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Steak on a Slate Dalemain Marmalade Festival 2013 Just the Card Keeping the Dream Alive

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Tune in to Eden FM Community Radio 87.6 FM, news as it happens on the day

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Dear Residents & Businesses

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At the Heart of your community Penrith Co-op Society Main Street, Shap, CA10 3NG Tel: 01931 716202

Henderson Buildings, Lazonby, CA10 1BG Tel: 01768 898210

19 Burrowgate, Penrith, CA11 7TD Tel: 01768 862366

rt of the Penrith Co-operative Society other stores include Keswick, Westgate, Frosterley, Stanhope and St Johns Chapel

Welcome to the February Edition of your Eden Local, It is not by any means the largest magazine to date, but it still full of positive content and has unquestionably the small publication with the largest distribution through doors in Eden. Our March publication is almost fully book and it will be published on our website www.cumbrianlocal. co.uk around the 4th March, free to read and the magazine will commence distribution around 8th March in time for our early Easter. It’s February, the month of Romance and you’ll notice a few valentine influences as you work your way through this edition. Many of you know that putting the Cumbrian Local Publications together is one of a few hats I wear, but it is my main area of work. Local for me isn’t just a magazine and the selling advertising to fund it, but it’s about everything that is ‘local’. I have been a consultant in business and organisational develop for over 20 years, this really helps when I’m just discussing advertising the concept of marketing, how this links to the overall business planning of the client, the investment being made and the return needed to cover it all part of what could be a box ad or a double page. Local for me includes the Eden FM community radio project and working with the team of volunteers, during January I had to put aside 7 days, and the radio committee several hours of meetings to get the application completed and sent to Ofcom for the full-time community radio licence, there is more about this on page 18. Eden Local, however, wouldn’t be local with out the commitment of a lot of local people. Of the 42 publications to date, every magazine has encouraged the positives of using local businesses. The economic climate has changed so much in 10 years and the internet has allowed us to look outside of the areas we live for purchasing goods and services. We can generally buy what we want, when we want to purchase it from anywhere in the world. Where does this leave local businesses? My view is on page 12, which describes the actions of your local community magazine The Eden District is one of the most sparely populated areas in England, with a population of around 52,800 people spread over 2,156 sq kilometres, that’s about 24.5 people per square Kilometre. Eden Local has be working towards going through every door in the Eden Valley since it was launched. There is according to the data available from Royal Mail approximately 25, 393 consumer doors in the postcodes CA4 0, CA4 9, CA 9, CA10, CA11, CA16 and CA17 here is the link www.ukchanges.com/royalmail/door_to_ door/find_customers.asp . There are in addition

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Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


to this 1,818 known business addresses making this a total of 27,211 doors. Eden Local is distributed this month to every door, so I would like to welcome the residents of Alston and those in the surrounding areas that are in CA9. How many people read the magazine, we don’t know but if you have a door we have a very good possibility. Achieving this volume makes us quite unique, as a small business, supporting the community it will be the only publication in the Eden Valley in touch with the whole community every month in print. At the time of writing this months edition, we have been following the events surrounding the build up to the World Marmalade Festival, at the time of print entries have already been received from Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Monaco, Spain, the UK and the USA. There is a full update and a reminder about the big event on page 14. If you have an event coming up let me, we’ll promote it for free A big thank to all those people behind improving communication in the community and please, if you are shopping online please do this locally, there is so much available on our door step. Kind Regards Lee

Phone: 01768 899111

Email: lee@cumbrianlocal.co.uk www.cumbrianlocal.co.uk Cumbrian Local Publications Ltd

33 Sandgate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7TJ

Content Modern Romance 2 -3 Opening Editorial 3-4 We Sell Houses 5 The Bacon, The Sandwich & The Wardrobe 6 Love Solar Renewables 7 Keeping the Buzz in Eden Local 8 Above & Beyond - Mum’s the Word 9 Just the Card 10 Unlucky for some 11 Here is the plan 12 Here is the price 13 Let’s go Orange 14 The love of a new kitchen 15 Wainwright update 16 Heart of your Home 17 One way to improve your banking relationship 17 Keeping the Dream alive 18 Better Life Mobility Group 19 Bluefin 19 Checkmate 20

Special thanks to local photographer Hermione McCosh for our Cover Page. Printer – Bishops Printers, Walton Rd, Portsmouth, Hants P06 1TR

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Prepared for the restaurant and now available for your dining table

Just a Card, local businesses get behind Penrith Co-operative Society

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Wainwright update by Derek Cockell Society Press Officer

Taste it, try it, make it and buy it

STOBARS HALL Residential Home

The aim of Stobars Hall is to offer our guests maximum independence in order that they can lead full and varied lives, cared for by trained staff who provide physical, emotional and social support every hour of the day.

