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Fashion Reborn


Artistic Expressions

They say history repeats itself, as does fashion. Take a look at some hot trends, and the decade they take inspiration from.

If fashion is art, then our body is a canvas. What feast has the ECLIPSE models prepared for us this issue?


Mens Wear FW


The Challenge


50 Pixels of Black


The Illest

Renowned Second Life designer, model and artist blackLiquid Tokyoska weighs in on the BDSM culture and sheds insight beyond the common popularized perspectives.

The hottest male fashion event of the year is going on right now, and we’re showcasing some of their best Bali outfits.

What would you do, if you could only wear 20 pieces of clothing and accessories for one year? Challenge accepted by model Carilynn OHare.

Page 6 | ECLIPSE April 2015

Introducing Second Life hair stylist, jewelry craftsman and fashion designer Kaiden Trill of Homage and TONY. Trill’s designs are the designs of today and the article explores his inspirations and fascinations.

Often times in the fashion industry, it is easy to become short-sighted and forget that fashion is not limited to that small community. Fashion is the art of expression, which is an integral part of our shared virtual world and the Second Life community as an aggregate; thus, our goal at ECLIPSE Magazine is to not only offer an aesthetically pleasing publication with a heavy fashion influence and rich in content but be accessible to all of SL.. because EVERYONE wants to look good.


Splash of Spring The ECLIPSE trend squad has gotten together to showcase this season’s in colors.


Cover Story Callie Cline Cover Photographer Magissa Denver Writer: Trouble Dethly


Sneak Peek .PENUMBRA.’s premier monthly event dedicated to placing a spotlight on the grid’s highest quality designers.


What happens when you put four of the most innovative women on the grid together? A brilliant and creative new fashion experience. ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 7

Letter From the Publisher When I was eighteen, adults scared me- at least on Second Life. Many of the one’s I had encountered after I initially transferred were wary of teens, especially after Linden Labs announced in August 2010 that the teen grid would merge with the main grid. Lacie Beningborough was one of the first who not only was nice to me but wanted to help me help the teens. Many of my friends on the teen grid were content creators who were scared that they weren’t good enough, or that they would be lost through the cracks in the much larger main grid. To address that fear and certain misconceptions some adults had of teens, we created a showcase sim to highlight the creation talents of the teen grid. As a way to market this concept, the idea of a fashion show came into fruition, and it was in November 2010 that I met Lacie. Our mutual friend assured me that there was no one in the fashion industry, let alone the entire grid that could produce a show like Lacie could. That she would bring fresh, new, creative and innovative ideas and merge them with the clothing designs of teens and make something that no one would forget. Lacie did that. The Teen Talent Fashion Show Lacie produced, even four and a half years later, still remains one of the best shows I have seen. Lacie did more than just produce the show. If it was to be a showcase of teen talent, she was convinced we needed teen models. She dedicated over two months to teach eight teens how to walk a runway. Once a week, sometimes more often, she would get on Skype and spend hours with eight of them showing them how to walk, how to pose, how to make their model shape, how to style the outfits, how to navigate the choreography and so much more. She also brought me in on the calls, explaining to me how I should know what’s going on especially if she was going to teach me how to host a show. No one except for the teens knew how much time and effort Lacie put into that show. No one else knew or could understand the impact she had on them. And it is those moments when a person does things, when no one else is watching that is a true indicator of their character. Her faith in my friends verbalized in not only words but actions as well, inspired many to continue dreaming and do their best to realize them. And this world and any world is built on a foundation of those dreams. I feel the greatest thing a person can do is to leave their thumbprint on the world, to leave their thumbprint on someone’s heart. Lacie believed in the teens, my friends, when they felt like not only did no one else, but their own feelings of self worth wavered. It was with this belief that she left her thumbprint on their hearts. It was her patience, kindness and dedication that had left her thumbprint on mine. Page 12 | ECLIPSE April 2015



Taylor Wassep Creative Director

Li Aoki Aria Desantos Fuzz Lennie Grace Winnfield Julie Hastings Magissa Denver Taylor Wassep Tempest Rosca

Zzoie Zee Creative Director


Miele Tarantal Styling Manager

Landa Crystal Writer

BloodyMistress Serenity Boniefacio Carilynn Ohare Caesar Langer Desireme Fallen JJ26 Ragu Landa Crystal Leezah Kaddour Payton Heron Shanty Bookmite Sylphia Constantine Tadeu Gartner Tyra Eiren Wicca Merlin Xandrah Sciavo

Cajsa Lilliehook Copy Editor

Aria DeSantos Marketing Manager

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Vintage q


Page 18 | ECLIPSE April 2015

p Inspired

Shanty Bookmite Outfit: TBO - Angela Accessories: Celestines - Vintage Cloche {MUA} - Shanty {MUA} - Matte - Red Lazuri - Classic Pearls Multistrands fri. - Peggy T-Straps

Shanty Bookmite Outfit: LpD - Flamenco Accessories: LeLutka - JOSEPHINE BaObA - Striped Ribbon {MUA} - Cheeks Contouring {MUA} - Shanty {MUA} - Matte - Red Line - Red 1 Lazuri - Noor Mystic Infinity A Piece of Chic - Edith Sandals

