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Summer Fun


The Proust Spotlight



Bust a Rhyme


Builder’s Brewery

142. Visionaire

Tempest Rosca and her friends take ECLIPSE on a fun-filled and stylish summer journey.

Sabreman Carter is interviewed and sheds insight on how to become involved with the open mic and poetry community.

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ECLIPSE shines the light on talented model, blogger, photographer and stylist Tony Lee Devereaux.

ECLIPSE investigates this community that among many other things supports aspiring and established creators alike.

Trending Now

The ECLIPSE trend squad shows us how sexy and fashionable the exposed shoulder can be.

Check out the sneak peek of Visionaire Institute’s latest graduation exhibit!

Often times in the fashion industry, it is easy to become short-sighted and forget that fashion is not limited to that small community. Fashion is the art of expression, which is an integral part of our shared virtual world and the Second Life community as an aggregate; thus, our goal at ECLIPSE Magazine is to not only offer an aesthetically pleasing publication with a heavy fashion influence and rich in content but be accessible to all of SL.. because EVERYONE wants to look good.


Cover Story Pale Girl Productions Cover Photographer Lessthen Zero Writer: Cajsa Lilliehook


The Adventures of...


Artist Highlight


MWFW - Fond Farewell


Voices from the Grid

Miele Tarantal takes ECLIPSE on a photographic journey where she discovers and explores, Gates of Melancholy.

The light shines on live singer, Nina Bing, from Whispering Sands Live Promotion.

The ECLIPSE Men show us some of the hottest looks from this past Menswear Fashion Week.

ECLIPSE takes it to the streets and asks residents how Second Life has helped them explore their creativity. ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 7

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Letter From the Publisher

I wonder sometimes if the way a conducts themselves in Second is the same as how they do outs this virtual reality. Or perhaps, it reflection of how they would co themselves in their real life with responsibility‌ without limitat without any true sense of accou

My best and my worst has alwa that I believe. I believe in ideas b it is the best catalyst for growth in people because everyone’s h beats the same. I believe in kind because the world is a better pl it. I believe in mistakes because afford opportunities to learn. I b in sincere apologies because no is perfect. I believe in second ch even thirds and fourths because everyone deserves a chance to they have changed. I believe in because when shattered it is cru when realized it is beautiful.

Sometimes I believe too much, contrast of what should and wh becomes too great.

At any rate, I do hope you enjoy issue of ECLIPSE. Happy Readings!

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ays been because h. I believe heart dness lace with e they believe o one hances, e prove hope uel but

and the hat is

y this

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Contributors Writers Amity Sorbet Cajsa Lilliehook Novaleigh Freng Sarah Jane Starship

Taylor Wassep

Zzoie Zee Dethly

Creative Director

Creative Director

Miele TarantalCajsa Lilliehook Tivi Inglewood PR/Marketing Director

Fashion Editor

Copy Editor

Photographers Anderian Sugarplum Daffodil Crimson Ephemeral Skye Lessthen Zero Miele Tarantal Tempest Rosca Zzoie Zee Dethly Models Adonis Hansome AnnaG Pfeffer Caesar Langer Carley Benazzi Cubito Smit Ivyana Szondi LeezahKaddour Locuala Madruga Shena Neox Wicca Merlin Xiomara Lavendel Guest Stylists: Delinda Dench Q (Sir Q Rosca) Skip Staheli Tessa Rosca Guest Stylist & Photographer: Tempest Rosca

Ephemeral Skye Lead Photographer

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Want to advertise with ECLIPSE Magazine? Want to be featured in ECLIPSE Magazine? Do you have any suggestions for ECLIPSE Magazine? Contact Trouble Dethly in-world!

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Through the Lens...

Tempest Rosca and Summer Days

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Photography by Tempest Rosca ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 23

Tessa Rosca: Hair: Magika- Reflect Glasses: Ariskea- Black Dahlia glasses Earrings: Tracei- Trumpet Gloss Blush Bikini: .:MaiBilavio:. - Zora Bikini Top and Bottom Arm band and anklets: Cellar Door- Mia Jewelry Hat: [Decoy] - Tan Sun Hat Gacha Cubito Smit: Shorts: *JB* - Men’s Swim Trunks Hair: [INK] - PARO Beard: *X*plosion - Beard Tails & Stubbles Jewelry: MINIMAL - Black Bracelet Tattoo: .Facade. - Nautical Nonsense Surf Board: [what next] - Flat Surfboard for boys Tempest Rosca: Outfit: Baiastice - Jade Hair: Exile - You Send Me Accessories: Tracei - Opaque Cabochan Drop Earrings Zenith - Leather Rattan Tote Bage Charm - Relyn. Headpiece Q: Glasses: SORGO - Sawn Wood Glasses Jewelry: Gabriel - Anchor Necklace Shoes: Rebellion - Merc Kicks Bottom: JFA - Boardshorts Hair: No.Match - No.Effect Hair Surf Board: Flow - V-Surf Surfboard

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Tempest Rosca: Bodysuit: Yasum - Skater Body Sandals: Yasum - Lola Sandals Hair/Hat: Truth - Fenella Bracelets: Real Evil Industries - Zaria Earring: Tracei - Gaia Rose Q: Bottom: Pumpkin - Slim Chinos Top: Gabriel - Open Jacket Hair: No.Match - No.Patience Hair Jewelry: Real Evil Industries - Ewan Necklace ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 27

Tempest Rosca: Shoes - Rebel Hope - Antiqua Mesh Wedge Dress: Zenith BabyDoll Lace Dress Hat: Zenith Rattan Bow hat Earrings: Empyrean Forge Arcadia Q: Bottom: Gabriel - Color Denim Pants Top: ED - Diego Shirt & Vest Shoes: Deadwool - Monk Shoes Glasses: Gabriel - Round Sunglasses Hair: Damselfly - Rafe Page 28 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 29