If you would like further details, or simply a chat about life at Stobars Hall, please telephone Euan or Beryl on

017683 71291

Stobars Hall, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4HD www.thefranklyngroup.com


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Some friendly advice from Jim Walton’s on the big 13 this March

Pages 18 Keeping the dream alive

We sell houses ....

.... just like yours For positive and free advice on value, the market and how to sell on the best terms call us now on 01768 869000. We accept the Coop Membership card

Eden Estate Agents Presentation, presentation, presentation www.edenestateagents.co.uk

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The Bacon, The Sandwich & The Wardrobe

A quest for fine food and meeting with its creators, I got to taste the experience and Paul our photographer got to see where it all began, in a Wardrobe. A difficult title, but with ham with a taste that is wonderful placed in a wedge of crust and bacon with a taste that means you want more and all from the magic of what started in the wardrobe, I have my reasons! As someone tasked with sourcing the best in local food and the best from the regions that border our county, I was introduced to Stephen and Rob of the Lune Valley Smokehouse. It was a simple idea that actually did start with a makeshift wardrobe come smokery, but with products like Goosenargh Duck and Cornfed Chicken from the Ribble Valley , Salmon from Scotland and Cornish Mackerel and we have here a lot more, that basically goes up in smoke. It’s a taste that has been created, which is more than just special. Now it is available at your Local Penrith Co-operative Society stores, in Penrith, Lazonby, Shap and Keswick. It’s been selected by the best restaurants and it is now ready for your dining room table, the range of Lune Valley Smokehouse products. This is just the taster - the full story is to follow including what is Lagis! EdenLocal Local stories,Out local every music, month, local freenews, to read, local no bad people, news,Eden a positive FM Radio in your www.edenfm.co.uk post

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Cumbria’s Renewable Energy Experts

Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Biomass boilers, Heat pumps Whatever your renewable energy requirements for your home or business, we have the solution.

Established in Cumbria in 2009 we have over 300 installations throughout Cumbria and surrounding counties. Call now for a no obligation survey & quote, we look forward to hearing from you. Penrith; 01768 806578, E mail info@love-solar.co.uk web; www.love-solar.co.uk

Don’t do what you’ve always done lovesolar-feb13.indd 1

01/02/2013 12:56:52

Introducing a whole new experience at a local affordable level, in association with linked thinking Cumbria Local Publications. We can help you with all of your marketing and advertising needs. We can put your name through 27,200 doors in the Eden Valley, for as little as £30 per month and it’s an advert big enough to be seen. You can have a page and no one can better the price on the distribution we have. We can offer free design on all advertisements and you own it, so you can use it anywhere. We offer the best local distribution through doors, not based on fictitious ‘readership’ figures, potential sales or collection points. Our survey says………we don’t do them! In association with Letterbox Link you can have your leaflet, menu, postcard or flyer distributed at a competitive price of around £35 per 1000, subject to weight and remember it’s through doors, so it won’t drop out of a paper - it will drop on to a door mat.

We can design it, print it and distribute it to anywhere in Cumbria, for a price that will be hard to beat. Need to advertise? Think about where you place it and what you get for your money. Did your marketing in Eden hit 52,200 people this month? Did your marketing get in front of every home and business this month? Think Local, think Eden Local. Of course, as an option you can always do what you have always done, but in the current climate you can’t guarantee what you always got!

01768 899111 one number, savings made, problem solved.

Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


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Keeping the Buzz in Eden Local by Melanie Vincent

It is quite a sight when opening a hive during the colder months as the bees form a huge ball. I would not recommend opening a hive while it’s so cold as bees tend to take a dim view of a draught in their hive, but it was necessary to dose them with the Oxalic Acid I mentioned last month. All the hives were active (thankfully) and I dosed them with the acid in a sugar syrup - 5ml per line of bees. That means that when you open the top of the hive and look down, a line of bees is counted on how many of the gaps between the frames you can see bees in. The last hive must have heard me coming as they were waiting for me and they were cross. At least that’s done for another year. There are other ways and times to dose the bees, but this is the best time of year as the queen is not laying. Well, probably not laying. The Varoa mite lay their eggs on the bee grubs just before they get sealed into each cell. The Varoa eggs hatch and start to feed on the bee larva. This leads to all sorts of deformities, like missing wings, etc., so all in all, it is not ideal. The mites are picked up from anywhere another bee has dropped one. That sort of sounds like there are mean bees who drop mites on purpose. Not so, it’s the mites who choose. I have put the order in for the new hives at the Co-Op. 10 lovely flat pack hives will be arriving as soon as Nick Buttle at Peak Hives in the Peak District can cut them out. The hives are all made from either Red Deal or Western Red Cedar. I have ordered the cedar ones as the one I have has weathered superbly with no

external paint at all. I painted my first hives a rather fetching turquoise colour which I am sure my bees did not notice but it stopped the hives from disintegrating as fast in our lovely Cumbrian weather. Bees are not keen on anything that smells strongly, and because they produce a food, you can not put glues, stains or paints inside the hives in case the honey smells or tastes of it. It will take me a few days hard slog to put them all together but if you want a job doing, it is best done yourself. Then there will be the hundreds of frames to be made up for the hives. If you say about 11 frames per super or brood box, that’s a minimum of 22 per hive without any extra, so my basic order will be for 220 but most likely will end up nearer double that. Now my main task is to find a decent shed so that I can make things in the dry and not on my dining room table. So many choices, it often seems to me that buying a house is simpler. I am becoming a shed bore as I seem to ask everyone where I ought to get one from. The bees are never going to see the shed, but they will know about it from the smell so it can not be painted or damp or anything. Bees can be really fussy sometimes. Other than that I have kept an eye on their feeders and have been topping them up with Ambrosia when they need it. Some weeks they all need it, others none and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern. The cold weather, particularly when it gets below freezing, is really good for the bees. It helps them to hibernate and to get rid of any pesky mites which have not died during the dosing. So next time you are unhappy with the wintry weather, think of the bees and how much good it is doing them. Until next time.


The Out best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

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t h i s Va l e n t i n e s

Enjoy a day of relaxation at North Lakes Hotel & Spa with our Above and Beyond Package

25 minute Taster Treatment Fruit Platter Full use of Spa Facilities Glass of Buck’s Fizz For 2 People Single Rate

£80 Monday – Thursday £45 Monday – Thursday

£90 Friday and Sunday £50 Friday and Sunday

PLUS 15% off any additional treatments that are pre-booked prior to arrival Subject to availability throughout February 2013. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

For more information contact Spa reception on 01768 865185 or email nlakes.spatreatments@shirehotels.com

Mum’s the Word Spa Package Treat your mum to an extra special Mother’s Day with our Spa Package available throughout March: • 1 x 55 minute Spa treatment • Use of the first class Spa facilities • Afternoon tea

£60 per person Monday - Thursday £70 per person Friday - Sunday Offer valid March 2013. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability.

t: 01768 865185 e: nlakes.spatreatments@shirehotels.com

Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


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Just the Card

Members of the Penrith Outdoor Pursuits Team welcome John Mills and get ready to offer Co-op card members unique deals in Outdoor clothing and products

Nick Miller, MD of Eden Estate Agents, welcomes Brian Hold Store Manager from Burrowgate Store Penrith Co-op Society, with details of his special offers for the Co-op card members selling their homes.

David Johnston, owner of Sam Scotts, signed up for the Co-op Society card and will be putting together seasonal offers on a range of products for card holders

Alan Walton, puts Jim Walton, our local Toyota service centre and car dealer, with a wide range of new or used cars on almost any make or model , on the list offering Co-op Card holders an exclusive deal

The new Penrith Co-operative Society Members Privilege card, can now benefit its members away from the society stores. We now have a growing number of local businesses agreeing terms to accept the card and offer special rates, discounts and seasonal offers exclusively to Privilege card holders on production of their card. There is no flat rate or discount across the board, the importance is that the holders of the card are offered more than just their dividends at the Penrith Co-op Society, but a whole range of savings from other locally based businesses. Linked thinking, linked spending,

and shared business. Be a part of your local Penrith Co-operative Society, get a card and see the savings. Full details are in store and available where you see a logo of the card.