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 19

Vintage q


Page 20 | ECLIPSE April 2015

p Inspired

BloodyMistress Serenity Dress: Entice - At The Hop Dress Accessories: Gizza - Betty heels Vanity Hair - Pin Up Yummy - Anouk Glasses Lazuri - Classics Pearls Stud Earrings large Dhalinks - Diamonds & Pearls Bracelet Makeup: Deetalez - Lipstick brightness 3 DN.1 - Felin Deux

BloodyMistress Serenity Dress: Dead Dollz - Half Measures Accessories: Sheba - Dely Heels Vanity Hair - Janelle LivGlam - Vintage Heriloom Make-Up: MUA - Makeup set 50’s eyes Deetalez - Lipstick brightness 4

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 21

Vintage q


p Inspired

Page 22 | ECLIPSE April 2015

Leezah Kaddour Outfit: [LG] Boutique- Gypsy Woman [VM] VERO MODERO / Hippie Skirt Accessories: TRUTH HAIR Electra [LoveJugs 2] [VM] VERO MODERO / Mesh Belt Leather Bens Boutique - Pure Flat Brown-Silver Izzie’s - Coin Jewelry Set .::LUNA::. Nails HUD - Tribal 10 Retro’ - mesh clutch leather boho Makeup: October’s 4Seasons - Mystic 2 October’s 4Seasons - Ripe Grape Matte

Leezah Kaddour Outfit: *Fishy Strawberry* Anais Boho Shirt - Cream -David Heather-Vetement Skirt/Nude Accessories: .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 4 darkbrown Pure Poison - Boho Platforms - Brown - SLINK MONS / Hippie Chain Headband (gold) Zibska - Marielle (earrings & necklace) [MANDALA]Chunkeey_Jewelry_Set_24kGOLD SLINK Basic nails - beige (Milk Motion) fringe bag - brown Makeup: [mock] - Pandora’s Mizu Thunderbird

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Vintage q


Tyra Eiren Outfit: *SoliDea FoliEs* - Boheme Jacket *COCO* - White Tank Gizza Creations - EUPHORIA Skirt ~ Exclusive ~ Accessories: Donna Flora - Tanya Jewelry Set VANITY HAIR - Curiosity Makeup: Baiastice - Eccentrique eyeshadow

p Inspired

Page 24 | ECLIPSE April 2015

Tyra Eiren Outfit: ALB - Greta Dress Accessories: ALB - HUI BUH Heels Finesmith- Mer Bracelet Finesmith- Mer Necklace Ricielli - Yuse Bag ~Tableau Vivant~ Colorful Glasses TRUTH HAIR - Minerva

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Vintage q


Page 26 | ECLIPSE April 2015

p Inspired

Caesar Langer Outfit: MESHCENTER - Thriller Jacket Blvck Anchor - kjV2 Accessories: TRUTH - Drake Streaked [DH] - Cross Chain Piercing Mouth [DH] - Cross Chain Piercing Adjunct - Pop Star High-Tops Formanails - Design Punk Make-Up: Pink Acid - Make Your Own Razor Blush

Caesar Langer Outfit: Kauna - Quilted Jacket + Shirt Redgrave - HipHopJeans BOLD Accessories: .::Joops::. - Teardrop Checkered Bad Union Clothing - Green Hipster Glasses ::ZED:: - MESH White Studded Sneakers *ARGRACE* - Fedora Hat [Atro Patena] - Ronald II .: OKARA :. - BEARD

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ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 29

Wicca Merlin Outfit: SoliDea FoliEs - “Ode” Tattoo: iNFLiCT - “Heaven of Tranquility” Hair: Zibska - “Kiki” (modified) Earrings: Zaara - “Melange” Bracelets: Digital Eyes - “Plastic Bracelet” Makeup: LovelyMi - “Jessica”

Page 32 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 33

Shanty Bookmite Outfit: [sYs] - GEM Dress Shoes: JD - Charme Accessories: [LeLutka] - DOLCE [MANDALA] - ChunkeeyMask [sYs] - JEZEBEL mask Make-Up: {MUA} - Lipstick - Fem {MUA} - Lipstick - Cross Desireme Fallen Outfit: *SoliDea FoliEs* OrangeDoll Accessories: *SoliDea FoliEs* dada Earrings *SoliDea FoliEs* Shock Mask FINESMITH Organic Olive Leather Ring Desireme Fallen Outfit: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Renraku Pants Wicca’s Wardrobe - Xena Top [Autumn Edition] Wicca’s Wardrobe - Lorraine Heels [Autumn Edition] Accessories: Chop Zuey Kharma Silver Earrings Pure Poison - Stacked Brown Bracelets Wicca’s Wardrobe - Nyseth Glasses

