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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011


East Cork Journal

FOR COBH? vaLue Pack Issue No. 210

A FORMAL invitation has been sent to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the hopes that they will visit Cobh in 2012 - the 100th anniversary year of the sinking of the Titanic.

Secret miLLionaire in cork

Cllr. John Mulvihill proposed the invitations, stating that the town has historic links to Britain and that, it would be hoped, the royal couple's visit could coincide with a series of plans to commemorate the sinking of Titanic.

Debate ‘fuelled’ on petrol prices

Cllr. Buckley tells the East Cork Journal, 'it seems that the closer we live to the refinery, the more expensive it gets!' But the best way to get cheap fuel may not be particularly viable on a weekly basis: in the EU, Estonia boasts the cheapest petrol at €1.25 per litre, but once you add on the plane ticket...

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two county Finals this weekend * Previews inside * reports next week!

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Recruitment Drive on Thursday in Youghal


021 4613542

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aLL For

miLL roaD, miDLeton

Just a few weeks ago, the MV Queen Elizabeth cruise-liner visited the town of Cobh: could a Prince follow in the near future?

carrigtwohiLL vS. cit

6 Steak BurgerS


The Town Clerk was instructed to send a letter of invitation to the Prince's office.

THE average price of a litre of petrol in Co. Cork as of Tuesday, September 27th is 151.9c; diesel 143.9c, yet Cllr. Pat Buckley (SF), Midleton Town Council can't understand why East Cork seems to be paying a premium for ITS fuel, with prices - on average - 3 or 4 cent higher per litre than elsewhere in the county. 'Midleton seems to be a lot higher on price than Cork City,'

Aghada & Whitegate NS Junior Infants 2011 Lisgoold playground opens

2 SirLoin SteakS 3 chicken FiLLetS 3 Pork choPS 1LB mince BeeF

The motion to do so was passed at Cobh Town Council's last meeting, with the agreement to also invite the British Ambassador to Ireland, Julian King, as well as the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Eamon Gilmore.

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ATLANTIC Hospitality Services (AHS) have been appointed as the new management company to take over the daily running & operation of the Walter Raleigh Hotel, Youghal, following last week’s shock announcement of its closure.

AHS has 14 hotels under asset management throughout Europe and the USA and its Regional Manager, Stephen O’Connor told the East Cork Journal, ‘The Walter Raleigh Hotel has been a landmark for years in the town, and plans are well underway to open the property as soon as possible.’ Open Interviews are planned at the hotel for this Thursday, September 29th and Tuesday, October 4th, to recruit for all areas of the hotel, in particular for accommodation, reception, bar and kitchen positions. Interested applications should visit the hotel, with their CV, between 11am and 3pm on either day.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

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Council asked to take Midleton estate in charge CHRISTY PARKER REPORTS

RESIDENTS of Midleton’s Bromley Court Estate should either seek that the estate developer complete a snag list of work or petition the Town Council if they wish to have the estate taken in hand by the local authority.

That was the advice given by Town Clerk Joe McCarthy at September’s town council meeting, following a motion aired by Cllr. Niall O’Neill that the council take charge of the 10 year-old development ‘as a matter of urgency.’

Cllr. O’Neill said public lighting on the estate needed fixing and representations had been made to the developer and to the Town Council. He realised that this was not a council issue but, as he understood it, a snag list had been given but that, having completed it satisfactorily, ‘the goalposts had been moved.’

He had been approached by residents, he explained, who had paid considerable sums for their properties and were being left, effectively, with an unfinished project.


29 St Mary’s Road, Midleton OPEN: 10AM - 1PM, 2PM - 4.30PM (MONDAY-FRIDAY) for advice or assistance Tel: 021 4632867, Fax: 021 4621133


Please visit my website

Town Clerk Joe McCarthy said he knew ‘nothing about goalposts being moved’, but suggested that the estate’s engineer might have asked for another item to be rectified that was not originally included on the snag list, which ‘wouldn’t be unusual.’ Ultimately, he said it was ‘a private matter between the residents and the developer.’

That said, the council had written to the developer in October 2008 seeking completion of the snag list, as yet to no avail.

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Mr. McCarthy also said that those buying homes in estates must realise they are also buying access to open spaces and public lighting and therefore not relying on local authorities to resolve problems. Cllr. Ted Murphy agreed that the onus was on the developer ‘to bring an estate up to standard.’ Cllr. O’Neill questioned whether a bond remained, by which work could be completed.

With one of our courses we can cater for the absolute beginner or take an experienced user to the next level

The Town Clerk said a bond is a guarantee from a financial institution and would diminish in worth as work progressed. Bonds ‘are also time limited’ and the one in question had ‘expired,’ he explained. Mr. McCarthy stated that ‘the majority of house owners (as against residents only) could petition the local authority to take charge of the estate.’ On the downside, this could incur ‘a financial imposition that would have to be met by the ratepayer,’ he added.

Note for our readers & advertisers: From next Thursday, OCTOBER 6TH, the East Cork Journal’s offices will be closed on Thursdays each week, due to increased weekend production Please email us on Thursdays at or call 021 4638022 where messages will be returned on Friday.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal


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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Secret Millionaire to go undercover in Cork IN the final episode of ‘The Secret Millionaire’, scheduled for Monday, October 3rd at 9.35pm on RTE One, Nadim Sadek leaves his paradise island off Mayo and goes undercover in inner city Cork on a search for charities to help. Nadim is an Irish-born millionaire, living on his luxury private island, Inish Turk Beg, off the coast of Mayo.

€250,000 Lotto Plus 2 win heads to the Rebel county

But Nadim is swapping his paradise island for a small house in one of the poorest areas of inner city Cork. For eight days he’ll live alone and for the first time in his life he’ll try and fend for himself on the minimum wage. Nadim will go undercover in the community, secretly working side by side with the people he might just be able to help. At the end of his stay, he’ll give away thousands of euro of his own money and only then reveal himself as The Secret Millionaire.

A LUCKY couple from Cork City celebrated their Lotto Plus 2 win at National Lottery offices.

He has made a small fortune from marketing and developing strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands. Now he lives on his private Island, Inish Turk Beg, which has become Nadim’s latest brand. As well as offering hospitality, he produces single-malt Irish whiskey, music from The Inishturkbeggers and art exhibitions.

The lucky winners, who wish to remain anonymous, went to their local shop on Tuesday to check a number of old tickets they had lying around the house.

Nadim Sadek was born in Ireland to an Egyptian father and an Irish mother. His career has taken him all over the world.

But it’s the music that’s most important to Nadim.

The regular Lotto players won the top prize of €250,000 in the Lotto draw on Wednesday, September 7th, purchasing their lucky €10 Quick Pick ticket at Dunnes Stores, Ballincollig on the day of the draw.

This love of music leads him to search specifically for charitable projects in Cork that use music to help the people in disadvantaged communities.

‘When I scanned one of the tickets and it told me to contact the National Lottery, I couldn’t believe it. The biggest Lotto win we have had to date was €10,’ laughed the lucky husband. ‘I never thought it would happen to us. My wife was crying with joy,’ he added.

The personal transformation for Nadim is significant and immensely rewarding, not just for him but for the people he meets too.

‘We will definitely continue to play lotto as we know that our money is going to many really good causes around Ireland,’ added the lucky lady.

Along the way he encounters other charities that challenge his own personal views of charity, religion and giving in general.

The lucky pair have no immediate plans for their win.

WEEKLY FINALLY the air is starting to clear, and a path opens to show you a new direction. The things that have been holding you back don’t seem so important anymore and you can put your head down and push forward. Midweek seems to bring new stresses but they are short-lived and are gone before you know it. A friendly smile has hidden meanings this weekend so dress to impress when you are out and about.

THERE might be a need for some time out this week, so don’t make too many plans ahead of time. The winds of change are blowing and you may be feeling the effects. This can make you feel a little off balance. Don’t panic, everything will settle again and it will be just like normal. There are some nice surprises in the changes that come, so be happy and open to them. Friday should be a social night, someone's waiting for you.

SILLY little things can be blown out of proportion by someone. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into the 'who did what' argument. Finding a solution to a nagging problem brings you great pleasure and relief and helps you to move forward to other things. Social scenes are just the medicine this weekend and make take you down memory lane as old acquaintances reappear. Time to catch up on lost time.

LITTLE things mean a lot to someone who holds you in high regard, so keep this in mind when dealing with them this week. There should be plenty of reasons to celebrate at the end of the week, as you get a chance to spread your wings for a change. This also gives a certain someone a chance to make an appearance and dazzle you. So, look your best and get out and enjoy yourself this is your week.

THERE are a lot of strange things happening around you this week, but they are all leading to an event. Don’t the planets have a funny way of guiding us? Sometimes it’s necessary to just let things flow, even though everyone seems to be rushing around you in a disorganised frenzy. It’s better if you just step aside and leave them to it. You are going to look so chilled out in comparison to everyone else.

YOU can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Good advice you have been giving someone seems to have fallen on deaf ears.There’s no sense pushing the issue as you can gloat as much as you want to when it all comes crashing down. Chances are they will deny that you ever had the answer in the first place. By the weekend you should be watching the cash for unexpected demands are waiting.

TAKE a step back from a disagreement two people are having this week. You could get dragged right into the middle of something pretty nasty. Better keep your Libran dignity and walk away. It’s a difficult thing to do because Libras like to balance things out, but not this time. At least you will be able to help the loser with kind words which should compensate. Someone is admiring you from afar this week. Smile.

IT can be really funny sometimes watching people over-react to small things. It normally means they are bored and nothing else is going on in their life. Bear this in mind when someone flies of the handle over something stupid this week. You're far better off just totally ignoring their little rant as you have to be in a happy mood this week. When happy is what you give, happy is what you get, in bucketloads... Enjoy.

SOMETIMES just being totally and brutally honest is the best policy. It saves long stories, excuses and time. Although some people might call it insensitive, it’s the kinder option and they will thank you in the long run. This week is a little chaotic at the start but should be levelling out by about Thursday when you are reunited with a friend from the past. This is the medicine you needed to mellow for the weekend.

THE trick is to always try to keep a level head when dealing with difficult people, and never rise to their challenge. You have quite good people skills and you know how to use them - this is the time you play them at their best. Work pressures at the beginning of the week do ease if they are handled early and with a clear head.This leaves a clear path for your weekend to be a time of chilling out.

DREAMS are never fully out of reach, we just need to put the first step in their direction and make them ours. This is a time for big changes for you and a time to become the person you always wanted. Take a leaf out of your own book and make that first step.Try listening to someone's problems this week because you may just have the solution they have been desperately waiting on to overcome something.

THE recent stresses you have been experiencing have all been leading up to something that should be unfolding soon. Be patient, a stranger’s smile could hold more promise than you first think. Test the financial water before dashing out to buy something you just fancy this week. You may find that once again it’s something you don’t need and possibly never will. You will need that money very soon.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

‘This town must honour that woman’ Midleton agrees to erect sculpture to true heroine CHRISTY PARKER REPORTS

MIDLETON Town Council is set to erect a sculpture in honour of one the town’s forgotten, but most heroic, citizens.

Nellie Cashman was just five year old when she and her family left their native town for America during the Famine years. Her life would evolve into an inspiring tale of hard work, bravery, kindness, determination and true Christianity across the pioneering country. She is honoured and revered in several states and cities across the US, yet when visitors from those parts arrive in her hometown, they are often stunned to find no indication or reference to her name anywhere. This was the stirring argument presented by Cllr. Ted Murphy at September’s Midleton Town Council meeting when he tabled a motion that a permanent memorial to Nellie be incorporated into the upgrading of the Main Street over the coming year. He founded his proposal around the 1% funding provided in the Planning for Art Schemes in conjunction with the project.

Cllr. Murphy related that Nellie (christened Ellen), her mother and younger sister (both christened Francis), along with her father Patrick, departed Midleton for America. En route to Cobh, Patrick disappeared – probably arrested or killed, but never heard of or from again. The family travelled nonetheless, spending over a decade in Boston before heading west. The rest is a story of incredible adventure and achievement, invoking amongst others, Wyatt Earp and General Ulysses Grant, the founding of restaurants, shops, schools and hospitals, long sledge rides to save 100 miners from snow and starvation, the establishment of church services in a saloon bar in Tombstone and dozens of other fearless and fantastic feats. Cllr. Murphy observed that several books and video recordings of Nellie are in circulation.

‘It’s very important that this town honours that woman,’ he pleaded. Cllr. Niall O’Neil heatedly supported the motion, pointedly noting that the first he had heard of the heroine was a year previously when Cllr. Murphy had raised her name in a similar motion. ‘It’s practically incumbent on

Save Money on FueL CoSTS! MIDLETON


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us to honour her,’ suggested Cllr. O’Neil, adding that other ‘forgotten’ local characters could in time also be similarly ‘brought back to life.’

Cllr. Noel Collins concurred, viewing street sculpture as ‘part of our culture.’

With unanimous approval, Nellie’s history seems at last set to have a future at home.

New photographic competition will capture the essence of spike Island ‘The Cork Harbour Legacy & Legends Photographic Competition’

Midleton Stoves now offering specialised chimney and stove cleaning service

SaLeS, FiTTing & RePaiR oF SToveS We stock stove glass & seals

Unit 4A, Europa Park, Cork Road, Midleton, Cork

Tel: 021 463 2031

MIDLETON FOOT CLINIC Putting you and your feet first... With you every step of the way For all your routine Podiatry treatments including chiropody, diabetes care, verruca treatments, fungal infections, sweaty feet, allergy testing, orthotics/insoles

OrthOtIc assessmeNt aND fIttINg specIal Offer fOr september €375 Members of the Cork Camera Club returning from Spike Island THE Carlton Hotel Group and Dr. Michael Martin’s ‘Titanic Trail’ are delighted to sponsor a new photographic competition, the ‘Cork Harbour Legacy & Legends Photographic Competition,’ which will run until the end of the season. The winning prize is a fantastic two day break, with dinner one night, at any Carlton Hotel of choice in Ireland, plus €200 cash. This competition is open to Munster-based camera clubs and it is hoped that this will develop into an annual event, focusing on a different aspect of Cork Harbour every year. The idea for the competition came about due

to the rich diversity of themes that present themselves to visitors to the island. The organisers have selected four categories for submission to the competition, which are: Ecclesiastical/Historical; Architectural/Military; Flora/Fauna and Seascapes/Seashore. Category winners will receive a certificate of achievement and it has been indicated that Cork County Council could well exhibit selected entries in public areas inside Fort Mitchel on Spike Island. To date, three local camera clubs have taken part in a special photographic tour of the is-

land to compete in the competition. These were the Cork Camera Club, the Clonakilty Club and the Cobh Camera Club. Unfortunately, amateur photographers who are not members of a camera club cannot be facilitated to enter the competition as there is a minimum requirement for numbers on these specialised tours.

Interested camera clubs who wish to compete in this competition should contact Michael Martin at their earliest convenience as the season is drawing to a close, at 021 4815211 or email


Also House calls by appointment

For an appointment ring 021 4621044 Robert Sullivan BSc. (Hons)., Dip.Pod.Med., PGC. Pod Sur., Cert. L.A., FSSCh, FIChPA, M.Inst.Ch.P. Dept. of Health Approved. Health Professions Council Registered

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Whitegate Youth Club’s future looks bright with premises secured WHITEGATE Youth Club is delighted to announce that they have secured club premises that have been kindly offered by Aghada GAA. In what has been a major breakthrough in such a short space of time, it now gives the club the security to be able to plan and run weekly activities for their members in their new clubroom. WYC will, tomorrow, Thursday, September 29th have its first club night from 7pm to 9pm for new and regular members and every Thursday after that, so all are very welcome.

After what can only be described as a very busy summer for this newly-established club with activities that ranged from Swimming, Kayaking, Go Karting, Pitch & Putt, Bus Trips, Combat Laser and organising their firstever Youth Club Disco, interest has grown from week to week and support from the local community has been nothing short of amazing.

At present, the club is run by a small core of local parents and residents, who are constantly looking for new committee members to get involved. All volunteers are trained and Garda-vetted and currently have Child Protection (L1) upcoming

Friday, October 7th at 10am

Carphone Warehouse Manager, Ryan Hennessy presents Colm Carey and Whitegate Youth Club with sponsorship of a free phone and 3 months credit to help the club continue to grow

on Saturday, Octpber 8th in Midleton.

Speaking to the East Cork Journal, Colm Carey expressed his delight at this link-up and wanted to thank Robin Triggs, Barry Day and the committee of Aghada GAA Club for being so accommodating, and offering WYC the use of their top-class facilities. Colm stated that they could now identify and purchase various items of equipment and games that the members can come and use on a weekly basis. At this stage it would have been impossible to keep going, only for the support and donations

giving locally by Trabolgan, Aghada Community Council, TK’s, EuroSpar, The Long Point, Aghada Post Office and The Schooner Bar, Whitegate and the Carphone Warehouse, Complete Office, and La Trattoria Midleton.

UNDER 5 MIXED Tiny tots

1st: Abbey, 2nd: Conor Twohig, 3rd: Isabelle O’Callaghan. Girls 5 and 6 years 1st: Ciara Mulcahy, 2nd: Aoibhinn O’Neill. Boys 5 and 6 years 1st: Calum Lynch, 2nd: Syd Herlihy, 3rd: Aaron Horan. Girls 5 and 6 years 1st: Ella Woods, 2nd: Isabelle McGreal, 3rd: Sarah Mulkeen. Boys 7 and 8 years 1st: Adam Horan, 2nd: Adam Murphy, 3rd: Peter Cooney. Boys 9 and 10 years 1st: Luke Murphy, 2nd: Ryan Lynch, 3rd: Jake Shine. Boys 11 and 12 years 1st: Luke Mylod, 2nd: Aria Shahee, 3rd: James Mulcahy.

Girls 6, 7 and 8 years 1st: Aoibhinn O’Neill Boys 6, 7 and 8 years 1st: Peter Cooney, 2nd: Toni Linehan, 3rd: Adam Murphy. Girls 9 and 10 years 1st: Ella Woods, 2nd: Isabelle McGreal, 3rd: Chloe McCormack. Boys 9 and 10 years 1st: Daniel Mulcahy, 2nd: Luke Murphy, 3rd: Jake Shine. Boys 11, 12 and 13 years 1st: Luke Mylod, 2nd: Aria Shaki, 3rd: James Mulcahy.

OVER one thousand students have enrolled in further level courses in agriculture and horticulture in Teagasc colleges this autumn. A further 283 students are studying higher level Teagasc courses linked to Institutes of Technology and Universities. The increased interest in Teagasc courses at Kildalton College reflects a renewed interest in farming and horticulture at a time when other areas of the general economy have slowed down. The view that agriculture is an outdated industry has disappeared with a surge of young people entering the industry.

To become involved either as a member / volunteer or make a donation just check out the Facebook page Early indications are that this trend will continue with students or email having already applied for courses starting in the autumn of Alternatively, contact our club 2012. mobile 087-1810007 day or night. Students and parents will have the

Knockraha Area Community Association Family Fun Day


Explore your potential at Kildalton College Careers Day


Mixed section 6, 7 and 8 years 1st: Tim Twohig, 2nd: Aoibhinn O’Neill, 3rd: Roisin O’Neill. Boys 6, 7 and 8 years 1st: Tim Twohig, 2nd: Aaron Horan, 3rd: Peter Cooney. Girls 9 and 10 years 1st: Lucy O’Neill, 2nd: Ellie Murphy, 3rd: Leah. Boys 9 and 10 years 1st: Daniel Mulcahy, 2nd: Jake Shine, 3rd: Luke Murphy. Boys 11 and 12 years 1st: Isaac Whooley, 2nd:Colm O’Flaherty, 3rd: Daniel O’Flaherty.


Boys 9 and 10 years 1st: Daniel Mulcahy and Tadgh Herlihy, 2nd: James Mulcahy and Jake Shine, 3rd: Louis McKenna Carroll and Matt Muroney. Boys 11 and 12 years 1st: Isaac Whooley and Danny O’Flynn, 2nd: Peter Cooney and Syd Herlihy, 3rd: John and Luke Dunlea. Girls 9 and 10 years 1st: Ella Woods and Caroline Rose Mulkeen, 2nd: Isabelle McGreal 3rd: Sharon Harold and Orla O’Donoghuue.


1st: Willie Mulkeen and Tom Dunlea, 2nd: Liz Horan and Gerry Kelly.

opportunity to see the College and apply for courses when Kildalton College holds its Careers Day on Friday 7th October 2011. Tours start at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. when potential students and career guidance counsellors can get full details, application forms and selection procedures for the range of courses at Kildalton College. Frank Murphy, College Principal, welcomed the increased interest in agriculture saying the growing interest among young people in studying agriculture and horticulture reflects the solid prospects for the agriculture sector into the future. Dairy, beef, sheep and tillage farmers have all had a good year to date in 2011. Buoyancy in milk and meat markets together with good cereal yields on tillage farms have been good this harvest and have added to the confidence in the industry.

John Kelly, Assistant Principal Agriculture, pointed out that Ireland is a major exporter of food, valued at over €8 billion in 2010. The recent ‘Food Harvest 2020’ report sets a target of €12 billion by 2020. In global terms Ireland is currently the 5th largest exporter of beef and 4th largest of butter. Irish farmers produce sufficient food to feed 36 million people and it is anticipated this figure will have reached 50 million by 2020. Irish agriculture currently supports 308,000 jobs making up between 14 and 15 per cent of total employment.

Horticulture Training at Kildalton

Interest in amenity horticulture has been strong in recent years; however there is now a significant increase in interest in commercial food crop production. This reflects wider interest in farmers markets and growing your own produce. Kildalton has seen increased intake in the Certificate in Horticulture in the past 2 years. The Careers Day will be an opportunity to visit the horticultural enterprise and get information on the career opportunities in horticulture.

Equine Courses at Kildalton College

The interest in horse breeding and equitation skills has grown and this is reflected in the keen demand for places on the Horse Breeding and Training courses at Kildalton College. Students can specialise in stud management or focus on developing their riding skill and taking their BHS (British Horse Society) exams while attending Kildalton Col-

lege. This makes equine courses attractive to students. Growing global emphasis on bio energy and increased demand for food commodities is positioning Irish agriculture as a vital national industry. New opportunities are arising and those interested in agriculture, equine and horticulture courses should come to the Kildalton Careers Day on Friday 7th October. Parents, students and guidance counsellors are invited to visit Kildalton College and see first hand the range of courses that can be taken at the college.

