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Young Environmentalist Awards Timeline


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Discover Primary Maths and Science Programme


ECO-UNESCO’s Green Trail of Dublin


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ECO-Kids Parties


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Green Teen Youth Club





About ECO-UNESCO ECO-UNESCO is Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth Organisation. ECO-UNESCO is affiliated to the World Federation of UNESCO clubs, centres and associations (WFUCA) and is a FETAC accredited training centre. ECO-UNESCO specialises in environmental education, training and environmental youth work. ECO-UNESCO is a registered Irish charity (Charity no. CHY 7225).

Our aims are to:

Raise environmental awareness, understanding and knowledge among young people Promote the protection and conservation of the environment Promote the personal development of young people through practical environmental projects and activities Promote the ideals of UNESCO


Training courses ECO-UNESCO Clubs Environmental Youth Programmes ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards Programme A membership programme Volunteer and Internship programmes ECO-UNESCO also develops a wide range of Education Resources

Our Mission:

To channel the energy and passion of young people into environmental protection and conservation

ECO-UNESCO is funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs with Support of the National Lottery Funds.

ECO-UNESCO is part-funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government through the Irish Environmental Network.

Irish Environmental Network

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Why be an ECO-UNESCO member?

For just €10 per annum, young people under 18 can become a member of ECO-UNESCO allowing you to have exclusive access to our events and activities such as our monthly eco-outings, our eco-forums and workshops, get involved with our trainings, meet with like minded peers, have fun and keep up to date with all of our news!

Membership of ECO-UNESCO means:

Who are ECO-UNESCO Members? Our youth members are under 18 and: Are interested in the environment and may have an interest in social issues Want to learn more about the natural world Want to take part in our monthly eco-outings Want to take real eco-action Want to make new friends Like being outdoors Want peer education training

• • • • • • •

How do I get involved? Easy! Just log onto html and sign up online! Alternatively contact for the application form. Individuals must sign up as ECO-UNESCO members before they can take part on the outing


1. Free copy of any of our resources 2. Free access to ECO-UNESCO youth events 3. Discount on workshops 4. Discount on training programme

ECO-UNESCO members are people who... ECO-UNESCO members are people who... 1. Are interested in the environment, education and young people 2. Are interested in receiving publications and training 3. Want to learn more about the natural world 4. Want to take action 5. Are interested in volunteering 6. Want to make new friends 7. Like being out of doors 8. Are interested in keeping up to date on environmental education in Ireland


What? Get in the club! ECO-UNESCO Clubs are groups of young people aged between 10 and 18 who come together to make friends, make a difference and have fun while sharing an interest in the environment or sustainability issues. ECO-UNESCO Clubs can be a newly formed group or you can affiliate your pre-exisiting Club/group. ECO-UNESCO Clubs get support and advice from ECO-UNESCO staff along with the opportunity to connect with other young people from all across the country. So get your Clubs handbook today and join ECOUNESCO and hundreds of other young people across Ireland.

Who? All ECO-UNESCO Clubs are set up and run by young people aged 10-18 with similar interests - to help the environment and get involved in their community while having a lot of fun!


Start your very own Club today!!!

Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland

When? All year round. Contact ECO-UNESCO for more information and to register your club.

What ECO-UNESCO Club members have to say “This is my second year being involved with our Club. It’s great, we do a lot of outdoor projects, learn about the environment and have a great time!”

How do I get involved? 1) Register your club at and get your ECO-UNESCO Clubs Handbook. 2) Run Club activities and keep in touch with ECO-UNESCO.

Environmental Youth Club Training How to Set up an ECO-UNESCO Club FREE! See Training Section page 13



ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards (YEA)



ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards (YEA) is an all-Ireland environmental awards programme that recognises and rewards young people who raise environmental awareness and improve the environment through action projects.

Who? ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards programme is open to any group of young people in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland between 10-18 years of age.

How? It’s simple: register your group online and complete an Environmental Action Project in your group by following ECO-UNESCO’s ‘6 Steps to Success’. Then submit your project to our offices by last Friday of February.

* Super Junior is non-category specific

Awards: There are 3 overall winners within each age group.

The following special awards will also be awarded: Super Junior Award, ECO-Sustainability Award, ECO-Alu Award, Local to Global Award, ECO-Leader of the Year Award, People’s Choice Award.

