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November 2012 Issue No 25

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Getting ready for your local Chris Penrith Co-operative Soc

The first of our new 1890 range is now arriving at your local store in Burrowgate Penrith, Lazonby and Shap. We have been carefully selecting locally produced food products to give you low mileage food with traditional tastes and values. Penrith Co-op Society Best Ale, brewed for us by Eden Brewery at Brough Hall, less than 2 miles from our Penrith Store. Local Cheese produced in Appleby from Appleby Creamery.

19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD TEL: 01768 862 366

It’s almost a meal in itself - bread that your great great grandma would have baked. No yeast, but real bread that tastes like it ain’t been messed about with. Using those Raspberry’s from the Rowley’s of Glassonby, we have a seasonal Raspberry Ale from Eden Brewery. 4 tastes to take home now and during November! There will be opportunities to come in and try before you buy these products.

Main Street Shap, CA10 3NG Tel: 01931 716202

Penrith Co-operative Society stores are in Keswick, Shap, Lazonby, Penrith (Burrowgate), Hallbankgate, Westga

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stmas at your ciety

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Dear Residents & Businesses What did we set out to achieve when your first Eden Local which was released on 15th November 2010 to around 6,000 local addresses in Penrith? We wanted to deliver good news, current stories and we wanted to assist local businesses, societies and organisation in promoting themselves. We also wanted the community to share its positive achievements and offer affordable advertising in difficult times. This is our 25th edition of Eden Local, which is our 37th publication in less than two years. These are small numbers compared to the well established local media, however, from a distribution of 6,000 copies to a 58,000 distribution, this level of growth was never in the plan. My thanks to the 16 businesses who appeared in our first edition and to the 50 businesses here today. Welcome to your Eden Local community magazine. Whilst the weather out there is unpredictable and the summer is over we have a whole range of seasonal features to keep you warm and to make you think, ‘I didn’t know that’? Over the last month I have travelled a good few miles with the launch of our sister publication; Border City Times into Carlisle and the extension of Lakes Local into Cockermouth. Here in the Eden Valley, I have discovered more local foods, whilst some, due to the poor summer, won’t be around this autumn and winter. The carrots have arrived at Carleton Farm and for the first time in many years the local Penrith Co-op Society has a local product with its own label, sourced less than 2 miles away; steeped in tradition, they can be seen just across the page here on the left. One of my favourite experiences has been sampling local products, but meeting people, sharing their many stories and listening and talking is even more rewarding. Lee Quinn

Henderson Buildings Lazonby, CA10 1BG Tel: 01768 898210

ate, Frosterley, Stanhope and St Johns Chapel

e details in store

Phone: 01768 899111

Email: info@edenlocal.co.uk www.edenlocal.co.uk Eden Local

33 Sandgate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7TJ Special thanks to local photographer Keith Wood for our Cover Page – The Pier at Pooley Bridge www.keithwoodphotography.co.uk, Special thanks to Paul of Whitt- Woo photography, to Matty for his first advert Design, to Stef for making sure he did. Big thank you to Chris for pulling it all together Printer – Bishops Printers, Walton Rd, Portsmouth, Hants P06 1TR Eden Local Notice: Eden Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Eden Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

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Preparing for Christmas, your local Penrith Cooperative Society, with more new products into the rural community; just take it away!

It’s just the ticket and at the right price, Settle to Carlisle now boarding

Content Opening Editorial


Your Local Christmas at Your Local Co-op 3 More Bang For Your Buck

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Solar PV (Solar Electric), Solar Thermal (Solar Hot Water), Biomass & Wood Pellet Stoves; the costs presented


Your Choice to Choose your Voice


Love Solar Renewables


Save With a Dales Rail Card


Grow Your Love of Food this Christmas


Logs by Nature, Store by Lakeland Sheds 10

Page 28 The Answer could be in your Finger

Plant Sales, Service and Hire


The Key is Raising Awareness


Your Wood, To Your Door, This Winter


There is a Certain Warmth


Cold Start Could Mean No Start


Eden Valley Windows


The Property Gallery

16 - 17

First Driving Lesson FREE! Make sure your driving gets the best possible start with - CARLETON DRIVING SCHOOL To arrange a free lesson call or text Bert on

07715 177611 or 01768 864034 www.carletondrivingschool.co.uk

Learn to drive with a Grade 6 instructor who is in the top 7% of driving instructors across the UK EdenLocal

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Photography © Beka Yourell

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Page 21 Take a look at the new menu and take a trip to the Kings Arms, Temple Sowerby

Kings Arms are proud to introduce a few samples of the chefs specials from our new which will feature alongside our range of traditional favourites

Page 22 - 23

emade Haggis Ravioli with Pepper Cream Sauce

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Look good, feel good and keep that swing this winter

Spring Roll Dressed Tom Logswith by Nature, LogLeaves and Don’t letYum a coldDressing start be

Store by Design at

a non start this winter

llions of Lakeland Venison Sheds Haunch with a Gin and Juniper Sauce

TigerBuilt Prawns sautedSummer in Garlic Houses Butter with tom Sheds, & Mixed Dressed Salad, Garlic Mayonnaise, and Ciabatta Bread Garages. Bespoke and top quality - not shed loads of money! eared Breast of Gressingham Duck with a Celeriac and Smoked Bacon Mash served with

Penrith uat Sauce The Puzzle with all sorts and Sports w.lakelandsheds.co.uk Designed Just For You

18 19

Goreng – Thai Stir Fried Chicken with Egg Noodles

Penrith Bid


Cumbria Oak & Pot Place


The Kings Arms this Christmas


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Winter Golf and Style

22 - 23

A Walk with Keith


Keith’s Walk- Kings How and the Bowder Stone

The Beauty of Christmas


new for this winter is our own stone baked range The Many Names Outdoors 25 of pizzas our newly installed italian pizza oven - available to eat in or take away