The membership card is not a debit card or credit card it’s a membership card and has recently replaced the dividend collection system, which has given a life time of savings to generations of customers across Cumbria. It will cost you just £2 for a life time membership. (Conditions apply)

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WILL IT BE NEW? OR WILL IT BE USED? As 1st March grows nearer, most people like to think of lighter nights, snowdrops and daffodils as Spring approaches, whereas the staff at Jim Walton’s will be thinking of the new car and the new car registration number plate change that comes around this time each year. I have heard various comments regarding the new car number plate change, as it is of course the number 13 that will appear on all new cars that are registered from 1st March until August 31st this year. Of course this could potentially add a little doubt to the minds of those superstitious around us, about buying a car with a 13 number plate placed upon it. On speaking to Alan at Jim Walton’s recently, he assured me that things were very positive on the new car market with lots of new and facelift models available to order, all available with a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty as standard, as well as 0% APR representative PCP deals being offered on some models or very low rate finance available on others. There has never been a better time to buy your next car. If you’re still not convinced, then why not buy a nearly new ex demonstrator, or choose from one of Jim Walton’s many used cars on offer, after all, the used cars at this 45 year old family run establishment are as good as new inside and out and are all fully serviced before delivery, as well as coming with at least 12 months parts and labour warranty giving added peace of mind. Alan also informs me that there is a huge demand for certain used models this year, so who knows, your car could be worth a lot more than you realise, so why not pop round for a no obligation valuation.

Jim Walton (Penrith) Limited Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN

Maybe your looking for a make or model of vehicle that doesn’t seem to be readily available or you want to leave the hassle of finding your next car to somebody else with more experience in this field. If this is you then speak with Alan or Stephen Walton as they are regularly sourcing vehicles from far and wide.

Telephone 01768 864555 Fax 01768

So whether you want a new or used car this Spring, call in to Jim Walton’s showroom on Cowper Road, Gilwilly Ind Estate, Penrith and see what this local family have on offer for you, or call Alan, Stephen or Steven on 01768-864555.

im@jimwalton.toyota.co.uk Showroom open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm


Parts Direct 01768 865428 Fax 01768 892979

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Here is the plan and why It’s all a bit commercial, but as a small business, we are on the same wavelength as many other small businesses. In two years, the Eden Local which was based at a desk with a phone in the spare room at home, is now a household name in Eden with the largest distribution through doors. How many people read it, I don’t know. There are many publications around us that will never tell you their ‘actual’ sales, tell you their ‘actual’ distribution, or give you an accurate list of areas of distribution. If they could, then perhaps it would be displayed clearly. A distribution based on sales for example of 17,000 newspapers sounds good, but if the area it is distributed in has a population of 140,000, is this good coverage? A magazine with sales of 10,000 to a population of 100,000 is hardly good coverage. This is why Eden Local has grown. The street with 56 doors should get 56 magazines. Every attempt is made to go through every letter box. This is a huge cost - to print 27,500 magazines is a huge cost. To produce, gather information, design and get a magazine to print, you need people. At the end of the first year in November 2011, it set up in town in a small room, which I called the office. Our distribution costs in our first year had trebled. In May 2012 Eden Local became two publications, with no staff employed and reliant on the help of sub contracting work, it made a difficult decision, which has led to a question. Why is a local magazine printed in Portsmouth? To continue the growth of its distribution, it needed to remain competitive and affordable for small businesses to advertise in, otherwise there was little point in it being produced and distributed. Without revenue and regular support, it’s dead in the water. Launching a magazine in a recession is not a safe move, however, being a business that supports small businesses is a wise move. A decision was made that if we wanted to maintain and achieve what the objective was, to employ local people, improve communication and become a publication known in every household in Eden, we had to look at


