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EUROPA CANTAT XX 27.07. - 05.08. 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia

The international festival for singers, choirs, conductors and composers



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Wie kĂśnnen Sie an dem Festival teilnehmen


Comment participer au festival


Afternoon and evening programmes


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Dear friendscollective of singing! choral music! choral singing! One of the greatest choral events in the world, the festival EUROPA CANTAT is finally coming, 57 years after its first edition, to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is symbolic that on our country’s 100th anniversary Tallinn will be the capital of European choral singing. Our tradition of choral singing is very well known in the world. It is a part of our identity. Listening to music, making music, being surrounded with music is our way of living. Singing in a choir is one of the most significant forms of expressions of this. Tallinn, known as a meeting point of different cultures, will be a generous host for thousands of singers. Welcome to Tallinn, EUROPA CANTAT!

Taavi Aas Deputy Mayor and Acting Mayor of Tallinn

Choral music unites. Choral singing paves the way across cultures, languages and music traditions. The music which is born of singing together reflects both the ancient values and the mentality of today, reaches to people irrespective of their generation and beliefs. Estonian choral music has a respected place among the world’s choral traditions. We are happy to share this custom, found in every Estonian’s heart, with you and openheartedly greet the spirit of choral music, which the thousands of guests of EUROPA CANTAT will bring along. The EUROPA CANTAT Festival is an event where choral singers find new friends for life, as well as a respected meeting place for festival organisers, publishers and advocates of choral music, from whose fruitful discussions exciting partnerships for stimulating the musical life derive and in virtue of them, choral music from different countries around the world finds a place in the repertoire of many choirs. It is an event where amateurs and professionals speak the same languages and inspire each other for next steps. Welcome to sunny Estonia, which, thanks to you, dear choral singers, conductors and advocates, flourishes into the centre of the world choral music and will be a home for the close family of EUROPA CANTAT. Sincerely

Indrek Saar Minister of Culture of the Republic of Estonia


EUROPA CANTAT is an event carrying real European values. With its unique, colourful and rich choice of activities we would like to address all those wanting to learn both from outstanding experts and other participants, while getting to know the treasures of other cultures. Choral music lovers of any age, skill and musical genre can participate in this magnificent tri-annual event that has been uniting the best of choral music in Europe ever since it started in 1960. The festival is a huge challenge as well as an outstanding opportunity to showcase the way collective singing might reach out and make this world better. Please join us in this adventure, together with thousands of singers, conductors, composers, music managers and choral music lovers from the community of the at least 37 Million singers all over Europe and even beyond. Tallinn awaits you, with the stunning singing tradition of Estonia, its inspiring atmosphere and very short nights!

Gábor Móczár President of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat

Welcome to the EUROPA CANTAT XX festival – Europe’s most exciting choral event! If you are looking for inspiring concerts, great conductors, innovative composers and all styles of choral music - this is the right place for you! Do you want to show your music, discover new ideas of the choral world and exchange your knowledge with colleagues from all over the world? Come to Tallinn! We want to invite you to discover our atelier programme – lead by many famous conductors and also presenting young and exciting new directors from all styles and genres. The music programme of the EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn 2018 festival is inspired by these exclusive events and developed along three guidelines, which reflect the unique qualities and history of the host city: Sing Together – Change the Planet – as homage to the Singing Revolution – spontaneous mass-singing events in 1988 at the Tallinn Song Celebration Grounds. Sing Across Cultures, Genres and Generations – from Asia to South America, jazz to renaissance and young to old, singing serves as a unifier. New Time Singing – singing in the 21st century and the future, innovation. There are a million ways to sing – come to Tallinn and discover them all! Jan Schumacher Chair of the Music Commission of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat

Raul Talmar President of the Estonian Choral Association


A Million Ways to Sing – for everyone

EUROPA CANTAT is a truly open festival, where you can experience at least a million different ways to sing! The festival offers programmes for singers and choirs of all types, levels and ages, for conductors, composers and managers without any competitive element. The EUROPA CANTAT festivals are renowned for their inspiring atmosphere – the festival travels to another country every 3 years, yet participants can always choose from a diversity of programmes. This concept guarantees that each edition is a unique experience – EUROPA CANTAT is never the same. This time, the festival takes place in Tallinn, Estonia, which is worldwide known for the rich singing tradition and its love for choral music. This edition will definitely have an impact of the country’s rich musical tradition.


How can you

participate in the festival? Ateliers As a singer (individual, with a group of friends or in a choir) you can explore particular compositions, genres or vocal techniques in one of the wide range of 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8-day long ateliers directed by specialised conductors from all over the world. Each of the ateliers ends with a public performance. (See pages 14-33) Discovery Ateliers If you enjoy trying out a different style ever day, or if you can only join for one or a few days, or if you have a free day in the festival, the discovery ateliers will be your solution. They will cover less usual genres and techniques, they will take only one morning and will have no public performance. (See page 33)

Young Event Management Programme (YEMP) YEMP will be organised for the fourth time, offering a unique training-on-the-job programme for young and talented choral organisers. (See page 36) Families You can bring your children. We offer special activities with professional care for children between 0 and 10 years of age. (See page 33) Check the programme and the participation conditions and apply online from the end of September 2017! You can find more detailed information on: www.ectallinn2018.ee

Perform with your choir Participating choirs will have different opportunities to perform their own repertoire at the festival. Let us know during the registration where you would like to perform and with which repertoire! (See page 43) Programme for Conductors and Composers (CCP) and Study Tour You might join an atelier as a conductor or composer, but EUROPA CANTAT offers a special programme for you that runs parallel to the singers’ programme. Together with many colleagues from Europe and beyond, you can get to grips with hot topics in the choral world of today, attend workshops, lectures and a Study Tour of the ateliers. (See pages 34-35)

Please note: working language for all ateliers and offers for conductors and composers is English!


Wie können Sie

an dem festival teilnehmen?

Ateliers Entdecken Sie als Sänger/in einzigartige Kompositionen, Genres und Gesangstechniken in den 4, 5, 6, 7 und 8-tägigen Ateliers unter der Leitung von spezialisierten Dirigenten/innen aus aller Welt. Sie können an den Ateliers als Einzelsänger/in, oder als Gruppe von Freunden, ebenso wie als kompletter Chor teilnehmen. Am Ende der Ateliers werden Sie das Ergebnis der Atelierarbeit in einem Konzert präsentieren. (Mehr dazu auf den Seiten 14-33) Discovery Ateliers Wenn Sie jeden Tag verschiedene Musikgenres ausprobieren möchten, nur an einem oder wenigen Tagen teilnehmen können oder im Festival freie Tage haben, dann sind die „Discovery Ateliers” das Richtige für Sie. Sie werden täglich vormittags angeboten und umfassen eher außergewöhnliche Genres und Techniken – es gibt kein öffentliches Abschlusskonzert. (Mehr dazu auf Seite 43) Präsentieren Sie Ihren Chor im Konzert Für teilnehmende Chöre bietet das Festival verschiedene Möglichkeiten sich dem Festivalpublikum vorzustellen. Informieren Sie uns bei der Online Anmeldung über Ihre Konzertwünsche und Ihr Repertoire! (Mehr dazu auf Seite 33)


Programm für Dirigent/innen und Komponist/innen mit Study Tour Sie haben als Dirigent/in oder als Komponist/in auch die Möglichkeit an einem Atelier teilzunehmen, aber EUROPA CANTAT bietet für Sie ein spezielles Programm, das parallel zu den Ateliers für Sänger/ innen läuft. In diesem Programm können Sie mit Kolleg/innen aus Europa und dem Rest der Welt über aktuelle Themen der Chorwelt diskutieren, und an Workshops, Vorträgen und der geführten Tour durch die Ateliers (Study Tour) teilnehmen. (Mehr dazu auf Seite 34-35) Programm für junge Manager (YEMP) YEMP ist ein einzigartiges Programm für junge und talentierte Manager/innen, das zum vierten Mal im Rahmen von EUROPA CANTAT veranstaltet wird. (Mehr dazu auf Seite 36.) Familien EUROPA CANTAT hat spezielle Angebote mit professioneller Betreuung für Sie, wenn Sie auch Ihre Kinder unter 11 Jahren mitbringen möchten. (Mehr dazu auf Seite 33) Das detaillierte Programm und die Teilnahmebedingungen finden Sie auf www. ectallinn2018.ee, wo Sie sich ab Ende September 2017 auch online anmelden können!

Bitte beachten Sie: Die Arbeitssprache in allen Ateliers und Angeboten für Dirigent/innen und Komponist/innen ist Englisch.

Ateliers Les ateliers sont ouverts à tous les chanteurs (individuels, groupe de chanteurs, chœurs complets). Les ateliers durent de 4 à 8 journées et se concluent par un concert public. Vous pouvez choisir parmi une grande variété d’ateliers dirigés par des chef de chœurs venant de tous les coins de la planète et découvrir des compositions uniques, de nouveaux genres musicaux et différentes techniques vocales. (Voir pages 14-33)

Comment participer au festival?

Discovery ateliers (ateliers découverte) Vous aimez découvrir un style différent chaque jour? Vous ne pouvez participer que pour une ou quelques journées? Vous avez une journée libre pendant le festival? Les “discovery ateliers” sont faits pour vous! Nous vous proposons ces sessions d’une matinée, sans concert public à la fin, abordant des genres musicaux et des techniques spécifiques. (Voir page 33) Concerts des chœurs participants Chaque chœur participant a plusieurs possibilités de se présenter dans le festival avec son propre répertoire. Informez-nous dès votre incription si vous souhaitez vous produire dans ce cadre en nous indiquant le répertoire envisagé. (Voir page 43)

Young Event Management Programme (YEMP) Le YEMP (Young Event Management Programme) sera organisé pour la quatrième fois et offre une chance unique à de jeunes et talentueux managers d’apprendre les ficelles du métier d’organisateur en intégrant l’équipe du festival. (Voir page 36)

Programme spécial pour chefs de chœur et compositeurs Vous pouvez bien sûr participer aux ateliers pour chanteurs et chœurs, mais EUROPA CANTAT vous offre un programme dédié qui se déroule en parallèle aux ateliers pour chanteurs. Ensemble avec des collègues venu de toute l’Europe et audelà, vous pourrez aborder les sujets brûlant du monde choral, apprendre, échanger et participer aux conférences, ou encore visiter les ateliers dans le cadre du Study Tour. (Voir pages 34-35)

Familles Ils sont les chanteurs de demain, aussi vos (jeunes) enfants sont les bienvenus! Le festival offre des programmes spéciaux pour les enfants de 0 à 10 ans. (Voir page 33)

Note: les activités sont menées principalement en anglais (et en musique, bien sûr)

Consultez le programme et les conditions de participation, et inscrivez-vous via notre site à partir de la fin septembre! Vous pouvez trouver des informations plus détaillées sur notre site: www.ectallinn2018.ee


Afternoon and evening programmes

After the daily morning rehearsals, lectures and workshops you will have the chance to choose from a rich programme.


Afternoon programmes

Evening programmes

Concerts – you can attend the performance of participant choirs, guest choirs and ateliers Open Singing – every day there will be a public open singing with Merja Rajala (FI) at the open-air stage on Town Hall Square and another one for the participants with Lorenzo Donati (IT) in the Russian Culture Centre with invited ensembles and conductors. (See page 8) Perform with your own choir – if you come to the festival with your own choir and have a repertoire you would like to perform, you have many possibilities among which to choose – from participating at a choir-to-choir concert to open air performance. You can find more information about it on page 43.

Evening Concerts Concerts of invited ensembles and concert presentations of atelier results at venues all over the city. Night of Choirs (30.7.2018) A special night of “singing streets and courtyards” and other original performances to fill the city centre with music! Promenade Concert (01.8.2018) The unique Culture Cauldron, an old power plant, will change into a place where in every room and corner you can hear vocal music.

Festival Schedule in short Date


Friday 27 July



Arrival, check-in, finding your accommodation 18:00 dinner

Public Open Singing Welcome event

Saturday 28 July

09:30-12:30 atelier rehearsals, conductors’ and composers’ programme, discovery ateliers

13:00-14.30 lunch 14:00-14:30 Public Open Singing 15:00-17:45 concerts by participating choirs 18:00-18:45 Open Singing for participants 18:30-20:00 dinner

20:30 Opening Ceremony 22:30 Night Concert

Sunday 29 July

09:30-12:30 atelier rehearsals, conductors’ and composers’ programme, discovery ateliers

13:00-14.30 lunch 14:00-14:30 Public Open Singing 15:00-17:45 concerts by participating choirs 18:00-18:45 Open Singing for participants 18:30-20:00 dinner

20:30 Concerts

Monday 30 July

09:30-12:30 atelier rehearsals, conductors’ and composers’ programme, discovery ateliers

13:00-14.30 lunch 14:00-14:30 Public Open Singing 15:00-17:45 concerts by participating choirs 18:00-18:45 Open Singing for participants 18:30-20:00 dinner

20:00 Night of Choirs

Tuesday 31 July

09:30-12:30 atelier rehearsals, conductors’ and composers’ programme, discovery ateliers

13:00-14.30 lunch 14:00-14:30 Public Open Singing 15:00-17:45 final performances of 4-day ateliers 18:00-18:45 Open Singing for participants 18:30-20:00 dinner

20:30 Concerts

Wednesday 09:30-12:30 atelier 1 August rehearsals, conductors’ and composers’ programme, discovery ateliers

13:00-14.30 lunch 14:00-14:30 Public Open Singing 15:00-17:45 final performances of 5-day ateliers 18:00-18:45 Open Singing for participants 18:30-20:00 dinner

20:30 Concerts 22:30 Promenade concert

Thursday 2 August

09:30-12:30 atelier rehearsals, conductors’ and composers’ programme, discovery ateliers

13:00-14.30 lunch 14:00-14:30 Public Open Singing 15:00-17:45 final performances of 6-day ateliers 18:00-18:45 Open Singing for participants 18:30-20:00 dinner

20:30 final performances of 6-day ateliers and other evening concerts 22:30 Night concert

Friday 3 August

09:30-12:30 atelier rehearsals, conductors’ and composers’ programme, discovery ateliers

13:00 lunch Rehearsals for anniversary concert on the Song Celebration Ground Picnic dinner

20:30 Anniversary concert: 100 years Estonia and final performance of 7-day atelier

Saturday 4 August

09:30-12:30 atelier rehearsals, conductors’ and composers’ programme, discovery ateliers

13:00-14.30 lunch 14:00-14:30 Public Open Singing 15:00-17:45 final performances of 8-day ateliers 18:00-18:45 Open Singing for participants 18:30-20:00 dinner

20:30 Final performances of 8-day ateliers 22:30 Closing Singing and Farewell Party

Sunday 5 August


This schedule is subject to changes!



