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JANUARY/FEBRUARY2011 Volume 41, No. 1

President’s Message

There is no Failure, just Feedback by Michelle Brandhorst, MD

Upcoming CME Events Wednesday | February 2 The New World Landing 6:00 pm Sponsored by: FMA Topic: EMR Selection Tuesday | February 8 Heritage Hall Up Date on Legislation 6:00pm

RSVP: 478-0706 Founded in 1873

Welcome to the 126th year of the Escambia County Medical Society. It is my privilege to help shepherd the Medical Society thru 2011. I first want to thank the presidents and board members that I have worked with over the past six years for their mentoring. I would also like to thank the current and new board members as well as our executive director, Holly Strickland for their dedication and willingness to work with me in the coming year. As is customary and fitting we celebrated the start of the new year with an installation dinner, this time at the Hilton on Pensacola Beach. Throughout the evening, we had doctors dancing to the music of Jones and Company, enjoying the company of old friends, and sampling a flavorful menu. We had several generous sponsors that made this night possible: Emerald Coast Hospice, FPIC, Compass Bank, Medical Center Clinic, Baptist Health Care, Sacred Heart Health Systems, MAG Mutual, O’Sullivan Creel, Virginia College, Fisher Brown, Gulf wave Networks, Epocrates, and University Partners. This event would not have been complete without our dynamic speaker of the night, Dr. Dan Diamond. He taught us about working through adversity, while learning about the meaning of southern hospitality as we graciously accepted his home town Seattle, Seahawks beating the New Orleans, Saints. We were once again honored as the president of the Florida Medical Association, Dr. Madelyn Butler gave the oath of office. As the night drew to a close, Dr. Willis gave his “farewell address” that highlighted ECMS accomplishments, including the fact that about thirty percent of local physicians are members of the ECMS. Dr. Butler complimented ECMS on growth and that this is an excellent percentage in regards to medical society membership. However, we still have seventy percent of physicians that are not members and that will be my focus for the coming year. Last year brought about unprecedented legislative change and uncertainty to health care. The

past year also brought more rules and regulations, more threats of decreased reimburseDr. Michelle Brandhorst ment and more press reports asserting that almost any other countries’ health care was superior to ours. We also saw increases in unemployed and uninsured as well as increases in cost of insurance. As physicians we are trying to influence the direction of legislation through organized medicine. While many easily turnaround and retreat with feelings of irrelevancy and failure, Dr. Diamond expressed the need to face adversity, there is no failure, just feed back. This year EMCS will focus on relevancy to you. In each newsletter the goals of our medical society will be listed along with activities that advance toward those goals. In the first three months we will have four programs that will focus on the FMA’s legislative agenda, EMR selection and implementation and meaningful use. Because of positive feedback regarding our CME efforts we will, in conjunction with MECOP, offer free CME courses for Florida Board requirements in 2011. We will continue to seek input from all area physicians, members and non-members on how to make ECMS more responsive and relevant, as well as the FMA and AMA. One of the key points in my acceptance speech was that people seek and are loyal to physicians not systems or institutions. The physician-patient relationship is a very personal and is built on our principles and the patients trust. This is common to all physicians regardless of primary care or specialist, employed or independent, country of origin or training. It is from this common ground that all local physicians can unite to provide the service that are necessary to our patient and feed back that is necessary to our medical associations.

ECMS Bulletin The Bulletin is a publication for and by the members of the Escambia County Medical Society. The Bulletin publishes six times a year: Jan/ Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec. We will consider for publication articles relating to medical science, photos, book reviews, memorials, medical/legal articles, and practice management. Editors Norman Vickers, MD Holly Strickland, Executive Director

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In a MEDICaL MaLPRaCTICE CLaIM: Be ready for anything and everything.

2011 ECMS Officers President Michelle Brandhorst, MD President-Elect George Smith, MD Vice President Wendy Wozniak, MD Secretary /Treasurer Susan Laenger, MD

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Vision for the Bulletin: -Appeal to the family of medicine in Escambia and Santa Rosa County and to the world beyond. - Collaborate with the Alliance to bring together Escambia and Santa Rosa County medical families. To know the needs of the community and promote the healthcare needs. - A powerful instrument to attract and induct members to organized medicine. Views and opinions expressed in the Bulletin are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the directors, staff or advertisers.

