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Robbie Williams ‘Tropical Thunder’ fashion story VIVA’s guide to get that summer beach body VIVA’s guide to Manchester’s outdoor hot spots & best summer menus Interview with Michael Caines VIVA’s festival guide

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VIVA’s hot catwalk picks; Floral Explosion VIVA’s hot catwalk picks; Let’s Get Active Fashion hotlist Florescent Adolescent jewellery shoot


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Tina O’Brien reports on her summer beauty tips Pampering & grooming Training with Bob Shannon

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The rebirth of Barca live Grillstock Festival comes to Manchester The success of 47 King Street West Hunters Cheshire Gin



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Events, shows & gigs not to miss this summer Inspiration catwalk show with Michelle Keegan & Chris Fountain VIVA goes Supersonic for Manchester Pride with The Feeling

On the VIVA music radar: China White Snowbombing 2013 Rupert Hill takes over VIVA’s ipod Howard Marks: The Score Darren R L Gordon’s cinema and DVD reviews


Feel The Heat Canyon Style!

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on attractive females are guaranteed to make me drool. I used to think that miniskirts were invented by Mary Quant in the 1960s but I have subsequently discovered that they were all the rage in cultures as diverse as Native American and Ancient Egyptian.

Port Royal, Jamaica

destroyed by an earthquake in 1692, was the most wicked city ever with more taverns per capita, brothels per square yard and more stolen goods than anywhere before or since. Narrow dockside alleys offered every conceivable vice imaginable: gambling, cockfighting, bull & bear baiting, wenching, fornication and all manner of debauchery to name but a few. The only currency acceptable was Pieces of Eight. What a pity it no longer exists. I love it.


I used to eat at this restaurant when living there as a fugitive during the late 1970s. I visit about once a year these days. It is entirely cut off from the rest of Italy by lakes and chunks of Switzerland. In 1983 Campione d’Italia was invaded by armies of Italian law enforcement trying to get rid of the Mafia. They failed.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

is the best book I have ever read. I first read it when in prison. Since when it has remained my favourite novel. Tolstoy’s descriptions of the outside world as seen by a young boy are amazing.





are my most disliked thing in the whole Universe. Instinctively I just know they are poisonous so I will not eat them. They did not exist in Europe until a few hundred years ago when they were imported from America. They are the most Yin - feminine - food. (Meat is the most Yang masculine) Furthermore they are the only seeds that flourish in a cesspit.

Northern Rail

must be the worst train service in the world. It’s dirty, smelly and devoid of any services or comforts. It’s not the fault of anyone from the North, of course, as the owners are Italian. Train services in Italy can be really good so I really don’t know what’s happening.


I get irritated by people who say “at the end of the day.” To which day are they referring? It makes no sense, it’s daft. “Swings and roundabouts” is another silly saying. So is “it does what it says on the tin.”


are the most asexual attire a female could possibly wear. Nylon always makes you sweat so do you really want to sweat where you wear your tights? I hate them and always insist on their removal as quickly as possible.

This issue’s radar was brought to you by Welsh author and former notorious bad boy Howard Marks @OfficialMrNice

arks Howard M



un is shining, the weather is sweet, make you want to move your dancing feet, AND pick up VIVA’s big summer issue which is packed full of summer shining sha-ting. We absolutely love the summer and are very excited about all the fantastic events, shows, festivals and shenanigans going on this summer in the Manchester and Cheshire area.

We are also very excited about the launch of VIVA in London. Our team in the Big L will be keeping you up to date on our lifestyle website with all that’s happening in the UK’s capital! Plus our Manchester team will be taking a few trips down to London this year to scope out the hotspots. Summer always screams out festivals to us. Check out our festival guide and win tickets to local, national and international festivals this summer. Also take a visit to where you can win VIP tickets to Cocktails In The City, Foodies Festival, Grillstock and Cliff Richards gig at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. We have also just launched our new VIVA app which you can download for free on any smart phone, just search for VIVA Lifestyle Magazine. Enjoy reading our summer issue, we have Robbie Williams on the front cover, enough said!

iva X V m a e t , e v Big lo


Robbie O


Robbie Williams: Is a name that only cave dwellers could have managed to avoid. He’s a veritable hearTthrob, pop aristocracy, part of British culture.

Let me entertain you,’ he requested in his number one solo venture, Life Thru A Lens in 1997. A solo album that was followed by so many more and that cemented ‘Angels’ as one of the country’s most popular ballads, ever. Thankfully, we didn’t really have a choice in the being entertained matter. Even before he propelled himself into the stratosphere of solo stardom, he was breaking hearts and records alongside Manchester band mates in Take That. A project that he revisited in 2010 and 2011 for Britain’s biggest comeback band’s (Progress) album and tour. While tabloids and magazines may have buzzed with rumours of irreparable rifts between Robbie and his ex-bandmates, there’s no animosity there now. In fact, Robbie’s massive comeback album Take The Crown’s pre-emptive single ‘Candy’ was co-written with Gary Barlow himself, while the Progress tour is what Robbie passionately relates to us as ‘the break I needed to reconfigure myself and be enthused again.’ It was only after the Take That reunion that Robbie woke up to the ambivalent solo figure he had become in Britain. ‘I wanted to come back with a massive solo album,’ he stated, painfully admitting the effect his disappearance clearly had on his music. Take The Crown, which was released in November last year, shot straight to number one. As did his accompanying single ‘Candy’ which was explosively performed at this year’s BRIT Awards. Clearly, come back with a massive solo album is exactly what he did.

determination: ‘I want to regain the crown I once had; still may have. I want to communicate to people that I love this job and I’ll fight for it.’ His new album and accompanying tour (which naturally begins at the Manchester City Stadium in June) are therefore clearly not accidentally titled in such a ferociously confident manner. The decision, in fact, refers blatantly to Robbie’s extraordinary refusal to again relinquish his reign as pop aristocracy. Even the album artwork is stoically regal; ‘ROBBIE WILLIAMS, TAKE THE CROWN’ features in simple capitals. It’s almost a statement: ‘Robbie Williams Takes Back His Crown’ says the gold

In his absence, Robbie was not sat at home contemplating the poignancy of a world teeming with alien life (an image that Britain’s trashier publications were keen to promote) but was engaging, as he always has, in charity work such as his annual appearance on Soccer Aid. He has also created his own menswear line, Farrell, which embodies gentlemanly tailored magnificence and of which he should be exceedingly proud. Its Spring/Summer 2013 campaign shows two young men cavorting in exquisite trench coats and tailored separates, reminiscent of the sartorially triumphant decade of the fifties on a classic seaside fair, starring Robbie as the owner of the fish and chip shop. Whether intentional or not, there is a comfortable appropriateness of Robbie taking on the role of such a quintessentially British guise that is not lost on us. Just like the greasy takeout cuisine to be eaten from a newspaper or the liquid grey summer’s day spent on the waltzer with a soft icecream, Robbie is an unmovable, ubiquitous and nationally loved part of the British psyche. ‘I still want this, I still want to be that beautiful thing that I thought would happen when I was 14, 15, 16. I got to be it and I still want to be it and I still want you to come with me,’ he enthuses.

‘I want to fight anybody that wants to come in my way in the pop kingdom, I want to retain the crown I once had’

His excited, re-ignited presence is palpable as we talk to him about the feeling that went into this new, hugely popular addition to an already eye-wateringly expansive discography. The overall effect of his words and building success is one of stoic belonging. The Manchester-loving pop icon is back and this time he isn’t leaving. ‘I want to fight anybody that wants to get in my way in the pop kingdom’. He brims with

and royal blue (natch) colour scheme and, from his gleeful zeal, we could imagine ‘Thank You Very Much’ printed smugly below as an afterthought subtitle. Within the theme continues in sheer, reborn talent. Every track pulses with the kind of irresistible, powerful pop that we know and love Robbie for. Despite the bravado, Robbie earnestly points out that his ‘main priority was to write what I consider and hopefully, what the world would consider, to be hits’ and with a bunch of crowd-pleasing summer tunes like this, we can’t say he’s failed. From uplifting personal lilts such as ‘Be A Boy’ which Robbie identified as ‘a song of empowerment for me,’ to cheeky foot-tappers like ‘All That I Want’ which is, with a smirk, described as tapping into the current nationwide feeling of ‘50 Shades of Grey, Readers Digest, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, all of the above,’ Take The Crown is unrelenting, impossible-to-dislike pop.

It’s not all earnest vulnerability though. Robbie won’t be usurping back his royalty meekly. ‘Take The Crown is another version of another tattoo,’ he grins, referring to his superfluously inked form. ‘It’s ‘Yeah, come on, let’s f*****g have it! Who wants it? I’m ready for this fight!’ Something tells us, from the building tempest of the returning fame of Robbie Williams, that he won’t be challenged. ■ Robbie will perform at Manchester City’s Stadium on the 19th and 21st of June. words: Jess Atkinson k | VIVA | 0 9

Robbie Williams: Part Of British Culture And Proving It

Alex wears left page, Striped Maxi Dress, £57.50, from Runway, Alderley Edge & Knutsford Belle E’toile Bangles, Yellow £330, Pink £415, & White £455, Chlobo Yellow Gold Vermeil Tusk Pendant, £85, ChloBo Yellow Gold Vermeil Peace Pendant, £150, Chlobo Cloud 9 Gold Ball Chain, £175, Trollbead Pearl Fantasy Necklace, from £98, Trollbead Ballerina Pendent, £34, Trollbead Glass Beads from £23. All from MW2 Jewellers Wilmslow.


THUNDER... Beautifully bold & eclectically exotic, tropical prints pay homage to fun modern day Samba style. Vibrant flashes of carnival colours evoke nostalgic memories of earthy mexicana; sun-soaked street parties and warm afternoon siestas. Tropical thunder has struck this summer!

Alex wears right page, Powder Blue Lambskin Bracelet, £59, Silver Turquoise Charm, £45, Turquoise Bead Bracelet, £119, all by Story by Kranz and Ziegler, from MW2 Jewellers Wilmslow.

Alex wears, Maxi Dress, £57.50, from Runway Alderley Edge & Knutsford La Grace Heels, £89.99, Mary Portas & Clarks at House of Fraser. Flower Headpiece from Frog Flowers, price on request.

Kate wears, Dress, by Herve Leger, £895, Selfridges Flower Headpiece from Frog Flowers, price on request. Bangles, Stylist’s own

Dominic wears, Anglomania Lee Jeans Floral Shirt, £150, Anglomania Lee Jeans Floral Shorts, £130, Summertime Wine Stain T-Shirt, £150, all from Vivienne Westwood

Dominic wears, Vest Top, £29.99 by Good For Nothing Shorts, £45, by Label Lab from House of Fraser Grass Stain Jacket, £610, from Vivienne Westwood

Alex wears Beaded Dress, Diane Von Fustenburg, ÂŁ520, from Selfridges Jimmy Choo Heels, ÂŁ550, from Harvey Nichols Manchester

Alex wears, Silk Striped Shirt, £110, Pied A Terre & Clutch, £49.00, both from House of Fraser

Dominic wears, Shirt, McQ by Alexander McQueen £175, & Shorts Polo Ralph Lauren, £110, both from Harvey Nichols Manchester

Alex wears, Maxi Dress, £55, Therapy , La Jazz Clutch, £79.00, Mary Portas, both from House of Fraser Dominic wears, Swim Shorts by Dsquared, £260, & Tshirt, Kenzo, £65, both from Harvey Nichols Manchester

Alex wears Skirt by Kenzo, £225, from Selfridges Graphic Wave tee, £45, by Linea at House of Fraser

Alex wears Floral Silk Biker Jacket, Christopher Kane, £1110, from Harvey Nichols Manchester Dominic wears Silk Print Bomber Jacket, Gucci, £995 Harvey Nichols Manchester

CREDITS ART DIRECTION Adam Bryant PHOTOGRAPHER & RE-TOUCHING Jamie Cowlishaw STYLIST Ross Forsythe & Kate Mcleish HAIR Sharon Peake & Paul O’Donovan MAKE-UP Collette Casey MODELS Dominic and Kate VIVA TV Tobias Longmate

‘Watch behind the scene footage of this shoot on our VIVA TV channel at’

LOCATION NQ Photo Studio u k | VIVA | 2 3

VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT CATWALK PICKS, Floral Explosion! Flower Power is back! There was an abundance of floral inspired looks hitting the spring/summer ’13 catwalks. Coming in every shape and form whether it’s a seriously chic appliqué or powerful print, floral based looks are the secret weapons in your summer wardrobe. Make one of these fabulous flower picks the statement piece of your look or, if you have the confidence, dress head to toe with clashing prints.


3. 1.

Chanel S/S13


Moncler Gamme Rouge S/S13



Oscar De La Renta S/S13





1. MCQ Alexander McQueen Iris Print Cotton Skirt, £390, Harvey Nichols 2. Emma Patent Floral Clutch, £15, 3. Foliage Print Skater Skirt, £20, Topshop. 4. White Falling Roses Vest, £50, Vivienne Westwood 5. Moncler Eufrasia Reversible Floral Print Parka, £775, Harvey Nichols 6. Embellished Contrast Shorts, £38, Topshop 7. Floral embroidered cowboy boots, £121.57, 8. Moschino Cheap and Chic Embellished A-Line Crepe Dress, £715, Harvey Nichols 9. Silk Organza Tee, £65, Boutique at Topshop 10. Eight Dress, £585, Vivienne Westwood 2 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT CATWALK PICKS, Get Active! With the summer sun FINALLY making an appearance up north, it’s time to get out and get active! Whether you are gym bunny, basketball boy or urban skater, these garments will put the luxe into sports luxe and make you the envy of all your workout buddies.





10. 5.


7. 8.


1. Salt & Pepper Sleeveless Training Top £260.00, Vivienne Westwood 2. Wine Columbus Varsity Print High Roll T-shirt, £16, 3. Blue Woven Shorts, £18, 4. Alejandro Ingelmo Tron Leather Hi-Top Trainers, £365, Harvey Nichols 5. Purple Burnout 89 T-Shirt, £20, 6. Shoreditch Heritage Polo, £50, 7. Marc By Marc Jacobs Printed Cotton Jersey Shorts, £120, Harvey Nichols 8. Herschel Varsity Backpack, £70, Selfridges 9. Transparent Hoody Kangol, £60, 10. Katie Eary Printed Skateboard Deck, £270, Harvey Nichols u k | VIVA | 2 5



Salento Brogue, £285, from Oliver Sweeney

Green Waffle Crew, £30, from Next



Cream Shawl Blazer, £110, from Topman


Pink Trousers £125, from Hackett

Preppy nonchalance is big news this summer and it’s looking to the timeless amusement of boating to refresh it. Get caught up in The Great Gatsby storm that’s brewing ahead of Baz Luhrmann’s new vision of a classic and stock up on an inappropriate amount of linen, flannel and silk shirts whilst becoming slave to the iconic boat shoe and melted ice-cream shades of pastel. Bring a flavour of Long Island to Manchester this season with these iconic pieces.



Michael Bastian at Mr Porter Cashmere Crew Neck, £575, from


Suede & Leather Boat Shoes, £250, from

Multi-Striped Oxford Ralph Lauren Shirt, £95, from Ralph Lauren


Bar Striped Tie, £75, from Hackett.

5 6 2 6| VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t y

Acetate & Metal Clubmaster Raybans, £125, from Selfridges

Yellow Chino Shorts, £16, from Next



Sleveless Ruffle Shirt £39, from Bowden

3 2

Knit Pencil Skirt by Dagmar £260 from

Mara Hoffman Bikini top and briefs £85, from Harvey Nichols


Broderie Midi Skirt, £40, from Topshop

Ever since Brigitte Bardot set her bikini-clad form down on the white sands of French beach town St Tropez, the segment of Riviera Heaven has become a classic haunt for high rollers and celebrities alike. Make like you’re atop a gleaming yacht too this summer and look darling in classic, tan-baring tailored pieces that are accompanied by impeccable grooming, confident insouciance and the absolutely essential statement bag.

4 7 9

Long Printed Tunic £79.99, from Zara

Chloe, Cotton & Leather Shopper, £665, from Selfridges

Abstract Print Dress, £89, from Cos

Colour Block Vest Top, £85, from Whistles



Black Metal Sandals, £35, from River Island


Wooden Wedges £79, from k | VIVA | 2 7

Swarovski Rings, £130 each, Swarovski Skull Necklace, £150, Nomination Bracelet £35 each. All From MW2 Wimslow. Cropped Top, £15, Biker Gilet, £57.50. From Runway Alderley Edge & Knutsford

MGSM top, £180, Pink Shourouk Necklace, £170, Yellow Shourouk Necklace, £240, Marc by Marc Jacobs Haute Rubber Bracelets, £35 Each. All from Harvey Nichols Mcr.

Florescent Adolescent...

Mikey Fringed Skull Necklace, £27, Mike Skull Brooch, £27, From House Of Fraser Manchester. Shirt, Stylist’s Own.

Celine Sunglasses, £175, McQ Alexander McQueen Textured knit Jumper, £265. From Harvey Nichols, Mcr. McQ Alexander McQueen Clutch, £445, Selfridges Mcr.

Holy Smoke Ring, £184, Double spine Ring, £153, Silver Holy Smoke Ring, £175, Sandstone Necklace, £220. All From MW2, Wimslow Shirts, Stylist’s Own.

Celine Glasses £175, from Harvey Nichols Mcr. Tory Burch Necklace £255, McQ Alexander McQueen Textured Knit Jumper £265. From Selfridges Mcr. Bjorg Feather Necklace, £170, from MW2, Wimslow Sleeveless Top, Stylist’s Own

CREDITS ART DIRECTION Adam Bryant PHOTOGRAPHER & RE-TOUCHING Will Wilkinson STYLIST Ross Forsythe & Kate Mcleish HAIR Lizzie Bardsley & Brent Barlow MAKE-UP Collette Thorpe MODELS Niamh and George LOCATION NQ Photo Studio

Company Fringed Satchel, Christopher Shannon for the Cambridge Satchel, £325, & Vivienne Westwood Skull Necklace, £275. From Selfridges Mcr

John Smedley Coleman Fine Knit Polo shirt, £125, Blue Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, £?109 From Harvey Nichols Mcr. Toy Watches, £135-£150, From House of Fraser Manchester

Florescent Adolescent...

Kenzo Jumper, £ 230, Alexander McQueen Razor Bracelets, £55-£65 each, Dior Homme Sunglasses, £?269 All From Harvey Nichols Mcr.