Tallinn Tallinn, the fairy-tale-like capital of Estonia, is a vivid mixture of old and new. In one part of the town you can walk along the Hanseatic streets of the Old Town, 15 minutes later you are spending a good time at cafés and bars in an old factory building. The city has an active concert scene from symphony orchestra concerts in traditional concert halls like Estonia Concert Hall or classical choir concerts at St. Nicholas Church to eccentric and experimental music concerts in the Culture Cauldron, which used to be a power plant or in the Seaplane Harbour. During the EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn 2018 you can experience the diverse atmosphere of the city and discover all the fantastic venues and places all over Tallinn! One of the cultural gems in Tallinn is the Song Celebration Ground, which is for every Estonian a special and sacred place, where every 5 years something magical happens – the Estonian Song Celebration, which brings together 40 000 singers and 60 000 spectators from young to old and unites them into one big choir. These massive singing events have had an invaluable impact on Estonia – firstly, in 1869 the maarahvas („land people”) sang themselves into the nation of Estonians, and secondly, in 1988 during the Singing Revolution, people sang themselves free. In 2018, the Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary and gazes confidentially into the bright future while not forgetting its roots.

Discover Tallinn and Estonia

In your free time as well as before and after the festival you can discover the treasures of the city of Tallinn, its museums, churches, exhibitions and hidden spots. You can also visit one of the concerts in a nearby town or village, or book tours to other parts of Estonia to prolong your stay.


Ateliers and Special Programmes The festival offers 44 ateliers for singers lasting from 4 to 8 days, consisting of 3-hour morning rehearsals and ending with a public concert. It is possible to stay on after your atelier, attending some of the discovery ateliers or the programme for conductors and composers. Some ateliers (when it says “+1”) contain a free day before the final concert, so that you can attend discovery ateliers or lectures – or take some time to discover the city. Groups and choirs can sign up as a group for the same atelier, or divide into different ateliers. Indicate three ateliers of your choice and apply by 31st December 2017 and your participation will be guaranteed in at least one of the three (unless ateliers have to be cancelled due to lack of applications)!

Overview ateliers (detail on pages 15-33)

More info and updates about ateliers on www.ectallinn2018.ee from October 2017


For everybody

Children’s Choirs A1 Children’s Songs Around the World Girls’ Choirs A2 Girls Just Want to Have Fun Female Choirs A3 Sweet Dreams A4 From Gagliarda to Rock ’n’ Roll Mixed Youth Choirs A5 Young Pop A6 African Voices Mixed Choirs A7 „Kreekviem” – Requiem by Cyrillus Kreek A8 Happy Baroque! A9 Pop Choir XXL A10 Circle Singing A11 Happy Birthday, Estonia! A12 Gospel Music A13 Meet Latin American Roots A14 Mysteries & Meditation A15 À la carte! A16 From Russia with Love



For good sight readers and singers who come prepared Children’s Choirs B1 From Shrek to Oceania B2 Original Aboriginal B3 Joyful Journey into Early Music Girls’ Choirs B4 Can You Hear Me? Female Choirs B5 Composers Conducting: Ulrika Emanuelsson and Pärt Uusberg B6 Ladies Rock! Mixed Youth Choirs B7 Musicals: The Triple Challenge Mixed Choirs B8 Puccini: Messa di Gloria B9 Sounds of Big Band B10 Love Songs (for individual singers) B11 Choir Meets Organ B12 Stars and Stripes in Music B13 Tales from Anatolia B14 Pearls of the Orient: Choir Music from Asia B15 Forgotten Peoples and Languages


For choirs and singers who audition and come prepared Children’s Choirs C1 Baltic Sea Flavours Girls’ Choirs C2 Nordic (High)Lights Boys’ Choirs C3 Bernstein: Chichester Psalms Female Choirs C4 Amor Sanctus – Holy Love Mixed Youth Choirs C5 Baltic Music of Today Mixed Choirs C6 Pärt: Te Deum C7 The Real Choir C8 Renaissance Energy! Vocal Groups C9 Coaching with the Swingles Vocal Groups and Individual Singers C10 Sing Like the King’s


For national and regional youth choirs, upon invitation and audition D1 Poulenc: Stabat Mater D2 Around the Baltic Sea D3 Works for Double and Triple Choir

Family offers


(See page 33) E1 Musical pre-kindergarten for children 0-3 years of age E2 Musical kindergarten for children 3-6 years of age Possibility for individual children (singers aged 7-10) to attend an atelier


Discovery ateliers (See page 33)

G The programme is subject to changes.

Conductors’ and Composers’ Programme (See page 34-35)




Further information and a repertoire list will be added to the Website by October 2017! Some of the Ateliers offered are part of the project Sing outside the box, co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Programme (see page 58) and contribute to the aims of the project to find new ways of offering choral music, intensifying cooperation with other art forms and using sound and light techniques for choral concerts. These ateliers are identified with the Sing outside the box logo. Part of the Network Funding project of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat Upgrade – Connect – Reach Out, co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Programme (see page 57), is to connect more to other choral associations in Europe. Several of the ateliers listed below as well as parts of the Conductors’ and Composers’ Programme CCP are thus offered in cooperation with different associations in Europe and beyond.  with movement/staging commissioned piece


A For everybody CHILDREN’S CHOIRS A1 Children’s Songs Around the World Perform beautiful pieces composed for children from different parts of the planet. Length: 8 days Age: 8-12 Final performance: 04.08.2018 Josep Vila i Casañas (Spain – Catalonia) Josep Vila i Jover (CATES) studied choral conducting with Enric Ribó, Conxita Garcia and Christian Grube. He is the artistic director of Societat Coral Amics de la Unió, an outstanding choral school in Catalonia with more than 600 students and 10 active choirs. He is also the choir conductor of two of the school’s choirs: Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió (60 treble singers aged between 11 and 17), and Cor de Cambra de Granollers (mixed choir with 30 members). He has conducted children voices parts in operas performed in the Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera House in Barcelona, has been guest conductor in “Eurotreff 2017” in Germany, the “Setmana Cantant” in Catalonia, and in “Festival di Primavera Feniarco”, in Italy as a workshop teacher. His children’s choir Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió has been chosen to perform in the World Symposium on Choral Music 2017 and it will participate in the Taipei International Choral Festival. József Nemes (HU) is the conductor and music teacher of Saint Ephrem Greek Catholic Primary School in Debrecen, Hungary. He conducts three different choirs: a children’s choir, a mixed youth choir and a chamber choir. They have achieved several international and national successes (among others, World Champion and European Champion title, Grand

Prizes of the Hungarian National Choir Competition and International Choir Competition of Arezzo). Besides the most important aim of him is to provide a joyful and solidary community for his choir singers.

GIRLS’ CHOIRS A2 Girls Just Want to Have Fun Alicia Keys, Natasha Bedingfield, Florence + The Machine - these girls know exactly how to have fun singing! In this atelier you can truly rock! Length: 5 days Age: 14-20 Final performance: 01.08.2018 Offered in cooperation with the The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg & Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK). Christian Ronsfeld (DE/ DK) is the artistic director of the Danish girls’ choir Mariagerfjord Pigekor and Mariagerfjord Choir School, which is one of the most remarkable schools for contemporary music in Europe, consisting of 12 choirs primarily focusing on children and youth choirs. Christian is frequently invited as a workshop leader at festivals and choir events in Europe and USA. His choir arrangements are sung by groups all over Europe and published by Schott and Helbling edition. Christian has a Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg and the University of Music in Freiburg.


FEMALE CHOIRS A3 Sweet Dreams Discover bedtime stories and lullabies from different areas - from folk tunes to pop songs some of which will surely remind you of the tranquil ritual of singing and rocking a child to sleep. Length: 4 days Age: Open Final performance: 31.07.2018

Frode Fjellheim (Norway) Florence Huby (BE) After her studies to be primary teacher, and her studies in classical singing, choir conducting, harmonizing, Florence has conducted several choirs since the beginning of the years 2000: Les Colibris de Liège, the Choir of the Cathedral in Liège, la Choraline (with Benoît Giaux), and 2 choirs (children and teenagers) in the music academy in Auderghem. She’s actually conducting a project choir of A Coeur Joie, Around 40, with a collegue, Olivier Bilquin. She has arranged half of the program of pop songs for that project. She used to sing in several choirs from her teen age such as Fugato and Montferrant (Marie-Claude Remy), Octava Alta (Benoît Giaux), World Youth Choir (Frieder Bernius/Gary Graden, Paul Smith/ Peter Erdei, Stephen Zegree, Florian Heyerick) and several projects in pop and jazz vocal music. She’s a member of Witloof Bay (pop jazz a capella), since its foundation and she’s also member of the orchestra of the TV show The Voice Belgique, as leader and arranger of the backing vocals. She makes a lot of arrangements for choirs, mostly in pop music.


A4 From Gagliarda to Rock’n’Roll Perform dance music for mixed choirs from renaissance to nowadays together with dancers! Length: 6 days Age: Open Final performance: 02.08.2018

Petra Grassi (IT/SI) won the 1st Prize at the National Choral Conducting Competition “Le mani in suono” in Arezzo (IT), and the 1st Prize at the national competition for choral conductors “Zvok mojih rok“ in Ljubljana. At the 8th International Competition for Young Choral Conductors organized by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat in Torino 2015, she won the 3rd prize and the prize for the best conductor according to the audience’s choice. She graduated in choral conducting and composition at the Academy of Music in Trento with Lorenzo Donati. She has a degree also in piano and music pedagogy. She is the conductor of the Youth regional choir Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) and of the Chamber choir Dekor from Ljubljana (Slovenia). As a singer, she has performed with professional ensembles. She was invited twice as a teacher at the International Festival di Primavera for youth choirs in Montecatini Terme organised by Feniarco. She has won first prizes in national and international choral competitions with her choirs (Olomouc, Bad Ischl, Milano, Rimini, Vittorio Veneto, Venezia).

MIXED YOUTH CHOIRS A5 Young Pop Sing exciting, beautiful, groovy, and meaningful modern vocal music. Length: 4 days Age: 18-27 Final performance: 31.07.2018 Offered in cooperation with the The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg & Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK). Line Groth (DK) is a singer, arranger and co-conductor in the world famous Danish choir, Vocal Line with whom she has performed with The Rolling Stones, Bobby McFerrin a.o. She has been teaching choir conducting at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and she holds a MA in Singing and Choir Conducting from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Line Groth sings in the electronic vocal group, Postyr. Postyr is touring all over the world, has released several CD’s with their original music and in 2016 the group won a CARA Award for Best European Album. Finally, Line Groth is conductor of the very talented Danish Youth Choir, Syng Selected that has recently been selected to participate in the international competition for choirs at Aarhus Vocal Festival. Line Groth is teaching and coaching choirs, singers and conductors throughout Denmark, all over Europe, in the US, Israel, Greenland and Taiwan and she is known as an inspiring and dedicated teacher.

A6 African Voices Experience diverse musical colours of traditional African songs and travel through space and time of the continent. Length: 6 days Age: 18-27 Final performance: 02.08.2018 Offered in cooperation with the African Confederation for Choral Music (ACCM – Confédération Africaine de Musique Chorale).

Lhente-Mari Pitout (ZA) is a passionate musician and music educator in the rich traditions of the South African choral field. She works as a musician, conductor and adjudicator in both classical and contemporary genres. She has been awarded numerous prizes for her contributions to the arts as a singer and conductor. She is the Artistic Director of the highly-acclaimed University of Pretoria Youth Choir from 2005, and works full time as professional conductor with various choirs and ensembles. She currently conducts the St. Alban’s College Choir and Barbershop, Pretoria Boys High School Choir and the St. Mary’s Singers. The University of Pretoria Youth Choir forms part of the multi-choir model of the University of Pretoria. This wonderful regional multicultural youth choir consist of 95 singers between the ages of 14 and 19 years old form 36 schools in the greater Tshwane area in Gauteng South Africa. Assistant Gert Pottas (ZA) is a young passionate musician and choir director from South Africa. He completed his bachelor’s degree in music (BMus) at the University of Pretoria with choral conducting and jazz vocals his majors. He has done various choir projects nationally and abroad presenting workshops on traditional South African music alongside Lhente-Mari Pitout. He is also a proud Alumni of the Chamber Choir of Scandinavia after a successful new year’s project in 2016/2017. He represented South Africa in the World Youth Choir for three successful summer sessions, touring and performing all over Europe. Gert is currently the conductor of eight choirs in South Africa. He also performs as a solo artist for corporate functions and productions. He specializes in light, classical and Jazz music. Gert performed as a soloist for numerous productions at the University of Pretoria including: “Big Band Swing Fever” and “A Joyful Noise”. In 2014 Gert went to France with a vocal group call Music Company where they gave workshops on African traditional music.


Photo Jouni Harala

MIXED CHOIRS A7 Kreekviem – Requiem by Cyrillus Kreek Cyrillus Kreek is one of the most significant Estonian composers. The Requiem was premiered in the Estonia Concert Hall in 1929. The atelier’s final concert will be in the same concert hall and accompanied by the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra Length: 6 days Age: Open Final performance: 02.08.2018 Described by the Herald Tribune as “charismatic, brilliant, energetic”, Anu Tali (EE) is one of the most intriguing young conductors on the international scene today. She is Music Director of the Sarasota Orchestra in Florida and Chief Conductor of the Nordic Symphony Orchestra which she founded in 1997. Today the Nordic Symphony Orchestra has members from fifteen countries, featuring musicians from some of the world’s leading orchestras. Tali appears regularly with orchestras worldwide including the Japan and Tokyo Philharmonic orchestras, Orchestre National de France, New Jersey, Gothenburg and Swedish Radio Symphony orchestras. In Germany she worked with Deutsches Symphonieorchester Berlin, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Berliner Konzerthausorchester, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and Ensemble Modern. She has also conducted operas in Magdeburg State Opera, Finnish National Opera etc. Assistant Heli Jürgenson (EE) is the chorus master of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Chief Conductor of Mixed Choir of Estonia Society, and teaches choral conducting in Tallinn Georg Ots Music College. Heli Jürgenson has conducted joint choirs in several Estonian Song Celebrations. She has been the artistic director of the Finnish-Estonian Song Festival and Sacred Music Festivals. Heli is currently the con-


ductor and artistic director of the 12th Youth Song Celebration in 2017. In 2013 she was awarded the grant of Gustav Ernesaks foundation and won the prize of the conductor of the year of Estonian Choral Association. She has also worked as a chorus master of the Estonian National Opera for 11 years.