For more information, contact Shelly Hakes, Director of Society Relations at (800) 741-3742, Ext. 3294.

Endorsed by

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1/8/10 12:08:25 PM

Membership Welcome New Members!

Practice Updates

Mark Scott, M.D.

Emmett Mosley, M.D.

Charles Riley, M.D.

Pensacola Pulmonary Associates Medical School: University of South Florida College of Medicine Residency: University of South Florida Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine -Critical Care Board Certified: American Board of Internal Med-Pulmonary Disease 8333 N. Davis Hwy, Suite 6005 Pensacola, FL 32504 Phone: (850) 476-3486 Fax: (850) 471-3410

Baptist Health Care - Orthopeadics Medical School: University of Kentucky Residency: University of Kentucky 1717 North E Street, Suite 530 Pensacola, FL 32501 Phone: (850) 469-7771 Fax: (850) 469-7849

1549 Airport Blvd, Suite 410 Pensacola, FL 32504 Phone: 477-4342 Fax: 477-2659

Richard Sontchi, M.D. Sacred Heart Medical Group – General Surgery Medical School: University of South Florida Residency: University of South Florida 5149 North Ninth Ave, Ste. 246 Pensacola, FL 32504 Phone: (850) 416-6159 Fax: (850) 416-7198

Anthony Doerr, M.D. Medical Center Clinic –Urology Medical School: University of Southern California Residency: University of Southern California Board Certified: American Board of Urology 8333 North Davis Highway Pensacola, FL 32514 Phone: (850) 474-8398 Fax: (850) 969-2962

Stephen Myers, M.D.

Peter Manis, M.D. Life Care Center of Pensacola Medical School: Johns Hopkins Residency: Johns Hopkins Board Certified: American Board of Emergency Medicine 3291 E. Olive Rd Pensacola, FL 32504 Phone: (850) 494-2327Fax: (850) 494-6585

Clyde Dorr, M.D. Sacred Heart Health Systems- OB/GYN Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine Residency: St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK Board Certified: American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology 5045 Carpenters Creek Drive Pensacola, FL 32504 Phone: (850) 416-2450 Fax: (850) 416-2467

Dear ECMS Members:

West Florida Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery 2120 East Johnson Avenue, Suite 106 Pensacola, FL 32514 Phone: 474-8610 Fax: 969-2892

Tarek Eldawy, M.D. 1545 Airport Blvd, Suite 3000 Pensacola, FL 32504 Phone: 416-6933 Fax: 416-6934

Robert Kincaid, M.D. has retired from Westside Family Medicine. His records will remain at the practice. Dr. Kincaid, thank you for your service to Organized Medicine as the ECMS 2003 President and community leader. We wish you a relaxing and stress free retirement. Record Location: 6715 Highway 98 West Pensacola, FL 32507 Phone: 453-6737

We wish you A Joyous New Year!

It is time to publish our 2011 Escambia and Santa Rosa County Medical Society Pictorial Physician Directory with Ballinger Publishing. This new issue will be published March 2011. Our Medical Society directory is very popular with use by members, non-members, and other health community providers. We have quite a few new physicians to the area, a number of physicians that have moved, and numerous dedicated ECMS members in our area. As a benefit to our members, the directory will list the physicians alphabetically and by specialty. The directory will contain the physician name, address, phone number, specialty, NPI, picture, and website address if applicable. Our 2011 ECMS Directory will be distributed to each member at no cost. The directory is paid for by advertising revenue. We encourage our physicians to speak with our friend Malcolm Ballinger and his team of

dedicated employees. They are a great resource to our community on many levels i.e., The Gosport, Pensacola Downtown Crowd, Pensacola Magazine, and more. The purpose of this directory is to promote the concept of members doing business with both members and supporters, as well as to provide a comprehensive, easy to use reference and referral guide. Should you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to call me, 478-0706. I am always here to answer or research questions.

