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Welcome to the 12th edition of Eden Local. It’s our first massive benchmark in completing our first year. The November edition I hope will be something a bit special to celebrate the first birthday of Eden Local. Launching the publication back in 2010 required a lot of commitment financially from local businesses and in the November 2011 edition, there will be a collection of thoughts and feedback from many of the local businesses who signed up for a community magazine, which at the time, let’s face it, did not exist. They had no idea what it would look like or if it would last, but importantly to them, would the magazine generate them business? Well most of them I’m pleased to say, are still on board and have committed to year two. To our readers picking up the magazine, which comes through their door, we would like to hear from you about your thoughts on your free Eden Local community magazine. Of course the magazine was only first launched to CA11 7 and CA11 8. It wasn’t until May 2011 that the magazine distribution increased to over 15,000 and commenced delivery to CA11 9, CA11 0 and CA10 1. If you would like a back Follow us issue of any publication, these are available and all on facebook the publications including the ‘Eating in Eden Guides’ Managing your employees performance 4 one and two, are all available online to read at www. Autumn sale at Eden Valley Windows 5 edenlocal.co.uk/previousissuesofmagazine.php. From Cattle to Cars 6&7 The total distribution including supplements in the The dirty carrots are back 8 first year will be around 163,500, but with increases Le Creuset offer at Sands Cookshop 9 planned and the additional publications being launched in the first 4 months of this 2nd Eden Local year, the Eden House of Halloween 10 distribution will be estimated at 86,500, which I don’t Sizzling offers at the Kings Arms 10 mind sharing with you includes all of CA10, CA11, CA16, Traditional Breed, Traditional Taste 11 CA17 and parts of CA4, with further a field distributions Local Food, Unlimited Choice 12 planned and other publication projects. There will be Cooking the Books – Full Circle 13 more about this in the November issue, meanwhile it’s Peaks and Path ways – Nick Wells 14 a welcome to our new customers and a thank you to the Walton family for letting me get in behind the scenes Keeping warm with Penrith Outdoor Pursuits 14 and trace back the history of Jim Walton (pages 6 & 7). Whats Cooking at Cocklakes? 15 Welcome and thank you to Sands Cookshop for coming The Eden Property Gallery 16 - 17 on board (pages 9 & 13) and it’s a welcome back to Pumpkins Online 18 seasonal customer Lakeland Logs (page 27). This month The Green Dream, with Love Solar 19 we have the ultimate update for Eden FM as we are now It’s your choice, it’s Your Voice in the Community 20 less than two months from the launch (pages 20, 23 and 24). I completed my monthly trips around to local Seasonal Celebrations at Stoneybeck 21 businesses, whilst doing some important work on the Mini centre, big range 22 Eden FM project. Thank you for all your support. What’s on Eden FM, an insight to the programmes 23-24 Until next month, Off to Luberon at Sandwell 25 Lee Quinn, Editor/Director Eden Local Ltd Mystery Tour and Tinsel 25 One year of advertising for £100 26 Log on this winter 27 Phone: 01768 899111 / 07881 530085 R & S Plant Hire 27 Email: info@edenlocal.co.uk A Successful Season for Penrith CC Girls 28 www.edenlocal.co.uk Excellent Results and a brand New learning centre 29 Autumn Festival 31 Eden Local Notice: Eden Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear


in Eden Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

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From Cattle to Cars Here’s a story about a man who has placed his name and his family in front of the community for over 40 years. Last month, I was invited to write about the history of the Walton family and over the coming months, I will present their business to Eden Local readers. The familiar name to many and local in the Eden area is Jim Walton. Today, he is the name of a Toyota dealership on the Gilwilly Industrial Estate. I met with Alan Walton and discussed where it began. Then to fill any gaps, I met with Ann, his mam, who is still very much involved in keeping an eye on the family business since Jim passed away. Jim Walton was a part of the family business, which meant cattle back in the 1960s. They lived at Thornycroft Farm, Johnby , near Penrith. When he was old enough, Jim would be on the road in a truck moving cattle about for market, travelling to Cockermouth, Hexham and as Ann recalls, he had to go to Stirling once a week, which meant a two day trip staying overnight on Wednesdays. Married in January 1968, their first child, Paula came along in the November. From my conversation in tracing back the dates of the business’ history, it was by using the dates of the children’s birthdays that key times in the development of the start of Jim’s passion were recalled, which was buying and selling cars. He had an idea and with the support of Ann, they took a big step. He had his eye on the future, but in the immediate future, it was a Morris Minor Van, which we reckon was a Series 2. You don’t see many of these


around today. This vehicle was made from 1962 to 1971. It was a series A striaght-4, 48hp 0 - 60 mph in about 52 seconds. It had a top speed of 63 mph and would do around 36 miles to the gallon (7.8 litres). Jim knew what he wanted but Tommy Dayson, the owner of the Morris Van, who was also the owner of the Cafe, which was once sited at 1 Castlegate where the Salsa Mexcian Bistro is now, wasn’t sure about selling. He eventually did, but on his terms it was to be advertised in the Herald and if Jim wanted it, he would have to pay the asking price. The Herald traditionally came out on Saturday and Jim popped into to Mary Tweddles newsagents in Castletown on the Friday night and from under the counter acquired a Herald. He made the call and secured the vehicle, but the

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conditions that applied meant that he couldn’t have the vehicle until after the milk run on the Saturday morning! It was around 1970. The first bit of Jim Walton’s stock was acquired, tagged to the time of the birth of James Walton junior and in our family photo, here is Jim and his daughter Paula at Thornycroft a short time later. The stock was to grow. I looked at some old photos with Alan Walton and we did the naming of the makes of cars like Austin Morris , Ford Escort Mark 1, Consul Classic 315 and what sounds a bit strange today but was traditional then, the Morris Oxford and the Austin Cambridge. My first car was a powder blue 1970 Austin Morris 1300, which cost £175. So from the Prefab building on the farm, which had a pit and a pot belly stove, the business expanded and grew. It then moved early seventies to its landmark site where it traded for over 20 years in Southend Road and the image that we have is a rare scene of the way it was on Southend Road and the Victoria Road site, Penrith. Alan Walton was born in 1972 and what started off as the acquisition of one unit, over the years became many; from one unit to several backing onto the town football ground, as it was then. To complete the expansion, Jim Walton made one of the biggest decisions for his family business, which back then was a massive change. He linked with a Japanese family by the name of Toyoda. They were a family business, established in the manufacturing of automated weaving looms in Japan who had started automobile production in 1933. The name as we know it now and launched in the UK in the early seventies was Toyota. Unlike today, all the cars were imported from Japan. Jim Walton had to buy them from a stockist, Terry Oates in Willington. Never a straight forward

