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Volume XIII-Number 1

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October, 1957

1957 MARIAN LIBRARY MEDAL Winner of the 1957 Marian Library Medal was Fr. Juniper 8. Carol, O.F.M., for his book FUNDAMENTALS OF MARIOLOGY (Benziger). Although the award was announced in June, the . presentation will take place in January, 1958, at the ninth convention' of the Mariological Society of America, to be held in Dayton. Father Carol, founder and now executive secretary of the Mariological Society, s the fifth winner of the medal. In 1950 he was presented with the N arianist Award of the University of Dayton.

All Maripn Reprints Now A'ailable Subscribers to M~ri•n Reprints who have issues •missing and would like to complete their: sets may now secure any back number from the Marian Library at 15¢ each. The fourteen Reprints which have been out of print were re-issued in September. Now all 54 IA.,i•n Reprints are available. M•ri•n Reprints to be published in the coming months are: No. 54-M•ry, Queen of the Universe - James M. E; ~n. O.P. (October) · No. 55-The Lourdes Pilgrim•ge - Pope Pius XII \lovember) No. 56-0ur L•dy of Lourdes, Gu.,di•n •nd Te•cher of the F•ith - Bishop Pierre-Marje Theas (December) ' (January) No. 57-Esther •nd Our'l•dy - Msgr. Ronald A. Knox (February) No. 58-M•ry •nd the !heologi•ns- Thomas E. Clarke, S.J. Eight Reprints are published each year. Subscr ption, $1.00.

The MARIAN LIBRARY NEWSLETTER is published monthly except JuJ.y, Augu.,t, and September, by the Marian Library, UniverS'dy of Dayton, Dayton 9, Ohio. The NEWSLETTER ,,ent free of charge tr anyone reque3ting it. ( Publi.<~hed with ecclesillStical approv'll)


The Marian Library Newsletter October 1957  
The Marian Library Newsletter October 1957