Page 34 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 35

Wicca Merlin Outfit: [sys] - “Nymphe” Accessories: Death Row Design - “Demonhands” Curio Obscura - “Clockwork Inside” Illusions - “Phoenix” Wings by Wicca’s Wardrobe Zibska - “Octavia” (modified) Makeup: La Malvada Mijer - “Anthology of Transition” Shanty Bookmite Outfit: Wicca’s Wardrobe - New Age N-core - EMPORIUM Accessories: Elysium - Torre hair Make-Up: {MUA} - Eyebrows {MUA} - MakeUp Set Desireme Fallen Outfit: [sYs] - DIVA RAVE Accessories: Spyralle Cage Collar - Cryo gilded - Tintable Isis horns Shanty Bookmite Outfit: [AD] Creations - Tribute to GP Furry White [hh] Edel Cracked Leather Pumps MakeUp Set: - {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Nick

Page 36 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 37

Shanty Bookmite Outfit: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Enobaria [Red] Accessories: [LeLutka]-LANA hair/Dark Blonde Swallow - make-up gems Make-Up: {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Nick {MUA} - Matte Lipstick - Black {MUA} - Lipstick - Cross - Red Page 38 | ECLIPSE April 2015

Desireme Fallen Outfit: [AD] Creations - Fux Dress Boudoir Pony Girl Boots Accessories: h.m.a.e.m. for Solidea Folies- Blackeye Patch [ glow ] studio - Celtic cross and stones Silver Earrings Chop Zuey Death in Mantua Choker Necklace League Wanderer Necklace Wicca Merlin Outfit: [AD] Creations - “Bluered” Neck Piece: Etchaflesh - “Executioner Neck Corset” Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - “Rigel Princess” Makeup: Ezura - “Dia De Los Muertos” Wicca Merlin Outfit: [AD] Creations - “Lace” Tattoo: iNFLiCT - “Eternity Awaits” Makeup: LovelyMi - “Lybra au Gaga”

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ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 41

Page 42 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 43

Boniefacio Wicca’s Wardrobe Nengah-Wayan Tadeu Gartner BOND7 Lexington Summer Outfit

Caesar Langer House of RFYRE: Cambridge Boniefacio House of RFYRE: Bali

Tadeu Gartner !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!: Giles Sketch Caesar Langer !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!: Blake Sketch

Boniefacio [Cool Nerd] Mulan Tadeu Gartner [Cool Nerd] Louie Coat Caesar Langer [Cool Nerd] Bentley

Boniefacio E-Clipse Jamil Mondante Boutique Constantine

Page 56 | ECLIPSE April 2015

A Sneak Peek of the Legend:

Callie Cline

“I think the most important think I could share at this point is, just to try to enjoy life, realize that everyone is doing the best they can, be kind to yourself and others, and savor every moment.� ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 57

Often times people are defined not by who they are but rather by what they have done and continue to do. There is no doubt that Callie Cline, who will be celebrating 10 years in Second Life this July, has had an impressive career trajectory. Before she became part of the award winning KittyCatS breedable team, she designed her own fashion line, was the spokesperson for Pontiac, appeared in numerous magazines for her fashions both in-world and real life ones like ELLE, Marie Claire, Newsweek, Pazar and and was even named #95 in MAXIM magazine’s Hot 100. (yes, beating Kim Kardashian)This is a mere fraction of the depth and diversity of her resume. Recently, ECLIPSE Magazine has had the opportunity to get to know Callie and differentiate between the avatar and the legend. When asked to describe her various successes, Callie refreshingly states, “I’m not sure I have accomplished much compared to others, and really, I dislike comparison. I think it hurts everyone. Without it, we’re all perfect! With it, we either fall short or are “better,” and so I try to steer clear of it.” The underlying component to all the things she does, from her hobbies to her numerous business ventures, is her love and passion for them. Her first SL sister and best friend highlighted to her, how as the early members, they were the pioneers of this virtual world. This unique perspective encouraged her to embark on each endeavor Page 58 | ECLIPSE April 2015

with a strong sense of the limitlessness found in this virtual world. One of the most beautiful things SL is that everything in it is user created. Callie insightfully adds, “I find beauty in the heart of people that comes through in their creations. and they don’t even have to be ‘good”. Some ‘good’ people with ‘good’ skill sets make dead art, (to me) it doesn’t have

life. (not always) I find inspiration beautiful. NOT the latest techniques and software… big deal, anyone can learn to do a skill, not everyone can put themselves into what they do so that people can feel them. i find that amazing when it happens!”

venture will prosper. While thus far they have exceeded her expectations, she goes into them not with expectations, rather with hopes that they will succeed if she works hard and does her best. She also finds with more creative undertakings, “I really wait for inspiration to hit, and it has its own time Despite her track record for favorable frame. So, waiting sometimes is a matoutcomes with her business enterpris- ter of trust.” es, Callie still wonders whether a new

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 59

Whether Callie is a designer, business owner, brand consultant, coach, marketing director, model, photographer or machinimist, she has been able to keep her gaze on the horizon for new opportunities. Her latest efforts involve her being the official spokes-avatar for a new real world company called The Grid, which uses AI to design websites. This new company has already been listed on Forbes, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, Wired, as one of the Top 10 Tech Companies to watch in 2015. She tells us, “I am so excited about this and all the possibilities it holds and will be sharing more in upcoming weeks, but for now I encourage your readers to check out ‘The Grid,’ and watch their video, I am founding member #74!” (they now have over 31,000)

ty that may be part of your dream, and you may see that life has a better dream than you could ever imagine”