Thank you for your continued support,

Holly Strickland

Executive Director

Membership Escambia County Medical Society Slate of Officers 2011 Executive Committee Voting Member* OFFICERS

George Smith, M.D.* President - Elect 2200 N. Palafox Street Pensacola, FL 32501 OFFICE 436-4630

Michelle Brandhorst, M.D.* President 4501 N. Davis Highway, Suite A Pensacola, FL 32503 OFFICE 476-9000

Wendy Wozniak, D.O.* Vice-President 1549 Airport Blvd, Ste 31 Pensacola, FL 32504 OFFICE 416-7008

THREE MEMBERS AT LARGE Thomas Westbrook, M.D.* Brent Videau, M.D.*

Susan Laenger, M.D.* Secretary/Treasurer 1395 El Rito Dr Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 OFFICE 932-9251

Suzanne Bush, M.D.*

LIAISON MEMBERS (Non voting privilege) John J. Lanza, M.D. Michael Brown, M.D. Chair, Public Health/We Care Sr. VP SHHS, Medical Affairs Dir., Escambia Co. Health 5151 N. 9th Avenue Department Pensacola, FL 32504 1295 W. Fairfield Drive OFFICE 416-7284 OFFICE 595-6557

Mike Oleksyk, M.D. Sr. VP BHC, Medical Affairs 1000 W. Moreno Pensacola, FL 32501 OFFICE 469-2317


Michelle Brandhorst, M.D. Wendy Wozniak, M.D. Jill Prafke, M.D. Kurt Jones, M.D. John Lanza, M.D.

6. 7. 8. 9.

W. Terry Stallings, M.D. Sr. VP WF, Medical Affairs 8383 North Davis Highway Pensacola, FL 32514 OFFICE 494-3439

Paul A. McLeod, M.D. Sr. Associate Dean of Regional Campuses 8880 University Parkway, Suite A Pensacola, FL 32514 OFFICE 494-5939

ALTERNATE DELEGATES TO THE FMA (Invited by numerical order) 1. Scott Tereza, M.D. 6. David Mehta, M.D. 2. Kurt Krueger, M.D. 7. Henry Porter, M.D. 3. Luis Navas, M.D. 8. James Nalley 4. Thomas Westbrook, M.D. 9. Angeli Saith, M.D. 5. Mary Mehta, M.D.

Christopher Burton, M.D. Crawford Cleveland, M.D. Michael Riesberg, M.D. Wayne Willis, M.D.


Location / Time

Meeting / Information

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 / FMA

New World Landing / 6:00pm

EMR Selection / Speaker: Tracy Maxwell 1.5 CME

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 / FPIC

Heritage Hall 6:15 pm Social / 7:15pm Dinner

Upcoming Legislation / Speaker: Linda McMullen Social Hour Sponsor: Physician Weight Loss

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 / MERCK

The Angus Social 6:15 pm / 7:15 pm Dinner

Meeting Meaningful Use Speaker: Dr. Lawrence Kaelin

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 / FMA

The New World Landing 6:00pm

Successful EMR Implementation Speaker: Tracy Maxwell / 2.5 CME

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 MINI HEALTH FAIR

New World Landing Mini Health Fair 6:30pm / Program 7:15pm

Sponsored by Mini Health Fair Vendors Comedy Night Open to ALL

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 / Baptist Health Care

The Angus 6:15pm Social / 7:15pm Dinner

Speaker & Topic: TBA / 1 CME Social Hour Sponsor: TBA

Thursday - Sunday, July 28-31, 2011

Orlando, FL

FMA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heritage Hall 6:15pm Social / 7:15pm Dinner

Evidence Based Medicine / Dr. Daniel VanDurme 1 CME / Social Hour Sponsor: MAG Mutual

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011 / Sacred Heart Hospital

Pensacola Yacht Club Social 6:15 pm / 7:15 pm Dinner

Generational Differences / Dr. Paul McLeod 1 CME / Social Hour Sponsor: Virginia College

Membership Popular Online Domestic Violence CME Available at a Discount to Society Members Since 1995 the Florida Legislature has required Florida’s physicians and other health professionals to undertake periodic training in the recognition and management of domestic violence. Escambia Medical Society physicians now have discounted access to a popular online domestic violence CME course that was shown in a randomized trial to provide lasting educational benefits. More than 85% of physicians describe the program as “very good” or “excellent.” The online program is called Current Management of Domestic Violence – Responding to IPV. It was originally developed in 2004 by a group of national experts, led by Zita Surprenant, MD from Kansas University, and is currently available at the Virtual Lecture Hall, The program is updated annually and uses an engaging, case-based approach to teach physicians how to recognize and manage domestic violence in their practices. It also provides them with handouts and online resources, including a brochure they can use to train their staff. The CME program’s development was supported by the US National Institute of Mental Health. This support allowed Dr. Surprenant and her colleagues to take the unusual step of evaluating the educational effectiveness of the online training in a randomized trial of 52 community-based

