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December 2012 Issue No 2

Win a Kitchen with Eden FM lternative Christmas with Peter Sidwell Penny Pinchers Guide to Christmas AA Walk with Keith Wood Home Comforts Guide 2013 Border City Times Distribution 22,000 Cumbrian Local Publications distribution 58,200


Solar PV & alternative energy solutions See page 15 for more details

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The Penrith Co-op Society

Essentials for the Season and the New Year

A visit to your only department store in Penrith, two floors of ideas for your home and a food hall full of local Cumbrian products 19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD Tel: 01768 862366 Border City Times

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Dear Residents and Businesses

£6.50 per kg Order your turkey from any of your Penrith Society Stores by 16th December



Local Beer, Christmas Hampers, local, traditional and Fairtrade

Hello and Welcome to the second edition of Border City Times. I did get a good feeling whilst Christmas shopping recently and saw the publication on display in quite a few shops. As a new publication we have received some welcome positive feedback, although as with any new publication there are a few out there who will ask the question why another magazine? On the back cover of this month’s publication there are the prices for advertising in Border City Times, which is one of the reasons why, but I hope that it is not just simply about advertising. In my opening editorial this month, I would like to appeal to anybody who would like to assist with the development of Border City Times, please contact me at our office in Penrith on 01768 899111 or email me at We are a small team, one of three people will answer the phone, myself, Stef or Matty. We are all locally based and do use local photographers and people to help write the magazine. To be a truly local publication we need local people on board, local people writing, local photographers getting local snaps, so if you are someone that is working on a community project and would like some support to promote what you are trying to achieve just drop us a line. Some of you may recall in the first issue I wrote about how the Cumbria Local project started with a small magazine that was delivered to just 6,000 homes and businesses in just 2 postcodes. In January 2013 this will have grown to around 22 postcodes across our three Cumbria Local Publications. The key element here is the word ‘delivered’. The publication is free, it is delivered to your door, we don’t print bad news, we don’t normally reprint press releases but we do like local stories, so please email us with your stories, images and ideas. A point to note on the issue of ‘do you need another local publication?’ Your Border City Times is as local as you want it to be. Border City Times is not reliant on sales and is not reliant on being collected from a collection point. If you’re not at home, you’re away or on holiday when the publication comes out you won’t miss it in any month because it will be there waiting on your doormat when your return. There aren’t many local publications that can say this; there aren’t many publications that believe local input is the best for a local publication. I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Lee Quinn, Editor - Director

Hampers from £15.00 non perishable, perishable and fruit baskets available. See instore for details or

Phone: 01768 899111

Email: Front Cover ‘Winter’ by Paul Witterick Witt - Woo Photography

Printer – Bishops Printers, Walton Rd, Portsmouth, Hants P06 1TR

Border City Times Notice: Border City Times prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Border City Times, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

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Border City Times

• Border City Times

Penny Pinchers Guide to Christmas by Chloe Jackson page 9


Just the Ticket from Settle Carlisle Railway

Content Essentials for the Season and the New Year

2 - 3

Pot Place for Christmas Hampers

Settle Carlisle Railway Update

Home Comforts Guide 2013


Better Life Mobility Group


6 6

The Story of Cumbria Oak


Not Just a Golf Shop


Penny Pinchers Guide to Christmas

The Weekend Baking Inspiration and the alternative Christmas with Peter Sidwell Pages 10 - 11


Alternative Christmas ideas - Peter Sidwell

10 - 11

A Walk with Keith Wood


Eden Valley Home Improvements


Live on 87.6 Eden FM Radio


Still officially the best investment


Savings for you 2013 business budget


Page 12 Keith’s Walk Rannerdale Knotts Border City Times

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Live & Local Eden FM Radio on 87.6 fm and page 14