Callie is eager to share many of the lessons she has realized. Most notably, she feels that, “Life is learning and there is nothing more freeing and exciting than having a ‘student’ outlook on life. Learning is amazing, and there are infinite things to learn!” She breaks down her life lessons into four simple beliefs. The first she stresses is to always be authentic, and there is nothing more attractive than that attribute. The second lesson that she feels is one of the biggest from the past four years is that all suffering and stress is in a person’s thoughts. When she changes how she thinks, her life does, as well. Her third lesson is to know your passion, truly study how you While some people remain adamant spend your time, attention and monabout keeping their Real Life and Sec- ey. She is quick to note the contrast beond Life as two different entities, Caltween loving the image rather than the lie’s ability to mix the two has been reality. Her final lesson is to, “Work and inspiring. She explains how she views live with excellence, not perfection… herself as a real person simply using a Excellence is attainable and lets you computer to communicate with others LOVE your art and work.” She differenin the real world which has created a tiates between excellence and perfecvirtual world. Regardless of what plattion by highlighting how the former is form people use for communication, about doing your best with the time even through SL, to her, it’s still comand resources you are given; whereas, munication between very real people. the latter robs a person of the joy of the She states, “Any ‘success’ in either world process of work, art and the result. is the same to me.” It is with this optimistic viewpoint that she shares the Perhaps, the most telling tale of Callie’s importance of pursuing your dreams, character is that even with all her many “Be open to your idea not happening accomplishments, what remains steadhow you think, and look at each day fastly most important to her is how and person you meet as an opportuniPage 60 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 61

Page 62 | ECLIPSE April 2015

those have simply been a catalyst to enable her to impact and influence others to love, be loved and have hope. She elaborates this with, “Give more than asked, give 100%, give and do it with all your heart, serve those around you, and remember if you can: YOU are a gift.” She explains how the things a person does is merely an expression of that gift. From working to shopping to even buying groceries, it is still a chance to express through connecting and being present with the people we meet.

“Your attention, undivided, is the best gift you can give to others and yourself.”

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 63

Page 64 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 65

What would YOU choose, if these were the only outfits you could wear for one year?


Pieces of Clothing & Accessories

Different Outfits



1 20

GIZZA: Oversize Knit Top in Terra-Cotta Print (1) MAITREYA: Mesh Leggings - Shine Black (2) CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY: Earrings - MVW Eilifu in Black (3) K E L I N I : Heart of Diamond Dress in Black (4) CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY: Bracelet - MVW Eilifu in Black (5) DOT-BE: Caprice Top (6) LpD: Optical Dress Fantasia (Skirt) (7) LpD: Optical Dress Fantasia (Top) (8) epoque: Shoes - Mesa Platforms in Black (9) CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY: Choker - MVW Eilifu in Black (10) LpD: *Ginevra* Dress (Skirt) (11) HEADPIECE: *SoliDea FoliEs* Zero Collection (12) ALLURE: Gladiolus Off-Shoulder Dress in Red (13) ALLURE: Countess Thigh High Boots in Red (14) PURPLE MOON: Pants from Moxie Outfit in Black (15) CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY: “Take My Hand” Women’s Jacket in Multi/Black (16) PURPLE MOON: Adele Suit in White (Trousers) (17) PURPLE MOON: Adele Suit in White (Jacket) (18) MAITREYA: Shoes - Gold Liaison in White (19) K E L I N I: Caprice Leather Dress in Black (20)


Look One q

20 for 10

p Look Two

Look Three q

20 for 10

p Look Four

Look Five q

20 for 10

p Look Six

Look Seven q

20 for 10

p Look Eight

Look Nine q

20 for 10

p Look Ten


“I think it’s great that BDSM is getting more exposure and is becoming more mainstream. I think it would be wonderful to integrate different lifestyle choices and relationships as the norm. For too long, society has homogenized sexuality and relationships and is simply in need of an overhaul,” said blackLiquid Tokyoska, the well-known Second Life designer, model, and artist. She is also a former dominatrix and current dominee bo real life and Second Life. ECLIPSE sat down with her to g insight into the world of BDSM from someone in the wo Page 82 | ECLIPSE April 2015

50 Pixels of Black

oth in get some orld.

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 83

With that said, she be a way that looks abus Shades of Grey by E. L

“50 Shades of Grey is there is incredibly po trays the Dominant a behavior of the prota nant behavior (nor su derstand the scientifi

Page 84 | ECLIPSE April 2015

elieves the growing attention to BDSM stereotypes that culture in sive. One example she used was the feature film adaptation of 50 L. James.

s a terrible book and in my mind it has two major problems; one,. oor dialogue between the submissive and her Master. Two. It poras one who is dominant because of childhood trauma. The poor agonist can perhaps be a result of psychological trauma, but domiubmissive) in general does not correlate with trauma, as far as I unfic literature,� said blackLiquid.

