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==== ==== Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, iPhone Feeding Time For FREE Download Site Info Visit: Tablet Feeding Info ==== ==== By Tameshia Williams "I want to be a writer, but I hate to write." Your sentiments exactly? You are not alone. Most people's life ambitions include writing a book someday? Why not now? Writing is just not the glamorous lifestyle it's rumored to be. Don't get me wrong. Having time for travel and leisure is great, but there's still work to be done. You have to write, right? Just checking. There's no easy way around it. Writing is just not for wimps or the braveless. It's a disciplined art that will pay dividends in the future if you can do something in the present-keep writing. You'll want to stop. Friends will want to see the latest movie, Facebook will want a new photo upload, and you really need to clear all the unwanted email from your inbox. But no matter how badly you want to give up, no matter how terrible you think it is, keep at it. Below are three tips to help you turn your dream of writing into a reality. Tip 1: Set aside some time I never heard a baseball player say," I just happened to throw a ball one day and then they offered me a multi million dollar contract." Have you? You've got the talent-that's a given. But you have to put something with it if you want to succeed- the practice of writing. Does that mean you have to sit at the computer screen eight hours a day? Honestly, some people (myself included) are just not those kind of writers. Film director /actor/screenwriter Spike Lee, in an interview on Inside the Actor's Studio, said he usually writes two hours a day. After that, he can't write anymore. Maybe all you've got is 30 minutes in your tank right now. Take that half hour and write with all the intensity you can muster. When that's under your belt, you'll more than likely increase your writing time. Tip 2: Define what success is to you I wanted to be published by the time I was thirty. That was my measure of success. It wasn't having a bestseller or a bookstore filled with people waiting for me to sign that bestseller. I just wanted the opportunity to say something to a couple of people through the written word. While my writing goals have changed with each year, I still feel most successful when I've connected with people through my writing. You may have loftier ambitions. Maybe you do want the bestseller and the publicity that comes with it. Great for you. Maybe you just want to keep a daily journal of things happening in your life. Also, great for you. The point is that you're living up to your own standards based on your own values, dreams, and goals. Not anyone else's. Isn't that the point of it all? Tip 3: Look for inspiration other than the Writing Muse I don't have to tell you that she'll let you down time and again. You already know it. While I do get spurts of spontaneous inspiration, it just doesn't happen like that all the time. Once I get into writing, the words themselves inspire me. I'll start to write aimlessly (or freestyle, if you don't like that word). Before long, an idea or concept begins to form and I 've got something to work with. Isn't that the way our brains work? Thoughts rumble around our heads until one catches our attention and we focus on it. I am also part of a writing club. My writing partner and I meet a couple of times a month to read and critique what each other has written. We're always calling or emailing each other with ideas that we have for a great story or article. Being accountable to someone helps me stay committed to getting my thoughts on paper. Your inspiration can and probably will be totally different from mine. But whatever you do, don't wait for the Muse to show up on your front porch. Instead, lock the door, insert butt in chair, and just write.

No matter how many books promise to help you crank out a novel in 30 days or 3 months, you're still going to have to write. No one's invented a machine yet that hooks up to your brain and translates your thoughts to paper. Well, no machine like that is available to the general public. So you're going to have to do it the old fashioned way - move thoughts from head to paper through the medium of writing. Got it? Great. Article Source: ==== ==== Write and Publish Your Own eBook in 7 Days or Less Visit: Write Your Own eBook ==== ====

Wimpless Writing -- Just Write  
Wimpless Writing -- Just Write  

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