physicians. The research, which was published in 2006, found that the program significantly improved physician knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors for up to 12 months following training. Members of the Medical Society can receive from 1-16 CME credits for $20/credit (a 20% discount) when they use Current Management of Domestic Violence – Responding to IPV at As part of an agreement with the Website’s owners, they also receive a free lifetime membership by entering the registration code 3001 at the site. The current domestic violence CME requirement for Florida physicians is 2 hours (credits) every third renewal (i.e., 6 years; Fla. Stat. §456.031). Current Management of Domestic Violence – Responding to IPV is sponsored for up to 16 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits TM by the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, Arizona. Other courses on the Website address Florida’s HIV and medical errors CME requirements. Credits from completing CME programs can be automatically entered into CE Broker via the Website. Reference: Short et al., A community-based trial of an online intimate partner violence CME program. Am J Prev Med. 2006 Feb;30(2):181-5.

Tools for Pediatric Transitions: Available from FloridaHATS By Janet Hess, MPH, Project Director, FloridaHATS

For those who attended the November 18 meeting, thank you for your warm welcome and interest in the work of Florida Health And Transition Services (FloridaHATS). Dr. David Wood and I appreciated the opportunity to talk about what Florida is doing to address the complex issues associated with transition from pediatric to adult health care for youth and young adults with chronic health conditions or disabilities. We hope we can count on you to engage your colleagues in this dialogue - or better yet, to get involved locally with PanhandleHATS! If you weren’t able to attend the meeting, please let us introduce you to FloridaHATS and PanhandleHATS. FloridaHATS is a new program located within the Florida Department of Health, Children’s Medical Services (CMS), that provides guidance to youth, families, providers and communities on ways to improve the system of care for transitioning youth and young adults. We offer a rich repository of resources through our web-based “Tool Box” at Here are a few items you will find on our site: • Just the Facts: The 411 on Health Insurance for Young Adults Ages 1830 in Florida helps young adults with and without disabilities decide which health care coverage options might work best for their particular needs. Using a matrix design, it lists private and public financing options available in Florida, key eligibility requirements for each, considerations in choosing a plan, how to apply, potential out-of-pocket costs, monthly premiums, the good and not-so-good points about each plan, state and federal laws, and resources to learn more. The guide is updated regularly as new health care reform provisions take effect. • Florida Health Services Directory for Young Adults, a web-based directory that is searchable by community, county, key word, and/or service category. • Health Care Transition Training Program for Professionals, an online training curriculum that provides up to 4 free CME/CE credits to physicians, nurses, psychologists, dentists, social workers, nutritionists, and mental health counselors. The training module is offered through the Gulfcoast

North Area Health Education Center (AHEC) at . • An array of downloadable tools and forms to help facilitate smooth, uninterrupted care for their patients with chronic-complex health conditions, including developmental check lists and care plans, medical summary forms, information on decision-making and guardianship, guidance on integrating health care transition activities into school-based Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and classroom instruction, and much more. FloridaHATS was established in 2009 in response to legislation requiring a statewide Task Force to assess health care transition issues. While the program is positioned within CMS, it is a collaborative initiative involving multiple partners and agencies throughout the state, including the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (FDDC). Our recently formed Medical Advisory Committee, comprised of pediatric and adult medical providers throughout the state, is already working with the Florida Pediatric Society and Florida Medical Association on several advocacy and training activities. Finally, FloridaHATS provides technical assistance to communities in building regional service networks that span pediatric and adult systems. Last year, public-private coalitions were organized in 3 pilot regions: Tampa-Hillsborough County, Jacksonville-Duval County, and the Panhandle area (encompassing Pensacola and Panama City). Each coalition has developed an action plan that addresses the unique needs and assets in its service area, and is currently beginning implementation of that plan. If you have any questions about PanhandleHATS or would like to participate in the coalition, please contact Ann Papadelias at or (850) 712-0119. We invite you to learn more about FloridaHATS by visiting or by contacting Janet Hess, MPH, Project Director, at (813) 259-8604,, or David Wood, MD, MPH,CMS Medical Consultant, at (904) 244-9233,