cuts to make improvements. To get Eden Local printed was just one part of the process. When printed, it had to go to the Royal Mail distribution centre in Warrington, to then come back to Penrith to be distributed. This meant a transport charge with the printer for both publications. After testing 5 printers based in the UK, the contract was tendered and a staggering saving was made of 40% in our print and distribution costs. As most of you are aware, postal costs have risen. The price of a first class stamp in 2010 went from 39p to 41p. Now it is 60p. The three Cumbrian Local Publications, including the two month trial of the Carlisle, Border City Times up until December, was delivered via Royal Mail, its distribution with all publications in this month was almost 60,000 letter boxes. Can you imagine the costs of posting 60,000 items with an average weight of 80 grams up to 120 grams this Christmas? This cost escalating every year just like fuel bills had to be addressed. Back in September, it was time for another big decision. How could distribution costs be reduced? The answer on this occasion was a company that wasn’t around when Eden Local was launched. The answer was locally based in Cumbria - Letterbox Link. The savings in distribution at this stage are estimated at 43%. Cumbrian Local Publications will be working in partnership with Letterbox Link and their team, which has already expanded because of its new contract with these two businesses. This is the most cost effective means of delivering door to door in the Eden Valley and Cumbria. Prices are on page 7 if you haven’t seen them. To be honest, anyone could calculate the cost of how to design, print and deliver a local magazine, but there

The Out best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

EdenLocal • 13

was nothing more pleasing when I was in a position to offer a placement to Matty Buck as an apprentice designer in September 2012 based in the Cumbria Local Publications offices (yes two rooms) at Sandgate. Just as pleasing, I could say to an Eden Local customer that the advertising costs that they were paying for a 16,000 distribution in January 2012, will remain the same for a 27,500 distribution throughout 2013. As a business, we support local. We have created local jobs. We are realistic and always open to ideas that lead to savings and reinvestment back into the community we serve. It’s no secret we use Bishops Printers in Portsmouth and so do Chelsea, Arsenal and some other

publications in Cumbria. Interestingly our cost for getting our publications to our office from Portsmouth is included in the price. In May 2012, from design to print and delivery, Eden Local followed a process that was 28 to 32 days. Producing a publication a month ahead. This magazine you are reading will go to press, be back in Penrith on day 5 and commence delivery on day 5. At a squeeze design printed and distributed in 7 to 10 days. To save on Design, Print and Distribution, you can call one number or three and maybe you can be saving 40% on what you do.

March to May 2013 Offers with your Eden Local publication Your business name posted through just under 27,200 doors, which is all residential and business addresses in postcodes CA4 0, CA4 9, All of CA9, CA10, CA11, CA16 AND CA17 LakesLocal •

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January 2013

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Four Year Campaign Reaches Final Stages Back to the Future 1950 to 2013 New Year, New Start A return to ‘From Cattle to Cars’ World Stage Marmalade Putting the Buzz into Lakes Local Peaks & Pathways - Haystacks Support local, with your local

Penrith Co-operative Society

phone: 01768 899111

Here is the size of if

Full Page £299 170mm by 240mm Half page £170 150mm by 107mm 1/4 page £125 72mm by 107mm banner £120 45mm by 150mm box ads £30 50mm by 50mm Front page box or banner limited by availability from £160



distribution Follow the Eden Valley from a 6,000 in on Grownus facebook



Steak on a Slate Dalemain Marmalade Festival 2013 Just the Card Keeping the Dream Alive

to a 27,500 distribution


01768 899111

E: lee@cumbrianlocal.co.uk www.cumbrianlocal.co.uk Eden Local

Sandgate House, 33 Sandgate, Penrith CA11 7TJ

Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 27,500 whendistribution you return


14 • EdenLocal

National Marmalade Week (2 March - 9 March)

Everything you need for marmalade week is at your Local Penrith Society Co-op Burrowgate Penrith

We’re delighted to announce we’ll be running another National Marmalade Week (2 March - 9 March). Our Awards and Festival officially kicked off 28th January which we launched last year to encourage people to taste, make and buy more marmalade - if you like a glorious celebration of our orange preserve. For 2013 we are teaming up with the wonderful charity Hospice at Home for its ‘Go Orange’ Appeal and would urge everyone to support it. To take part, simply organise a fundraiser during National Marmalade Week with a citrus, marmalade or orange theme. This could be achieved in a variety of ways. Could you add a citrus/marmalade themed product to your menu, organise a competition or sale of cakes, citrus drinks, puddings or relishes? Or perhaps a bring and share citrus/marmalade coffee morning, tea, lunch, dinner or cocktail party with donations given? Why not wear orange themed clothing within your work place or add a marmalade themed recipe to your menu and donate to the Charity!! I’m sure the list of possible fundraising initiatives is endless and you may have orange themed ideas of your own. This is a great way of enjoying a day, an evening, weekend or week whilst raising funds for Hospice at Home and every penny really does count. For more information go to www.hospiceathome.co.uk/go_orange or contact fundraising@hospiceathome.co.uk EdenLocal