Win a Kitchen for a £1 with Eden FM Radio - page 14

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News from the Settle Carlisle Railway The winter offer for Dales Railcards holders is available until 24 February. A flat fare day return ticket costs £7.00, allows travel from Carlisle (and Brampton and Wetheral) and other stations on the Settle-Carlisle line to all stations to Leeds or Bradford Foster Square. Up to four children can accompany a Dales Railcard holder for £3.50 each. Dales Railcards cost £12, are valid for 12 months and can be purchased by residents

of postcodes CA1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17. You can obtain full details and buy the railcards from Appleby and Carlisle Railway stations or at Outside the offer, the railcard provides 1/3rd off the cost of tickets for travel within the permitted area with discounts for up to 4 accompanying children. Some of the fantastic savings you can make are


With Dales Railcard (outside winter offer)

With Dales Railcard (winter offer)

Winter Offer Saving

Carlisle - Leeds 1 adult + 2 children





Appleby - Skipton 1 adult + 4 children





An additional train service from Carlisle to Kirkby Stephen and return will run on the five Thursdays before Christmas. Departing Carlisle at 2057 stopping at all stations and returning from Kirkby Stephen at 2200 stopping at all stations. Great for late night shopping in Carlisle, connections from other cities or you can visit the hotels or pubs in

phone: 01768 899111

Appleby or other villages. Get train times at or from your local station. The Settle Carlisle Railway Development Company providing the refreshment trolley service on most trains between Appleby (or Carlisle) and Settle.

Border City Times

Border City Times Eden Valley and North Lakes Home Comforts Guide •

Eden Valley & North Lakes

On the 7th January 2013 we will be posting through doors our first Eden Valley and Lakes Home Comforts guide.

Home Comforts Guide

Is it another design and interiors magazine? Well yes in parts but it will be so much more. We have a whole list of headings and whilst generally the phrase “home improvements” covers a multitude of different products and skills the focus will be on the word “home”. This can range from working from home, shopping from home, and yes how our home looks inside and outside. Importantly what we can get delivered locally at home, from local independents. Mobility, security, safety, energy at home are areas that (excuse the pun) all come under one roof. We’ll be presenting simple affordable ads for the local trades. We’ll have editorials and advertorials from local businesses. If you can think of a section you think we should include then drop us a line. If you have a business that might benefit from advertising a product or service through 38,609 doors please call us now 01768 899111, full colour ads start from £65

Heating Your Home Delivered to Your Door Home Cooking Renewable Home Ordering Locally Online Your Home by Design

Designed just for you... A collection of custom made rise and recliner chairs

Betterlife Mobility Group offer tailor made rise and recliner chairs which are of the highest quality and designed to help with all your health needs. For a FREE Home Demonstration or Brochure FREEPHONE 0800 533 5099


Border City Times

phone: 01768 899111

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Cumbria Oak You may notice a subtle change in the name of Cumbria Pine to Cumbria Oak, the reason for the change is simple – it is all down to what the customers want. The furniture business was established seven years ago but as tastes have changed the business has moved from pine to quality oak furniture at a low price. The father and son team joined forces in 2005. Robert had just retired from the electricity board and Graham had graduated from Lancaster University with a business management degree and was ready to put it into use. Trying to get to the bones of the business and the furniture they offer, I was interested in the change in name and stock. It was simple Graham explained, it happened without us noticing. One day I looked round the shop and realised that we had a lot more Oak than we did Pine. Graham explained the qualities of Oak Furniture to me; I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous designs, but in fact Graham explained to me that it also a great investment as it is one of the most durable woods, its hardwearing and doesn’t dent easily like some other woods can.

Robert Whitley Cumbria Oak It is so durable that it is a wood of choice for many guest house and holiday homes, as Graham told me this has become a bit of a specialty. All furniture is sourced from suppliers who provide sustainably sourced furniture from worldwide factories that ensure that staff welfare is of a high standard. You can expect to see the odd knot and all the individual markings from the grain of natural wood that make each piece unique. Cumbria Oak has a simple philosophy. They ensure the customer goes away happy, every time due to a good deal on quality furniture – simple. They carry a large amount of stock and can on most occasions can be taken away on the day. Or for larger items free local delivery is avalable at agreed times. You’ll find Graham and Robert at the Pot Place Mon – Sun, why not drop in for a look around.