201 1 Inaugural Ball Escambia County Medical Society

201 1 Installation of Officers Pensacola Beach Hilton New President: Michelle Brandhorst, MD

We wish to thank the following organizations for their support of the Installation of Officers. Their support is pivotal in creating events for our members. Sponsorship for our Speaker Provided by: Epocrates Event Sponsors: First Professionals Insurance Company Emerald Coast Hospice Medical Center Clinic Gulfwave Networks University Partners MAG Mutual Regions Baptist Health Care Sacred Heart Health Systems O’Sullivan Creel Virginia College Special Gratitude is given to our LIFE MEMBERS. They have been a Champion of Health Care through ECMS for 35 years. Holding a Life Member Status is a prestigious achievement. Life members enjoy the benefits of a dues exempt position with all the benefits of an active member.

Wayne Willis, MD

Dr. Brandhorst & daughter, Melissa Albright

Oath of office.

Officers: Dr. Susan Laenger, Dr. Wendy Wozniak, Dr. George Smith, Dr. Michelle Brandhorst

January 8, 201 1

Dr. Diamond presents Dr. Willis with his Life Membership.

Madelyn Butler, MD - FMA President

Featured Speaker Dan Diamond, MD

Sacred Heart Health Systems

Dr. George Smith & Maxine Smith

Dr. Puala Montgomery and Dr. John Lanza

Bill and Madelyn Butler, MD

Dr. George Smith, Maxine Smith, Duane Leifur, & Reverand Teresa Leifur Dancing the night away with the Jones Band.

Medical/Legal Where Do Providers Stand in Legal Challenges to Medicaid Rate Cuts? By Laurel Hinote Thorpe, Esquire, Bozeman, Jenkins & Matthews P.A. On January 18, to the surprise of many legal commentators, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear oral arguments in a series of California cases which allowed Medicaid providers to challenge state cuts in reimbursement. This is an extremely important development in both constitutional and health care law. For years physicians have faced state cuts and freezes in reimbursement rates along with constant increases in the cost of providing adequate care. Considering extreme declines in state tax revenue and increases in Medicaid enrollees, this problem is unlikely to go away. Because regulations make it very difficult for states to reduce Medicaid eligibility, reimbursement rates are often targeted when state legislators are forced to shrink budgets. Providers who find that rates are no longer adequate to cover the actual cost of patient care have two options. They can decline Medicaid patients or they can continue to provide care while attempting to fight inadequate rates. In the past, providers have used a variety of strategies to fight Medicaid rate cuts. One avenue of attack was found in the equal access clause of the Medicaid statute, which requires that states set reimbursement rates that are “consistent with efficiency, economy, and quality of care” and that are “sufficient to enlist enough providers so that such care and services are available…to the general population in the geographic area.” In a long line of cases providers argued that rate cuts based purely on budgetary considerations violate the equal access clause of Medicaid. Federal courts have evaluated these claims under different standards, but have essentially agreed that when states solely consider budgets when setting rates, without regard to the adequacy of payments or access to care, then the equal access clause of Medicaid is violated. So it would seem that in a time when budgetary restraints are the only reason for rate cuts, physicians would have little problem fighting such cuts in federal courts. If allowed to proceed, an action under the equal access clause would likely succeed. However, historically, physicians reached a dead end in getting their claims heard. After a series of complicated legal procedures, providers were left without “standing” to bring a private cause of action. In other words they had no right to sue, even though they were negatively impacted by the cuts. In determining whether an individual has a right to sue under federal spending provisions, courts look to whether Congress intended to confer individual rights or create a private right of action. Although the courts were open to interpreting the regulations as conferring such rights, Congress shut the door when it expressly denied private rights. It seemed like the end of the road for providers seeking relief from inadequate reimbursement rates. Recently, providers found a glimmer of hope under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. The Supremacy Clause provides that the laws