Story bracelets £49-£95, Bjorg Horsehair necklace, £242, Bjorg Feather Necklace, £170. All from MW2 Wimslow. Shirt, Stylist’s own

VIVA N E W S Celebrities Team Up To

Raise Vital Funds For

Royal Manchester

Children’s Hospital Charity


Gentleman’s Attire At

Fresher’s Club


team of North West based celebrities are gearing up for a sprint finish at the forthcoming Great Manchester Run, on behalf of the Smile for Orly campaign at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The eleven-strong team, including actors Tina O’Brien, Sinead Moynihan, Hollie Jay Bowes, Ciaran Griffiths and Capital FM DJ Rob Ellis, will take on the challenging 10km course around the streets of Manchester on Sunday 26th May. Team Vital, who are captained by Director of Vital Management Laura Graham, are taking part to raise funds in memory of 18-month old Orly Feddy, who died suddenly in her sleep just before Christmas last year. No medical explanation for Orly’s death has ever been found. Orly’s parents, Rebecca and Lee, set up the Smile for Orly campaign to honour their little girl who they remember as a joyful and always smiling toddler. It is hoped that the monies raised by the runners participating in the Great Manchester Run on their behalf will fund a year long full-time placement of a clown doctor at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. A children’s entertainer who brings smiles to the faces of young patients on the wards. Actress Tina O’Brien, best known for her role as Sarah-Louise Platt in Coronation Street, said, “Orly’s story is simply heartbreaking. As the mother of a little girl myself, I can barely bring myself to imagine the pain and loss that Rebecca and Lee have experienced. I am full of admiration for them that they are channelling their grief into such a very positive outcome and I am very pleased and proud to be running in support of the Smile for Orly campaign.”

t’s determination, drive and class that make the modern gentleman say new preppy brand of choice ‘Fresher’s Club.’ That and an impeccably-tailored polo shirt. The new ‘gentlemen’s attire’ design powerhouse on the sartorially choice block has worked closely with entirely British sources and producers to create a line of flawlessly nonchalant clothing. The two-tone polo shirts and casual T-shirts of the suave brand cater to ‘young males who aim to achieve every day of their lives.’ Whether it is in sport, work or, in fact, whatever they have set their mind to. The Fresher’s Club basics, that are to be worn with straight-leg chinos and a brogue for smart-casual insouciance or corduroys for relaxed style, exude an exclusivity and unity of ambition that few brands are blessed with and it’s all 100% British, thanks to a real desire to return to the unbeatable quality of yesteryear. It’s not all about the ethos, of course. Naturally, Fresher’s Club is here to make you look great. It does this by ensuring that a sufficiently extended amount of time is spent designing the pieces in line with the amalgam of neatness, tidiness and fearless individuality that only the preppy design can fulfill. They aim to demonstrate the physical triumphs of the kind of male that really takes time on his body at the gym. An aim that is visually blatant in the bulging biceps of the brand’s advertising. ■ A truly patriotic, timeless and exclusive line. Check them out at:

Hannah Thomas, Events & PR Manager for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, said, “We are delighted to have Team Vital running to raise funds for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. To have a team of high-profile runners taking part on our behalf not only raises much needed funds but also encourages other people to run for us too. “Team Vital’s fundraising will be supporting the Smile for Orly campaign at the Hospital to honour the memory of a little girl who had been so full of life. All the money raised by Team Vital in the Great Manchester Run will support clown doctors and entertainers at the Children’s Hospital, who work tirelessly to make a difficult time a little easier for young patients and their families.” Also running alongside Tina, Sinead, Hollie, Ciaran, Rob and Laura will be designer Nadine Merabi; editor of VIVA Magazine, Emma Wilkinson and friends and staff members at Vital Management. ■

To sponsor Team Vital please visit

RUNWAY Retreat

‘The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others’ TREATMENTS AND PRICES Get Me Gorgeous Eye Make-up: £15 Full Make-up: £25 Strip Lashes: £5 Hair Dry Styled: from £25

Semi Permanent Make-up

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Eyeliner Top: £300 Eyeliner Bottom: £250 Eyebrows: £350 Lips: £350 Yearly Top up: £150

1/2 Hour: £40 1 Hour: £80

Spring Promotion ALL Semi Permanent Makeup £199

Get Me Bronzed Vertical Sunbed

Fake Bake Spray Tan

3 minutes: £2 6 minutes: £4 9 minutes: £6 12 minutes: £8 15 minutes: £10

Spray Tan Prep: £5 1/2 Body: £15 1/2 Body Gold: £20 Full Body: £25 Gold Spray Tan: £30

Get Me Fit Strawberry Laser Lipo Guaranteed Inch Loss 1 Treatment: £90 2 Treatment: £160 4 Treatment: £310 6 Treatment: £460 8 Treatment: £610

Each Strawberry treatment includes a free 20 to 30 minutes personal training session Personal Training Sessions 1/2 Hour from: £10 1 Hour from: £20 Prices upon assessment

Silver Package Indulgence yourself with our silver package.

Gold Package The ultimate pamper package

Full body spray tan, full face make-up including lashes, hair dry styled. £80

Strawberry laser lipo treatment, full body spray tan, full face make-up including lashes, hair dry styled. £170

Package Information

Our packages are spread over two days. First day is your Strawberry and/or spray tan. This includes a spray tan preparation shower. Second day is your full face make-up and hair dry style, along with a glass of champagne and some light refreshments.

Schedule an appointment today 01625 584180 41 LONDON ROAD, ALDERLEY EDGE, SK9 7JT

Get that VIVA B E A U T Y Summer Beach Body!

As much as we can’t wait for barbecues, beer gardens and ice cream, summer does invite other daunting issues. Yes, bikini season is upon us and it’s time to take a good look in the mirror and, if you’re us, panic! It really does seem to be a never-ending list of things we need to get on top of under the harsh summer sun. Hair styled, nails done, bodies buffed- it’s a wonder we ever leave the house! However, never fear because VIVA is here to show you how to get glamorous this season. From top to toe you’ll be a beach goddess yet with our foolproof guide of Manchester’s beauty salons and clinics. Now pay attention...

T Clinic...


ypically no one looks forward to a trip to the dentist but now is the time to let Dr Paul Tipton change your mind. His T Clinic in Manchester Centre is the centre for modern dentistry offering treatments from the most popular veneers, orthodontics and implants to botox and the full shebang- Allon-4, fixed teeth in a day.

The All-on-4 treatment may seem scary on paper - having your teeth removed and replaced with titanium implants and fixed bridges in just one day but after years of dental problems and periodontal disease this procedure is a lifesaver for more and more people. Dr Tipton now does one or two of these procedures a month for those who have lost all their teeth or are about to and says that, after the treatment, people walk out of the clinic after surgery and head out for dinner. Dental surgery made easy in his professional hands. He also trains up to 300 young dentists a year in essential modern techniques and ‘smile design,’ lamenting that many dentists leave university not understanding the basics of dentistry and some having never even removed a tooth! Dr T stresses the importance of aesthetic dentistry over cosmetic. Rather than every client walking out of his office with a Simon Cowell smile he pays attention to the individual. Imperfections are sexy and personal, something that is of the upmost importance when he designs smiles. With this in mind lay your teeth troubles to rest with a trip to T Clinic. Finally the dentistry you deserve. Bridgewater House, Radnor Street, Manchester, M15 5RD 0161 232 8403

Bali Health Lounge...


ocated in the heart of China Town, a visit to The Bali Health Lounge is an easy way to feel like you’ve jetted off on holiday for the afternoon. Lavishly decked out with blossom trees and oriental artefacts, it is a world away from reality and just what we needed with the print deadline we were facing!

The salon offers a range of beauty treatments such as Zenn tanning, Shellac nails and Lycon waxing but we were lucky enough to try out the new Indiba deep beauty treatment - a process which helps cells recover their natural function and rebalances your ions’ cellular exchange allowing oxygen to flow more freely between cells. Basically it helps speed up cell recovery which can combat wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite as well as lifting the muscles with only five sessions. (something we wouldn’t say no to before slipping into our bikinis this summer!) Using electric pulses through heated metal pads the treatment has already been a triumph in the medical world, working to combat all sorts of maladies. However, at The Bali Health Lounge they focus on the cosmetic with a soothing massage and a gossip with the team. So it feels like a day out with friends rather than a trip to the doctors. And as much as this treatment is used to combat lines and wobbles it simply allows you to feel relaxed and better in yourself. We left China Town feeling as light as a feather and ready to re-enter the rat race. 1st Floor, 48 George Street, Manchester, M1 4HF 0161 850 2288 3 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


RUNWAY Retreat...


ith so much to do and so little time when it comes to beauty, what you really need is a one-stop-shop. Well this is exactly what The Runway Retreat is all about. Offering a glamorous getaway for ladies who need the whole works and pronto! Playing host to a team of experts, Runway covers the holy trinity of beauty - make-up, tanning and fitness - all of which work together for a gorgeous night out look or simple everyday beauty this season. Firstly getting fit has never been so easy with the strawberry laser lipo treatment; machines that can help you lose inches alongside a personal training session with one of Runway’s fitness instructors. With strawberry lipo you no longer have to fear swimsuit season, something which is also helped by their in-house tanning. You’ll look like you’ve already been on holiday before even stepping near an airport! So the body is toned and tanned, what next? Professional make-up artists to the stars will give you a MAC flawless make-over, explaining the tricks of the trade so you can recreate the look at home. Not only is this a great way to get summer ready but it has proven to be great fun for hen-do’s, birthdays or just a special night out with friends and all with that all-important glass of champagne in hand! For a fabulous feeling inside and out, escape to The Runway Retreat. 41 London Road Alderley Edge , SK9 7JT Tel No 01625 584180



iven that Malmaison is sat right next to the entrance of Piccadilly, one wouldn’t immediately associate it with peace and tranquillity. How wrong you would be though as Le Petit Spa is the ultimate city break without even having to leave the city! The spa offers a wide variety of treatments to tempt you with such as those for him and her. Waxing, St Tropez tanning and, on the unusual side of the spectrum, holistic Hopi Ear Candling. This is the deeply relaxing process of clearing the ears and alleviating pressure - sounds odd but it is well worth a go. In addition Malmaison more than caters for the ladies amongst us with a girlie spa night which would be perfect for a hen do (or for every day of the week if you ask us!) alongside pre and post natal treatments so you can really lay claim to the title of ‘yummy mummy.’


And for the pinnacle of decadence, look no further than the Total Indulgence Day which is packed to the brim with massages, pedicures and even chocolate dipped strawberries. If true luxury is what you’re after, you clearly won’t go far wrong here.

You can upgrade your package and add a third item for just £20 extra or go mad and for an extra £40 we will offer a full set of eyelash extensions (must be had on the same day as the other treatments)

La Petit Spa has been described as ‘the perfect place to wave a white flag and bid an office retreat,’ so surrender to opulence this summer with a day at Malmaison. We promise you, you won’t regret it. 3 6| VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t y

Any two treatments from the following list are yours for the special price of only £59. Salt Scrub Rejuvenating Facial Oriental Scalp Massage ½ Body Aromatherapy Massage Regenerating Firming Eye Treatment GEL Application Hands or Feet Full Body Exfoliation & St Tropez Tan

1-3 Piccadilly Manchester, M1 1LZ Tel: 0161 278 1010


James Roberts Hair and Beauty...


hen it comes to your appearance there are no short cuts or budget jobs; ‘doing your own hair would be like doing your own filling’ so only the best will do! Enter the James Roberts studio where a crack team of L’oreal award-winning specialists are on hand to hone you to summer perfection. At the cutting edge of style, James Roberts are renowned for their colour work with three specialists on hand having styled the likes of Michelle Keegan and Sheridan Smith. The inside scoop this season tells us that colour is all about warm, natural tones of blonde and, for the more adventurous of you, pastels and ombre finishes. Equally the salon is now offering the Brazilian blow-dry which is a life saver for frizzy, dried out hair. Using keratin it softens and calms hair for a sleek finish. And, as much as the team are at the forefront of fashion, they’ll give you an honest opinion as to what suits and keeps your hair its healthy best. Since the refurbishment the beauty salon has doubled in size and welcomed Lindsey and Kelsey across from Harvey Nichols. These girls certainly know their stuff offering all manner of beautifying necessities and fun,.Something we were lucky enough to experience as they treated a couple of the VIVA girls to some high end/ high art nails. Using artistic colour gloss and bio-sculpture gel, they showed us that, much like hair, this season is all about pastels and ombre finishes. (with some funky prints thrown in for good measure) So for a hair-to-toe finished look, turn to the professional hands of James Roberts. ■ 14 St. Marys Street Deansgate, M3 2LB Tel: 0161 832 2448

VIVA B E A U T Y SUMMER BEAUTY TIPS, STAYING FRESH SKY HIGH AND ESSENTIALS FOR THE FESTIVALS: TINA O’BRIEN REPORTS… HOLIDAYS THIS SUMMER This year I’ll be going on a little girly trip to a villa in Portugal with a couple of female friends and their children who are all girls so it’ll be like a group of girlies both young and older! I’ve been to Portugal but never this villa. STAYING FRESH ON LONG-HAUL FLIGHTS I tend to find that my skin really dries out so I always take a little tub of eight-hour cream by Elizabeth Arden which I also use on my lips because they get really dry. I drink lots of water and use a really thick moisturiser. I think they sell facial spritzers on the plane and I might treat myself to one of those this year! I also love Emma Hardie day and night mosteriser, it smells amazing and isn’t heavy on your skin.



traggly, limp locks are a thing of the past at festivals, style-savvy revellers are planning for action by packing their tents, preparing their outfits and ensuring their hair looks festival fabulous this year. Here Tatiana Karelina, founder of Tatiana Hair Extensions, tells us how to prep and style your hair for the perfect festival hair wardrobe: “Dip-dye has been a huge trend for the last couple of years and it has evolved to include ombre hair, hair stencilling and the reverse dip-dye. We have created an easy clip-in dip-dye extension, so you don’t have to commit to drastic dyeing and permanently changing your hair. Simply clip-in to create a funky bohemian look, attach a couple of coloured clipins to wind into a braid.”

“Braids are the big thing on the festival line up this summer. Based on the look you are creating, braids can capture a bohemian, romantic look, or a chic twist can create an elegant, stylish look. Therefore, braids can be a real lifesaver and the best emergency hairstyle when you don’t have access to a shower and you’re relying on dry shampoo to keep you looking fresh. It keeps the hair off the face, is totally texture friendly, so dancing and swinging this hair-do everywhere is highly encouraged and braids will stay put all weekend too! Add a flower headband or floppy hat and you have the perfect easy-chic hair do for the festival.” How to create an easy Snake Braid: Create a side parting and part your hair into three sections. Braid as normal but take more hair from the top with each twist. Control the shape of the braid by taking looser sections of the hair from the top so the braid goes down on a slight angle. When you reach the opposite side of your head drop the braid down and turn to start braiding to create the second part of the snake. It will almost go like a soft zigzag. If the length of your hair allows - repeat the steps above. Once you finish plaiting, secure your braid using an elastic band or bobby pins. Create your easy dip-dye look with bespoke Tatiana clip-in hair extensions, prices starting from £7.50 per micro bond. ■

To book your appointment call: 0161 236 4467 or visit the salon in Manchester on Port Street in the NQ.

BEAUTY FOR SUNNIER DAYS I tend to use more of a tinted moisturiser once I’ve got a tan. It doesn’t cake as much and also it blends easier, instead of having to pay out for a whole new foundation. For eye-makeup I tend to go for more browns and natural tan colours - softer. Whereas in winter I like a red lip because it makes you feel quite alive and vibrant. Come summer I go softer because I have a bit more of a tan. My hair naturally goes a lot lighter. I have highlights that are quite blonde too but come summer when I get in the sun I have to be careful that it doesn’t end up too blonde. TRENDS FOR THE SUMMER A really light, bright blazer. I’ve seen some really gorgeous little blazers at the moment that are light. They’d be great if we don’t have a great summer because you can wear it with a little tea dress so that, if it’s cold, it can still feel like summer. I’ve seen a really nice green one in Oasis, and Primark have some amazing ones that have a really nice cut and fit to them. ESSENTIALS FOR A FESTIVAL The best tip is wipes. If you’re going to do a festival - lots of baby wipes! They are seriously multifunctional! They take off makeup, they can give you a little clean if you can’t get to a shower, they’re brilliant to take with you during the day if you need to use the public toilets and things like that. It’s just the best thing that you can take with you. That and Mac liquid liner that stays on. It does not budge so you can actually look decent for a couple of days without looking like it’s run; it gives you a really defined black flick. A MANCUNIAN SUMMER My favourite thing to do is find a really nice bar with outdoor seating in Castlefield which is always absolutely buzzing in summer. Have a jug of Pimms or some kind of cold cocktail in a jug and meet up with a couple of friends to have a chilled afternoon in the sun. A SUMMER BIRTHDAY It’s the big 30 this year so I’m thinking, as it is summer, of hiring a big house somewhere like Abersoch and having a lot of friends come down for the weekend and have a big party in the house but chill out by the beach during the day. ■

ina@tinx aob Love one T twitter

Follow m

photo credits: Rob Evans / styling Kelvin Barron / hair & makeup Collette Casey

Dermaskin only employs experienced doctors who have performed hundreds of these procedures previously. Call us now for a FREE consultation or visit the website for more information.

Botox from £99 Fillers from £200 Teeth Whitening £75 (introductory offer) Sculptra, Radiesse, laser on enquiry.

QUOTE: VIVA10 on booking to get 10% off total treatment

Call us on 0161 850 5060

NEW LOCATION & FREE PARKING- Dermaskin clinic, 66 Quay St, Manchester, M3 3EJ email:




Orico Rush Hour Vibrant Dry Body Oil; It’s ‘pollution, air-conditioning, heating and stress’ that bleed the youthful radiance from our skin, according to Orico but it’s their body oil that’s going to give us that blush back. The oil is flush with organic ingredients such as baobab oil, rosehip and macadamia that not only transform the appearance and health of your skin but act as a mood booster to banish urban stresses. £19, from



Bare Minerals Faux Tan Body; Bare Minerals know that gentle is better and that’s why they’ve developed a new body tanner that gives you that beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel bronze without the harshness of the sun. Avoid harmful rays but immediately receive an all-over glow that develops into a golden tan for just £20, from Selfridges.

H20 Sea Salt Hydrating Body Gloss; H20’s new Sea Salt Collection draws from the sea to give you a flawless body whilst emanating a charming scent of the ocean. Their hydrating body gloss is spritzed onto damp skin where it soon gets to work smoothing, protecting, moisturising and, of course, lending an ethereal luminosity to your person. £13, from Marks & Spencer.


Crème de la Mer Soleil de la Mer Gradual Tan; They are the Chanel of the beauty world and they’ve moved into tanning. The chicest of brands looks to the ocean as a miracle resource that restores the natural tautness and beauty of the skin and the astonishing central ethos doesn’t change in this gradual tanner that provides anti-ageing as well as the natural-looking colour that is coveted worldwide. £65, from Selfridges.

VIVA Picks our best beauty products to give you the perfect beach-body this HOLIDAY SEASON!

L’Occitane Shaping Delight ‘Shaping up is child’s play.’ L’Occitane’s newly reformulated luxury cream is the reason for the exquisite brand’s new comfortingly insouciant tagline. Shaping Delight noticeably reshapes and makes supple your body with collagen and almonds. Help along your toning with this best-selling delight. £32, from L’Occitane.


7 Natio Refreshing Face Mist; Combining the airiest and most feminine of nature’s ingredients, Natio’s purse-sized face spray unites cucumber, rose and aloe vera to rehydrate your skin on humid days. Also ideal for perking up tired skin on long haul flights, it’s the sweetest and cleverest product on the market right now. And it’s only £8.40, from Debenhams.