A8 Happy Baroque! Wonderful possibility to sing masterpieces by great composers such as Händel and Purcell. Length: 6 days Age: Open Final performance: 02.08.2018 Michal Hájek (CZ) is a conductor and pianist living in Prague. He is the winner of the Choral Conductors’ Competition in Budapest in 2011. With his project choir Bohemiachor and with Oktet vocal ensemble he got several first prizes at choral competitions. Recently he works at the National Theatre in Prague and at music schools as a piano teacher. One of his biggest hobbies is choral improvisation. Yuval Weinberg (IL) is the musical director of Kammerkoret NOVA and the chamber choir Hortus Vocalis. Since 2017 he also has been conducting the Norwegian National Youth Choir. Yuval studied choral conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Hochschule für Musik ‘Hanns Eisler’ Berlin. He is regularly invited to conduct professional ensembles such as the Norwegian Soloists Choir and the Bavarian Radio Choir. In 2014 Yuval won the International choral conducting competition Towards Polyphony in Wrocław, Poland, and in 2015 the Gary Bertini Award for young Israeli conductors.

A9 Pop Choir XXL Discover pearls of pop music in choral style! Length: 8 days Age: Open Final performance: 04.08.2018 Offered in cooperation with the The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg & Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK). Dr Matthias Becker (DE) has got a diploma as choir conductor (with Helmut Rilling), a degree in musicology, and a PhD in “choir music in jazz“. He is the winner of the 1st prize at the national vocal competition (jazz category) and founder and manager of VoKAL ToTal, the famous German vocal jazz quartet. He has twice been awarded the „Jazz-CD of the Month“ by the music journal „audio“. Matthias Becker is a celebrated choir conductor, concert and studio musician, judge, arranger and publishing director. He trains choir conductors, choirs and vocal ensembles in Germany and abroad, has a permanent post teaching the vocalists of the BuJazzO (Germany’s official youth jazz orchestra), and publishes choral arrangements, articles and textbooks on jazz singing.

A10 Circle Singing A workshop of musical skills-training which combines nearly every discipline of music – improvisation, composing, arranging, performing, teaching, conducting, theory, ear-training – into one integrated exercise. Length: 5 days Age: Open Final performance: 01.08.2018 Offered in cooperation with the The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg & Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK). Roger Treece (USA) Five-time Grammy nominee Roger Treece is a choral innovator: composer, conductor, improviser, and performer whose recordings, composi-

tions and teaching methods have influenced musicians around the world. He has been a featured performer and clinician at The World Choral Symposium, The Oregon Bach Festival, The Schleswig-Holstein Festival, The Stimmen Festival, The World Choral Games, The Århus a Cappella Festival and others around the world. His book, CircleSongs: A Method for developing Musical Fluency is the first method that uses this popular improvisational form as a vehicle for traditional music training.

A11 Happy Birthday, Estonia! Let’s congratulate the Republic of Estonia for its 100th anniversary by singing on the shell stage. Experience the same feeling that all Estonians experience every five years on the Song Celebration Grounds! The repertoire will include classics from the Estonian Song Celebrations and beloved songs from all over the world. Length: 7 days Age: Open Final performance: 03.08.2018 György Orbán (Hungary) Hirvo Surva (EE) is currently chief conductor of the National Opera Boys’ Choir and the Mixed Choir of the Estonian Public Broadcasting. Since 1993, Mr Surva has conducted at Estonian Song Celebrations and was Artistic Director of VIII and IX Youth Song Celebration and XXVI Estonian Song Celebration. He is the Chairman of the Estonian Male Choirs’ Association. In addition, he teaches at the Estonian Academy of Music and University of Music and Theatre of Oregon (USA). He was nominated Estonian Conductor of the year 2003. International Conductor to be announced


A12 Gospel Music The atelier will explore the continual evolution of gospel music with roots in the Black oral tradition - from hymns to spirituals. Length: 6 days Age: Open Final performance: 02.08.2018 Dr Raymond Wise (USA) currently serves on the faculty of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana where he is Professor of Practice in the African American African Diaspora Studies department and instructs courses in African American music. Dr Wise conducts the African American Choral Ensemble. He is known for helping choirs perform gospel music authentically. Dr. Wise is an ordained minister and has served as a church musician for more than 40 years. He has appeared on radio and television, recorded 22 albums, performed with opera singers, orchestras, dance companies and professional recording groups. He has toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia as a singer, pianist, composer, lecturer, choreographer and conductor for festivals.

A13 Meet Latin American Roots Experience the colourful rhythms and sounds of Latin American music by singing and dancing with joy! Length: 5 days Age: Open Final performance: 01.08.2018 Offered in cooperation with America Cantat. Luimar Arismendi (VE) is a Venezuelan choir conductor, whose career has developed in the light of her excellent qualities as instrumentalist such as piano, cuatro, guitar, mandolin and afro-latin percussion and as choral music arranger. Her mentors in all her artistic career are Masters Maria


Guinand and Alberto Grau. She has been an instructor of the programme for social development “Choir of Latin Voices” sponsored by CAF. Luimar is the founder and current Conductor of the Schola Juvenil de Venezuela, and the programme Small Singers of the Foundation Schola Cantorum of Venezuela.

A14 Mysteries & Meditation The atelier brings together the essence of two musical traditions - Gregorian chants from Europe and mystical, devotional music from South Asia. Length: 4 days Age: Open Final performance 31.07.2018  Jaan-Eik Tulve (EE) graduated from Tallinn Conservatory in 1991 and specialized in Gregorian chant at Le Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP). He has given many courses in Gregorian chant in France, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Scotland, the Faeroe Islands, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia. Jaan-Eik Tulve has been often invited to lead work-sessions in monasteries and workshops at festivals. In 1992 Jaan-Eik Tulve became the conductor of the Choeur Grégorien de Paris and has appeared with the choir in many European countries and also in Lebanon. Many of the recordings he has made with the choir have received great critical acclaim (Diapason d’Or). In 1996 he took up a position teaching Gregorian chant at the Estonian Academy of Music and at the same time formed the Vox Clamantis in Tallinn. Jaan-Eik Tulve has been awarded the Order of the White Star of the Republic of Estonia, the Order of Léopold of the Kingdom of Belgium and the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic. André de Quadros (ID) is a professor of music at Boston University. He is Music Director of the Manado State University Choir (Indonesia), Common Ground Voices (an Israeli /Palestini-

A16 From Russia with Love Discover the rich culture of Russia through music from the Romantic and Modern era. Length: 6 days Age: Open Final performance: 02.08.2018

A15 À la carte We love to eat different foods - a starter, a main course and a dessert. Why not sing different kinds and tastes of music in one programme and enjoy some special food in the breaks? Bon appétit! Length: 5 days Age: Open Final performance: 01.08.2018 Gonzague Monney

Photo Marion Frègeac


Christine Morel (FR) is currently chief of the Young National Choir (chamber choir of youth programme of A Coeur Joie France). She is also teacher of conducting and choral singing in Angers’ Regional Conservatory, specialist of 21st century’s vocal music. She has commissioned and performed several masterpieces of which the newest is called “The Humanitudes of Thierry Machuel” (May 2015 and 2016). She also created and produced the sound illustrating the installation of Ayong Kim in the Palace of Tokyo and its representation danced in Palais Garnier (June 2016, in collaboration with the ballet-dancer of the Opera and Sébastien Bertaud). The municipality of Paris put her in charge of the Choeur de l’Ecole’s (the School Choir) programme, for which she placed a choir in each school of the city, thus creating more than 250 extra-curriculum activities. As a conductor, she was invited to direct and conduct the Regional amateur choir for their gathering, several workshops of Choralies de Vaison la Romaine, but also the Maîtrise des Pays de la Loire, the orchestra of Bach Cantus with the whole Parisian System20+.

Photo Markus Hedov

an/Swedish choir), the VOICES 21C project choir, and Aswat (Muslim choir, Sri Lanka). Dr de Quadros is the editor of The Cambridge Companion to Choral Music. In addition to leading projects in Massachusetts prisons, he is active in community choral projects in the Arab world and Israel. His professional life has taken him to the most diverse settings in more than forty countries.

Maria Goundorina (RU) started singing in choirs at the age of seven, taking up conducting when she was fifteen. She studied at the Ippolitov-Ivanov Music College and the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (with Boris Tevlin) and later at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Anders Eby, also following courses in musicology at the University of Vienna. She has been a member of the Chamber Choir of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Arnold Schoenberg Chor and Mikaeli Chamber Choir, and has conducted numerous Swedish choirs, including the Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and the choir of the Royal Swedish Opera. Since 2010 Maria Goundorina has been artistic director of Allmänna Sången. She also teaches choral direction and singing and Russian music at courses in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.


good sight readers B For and singers who come prepared CHILDREN’S CHOIRS B1 From Shrek to Oceania Who doesn’t like songs from our favourite animated films? The atelier is a fun journey into the world of cartoons through music. Length: 5 days Age: 8-12 Final performance: 01.08.2018 Luigi Leo (IT) is the director and the founder of the “Modus Novus” vocal ensemble, “Juvenes Cantores” children’s and youth’s choir and Apulian Youth Choir. He directed the children’s choir of the conservatoire Nino Rota (Monopoli-Bari). He also is the director of studies and principal academic of Biannual Academy for Children Choirs’ Conductors approved by the Ministry of Education. Luigi Leo has lead several ateliers, courses, seminars for teachers and choir directors, performed in prestigious festivals and institutions (Naples, Bergamo, Teramo, Salerno, Sassari, Torino, Milano, Utrecht and got awards in national and international competitions (Arezzo, Gorizia, Fermo, Matera, Rimini).

B2 Original Aboriginal Discover the music from a continent that is so far away from us - aboriginal music with movement, from New Zealand, Australia and other countries in this area. During this atelier, you will find out what is different in comparison with folk music from Europe. Length: 6 days Age: 10-16 Final performance: 02.08.2018


Lyn Williams (AU) is Australia’s leading director of choirs for young people. She founded Sydney Children’s Choir 27 years ago to create a world-class ensemble, capable of performing complex music of a professional standard. The Sydney Children’s Choir now proudly represents Sydney as the most prestigious and well-known vocal programme for young singers of school age. Lyn formed the treble choir Gondwana Voices in 1997 where young musicians from across the continent could discover others who share their passion for singing. This programme has grown into Gondwana National Choirs, made up of more than 300 young people. Lyn’s exceptional skill in working with young people is recognized internationally for its high artistic quality and ground-breaking innovation.

B3 Joyful Journey into Early Music Join us in the exciting musical time travel across Europe! The journey takes us together with Spanish pilgrims to picturesque mountain paths and miracle-working medieval monasteries, we celebrate in the glamorous royal courts of the Renaissance era. Our travel companions are also young instrumentalists from the Early Music Group of Kiili. The Early Music Highlights, that we learn together, form a valuable insight into the world of historical music. Length: 4 days Age: 10-16 Final performance: 31.07.2018 Kadri Hunt (EE) is a singer, choir conductor, composer and arranger. She is the chief conductor of the children’s and girls’ choirs of the Estonian Radio and of St Mi-

chael’s Boys’ Choir. She also sings in the Gregorian chant ensemble Vox Clamantis and the sacred music group Heinavanker, and has performed with Capella Reial de Catalunya for several times. Kadri Hunt has lead ateliers in EUROPA CANTAT junior 2011 in Pärnu, and EUROPA CANTAT XIX in Pecs.

Photo John Bellars

GIRLS’ CHOIRS B4 Can You Hear Me? The famous British choral composer will sing with you his works including the piece “Can you hear me” which has a deep societal meaning. The atelier also includes pieces by his favourite composers. Length: 6 days Age: 14-20 Final performance: 02.08.2018 Bob Chilcott (UK) has enjoyed a lifelong association with choral music, in the choir of King’s College, Cambridge, and in the King’s Singers. He became a full-time composer in 1997 and his choral music is published by Oxford University Press. His works include St John Passion, Salisbury Vespers, Requiem, and A Little Jazz Mass. Bob has conducted choirs in 30 countries and worked with thousands of singers in a continuing series of Singing Days. For seven years he was conductor of the Chorus of The Royal College of Music in London and since 2002 he has been Principal Guest Conductor of the BBC Singers.

FEMALE CHOIRS B5 Composers Conducting In this atelier, you have the unique opportunity to work closely with two conducting composers and to be part of the instrument of the composer. Length: 6 days Age: Open Final performance: 02.08.2018

Ulrika Emanuelsson (SE) is a Swedish composer, conductor and singer, educated at Malmö Academy of Music at Lund University. She has a double degree, in eurythmics and singing as well as a Master in composition. She has won several awards for her choral compositions both in Sweden and abroad. Ulrika has been called ”one of the most interesting Swedish composers of choral music today, always with a very conscious choice of lyrics.” Ulrika has been the artistic leader of Carolinae Female Choir since 2003 and has won gold medals at the International Choir Competition in Budapest 2013, World Choir Championships in Riga 2014 and in Meeting Music in Rome 2016. With her ensemble she takes on new vocal techniques and genres from all over the world with fearlessness and a great thirst: the Northern joik, Arabian folksong as well as overtone-singing and Indian kollakol. Pärt Uusberg (EE) is an Estonian conductor and composer. He graduated from Georg Ots Tallinn Music School in choir conducting (Heli Jürgenson) and from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in composing (Tõnu Kõrvits). Currently he continues on both specialities, conducting his chamber choir Head Ööd, Vend founded by himself and composing choral music, chamber music and music for orchestra and films. He has won a special mention in the European Award for Choral Composers 2012. His works have been performed in Estonian Song Celebrations, and commissioned and premiered by Netherlands Chamber Choir, Vancouver Youth Choir, Coastal Sound Youth Choir and many Estonian festivals and choirs.


B6 Ladies Rock! In this atelier, ladies have the power to turn the choral world upside down by singing amazing pieces from pop and rock music. Length: 5 days Age: Open Final performance: 01.08.2018 Offered in cooperation with the The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg & Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK). Merel Martens (NL) is a choir leader, arranger, teacher and coach. In May 2015 she received a Master’s degree in ‘Vocal Leadership’ from the Royal Academy of Music (DK), studying with Jim Daus Hjernoe. Merel’s name is connected to the award winning vocal groups “Pitch Control”, “MAZE” and “VOÏSZ Vocal Projects” in the Netherlands. In addition, she is vocal coach for the professional groups “The Junction” (NL), “Perpetuum Jazzile” (SI), “Vocalocity” (IL) and “The Keystones” (FR). In September 2014 Merel founded the “Dutch Organic Choir”: a group based on rotated leadership and style-free original, partly improvised vocal music. Since November 2015, Merel has brought the ‘Intelligent Choir’ method to two Dutch conservatories, educating choir leaders during courses and a master’s degree in this fairly new discipline.