Changing Economies

Anyone interested in the range of courses available at Kildalton College should contact the following: Frank Murphy (College Principal) - 051-644403 John Kelly (Assistant Principal Agriculture) - 051-644430 Ciaran Walsh (Assistant Principal Horticulture) - 051-644421 Reception - 051-644400

TRANSFORMING IRELAND Funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013

KILDALTON COLLEGE CAREERS DAY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7TH, 2011 (Tours start at 10am and 11am)

Full details on Teagasc & Third Level Courses in: * Agriculture * Dairy Herd Management * Drystock Management * Farm Machinery/Crop Management * Horse Breeding and Training * Horticulture * WIT Courses Schools travelling to this event should book in advance. Refreshments available on the day.

For further information contact: Kildalton College, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny

Tel: (051) 644400 E-mail:

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News Youghal’s Mary Barron YOUGHAL

Compiled by Denise FitzGerald 087 812 8262 /

Economic return of Youghal Heritage Week event estimated at over €200,000 Local communities benefit from Heritage Week spend

Over 1,400 events took place nationwide, many of which were free. Throughout the week, volunteers and many heritage experts gave of their time free to enable the general public to experience Ireland’s heritage.

CRY ‘Monster’ Hallowe’en Table-Top


Hugh Clogan and Ferdia Scully, enjoyed the Mediaeval Festival held in Youghal recently

THE economic return to Youghal of the Youghal Medieval Festival which took place on Sunday, August 21st, as part of National Heritage Week is estimated at over €200,000. Over 6,000 people attended the day in Youghal, with a total of 16,000 attending five medieval festivals run in other areas by the Irish Walled Towns Network. Commenting on these figures, Michael Starrett, Chief Executive of the Heritage Council, coordinators of National Heritage Week said, ‘With over 400,000 people attending National Heritage Week events across the country that week, the knock-on economic impact for local communities is potentially fantastic. The findings from Youghal are evidence that funding, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in supporting local communities and in sustaining a vibrant local economy. In recent years, the heritage sector has been decimated with many skilled craftsmen and trained professionals finding themselves unemployed. The knock-on effect of this is felt in small businesses and suppliers throughout the country.

‘If we are to market Ireland’s heritage successfully we need to put some funding into its management and conservation. As a country, we cannot expect to have a sustainable tourism product that continues into the future, if we fail to take care of the basic attributes of that product. ‘Heritage management, conservation, wildlife projects and the simple upkeep of certain buildings are threatened by funding cuts. It is not about the big spend, small amounts achieve a very big return on heritage investment. The current focus on heritage week could not demonstrate that better,’ Michael concluded.

CRY’s MONSTER Hall o w e ’ e n Tabletop Quiz will be held on Thursday, October 27th, at Power’s Bar (Mount Uniacke). A table of 4 costs €30. The quiz starts at 8pm sharp, there will be a raffle on the night and fancy dress is optional. A great night is assured and all proceeds will go to the CRY Relocation Fund.

Save Youghal Ambulance has NOT gone away

Statement from Jim Flanagan, PRO for Save Youghal Ambulance Committee September 24th, 2011

To date, we the above with the support of the local community, TDs, County Councillors, GPs and Town Councillors have been opposed to the proposal from the HSE to remove the ambulance service from Youghal and surrounding areas.

The position to date is that thought it may appear that we have been silent, indeed the opposite is true. Since our first public meeting and subsequent protests, there have been a number of meetings between the HSE and all of the above mentioned. The current position is that further meetings are to take place and, while the general feeling with the GPs is that the proposals put forward by the HSE look very good in the long term, Youghal and surrounding areas could not be without their own ambulance service in the short term. So, for this reason, we will continue to fight to save our ambulance service with the help of all of the above. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our TDs County Councillors, local councillors, GPs and indeed the general public for all of your support so far, to retain our own ambulance service.


A white Pug Dog with a black face went missing on Wednesday, September 7th, between Garryvoe and Ballinoma. If you have any information please contact 087 7721439.

selected as 2011 Cork Grandparent of the Year CADBURY Roses and Friends of the Elderly have announced the Cork winner of the 2011 Grandparent of the Year competition: 52 year old Mary Barron from Youghal was nominated by her 2 year old grandchild Aaron O’Donovan. His entry stated: ‘I think my nana Mary should win Grandparent of the Year because she is the best in the world. She always puts others before herself and is very good to me and my mum! She always takes me for walks and buys me little presents all the time. I would love for her to win so I can show her just how much she means to us and how much we love her!’

ents and their grandchildren. We hope that this competition encourages grandchildren, young and old all over Ireland to spend more time with their grandparents. We are delighted to be involved again this year with Friends of the Elderly who promote such a worthy cause.’ As well as an overall winner, Cadbury and Friends of the Eld-

erly will also be awarding the county winners with a delicious Cadbury Roses Hamper and a €200 voucher courtesy of the Irish Professional Photographers Association. The competition attracted huge interest from all over the country with hundreds of heart warming entries illustrating just how special Irish grandparents are.

National Grandparents Day, held on the last Sunday of September each year, encourages all grandchildren across Ireland to visit their grandparents and say thank you for all the love and support they have given over the years. Commenting at the announcement, Shane Guest, Kraft Foods Ireland said, ‘A big congratulations to all our winners. It’s wonderful to see the great relationship between grandpar-

Horsing around

The Inch Charity Horse Ride 2011 will take place on Sunday, October 9th at 2pm sharp. Registration from 1pm at the Half Way Bar, Tallow Road. All monies raised will go to the Youghal Cancer Support Group. For more information, please contact Jim on 086 8031186,

Touch of Class Fashion Show almost here

The above will take place on Tuesday, October 4th at 8pm at Youghal GAA Pavilion. Proceeds in aid of KGK (Knockanore, Glendine & Kilwatermoy) Community Sports Hall. Tickets €15 including draw for €100 voucher from Touch of Class. Models courtesy of the Illusive Pro Company. Fabulous Autumn/Winter collections in store including many exciting new labels - all welcome to attend.

Perks are Best Party Venue according to Primary Times Star Awards 2011

THE best of what Ireland has to offer families has been revealed in the results of this year’s Primary Times STAR Awards, as voted for by parents of children under 12 in this country. Readers of Primary Times – the largest free family

magazines & website in Ireland – voiced their views on the country’s most family friendly firms and scored their favourites on customer service, facilities, choice and value for money. The all-important party venue was a hotly-contested category, with Perks Entertainment Centre scoring top in the south.

Events at Cumann na Daoine

28/9: 10am - 11.30pm Yoga 2pm - 5pm Tea Dance Positive Ageing Week 6.45pm - 8pm Evening Walking Group 7.30pm - 9.30pm Needlework & Craftwork 7.30pm - 9pm GROW (Community Mental Health Group) 29/9: 8pm - 9.45pm Bingo

30/9: 2pm - 4pm Indoor Bowls

3/10: 10am - 12noon: Needlework & Craftwork 4pm - 5pm St. Vincent de Paul 4/10: 5.45pm - 7.30pm Bingo 7.30pm - 9pm Yoga

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Wednesday, September 28th. 2011 - The East Cork Journal

The Ecclesiastical Review East Cork

Ecclesiastical Events Parish of Midleton and Ballintotis The Holy Rosary Church, Midleton Saturday, 6.10pm and 7.30pm Sunday, 9am, 10.30am and 12noon Weekdays: 8am and 10pm. There is no 8am Mass on Saturday mornings and Bank Holidays.

Mass times:

Ballintotis: Sunday, 10am

Midleton Community Hospital Chapel: Sunday, 7.30am and 9.45am; Monday to Friday 11am; Saturday 9.30am Hospital Confessions and Anointings: Friday, September 30th at 11.20am.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests’ Society

The Diocesan quarterly meeting of the above society, will take place tonight, Wednesday, September 28th, at the Edmund Rice Centre, Rosary Place, Midleton at 8pm. All welcome. The monthly vigil to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, will take place in St. Benedict’s Priory, Cobh, on Friday, September 30th, (The eve of the first Saturday), starting at 8pm. All welcome.

Vigil to the Sacred Heart

Anyone willing to host the October Stations, might contact the priest of their area or Fr. Goold. The Stations will begin in the Holy Rosary Church, Midleton, on Monday, October 3rd.

October Stations

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary: Friday, October 7th

To help our preparation for the International Eucharistic Congress next June, it is proposed that we focus on Our Lady and the Eucharist on the Feast Day of the Patron of the Parish. Fr. Jim Moore, CC Mallow, will preach on that evening. Friday, October 14th: Kilmountain, Upper and Lower Ballinascartha John and Rita Kelleher Caheralton, Curragine and Loughaderra - Pat and Deirdre Barry.

Rural Stations

Thursday, October 20th: Ballintotis, Ballybutler, Ballyedkin and Farrantrenchard in conjunction with the Harvest Thanksgiving Mass in Ballintotis Church at 7.30pm. Friday, October 21st: Bawnard and Loughatalia - Edward and Marian O’Malley. Friday, October 28th: Inegraga, Carrigagour, Knockgorm, Coppingerstown and Grenagh - Aidan and Brenda McAuliffe.

Date to be arranged: Kilbree, Killorgan, Gurteenina and Attaquin - Pat and Mary O’Brien

Dromada, Gurtstoke, Glenagare, Meelshane and Dromsarane - Seamus Walsh.

Parish of Youghal (People trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life) We meet for worship every Sunday morning at 11am in Brú na Sí (kindly loaned). Speaker expected is Mervyn Scott. ‘Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade – kept in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God’s power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time.’ 1 Peter 1v3-5.

Youghal Baptist Church

People from all backgrounds and nationalities are welcome. For more details, contact Mervyn Scott on 024-25964 or 086-1732034 or see

Coffee morning for the bereaved of affected by suicide

A coffee morning for those bereaved or affected by suicide will take place on Tuesday, October 4th and the first Tuesday of each month in The Boardwalk, Lapps Quay, Cork City. Tea, coffee and scones kindly donated by Neil Prenderville. All are welcome and you may bring a spouse, sibling or friend/s with you. The coming together of those similarly bereaved can offer the opportunity to gain strength and understanding from individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one through suicide.

Bob Hope’s widow dies at age of 102

THE widow of entertainer Bob Hope has died, at the amazing age of 102. Her obituary notes her Catholic roots: Dolores DeFina was born on May 27, 1909, in Harlem, the daughter of John Thomas DeFina and the former Theresa Kelly. She grew up in the Bronx and changed her last name to Reade when she began a career as a nightclub singer

She was appearing at the Vogue Club in Manhattan under that name in 1933 when the actor George Murphy took Bob Hope to see her. At the time, Murphy and Hope were starring in the Jerome Kern-Otto Harbach musical comedy ‘Roberta’ at the New Amsterdam Theater. She and Mr. Hope were married the following year.

She continued her singing career during the early years of their marriage, often appearing in Hope’s vaudeville shows, but she largely retired to bring up their four adopted children. Her husband sometimes mentioned her in his monologues, and besides turning up for many of his television specials, Mrs. Hope occasionally appeared as herself in series, including ‘The Jack Benny Program’ in 1958 and the public affairs program ‘The Christophers,’ also in the 1950s. She sometimes accompanied her husband on his tours entertaining American armed forces overseas. On a Christmas tour during the Vietnam War, she sang ‘Silent Night’ to the troops, bringing many to tears. Hope promptly sent his wife back to the United States.

‘The last thing those guys needed was sentiment,’ he was quoted as saying in an article in the Toronto Globe and Mail that appeared shortly after his death. ‘Dolores became their mother. What they needed was Raquel Welch.’ Mrs. Hope, a Roman Catholic, received many humanitarian awards for her charitable work, much of it on behalf of Catholic charities benefitting the poor. She was also the founding president of the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

Bees for the Pontifical farms at Castelgandolfo

AS part of its initiatives to mark the Day for the Protection of Creation, the Italian agricultural organisation ‘Coldiretti’ has given Pope Benedict XVI eight beehives containing more than 500,000 bees. The beehives will be kept at the pontifical farm of Castelgandolfo where they will be used in pollination and the production of honey (some 280 kilos a year).

pends on crops pollinated by insects, eighty percent of which are bees.


Prayer of the Faithful: 6pm, Lea le Guillou, 10.30am, Gary Meade and 12.30pm Pascal Griffin.

Confession: Monday, 7.30pm to 8.30pm;


land and Clydyff - Vincent and Joan Crotty Monday, October 10th: Castleview Nos 1 to 36: Jim and Irene Gill (No. 14) Tuesday, October 11thL Castle Close - Pat and Nellie McGrath Wednesday, October 12th: Ballyrichard North and Waterock North - Ultan and Miriam Savage Thursday, October 13th: Carrigane, Ballyadam, Heamount and Curragh - Kieran and Deirdre Gosnell Friday, October 14th: Ballintubber West - Mary McCarthy Monday, October 17th: Ballyvodock - Jim and Mary Carroll Tuesday, October 18th: Oatencake West - Padraig McSweeney.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Collette on 087 2750355 or Brigit on 087 6310482.

Parish of Carrigtwohil

Mass times: Monday to Friday, 7.30am and 10am; Saturday, 10am and 6pm; Sunday, 8.30am, 10.30am and 12.30pm. Rosary, Monday to Saturday after 10am Mass Sunday, 10.10am, Church Adoration Monday, 7pm to 9pm, Church Prayer Group Wednessday, 7.30pm to 8.30pm, Convent

Saturday after 10am Mass until 10.45am and after 6pm Mass until 7pm. Weekend October 1st / 2nd: Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion 6pm: Anne Murphy and David O’Gorman 8.30am: Brendan Coleman 10.30am: Mary Barry, Michael Ahern and Teresa Murray 12.30pm: Dermot Cashman, Marie Menzies and Margot Hartnett

Liturgical Apostolate

Readers: 6pm: Pat Burke, 8.30am: Eileen Ahern, 10.30am: Jude O’Sullivan, 12.30pm: Anita McDonnell.

Coldiretti explained that bees play a vital role in the planet’s ecosystem and their disappearance would have disastrous consequences for health and the environment: a third of human food production de-

Parish Diary: Legion of Mary, Tuesday

Tuesday, October 4th: Oatencake East, Laurel Court, Dwyer Road - Patrick O’Connor, 9 Laurel Court Wednesday, October 5th: Castle Avenue - John and Jenny Buckley Thursday, October 6th: Tibbotstown, Forrestown and Cloneen - Charlie and Mossy Walsh Friday, October 7th: Carrigtwohill East, Burgess-

Autumn Stations

The ‘Campagna Amica’ Association will provide technical assistance to the pontifical farms to oversee the protection of the bees and the production of honey. Castelgandolfo is considered to be a model farm because it unites traditional production methods with modern technology. It has 25 dairy cows, 300 hens and 60 cockerels as well as an ancient olive grove producing three thousand litres of oil a year, an orchard of apricot and peach trees and a greenhouse of ornamental flowers.

If you wish to contribute to this page, please contact Denise on 087 8128262 or email

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Bitesize News

Well done, ladies


Compiled by Kathleen Woulfe

Art Source Network Exhibition at the Courtyard

ON show at The Courtyard Gallery in Midleton from October 1st to 14th is an exhibition of new works by members ofArt Source Network.

The Art Source Network is a select group of artists whose work is also permanently showcased in a dedicated studio at the Courtyard Gallery. Those exhibiting in the current exhibition include June Matthews, Brigid Shelly, Maureen Roe, Sue van Coppenhagen, Mary Gough, Clare McCarthy, Barbara Barrett, Erika Hellmich, Noreen Murphy, Dolores O’Leary, Judith Gahan, Ciara Wall, Veronika O’Driscoll, Michael Magee, Mary Hurley, Lisa Hyslop, Pat Crowley, Sue Jacob, Jennifer McAuliffe and Lora Murphy. All have exhibited in solo or group exhibitions at The Courtyard in recent years, as well as in other venues. Their work ranges from figurative to landscape to abstract paintings, as well as silk-screen print, and magical tiled mirrors. Because of the diversity of styles, media and subjects within the group, a wide range of choices can be offered to viewers, with something to suit all tastes. Commissions are also undertaken by many of the artists. The exhibition's official opening will take place on Saturday, October 1st at 2.30pm. All welcome to attend.

Well done, ladies

Heartiest congratulations to the Cork Ladies Senior Football Team on winning the All-Ireland on Sunday last. It was a great treat to watch these outstanding footballers, sometimes heart-stopping, and I hope they get the reception they deserve as they bring the honours to Cork this year. Sorry that Amy had to go off through injury, but you were jubilant in your words of congratulations to all the team and manager etc.

Baby boy

Congratulations and best wishes on the birth of their baby boy Peter, to Antoinette Keniry and Ivor Duggan.

Recent engagement

Congratulations to Caroline Coleman and John Vaughan on their recent engagement. Caroline is the daughter of Maurice and Stella Coleman, Broomfield Ridge, Midleton, and John is the son of Teddy and Kathleen Vaughan, Whitechurch. We wish the newly engaged couple the best of luck and happiness for the future. Love and best wishes from Dad, Mam and your brother John.

Enable Ireland Action on Disability fundraising day

The above are holding a fundraising day tomorrow, Thursday, September 29th. Please help this very worthy cause. For details, contact Kathleen Woulfe on 021 4631011.

Irish Heart Foundation Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Clinic

The above will take place at the Family Resource Centre, Midleton, on Wednesday, October 5th from 2.30pm to 4pm. All are welcome. For more information please contact the Regional Office on 021 4505822. The above fundraiser will be held in Maryborough House Hotel, on Friday, October 7th at 12.30pm. Tickets cost €60. There will also be a guest speaker and a raffle on the day. For details, contact Eleanor Goggin on 087 2803762.

St. Laurence Cheshire Home ladies lunch

Midleton and District Cope Foundation church gate collection

There will be a Church Gate Collection held on behalf of the above in Midleton on Saturday and Sunday, October 8th and 9th. Your kind help and support will be much appreciated. Contact committee members.

Midleton GAA dancing diary

Congratulations to Christine and Chris Matabelli, Mogeely, on the birth of their baby daughter Clara, a sister for Sarah Louise and Rachel.

Saturday, October 1st: Heart to Heart Saturday, October 8th: Dave Rea Saturday, October 15th: Pacific Blue Saturday, October 22nd: Dermot Lyons Saturday, October 29th: Catriona and High Country. The GAA Pavilion is a superb venue for all dance lovers, so come along and enjoy great dancing and music.

1st wedding anniversary

Midleton Tidy Towns fundraiser

Baby girl

Congratulations on their 1st wedding anniversary to Melanie and Aidan Hickey.

Congratulations Ray!

Special congratulations to Ray McGrath, Shanagarry, on his recent success in qualifying as a FBDO who now practices as dispensing optician at Wyley McGrath, Connolly Street, Midleton, with his optician wife Deirdre and staff. In fact, his son got his Leaving Cert. results the same day and is now studying Medicine. Good luck to them both and all the family for the future.

Midleton Tidy Towns are holding their first annual social fundraising night on October 8th at East Cork Golf Club, Midleton. Hardworking volunteers will be joined on the night by local businesses owners and supporters. We are appealing to all our elected councillors to make an appearance. Doors open at 8pm and tickets at the door are only €10. Music, entertainment and finger food sponsored by East Cork Golf Club is included. Spot prizes kindly donated by local shops and businesses will be raffled on the night. Please come and support your local Tidy Towns Association and help them make Midleton an even nicer and cleaner place to live.

CONGRATULATIONS to East Cork Golf Club on winning the All-Ireland Ladies Junior Cup in Ardee, Co. Louth, on September 16th. The Ladies Challenge Team also qualified for the All-Ireland Finals and put up a tremendous battle, only to be beaten on the 18th hole. This was a very proud day indeed for East Cork Golf Club, as this is the first All-Ireland pennant in the history of the club. Well done ladies, you are true champions.

Family Dog Walk

The above, in aid of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, and supported by Roy Keane and 2FM’s Hector will be held on Sunday, October 9th, starting in Ballintotis Church car park to the black gates, Castlemartyr at 3pm. For details contact Mary O’Farrell, on 021 4632937. Participate in your local walk and buy our high visibility reflective bands at any participating outlet. Visit to find out walk locations and for a list of participating pharmacies, vets or retailers.

Card making and crochet / knitting classes, NEW VENUE

The above classes will resume for the new season on Saturday, October 1st at a new venue in the Midleton Forum, Youghal Road, Midleton. Classes run from 11am to 3.30pm, so bring along a packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided. We look forward to crafting with our existing members and welcome new crafters. For information on cardmaking, please contact 087 9761479 and for knitting and crochet it's 087 6158346.

Get stuck in... for Midleton Community Hospital garden

Volunteers are required to help create a new flower garden on Saturday, October 1st from 10am to 1pm. Bring along your own tools and get stuck in! Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

Mrs. Quinn’s Charity Shop: volunteers required

Volunteers are required for the above, at Roxboro Mews, Midleton. We would be delighted to welcome you. All proceeds go to the National Council for the Blind, Ireland.

Further Education Courses

Enrolments are currently been taken for the following daytime Further Education Courses, Business Studies and Multimedia and Web Design, which will be held at St. Colman’s Community College, Midleton.


The above are holding a meeting on Wednesday, October 3rd, in the Midleton Park Hotel, at 10.30am. There will be a guest speaker from Foot Solutions, Grand Parade, Cork, attending.

Midleton & District Active Retirement Association calendar of events

Wednesday, September 28th: Swimming available at the Midleton Park Hotel, Leisure Centre & Spa from 11.30am to 12.30pm. Thursday, September 29th: Pitch & Putt available at Corkbeg from 2.30pm. Friday, September 30th: Whist at the Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30pm. Monday, October 3rd: Tai Chi exercises at the Community Forum, Youghal Road, from 11am to 12.00 noon. One session only. Indoor Bowling at the GAA Pavilion from 2pm to 4pm. Tuesday, October 4th: 45 Drive at the Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30pm. Wednesday, October 5th: Big meeting/get-together at the Edmond Rice Centre at 2.30pm. Guest speaker. All over 55’s welcome.

Happy B irthday! Birthday greetings to Teresa Whyte, Margaret McCarthy, Pat Leahy, Noreen Kenny, popular staff member at Midleton Credit Union, Betty Duff and all who celebrate birthdays at this time. K.W. Happy 21st birthday to Rebecca Fenton, daughter of John Fenton, Manager of Midleton Credit Union, who celebrated the occasion with family and friends in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan. K.W.