Getting Ready for Winter at the Devonshire 26

NE BAKED 12” PIZZAS New Kitchen, New Year


New Home Comforts Guide herita –The tomato mozzarella...£7.50


Page 26

Possibly the best ‘Head to

Toe’ experience, a warm Take away with service

feeling inside and the best Christmas at Cocklakes 29 ghi – sliced mushrooms...£7.50 seasonal provisionstill for your available no – tuna and red onion...£8.75 pets and your friends in the CA Business 30 – 31 9pm Sun - Thur cana – ham and pineapple...£8.25 wild. Only one place can The Cumbria Mini Centre 32 nder – haggis and red onion...£8.75 provide it all. 10pm Fri - Sat – chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn...£8.75 a – bolognaise sauce and chilli flakes...£8.50 ara – prawns, mussels, oliveshas and red onion...£8.75 Greystock Playground reached the final 5 of the Help Dora Help competition tun by Sky TV Channel 017683 62944 ariana – peppers, mushrooms, onion and tomato...£8.50 o – fresh red chilli, jalapenos, garlic and pepperoni...£8.25 ro Stagioni – ham, mushroom, pepperoni and artichoke...£8.75 ne – folded pizza with tomato, mushrooms and ham...£9.50 d with bolognaise sauce and mozzarella

toppings from any of the above - £1.00 each

Advertise every month on Eden FM Radio for £10 per month

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More BANGS for your bucks! “Value for money” is a phrase oft repeated and over-used, particularly in business. But it matters - particularly in the current economic climate. The biggest temptation when a business is under financial pressure is to slash costs and sacrifice quality; that can be false economy where cutting corners might well achieve short term gains but more than likely result in long term pain. You may soon find your business imitating a Catherine Wheel, producing loads of noise and sparks whilst going nowhere and then quickly fizzing to a halt. Quality advice from your accountant is vital to keep your business moving. Anyone who has seen our website will see our headline - “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing”. That means if you are serious about your business then you will be prepared to invest money in your accountant. Here at Full Circle we can provide revealing insights into your business, offer sound advice and analysis and suggest effective solutions to problems. We will examine and challenge your business ideas and identify the potential within, help your business succeed and generate good profits whilst minimising business taxation. We might just

provide the right rocket where it’s needed! Very few people have money to burn, so we invite you to have a chat with some of our clients and find out how you would benefit from the Full Circle experience.

Full Circle Accountancy can make it all plane sailing - contact Jonny Miller on 01768 580058 or email hello@fullcircleaccountancy.co.uk.

Your Choice to Choose Your Voice It’s now time to make your choice about your voice in the community Two years ago, I wrote the first few lines about launching a campaign for Penrith and the surrounding areas to have its own Community Radio station. One year ago Eden FM Radio Ltd, a not for profit, business run by local volunteers had set up a base in the Cumbria Mini Centre site at Ullswater Road and it switched on its hired transmitter and broadcasted for 28 days on the 87.7 FM frequency. It was only made possible by the support of local businesses and organisations in the community we serve and of course a bunch of totally committed enthusiasts and wannabe radio presenters. Remaining online as an internet radio station from that time, Eden FM Radio rebuilt it’s studios in January 2012. In July Eden FM switched on again for another 28 days. Why only 28 days again? Unfortunately they are rules and you can only do two short term RSL (Restricted Services Licenses) per year. To be closer to the community and increase access to the community Eden FM has now commenced the build of its studio in the centre of Penrith. Retaining its home at Ullswater Road where its main Studio One is sited, its production and training studio. Eden FM Radio has a new site on 2 floors at EdenLocal

Sandgate, which consists of an office and the eventual town studio, which we hope will assist more with our aims to be a hub of communication in the community. In my last update I communicated that by the end of 2012 Eden FM Radio would be applying for a fulltime community radio license with an FM frequency. This process has now started. In my experience with radio, which only began in February 2006, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in this process. There are no guarantees but if you believe we should be considered please write to us now, outlining the reasons why you believe your community should have a community radio station and why you think it should be Eden FM Radio. It might be that you have seen the team out in the community supporting an event in your town or village. It might be that we have helped support your event through broadcasting on the airwaves. It’s now time to make your choice about your voice in the community For details of how you can help call us on 01768 899101, email us on admin@edenfm.co.uk or log on to our website at www.edenfm.co.uk for more details. Write us at Eden FM Radio Ltd, 33 Sandgate, Penrith, CA11 7TJ

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The summer is over and with winter fast approaching, we are all starting to think of preparations for the Winter; It’s an expensive business keeping our properties warm and cosy over the long Cumbrian winters and as the price of electricity, gas, oil and even wood and coal continues to rise year on year it is time to look at the alternatives What are the main sources of alternative renewable heat and electricity available to help reduce our domestic bills today and for the future ?

Solar PV (Solar Electric) is still one of the best investments that you can make. Solar PV saves on your electricity bills and generates a financial income guaranteed for the next 20 years earning and saving up to £1000 per year annual return on investment. 4 KWp domestic systems. Approx. cost £7000

Solar Thermal ( Solar Hot water ) depending on your hot water usage and life style a solar thermal ( Hot water System) can provide between 60-80% of your total hot water demand. Approx. cost £5000

Biomass & wood pellet stoves Wood-fuelled heating systems, also called biomass systems, burn wood pellets or logs to provide warmth in a single room or to power central heating and hot water boilers. Pellet stoves and boilers burn pellets from a hopper either attached to the stove or detached up to 15 m away. Pellet boilers and stoves are fully automated in the same way your gas or oil burner is with full thermostatic control. They can even work in conjunction with your existing oil or gas boiler. No need to replace your existing system. Wood Pellets are clean, cheap, reliable and easy to use. A wood-fuelled boiler for could save you over £600 a year. Domestic biomass boilers are eligible for a £900 grant. Prices for a domestic application range from £3000 - £20000 depending on size of system

Tel: 01768 899 722 www.love-solar.co.uk

14 Hartness Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, CA11 9BD Book now to advertise in your Eden Local every month in 2013 for £199 , offer closes 12th December


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Save with a

Dales Railcard still only £12 for 12 months

Another great winter offer will be available for holders of Dales Railcards when travelling on the Settle Carlisle Railway. From 5th November 2012, a flat fare day return ticket costing £7.00 will allow travel from Carlisle and other stations on the Settle-Carlisle line, going to all stations and on to Leeds or Bradford Foster Square. The offer also includes travel from Brampton and Wetheral. During the offer, which ends on 24th February 2013, up to four children can accompany a Dales Railcard holder for a flat fare of £3.50. Dales Railcards can be purchased by residents of specific postcodes CA1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17. The