Dalemain Marmalade Festival 2013 - Reminder The Awards & Festival will be held on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March 2013 - 10am to 4pm (both days) at Dalemain Historic House & Gardens near Penrith in Cumbria. Adults £4.50 - Children FREE - Please see our Programme of Events. (wellies or strong shoes advisable) We have a varied and interesting programme of events planned including a Food Fair, Speciality Foods, Lectures, Workshops, Crafts, Peruvian Music, Paddington Bear, Children’s Activities including marmalade making & book readings, Llamas, Laithwaite’s wine tasting, Mackays marmalade tasting, over 200 competition marmalades to taste with freshly made toast served by The Girl Guides, meet the WI judges, Marmalade shop including award winners, refreshments including cumberland sausage & marmalade, marmalade mulled wine & plenty of hot food, home-made soup, cakes etc. and of course Marmalade and more marmalade in the beautiful surroundings of Dalemain Mansion & Historic Gardens.

The Out best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

The Heart of any Home is its Kitchen If you don’t love your Kitchen, make a date with John Richardson and Son, enjoy the search for your new love. Come and look at a range of designs and feel the quality of the workmanship. The new Kitchen Centre showroom, with 20 fully fitted kitchens is on our first floor, with many other interior design displays for you to enjoy. From design to installation, we offer a no obligation quote, so please drop in to discuss your new Kitchen project. A Kitchen from John Richardson and Son can change your life, it won’t let you down and it will always be waiting for you when you come home x

John Richardson & Son Roper Street, Penrith Tel: 01768 895000 Mon-Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm Sat 7.45am - 1.00pm Terms and Conditions Apply. All Products are Subject to Availability

16 • EdenLocal

More Keswick memories … Stanger Street & Uncle Willie Askew Just before Christmas I received an email from a lady reader of Lakes Local. She wanted to know if the house that Wainwright stayed in on his 1930 visit to Keswick was the same that her mother lived in as a child. She also wrote about her Uncle Willie Askew who was the driver of the Borrowdale bus when Wainwright was completing the research for his Pictorial Guides. ‘I have just read an article about Wainwright in Lakes Local December 2012. I was interested to read that Wainwright first stayed in Keswick in 1930 at a house in Stanger Street. I wonder if you know what number the house was? My mother was born and was brought up at No. 5 Stanger Street where her mother ran a B & B, I suppose in those days they said “they took in visitors”. Incidentally Wainwright used to travel up Borrowdale on the Borrowdale bus; my Uncle Willie Askew used to speak of him; in fact I think Wainwright mentioned somewhere that Willie Askew and the Borrowdale bus never refused to take on another passenger however full.’ My reply is printed below. I thought that other readers might find it interesting and might also stir a few memories … Thank you for your email. It was very interesting to read your connection with Keswick and, more obliquely, Wainwright. Sadly, I do not know which house in Stanger Street that Wainwright and his cousin lodged at in 1930. However, Wainwright did leave a few ‘clues’ in his description of his stay. For instance, he mentioned that the lady of the house, a widow, gave him some of her husband’s clothes to wear the next day as his were still wet from the day before. Wainwright was a tall man (over 6’) and the husband was obviously shorter and stockier as the trousers were too short and the jacket too large!

‘This lady in Stanger Street was wonderfully solicitous and concerned for us: she was a widow who had retained her husband’s wardrobe. She made us take off our soaking clothes, gave us warm towels and then supplied us with jackets and trousers and shirts and socks, ill-fitting but dry and warm, taking our own rags away to dry. … We decided to stay a second night and after a good breakfast ventured into the streets attired in the outfits of the late husband. We were an odd-looking couple. The dead man’s vital statistics were very different from mine: his trousers ended halfway up my calves and his jacket was roomy enough to wrap around me twice; my cousin fared little better.’ Ex-Fellwanderer Wainwright certainly wrote about his trips on the Borrowdale bus, although he did not mention your uncle by name, he remembered with fondness the bus driver that never left anyone behind no matter how crowded the bus. ‘I remember so well the pleasure and relief I always felt when the little bus that plied between Seatoller and Keswick in the early post-war years came in sight up the road to its terminus: it never failed to appear. The driver was an affable extrovert with a cheery greeting for all his clients as they boarded and many a wry comment for those dishevelled and weary after a gruelling day on the fells. It was his proud boast that he never left anyone stranded at a bus stop, nor indeed anyone along his route, the bus being often crowded beyond its capacity, especially on Sunday afternoons in the summer.’ Wainwright in the Valleys of Lakeland p. 194 If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at www.wainwright.org.uk or email publicity@wainwright.org.uk Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer, The Wainwright Society