Special 18th birthday good wishes to Charlene Griffin, Carriglea, who celebrated the occasion with her loving family at the Midleton Park Hotel. K.W. Happy 89th birthday, yesterday, to Mary O’Keeffe, Ballyedmond, who’s recovering in Midleton Community Hospital after an accident. Lots of love from her loving family.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

N S Making a splash

ATURALLY PEAKING with John Whelan-Curtin

Midleton women in business to get ‘financial tips for surviving in the current economic climate WHEN it comes to surviving the current economic climate, managing relationships has never been more important and two of the most important relationships a business person will have will be with the Revenue Commissioners and with the bank. At an event taking place in Midleton for women in business, Patrick O’Connor from Cuddy, O’Leary & Barrett, Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors will discuss how to manage your relationship with the Revenue. He will cover preparing for audits and smart tax moves, debt management and funding methods, employers’ PRSI and pension contributions, incentives and reliefs and the best trading structures for a business. He will also answer any questions those present might have about dealing with the Revenue. A representative from Bank of Ireland will speak and answer questions about the information a business person will be asked to provide when seeking start-up finance or finance for business expansion from a bank.

LAST week we saw that, amongst the other amazing creatures that can appear on our coasts, a lucky (or unlucky) visitor to the coast of Ireland can actually encounter animals as wild and weird as the lightning-fast Mako Shark or the Atlantic Torpedo, a fish with the ability to deliver 220V of electricity to prey and foe alike. The selection of wonderful animals that the Atlantic Jungle delivers to us is so vast that it is nearly impossible to highlight individuals and completely impossible to just leave it at the three mentioned last week.

The Smooth Hammerhead Shark

The second largest species of hammerhead shark in the world does enter our waters.

The monsters grow to up to 16 feet long and, if that’s not enough to give you shudders, these fish can form groups of several hundred individuals while migrating.O’ The hammerhead shark ticks both boxes: he is unexpected as well as being thoroughly and utterly weird.O’God was certainly feeling creative the day he put this ocean-going weirdo together.

The hammerhead shark is know for his distinctive ‘hammer’ shaped head.O’Why would an animal evolve to look quite this way?O’There are many theories as to what advantage this strangely-shaped head might bestow on the shark.O’The most accepted and supported ideas suggest that the positioning of the eyes can give the shark excellent 360 degree and binocular vision.O’There are electro-receptors along the long and unusual head as well that can help the shark detect food.O’Finally, the shape of the head might also be used (to some extent at least) to help make the shark more manoeuvrable. Yes, the hammerhead might basically be using his head as an extra fin.

Yes, a known attacker of humans.O’Before this, or last week’s mention that the Shortfin Mako is also potentially dangerous, causes a fear of entering the sea do stop to consider how many shark attacks have ever actually occurred off the coast of Ireland.O’

This event is part of the SECAD Catalyst project, which provides opportunities for women to build connections with other business women and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout South & East Cork. The Catalyst Project in Midleton was established in association with Midleton Chamber.

This event will take place on Tuesday, September 27th at the Granary Foodstore, Midleton at 6pm. SECAD is also running an innovative course called Starting an Online Business which will start on Tuesday, September 27th in the Radisson Hotel, Little Island for women who want to set up an online business. There are a few places available, so please call 021 4613432 or email to book yours.

SUPPORTING BUSINESS IN CORK Drop in or call AIB Midleton. Ph: 021 4631514

The Ocean Sunfish

If God was feeling creative the day he put the hammerhead together, then he must not have been paying too much attention when he made the Sunfish (pictured).O’The sunfish has a distinct and unmistakable appearance: he’s a fish head with some fins poking out (and he’s huge). This strange flattened creature is actually the largest bony fish (so that’s basically all fish with the exception of sharks and rays) in the world.O’An adult can typically weigh 1,000 kg (that’s the weight of middle-sized car) and specimens have been estimated at more than 1,600 kg.O’This Picasso painting of a fish gets its name because it is very often sighted swimming on its side, just below the surface, basking in the sun.

Mark Cronin, Elaine Barry, Mary Bermingham (Branch Manager), Maryanne Ryan, Ciaran McGann

Drop in or call AIB Cobh. Ph: 021 4811408

The Giant Squid

Not only do giant squid occur in seas around Ireland, our corner of the Atlantic is actually considered to have one the higher concentrations of these almost mythical animals.O’

The Giant Squid, the grain of truth in the legend of the Kraken, is spectacularly massive.O’We know they can grow to be more than 40 feet in length and weigh more than 600lbs.O’It is estimated that they can grow to be more than 60 feet in length and weigh more than 2 tonnes.O’Giant Squid live deep under the ocean and any time they are sighted, anywhere in the world, it’s a source of massive excitement.O’The possibility of seeing a squid in humble little Ireland is almost impossible to imagine.

Dave Perrott, Liz Burns (Branch Manager), Edel Long

Drop into any branch in Cork

We have a dedicated SME Team in every branch to talk to you about your business needs.

1890 47 88 33 Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal


THIS year's Junior Infants at Scoil Íosagáin, Aghada are a bubbly bunch... while the ECJ got to grips with a group photo of Ms. Mullane's class, the students from Ms. O'Shea's class kept a careful watch in the back-

ground, determined to be equally cheerful when it was time for them to say 'cheese.' With more than 250 children now educated at the school, including more than 40 junior infants, Principal Lawrence Collins, can-

not believe the level of growth in numbers. 'I started here seven years ago,' he tells the East Cork Journal, 'and there were about 100 children on the roll. Now it's at 250 and still growing!'

The school is also eagerly anticipating the opening of its new school extension which Lawrence hopes will be opened in November of this year.

Boasting two new classrooms, four resource rooms and a staff room, it's just one more reason for the children of Aghada NS to be cheerful!

ECJ School photos available to buy from only €5 (6x4)

021 4638022

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal


Cobh & Harbour Chamber award winners announced COBH & Harbour Chamber, in conjunction with Cobh Town Council, AIB and Conoco Phillips hosted their Annual Face of Business Awards, Sales Person of the Year and Business of the Year Award in the Sirius Arts Centre on September 14th.

Launching the evening’s events, Mayor of Cobh, Cllr Jim Quinlan, spoke of the commitment of Cobh Town Council to the awards and at his honour of being present at the ceremony. Padraig Lynch, Town Clerk, then gave a brief presentation on the businesses which were shortlisted and the reasons for their nomination. First prize in the Owner Occupied Category went to Gilbert’s Restaurant and a delighted Andrew Bird and Charlie Daly were on hand to accept the award.

The runners-up in this category were the Crows Nest Bar & Brasserie and Wilson’s Pharmacy.

In the best Rented Category the prize went to Gills and owners Keith Sparrow and Niamh Joyce graciously accepted the award.

Runners-up in this category were Aunt Nellie’s Sweet Shop and Cobh Dry Cleaners.

The next award of the evening was The Sales Person of the Year which is sponsored by AIB Bank, Cobh.

In presenting the award, the manager of AIB, Liz Burns, congratulated all the nominees on their selection, and stated that their professionalism and excellence in the execution of their duties in the workplace on a daily basis helped show Cobh in a very good light - from the perspective of both tourists and locals alike. The calibre of the nominees was extremely high and the judges had a very hard job to select an overall winner. However, it was Lily Keegan of the Irish Wheelchair Shop who was selected as the Sales Person of the Year 2011.

The Business of the Year award went to Keating’s Londis Plus, which was presented by Neil O’Carroll of Conoco Phillips and accepted by Ray and Maura Keating.

Maura and Ray have been in business since 1984.

They began with a small convenience store (Villa Stores) and built it into a thriving business over the next years, until further expansion was not possible in the immediate area.

Having sold this store (then under the Centra Brand), they purchased a green field site in Newtown, being well aware that the booming Celtic Tiger called for commuter housing in Cobh.

Since opening the store in 2005 they have run a very successful business, winning several National Londis Awards along the way.

Hendrick Verwey, Chairman of Cobh Tourism & Cobh Tidy Towns, was present at the awards ceremony and John Sweeney took the opportunity to thank all involved in the Tidy Towns for the great efforts put in to enable the town to increase its points ranking and receive a Bronze Medal in its category. Congratulations to all in Cobh on another successful awards ceremony.

Liz Burns, Manager of AIB Cobh makes a presentation to Lily Keegan in the presence of John Sweeney, President of Cobh & Harbour Chamber

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

A fabulous, full feeling at Raymond's Restaurant, Midleton

LAST WEEK, Raymond's Restaurant, Distillery Walk, Midleton celebrated its 10th anniversary by offering all of its loyal customers two courses for just €10 over a three-day midweek period. Customers such as Tom Aherne and James Leahy (pictured) got to pick from some of Head Chef Stephen Lee's favourite dishes, as the restaurant was booked out each and every evening. At lunchtime,

Midleton Positive Ageing Week 2011 gets underway

a lucky few found a table - but only if they got there early! Proprietor Raymond Whyte and his Maitre D'Ess Leonie Ryan were delighted with the success of the week, as Raymond's aunty Lil prepared a special cake for the occasion. Here's to the next 10 years - we can all raise a glass (or a dish of Roast Pork with Toulouse Sausage, Braised Red Cabbage and a Port Jus) to that.


Adult Learning Centre, 4A Old Cork Road

This October, the Back to Education Initiative will be running a course in:

Business and Media Skills at FETAC Level 4 This is a course that will introduce the learner to graphic design, typography and images as a method of communication. It will also give the learner an appreciation of the design process and knowledge of the pre-production print process. Communications is recognised as a core and underpinning skill by employers. The module offers learners the opportunity to take part in such activities as role play, drama, video and audio production, the study of media, literature and creative writing, enhance communicative ability and confidence, so that learners will be able to communicate effectively in both professional and personal life.

The European Computer Driving Licence is an internationally recognised certificate which gives you the skills required for today’s technology age. It is designed for people with little or no computer experience and will give you skills in the following 7 areas – Computer Basics, File Management, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentations, Internet and email. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in or wish to join a FETAC Level 5 course in Business or Multi Media this is a very good introduction to the area.

MIDLETON is one of 16 towns in Ireland participating in the Positive Ageing Week festivities from September 23rd to October 1st. Positive Ageing Week comes under the auspices of Age Action Ireland and is generously sponsored by ESB Electric Ireland. This year, Positive Ageing Week coincides with the UN International Day of Older People on October 1st.

The centrepiece of a full week of varied activities in Midleton is 'railing it' to Killarney, on Tuesday, September 27th, with over 100 revellers travelling to enjoy the sights of Killarney, with a meal, entertainment and an overnight stay in the Castlerossa Hotel.

Central to the success of this part of the week’s programme is the huge support and assistance from Irish Rail and the Kent Station personnel in sorting out the travelling arrangements. The Midleton organisers of this event cannot praise highly enough the assistance and co-operation from all at Kent Station.

We, in the Positive Ageing Week Committee are indebted to Treasurer, Jim Ronayne, for his dedication in once again organising the trip, with Iarnroid Eireann officials ensuring that arrangements ran smoothly and a special thanks to our Chairman, Eddie O’Riordan, for arranging the accommodation etc. in Killarney.

Well done, Sharon!

This course is specifically for those with less than upper second level education.

Subjects: Graphic Design, ECDL and Communications

This course will run 9:30am to 12:30pm Mondays and Wednesdays from October to May

For further information on these courses please contact Patrick on 086 8532143

Courses are free for those on social welfare, medical card holders and those with less than upper second level education. All others pay €100 per module CONGRATULATIONS to Youghal's Sharon Parker who graduated with a BCL (Hons) on Friday, September 9th at UCC pictured with her proud parents Patricia and Joe Parker.

The official launch of Midleton Positive Ageing Week took place in Midleton Library on Saturday, September 24th last.

This launch took place during a superb all-day display of Cork County GAA memorabilia, with a very large collection of artefacts associated with Cloyne’s late, great Christy Ring. All credit to Denis O’Sullivan of Ballynoe for the painstaking decades of work in compiling this outstanding collection.

Chairman, Eddie O’Riordan, on behalf of the Midleton PAW committee welcomed many distinguished guests to the launch, including Deputy David Stanton, Mayor of Midleton, Cllr. Mary Woods and ESB Electric Ireland representative John Drinan. ESB Electric Ireland has, for several years, been a very generous sponsor through Age Action to the participating towns in the annual programme. All speakers on the occasion conveyed best wishes for the success of the week ahead, and John Drinan presented the Midleton Town Plaque for 2011 to Jim Ronayne.

The setting for the most pleasant launch activity was the very fine Midleton Library and for the assistance, co-operation and friendship from the library personnel, a very sincere thank you from all on the Midleton PAW committee. Killarney, here we come!

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Tech savvy in Carrigtwohill

ST. Aloysius’s College in Carrigtwohill transition year students Leah Donnelly, Niamh Barrett and Rachel Daly are pictured when the Innovation On Tour – the state-of-art IBM Technology Truck, which tours Europe extensively, visited Cork. The students of St. Aloysius College were first on board, and heard from technology experts about careers in technology and the importance of technol-

ogy in our workplace and the world today. The Technology Truck was in Cork for one day to showcase its technology to businesses in the region, as well as students and those interested in the latest technology equipment and software. After its short visit to Ireland, the IBM Technology Roadshow will be travelling on to Belgium. (Photo: Daragh McSweeney, Provision)




Call into our showroom for great customer service and feast your eyes on all the types of blinds at unbelievable value Phone: 021 4639052 | Fax: 021 4639052 Email: Web:

The Rock, Main Street, Midleton, Co. Cork

of it

Call 021 4224343 or email

St. Peter’s NS, Dungourney raise nearly €1,200 for Marymount

MY name is Dylan Healy. I’m in fifth class at Dungourney National School. On Thursday, September 15th, 5th and 6th class put on a coffee morning in aid of Marymount Hospice. It was fantastic! We baked lots of cakes and invited our parents and relatives and friends to come and support us by making a contribution on the day. People came and stayed until the end! It was so enjoyable. We looked after anyone who brought small children in by having a play area set up for them in the hall. Parents met other parents and were able to have tea / coffee, cakes and chat. We made € 1,179.10 on the day and hope it goes to helping people at Marymount Hospice.

Midleton Pioneers MIDLETON Pioneer Council members will be at the Holy Rosary Church grounds on Sunday morning October 2nd, from 11am to 12 noon.

Pioneer badges, gold and silver etc will be on sale, also if you wish to become a pioneer, please call to our table.

This open-air event last month was a great success, with many pioneer badges given out to our visitors. Now we hope to hold this on the first Sunday of each month.

Go out and meet the people, so said PRO Pa Coakley of the Midleton Pioneer Centre.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Ardmore men


Waterford Way

With Declan Barron

An orange glow for DEISE Photographic Society

THE September meeting of Deise Photographic Society was filled with the usual fun and laughter amid talk of field trips, lenses and competitions. Chairman Ron opened by welcoming new member Richard to the club. He also extended congratulations to James O’Donnell, Asst. Chairman, who has some wonderful photos on display in the Market House as part of the current exhibition. We discussed some ideas for upcoming events including a variety of photographic competitions available to enter. Other interesting information regarding possible club endeavours was disclosed but you will have to wait to see what Deise Photographic Society is unveiling!

The Masterclass at this month’s meeting was on Soft Focus. Thanks to Ron for illustrating how this is achieved in Photoshop and also to Sean for adding a few more tips on this effect.

One item we cannot master is the availability of quality internet connection. Unfortunately, some members are suffering poor reception in a widespread area of the county. The relevant suppliers are aware of the situation and we can only wait for their response to the problem. There was an enormous selection of ‘orange’ themed images for September’s monthly competition.

NOW that the dark nights are closing in, the hall is back to being occupied most nights of the week. Ross Barrett is back at the Kickboxing on the Tuesday evening from 5pm to 6pm. All those interested, please come along. Aine Organ is doing Hip-Hop on Friday evenings. Aine is preparing for the Late Late Toy Show audition and anyone interested, please come to her class next Friday evening between 7pm to 8pm. For more details, please contact Aine on 086-0610551.

The hall is in constant use with meetings, birthday parties as well as regular events. Should you need to book the hall, please do so at your earliest convenience on 087-1753151.

Congratulations to Ron Bending achieving 1st place with ‘Tourig Glow’, 2nd Alice Daly with ‘Periwinkles’ and 3rd to Noreen O’Brien with ‘Glorious Gazania ’. Brilliant effort everyone!

If you enjoy reading about what we do, why not take the next step and come to meet us. We are only too delighted to welcome new members any time.

We meet in Lawlor’s Hotel, Dungarvan, second Tuesday of the month and extend an invitation to you to check us out! Deise Photographic Society is a club filled with like-minded friendly people sharing a passion for photography. We support a buddy system where learners are teamed up with seasoned members who help take them through the steps to discover-

Blackwater Ladies Club

AFTER the summer break, the Blackwater Ladies Club will resume its activities this Thursday, September 29th at 8.30pm in the KGK Hall. A member of An Garda Siochana will be in attendance to address the meeting on safety in our home. With many people now living alone, these helpful tips should be very useful as winter draws close. A big crowd is expected and new members will be most welcome to attend.

ing the exciting world of photography in an easy to understand manner. The next meeting takes place on October 11th at 7.30pm in Lawlor’s Hotel. Hope to meet you there!

If you wish to contact the Deise Photographic Society you can email us at

So, grab your camera, go for a walk and enjoy what nature provides on your doorstep! The countryside looks amazing with its ever changing autumn colours - go out and capture it!

Something old... (An) Apple (a) Day Tallow Antiques Fair at Blackwater Garden Centre

THE Tallow Antiques Fair will take place on Sunday, October 2nd in the newly refurbished Tallow Community Centre. An excellent variety of antiques and collectables will be available to suit all pockets. Quality Victorian and Edwardian furniture will be on show.

Many beautiful antique furniture pieces have survived for generations and are very good value for money. There will also be a good selection of jewellery, silver, coins, porcelain and glass on the various stands. The fair runs from 10.30am until 5pm. Admission is €5 which includes afternoon tea and your ticket will also be entered into a draw with a 1st prize of dinner for two and a bottle of wine at the Brideview Bar, Tallow.

As usual, our antiques fair is in aid of the Tallow Community Centre Development Fund.

LONG service medals were presented to Cyril Coady, Michael Mulcahy, Michael Power and John Whelan as well as former Station Officer Jimmy O’Mahony as all five men retired from the Irish Coast Guard Service. The work they do often goes unnoticed by the public at large, but it is at times of stress that they are seen at their best as they patrol the coastline. All five men have given trojan service to the Ardmore unit and are wished well on their retirement.

‘Full house’ at Aglish Community Centre

From flowers, face-painted tigers, leaves, fruit to finding sandals on the beach it was difficult to choose our favourites.

The monthly theme for October is MIST, and there is no shortage of that around right now! November’s monthly theme is SOFT FOCUS. Put the Masterclass into action and produce the goods next month! COMPOSITION is the Quarterly theme also due in November and images 10”/12” x 8” is the size required for this.

retire from Coast Guard Service

THERE is a free opportunity to learn about growing apple trees, and the health benefits of eating apples (and juices and smoothies) at Blackwater Garden Centre on Sunday, October 16th from 11am to 4pm.

The day will cover short talks on avoiding pests and diseases of apple trees (11am), pruning, feeding and choosing best apple varieties (12 noon), health benefits of apples juices and smoothies (2pm) with Mike McKenna. Dr Pat McDonnell of Springfield Nurseries will share a lifetime’s experience of growing apples (3pm). This promises to be an enjoyable and worthwhile few hours; if the day is wet, it will be held under cover.

Cappoquin Community Centre

AT the moment, the Community Centre in Cappoquin is very busy with lots of different activities taking place from Card Making Classes to Pilates, as well as Guitar Lessons. 058-52746 is the number to call to enquire about days and times for these courses.

Masquerade Ball at the Boathouse

THE Cappoquin Civic Link sub-committee are busy putting together the programme for the Masquerade Ball that will be held in the Boathouse on Saturday, October 29th. Tickets at just €10 will be on sale soon for the sixth year of this event.

Well done, Aisling!

CONGRATULATIONS to Aisling O’Brien who was goalie in this year’s All Ireland Junior Camogie Final at Croke Park. And well done also to St. Oliver’s Under 13 Division 3 Hurling Champions who won their game at Walsh Park last Saturday.

Clubs with news or sporting events

IT IS not easy to keep track of everything that is going on in the West Waterford locality, so if you are a group, club or organisation and you wish to get your notes in to me then please feel free to send them to marked West Waterford Notes or call me on 087-9126566 as I will be happy to assist you in any way in 2011 - and beyond!

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

East Cork Travel Church Lane, Midleton 021 4633233 * expert, first-hand knowledge about the holidays, destinations, tour operators and airlines that we sell

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Carrigtwohill to sit their Final exam against CIT

THIS Sunday, October 2nd, will be a huge day in East Cork as both Carrigtwohill and Fr. O’Neill’s journey to Páirc Uí Chaoimh in search of County Final success. When the draw for this year’s Senior Hurling Championship was made few, if indeed any, would have predicted the final pairing, yet both Carrigtwohill and CIT are certainly here on merit and both ha ve defeated many of the fancied sides in this year’s competition.

Household names such as Sarsfields, Newtownshandrum, Glen Rovers and Erin’s Own would have been put forward as the most likely finalists, yet Carrigtwohill and CIT both have reached the final through the front door, with four wins each under their belt. CIT have been hugely impressive to date, and they will probably hold the favourite tag going into Sunday’s decider. Carrigtwohill, too, have grown in stature throughout this campaign and they are in with a serious chance of bringing the Sean Óg Murphy Cup home for just the second time in

their history. For CIT, victory would be a first success for the college so they have a lot riding on the outcome.

CIT are a side full of natural hurlers and, being all in the one place at this moment in time, will help their preparations no end. While all of their players assist their clubs, they are able to come together in college for collective sessions and Keith Ricken and the backroom team will have them well focused for what will be a big test for these young players. The CIT side, while very young, has players who have graced the biggest stage so Sunday’s Final will hold no fear for them. Players such as Ross Cashman, Eoin Dillon, Lorcain McLoughlin, John Cronin, David Drake, Simon O’Brien, Michael O’Sullivan and Aidan Walsh have all worn the Cork jersey in different grades, so they are all serious operators. In addition, the CIT panel is very strong and their bench is full of useful hurlers who can be called upon if needed.

For Carrigtwohill this will be a huge occasion for the whole parish and surrounding area. Just one title garnered as far back as 1918 when they defeated Blackrock has wound its way to the village.

Defeat was their lot in 1932 and 1933 when St. Finbarr’s won out, while in 1935 and 1937 they had to give best to Glen Rovers, so they will be hoping to end a 74 year wait on Sunday.