Carlisle-Skipton 1 adult and 2 children Langwathby-Leeds 1 adult

With Dales Railcard (winter offer)

Winter Offer Saving













Northern Rail, will operate the daily service along the Carlisle-Settle-Leeds line, are to run additional train services on the five Thursdays before Christmas starting on 22nd November. The train will run from Carlisle to Kirkby Stephen and return stopping at all stations. Great for late night shopping in Carlisle, connections from other major cities or you may like to visit one of the hotels or pubs in Appleby or other villages. Times for these trains: FROM CARLISLE FROM KIRKBY STEPHEN Carlisle 20:57 Kirkby Stephen 22:00 Armathwaite

21:10 Appleby


Lazonby Langwathby

21:18 Langwathby 21:24 Lazonby

22:26 22:32


21:38 Armathwaite


Kirkby Stephen

21:54 Carlisle



Some of the fantastic savings you can make are:

With Dales Railcard (outside winter offer)

Normal Carlisle-Skipton 1 adult

card costs £12 per person and is valid for 12 months. You can obtain full details of the scheme and buy the railcards from Appleby and Carlisle Railway stations or at www.scrdc.co.uk. Anyone living outside the eligible postcode areas has the option to join the Friends of the Settle Carlisle line, which gives the opportunity to purchase a Friends’ Dales Railcard. Outside the winter offer period, the railcard provides 1/3rd off the cost of a single, day return or open return ticket within the permitted travel areas with great discounts for up to 4 accompanying children.

Based at Appleby the group travel office can offer year round discounts for groups of ten or more travelling on the Carlisle-Settle-Leeds route. You may be looking for a group to travel to visit Settle or Skipton or even a party weekend in Leeds, more details can be found on the group travel page at www.scrdc.co.uk. The Settle Carlisle Railway Development Company has offices at Appleby and Settle and work in partnership with the train company, Northern Rail. In addition to dealing with group bookings and Dales Railcards, we provide a refreshment trolley service on most of the trains on the Settle Carlisle Line offering a wide range of drinks and snacks. The Settle Carlisle Railway Development Company, Railway Station, Clifford Street, Appleby, CA16 6TT Tel: 017683 53200 www.scrdc.co.uk

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Grow your love of food this Christmas.

At Dobbies we know all about quality produce. That’s why our Farm Foodhall offers everything for the perfect festive feast. Our stores are brimming with delicious seasonal produce from local suppliers who share our passion for naturally good food. You’ll find everything from seasonal favourites to gourmet delights. And, you can also choose from our luxury selection of pre-made hampers, or even create your own – making the perfect gift for friends and family. All in all, our Farm Foodhall has everything to make your Christmas magical. Cheese Counter | Quality Fresh Produce | Butcher | Bakery | Delicatessen Wines & Ales Dobbies Garden World | Orton Grange | Carlisle | CA5 6LB Tel: 01228 713 520 | On the A595, off Junction 43 of the M6

To view our full hamper range visit www.dobbies.com

Advertise on Eden FM Radio for only £2.00 per day

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Logs by Nature, Log store by DesigN We build to suit your space and requirements, built to last, quality stores

Custom Built Sheds, Summer Houses & Garages. Bespoke and top quality - not shed loads of money!

Unit 6 milestone House Penrith Tel: 01768 840378 / 07557442777 www.lakelandsheds.co.uk


Whatever the weather New and Used Sales, Hire, Servicing and Maintenance

Our Products include: Excavators • Cranes • Fork Lift Trucks • Tractors R & S Plant Sales, Milestone House Garage, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9NQ Telephone: 01768 866539 Mobile: 07836 777943 Fax: 01768 868623 www.randsplantsales.co.uk E-mail: richard.nelles@btconnect.com EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111



EdenLocal • 11

Its About Raising Awareness I’m not sure why you would, but if you put in a search on the web for Cancer Awareness Month, you will find many awareness campaigns. Recently in the November Lakes Local, we featured an article on oral cancer by Simon Welch of the Fitz Park Dental Practice in Keswick, in preparation for Mouth Cancer Awareness Week 11th November 2012 to 17th November 2012. This is available to read free online at www.cumbrialocal.co.uk and hard copies are available from the Cumbrian Local Publications office in Sandgate. As we come to the end of October, we had Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day on 13th October. On 15th July, I attended a major day in the life of thousands of joggers, walkers and runners, in a sea of pink taking part in the Race for Life to help beat cancer. It’s not a sweeping statement when we say we all know someone we love or may have loved and lost in a battle with cancer, or we know someone who has fought and come through it. How do you turn what sometimes is such a negative into a positive? Over a year ago, I met Alan Walton and his mam. Alan sadly lost his dad through Prostate Cancer when he was just 58. Many across the area served by Eden Local would know or have heard of Jim Walton. Alan discussed with me the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust. Graham has been a key driving force in helping raise funds and raise awareness and on a positive note from his base in Warwick, with the Walton family and a group of friends and volunteers, they set up testing in Penrith. Alan has been involved in fund raising which included a cycle ride from Blackpool to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Men aged 45 – 75 are invited to take a type of screening test I suppose you could say. It’s a simple pin prick in the finger and a blood test, using a PSAwatch Bioscan which is a hand held machine giving results in 10 minutes. PSA blood testing we know is not an infallible test, but it is the best we have got at the moment.

