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There are 2 ways to look at creating a substantial passive income from home. The first way is to find one huge idea that no one has ever thought of and market it on the internet. The second way is to start many small income streams to provide you with a residual income. The Big Idea method to passive income This is almost impossible to do because but I still think you should be thinking like this because you never know what the next big thing is going to be and who is going to come up with it. Who could have predicted that web tools such as twitter and stumbleupon would take off in the way they have. Websites like youtube abd friendsreunited have captured the imagination of millions online surfers. If you do have ideas that have potential then guard them with your life while you research and set them up. Substantial passive income just happens as a incidental event with these types of websites. The Small Idea method to passive income This is much more achievable because you do not have to invent anything or come up with something completely original. You can set up an online business to earn yourself some income. To make this into a substantial income you just set up a string of websites and online incomes to build up into a portfolio of passive income. What will actually happen is that one of your websites will out-perform all the other ones after a bit of time and you will be able to focus on this online business. You then build it up into an authority website and in that way earn the substantial passive income you are looking for.

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==== ==== "How To Improve Your Bank Account In One Month!" ==== ====

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