Where? Regional ECO-Dens will take place throughout Ireland. Projects will be shortlisted and successful groups will be invited to present their project to a panel of judges. Top projects will be displayed at the Showcase and Awards ceremony which takes place in The Mansion house, Dublin on May 13th 2015.


• Register your project online or by phone. • Submit your project by February 28th 2015 to ‘The Greenhouse, 17 St. Andrew St. Dublin 2.’ • ECO-Dens: • Ulster: March 11th 2015 • Munster: March 19th 2015 • Connaught: March 24th 2015 • Leinster: March 26th & 27th 2015 • Showcase & Awards ceremony: May 13th 2015. Each young person will receive a Certificate of Participation as well as the possibility of showcasing their project and receiving further awards and prizes.


+353 (0)1 6625491

Want to get involved next year: YEA 2016

Register your project online by Nov. 28th 2015 for the Young Environmentalist Awards. *Limited number of workshops & information sessions available for registered groups!!! Please contact for availability.

ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards (YEA) Timeline

November: Registration Deadline

February: Project Submission Deadline

March: Regional ECO-DEN

May: Showcase & Awards Ceremony

June September: Projects exhibition


October & September: November: Registration Regional opens Training


ECO Workshops

ECO-UNESCO provides fun and interactive workshops on a wide range of environmental and sustainable development topics, tailored for young people aged 5-18. ECO-UNESCO offers workshops in any location in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to deliver workshops for schools, organisations and groups who work with, or are involved with, young people. This workshops are: A great complement for the curriculum in your school (primary and post-primary)



ECO-Action 10 DPSM 11 Green Trails 12


They are suitable for non-formal settings. They’regreat starting point for your ECO-UNESCO Club and the Young Environmentalist Awards.


The ECO-Discovery programme is a series of outdoor interactive workshops. The young people are given the chance to explore more about their outdoor environment, discover more about the natural world and built heritage in a fun and interactive way. Each workshop lasts 3 hours.


Explore Irish woodlands in a unique and fun way. Typical destinations include Knocksink Wood, Glendalough or a natural place of your choosing. Investigate the Irish coastline in an interactive and sensory manner. Destinations include Bull Island, Malahide Beach, Greystones or a destination of your choice. Discover interesting facts about Dublin, from the natural environment and biodiversity hotspots to the built and cultural heritage.



Who? Young people aged 5-18

Where? ECO-UNESCO. On demand at locations throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland


On demand

What young people have to say about the programme “It was amazing to learn all about the coastline, about its plants and the sealife and also to realise that even in the city, there is a lot of nature to be found.�

How do I get involved? Contact ECO-UNESCO at || +353 (0)1 662 5491


What? The ECO-Action programme consists of a range of workshops covering a variety of environmental issues. Each workshop lasts 1.5 or 3 hours (workshop times and content can be tailored to meet your specific needs). All workshops are age appropriate. If you choose the 3h workshop we will award you with a certificate of participation in ECO-Action. The issues covered are as follows: Waste Investigate the origins of waste, its disposal and look at the practical solutions to addressing the issue. Trees Explore the importance of trees, their uses and their conservation. Learn how to make your own paper.

Who? Where? Option 1: ECO-UNESCO Option 2: Outreach workshops can be arranged throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Biodiversity Discover the natural world around us, how it works and the value of a healthy biodiversity to the world.

On demand

Water Focus on the importance of water in our lives and how to conserve it.

Contact ECO-UNESCO at || +353 (0)1 662 5491

Energy What is energy and where does it come from? Explore our energy needs and alternative forms of energy. World Identify the connections between lifestyles and global issues and how we can live in a sustainable manner. Climate Change Learn about climate change and help participants answer questions relating to climate change. Health & Wellbeing An interactive workshop that looks at healthy living, gardening and being active.


Media & Sustainability Interactive learning workshop from the Global Responsibilities series. The session covers the topic of the world’s media and its influence, while also looking at Sustainable Development.

Young people aged 5-18




How do I get involved?

Discover Primary Science and Maths Programme

ECO-UNESCO is offering a range of workshops (1.5 - 3.5 hrs) to help capture children’s imaginations and develop a deeper understanding of the natural environment. Explore green spaces in Dublin City Centre, and learn about urban ecology and the biodiversity present within the city. Workshops include 1. Junior ECO-Action workshops (1.5 - 3 hrs/workshop) 2. Junior Sustainability workshops (2 hrs/workshop) 3. Green Trail-Urban Ecology

Who? Age: 5-12

Where? Located in Dublin’s city centre in close proximity to a range of urban parklands.