Sunday, October 2nd in Páirc Ui Chaoimh


On Sunday, there will be nowhere to hide as Páirc Uí Chaoimh can be a very unforgiving place, yet Carrig have very happy memories of their last few visits and they will be looking to build on that on Sunday.

CARRIGTWOHILL possible line-up

For Carrigtwohill, the reliable William McCarthy will guard the net, while in front of him, Michael O’Riordan, Pat Sullivan and either Ronan Power or Andrew Guard will provide a solid full-back line. This unit has been tight all season, while outside them Sean Flannery, Noel Furlong and Mattie Foley have been hugely impressive throughout this campaign.

CARRIGTWOHILL GAA CLUB Best wishes to Brian, Mickey Da and all of the Carrigtwohill team on Sunday

SINCERE THANKS TO ALL OUR CLUB SUPPORTERS, ESPECIALLY: Ahearn’s Centra (main sponsor) Jack Spratt’s Bar & Guilder’s Bar (secondary sponsors) and all the sponsors of our other club teams

At midfield, Daniel O’Mahony and Colm O’Connell have formed a formidable pairing, with both assisting their attack at every opportunity. In the forward division, Liam Sullivan and Stephen Kidney have been unsung heroes with many of the plaudits going to Niall McCarthy, Tomás Hogan, Robert White and vice-captain Michael Fitzgerald, who is again likely to lead the team with captain, Brian Lordan kept in reserve. He made a late cameo appearance in the semi-final but will probable be wisely kept in reserve until required.

The Carrigtwohill team who will hope to bridge a 74 year gap on Sunday

Others likely to see action could be Minor star Aaron Gosnell, Sean Forbes, Veteran Sean O’Farrell, Colm Cronin, Denis O’Connor, Eoin O’Brien, Shane Devlin, Jay Horgan and Padraig Hogan. All will be ready to play their part if called upon and all have put in a huge effort in training. CIT 3-15 Imokilly 2-12 CIT 2-17 Erin’s Own 3-11 CIT 1-16 Bride Rovers 2-10 CIT 3-15 Newtownshandrum 1-7

CIT: Path to the Final

Carrigtwohill: Path to Final

Carrigtwohill1-13 Ballinhassig 0-14 Carrigtwohill 0-16 Muskerry 1-10 Carrigtwohill 1-20 Cloyne 3-12 Carrigtwohill 1-10 Midleton 0-10

Carrigtwohill’s win against Midleton in the semi-final was a huge boost to the boys in blue as to claim the scalp of Midleton was a massive achievement in the context of where this team has come from. They have grown in stature throughout the summer and, not alone are they big in physical stature, but each player has the heart of a lion, which is what will be required if victory is to be achieved on Sunday.

Carrigtwohill captain Brian Lordan who has been out injured may yet play a part in Sunday’s Final CIT have shot 9-63 and conceded 8-40 in their four games to date, while Carrigtwohill have scored 359 but conceded just 4-46 suggesting that we have a free-scoring attack, up against a no-nonsense defence. Other factors such as strong wind or rain could have a bearing on the outcome as could a sending off or unforseen injury, but all of these have to be dealt with, on the day.

Carrigtwohill cannot afford to hit too many wides as CIT will, I expect, have quite a few shots at goal if their previous form is a good indicator.

Key players

In a County Final every player is a key player in many respects, yet the performance of the goalkeeper, centre-back and full-forward positions will be key in this final. William McCarthy has done well for Carrig, yet so too has Kevin Roche for CIT between the posts, yet I feel that McCarthy may have the edge with his use of the puckout.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support

BRING HOME THE CUP ON SUNDAY! Carrigtwohill’s Colm O’Connell (pictured in action against Cloyne) will be a big player in the midfield sector

At full-back, Carrigtwohill have had to mix and match as the occasion arose with Pat Sullivan, Andrew Garde and Ronan Power all

Mick Fitzgerald, the Carrig vice-captain will lead the team on Sunday if Brian Lordan is ruled out stepping into the breach and, on Sunday, they could have their biggest test to date. CIT have scored nine goals so far so to keep a clean sheet, just as they did against Midleton, would go a long way to helping the Carrigtwohill cause. Ross Cashman has done well for CIT at full-back and his battle with Mick Fitzgerald or Robert White could be decisive in terms of the outcome as, if the Carrig duo can get scores, then they can reap the reward with success on the day.

At centre-back, Noel Furlong is likely to face Colm Casey for CIT and here I think the Carrig man can come out on top. Again, at the other end, I believe that Niall McCarthy is capable of getting the better of Eoin Dillon, but it could be an unsung hero such as Stephen Kidney or Liam Forde that could come up trumps. Free-taking will also be crucial and in that regard Tomás Hogan, Mick Fitzgerald and Niall McCarthy will be the key players for Carrigtwohill. If Carrigtwohill can stop the flow of possession to the speedy David Drake and Simon O’Brien and curb the aerial ability of Aidan Walsh then they will be well on their way to a second title.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Can Carrigtwohill carry it off? Who will win?

It is now time to put the head on the block and call it. On paper, one would have to say that the CIT CV looks the slightly more impressive. Yet, on deeper examination, the defensive displays against Ballinhassig, Muskerry and Midleton mark Carrigtwohill down as a very disciplined team. If they can avoid giving away silly frees then they can hold the CIT attack. Carrig sometimes take a while to get going, so a good start is a must

for them in my opinion as they cannot let CIT get too far in front. Carrigtwohill are a very big side, so playing on the first Sunday of October could suit them as they fight for every ball.

I still think that Carrigtwohill have every chance and while my head says CIT should win, my heart is very much in the Carrigtwohill corner, and I think that the 74 year gap could well be ended on Sunday night. CIT will be under pressure to win a first title for the

Best wishes and every success to Carrigtwohill GAA Club in the County Senior Hurling Final FROM ALL AT

David Walsh

The last time he was on this stage he starred back in 2007, so I am sure that all of the Carrigtwohill players will want to win for every

021 4883645/ 087 9526524





1800 624 724

Best of luck to CARRIGTWOHILL in the County Final

player that has ever worn the Carrig jersey in those intervening years.


Colm Lyons from the N e m o Rangers club will be in charge of proceedings and it is an honour for Colm to referee the Senior Hurling Final.

O’Brien’s Niall McCarthy will provide leadership for the Carrigtwohill attack

Limestone Quarry Ballinabointra, Midleton, Co. Cork

college and should CIT win, then John Cronin from Lisgoold would be the proud holder of a Senior Championship Medal. I hope that the game proves a fitting finale to the 2011 Hurling Championship that has already thrown up plenty of surprises, none more than Sunday’s finalists who were rank outsiders at the beginning of the year. Spare a though for the likes of Jason Barrett, who has missed most of the Carrig season through injury.


The Carrigtwohill management team who will hope to plot the downfall of CIT on Sunday

Roma Walsh M.I.S.C.P. Chartered Physiotherapist

Butchers & Deli Main Street, Carrigtwohill 021 4883069 wishing CARRIGTWOHILL all the best in the County Final on Sunday


Wishes the very best of luck to CARRIGTWOHILL in the County Final

The very best of luck to CARRIGTWOHILL in this weekend’s County Final

For an appointment contact

L E T ’ S PA R T Y, L ADS!

087 6810930

Av a i l a b l e f o r Club Awa rd N i ght s

Mob ile: 086 732 5684 i nf erno mo bi le@gm ai l.c om

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862



Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Lisgoold gets into the swing of things!

SATURDAY, September 24th, was certainly a redletter day for the Lisgoold community as they saw their magnificent new playground officially opened for use by the children of the Lisgoold/ Leamlara area. Four years of hard work, continuous fundraising and general goodwill has seen the Lisgoold community come together to raise the necessary funds to provide this fabulous amenity.

The new playground, which has something for everyone, was blessed by Fr O’Hanlon, while speakers Mark Jeffers who acted as MC and Ryan Howard from SECAD outlined how it all came about.

Community Council Chairperson, Pakie O’Keeffe, officially cut the tape to declare the facility open while a visit from the Super Mario Bros and music from local favourites Crystal Swing had everyone in great form.

It was a marvellous day for the local community who have put in place an amenity that will serve the area The Lisgoold Playground Committee with SECAD’s Ryan well into the future. Howard and Nuala O’Carroll INSET:Jack Mills follows the trail

Local boys enjoy the cycle merry-go-round

Emma Murphy and Orla Fleming

Saerlaith Walsh and Christina O’Driscoll

021 4638022

Tom Savage takes his granddaughter, Erin Savage and Saoirse Cashman onto the swings

Allison Browne on the slide

All photos available to buy

Happy faces: Geraldine Murphy, Jacqui Hogan, Marge Keniry, Kate and Angela Ruane and Maria Fleming

Yvonne Savage and Trina O’Driscoll

Gitana Roche, Siobhan Savage, Mary and Claire O’Keeffe and Michelle Roe

Rebecca and Isobel Colman with Miriam and Isabella Forde

The Foley family: Sarah, Dara, Eva and Rian with Liz Dunphy

Klara Manning, Saerlaith Walsh, Grace Christie and Christina O’Driscoll

Dara Keniry with Noel O’Driscoll

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal



ECJ School photos available to buy from only €5 (6x4)

021 4638022

LAST year, when the East

40th anniversary in 2010,

well as the school's 9

ing, electronic bell, out-

have also been working

Whitegate NS the school

brate - and there still is

The school has seen a

and fire/ burglar alarms.

(with a very successful




had just seen new fenc-

ing installed, new school railings erected and new flower beds planted. As

the school celebrated its

there was plenty to celeas 11 new junior infants arrived



2011, who were all made

welcome by their class teacher, Ms. Burke, as

senior infants.

major electrical refurbishment



which includes complete rewiring, sensor lighting,

controlled exiting/ enter-




All classrooms are now fully equipped with Interactive


and multi-media facilities. The Parents Association




Race Night) for a new

school GP room, as well as adding new playground

areas and gravel gardens.


30% OFF




Huge reductions in our gift shop

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

What a tale they wove...

‘Last Days: The End of Carpets at Youghal’ exhibition CULTURE Night took place last Friday in the town of Youghal with much success – towns and cities throughout Ireland were a hub of excitement. Arts and culture societies alike opened their doors late into Friday evening offering an enormous array of free performances and interactive events for all ages.

Youghal was no different and it hugely increased its level of involvement this year in the annual Culture Night with over 18 events taking place throughout Youghal.

These specifically tailored cultural activities ran from 7pm to 10pm throughout the town, so it was possible to catch one event and then move to the next hub of excitement! Youghal was buzzing with energy - the only complaint being that it would be great if the Culture Night ran for a weekend rather than just one night! Just one of the many events of Culture Night was the launch of the photo exhibition ‘Last Days: The End of Carpets at Youghal’. The exhibition portrays the final days of carpet production in Youghal. Over 70 people turned up for the launch - with over 100 people turning up to view the exhibition over the weekend. The launch was a great success - although the exhibition is a poignant one, there was much merriment and reminiscing as many attendees were past employees of the carpet factory.

The photographs that depict life on the carpet floor were wonderful and brought back many happy memories for the large crowd in attendance. Paddy Pollard, an employee since 1964, opened the event while Tom Donnell, one of the first 4 employees, recounted the history of Youghal Carpets that came to the town in 1954 and, at one stage, had over 800 employed at its peak in 1975.

For a variety of reasons Youghal Carpets closed down in 1984, but it re-opened in 1986 as Couristan Carpets on a smaller scale and continued until December 2006 when it finally closed down. Founder member John Murray was also in attendance, along with many former employees for what was a really enjoyable evening. Joyce Hosford acted as MC for the evening. A highlight of the night for many was old footage taken by Mau-

rice Lynch inside the factory in the late 1960’s - many of those who featured on the DVD were present on the night itself, which result in a lot of laughter and entertainment. Una Whyte's harpist performance set a wonderful tone to the night, in the beautiful surroundings of the remarkable photos.

There is good news for those who didn’t get to catch a glimpse of this iconic collection - the exhibition continues to run for the rest of the week in the Mall Arts Centre in Youghal. Doors open from 9am to 4pm, entrance is free and all are welcome. Marcella Reardon's highly symbolic short film will also be shown throughout the week, as well as old artefacts kindly donated for the exhibition by Maurice Browne and Tom Donnelly.

Theresa Watkins with Nova Sehoenenberger

Assumpta and Noel Hogan with Linda and Colin Donoghue

The exhibition was scheduled to finish at 4pm on Friday, September30th; however due to the unexpected closing of the Walter Raleigh Hotel – The Mall Arts Centre is accommodating a last minute booking of a Civil Ceremony on Friday, September 30th, as well as a ‘Santa Posa or Bust’ production on Friday evening. The exhibition will now close at the new time of 12pm on the final day of the viewing. Michael Broderick,Alex Brophy and Billy Broderick, former employees

John Murray, who brought Youghal Carpets to the town, is pictured with his son Peter and grandson Oisin

Derek Speirs and Marcella Riordan who took the pictures for the exhibition

021 4638022 All photos available to buy

Cllr. Barbara Murray with former worker John Ahearn

Billy Broderick pictured in front of the picture taken of him at work in December 2006

Mary and Paddy Pollard, who opened the exhibition

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Open Night Midleton councillors divided at the Midleton on local crime rise reasons Community Forum in recognition of volunteers who help in your community This Friday, September 30th from 7.30pm to 9.30pm Did you know that this is International Volunteer Week?

Do you know how much volunteers are doing for you in your community – or what services are available to you? Or do you think you’d like to do something meaningful to contribute, or just feel a part of your community? If so, then come on down to our Open Night this Friday, September 30th, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the Midleton Community Forum.

Who are Midleton Community Forum?

We’re a Family Resource Centre situated only a few hundred metres from the Main Street. We have a very successful childcare facility which runs to full capacity, but that’s only part of what we do.

Here’s a taster of what else goes on at the Forum: * Crafts Group: Oil painting, Cookery, Jewellery-making, Card-making, Batiks, Crochet, Knitting * Effective Parenting Courses: Open to everyone, especially suited to those struggling in the role, for example single-parent families, who are perhaps lacking in the support they need. * Stress Management Courses: Many people have to deal with high levels of stress especially in the current economic climate. Learn how to cope in a practical and effective manner. * Adult Literacy Courses: For those who need a helping hand to improve their reading and writing skills in a private and encouraging environment. * ESOL Courses: for migrant workers and any foreign nationals who wish to improve their English. * Health Checks: Cholesterol and blood pressure checks * Pain Management Courses: for those suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia among others, learn to manage your pain. * Tai Chi for the Elderly: Learn to relax while you’re toning – what more motivation do you need? * Language Classes – for Leaving Certs: Conversation classes to improve confidence and technique in preparation for the oral exam. Drop in for a coffee and a chat. All are welcome. Don’t forget to bring your friends! We are located at Oakwood Lodge, Old Youghal Road, Midleton (at the entrance to Beechwood and Oakwood Estates – From Main Street, next left after St. Colman’s Community College) or call us at 021 46 33 522.


ROADS TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE - MIDLETON AREA NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, pursuant to Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993, the following road will be closed to public traffic from 10.00am to 7.00pm daily from Friday, 7th October 2011 to Sunday, 9th October 2011 inclusive: The R626 Lisgoold/Rathcormac Road from its junction with the L7604 at Ballincurrig to its junction with the L96262 at Rathcobane. Alternative Routes: Via L3601 Carrigogna, Via L3601 to Two Pot Cross, Via L3600 to Leary’s Cross, Via R628 to its junction with the R626 at Ballinterry. The purpose of the temporary closure is to facilitate the holding of the 27th King and Queen of the roads Bowling Tournament. Director of Ser vices, South Cork, County Hall, Cork.

CRIME in the Midleton area has been ‘spiralling out of control over the past six months,’ with very little court appearances resulting, according to Midleton Town Councillor Ted Murphy.

The councillor’s observations came in a motion he tabled at September’s Town Council meeting in which he called for ‘An Garda to effectively act in response to the accelerating lawlessness in the Midleton area.’ The motion drew some emotional response from the chamber, with general acceptance that crime and vandalism needed to be tackled, but a strong rejection of any perceived negativity against the Gardaí. The overbearing consensus was that irresponsible parenting and disrespect for authority were more central to the problem.

Stuck behind computers

Cllr. Murphy said robberies, assaults, vandalism and street fighting were blighting the town. Thirty windows had been broken in the council offices during the past month alone, he warned, while a week previously, students on the Mill Road ‘were throwing stones and bottles at cars’ at 9am. The councillor said Gardaí, on occasion, had only responded to night calls the following morning and were not seen on foot patrol regularly enough. ‘They need to be seen more, but they are stuck behind


computers,’ he alleged, blaming the situation on Department of Justice policy. Cllr. Noel Collins said the spate of break-ins and vandalism needed a multi-agency response, inclusive of the Town Council and Gardaí. He said early retirement and a ban on Garda recruitment was very disturbing and that while Gardaí were ‘doing their very best’ they privately acknowledged being under-resourced. He too blamed central government’s lack of commitment.

Old remedy

Cllr. Betty Wall rejected that students had misbehaved, saying there was a Garda car in the school area every morning. Cllr. Niall O’Neill said he would ‘certainly not support the motion.’ He described how a Garda Sergeant had recently been physically assaulted and spat at. ‘The old remedy was the best,’ the councillor proceeded, ‘but reports of misconduct against members of the Gardaí had seen legislation introduced to eliminate that’. He blamed ‘we, as the general public’ and ‘the do-gooders of this planet’ for allowing this development. It had taken Gardaí from the streets and left them vulnerable to defend themselves when they did venture out. Growing more agitated, Cllr. O’Neill said the motion made no mention of parental responsibility. ‘The Gardai or the Department of Justice aren’t responsible for children’s where-


RESULTS FROM SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH Best overall score: Kathleen Scanlon Winning ladies: Kay Clifford, Abina Murphy, Pat O’Leary, Ina O’Brien, Phyliss Power, Evelyn Snell, Esther Lomasney and Nora Murphy Winning gents: Daniel O’Flynn, M. Howard, Leslie Snell, Jim Ryall, Brigid Finucane, Fr. Aquin Casey, K. Lee and Henry Forde Raffle: Eileen Enright, Henry Forde and James Leamy All welcome.

RESULTS FROM SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH: Best overall score: Kay Clifford Winning ladies: Anne Hurley, Phyliss Power, Evelyn Hales, Eileen Enright, Maureen Hales, Catherine O’Flynn, Abina Murphy and Margaret Regan Winning gents: E. Ring, M. Fenton, James Barry, B. Finucane, K. Scanlon, Daniel O’Flynn, M. Howard and James Leamy Raffle: Catherine O’Flynn, Brigid Finucane & Ina O’Brien Whist drive every Sunday night at 8.30pm sharp at Fermoy Bridge Club’s premises.

East Cork Flower Club’s ‘Shades of Autumn’

EAST Cork Flower Club are holding a demonstration – ‘Shades of Autumn’ with Ann Cooney, AOIFA on Monday, October, 3rd at 8pm in St. John the Baptist National School, Midleton. There will also be a Members Exhibit - ‘In Harmony’ - 30” A Parallel Design. Looking forward to seeing you all on the night. Refreshments will be served.

abouts at night!’ he elaborated. He said the council shied from criticising parents, yet would criticise the Gardaí, ‘if they tore strips off those little pups’ and ‘tinkers’ who ‘abuse, spit and attack’ Gardaí. ‘Unless we cop ourselves on, we’ll be where London was a few weeks back,’ he warned. The councillor later clarified his reference to ‘tinkers’ as ‘a general term’ and not pertinent ‘to any particular section of society.’ Cllr. Margaret trundle concurred with Cllr. O’Neill’s general view and, suggested it might be time for a curfew to restrict children as young as 10 and 11 from late night excursions.

Community service

Cllr. Murphy re-joined that there had indeed been anti-socialbehaviour at the school the previous Thursday morning. ‘The Gardaí are responsible for law and order,’ he insisted. ‘That is

their job and they must be seen out there.’ The diminishing of this methodology meant younger Gardaí patrolling in squad cars were far less au fait with the locality than their older foot-patrolling predecessors. He also advocated strictly-supervised community service in court sentences. Mayor Mary Woods said she supported only ‘certain aspects’ of Cllr. Murphy’s motion. ‘The Gardaí are doing a very good job with limited resources,’ she insisted and argued that she regularly saw two Gardaí patrolling on foot. ‘Unless the younger generation respect their parents, peers and Gardaí, then we will continue to have a very sad situation,’ she concluded. Cllr. Pat Buckley was in agreement.

The motion was subsequently 62, with Cllr. Noel Collins supporting and Cllr. Tom Cashman abstaining.

PUBLIC NOTICE Transport and Maintenance Opportunities in Dairygold Co-Op - 2012

Tenders are invited from haulage contractors for work in all areas of Dairygold’s Transport Business including Milk Collection, Bulk Feed Delivery, General Haulage and Van Deliveries. Expressions of interest and capability in providing transport services to Dairygold are invited from experienced licensed haulage contractors who have a track record in the provision of reliable and efficient transport services. Expressions of interest are also invited for the provision of maintenance services for the Dairygold forklift fleet from experienced maintenance contractors. Interested parties should send details of interest and capability in writing, not later than 7th October 2011 to: The Transport Department, DairygoId Co-Op Society, Clonmel Road, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Contractors will be required to produce a valid Tax Clearance Certificate and evidence of adequate insurance cover.

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A sporting chance



Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

sponsored by





2/5 CIT 9/4 Carrigtwohill 10/1 Draw

WIN OUTRIGHT 1/3 CIT 2/1 Carrigtwohill

Evs Castlehaven / CIT 4/1 Castlehaven / Carrigtwohill 11/5 UCC / CIT 13/2 UCC / Carrigtwohill


Evs Fr. O’Neill’s Evs Bandon 8/1 Draw

WIN OUTRIGHT 5/6 Fr. O’Neill’s 5/6 Bandon

Midleton Renshukan Karate Club win gold, silver and bronze STUDENTS of Midleton Renshukan Karate Club, trained by Sensei Neil Sargent 7th Dan (Chief Instructor of SKIF Ireland) have just competed in The Open International Karate-Do Championship winning gold, silver and bronze medals in the process. The Open International Karate-Do Championship took place in Killorglin, Co. Kerry last week.

