www.penrithoutdoorpursuits.com info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


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The Other Side of the Mallett By Lee Quinn

There is a very well known brand in the form of a giant pink foam mallet and there are not many people experiencing the 80’s, who wouldn’t be able to identify the man behind the mallet, Timmy Mallett, in an explosion of colour from head to toe. His glasses and his hair have sometimes been as colourful as his shirts, shorts and his shoes! These days, the vibrance of his dress sense has been transformed in a more subtle way onto canvas. A man, who has become an accomplished artist in acrylics and oil, with close to 30 exhibitions behind him, his paintings and limited edition prints sell in galleries across the country and around the world. From someone who has enjoyed a keen artistic friendship and interaction with Timmy. Rolf Harris CBE said of Timmy, “he is an enthusiastic and exciting artist…. I’m knocked out by his work.” Truly a brush with the Mallett!


phone: 07881 530085

Timmy Mallett was born in the village of Marple on the river Goyt, south east of Stockport, his career before the ‘mallet’ began on student radio whilst at Warwick University, studying History and History of Art. From university, ‘Timmy’ as we know him, started on what can easily be described in one word as a ‘colourful’ career at Radio Oxford. As a radio presenter, ‘Timmy on the Tranny’ achieved cult status, which took him to Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio. He recruited a helper who primarily was there to answered phone called ‘Nobby No Level’, or as we know him Chris Evans. A radio career, which saw Timmy winning Smash Hits and Sony awards for best DJ of the year and best music show, Piccadilly Radio was said to be the biggest pop show in the UK at that time. This is the man behind the microphone. On one occasion he ran a competition to give away a fridge freezer to the person who came up with the best way of selling ice cream to Eskimos. The early to mid eighties was a busy time for Timmy as he broke into television. It started in 1983 with ‘Summer Run’ on ITV’s TVam and a year later it was time for the ‘Malletts’ mallet in a new Saturday morning children’s show called Wide Awake Club, which Timmy was to host, with another not so well known, one day to be a star, Mike Myers, who had a minor part.



Timmy on the Tranny (Mallett) & Nobby No Level (Evans)

As Timmy’s personality grew on the screen, the show evolved to Wacaday, which continued to 1992 and included in 1990, the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, having the customary bash over the head with the foam mallet. Timmy formed the band Bombalurina, along with female vocalists and dancers Dawn Andrews and Annie Dunkley, and released the single “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”. The song entered the UK charts at number 23, rose to 13 the next week, then to 3 and finally to number 1 on 19 August 1990, it was on this day that Timmy and Lynda got married and the organist played it as she walked down the aisle. The song stayed at number 1 where it stayed for three weeks. More than 1,000,000 copies of the single were sold around the world and it topped the charts in over a dozen countries. So the radio presenter come TV personality and pop star, through the nineties and up

until the present day, has embarked on many projects, touring the country, his career remaining colourful in panto. It seems he’s never been far away from radio. He even led a local community RSL (restricted service licence) from the railway station waiting room in Cookham back in 2006. Occasionally seen on TV and more recently in 2008 in I’m a Celebrity………Get me out of Here and on the BBC politics show ‘This Week’, he put the positives across in the Upside to Downturn.

February 2011 Saturday 19th EdenLocal • 31

t n a i l l i r B y l r e t t U t h g i n y t r a p s ’ 80

In the last ten years, Timmy has performed in hundreds of the much loved roadshow that captures the magic moment of Wacaday live. On Saturday 19th February Timmy Mallett will performing an exclusive gig at the Stoneybeck for an evening of Wacky antics. So go big on bright colours, clashing clothes, big spex, Itsy Bitsy and turn up in fancy dress and get your signed Mallet, Timmy spex on the night.

Timmy Malle goes tT back to his roots fo an ex clusiv r e gig at Stone the ybeck

• Watch Wac-a-Day live on stage and play Malletts Mallet • Dance the night away with our 80’s disco and play party games • Relive the taste of the 80’s style buffet Fancy dress optional, mallet’s essential!!! Tickets £19.50 or £49.50 for a family ticket

(2 adults- 2 children) Please call for large group discounts

The heaviest snowfall in a generation brought the country to a standstill. Transport didn’t work, schools were shut and we all headed out to the slopes without sledges what you’re supposed to do in snow - PLAY!