When? On demand

What past participants have to say about the programme “A really fun workshop, I learned a lot and especially loved looking at the bugs and insects up close!”

Other Information Equipment: ECO-UNESCO will supply any required equipment for the workshops Staff Leader: Environmental Youth Officer (total number of staff depends on no. of participants) Teacher Notes: Supporting resources are available for teachers for use in the classroom Pupil Materials: ECO-UNESCO will supply all required materials for use during the Workshop including classification charts, worksheets etc

How do I get involved?

Junior ECO- Action Workshops ECO-UNESCO’s ECO-Action programme consists of a range of workshops covering a variety of environmental issues.The seven available themed workshops available include: Waste, Trees, Biodiversity, Water, Energy, World and Climate Change. Completion of all 7 workshops leads to an ECO-Leader certificate. All workshops are age appropriate and can be tailored to specific age groups. This programme can be booked as a series of seven workshops (discounted rate). Each workshop also works perfectly as a stand alone workshop and can be booked separately.

Junior Sustainability Workshops This programme has been developed to assist schools integrate sustainable development into the daily life of the school by the encouragement of teaching issues related to sustainable development in a classroom setting and by providing information and tools on a Whole Schools approach.



Green Trail-Urban Ecology Explore green spaces in Dublin City Centre, and learn about urban ecology and the biodiversity present within the city. Participants learn practical scientific skills for identifying species of native plants and animals, whilst gaining a greater appreciation for local surroundings as well as learning how to protect and conserve the natural heritage and biodiversity.

Discover Primary Science and Maths ECO-UNESCO is an official Discover Primary Science and Maths Centre offering a range of specialised workshops for primary schools linking with the primary science and maths curricula. For full details and listing of workshops available contact: youth@ || +353 (0)1 662 5491

Contact ECO-UNESCO at || +353 (0)1 662 5491



Green Trails

ECO-UNESCO’s Green Trail of Dublin What? Guided interactive tour of Dublin city’s biodiversity hotspots as part of our Exploring Nature in the City walking tour series. Embark on a journey of discovery and explore nature, wildlife and natural heritage in the heart of the city. Activities along the way will also give you a great understanding of your role within the wider environment.

Who? Suitable for ALL AGES!

Where? The Green Trail starts at St Stephen’s Green and includes Merrion Square and the Iveagh Gardens.

When? Group bookings available for alternative times on request.

What past participants have to say “A fun afternoon for all the family, saw a side to Dublin that I never knew existed and really enjoyed the activities en-route.”

How do I get involved? Advanced booking essential Contact || +353 (0)1 662 5491


ECO-UNESCO currently delivers six different Green Trails: - Dublin North - Dublin City - Woodland - Howth Head - Bray Head - Phoenix Park

ECO-UNESCO offers a wide range of exciting, fun and interactive environmental workshops for children under the age of 12. Many of our children’s workshop programmes are run from The Greenhouse in Dublin’s city centre.

What? ECO-UNESCO runs camps where children explore the world around them through outdoor adventures, interactive games, hands-on activities and much more. Taking a city safari and treasure trail, building a bug hotel, starting a sunflower race and even launching an ECO-Rocket are some of the activities children taking part enjoy while learning about their environment and nature and having lots of fun. What’s more, they’ll get plenty of ideas to bring home with them! Early drop off and late collection available at no extra cost!

Who? Open to all children aged 5-12.

Where? Check for locations

When?  ECO-Explorers Easter Camp

7th -10th April 2015

ECO-Explorers Summer Camps

July 2015

ECO-Explorers Hallowe’en Camp

Camps running weekly from 6th July 2015 August 2015 10th-21st August 2015 Midterm 27th-30th October 2015


ECO Kids

ECO-Explorers Holiday Camps

What parents/guardians have to say about the camp “A great week, the girls loved it!” “This is a really excellent camp and the kids all really seemed to have a brilliant time. Educational and great fun.”