4 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


Apothoderm Stretch Mark Cream; This new stretch mark cream diminishes the appearance of red and silver stretch marks in just a fortnight. Its ingredients read like a Goddess’ shopping list: packed with delicious natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil, win back your glowing confidence this summer. £68, from

Heaven ‘Ella Jane’ Skin Wipes; Find skincare halcyon with Ella Jane facial wipes. They’re double the size of your average-Joe offerings and are organic, gentle and luxuriously cotton. They cleanse, tone and moisturise and are revered by Manchester’s own Catherine Tyldesley and Brooke Vincent. Need we say more? From


Murad Oil-Free Sunblock; Summer’s biggest irritation (alongside mosquitoes) just got exclusive. The absolutely necessary rigmarole of sun cream application has been revolutionised by renowned dermatologist Howard Murad with pomegranate extract that weightlessly sits on the skin and protects against the effects of ageing whilst robustly doing its ray-fighting job. £27, from Urban Retreat, Harvey Nichols


3 1

Burberry Summer Limited Edition; Britain’s shining star in luxury fashion houses has developed a new eau de toilette for the coming summer months. Burberry draws on the charm of a British Summer’s day to result in this ‘light and energetic’ scent that is powerfully manly through its white musk and woody tones that combine with mint and juniper berries to create a ‘cooling rain on a hot summer’s day’ experience. £42 for 100ml. From most department stores.


Nickel Electroshock Anti-fatigue Shock Treatment; For the man who gets fewer hours sleep than he should, this Rescue Range product is an ideal wake up call for fatigued and dull skin. From the people who have been ‘helping men to look their best since 1996’, comes this mojito-inspired blend of lime, mint and sugar that returns that handsome appearance, even if you have been up all night…£23, from



HOTLIST VIVA Picks our bestgrooming products to give you the perfect beach-body this HOLIDAY SEASON!


Marc Jacobs Bang Bang Hand & Body Wash; One of the most confident and attractive scents out there, Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs doubles as a hand and body wash with overwhelming notes of citrus, complemented by ‘a masculine heart’ that promises to add zesty sophistication to the skin. £21, from Harvey Nichols.


Scaramouche&Fandango Hydrator; Unconventionality defines men’s skincare brand Scaramouche&Fandango. They know that men are not enthralled by the superfluity of ingredients and packaging of other brands. Become the ‘modern gentleman’ by refreshing, invigorating and smoothing the skin after shaving. Fight against fatigue with fuss-free Chronodyn and Guava. £19, from



Body Shop White Musk Anti-Perspirant; Gone are the days of teenagetoting Lynx body sprays. Back is the age of manly scent that firmly protects against the irritation of perspiring. The Body Shop’s new deodorant, only £4, provides a subtle scent of citrus and musky warmth that is lasting in its freshness and sport-worthy in its effectiveness. From The Body Shop.


Elemis energising Skin Scrub; A pre-shaving facial exfoliator that prevents pesky ingrowing hairs and unwanted blemishes for £26. Deeply cleansing and smoothing, this product is essential for any man what with its robust popularity and sleek James Bondesque packaging. From

Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray Hair; It’s the pride or shame of a man. Make it the former by protecting it in the same way you would your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This spray is for fine to normal hair that is susceptible to heat and UV damage. £11.19, from most Hair Salons.

Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq Extreme Hold Gel “A little bit goes a long way’ with this hair gel. Ideal for short hair, the formula ensures that even the smallest amount of product makes your style stay put all day long, even in the heat and humidity of summer. £14.50, from

Triumph&Disaster Shearer’s Soap; Impeccably wrapped in minimilastically vintage brown paper, this soap, which is available on and is priced at £9.95 per bar, is perfect for the man who has everything. Gentle on the skin but powerfully scented for that delightfully identifying smell that lingers in the air. From Selfridges. k | VIVA | 4 1

Summer Love






5. 7.

6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Giant Bean Bags; spring/summer ’13 appropriate in popping brights and exquisitely comfortable. £69, from Beer Can Holders; to embed in the grass and truly impress. £8.69 for 2, from Crate&Barrel. Foras Gemma Outdoor Burner, perfect for lighting up your barbeque party, £59,99, from John Lewis Relic Large Wall Hanging, designed by Jimmie Martin, £79, from Contemporary Orange Moon Chair will brighten up any garden, £349, from Inflatable Garden Cinema; the perfect answer to summer night time entertainment. Por, from

4 2 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

VIVA Cribs




12. 11.

7. Water Hyacinth Picnic Hamper, £65, from John Lewis 8. Multifunctional BBQ; open barbeque that doubles as a pizza oven. £70, from Next. 9. Rotating Sphere Lounger Garden Pod; unbeatably different. From £6, 995, from John Lewis. 10. Devon Outdoor Lounging chair; perfect for relaxing with a book and catching some rays, £349, from John Lewis 11. Green & White Haro Garden Table & Chairs, £65, from Ikea 12. Optimise the natural elements of the wind: Solar Powered pendant lamp, £16, from Ikea k | VIVA | 4 3

VIVA G A D G E T S BEER SUITCASE - £69.99 FROM WWW.FIREBOX.COM Beer Suitcase: To the naked eye, you are but a sophisticated gentleman carrying a rather fetching suitcase of Hitchcockian nostalgia. Look a little closer however, and you will notice that the ‘travel’ stickers adorning the cases’ front are, in fact, labels for a variety of different beers, while a curious sloshing noise emanates from within. Yes, this cornerstone of gentlemanly is in fact a clandestine keg that complete with tap, (detachable – natch) can hold sixty litres (that’s around 106 pints) of beer. Perfect for the deceptive modern male. foto.sosho - From £199 at Selfridges. Developed by the indelible, this iPhone accessory transforms your handset into a smart and powerful camera complete with flash, photo editing and immediate social networking. The device turns the 8 megapixel camera into a 14 megapixel. Choose from standard, fish-eye, wide and zoom lenses or opt for the perfect vintage-look cases that will appear more at home at Glastonbury than Kate Moss caked in mud.

STAY IN THE SUN SUMMER GADGETS! Marshall MS2 MicroAmp - £29.99 FROM FIREBOX.COM It’s the sexiest music accessory around: synonymous with crowd surfing at a The Who concert, Kurt Cobain’s grunge, the genius of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and other greats such as The Rolling Stones, no little black box beats that of the Marshall amplifier. Grab your micro amp for just £29.99 from and experience the unbeatable sound that defined a genre. Aesthetically beautiful and audibly rock ‘n’ roll worthy in a conveniently sized and irresistibly priced product. Garden festival, anyone?

Biolite Camping Stove - £149.99 from Biolite Camping Stove: Did someone say Bear Grylls? This cooking stove is ideal for the modern camper. Not only does the kick-ass designed stove cook and heat your twilight fireside meals, but it also doubles as a charger for any of the electronic devices you found necessary to take with you into the wilderness. The awesome, easily-folded gadget uses biomass such as twigs and pinecones to work, meaning endless fiery and chargeable fun. And you’ll never have to go like Grylls and have your camel raw.

4 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


NEW APP ITS FREE VIVA VIVA Magzine is now an app in the palm of your hand.

Real ‘Appy’ The digital age is well and truly upon us and with it comes the age of the app - the latest digital accessory for all businesses trading in today’s competitive climate. For a long time IPhone applications were available only to huge multinational giants who had budgets as big as Everest but recent technological advances now means that these useful promotional tools can be made available to any business without breaking the bank. 85% of consumers now use smartphones to search for services or products, even more so than using computers resulting in it becoming imperative for businesses to have their own app if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Apps nowadays can do everything other than your washing and provide infinite possibilities for reaching new customers and retaining old ones. For example, if you own a takeaway customers could order through your app or use an electronic loyalty card system. If you own an estate agency customers can book viewings and even get instant GPS directions to houses if they are lost. If you own a hairdresser then the ability to send out instant notifications of available appointments may just help you fill up your salon without wasting time, energy and money on using old school promotional tools. Mediabite are a company that specialise in bespoke IPhone and Android applications and mobile websites and, armed with a hefty client list, they were first on the list to design our VIVA app which will allow our readers to view the best of our articles, enter competitions, be the first to find out about our events, send us pictures and much more. To find out more about what Mediabite could do for your business please visit or send an email to k | VIVA | 4 5


Cheshire’s No.1 In Motorsports


nutsford-born racecar driver Oli Webb is casual about a lot of things. Meeting up for drinks with Chris Hoy? No big deal. Waking up in hospital from a concussion? Merely an irritation. Hurtling towards a wall at 190mph? Elementary. There is one thing he is not casual about however and that is winning. The adrenaline-seeking twenty-two year old is currently in the midst of his most important championship to date. The Renault World Series is the feeder series to F1 and has made Lewis Hamiltons of more young drivers than any other in the world. Driven and astonishingly dedicated, Oli is part of the UK’s Foretec Motorsports which won the championship and sent its victor to the F1 echelons last year. We talk to him about his first race at Monza, his approaching challenges this season and the curious charm of a white chocolate Malteser.

How scared were you when you were hurtling towards the wall at those speeds? I think that most of the drivers who are at the level we’re racing’s not really a case of scared but of keeping it on track. We’re obviously determined to do as well as we can so it’s a bit of a weird one to explain but I guess the fear isn’t really there.

rival? I’d say my teammate (Belgium’s Stoffel Vandoorne) probably who is leading the championship. We were both quick all weekend, if it wasn’t for the puncture failure I would have been right next to him so it’s good to have it within the team. (Fortec Motorsports) We’re winning the teams’ championship at the moment, together with our points so it’s going well.

Have you ever been scared when something has gone wrong like it did at Monza? Not in a race, maybe only

What do you think of Sebastian Vettels’ decision to ignore instructions and surpass teammate Mark Webber in Malaysia recently? I think most of the top racing drivers in the world like Schumacher and Senna and Vettel are all...well, bastards really. You’ve got to want to win more than anything and it’s hard to criticise that. He’s going to lose a lot of fans, obviously and it was, on paper, the wrong thing to do but a split decision made under those speeds and that pressure - he just wanted to win. And at the end of the year if he’s two points off winning the championship and he hadn’t made that decision, Red Bull could have lost the championship so it could have ended up being a good thing. It’s hard to say this early on.

How did your first race at Monza go? It went, overall, good I’d say. We got fourth in the first race - very close to getting third. It was a long, hard race with a really good start but then in the second race, we unfortunately finished ninth. We were fifth at one point but I had a puncture on the last lap with about two corners to go, while I was the quickest person on the track. Unfortunately, car racing is sometimes bad luck. Part of the tyre broke and nearly put me in the wall at about 190mph but I managed to hold on and finish ninth so it was a good weekend overall. How much does success in the sport rely on the functioning of the cars and equipment? I’d say it’s closely linked to horse riding in the sense there aren’t many sports where you’re completely relying on what you’re using. As opposed to a tennis raquet or a football, you can get a horse that goes lame or breaks a leg or a car that the engine blows up or tyre blows up - it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you’ve only got three wheels on your car then you’re not going to win the race. 4 6 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

afterwards. I guess sometimes waking up in hospital isn’t nice but... How many times has that happened? Only a couple. Only from concussion or something: I’ve never broken a bone. Well, I’ve fractured but never broken anything properly so touch wood and all that, it’ll all be fine! After having done your first race, who do you see as your biggest

Would you have done the same? Do you think the sport is more team or individual focused? It completely depends on the situation. I probably would have done the same if it was the last race of the championship but then again they wouldn’t have [criticised] if it was the last race of the championship so at this point I probably wouldn’t have done. You get to travel to amazing locations with your job - does it add to your racing experience or do you barely even notice when you’re in the zone? Other than the big events like Macau or Monaco where we have to go early because there’s lots of press events and dinners and sponsorship, PR and media obligations where you do realise you’re in quite a fancy, big place - then yeah. But when we travel to >

VIVA S P O R T the rest of the races in Italy, Germany, Belgium or wherever we’re going or Singapore then not really. You arrive, you see an airport, you see a taxi, you see a race track, you see a hotel and then you disappear again. You’re more doing your job. Whereas spectators go and watch the race and then they go out into the city and go to dinner. They probably sit at dinner and think ‘this is great, I’d love to do this every weekend as a racing car driver.’ But we’ll be at the track until 10pm doing work, have our pasta in the back of a truck and then go to bed, so it’s not quite the same.

How are you going to prepare differently now that your first race is finished? It’s a bit easier with physical training because you know what your body is going to be used to. The first race of the year, you’ve been out of the car for half a year or five months when the racing season has been off so it helps me focus on specific areas in terms of physical training. We can angle our nutrition as well with our nutritionist towards the temperature and the heat of whatever the next race is going to be - so little things like that.

Where is the most spectacular place you’ve driven in? Driving round the streets of Macau which is an island just off Hong Kong is one of the best street tracks I’ve actually raced on. In terms of roads there’s some great roads on the way to Monaco; coming through Nice through the mountains, that’s really cool to drive through there.

How would you alter your nutrition for racing? If it’s going to be a muscular, physical race but not that hot then we’ll change what types of food we eat so that we can store energy and use that throughout the race. If it’s going to be a hot or long race and it’s not musuclar physical then we’ll be taking a lot of electrolytes and a lot of salts - the kind of stuff that will stop us sweating so much and we’ll keep a bit of hydration in the body.

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed out on a normal, teenage life? I don’t think I’ve ever really wanted it. I’ve never really been one for the uni lifestyle - I couldn’t deal with sharing a kitchen with anyone. With my OCD I don’t think I could handle it very well anyway. I don’t really drink and when I do go out it’s only with college friends so I don’t think I feel like I’ve missed out on it too much. I’m still a big kid really! Has it got to the point where you get recognised at all? In America you would get stopped on the actual street. Here, you don’t really get stopped on the street unless it’s by hardcore fans. The fact that the sport is much bigger in America because soccer and football is not as big over there whereas...I mean, I’ll maybe get stopped in Cheshire a couple of times because I’m local but I wouldn’t be stopped in the street in London. Whereas in America I could fly over to LA and someone would recognise me as a racing driver. It’s a bit more of a niche sport in Britain compared to if you’re a footballer or something.

Are there foods that you can’t have that you miss? I tend to take the theory that if I train a bit more than everyone else then I can still eat as much crap as I want and still have my chocolate! So what is your favourite chocolate? Ooh, I don’t know. I’m quite fond of my white Maltesers. I’ve never heard of those! White Maltesers!? Aw, you’re missing out.

Back to the championship, which approaching track are you most confident about? Probably Monaco street race or Spa. I did a lot of street races last year so I should be used to Monaco.

I’ll have to get some later! Which celebrity do you think would be a good race car driver? Well I know which celebrity is a good racecar river: Patrick Dempsey. He’s very quick. I was with Sir Chris Hoy yesterday and he was taking his racecar license just then; I was being filmed for a TV programme, and so was he and we were in the garages next to each other so we exchanged a few words and he just was in Singapore the other week for F1 with one of my friends. So that was quite a good day because obviously it’s not every day that you have Sir Chris Hoy next to you and you’ve both got your camera crews with you.

Are there any that you’re worried about? No, there’s none that I’m really worried about.

What was he like? He was a really nice guy. Loves his racing. Very down to earth and he’s got time for everyone so he’s someone I’ll

definitely keep in touch with. He lives around Alderely Edge and he’s always about in his nice cars so he’s definitely someone to go for a drink with soon. Can you ever imagine doing cycling as a career? Well we do cycling for training so it’s kind of a good link. Cycling training is very good for racing because you need big legs and you need to be strong for the braking. So he’s going to be racing fit when he starts. What would you take up if you weren’t into racing? I’d probably try and be a stunt pilot or a stunt car driver or somehing, for the speed. What type of personality do you have to have in order to be a successful racecar driver? I’d say dedicated and determined are two things. Being willing to give up social and family and girlfriend relationships for doing that extra bit in the gym or that extra bit of travelling are some of the things which are on the side that aren’t as fun but you still have got to be committed to. It’s quite a gruelling sport and takes up a lot of hours. This summer do you have any time for holidays? No, no holidays. I get to travel enough but never see anything when I go. We have a five week period when there isn’t a race however, I’ll be flying to America then and maybe competing in a race over there and also visiting some customers for Mono, the supercar company I work for. So there’s a few events over there that I’ll be going to and in Vegas so it’ll be busy. Is there anywhere you would want to go if you could have some time off? I’d like to go to Tenerife for a week, that would be nice. Find out more about Oli at www.oliwebbracing. com and about the World Series at ■ words: Jess Atkinson

photos: Karin Albinsson & Will Wilkinson Chris | Denton Vassell | VIVA Ems | Bob Shannon

T #TeamShannon r a I i n i n g

f you haven’t already heard VIVA girl Ems has signed up to fight at the next Formal Fight Club event with fellow media partner, I Love MCR Dot Com’s, editor Chris which is being held at the Palace Hotel in Manchester on the 4th May. Has she ever boxed before? No. ‘Is she crazy?’ I hear you ask. Well, yes she is but she is in extremely good hands as professional and legendary boxing trainer, Bob Shannon, is training our VIVA girl for her big fight. Bob has been a boxing trainer for 30 years and set up Bob Shannon’s gym in November 1992. Over the years he has trained some of the best fighters in the world including, most recently, Ricky Hatton, for his comeback fight last year. Bob’s been thinking about offering personal training to the general public for a few years. Seeing his fighters retire and then go into personal training made him think that all the experience he had gained over the years with all these great fighters, like Ricky Hatton and other champions, would be a great way to train people with a difference. Bob says: “It’s the ultimate fitness and it would be great to pass on my knowledge to the public. I enjoy it and I’ve got a really good service to give.” So why would personal boxing training with Bob Shannon be so different and how is it better than going to another trainer at your local gym? Bob says: “In the training you do with boxing you’re using every muscle in your body. You do the running, the circuit training, the core work and the icing on the cake is you’re learning the art of self defence. You would actually be going in the ring with myself on the pads and I’d show you how to throw correctly, how to stand and get your balance and co-ordination. It’s a thing people will take away with them and remember for the rest of their lives.” So how has our VIVA girl Ems been getting on with Bob’s training programme? “Ems has really taken to it considering she has never boxed before,” said Bob. “She’s been concentrating and disciplined with the training and is really shining through. I’m very proud of her.” Ems says, “Signing up to Formal Fight Club is one of the best things I’ve ever done because it pointed me in the direction of being trained by Bob Shannon. At first it felt really unnatural, hitting the pads as I’ve never hit anyone or anything before but I’ve now really taken to it and I am getting super fit and toned. I’m not going to lie, the training is really tough but you get such a buzz out of it and it’s way more fun than going to the gym. Plus I’m learning how to fight with one of the greatest boxing trainers in the world and also training alongside professional boxers like Denton Vassell. Ricky Hatton even turned up to one of my training sessions the other day which was very cool!” 4 8 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

W i t h B o b S h a n n o n

Yes, as Ems mentioned, Bob is still training his professional boxers down at the gym; including undefeated British welterweight boxer Denton Vassell who has also been on hand throughout Ems’ training, giving her a few tips and tricks of the trade. Denton has been training with Bob for about eleven years. He started with Bob towards the end of his amateur career, when he entered the ABA championships. At that time, his cousin Nathan was already at Bob’s gym and told him to come down as it was hard training. Denton said, “I’ve always been the type who believes hard work pays off so I decided to go and have a look round Bob’s gym. Bob took me round, showing me things and told me what kind of a fighter I was. He said I was more pro fighter by the way I stood and fought. Now I’m undefeated having won 21 fights.” What does Denton think of Bob starting up his personal training programme for the general public? Denton: “It’s perfect and it’s helping people! Bob’s already got his name out there with training the likes of Ricky Hatton and other champions so he’s got so much experience to give. Doing the bag and pad training with him and all the advice he can give is really great.” Denton is currently training every day down at Bob’s in preparation for his next big fight. He is also a big fan of Bikram Yoga based in the Northern Quarter and visits there regularly too. When Denton was asked if he had any tips for our VIVA girl’s fight, he replied “The same thing I would probably say for myself, just relax and don’t be so uptight. If you relax and get into a rhythm you will last longer. You’re more comfortable and you have more confidence. She needs to just relax and bang out her jab.” From improving fitness, wanting to tone up and get a six pack or just wanting to learn self-defence, everyone is welcome on Bob’s new training programmes. And, you never know, Ricky Hatton could turn up to one of your sessions! ■ For more details go to or to book today email