Tessa Rosca: Hair: Pink Hustler- hair 8109 with hat top: Hilly Haalan- Kylie tank Shorts: Blueberry- Rolled Shorts with bikini Stockings: Blueberry- Bonie stockings Shoes: MESH Agency- Flat Sneakers “Lewis” Cubito Smit: TOP: F.A.T - Izumi Front Slit Shirt PANTS: Gizza - Wilson Sport Pants SHOES: Shoeminati - 9x Tempest Rosca: Candydoll - Sugar Jumpsuit Pure Poison - Nikko Sneakers ICONIC - Anika Page 30 | ECLIPSE June 2016

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Tempest Rosca: Shoes - EMPIRE Bergamot Gloves - Zenith Cosy Long Gloves Dress - (NO) Secret Garden Dress Bolero - Faster Pussycat Lola Jacket. Earrings - Tracei Trumpet Gloss Hat - B&W Summer Fashion Hat Sunglasses - [sYs] Monaco Tessa Rosca: Hat: !*Bliss Couture*!- Charity Hat Jewelry: (Yummy)- Pearl and Diamond Set and Bracelet Dress: Valentina E. - Catch Me If I Fall Dress Purse: 1992- Lapointe Bag Shoes: Essenz- Murcia ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 33

Left to Right Delinda Dench: Outfit: Rebel Hope - Cypress Floral Romper Shoes: Adiva - Luvlee BareFoot Sandal Sunglasses: Redgrave - Maddison

Page 34 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Skip Staheli: Top: BlankLine - Zip Up Hoodie Bottom: Scars - Roll Up Shorts Shoes: ROC - Boat Shoes Sunglasses: ZOOM - Aviator Classic

Carley Benazzi: Outfit: Pixicat - carefree playsuits Shoes : Reign - boho laced sandals

Trouble Dethly: Top: ::K:: - Paul Jacket Bottom: ::K:: Paul Shorts Shoes: BUENO - Zion Shoes

Tempest Rosca: Top: *COCO* - SuedeFringeVest Top: B ​ lueberry - Tyrkini Bikini Top Shorts: Blueberry - Rolled Shorts Sandals: fri. - Dusty

Q: Top: Ascend Urban Peacock Hoodie Bottom: Razor - Holligan Sweats Sandals: Ipanema - Flip Flops Sunglasses: NO MATCH - No.Silence

T​ essa Rosca:​ Top: Rebel Hope- Majorca mesh bikini Shorts: Tee*fy - Anja shorts fresh Shoes: Essenz- Fiji Sunglasses: Galmistry - Sunglasses

Cubito Smit: Top: INVICTUS - Slim Fit Shirt Pants: NOCHE - Chino Shorts Sandals: ILLI - Phoenix Sandals Sunglasses: SORGO - SIDIB

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On the Cover...

Pale Girl Productions

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Written by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 45

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If shopping is therapy, the shopping fairs, festivals and other events are one-stop wellness centers and the people who organize those events are healers. Voshie Paine and Kira Paderborn are two retail therapists who have formed a company to bring shopping joy and retail therapy to one and all. They began their collaboration several years ago when they partnered to produce Skin Fair. After the second year’s successful Fair, they discussed doing other future events together. They decided to create a unified brand for their events and named it Pale Girl Productions. The company name is an inside joke, referring to the very fair skin sported by their first life counterparts, “partly because we spend so much time indoors at the computer but also from our genetics. We were kind of joking around about it and decided it would be a great name for us both.” So Pale Girl Productions it is. Their mission is to provide an opportunity for brands to participate in events that are original and unique. “We try to provide a venue that showcases the products while giving shoppers as lag free of an environment as possible so that they can shop til they drop!” While dropping is not commonly a sign of good health, it is an essential element in retail therapy and any shopping wellness program requires at least one drop.

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 49

Paine and Paderborn have worked together long enough and produced enough events to have a strong sense of what makes an event therapeutic and successful. They have done the Skin Fair every year since 2013, In 2014, they added the Jewelry Fair. In 2015, at Christmas they produced Christmas on 34th Street. This June, their Vintage Fair is a huge success. They both do individual events as well.

Page 50 | ECLIPSE June 2016

For them, the key to a is “understanding how customers think and a they are looking for in in a unique position a what designers are loo join events. At the sam shop! So we know wha also looking for. Bring into one event is the ke

a successful event w both designers and anticipating what n the event. We are as designers to know oking for when they me time, we love to at the customers are ging the two together key.� The hardest part

of organizing an event is getting the designers to follow their prescription. “We have very strict rules that we require to be followed so that every single person is treated the same at our events. We have a lot of patience and have a method of checking designer booths so that we make sure things are done correctly.�

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 51

Photograph by Lessthen Zero

They know they have succeeded when the designers and customers tell them it was an amazing event. The feedback from both is what defines success. “We want the brands participating to do well and we want the customers to leave having seen everything in an environment in which it was pleasant to shop.” They have complementary skills, so they divide their work easily. One prefers to build, one prefers to work on the web site and so on. “Our preferences and skills are nearly perfectly balanced and it makes us a rather well oiled machine.” More importantly, they are secure in their relationship and know when to take things seriously and when not to. “We have a lot of stress during these events and we just do not take things personally. We have our bad days and we get over it. We trust each other to complete the tasks that need to be done because in the end, we both want the same thing...and that is to make an event that everyone talks about in a good way.” Second Life® has changed a lot since they joined ten years ago. Back then, the focus was going to clubs, hanging out in welcome areas, partying and having fun. “We used to scuba dive, parachute, ski, surf, take a hot air balloon ride and jump on trampolines. The economy was very strong and shopping was secondary to meeting people and hanging out. Now the focus seems to be on shopping and the economy has become saturated with a lot of people trying to make a quick buck.”