Bedroom Deal


Double Wardrobe with Draw Two over Three chest of Draw Three Draw Bedside Table


ONLY £895

The Pot Place Plumpton CA11 9PA phone: 01768 899111

01768 894528

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NOT JUST A GOLF SHOP Golf fashion has taken on a more relaxed approach over the past few years with the introduction of spikeless trainer style golf shoes like the Adidas Adicross shoes (mid - right) and brands such as Lyle & Scott introducing cardigans, hoodys, chinos and dress shirts to their golf collection (top right). This has allowed us to offer a full range of clothing that whilst being golf based can be worn for a variety of sports such as football, running and going to the gym or can be worn as casual every day clothing and even out on the town. This is the direction we will continue to follow in the future and next year we will be extending our product range even further to include hoodys, T-shirts, sunglasses, shorts and flip flops in keeping with seasonal trends. All of our clothing and accessories can be viewed online by visiting the following links:

Ebay Shop - Online Shop - Amazon Store - Most items are also available to view and can be tried on at Penrith Golf Centre & Driving Range, Redhills, Penrith.

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A Penny Pinchers Guide to Christmas As the festive season approaches, so does the inevitable Christmas shopping. Here’s a guide to making 2012 a one to remember, without busting the bank account. Be as creative as you can! Instead of going out and buying the new glitsy baubles for your tree, make some for yourself. Even better, get crafting with the kids! A nature walk will come up trumps, with pine cones being the ideal decoration, especially once painted, sprayed in metallics or sprinkled with glitter. I one for my nan when I was a toddler and each year it sits proudly on her tree, not only looking cute but having much more sentimental value than any bog standard bauble. Christmassy treats always go down a storm too, so make up your own little hamper of home made mulled wine, jams, cakes and all things festive. Make a list of all the presents you need to buy with the total amount of money you have to spend at the bottom. Work out how much you want to spend on each person and DO NOT go over. Be strict with that card and try not to convince yourself that an extra couple of pounds wont matter. Personally, I find the internet my first port of call as the festive season approaches. Not only does it save time, sore feet and keeps you away from frantic fellow shoppers, but you are able to find the best deals online. Sites like enable you to find the perfect gift by comparing hundreds of sites for a money saving deal. Don’t be afraid to shop on sites like eBay and Amazon either as you can often find amazing prices for half the high street price! As long as you ensure the seller has great feedback, you’re onto a winner! Save! As obvious as it may sound, the key to making sure you don’t break the bank at Christmas is through making sure you put the penny’s away throughout the year. Creating another bank account where you can allocate money to each month is key, so you don’t get to mid November and realise there isn’t even enough for some sprouts! phone: 01768 899111

Being practical is invaluable. I’m not talking loo rolls and washing up liquid for your granny (though as a student, this present was gladly received for my birthday!) but sometimes, it’s that extra thought that counts. Maybe a fluorescent jacket or a wind up torch for a dog walker will be appreciated more than a new pretty ornament. Add to Christmas morning with a treasure hunt. Santa Claus is obviously a busy man who often doesn’t have time to do one, but my most memorable Christmases have been when my parents have set out riddles for my brother and I to solve with a treasure of a present at the end. This little bit of Christmas magic costs nothing, but the memory will no doubt last forever. Chloe Jackson

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10 • Border City Times

The WeekendPeter Baking Inspiration Sidwell

Not only have I opened a new cafe/restaurant in the Rheged Visitor Centre this year but I have also spent the summer filming a new TV series for ITV called Britain’s Best Bakery. I have seen some pretty amazing bakeries and some very talented bakers. I hope you can tune in on ITV 4pm from the 26th of November every day until the 21st of December to see who has Britain’s Best Bakery just around their corner. The UK has seen a massive surge of interest in Great British baking over the past few years, perhaps this is due to a change in shopping habits together with lots of TV baking programmes. For me Britain has a wonderful heritage for baking and I feel there is something really exciting to be built on, my question is where is baking going in the next 10-20 years? Will it evolve like food and cooking has or will it stay still. I want to take Great British baking and push it into the 21st century, give it a really good blast of culinary imagination while still staying true to the classics, just giving them a relevant twist. For me baking is all about the weekend and I like many people have a busy life and baking in the week sounds great but to bake really well you need time and that is something I’m short of in the week. So weekends are the time to be with my family and to enjoy quality time, great food and good friends-so join me for a little weekend baking inspiration.