MIXED YOUTH CHOIRS B7 Musical - The Triple Challenge Musicals are often considered genre that is pure entertaining and not so much an art form. This atelier proves that it’s not true at all! Not everybody can sing, dance and act at the same time in a high quality. Length: 8 days Age: 16-27 Final performance: 04.08.2018


Panda van Proosdij (NL) has been working on a method / philosophy “Voice & Physique” for ten years now. This method is about supporting the voice by creating a good physical awareness and a way to let movement contribute to the quality of singing. She gives workshops and masterclasses ‘Voice & Physique’ all over the world and creates Choireography (Choireography is a term that Panda invented to point out that her work is about movement which supports singing) for different choirs and their events. In 2014 her book ‘Voice & Physique’ has been published. Panda directs musicals, light opera and music theatre performances. She started her own theatre company PANDORA werktheater in 2016 in Amsterdam. In 2014, she won an award for ‘Best Director’ and in 2016 for ‘Best Choreography’. Hans Cassa (NL) finished his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatoire in 1992 with a music degree in performance and teaching. In 1991 he joined the a cappella pop group Montezuma’s Revenge. He left the group in 1993 to return in 2000 for another four shows, amongst others the highly acclaimed Pop Art. In the years in between Hans sang and played in the musicals Cats, My Fair Lady, Evita and Joe, the Musical. In 2011 Montezuma returned to the Dutch and German theaters with two more shows. In 2013 Hans became the head of the Music Theatre Department at Codarts, University of the Arts in Rotterdam. He has worked several times for the Female Youth Choir of the Netherlands for which he wrote a prize-winning arrangement at the European Festival of Youth Choirs (EJCF) in Basel in 2016.

MIXED CHOIRS B8 Puccini: Messa di Gloria The workshop offers the opportunity to sing Puccini’s Messa di Gloria, which was written when he was a student. The premiere was in 1880, however the next performance was 72 years later. The atelier will be accompanied by the Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra. Length: 8 days Age: Open Final performance: 04.08.2018 Donka Miteva (BG) studied choral conducting at the State Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria and orchestra conducting at the Robert Schumann Music Academy in Düsseldorf, Germany. 2007–2011 she was conductor and choir director at the State Opera in Münster, Germany, since 2011 is artistic director and conductor of Collegium Musicum Berlin at the Free and Technical Universities in Berlin. She has received several conducting prizes in Münster (2011), St Petersburg (2013), Varna (2014), Bucharest (2014), Berlin (2017).

B9 Sounds of Big Band Want to sing like a Big Band? This is your unique opportunity! Perform well-known pieces from the swing and jazz repertoire. Length: 8 days Age: Open Final performance: 04.08.2018 Jesper Holm (DK) is a conductor and arranger for the Touché-vocal jazz group, and assistant professor, teaching vocal leadership at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark as well as at Codarts in the Netherlands. He has hold lectures and workshops in many EU countries and China, e.g. the World Symposium on Choral Music, Aarhus

Vocal Festival, China ICF, Nordklang and Vocal Jazz Summit, Mainz. Touché, “The Vocal Big band” marks both nationally and internationally and has shared the stage with groups like The Swingle Singers, The Real Group and New York Voices.

B10 Love Songs (for individual singers) Want to attend the EUROPA CANTAT festival but you are not in a choir or ensemble? This is the opportunity for you! In this atelier you can sing love songs with other individual singers and find new friends. Length: 4 days Age: Open Final performance: 31.07.2018 Offered in cooperation with the The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg & Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK). Kevin Fox (CA) is a baritone, mouth drummer, coach, arranger and Toronto native, and is a recognized voice in the world of contemporary a cappella. For the last nine years he has toured the globe with the Grammy-winning group The Swingles, following on the heels of his nine-year stint with Toronto’s Juno-nominated vocal band Cadence. He serves as Artistic Director of the Israeli choral project Vocalocity. His improvisation workshops including “Sing Without A Safety Net” and “Beatbox And Beyond” have received rave reviews in schools, festivals, and summer camps in North America and Europe. Kevin’s latest initiative, a master class series called Coach K Music, is due to launch in 2017.


B11 Choir Meets Organ Sing chef-d’œuvres by Mendelssohn, Britten and Fauré together with the King of the Instruments. Length: 6 days Age: Open Final performance: 02.08.2018 Elena Camoletto (Italy) Johannes Prinz (AT) has been the choir master of the Wiener Singverein since 1991, professor for choral conducting at the University of Music and dramatic arts in Graz, artistic director and lecturer respectively at several national and international courses for choral conducting and workshops. He has been jury member or chairman at several national and international choral competitions and guest conductor with the Bavarian Radio Choir, RIAS Kammerchor, Austrian State Opera Chorus, Slovenian Chamber Choir, State Choir Latvija, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Tschaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Moscow and others.

B12 Stars and Stripes in Music The United States of America and Canada both have a rich choral heritage with many diverse styles of music. In this atelier we will explore the music of the American musical theatre, soundtracks, contemporary Canadian choral music and French Canadian folk music, as well as American contemporary choral compositions, jazz, bluegrass, and gospel music. The repertoire will invite you to dance, tap your feet, relax, reflect, and clap your hands! Length: 5 days Age: Open Final performance: 01.08.2018


Dr Brady Allred (US) is Artistic Director and Conductor of the Salt Lake Choral Artists, an organization of seven choral ensembles. Honoured as “one of Utah’s Top 25 Cultural Power Brokers,” he has recently guest conducted, adjudicated, and given master classes in 18 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. He is a winner of the European Grand Prix, two First Prizes and the Conductors Prize at the Marktoberdorf International Chamber Choir Competition, holds MM and DMA degrees in conducting from the Eastman School of Music. Dr. Allred was Director of Choral Studies at the University of Utah, Director of Choral Activities at Duquesne University, Conductor of the Butler Symphony Orchestra, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh, and performer with the Robert Shaw Festival Singers and the Oregon Bach Festival Chorus.

B13 Tales from Anatolia Explore stories from the shores around the Aegean Sea, where the cradle of modern civilisation lies. Discover a rich history with vivid music traditions. Length: 4 days Age: Open Final performance: 31.07.2018 Cemi’i Can Deliorman (TR) is an acclaimed young conductor from Turkey. Since 2010, he has been serving as the Principle Conductor & Artistic Director of the State Choir Turkey and associate conductor of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Turkey. He is often invited to distinguished symphony orchestras as guest conductor. Initially trained as a violinist, Deliorman graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in Austria. In 2010, he received his Master’s degree in orchestral conducting with Martin Sieghart and in choral con-

ducting with Johannes Prinz. He also studied with renowned choral conductors like Dr Joe Miller and Dr James Jordan in Westminster Choir College in Princeton and worked with the Westminster Symphonic Choir. Deliorman conducted numerous concerts in the last years, including performances of Verdi’s and Mozart’s Requiem, “Carmina Burana” and Beethoven‘s 9th symphony. Deliorman continues to teach conducting at the Bahcesehir University Choral School and he is the author of the book “Gustav Mahler – Auferstehungssymphonie” released from Akademikerverlag in Germany.

B14 Pearls of the Orient: Choir Music from Asia Join us on a musical voyage to Asia - sacred music and the love of life so unique to that continent. Length: 6 days Age: Open Final performance: 02.08.2018 Jonathan Velasco (PH) is a well-known choral conductor, clinician and adjudicator. He was a member and assistant conductor of the World Youth Choir, becoming its first Asian conductor in 1996. Velasco and his choirs have won prizes in major choral competitions in Europe. He regularly adjudicates choral competitions in Europe and Asia. He currently conducts the Ateneo Chamber Singers. Velasco is advisor to the board of the International Federation for Choral Music, and the Philippine representative in the World Choir Council. He was elected the first President of the Philippine Choral Directors Association in 2008.

B15 Forgotten Peoples and Languages There are over 7000 languages in the world, many of them are endangered. Veljo Tormis dedicated the cycle “Forgotten peoples” to Fennic ethnic groups that are nearly extinct. In this atelier, excerpts from this cycle as well as other

pieces in “dying” languages will be rehearsed and performed. 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage and with this atelier we would like to remind people of the rich intangible heritage found in choral traditions around Europe and the need to preserve this unique diversity. Length: 8 days Age: Open Final performance: 04.08.2018 Kari Turunen (FI) holds a doctorate in early music performance practice from the University of the Arts, Helsinki. He is the artistic director of the male chorus Akademiska Sångföreningen, Kampin Laulu chamber choir, the choir of the cantors of the Finnish Lutheran Church, Chorus Cantorum Finlandiae; the all-male Ensemble Petraloysio (2011–) and Spira Ensemble. He is also a member of Lumen Valo, a vocal ensemble that is one of the driving forces on the Finnish early music scene. Dr Turunen taught choral conducting at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences School 2001-2011, before concentrating on the roles of conductor and artist-scholar. He appears regularly as a teacher of choral courses, adjudicator and clinician. Dr. Turunen acts as chairman of the Finnish Choral Directors’ Association (FCDA). He was the Choral Conductor of the Year 2008 in Finland. Zoltán Pád (HU) studied with Péter Erdei in Budapest and with Michael Gläser in Munich. In 2008 he worked as choir leader at the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. Between 2009 and 2014, he was chief conductor of Kodály Choir Debrecen, since 2014 he has been chief conductor of the Hungarian Radio Choir. As choir master he worked with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker, with Daniel Harding, Péter Eötvös and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. He had concerts with all the professional mixed choirs in Hungary, and he is also a welcomed guest at professional choirs in Europe.


selected choirs - choirs and singers C For who audition and come prepared CHILDREN’S CHOIRS C1 Baltic Sea Flavours The countries around the Baltic Sea have a rich tradition of choral music. During these days you catch a glimpse of the breathtakingly beautiful music from the Northern part of Europe. A repertoire you should surely sing with your choir, too! Length: 6 days Age: 10-16 Final performance: 02.08.2018 Aira Birziņa (LV) is a tireless, talented and highly enterprising tender of the Latvian choir music field. She is the initiator of many festivals, seminars and workshops in Latvia. A dynamic and vital member of international choir contest and new choir music juries, a speaker in conferences and seminars – she has been active in numerous activities in the world of music, including popularization of Latvian music in Japan. Currently she is Associated Professor of Choral Conducting at Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, Artistic Director of Riga Cathedral Girls` Choir TIARA, Artistic Director of Female Choir DZINTARS (Riga), Artistic Director of Female Choir RASA (Ogre), Manager of Riga Female Choirs and Ogre District Choirs, Expert of Latvian Choir Conductors Council, Chief conductor of Nationwide Latvian Song Celebration.

GIRLS’ CHOIRS C2 Nordic (High)Lights Experience the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) in music – with works by Rautavaara, Pärt and Kõrvits. Length: 7+1 days Age: 14-20 Final performance: 02.08.2018 Tõnu Kõrvits (Estonia) Vivianne Sydnes (NO) has sung in choirs since the age of five. She is Director of Music in Oslo Cathedral. Her choral activities included both a cappella repertoire and major works for choir and orchestra. She led the premiere performances of many works. Vivianne is also appointed professor of choral conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. She has been the chief conductor of the Norwegian National Youth Choir and loves to perform new music and to develop exciting new concepts of concert performance.

BOYS’ CHOIRS C3 Bernstein: Chichester Psalms In celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s 100th anniversary, this atelier will focus on one of the composer’s most significant choral symphonies. Length: 4 days Age: No age limit. This workshop is aimed at mixed voice boys’ choirs (singing SATB) Final performance: 31.07.2018 Vytautas Miškinis (LT) is the Artistic Director of the Ažuoliukas Boys’ and Male Choir, professor of choral conducting at the Lithuanian


Academy of Music and President of the Lithuanian Choral Union and renowned composer. He began his career in Ažuoliukas at the age of seven as a vocalist, and continued as Artistic Director from the age of 25. All the achievements of the choir from 1979 have been due to Mr Miškinis’ leadership. For several years he conducted the Kaunas State Choir and Vocal Ensemble Museum Musicum. He has composed about 400 religious motets a cappella, 18 Masses, Magnificats, Cantatas, Musicals and about 400 secular songs, which are performed by choirs throughout Lithuania and the rest of Europe.

FEMALE CHOIRS C4 Amor Sanctus – Holy Love This atelier celebrates the beauty of the symbiosis of angelic female voices and the organ in sacred works, which results in something divine. Length: 7+1 days Age: Open Final performance: 04.08.2018 Alwin Schronen (Germany) Dieter Staelens (BE) studied at Lemmens Institute (LUKA, school of art, Leuven) and got his Master’s degree and the diploma in choral conducting. He is an active member of the board of the Flemish Federation for Young Choirs and of the music committee of ‘Koor & Stem’ and he teaches conducting courses on a regular basis. He gives workshops, is a choir coach and obtains excellent results with his chamber choir Camerata Aetas Nova. Dieter is a choral conductor and a music teacher at Heilig Hartinstituut Heverlee. Josep Vila i Casañas (Catalonia, ES) He is one of the most recognised choral conductors in Catalonia and Spain. He has been the main conductor of the Orfeó Català and the Cor de

Cambra del Palau de la Música in Barcelona, the Spanish Radio Choir and the Cor Lieder Càmera, founded by himself in 1990. He has been invited by the Swedish Radio Choir, the Venezuelan National Youth Choir and the World Youth Choir among others. As a chorus master he has collaborated with the best conductors from all over the world. He is the author of a large catalogue of pieces for choirs. He is professor of choral conducting at the Music High School of Catalonia.

MIXED YOUTH CHOIRS C5 Baltic Music of Today Discover the broad variety of music from the Baltic States - from Urmas Sisask’s Gloria Patri to other significant compositions. Length: 4 days Age: 16-27 Final performance: 31.07.2018 Galina Grigorjeva (Ukraine/Estonia) Jānis Ozols (LV) is one of the well-recognized and promising conductors in Latvia, Artistic Director of the “International Baltic Sea Choir Competition”, and is also known as one of the former vocal group Cosmos Singers. Currently Jānis takes an active role in the field of academic music in Latvia, being jury member of international choir and singer contests, as well as being head conductor of the Riga and Jurmala regional choirs of the XXV Latvian Song festival which will take place in 2018. He has reached notable achievements and won many prizes in Latvia and abroad with the mixed choirs Maska and PaSaulei. Maska won the Grand Prix at the XV international choir festival “Tallinn 2017”. Assistant Valter Soosalu (EE) has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre as a choir conductor under the guidance of docent Hirvo Surva. As


a conductor and choir master he has worked with male chamber choir Revalia, mixed choir HUIK! and Estonian Public Broadcasting mixed choir, also in different projects with Estonian National Male Choir, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra. Soosalu won the 6th Estonian Young Choral Conductors Competition and was presented with the Young Choir Conductor of the Year 2014 award by the Estonian Choral Association. He is the conductor of mixed choirs at 12th Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Here I’ll stay”. Valter Soosalu has also studied classical singing and performed as a soloist (tenor) in several projects. He is keyboardist and singer at the band Põhja Konn.