Page 52 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 53

With so many smaller businesses, there are fewer huge success stories as there were in the past. Instead of talking about going dancing, people talk about how to get into the next event. For Paine and Paderborn, instead of going out, they spend more and more time on their platforms working, creating things for their customers and preparing events. “It isn’t that we don’t do fun things any more. It is that we have evolved and changed our ideas about what is fun to us and what we want to spend our time doing.” They have both had their businesses as long as they have been in SL®. They have had to adapt to the changes in technology, in customer wants and priorities, and changes in fashions and fads. “We feel that the changes that have occurred in us have made us stronger designers and also brought us the knowledge that we need in order to create successful events.” Just as people are nostalgic for the old-fashioned country doctor who has been displaced by clinics filled with specialists, many SL shoppers in need of retail therapy are nostalgic for the days when individual stores did big releases and folks shopped together,

Page 54 | ECLIPSE June 2016

teleporting from store to store rather than going to an event where all the practitioners are in one place. Paine and Paderborn reject the idea that events have weakened the economy in SL and believe that events boost sales for designers. While a few customers may not go to the main store, many more will learn of the store and purchase from it through exposure at events. The Pale Girl Productions practitioners have a few prescriptions for Second Life as well. They would love to see Linden Lab™ support designers better. They miss the old days when you could call a Linden has they would be there in minutes to help you. They are frustrated that so many blatantly copybotted items are on marketplace and yet designers have to go through hoops again and again to get the stores removed. If designers do not have concierge service, they are dependent on the ticket support team. Even with concierge service, people are often told to submit a ticket. The process seems opaque and slow. ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 55

They also have a prescription for the SL economy. They want to increase the dosage of competition. “Competition drives designers to become better designers. We feel there are a lot of cliques in the designer world and a lot of people are not included in events because they are not part of that clique. We believe that allowing new faces into some of the events that seem to always have the same people might help to boost designer morale and will help to push designers to new limits.” Asked how Second Life has changed their first life, they laugh and ask “What first life? Second life has become our jobs. We both joined for the social aspect and quickly became involved in the fashion world. For us now, we spend our days working in Second Life and we are lucky because we enjoy what we do.”

Page 56 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Like most of us in Second Life, their SL is really about the relationships. “We honestly feel that everyone comes to Second Life looking for something that they can’t get or can’t do in their real lives. The people who stay, are ones who have developed relationships with others who bring to them what they were looking for.” While Paine and Paderborn come to SL to work, it is the relationships that keep them coming back. They enjoy the creativity, but they love the bonds of friendship they have formed. “Even if we have never met in real life, there is a bond of true friendship.” Pale Girl Productions will continue to provide retail therapy on a mass scale into the future and you can monitor their events on their web site at https:// and never miss a single dose of shopping therapy.

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 57

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ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 59

Bust a Rhyme:

An Exploration of Open-Mic Poetry in Second Li Page 66 | ECLIPSE June 2016


Photography by Anderian Sugarplum Photography by Daffodil Crimson Written by Novaleigh Freng ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 67

Page 68 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 69

Sabreman Carter joined Second Life® in 2007, but prior to that, he always knew that he wanted to be a writer. At the suggestion of a friend after the death of his mother in 1997, Sabreman began to delve into the world of poetry, and finally put pen to paper. He wrote several poetry pieces before finally composing “The Fleeting Moments,” an ode to his late mother.

Sabreman’s friend Earth Alcott offered him a home on the Isle of Avgi, and an opportunity to have a place to write his poetry and host poetry events for other residents. “I still consider that place my spiritual home in SL,” says Sabreman. Soon, Sabreman found himself hosting regular poetry events from his home. Now, nine years later, he is still hosting events from Avgi, and is now also hosting eight open-mic poetry events every week, from locations across the grid.

The former amateur radio personality soon re-discovered his love for the written word, sharing several of his poetry pieces online, and even traveling “across the pond” to the United States for a poetry convention in 2002. It takes a great deal of love for the craft and dedication to commit to spearheading so Five years later, he found himself aimlessly many events, but it’s clear that Sabreman wandering the Second Life grid. Eventually, he has that in abundance. He told ECLIPSE, “I found a friend in a dancer, and she introduced love hearing new people reading for the first him to another new friend. Sabreman time, especially if they have never read out loud confessed that he was a poet, and although before. I try to encourage everyone by telling he had not shared any of his poetry at any them, ‘You don’t need to be a poet to read and event in Second Life, she encouraged him to share poetry, but you do have to have a love for keep writing. the spoken word.’”

Page 70 | ECLIPSE June 2016

“You don’t need to be a poet to read and share poetry, but you do have to have a love for the spoken word.”

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 71

Not sure if you’re a poet and don’t yet know it? Check out one of the many weekly open-mic poetry events that Sabreman hosts across the grid. Information on locations, dates, and times can be found in his profile. If you’re content to remain safely in the audience, you can do so. Listen to your fellow Second Life residents as they share their own poetic masterpieces, or request that one of your favorite poems be read. If you happen to be a writer yourself and just not sure you’re ready to throw the mic down and share your poetry yourself, ask the host to read it for you. There aren’t really any topics off-limits, but Sabreman warns us that while some of these open-mic events are adultoriented in content, most have a PG rating. Regardless, there’s nothing quite as euphoric as being present for the moment that your work is born into the world, the moment that it comes to life. “Come to the events with an open mind,” says Sabreman. “See what you like to hear.” Whether you’re an audience member or waiting in line to share your work while simultaneously trying to get those butterflies in your gut to settle, you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience.