Doors open 7.00, Buffet 7.30, Dancing finishes 12.30.

Timmy lookalike outfits at the Timmy shop at www.timmymallett.co.uk



phone: 07881 530085


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Future local radio star of Eden FM The Cumbrian Guitarist Ben Eggleston

Eden Hi there, my name is Ben Eggleston and I’m a Rock Guitarist. There, I’ve said it. It feels almost therapeutic. For many being a rock guitarist is far from cool. It means Simon Cowell will certainly never show any interest in me, I’ll probably never get to dance in front of Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh will never watch me perform and say “I liked it”. However, for others it’s a mysterious life that’s often only offered any insight into on a late night BBC2 documentary. If you’ve ever (even in your most private of moments) gestured your hands in what could be described as “air guitar” or rocked out in your car at traffic lights, then welcome to the club. Over the next series of articles I’m going to share some of my experiences and thoughts with you. It’s not all glitz and glamour and there’s very little in the way of sex and drugs. However, there’s rock and roll by the bucket load. In order to get a better understanding of what’s coming then you’ll probably want to know a few things about me. I’m 35yrs old. I’ve been playing guitar for 27 of those. I’ve loaded Transit vans that were double parked at two in the morning whilst sweaty, tired and getting rained on in cities all over the UK. As far as life experiences gained there’s been electric shocks, arrests, house fires, awful hangovers, sleep deprivation, a couple of record deals blown, a suicide, a

few fights, getting lost, being told I’ll never play Scarborough again, an embarrassing smoke machine incident and very little in the way of pay. Yet, here I am still doing it. Why? Well, that’s because there’s nothing else like it. There really is no better feeling than having the whole crowd on their feet and screaming for more because you’ve expressed yourself and shared the music you love. The food’s not great though. Unfortunately it’s difficult to get a decent steak in the middle of the night on the M6 but the search goes ever on. In future articles, radio broadcasts and videos we’ll get to know each other a little better. I’ll be sharing stories and thoughts. I hope to do profiles, interviews and I’ll be championing local artists. I hope to answer your guitar related questions and if those questions can’t be answered through the written or spoken word, then I’ll put a video together and give examples. You can find all the latest info about my band (Bad Fettle) by visiting the website address below. If you already play, are learning or you’re a fan of rock and blues music then hop on board and let me be your guide. Visit - www.badfettle.webs.com Contact - 07581434723

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Pete r 14th


Feb £58


ll Torvai ns & Deng on i Danc Tour e Ic l

Boyzone 1st mar ch £56.50


Apri 13th 50 £59.

Iron Maiden Live in Concert 23 July £59.50

adgett The GL ive a Show NEC the ril p 17th A £45.50

The W iz of Ozard

2 nig ht Lond s in on 19-1

Grease The Musica l on Tour

8 Au g £199 ust

21st M ay £59.50

2011 Tours & Short Breaks

Feb 21st (5 Days) Folkstone Entertainment Special, DB + B


Mar 11th (3 Days) March Mad Mystery Tour, DB + B

From £109.00

Mar 21st (5 Days) Warwickshire – The Heart of England, DB + B


April 3rd (8 Days) Eastbourne & the Sussex Coast, DB + B


April 26th (5 Days) Discovering the Dales, DB + B


May 9th (5 days) Panoramic Scottish Highlands & The Isle of Mull, DB + B


Call us on 01768 892727

E-mail us at sales@nbmtravel.co.uk | Fax us on 01768 899680 Visit us at: Cromwell Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7JW info@edenlocal.co.uk


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34 • EdenLocal

Whats next? Your Eden Local February edition will be delivered to your door from 7th February and will be available from distribution outlets in Penrith and in the rural communities from local village shops from 31st January. Next month, I will be looking at anniversaries in 2011. I’ll be looking at the local plans for the 400th anniversary of the KJV on 2nd May, that would be the King James version of the Bible. Looking for a novelty in automobile history, the ‘Renault 4’ celebrates its 50th anniversary. Do you know where there is a Renault 4 near you? I’ll be looking at the ‘Stainmore 150’ 3 day festival (27th to 29th August) to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of Kirkby Stephen East Station planned for August and taking a look at a major international event coming to Penrith this year, the fourth World Sheep Dog Trials, that is being held in England for the first time at the Lowther Park Estate from 15th to 18th September. I will once again be out in the community, talking to local people and businesses. I will be taking another trip out with Neil Hodgson at Carleton Hall Farm, to pick up on the farming season. I’ll be back into Indiagate for another ‘From the chopping board to the table’ feature. We have some new features

and we will be revisiting the campaign for local community radio Eden FM. With so many sales offers this month, Eden Local is also putting a January sale offer to local businesses and here it is.