New York VIVA ‘S Hot Travel Guide

To This Incredible City!


ew York City; the Big Apple; the city that never sleeps; Gotham; whatever you call it, this is a place that should be on every bucket list as a trip that must be made at least once in every lifetime. So VIVA made the decision to send someone over to check out the very best the city has to offer. To my horror, I was selected to go. Of course I’m being ironic... I couldn’t wait to jump the pond. Manhattan island is a mere 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles at its widest. Except at its northern and southern tips, the borough’s avenues run roughly north to south and streets run east to west. So if you can count and know your alphabet, you should be able to navigate your way around the city quite easily. For those who like bright sunny days the best time to visit is mid-April through June before the humidity monster rears its ugly head in July and August. The seasonal change to fall is stunning as well, complete with trees showing a variety of colours and a crispness in the air which ultimately leads into the frigid winter time of late November through February. My journey started with a short but sweet visit to the beautiful town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. This is one of the states in the Tri-State area (ie New York, New Jersey & Connecticut) that is steeped in American history. Mind you, historical in the States means buildings that are about 200 years old (a mere drop in the bucket in comparison to Britannia) so be gentle and try not to giggle when the locals throw the word historical around. Anyway, there are many quaint little streets lined with traditional Colonial homes and boutiques that add to the considerable charm of the area. It’s also home to some very highly-rated restaurants, with the likes of Bernard’s, (voted Best French Restaurant 2013 by CT Magazine) Mannen’s, Luc’s, Toscana and Bailey’s ready to satisfy your craving from every type of cuisine. Another area just outside of New York is Westchester County, which was where the new ridiculously minted families of early 1900s (pre-dating the era of income tax) like the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Vanderbilts would escape the hustle and bustle of the city to build impressive manor houses, many of which are now museums or converted into stunning hotels. One such place is Tarrytown House Estate which was the not-so-modest home of philanthropist Mary Duke Biddle. Certainly one of the gems of the Hudson River valley this massive estate comprises of a beautifully appointed hotel, conference centre, a separate fitness centre building with swimming pool, ballroom and atrium. My favourite part of the estate is Cellar 49 which was previously the bowling alley of the eccentric Ms. Duke. Much of the original architectural features have been kept intact and the lovely furnishings and décor make it a very cosy space. Waiting for dinner we had a few drinks at the bar which has gorgeous dark wood features and a fantastic wine list. I wasn’t expecting the top-notch quality of the food; fresh ingredients, beautiful flavours and stunning presentation. The service was impeccable, with the staff making us feel genuinely welcome. Prices were great for the quality of the food, service and surroundings. Without question, it is well worth the short train ride from the city to the ’burbs to spend some time soaking up the grandeur of this estate. Back in the big city there is no shortage of hotel rooms and you will find most to be on the pricey side, even for less er, reputable establishments. This is where I recommend you to check TripAdvisor, disregard the gushing comments at the very top (likely posted by the owner or employees) and the hateful low marks on the bottom (likely posted by their competitors) and you’ll find the truth somewhere in the middle. After some deliberation we decided on the elegant Kitano Hotel on Park Avenue in mid-town Manhattan. The décor is a stunning tribute to Japanese culture, featuring custom-designed mahogany and cherry furnishings and all the accoutrements of a world-class hotel. The luxury suites are gob-smacking in size. The executive suites have split levels leading you from one elegant room to the next, each with state of the art electronics of all sorts (yes, even the loo has some surprises for you) and simply stunning views of some of the most iconic buildings in the city. Much to the delight of team VIVA there was the Tatami Suite, featuring allnatural wood floors, authentic Japanese tatami mats and shoji paper screens. Located on the 17th floor of the hotel, the suite offers either two twin beds or customary futons and a bathroom where you’ll find a soaking tub and separate washing area. Views of Park Avenue are framed by soundproof windows to enhance the tranquil atmosphere. In true Japanese tradition, you are required to kick off your Louboutins before entering. >

5 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Bernard’s French Restaurant

Tarrytown House Estate

Hakubai Japanese Restaurant


Located on the lower level of the hotel you will find Hakubai Japanese Restaurant. Executive Chef Yukihiro Sato offers the celebrated culinary tradition known as Kaiseki cuisine. Kaiseki is a delicate cuisine with roots in Zen Buddhism and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Meals are served on exquisite porcelain, pottery and lacquer dishware with the freshest ingredients in their offerings of Shabu Shabu, Kobe Beef, Sushi, Sashimi , and Tempura. And, if a classy jazz brunch tickles your fancy, each Sunday afternoon you can dine on a buffet of both breakfast and supper items in Jazz At Kitano, the jazz club and restaurant also situated in the hotel. Cocktails and small to large plates are available at Jazz At Kitano every day of the week as well, while listening to the A-list acts that the club attracts. Any trip to New York should include a visit to one of the most renowned hotels ever built, the Waldorf Astoria. As one of the first grand hotels, it has been revered worldwide for over a century for its sheer opulence. An official New York City landmark since 1993, the Art Deco property occupies an entire city block of prime, mid-town Manhattan real estate. Housed with-

in the hotel is one of the finest spas on the planet, the Guerlain Spa and Fitness Center. With every conceivable luxury treatment available in a stunning environment, it was tough to decide on which area of my body I wanted to focus. The Jet Lag treatment of hydrotherapy, reflexology and facial lasts 150 minutes and looked like a winner but at $555 it was a tad out of our price range. However we did enjoy a beautiful facial treatment and body massage that left us in a complete and utter state of relaxation with a lovely dewy glow on our face for the evening ahead. With the multitude of incredible sights to see in Manhattan, it becomes a challenge to try to visit all of the world famous landmarks in the amount of time you have. Your best bet is to try to kill as many birds with one stone as possible. The only way to enjoy top notch cuisine AND check out the city’s skyline is to board a World Yacht Dinner Cruise. The sleek, stylish luxury yacht sets the stage for an extraordinary 4 hour voyage around the Hudson River. The excursion leaves from the docks on the West Side of Manhattan and, before setting sail, we enjoyed drinks and nibbles to whet our appetite

for what was to come. It is, simply put, a floating 5 star restaurant. The staff offer first class service and you will want for nothing. The best part of the trip was being able to stand out on the deck between courses in awe of the sights. With New York City as the ultimate backdrop, we enjoyed a mouth-watering 4 course meal and cocktails and afterwards we felt the need to throw some shapes on the dance floor. It was certainly up there on my all-time favourite holiday moments because we got to see this stunning city from a completely different perspective. It was very cool passing landlubbers who exchanged friendly waves with the passengers and pretending for a moment this floating oasis belonged to us. For you day trippers, there are brunch cruises available as well and, if you are planning a trip to the city this summer, there are special cruises for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the spectacular 4th of July celebration cruise. And did I mention it is an incredible value given the superb quality of everything the evening has to offer? You’ll be hard pressed to find a better dinner cruise anywhere. > k | VIVA | 5 1

World Yacht Dinner Cruise

VIVA T R A V E L If you fancy dinner on dry land and want to experience the true culinary history of New York, you simply must make a trip to Delmonico’s Steakhouse in lower Manhattan. Opening its doors in 1827 as the first restaurant in America, some of the other firsts for this landmark include the first dining establishment in America to be called by the French name “Restaurant,” the first restaurant to have a printed menu, the first restaurant to offer a separate wine list, the first restaurant to allow women to congregate as a group, the first restaurant to have a “star” chef and the original home of Eggs Benedict, Baked Alaska, Lobster Newburg, the Delmonico Steak and Delmonico Potatoes. The building itself sends you back in time to all the grandeur of the turn of the century. Everything screams luxury from the minute you enter the door. The menu itself offered so many appealing choices that it took us ages to decide what to order. After a busy day of traipsing all over the city we went mental and ordered five different scrumptious courses each and ate for hours on end. We even got a visit from the Executive Chef, Billy Oliva, who takes the time to come out of the kitchen and spend time with diners to get their feedback on the meals. Charming, good looking and talented far beyond his years, we developed quite a crush on Billy. And the wine list. Oh, the wine list. Even the aficionados at the table were duly impressed by the quality of the vintages on offer. Delmonico’s should be at the very top of any visitors list and expect to dig into your wallet as it’s priced accordingly. If you can’t wait until your next trip to try some of these classic dishes, there is a cookbook available to purchase online so you can try your hand at recreating the cuisine that made this place famous. Good luck with that by the way. Anyway, it’s an absolute must for true die-hard foodies. I’m starting to drool slightly just reminiscing about it so let’s move on shall we? Brits love their tea and, much to our delight, New York’s most fashionable address, The Plaza Hotel, is the premier destination for Afternoon Tea. A famous tradition at The Plaza, the Afternoon Tea service blends an innovative menu with a formal tea to provide superb service and tempting cuisine in a truly opulent setting. Chef Johnny Franco and Pastry Chef, Jasmina Bojic’s menu is classic with contemporary flair featuring delectable sandwiches, savouries, pastries and sweets. You can sip on tea, or choose to liven things up with a sampling of champagnes to wash down your nibbles. I highly recommend the latter. “hiccup” Yet another award winning restaurant residing within yet another landmark hotel, Asiate offers ‘a taste of Asia in the Big Apple’ at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Columbus Circle. This happens to be located right at the entrance of Central Park and offers views that will render you speechless. Executive Chef Toni Robertson has an impressive history of breaking records, becoming the first female chef of a luxury hotel in South East Asia being one of them. As soon as you step through the doors, it oozes ambience and class. There was almost a reverence amongst the diners for what they were experiencing on their plates and in their wine glasses. I’d recommend the Prix Fixé menu as it offers exquisite dishes like Crab Rissotto or Foie Gras Torchon as starters and Atlantic Halibut or Wagyu Beef as mains. For dessert we went with Chocolate Crémeux, Lemon Gelato and Bay Leaf Pannacotta to share. There is the option of a tasting menu for the entire table with paired wines but bring your appetite because you will be tasting six incredible dishes of Himachi, Buckwheat and Eggs, Diver Scallops, Atlantic Halibut, Lobster and Wagyu Beef. This is followed by a sampling of four gorgeous dessert choices. You can expect to pay a premium price for food of this quality but in our humble opinion it is worth every penny. The rest of our short trip was spent dashing from the Empire State Building to Grand Central Station, over to the Chrysler Building and on to Macy’s for some shopping. Heading downtown to the financial district, we paid our respects at the 911 memorial and strolled along the boardwalk of the South Street Seaport. It was sad to see the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy with historic seaside landmarks completely wiped off the face of the earth while other attractions are only starting to recover from the extensive damage. Later we hopped on the subway for a trip to Prospect Park in Brooklyn with its classic brownstones and a stroll through the park itself which easily rivals Central Park in beauty and size. I developed a new-found respect for Brooklyn as it tends to get a bad rap thanks to movies and television. The next day we took an expensive taxi ride to the Bronx to visit Arthur Avenue for some of the best Italian food the five boroughs have to offer. A quick bus ride took us over to Broadway in Riverdale and we popped into a few of the mostly Irish bars dotted everywhere along the massive boulevard. Alas our time was soon up and it was time to bid farewell to this beloved city. I’ll see you in about 12 months, New York. And save a bagel wit’ a schmear for me, will ya? ■ words: Bernie Kelly 5 2 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Delmonico’s Restaurant

Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Asiate Restaurant

The Plaza Hotel

#VIVALONDON Yes that’s right folks

we are now

taking over


photo: Phill Konecny


IVA has been labelled the best lifestyle magazine in Manchester. TV presenter and comedy actress, Cleo Rocos, once said VIVA is the Vogue of Manchester plus Happy Mondays front lady, Rowetta says it’s her favourite magazine to read. So we thought it was about time we branched out and gave another amazing UK city a bit of VIVA loving, that being the vibrant Capital of England, London! With the new high-speed rail network from London to Manchester being built in the near future and the BBC moving from London to Media City with all sorts of media types commuting between both cities we thought VIVA’s next stop London was the perfect move. Our London team, run by TV presenter Kiri Bloore, is taking over the city covering everything from fashion, beauty, health and fitness, home, leisure and travel, food and drink, events, live music, the arts and film. You know how we like to party and network at VIVA and we are already the word around town; making a name for ourselves at all the VIP social events, go team VIVA London! So who is Kiri Bloore? She’s an old school friend of our editor. They went to Millfield boarding school together but lost contact when they both left and only last year came across each other again. Since school, Kiri has built up a carrier on TV, presenting on the likes of Alan Carr Chatty Man, Karl Pilkington An Idiot Abroad, MTV America and was the fashion and entertainments corespondent for Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding for TLC Discovery Network. She is also the host of Fashion Forensics and is now running VIVA London. If you have any stories or events you would like our London team to cover then contact Kiri on kiri@


The West Bridge Hotel

Our VIVA Manchester girls took a trip down to London not long ago to scope out a few places on our radar, here’s what they got up to. “It’s just too easy these days to get down to London on the train from Manchester. You can get a direct Virgin train that takes just over two hours but it is advised to book your tickets as early as possible as buying them on the day of your travel can work out extremely expensive. So we took the Virgin train down to London one Friday afternoon to Euston and headed straight for Covent Garden to do a bit of shopping and have a business / social meeting in the super cool Hospital Club. Covent Garden has some really lovely independent boutique shops one being Bolongaro Trevor. Picture a mash up design of All Saints and Vivienne Westwood, this is what you get with Bolongaro Trevor, it’s our new favourite brand! > 5 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

The Hospital Club ‘private members’

Bolongaro Trevor

The Hospital Club is a private members club for anyone in the media and creative industry. You can only get in with a member so it was lucky we were with Big Will. It’s a great place to network with people in the industry and for after work drinks. For the weekend we booked into luxury hotel, The West Bridge, located just on the outskirts of London in Stratford. The West Bridge hosts luxury suites pricing from £89 to £129 plus has a very impressive penthouse suite with terrace looking over the stunning views of Stratford. I’m afraid there is not a serving alcohol bar at The West bridge due to the Jewish heritage but they have a lovely coffee house which is open from 7am to 10pm and service the best breakfast buffets we have come across in a while. We had heard really good things about the Mews Of Mayfair, British Brasserie and bar, a hidden gem tucked Mews Of Mayfair, British Brasserie & bar in a cobbled escape off New Bond Street. Following a full refurbishment and the arrival of new Chef Richard Sawyer, the new menu showcases some favourite traditional dishes using the best of British ingredients. The average price per head is £20 for two courses, which is real value in the heart of Mayfair. All food is locally sourced in Britain which means all dishes contain real quality produce and reliable traceability. We all tried different dishes which included Paddock farm pork sausages, 8oz fillet steak with cracked pepper and rump of Herdwhick lamb. We are big fans of halloumi and Mews do a light bite section where we clocked the fried Sussex halloumi which we highly recommend! Hosting a cocktail bar downstairs, the drinks menu is pretty special featuring wines, spirits and beers from all round the UK. Being big Whisky fans we were on the English Whisky Co which is produced in Norfolk, this was a new discovery for us and has been added to our top five whiskies. Manchester band Inspiral Carpets were playing that night over at KOKO so after our delicious meal at Mews Of Mayfair we decided to head over to Camden to check out the venue and party the night away girl Eve running the London Marathon with Emily Deyn as Mancunians in London town!”

London VIVA girl and TV presenter Kiri Bloore


Congratulations to VIVA London girl Eve for running the London Marathon in 5 1/2 hours. She was running for Fighting Cancer you can still donate at ■ Bolongaro Trevor KOKO Mews Of Mayfair The Hospital Club The West Bridge Hotel k | VIVA | 5 5



e don’t know about you but the year so far has seemed unrelentingly cold, wet and GRIM! Most of us at VIVA HQ have been tucked up in hibernation, waiting for the first rays of sun to lure us out onto the streets. So thank God Spring is finally here and, in true British style, we’re already sporting our shorts and sunglasses! Excited? Us? However, rather than escaping to the countryside or to some exotic island abroad at the first opportunity, we have been discovering that Manchester is the perfect place for summer fun with gorgeous restaurants and bars spilling out from every street corner. To prove our point we have compiled a list of the most sumptuous and sophisticated places to eat and drink this season for city dwellers that enjoy the finer things in life.



Kaleido The National Football Museum, Urbis Building, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester, M4 3BG 0161 871 8160

Sitting high up in the city skyline, Kaleido is housed in the iconic Urbis building marking it out as one of the hot spots in Manchester. On entry the venue immediately serves up a panoramic view of the city lit with a plethora of multi-coloured lights to stunning effect. So much so one would think it hard for the food to match the surroundings. However, VIVA was given a sneak peek of the new summer menu and we can assure you it is as dazzling as any view! This season you can expect multi-coloured salads with candy beetroot, steaks done to perfection and a divine chocolate pudding amongst many other things. Paul Riley and the team let the food speak for itself with fresh, seasonal ingredients full of natural colour and health. (and all at very accessible prices we might add) These high standards are of no surprise given that their senior chef de partie recently took part in the ‘North West Young Chef’ competition presenting a much lauded collection of dishes that had us drooling. Outside of the media buzz, the restaurant feels like a safe haven nestled in the clouds away from the busy city. The team tell us that customers even find it hard to leave at the end of an evening of fine food and drink- ‘people just don’t seem to want to leave!’ High in the skyline serving up salt of the earth dishes sounds like the perfect combination to us!

TOM’S CHOP HOUSE 52 Cross Street, Manchester, M2 7AR 01618322245

Opened as a public house in 1867, little has changed at Tom’s Chop House since. Tucked away on the corner of Manchester’s busy Cross Street it is the perfect spot for a drink after a long day at work or even a private party. We feel it conjures up the transition between seasons; a cosy interior adorned with portrait photography and art novéau motifs which spill out onto a gorgeous sunlit terrace. The outdoor area sits in the shade of St Anne’s Square and is perfectly private and peaceful- a veritable oasis from the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets. The gang at Tom’s have informed us there is plenty to look forward to this season. What with their summer menu boasting many tempting treats such as their take on a classic - the corn beef hash salad. And, of course, at the heart of the pub is their passion for creativity, something which is celebrated with the annual student competition, Unleashed. With up to 20 Universities involved, students submit illustrations and paintings to be judged and sold at an auction gala on the 11th of July. The proceeds go to the students and to North Air Ambulance and it always proves to be a unique and fun event for food and art lovers alike. Even if the weather doesn’t shape up in time, General Manager Derek Cassidy and his team will always have you in high spirits with their endlessly friendly service and sense of fun. It is a treasure in the city centre that should be your first stop for traditional fare this summer.