Page 72 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 73

Page 74 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Sabreman also had some fabulous tips to share with ECLIPSE for residents who might be interested in exercising their right to open-mic poetic expression. If you’re thinking about writing your first poem but not quite sure where you should start, here’s a few friendly tips straight from the poet’s mouth: 1. Put pen to paper, and write about your interests. What does this mean, you ask? Think about what you know. Think about the kind of things you like to do, the topics that you like talk about, or any of the things that just simply make you go mmm. What do you want to share about these things? What do you have to say? Grab that pen, and start scribbling! Even if you aren’t ready to share what you’ve written as soon as it hits the page, you’ve still written something (and that’s the hard part!). 2. Poems don’t have to rhyme. Just write what you feel. ‘Roses are red, and violets are blue, but since this doesn’t have to rhyme… Potato.’ But let’s be serious for a moment. It’s true: Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme. Harness your emotions, and don’t put yourself into a box. You’re never going to find a word that rhymes with ‘orange.’ You don’t need a thesaurus to come up with something that is truly beautiful. All you have to do is be yourself, reach down deep, and let those words come out. Harness those emotions, harness that pain, that joy, that deep, crazy, drunk-love, and use it. 3. If you’re looking for inspiration, find some of the other writing events around Second Life! Sabreman told ECLIPSE, “There are various types of writing events in SL, including those offering prompt words or dash words, and ekphrastic poetry, written from picture prompts.” These prompts and dash events are amazing if you’re looking for a launching point for your written word. These group exercises are also great opportunities for meeting other interesting and artistic writer-types in Second Life. And of course, the open-mic poetry events are also a wonderful opportunity for inspiration and fellowship in Second Life’s poetry community. ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 75

Page 76 | ECLIPSE June 2016

No matter which way you decide to tackle this new challenge, have fun with it, remember to keep an open mind, and let your pen and paper carry you to new heights. You might be surprised at just what you manage to come up with. We all have a little bit of poetry hiding somewhere inside of us. All you have to do, whether you decide to share it at one of Sabreman’s open-mic poetry events or not, is let it out. Sabreman says that he has made many friends during his time in Second Life who have encouraged him to grow, and of course, to continue to write the poetry that he so loves to share with other residents.

to what you can do with that are the limitations that you set yourself.” If you’re interested in taking Sabreman’s advice and trying your hand at a bit of openmic poetry, take some time to visit one of the eight weekly open-mic poetry events that Sabreman hosts across the grid. If you’re bold and interested in taking his advice and “jumping in with both feet,” bring that secret poem you wrote three years ago and promptly hid in the deep, dark depths of your inventory, or nab a copy of your favorite poem and share it with the world.

“Sink or swim, you should share your thoughts,” says Sabreman. “Who knows where you may “There are so many interesting things to see and be inspired to go next?” do [in Second Life],” Sabreman told ECLIPSE. “Don’t be afraid to try new things and share Are you feeling inspired? Contact Sabreman them, whether via written word, photographs, Carter for more information on the next or through videos. Second Life provides us with open-mic poetry event! a lot of opportunities, and the only limitations

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 77

Page 78 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 79

Page 80 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 81

Page 82 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 83

The Proust Spotlight is our monthly feature where we highlight one of the many creative residents of Second LifeÂŽ. Utilizing the Proust Questionnaire, whose namesake comes from the late 19th century French writer, we will offer a glimpse into what makes them tick.

The Proust Spotlight...

Tony Lee Devereaux

Page 86 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Photography by Tony Lee Devereaux ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 87

Tony Lee Devereaux (dragonguyuk) is a talented blogger, stylist, model and photographer that enjoys working with amazing designers to help showcase their collections. He began his modeling journeyl at Miss Virtual World Academy few months ago and learned tips for runway shows. He has recently joined some model agencies and welcomes you to attend and watch amazing models there! What is your ideal of perfect happiness? Happiness? of course my amazing family and friends because they is great heart, honest, loving, trustworthy, share things to do fun and anything. I’m blessed to have them in Second Life. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Amazing ...Dont know why that I always says amazing to see cool things in Second life also of course I always says my family is amazing! What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is blogger and model in SL that I aim my goals to doing work hard also enjoy to work blogger for events and sponsors. What do you most value in your friends? Yes I believe it so i have some friends is more important part of my life so I can trust them and always listen them if they have problems and I do care to help but sometimes people have mistakes and learn their lessons. What is your motto? STYLE is what you do with it. What is your most marked characteristic? Some of my family and friends know that I am very kind and honest person. Check out his Flickr here. Check out his blog here. Page 88 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 89

Page 90 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 91

Page 92 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 93

Page 94 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 95

Page 96 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 97

Page 98 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 99

Page 100 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 101

In the Community...

Builders Brewery

Page 102 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Photography by Daffodil Crimson

Written by Amity Sorbet ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 103

Page 104 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 105

Page 106 | ECLIPSE June 2016

One of the greatest and most fulfilling aspects of Second Life is having a community; a place that is kind and supportive, where you don’t have to feel alone anymore. In this vein, there is no community in existence quite like Builders Brewery. While billed primarily as a group to benefit creators, any Second Life resident can take advantage of the various opportunities Builders Brewery offers. The founders pride themselves in having an international community, one that teaches mutual respect, allows for networking and encourages members to make Second Life a better place by helping each other regardless of skill level.

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 107

Builders Brewery was established as a non-profit school in 2008 with all-volunteer staff. It all started when the founders (including Sensuous Maximus and Supremius Maximus) looked for the best way to sell their creations and textures and distribute megaprims to other creators, items that were not widely available at the time. The concept for Builders Brewery also included having a place for the best designers on the grid to display their

Page 108 | ECLIPSE June 2016

products. It was decided that products would be of the highest quality and housed in a single location, making it easier for shoppers to find everything they needed. The first creators featured at Builders Brewery had been participants of a show & tell, the concept for which still exists at the school. Given the number of events that began happening and how much mentoring was going on, it seemed natural to bring everything under one roof.