There are around 32,000 new cases of Prostate Cancer diagnosed in the UK each year Of those, some 10,000 men lose their lives primarily due to the Cancer having spread outside of the Prostate Gland If caught early, Prostate Cancer can be treated with excellent future prognosis for the patient From what I have witnessed ‘first hand’ and discussing the many forms of cancer, a lot needs to be done about raising awareness and letting people know. A lot can be achieved by early detection. I did have a PSA test in the summer organised locally in Penrith. The test quite simply is as described, then you have a short wait and then you get a brown envelope. Fate is in your hand. Thanks to much work by local people, volunteers’ time, we now have regular PSA testing in Penrith every month and in 2013 the team hope to do a regular PSA testing once a month in Penrith and complete a PSA test in a village in Eden once a month. The test is free, but worth a donation when you have it. For me it was an opportunity for peace of mind for me and my family. I had a coffee with Kath Liddle who helps organise the teams and the testing. I wanted to understand what they do and find out what I could do to assist. I won’t be jumping on a bike to Paris, but as a local, community magazine we will be, on a regular basis, keeping you updated with where the testings are taking place. The next date we have been given is 7th November at the Masonic Hall here in Penrith. Please drop Kath an email at kathliddle63@ hotmail.co.uk if you would like to attend as numbers are limited and have to be booked in. If you would like the PSA testing team to come to your village in 2013, you need to let them know now. All the team requires is a suitable size facility like a village hall and they do try to test in the region of 30 – 40 men in one evening.

phone: 01768 899111




12 • EdenLocal

Keeping you Warm this Winter

We have a full range of recycled products and wood products, either recycled from our waste or taken from sustainable forests grown specially for use Getting you Started

Kindling, nets, bags and bulk

Heat Logs

(made from recycled sawdust in house)

Keeping you Dry - Made to measure, specific to your needs Log store

Keeping you Going Softwood £49 and Hardwood £59

Don’t get up! Delivered free

nets, bags and bulk

If you are ordering for winter, why not order some salt with you wood delivery?

John Richardson & Son Roper Street, Penrith Tel: 01768 895000 EdenLocal

Mon-Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm Sat 7.45am - 1.00pm Book now to advertise in your Eden Local every month in 2013 for £199 , offer closes 12th December

There is a Certain Warmth

EdenLocal • 13



We have all seen the news about increases relating to heating our homes this winter. Do you have an open fire or a multi-fuel burner? I took some time out with Fraser, the owner of Hearth and Home (Cumbria) Ltd in Brunswick Road. It would seem there may be some simple solutions to saving money, ideas that could help you to budget for heating your home, but more importantly, having the right multi-fuel stove and central heating is a good start. Prior to settling in to Hearth and Home just over a year ago, Fraser was a heating engineer for 25 years. I didn’t know that, did you? Sizing up the room is key; taking simple wall to wall measurements and height; then taking a picture of the current fireplace you have is a good starting point. You can drop this into Fraser or email this to him. Choosing the right stove is important. A stove is a key interior design feature. Modern or rustic can work, but traditional isn’t the only option for the centre piece of the room. From the information supplied, Fraser can calculate and estimate a cost while you wait, which will give you an idea of the budget you will need for the full installation. Did this happen when you purchased your stove?

2 some are as low as 10.9%, which has a much better effect on heating your room and your pocket long term. Adding a stove to a house currently heated by oil or lpg, could pay for itself in as little as 3 - 4 yrs and a good quality stove should have a life span of 25 – 30yrs. There may be better ways to burn money, however, the benefits of the right installation, with the right calculation and the professionalism offered by Hearth and Home (Cumbria) Ltd are evident. The right stove, with the right room with immediate saving.


Did you know that with an open fire it’s estimated that 75% or more of the heat goes up the chimney. With a stove it’s reduced to, generally around 25% but

6 Brunswick Road 01768 867200 Book now to advertise in your Eden Local every month in 2013 for £199 , offer closes 12th December www.hearth-home.co.uk


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Cold Start Could Mean no Start

Electrical problems in cars can be among the most frustrating and expensive to diagnose and repair. Some can be quickly repaired whilst others can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere or even worse stranded on the motorway hard shoulder. Which may not be so bad in the summer but with the onset of winter, now that the clocks have been turned back, can be much more of a problem. Motorlec are specialists in Auto Electrical repairs and installations. Diagnosis of simple solutions can sometimes mean prevention of a major problem later. Having an electrical check over can lead to savings and by carrying a few basic spares you will be better prepared for a problem that could be waiting to happen. Here are three common electrical problems that can be easily rectified;

Blown Fuse A blown fuse(s) can mean that a whole circuit is not functioning. This could be all of your lights. It’s a good idea to keep a set of spare fuses in your emergency roadside kit. These are always in stock at Motorlec.

Battery Failure Car batteries can fail without warning. Motorlec can check your battery and they stock a comprehensive range of batteries for commercial and domestic use.

Alternator Problems Sometimes these can be tested on the vehicle and sometimes they have to be removed. One sign is a new battery that won’t hold its charge. If you suspect that your charging system is giving out, it’s worth a trip to Steve at Motorlec for a test to put your mind at rest.

TEL: 01768 895111

The Garage, Mardale Road, Penrith Industrail Estate Penrith CA11 9EH EdenLocal

Book now to advertise in your Eden Local every month in 2013 for £199 , offer closes 12th December

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Home Improvements

Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms

For all your home improvements

New Windows, Traditional Styles, Sliding Sash 30% off

New Doors Secure and Dry for the Winter 20% off

Kitchens and Bedrooms up to 50% off installed by Christmas

Visit out showroom or give us a call Friargate House Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR Open 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 10.00 - 1.00pm Saturday, or call us for an out of hours appointment at home

Telephone: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 Email: info@edenvalleywindows.co.uk www.edenvalleywindows.co.uk Advertise every month on Eden FM Radio for ÂŁ10 per month

The Eden Pr

16 • EdenLocal

Approaching the close of the year, it’s been very encouraging to see the rise in activity in the last three months! Viewings are up and the rate of sales has been increasing slowly. More buyers have been committing themselves to their move, with prices becoming more realistic and a realisation that, if you sell, you’re buying in the same market. It’s all in the great service we provide, with the best visual presentation. Natalie Sayer has joined our side as a full time valuer to strengthen our business and we’re looking forward to the New Year. Now is a great time to start planning your next move. Call us for advice on the market and how to stand out from the rest.

Low Murrah and Cottage | Berrier £685,000

4 bedroom, with separate cottage, gardens and 3 acres in stunning landscape; entrance porch, lounge, dining, conservatory, pantry, kitchen, breakfast room, bathroom, garage, barn and parking; great views.

Brackenber | Wordsworth Street


Semi detached 3 bed house over 3 floors; living, dining, kitchen, master bed ensuite, 2 further bathrooms. Gardens to front and rear. Garage and off road parking.


phone: 01768 899111

01768 869000



roperty Gallery

EdenLocal • 17

Nord Vue & Foxwood | Penruddock £450,000

A charming 4 bed period property with attached 2 bed cottage, surrounded by some of the Lake District’s finest scenery. A rare opportunity to acquire a family home with annexe or a separate income potential.