EdenLocal •

purchase in order to buy the Celica model, quite popular in their day, as part of the deal Jim had to buy the Toyota Crown, which was not as popular. This was like the Lexus of its day but ahead of its time. The name Corolla is part of Toyota’s naming tradition of using the name Crown for primary models; the Corona, for example, gets its name from the Latin for crown; Corolla is Latin for small crown; and Camry is an anglicised pronunciation of the Japanese for crown. Japanese cars were to have a massive impact on the UK and the American markets. The cars came with extras, like heaters and radios, cigarette lighters and other little gadgets. In my discussion with Alan, we talked about some English cars that didn’t have heating, just manually operated vents. One of the additional extras, partly due to climate I should imagine, was that in the late 70s and early 80s, Jim Walton was rust proofing cars, which was a bit like spraying treacle on the bottom of the cars, which meant them having to clean the cars in paraffin to remove any splashes. In 1983, the Walton family had a new arrival, Lisa and in 1984 Stephen arrived. In 2011, it’s a different story. With the Southend Road development, the family relocated to its site where it celebrated its 40th year back in 2008. The new showroom, service and parts centre at Gilwilly Industrial Estate was officially open in December 2005. Jim Walton

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085

retired in 2003 due to ill health, which later took him out of the life he loved and the family business that for most of his life was a passion and a profession. Today Alan runs the business with his brothers James and Stephen all working at the Gilwilly Jim Walton site, still having as they have always done, regular meetings of the family business with mam, Ann, every week. Their aim is as it has always been to serve the community and to continue the Walton tradition of selling cars and probably one of the best Japanese cars, which as a brand in 2008, sold 3 times more than its nearest competitor. Many thanks to the Walton Family for sharing the history of their family.

Jim Walton (Penrith) Limited Cowper Road Gilwilly Industrial Estate Penrith Cumbria CA11 9BN Telephone

01768 864555 Fax 01768 867280 Parts Direct 01768 865428 Fax 01768 892979 im@jimwalton.toyota.co.uk Showroom open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm




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The ‘dirty’ carrots are back at Carleton

It’s been nine months since I was out picking carrots with Neil Hodgson at Carleton Farm, Penrith. ‘Carrots from Carleton’ was the first article I wrote and the start of the year of articles that would follow the work of Neil and his family. Well, the new season has now started. Back in May, I was out covering the planting. Now 4 months on, the harvest of that preparation and planting has finally arrived. Of course it doesn’t all arrive at once. The first crop we had in was at the start of the summer with the first and second early potatoes. Some will still be taken out, but the old potatoes that we’ll have for our Sunday roasties are currently still in the ground. Before being pulled, they will be left to grow a bit longer, before hardening up their skins in mother natures store (the ground). As a child, harvest time for me was as I remember it, once a year. Well it is for the corn, the wheat, the barley and in some areas, with the large supermarkets buying complete farm stocks, the fields are completely emptied and generally taken off to be stored, sometimes for weeks. Some fruit harvests are stored for much longer. My re-education of how the cycle of harvest takes place on a small farm is a discovery of when it’s needed. Take it out of the ground, otherwise leave it in! Of course there comes a time when in the new year, the remainder of the crop is lifted and stored, but as I witnessed once again on this day, we collected two large bags of carrots (about 30 kilos) and a bucket of beetroot, similar to that seen on BBC’s Country File with Neil and that Matt Baker chap. Country File’s story was about the beetroot from Neil’s farm being used to make wine at High Cup Winery at Orton, near Appleby. We picked a tub of peas, which I Edenfm

couldn’t resist at 9.30 am. Just popping them open and savouring the moment, we had the odd marrow, but there will be more to follow. I would describe them all as Eden Fresh, succulent and tasty. But about those carrots! The test and the difference in a dirty carrot compared to a nice bright washed one is that at certain times in the year, we have to go with what we can get. But here is a small challenge. Take the dirty carrot and wash it. That’s the hard part over. Take one bright orange carrot that basically has done more miles than a month of school runs. Prepare both and try both just as they are. There will be a distinct taste. One might taste like a carrot and one will taste like a carrot. If you are cooking your carrot, chances are the dirty carrot, now clean, will be ready quicker. But why? It will have a much higher water content and won’t be a dehydrated vegetable prior to cooking, so it won’t need re-hydrating. Although as I read in a recent article, some supermarket carrots, the day after they have been harvested, are hydro-cooled to around two degrees in iced water. This reduces decay and fungal attack. They are then packed and dispatched to the supermarket depot, which will then eventually arrive at the supermarket store. It will then go into the cold store, until it eventually comes out of the cold chain onto the shelf. Carleton Farm Shop sells both. Some people like bright clean looking carrots. The alternative is the ‘dirty’ carrot, hand picked, stored in the ground until they are needed, grown 2 minutes from the shop, just on the edge of Penrith. Picked on the day, ready for sale the same day and it hasn’t had a hydrobath, it’s dirty!

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Traditional Family Butcher, Traditional Breeds, Traditional Taste About three months ago, we covered the history of the Jackson Family Butchers in the article ‘In Keeping with tradition’. In the article, we mentioned how important it was to the Jackson family to remain traditional. This month we are looking at the quality now being sourced by Jacksons Family Butchers and their continual striving towards creating traditional tastes from the past. Frank Jackson maintains that for traditional tastes, you need traditional breeds. So what did I find out about Frank’s October choice in sourcing local quality meat?

ers mily Butch Jacksonalsty F&aReward Scheme Loy 1 aS 201 m t S i ChR 14th Septem

th tember ber - 28 Sep


11th October

ee Frtom ers choice

2 Pies of cus

ee eT 1eFr rooster BUY 1CaG rvery at Th Spent £40:

26th October


- 9th Novem

1 Free 1 GeT BUY ro ast oster Breakf Spent £40:

th cember ber - 9 De 25th Novem

Spent £40:


FrSteeake Mince

Spent £40:

er th - 25 Octob

th vember 10th - 24 No

th tober ber - 10 Oc

29th Septem

1 lb of

e erland Sausag 1 lb of Cumb

Spent £40:

Whilst it was back in 2008 that Terry Bowes, from Wetheriggs Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre, created a pig that was 99.6 % Cumberland pig, since the last Cumberland pig died on a Bothel farm in 1960, a familiar pig seen around Cumbria is the Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS), which incidentally was one of the types of pigs used in the programme to create with DNA the 99.6% Cumberland. Commonly known as Old spot, its pedigree records go back to 1913, as today the GOS is the oldest such breed in the world. Originating from Berkeley Vale on the south shores of the river Severn in the South West of England, these pigs were usually kept in cider and perry pear orchards. Local folklore says that the spots on its back were from the falling fruit. Gloucester Spot or just Old Spot, the breed is also known as The Orchard Pig and The Cottager’s Pig.