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 109

The school was created for the purpose of fostering a positive community. Over the years, it has won multiple accolades such as a Rezzy Award for favorite school and twice as SL’s Favorite Group in the Avi Choice Awards. While other groups have gone defunct, Builders Brewery has thrived, becoming the largest and most active help group on the grid. There is a general “speakeasy” group that individuals can join to ask questions about building, scripting or other Second Life-related questions and an additional group formed specifically for questions about using Maya to create mesh. There is no join fee associated with either of the groups. Builders Brewery is also involved in charitable pursuits and has its own team to support Relay for Life. The primary highlight of Builders Brewery are the classes, which are popular with new and old residents alike. All of the classes are provided free and anyone can attend - there is no requirement to be a current group member; although it is encouraged. Classes cover myriad topics. There are classes offered in Mesh Studio and Maya, as well as scripting, making textures, using Google calendar and inventory management. There is a huge selection of prim building courses. Builders Brewery can be handy for new residents but can also teach a great deal to those who are more experienced. Some courses are offered on repeat each week. The schedule is officially updated online every Sunday, so check then for the latest class times. The schedule is also sent out through the group and available to view on the update boards across the sim by Monday mornings.

Page 110 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 111

Creativity of any sort is greatly welcomed. With such a long legacy, Builders Brewery is one of most highly respected and active communities you will find. While having fun is encouraged, there is a serious side to learning. The teachers at Builders Brewery provide students with the latest best practices from their particular fields and encourage students to excel towards high standards when creating content.

Page 112 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 113

In addition to the classes, there are other types of services that Builders Brewery provides: Sandbox There is a huge space available on the Builders Brewery. Where many sandboxes are crowded or inclined towards griefing, you will find the sandbox at Builders Brewery to be quiet, serene and clean. In order to rezz you must be a member of the group. There are also three “dressing rooms” (skyboxes) above the sandbox. You don’t need to be a member to use them, but as per the rules of the sandbox, you won’t be able to rezz if you aren’t in the group. Once you click on a dressing room sign it will teleport you there and then show that the room is occupied. You can use it for three hours free. The parcel of each dressing room is sent to private so no one can see inside and they will be ejected if they try to land. This is a perfect place for models or bloggers who want a quiet place to style their next outfit! Creator’s Village This is a vast building that holds resources and items of particular interest to creators, including prims and textures. Only the highest quality products are available in the creator’s village. It is the ultimate shopping experience for builders.

Page 114 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Terraforming Playground Do you have your own land? Are you training to become a sim creator/builders/decorator? The Terraforming playground at Builders Brewery could save you a lot of time and effort. It is a space that was created to allow residents to practice their skills or experiment with new options before changing the land on their own sim. It is a safe place to make mistakes.

have suggestions for improvements, they are willing to listen.

There are many ways to get involved with Builders Brewery. The best option, of course, is to attend classes there as previously described. The school also welcomes you to volunteer or become a mentor. If you have a particular skill set and are willing to teach this to others, you can apply to be a teacher. A note card should be sent to Sensuous Maximus, Co-Founder and CoOwner of Builders Brewery, to express your interest in any of the aforementioned roles. The staff is also open to feedback, so if you

Check out their website.

Builders Brewery wants students to have the best experience when they are involved with the school. It is their mission to provide high quality virtual education in a supportive and highly social environment. Visit Builder’s Brewery in-world.

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 115

Page 116 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 117

Page 118 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 119

Page 120 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 121

Page 122 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 123

Trending Now:

The Exposed Shoulder - X Factor Edition Page 124 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Photography by Ephemeral Skye ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 125

AnnaG Pfeffer Hair: enVOGUE - Leticia Blouse: dollle - 037 Puff Sleeve Open Shoulder Pants: LeeZu - Me Like It Pants Earrings and Necklace: Kunglers - Vilma Shoes: Elysium - Vivi Slingback

Page 126 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 127

Page 128 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Ivyana Szondi Hair: Fiore - Velma Eyeshadow: Zibska - Elise Gloss: Blacklace - Pout Lips: Blackliquid - Sheer Shimmer Nails: Snow - French Natural Earrings: Kunglers - Mariri Ring: Paper Couture - Times Square Top: Les Petits Details - Chica Bottom: Chi Seid - Spring Formal Pants Shoes: Reign - Platform Sandals ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 129

Page 130 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Leezah Kaddour Jumpsuit: LAVIAN - Essentials - You Used to Hold Me Top: AZUL - Rachel Shoes: Pure Poison - Yalla Flats Hair: Dura - DG 64 Ring: Bens Beauty - Evana Ring Nails: LUNA Body Art - Basic Glitter Nails Makeup: October’s 4Seasons - Flossy Eyeshadow October’s 4Seasons - Gloss Lips ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 131

Page 132 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Locuala Madruga Skirt: :: Purple Moon :: Uma Skirt -floral Top: :: Purple Moon :: Uma Top -floral Shoes: ISON - flutter heels -Maitreya Lara Sleeves: Peqe - The Raven Sleeves Hair: .Shi : Ethereal *LODE* Head Accessory - Peony Double ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 133

Page 134 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Shena Neox Dress: Diram - Victoria Hair: .Shi. - Ethereal Heels: Glamistry - Begonia Bracelet: Erratic Ring: Kunglers - Iracy ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 135

Page 136 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Wicca Merlin Top: Salt&Pepper - Valerie Pants: GizzA - Skinny Pants Shoes: Glamistry - Anemuna Hair: enVOGUE - Britney Earrings: Kunglers - Cintia Bracelet: Kunglers - Keira Ring: Tracei - Evan Ring ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 137

Page 138 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Xiomara Lavendel Makeup- Slackgirl- Exclusive & Limited Hair- Little bones- Sita ll Bracelet- Infinitum- Ninety Shoes- Amy Flats- KC Couture Dress- Mademoiselle - Valentina ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 139

Page 140 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 141

Sneak Peek:

Visionaire Graduation Exhibit Page 142 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 143