5th and 6th floors National Football Museum Urbis Building Cathedral Gardens Manchester M4 3BG

A restaurant and bar towering above the heart of Manchester with glass walls giving amazing panoramic views over the city centre rooftops à la carte menu excluding Sunday last orders 9.45pm express lunch from £14.50 Monday to Saturday last orders 6:30pm (9.45pm on Fridays) Sunday lunch from £10.95 last orders 5pm pre-theatre meals and pre-concert dining at the nearest restaurant to the Manchester Arena

OR ENJOY A DRINK IN KALEIDO’S SIXTH FLOOR PENTHOUSE BAR Experience the colours and reflections of Kaleido by night OPENING TIMES Monday - Friday: restaurant open 12 noon – 3pm and 5pm - 10pm bar open 12 noon - 3pm and 5pm until late Saturday: restaurant open 12 noon - 10pm bar open 12 noon until late Sunday: restaurant and bar open 12 noon to 6pm

0161 871 8160 Available for private hire and corporate dining


3 Hardman Street, Manchester, M3 3HF 0161 817 2950

Want to know where Manchester’s elite go for cocktails on a Saturday night? Well, look no further than The Alchemist on New York Street- the hottest place for drinks in the heart of town. While the typical spread of suits and city slickers might suggest an ordinary evening out, a night here is anything but. With ‘molecular madness’ at the top of the agenda this season. This refers to their wild list of over 80 cocktails with a whole new selection for summer being introduced. Our favourite was the show stopping, colour changing (all singing, all dancing!) cocktail which fizzed up and did exactly what it said on the tin, shifting from brilliant blue to bright pink. And you don’t even have to just sit and stare at such party pieces - get in on the act with cocktail master classes revealing the secrets behind great cocktail mixing. Even though they’ve barely been open a year these are fast becoming a Manchester tradition. And as a side car to the concoction of cocktails, delicious food is always on offer with the typical tongue-in-cheek presentation;. Think chicken wings sitting in a skull with dry ice. It’s always a performance at The Alchemist so make sure you get a front row seat.

47 KING STREET WEST 47 King Street West, Manchester, M3 2PW 0161 839 1929

6 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Having begun as a trendy tea room off Deansgate, 47 King Street has flourished into an all-day event of a restaurant with brothers Barry and Howard at the head of the operation. Now cemented as a dining stalwart, the siblings gave us a sneak peak at their summer menu; beautifully light meat dishes such as lamb served with sweet potato, a sharp tuna carpaccio and their classic Eton mess to finish. These are just a few of the flavours you can expect this summer while their ever expanding cocktail list is just as tempting with sharp and sweet flavours for spring. Lychee martini anyone? The boys have chosen to team their classic menu with classic summer entertainment - music. Sourcing some of the most varied acts from around Manchester, Friday nights will now be musical shows as, when we stopped by, they were just setting up for a night at the opera on the restaurant floor. There are also plans for strawberry and champagne days with Wimbledon this season, so fish out your tennis whites in heady preparation. One thing we know and love 47 King Street for in particular though is their breakfast, a favourite being the omelette Arnold Bennett. The service here has often been compared to breakfast at The Wolsely the standard is so high, ever proving the point that London ain’t got nothing on Manchester!! As our mothers always told us breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you do yours right at 47 King Street West. Just don’t be surprised if you end up staying for the rest of the day!



376 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LY 01618342124

This quirky family run bar is THE destination for drinks with an indie cool streak this season. Think Cheers with a DJ as the staff are always ready for a chat and to discuss their extensive drinks list. With this they have just revealed a spanking new refurbishment - the walls are now pasted with unusual prints such as a map of our dear old Manchester alongside the bronze Atlas statue with open brick for added nonchalant cool. While in the day this is the perfect spot for a glass of wine and a chill, on Friday and Saturday nights the bar takes on a different personality as the DJ kicks into gear. Music lovers can look forward to live music and northern soul nights while their private parties out on the terrace are a huge hit. Overlooking the Deansgate train line, it is a renowned spot for barbecues which can go on into the early hours as the train rumbles past. What really recommends Atlas though is their huge selection of gin. With over 55 different types on offer (and counting!) they have the best selection in the city which they use to their advantage in their wide variety of cocktails and ‘gin of the week.’ As well as this they have some great food ready for tasting this summer with sharing platters ranging from a yummy Greek mezze to a traditional English ploughmans. Both would be the perfect accompaniment to hours of conversation and sun this summer.

ABODE 107 Piccadilly, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 2DB 0161 247 7744 With Michael Caines MBE at the creative helm, the only five star food review in MEN in recent times and Michelin style food, you would be forgiven for thinking that ABode was only a once in a lifetime eating experience. However, as Caines himself says ‘good food should be available to everyone’, an ethos the restaurant lives by with surprisingly affordable five star food. The atmosphere speaks of easy elegance with a distinct lack of pretension, something that was made all the more clear as we discussed the summer menu with Head chef Robert Cox. With softly spoken attention to detail he described how ABode champions seasonal food from local sources, such as the Tasting menu we tucked in to which was full of classic flavour combinations and spring greens. Even though Caines is the name people come for, each chef brings a piece of personal flair to every one of their dishes; these can be sampled with the full-on a la carte menu or, for those in a rush, with the Tasting or Grazing options at lunch. In fact their chef de partie, Sam Palmer, recently won the ‘North West Young Chef’ Manchester heats proving the outstanding skill of every member of the team. And as much as ABode caters to people on the go, the restaurant was made for special occasions with a champagne bar and private rooms decorated with brilliant pop art shots from photographer Brian Aris. Again in the words of Mr Caines- ‘after love there is only cuisine’ and frankly, we’re in love! 62 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

The Atlas Bar is an iconic city centre bar in the heart of Manchester, situated within Deansgate railway arches. Recently fully refurbished, it now proudly presents the look and feel of Manchester. * New refurbishment * Outdoor terrace seating up to 80 people * Specialising in Gins from around the world, the biggest in Manchester * Sharing food plates, award-winning pies, salads, paninis and more * Hosting functions, corporate events, parties and networking evenings 376 Deansgate Manchester M3 4LY 0161 834 2124 twitter: @AtlasBarManc facebook: /Atlas-Bar



2 Watson Street, Great Northern Tower, Manchester, M3 4EE 0161 839 5111

If there is one thing that we all love, it’s a good curry. However this isn’t your standard korma and a can of a Friday night; Zaika is a slice of the east that celebrates Indian cuisine in all its spicy glory. While they’re the ideal venue for parties and corporate events inside their plush private rooms and out on the terrace, their ethos is all about authentic fare. This is clear when the chefs, hailing from five different regions of southern India and Nepal, get to work producing all manner of Indian delights. What we love about Zaika is the amount of fish on offer, something that is typical of the southern regions of India. Classics include the grilled lobster and spiced scallops and we just can’t wait for the summer menu to be fully introduced, promising an exciting selection of fusion dishes including sweet mango and chicken curry. We’re not the only ones who are mad for the food being dished up at Zaika. We hear it has a celebrity fan base that varies from The Hoff to Boris Johnson, as well as having fed the Miliband brothers. Not only do you get a dinner but a sneak peek into the current conservative policies - a bargain if you ask us! So when Bob and his bevy of lovely ladies welcome you inside, prepare to have you all your senses set on fire as well as having one of the most fun nights out you’ve had in a while. It is the only Indian restaurant in the city that you need to know about. ■


The Rebirth of Barca

Back in the day Barca was THE place to be seen in Manchester. This was during the raving 90’s and while the bar was owned by Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall. So somewhat inevitably it became a music-cool hub for the likes of The Happy Mondays and their likeminded cohorts. As much as the Northern Quarter is associated with the shabby chic nightlife and indie events of Manchester today, Barca was ten years ago. The team behind the current reinvention (having been involved in the club and restaurant scene for well over a decade) saw all this back in the day which led them to an idea; to bring Barca back for 2013. Even so, it took until now for the concept to finally become a reality again after discovering unusual architectural features that had been hidden away for years - the original plans of Barca! In fact the more they found the more they fell in love and felt like they had to return to the glory days. The team knew that they and, more importantly, their patrons, would love the original design so moved ahead with a ‘de-furb’.

Mick Hucknell the original owner of Barca

The original splendour of the venue has been brought right up-todate with tons of seasonal fun this year. The outside patio area is a beautiful place to soak up the sun’s rays when the weather is smiling down and inside the team have created a relaxed vibe where you can spend a great evening without spending a fortune on over-priced cocktails. Equally for those who want to chill out, shisha pipes will be available with lots of fruity flavours as well as the chic Dragonfly Rooms which will of course be in full swing for events of all types with great views of Castlefield and the canal. Expect live events and a tasty seasonal menu with full course meals and canapé-inspired treats for those who can only manage a nibble. It was a controversial move but with such an array of summer delights on offer, one can’t deny that it paid off. So if, like us, you can’t wait to check out Barca in all its reinvented glory, get down to Castlefield for the re-launch. Barca, Catalan Square, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4RU 0161 839 7099

Barca 6 6 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

“Michael Caines -

Bringing A Slice Of Culinary Perfection To Manchester”


ou may recognise him from The Great British Menu and, if not, then get studying! Michael Caines is one of Britain’s finest chefs. He has worked under the great Raymond Blanc before flying the nest and receiving an MBE, two Michelin Stars, and numerous top-of-the-list accolades in many a lifestyle magazine with his Devon’s Gidleigh Park. With his Abode hotels franchise, Caines is closer to home than we could possibly hope. We can all experience a slice of Caines’ genius what with one of his kitchen’s creating unbeatable cuisine at the charming Manchester branch of Abode that sits on Piccadilly. We spoke to one of the greatest chefs of our time and found nothing untoward. Apart from a comforting appreciation of a (great quality!) takeout. How does working at Gidleigh Park in Devon compare to kitchens in the city such as Abode in Manchester? They are very different – one is a country house hotel and the other a very busy, boutique hotel with two outlets. Both are very busy in their own right. Gidleigh Park is mainly driven by residents in the evening and non-residents during the day whereas Manchester do a lot more non-resident trade and they do a lot more covers. Which is your favourite dish that you have created? There isn’t any one in particular – there are several signature dishes that have evolved over time. The main thing is to make sure all dishes presented are seasonal and focused on the region. Dishes for conferencing and banqueting are very different to fine dining dishes. Why is sourcing ingredients as local/regional as possible so important to you? It helps to create the identity of the place you are in. When you come to Manchester it is important to get a local experience. What was it like when Gidleigh Park was rated first in the 2010 Sunday Times Guide to the Top 100 Restaurants? How did you celebrate? Initially it was a real surprise - we didn’t expect to be number one. It is a great endorsement of the excellent quality of the product at Gidleigh Park. We celebrated with a glass of champagne and then back to work – which proved to be a good idea as we have been in the Top 3 every year! It’s a real achievement which underlies what Gidleigh Park is all about. > 6 8 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Has anything compared to winning your Michelin stars? Or did any of your other numerous accolades surpass even that? The only thing to surpass that was becoming a father. In culinary terms being given an MBE in 2006 was a very special occasion. Every year you keep a Michelin star is a good achievement – you know you are being judged each year so you have to keep pushing. You are involved in helping an impressive amount of charities including Journey of a Lifetime. What motivates you to give back in such a huge way despite your already hectic schedule? I get involved with charities that are relative to me such as Farms for City children, Families for Children and PORT-er . It is important to give back and to look after the wider community and charity is a nice way of doing that. I encourage the units where possible to get in involved with local charities.

What are you most proud of concerning the Manchester branch of Abode? The fact that it is such a busy place. Over the years it continues to excite and serve the community well. When we opened we were told fine dining wouldn’t work here but thanks to a great team (which has evolved over time) we continue to make an impact in a market that is very important to us.

How do you think studying under Raymond Blanc shaped your identity as a chef? My time with Raymond Blanc at Le Manior aux Quat Saisons helped develop my career. I spent 3 years working with Raymond. He helped me to go to France to work with Bernard Loiseau and Joel Rubuchon. Raymond also recommended me for the job at Gidleigh Park. Working with Raymond was instrumental in the early stages of my career and is, to this day, a very close friend. I learned a lot in my time at Le Manior and am very proud to have spent time there working with a chef as passionate as Raymond.

Is there a particular dish you remember enjoying when you were young that still influences your work? In reality not a lot is influenced from my childhood in my professional life although one thing I do enjoy from childhood is baking at home or at work and I did that when I was little.

Do you ever have a day off cooking at home? Ever settle for a takeaway/ microwave meal or would you consider that blasphemy? Sunday is my day off – sometimes I cook or go out for a meal and occasionally someone cooks for me. I enjoy cooking at home - it is very different to cooking at work and is an important part of family life. I have no problem with a takeaway as long as it’s great quality. On a Sunday night it is a real treat. I love Chinese, Thai and Indian food!

When you go out to eat are you more of a starter or a dessert man? Definitely starter!

Lastly, tell us what draws you back to Great British Menu? Do you find the judging gets more difficult year after year as the dishes get more and more innovative? Great British Menu is an incredibly popular programme and each year it brings new chefs and ideas. It’s interesting to see what’s going on, although I rarely get a chance to watch it these days as I am so busy!!■ words: Jessica Atkinson


Where & When? Manchester’s Albert Square, 8th & 9th June 2013


or those who like their BBQ to come with a side order of sizzling southern sounds, Grillstock is the festival for you this summer. The American South in all its riotous glory is coming to Manchester in the form of a meat and music spectacular- encompassing a low ’n’ slow barbeque competition, a cooking academy, thumping international music and beer at three Brooklyn Brewery Bars. This is an event that celebrates food to the fullest. In true American tradition there will even be chilli eating and rib eating competitions for you to chow down on, so just forget that bikini body now and invest in a good pair of elasticated trackies. Grillstock is coming and for its Manchester debut it will be taking to Albert Square where 12 teams will fight tooth and nail for that prestigious title- ‘King of the Q.’

WIN VIP TICKETS! VIVA have teamed up with Grillstock to give away 3 pairs of VIP tickets for the debut year in Manchester on the 8th & 9th June, which include the following: · 2 Weekend tickets, a jam packed weekend full of entertainment · Friday Night VIP Party · Grillstock BBQ meal & 2 drinks per person from our craft beer bar · Exclusive Festival T-Shirt for each VIP ticket holder · Grillstock sauce and seasonings for each VIP ticket holder To win a pair of VIP tickets worth £110, please answer the question below and send your name and telephone number to

QUESTION: Where will Grillstock take place in Manchester this year? A) Albert Square B) Spinningfields C) The Printworks For tickets or to find out more visit, Twitter @Grillstock, 7 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Even though the festival is limited to a weekend the fun doesn’t have to stop there. The meat mad winners will be jetted off to America to compete in the esteemed American Royal Invitational in Kansas, breaking bread with the best of the best. And let’s not forget that this is a meat and music extravaganza; the latter is no less important, especially with big names like Kitty Daisy and Lewis attending. This trio of siblings are London born and bred but play serious rhythm and blues, infusing a diverse 1950s style with ‘thigh slapping’ sounds. Having already supported Coldplay on a tour of the US, this threesome knows how to own a crowd. They will be joined by the scuzzy blues outfit Congo Faith Healers, Manchester’s own Honeyfeet and jazz/hip hop group Riot Jazz (a band loved by the likes of Chase and Status and Dizzee Rascal) among tons of other exciting funk and southern soul acts. ■


Go ‘Down Under’ground To Australasia...

uckily I have had the pleasure of dining at Australasia a few times and this restaurant is my partner’s favourite to visit when he is in the city, so I was excited to be reviewing this for VIVA magazine! As many of you know, the restaurant is one of Manchester’s No.1 hotspots for dining out. Conveniently located just off the Avenue in Spinningfields, next to the Armani store with an impressive glass triangle entrance to a staircase that leads you to the restaurant underground. You are immediately impressed before setting foot through the door! My first thought was that this would create a dark ambiance and maybe a little claustrophobia but it is actually the opposite. The décor is really light and quirky with a glass end wall at the back of the restaurant that houses the kitchen behind it, so you really can see what you are eating! The style of cuisine is modern Australian that combines Pacific Rim flavours underpinned by European cooking tradition, a blend of Indonesian and Southeast Asian influences; Australia’s strong ties with Japan also help determine the taste and style. There is something on the menu to accommodate all taste buds with their adventurous culinary kick. Our waiter had a thorough understanding of both the food and drinks menu and with so many fabulous sounding dishes to choose from his guidance was most appreciated! From previous visits the sushi was the selling point for me, so our table decided to start there. We ordered from the mixed selections - Sushi and Sashimi (but nowhere near adventurous enough to try the eel dishes) along with Popcorn tempura and Soft Shell crab with courgette flowers chilli seasoning. My brother, who

insists he does not like seafood, was unwittingly delving into the Soft Shell crab! We did joke amongst each other, as he didn’t know what he was eating and enjoying so much! Now his surprise coming to Australasia has opened his taste buds into trying new things. (Hurrah!) I couldn’t thank Australasia enough for that! The Soft Shell crab is always ordered as I adore this dish and, as always, just as tasty as I remember: soft succulent flesh, with a slight crunch complemented by a chilli kick. For our next set of dishes we ordered the marinated Pork Belly, Szechuan Salt and Pepper Beef Skewers, Grilled Scallops with deep fried Soft Shell Crab and the Chicken Skewers with Coconut and Peanut Sambai. All of these dishes were cooked and presented beautifully, although my favourite had to be the Pork Belly. It was very sweet, succulent and cooked to perfection! Kim’s favourite was the Grilled Scallops that had a lovely hint of ginger… and there were plenty of them! A great advantage to this type of dining is, if you still feel hungry, you can just order more! We were satisfied however and sipped on our cocktails until our friendly and attentive waiter came back to order desserts. At this point we were feeling rather full but of course being the VIVA eaters that we are, we could not leave without trying the impressive dessert menu. We opted for the Caramel Cheesecake with Pistachio Sponge and both the Chocolate and Mango Soufflés. Honestly, we weren’t sure that the desserts were to our taste as the soufflés were a bit of a disappointment and lacked flavour but this could be down to the fact that the superb cocktails were kicking in! ■ words: Rebecca Legon

Shake with delight at Archie’s


hen considering Manchester’s celeb haunts most people would instantly suggest the decadent Panacea, the luscious Living Room or the cow skinned interior of Gaucho Grill but there is a new venue that has had more celeb attendances than the Soap Awards and that venue is Archie’s Burgers and Shakes! Yes, believe it or not, this American themed milkshake bar and diner situated on Oxford Road regularly tantalises the taste buds of starlets such as Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright. They have also had hip-hop stars the Wu Tang Clan pay a visit for their munchies and have even had American superstar rapper Nas behind their counters creating his own ‘Naughty Nas Shake’. So what has these stars shaking with delight at the thought of Archie’s? Well the fact that there are over 100 combinations of milkshake could be something to do with it. Simply pick your favorite guilty pleasure whether that’s a chocolate bar or sweets and this will be expertly whizzed up into the most delightful drink topped with lashings of cream. If this sounds a bit too carblicious for you and you are following in the footsteps of the health conscious celebs that frequent Archie’s then fret not they offer a multitude of healthy options and you can have a vitamin-packed smoothie knocked up within a matter of minutes that will cure all nutritional ailments including hangovers!