FreeStreaky Bacon

meat & 1 lb 1 lb Sausage

Spent £40:

th cember 10th - 24 De

S hRiStma £10 OFF C


So nearer to home, I went out to meet Andrew Saggers at Holme Head Farm, Bowscar, where I got to meet the current generation and E Spent £40: ia Ca11 7D ith, Cumbr the next generation of Old Spots. But why? Going back to Frank’s nr pe , ay kr oc 23 Great D 89 search for that traditional taste, from mid to late September these 01768 8686 pigs will be out feasting in the orchard, bringing you in October the sonal quality and taste as close as it possibly could be to 100 years ago. sea r ou for up d Have you signe e gifts and rewards It won’t be an unlimited supply, but to reserve this unique seasonal loyalty scheme , fre 0 off taste available to Jacksons, you will need to pre order. Christmas with £1 Conditions


08:49:48 08/09/2011



dd 1

up until rkey! your Christmas Tu

Jackson’s Family Butchers 23 Great Dockray Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7DE 01768 868689

In keeping with the search for taste, also sourced this month by Jacksons Family Butchers is Black Hereford Beef, from Bruce Benson, Kettleside Farm, Kettleside. The Hereford breed of cattle developed from the early 1700s, becoming a closed Herd Book in 1878. It is famous for its consistent high quality fleshing from low quality food inputs. It has a unique ability of producing top quality beef naturally from grass and grass related products, that can lead the way to a safer and more secure future for beef producers in this country. Also sourced by Frank this month is Belted Galloway Beef, from Malcolm Robinson, Skygarth, Temple Sowerby. Also known as Belties, these cattle date back to 1878. Following the foot and mouth crisis, this breed was on the UK Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s watch list and wasn’t taken off the list until 2007. No-one is absolutely certain precisely where the ‘Beltie’ originated from. The most popular belief is that it resulted from crossing the ancient Galloway with the Dutch Belted cow (the Lakenvelder) in the 17th and 18th centuries when trading links between Britain and the Low countries were at their most lucrative. The distinct and ancient Galloway cattle were in Scotland long before that and originated in the old counties of Kirkcudbright and Wigtown area of south west Scotland.

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Local Food, unlimited choice For many months, thanks to Indiagate we have been sharing the passion, which has been India food. We have traced the origin of the ingredients in what has been almost a year. We have, however, covered most of the signature dishes on the menu and no doubt we will return to Indiagate for new dishes. The theme for the new year in your Eden Local is going to be is going to be a ‘taste of the community’ covering dishes from around the world, traditional national dishes, traditional Cumbrian dishes unique because the ingredients are purely sourced locally to create a taste, which basically is unique to the region. Although many products can’t be sourced locally the idea is to try and think local first. I will be calling on local chefs across the county to help develop this regular feature, which when we put it together will underpin the importance of the ‘taste of the community’ using Eden fresh products, Lakeland fresh products and county border products. If you have a local recipe or a family recipe, which you would like to share please give me a call or drop me line (details page 3). In this month’s publication we feature, Orchard feed pork reared locally that will be available from Frank Jackson Family butchers this October. A unique taste and limited supply, we will be featuring this dish and of course with Christmas we will be featuring Highgate Turkeys. Now add into this equation the local fruit and vegetables available from Starfruits and Carleton farm you have a very tasty unique roast. Honey roasted glazed in local honey, and local sourced ingredients for sauces

what starts off as a bit of local Chicken

then has some peppers, chorizo and local garlic

Further a field, we’ll have a serving of Greek dishes and French dishes. I’ll be going through my own version of paella and one of my favourite’s, steak and kidney stroganoff. Many dishes from around the world with that Cumbrian twist featuring stronly. In recent travels I got to sample a local sausage, marinated in a local beer served up on a barbeque served in a climate 36 degrees, may be its a start towards a Cumberland sausage casserole served below zero Its all about food made in a Cumbrian kitchen, some help me help you rediscover local food.

can turn out quite the dish

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“Cooking the books”

EdenLocal • 13

why accounts matter

At the most basic accounting level it may be using Excel spread sheets, at the higher end by using more complex but readily available “off the shelf” software such as SAGE, QuickBooks or one of the relatively new online software packages. The level of expense and sophistication required can be identified when the business plan is prepared, but if this is an existing business, the systems should be examined to check that they are coping with the current demands of the business and equally importantly will cope with the anticipated future trading position. This is a key area that you should be discussing with your accountant if you aren’t already. Whilst I don’t encourage following the usual definition of “cooking the books” (!) it’s essential that you have control over your enterprise which should include access to up to date and reliable accounts and management information (and bear in mind this article applies to non-profit making entities as well) :

The costs associated with such systems can be pretty modest when compared to the benefits that will flow from them but allowance should be made for appropriate training. Training should be seen as an investment and should prove to be a real benefit to the business in the long term.

Why do you need this information? Well, for a variety of reasons including:

Many small and medium sized businesses buy in certain services such as book-keeping and payroll. If the business employs staff, then using the services of a payroll bureau such as that operated by Full Circle can produce both time and cost efficiencies and ensure compliance with H M Revenue and Customs requirements; it will allow you the business owner to get on with what you do best, rather than worry if, for example, a new employee’s P45 has been processed correctly.

• Checking if your business is making profits or losses • Checking actual results against budgets or a forecast • Identifying crucial trends such as sales seasonality • Identifying cost savings and possible efficiencies • Identifying and preventing fraud


So for not a great expense in time or money you will have access to reliable and valuable information which will help you control and grow your business.


• Tax planning

Contact Full Circle to see how we might be able to improve your business. We have the skills and experience to help – contact us today.

• Investment planning e.g. equipment • Safeguarding assets • Sale of the business As you will realise these are relevant to businesses whatever their size; so how do we do this easily and within budget? By a simple but detailed analysis of the business and then selecting and applying suitable systems that will deliver all of these (and probably more).

Please call Full Circle on 01768 58 00 58 or email hello@fullcircleaccountancy.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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Pillar Peaks and Pathways by Nick Wells our right was the hut of Black Sail Youth Hostel, and beyond was Lake Ennerdale.

After parking up at Honister Slate Mine we took the west path up to Drum House, then headed left towards Moses Trod. After about a mile, we took the steep decent down the edge of Haystacks into Ennerdale valley.

We had been walking approximately one hour before we climbed out of the valley and up between Kirk Fell and Pillar. Our ascent brought us to a small tarn offering a fine view of Wasdale Head and Scafell. Making our way up the back of Pillar, and after some serious walking, reached the imposing Pillar Rock. This is an impressive feature on the north eastern side of the mountain, widely known as one of the wonders of the Lake District, due to it featuring in William Wordsworth’s poem The Brothers, “In the late afternoon sunlight it stands lofty and venerable.”

