Ecossistemas ; All aspects of Landscaping.

Ecossistemas ; All aspects of Landscaping.

Lagos, Portugal


Projects of Landscape Architecture

Plan of Comprehensive (2D,3D) Planting System with identifying photos (Plantation and Irrigation )

Structural design of Watering or Irrigation Systems, Drainage;

Plans of Illumination and Urban Furniture, structures, paving, recreational equipment ;

Technical Details

Tridimensional Representation of Projects for advertising and commercial use

Plans of Optimization, recovery and alterations of degraded areas, historic gardens ;

Supervision of Projects

Technical Advice

Exteriors and Interiors - Construction, supervision, recovery and conservation

Parks, golf courses, sports fields, gardens, flower beds, flowerpots, terraces, vases ;

Interior and exterior gardens;

Irrigation Systems, illumination, drainage, insulation and painting;

Lakes and Water Features (fountains, waterfalls and artificial and natural brooks)