Midleton Renshukan Karate Club were very successful, winning three gold, two silver and one bronze medal in a very tough competition. Martin Donnelly won a gold medal in his Individual Kumite category, Martin Donnelly and Peter Casey won silver medals as part of the SKIF Ireland Senior Kumite team and also won gold medals as part of the SKIF Ireland Master Class Kumite. Dean Broderick (above with Sensei Neil

Sargent) won bronze medal in his Junior Individual Kumite category.

The club is now looking forward to competing in the SKIF Ireland Kanazawa Cup, which will be taking place in November and the students are also training very hard for their upcoming grading and training seminar under Kancho Kanazawa (10th Dan) (Head of SKIF Worldwide) and the first visit to Ireland for his son Fumitoshi Sensei (5th Dan) who won the SKIF World Championships in 2006 and the SKIF All Japan Championships seven times. Midleton Renshukan Karate Club are now accepting new members. Training times are 7.30pm to 8.30pm Mondays and Wednesdays in The Midleton GAA Hall. Call 0214631504 or visit www.midleton or find us on Facebook for more information.

Sensei Neil Sargent, Midleton honoured by karate magazine GREAT pride was bestowed on Midleton Renshukan Karate Club this summer when Sensei Gary Cashman, 5th Dan (left above), had his interview published on the Shotokan Karate Magazine, edition 108. The interview was celebrating the Karate life of Sensei Neil Sargent, 7th Dan (SKIF Ireland Chief Instructor).

In the article, Sensei Cashman documents and dates the knowledge of Sensei Sargent, recognising that in 1971 he founded the Irish Karate Union, now known as SKIF Ireland. A fantastic honour, and members of the Midleton Renshukan Karate Club wish to extend their congratulations to both Senseis.

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East Cork Darts Association

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

THE ECDA AGM was held in the Two Mile Inn, Midleton on Monday, September 5th. The committee were happy to report on what was a very busy and successful 2010/11 season. During the year, almost €15,000 was raised for Marymount Hospice, Aid Cancer Treatment, Children’s Leukaemia Association and Youghal Cancer Research.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way to achieve this. The election of officers took place after and the committee for the 2011/12 season are: Chairman: Aidan Lenane Vice-Chairperson: Eamonn Harty Secretary: Stef Domeney Treasurer: Brian McCarthy Committee members: Ray Twomey, Kieran Foley, Lisa Cussen, Willie Barry and Michael Power. A delegate meeting was held in the Two Mile Inn on Monday, September 12th, where all 22 clubs were graded into three divisions and the draw followed shortly afterwards.

The first round of fixtures took place on Friday, September 16th, and the results were as follows: Premier Division (Section A): Old Thatch Killeagh 3 Maggie Mays 4, McGrath’s 4 Sars GAA Club 3 Premier Division (Section B): The Hut Bar 1 Two Mile Inn 6, Tosh Cahill’s 1 Central Star 6 Division One (Section A): Porter House 3 Session Bar 4, O’Coileain’s 4 Colberts 3 Division One (Section B): Harty’s Bar 5 Gaelic Bar ‘1’ 2, Mackey’s 6 Woods’ Bar 1 Division Two: Gaelic Bar ‘2’ 5 Batt Murphy’s 2, Castle Bar 3 Thatch Lisgoold 4, Schooner 4 Long Point 3.

The second round of fixtures took place on Friday, September 23rd. The results were: Premier Division (Section A): Maggie May’s 6 McGrath’s 1, Sars GAA Club 5 Old Thatch Killeagh 2 Premier Division (Section B): Two Mile Inn 7 Tosh Cahill’s 0, Central Star 5 The Hut Bar 2 Division One (Section A): Session Bar 7 O’Coileain’s 0, Colbert’s 4 Porter House 3 Division One (Section B): Gaelic Bar ‘1’ 4 Mackey’s 3, Woods’ Bar 3 Harty’s Bar 4 Division Two: Batt Murphy’s 2 Schooner 5, Thatch Lisgoold 5 Gaelic Bar ‘2’ 2, Long Point 5 Castle Bar 2. After two rounds of fixtures the tables are: Premier Division (Section A): Maggie May’s 10, Sars GAA Club 8, Old Thatch 5, McGrath’s 5 Premier Division (Section B): Two Mile Inn 13, Central Star 11, Hut Bar 3, Tosh Cahill’s 1 Division One (Section A): Session Bar 11, Colbert’s 7, Porter House 6, O’Coileain’s 4 Division One (Section B): Harty’s Bar 9, Mackey’s 9, Gaelic Bar ‘1’ 6 Woods’ Bar 4 Division Two: Schooner 9, Thatch Lisgoold 9, Long Point 8, Gaelic Bar ‘2’ 7, Castle Bar 5, Batt Murphy’s 4

This Friday night, September 30th, the Maggie May’s Open Individuals takes place in aid of Chernobyl. The starting time is 8.30pm sharp. This competition is open to everyone and is for a very worthwhile cause, so your support would be greatly appreciated. Names are being taken up to 8pm on Friday night, so please contact Stef Domeney on 089-4170405 or Aidan Lenane on 087-2260272 with your entries. Any new clubs or players who are interested in joining East Cork Darts Association can do so by contacting Stef Domeney on 089-4170405.


The Week In Sport with Declan Barron

Huge weekend UCC and Castlehaven to for East contest Cork Cork Hurling

Best wishes to Carrigtwohill who go in search of only a second County Senior Hurling title when they take on CIT in Páirc Uí Chaoimh and Fr. O’Neill’s who will be up against Bandon, in the Intermediate Hurling Final, that will be the curtainraiser to the senior match on Sunday. In action on Saturday night in Páirc Uí Rinn will be Youghal who face Newcestown in the Premier Intermediate semi-final replay and Dungourney who will both be bidding to reach County Finals in what will be a huge weekend for East Cork clubs on the hurling field.

Ireland eye up quarter-final spot in Rugby Imokilly Oil East Cork Cross Country World Cup

Championships first round THE first round of the East Cork Cross Country Championship (Even Age) took place on Sunday, September 18th. The host club, Youghal AC, did a great job of laying out the course on a windy, but dry day, at Tower Park, Youghal.

JUVENILE RESULTS AS FOLLOWS: GU10 1st - S Morrisson, St. Nicholas AC; 2nd - K Barrett, Youghal AC; 3rd - L O’Keeffe, Youghal AC Team - 1st - Carrignavar AC; 2nd - Youghal AC; 3rd - Midleton AC BU10 1st - P Hartnett, Midleton AC; 2nd - C O’Brien, St. Catherine’s AC; 3rd - J Dorgan, Carrignavar AC Team - 1st - St. Catherines AC; 2nd - Midleton AC; 3rd - Carrignavar AC GU12 1st - L Hayes, St. Catherines AC; 2nd - T Muldowney, Midleton AC; 3rd - R Atkinson, Carrignavar AC Team - 1st - Carrignavar AC; 2nd - St. Catherine’s AC; 3rd - Midleton AC

Corkbeg pitch & putt

LAST Wednesday Billy Walsh and Colm O’Shaughnessy teamed up to win the first nett with 40.5. Pat Lordan and Tony Cotter combined well to win the gross with five under. The father and son partnership of Tom and Sean Busteed finished in second nett spot. Congratulations to Scott Garde who defeated Derek Daly in a very close match to win the Tom Broderick Memorial Trophy. The JH Crowley Cup

BU12 1st - D Morrisson, St. Nicholas AC; 2nd - K Nolan, Youghal AC; 3rd - R Morrisson, St. Nicholas Team - 1st - Midleton AC; 2nd - Youghal AC GU1st4 1st - J Hennessey, Youghal AC; 2nd - J Strain, Midleton AC; 3rd - N O’Brien, Midleton AC Team - 1st - Midleton AC; 2nd - Youghal AC BU1st4 1st - F Curtin,Youghal AC; 2nd - L Stack, Midleton AC; 3rd - A Ryan, Midleton AC Team - 1st - Youghal AC GU1st6 1st - M Ahern, Carrignavar AC; 2nd - C Hickey, Midleton AC; 3rd - S O’Sullivan, Youghal AC BU1st6 1st - D Atkinson, Carrignavar AC

GU1st8 1st - K O’Sullivan, Youghal AC; 2nd - B Lynch, Midleton AC; 3rd - P Curtin, Youghal AC Team - 1st - Youghal AC.

was postponed due to the bad weather. It will be played this coming Sunday.


The JH Crowley Cup will take place on Sunday, October 2nd. Tee off time is between 10am and 10.30am. There will be a competition on Wednesday at 2.30pm and a new competition on Friday at 2.30pm.


Turkey competitions will start on October 9th and the presentation of prizes for both matchplay events and the JH Crowley cup will take place on this date also.


After the expected 50 point win over Russia, Ireland will now complete Group C with their final fixture this coming Sunday when they face Italy. After the great victory over Australia, Ireland will hopefully continue their great run and a win over Italy would see Ireland top their group and progress to a quarter-final meeting with Wales. Should this happen, it would give Ireland a great chance of reaching a semi-final. First, however, Ireland must turn in another good display again an Italian side that will fancy their chances of causing an upset. I feel that Ireland will have too much attacking power and that Declan Kidney will have the side well-motivated for this test. After the great win over Australia, Ireland will not want to lose what is considered to be an advantage, so I expect the Irish to continue their winning run and qualify for the quarter-final.

Golf birdies win Solheim Cup

I must admit that the ladies version of the Ryder Cup produced some terrific golf at Killeen Castle and while there was no Irish player on the European side the golf on show was top quality with the Europeans recording a dramatic victory in the Solheim Cup with a 15-13 win over favourites USA in Sunday’s conclusion. Needless to say, the coverage was not anywhere near that of the Ryder Cup, but Ireland still produced another fine show and all associated with the win can take a bow for a job well done.

Football Final

The Cork Senior Football Championship has now reached the final stage with UCC overcoming divisional side Av o n d h u , while Castlehaven had an easier than expected win over Carbery Rangers to book their County Final places on Saturday night in Páirc Uí Rinn. With Dublin defeating Kerry and the draw for next year’s championship just a few days away, players in the county final will want to showcase their talent and make it onto the Cork panel for next season.

Newcastle the surprise packet so far in Premier League

Every season throws up an unfashionable club that does well early on in the Premier League. At present that tag falls to Newcastle, who despite not spending the cash from the sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool are currently in fourth spot ahead of clubs such as Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal while Stoke City, who held Manchester United to a draw at the weekend, are another unfashionable club that have started well. Where they finish at the end of the season is another matter, but a good start they say is half the battle and right now points on the board are worth everything.

Cork City hand EA Sports Cup to Derry City

An unlucky hand-ball allowed Derry City to claim the EA Sports Cup at Turner’s Cross on Saturday where 4,164 fans paid in to see this match. The 66th minute penalty decision saw Eamon Zayed convert and that goal was enough to give the visitors the trophy. Cork City must now continue their promotion push as they showed again on Saturday that they are capable of matching the top sides.

Young local lad Danny Morrissey from Midleton was introduced late on for Cork City and got in one or two good crosses. He is certainly one to watch for the future.

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Claycastle to host 2012 National Matchplay Championships 26


JUST over two weeks ago, the weekend of September 10th and 11th saw the National Inter-County Championships take place at the Portmarnock pitch and putt course in Dublin.

On Saturday, the Ladies teams took to the course with Dublin winning the title by just six shots from a strong Kildare side. On Sunday it was time for the Gents to represent their respective counties in strong winds and difficult weather conditions. On the Cork team were two Youghal players from the six in total, Paudie O’Sullivan and Club Secretary Anthony O’Loughlin, who is also National Strokeplay Champion of 2011 and who was captain of the county team last weekend in Dublin. Included on the Cork team were Ireland’s number one and two ranked players respectively, John Walsh and Ray Murphy. Paudie and Anthony represented their county with pride and didn’t disappoint in front of large crowds who were in attendance. The two Claycastle players were paired together in the foursomes and sent Cork on their way and gave them the advantage shooting an impressive 45(9 under par). It was then down to the singles where, once again, the Cork lads never gave up and performed fantastically. Paudie carded a 51, while Anthony posted the score of the day 46 (8 under par) and in doing so sent Cork on to win the National Inter-County Championships 2011 with a total score of 391 (41 under par) - thirteen shots clear of second placed Meath on 404. Wexford finished in third place, eight shots further back on 412. The Cork team, who have now won nine Inter County titles in succession and are a major force in the sport of pitch and putt, can hopefully make it their tenth title in a row next year.

Congratulations to Captain Anthony O’Loughlin and Paudie O’Sullivan on their great performances and who were a fantastic addition to the County team. 2011 has been the first year since 1999 that Claycastle has had a player on the County team. In fact, this year has been the first year that there have been two Claycastle players on the 6 man team. It has been a tremendous and historic year for our club with Anthony O’Loughlin winning the All-Ireland Championships just over a month ago - and to have more success

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

so soon is fantastic. It is a year that will not be forgotten for a very long time. For this achievement to occur in the Club’s 25th year makes it that small bit more special.

Noel O’Driscoll Memorial 2011 Last weekend saw the Noel O’Driscoll Memorial prize for 2011 come to an end. Over the four days of play there was some great shooting out on the course where conditions were tough and the weather wasn’t on our side for the majority of the tournament. We thank all those who supported this prestigious competition and especially those who have the course in such top condition day in day out. The overall winner of the prize was David Kenefick who produced some fine play and was a very worthy winner of the perpetual trophy. Although the weather wasn’t kind to us, over 100 cards were played in total.

Full results are as follows:

Overall Nett - David Kenefick Overall Gross - Anthony O’Loughlin Gents 1st Nett - Billy Kenefick 1st Gross - Martin Keohane 2nd Nett - Martin O’Regan Ladies 1st Nett - Helen Landers 1st Gross - Lily Bulman 2nd Nett - Sally Wallace

Other news

The final major competition of the year will be the Chairperson’s Prize, sponsored by Martin Keohane, our current Chairman, and play will begin today, Wednesday, September 28th at 2:30pm. There will be an afternoon session on Friday, September 30th at 2.30pm and play continues on Saturday, October 1st at 2.30pm, while on Sunday, October 2nd once again there will be two sessions, the first which will get under way at 10.30am and the second at 2.30pm.


The Cork Team (including Myles McMorrow (President of PPUI). Back row - Myles McMorrow (President of PPUI), Frank Dineen (St. Anne’s), Bryan Delaney (ESB) and Ray Murphy (Templebreedy). Front row - John Walsh (Collins’), Anthony O’Loughlin (Claycastle) and Paudie O’Sullivan (Claycastle)

Billy Kenefick accepting the Noel O’Driscoll Perpetual Trophy from Margaret O’Driscoll on behalf of the winner, David Kenefick at 8.30pm. All members of the club are more than welcome to attend on the night.

Juvenile competitions will continue throughout the autumn and winter months every Saturday morning at 11am. All new juvenile members are welcome to partake. For those wishing to avail of free coaching instead of the competition, that will take place at the same time.

We are proud to announce that Claycastle has won the right to host the 2012 National Matchplay Championships here in Youghal. This is a major tournament and we are privileged to host such an event. It will be the largest tournament hosted by Claycastle in the history of the club since 1986. This major championship will take place over the June weekend next year where there will be a total of 96 players taking part: 64 gents and 32 ladies.

Results of the recent fourball competition are as follows:

1st Nett - Martin O’Regan, Seamus Murphy Gross - Michael Landers, Martin O’Regan 2nd Nett - Thomas Bulman, Ted Healy Draw - Joy Bryan.

Youghal golf club Ladies

21/9: Invitation Open 3 Ball / Emer Casey Foundation 1st Jo Swayne (19), Breda O’Donoghue (20), Trish Landers (20) 80 pts 2nd Dympna Quill (16), Loretto Morrison (19), Mary Roche (310 73pts 3rd Adrienne McDonnell (19), Noreen Cronin (22), Fidelma Fitzgerald (22) 73pts 4th Frankie Forrest (13), Paula Burns (19), Mary Barry (35) 71pts


12/10: Club Singles Ladies AGM on 19/10 at 7.30pm

The club’s AGM will take place on Wednesday, October 5th at the Red Store in Youghal


20/9 & 21/9: Open 3 Ball 1st Paddy Heaphy (8), Norman McCarthy (10), Michael O’Sullivan (18) 67pts 23/9 - 25/9: Open 18 Holes Singles Stableford 1st Timmy Mason (9) 45pts 2nd Ken Lavan (10) 43pts Category 0-7: Martin Prendergast (6) 40pts Category 8-13: Tony Desmond (9) 40 pts; Michael Griffin (12) 39pts Category 14-18: Michael Brett (16) 42pts; Mce Buckley (16) 40pts; David Ryan (16) 39pts Category 19+: Des O’Halloran (21) 38pts CSS Fri/Sat: 37pts, Sun: 36pts

Prizewinners in the Noel O’Driscoll Memorial Competition 2011


Tuesday and Thursday - Open 3 Ball 30/9 - 2/10: Open 4 Ball Gents’ AGM on Friday, October 21st at 7.30pm Management AGM on Friday, November 4th at 7.30pm

Mixed Foursomes

25/9: 10 Holes 1st Paddy & Vera de la Cour 2nd John & Martina Hooley BG Tom & Breda O’Donoghue 3rd Jim & Fionnuala Coleman 4th Patsy O’Regan & Kay Curtin.

Paudie O’Sullivan and Anthony O’Loughlin with the Inter-County Cup at Portmarnock



Wednesday, October 19th 7.30pm


Friday, October 21st 7.30pm


Friday, November 4th 7.30pm

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal THE final figures are in from club charity cycle and a total of €370 was raised between the cycle and the raffle that night in Isaac’s Bar & Bistro – all of which is being donated to the COPE Foundation. Apart from the usual spins etc, there was not much happening this week on either the cycling or triathlon front, as all the races & sportives are now finished for the season. Anyone interested in trying their hand at racing next season or training through the winter months ahead, with racing in mind, is welcome to an informal gathering in Isaac’s Bar on Wednesday night, September 28th from 8.30pm onwards. All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there. As previously mentioned, the Club AGM will be held in Tosh Cahill’s Bar in Cloyne on Thursday, October 13th. All club members are reminded that any issues / ideas they wish to have discussed on the night need to be submitted to the committee two weeks beforehand – which is September 29th, and anybody wishing to put themselves forward for any of the committee positions next year need to have nominations in one week beforehand – which is October 6th. Anybody who has been a member for six months or more is eligible and we would be delighted to see some new faces looking to get involved. Details of positions and nomination procedure are available on the club’s Teamer page

Midleton RFC

With the evenings drawing in on us again it is nearly time for the weekly Spinning Class in Fota Island Resort to resume in place of the Wednes-

AIL League begins

The Midleton RFC Senior Squad are, this week, putting final preparations into their training for the first game of the Ulster Bank All-Ireland League 2011-2012. The lads have been training really hard over the past few weeks for this league to start and, on Thursday night, a squad of 20 will be picked for the first game at home to Corinthians RFC of Galway. As yet this season, the new coaches Dave O’Brien and Dave Lee have not been able to put a full strength team together due to work commitments and a few injuries. Club captain, Damien Smyth, will be a doubt due to a rib injury, but will be given every chance to be ready for Saturday.

We should be welcoming back Damien’s brothers Rob and Dave, Jeff Hitchmough , Brian Gill and our second row tallie’s man Aidan McCarthy, along with Michael Cronin back into the side for Saturday. Having had a good win over Highfield and a very unlucky loss to All-Ireland cup winners Bruff, the coaches have been impressed with the younger lads in the squad and quite a few of them are putting their hands up and making life difficult for the more senior members of the squad. Our second team have also been going well in the Munster 2nds league in recent weeks with a 38-0 win over Clonakilty and an impressive 15-0 win over Cashel on Saturday last. All these games give the lads valuable game time, with no more than 43 players having had some part to play either in the senior games or the 2nds league, which is fantastic to see so early in the season. Injury worries are going to be the main problem over the next few weeks with the seniors having four games in the next five weeks and the 2nds playing more league games. The squad, as a whole, are going to be tested to the limit. We would also like to welcome New Zeland man Matenga Baker to the club. Matenga arrived on Tuesday last and we wish him well for the season with us. We

would ask people young and old to come along and support the lads on Saturday and hope they get the campaign off too a winning start.

2nds defeat Cashel

Our 2nd team went to Cashel on Saturday night last and had an impressive 15-0 win over a tough Cashel side. Our pack stood up well to the constant pressure, with Dave Smyth controlling things well at number 8. His attacking runs from the base of the scrum caused Cashel constant problems. George Glennon and Brian Gill were both solid in the front row. Hooker John Silke, playing against his home club, had a tough night and was made to feel right at home by his ex team mates on the odd occasion - his lineout throwing and scrums were solid all night.

Scrum-half for the first half, Rob Smyth, controlled the game well and got the backs moving well. Rob Colan O’Leary took over the duties for the second half and kept up the good ball for the backs. New man Matenga Baker also got his first run out on Irish soil and is a fine strong runner with the ball and quite impressive in defence. Of the rest of the backs there were solid displays from Emmet Sweeney on the wing and Diarmuid O’Sullivan at full-back, on his first game back after GAA duties, ran strong lines in attack. All in all, it was a good run-out for the lads and, with the senior coaches spotted on the sidelines, there is no doubt they will have headaches on picking their squad for Saturday.

Pre-match lunches

Pre -match lunches are available before all home AIL games at €25 per person. To book your place, call Paul McCarthy on 086-8105641.

Best wishes, Carrig!

Midleton RFC would like to wish Carrigtwohill GAAthe best of luck in their County Final quest against CIT on Sunday.



An Bol-Chumann East Cork region

Fixtures Saturday, October 1st in Clashmore: Paddy Hennessy Cup at 3pm: Paddy Hurton vs. John Spriggs At 4pm: Tommy Sexton vs. James Hurley

Sunday October 2nd in Cloyne: Christy Coleman Cup at 11.30am: Niall Walsh vs. John Paul Roltan Paddy Hennessy Cup at 12.30pm: Christy Ring vs. Johnny Walsh

Underage trials The first of three underage trials was held in Cloyne on Saturday last. Ten boys and five girls took part. Dave McCarthy in action during the Lost Sheep Triathlon, Kenmare

day evening spins – keep an eye on Facebook for more details on day / times etc. over the coming week. These sessions, taken by club member Kadi, are a great workout and I think most members who stuck at these last year will all tell you they saw improvements, so hope to see a good number attending again this year.

The next trial will be held on Saturday next, October 1st, also in Cloyne, at 2pm. All welcome.

Social The Regional Presentation Social will be held in the Hi-Chaparral, Ballymore, Cobh, on Saturday next, October 1st at 8.30pm. All Adult and Under-Age champions will receive prizes.