On our left were the two Gables outlining the head of the valley, to

After a short walk we reached the Summit (2927 ft) offering extensive

Pillar lies on the west side of Ennerdale valley in the western part of the Lake District.

views in all directions, stretching from the Isle of Man to the Pennines, and looking down on Haystacks with it’s many small tarns. We headed back the way we came to Kirk Fell, then took the route along it’s side to Great Gable and on to Moses Trod which returned us to Drum House, and back down to the slate mine at Honister. This walk is ten miles long in all, and took us six hours. I would grade it medium to hard. Next month I will be writing about Wainright’s favourite, Haystacks. If anyone would like to suggest a walk, please email me at


Be warm this winter with Penrith Outdoor Pursuits

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Shop online at www.penrithoutdoorpursuits.com Edenfm Advertise on Eden FM from £10 email admin@edenfm.co.uk for more details

EdenLocal • 15

What’s Cooking at Cocklakes?

freshly prepare

almost there

Sunday Lunch

1 course £8.95 2 course £11.45 3 course £13.95

Mid way through September, I was back at Cocklakes Farm Shop, preparing and discussing the Christmas and new season strategy. On the way out, Simon, I suppose his title is site manager as it covers the responsibility of the Highgate factory, the fishery, the shop and the tea room, said, “go on - try one of these. We should maybe do something about the pies we’ve started baking in the magazine.”’ Well, handing a fresh ‘out of the oven’, hot sausage roll to me, with my waist line and physique, which probably says, I’ve already eaten all the pies, is like putting a piece of paradise in my hand. I can’t say how many I’ve eaten since then, but here are some details and images of some of the new pies, which are made on the premises by Joanne, who has only just joined the team at the Rod & Reel. With a new range of pies and a Sunday lunch menu now on the board, she is certainly adding to tasting the experience at Cocklakes. More pies are always in the making. I think Turkey is soon to be another addition, meanwhile here is a quick look at the family steak pie, weighing in at around 1.5 kg (over 3lb), priced at £9.95 and the smaller individual steak pies, weighing in at just over 200g and priced at £1.30 each. It’s not about pie filling, it’s basically about full pies. With regards to the sausage rolls, all I can say is that the filling is on its way to 3 times that which I have experienced before. Unfortunately, due to circumstances within my control, these are generally in limited supply!

Now, for this month’s offers, following on from the success of the 3 chickens for £10 deal, it’s working so well that Cocklakes are doing it again. Last month’s offers are continuing through October. Good sized chicken breasts are around £1.20 each straight from the counter. This month bacon is well priced with twin packs of good size chops at around £1.50 per pack, an 8 rasher dry cured cocklake pack of back bacon, locally smoked at Riverside Foods and the pork is from Cockermouth. Weighing around 350g it is £2.80 and for under £2.00 you can get a good sized gammon steak at just over 300 g (around 3/4lb). Meanwhile, whilst turkeys will be a big feature in next month’s Cocklakes article, as I’ll be out in the field with some good looking birds I’ve been told, I have been asked to remind all Eden Local readers, new and existing, that Turkey isn’t just for Christmas as it is available all year round at Cocklakes!

October Offers at Cocklakes

p 3 Chickens for £10 p 5lb of Stewing Steak for £12.50

p 5lb of Lean Steak mince

for £10 p Topside of Beef reduce from £9.62 per kilo to £7.50 per Kilo p 28 day hung, grass fed Limousin - Messrs Teasdale, Lowside Farm Opening times:

You can Fish it, try it, bake it and buy it at Cocklakes Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Troutbeck, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0SG. 01768 487 060

Christmas orders, Turkey orders and tradition Christmas Hamper orders now being taken

16 • EdenLocal





Eden Esta

Laneside | Hartley


Clochemerle | Kirkby Stephen


Lowther Glen | Eamont Bridge


Hyde Grove | Penrith


Detached 2 bedroom bungalow with extension potential with large gardens and fabulous views, rural situation, parking and garaging Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk




Detached 2 bedroom bungalow, edge of village, lovely gardens and rural views; garage and workshop, dining kitchen, sitting, 2 conservatories Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Carleton Fields | Penrith


Detached, idyllic riverside location, 4 bedrooms, master ensuite, dining kitchen, sitting, garden room, gardens, parking, garaging, rural view Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk





Detached 4 bedroom family house, lovely gardens, dining kitchen, utility, dining, sitting, conservatory, master ensuite, bathroom. parking, garaging Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Beacon Close | Penrith

Spacious detached dormer bungalow, 4 bedrooms, master ensuite, hall, dining kitchen, utility, dining, sitting, gardens, parking, garage, great views Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk


Exceptional detached 4 bedroom family home with about 3/4 acre gardens & outstanding views, two 3 car garages provide opportunities for flexible use Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

for the full picture visit our stunning website


EdenLocal • 17

ate Agents reduced

Selling it short. Your home is your most valuable asset. Why let the offer of free conveyancing, an inflated flattering valuation or the cheapest selling fee influence your choice of estate agent to sell it?

The Larches | Stainton


Detached character property, requiring modernisation; 4 bedrooms, study, bathroom, kitchen, breakfast, sitting, dining, garage, garden Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Those things don’t contribute to making a good sale and achieving the right outcome. The Eden approach is focussed on what really counts:• investment in superb visual presentation



• practical knowledge of the local market • relationships with the buyers nationally • feedback and pragmatic advice • skilled negotiations to achieve the best result

The Hermitage | Hackthorpe



N Rose Cottage | Unthank

These are the essentials. Don’t sell your home without them.



Detached, 5 bedrooms with 1 bedroom granny annexe, 4 receptions, kitchen, utility, scope to improve and create great family house Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

• personal oversight by the business


Striking detached with south aspect and rural views, 4 bedrooms (master suite),living/kitchen,sittting,dining,utility,sunroom,study,parking,garage Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Low House | Sparket


A country home with over 6 acre in a beautiful setting and panoramic view; 4 bedrooms, kitchen, utility, snug, 31’ sitting/dining Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Presentation, presentation, presentation

18 • EdenLocal

Starfruits & Vegetables

SUPPLIERS OFtaking FRESH Online everyday, the weight out of FRUIT AND VEGETABLES your shopping bag and off your mind In the Eden Valley and the Lake District border, Starfruits is now delivering Monday to Saturday. You can order on line, email us or you can simply pick up the phone and dial 01768 890255. You may even get a postcard through your door like the one shown here. This will inform you of when we are back in your area with our next delivery to one of your neighbours or a local business.