MIXED CHOIRS C6 Pärt: Te Deum Perform the central piece of the world’s most performed living composer - Arvo Pärt. This masterpiece was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1994. The atelier will be accompanied by the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. Length: 8 days Age: Open Final performance: 04.08.2018 Tõnu Kaljuste (EE) is the founder of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir (EPCC) in 1981, the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra (TCO) in 1993, the Nargen Opera project theatre in 2004 and the Nargen Festival in 2006. He has won several prizes for his recordings (Diapason d’Or de l’Annee 2000, Cannes Classical Award, Edison Prize, Brit Award 2003, Grammy Award for Best Choral Performance 2014). Since 2010, Tõnu Kaljuste has worked as a professor at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and as the head of its Conducting Department. He has worked with many orchestras and choirs all over the world, e.g. Swedish Radio Choir and the Netherlands Chamber Choir. He has been appointed a member of the Royal Music Academy of Sweden and has been


awarded the Japanese ABC Music Fund Award, the International Robert Edler Prize for Choral Music, the First Prize of the 2004 Estonian Cultural Fund and the 2010 Performance Prize of the Estonian Music Council.

C7 The Real Choir This atelier offers the possibility to sing the repertoire of the beloved vocal group The Real Group under the guidance of one former singer of the group, Peder Karlsson. Length: 6 days Age: Open Final Performance: 02.08.2018 Offered in cooperation with the The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg & Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK). Peder Karlsson (SE) studied classical composition, arranging and guitar at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, and graduated with a post-graduate Diploma in vocal group performance. He was member of the Swedish a cappella group The Real Group 1984-2010, and has made over 2000 concerts all over the world and 16 CDs. In 2011-14, Peder Karlsson was Musical Director of the XXL vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile, Slovenia and is now the group’s Music Mentor. Peder teaches choir leadership in rhythmic music at Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, Denmark with the title ”Honorary Professor”. As a freelance teacher, workshops leader and music event organizer, he has been part of numerous activities in many countries. Peder is a founding member of European Voices Association and a part of the activism network Rights of Nature Sweden.

C8 Renaissance Energy This workshop focuses on renaissance music from different European countries, including church music adapted to “tavern” music with Estonian early music ensemble Hortus Musi-

cus. Hortus Musicus is the oldest continuously working ensemble in its field in Eastern Europe and one of the few of such longevity in the world, which is known for its unusual approach to early music. Length: 7+1 days Age: Open Final performance: 04.08.2018 Leslie Peeters (FR) is a choir conductor, conducting teacher, singer and pianist, graduated from Lyon’s CNSM and completed her studies in Birmingham Conservatoire. She’s been singing in professional classical ensembles such as Spirito or Calliope and Brasilian music with Gondawa. She is specialized in vocal games and choir improvisation and is frequently invited as guest conductor and choral conducting teacher. She’s a teacher at Villeurbanne’s ENM, in one of the most important choir directing classes of the Rhône-Alpes region in France.

VOCAL ENSEMBLES C9 Coaching with the Swingles This workshop aims at vocal ensembles of 3-12 members which can explore the diverse repertoire of jazz and swing music under the guidance of members of the Swingles. This atelier is for amplified vocal ensembles. Length: 4 days Age: Open Final performance: 31.07.2018 Offered in cooperation with the The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg & Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK). The Swingles (UK)

they first made waves in the 1960s. At a time when a cappella music is more popular than ever, The Swingles are recognised as masters of their craft.

VOCAL ENSEMBLES AND INDIVIDUAL SINGERS C10 Sing Like The King’s Jeremy Jackman, former member of the significant vocal ensemble The King’s Singers will take you to the world of the King’s music. This atelier is for vocal ensembles and individual singers who work without microphones. Length: 4 days Age: Open Final performance: 31.07.2018 Jeremy Jackman (GB) has been Chorus Master of the London Philharmonic Choir and the Belfast Philharmonic Society. He is now Musical Director of the English Baroque Choir, Chorus Master of OSJ Voices (the choir for the Orchestra of St John’s), and conducts the Cecilian Singers in Leicester. His compositions and arrangements are performed around the world. He frequently directs courses and workshops in the UK and abroad. Jeremy started his career as a singer, performing throughout Europe as a soloist, as a member of fledgling versions of The Tallis Scholars and The Sixteen, and in opera. As a member of The King’s Singers for 10 years he performed many times over in the world’s most prestigious concert halls and made countless recordings, and radio and TV appearances.

For more than half a century, The Swingles have pushed the boundaries of vocal music. The seven young singers that make up today’s London-based group are driven by the same innovative spirit that has defined the five-time Grammy® winners since


D For national youth choirs D1 Poulenc: Stabat Mater Discover one of the central masterpieces of Francis Poulenc - his “Stabat Mater” composed in 1950. Length: 6 days Final performance: 02.08.2018 Ragnar Bohlin (SE), Grammy award winning conductor founded the professional chamber choir Cappella SF in 2014. He began his tenure as Chorus Director of the San Francisco Symphony in 2007. In 2010 the San Francisco Symphony and Chorus garnered three Grammy Awards for their recording of Mahler’s Symphony No. 8, including for Best Choral Performance, under Bohlin’s direction. Bohlin has appeared regularly on Swedish Radio with the Swedish Radio Choir, the Maria Vocal Ensemble, and the Maria Magdalena Motet Choir and has worked with The Ericson Chamber Choir, the Royal Philharmonic Choir and the Opera Choir of Stockholm. Bohlin teaches at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, has taught at the Royal Academy in Stockholm, and in February 2008 he was a visiting professor at Indiana University.

D2 Around the Baltic Sea This atelier includes fragments of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s beautiful “All Night Vigil” op. 37 and some other remarkable compositions from around the Baltic Sea such as Jaakko Mäntyjärvi’s “Canticum Calamitatis Maritimae”. Length: 4 days Final performance: 31.07.2018 Florian Helgath (DE) has been Artistic Director of the ChorWerk Ruhr since 2011. Within the past years he presented choir music of


various periods on the highest level both in a cappella and with orchestras. From 2017/18 he will be Artistic Director of the Zürcher Sing-Akademie. Florian Helgath has held the position as conductor of the Danish National Choir from 2009 to 2015 and was Artistic Director of the Via Nova Chor Munich from 2008 to 2016 and has conducted numerous highly acclaimed first performances.

D3 Works for Double and Triple Choir This workshop will include masterpieces for double and triple choir. Length: 7+1 days Final performance: 04.08.2018 Vaclovas Augustinas (Lithuania) Daniel Reuss (NL/DE) is artistic leader of Cappella Amsterdam and former chief of RIAS Kammerchor and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. He has been working with various chamber ensembles and orchestras such as the Akademie Für Alte Musik Berlin and MusikFabrik.

F Discovery ateliers You can only join the festival for one or a few days? Or you want a different programme each day? Visit our one-morning discovery ateliers and explore special aspects of vocal and choral music with different styles and types of repertoire. You can also join them on the ‘empty’ days or after your entire atelier has ended. If you have missed Open Singing sessions during the first part of the festival, you can also attend intensive Open Singing Sessions to prepare the Open Singing of the Anniversary Concert on August 3rd. You can decide to join a discovery atelier on the day itself. Details will be published on the website in February 2018.


Family offers


E1 Musical pre-kindergarten for children 0-3 years of age Songs, dances, games, exercises, a healthy snack and the option to take a nap is the programme for the morning at the musical kindergarten while you attend a workshop or another festival programme. Professional multilingual staff will take care of your children. Children must be accompanied by a family member! It is possible to order lunch provided on spot.

Children up to 6 years at the E1 musical pre-kindergarten and E2 musical kindergarten pay (regardless of membership of ECAEC or country group): €15/day (morning - E1, E2 ) €20/day (morning with lunch meal - E1, E2) €20/day (morning and afternoon, without lunch meal - E1, E2) €25/day (morning and afternoon with lunch meal - only in E2)

E2 Musical kindergarten for children 3-6 years of age Songs, dances, games, exercises, a healthy snack and the option to take a nap is the programme for the morning at the musical kindergarten while you attend a workshop or another festival programme. Professional multilingual staff will take care of your children and will be at your disposal extending the service in order to let you sing during the afternoon concerts. It is possible to order lunch provided on spot. For individual Primary School children (singers aged 7-10) we offer the opportunity to sing in one of the ateliers for children’s choirs, chosen by the festival organisation, where the children will be accompanied by a chaperone until their parents pick them up again.


and Composers’ G Conductors’ Programme (CCP) After the success of the Conductors’ and Composers’ Programme at the last festivals, EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn 2018 is also offering a full curriculum for the whole length of the festival, parallel to the singers´ ateliers. The programme is open to conductors and composers, with common and separate offers, and partly also offers interesting sessions for music teachers and managers. Each morning will start with a plenary session in which you will experience a vocal warming-up, look ahead at the day’s programme and get to know a composer presented during a short „Showcase”. It will be followed by two one-hour slots with parallel programmes of workshops, seminars, lectures, demonstrations, reading sessions and round tables. In the CCP Café you will have the opportunity to meet your colleagues and exchange repertoire, tips and tricks, listen to music or look at scores together. On several days you can also join a „Study Tour” visiting a number of selected atelier rehearsals under the guidance of Rainer Held (CH).


Participation in the CCP is possible for conductors from participating choirs as well as individual participants. You can participate in the full programme or pick individual offers you are interested in. If you just want to get a taste of the festival for one or more days, you can buy one-day tickets and even register on the morning of your participation. More details about the programme will be published on the website of the festival in December 2017. The detailed programme for each day will be published in late spring 2018. Thanks to two EU-funded projects, the programme will include two special strands: A multiplier event of the project Sing Me In - Collective Singing in the Integration Process of Young Migrants, coordinated by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat and co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Programme.

Conductors and music teachers will discover the handbooks with tips and tricks developed during this project, helping those who would like to use collective singing in schools, in refugee accommodations or in regular children’s and youth choirs, as well as special repertoire guidelines and sample scores for this kind of work. For details on Sing Me In see page 60. A series of sessions in the frame of the project Sing Outside the Box, coordinated by the Estonian Choral Association and co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme

Topics will include audience development (use of unusual concert venues, performances at unusual events, recruiting passive and active audiences, repertoire tips), concert design, innovative approaches to staging, use of lighting and sound

amplification as artistic tools, stage dramaturgy, new approaches to choral compositions, and pedagogical tips on how to increase participation of non-readers, non-trained singers in choirs, making them discover the fun of collective choirs. For details on Sing Outside the Box see page 58. The programme will be completed by repertoire sessions hosted by publishers across Europe and beyond, as well as other sessions dealing with topics of interest for conductors.

Study Tour

Visit a number of Selected Ateliers Rainer Held (CH) completed studies in orchestra conducting, choir conducting, solo singing and music education. Artistic leader of the Aarau Chamber Choir (1994-2015) and the large rhaeto-romanic ‘Chor viril Surses’. Regular concerts/ CD-recordings with Royal Scottish National Orchestra Glasgow, Novosibirsk Chamber Orchestra and other professional orchestras and choirs (also student choirs) in Germany, Russia, Belorussia, Italy, France, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil. He is Professor in music education and Head of the Music Department at the University of Teacher Education Lucerne. 2005 - 2014 President of the MC of the Swiss Choral Union SCV/USC. Member of the MC and Artistic Committee (Festival Torino and Pécs) ECA-EC.

Composers Composers have the possibility to apply for a short showcase of their music during the morning plenary sessions in front of an audience of conductors, music teachers, publishers, music operators and other composers. The specific programme for composers will be completed by lectures and workshops about the art of arranging and by roundtables about essential topics related to choral composing.


YEMP4 – Youth Event Management Programme 20.07.2018-06.08.2018

What does it take to organise a festival for thousands of singers? How to achieve a career as a choir manager or event organiser? After the success of 2009, 2012 and 2015, the festival EUROPA CANTAT will again offer a training programme for young, active and skilful organisers in the choral world – and beyond. YEMP is a two-week training course including lectures and training on the job. After a selection process, 25 young people from different countries will be invited to participate in the programme. The young YEMPers, fully included in the organising team, will be testing themselves with roles of responsibility in the various offices of the festival, under the guidance of two coaches, one Estonian, and one international. Plan of the training course: • arrival in Tallinn on Friday, 20th July 2018 • 21st - 22nd July: lectures and workshops on management skills and preparing the festival • 23rd July - 4th August: training on the job for the final preparation and organisation of the festival EUROPA CANTAT with the support from two coaches: • 23rd – 26th July: preparation phase • 27th July-4th August: Festival EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn 2018 The participants of the course will work in one of the departments of the festival, taking responsibilities in the field of music planning, concert organisation, information services, communication, production, etc. • 5th August: evaluation meeting, exchange of information and experience, final coaching • 6th August: departure Participation is only possible in the full programme from July 20th to August 6, 2018.


Selected young managers do not need to pay a participation fee but will have to cover their travel expenses. Free food and accommodation will be provided by the festival. More information and feedback from previous participants will be published at www.ectallinn2018.ee by the end of October 2017. Applications will open in November 2017 and deadline for applications is 31st January 2018. With any question considering YEMP you can contact: yemp@ectallinn2018.ee Special feature of the 2018 YEMP: The 4th YEMP will be part of the project STAMP - Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals. STAMP responds to a need voiced by professionals in the music sector for greater professional training and the related process of lifelong learning and will aim at developing exemplary tools for vocational training (workshop models, guidelines for mentors

In the frame of STAMP, the partners in the project shall be able to propose candidates from outside of the choral field, and five of them will be included in the 25 YEMPers. In addition the Estonian Academy of Music and the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat will cooperate with the EUROPA CANTAT festival and offer a training workshop for trainers, presenting YEMP as a win-win-model for the training of young managers. Further features in connection with STAMP will be a more intensive online preparation of the YEMP-participants which will include a series of streamed webinars prepared in the frame of STAMP.