They also offer a wide variety of freshly cooked food and believe me this is not your generic greasy takeaway grub. The menu lists dishes such as Peri Peri chicken wings, sweet potato fries and chicken salads and their freshly cooked hotdogs and burgers are a far cry from the usual soggy messes that are picked up on a drunken night out. Owned by the entrepreneurial Rafique brothers, Archie’s Burgers and Shakes is going from strength to strength with expansion plans already in place and their new 45 seat diner will be opening at the beginning of May. All in all, Archies Burgers and Shakes is a burger bar with a difference. Freshly cooked food, accompanied by infinite combinations of milkshakes that will satisfy every sweet tooth and you never know, the next time you go you could just be slurping next to your favorite Superstar! For further info on Archies please visit www. or to claim 50% off your next milkshake download the Archies app by scanning the QR code below: ■ k | VIVA | 7 1


SUCCESSFUL TIMES AT 47 KING STREET WEST Family run business 47 King Street West has done nothing but ascend through the ranks since its opening a mere couple of years ago and yet originally brothers Barry and Howard had no plans to enter into the restaurant business...


efore their culinary career Barry worked as a solicitor while Howard was part of the marketing world yet their love of food and natural high standards allowed them to fall into the biz in a partnership with their father and into what was originally a tea room. After building a rep as Manchester’s go to tea shop for the city’s elite, the boys decided they couldn’t rest on their laurels. So what we have today is their next step, an all day (and sometimes all night) restaurant. How have they managed to get to the top with such relative ease? Introducing Rod Francis- the head chef at 47 King Street West. Described as a ‘food maestro’ he gained his experience under the tutelage of Chef Jason Atherton and at other top London restaurants. Now he shares the creative helm with the boys. Indeed, not only is the proof in the pudding (which was delicious!) but in the ethos the brothers have at the heart of the eatery. Barry shared his belief that ‘the meal has become incidental to the event’ suggesting the joy of eating has gone from eating out. This joy is what the team hope to bring back, something they definitely achieved when we visited for dinner. To kick us off, barman Matt whisked up a super fruity strawberry mojito and their special Grand National cocktail - champagne, gin, cassis and fresh berries! In fact, for their great range of cocktails and mocktails make sure you come for a visit any Wednesday – Saturday from 5pm to 7pm as it is cocktail happy hour with 2/4/1 on all cocktails. When it came to food we were selecting from the à la carte menu which boasts an array of dishes and we found it hard to choose just one. After much deliberation however, we went for pan-fried pigeon with spicy goat’s cheese and tomato cake to start; the latter having a lovely sweet and sour kick. For our mains we went for choices that can be dangerous if not done right, pan fried-duck and fillet steak, both of which were done to perfection and came with plenty of luxurious sides. To finish we chose creamy Cheshire ice cream and a fine selection of cheeses, all washed down with a glass of port that tasted just like Christmas. This is traditional, organic cuisine with a modern slant and, to put it simply, totally divine. We have to highlight how impeccable, intensive and engaging the service was. Barry and Howard have trained their team really well and it made our whole dinning experience a real delight. We will definitely be coming back again soon. With such excellence achieved at this early stage in their career, the boys now have their sights set on the awards and accolades they deserve. Be a part of their rise to fame by paying a visit and indulging in some cutting-edge cuisine. ■ 47 King Street West, Manchester, M3 2PW 0161 839 1929 |

Fine Indian Cuisine Restaurant and Bar

sense of Taste

Experience Indian cuisine at its finest Manchesters only

Indian restaurant

Discounted NCP car parking for Zaika customers To make your trip into the city for a meal at one of the finest Indian restaurants in Manchester even better, we can now offer you one hour’s free parking when ordering from the A La Carte menu

3 course meal for just £14.95 Available Sunday to Thursday

We offer special discount for large parties (15+) If you’re looking to book a table for a large group of friends or colleagues we can offer you an attractive discount

20% discount on all takeaway 2 Watson Street, Great Northern Tower, Manchester, M3 4EE | 0161 831 7099 |

Hunters Cheshire Gin and the art of the Gin Trail


know what you’re thinking: gin is a drink for middle-aged divorcées. It is perfumed and repugnant, a diet drink only, right? Wrong! Thanks to the distilling magic of Jon Jones and Ian Cass Hunters Cheshire Gin has made the classic bar staple delicious and exceedingly ‘now’ again. Comfortingly high quality, on a par with the world’s best gins in fact, the drink is tweaked from a three-hundred-year-old recipe and crafted in copper pot stills manufactured by alcohol aristocracy, John Dore Limited. Distilled elsewhere in England yes but the up-and-coming spirit of choice was proudly conceived very close to home in Cheshire.

Unlike cheaper brands that give the spirit its aforementioned bad name, the recipe for Hunters Cheshire Gin is sourced using individual botanicals from every corner of the globe and marinated for many hours before the distilling process has even begun. Ingredients include delicious juniper berries and citrus peel although the actual recipe is a closely guarded secret. The result is a spectacular yet subtle flavour that is more citrus than flowery, more delicious than dull. On the Inaugural Gin Trail in idyllic Knutsford, VIVA celebrated the launch of the new spirit with Cass and Jones themselves, who share sixty years of experience in the drinks business between them. Cass is described as akin to a ‘Raging, Inexorable, Thunder-Lizard Evangelist’ in his passion for the company. Clearly, we’re in good (if slightly zany) hands. This marvellous new gin is available in myriad bars around the Manchester and Cheshire area and could not be more ideal for the kind of outdoor drinking we’ve been waiting far too long to indulge in. Head to perfect Cheshire spots such as The Belle Epoque and Old Sessions House in Knutsford, the Cheshire Smokehouse in Wilmslow, Bar Lounge in Cheshire or relish this high class tipple in the city at the new Northern Quarter bar Kosmonaut and all Black Dog venues and other central bars. A full list of cosy spots and happening bars at which the gin is served can be found at With its perfection in softer drinks and its traditional use in big flavoured and lip-pursingly strong concoctions, Hunters Cheshire Gin appeals to what Cass identifies as an ‘extensive palette’ as our easy to emulate cocktail recipes (below) prove! • Meet VIVA’s favourite cocktail of the night, ‘The Bramble,’ which we enjoyed in the beautiful and brick-walled Knutsford Wine Bar. Combine 50ml of Hunters Cheshire Gin with sugar syrup and 25ml of blackberry liqueur. Top up with plenty of ice and lemon in its 12oz glass for a luscious sweetness you would never have expected but will never be able to forget. • Go ‘Truly Hunters’ using fruity ingredients that complement the gin’s natural components with this next drink. A 12oz glass brimming with ice is filled with freshly pressed apple juice, a lemon wheel, a splash of elderflower cordial and, of course, 50ml of Hunters Cheshire Gin. • Braver than that? Opt for the knockout mixture known as ‘The String Bag’. All you need is that same 50ml measure of Hunters Cheshire Gin, a measure of very dry Manzanilla Sherry, a twist of lemon juice and a martini glass. Oh and a bit of gumption. words: Jessica Atkinson









VENUE: MCR ARENA DATE: MAY 7TH, 8TH & 9TH TICKETS: Available on She needs no introduction but we’ll give you one if you want. The all-talented, ridiculously famous, crazy beautiful R’n’B singer has announced a world tour, and she’s stopping by in Manchester for a few days. Not to be missed.

This year will be the third that the biggest celebration of all things cuilinary takes place at Cheshire’s own magnificent Tatton Park with the introduction of a Chocolate Theatre to showcase the wonderful diversity of everyone’s favourite treat. Expect top chefs, sunshine (hopefully) and lots and lots of yummy food.



VENUE: THE PALACE THEATRE DATE: 21ST MAY - 15TH JUNE TICKETS: £19.50 The timeless, chick-flick favourite hits Manchester in May and June to please more of the worldwide millions it has already wowed. With its iconic music, impressive choreography and extraordinary romance, the show will inevitably wow anyone who goes to see it.

VENUE: O2 APOLLO DATE: 23RD & 24TH MAY TICKETS: £31.50 She’s America’s sweetheart, GQ’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ and eponymous to Mulberry’s new It bag. And she’s coming to Manchester. The ‘gangster Nancy Sinatra’ crooner who brought us the infectious ‘Video Games’ performs all her best for us in May.

Noah and the whale


Formed in NYC and just returning from Down Under where they are perfecting their fourth studio album ‘Mosquito,’ the indie-rock band never fail to addict with their huge, dancey sound. Expect more of the wonderful ‘Sacrilege’ in the upcoming album and in their stage showcase in May.

7 6 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t


In the run-up to their fourth studio album effort ‘Heart of Nowhere,’ the group of five friends who are most famous for their summer hit ‘Five Year’s Time.’ Charlie Fink, Tom Hobden, Urby Whale, Fred Abbott and Michael Petulla return with their unusual sound and interesting use of violin amongst the traditional band instruments.



VENUE: O2 APOLLO DATE: 18TH MAY TICKETS: £28.50 The off-kilter comedian who describes himself as appearing like a shower curtain on an egg will perform his new material in his show Qualmpeddler. Expect astonishing musical prowess, sporadic digressions and intelligent, belly-aching humour.

VENUE: OPERA HOUSE DATE: 30TH MAY TICKETS: £17.50 Samuel Beam of Iron & Wine found fame with his last album The Shepherd’s Dog, which charmed listeners and included the wonderful ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’ that featured in the cult teen film Twilight. Beautiful, folky music.



VENUE: ETHIAD STADIUM DATE: 1ST JUNE TICKETS: £49.50 The hugely popular rock band are back to wow Manchester this summer at the Ethiad Stadium after their wildly successful open air gig at Old Trafford’s Cricket Ground in 2011. If you missed that or last year’s MEN stint, then get your hands on the hottest tickets in town and make sure you don’t miss out this year!


VENUE: MCR ARENA DATE: 9TH JUNE TICKETS: FROM £66 Musical veteran Rod Stewart is taking to the UK’s stages this summer for ‘Live the Life’ Tour. Expected to sell out quicktime, the Grammy Award winning, two time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee will perform ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy,’ ‘Maggie May,’ ‘Baby Jane’ and ‘The First Cut Is The Deepest’ to his adoring Manchester crowd in June.

Cliff Richard is ‘Still Reelin’ And A-Rockin.’ The well-loved crooner will play several outdoor gigs this summer for Midsummer Nights, performing in concert. He’s the third top-selling singles artist in the UK’s history and has made generations of women swoon. Still going strong, head to Old Trafford Cricket Ground to catch the iconic star.

It’s his first tour for over six years and it’s going to be bigger than ever. Backing up a new number one album ‘Take The Crown’ and single with ‘Candy’, Robbie is sure to set hearts racing even without his ex band mates Take That at the enormous Ethiad Stadium.


VENUE: MCR ARENA DATE: 15TH AND 16TH JULY TICKETS: FROM £35 Probably one of the world’s most famous women and only twenty-five, the Barbadian starlet boasts twelve number one singles, seven Grammy awards, eighteen Billboard Music Awards and two BRITs. Selling out all four of her winter 2011 Manchester tour dates, now is the chance to catch her fabulous discography live, including the showcase of her new album Diamonds.





VENUE: NEWHALL ESTATE DATE: 27th & 29th June TICKETS: FROM £55 ‘Ludicrously excited’ is how VIVA would have to describe the prospect of being media partners of June’s most glamorous event: Knutsford’s first Newhall Polo Tournament. The equestrian event will take place One of the world’s most iconic bands over two days with both Ladies’ will play their 1973 double album Day on the 27th and charity dinner Quadrophenia in full, as well as a event on the 29th. The former will selection of Who essentials this commence at 11am and feature summer following a massive both a fashion show and afternoon American tour. Not only will their tea. The latter boasts The Newhall music make the show so astonishing Polo Cup along with arrival drinks but ‘powerful imagery projected on an and a four course dinner. array of massive screens’ is also to be expected.




Venue: SECRET – DETAILS WILL BE SENT TO TICKET HOLDERS Date: 6TH - 18TH JULY Tickets: £25 Winning the Mercury Music Prize with their debut album, XX and obliterating the top ten in more than twenty countries with their new Coexist, the XX hit Manchester’s International Festival to charm their listeners. Probably the coolest band around at the minute, the XX will grace our city with eighteen performances in a speciallycrafted ambience. k | VIVA | 7 7


fashion show with Michelle Keegan and Chris Fountain.


ere at VIVA we believe in a good cause, so when we were approached by Caroline Franks to sponsor the Inspiration fashion and catwalk show on Saturday 2nd of March at the Monastery in Gorton, we were incredibly happy and privileged to be involved in such a fantastic event.

Inspiration is a charity that raises money and awareness for ovarian cancer. The idea behind this worthy charity formed when Caroline Franks and Andrea Gaspar were “inspired” after tragically losing their beloved sister-inlaw and closest friend, Jacky Franks. Jacky was only 44 years old when, in July 2009, she lost her battle with this ‘silent killer disease’. After a lot of hard work and determination from all involved, finally, last December 2012 Inspiration received charitable status. Now instead of raising money on behalf of other charities they raise money directly for Gordon Jayson who was Jacky & Beth’s (Michelle Keenan’s grandmother) Oncologist. Gordon is a Professor of Medical Oncology, Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology working at The Christie Hospital. Inspiration’s aim is to improve the survival rate of women across the North West that have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer whilst providing support and information to women, their carers, and families. Also Inspiration is committed to educating the wider community about ovarian cancer.

Michelle hosted the evening with her on screen Coronation Street lover Chris Fountain. They both embraced the audience and presented lightheartedly, sharing jokes and executed their duties well considering they hadn’t had time to rehearse! Chris even strutted his stuff on the catwalk to show us all how it’s done! The fashion show featured first-class local designers such as; Vicky Martin, Cinch,, Dead Legacy, Rosie Olivia Millinery, Renee Marion, Just Junkies and Miss Francesca Couture. Another personal touch for the shows is that Caroline sourced young teenage models from the local areas. By embracing the community the event ensures a successful attendance and helps to spread the word. Three of the teenage models were actually family members, two sons of Jacky Franks, Sam & Joe and Caroline’s daughter Jordana. The shows were well choreographed by the talented Bill Smart and the young “models” acted incredibly professional. Not a single fall or stumble was to be seen! The shows and garments were current, on trend, accessible and ranged from street style leisurewear to high end millinery. We were incredibly impressed with the broad scope of the styling and how well the show was put together. It was sleek and effortless (the mood backstage, I can only assume, was a completely different story!)

In-between the catwalk shows and auctions we were entertained by some great acts, Times Red who were featured on last year’s XFactor got the girls whipped up into a frenzy. They were very easy on the eye, had incredible stage presence and talent! Other acts included Deb Silver, Carol Godby Dancers and Aaron The fashion show has been a successful yearly Casper. event for the past three years and, with their host/ambassador Michelle Keegan, it was sure All companies involved in the evening had donated to be a hit. Michelle has been the ambassador some great prizes towards the event auction and of Inspiration from the very beginning after Inspiration is pleased to announce they have now sadly losing her grandmother (Beth Turner) to raised £15,000 towards ovarian cancer. You can ovarian cancer. watch the short film of the event and personal interviews with Michelle Keegan, Chris Fountain, Times ‘I decided to get involved with the charity Red and Caroline franks on VIVA TV at: because I lost my grandma to ovarian cancer ■ 3 years ago. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about her and I want to try and raise If you would like to donate to this fantastic cause money for vital research into prevention’. please visit

photos: Adam Jacobson

VIVA Goes Supersonic For Manchester Pride With The Feeling and The Concorde!


t isn’t every day that you party beneath the world’s most iconic plane with The Feeling but that’s exactly how VIVA celebrated the beginning of this year’s Manchester Pride. Still reeling from the astonishing experience of interviewing The Feeling on board the awesome plane, we were again shuttled into the vast hangar along with a host of wine-clutching, sartorially-impeccable guests for an unbeatably entertaining and atmospherically spirited night. During the mouth-watering three-course dinner that included a fantastic braised Cheshire lamb shank and a slice of citrus tart heaven, guests were spoiled by the enchanting voice of Salford-born Ren Harvieu, wonderful swing of Alexander Stewart and the gentle piano-accompanied vocals of Martin Cooper. It was in the aftermath of the meal that The Feeling took to the stage that stood directly below the white, metal belly of Concorde and electrified the room with their incredible performance. ‘Dan just hit his head on a Concorde…amazing,’ tweeted the band during the set in which they played several covers as well as their smash hits ‘Fill My Little World’ and ‘I Love It When You Call’ which Dan had told us now felt like ‘part of the national song book.’

The ambience on the night was incredibly welcoming and pleasant, resonating with Ren who told us that she felt ‘really relaxed’ by the whole thing and Dan of The Feeling who was ‘really looking forward’ to supporting the event. It’s hard to blame them – VIVA themselves were soon up on the dance floor with the guests, chatting and dancing to Beyonce and Kylie in zero seconds flat. Not to mention us sharing Richard of The Feeling’s birthday cake which lay in a crumbled mess after its slicing by drum stick in the absence of a knife! The intermittent speeches throughout the night reminded us all why we were there: to help raise money and awareness for LGBT and HIV charities in Greater Manchester, with new patron Alicya Eyo’s soliloquy being particularly moving. ‘You’re as good as the rest and you’re much better dressed,’ sang Dan, speaking not only of himself: openly gay but to all the gay and lesbian guests who turned out to the incredible event. A perfect way to celebrate. words: Jessica Atkinson photos: Dawn Kilner k | VIVA | 7 9


r a J y e k s i h W e h T n I g n i t a o l F “ I’m going where streams of whiskey are flowing’ quoted the runner up of the Northern Quarter’s fresh new bar The Whiskey Jar’s cocktail competition. Seven contestants stood ready for cocktail-fuelled contest in the rustic, achingly cool, oak-floored and brick-walled bar. Fired by the strength of ginger and apple juice Jameson whiskey cocktails, the VIVA girls sat back to watch and judge the ensuing madness.

Most impressive to the judges was Biggy, whose outrageous flirting and cream-topped drink was rewarded with first place. Prompt celebrations followed, consisting of questionable Irish jigging, beer pong and yet more whiskey. ■ words: Jess Atkinson | photos: Oliver Craven

Coffee Cocktails In The City


anchester coffee lovers are in for a treat with Swiss coffee machine brand Jura joining forces with local bars Liquor Store and St Mary’s Parsonage to produce a new and exclusive cocktail inspired by our Northern home. Designed by specially trained MIXTA (mixologist and barista) Danny Biggwither the Manchester Coffee cocktail artfully mixes locally brewed stout with vanilla syrup, Ruby port, Kaluha and of course a shot of espresso. The perfect thing to perk me up after a long day at the office! Always partial to an espresso martini on a night out I was looking forward to another spin on a coffee cocktail, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Smooth and rich with deep undertones the combination of espresso and stout is unusual but pleasing and definitely left me wanting more at the Jura coffee and cocktail evening hosted at the beautiful Bali Health Lounge.

I left Jura’s coffee and cocktail evening impressed by their range and delighted with their cocktails (will definitely be ordering one again next time I’m in the Liquor Store!) my only problem – how on earth will I get to sleep after an evening drinking coffee! ■ words: Sarah Murray

Manchester 4 K Charity ids H Gala

photos: Karin Albinsson

ere at VIVA we get invited to many lavish events, and this included the Manchester 4 Kids charity gala dinner, on the 2nd February at the Lowry Hotel. The glitzy event was hosted and organised by Stan Freeman who launched Manchester 4 Kids to help disadvantaged children from the ages of 16-21. The charity is a worthy one: helping myriad cases such as children trying to escape gang warfare, drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, coming out, mental health and disabilities.

Guests who attended were a mix of top Manchester businesses including some celebrity faces that enjoyed the champagne reception whilst listening to the beautiful sounds of the Bridgewater hall string quartet. This was followed by a three course a la carte dinner. During the meal, guests were entertained by a few different acts. The very talented Jo Ankrah who sang beautifully playing along to his piano and solo artist Hayley Smith. There was even an appearance from the Queen!