How do I get involved? Book online at or contact +353 (0)1 662 5491

11 13


ECO-Kids Parties

What? ECO-UNESCO offers party packages for your birthday celebration or any special occasion. We have creative kids activities, both indoors and outdoors with an environmental twist. So if you want your young ECO-Kids to have a more sustainable party, contact us to discuss your tailored ECO-Kids Party.

Who? Open to all children aged 12 and under.

When? You choose!

What parents have to say about the ECO-Kids parties “A great way for George to celebrate his birthday with friends, plenty of games and a good mix out of outdoor and indoor activities.�

How do I get involved? Contact ECO-UNESCO at || +353 (0)1 662 5491



ECO-Youth Events Environmental Youth Activity Days

Are you a young person interested in the environment, making new friends, exploring new opportunities and having fun? If so, ECO-UNESCO has a great selection of events, activities and clubs for you!

What? ECO-UNESCO organises a range of environmental events and activities annually aimed at getting young people out to learn about their environment in a fun, hands-on way. Throughout the year ECO-UNESCO also celebrates a number of key environmental days such as Earth Day and Car Free Day. We often bring young people together to celebrate these days be it through a workshop, event or online tips on how you can celebrate the day with friends and family in whatever part of the country you are in!

Who? Young people between 12-18

Where? ECO-UNESCO and other environmental spots in Dublin and the surrounding area

When? 2nd February 2015: World Wetlands Day 2nd-8th March 2015: National Tree Week 22nd March 2015: World Water Day 22nd April 2015: UN Earth Day 22nd May 2015: Biodiversity Week 5th June 2015: World Environmental Day 22nd September 2015: Car Free Day 6th October 2015: World Habitat Day 10th October 2015: Tree Day

How do I get involved? Visit or contact




ECO-Teen Summer Camp

ECO-UNESCO’s Youth ECO-Forum

Teen Summer Camp



ECO-UNESCO’s runs youth forums that bring young people, aged 15-18 together to give them a voice and an opportunity to speak directly to experts and to present their own recommendations on the environmental issue of the day.

An action packed week for green teens! This is a week-long series of environmental workshops for young people (aged 12-16), with activities focused on learning about the natural heritage of various habitats close to Dublin’s City Centre. Day-trips to the Grand Canal, the River Liffey and Urban Parklands will be included in the week’s activities, along with classroom workshops and creative activities on biodiversity. Early drop off and late collection available at no extra cost!

Who? Young people aged 15-18



Please check for updates

How do I get involved? Contact ECO-UNESCO at || +353 (0) 1 662 5491

Who? Teens aged 12-16


When? 23rd-27th June 2015

What past participants have to say “A cool way to spend the week, meet some new and like minded people and go on some fun trips around Dublin. I’ll be back next year!” around Dublin. I’ll be back

How do I get involved?

Book online at or contact +353 (0)1 662 5491


ECO-Youth Choices is an alternative drug prevention programme, building the capacity of young people to make positive life choices. Participants learn how to channel their energy into positive action on personal, community and environmental levels. Participants will be invited to take a critical look at their surroundings and assess how these influence them; discuss how to improve them; and act by putting into practice environmental levels.

Who? Young people between 12-18 years of age

Where? ECO-UNESCO .When? On demand

What past participants have to say

Programme Elements: ECO-Youth Choices Peer Education Programme This is a 10-12 week programme running one session a week (between 1-2 hours) both indoors and outdoors. The programme includes peer education training and support in undertaking a local environmental action of their choice. ECO-Youth Choices Outdoor Education Programme ECO-Youth Choices outdoor education programme offers young people at risk of drug misuse, the opportunity to explore the natural environment and their own potential through recreational, educational, fun and interactive activities. These are stand alone days and are delivered in a number of outdoor settings including woodlands and beaches.




ECO Choices Programme

Other: • QQI L3 in Community Participation • Drug Prevention Training for Trainers (See trainings for further details on these)

“Thanks for the help, it opened a different door for me to do better in life.” “This was a really good experience and one that I will hopefully take with me over the next few years and help me be a positive influence on those around me in my community. “

How do I get involved? Contact ECO-UNESCO at || +353 (0) 1 662 5491


What? ECO-UNESCO’s Youth for Sustainable Development programme offers a range of exciting programmes and events for young people to learn about sustainable development, development education and how to become a peer educator. The programme also has opportunities for youth workers, educators, groups, organisations and businesses.