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With Christmas almost upon us what better inspiration can there be to get baking than this festive time. I have created two new recipes perfect for a fresh approach to Christmas. A pecan, cranberry and clementine soda bread is a perfect way to make a no fuss easy loaf of fresh bread for a perfect Christmas Day breakfast- there’s no kneading or proving so it can be in the oven and baking before the kids have even finished unwrapping their presents. I have also created an alternative Christmas Cake as a rich, fruity and alcoholic cake is not for everyone, so my perfect Victoria sponge with a mince pie and Clementine butter icing is a delicious alternative.

Border City Times • 11

Christmas Day Breakfast Loaf Ingredients

Here’s how

400g of Self raising flour 50g of wholemeal flour 2 clementines 2 tbsp of sugar 1/2 tsp of salt 50g of dried cranberries 75g of pecans 2 tbsp of plain yogurt 225 mls of milk

Place all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl

lightly floured work surface and shape into a round loaf

Add in the clementine zest, pecans and cranberries

Place the loaf onto a non stick baking tray and using a pair of scissors cut 2/3’s into the dough a cross to the middle opens out

Add in the yogurt and milk then carefully mix together to form a soft dough Scoop out the mixture onto a

Bake at 180c for approx 30 minutes until it is golden and cooked right through

Alternative Christmas Cake

Here’s how

Place the 250g’s of softened butter and the castor sugar into a mixing bowl and beat until light and fluffy for 5-10 minutes Add the eggs one at a time, making sure each egg has mixed in before you add the next Mix the flour in using a metal spoon, mix carefully so you don’t knock any air out Add in the milk to loosen the mixture followed by the clementine zest

Ingredients 250g soft butter 250g castor sugar 5 medium eggs 250g Self Raising flour 2 tbsp of milk

3 clementines 1 jar of mince pie filling 3 tbsp of cranberry sauce 140g soft butter 280g of icing sugar phone: 01768 899111

Pour the mixture into a 24cm /10 inch cake tin and bake at 180c for 2030 minutes until golden -a good way to check if your cake is cooked is to carefully press the middle of the cake down and if

it springs back then it’s cooked When the cake is cooked, leave it to cool for 10 minutes then cover in cling film to keep the moisture in. Meanwhile melt the mince pie filling and the cranberry sauce together in a sauce pan, then leave to cool Beat the remaining butter, icing sugar and a squeeze of clementine juice until it is light and fluffy Cut the cake in half and carefully spoon in the butter icing and the mince pie filling Finally dust with icing sugar

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12 • Border City Times

Walking with Keith Wood

Rannerdale Knotts The ridge of Rannerdale Knotts overlooks Crummock Watter and whilst Rannerdale is famous for its show of bluebell blooms in May this walk is suitable for any time of year giving outstanding views from the ridge. 1. Park in the small National Trust Parking Bay at the foot of Rannerdale Knotts. Head off through the back of the Car Park past the National Trust Rannerdale sign on the clear path running around the foot of Rannerdale Knotts with a well built drystone wall on the left. Pass through a kissing gate through a drystone wall coming down from the fellside. Pass through the gate and after 50 yards the path starts to swing away from the wall around to the right continuing around the foot of the fell where the shapely peak of Whiteless Pike comes clearly into view. Continue on the path beneath the crags of Rannerdale, the waters of Squat Beck are now in the valley bottom to the left. Continue walking up the valley gaining some height on the right hand bank of the beck. . A wooden footbridge crosses over the beck giving access to the opposite bank to inspect the bluebells. Continue on the right bank and pass through a gate through the drystone wall and continue on the clear and stony path up the valley with Whiteless Pike on the left. The beck gradually reduces in size to a trickle and after gaining some height the path flattens off as you walk along the edge of the wide bowl between Whiteless Pike and Rannerdale Knotts. Keep to the clear path walking along the secluded valley of Rannerdale, and as the intake wall is left behind the path starts to gently rise again towards the hause which gives easy access to the ridge of Ranerdale Knotts. The path passes over the beck continues gently rising up the valley with High Snockrigg in sight above the hause. As height is gained pause for a look back down the valley towards Crummock Water. Ignore the path to the right onto the ridge as you near the top of the valley keep straight on the main path towards the hause. Border City Times