Advertise in Eden Local from February 2011 to January 2012 for

£199.00 that’s 12 months for less that £17 per month. Conditions apply, Limited space is available, 2011/12 minimum distribution 6,400 maximum distribution approximately 18,000, this offer ends 31st January 2011

Val Corbett – Eden Valley – Competition In the November issue of Eden Local, Val Corbett, an established local photographer of twenty five years, gave us a signed copy of her book, ‘A year in the life of the Eden Valley’ as a competition prize. The competition was to answer a question, set by Val, which was ‘How many railway bridges cross the river Eden’. We received a great response for this competition and the results will be covered in next month’s Eden Local.

The Door of the future is now at Eden Valley Windows & Doors NO PAINTING! • NO CRACKING! • NO WARPING! PVCU INTERIOR doors with both solid and glazed options. Manufactured from the highest quality thermo plastic, our range of interior doors will not split or shrink like wood and the only maintenance it will need is a wipe with a damp cloth. Available in a variety of sizes, Maintenance-Free,1mm PVC plastic coating applied to both sides, UV stable,Wipe clean finish, Extra high-density polystyrene core for insulation and improved impact resistance, Available in white, beech and light oak grain texture, 35mm standard thickness to suit any door set, available with bespoke glazing, 70mm sub frame allows trimming up to 25mm per side, fits any surround, Half hour fire door available certified to British Standard, Lock Blocks fitted to both sides of the door.

Tel: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 edenvalley1@btopenworld.com www.edenvalleywindows.co.uk Friargate House, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR Grainger


phone: 07881 530085



Grainger (Beech)


EdenLocal • 35

New Year • New Start • New Space

Versatile commercial opportunities at Ullswater Garage Units now available from 900 sq ft to 2,000 sq ft • • • • • • • • •

Probably the best location in Penrith 2minutes from Junction 40 M6 Access 24hrs a day Staff and customer parking 24 hr site security CCTV Self contained units Roller shutter and security door entry Mezzaneine floor optional Can be partioned All main services provided

contact jenny@ullswaterroadgarage.co.uk

ULLSWATER ROAD GARAGE, Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EH Tel. 01768 864546 info@edenlocal.co.uk



phone: 07881 530085


.uk rs.co rinte eds-p w.re w w w:

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old Awa rd

w: w ww.re edsprin ters .co.uk

tel: footsteps holders 017 .. 68 8 . 642 14 e: pr int@ reed s-pr inte rs.co. uk

ISO 140 01

follo w in

Reed s Pr inte rs, So uthe nd Ro ad, Penr ith, Cum bria CA11 8JH

8JH CA11 bria uk Cum rs.co. ith, inte Penr s-pr ad, reed nd Ro int@ uthe e: pr So 85 aa: 8904 768 01 f:

cial print Accre er in dited Cum with bria to g Fore the mark ain st S of sust tew ai a rdsh nable fore CBE NG stry ip C


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01 tel:

Leav ing othe rs to

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lyy fr iieend llyy P riin The nter first com s mer

Will it cost you a W llot lo ott to have us chew o over ov o vve er your design ideas? iid dea de as? ...

‘GREEN’ Leaflets DL size double sided leaflets printed on 100% recycled paper - using vegetable based inks and alcohol free printing!

2,000 - £132 from 5,000 - £155 from 10,000 - £193 from

ABOUT THINK! YOUR PRINT As Cumbria’s largest commercial printer, Reeds can offer you guaranteed ‘GREEN’ print at no extra cost to you ... or the environment.

...tel: 01768 864214 to see how much you could save today!

CU-PEFC-811400 Promoting Sustainable Forest Management www.pefc.org