Shop local - Log on, buy online and save some time


Penrith Outdoor Pursuits your local walk in, login, outdoor clothing, equipment and lifestyle clothing shop 37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30

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One way to improve your banking relationship “Sorry but the computer says “No”………” - businesses often complain about being rejected for bank finance but here’s a recent anecdote that illustrates how to win a bank over with the right moves and by providing all the right signals. One of my clients was recently in need of short term flexible finance, or an overdraft as it used to be called. This facility was needed to fund an increase in the amount of work they knew they could take on. The facility was relatively small but crucial to the future growth of the business. So said client approaches “Oldbank” but after proceeding through the usual processes and having put all the relevant data into the bank’s systems their request was declined. Acting as “Cupid” I arranged for “Newbank” to meet with the client, Newbank also having been provided with the latest accounts and a briefing on the key aspects of the business highlighting the key aspects. Newbank likes the look of the business, is happy with the information provided, agrees to provide the facility and wins a new customer. The client loves the result because he can get on with expanding his business. So that’s a great result for all and the wider economy.

If you need help to improve your banking relationship contact Jonny Miller on 01768 580058 or

email him at hello@fullcircleaccountancy.co.uk

Grown in the Eden Valley from a 6,000 distribution to a 27,500 distribution


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Keeping the Dream Alive

Thank you to all those who have been supporting the campaign. Your feedback for the January article and the letters of support we received have been invaluable and have underpinned much of our application in submitting evidence of what Eden FM has achieved and what it would like to achieve, should it be successful in its application for a full-time community radio licence.

the estimated 2000 local businesses in the Eden Valley, we have started a Business 300 monthly draw.

Our application was emailed and delivered by hand to Ofcom at 1.30pm on Tuesday 29th January 2013 and now we wait, but importantly we carry on. Whilst Ofcom decides the fate of Eden FM radio and whether we meet the criteria and tick all the boxes, we will continue to develop as a community radio online. Over the coming months we will be revising our programmes. We are also hosting a new starters’ workshop and are already producing new ads and putting together new shows.

Here are the draw dates

As a station, we can’t stand still and as a not for profit limited company, we still have to run 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. We have utility bills and radio licensing bills to pay. To cover our monthly costs, we have introduced a few fundraising ideas. Appealing to

Drawn the last Thursday of the month, we have 1 – 300 numbers to sell at £1.00 per month, basically £12 per year the draw is for one prize which is £300 worth of advertising.

28th February prize - Eden FM - 5 a day pack 28th March prize – Eden FM - 5 a day pack or One year with your business logo on Outside Broadcasting vehicle 25th April prize – Eden FM - 5 a day pack or One year business logo on Outside Broadcasting vehicle Or Eden Local advertising value of £300 Update of prizes and dates will be emailed to all businesses each month

Weekend Special

Class A - 1.0 litre Class B - 1.2 litre Class C - 1.4 litre £11.99/day £12.99/day £13.99/day Prices are inclusive of VAT, unlimited mileage, collision damage waiver with standard excess, free pick up service and 24 hour roadside recovery. Please call 01768 893840 for details and our weekend special rates for all other types of vehicles.

Haweswater Road, Penrith, CA11 9EU Tel. 01768 893840 Tune in to Eden FM Community Radio 87.6 FM, news as it happens on the day

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Grown in the Eden Valley from a 6,000 distribution to a 27,500 distribution


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£6750 Cumbria Mini Centre, Ullswater Rd, Penrith, Cumbria

Tel: 01768 864545 / 07717 291020 OpeningOutHours: Mon - Frino8.30am - 5.30pm. Sat 8.30am - 12.30pm. Sun Closed EdenLocal The best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business