5 Broomrigg Crescent | Ainstable £250,000

Corner plot spacious bungalow, 3 double bedrooms, one ensuite and separate family bathroom, open plan kitchen and dining room, utility, sitting room, double garage, surrounded by mature gardens.

Clarkgate | Watermillock


3 bedroom period house with contemporary extension. Amazing Ullswater views, beautiful gardens, superb master bedroom suite, open plan kitchen-dining, study, snug, sitting room, bathroom.

www.edenestateagents.co.uk phone: 01768 899111




18 • EdenLocal

Penrith AFC Oct/Nov Fixtures Oct 2012 Tue 30 Nov 2012 Sat 03 Sat 17 Sat 24 Dec 2012 Sat 01

Kick Off

Sat 03 Sat 24

15:00 15:00 15:00


Billingham Synthonia West Auckland Shildon

League League League



Team Northumbria


Kick Off 14:15 14.15




West Hartlepool Birkenhead Park

Weekend Special



Penrith RUFC Oct 2012





Spot the Spud

Congratulations to all of you who found Spud last month at Eden Valley Kitchens in Penrith. Remember the first person to correctly locate Spud will get one of Tattie Tim’s filled with one of those tasty fillings. This month’s clues to find Spud are: 1) You will find spud underneath the dragon slayer 2) Lee passes through here most days on his way to the Eden Local office 3) Man’s best friend may have the answer 4) All Creatures Great and Small You can start looking for Spud from the 8th November through to the 28th November

League League

Class A - 1.0 litre Class B - 1.2 litre Class C - 1.4 litre £11.99/day £12.99/day £13.99/day Prices are inclusive of VAT, unlimited mileage, collision damage waiver with standard excess, free pick up service and 24 hour roadside recovery. Please call 01768 893840 for details and our weekend special rates for all other types of vehicles.

Haweswater Road, Penrith, CA11 9EU Tel. 01768 893840

Wordsearch F














































































&DOO 0LGGOHJDWH 3HQULWK &$ 33 phone: 01768 899111












ŧ ŧ ŧ ŧ ŧ




EdenLocal • 19

Designed just for you... A collection of custom made rise and recliner chairs

Betterlife Mobility Group offer tailor made rise and recliner chairs which are of the highest quality and designed to help with all your health needs. For a FREE Home Demonstration or Brochure FREEPHONE 0800 533 5099 www.betterlifemobilitygroup.co.uk



YES to Release Penrith’s Potential Penrith Business Improvement District BID

Get behind the four Ps for Penrith this November - Vote Yes in favour of the town’s Proposal to become a Business Improvement District. The four Ps in the Bid are: • Promote Penrith • Pride in Penrith • Park in Penrith • Professional Penrith All votes, either for or against must reach Electoral Reform Services by 30 November 2012, please use your vote.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

This project is supported by the Rural Development Programme for England, for which Defra is the Managing

To read the Penrith BID Business Plan and summary Proposal visit:

www.eden.gov.uk, www.penrithchamberoftrade.org.uk or www.penrithtown.co.uk/partnership/bid Sponsor an Hour of Eden FM Radio for £2.00 per Hour

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The Kings Arms are proud to introduce a few samples of the chefs specials from our new menu which will feature alongside our range of traditional favourites Homemade Haggis Ravioli with Pepper Cream Sauce Duck Spring Roll with Dressed Leaves and Tom Yum Dressing Medallions of Venison Haunch with a Gin and Juniper Sauce Black Tiger Prawns sauted in Garlic Butter with Mixed Dressed Salad, Garlic Mayonnaise, and warm Ciabatta Bread Pan Seared Breast of Gressingham Duck with a Celeriac and Smoked Bacon Mash served with Kumquat Sauce Mee Goreng – Thai Stir Fried Chicken with Egg Noodles

Also new for this winter is our own stone baked range of pizzas from our newly installed italian pizza oven - available to eat in or take away STONE BAKED 12” PIZZAS

Take away service Margherita – tomato mozzarella...£7.50 Al Funghi – sliced mushrooms...£7.50 available till Al Tonno – tuna and red onion...£8.75 9pm Sun - Thur Tropicana – ham and pineapple...£8.25 Highlander – haggis and red onion...£8.75 10pm Fri - Sat Pollo – chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn...£8.75 Diavola – bolognaise sauce and chilli flakes...£8.50 Marinara – prawns, mussels, olives and red onion...£8.75 017683 62944 Vegetariana – peppers, mushrooms, onion and tomato...£8.50 Inferno – fresh red chilli, jalapenos, garlic and pepperoni...£8.25 Quattro Stagioni – ham, mushroom, pepperoni and artichoke...£8.75 Calzone – folded pizza with tomato, mushrooms and ham...£9.50 topped with bolognaise sauce and mozzarella Extra toppings from any of the above - £1.00 each Advertise on Eden FM Radio for only £2.00 per day

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Making the best of the closed season

During the summer we almost had, we saw the odd clear day, but did you manage to play much golf? Did you make the most of those long evenings? I discussed the importance of out of season golf with Craig Goodfellow, the professional PGA Golf tutor at Penrith Golf Centre and Driving Range. Two words used a lot in our conversation were ‘common sense’. The traditional summer season of your five mile walks around the course playing golf is drawing to a close and the weather is getting colder and the daylight hours shorter. Whether you play regularly, in competitions or just for a social

or a break away from it all, we ask the question - are you just a good weather golfer? For those of you who take a break, think again. For those of you who are thinking of waiting for the good weather to start, it’s possible it won’t ever happen! From the end of October through to spring, it is a key time to reflect on your previous season’s performance, gather your thoughts of what you did achieve and what could be better next year. One tip from Craig is that if you hang up your clubs this winter and don’t come back until the spring, by the time you do get back into the swing of it, you’ll be back where you finished at the end of this summer season. As Craig explained to me ‘practice makes permanent’. Sessions are now being booked - one to one coaching and group coaching. Now is an opportunity to reflect on your game and review how you could improve your game for the start of the next summer season. Setting yourself targets for the winter is key to a successful season. As described to me, a good off season is a good on season. Whilst you may think there is no room

for improvement, there is always an opportunity to look at different techniques. Would a tennis player purchase a new racket before a match? Would a football player put on a new pair of boots before going on the pitch that he or she hadn’t worn before? The winter season is a good time to review yourself, how you play and what equipment you have. Over the coming months during this winter season, Craig is going to share some key tips with Eden Local, that we hope will help to improve your game, so that if you do come out to play your golf, when the clocks go forward so will your golf.