The charity’s aim is to counsel and rehabilitate these children and provide safe accommodation in deprived areas such as Ardwick, Gorton, Cheetham Hill, Moss Side, Hulme, Longsight and Miles Platting. The focus of the evening was to create awareness for the charity and to raise money to contribute towards the 4 million pounds that is needed to build and maintain these safe houses.

The charity auction was sponsored by local Manchester businesses who all donated some fabulous prizes. Richard Smith Bespoke donated a tailored suit, a private tour around Coronation Street with actor Craig Charles, (Lloyd) a signed shirt by MCFC and MUFC, A pair of signed gloves by Ricky Hatton and many more that all raised a substantial amount of money towards this good cause. ■

Nadine Merabi Spring Summer Collection! N

BOWLING has fast become Manchester’s favourite past time as local brand Black Ballroom launched words:Dog Ross Forsythe | photos: Carl Sukonikits exciting new late night ten pin bowling venue, Dog Bowl, in an amazing event.

The New York style venue features the unique personality of the original Northern Quarter hang out with even more fun in the form of five full size lanes of ten-pin bowling, accompanied by Black popularour adine Merabi Spring Sum- Dog show Ballroom’s to begin we warmed mer Collection! A Fabubones by quaffing the unlimited speakeasy and diner. lous Fashion Evening, Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Lambrini that was supplied for the event.

Expect ball dispensers inspired by the brand’s own black dog, Bruce the Patterdale Terrier, gleaming wooden floors All of Manchester’s finest movThe fashionistas mingled and and shakers out in full delicious swayed to thequesadillas, funky house tunes and fantastic Tex-Mex dishes made with only the best local ers produce. Dogwere Bowl serves BBQ force to view the eagerly anticithat were pumping through the grilled steak, fried chicken and fajitas plus it’s bespoke cocktail latesummer into the night. BOWLING has fast become pated list spring collection sound system evoking a downfrom Manchester-based fashion town warehouse vibe whilst the Manchester’s favourite past time as local brand Black Dog Ballroom launched its exciting new late night ten pin designer Nadine Merabi. Adored photographers were going wild bowling venue, Dog Bowl, in an amazing event. by celebrities, the glitterati and for the slew of celebrities who any glamourpuss about town, Nawere in attendance and here to dine’s fabulous evening dresses support their beloved designer. the original go to piecesNorthern for any woman The New York style venue features the unique personality ofarethe Quarter hang out with even that wants to make a statement or The collection launches on the more fun in the form of five full size lanes of ten-pin bowling, accompanied Black Ballroom’s popular entrance wherever she by goes. Held Dog 20th April on in a chic industrial space located and selected outlets. So if you speakeasy and diner. in Piccadilly Place, we were ushwant to feel like an A-lister and ered along the red carpet, past make an impact I suggest you go the Bruce waiting the Paparazzi and into out and order a piece now! ■ floors Expect ball dispensers inspired by the brand’s own black dog, Patterdale Terrier, gleaming wooden the venue. Whilst waiting for the

and fantastic Tex-Mex dishes made with only the best local produce. Dog Bowl serves delicious quesadillas, BBQ grilled steak, fried chicken and fajitas plus it’s bespoke cocktail list late into the night.

On Cloud Nine at Glam MW2 ChloBo Jewellery Launch W

ith Chloe Moss’ new exquisite Cloud Nine collection, we can all float away on the halcyon vibes of the aristocratic holiday destination, Lake Como which inspired the pieces. The new line adorns its wearer in peace symbols, Turkish eyes, hearts, stars, Buddhas, rosary beads and dragonflies.

The beautiful collection enjoyed a lavish reception of magnificent canapes and cocktails, as well as a host of impeccably dressed and admiring guests. We were lucky enoug to chat to Chloe about her line, whose pride and excitement at her achievment were palpable. She beamed during her explanation of the influence of the magnificent Lake Como Wedding on her collection, and agreed wholeheartedly when we mentioned that the tusk, rosary bead necklace she wore was our favourite. Yet again, the Worthington’s prove their unbeatable event-throwing panache for the collection thank you! ■ words: Jess Atkinson | photos: Kay Haggan

Black Dog Bowl Launch Party!


OWLING has fast become Manchester’s favourite past time as local brand Black Dog Ballroom launched its exciting new late night ten pin bowling venue, Dog Bowl, in an amazing event. The New York style venue features the unique personality of the original Northern Quarter hang out with even more fun in the form of five full size lanes of ten-pin bowling, accompanied by Black Dog Ballroom’s popular speakeasy and diner. Expect ball dispensers inspired by the brand’s own black dog, Bruce the Patterdale Terrier, gleaming wooden floors and fantastic Tex-Mex dishes made with only the best local produce. Dog Bowl serves delicious quesadillas, BBQ grilled steak, fried chicken and fajitas plus its bespoke cocktail list late into the night. ■ photos: Carl Sukonik


The Christies Masked Ball


he Christie held a fantastic Masked Ball event at The Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel packed full of glamour, singing, dancing and delicious sweets to raise funds for the complementary therapy service that is provided for patients. The Rainband kicked off the nights entertainment and headliner was Happy Mondays’ front lady, Rowetta, who came on stage looking stunning in a chic, handmade, black ball gown from Melanie James Bridal Boutique. In the course of the evening the charity managed to raise £7000 from ticket sales, auction bids and other donations with one guest bidding £400 for two VIP passes to see the Happy Mondays at Scarborough open-air theatre. As the night progressed Rowetta invited everyone up on to the dance floor with her to sing and dance along to some classic tunes. There were a few wild movers and shakers by this point! Congratulations to Karen Frost for winning the competition for best mask of the evening and we also have to give a little mention to Squashies who supplied each table with the most amazing sweets we’ve ever come across. It was said that a few guests were digging into their Squashies even before the food came out, not mentioning any names! ■

photos: Karin Albinsson

Once Upon a Smile Charity Ball


ever one to turn down a celeb studded bash, Viva braved the freezing temperatures to attend the prestigious Once Upon A Smile charity Ball at Lancashire County Cricket Ground. The charity was founded by actors Daniel Jillings and Daniel Miller and it helps bereaved families or those who are dealing with the long term illness of a child through assisting with respite breaks or bill payments. Every year the ball is one of the most prestigious events on the social calendar and, as was expected, Manchester’s glitterati were all present including celebs such as Matt Lapinskas and Samia Ghadie, who should be used to braving freezing temperatures after their stints on Dancing On Ice. Also present were soap sirens Catherine Tyldesley, Lucy-Jo Hudson and Sammy Winward who all looked suitably amazing in a dazzling array of gowns. Attendees were treated to performances from X Factor’s Carolynne Poole, singing sensation Lamarr and recent chart toppers The Mend who had every girl swooning with their rendition of ‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay.’ The event raised over £16,000 for the charity and it was safe to say that with the party in full swing no one was doing a Cinderella and disappearing at 12.00am. All in all, a glitzy, glamtastic event that even the Manchester weather couldn’t put a dampner on, as they say in acting terms ‘the show must go on’ (or should that be snow?) and it most certainly did. ■ words: Rachel Perera


IVA were proud to have been given the opportunity to watch the spectacular Runway on the Runway fashion show, one of the most innovative and exciting fashion events of 2013 held under the iconic wings of Concorde-literally a runway on a runway. This glittering fashion extravaganza was staged BY young people to raise money FOR young people and more specifically teenagers battling cancer with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Medcare. With the theme being Prom, pupils from 10 local schools joined together to model and showcase exclusive dresses from featured designers such Sherri Hill, Mori-Lee, Vicky Martin, Forever Unique, Ted Baker, Lipsy, Little Mistress, BCBG and Coast and

also young designer Nicola Metcalfe, who won a coveted spot to showcase her new collection on the evening. The show itself was as spectacular as the venue with a dazzling array of gowns fit for a jet set lifestyle being showcased by local teenagers including some who have fought through cancer and some still living with this devastating disease who strutted their stuff down the catwalk like professionals. Each school managed to raise over £2000 each and extra donations came from fund raisers such as Sian Welsh, who selflessly had all of her long, glossy tresses shaved off in honour of the event. All in all a great event for a great cause that raised over £50,000 for the selected charities and really highlighted the plights of young teenagers living with cancer. ■ words: Rachel Perera

Runway on the Runway!

VIVA M U S I C Capital Breakfast with Rob Ellis Weekdays 6-10 am

On the VIVA music radar:



ummer is threatening to arrive in Manchester and this means we are allowed to find some things to do outdoors! What you’ll probably notice the most, when it lands in our city, will be Manchester Day, on Sunday June 2nd. Rob Ellis from the Breakfast Show will be hosting the event as Capital team up with Manchester to bring you the a full celebration of all things Manchester. If ‘whirlybird’s’, ‘tantrums’ and ‘method grabs’ are familiar in your vocabulary, you might want to get a bit more extreme with your time in the sun, with the launch of Salford Wake Park this summer. Whether you want to try a new sport or just have a good old tear up around the Quays, this is great fun and brilliant to keep you fit. Wedding bells have been ringing out across the breakfast show too, as we count down to the marriage of our very own Rob Ellis. He and fiancée Lisa are getting married on June 15th and we are making a huge deal on the show of losing Rob to the married world. Dresses, venue, hair & make-up are all lovely things that our Rach is doing a sterling job of organizing (check out her wedding blog at but Rob, Wingman and Producer Gorgeous are all set for a small trip to Amsterdam for our first stag do on the show. It’ll just be a quiet few beers and a look around one of Europe’s most culturally rich cities - keep listening to see if that is how it really worked out! Nevertheless, it’s very important for the groom to be looking good on the big day, so Rob has been

8 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

training hard to lose a few pounds and look top notch for his big day. This has coincided with he and Rachel running the Greater Manchester Marathon - killing two birds with one stone. It’s all been in aid of Help A Capital Child which works on behalf of The Teenage Cancer Trust & will also get Rob squeezed into some kind of suit for his wedding photos. If we can peel off the lycra in time. We have some other big news at Capital. We recently announced the lineup for our 5th Summertime Ball, taking place at Wembley Stadium this summer. Hosted by one of the worlds biggest stars and featuring more of the biggest acts in the WORLD than ever before. We’ll have tickets to give away and you can see everything you need to know at on what will be an amazing weekend for every Capital listener whether you’re there or not. If the previous years have been anything to go by, Capital’s Summertime Ball is promising to be another incredible event for 2013. We’ve also got a new presenter on Capital; Marvin Humes of JLS fame is now a regular on the airwaves each Friday night from 7pm. He’ll be kicking off your weekend with some massive Capital hits all mixed together for a great sound to your weekend. It’s shaping up for a great summer here in Manchester and we’ll be making the most of all the things the city has to offer in food, drink, music and it’ll start every weekday from 6am on the Capital Breakfast Show. ■

Rob, Rach & Wingman

t was through the most modern and absurd of meetings by which hugely thrilling Manchester band China White were created. They connected over their mutual admiration of Primal Scream and Pink Floyd in a pub in Warrington and reportedly roped in the third member through ‘cyber-sex’ requests on an online chat room. Despite the unconventional creation; Liam, Ant and now percussionist ‘Goldfinger’ have established themselves as firmly popular and solidly Northern. What with collaborations from Rowetta, Keith Allan and Kermit already under their belt. Not to mention not infrequent comparisons to The Happy Mondays. Their recent EP launch at Antwerp mansion proved to be a wild night with support from DJ’s that included Bez and Vince Vega complementing their popularity. The band’s unprecedented support is testimony to their irresistible rising talent. A talent that sees the clubs they play packed to the rafters. Their little black book is one that the industry must envy fiercely what with greats such as Danny Saber who has worked with the likes of The Rolling Stones and David Bowie enthusing that they are “destined to be huge!!!”

‘We’re hip hop’s finest rock band’ Liam has jovially quipped, referring to the collective’s intangible and impossible to pin down melee of genres. Also describing themselves as ‘a lot of pages to a great book,’ it’s easy to see why with their catchy and unbeatable entertaining vibrations. ‘It’s Liam’s voice and Ant’s music’ that makes the group so thrilling, avows a modest Goldfinger. Their highly identifiable sound is self-demarcated as ‘Electro Funk’ or ‘Drunk Funk’, taking influence from acts such as Massive Attack and Tricky in their massively original sound that still manages to employ catchy hooks. Their double A-side single release of ‘Yeah Fool’ and ‘Keep On Living’ came out on April Fool’s Day – unmissable. Catch up on all the band’s news as well as upcoming sets at www., check them out at and tweet them at You can also read VIVA’s interview with China White at: in our interview section. ■ photos: Karin Albinsson



his year Team VIVA is more excited for the festival season than ever before. Whether it’s in a bid to take on a specific festival that’s back after a one year hiatus, because booking agents have been lucky or perhaps because we are just becoming more eclectically tasteful, makes no difference. Events not just locally or nationally but across Europe are pulling out the stops and putting out some extremely impressive line-ups.

e “Best named th e better y tl n e c e r y set to b has been Festival s and are officiall ands and more s d e e L b & d Reading t the NME Awar ore stages, more incredible n a m a Festival’ 2013 promises er to form ie, dance, alterna th e g ! to r e g v d g in in in m , d o k c a c than e e o ll ment, a mes in r enday. R entertain h the biggest na minem and Gre ge headliners it E hu line-up w ip-hop including performances, d the August e n h e iv d tive an uarantee exclus only place to sp mer. g e m s th u d s this & Lee nd are s a d s n r ie ta fr s h g ding and risin day weekend wit of Rea of li o ess H c k n c a B ir

So, as we begin to dig out our wellies, shop for the cheapest ‘festi-fone’ to replace the one we left behind last year and start our Festival Piggy Banks, we’ve broken them down into (what we think) are three reasonable categories: North (local), South and Abroad (for those after a miniature holiday on top of their experience!)

PLUS: win pairs of

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words: Matt Horwood


TO ENTER: answer the

question below send your answer, name, number and what festival you want to attend from our festival guide to:





Leeds Festival 23-25 August


festival no.6 13-15 sept


et against the breathtaking and ethereal backdrop of Portmeirion, newcomer Festival No. 6 was an enormous critical success in its first year of 2012. Awarded ‘Best New Festival,’ (UK Festival Awards) ‘Best Small Festival,’ (NME Awards) ‘Festival Highlight of 2012’ (BBC 6Music and Q Magazine) and ‘Best Festival of 2012’ (The Evening Standard), FN6 is a cultural and artistic phenomenon, whose ambient and magical surroundings are only rivalled by its extremely stellar line-up. After a self-imposed two year hiatus, The Manic Street Preachers headline this year’s FN6, in what is expected to be a show-stopping performance. Other musical acts include James Blake, Manchester’s finest Everything Everything and I Am Kloot and BBC Sound Of 2013 short-listers AlunaGeorge and Laura Mvula. Just a few of the DJs featured over the weekend include Frankie Knuckles, Carl Craig and Gilles Peterson. FN6 is not just about the music however. Art and cultural highlights will include film screenings, pop-up theatre, woodland raves and art installations, with appearances from the likes of punk poet John Cooper Clark, award-winning novelist Caitlin Moran and Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn. Location: North Wales, weekend camping: £170

ME Awards’ ‘Best Festival’ – Reading and Leeds – are back this year with more stages, bands and entertainment than ever before. Despite fusing together a tongue-tingling combination of rock, indie, dance, alternative and hip hop, the festival is renowned for one common musical factor: its attitude, and this year is no different. Headlining for 2013 is global rap superstar Eminem and world-renowned Greenday, alongside Biffy Clyro and Fall Out Boy – all of which are UK festival exclusives, as well as the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Deftones and System of a Down. On a grimier level, UK favourite Wiley and up and coming star Devlin lead the way, in addition to urban additions including Azealia Banks, A$AP Rocky, Magnetic Man, Iggy Azalea and Major Lazer. Other notable acts include Bauuer, Bastille, Brand New, Foals, Frank Turner, New Found Glory, Knife Party, Chase & Status and Hadouken! Location: Leeds, weekend camping: £202.50

chester rocks 15-16 june


hester Rocks is a fantastic noncamping festival for all of the family. Set alongside the picturesque (and local) racecourse but always promising top-notch British acts who are both talented and extremely current; this year is no different! 2013 sees a boy-band takeover, as chart favourites (and pin-ups) The Wanted act as headliners. Having broken America and scored hit after hit, the boys return to Chester Rocks having initially played not so many moons ago, joined by X-Factor favourites Union J and the up-and-coming boy-band The Vamps. Sunday sees global superstar and judge of UK’s ‘The Voice’ Jessie J take centre stage. No doubt showing the fantastic Lawson how to do it like a dude, alongside the fabulous Amelia Lily. Sugary sweet all around! Location: Chester Race Course, weekend tickets: £55

mcr international festival 4-21 july

World Premières and Special Events, made for Manchester and shared with the world.’ MIF brings a phenomenal and diverse culture of events to the city across its biennial residency. Whilst some events are free, others are ticketed at various prices. The event not only placing Manchester under the global cultural eye but also putting some of the world’s most ground-breaking artists onto a worldwide stage. This year’s MIF line-up includes an incredible visual and musical collaboration between Massive Attack and Adam Curtis, Robert Wilson’s theatrical production ‘The Old Woman’ (starring Mikhail Baryshnikov and Willem Dafoe), Kenneth Branagh in his first Shakespeare performance for over a decade in Macbeth and some extremely intimate and special gigs from the likes of Neneh Cherry, The XX and Goldfrapp. Rob Da Bank, Jamal Edwards, Mogwai, M O N E Y and Drunk at Vogue are just some of the other artists behind the festival. This is Manchester’s cultural gem and cannot be missed! Location: Greater Manchester, prices range

parklife 8-9 june


ne of our absolute favourite noncamping festivals across the whole of the UK – Parklife – is back and bigger than any one of us have ever known it… Accepting its growing reputation and popularity, the event has moved to the phenomenal site of Heaton Park (recently home to The Stone Roses’ comeback tour) and the 2013 line-up matches this further development. Plan B, Example, Jamie Jones, Mark Ronson, Rita Ora, Julio Bashmore, Jessie Ware, Disclosure, Rudimental, DJ Fresh, Aluna George, Maya Jane Coles, Boys Noize, Fake Blood, Baauer, Everything Everything, Iggy Azalea, Zebra Katz, Jaguar Skills and Tiga are just a taster of the insanity the Parklife Crew have for us this year and we cannot wait! Location: Heaton Park, weekend tickets: £69.50

kendal calling 26-28 july


opular Lake District based Kendall Calling is back for 2013 with an ‘at the movies’ theme across the entire festival, which promises something extremely special for all in attendance! Multi award winning, the event is a bit of a pioneer, having sold out in each of its eight previous years and is never one to disappoint. This year Kendall Calling is no different, with a line-up including Basement Jaxx, The Charlatans (in a northern festival exclusive) Primal Scream, Mystery Jets, Ash, Fake Blood, Mr. Scruff, Willy Moon, Foreign Beggars and many more. Set in the idyllic Lowther Deer Park, Kendall Calling’s surroundings are as visually stunning as its line-up is on the ear. Location: The Lake District, weekend tickets: £155