Wren by WrenNoir Cerise

Page 144 | ECLIPSE June 2016

PRESS RELEASE FROM VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE “Creativity is the new Literacy” Second Life® - VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE would like to cordially invite you to an exhibition “HIDE & SEEK” showcasing the work of her fifth graduating class of photographers. VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE | DEAN | NARIKO OKAWA VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE | DEAN | WRENNOIR CERISE VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE | MANAGER & PR | SILLY AVRO VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE | MANAGER | LIAT REINA

--------------------------------------------------------DATE: SUNDAY, JUNE 26th, 2016 TIME: 10 AM SLT LOCATION: Zanze Two SLURL: secondlife/zanze%20two/131/133/2012 --------------------------------------------------------HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FIFTH COURSE You don’t want to miss the wonderful exhibitions our graduating photographers have worked so hard on. Their work is based on the instruction and support provided from the instructors and fellow students at VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE. The classes revolved strongly around group discussions about the important elements of producing fantastic photography. Some of these elements included advanced composition, lighting and color, using lines and positioning the subjects, getting the most out of viewer controls, and many other components of professional photography. The instructors and students both

provided examples to be commented on and discussed during each class. The goal of homework was to provide a doorway for communicative learning and constructive group feedback to help each individual photographer recognize and improve their skills. Discussions and examples were provided on what to expect after graduation and how the expertise could be utilized. Presentations by guest speakers talked about their journey and the methods they used to gain highly developed works. Some of the examples of using high quality photography were portrait studios, art galleries, fashion and advertising, and charity work. Designers and bloggers also find it helpful to have the most appealing images possible. Previous students are always welcome to participate in future presentations by guest speakers to help keep their skills and knowledge up to date. --------------------------------------------------------LIST OF GRADUATING PHOTOGRAPHERS: The theme for this graduating class’ exhibit is: ‘HIDE & SEEK.’ Come view all the interpretations of this theme from the galleries of our students listed below. Applesaucey / Elena Tomorrow Dakota Lavarock Iseult McPherson Kiett Prince Maiya Gant Miele Tarantal Novaleigh Freng Resmay (Meishagirl Resident) Sienna Bellios TanyaGreen Resident Trouble Dethly ZzoieZee Dethly (ZzoieZee Resident) ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 145

THE HISTORY OF VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE This SL photography school opened in early 2014 and is the brainchild of WrenNoir Cerise and Nariko Okawa, two established SL photographers who have created images for magazines, store ads, vendor ads, private clients, or other personal photography. Nariko and Wren saw a need for people who wanted to take their own photos, but lacked the technical skills and/or the ‘artistic eye’ to create a polished, powerful, or aesthetically significant image. There was also a lack of an organized SL photography knowledge base that people could tap. Nariko and Wren decided to make the time to put together a curriculum and be available to teach. Recognizing that no one person knows everything, the course also incorporates established and well-respected photographers as guest lecturers. VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE aims to teach her students how to ‘see’ what works and what doesn’t work in an image. Significantly, the lessons are intense and make students fully flesh out who they are as photographers. No one is expected to copy the teachers’ techniques. Students’ own strengths are allowed to flourish and be recognized. Everyone has a skill in something and at VISIONAIRE Institute they help you find it, refine it, augment it, and use it to the utmost.

Page 146 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Since opening, it has been packed with students each semester. Due to the thorough lesson plans, there are only 2 semesters offered each year. VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE looks to evolve as the needs of the students become more and more refined.

PREVIEW OF UPCOMING COURSES Each class teaches Nariko and Wren something about improvements and additions to the curriculum. You can expect to see more of: * Creating strong imagery through tight composition * Lighting techniques * Portrait photography * Blogging photography * The business aspects of being an SL photographer * Small, intimate classes (limited to 10 students) * Machinima * Video tutorials Information about upcoming courses and general information about this institute can be found here:

Nariko by Nariko Okawa

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 147

Page 148 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 149

Page 150 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Photograph by Applesaucey / Elena Tomorrow

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 151

Photograph by Novaleigh Freng

Page 152 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 153

Photograph by Iseult McPherson

Page 154 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 155

Photograph by Zzoie Zee Dethly

Page 156 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 157

Page 158 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 159

Page 160 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 161

Monthly Artist Highlight:

Nina Bing

Page 162 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Photography by Tempest Rosca ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 163

Nina Bing is definitely one of the most unique singers who performs on Second Life. She is the perfect mix of Doris Day, Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald. While she started singing in SL in 2008, it is only recently that she has been able to commit more time to her career and has joined Whispering Sands Live in the past seven months. She tells us, “Since I’ve started to pick up more singing opportunities, I’d say I’m fairly busy, though I try to keep my gig load to a reasonable and doable amount.” When asked what her top five favorite songs to sing, she shares, “I have over 750 songs in my repetoire, so choosing my favorite 5 to sing is virtually impossible. I will say that jazz is my first love and my favorite genre of music to sing always.” Listen to her here. Check out her website here. Check out her calendar here.

Page 164 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 165

Page 166 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 167

Page 168 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 169

Fond Farewell:

Menswear Fashion Week Page 170 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Photography by Ephemeral Skye ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 171

Page 172 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Adonis Hansome Outfit: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Nestor Make-Up: Zibska - Cadan ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 173

Page 174 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Adonis Hansome: Top: A&D - Matt Bottom: Outlier - Axel Jeans Glasses: A&D - Top Gun ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 175

Page 176 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Caesar Langer: Tattoo: Ghost’Ink - The Damned Pants: Cerberus Xing - Harem Pants Cape Vest: Peqe - Monster Bracelets: Mandala - Yuzu Sinra and Leather Sinra A and B Necklace: Swallow - Rosary Face piercing: Punch - Deem Pelvis piercing: Punch - Sixty-Four Claws: Cerberus Xing - Hayop Back attachment: CLAVv Dark Mahadeva - Skeleton 8 Cobras ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 177