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 85

“The resulting attention of the book in the media did normalize BDSM some, but I am worried that many walk away with the impression of practitioners as psychological deviants in a negative manner,” she finished. Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism; or by it’s more commonly known acronym, BDSM, has become a hot topic in recent years. More so, within the entertainment industry, like television, films and literature. With the push to bring to the forefront this type of lifestyle, how could it translate into other forms that people interact with?. How could BDSM, true BDSM translate into virtual space like Second Life? BlackLiquid, or simple Queen B. Domme, as she is referred to in both realms has been a part of this lifestyle for quite a long stretch of her life.

Page 86 | ECLIPSE April 2015

“I was a dominant person from a very young age, I remember experiencing pleasure from being in control of others even as a child,” Queen B. Domme said, “When I was about 16 I watched a Documentary with my Father on Professional Domina’s in New Zealand and as soon as it ended I recall being so inspired by the notion that I could forge a career in something that came so naturally to me. I immediately said to my Father: “When I grow up I want to be a Dominatrix.” Since then, Queen B. Domme has found love in real life with Xtofer since 2009. He is also a submissive to her in the real world, and they could not be happier. This type of relationship would be labeled as a D/S, standing for dominant and submissiven. Right from the start, Xtofer and Queen B. Domme entered into their

relationship with the dominante and submissive roles already assigned. For people new to this world, it may be hard to bring up the whole BDSM interest with a partner you have. How would you bring it up to them if you are unsure how they would feel?

has been collared by Queen B. Domme since 2007, with a few breaks in between.

“From experience, never try and hide what you really are, don’t attempt to have vanilla relationships with people if that just isn’t you, be honest and open about what your needs and desires are from the beginning of your relationship,” she said.

“A good Dom is able to inspire growth in her sub, controlling him with confidence and authenticity and with his best interests at heart, whilst simultaneously maximizing the amount of pleasure and satisfaction she can obtain from his service,” said Queen B. Domme.

Bringing this worldview to the virtual world, Queen B Domme has forged her way into the BDSM scene in Second Life with submissives barking at her six inch heels. Currently, she has one submissive in Second Life, or, as the terminology dictates, slave. Gen Jun

But what makes someone a good dominant and what makes someone a good submissive?

“[whereas] a good sub is willing to surrender his mind and body honestly and completely to his Dom’s will, always doing his best to wholly submit, obey serve and worship his Dom. With Her pleasure above all else, ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 87

collectively affording each other freedoms that wouldn’t exist in vanilla relationships,� she continued. Basically, a dominant needs to be needed, and a submissive needs to feel wanted. She does not want any confusion about who the dominant is. The dominant should listen to her submissive and want to meet his needs. She should protect her sub from physical and mental harm. Without each other, they are nothing; together, they are complete. This soul feeling between a dominant and a submissive is hard to find when the absence of the physical is not there, like in a virtual space. But a place like Second Life can create experiences that can transcend that of the physical by means of an intense connection, sensual, spiritual experiences all bound by the emotional and mental mainframes of our minds.

The relationship between a dominant and a submissive is one that is so intertwined that it turns into something out of this world. Unlike normal relationships, the D/S relationships are built on known roles within the relationship, with each obligated to please each other, and in some ways, pleasing themselves through the act of pleasing the other. Page 88 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 89

The Illest

I know you feel us… We be the illest in here… by Far East Move

ill, adj. and n. Pronunciation: /il/ Etymology: Early Middle English ill Slang

Page 92 | ECLIPSE April 2015



ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 93

The internet has revolutionized our world — democratizing media, restructuring economies and overthrowing governments. It has been equally revolutionary in the arts — musicians, artists and fashion designers can connect directly with their customers, reducing the power of of professional guardians of the gates. Thanks to fashion bloggers, pinners and instagrammers, designers no longer need the imprimatur of Vogue or Elle to find their audience. A powerful development of this democratized fashion is the elevation of urban fashion, the chic casual street fashion influenced by the style and aesthetics of urban youth. The internet also gave us Second Life® where the greatest barrier to entry is fear of failure and which has freed the potential in anyone with the courage to try. If you weave these threads together, you get the work of Kaiden Trill, who in the language of the streets and the Oxford English Dictionary be the illest designer of all. There is no single form of music or fashion or art that one can point to and say with certainty this is the art of now. But if there were, it would be among the newest forms - such as hip hop and perhaps it is there we find the best Page 94 | ECLIPSE April 2015