phone: 01768 899111

1. The view opens up as you meet the path down from Whiteless Pike. Take the time to look down upon the village of Buttermere and the lake. Double back on yourself to pick up the grassy path along the top of the ridge of Rannerdale Knotts. After a short climb over the green turf the full length along the ridge comes into view. Simply follow the green path along the top of the ridge, enjoying the magnificent views as you follow the ridge along. After a steepish climb about a third of the way along the ridge a grassy plateau is reached which makes for another great viewing station before dropping down a little and then rising again towards the rocky peak. A final little scramble up a rocky knoll leads to the highest part of the ridge topped with three rocky outcrops the third and furthest along being the true top. 1. From the top it’s clear that it’s a steep descent from the top straight down to the valley below. Initially keep heading along the ridge, immediately losing height down a repaired path. Those with short legs may need the odd hand! Follow the rocky path and just before a crag blocks the way the path turns down to the left and starts to descend towards Crummock Water with Mellbreak straight ahead. Follow the mostly green path steeply down the flank of Rannerdale Knotts. The path steeply descends down a gulley on a stepped path before continuing on grass again and swinging around to the right. Just before reaching the bottom walk onto the outcrop jutting into the lake for a full length view of Crummock Water. Finally take the last few paces back down to the Car Park. Full details of the route with map and photographs are in “ Boot up Buttermere and Crummock Water”, which can be found in many local outlets, internet shops or directly from the author at:

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Home Improvements

Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms

For all your home improvements

New Windows, Traditional Styles, Sliding Sash 30% off

New Doors Secure and Dry for the Winter 20% off

Kitchens and Bedrooms up to 50% off

Visit out showroom or give us a call Friargate House Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR Open 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 10.00 - 1.00pm Saturday, or call us for an out of hours appointment at home

Telephone: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 Email: phone: 01768 899111

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14 • Border City Times

The Final Stage of a Long Campaign By Lee Quinn

It’s not an easy time to be generous with your marketing budget, some businesses have supported the campaign for full time community radio since its launch in June 2010. Some have just joined the campaign to make sure the project reaches its final stage. From those paying their regular £4 per week to sponsor a 2 hour show, those investing in the outside broadcasting vehicle sponsorship at £300 per year to those taking a full 5 month advertising package for £280.00

The Eden FM Community Radio will be broadcasting live on 87.6 FM from midday 24th November to 22nd December 2012. It’s the third live FM frequency transmission for the team based in Penrith which has volunteer presenters from Brough, Kirby Thore, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Culgaith, Stainton and Penrith to name a few. Walking in, coming in by bus, getting a lift or driving, always subject to the weather permitting. The only reason it can exist is down to the commitment of its volunteers and the support of local business.

It all adds up and all counts toward the success that has already been achieved. Next we complete our third the 28 day transmission and then we send off the application to hopefully become a fulltime community radio station. We appeal to everyone to write in with your support. Drop us a line with some positive reasons of why you think a full time Eden Community Radio station would be a good idea; email Whilst this facility is based in Penrith, it represents an opportunity for a much wider area than can just be reached via its FM transmission. The station can be heard region, county, country and worldwide over the internet.