The Per fect Present this Christmas is the Choice Available with a Penrith Golf Centre Voucher


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Not Just a Golf Shop

Golf fashion has taken on a more relaxed approach over the past few years with the introduction of spikeless trainer style golf shoes like the Adidas Adicross shoes (mid - right) and brands such as Lyle & Scott introducing cardigans, hoodys, chinos and dress shirts to their golf collection (top right). This has allowed us to offer a full range of clothing that whilst being golf based can be worn for a variety of sports such as football, running and going to the gym or can be worn as casual every day clothing and even out on the town. This is the direction we will continue to follow in the future and next year we will be extending our product range even further to include hoodys, T-shirts, sunglasses, shorts and flip flops in keeping with seasonal trends. All of our clothing and accessories can be viewed online by visiting the following links:

Ebay Shop - www.stores.ebay.co.uk/Penrith-Golf-Online Online Shop - www.penrithgolfonline.co.uk Amazon Store - www.amazon.co.uk/gp/shops/A2024QPKKVMJ5G Most items are also available to view and can be tried on at Penrith Golf Centre & Driving Range, Redhills, Penrith. Book now to advertise in your Eden Local every month in 2013 for ÂŁ199 , offer closes 12th December


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Walking with Keith Wood

Kings How and the Bowder Stone A short steep climb to the commanding viewpoint of Kings How, returning past the geological wonder of the Bowder Stone. 1. From the National Trust Bowder Stone Car Park, leave through one of the pair of gates at the back of the upper Car Park. Take the left hand gate on a fairly clear path through the birch trees heading towards a displaced giant slab of rock, fallen from the crag on the right at some time in the past. Continue on the path through the light woodland, gently rising to the remains of an old slate quarry. 2. Follow the clear path forward round the base of Kings How, swinging around to the right shortly after leaving the slate quarry. After a short climb, a small grassy plateau is reached, marked by another huge rock fallen from the crag. Continue on through the bracken slightly downhill now heading towards a drystone wall. Through a gate in the wall, continue to follow the path through the birch trees on these lower slopes. 3. The path crosses a stream before the path markedly steepens to start to head up the fellside through the trees. Repaired in many places, this popular lakeland path rises relentlessly through the mixed woodland on its journey to the heather covered upper slopes. After the steep climb, the path levels out and crosses a wooded glade passing into the open and continues to swing around to the right. Ignore a stile over a fence to the left and keep on the stony path which starts to rise again. After another climb through the trees the path flattens out and opens out onto a heather clad bowl with the rocky heather faced summit to the front. This bowl is marshy in places but the path skirts around on the right, keeping the feet dry. Cross over the stream flowing out of the marsh and the path once again starts to climb. The route levels out again on a grassy path through more silver birch and starts to swing to the left just before a wall and then climbs again. Continue on the path to the summit passing by a stone plaque to King Edward VII.

and the views open out to the north across Derwent Water to Skiddaw. From the summit the path continues over the fell heading south towards Glaramara, immediately starting to lose height and in the middle ground you can see a drystone wall which is the next point on the route. Dropping down the slope the path levels off as it meets a right to left path with a lonely silver birch, take the right hand path heading towards Borrowdale through the bracken on a green path. The path swings back round to the left and continues heading south towards the wall, losing height all the time. 5. The path soon reaches the drystone wall, turn right and continue on the path heading down the fellside with the wall on your left. Before long re-enter the upper reaches of the Borrowdale woodland, the path descending steeply down the fellside into Borrowdale. Pass through a collapsed drystone wall and continue heading down the steep sided slopes. The path heads south again towards Glaramara which feels like the wrong direction, but stick with it as the path reassuringly swings back around to the right. The busy road at the bottom can soon be seen. 6. The path reaches the road at a stile over a wire fence with the river at the other side of the road. Cross the stile and turn right to walk beside the road around the corner. At a footpath sign ‘Public Bridleway Bowder Stone’, pass through a gate on the right side of the road to pick up the clear stony path running parallel to the road through the trees towards the Bowder Stone. 7. At the Bowder Stone, climb the steps to top before continuing on the path to return to the

For full details of the route with map and photographs are in “ Boot up Derwent Wate”, which can be found in many local outlets including Penrith Outdoors, internet shops or directly from the author at: www.keithwoodphotography.co.uk

4. The rocky summit is reached marked by a small stone cairn EdenLocal

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NL Xmas Beauty Ad 2 1012_Layout 1 17/10/2012 14:55 Page 1 EdenLocal • 25

Christmas Shopping Event Friday 16th November at 6.30pm

Find the perfect gift for all those on your Christmas list! Join us for an arrival drink, followed by talks and demonstrations by experts from ESPA, Mii, YTSARA, St Tropez, Jessica and all the girls in Spa Treatments. Exclusive offers on the night, goody bags and entry into a raffle prize draw. Tickets are £5 – available from the Spa Treatments reception Tickets are limited so book now to avoid disappointment Spa Treatments at North Lakes Hotel & Spa, Ullswater Road, Penrith, Cumbria, Lake District CA11 8QT t: 01768 865185 e: nlakes.spatreatments@shirehotels.com northlakeshotel.com

A little ‘local’ help this Christmas from all your favourite brands From Socks & Slippers to Thermals & Down Jackets

Spend £50 in store and get

£5 off*

Spend £100 in store and get

£15 off*

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Shop online at www.cumbriaoutdooronline.co.uk *Valid until 31/12/2012 Conditions apply see instore Book now to advertise in your Eden Local every month in 2013 for £199 , offer closes 12th December


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Getting Ready for winter? by Lee Quinn