Page 178 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Caesar Langer Tattoo: Ghost’Ink - The Crow Pants: Vrsion - Konvert 8.0 Pants Wings: CLAVv - Tengu Wings Headpiece: Purple Moon - Creatura Claws: Gorgeous Dolls - Swag So Suave Shoes: Azoury - Janus Boots ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 179

Page 180 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Caesar Langer Jacket: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Andrew Pants: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Boston Jeans Makeup: Zibska - Herrick Face piercings: Punch - Sucked Shoes: Eudora 3d - El Dorado Hi-Tops Hat: Eudora 3d - El Dorado Hat ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 181

Page 182 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Cubito Smit TOP: Bakaboo - Baka Summer Coat PANTS: Bakaboo - Baka Summer Pants SHOES: ILLI - Ricardo HAT&HAIR: Modulus - Jude ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 183

Page 184 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Cubito Smit TOP: Vengeful Threads - Beau Monstre Jacket PANTS: Vengeful Threads - Beau Monstre Pants Shirt: Vengeful Threads - Beau Monstre Long Sleeve Shirt SHOES: Method - Button Boots Hair: Modulus - Brooklyn MAKEUP: Zibska - Gabe NECKLACE: LCorse - Collar w spikes and chains BRACELET: Luxe - Mens Bracelet GUN: Bamse - Gunslinger ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 185

Page 186 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Cubito Smit TOP: Eclipse Design - Cory Shirt PANTS: Eclipse Design - Cory Pants SHOES: AVINCI - Chain Sneakers BAG: David Heather - Bally Bag HAIR: NO.MATCH - NO.FACT GLASSES: SORGO - Astoria PUPPY: Jian - Skater Pup ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 187

Page 188 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 189

Page 190 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 191

Voices From the Grid is a monthly survey of opinions and ideas of Second LifeÂŽ residents on the salient issues of the day. For this month, we asked various people in Second Life how it allowed them to explore their creativity. This is what they had to say.

Voices From the Grid Page 192 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Written by Cajsa Lilliehook ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 193

Photograph by Shiloh Selene-Goldlust

Shiloh Selene-Goldlust Shiloh Selene-Goldlust [barbie.glas] is a former freelance writer, blogger and SL creator. She is also a self-professed Jane of All Trades, Master of None. She loves spending time inworld with her SL hubby Silver Goldlust, exploring and photography. Oh, and tacos. She loves tacos. When I first joined Second Life, I was suffering from social anxiety and was looking for safe social interaction. What I found was so much more than I could ever imagine. Through my experiences here I have been able to explore my creativity using numerous mediums. Early on, I stumbled upon role-play sims and was able to express myself through written word. There is something incredibly powerful and freeing in taking on the persona of a fictional character and giving them life. I’ve lived a hundred lives here, each one thrilling and fulfilling in its own way. Later in my SL journey, I was introduced to the world of live music in SL. I decided to give original musicians and visual artists a place to perform and exhibit their works. I passed on the venue to friends many years ago, and it is still going! Most recently I’ve been dabbling in the visual arts. I continue to learn how to manipulate, and hopefully enhance, images in Photoshop, using incredible tutorials from Strawberry Singh and Daeberethwen Arbenlow. I’ve learned how to make poses, and for a while I was even creating mesh. I guess you can say I’ve become a Jane of all Trades. Why? Because I can! That’s the beauty of Second Life. You can do and be ANYTHING you want. You are only limited by your imagination. Check out her Flickr. Page 194 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 195

Page 196 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Photograph by Skye Donardson

Skye Donardson Skye Donardson has been in Second Life for over eight years. She is a blogger and does some building. You can find her on Flickr here. And she also blogs at the group blog SL Boudoir here. I started out as an explorer...finding all the neat builds inworld, and trying to put my own spin on them. Be it taking a picture from an interesting angle, or taking multiple pictures of a scene in different lightings, and using those to “paint” the scene in post process, or just using cool filters on them to make them look interesting. I’m always amazed by the talent of the builders in this world, and love to try and showcase their work in my own unique way. A couple of years in, I had a dear friend that taught me the basics of building, and that opened up a whole new world to me. I could now build sets for my pictures, I built a gallery to showcase my work and the work of my friends, and I made sculptures for a time too, until the advent of mesh made my pieces too primmy and obsolete. (I keep saying I’m going to learn Blender, but so far the learning curve has been too great for me to invest the time into. But maybe someday.) I just love the freedom SL gives me to do the sort of pictures I want to. Need a mermaid for my picture? I can find a beautiful costume to wear! Can’t find a location I like? I can build my own set! Can’t find the poses that work just right? I can make them myself! Can’t find anyone online to model with me? I can create a new avatar to pose with! The resources in this world are so vast, and there’s so much out there you can do with them. I used to have a (now defunct) blog on doing SL photography on a budget. The amount of really great freebies, or really inexpensive clothes, hair, buildings, textures, furniture, poses, props - pretty much anything you can think of – are all out on the Marketplace just waiting to be plucked up. But finding it all is often like mining…you have to dig a lot to find the gems. The keys for me were always wanting to learn how, and investing the time. It didn’t always come easy, and there was often a level of frustration involved. But to this day, the excitement of getting an idea, and finding all the little things to bring it to life? That’s what keeps me here. ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 197

Grazia Horwitz Grazia Horwitz came to Second Life on a September afternoon in 2006 and is still fascinated with this world and the people in it. She spends her time blogging, shooting images and editing them, or helping out the amazing customers of Dutchi Check out her blog. Check out her flickr. Check out her facebook. Page 198 | ECLIPSE June 2016

I love photography, but unfortunately, I am not a patient person, and frankly, also a bit lazy. So I rarely ever take the time to go out and take a good look at things, through a lens. My partner can sit for hours, waiting for that perfect light or that bird to fly by. I can not. He thinks it’s meditative. Me on the other hand, after 10 minutes I remember how much I still have to do and that my leg hurts in the squatted position that is probably needed for the perfect angle (or whatever).