Youghal cycling club

My Little Sister Zoe Appeal

Last Saturday, September 17th, 18 members of Youghal Cycling Club undertook a 175km fundraising cycle in aid of the My Little Sister Zoe appeal. We departed from Moby Dick’s at 9am and rode to Tallow, Conna, Fermoy, Mallow, Blarney, Ballincollig, Bishopstown, Cork City, Midleton, Castlemartyr, Killeagh and finally back into Youghal for 6pm.

A strong head-wind, coupled with the heavy downpours, made the spin to Mallow quite challenging but spirits were kept high thanks to Wayne’s running commentary of Ireland’s historic win over the Aussies. A well-earned soup and sandwich were quickly devoured in Mallow and, for some cute club members, a dry pair of socks! The second leg of the spin proved to be a much less wet affair with the sun shinning through and the wind giving us a gentle push along the road home. The Garda escort from Ballincollig to Cork, around the South Link and through the Jack Lynch Tunnel was very much appreciated. One wonders however, who all those screaming girls in the tunnel were? What a buzz! A second coffee stop was again enjoyed at the Village Greengrocer’s in Castlemartyr and no one was shy about tucking into the scrumptious collection of cakes being displayed. The spin was completed for 6pm with all club members returned safe and sound. A substantial amount of money was raised for this very worthy cause and all at the club would like to congratulate Tony Walsh for organising same. Finally, all at the club would like to wish little Zoe Lehane Lavarde and her family all the best for the future with her care and ongoing fundraising.

Meeting The next Regional Meeting will be held in O’Meara’s, Ballinacurra, tonight Wednesday, September 28th, at 9pm.

Club AGM

The date of the Club AGM has been fixed to take place at our next monthly meeting on October 5th. All members are asked to attend.

Club website

Information about the club, cycling in the area and cycling in general, can be viewed at our club website

Weekend Spins

As you are all well aware by now, there is a weekly spin every Sunday morning at 9am sharp leaving from Moby Dick’s Pub by the Clock Gate. This spin, which runs on various routes every week, usually takes between 3 to 4 hours (weather permitting). Two separate groups ride out at different levels to cater for as many cyclists as possible. The pace is comfortable and we usually stop half-way around for a coffee or tea. A third group also goes on a weekly spin every Sunday morning at 10am sharp ,leaving from Moby Dick’s Pub by the Clock Gate. This spin, which runs on various routes every week, usually takes around two hours to complete. The pace is again very comfortable and this is an ideal group for anyone interested in taking up the sport. New members or visitors to the area are always welcome. If you have any questions about the club or about attending one of our weekend spins, please contact our Club Secretary Jonathan at 0868563292 for details. See you all Sunday morning! Until next week, safe cycling!

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Fr. O’Neill’s looking for a repeat of 2007 when they face Bandon


Sunday, October 2nd at 2pm in Páirc Uí Chaoimh Intermediate Hurling Final: FR. O’NEILL’S VS. BANDON THE Intermediate Hurling Final which precedes the Senior showpiece should give early-comers an exciting game as it brings Fr. O’Neill’s and Bandon into opposition in the final.

In 2007, the East Cork side claimed the title at the expense of Bandon - who will be seeking revenge for that loss. In 2007, that win was the catalyst for a great winter for Fr. O’Neill’s who went on to win Munster and All-Ireland glory.

On this occasion they will gladly settle for a County title and, if they play to their potential, they are more than capable of coming out on top. Fr. O’Neill’s have put up some impressive scores on their way to this final, yet they have also scraped home on a number of occasions. Bandon, too, have been put to the pin of their collar on occasion, and they too have ridden their luck at times, especially in the drawn match against Aghada.


Both sides have some fine hurlers in their ranks, so we should be in for a high-scoring game.

Fr O’Neill’s have been doing better in terms of scoring goals in particular, and this could be a decisive factor, were it to continue in the final. In this campaign, Bandon have played three games and a replay with victories over East Cork sides St. Catherine’s and Aghada, while Fr. O’Neill’s would appear to have had the tougher route, defeating Meelin, Ballygarvan and Milford en route to the final.

Best wishes to John O’Mahony & Fr. O’Neill’s on Sunday

For Bandon, James McSweeney has done well in goal, while Philip Crowley, Joe Burke and James O’Donovan have been good in front of him. The Bandon half-back line is made up of Eoin O’Sullivan who is the team captain, Darren Crowley who took over from Donough Lucey (who may start here), with Kieran Hurley likely to complete this line. At midfield, Charles

The Fr. O’Neill’s team

Dullea and Joseph Harrington have done well while in attack, Mark Sugrue, Niall O’Rourke and Jason Hickey are a strong running half-forward line. Inside them, Jason McCarthy, Roy Payne and talisman Ronan Crowley will take a lot of watching as Teddy McCarthy will try to plot the downfall of Fr. O’Neill’s.

The East Cork side will have nine of the side that were successful in 2007 on the starting fifteen, with goalkeeper Paul Colbert again between the sticks. Outside him, new corner-backs John Thomas Gould and John Barry will flank team captain John O’Mahony.

The half-back line will see John O’Driscoll, Podge Butler and Tommy Lawton most likely to start, although Eoghan McCarthy could also be deployed in defence after a great second half in the semi-final. At midfield, Jer O’Leary and Eoghan McCarthy will most likely start the game together, while in attack converted defender Billy Murphy, Quinten Higgins and William Joyce will be in the half-forward line. Inside them, Robert Cullinane, Eoin Conway and Eddie Holland

Eoin Conway will be a key player in the Fr. O’Neill’s attack

have all done well to date and, with a good supply of possession, are all capable of getting scores. Luke Swayne and Niall Griffin came off the bench in the semi-final win against Milford and they could come in again on Sunday.

FR. O’NEILL’S: Path to the final Fr. O’Neill’s 4-16 Meelin 2-20

In their opening round, Fr. O’Neill’s had a high-scoring encounter with Meelin as they started on the goal trail, scoring four in their first game.

Fr. O’Neill’s team captain, John O’Mahony

Fr. O’Neill’s 2-21 Ballygarvan 2-16

Next time out Fr. O’Neill’s got the better of last year’s defeated finalists, Ballygarvan, in another high-scoring encounter. The East Cork side came good in the last quarter to round out winners by five points.

Fr. O’Neill’s 2-15 Milford 0-18

In the semi-final it looked as if Fr. O’Neill’s would be making their exit but a late, late recovery saw them stun Milford with two goals, to claim a victory that looked beyond them five minutes earlier. They certainly got a wake-up call and Milford will really feel that this game was stolen from them.

BANDON: Path to the final Bandon 1-17 St. Catherine’s 1-11

Bandon have taken the direct route also, yet they had to face St. Catherine’s and Aghada twice before making it through. In the opening round, Bandon had six points to spare over St. Catherine’s who then went on a great run to reach the semi-final, where they faced Bandon once more.

Fr. O’Neill’s GAA club would like to say thank you to their main club sponsors, Audit Diagnostics and all their sponsors



In this game, Aghada will feel that they let the result slip from their grasp as they had the game won, but a late slip-up gave Ban-

Bandon 0-12 Aghada 0-12 The Fr. O’Neill’s management team

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Can history repeat for Fr. O’Neill’s? don a free that earned them a replay.

Bandon 1-20 Aghada 0-10 Replay

Second time around there was only going to be one winner as Aghada never really got going, and Bandon had the win sewn up early. It was a much better showing from Bandon who looked very good at times.

Bandon 1-11 St. Catherine’s 1-5

It was a repeat of the opening game in the semi-final, but conditions were really atrocious with torrential rain spoiling this contest. That said, Bandon again came good in the second half to run out winners by six points, in a game that they could easily have lost.

Finn’s Tavern Ballymacoda


Taking the form of both sides into consideration, I feel that Fr. O’Neill’s have a better balanced side and, in Jer O’Leary and Eoin Conway, they have match winners capable of turning the game. For Bandon, Ronan Crowley has been their rising star while Niall O’Rourke and

Minor star Mark Sugrue are other players worth mentioning.

It has the making of a fine match with Diarmuid Kirwan in charge. Both sides try to get the ball to their forwards early as they have plenty of danger-men close to goal. So, the battle for midfield supremacy could be crucial. Jer O’Leary, whose free-taking has been a big factor in the Fr. O’Neill’s path to the final, will be a huge player for them and, if Podge Butler can stop the ball

Best of luck to FR.O’NEILL’S in the County Final




FREEPHONE 1800 624 724 Best of luck to FR. O’NEILL’S in the County Final

Best of luck to Fr. O’Neill’s this weekend from all at


from all at


I have to side with Fr. O’Neill’s who, in three games, have hit 852 and conceded 4-54, while Bandon have shot just 3-60 in four games and conceded 2-38.

It does look like the Fr. O’Neill’s forwards may be the more potent strike force, yet the Bandon defence has done well to date. It has all the makings of a fine curtain-raiser and I think that, as in 2007, Fr. O’Neill’s may again come out on top and shade the verdict. This game will be refereed by Diarmuid Kirwan from the Eire Óg club.


024 98378


from reaching Ronan Crowley, then Fr. O’Neill’s could well be on their way to victory. The bookies make it a 50/50 game, with both sides given every chance of victory.

No. 12, Jason Hickey, in action for Bandon against Aghada

Best of luck to FR. OʼNEILLʼS in this weekendʼs County Final from Nina & Mike and all the staff at the

Thatched Inn Ladysbridge 021 4667272

Let’s make history: Let history repeat itself!

Inferno MOBILE DJ & DISCO Wishing FR. O’NEILL’S all the best in the County Final

Av a i l a b l e f o r Club Awa rd N i ght s

L E T ’ S PA R T Y ! Mob ile: 0 86 7 32 5 68 4 inf ern omobile@gma il.c om

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Rovers romp home over Carraig na bhFearr Glenbower Rovers 2-0 7 Carraig na bhFearr 0-10 GLENBOWER ROVERS progressed to meet Lisgoold in the East Cork Junior A Football Championship Final, after a three point win over Carraig na bhFearr where the game was played in testing conditions. Carraig na bhFearr started this one in whirlwind fashion registering two points through Liam Ryan and Paul Murphy in the first three minutes.

Glenbower responded quickly, registering a point through John O’Connor, and then two very important early goals from O’Connor and the Killeagh hurling captain Andy Walsh, gave the Killeagh the lead and its men a break.

The Glenbower team. (Photos: Denis O’Flynn)

minute, and Paul O’Keeffe on the 40th and 46th minute respectively.

To their credit, Carraig na bhFearr fought back with points from Colm O’Reilly, Ronan Spillane, Con Burns and O’Reilly again, but Glenbower had the last say in the first half with a great point from veteran full-forward Mark Landers to leave the half-time score at 2 -2 to 0-6 in favour of Glenbower Rovers at the short whistle.

Try as they might, Carraig could not get through for the vital goal, and, on the night, Glenbower were the worthy winners. It was another devastating blow for Carraig na bhFearr, after losing out on the East Cork hurling, for whom the majority of their players were playing their fourth championship game in the last twelve days - which is gruelling for any small country club.

Glenbower started the second half as they finished the first, and had points from Joe Deane on the 32nd minute, followed by a Landers point on the 33rd.

It was then Carrig’s turn and they enjoyed a good spell, registering good points from the boot of the pacy Paul Murphy on the 37th

Killeagh camogie U16

WE had a home venue for our U16 championship game this week against Carrigaline. It has been a few weeks since our U16 lined out together and this was a great opportunity to dust off the cobwebs! Leah McEvoy opened the score card with a point – but for the longest time the ball went up and down the field with no hint of a score from either side. Eventually, we cracked it with a group effort resulting in the ball going over the line. With renewed vigour, Ciara Daly got our second goal followed by another from Jessica Tracey before the half-time whistle. A lovely pass from Jessica to Leah saw us open the second half with a point. All the while our backs were working hard to keep the ball up the field, combined with some great saves from Jessie


Glenbower’s Conor Murphy gets his kick in Swayne (our goalie). Hannah Looney scored our next two points and Jessica Tracey finished off our scoring. A good win from our U16’s who now go on to play the winners of Inniscarra vs. Courcey Rovers in the semi-final. Congratulations to the Cork Senior Ladies Footballers on their great win over Monaghan yesterday in the All-Ireland Football Final. Best wishes to our girls who line out with Inch Rovers in the County Senior Football Final vs. Donoughmore next week. The best of luck in retaining the County Crown.

Congratulation to our neighbours Fr. O’Neills on their impressive win at Intermediate County Level and good luck in the Senior B grade. Congratulations to our U13’s who won the Imokilly Final vs. Sarsfields last Saturday.

Juniors lose to Midleton Cobh 0-04 Midleton -10

OUR Junior hurlers went out of the championship on Wednesday last when losing out to a fancied Midleton side in a close game. Defences were on top throughout the match and scores were at a premium as the game was played in very poor weather. Cobh trailed by 5pts to 2 at the break and brought this back to 5pts to 4 shortly after half-time, but a knee injury suffered by Brendan Meaney required a long stoppage in play and, on the resumption, the lads could not get back to the pace they had set in the early part of the half. Midleton tagged on a few points near the end to see themselves safely over the line, but not before they had received a serious test from Cobh. Well done to all involved and best wishes to Buzz in his recovery.

Carraig just came up a little short on this occasion, but take nothing away from Glenbower who had the ability to get goals which was vital on the night.

TEAM: Pat Looney, Mark Ronan, Brendan Kearney, Declan O’Connell, Peter Cambridge, Darragh O’Keeffe, Brian O’Connell, Lee McDermott, Trevor Byrne, Martin Coffey, Darren Tallon, Kevin Doody, Brendan Meaney, Terry Anderson, Dave McCarthy. Subs: Don Ryan, John Mackessy, Kevin McSweeney, Damien Byrne.

Street Leagues

The annual, Cobh Credit Union sponsored Hurling Street Leagues are back with us again. Games will start on Friday, September 30th, at 6.30pm for the U12 group and on Sunday, October 2nd at 10.30am for the U7s and at 11.30am for the U9s. Please keep an eye on local publications, the GAA website and Facebook pages and the noticeboards at school for the details of teams and fixtures. Anyone who forgot to submit their form but still wants to play in this year’s street leagues should contact a member of the juvenile committee or call 0863099942 to be accommodated.

Cobh qualifies

Cobh qualified for the Minor A East Region Football decider after an impressive display against Killeagh in Castlemartyr last Sunday on a scoreline of 018 to 1-7. Six points from play from Eoin Hastings helped in no small measure to progression, with fine contributions from Adrian O’Hanlon, Paul Buckley, Darragh O’Keeffe, Jack Ronan and Darragh Kelleher. The road began on Monday, July 4th in a first round game versus Kilmurry which produced an 11 point win, followed up by a second round game against Youghal which tested the mettle of the squad before a couple of Shane Hallahan scores put the tie beyond doubt. A hurling break followed, until the conclusion of the final league game against St. Finbarr’s which saw Cobh finish top of eight teams.

SCORERS FOR GLENBOWER ROVERS: J O’Connor 1-2; A Walsh 10, M Landers 0 2, J Deane and K Lane 0-1 each.

CARRAIG NA BHFEARR: P Murphy 0- 4, C O’Reilly 0-2; L Ryan, A Spillane P O’Keeffe and C Burns 0-1 each. GLENBOWER ROVERS: S Scully; T Murphy, P McGrath, P McCarthy; C Murphy, C Fogarty, S Murphy; S Harnedy, P O’Neill; B Collins, J Deane, A Walsh; J O’Connor, M Landers and S Long. CARRAIG NA BHFEARR: A Sheehan; T Sheehan, D Coleman, P Geaney; N Mullins, S Horgan, M Minihane.; M Hickey, P O’Keeffe; C Burns, J O’Sullivan, C O’Reilly.; P Murphy, L Ryan, R Spillane. Subs: T Dunne for N Mullins (42) A Dorgan for L Ryan (51) B Twomey for C Burns (53) REFEREE: John Buckley, Glanmire.

The quarter-final of the championship was next up with Fr. O’Neill’s providing the opposition in Ballymacoda on Tuesday, September 13th.

A hard-fought win by 1-8 to 2-4 saw Cobh count the cost with injuries to Cian Spriggs and Aidan O’Rourke, stalwarts of Cobh’s teams throughout the year. Kevin McSweeney, Jamie Moynihan, Danny Keating, Tony O’Donovan and Sam Stapleton led the way for the Cobh lads.

The road to the final has, as always in any journey, been full of ups and downs but so far so good as this talented team take to the championship field once again late in September. Keep an eye out on Cobh GAA’s facebook page for updates regarding a fixture for the final. Hoping a large Cobh crowd will be in attendance for this big game.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal



Sixth title for Cork senior ladies Brendan Martin Cup returns to Cork with victory over Monaghan

CORK 2-7 MONAGHAN 0-11 THE Brendan Martin Cup returned to Cork after a short lapse when the Rebel girls proved too strong for a young Monaghan side in the All-Ireland decider played in Croke Park on Sunday.


Cork claimed a sixth title with the two goals proving crucial to the victory.

Juliet Murphy got Cork off the mark in the opening minute with a fine point from play, but Monaghan equalised on eight minutes through the boot of Catriona McConnell. In a free-flowing game, Valerie Mulcahy put Cork back in front on ten minutes, but Monaghan continued to work really hard with Therese McNally covering acres of ground as Catriona McConnell tied the scores for a second time with her first point from play. Caoimhe Mohan almost got through for a shot on goal, but superb covering from Angela Walsh saw the danger averted as the opening quarter passed with the sides still deadlocked.

Edel McCarron edged Monaghan ahead on 20 minutes with a fine point from play as both defences continued to impress. Briege Corkery, Deirdre O’Reilly and Brid Stack were good for Cork while Sharon Courtney, Niamh Fahy and Amanda Casey were doing well for Monaghan. Juliet Murphy tied the scores for a third time with a point from a free, before Nollaig Cleary intercepted a quick kick-out to plant the ball in the back of Linda Martin’s net to give Cork a goal advantage with 23 minutes played. Monaghan were a little unsettled, but their defence kept them in the hunt and they almost drew level on the stroke of half-time, but Edel McCarron saw her shot go over rather than under the bar, as Cork led by 1-3 to 0-4 at the sound of the half-time hooter. It was still all to play for with both sides still very much in the hunt at half-time.

On the resumption it was Monaghan that closed the gap to a single point with Ciara McAnaspie getting a point in the very first attack to give them the best possible start as Cork shot wide twice. Ciara Mohan and Therese McNally then carved out the chance for Niamh Kindlon to bring the sides level for a fourth time.

Nollaig Cleary, Cork, is congratulated after scoring her side’s first goal by team-mate Juliet Murphy, right. (Photos: Paul Mohan / Sportsfile)

Cork manager Eamon Ryan celebrates with his team after the game Cork then lost team captain Amy left foot, but Juliet Murphy Angela’s Inch Rovers teammate O’Shea, after a collision with pointed a free to restore the three Amy O’Shea hobbled to the goalkeeper Linda Martin, with point advantage with ten minutes podium on crutches and acCiara O’Sullivan coming on for remaining. Laura McEnaney cepted the Brendan Martin Cup the final 23 minutes. pointed for Monaghan (who just from Pat Quill for a sixth win for refused to throw in the towel) the county as the Cork girls once Niamh Kindlon then edged and the gap was down to just a again return as All-Ireland chamMonaghan back in front with her point when Catriona McConnell pions. first point from play, but the lead pointed after a foul on Therese was short lived as Grace Kear- McNally with just five minutes Monaghan’s time is not too far ney replied with a super score remaining. off I would suspect, as they are a for Cork. young side full of exciting playCould we have a third draw of ers and they can look forward to The action continued at a breath- the afternoon as Monaghan bat- the future but, for now, it’s Cork taking pace with Kindlon getting tled for an equaliser, while Cork who are basking in the glory her third point of the half as - through Rena Buckley - put and, at the end of the day, rightMonaghan were certainly put- two points between the sides fully so. ting it up to Cork who had again? CORK: R Buckley 1-0, N Cleary 1-0, J brought on Orla Finn for Valerie Mulcahy, with Geraldine Monaghan continued to pour Murphy 0-3, G Kearney, G O’Flynn, R Buckley and V Mulcahy 0-1 each. O’Flynn coming forward to tie forward but a Cork defence well the scores for a sixth time with marshalled by Angela Walsh, MONAGHAN: C McConnell 0-3, N 20 minutes remaining. Deirdre O’Reilly and Brid Stack Kindlon 0-3, E McCarron 0-2, C was in no mood to open up, and Mohan, L McEnaney and C McAnaspie Laura McEnaney was intro- they shut the door on a young 0-1each duced for Monaghan in place of Monaghan attack that could not CORK: E Harte, AM Walsh, A Walsh, Niamh Kindlon, which seemed get the goal they needed. D O’Reilly, B Corkery, B Stack, G O’Flynn, J Murphy, R Buckley, N strange as Kindlon was a big threat. Monaghan tried all they knew Cleary, M Kelly, G Kearney, V Mulcbut, in the end, it was the con- ahy, R Buckley and A O’Shea Capt. Subs used C O’Sullivan, O Finn, N Cork sub Orla Finn made a cession of the goal just before Kelly and A Sheehan strong run and was taken down half-time that broke their hearts. MONAGHAN: L Martin, G McNally, for a penalty, which was dispatched by Rhona Buckley to It was a tremendous advertise- S Courtney capt, C Reilly, A McAnaspie, N Fahy, R Connolly, A put Cork a goal to the good again ment for ladies football with An- Casey, C Courtney, T McNally, E Mcwith the final quarter approach- gela Walsh picking up the Player Carron, C McConnell, C McAnaspie, N ing. of the Match Award for a Kindlon and C Mohan. Sub used I Kiertremendous display at full-back. ans, L McEnaney, and E McIlroy. Caoimhe Mohan reduced the REFEREE: John Niland, Sligo. deficit with a fine point off her

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Bride Rovers



Win for U21s

10 minutes on the pitch at Croke Park gives Killeagh Camogie U12s the day out of a lifetime

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Our U21 hurling team are participating in the C Championship this year and the competition kicked off last Friday night under the floodlights at Pairc An t-Athair Peadar O’Laoighaire, Castlelyons.

The competition is played on a round-robin basis with Sars ‘B’, Lisgoold and ourselves participating. Our opponents on Friday night were Sars B. It is a great advantage to be able to play games like this at 8pm at this time of year. With players back at second and third level schools it was always a problem in the past trying to get a team out for 6pm. Well done to the Castlelyons club for providing top class facilities for the game. The match itself was even enough, and we were slow getting in to the pace of the game. The Sars’ forward line were threatening all through but, after the first quarter, our defence got their measure.