of the United States are the supreme laws of the land. To the extent that a state law conflicts with a properly promulgated federal law, the state law is preempted by the federal law. In a novel legal argument, providers asserted that state reimbursement rates that do not comply with the standards of the Medicaid equal access clause are in conflict with federal law. To the extent that state law is in conflict with federal law, the state law would be unenforceable. In a recent Ninth Circuit case, McDowell-Jolly v. Independent Living Centers, providers using this argument were able to get around the “standing” issue of previous cases and obtain an injunction to prevent California rate cuts from going into effect. The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear oral arguments as to the specific issue of whether providers may maintain a cause of action under the Supremacy Clause by asserting that the state laws reducing reimbursement rates are preempted by federal stature. If the Court finds that providers lack standing to bring an action under the Supremacy Clause, then state legislatures may be more likely to cut rates, knowing that providers have no way to challenge the cuts. If the Court finds that providers have standing to bring an action, then providers could at least be heard regarding rate cuts. In a brief filed with the Court, the United States Solicitor General asserted that states have an obligation to ensure that Medicaid beneficiaries have access to care, but that states do not have an obligation to pay providers the full cost of providing care. Also included in the brief, was an announcement that HHS will issue a proposed rule in April to interpret the equal access clause and outline the obligations that states have with regard to rate cuts. Given the interpretation included in the brief, providers can reasonably conclude that the HHS rule would prevent states from making cuts based solely on budget considerations. However, states would not be required to study the effect of cuts before implementation or pay anything close to the actual cost of care. These equal access issues will not be considered by the Court at this time, but should be followed closely by Medicaid providers.

Editor needed for ECMS Newsletter. Call Holly for Details, 478-0706.

InThe Community Hospital News Sacred Heart News Five physicians are taking on new leadership roles at Sacred Heart Health System (SHHS) in 2011. • Dr. Paul Baroco has retired from his 13-year position as Chief Medical Officer for SHHS and is now serving in a part-time role as the new Director of Medical Education. In this position, Dr. Baroco will oversee the education of our residents, medical students and continuing medical education programs. He will focus on building our internal medicine residency and developing a new general surgery residency program. • Dr. James Ward has been selected to fill the SHHS Chief Medical Officer position. Dr. Ward was formerly the medical director of Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast (SHHEC) in Walton County. He has been instrumental in creating a high standard for medical care that earned the hospital recognition as one of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S. for excellence in clinical outcomes, patient safety and patient satisfaction. • Dr. Michael Brown, who has served for the past seven years as the Vice President of Medical Affairs at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola (SHHP), will be transitioning to a new role as Chief Medical Informatics Officer for the Health System. Dr. Brown will help lead the way toward implementing new systems for electronic medical records. • Dr. Gary Pablo, the long-time medical director of Emergency Services for SHHS, has been chosen to become the new Senior Medical Officer for both SHHEC and Sacred Heart’s newest community hospital in Gulf County. Dr. Pablo will continue to spend some of his time working in the Emergency Departments at all three Sacred Heart Hospitals. • Dr. Stephanie J. Duggan, a board-certified emergency medicine physi-

cian, has been selected as the new Senior Medical Officer of SHHP. She joins the Sacred Heart team beginning March 1, 2011, from the Ascension Health Ministry Saint Mary’s of Michigan in Saginaw. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Duggan to our community.

Baptist News Baptist Medical Group launches all-new Web site to better meet physician and patient needs. The new features many enhancements, all aimed at ensuring physicians and patients find what they are seeking with ease – including referral information, enhanced recruitment section, request an appointment function, patient forms, events, news and more. An interactive health library featuring health articles and physician videos will also part of the new site in March. Learn more at Baptist Hospital ranks among top hospitals nationally for heart attack care. Baptist Hospital has been named one of only 26 hospitals nationwide to receive the American College of Cardiology Foundation’s Silver Performance Achievement Award for sustaining high standards and excellence in cardiovascular care. Learn more at eBaptistHealthCare. org. Baptist now offers walk-in care in Navarre. A new walk-in care and family medicine practice now serves the Navarre area. Conveniently located at Baptist Medical Park – Navarre, patients of all ages are welcome and, with patient permission, communication with PCP is ensured. Learn more at Construction complete at Gulf Breeze Hospital. The $5 million construction project at Gulf Breeze Hospital is now complete and all access has returned to pre-construction convenience. Learn more at

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ECMS Newsletter January/February 2011  

ECMS January/February Newsletter 2011