Win a Kitchen with Penrith Co-operative Society and Eden FM Community Radio Win a kitchen and a full set of accessories, in Association with Eden Valley Home Improvements, Penrith Cooperative Society, Eden Fm Radio and Cumbrian Local Publications. The Eden FM Team will be travelling around Eden and your Local Co-op will be selling tickets to raise money for local charities, societies, organisations, community groups and the Eden FM Community Radio Campaign. One prize, £1 per ticket, the winner must live in CA postcode or DL 13 postcode to purchase a ticket. The draw will be live on Eden FM Radio 87.6 FM straight after the news at 11am on Saturday morning 22nd December 2012

Includes Cutlery (ladels, tablespoons, etc) Mixing bowl plates, mugs pots & pans Baking tray 5 piece kitchen knife set 20cm Double steamer

Kitchen scales Chopping board Roasting pan & rack Slow cooker Oven gloves Essential utensils

Listen live at Border City Times

phone: 01768 899111

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Solar PV - still officially the best investment

Electricity companies raise prices again The price of electricity keeps rising; Scottish Power, Eon and EDF have all recently announced price increases of up to 15%. Generating a percentage of your own electricity future proofs your bills and limits the impact of further price rises. Improved technology Solar panels are improving year on year with increased efficiency, supporting technology is always evolving. We now routinely install devices that will ensure any electricity that you’re producing over and above what you require is diverted to your hot water immersion.

12% + annual return on solar PV installations still available

Roof integrated PV

Recent figures show that Solar PV for domestic and commercial applications are still the best and most secure investment that can be made, with returns of 12 % guaranteed for the next 20 years. Financial subsidy for solar panels The feed in tariff is still running for both domestic and commercial PV systems with a Feed in Tariff of up to 15.5p paid by your electricity company for every unit of electricity generated, whether you use it or not. Tariff rates increase every year with inflation, approximately 5% per year Dropping price of solar panel installations

Don’t like the look of solar panels on a roof? Why not ask us for some information on our new solar roof integrated product range, Love Solar Renewables are the sole distributor of the most aesthetic and cost effective product on the market. Further renewable technologies Love solar Renewables now sell a full range of solar thermal & Biomass boilers product and are Cumbrian distributors for Sun Power, the world’s highest efficiency solar panels that can generate up to 20% more electricity. Contact us for more details.

In the last year material prices have dropped by over 60% worldwide due to ever increasing production of solar PV panels. These prices have been reflected in the cost of installations with prices dropping by up to 60% in the last year. Estimated annual financial costs, returns & savings • A 4Kwp solar PV system will cost approx; £6500 • Annual Financial return; £603 • Annual electricity saving, using immersion divert; £476 • Total annual earning and saving; £1079

Tel: 01768 899 722

14 Hartness Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, CA11 9BD phone: 01768 899111

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January to March 2013 Offers with your Local Border City Times Your business name posted through 21,839, which is all residential and business addresses in postcodes CA1 1, CA1 2, CA2 5, CA2 7, CA3 8 and CA3 9 Border City Times •

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December 2012 Issue No 2

LakesLocal • 1

Book now by the 15th December and save money on your marketing budget in energy solutions Solar PV & alternative 2013

Win a Kitchen with Eden FM lternative Christmas with Peter Sidwell Penny Pinchers Guide to Christmas December 2012Keith Wood AA Walk with Home Comforts Guide 2013

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See page 15 for more details

Here is the size of if Full Page £280 170mm by 240mm Half page £165 150mm by 107mm 1/4 page £99 72mm by 107mm banner £85 45mm by 150mm box ads £29.50 50mm by 50mm

Front page box or banner limited by availability from £150 Phone:

phone: 01768 899111

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Eden Local Distribution 22,400

Co-op Christmas Everything from Cockermouth Beautiful Borrowdale Christmas Recipes Walking in Winter

Cumbrian Local Publications distribution 58,200 per month Lakes Local Distributionphone: 12,800 month Lakes 017 8 899111


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Underneath the Arches 18 Holes for the Price of 9 The Tradition that is Your Local Co-op Eden FM Radio tune now to 87. 6 FM The Gift of Giving

Now available Penrith Outdoor Pursuits

Sandgate House, 33 Sandgate, Penrith CA11 7TJ

Border City Times

December 2012 Issue No 26

Email: Border City Times phone: 01768 899111

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Border City Times Grown in the Eden Valley from a 6,000 distribution to a 25,500 distribution EdenLocal-December12.indd 1


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