We led at half-time, but Sars came strongly into the game after the resumption. As the game wore on we added some good scores to finish worthy winners.

PANEL: Frank Hogan, Barry Collins, Fergus Collins, William O’Leary, Stephen Boyce, Ryan O’Connor, Jason Pratt, Liam O’Leary, Eoin Murphy, Stephen O’Leary, Daniel Dooley, Jason Mannix, Enda Collins, Daniel Lane, Gerard Healy, Maurice Dooley and Kieran Cahill.

Sars play Lisgoold in the next fixture and we are due to play Lisgoold then, with the top two teams meeting in the final.

Junior Hurling League Div. 2

We are now in the League Final. Having completed our programme of 8 games we top the table with 13 points.

Following us closely are Cloyne with 12 points after 7 games and St. Ita’s with 11 points from 7 games. If Cloyne beat or draw with St. Ita’s in their final game, they play us in the final but if St. Ita’s win that game they play us in the final. The panel of players are urged to give a commitment to training over the coming weeks to ensure that we are in good shape for the final. No date has yet been fixed for this. Our results to date in the JHL Div. 2 are: Bride Rovers 5 14 Sarsfields 0-10 Bride Rovers 2-16 Youghal 3-11 Bride Rovers 1-13 Killeagh 1-10 Bride Rovers 2-7 St. Ita’s 3-14 Bride Rovers 2-12 Carrignavar 1-12 Bride Rovers 2-11 Cloyne 2-11 Bride Rovers 5-18 Midleton 0-8 Bride Rovers 4-14 Dungourney 0-12.

Club lotto

Last week’s draw took place in The Central Bar, Rathcormac for a jackpot of €2,200. The numbers drawn were 14, 23, 25 and 27. There was no jackpot winner.

The winners of the five €30 ‘’Lucky Dips were: Jason Barry, Scartbarry; Ann Barry, Knockadroleen; Sean Murphy, Raheen; Denis Mulcahy, Bartlemy and Brendan Howard, Shanowen. The draw on Tuesday, September 20th took place in Denis Barry’s Bar, Bartlemy for a jackpot of €2,400. Tickets for the club weekly lotto are priced at just €2 and are available from club members, local business outlets and online at

Scrap collection

The scrap metal collection over the last six weeks has been a great success. We are still taking all kinds of metal from clothes hangers to combine harvesters. If you can bring the scrap to our collection points all the better but if you need to have it be collected this can be arranged. Ring Terry 087 930000 or James at 086 8350741. People have asked if we take ‘small’ scrap like drink and food cans … once it is metal we’ll be glad of it!

Club executive meeting

The next Club Executive Meting is on Monday night, September 26th at 9pm in the clubroom.

SUNDAY, September 11th was a great day for Wexford camogie, but in the lives of the Killeagh U12 camogie panel it was one to treasure. 12 lucky girls Cait Delaney, Kate McCarthy, Grainne Tyrell, Rachel Fogarty, Orla Cusack, Donna Coleman, Cleeva Motherway, Ciara Barry, Clair Fitzgerald, Patricia Hegarty, Ellen Cassidy and Megan Treacy, got to play hurling on the field of dreams for 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes, Cait Delaney scored a goal and Ciara Barry a point. We were also able to get the remaining panel members - Alice O’Donnell, Amy Roche, Saoirse O’Shea, Niamh O’Brien & Carrie Manning - involved in the guard of honour for

the Senior Game, thus ensuring they all got some time on the hallowed ground.

From beginning to end this was a great day. Micheal, our driver with O’Connor Coaches, told us he never brought a losing team out of Croke Park (record still intact!). Great parking with a short walk for Niamh O’Brien and her crutches; the weather held up beautifully and was actually warm in Croke Park; the meal in the Castle Arms was first class, as was the great hospitality and craic on the bus, with no one really singing out of tune! On the journey home spirits were high and one girl told me that she had to pinch herself when she woke that morning to make sure

she wasn’t dreaming. Winning the lotto couldn’t buy the thrill the girls got on Sunday or the pride their parents felt. Siobhan & I hope that this will see them all hurling for at least another 20 years. Rose Goggin and Rachel Treacy came along with us on the day just to get a feel for things for when it’s their turn and they were great support. The girls would like to thank a number of businesses in the village who contributed to the cost of the day: O’Neills Londis, Barry’s Hair Salon, Tom Kelly Butchers, Alan McNamee Plumber, Ahern’s Centra, Vibes Hair Salon, Coleman’s Newsagent, Killeagh Pharmacy, O’Mahony’s Bar, Kennedy’s Bar, Fogarty’s Garage and Tattan’s Bar.

Mary O’Connor is also due a special mention for the time she gave all the girls in Croke Park and all the help with planning our trip. Thank you.


Our U18s have been drawn against St. Catherine’s in the championship so we’ll need lots of support for this game. Commiserations to our senior players who went out of the championship last Saturday to Douglas. The girls were bitterly disappointed as they only lost by 4 points, playing at their best, but this is all a learning curve and the girls have definitely learnt a lot about themselves in these three games - and we still have the Summer Cup Final to play.

East Cork Championship round-up WHILE much of the attention has been on the Junior A Hurling and Football Championships, the East Cork Board has been ploughing ahead with its secondary Junior B Championships as well with a number of games played over the weekend. Castlelyons were in action twice, defeating Erin’s Own by 2-12 to 1-8 on Friday night, but on Sunday they found the Fr. O’Neill’s second string too hot to handle with Fr. O’Neill’s coming out on top by 3-11 to 0-12.

with Declan Barron Carrigtwohill also came up short against St. Catherine’s who got home in front by 1-14 to 2-6. Dungourney continued their great hurling season with a fine 0-11 to 1-6 victory over Sarsfields, while Carrignavar suffered another defeat going down by 1-14 to 2-20 to Midleton who look like they will take a bit of beating in this competition. There was one game in the Junior C Championship and here Russell Rovers had a high scoring 2-13 to 0-17 win over Bride Rovers.

This week’s action turns to the Junior B Football Championship with just one hurling game down for decision and that is between Youghal and Dungourney which will have been played in Killeagh on Tuesday night.

Carrigtwohill have the home advantage against Lisgoold, with Midleton travelling out to Glenville and Castlelyons will face Carrignavar while St. Catherine’s will take on Glenbower Rovers.

Tonight, Wednesday, September 28th, there are four more games down for decision, all with a 7.45pm start time.

On Sunday there is one game down for decision in the Junior C Hurling Championship with Midleton taking on Castlemartyr at 12noon and the Magpies will be fancied here.

In the Junior B Football, Aghada will also have taken on Cloyne on Tuesday night with the visitors to Rostellan possibly coming out on top.

Home advantage may be a help, but there is sure to be an upset or two on the cards.

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Killeagh-Ita’s juvenile

Relax - the ref’s gone to Specsavers

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Congratulations all round!

IT WAS a good weekend for all followers of the ‘liathróid mór’ in the parish of Inch and Killeagh as divisional and national honours were garnered. First up on Saturday evening the Junior A Footballers of Glenbower Rovers made history by clinching the Ryan Cup for the first time ever, beating Lisgoold by 0-16 to 0-06 in the East Cork Junior A Football Final in Caherlag.



Twenty three hours later, many of our parishioners had de-camped to Páirc an Chrócaigh where they cheered on Amy, Angela, Ann-Marie, Annie, Jessica and Claire as the Cork Rebelettes gamely hung on to defeat Monaghan by 2-7 to 0-11 and regained the Brendan Martin Cup (which they had loaned to Dublin for the past 12 months). So, well done to all those, male and female, young and not-so-young, who have contributed over the years, and particularly in the past thirty years, to promote Gaelic Football in our parish – we are now reaping the rewards! A particularly pleasing weekend for the Walsh family with Angela adding ‘Player-of-the-Match’ to her sixth All-Ireland medal and Andy playing a key role for Glenbower Rovers on Saturday, while Noel ‘Dip’ O’Connor once again deserves huge praise for his trojan work with both clubs in our parish - and also with the Cork ladies team. Now we only have two more challenges for our buachaillí agus cailíní – to win County titles in the Senior Ladies Football and Junior A Football Championship. That’s a nice target now!

U10’s go gallant in Gaultier

How apt then, that in this weekend of ‘big ball’ success, the latest seeds to continue this success were being sown in far-away Gaultier on the Dunmore East peninsula in South-East Waterford. Our Under 10’s had entered the Munster Towns Blitz, which took place across all six Munster counties on Saturday last, and many heads were scratched and maps quickly consulted when we were informed that we were drawn to play in Gaultier. Where’s that? Well 23 players and a fair scatter of adults (thanks to the mums and dads and others who came to support) now would have no trouble telling anyone where the fine facilities of Gaultier Gaelic Football Club are located. Off we trooped early on Saturday morning, and on arrival we met our hosts Gaultier, as well as two clubs from South Tipperary – Clerihan and Kilsheelan-Kilcash (home club of David Power, Manager of the Tipperary Minor Footballers, All-Ireland Champions!)

Our squad was split in to two teams, and each team played three games. The football was tough, hard and fair, and the skill levels were excellent from all teams. Ryan McCarthy and Liam Hoogstad ran themselves to a standstill for Tom’s team, while Robert Sinclair and Oisin McCarthy shone for Colin’s squad, who had the satisfaction of finishing with a very stylish win against our hosts.

Well done to all our boys who did so well and a big thank you to Janet Cunningham and her hard-working team in Gaultier for their preparation and welcome. Our travelling mums were well impressed that there were so many men serving teas and sandwiches (a mighty spread!) – a lesson for our own planners and men!

Final four known in

WATERFORD Senior Football Championship

THERE was no luck for Waterford sides Ardmore and An Rinn who bowed out at the quarter-final stages of the Waterford Senior Football Championship as they lost to Stradbally and the Nire respectively.

Joining them in the semi-final will be Ballinacourty and Killrossanty who make up the final four. The Geraldine’s were also out of luck as they went down to Dungarvan in the Western Intermediate Football Final, while Old Parish lost out to Sliabh Gua at Junior level.

LADIES GAA finalists Caoimhe Mohan (Monaghan) and Ciara O’Sullivan (Cork) can rest easy when it comes to the referee Yvonne Duffy’s (from Cavan) vision at this weekend’s All-Ireland GAA final, as Specsavers announce that they will once again be sponsoring the ladies GAA national referees for the 2012 season.

The sponsorship deal will see the Specsavers logo adorn the referee kit for all national competitions, such as the All-Ireland Championships, the National Leagues and the All-Ireland Club Championships.

eye exams to all national referees to ensure eagle-eye vision when refereeing matches. As a result refs can hopefully bid farewell to the commonly-heard heckle ‘Are you blind?’

Russell Rovers To further support the sponsorship and referees, Specsavers will be providing complimentary

Specsavers Ireland chairman Sean McCauley says, ‘We understand that good vision is essential for referees, as it is

Russell Rovers 2-13 Bride Rovers 0-17 OUR second string hurling team qualified for the final of the East Cork Junior C Championship with a hard-fought, narrow win over a strong Bride Rovers side in Dungourney last Saturday evening. From the throw-in, it soon became obvious that this was going to be a tough and close encounter which would require a huge effort by every player if we were to emerge on top.

Martin O’Flynn got the scoreboard into action with a fine point in the second minute, after which the game developed into a tit-for-tat pattern. Kevin O’Brien pointed a free in the sixth minute after Antoin Walsh was fouled, but we had to wait another 11 minutes for our next score, when Donal Fitzgerald fired over a brace of points within a minute. Kevin O’Brien added another in the 23rd minute with Paudie Higgins providing

the pass, but then Bride Rovers raced into a 3 points lead approaching half-time.

In the 29th minute, parity was restored when Pa Daly won possession about 40 metres out and headed goalwards before offloading to Donie Fitzgerald, whose quick return pass found Pa on the edge of the square to shoot to the net for a well-executed and badly-needed goal which left the sides deadlocked at 1-5 to 0-8 at the break. We dominated the first 20 minutes of the second half in which we outscored the Rathcormac side by 1-6 to 0-3 to go six points clear.

Kevin O’Brien hit over three from frees (won by Alan Cott, Aidan Beausang and Pa Daly) and another from play, along with a point each by Pa Daly and Donie Fitzgerald.

Our second goal was scored by Antoin Walsh who was on hand to whip a ground shot to the net following an O’Brien free which dropped short.

This period of dominance took its toll and we began to run out of steam while Bride Rovers struck a purple patch in which they tagged on six unanswered points in the next 8 minutes to put the game back in the melting pot.

With the scores tied, Joseph O’Flynn won a crucial free out on the left wing in the first minute of stoppage time and Kevin O’Brien held his nerve to slot it straight between the posts from a difficult angle. He added an insurance point two minutes later, which was followed soon after by the final whistle and relief all round after a nail-biting finish.

central to the integrity of their decisions. This sponsorship will ensure that refs are seeing clearly, which will benefit both the players and the team supporters.’ (Photo: INPHO, Morgan Treacy)

Goalkeeper Andrew Hartnett brought off a great save in the first half to keep a clean sheet for a third consecutive game. Outside him, Anthony Archer and Paudie Higgins contributed hugely to this victory while Paul Lane played one of his best games ever in a Rovers shirt and was a serious contender for Man of the Match.

TEAM: Andrew Hartnett, Kieran O’Brien, Anthony Archer, Tom O’Brien, Kevin Ivers, Padraig Higgins (Captain), Paul Lane, Kevin O’Brien (08), Martin O’Flynn (0-1), Aidan Beausang, Pa Daly (1-1), Joseph O’Flynn, Antoin Walsh (1-0), Donal Fitzgerald (0-3) and Alan Cott. Subs: David Higgins, Jonathan Walsh, Chris Scanlon.


Congratulations to our U13A hurlers on capturing the county title against Inniscarra last Saturday afternoon. Well done to all concerned.


Our U16B hurlers play Bantry Blues in the County Final in Páirc Uí Rinn next Sunday at 6.15pm. Best of luck to Mossy and the lads. The Junior C Hurling Final has been fixed for either Saturday, October 8th or Sunday, October 9th.

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THERE was no winner of this week’s lotto. The numbers drawn were 8, 19 and 22. Next week’s jackpot now stands at €3,400. The Camogie Club, Ed Coleman, R. & B. Fogarty and Orla Irwin won €30 each. Thank you for supporting your club.

Results East Cork Junior A Football Champions 2011 – Jim Ryan Cup

Our club has reached another milestone in its history by winning the Jim Ryan Junior A East Cork Final on Saturday evening when we defeated Lisgoold in a thrilling game. It all began last Thursday night when we defeated Carrignavar under lights in Castelyons on a scoreline of 2-07 to 0-10 in what was a tight affair in which we got off to a blinding start scoring 2-2 to a point within 10 minutes, missing a penalty. One would have been forgiven for saying that it was in the bag but Carrignavar kept chipping away at our lead and, in the closing minutes of the second half, pulled us back to three points, a bridge too far.

On Saturday, Lisgoold were our opponents and Caherlag was the venue where we led from the start and, for the first time, Glenbower Rovers will be engraved on the Jim Ryan Cup. Congratulations to Noel Long and his selectors and a gallant group of players. I’m sure the celebrations will continue for a while. Full report elsewhere in this week’s ECJ. Congratulations to Noel and the Inch girls on winning the Ladies All-Ireland Senior Football title. A fantastic achievement and honour for this club. It should be a fantastic homecoming. Congratulations to the Killeagh U15 hurlers on winning the first round of the county by defeating Inniscarra 3-15 to 0-6, and also went on to win the Munster U15 tournament which took place over the last number of weeks. The top eight teams fought it out in Mallow where the lads defeated Youghal in the final in a thrilling day’s hurling. Stars of the future!

Scrap metal fundraiser – We want your scrap!

A fundraiser in aid of Pairc Ui Cinneide – if you have any scrap metal lying around please gather it as we will hold a collection day – date and venue to be announced shortly. You can contact Kieran Scully on 087 2660469 if you have any queries.

East Cork GAA fixtures WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH: Junior B Football Championship: Carrigtwohill vs. Lisgoold at Carrigtwohill, 7.45pm Round 1 Midleton vs. Glenville at Fouhy Park, 7.45pm Round 1 Carraig na bhFearr vs. Castlelyons at Castlelyons, 7.45pm Round 1 Glenbower Rovers vs. St Catherine’s at Ballynoe, 7.45pm Round 1.


Junior B Hurling Championship: Carraig na bhFearr 1-14 Midleton 2-20 Quarter Final Carrigtwohill 2-6 St. Catherine’s 1-14 Quarter Final Sarsfields 1-6 Dungourney 0-11 Round 3 Ballinacurra 0-10 St. Catherine’s 1-17 Round 3 Erin’s Own 1-8 Castlelyons 2-12 Round 3 Junior C Hurling Championship: Bride Rovers 0-17 Russell Rovers 2-13 Semi Final

Michael O’Connor Motor Factors Junior A Football Championship: Glenbower Rovers 0-16 Lisgoold 0-6 Final Carraig na bhFearr 0-10 Glenbower Rovers 2-7 Semi-Final Garryvoe Hotel JFL Div 2: Aghada 4-17 Glenville 2-6 Round 8

Garryvoe Hotel JFL Div 3: Aghada 2-17 Carrigtwohill 2-5 Round 3.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2ND: Junior C Hurling Championship: Midleton vs. Castlemartyr at Dungourney, 12noon Semi Final.


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal


BEST of luck to our club man Ronnie Power and Carrigtwohill next Sunday in the County Hurling Final. Let’s hope they keep the title in East Cork.

Central Premier 2 Minor Football Championship: Glanmire 1-7 Macroom 0-7

Last Friday evening they had a big win over Carrigtwohill at Rostellan. Big displays from Trigger, Aidan Cotter, Shane and Paudie Wall ensured that Aghada go into the championship with a win under their belts.

Central Fe 18 Premier 2 Hurling League (1): Sliabh Rua 0-2 Blarney 0-1

Our Junior 3 footballers lead the way at the moment with two wins out of two in the league to top the table but stiffer tests lie ahead.

Final score: Aghada 2-17 Carrigtwohill 0-5

TEAM: Mark O’Brien, Alan Walsh, Brian Wall, Eoin Cotter, Alan Creedon, Shane Wall, Patrick O’Connor, Richard Good (0-2), Aidan Cotter, Trevor O’Keeffe (1-6), Paudie Wall (1-3), Declan Morrissey, Tommy Dobbyn (0-1), Dave Creedon (0-1), Eoin O’Neill (0-1) Subs: Michael Gilroy (0-3) for Morrissey (inj) 5 m.

Our minor hurlers bowed out of the County B12-a-side Championship last Saturday when Bantry Blues won on a scoreline of 3-8 to 2-10.


29/9: Possible JHL Aghada vs. Cobh in Cobh (top pitch) at 7.30pm 30/9: IHL Aghada vs. Glen Rovers in Glen at 7.30pm 1/10: Fé 13 Hurling Championship P2 Aghada vs. Blarney


24/9: Rebel Óg County Minor ‘B’ Co. Hurling Championship semifinal: Bantry Blues 3 - 8 Aghada 2 - 10 24/9: U14 Premier FC semi-final: Aghada 0-7 Ballincollig 1-7 23/9: JFL 3 Aghada 2-17 Carrigtwohill 0-5 22/9: U16 FC Aghada 2-11 Youghal 3-5 Girls U16 FL Aghada 8-11 Watergrasshill 0-9 Camogie U11 Aghada 7-2 Fr. O’Neill’s 2-3

Any of these fixtures could change so do look up the website for upto-the-minute news at

U14 Inch Rovers Championship 2011 Inch Rovers 05-07 Watergrasshill 01-04

WE played our semi-final of the championship on Friday, September 16th against Watergrasshill at home in Killeagh, game was to start for 6.30pm. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up in times for game to be started as no ref turned up and the East Cork Board were informed.

So a new ref had to be appointed and the game didn’t start until 7.15pm. Inch got off to a great start and got their first score from fullforward Lynda Galvin after 10 minutes with a goal in the back for the net.

Watergrasshill had some great players. Inch seemed to be the better team from the start but the ‘Hill had a strong full-back line to clear the ball back down the field well. The ‘Hill got their first score with a point after 15 minutes of the first half, but Inch pulled away to bring the first half score to Inch 03-03 to Watergrasshill 01-03.

We had floodlights on in the second half due to the late start. But, throughout the field, Inch dominated and we brought a few subs on which made a big difference. The full-time score was 05-07 to Watergrasshill 01-04.

We will now face Youghal in the East Cork Final on September 27th at home for us in Killeagh.

Youghal only started up as a club last year and have gone from strength to strength since. I would like to thank the U12 girls who have been our backbone this summer helping out. Also, we would like to thank GE Healthcare for being our club’s main sponsor this year.