reflection of modern society — young, raw, defiant and revolutionary. Certainly that is what we find when we look at the Trill’s work, whose clothing and jewelry creations for TONY and hair designs for Homage, his two brands, make him a lifestyle designer for the young, raw, defiant and revolutionary residents of our second lives. Trill’s designs are the epitome of casual no-nonsense urban chic. As Trill explains, “I’m a very laid back type of person, and I feel my designs reflect that. I create items that I find interesting or appealing to my eyes. I tend to keep it simple, as this is my natural style of dress in both Second Life and real life.” These are the lifestyle choices for the modern city iconoclast whose full life embrace more passions than just fashion, who wants to look great and still have time for challenging the past, embracing the future and taking no prisoners. In other words, the illest. Like most fashion designers, Trill finds inspiration in many ways, “As an artist I usually find inspiration any and everywhere; whether it be walking in the mall, scrolling down my dashboard on Tumblr®, or simply thinking of designs in my head. I won’t sit here and pretend that I’m this huge fashion ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 95

junkie, as I am not, but styling and putting pieces together I have a huge passion for.” That assurance, knowing what he likes and creating it is the essence of ill. Trill joined SL® after seeing a commercial for it on MTV®. As a lifelong “computer nerd,” he was immediately drawn to the possibilities. His initial forays were as noobish as anyone, mostly flying around exploring and learning how not to walk into walls. More than anything, it was the freedom that SL offers that kept him here. “As a creative free spirit I really enjoy the fact that I can express how I’m feeling, you know, just be REALLY out there, and no one is looking at me sideways.”

Page 96 | ECLIPSE April 2015

He found his way to fashion until he was in college and income source in SL. As h choices, sit and be broke, o pen.” He founded ILLMATIC, Homage and TONY, separa from his clothing and acce ing fashion brands, we can out.

It is fitting that music is a process. “Music is an impera flow; I literally HAVE to hav ing, it gets me through thos I can remember I have alwa

n through photography d needed to find a better he explained, “I had two or make something hap, but has rebranded with ating his hair creations essories. With two thrivn see how that worked

big part of his creative ative factor for my workve music on when workse extensive shifts. Since ays had a colorful music

pallette, I listen to just about every genre. I’ve never had a favorite song, since my music taste shifts within the hours, but I’m usually listening to something upbeat.. with A LOT OF BASS!” It does not hurt that he demands a lot of himself. Talking of his work he says, “I’m a perfectionist and I’m never comfortable with my current situation, so I am constantly trying to out-do myself/previous designs. I believe that you can always be better than you were before.” Trill is justifiably excited about his latest collection that he has been working on. “I made a slew of new items for males, and I have to say I’m extremely proud of everything I came up with.” Explaining that one of his challenges as a gay man designing for all men is that is often more experimental in his fashion choices. “It’s taken me a few years to really get the hang of designing for males, since I am gay, it is sometimes difficult to come up with an equal balance between heterosexual and homosexual fashion. As a gay male, I find that my choices in clothing are a lot more diverse and widespread than those of a heterosexual male. So in short, I’ve finally come up with a balance that is comfortable for me, but still appeals to my heteosexual counterparts.” Trill enjoys being a designer. He loves expressing himself creatively and realizing his vision. He takes pleasure in taking an idea from inspiration to execution and thrills seeing his designs being worn out and about. “I’m super pleased with being a designer, it gives me the opportunity to showcase my vision of art and fashion...Just like reality, with every positive there is always a negative equivalent, but in my case the positives outweigh the negatives by a landslide.” While fashion has been democratized by the interECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 97

net, high fashion has not changed much. It remains a closed loop and uses language to draw its boundaries. Urban has, for some, become code for black and that bias is so strong it extends not just to people, but to fabric and pixels. Urban fashion is often marginalized and discounted. It is not fashion, it is clothing some critics claim. This reflects the persistence of racism in the fashion industry and sadly, even in SL where identity can be as fluid as a shapeshifter. Trill still uses the word urban to describe his clothing line, but agrees that the word has acquired a stigma. However, as he puts it, “you can not put someone’s creativity in a certain box based on their avatar’s skin color or overall aesthetic of their store... I do associate my store with the term “urban”, as I do make streetwear a lot of the time, but this does not mean that is all my store offers; if that was the case my store would only have one customer base, and I have all types of customers...At this point I feel that my store appeals to everyone, as I don’t put my creativity in a box.” For those who want to be outside the box, who want to be the illest, a trip to Homage for fresh hair styles and to Tony for creative and casual essentials is in order.



Homage: Page 98 | ECLIPSE April 2015




The Factory, Trois Lunes (81.4419,170.825,3003.5)




Facebook: ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 99

Page 100 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 101

JJ26 Ragu Skirt: [ZE] Blythe Skirt {BLUE DENIM}, Top: [ZE] Blythe Top {SPRING SPARKLE} Shoes: _CD_ Grace Grape Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Sherilyn hair [LeLutka] - HAIRBASE Marilyn Makeup: .Pekka. Dark Makeup - Eyeliner Makeup: New Faces - Kendra Lipstick [Lilac] Jewelery: Formanails Jewelry: Lazuri Classic Pearls Stud Earrings Large

Page 104 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 105

JJ26 Ragu Dress: [ZE] Hillary {METALLLIC} Gloves: [77] Gloves HUD Shoes: Garbaggio // Grid Boots Hair: CATWA HAIR - RockStar Hair: DeeTaleZ shaved stripes blonde Makeup: New Faces - Vanity liner Makeup: New Faces - Kendra Lipstick Jewelry: [ glow ] studio - Black Lace earring