Programme of Activities and Events Peer Education Programme Global Youth Leaders for Change ECO-Sustainability Award ECO-Sustainability Award Training Peer Education for Sustainable Development FETAC L5 Training Youth Work and Sustainability Training

Peer Education Programme: Global Youth Leaders for Change This programme offers young people the opportunity to learn about sustainable development and development education; to develop leadership skills and to become peer educators. As part of this action packed programme, peer educators organise great environmental events such as hikes, shows, awareness raising and even ECOPicnics in the Park (think mini-electric picnic but greener)! Come along and join the fun. Each event is free and open to all!

Who? Open to all young people aged 15-18 * Trainings are available for youth workers and educators ** ECO-Sustainability Award is open to organisations and groups.

Where? Every Wednesday evening from 17:00 until 19:00 at ECO-UNESCO

What young people have to say about the programme “It’s not just my peers but even at home – my Dad and my Mam can’t believe some of the stuff that I do in here with ECO-UNESCO and even an older generation like my granddad, they’ve changed along with me”

How do I get involved?

Contact ECO-UNESCO at || +353 (0)1 662 5491


ECO-Sustainability Award The ECO-Sustainability Award is an awards scheme run by ECO-UNESCO that rewards, recognises and encourages organisations working towards sustainability. This short course provides a practical approach on how organisations can become more sustainable and introduces groups to the ECO-Sustainability Award Programme.




Youth For Sustainable Development

The ECO-Sustainability Award is open to youth organisations and groups.


When? Saturday - 19th September 2015, 10am - 4pm. On demand: ECO-UNESCO also run this course to groups on request. If you are interested please contact us.

How do I get involved? Contact ECO-UNESCO at || +353 (0)1 662 5491

ECO-Youth OUTINGS What? A fun filled eco-day out for eco-teens! Held on a Saturday of each month, ECO-UNESCO will lead outdoor activities for young people including forest walks and hikes around Howth Head, Bray Head and Greystones, along with practical conservation work along Ireland’s coasts.

Who? Young people aged 14 - 18

Where? All excursions leave from ECO-UNESCO’s office and will take in a number of areas such as Howth, Bray and Greystones.

Green Teen Youth Club What? Do you want to take hands-on action in the conservation of the Irish environment? Do you want the chance to go on outdoor excursions? Do you want the chance to find out more about the environment and issues affecting the planet? Do you want to have fun while taking responsibility for Ireland’s environment? If so the Green Teen Youth Club is the right place for you.

Who? The Green Teen Youth Club will offer young people the chance to find out more about the environment and issues affecting the planet. Young people will have the opportunity to take hands-action in the conservation of the Irish environment with outdoor excursions.

Where? When?

Saturdays 10.00-16.00 (approximately) Dates: 14th February 21st March 2nd May 6th June 18th July 29th August 10th October 21st November


When? From the beginning of September.

How do I get involved? Advanced booking essential Contact || +353 (0)1 662 5491

How do I get involved?

The outing is open to ECO-UNESCO groups and members, while other young people can get involved by signing up as a new member (annual membership for under 18s only €10). New members must register with ECO-UNESCO at least one week in advance of the trip as parental/ guardian consent is required for these outings.


Programme ECO-Discovery ˟ ECO-Action ˟˟

Price €

250 (per workshop)

600 (full programme)

120/250 (per workshop)

650 (full programme)


Family and group discounts available

€5 per person

ECO-Explorers Holiday Camps Full week

90 (Early Bird)

100 (Full price)

4 Day Camp (Easter, Halloween)

80 (Early Bird)

90 (Early Bird)

ECO-Kids Parties

Discount offer for multiple bookings

Contact ECO-UNESCO for pricing

Green Trail of Dublin

ECO-Teen Summer Camp

Special Offer

Price €

90 (Early Bird)

Discounts for any additional family members attending. Early drop off and late collection available free of charge

100 (Full price)

Discounts for any additional family members attending. Early drop off and late collection available free of charge

15€/head - Food not included. (Minimum of 10 children)

ECO Youth Events ECO-Forum

ECO-Choices Programme

Free to those who sign up as members (see page 17 for more information on membership)

Youth for Sustainable Development: Global Youth Leaders for Change


˟Based on a minimum of 25 students@ €10/head ˟˟ Based on a minimum of 25 students @ €4/head

Kids prospectus web file  
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