RETAIL - WHOLESALE & CATERING Please give Starfruits a go. Support a local established business, which is doing its best to deliver locally sourced products to your door. This could be fruit, vegetables, dairy products, bread, milk or other daily essentials. Let us help you take a weight out of you weekly or daily shop and a weight off your mind. Try a Starfruits home delivery now


David Whipp 01768 890255

Tel: 01768 890255 9 Angel Square, Penrith, Cumbria. CA11 7BT Mob: 07920 098 190

Monday to Saturday 8am – 5pm Sundays 10am – 4pm www.starfruitsonline.co.uk

If you want one of these, then you’ll need one of these, you can carry it, or use one of these EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111 / 01768 862394

mobile: 07881 530085



EdenLocal • 19

The Green Dream

Over previous months, we have covered many angles on solar energy. We have looked at the system, the tariff and the return. In last month’s article, ‘Dispelling the Myths that surround Solar PV’, we presented the fact that solar energy is the fastest growing energy generation technology in the world and if every south facing roof had PV installed, this could deliver around a third of the UK electricity supply. With the inclusion of other roofs and ground systems, this figure is surpassed. Facts of life or facts for the future? In 20I0, I set about looking for a site for the Eden FM Radio Station. I was fortunate to meet the owner of Ullswater Road Garage and whilst engaged with radio talk and Eden local marketing work, I was told that it was the intention of the owner to improve their green credentials and install a solar system at the site. Owner and Managing Director Mark Windle is beyond being just enthusiastic in his commitment to green energy. Having a garage with an LPG pump is one thing, but the ambition then was a massive commercial, green step with the installation of a system on most of the buildings at the site. To achieve the green dream, Mark chose to work with Love Solar. The project was jointly managed with Mark Windle and Ewen Estill, managing director of Love Solar, along with one of Ewen’s teams. The installation has been staged. It was up and running after the first roof was commissioned and the installation

has continued and expanded across the site. The PV panels are visible form Ullswater Road and are a landmark to the arrival of Penrith. Mark hopes that others will also consider a commercial installation. Of course for me, if you haven’t registered another link here, Eden FM community radio station, during daylight hours, will be powered by the Ullswater Road Garage System. I spoke to Ewen and asked for his thoughts on the project. It’s wonderful that business and commercial properties are utilising PV. As commercial properties are in use through the day, almost all the electricity generated is used on the premises. This makes the electricity savings a lot greater and therefore the payback time a lot faster. Having seen the figures over the last three months, I have been astounded at the output. We have fitted each system with a high tech wireless display meter, which gives detailed figures of generation by the hour, day, week and month. At this rate of generation, the cost of the system will be paid off in 6 years with another 19 years of profit. Mark is a shrewd and successful businessman and I’m not surprised he has fully embraced PV. I expect he will be the first of many. Love Solar is very excited to be involved with the country’s first solar powered radio. Hopefully it will be the first of many to come.

Tel: 01768 899 722 www.love-solar.co.uk Advertise on Eden FM from £10 email admin@edenfm.co.uk


20 • EdenLocal

Eden FM radio, It’s your Choice and your Voice in the community With the 12th edition of Eden Local now in front of you, we come to the end of the year campaign for Penrith and the surrounding areas to have its own community radio. The vision in November 2010 was to be able to switch on a local based radio station, with the help of local people, supported by local business. Eden Local was to be one of many vessels that included raising sponsorship and awareness for the campaign and its future. Has it succeeded? We had 12 tasks to complete to make this happen which were: 1.

Consistently promote the Eden FM campaign over 12 months to raise awareness


Build a team of dependable volunteers from the local area


Secure a site to build two studios and have an office


Install IT and phones


Apply for grant funding and support


Secure an outside broadcasting vehicle, to be seen and serve in the community


Secure sponsors and advertisers to support the campaign by presenting local businesses with affordable advertising packages and marketing campaigns


Apply for a 4 week RSL community trial licence for winter 2011


Have one studio complete and ready for

Donation of PC’s from James Henry (right) of SPB Computers with Ian Holt (left) of Eden FM Edenfm


transmission by 25th November 2011 10. Successfully raise funds to complete all of the above 11. Be in a position to give all charities, clubs, associations and organisations free air time 12. Set in place a finance strategy to support Eden FM to 2013, preparing it for the application process scheduled for the summer of 2012 The word ‘application’ is a familiar word in everyday life and it has a few definitions. In the last 30 years, it has been hijacked by the world that is IT. I’m going with what it means to me and what it will mean to the radio team and many voluntary and charitable organisations - the act of requesting. Many volunteers reading this will understand the process of application, whether this is in the form of grant applications for funding or being on the receiving end of an application for help or assistance. There is also something about the focus in the meaning of how they apply themselves to the work they do. Well, at Eden Fm it has been a year of application and like any application, it’s time to tick some boxes 1.

Whilst we have had many articles (including this one) in Eden Local about the campaign, what we have to remember is that not everyone will be able to read the publication for reasons maybe beyond their control and not every one lives in the postcode distribution areas of Eden Local. Well, we have succeeded in being promoted for 12 months of the year, so let’s tick that one.


Let’s tick another box too as the first open meeting took place in April. All of these volunteers are still involved in the project. We do have a fantastic and enthusiastic bunch of people now on board. We have about 40 people at present and the number is growing, but it needs more. There is no limit on how many people can be a part of the community radio. You can help with presenting, programming, production, sales, marketing, scheduling of music and outside broadcasts of events. We do have an EFM membership. For more details email admin@ edenfm.co.uk


It was back in the March edition of Eden Local that EFM announced it had secured a space at the rear of the Cumbria Mini Centre showroom,

Advertise, your business with a 20 - 30 second advert played 5-6 times per day for 4 months for £280

Seasonal celebrations at Stoneybeck

Sunday 6th November 2011, starts at 6.30pm

Fireworks Evening

Come along and see Stoneybeck’s fantastic fireworks display hosted by Penrith Lions. Food will be available outside on the evening or table bookings are now being taken for the Restaurant. Tickets - £3 Adults, £2 Children, Under 2’s Free All proceeds from tickets will be handed to Penrith Lions and used in the community. Please see the 104 Stagecoach bus timetable for buses to and from Stoneybeck


Sunday 18th December 2011

hildren’s Christmas Party

Enjoy a fun packed afternoon of entertainment, games, mini disco and a tea party from 2.00pm – 4.30pm. Please note this event is unsupervised by ourselves so we request a responsible adult is present. £6 per Child, Under 2’s Free

New Years Eve at the Stoneybeck Inn Bring 2012 in with a bang at the Stoneybeck! Enjoy a 5 course dinner, live music and celebration with Fireworks, a glass of bubbly at midnight, dancing until 1.30 £47.95 per person

Christmas party dates still available 3rd December availablity 9th December Sold Out 10th December Sold Out 16th December Sold Out 17th December Sold Out 21st December availablity 22nd December Sold Out 23rd December Sold Out Bookings still being taken for Christmas day lunch Festive Lunches & Dinners are served in our restaurant daily throughout December catering for up to 130 guests. Private dinning rooms are available upon request for a minimum of 12 Guests

t: 01768 862369 e: enquiries@thestoneybeckinn.co.uk w: www.thestoneybeckinn.co.uk Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP

Wedding and Events Fayre 19th February 2012

22 • EdenLocal




2001 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 3dr Red/Black Half Leather Interior, Chilli Red, Petrol, 89000 Miles WAS ÂŁ5,495 NOW ÂŁ4,995

& b 4"7

2003 BMW Mini Cooper S 1.6 Supercharged 3dr Alloy Patina Heated Leather, Dark Silver, 84000 Miles WAS ÂŁ6,995 NOW ÂŁ5,995