It was a rainy day, so I was off into the Devonshire Arcade. As a man, I can honestly say I don’t do ladies clothes shops. As the editor of the local magazine, however, I do. I had my reasons, so to all those men out there, here is the experience shared. I met Jo Cooper, the owner and proprietor of Bags and Hats for 29 years. What started as a single unit selling accessories, just grew and grew into a bigger unit which is now three units. Gentleman, that’s the size of big a big triple garage! Ladies, this is wall to wall classic clothes with wall to wall handbags, clutch bags, of every style, which begs the question, why go to Carlisle? Over 200 hats and Paul our photographer (okay I wasn’t the only man in the shop), was fascinated by the range of fascinators! A shop cultivated from the early 80s when hats for a princess became hats of fashion and the trend continues today. Accessories, gloves for every occasion, short, long, silk, woolly and jewellery for every age and every occasion. Wraps, scarves, shawls to cover those shoulders on the way to that black tie New Years Eve do – it’s all here. Gentleman - it was an experience. Ladies - it must be a type of paradise. Amongst the traders of the Arcade, we have Eden Valley Chiropody & Podiatry. I took the weight off my feet to discuss with Graham Sylvester the Podiatrist his work and why he set up in the Devonshire Arcade 21 months ago. Graham, who has an honour’s degree in podiatric medicine and is registered with the HPC, decided that the arcade was an obvious choice, being accessible for patients, and with good ‘footfall’ through the arcade for potential clients. Grahams’ business has developed very well, offering a thorough, professional and informative service. His treatments predominantly cover nail and skin conditions but as I understood from Graham, he assesses foot problems that can be associated with back and limb problems, diabetes and many other ailments. I was shocked to learn how small problems can lead to much bigger problems! Many of Grahams’ clients remark that ‘if your feet are bad, you feel bad all over’. Grahams’ EdenLocal

patients span all generations, but one thought I was left with: 20% of people over 45 have foot problems that will require attention at some stage. Maybe time for a winter warm? After almost two years, the Soup Shop is now well established as a regular amongst Penrith’s lunchtime eateries. Offering a simple selection but a broad range, the eclectic flavours span from the simple, wholesome and homely - Pea and Ham, Lentil and Vegetable, Leek and Potato - to the worldly horizons of Moroccan Vegetable, Tomato and Basil and Thai Sweet Potato. The ethos here is to do one thing well and the freshly made selection of 6 to 9 soups changes daily, accompanied by home baked breads from The Crafty Baker. Other produce comes from within the Arcade. They measure distance food travelled here in feet and not in miles! Also now offering a range of cakes, scones and tray bakes (with any coffee or hot drink for only £2.00) - on a cold day in Penrith, what more could you ask for? Soup Hotline 01768 864291 - pre-recorded menu - Open Daily from 9am to 4pm, thank you Paul for a fantastic choice you can eat in or take out. We have covered head to toe and that warm winter taste and as we turn back the clocks for winter, we are talking Arcade Pet Shop. I went in for a chat with Misha Earl who has been running the Pet shop for 16 years and is helped by her sister Yvonne. Thinking on a daily basis, we had most bases covered when it came to food to consume, treats, snacks, bedding, homes for all those small pets and it could not be Christmas without toys for your favourite furry, fluffy or feathered friend. Aquatic foods, indoor and outdoor and whilst there was a huge selection of Budgie and Parrot food, the selection for wild birds and squirrels was one of the largest displays. Something that did catch my eye and at this time of year essential, wasn’t just the range of coats, jumpers and jackets for some of our 4 legged friends, but the fluorescent collars, leads, line coats, tags and generally be seen items that reflect the season and can save lives for pets and their owners out on those dark mornings and evenings.

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Order Now Before 1st December 2012 For Fitting January 2013 Enjoying the search for a new Kitchen is having the opportunity to look at a range of designs, feeling the quality of the workmanship. The new Kitchen Centre showroom is now open at John Richardson and Son with 20 fully fitted kitchen displays for you to enjoy. From design to installation, we offer a no obligation quote, so please drop in to discuss your new Kitchen project. The showroom is on the top floor of the John Richardson and Son, paint department, shop and counter.

John Richardson & Son Roper Street, Penrith Tel: 01768 895000 Mon-Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm Sat 7.45am - 1.00pm Advertise on Eden FM Radio for only ÂŁ2.00 per day Terms and Conditions Apply. All Products are Subject to Availability

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Eden Valley and North Lakes Home Comforts Guide

As I have already mentioned on page 14, on 7th January 2013 we will be posting through your door our first Eden Valley and Lakes, Home Comforts guide. Will it be yet another design and interiors magazine? Certainly that is not the intention. The focus is on the word home; we have a whole list of headings ranging from traditional home improvement ideas, products and services through to working from home, shopping from home and not forgetting how the home looks both inside and out. Importantly we will be seeking out what we can get delivered locally in the area from local independents.

Eden Valley & North Lakes

Home Comforts Guide

Mobility, security, safety and energy at home are all areas that (excuse the pun) all come under one roof. We’ll be presenting simple affordable solutions from local suppliers. Other areas to be featured include; home entertainment, hobbies, small holdings, outbuildings and how to make the best of the space you have. We’ll have editorials and advertorials from local businesses. If you can think of a section you think we should include then drop us a line. To get this publication right I will be pulling in some expert advice and I will be gathering key pointers and advice from businesses and people that know everything there is know about our most prized possession. I’ll be asking Nick Miller, the owner of Eden & Country Estates, to once again give us his contribution as he gets to see more homes than most. We’ll also be sharing the experiences of the many people that work from home and will be looking at the financial implications of working from home. EdenLocal

Heating Your Home Delivered to Your Door Home Cooking Renewable Home Ordering Locally Online Your Home by Design

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Call into Cocklakes for Christmas

EdenLocal • 29

Home of the HIGHGATE TURKEY - Our traditional Cumbrian White Turkeys are Barn reared. Our Free Range Bronze Birds roam freely under Saddleback. After a busy Summer we are now fast moving into late Autumn and Winter. The Farm Shop has kept many customers, local and visitors very happy. The 2 Johns have prepared good quality local tasty meat, a wide range of sausages, bacon and local eggs and have sourced interesting cheeses chutneys and jams. More than a few of Joanne’s slab pies have been washed down by more than a few local bottled beers. So let’s look forward to CHRISTMAS....... In 2012 think CHRISTMAS, think CUMBRIAN, think COCKLAKES **** In the Rod and Reel Tearoom Big Breakfasts, Lunches and Afternoon Teas have been cooked by Joanne and Sebastian. Julie’s delicious homebaking, Cakes, Traybake’s and Scones with jam and cream have had many compliments. Joanne’s SUNDAY LUNCH with homemade Pudding Cakes from the fridge is very popular. In fact it is now best to book a table in advance. Visit the Tea Room when you order your HIGHGATE FARM FRESH TURKEY and receive a complimentary Tea or Coffee & Mince Pie.

Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Troutbeck, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0SG. 01768 487 060

Think Cumbrian, Think Christmas, Think Cocklakes Farmshop.

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Put your name through over 22,000 doors in colour from £19.50 per month, for more information call 01768 899111 Advertise your business, with your CA Business ad on Eden FM everyday for £10 per month. For more information call 01768 899101



Websites & Webpages Mexican tapas and meals plus a great range of Mexican lagers, Tequilas and the best Margarita in town!

From £75

Take away’s available Guaranteed work Tel: 01768 868666 www.salsabistro.co.uk Easy monthly payments Hassle free service Ron’s Caravan Services Local web provider


0560 2241 876

North Cumbria’s Only “Approved Mobile Workshop”

T. 01768896311 M. 07982272490

Bookkeeping and VAT returns for small business

01768 864759


braithwaitebookkeeping@sky.com www.braithwaitebookkeeping.co.uk

Low rates, great vehicles & a free pick up service! For cars, people carriers or vans, pick Enterprise. We ‘ll pick you up. Enterprise-Rent-a-Car Haweswater Road, Penrith, CA11 9EU Tel. 01768 893840


Involved in food handling? Why take the risk? Get trained NOW Training is good for business

See www.takingfoodseriously.co.uk or phone 01768 480131

Volunteers needed! We are currently looking for volunteers to get involved in our volunteer-led community coffee shop in Penrith. If you enjoy baking (or would like to learn!!) and enjoy meeting people please contact Zoe on 01768 899002

Trekking & lesson’s for complete beginners to experienced riders, plus carriage driving Kids clubs and parties - BET ride qualified T: 01768862153 / 01931712028 / 07919386004 www.leacettecottageridingcentre.co.uk


Double glazed sealed units for any type of frame – retail and trade. Quality personal service over 36yrs exp

01768 899040


Dave Jessop 35 Years Experience all work guaranteed

TEL: 07795805558

www.davejessopkitchenfitter.co.uk EdenLocal

phone: 01768 899111



• Very competitive rates, no call out fees • Independent & locally based in the Penrith area • Domestic & commercial work undertaken • 24 hour - Emergency locksmith • Experience auto locksmiths, offering a range of lost car keys solutions,including car keys cut to code • All work guaranteed

Call Monument Locksmiths today on

07877 690 267 or 01768 806 014 www.monumentlocksmiths.co.uk info@monumentlocksmiths.co.uk

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Business Retail

Advertise in this space from ÂŁ19.50 per month call now 01768 899111 Services

The world’s first biologically powered microTeNSŽ device uniquely combined with

BrodPodÂŽ Cumbrian Food Direct

Patented Technology

! #


" # ! #


! $ # $ ! The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas



# # "

The Gem Den Beautiful Silver Gemstone Jewellery Rocks Fossils Crystal Carving Restringing and Repairs www.thegemden.co.uk 01768899989. 31 King Street, Penrith

advanced magnetic therapy and so much more‌

We Help People, Dogs & Horses

Open Now!

017684 80596 07872 175581 Nobles Farm, Berrier, Penrith, CA11 0XD

www.brodpod.co.uk Tel: 017684 84402

(Full grooming service available by appointment only.)

AndrewServices Briscoe Cleaning and Supplies

Swimming Lessons

Have 3 carpets cleaned for the price of 2 till end of November

•Small Groups •ASA Fully Qualified Teacher •Registered Amateur Swimming Association Swim School After school lessons for children 4 years and over Baby and toddlers lessons for ages 12wks – 3 ½ yrs

Tel: 01768 867765 / 07850805251 andrewbriscoe@fsmail.net

Ainstable and Eamonth Bridge Pools

For more information contact Moira

016974 72665 or 07411 544163

STOBARS HALL Residential Home

The aim of Stobars Hall is to offer our guests maximum independence in order that they can lead full and varied lives, cared for by trained staff who provide physical, emotional and social support every hour of the day.

Carrs Billington Agriculture

Carrs Billington Agriculture

If you would like further details, or simply a chat about life at

Animal Health, Crop Road, Sprays, Feed,Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9EH Haweswater Stobars Hall, please telephone Euan or Beryl on Fertiliser, Animal Handling Equipment, Clothing, Machine Parts & Accessories, Full Range of Machinery, Tractors, Combines and Equipment, Lawn Mowers, Chainsaws and Garden Equipment, Ride on Tractors & Toys.

01768 862160 www.carrs-billington.com

017683 71291

Stobars Hall, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4HD www.thefranklyngroup.com

Beacon Computers Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN 01768 864555 www.jimwalton.co.uk Showroom open: Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm


Your local Ceramic Tiling Specialist Call Graeme Lowes on 01768 891392 or 07970 304620 for Wall & Floor Tiling

Problem with your PC or Laptop? We are your local, mobile IT specialist. We offer computer and laptop sales, repairs, upgrades, servicing and virus removal. We also supply New & Re-Conditioned Computers, Printers, Scanners, Peripherals & Consumables that YOU need, not bulk packs with things you are never likely to use. Based in Penrith, and operating throughout Cumbria for over 10 years, Beacon Computers is the leading local provider of High Quality computer related goods and services.

Telephone: 01768 864800 Mobile: 07876 128911 E-Mail: info@beaconcomputers.co.uk www.beaconcomputers.co.uk phone: 01768 899111




32 • EdenLocal







68 86454


7 01

ria minicentr



Contact Mark Fleming 01768 864545/6 07717 291131

ULLSWATER ROAD GARAGE, Ullswater Road, Penrith, CA11 7EH EdenLocal


phone: 01768 899111