Page 106 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 107

Landa Crystal Hair: Lelutka - Seiko in Marilyin Fade Jewelry: Finesmith: Love does grow on trees Head piece: LaGyo - Dandelion Mohawk Boots: Maitreya - thigh High Boots Dress: Roots & Wings Queen of Hearts Blouse Hose: - Chandelier tights in Black PageCannibelle 108 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 109

Landa Crystal Trousers & Blazer: Seul Eniko in Nude Hair : Magika - Shimmer 01 Necklace: Mg Violette Cut Bead Boho Ring: 7891 - Epic Ring Shoes: Azoury - Lazarus Page 110 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 111

Payton Heron Dress: Lush by CoCo - Lilly Padded Bracelet: *CG* - chunky bangle Earrings: *BOOM* - Miami Drop Earrings Shoes: .::Loovus::. - Relevance Mule Hair: [elikatira] - Whatever Hair Ornament: NSP - Hibiscus Hair Flower Makeup: Lashes : Miamai - Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 02 MaterialGirl Eyeliner: [theSkinnery] - Cat eyeliner Lipstick: R.icielli - LIPSTICKS Page 112 | ECLIPSE April 201505 / 05

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 113

Page 114 | ECLIPSE April 2015

Payton Heron Top: .::Loovus::. - Josephine Top Skirt: .::Loovus::. - Josephine Bandeau Skirt Bracelet: [MANDALA] - Pearl rain season 2/CREAM Earrings: [MANDALA] - pearl rain season 2/CREAM Necklace: [MANDALA] - Pearl Rain season 2/CREAM Hat - Xen’s Hats - Savanna Peach Shoes: SHEY - Florance Stiletto Heels Hair: ANALOG DOG - pop scotch - black Makeup: Lashes : Miamai - Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 02 MaterialGirl Eyeliner: .::PiCHi::. - Pure Eyeliner - [black] 3 Lipstick: R.icielli - LIPSTICKS 05 / 09 ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 115

Page 116 | ECLIPSE April 2015

Sylphia Constantine Jumpsuit: Miamai - Bianka Silk Hat: Lode - Birds of Paradise Necklace: Modern Couture - Moca Handpiece: The Forge - Scale EyeShadows: It Girls - Carmen Lip 1: Jesylilo - Only With Scarlet Lip 2: Madrid Solo - Fetish Fever Hair: Wasabi Pills - Freya

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 117

Sylphia Constantine Dress: David Heather - Vionnet Blazer: David Heather - Vionnet Jewelry: Vero Modero - Bones Hair: Epoque - Fringe Lip: Noya - Peach Silver

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ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 119

Wicca Merlin Dress: GizzA - Gloria Dress Leggings: LeeZu! - Brigitte Body Tights Shoes: .Shi - Allettare Bracelet: ((Crystal line)) - Black Square Bangle Mask: Illusions - Lateris Mask Necklace: [MANDALA] - LEGENDARY Head Piece: Miamai - MiaMadonna Chloe Nail Polish: Nailed It - French Manicure/Pastels Set Page 120 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 121

Wicca Merlin Top: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Violetta Top [Toasted Almond] Pants: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Yves Pants [Toasted Almond] Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Lydia Booties [Toasted Almond] Bracelet: /artilleri/ - Wooden Bracelet Earrings:PurpleMoon - Noble Earrings-Wood Mix Hair: enVOGUE HAIR - Clarissa Nail Polish: Nailed It - French Manicure/Pastels Set Page 122 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 123




The hard working genius of these lovely ladies, Nariko Okawa, Silly Avro, WrenNoir Cerise and Liat Reina, sprouting literally from the four corners of the world, came together and advanced the way things are done in the fashion and art world by creating #HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE. Have you heard of it? Page 126 | ECLIPSE April 2015


Written by Landa Crystal Photography by Tempest Rosca


ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 127

Their like minds coming together first initiated the VISIONAIRE Community which now has two offspring: The VISIONAIRE Institute, one of the most reputable and respected photography schools on the grid, and very recently, #HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE; a complete re-conceptualization of the virtual fashion show that combines the wonderful fields of fashion, art and design with their radical creativity. I met with Nariko and Silly, two of the four founders, at their new office right behind one of the classrooms located on their new sim. They inaugurated it recently with a party that gave some of the most prominent figures in the fashion and art world an excuse to hang out and celebrate together. Page 128 | ECLIPSE April 2015

Pop, pop, popcorn, pop, we sit and talk between bowls and bowls of the buttery snack (Silly, the former Miss Puerto Rico SL is addicted to it). The words bubbly and fun would be an understatement when describing their personalities. They pull jokes on and with each other and finish each other’s sentences. There really is not a dull moment when you are around them and you have to be alert to catch their wit. Nariko, who studied in Australia has worked in London and Paris and comes from the art and fashion world in RL. Silly, on the other hand has a very strong background in education and each of the founders contributes to the organization in very clear, specific and complementary ways.

The Founders & Their Models

Family and enjoying what they do.

#HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE could be described as a cutting edge fashion lab that brings together experts and renowned fashion professionals from all over the grid, uniting models, designers and photographers in order to present their work in different locations. The #HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE Fashion Mob is comprised of models who are impeccable in their styling, active in social media and blogging, reliable and more importantly, able to multitask while on the runway through interacting with the audience. These are models who are conducting themselves professionally with everyone while working within the #HASHTAG

A discovery platform for new talent while at the same time developing its interactive concept, #HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE is highly independent and selective. They are working with the idea of choosing the best possible team. Most of their models and team members are well established and successful within their fields of work, but they also scout new talent constantly. When I asked Nariko to expand on her initial explanation, she told us we needed to throw away our usual experience at a fashion show so that we can learn how a Fashion Mob with #HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE will and should work. “Merging the differ-

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 129

Page 130 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ent components together, it is a totally new way to view fashion events as opposed to what is typically done in SL,” she said. For those aspiring #HASHTAG Models, Nariko advises to follow them on their social media links and website in order to be informed of their impromptu events. They also have a scouting crew always looking to invite new models into their family and they offer a yearly casting. But be warned! They aren’t looking for a specific type of model who´ll fit into a mold. What they are actually looking for are versatile models who can make their uniqueness show through in whatever style they choose to wear while inspiring others. The Audience In any #HASHTAG Fashion Mobbing experience, the audience is part of the show itself. These are perfect events for those of us who want a different experience as opposed to the traditional runway show with a stage in front. The founders want to be able to offer something more interactive and interesting for the audience. Fashion lovers, strong engagers in social media and any member of the general SL community in attendance have an actual opECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 131

portunity to cordially interact with the models during a #HASHTAG event because they are encouraged to welcome and embrace the audience as participants. Their models and staff are, as a whole, multicultural and multilingual, allowing for easy interactions with the SL audience. English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Malay are just some of the languages spoken by these fashion professionals. The #HASTHTAG Experience Nariko and Silly met at Avenue Models Academy while Silly met Liat when roleplaying before she even became a model. They all go way back and plan on meeting in real life someday. The initial idea for #HASHTAG came up during one of their many Skype meetings but they are quick to admit that there are many parts to it that they still have not disclosed. Preferring not to talk in depth about their plans, they will not release the information until all details and aspects have been set. The very core of #HASHTAG is in how they do things differently and in wanting to offer much more than just a repetitive experience. They are doing so in much the same way in which they are changing how SL photography works at the VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE. Their aim is to develop the individual and empower their models so that they have the autonomy to be themselves instead of dictating who they should Page 132 | ECLIPSE April 2015

“Glass Slippers Without Rubb Flat!” be or how they should look thus bringing something entirely new to the fashion industry. As a whole; you have to be outstanding and someone the fashion community will look up to. As they plan on having more Fashion Mobs in the near future making it possible for more ¨SL-tizens¨ - a term used by Nariko - to immerse themselves in their first #HASHTAG experience, they have been hard at work in order to expand their initial pool of models. The audience that follows their events is only informed of the impending fashion mobbing time and place one hour in advance through social media in and

ed. You can ask models anything about their outfits and even introduce yourself through an engaging chat. By opening the elements of the fashion industry to anyone and everyone online in SL, #HASHTAG is having a direct impact on traffic on the sim they choose for their events which are abuzz with avatars who perhaps would not have visited the place otherwise. This is a dedicated team and through the #HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE experience they are giving us an infinite array of possibilities that provide interactive experiences within their potentially unlimited concept hoping to inspire future production houses to offer interesting runway shows.

As new talent continues to emerge ber Soles Will Make Us All Fall along with their fresh ideas and remarkNariko able inspiration #HASHTAG is a celebration of creative possibilities within the out of SL. Once there, their presence SL fashion/art world that shares in the results in an immersive fashion/art experience. Rubbing elbows with models, spotlight, shine and magic among all those in attendance, whether you are a fashion designers and other members member of their Mob or not! of the community, they can give feedback and participate in the entire proTo do the #HASHTAG “thing� please join cess as they validate the work of the them at: #HASHTAG models and staff. Their events are as much about innovation and creativity as they are about Website clothes, style and fashion and they can Twitter provide a cutting edge approach to marketing with their strong integration Facebook Google+ of models, fashion and audience in an Pinterest unprecedented way. Institute FB The #HASHTAG experience is not scriptECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 133

Page 134 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 135

Page 148 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 149

Page 150 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 151

Page 152 | ECLIPSE April 2015

ECLIPSE April 2015 | Page 153

How will the value of your days be measured? What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built; not what you got, but what you gave? What will matter is not your success, but your significance. What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught. What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice that enriched, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example. What will matter is not your competence, but your character. What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will feel a lasting loss when you’re gone. What will matter is not your memories, but the memories that live in those who loved you. What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what. Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident. It’s not a matter of circumstance but of choice. Choose to live a life that matters. -The Beautiful Truth

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Lacie Beningborough.

Page 154 | ECLIPSE April 2015

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