2004 BMW Mini Cooper S 1.6 3dr Alloy Patina Cloth Interior, 6 Speed, ELectric Blue, Petrol, 62000 Miles WAS ÂŁ8,495 NOW ÂŁ7,495




2003 BMW Mini One 1.6 3dr Half Leather Interior, Manual, Indi Blue, Petrol, 60000 Miles WAS ÂŁ6,495 NOW ÂŁ5,995



2005 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 3dr Black Half Leather Interior, 5 Speed Manual, Black, Petrol, 64000 Miles WAS ÂŁ6,995 NOW ÂŁ6,495

& b 4"7





2005 BMW Mini One 1.6 2dr Convertible, Half Leather, 5 Speed, Chilli Red , Petrol, 43000 Miles WAS ÂŁ9,495 NOW ÂŁ8,995



2009 BMW Mini One 1.4 3dr One Owner Vehicle With Full Service History. Alloys, CD, Air Con, T.L.C Pack Pepper Pack, 33,000 Miles WAS ÂŁ9,995 NOW ÂŁ9,495



2005 BMW Mini One 1.6 3dr Grey Cloth Interior, Manual 5 Speed, Liquid Yellow, Petrol, 38000 Miles WAS ÂŁ7,995 NOW ÂŁ7,495



b 7& " 4 2004 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 3dr

2004 BMW Mini Cooper Covertible 1.6 3dr, Charcoal Leather, 5 Speed, Cool Blue, Petrol, 24000 Miles WAS ÂŁ10,495 NOW ÂŁ9,495




2003 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 3dr Black Half Leather Interior, 5 Speed, Pure Silver, Petrol, 43000 Miles WAS ÂŁ6,995 NOW ÂŁ6,495

& b 4"7

2005 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 3dr Charcoal Cloth Interior, 5 Speed, British Racing Green, 60000 Miles WAS ÂŁ8,495 NOW ÂŁ7,495

Charcoal Cloth Interior, Automatic, Black, Petrol, 27000 Miles WAS ÂŁ7,995 NOW ÂŁ6,995

& b 4"7




09 09 BMW Mini Clubman Cooper 1.6 Estate, Air Con, CD, Alloy Wheels, 1 Owner, FSH, 21,000 Miles WAS ÂŁ12,495 NOW ÂŁ11,995




2008 BMW Mini Cooper S 1.6 Turbo 3dr, Black/Red Half Leather, 6 Speed, Chilli Red, 18000 Miles WAS ÂŁ13,995 NOW ÂŁ13,495

1"35 &9$)"/(& 8&-$0.& t '*/"/$& $"/ #& "33"/(&%




2002 Volvo S80 2.4 Se 4dr Full Leather Cream Interior, Manual, Maroon, Petrol, 105000 Miles

7 "5 b 2005 Peugeot Boxer 2.2 Hdi 350 LWB Hi Roof Low Mileage, Very Clean Condition, Fully Serviced, 12 Month MOT, RCL , E/Windows, CD, 56,000 Miles Sale Price


1997 Ford Transit Campervan 2.5 Td Autosleeper Flair Coachbulilt 4 Berth Interior, Automatic, Beige, Diesel, 44000 Miles

b 2008 Mitsubishi Colt Cz1 5dr

Electric Windows.Power Steering. Remote Central Locking, CD Player, 28000miles


2001 Volkswagen Golf Gti 1.8 Turbo 5dr Black Cloth Interior, Manual 5 Speed, Black, Petrol, 77000 Miles

b 2008 Honda Civic 2.2 Ctdi Type S Gt 3dr, CD, Alloys, Cruise Control, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Digital Climate Control, 78,000miles


2005 Citroen C4 1.6 Vtr+ Cloth Interior, Manual 6 Speed, Metallic Red, Petrol, 80000 Miles


2005 Renault Scenic 1.6 Vvt 115 Dynamique Cloth Interior, Automatic, Blue, Petrol, 46000 Miles


2006 Landrover Freelander Adventurer 2.0 Td4 Black Cloth INterior, Manual 5 Speed, Black, Diesel, 50000 Miles

2006 Audi A4 2.0 Se 4dr Black Cloth Interior, 5 Speed Manual, Blue, Petrol, 32000 Miles

b b 2004 Porsche Boxster 2.7 Convertible Savanna Beige 2006 BMW X3 2.0d Se 5dr Black Cloth Interior, Manual 6 Speed, Grey Met, Diesel, 86000 Miles

Leather Interior, Lapis Blue Met, Petrol, 45000 Miles

1"35 &9$)"/(& 8&-$0.& t '*/"/$& $"/ #& "33"/(&%



Advertise, your business with a 20 - 30 second advert played 5-6 times per day for 4 months for ÂŁ280

EdenLocal • 23

sited at Ullswater Road Garage. In July it set up an office in the centre of town at Sandgate. 4.

Following an appeal for IT equipment, donations of equipment started coming in. The phone line and broadband sponsored by Eden Local, were installed in July 2010 and in August 2011 EFM accepted the donation of two PCs, that would be used in studio one from James and Jonathan Henry, owners of SPB Computers in Penrith.


In May 2011, EFM submitted its first grant application to EDC, applying for a community fund grant towards set up costs. On this occasion it was not successful. It’s second grant application was to the Pride of Penrith Lottery and in July 2011, EFM received a cheque of £2,500 towards licensing costs. In August 2011, EFM submitted a new application to EDC once again for funding towards important equipment. Fingers crossed!


Getting out in the community and being seen is a key function of a community radio. It’s another box ticked. EFM has obtained an Ex BBC transmission unit from SVI communications near Brighton. The Landrover Discovery, complete with a nine metre telescopic mast, has so far got 7 sponsors and by the end of October the vehicle will actually be in Penrith. We still need 3 or more sponsors for the vehicle to make this happen. We have raised sufficient funds to buy the vehicle, but it needs to be taxed and insured. Ullswater Road Garage has agreed to be the main sponsor of the vehicle for the next 2 years. If you would like your company logo on both sides of this vehicle and on the rear of the vehicle, please email lee@edenfm. co.uk or call 01768 899111 or 01768 899101.


With advertising rates starting at £10, we had hoped for a bigger response, but it would be fair to say the response has been enough to get us to where we are. We will be starting on advertisement production from the end of September 2011. With just 26 advertising packages available and half of these booked, we hope to have all these sold before 14th November.


With the funds secured from the Pride in Penrith Lottery, the application for an RSL from 25th November to 22nd December has been completed and posted to Ofcom. We now wait to hear!


On 9th September 2011, two of the EFM sponsors, Ullswater Road Garage and Eden Local, working together, purchased a complete working radio studio. The studio currently in Peterborough, will be brought back to Penrith, reassembled and online by 31st October.