Open singing

Open Singing is a daily communal singing event whre EVERYBODY is invited to sing. For the first time in the history of EUROPA CANTAT, there will be two different Open Singing stages: There will be a public Open Singing in the early afternoon on Town Hall Square led by Merja Rajala (FI) where everyone is invited to join and sing along – and for which you don’t need to be able to read music. Festival participants, Tallinn citizens and tourists will join their voices. This Open Singing is part of the project Sing Outside the Box (see page 58-59). The second one is especially aimed at festival participants who will meet and sing together in the Russian Culture Centre with Lorenzo Donati (IT) and other guest conductors. Here you can sing along

and practise different songs, including pieces for the big Estonia 100 Birthday Party at the Song Festival Grounds on August 3rd. Open Singing is neither a choral rehearsal nor a choral concert in the strictest sense, but rather an “open” event in which anyone can join without any conditions, just for the pleasure of common singing. On the other hand you can also see Open Singing as a concert or a rehearsal: Open Singing will open up new worlds, take you deep into the music and make you an active part of the musical experience. Photo Hendrik Kettunen

and trainers), made available in an online platform, and improving employability and entrepreneurship within the music sector in Central, East and South Eastern Europe. STAMP is coordinated by the European Music Council – EMC and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. More on www.stamp-music.org

Merja Rajala (FI) Finnish rhythmic choir conductor pioneer, composer and pedagogue, is specialized in popular music, including world music genres and fusions. In addition to her own choral work (Global Choir, Open Voice, Partita) Merzi is the responsible lecturer for Global Choir Conducting/Sibelius Academy, and the creator of Vocal Ensemble Pedagogy/Metropolia UAS. Currently she is researching the possibilities of improvisation methods used as a vehicle for collective artistic work in choirs. Lorenzo Donati (IT) is a composer, conductor and violinist. He has performed with Vocale Vox Cordis, Hesperimenta Vocal Ensemble di Arezzo and Vocalia Consort di Roma winning several national and international awards (Arezzo, Gorizia, Lugano, Montorio, Montreux, Senlis, Vittorio Veneto). In 2007 he won two first prizes at the international choral conductors competition “Mariele Ventre” in Bologna. In 2010-2012 he conducted Italian Youth Choir. His compositions have been published by Italian publishing houses, Pizzicato Verlag, Carus Verlag and others. Donati holds courses on choral music and composition in Italy and abroad and has worked as juror at several international contests. He teaches choral conducting at the Conservatory of Trento.


Republic of Estonia 100 anniversary concert In 2018 the Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary and of course, EUROPA CANTAT will participate in this historical event. On the 3rd of August, the festival will organize a big birthday concert at the Song Festival Grounds in the honour of Estonia’s centenary. The Estonian Song Celebration tradition began with the first Song Celebration organized by Johann Voldemar Jannsen and the „Vanemuine“ society in Tartu from 18-20 June 1869. 51 male choirs and brass bands encompassing 845 singers and musicians gathered in Tartu. This event was the highlight of the Estonian national movement and created the Song Celebration


tradition. The term “singing nation” expresses well the Estonian identity that has united the nation in its struggle for national independence before 1918 and during the period of the Soviet occupation (1941-1991). Six Song Celebrations were held from 1879-1910, which played an important role in the nation’s cultural and economic awakening and growth. The tradition of holding Song Celebrations every five years began during the first Estonian independence (1923-1938). After the end of World War II, the Song Celebration tradition was restored in 1947. The „Singing Revolution“ began in 1988, based on the Song Celebration tradition, when hundreds of thousands of people gathered at

the Song Festival Grounds to demand Estonia’s independence and sing patriotic songs. And it was a success - Estonia regained its independence in 1991 without shedding blood. Baltic Song Celebrations have been recognized as intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The Song Festival Grounds are a symbol of freedom and hold a special place in Estonian’s hearts – it is home for the beloved Estonian Song Celebrations and the place where the legendary Singing Revolution happened in 1988. The current stage – the unique “seashell” arch was built in 1960 and the designers took into account the nature of the land the stage is going to be built on: audiences would be seated on the slope of the hill, so the song arch would need to echo sound to them. Up to 34 000 singers have sung under the song arch, which was constructed for 15 000 singers and in front of it around 300 000 people (a third of the population of Estonia!) have stood side by side to sing. Everybody will have the opportunity to sing in the famous Shell on Song Celebration Grounds as part of the “Festival Choir” performing Open Singing songs. If you choose the “anniversary package” for the last 3 days, you can catch up on the Open Singing repertoire in Discovery ateliers on August 2nd and 3rd. If you want to give a real concert performance, you can attend a special 7-day atelier ”Happy Birthday, Estonia“ to learn a joint international and Estonian programme, which will be performed at Song Celebration Grounds (see Atelier A11, page 19). The artistic director of the birthday concert is Hirvo Surva. The concert also includes traditional Estonian folk dances, highlights of some ateliers, special performances and everything you need to have the finest choral birthday party.


European Award for Choral Composers 2017/2018 Edition The European Award for Choral Composers is the continuation of the “Golden Tuning Fork” of AGEC, and was first organised by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat in 2011/2012. The aim of the award is to discover unknown or less known choral works from different European countries, which can be performed by a good average choir. The winning compositions will be published in October 2017 and performed in the festival EUROPA CANTAT XX in 2018. More information can be found on the website: www.europeanchoralassociation.org -> Our activities -> Award for Composers.

Music Expo There will be a Music EXPO with booths of music publishers and organisers of music events, open in the afternoons of July 30th to August 2nd in a central location. For more information and, if you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, check the festival website soon or write to musicexpo@ectallinn2018.ee


Practical information English



42 Participation Package deals One-day tickets Performing with your own choir

47 Teilnahme Verschiedene Angebote Tagesticket Treten Sie mit Ihrem Chor auf!

51 Conditions de participation Forfait 8, 4 et 3 jours Ticket journalier Concerts avec votre propre chœur

43 Participation conditions Fees and discounts Accommodation Meals Music scores Applications Payments Cancellation terms

48 Teilnahmebedingungen Teilnahmegebühren und Ermäßigungen Unterkunft Verpflegung Noten Anmeldung Bezahlung und Stonierungsbedingungen

52 Frais de participation Frais de participation et réductions Logement Repas Partitions Modalités d’inscritption Conditions de paiement et d’annulation

55 Übersicht über Teilnahmegebühren Ländergruppen

55 Liste des frais de participations Groupes de pays

55 List of participation fees Country groups


Participation Staying 8, 4 or 3 days with “package deals” You can book the following „package deals”: Full Festival (8 days, musical programme starts on 28.7. at 9.30 a.m.) With this package you can choose among all ateliers, including Discovery and the Programme for Conductors and Composer, and if you come with your choir you can perform in a choir-to-choir concert between 28.7. and 31.7. as well as at other occasions (see page 43). Most of all you can experience the full festival, with all offers and concerts, including the special anniversary concert on August 3rd. Half Festival (4 first days, musical programme starts on 28.7. at 9.30 a.m. and ends on July 31st with the last concert in the evening) With this package you can choose among the 4-day ateliers, or attend Discovery Ateliers or the Programme for Conductors and Composers between 28.7. and 31.7. If you come with your choir you can also perform in a choir-to-choir concert between 28.7. and 31.7. as well as at other occasions during the first four days of the festival (see page 43). You will, however, miss the final days of the festival and the Anniversary Concert on August 3rd. Anniversary package (3 last days, starting with concerts in the evening of 1.8.) With this package you cannot participate in any of the 4 to 8 day ateliers. However, you can attend Discovery Ateliers (for example to prepare the repertoire of the Anniversary Concert) or the Programme for Conductors and Composers on August 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the morning. If you come with your choir you cannot perform in a choir-to-choir concert, though you may apply for a slot in the Promenade concert on August 1st or perform Open Air. Most of all you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the final days of the festival and you can experience the special anniversary concert on August 3rd It is not possible to book a participation for 5, 6 or 7 days. If you buy the package for the full festival and your atelier ends on the 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th day, you can use the free days participating in Discovery Ateliers or the Programme for Conductors and Composers, or discover the city. • The festival begins on Friday 27.7. with the check-in and a welcome event. • Full Festival participation is 8 days, from 28.7. to 4.8., with arrival on Friday 27.7. and departure on Sunday morning, 5.8. • Half festival participation is 4 days, from 28.7. to 31.7., with arrival on Friday 27.7 and departure on Wednesday morning, 1.8. • With the Anniversary package participation is 3 days, from with arrival on Wednesday, 1.8. and departure on Sunday morning, 5.8.


Day-by-day participation with One-day tickets If you just want to get a taste of the festival, you can also come for one or a few days, attending Discovery Ateliers or the Programme for Conductors’ and Composers’, Open Singing and the festival concerts. One-day tickets can be purchased in advance (from March 2018) or directly on the morning of your participation. Participants buying Oneday tickets must arrange their own accommodation and meals. Performing with your own choir If you come with a full choir and you wish to perform your own repertoire, you will be able to apply for the following options: • A „choir-to-choir” concert in a church or hall, together with another participating choirs (only possible between 28.7. and 31.7.) • A performance spot during the „Choir Night” on 30.7. – OR: a performance spot during the „Promenade Concert” on 1.8. • An Open-Air performance (including the possibility to sing on the festival main stage on the Town Hall Square) • A „regional concert” in a village or town near Tallinn (with the bus costs to be covered by your choir) You will be able to indicate your wishes and preferences during registration.

Participation conditions Participation fees and discounts For participation with full festival, half festival and anniversary package you need to pay a participation fee, which includes for the days of participation all the morning activities (ateliers, discovery ateliers, special programmes), daily Open Singing, and free admission to all festival concerts, as well as the songbook and the guide with the festival programme. The fee depends on the package you choose (full festival, half festival or anniversary package), your country of residence and your age, and you can get discounts if you are a direct or indirect member of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC). Check www.eca-ec.org -> Members -> Join us to get more information regarding conditions for direct membership! Check the participation fees on page 55 The fee also applies to conductors, composers, pianists, musicians, bus drivers, and all other accompanying people as long as they wish to use any services provided by the festival (accommodation, meals, free access to the venues of the festival which are not open to the public, etc.) and thus will need a festival badge. Children under 11 (born after 5.8.2007) will not pay a participation fee if they do not participate in an atelier or special projects (E). They have to pay for their accommodation and meals.


Children up to 6 years at the E1 musical pre-kindergarten and E2 musical kindergarten pay (regardless of membership of ECA-EC or country group): €15/day (morning - E1, E2 ) €20/day (morning with lunch meal - E1, E2) €20/day (morning and afternoon, without lunch meal - E1, E2) €25/day (morning and afternoon with lunch meal - only in E2) Children over 6 years participating in an atelier pay the regular participation fee (see page 55). One-day tickets: Prices will be published on the Website in early 2018. One-day tickets include – on the day for which they are bought - participation in Discovery Ateliers or the Programme for Conductors’ and Composers’ in the morning, Open Singing, free admission to all festival concerts, as well as on the first day of participation the songbook and the guide with the festival programme. Accommodation Participants can choose to book their accommodation through the festival partner Baltoscandia Tours through the Website www.baltoscandia.ee/ect18. They have negotiated special prices for festival participants only. Participants should book their hotel according to the package they will buy: Full Festival: 9 nights with arrival on 27.7 and departure on 5.8. Half Festival: 5 nights with arrival on 27.7. and departure on 1.8. Anniversary package: 4 nights, with arrival on 1.8. and departure on 5.8. The festival offers the following accommodation options: Type of accommodation, location

Price per person in rooms with 3 or more beds

Price per person in twin room

Price per person in single room


Hostels and dormitories 3-7 km out from city centre

25 €/night




Hotel **, central

27 €/night

40 €/night

70 €/night


Hotel ***, ca 5 km. From city centre

27 €/night i

40 €/night

70 €/night


Hotel ***, central location,

50 €/night

90 €/night


Hotel ****, central location, near Old Town

60 €/night

110 €/night

Prices include breakfast. Due to high season and a limited number of hotels during the EUROPA CANTAT Festival, please make sure to book early!


Note! Once BaltoScandia Tours OĂœ has received the accommodation details, you will receive a concrete offer and invoice. 20% of non-refundable first pre-payment for accommodation is to be transferred according to invoice details (within 10 calendar days) after registration. 60% of non-refundable second pre-payment for accommodation is to be transferred according to invoice details (latest by 25th of February) 20% of non-refundable third pre-payment for accommodation is to be transferred according to invoice details (latest by 1st of May) Failing to meet the above described payment terms will lead to cancellation of the registration and bookings. Significant amendments to the passenger(s) information (hotels, number of rooms, number of travelers, dates etc) can be considered and under such circumstances changes will be subject to availability of rooms and in case additional costs these will be invoiced on a case by case basis. Alternatively, you can organise your own accommodation.

Meals Breakfast will be provided at your accommodation. You can order festival lunch and dinner which will be served in a central catering area. Meals must be ordered at registration and changes will not be possible after 15.05.2018. Alternatively, you can organise your own meals. Music scores Music scores for the ateliers are not included in the participation fees. The required editions can be purchased individually or through the festival publisher SuLaSol. Do not purchase any scores before confirmation of your ateliers at the end of February 2018! Applications You can register as a choir, a group or individually with a package deal (full festival, half festival or anniversary package) of participation on www.ectallinn2018.ee from the end of September 2017. Application for day-by-day participation will open in March 2018.


All participants who register before 31.12.2017, will be guaranteed participation in one of the three indicated ateliers (except if ateliers will have to be cancelled due to lack of applications). The admission to ateliers does not depend on the date of registration but on a combination of factors such as a good balance of voices, ages and countries. At the end of February 2018 the attributed ateliers will be confirmed. You can also register after 31.12.2017, but there will be a â‚Ź20 extra fee per person, there will be no guarantee for being accepted in one of the ateliers of your choice and accommodation may no longer be available through the festival partner. If you have difficulties using the online registration form you can contact us by e-mail or call the festival office (see contact info on back cover). You will receive information about this after registration and being assigned to ateliers. Payments and cancellation terms Your registration is only valid with the payment of â‚Ź100 per person as a deposit by 31.12.2017. This deposit will not be refunded. The balance of the remaining fee (including meals) must be paid before 30.04.2018. If you cancel your participation after 30.4.2018, the second payment will not be refunded. Cancellation terms apply to all cases irrespective of the reasons for cancellation. We suggest you take out an insurance to cover the risks. It will be possible to pay online with credit card (with a commission fee of 2%) or by bank transfer. For more information please visit the festival website.