Photograph by Grazia Horwitz

Second life gives me the opportunity to go anywhere with the “woosh” of a TP. No schlepping with equipment. My “camera” is always at hand. There are so many amazing sims, real works of art sometimes, that you can explore and use as a background, or subject, for photography. Add the fact that gravity and other laws of physics do not exist in Second Life and that you can manipulate light in world at your heart’s content and the lazy and impatient person gets to play for hours from the comfort of her desk chair with a pot of tea on the side.

Before I came to Second Life I had never touched any photo editing program. Nowadays I have a Creative Cloud subscription and use it frequently even for my real life work. I have learned to look at things differently, pay more attention to composition and find it easier to think out of the box, in professional situations as well, because the way we usually tend to approach the world around us or a challenge or people may well be safe and efficient, but is most likely also a bit boring. ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 199

Photograph by Sredni Eel

Sredni Eel Sredni Eel is a carbon-based lifeform, who was probably assembled at Sears. He is the owner and perpetrator of Avatar Bizarre, a store full of clothing, accessories, eyes, avatars, and shoulder pets. There’s mesh involved, as well as tentacles, and other tidbits. Come for the stuff, stay for the tunes and leaf jumping. You can see some of the creations on his blog. If you’re in a picture mood, you can see stuff on Flickr (feel free to follow, and he’ll follow you back). Avatar Bizarre’s on the marketplace and inworld.

Page 200 | ECLIPSE June 2016

If you had told me 13 years ago that a place called Second Life would rise from the primordial ooze of the budding young Internet and become my primary creative outlet for the craziness in my brain, I’d probably have been a little skeptical. Then the Sci Fi geek in me would have looked up and said, “Oh cool, where do I sign up?” The funny thing is, I didn’t sign up to become a creator or a DJ or anything. I got pulled in by a friend, and spent a few months simply socializing. After a couple of fits and starts, and a good bit of inflicting my music collection on unsuspecting club patrons as an SL DJ, I figured out how to make clothing and eyes. Then, all heck broke loose, because suddenly I was spending a ton of time making wonderful things. It is the most wonderful feeling to have an outlet for my art, and even better that people actually seem to like it! Second Life provides not just an outlet for digital clothing, but it’s a great excuse to create wonderful photos, which can also be included in the creative writing project which is my blog! If not for Second Life, I probably wouldn’t be playing in Blender or Photoshop, and I definitely would not have this blog thing that seems so prevalent in the virtual world. In a way, Second Life is like a huge game of virtual Barbie, only you get to make her clothes and give her any look you want. Creativity comes in a lot of different flavors, so even if you can’t make mesh or system layer clothing, or furniture, or anything like that, you still have the canvas of your own avatar! No matter how you slice it, this place is a great creative outlet for everyone. ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 201

Marianne McCann Marianne McCann is a blogger at Feted Inner Child, a blog whose title shows her wit and wicked sense of humor. She has a toy store for kids called You Know for Kids and works for The Arcade moderating the group chat and managing bloggers. Check out her blog here. Check out her Flickr here. Check out her in-world store here. Photograph by Marianne McCann

Page 202 | ECLIPSE June 2016

A decade ago, egged on by friends, I joined Second Life. From then to today, it has remained a place of constant exploration and growth, allowing me to unleash my creativity and personality in ways I may find muzzled outside of this virtual world. I learned to create in ways I never imagined, shaping three-dimensional items that I had never before envisioned possible, learning to animate, refining my skills to create textures, dabbling in machinima, creating thousands of onworld photographs, and creating events to showcase both my own and others’ creativity. Without this world, a decade of creative expression would have never come to pass, and the

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 203

Photograph by Vanity Mirror Page 204 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Vanity Mirror Vanity Mirror is a blogger and maker of poses and small mesh things! Check out her blog. Check out her Flickr. Check out her Plurk. Check out her Twitter. Once upon a life, I wanted to be a writer with a little drawing on the side. I wrote poetry, songs, small stories, honestly whatever came into my head I’d write it down. I’d sketch faces I saw around my neighborhood because I thought they were interesting, looking at the world around me and interpreting it with my trusty pencil and pad. When I came into Second Life, I didn’t think those RL skills would have anything to do with SL but in the end they helped to evolve what I knew. Knowing that I liked to write, a friend suggested blogging and I went for it in 2009 and have been shopping like a mad woman and blogging any time I can ever since. Blogging led me to learn how to make poses, because often times I was being a big dork and wanted something sort of out there that others hadn’t yet made. And I loved it, I still love it (though some days less than others lol). Evolving with the times in SL led me to learn mesh, and through that my drawing came back into play with learning to texture. It would almost be a full circle type thing, except I think SL made me even more creative. I could dream up things I’d never thought of making for real and bring them to a pixelated life in SL. I get to embrace what I already knew, and elevate it even more. But not just that, I am able to share it with so many other people now, and every now and then they love it too. Can’t ask for better than that, can ya?! Sky’s the limit, and here I can fly lol

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 205

Page 206 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 207

Page 208 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 209

“The Adventures of...” is a monthly feature by Miele Tarantal showcasing some of the most aesthetic places in Second Life®. This sim, which opened in early June of 2016, is based on and inspired by the life and work of the famous American painter Andrew Wyeth. It was created to emulate and elicit the feel of the watercolor paintings done by this brilliant artist. Come explore a bucolic and peaceful place of wide open fields and gentle breezes. Click here to visit.

The Adventures of...

Gates of Melancholy

Page 212 | ECLIPSE June 2016

Written by Miele Tarantal Photography by Miele Tarantal ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 213

Page 214 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 215

Page 216 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 217

Page 218 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 219

Page 220 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 221

Page 222 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 223

Page 224 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 225

Page 226 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 227

Page 228 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 229

Page 230 | ECLIPSE June 2016

ECLIPSE June 2016 | Page 231

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