The studio purchased recently from Peterborough secured by Ullswater Road Garage and Eden Local 10. So far, I believe EFM has had a lot of luck and the support has been far beyond anticipated. We are on target to be on air, but we need the funding and support to keep us there. The support is needed before, during and after the RSL, as it is the intention to stay online until the next RSL scheduled for the summer. We have successfully raised the funds to meet all the tasks set. 11. Free airtime will be given to all charities, clubs, associations and organisations. Anything to support their causes, raise their profiles, promote their activities and get behind their fundraising events. 12. Advertising packages are currently being sold in 4 month blocks. Sponsorship of programmes by the hour, will also secure regular income. The biggest fundraiser and a key revenue stream, is the Eden Local CA Business project, with 25% of the subscription being given to EFM, which will provide continual revenue streams now and in the future. Full details on page xxxxx. If you have taken all of that in, then the word now is - achievement. What will the radio mean and be able to achieve across Penrith, its rural areas and the Eden Valley? Simple answer - improved communication for free.

Spot ads 10 – 15 seconds on the hour 30 minutes past - 3 plays per day £170 for 4 months


24 • EdenLocal

Eden weekly news review, followed by a morning walking programme. Then in the evening, we are proposing a live Blues feature from the Red Rooster, Penrith.

On air at a Radio or Computer near you. Up to date news, coverage of every event and every activity in the Eden Valley, whether it be a small event or a grand staged activity, promoting it on Eden FM is free. As news happens and as press releases merge, the news will be on air. The first transmission is a test. It will be the moment when we find out if it can be and have what it takes to be a community radio. The transmission signal will never be as strong as a commercial, national or regional station, but on the internet, it can compete with any radio station. We have applied for a transmission site based at the radio studio site, but we intend to do better. RSL means Restricted Services Licence and even with the transmitter at the highest point, it will have a capped power use with its signal and of course there’s a lot of hills around here! But remember we will be broadcasting 24 hours a day on the internet. Is it all about music - what will be the content? In the RSL transmission, the daytime radio will be live from 07.00 with the breakfast show. It will have mixed content, the wake up call and flagship show of any radio station, with a busy, full morning crew. At 09.00 to 12.00, the morning show will be a mixture of interviews with 70s to current day music. There will be at least three interviews per show, covering a whole range of activities and business topics related to the Eden Valley. At midday, it’s the lunchtime show, that will continue the pace of music and live interviews, the middle of the day by no means middle of the road. The afternoon show starts at 2pm finishing at 4pm when we have a school slot presented by local schools, co-ordinated and produced by a local 6th former from Penrith. From 5pm every day and during the weekends, we swing into a whole variety of shows, specialist music, covering Blues, Jazz, Country, Classical, Northern Soul, Tamala Motown, Dance, Hip Hop, Garage, Electro, Rock and Punk. The decades covered in specialist shows include 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the 00’s. At the weekend, we have scheduled a Kids Saturday morning programme. We then have a Sunday Edenfm

No more than 3 advertisements played in a row

During the week, we will have live outside broadcasts covering events across the Eden Valley. Monday night’s main slot is 3 hours of live local bands. We have a dedicated sports show that will include live interviews and sports coverage on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Wednesday evening we hope to have the Pride of Penrith Lottery live draw and a midweek farming update. Being Christmas, we will be tracking Santa’s progress with the Penrith and Eden Lions and we will be communicating and working with all charities, clubs, societies, organisations, schools and businesses that need help with promoting their Christmas events. Please email your event to events@edenfm.co.uk. We will also be trying to get all organisers into the programming, so they will have the opportunity to come into the studio and talk about their event. In addition to all of the above, we have offered out shows and slots to CVS, Penrith Chamber of Trade, Eden Arts and Eden District Council. If you think your community organisation needs a slot on your local radio, email us before 31st October at admin@edenfm.co.uk. For more details, please go to www.edenfm.co.uk. It’s your Choice, it’s your Voice.

The Outside Broadcasting vehicle purchased from Brighton, to be sponsored by local businesses

01768 899101 Eden FM studio, Cumbria Mini Centre, Ullswater Road, Penrith CA11 7EH

www.edenfm.co.uk / info@edenfm.co.uk

Follow us on facebook

EdenLocal • 25

11 Little Dockray Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7HL T: 01768 866 624 E: sandwellfurn@aol.com

# 3 !! 1)# .1) . * " !5 )1# 1* # ** *. ! * # 5 066/' &) $1)* !2 * $# (1 ! .5 # * )2 *$" $ . 1)# .1) 3 *1&&!5 . ! * * # 3 ) )$ * # . " # "1" $ ** " !5 2 )5. # !* $" * ) 5 $) 1* '

* $1) *. * !! ) # 3 $ $1) 1."$*. .$ & &) * $"& . . 2 !. $1 3 $ 2 (1 . ! ) ) # $ # # # $* 3$$ .$$'

1) 4& ) # # ) # !5 &&)$ #*1) * . . 3 " .$ $ ) !! $1) 1*.$" )* . *. * )2 # ) ! ! .5 3 &$** !5 #'

! $ # ! ! $ ! " $ $ " $ ! )"* $# . $#* &&!5

.! $ ) 5 #) . 1" ) %% + across ! & $# ,,,0 Order online now for your delivery Eden and6%+, the UK " ! * # 3 ! ! 1 )www.sandwellfurnitureonline.co.uk # $!' $" 333'* # 3 !! 1)# .1) ' $'1


Shows ct Sister A Show London on Tour

nd Sunderla ber em 19th Nov 0 ÂŁ56.5

Cliff Richard

The Soulicious Tour 28th October Stage side Seats ÂŁ89.50

Carr Alan st xy Bea Spe

Tour ctober 30th O ÂŁ49.50

Top Ge Live ar Bir min gha 13t mN hN EC ove mb ÂŁ69 er .50

October 14th (3 Days)


October 31st (3 days)


November 14th (5 days)


November 25th (3 days)


December 1st (3 days)


Blackpool Illuminations DB + B Halloween Mystery Tour DB + B Turkey & Tinsel - Scarborough DB + B St Nicholas Fayre at York DB + B

Paddy ness McGuinight Live

Thursford Christmas Spectacular DB +B

N Saturday 4.50 Tour ÂŁ4 ctober O th 15

Call us on 01768 892727

E-mail us at sales@nbmtravel.co.uk | Web www.nbmtravel.co.uk | Fax us on 01768 899680 Visit us at: Cromwell Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7JW Only 7 adverts per hour played per hour on Eden FM Community radio


26 • EdenLocal

Business CA Business - £100 per year to advertise your business across the Eden Valley, Cumbria, the UK and the World How much do you spend on your advertising as a local business in the Eden Valley per year? Are you registered on a business directory online? Have you spent a fortune on a box ad in a regional directory only to find yourself competing with businesses from outside your area?

being distributed to 25,500 addresses from week commencing 6th February 2012. In just one week, your business details will go to every postal address in CA 4 9 & 0, CA10, CA11, CA16 and CA17.

If you change your business address, your work phone line, your mobile number or the way you work, how easy is it to change your details to let everyone know?