sle of Wight Festival is not only the first major music festival in the UK each year but also one of the oldest and best-loved, since its debut in 1968. With a UK festival exclusive, The Stone Roses headline this year’s event, joined by The Killers and Bon Jovi. Continuing on with a rock-tinged line-up are The Boomtown Rats, (UK festival exclusive) Jake Bugg, The Script, Everything Everything, Bloc Party and The Maccabees. Alongside them will be some of pop music’s finest ladies, such as our very own Emeli Sande, Delilah, Paloma Faith and Ellie Goulding, who will be joined by stateside ‘Warrior,’ Ke$ha. Other highlights include Rizzle Kicks, Manchester’s finest Happy Mondays, FUN, Little Mix and more. A new and explosive dance line-up will also welcome Example & DJ Wire, Zane Lowe, Jaguar Skills, Sub Focus and more to the festival. Location: Newport, weekend tickets: £185



ne of the UK’s hottest non-camping festivals, Wireless does not fail to disappoint with its 2013 line-up, bringing out the big guns. The line-up is, unashamedly, a nod to the who’s who of commercial R&B and hip hop music, and is filled to the brim with both UK and overseas talent. Friday night is headlined by global sensation Justin Timberlake, joined by the likes of Snoop ‘Doggy’ Dogg, critically acclaimed neo-soul singer Frank Ocean, Trey Songz and John Legend. Saturday sees Mr. Carter himself, Jay Z, take centre stage, joined by UK superstars Emeli Sande, Calvin Harris and Rita Ora. Sunday sees the ‘Legends of Summer’ close the festival, with sets from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, A$AP Rocky and Jessie Ware. Whew… Location: London, day tickets: £57.50



restigious and exclusive, Henley Festival hosts five sophisticated and stunning events, set to the gorgeous back drop of the River Thames. Its line-ups are huge each night, featuring The Beach Boys and Barry Cryer (July 10), Jamie Cullum, Oliver Poole and Alexander Armstrong (July 11), Madness, Claire Jones and Chris Marshall, also known as ‘C2’ (13 July), Joanna Lumley and stars from Strictly Come Dancing and the West End (14 July) and Paloma Faith, Africa Entsha and The Shellac Sisters (15 July). With only 5000 tickets available for each evening, and with such a broad and high-end line-up of entertainment, Henley Festival is something extremely special for those wanting a night to never forget. With both class and sass – it’s the night that’s both sophisticated and one you’ll never forget! Location: River Themes London, tickets: from £50-£100

bestival 5-8 Sept The Isle of Wight’s second festival gem of the year is Bestival – which each year brings a hugely diverse collection of entertainment to the table, pioneers up and coming artists and acts and (fingers crossed) tends to bring the sun! Curated by Rob Da Bank and wife Josie Da Bank, this year’s theme is HMS Bestival – very fitting for the location – and so it’s infamous fancy dress day will no doubt be filled with sailors! Not that that’s a problem… Headlining this year will be Elton John (Sunday), Snoop Dogg (Saturday) and at the time of writing, as usual with the event, a yet-to-be-announced third headliner. Joining the bill are the likes of MIA, Sinead O Connor, Jessie Ware, Bombay Bicycle Club, Bastille, Wu Tang Clan, Tom Odell, The Flaming Lips, The Knife, Hot Natured and DJ sets from Ritchie Hawtin, Annie Mac, Carl Cox, Mark Ronson versus Zane Lowe, Julio Bashmore and David Rodigan. All aboard HMS Bestival! Location: Robin Hill Country Park, IOW weekend tickets: £180





or a true taste of Amsterdam nightlife – there is no better festival to immerse yourself in than Amsterdam Open Air. With four main stages hosted by Apenkooi, Carnivale, Format and GirlsLoveDJs, in addition to stages from the likes of MTV, PLAK, de Nachtspelen, SFFRMKRS, Chasing the Hihat and Baws, you can expect the crème de la crème across the genres, as well as also a little of the unexpected. Off-the-wall in the best way possible, the flawless line-up is headed by Tiga, Hercules & Love Affair, Aeroplane, Todd Terry, Flight Facilities and Red Light, as well as ONNO, tINI, Guti, Benoit & Sergio and Laura Jones. This festival is a hugely creative, fresh and alternative event for anyone both into their dance music and looking for a weekend to remember (or maybe forget…)



n association with Heineken, this Polish festival may be less well known but truly packs a punch, with its extremely affordable ticket prices (and option to camp for a full week) and slick, cross-genre line-up. In actual fact, in recent years Open’er has been awarded Best Major Festival (European Festival Awards) and been named as one of the European Top 20 festivals by The Times. Over the three days festival goers will be graced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Animal Collective, Blur, Kendrick Lammar, Alt-J, Disclosure, Skunk Anansie, Queens of the Stone Age and Tame Impala. Perhaps both a festival and a holiday combined, this one is at the top of our list for July this summer…

Location: Gaasperpark, Amsterdam, tickets: 79.50 euros

Location: Gdynia-Kosakowo, Poland, 4 day camping tickets: £95



learly compiled with the ‘who’s who’ of current and up and coming dance music stars – it’s clear how the event sold out in just nine weeks… Despite this, as one of our personal favourites, we still had to feature Hideout. The 2013 festival will feature 18 of its legendary boat parties this year as well as pool parties, hosted by the likes of Digital Soundby, Hot Creations, Wax:On, Drop The Mustard and Desolat. The rest of year’s line-up includes a house hat-trick of Julio Bashmore, Bicep and Ben Pearce amongst others, whilst the likes of Gorgon City and Redlight will keep the bass alive throughout. Other huge highlights include DJ sets from Benga, High Contrast, Skream, Shy FX, Rudimental, Chase & Status, Four Tet, Jamie Jones, SBTRKT, Mistajam, Baauer and many more. Location: Island of Pag, Croatia, festival tickets: £99, boat party ticketd: £20



ollowing on from The Garden Festival, the sixth annual Electric Elephant has a line-up as hot as its Croatian coastline backdrop for 2013: Mr. Scruff, Carl Craig, Horse Meat Disco, Unabombers, Lowlife and Miguel Campbell being just some of the names confirmed thus far. Festival goers can not only enjoy the music but also swim in the sea, dance under moonlit skies and escape into an dance music mecca reminiscent of Ibiza’s original organic and dreamlike feel of the seventies and eighties. The event, like The Garden Festival, features boat parties, club sessions, Tiki Bar and the same fantastic array of accommodation options. The Garden Festival and Electric Elephant have teamed up to offer those who party hard joint tickets for the bargain price of £150.00 Location: Tisno, Croatia, week tickets (five nights: £110




irst things first, I have to say that my 5 days at Snowbombing festival was the most insane and best 5 days of my life. Everyone says it’s not where you are it’s who you’re with and on this particular occasion I would say it was a big mixture of both. Located in the Mayrhofen mountains of Austria, Snowbombing is currently in its 13th year and is in a totally different league of its own, festival wise. If, like me, you are a bit of a snow bum then this is the ultimate festival for you. The excitement just doesn’t stop. You are either snowboarding (or skiing) across the powdery slopes of the resort or dancing on top of a mountain somewhere to the non-stop music that’s playing out across the venues. Each morning we would make base at THE main place to be on the mountain: Rompa’s Reggae Shack. Over the festival Rompa put on some top DJ’s blasting out their favourite reggae tunes but it was Dub Pistols’ Barry Ashworth who stole the show on the Wednesday afternoon. With his dub step reggae grove and sounds of a live trumpet, he had every single person in the shack on their feet bouncing on top of Mayrhofen. In the evenings the Mayrhofen village was buzzing with Snowbombing guests dressed in the most outrageous and fun costumes hopping from the Racket club to the Arena to the Sports bar to Schlussel to the Ice bar to dance away all night to the likes of DJ Yoda , Carl Cox, Andy C, Artwork, Goldie and more. But for me it was all about the Friday night Forest Party with Rudimental and festival headliners Kasabian. Walking through the forest we came across a big stage heaving with festival goers, ready for one last night of pure mountian music heaven. Feeling the love we were indeed when Rudimentals intro came on to their hit feel the love and Kasabian ending their rock ‘n’ roll set with a massive display of fireworks just put the icing on the cake for what I would say is the best festival I have ever experienced. ADVICE FROM MY SNOWBOMBING EXPERIENCE: We all know festivals are about drinking endless amounts of alcohol (responsibly off course) and having a good time but remember to eat some decent meals. If you are snowboarding and dancing all day and all night you need to keep your energy up and there are some fantastic restaurants in Mayrhofen one being Manis Restaurant. Also, I know this is quite hard but really try not to stay out until the early hours of the morning on the last night and miss your transfer connection to the airport or a good idea is to book yourself into a spa retreat in the mountains before you head home because I guarantee you’re going to need a bit of time out to recover from the madness of Snowbombing! ■ 9 0 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

Blur – Under The Westway Whilst most of Brit-pop hasn’t aged particularly well Blur and more importantly Damon have always managed to sound original and interesting. This song (written for their Hyde Park Gig and dedicated to the fans – I was there) is my favourite. Beautiful.

Rodriguez – Cause I was shopping in Fopp and asked who was playing - it was Rodriguez. I bought it immediately. Then I watched Searching For Sugar man. He is unique and his story is phenomenal.

Annie OST – Hard Knocks Life My 3 yr old daughter is obsessed with Annie and now knows all the songs, which means, of course, that I do too. This is my favourite – I love the chord progression. It’s very strange and very uplifting. Needs a child’s range to sing it.

Simon & Garfunkel Kathy’s Song Every couple of months I have to stop listening to music because I can’t think of a single artist I want to hear. (this come from being in a band). The only songs I can listen to during this time are S&G. It’s just so beautiful and perfect.

Sigur Ros – Varuo


TAKES OVER VIVA’S IPOD Follow Rupert on twitter @RupertHill Vital Management @vitalmanagement,s

Download Beauty & Beasts, Rupert’s band Biederback first taster from the new EP at

Saw them play the Manchester Apollo last month. They are the most incredible band. Like no one else. It is stirring, like classical music but somehow still rock and roll too. It’s an excellent marriage.

Arcade Fire – Suburban War This song is onomatopoeic to me, in that it conjures up the sound and feel of a late night car journey with two soon to be distant friends/lovers. I find that incredible that a band can do that. Like Nightswimming by REM.

Bob Dylan – Shelter From The Storm My desert island artist. My absolute all time favorite. This is extraordinary lyric writing and, for some inexplicable reason, it fills me with optimism and excitement. Like On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

Biederbeck – Beauty & Beasts I’m sorry to plug my own band but I’d be lying if I didn’t include it. It’s the first taster from our new EP and during mixing I’ve listened to it a thousand times. It’s a Pink Floyd influenced tune about lack of identity and confidence. k | VIVA | 9 1

VIVA T H E A R T S photos: Rebecca Thorne



HOWARD MARKS: THE SCORE photos: Karin Albinsson words: Keith McDonnell


ot your normal offering from the world of crime writers, Howard Marks new book, Score, follows on from his last, ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’ The character of DS Catrin Price, recovering tranqiliser addict but all round honest if somewhat flawed copper, is once again the centre of the story. It sounds almost formulaic yet this book is anything but. There is a naivete about the book, both in content and writing style, that sets it apart from other similar tomes on the shelves at Waterstones. It is a

very readable book and the story is one that any reader will want to finish; just don’t delve too deeply into the science of the writing. It is to be hoped that Howard Marks will put pen to paper (or whatever else he does to conjure up these publications) sometime in the not too distant future. In the meantime enjoy this latest offering which is available now in most good book stores. To read our full book reivew and interview with Howard go to: ■

mma Wilkinson reports: My objectives are starting to get ticked off the list this year, one being I have now found myself an acting manager in the form of Trevor Williams at Pink Productions & Management Ltd. So what do Pink have to offer me and other creative people trying to make it in this industry? Well, they have a wide rang of services from productions and actor’s management to filming show reels, corporate, event and music videos, crew and equipment hire plus drama academies and workshops. My first acting job with Pink has been a zombie character on the set of The Club That Will Never Die. This was filmed at Accrington Stanley F.C and, despite the

awful cold weather and the horrible and extremely painful scary contact lens we had to wear, I had a really fantastic day being on set. It was great to be involved with such a professional team and I really took to being a zombie (I think I may have been one in a previous life) and had great fun playing my part. You can see the trailer for The Club That Will Never Die on the Pink Productions & Management Ltd. facebook page and the film will be shown at the Corner House Theatre on the 2nd June. I’m really excited to see what Trevor has lined up for me next and I will keep you updated on my venture with Pink! Check out Pink Productions & Management at: ■



Twitter : Dar renRLG ordon / DNA_PR




Star Trek Into Darkness - 9th May 2013


ands up, who out there is a Trekkie? My hand has risen unashamedly, and I can say that now because this new interpretation of Star Trek is super-super cool! When I was at university, a friend of mine, who is now a Hollywood actor, took me to a hotel in Blackpool where I attended my first Star Trek convention. We were greeted at the door by two 6 foot 4 Klingons who only spoke in Klingon. (stay with me) That weekend was amazing as I’ve never met so many wild, funny, crazy and obsessed people in 48 hours but that and they feeling that this new generation of ST movies have is very different. The eagerly awaited follow-up to its 2009 predecessor has been shrouded in secrecy as is often the case with the work of JJ Abrams but this is a major scale action thriller with blockbuster performances lead by our own Benedict Cumberbatch. No longer a cheesy and twee romp in space meeting sexy blue women or camp rogue aliens, this franchise has a much more weighty, harder and gripping edge, that is free of the Shatner era in everything but name. Available at your local IMAX and well worth seeing in that format this one is well worth transporting yourself to.

rom the producers of ‘ The Hangover’ franchise, this is a fast paced, crass comedy humour fest for those with a juvenile and risqué sense of what’s funny. Two friends decide to give a third the kind of 21st we all wish we had but at the same time are kind of happy we didn’t. Plucky the studious and innocent young man from his regulated and proper lifestyle, and subjecting him to a series of painful, embarrassing and outrageous misfortunes that keen the laughs coming, though the best of which are exposed in the trailer (why do they do that!!!)


Man of Steel - 4th June 2013


have always loved the concept of Superman and as a small child can’t remember being much more excited than at the prospect of seeing the latest Superman movie. The 2006 project, which met with much negativity, I found quite entertaining but this latest incarnation is a whole different prospect. The recent trend in Superhero films has been to make them less cheesy and give them more substance and integrity and this production has taken that philosophy and run with it. Though the characters and scenario are the same, the tone and energy of the film are very different. The focus is on the internal battle of the character and the challenges that his gifts pose in the decisions he makes and the life he choses to live. The arrival of General Zod (Michael Shannon), who is seeking the son of ‘Jor-El’ (Russell Crowe), means that Superman (Henry Cavill) is forced to make a decision that has ramifications for the whole planet.

9 4 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

After Earth 7th June 2013

Will and Jaden Smith reunite on film again in this postapocalyptic tale. 1000 years after humankind has had to leave the planet, the pair crash land on Earth and father ‘Cypher’ ( Will) is injured. Kitai (Jaden) is compelled to go on a dangerous journey - on a planet where everything has evolved to identify mankind as a threat and therefore to attack - to try and send a signal for help. Lot’s of great action sequences and moments that are tense and sometimes moving.



21 and Over 3rd May 2013


Monsters University 12th July 2013

he Monsters Inc collective have struck again. This time we see Sulley and Mike at University, before they formed the friendship we know from the previous films. More hijinks and tomfoolery ensue as the pair battle to show who can excel and become the biggest ‘scarer’ between them. Good family fun and of course the comic voice work of Billy Crystal and John Goodman.




Jack Reacher 7th May 2013

om Cruise stars as Reacher, a man on a mission accused of having perpetrated a crime that he did not commit. The accuser stands trial and is convicted but Reacher is keen to know why the man has accused him and to prove his own innocence by confirming the man’s guilt. Reacher begins to investigate and suddenly finds there is a lot more to this than he was expecting. Think Collateral meets Mission Impossible and you’ll be heading the right way.


Beautiful Creatures 21st May 2013


ight-hearted, tonguein-cheek and somewhat playful, this is a film for the ‘Buffy/Angel’ generation. A romantic comedy in a supernatural world, Jeremy Irons must have used this role to shake the Pope ( The Borgias) out of his system. Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich) falls for forbidden fruit in alienated and unique Lena (Alice Englert), who is from a family suspected of witchcraft. Lena’s uncle ‘Macon’ (Irons) does his best to ruin any chance of this fledgling relationship sustaining itself.


Cloud Atlas - 14 May 2013



n epic film that lasts a while longer than it needs to and jumps around chronologically in a way that is initially baffling but persevere and it all comes together in the end. A stellar cast multi role- plays, including some brilliant cameos as women from Hugo Weaving and Ben Whishaw in particular. Based on There are six interlinking stories covering a period of over 500 years, the earliest set in 1850 and the latest in 2321. The cast appears to different degrees in each lifetime in differing roles, and you have to watch actively to keep up and pull the strings of the tale together. Another film about destruction of the planet, which it seems like 1 in 10 movies that come to the cinema are these days. Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent and many more display their versatility (or lack of ) in this occasionally gripping but consistently engaging drama. If you get lost in the story, there is enough entertainment in trying to spot which actor is playing which character and it’s not always obvious either. I have a new found respect for Hugh after this film.

Welcome to the Punch 23rd July 2013


his film came and went quickly and is one of those that probably deserved more attention than it got but with movies of this scale, the cast and the script are what is spent on and the promotional budget is not so heavily invested in, hence they tend to trickle in an audience, go to the screens in the multiplexes that are not much bigger than your plasma at home and disappear on to DVD rapidly. But, before you judge this by that weak history, recognize that the lead is James McAvoy playing of the appropriately named Mark Strong and the slick, ballsy plot based on the classic ‘Cops and Robbers’ scenario is tight enough to keep even the most discerning viewer entertained.

A Good day to Die Hard - 4th June 2013


he latest in this mega franchise of films, Die Hard 5 is as explosive as any of its ancestors. John tries to build a relationship with the son we didn’t know he had, and this takes him to Europe, where he finds himself in the midst of a huge CIA operation. That is where the plot stops and the film becomes a series of gun-fights and explosions with a very loose set of circumstances linking it all together. This is a classic example of the production company riding on the reputation of the brand rather than maintaining it. A poor effort that even Bruce Willis himself has found hard to speak positively about. If you are happy to tolerate lots of implausible imagery and inescapable situations, which are escaped from, coupled with a few predictable references to the original classic films (which the first three were), then yippee ki yay mother… k | VIVA | 9 5








You may have seen Jessie taking a little sip from a mocktail in the first Voice show. She doesn’t really drink alcohol so we are giving you a chance to invent a mocktail for Jessie reflecting her passions - make it truly passionate, passion tasting and full of flavour. The winner will get tickets to Chester Rocks and the mocktail will be presented to Jessie for her to personally taste! TO ENTER: email your mocktail recipe, your name and number to

WIN VIP TICKETS TO SEE CLIFF RICHARD AT OLD TRAFFORD CRICKET GROUND VIVA has four exciting prizes to give away to all you Cliff lovers: 1. Two VIP tickets to Old Trafford Cricket Ground show on the 2nd June – VIP tickets include VIP seats, plus access to the hospitality area. 2. Three pairs of Standard Tickets to the old Trafford Cricket Ground show 3. Three Cliff Richard Calendars 4. One bottle of Cliffs Vida Nova wine from his Adega do Cantor Winery. TO ENTER: answer the following question and send your answer, name and number to: QUESTION: Where will Cliff Richard play in Manchester this summer a) The MEN Arena. b) O2 Academy c) Old Trafford Cricket Ground 9 6 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t

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Robbie Williams front cover and interview


Robbie Williams front cover and interview