Teilnahme Die volle Teilnahme (8 Tage, das musikalische Programm startet am 28.7. um 9.30 Uhr) Mit diesem Paket können Sie Ateliers aus dem ganzen Programm aussuchen, inklusive „Discovery Ateliers” und das Programm für Dirigenten und Komponisten. Wenn Sie mit einem Chor teilnehmen, können Sie auch bei in einem Nachmittagskonzert zwischen dem 28. und 31.7. und bei anderen Gelegenheiten auftreten (mehr auf Seite 48). In erster Linie können Sie das ganze Festival mit allen seinen Konzerten genießen, einschließlich das große Jubiläumskonzert am 3.8. Die Teilnahme am halben Festival (die ersten 4 Tage, das musikalische Programm startet am 28.7. um 9.30 Uhr und endet am 31.7. mit dem letzten Konzert am Abend) Mit diesem Paket können Sie ein 4-tägiges Atelier auswählen oder „Discovery Ateliers” oder das Programm für Dirigent/innen und Komponist/innen zwischen dem 28.7 und 31.7. besuchen. Wenn Sie mit einem Chor teilnehmen, können Sie auch bei in einem Nachmittagskonzert zwischen dem 28. und 31.7. und bei anderen Gelegenheiten auftreten (mehr auf Seite 48). Allerdings werden Sie leider die letzten Tage des Festivals und das Jubiläumskonzert am 3.8 verpassen. Jubiläumspaket (die letzten drei Tage, beginnt mit Konzerten am Abend des 1.8.) Mit diesem Paket können Sie leider an keinem 4- bis 8-Tägigen Atelier teilnehmen. Dennoch können Sie an „Discovery Ateliers” (z.B. Vorbereitung des Repertoires für das Offene Singen beim Jubiläumskonzert) oder bei dem Programm für Dirigent innen en und Komponist/innen en am 2-4.8. morgens teilnehmen. Wenn Sie mit einem Chor teilnehmen, können Sie nicht bei einem Nachmittagskonzert auftreten, jedoch können Sie sich für einen Platz im Promenadenkonzert am 1.8 bewerben oder Open-Air auftreten. Vor allem können Sie die Atmosphäre der letzten Tagen des Festivals genießen und das besondere Jubiläumskonzert miterleben. Anders als bei den letzten Festivals kann man nicht die Teilnahme an 5, 6 oder 7 Tagen buchen. Wenn Sie das Paket für das ganze Festival buchen, können Sie an den freien Tagen „Discovery Ateliers” oder das Programm für Dirigent/innen und Komponist/innen besuchen oder die Stadt entdecken. • Das Festival beginnt am Freitag, dem 27.7. mit dem Check-In und einem Willkommens-Event. • Die volle Teilnahme beinhaltet 8 Tage, vom 28.7. bis zum 4.8., mit Anreise am Freitag, dem 27.7. und Abreise an Sonntag 5.8. • Die halbe Teilnahme beinhaltet 4 Tage, vom 28.7 bis zum 31.7., mit Anreise am Freitag, dem 27.7. und Abreise am MIttwoch dem 1.8 zu. • Mit dem Jubiläumspaket die Teilnahme beinhaltet 3 Tage, vom 2.8 bis zum 4.8., mit mit Anreise am Mittwoch, 1.8 und Abreise Sonntag dem 5.8.


Tag-für-Tag-Teilnahme mit einem Tagesticket Wenn Sie das Festival kennen lernen möchten, können Sie nur für einen oder wenige Tage kommen und können „Discovery Ateliers“ (Schnupper-Ateliers), die Programme für Dirigent/innen und Komponist/innen, das Offene Singen und die Festivalkonzerte besuchen. Tagestickets erhalten Sie bereits ab März 2018 oder direkt am Morgen Ihrer Teilnahme. Für Ihre Unterkunft und Mahlzeiten sind Sie selbst verantwortlich. Treten Sie mit Ihrem Chor auf! Wenn Sie mit einem ganzen Chor kommen und ihr eigenes Repertoire vorführen möchten, dann können Sie sich für diese Optionen bewerben: • Ein Nachmittagskonzert (choir-to-choir) zusammen mit einem anderen teilnehmenden Chor (möglich nur zwischen dem 28.7 und 30.7): • Teilnahme an der „Nacht der Chöre” (Night of Choirs) am 30.7. ODER: • Teilnahme am „Promenadenkonzert” am 1.8. • Ein Open-Air-Auftritt (inklusive die Möglichkeit auf der „Festivalbühne” am Rathausplatz aufzutreten) • Ein Regionalkonzert in einer Stadt oder einem Dorf in der Nähe von Tallinn (der Chor muss die Busfahrt selbst bezahlen) Sie können Ihre Wünsche und Präferenzen bei der Anmeldung angeben.

Teilnahmebedingungen Teilnahmegebühren und Ermäßigungen Für die Teilnahme von 8, 4 oder 3 Tagen wird eine Teilnahmegebühr erhoben, die für die gebuchte Anzahl an Tagen alle Morgenaktivitäten (Ateliers, „Discovery Ateliers“, Sonderprogramme), das tägliche Offene Singen, freien Eintritt zu allen Festival-Konzerten sowie das Liederbuch für das Offene Singen und das Programmbuch enthält. Die Teilnahmegebühr basiert auf dem ausgewählten Paket (volle Teilnahme, Teilnahme am halben Festival, Jubiläumspaket), dem Heimatland, dem Alter und einer möglichen Ermäßigung für direkte und indirekte Mitglieder der European Choral Association Europa Cantat. Unter www.eca-ec.org - > Mitglieder - > Wie werde ich Mitglied finden Sie weitere Informationen und Bedingungen für die Mitgliedschaft. Teilnahmegebühren auf Seite 55. Die Gebühr wird auch für Dirigenten, Komponisten, Pianisten, Musiker, Busfahrer und alle weiteren Begleitpersonen erhoben, so lange diese den vom Festival bereitgestellten Service (Unterkunft, Verpflegung, Zugang zu den Festivalveranstaltungen, die nicht öffentlich zugänglich sind etc.) nutzen wollen und dafür einen Festivalausweis benötigen. Kinder unter 11 Jahren (geboren nach dem 05.08.2010) zahlen keine Teilnahmegebühr, wenn Sie nicht an einem Atelier oder Sonderprojekt teilnehmen. Allerdings wird ein Beitrag für Unterkunft-und Mahlzeiten erhoben.


Kinder bis 6 Jahre, die am musikalischen Vor-Kindergarten (E1) und am Musikkindergarten (E2) teilnehmen, zahlen, unabhängig von der Mitgliedschaft in der ECA-EC, eine Gebühr von: €15/Tag (nur vormittags, E1, E2) €20/Tag (vormittags & Mittagessen, E1, E2) €20/Tag (vormittags und nachmittags, ohne Mittagessen, E1 und E2) €25/Tag (vormittags und nachmittags, mit Mittagessen, nur E2) Kinder die mehr als 6 Jahre alt sind und an einem Atelier teilnehmen, zahlen die reguläre Teilnahmegebühr (siehe Seite 55). Ein-Tages-Ticket: Die Preise werden Anfang 2018 auf der Webseite veröffentlicht. Tageskarten beinhalten die Teilnahme an „Discovery Ateliers“oder dem Programm für Dirigenten und Komponisten für den jeweils gelösten Tag, sowie das Offene Singen und freien Eintritt für an dem Tag stattfindende Konzerte. Unterkunft Teilnehmer/innen können ihre Unterkunft über den Festival Partner Baltoscandia Tours auf einer gesonderten Website buchen: www.baltoscandia.ee/ect18. Es wurden Sondepreise verhandelt, die nur für Festival-Teilnehmer/innen gelten. Die Unterkunft sollte analog zum „Festival-Paket” gebucht werden: • Wer die volle Teilnahme bucht, sollte 9 Nächte mit Ankunft am 27.7. und Abreise am 5.8. buchen • Wer die Teilnahme am halben Festival bucht, sollte 5 Nächte mit Ankunft am 27.7. und Abreise am 1.8. buchen • Wer das Jubiläumspaket bucht, sollte 4 Nächte mit Anreise am 1.8. und Abreise am 5.8. buchen Das Festival bietet folgende Optionen an: Art und Lage der Unterkunft

Preis pro Person in Zimmern mit 3-4 Betten

Preis pro Person in Zweibett-Zimmern

Preis pro Person in Einzelzimmern


Jugendherbergen und andere günstige Unterkünfite 3-7 Km vom Stadt-Zentrum entfernt

25 €/Nacht




Hotel **, zentral

27 €/Nacht in 4-Bett-Zimmern

40 €/Nacht



Hotel ***, ca 5 km vom Stadtzentrum entfernt

27 €/Nacht in 3-Bett oder 4-Bett-Zimmern

40 €/Nacht



Hotel ***, zentral gelegen


50 €/Nacht



Hotel ****, zentral gelegen, in der Nähe der Altstadt


60 €/Nacht


Die Preise beinhalten Frühstück. Bitte buchen Sie Ihr Hotel möglichst früh und beachten Sie die Buchungs- und Stornierungs-Bedingungen auf der Baltoscandia Website Alternativ können Sie sich unabhängig vom Festival um eigene Unterbringung kümmern.


Verpflegung Das Frühstück erhalten Sie in Ihrer Unterkunft. Sie können Mittag- und Abendessen im Festival-Restaurant bestellen, das zentral gelegen sein wird. Die Essen müssen bei der Anmeldung bestellt werden. Nach dem 15.05.2018 sind keine Änderungen mehr möglich. Alternativ können Sie Ihre eigenen Mahlzeiten organisieren. Noten Die Noten für die Ateliers sind nicht in der Teilnahmegebühr enthalten. Die geforderten Ausgaben können Sie individuell oder beim Festivalverlag SuLaSol kaufen. Details werden am bis 01.01.18 bekanntgegeben. Kaufen Sie bitte keine Noten, bevor Sie Ende Februar 2018 die Zusage zu Ihrem Atelier erhalten haben! Anmeldung Sie können sich ab Ende September 2017 auf www.ectallinn2018.ee als Chor, als Gruppe oder individuell für ein „Paket“ von 8, 4 oder 3 Tagen anmelden. Die Anmeldung für Tagesteilnehmer beginnt im März 2018. Alle Teilnehmer, die sich vor dem 31.12.2017 anmelden, können garantiert an einem ihrer drei bevorzugten Ateliers teilnehmen, (Ausnahme: wenn Ateliers aufgrund zu geringer Teilnehmerzahl ausfallen müssen). Die Zuteilung zu den Ateliers hängt nicht vom Anmeldedatum ab, sondern von einer Kombination aus Stimmverteilung, Alter und Herkunftsland. Ende Februar 2018 wird die Teilnahme am Atelier bestätigt. Sie können sich auch nach dem 31.12.2017 anmelden, doch wird ab diesem Datum eine Extragebühr von €20 pro Person fällig, es gibt keine Garantie auf ein Wunschatelier und unter Umständen keine Möglichkeit eine Unterkunft über das Festival zu buchen. Wenn Sie Schwierigkeiten mit dem Online-Formular haben, können Sie uns per Email oder Telefon erreichen (Informationen dazu auf der Rückseite). Bezahlung und Stornierungsbedingungen Die Anmeldung ist nur gültig wenn bis zum 31.12.2017 die Vorauszahlung von €100 pro Person geleistet wurde. Falls Sie Ihre Teilnahme vor der nächsten Zahlungsfrist stornieren, wird diese Anzahlung nicht erstattet. Der Restbetrag (inklusive Verpflegung) muss bis zum 30.4.2018 eingegangen sein. Falls Sie Ihre Teilnahme nach diesem Datum stornieren, wird die gesamte Gebühr einbehalten Alle Stornogebühren werden unabhängig vom Grund der Absage fällig. Wir empfehlen den Abschluss einer privaten Reiserücktrittskosten-Versicherung. Es gibt die Möglichkeit, online per Kreditkarte zu bezahlen (mit einer Kommissionsgebühr von 2%). Ferner bieten wir Banküberweisung und Paypal als Zahlungsmethoden an. Für weitere Informationen besuchen sie bitte die Festival-Webseite.


Conditions de participation Choisissez la durée de votre séjour : packs de 3, 4 ou 8 jours Vous pouvez choisir parmi les trois options suivantes: Festival complet (8 jours, activités du 28 juillet au 4 août, arrivée possible le 27, départ le 5 août au plus tard) Avec ce pack «Full Festiva », vous pouvez choisir parmi tous les ateliers et activités. Demi-Festival (4 premiers jours, activités du 28 au 31 juillet, arrivée le 27, départ le 1 août) Avec le pack «Demi-Festival», vous pouvez choisir parmi les ateliers de 4 jours, ou suivre des ateliers découverte comme le programme pour chefs de chœur et compositeurs entre le 28 et le 31 juillet. Pack Anniversaire (3 derniers jours, arrivée le 1 août, départ le 5 août) Avec le pack «Anniversaire», vous ne pouvez pas participer aux ateliers 4 à 8 jours, ni participer à un concert choir-to-choir avec votre chœur. En revanche, le reste des activités sur la période vous sont ouvertes, y compris le concert anniversaire du 3 août. Il n’est pas possible de réserver 5,6 ou 7 jours. Si votre atelier se termine avant la fin de votre séjour, profitez en pour participer aux ateliers découverte ou au programme pour chefs et compositeurs (ou pour vous prélasser dans la ville). • Le festival commence le vendredi 27 Juillet, avec le check-in et la soirée de bienvenue. • L’option «festival complet» dure 8 jours, du 28 juillet au 4 août, avec arrivée le 5 août. • L’option «Demi festival» dure 4 jours, du 28 au 31 juilet, arrivée le 27 juillet, départ le 1 août : • L’option «Pack Anniversaire» dure 3 jours du 2 au 4 août, arrivée le 1 août, départ le 5 août Les tickets journaliers (disponible sur place ou dès mars 2018) comprennent, pour le jour pour lequel ils sont émis, la participation aux ateliers découverte ou le programme pour chefs de chœur et compositeurs le matin, le chant commun et l’accès libre à la plupart des concerts du festival, ainsi que, le premier jour, le livre de chant et le livret programme du festival. Ils ne comprennent ni logement ni repas.. Concerts avec votre propre chœur • Un concert « choir to choir ¨ dans une église ou une salle, avec un autre chœur participant (du 28 au 31 juillet) • Participation à la « Choir Night¨ le 30 juillet ou à la « Promenade Concert¨ le 1 août. • Un concert en plein air (éventuellement sur la grande scène sur la place de l’Hotel de Ville).


• Un concert en région dans une ville proche (les frais de bus sont alors à la charge de votre ensemble). Vous pourrez indiquer vos souhaits lors de votre inscription.