You business will be making an investment in the Local economy.

With the business directory you have, how much if any of the funds you pay are spent in the area where you live or where your business is based? How many local business directories do you see advertising every month, directing people to look up your business? Enough questions. Here are some points we would like you to consider very carefully. For £100 per year this is what you get with CA Business. Your details, once submitted, are loaded online to the CA Business Directory website the same day. If you change your details, these can be changed the same day. Your details are entered into a printed Eden Valley Directory under your business category. The Eden Local – CA Business Eden Valley Directory, is

CA Business will have its own show on Eden FM radio and will have an advertising campaign which will include your business on Eden FM radio. Your yearly subscription will be spent in the Eden Valley and used to develop Eden Local. £25 of your £100 subscription, will go towards the Eden FM radio Ltd, which is a ‘not for profit’ organisation. CA Business will be promoting its products and its business in the Eden Local Publication every month, directing people to use the CA business site or refer to the printed Directory. To be in the 2012 directory, you need to sign up now. Additional page, ½ page and ¼ page ad space is available, but space is limited. For more details, please email admin@edenlocal.co.uk

It costs your business just 27 ½ p a day to be popular in the Eden Valley CA Business Directory. Can you afford not to? Improve your property, make the most of your space, move up or move out with an extension on your home Call Park Head Property Maintenance We build, improve and maintain your home

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RESULTS 14th September 2011

Jackpot Numbers : 5-15-20-28

7th September 2011

Jackpot Numbers : 3-15-16-22 www.prideinpenrith.co.uk/results.php

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Lakeland Logs QUALITY DRIED HARDWOOD LOGS Delivered to your Door

01768 895204


info@lakelandlogs.co.uk www.lakelandlogs.co.uk


30 years experience in tractors and plant equipment. As well as new equipment, we can supply spares to all makes of tractor and plant. Our Products include: Excavators • Cranes • Fork Lift Trucks • Tractors R & S Plant Sales, Milestone House Garage, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9NQ Telephone: 01768 866539 Mobile: 07836 777943 Fax: 01768 868623 www.randsplantsales.co.uk E-mail: richard.nelles@btconnect.com Buy the perfect gift to celebrate a Birthday, an Anniversary or a Special Event with a dedicated hour - call 01768 899111


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A SUCCESSFUL SEASON FOR PENRITH CC At the time of writing this article – with still 3 weeks of the season to go – it looks like being a pretty successful one for Penrith CC. The 2nd team are currently top of the North Lancs League Division 2 table and looking a good bet for promotion although it is not “in the bag” yet!.They have also reached the final of the John Scott Memorial Cup (2ND team County Cup) and are waiting for their opponents and final date to be confirmed. Similarly the 3rd team are top of the Eden Valley League Div 2 and hoping that their good form continues until the end of the season to allow them to clinch the title after narrowly losing out to Keswick 2nd team in the EVCL Junior Cup Final played at Threlkeld.In a superbly contested match they lost by one wicket in the penultimate over in a game which constantly swung back and forth right until the winning run was scored. The Academy team (4th team) are locked in a battle for promotion from Eden Valley League Div 3 which looks like going down to the last match of the season.If successful this will be an excellent achievement from a team of 7 or 8 youngsters supported by 3 or 4 wise and experienced older players. In the Cumbria Junior Cricket

Penrith U13 girls League it has been a case, largely of near misses, resulting from semi final defeats.However pride of place goes to the under 15 team who have reached the cup final where their opponents will be Workington on a date to be confirmed. However pride of place should go to the club’s under 13 girls team who have had some fantastic success reaching the National Finals of the Lady Taveners Under 13 Competition where they finished in 4th place.They won the Cumbria competition at Threlkeld followed by the Regional Finals at Northern Cricket Club, Crosby, Merseyside. This allowed them to progress to the National Finals at Ellesmere College Shropshire where they faced strong

opposition from Wales, London and East, South and West and Midlands regional winners.Unfortunately on the day they couldn’t quite go on to win the National Finals but there is always next year as only one player of this years squad will be too old to play next season! During the winter life goes on at the cricket club with winter coaching for youngsters continuing at QEGS Sports Hall (contact Mark Osborne on 01768 866906 for details or see the club website, address below) and a variety of events with something for everyone planned to take place in the Clubhouse (see website, www.penrithcc.co.uk for details)

Cricket sale now on!

Dozens of Genuine Reductions (2012 ranges expected to arrive from October)


33 Middlegate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7SY 01768 865833 Edenfm

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First Driving Lesson FREE! Make sure your driving gets the best possible start with - CARLETON DRIVING SCHOOL To arrange a free lesson call or text Bert on

07715 177611 or 01768 864034

www.carletondrivingschool.co.uk Bert is a Grade 6 Instructor and is in the top 7% of Driving Instructors Nationally Put your name in the community - Sponsor the outside broadcasting unit for ÂŁ300 per year - call 01768 899111


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And Finally...... This has possibly been one of the most challenging publications to date in what has been a very busy time of the year. A lot is happening in the Eden Valley. I just hope that in reading this month’s publication, you did find something new, something enjoyable, something relevant and something interesting to think about. We have less than two months to go before the switch on of the local community radio station. Next month is the first birthday of the Eden Local publication. When you commence reading this issue, the celebration issue, which will be coming through your doors from 31st October, will almost be complete. How quick the first year has passed. Last year, a new magazine and a launch of a campaign. This year, a local magazine celebrating its first birthday and the launch of a local community radio station and the most affordable community business directory to ever be presented to the businesses of the Eden Valley. Well, I do hope you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t stop there. Future projects that Eden Local will be rolling out in 2012 will be unveiled before Christmas. Eden Local and Eden FM will be getting behind a good cause for 2012, which will be receiving fundraising assistance and a major awareness campaign. More information will follow about how Eden Local and Eden FM will be assisting in supporting the people affected by a disability not visible that affects between 5 and 10 % of the local Eden Valley community of all ages.

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15th-18th September 2011

From Cattle to Cars The dirty carrots are back Cooking the Books The Green Dream What’s on Eden FM

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Autumn Sale Up to 50% reductions Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens and Bedrooms

Telephone: (01768) 866790 www.edenvalleywindows.co.uk edenvalley1@btopenworld.com More details on page 7

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My final thought - remember local food is low mileage food and it tastes like it ain’t been messed about with!

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Autumn Festival 21st October to 6th November Bring your tent or tourer to Wild Rose Park this autumn or try out our new Holiday Homes for rent or even a Wigwam!

28th - 31st October Halloween weekend

Activities for all the family

4 - 6 November th


5th November celebration Traditional evening with bonfire, firework display and barbeque

29th October Spooktacular

Fancy dress, games, Pumpkin carving, face painting, Halloween menu at the Briar Rose restaurant


BE G T W ND NO R A UN77 OK BE CO 510 BO O E CT IS 683 D 7 PR O 01 16 % L 20 CAL


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