Frais de participation Coût de Participation Les frais d’inscriptions sont lié au pack choisi (3,4 ou 8 jours). Ils incluent, selon les packs, la participation au activités du matin (ateliers, ateliers découverte, programme spécial), le chant commun et l’entrée aux concerts, ainsi qu’un songbook et le guide officiel du festival. Le coût est lié au pack choisi ainsi qu’à votre âge et pays de résidence. Des réductions sont prévues pour les membres directs et indirects de l’European Choral Association – Europa Cantat. Consultez notre site internet pour devenir membre: www.EuropeanChoralAssociation.org Retrouvez la grille tarifaire en page 55 Les tarifs s’appliquent également aux chefs, compositeurs, pianistes, musiciens, conducteurs de bus ou tout autre accompaniateur qui a recours aux services du festival et nécessiteront un badge. Les enfants nés après le 5 août 2007 ne payent que leur logement et repas s’ils ne participent pas aux ateliers pour enfants. Prix pour les enfants jusque 6 ans: E1 musical pre-kindergarten et E2 musical kindergarten Indépendamment du statut de membre ou pays de résidence €15/jour ( Matinée - E1, E2 ) €20/jour (Matinée et déjeune - E1, E2) €20/jour (Matinée et après midi, sans déjeuner - E1, E2) €25/jour (Matinée et après midi, avec déjeuner - uniquement E2) Les enfants de plus de 6 ans payent le prix normal pour les ateliers. Tickets à la journée Les prix seront publiés sur le site du festival au début 2018. Les tickets à la journée donnent accès, pour la journée souscrite, à la participation aux ateliers découverte ou au programme pour chefs et compositeurs le matin; à l’Open Singing; et donnent accès aux concerts du festival. Le premier jour d’utilisation, vous recevrez également le songbook et le guide du festival. Logement Il est possible de réserver son hébergement à des tarifs négociés au plus serré via le partenaire du festival Baltoscandia, et leur site dédié www.baltoscandia.ee/ect18. Les options suivantes sont disponibles (sous réserve de disponibilités)


Type d’hébergement

Prix par personne, chambre partagée à 3 ou plus.

Prix par personne en chambre partagée à deux

Prix par personne en chambre individuelle


Auberges et dortoires 3-7 km du centre

25 €/nuit




Hotel **, central

27 €/nuit, Chambre 4 p.

40 €/nuit

70 €/nuit


Hotel ***, env. 5 km du centre

27 €/nuit , Chambre 3 ou 4 p.

40 €/nuit

70 €/nuit


Hotel ***, centre,


50 €/nuit



Hotel ****, centre, près de la vieille ville


60 €/nuit


Petit déjeuner inclus. Vous pouvez également organiser votre propre hébergement. Pensez à reserver votre hébérgement le plus tôt possible; et consultez les conditions de reservation et d’annulation sur le site de Baltoscandia. Repas Les petits déjeunes sont fournis par votre hébergement. Vous pouvez commander des déjeuners et dîners servis à la cantine du festival. Les repas doivent être commandés lors de l’inscription, et ne pourrons pas être changés après le 15 mai 2018. Partitions Les partitions ne sont pas incluses dans les frais de participation. Attendez de recevoir confirmation de vos ateliers à la fin février 2018 pour acheter vos partitions (par exemple via Sulasol, l’éditeur officiel du festival). Modalités d’inscription Vous pourrez souscrire à l’un des packs en tant que chœur, groupe ou individuel, à partir de Septembre 2017 sur le site www.ectallinn2018.ee Les inscriptions à la journée seront ouvertes en mars 2018. Une inscription avant le 31 décembre 2017 vous garanti une participation à l’un des trois ateliers choisis (sauf en cas d’annulation). Les répartitions par ateliers se font sur la base des voix, âges et pays pour garantir des groupes fonctionnels. La décision finale vous sera communiquée à la fin février 2018. Une inscription après le 31 décembre 2017 vous coûtera 20€ de plus et nous ne pourrons pas garantir l’accès à un atelier de votre choix ; il pourra aussi être plus difficile d’obtenir un logement via le partenaire du festival. Si vous rencontrez des difficultés à vous inscrire, n’hésitez pas à nous consulter par email ou téléphone (voir les coordonnées en dernière page). Vous recevrez des informations complètes une fois votre affectation à un atelier confirmée.


Conditions de paiement et d’annulation Votre inscription ne sera valide qu’après paiement d’un acompte non remboursable de €100 par personne avant le 31.12.2017. Le solde complet, incluant les frais de repas éventuels, doit être payé avant le 30.04.2018. Ce payement sera définitif et ne pourra être remboursé en cas d’annulation de votre part, quelle qu’en soit la raison. Nous vous conseillons de vous renseigner sur les assurances dans votre pays si vous souhaitez couvrir ce risque. Il sera possible de payer en ligne par carte de crédit (avec une commission de 2%) ou par transfert bancaire ou PayPal. Pour plus d’informations veuillez consulter le site web du festival.


Participation Fee / Teilnahmegebühren / Frais De Participation Country Group 1**

Full festival (27.7-5.8) Under 27 (born after August 5th, 1991) direct member €140 indirect member €180 non-member €260 27 or older direct member €260 indirect member €300 non-member €380 Country Group 2** Full festival (27.7-5.8) Under 27 (born after August 5th, 1991) direct member €115 indirect member €150 non-member €220 27 or older

Part I only (27.7.-1.8)

Part II only (1.8-5.8)

€100 €140 €220

€85 €110 €190

€190 €230 €310 Part I only (27.7.-1.8)

€170 €210 €290 Part II only (1.8-5.8)

€75 €110 €180

€60 €95 €165

direct member




indirect member




non-member Country Group 3**




8 days

4 days

3 days

Under 27 (born after August 5th, 1991) direct member








27 or older direct member








Direct member means that a choir or an individual is a direct member of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) with seat in Bonn (please indicate your membership number in the registration process to prove your membership). The reduced participation fee will only apply if the membership fee to ECA-EC for 2018 has been paid before 31st March 2018! Indirect members are individuals or choirs who are members of a choral organisation in the country group 1 or 2 which itself is a full paying member of ECA-EC. (e.g. Ung i Kor, A Coeur Joie, Deutscher Chorverband etc - see list on www.eca-ec.org -> Membership)Please note that indirect membership does not exist for members in country group 3. Non members are all others (to apply for membership see www.eca-ec.org -> Membership -> How to join).


Meals / Mahlzeiten / Repas Lunches and dinners can be bought for 10 € per person and meal. It is only possible to book all lunches and/or all dinners during the length of your stay, it is not possible to book meals separately. Mittag- und Abendessen können für €10 pro Mahlzeit und Person bestellt werden. Es ist nur möglich alle Mittag- und/oder Abendessen für die Dauer Ihres Aufenthalts zu bestellen. Es ist nicht möglich Mahlzeiten einzeln zu buchen. Il est possible de commander les repas de midi et/ou du soir pour 10 € par repas et personne. Il est uniquement possible d’acheter tous les repas pour la durée de votre participation. Il n’est pas possible d’acheter des repas individuels.

**Country groups / Ländergruppen / groupes de pays / AT (Austria), AU (Australia), AW (Aruba), BE (Belgium), CA (Canada), CY (Cyprus), CH (Switzerland), DE (Germany), DK (Denmark), ES (Spain), FI (Finland), FR (France with all overseas departments), HK (China-Hong Kong), IE (Ireland), IL (Israel), IS (Iceland), Italy (IT), JP (Japan), LU (Luxembourg), NL (The Netherlands), NO (Norway), SE (Sweden), SG (Singapore), UK (United Kingdom), US (United States of America) and some further non-European countries, see below. CZ (Czech Republic), EE (Estonia), GR (Greece), MT (Malta), PT (Portugal), SI (Slovenia), SK (Slovakia) and some overseas countries (see below). AL (Albania, AM (Armenia), BA (Bosnia and Herzegovina), BG (Bulgaria), BY (Belarus), GE (Georgia), HR (Croatia), HU (Hungary), KZ (Kazakhstan), LT (Lithuania), LV (Latvia), MD (Moldova), ME (Montenegro), MK (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), PL (Poland), RO (Romania), RS (Serbia), RU (Russia), TR (Turkey), UA (Ukraine)

For countries outside Europe the rule is that countries belong to group 1 according to the HDI index used by IFCM - see http://ifcm.net/membership-fees/) are in country group 1, countries belonging to HDI groups 2 and 3 are in country group 2 - country group 3 is only reserved for European countries. If you are not sure which country group you belong to, write to info@EuropeanChoralAssociation.org


Organisation European Choral Association - Europa Cantat One Voice for Collective Singing in Europe The European Choral Association – Europa Cantat is a network of organisations, choirs and individuals active in the field of collective singing in Europe. Through our network, we are in contact with more than 2,5 million individuals in over 50 countries. The targets of our activities and events are the 37 million singers, conductors, composers, managers and educators active in the field of collective singing in Europe (see www.singingeurope.org). Since 1963, before and after the merger of Europa Cantat and AGEC in 2011, our aims are to foster cooperation and mutual understanding between cultures, nations and individuals across social and political borders, to promote collective singing as tool for education and for community building and to represent the interests of the singing community. The Project “Upgrade – Connect – Reach out: Raising Awareness for Collective Singing in Europe” of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat has been selected under the EU Creative Europe Programme – strand “Support to European networks”, with funding of up to 250.000 EUR per year between September 2017 and August 2021. The Association with its festivals including the EUROPA CANTAT festival is a member of the International Choral Festival Network - www.choralfestivalnetwork.org It is also a member of the European / International Music Council, Culture Action Europe, the International Federation for Choral Music – IFCM and Musica International. More on www.EuropeanChoralAssociation.org


Estonian Choral Association The festival is realized by the Estonian Choral Association, which was founded in 1982. The association is an umbrella organisation for all choirs and wind orchestras in Estonia. The goals of the ECA are to foster the choral and wind music tradition, to find and distribute repertoire, to establish contacts, to organise international choral festivals, concerts, educational programmes, seminars and other events for choirs, singers and conductors. Estonian Choral Association is a member of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat, and of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM).

Singing “outside the box” to meet new audiences How can collective singing get out of conventional choral venues and reach out to new audiences? How can collective singing appeal to younger generations? What aspects of the rehearsal process, of the repertoire, of the performance could be upgraded to better answer the expectations of millennials and of the following generation? “Sing outside the box” will test innovative audience development methods during two sessions of the Eurochoir and different ateliers and concerts at the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Tallinn and disseminate these methods to multipliers. The Eurochoir is a European choir gathering up to 60 talented emerging singers. Its sessions are held once a year in a different country. A 2 years cycle was set up, under the supervision of acclaimed conductors: Maria van Nieukerken (NL), Lorenzo Donati (IT) and Mikko Sidoroff (FI).


After the sessions 2017 (Utrecht) and 2018 (Helsinki), the choir will present its work as special guest of the EUROPA CANTAT festival 2018 in Tallinn. The themes of the project will also be developed along the festival, with 3 ateliers for singers and 10 workshops for conductors dedicated to the themes: • Go out and meet new audiences: Use of unusual concert venues, concerts in the frame of non-choral or even non-musical events. • Staging: Develop innovative approaches to staging, with a focus on the specific abilities of singers as instruments (movement, sound spatialisation, blending in the audience, etc.). • Technical development: Use of lighting and sound reinforcement as an artistic element • Pedagogy: Foster access for non readers, non trained singers, to discover the fun of collective singing. • Involve choirs, conductors and singers in an active recruiting process of active and passive audiences Leveraging the prescriptive power of the Eurochoir, of the EUROPA CANTAT festival, and the power of the European Choral network (and two of its international conferences), the project will help redefine a new benchmark for collective singing. Partners Coordinator: Estonian Choral Association (EE) www.kooriyhing.ee Partners: • Sulasol (FI) www.sulasol.fi • ZIMIHC (NL) www.zimihc.nl • European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (DE) www.europeanchoralassociation.org

More information Estonian Choral Association Roosikrantsi 13, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia ph: +372 627 44 51, +372 627 44 57, fax: +372 627 44 59 E-mail: kooriyhing@kooriyhing.ee www.SingOutsideTheBox.eu

Facts and figures Total budget: 340.000€ EU co-funding: 200.000€ May 2017 to April 2019


Sing Me In The Erasmus+ project “Sing Me In, collective singing in the integration process of young migrants” aims at providing children and youth choir conductors and music teachers with pedagogical approaches and tools that allow collective singing activities to play a positive role in the integration process of young people. The 11 partners have evaluated the existing experience to extract best practices, and will use this basis to collectively develop innovative and effective pedagogical contents. The main outputs of the project will thus be three practical handbooks targeting children and youth choir conductors and music teachers: • Working with young refugees in their environment (refugee camp or accommodation) • Including young people with migrant background in existing choirs • Working in a school environment In the second half of 2018, we will organise conferences and presentations of the results of the project where you’ll have a chance to interact with the project partners. • Catalonia (June 2018) • Estonia/international: (August 2018, in the frame of the EUROPA CANTAT festival) • Turkey (August 2018) • France (Sept. 2018) • Belgium (Sept. 2018) • Norway (Sept. 2018) Project funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. www.SingMeIn.eu


Helping out at EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn Volunteering The festival is the central meeting point and one of the most important events of the choral world, which means we need helpful hands from helping at the venues to taking pictures to make this festival a success! We are looking for highly motivated people with great English skills (and, of course, the more languages the merrier) and who have volunteered before at big music events. In autumn 2017 the registration for volunteers will be opened. After that, a committee will choose the volunteers and the team will inform the selected volunteers. For more information please send us an e-mail to volunteers@ectallinn2018.ee Internship Do you want to help organising one of the biggest choral events in Europe? The EUROPA CANTAT XX team in Tallinn, Estonia is looking for interns! Place of internship: Office of the Estonian Choral Association, Tallinn, Estonia Duration of internship: minimum 6-8 weeks, preferably 3 to 6 months Period: From early 2018 – or (especially for longer internships) from August 2017 Ideally interns should in addition come to Tallinn for two weeks from July 23rd to August 5th 2018 for the last days of preparation and the festival itself. Find out more information about the internship on the festival webpage http://www.ectallinn2018.ee/






Artistic team The complex program of EUROPA CANTAT XX is prepared by the Music Commission of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat as it is in charge of designing the music programme of the festival by involving international conductors and professionals. Music Commission of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat Jan Schumacher (DE) – chair Marleen Annemans (BE) Filippo Maria Bressan (IT) Jim Daus Hjernøe (DK) Ágnes Erdélyi (HU) Cecilia Martin-Löf (SE) Burak Onur Erdem (TR) Raul Talmar (EE) Jean-Claude Wilkens (FR) STEERING COMMITTEE of the festival Sonja Greiner (DE) Carlo Pavese (IT) Aarne Saluveer (EE) Raul Talmar (EE) Kaie Tanner (EE) Daphne Wassink (NL) Festival office info@ectallinn2018.ee Music office music@ectallinn2018.ee Estonian Choral Association Roosikrantsi 13, 10119 Tallinn, ESTONIA Phone number: +372 627 44 51, +372 627 44 57 Facebook www.facebook.com/ectallinn2018 Website: www.ectallinn2018.ee Graphic design: Anneli Kenk / Saara Publishing House Photos: Linda-Liis Eek, Annamari Kenk, Madli Viigimaa


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The first programme booklet with the full list of ateliers is here! Enjoy!


The first programme booklet with the full list of ateliers is here! Enjoy!