Central Fe 18 Premier 1 Peil League : St. Michael’s 2-7 St. Finbarr’s 2-12 Bandon 0-2 Na Piarsaigh 0-1 Bishopstown 0-1 Nemo Rangers 0-2

Central Fe 16 Football Championship P1: St. Nicholas’ 2-12 Bishopstown 1-10 Central Fe 16 Football Championship P2: Inniscarra 2-7 St. Brogan’s 2-14 Aghada 2-11 Youghal 3-5 Fermoy 2-5 Charleville 2-4 Central Fe 16 Hurling Championship P2: Newcestown 1-11 Fr. O’Neill’s 2-10 Central Fe 16 Hurling Championship P1: Blackrock 3-22 Na Piarsaigh 0-9 Central Fe 16 Premier 1 Peil League: Ballincollig 1-4 Nemo Rangers 2-8 Valley Rovers 0-2 Douglas 0-1 St. Finbarr’s 1-6 Ballincollig 0-9

Central Fe 16 Premier 2 Peil League Roinn 3: Na Piarsaigh 2 2-6 Glanmire 1-14 Central Fe 15 Football Championship P1: Na Piarsaigh - Mallow - conceded by Mallow

Central Fe 15 Football Championship P2: Nemo Rangers - Mayfield - conceded by Nemo Rangers Central Fe 15 Hurling Championship P1: Killeagh/Ita’s 3-15 Inniscarra 0-7 Central Fe 15 Premier 1 Peil League: St. Finbarr’s 2-10 Douglas 3-6

Central Fe 15 Premier 1 Hurling League (1): Killeagh/Itas 5-12 St. Finbarr’s 3-6 Central Fe 14 Football Championship P1: St. Finbarr’s 2-6 Carrigaline 1-2 Central Fe 14 Football Championship P2: Clonakilty 4-22 St. Nicholas’ 1-1 Central Fe 14 Hurling Championship P2: Carrigtwohill 3-9 Sliabh Rua 2-6

Central Fe 14 Premier 2 Hurling League (2): Russell Rovers 1-10 Sliabh Rua 0-14 Central Fe 13 Hurling Championship P1: Eire Óg 3-5 Douglas 6-7 Na Piarsaigh 4-4 Midleton 4-8 Central Fe 13 Hurling Championship P2: Sarsfield 6-6 Shandrum 5-12 Central Fe 12 Premier Hurling League 1: Mallow 1 0-2 Glen Rovers 14-4 Mallow 2 1-2 Glen Rovers 21-6 Mallow 2 4-2 Glen Rovers 12-4 Mallow 1 2-4 Glen Rovers 22-2 Central Fe 12 Premier Hurling League 2: Midleton 1 1-5 Douglas 12-7 Midleton 2 1-6 Douglas 21-8 Midleton 2 1-8 Douglas 10-5 Midleton 1 0-4 Douglas 20-8 Central Fe 11 Premier Hurling League 1: Sam Maguire’s 1 1-2 Nemo Rangers 12-4 Sam Maguire’s 2 1-1 Nemo Rangers 21-4 Sam Maguire’s 2 1-1 Nemo Rangers 12-2 Sam Maguire’s 1 2-1 Nemo Rangers 23-2

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

East Cork Football Championship Final Lios gCul 0-06 Glenbower Rovers 0-16

Rebel Óg championship results Rebel Og U13 A Hurling Championship Final: Russell Rovers 4-9 Inniscarra 2-6

A FOOTBALL year and campaign that promised so much petered out with a whimper as our side were soundly defeated by Glenbower Rovers in what was, for us, a chastening experience and a disappointing encounter at Caherlag on Saturday.

Rebel Og U13 B Hurling Championship Final: St. Catherine’s 3-6 Kilbrittain 2-7

We started slowly, and seemed pinned back by the flowing attacks of our opponents.

Rebel Og U13 D Hurling Championship Final: Dripsey 3-9 White’s Cross 1-3

Our opponents deserved their victory, forged through a central domination where they won all of the match-up battles comprehensively.

A pair of early frees by John Cronin, and one by veteran Kevin O’Shea kept us in contention, but it was a constant struggle against more mobile and well-drilled challengers. That only one starting forward would score from play shows the extent of the uphill challenge faced by the Lisgoold side on Saturday, as was the fact that their custodian, Ciaran Cronin was by far the busier of the ‘keepers.

Indeed, Ciaran had a very solid outing, showing cat-like reflexes to acrobatically tip one goal-bound effort out for a ‘65 when all in attendance were sure the ball was headed for the back of the net.

Whilst our side never threw in the towel, we were second fiddle throughout, and only Noel Connery, the overworked Ciaran Cronin and John McCarthy will look on their personal performances with any degree of satisfaction.

The introduction of Killian Kingston, John Cashman and Cathal Cashman showed, perhaps, that manager Timmy Mulcahy is already building towards 2012, and the youthful exuberance of this trio certainly painted a more positive conclusion than otherwise may have been felt across the disappointed parish on Saturday evening.

Under 12: Lios gCul vs. Erin’s Own

A wonderful experience for our boys, hosted under the lights by an excellent Erin’s Own club on Wednesday, where the two sides played out a fantastic encounter. Best for the young blues were hat-trick hero Liam Chandler, the brilliant Eoghan Ruane and the twin corner-forwards Alan O’Reilly and Joseph Murphy.

And finally...

Congratulations to all concerned with the Lisgoold Family Playground which was formally opened by Crystal Swing on Saturday. Further congratulations to our Ladies Football side who defeated Clann na nGael in the County Championship semi-final. Thanks to all who generously ensured that the Cash For Clobber event was such a success. Best wishes to our neighbour and club supporter Fergal Savage as he forges onward and upwards towards the peak of Cho Oyu, the Himalyan peak that is the sixth highest point on the planet. Follow Fergal’s progress on

All of us in CLCG Lios gCul are proudly following your progress Fergal... Many congratulations to our Under 11 football coach Ella Ryan who won an All-Ireland Ladies Football title last weekend.

Deepest sympathies

All at CLCG Lios gCul express deepest sympathies to the extended Connery families on the sad passing of Mrs Maureen Connery this week. Ar lamh dheis De go raibh si.

Rebel Og U13 C Hurling Championship Final: Whitechurch 10-12 Kilmichael 0-11

Rebel Og County Minor B Co. Hurling Championship Semi Final: Bantry Blues 3-8 Aghada 2-10 Rebel Óg Under 16 D County Hurling Championship Final: St. Colm’s 2-10 Banteer 2-7

Rebel Óg Minor D County Hurling Championship Final: Kilmacabea 3-13 Churchtown 2-7 Rebel Óg Under 16 C County Hurling Championship Final: St. Mark’s 2-9 Clondrohid 3-18 Rebel Óg Minor B County Hurling Championship Semi Finals: Dromtarriffe 1-13 Setanta’s 1-4 Croke Rovers 2-12 Clonakilty 3-8.


LOTTO results for September 19th, for a jackpot of €1,950. There was no winner. Lucky dip winners were Pat Horgan €35, John Ronayne €25 and Clara O’Sullivan €15. The next jackpot is €2,100.

Junior B Hurling Championship 2nd round Dungourney vs. Sarsfields

The Junior Bs returned to championship action on Sunday morning in Castlelyons. There were monsoon conditions on Sunday morning in Dungourney, but by the twelve o’clock throw-in the weather had settled. It was point for point in the early minutes of the first half in a match dominated by defenders but, by half-time, Dungourney opened up ahead on 0-6 to 0-2 and, with the wind with us in the second half, things were looking good. The second half continued in a similar view with twenty minutes gone and Dungourney winning by 0 -10 to 1-02. A Sarsfields player suffered a bad knee injury and play was stopped for about 40 minutes until an ambulance came and took him to hospital. The break seemed to inspire Sarsfields and, in the remaining 13 minutes, they up-scored us by five points to one. Both sides had a man off for two yellows and we were happy to hear the full-time whistle. TEAM: Dave Hennessy, Kieran Ahern, Will Day, Michael Rigney, John Cody, Warren McCarthy, John Ronayne, Ollie Lynch,, Stephen Hickey, Ritchie O’Neill, Carl Kiely, Bill Ahern, Liam Ahern, Martin Hennessy and John Hickey. Subs: Pat Rigney for John Hickey and Paul Byrne for Ritchie.


Junior A Hurling County Championship semi-final - Dungourney vs. Mayfield. Time and date to be confirmed.

Scrap fundraiser

The scrap fundraiser is continuing, so if you have any scrap thrown around that is not needed, please contact Paddy Cullinane or Denis Buckner for collection.

Dog race night

The dog race night takes place on Friday night at Youghal Greyhound Track. Tickets are still on sale with a first prize of €1,000, and can be purchased from any committee member. A DVD of the East Cork Final and celebrations are available by contacting any committee member.



Big weekend for East Cork Clubs in search of County Final places Declan Barron previews the weekend action Saturday, October 1st in Páirc Uí Rinn: PIHC semi-final replay at 7.30pm


YOUGHAL and Newcestown will renew their rivalry in the Premier Intermediate Hurling semi-final on Saturday night in Páirc Uí Rinn. Both sides have had time to prepare so we should be in for a much better game this time around. Youghal will certainly hope to improve on their shooting, and forwards such as Andrew Curtin, Leigh Desmond, Bill Cooper, Brendan Ring and Brendan Coleman will have to come up with the scores if Youghal are to come out on top.

The defence did reasonably well last time out, yet Eoin Kelly, Fionn Keane, Tadgh Twomey and Carthach Keane will pose problems if given enough possession.

The bookmakers think that Newcestown will come through on this occasion. I disagree, and think that Peter Queally’s charges are good enough to come out on top in this one, and progress to a County Final meeting with Courcey Rovers.

Saturday, October 1st in Páirc Uí Rinn: JAHC semi-final at 5.45pm


St. Catherine’s will take on Aghabullogue at a time and venue yet to be decided, but the East Cork side are certainly in with a good chance of success. Steven O’Brien, Pa Roche, Matthew Mulcahy and William Walsh will spearhead the St. Catherine’s effort and they could come out on top in this one. EDITOR’S NOTE: As usual, all fixtures can be subject to change so please check with your club before travelling to the venue. The previews of the Senior Hurling Final between Carrigtwohill vs. CIT and Fr. O’Neill’s vs. Bandon are in our County Final features, but here’s wishing the best of luck to both East Cork sides on Sunday.

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St. Colman’s U16 ladies reach county semi-final




Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

LAST Sunday morning our girls travelled to Glanworth to play Kanturk in the County quarter-final. We played well with some nice passing movements, good defence and attacking play. We ran out convincing winners on a scoreline of 5-13 to 1-1. We now meet Naomh Fionnbarra of Ballingeary - date and venue to be decided.

TEAM: Ciara O’Neill, Aoife Finn, Kate Fleming, Eibhin Healy, Ciara Murray, Cliodhna O’Sullivan, Lorraine Bernard, Miriam Mullins, Keelagh Cullinane, Rebecca Walsh, Aine Beausang, Chloe Belton, Katie O’Neill, Sharon Murphy and Claire O’Brien SCORERS: Claire O’Brien 0-1, Keelagh Cullinane 1-2, Rebecca Walsh, 1-1, Katie O’Neill 2-5, Miriam Mullins 1-2 and Chloe Belton 0-2.

Waterford Hurling semi-finals draw

THE draw for the County Senior Hurling semi-finals has paired Tallow against Ballyduff Upper with Della Salle meeting Ballygunner in the second semi-final, so it could be East vs. West in this year’s County Hurling Final.

The Tallow vs. Ballyduff game will go ahead at 4pm this Saturday in Fraher Field, while on Sunday at 2.30pm in Walsh Park the other semi-final will take place. On Sunday, also in Fraher Field, the Intermediate Hurling Western Final will take place with another local derby meeting between Cappoquin and Tourin likely to draw a big crowd to the Dungarvan venue.

Midleton Junior B Hurling Championship Midleton 0-10 Cobh 0-04

IT WAS back to championship action for our B grade hurlers on Wednesday last when we faced Carrignavar under lights in Rostellan. After a two month lay-off they were eager for action. On a tough night for hurling, Cobh had first use of the strong wind. However, at half time it was the Magpies who led by 0-05 to 002. Cobh started the stronger in the second half and reduced the deficit to a point, but Midleton steadied the ship and ran out comfortable winners in the end on a 0-10 to 0-04 scoreline.

Junior B Hurling Quarter Final Midleton 2-17 Carrignavar 1-13

Our Junior B hurlers, after their win over Cobh on Wednesday, were in quarter-final action on Sunday evening last when they played Carrignavar in Riverstown. The second game in the week had no ill effects on the team as they put in a good performance over the hour. Carrignavar were strong opponents and

both sides put up a good score. In the end, Midleton had seven points to spare. We now await the winners of Youghal and Dungourney in the semi-final.

Senior Hurling League Midleton 3-17 Ballinhassig 0-12

Midleton played their penultimate league game at the weekend and had a comfortable win over Ballinhassig by fourteen points. This leaves us on fifteen points with one game to play. Our final league game is against Blackrock. Midleton Junior C hurlers are in the semi-final of the championship this coming weekend. They face Castlemartyr, the reigning champions, in Dungourney at 12 noon on Sunday, October 2nd. Midleton have lost a number of players, both to the B side and through injury since our opening round win over Dungourney. Gavin Power and his fellow selectors might have to unveil another couple of golden oldies on the day.

Junior C Hurling semi-final

Midleton GAA would like to extend best wishes to Carrigtwohill and Fr. O'Neill's in their respective County Finals this coming Sunday.

Best wishes

The Russell Rovers U8 team who played against St, Catherine’s in Ballynoe

Russell Rovers U16s

Russell Rovers U16s defeated St. Kevin’s by four points to reach the U16 County Hurling Final, where they will take on Bantry Blues, which promises to be a great Final.

Russell Rovers U14s

Russell Rovers U14s lost by the narrowest of margins to Sliabh Rua in the U14 Premier 2 Hurling Championship held in Carrigtwohill. The Rovers never gave up and battled right to the end.

Russell Rovers U13s

Russell Rovers U13s won the East Region U13A Hurling Final on September 15th, defeating Inniscarria by 6 points in Ballinlough. The East Region Chairperson, Regina Abernethy presented the cup to Luke Duggan Murray, the Russell Rovers Captain. On the way to the final, Russell Rovers defeated Clonakilty, Lisgoold and Carraig na bhFearr. All games were close encounters, but our boys battled away and grinded out the results. Having won the East Region Final on the Thursday, they were out again in the U13 County Hurling semi-final on September 17th, where Russell Rovers defeated Fermoy on a scoreline of 5-10 to 1-5.

Fe 13

On Saturday, September 24th, our Fe 13 hurlers hosted Na Piarsaigh in the first round of the Central Championship. In what turned out to be a very competitive game of hurling our lads dug deep when needed to hit the crucial scores to win on a scoreline of 4-8 to 4-4. This was a great team performance and, indeed, the entire squad needs to take credit for the way those unfortunate not to make the starting 15 pushed those who had in training in the weeks leading up the game, as the boys selected were very sharp and determined not to let their squad down. It showed, as we had to battle very hard throughout to get the better of what is a very good Na Piarsaigh side. We now move on to the quarter finals, where we will play the winners of Blackrock and Carrigaline at home again on Saturday, October 1st. Throw-in at 12 noon.

Our panel on the day was Padraig O'Brien (Captain), Adam Daly, Conor Evans, Kevin Mulcahy, Garan Manley (0-1), Ryan McConville, Sean O'Leary, Christopher Shanahan, Ryan O'Reagan, Jordan Roche (1-2), David Mulcahy (03), Christian Daly (1-1), Christopher Power (1-0), Eoin Moloney (1-1),

Russell Rovers U10’s in competition in Páirc Uí Chaomh last week

Conor O'Neill, John O'Dwyer, Sean O'Meara, Tommy O'Connell, Shane O'Brien, Dylan Cahalane, Ronan O'Donovan, PJ Fitzgerald, Kevin Daly and Temitayo Abdullah.

Fe 8

The boys Fe8 were in Carrigaline on Saturday, September 24th. Twenty four travelled so the panel was broken up into three teams of eight. So, on what was a beautiful morning for hurling the games commenced at about 12.15pm. All three teams played three games and the winner on the day was hurling. From what was witnessed on Saturday, hurling in Midleton will have plenty of talent for the foreseeable future.

Lotto results

September 23rd. Numbers drawn were 5, 15, 22 and 24. Jackpot €9,400. No winner. Lucky Dip winners of €40: Tom Scanlon, c/o Midleton GAA; Paul Cronin, Stumphill, Midleton; Eoin McGrath, Riversfield, Midleton; Ashling McCarthy, c/o Pearse McCarthy and Bernadette McGrath, Riversfield, Midleton. Next week's jackpot is €9,600. Thank you for your continued support.

Shane Lewis, Russell Rovers being blocked by St. Catherine’s full-back

Inniscarria defeated Thomas Russell’s in the other County semi-final on a scoreline of 1-8 to 0-5.

Russell Rovers now go on to play Inniscarria again in the U13 Hurling County Final, with the venue and time yet to be decided by the board of Coiste na nÓg.

RUSSELL ROVERS PANEL: Ross Walsh, Cormac Aherne, Andrew McMahon, Ben Daly, Luke O’Riordan, Luke Duggan Murray, Eoghan O’Sullivan, Eoghan Cronin, Shane Finn, Shane O’Neill, Cillian O’Brien, Josh Beausang, Niall Quill, Kevin Finn, Dan Ruddy, Anthony Cahill, Sean Gilsenan, Kieran Aherne, Aaron McMahon, Liam O’Brien.

Russell Rovers U8s

Russell Rovers U8s enjoyed a great morning’s hurling in Ballynoe last Saturday morning, with some magnificent hurling on display from both sets of young players.

Niall Corcoran, Mikey Finn and Shane Lewis were in great scoring form for the Rovers, while Jack Smiddy, Oisin Rudge, Shane O’Donovan, Kevin Roche, Rory Cummins, Amy Doyle, Adam Kenneally, Jacob Stinner and Mark Dwyer gave some great displays in the middle of the parc. Also, Dan O’Connor and Eva Healy were in mighty form, with first-time hurling that kept the ball moving in the right direction. Well done to Paddy Corcoran and Kieran Roche who looked after the team on the day.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

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East Cork Junior ‘B’ Hurling Championship Fr. O’Neill’s 3-12 Castlelyons 0-11

FR. O’Neill’s continued their winning streak when they overcame Castlelyons in the quarterfinal of the East Cork Junior B Hurling Championship at Dungourney on Sunday last. This was a good win for the lads - as they led for most of this game. Castlelyons were no push-over and kept up the challenge until the final whistle, however goals win matches and O’Neill’s got theirs at crucial times during the game. Niall McAuliffe opened the scoring for Castlelyons directly from the throw-in, but O’Neill’s showed their intent when Fergal

Duffy put through a perfect pass to colleague Colin Ryan on the third minute and Colin’s shot hit the back of the Castlelyons’ net.

Alan Hayes and Shane Harrington added two further points for O’Neill’s while Dara Lawlor pegged a point back from a 40m free for Castlelyons. Alan Hayes and Alan Regan traded points but, on the 10th minute, Alan Hayes caught a long ball and, having neatly rounded his man, hit an unstoppable ball to the Castlelyons’ net for goal number two. Liam O’Driscoll added two points, one from a free, while the aforementioned Duffy got on the scoresheet when he pointed, after getting some unwarranted punishment on the way.

At this stage, O’Neill’s had a 26 to 0-3 lead with ten minutes remaining on the clock in the opening half, so Castlelyons had to do something - or they were going to be swamped at the break. They hit six unanswered points in a nine minute period,

Alan Regan narrowed the gap with a pointed free five minutes into the second half (which was their last score of the game), but O’Driscoll and Hayes added two more points, O’Driscoll’s coming from a free roughly 40 metres out right next to the sideline, to maintain their advantage. Castlelyons upped the ante midway through the second half, but could not get through a teaktough O’Neill’s defence where Eoin Griffin, Jer Holland and Tony Motherway were superb. Alan Hayes put the game beyond doubt on the 47th minute when he hit his second goal of the evening and, when Tony Motherway broke through to

Premier 1 Minor Hurling Championship Final Castlelyons 1-11 Blackrock 1-16

AFTER a game of total dedication and commitment, the Castlelyons Minors lost the Premier 1 Minor Hurling Final to Blackrock in a thrilling game at Pairc Uí Rinn. Neither side gained domination during the first ten minutes. Castlelyons were first to score with a point from Ronan Bransfield in the eighth minute and it wasn’t until the eleventh minute that Blackrock had their first point.

By the fifteenth minute, Castlelyons were leading by four points to two and going into the last ten minutes of actual play in the first half they led five points to three. During this period of the game, Blackrock were on top and after three points, followed by a goal in the twenty sixth minute, had a four point lead going into the last five minutes of play before half-time. The sides exchanged a point each and the score at half time was 0-6 to 1-7 in favour of the city side. The opening stages of the second half saw Castlelyons struggle to stay in the game, as a much more physical Blackrock side forged on by putting the ball over the


and it was left to Liam O’Driscoll to score O’Neill’s only point in this section of the game: a 30m free. Niall McAuliffe hit a point from about 60m out on the 32nd minute to leave the score at 2-7 to 0-10 in O’Neill’s favour at the short whistle.

Eoin Barry Man of the Match in final

Main sponsor: South Coast Transport


bar six times, while Castlelyons scored only two points. So, going into the final fifteen minutes of play, Castlelyons trailed by nine points.

Then came a dramatic revival by Castlelyons. It started with a brilliantly taken goal by Ronan O’Regan in the sixteenth minute and Colm Spillane followed with a point two minutes later. Only four points now separated

score a point, those in the know knew this game was done and dusted. Alan Brett and Liam finished off the game with a point apiece to leave the final score at 3-12 to 0-11.

SCORERS: Alan Hayes 2-3, Liam O’Driscoll 0-5 (0-3 f), Colin Ryan 1-0, Shane Harrington, Fergal Duffy, Tony Motherway, Alan Brett 0-1 each. TEAM: E. Kenefick, D. Colbert, E. Griffin, T. Motherway, C. Broderick, J. Holland, R. Butler, D. O’Flynn, M. Hayes, L. O’Driscoll, A.Brett, S. Har-

the sides. Neither side scored for the next four minutes and the next point went to Blackrock. Two placed balls allowed Anthony Spillane to reduce the deficit to three points as he pointed both. In the thirty first minute, Blackrock got a point from play and followed it with another from a sixty five to put the difference between the sides at five points on the final whistle.

This was a historic game for Castlelyons. It is the fist time that the club has played at the top level of county hurling at underage level and, on top of that, they went to the final. Within the final five minutes of play they were within a single score of the opposition.

The Castlelyons forwards mounted a concerted attack and only the goalpost saved Blackrock.

rington, F. Duffy, C. Ryan, A.Hayes. Subs used; Barry Hayes for C. Broderick, Brian Sweeney for C. Ryan, Daragh Sexton for F. Duffy, Shane Lee for D. O’Flynn. REF: Michael Walsh (St. Catherine’s).

This weekend, our Intermediate Hurlers face Bandon in the Cork County Intermediate Hurling Final in Páirc Uí Chaoimh at 2pm. We wish John O’Mahoney and his fellow players, Robbie and

A proud moment came during the presentation after the game when Eoin Barry was awarded the ‘Man of the Match’ title. He had put in a performance well deserving of the honour, making a number of significant saves. Also, he was both encouraging and demanding of the backs playing in front of him. As he did all during the championship he showed great leadership as Captain. Well done, Eoin. Another aspect of the achievement of this team is the fact that of a panel of twenty three, eight are on the age, three are on seventeen, seven are on sixteen and five are on fifteen. Well done also to the team mentors, Barry Fitzgerald, Sean Kenny, Peter Murphy, and Donal Barry. They did an excellent job all year training this group of very talented players.

TEAM: Eoin Barry, Ned Daly, Cian O’Leary, Tom Carroll, Steven Joyce, Colm Barry, Coran Lawlor, Colm Spillane (0-1), Eoin Maye (0-1), Ronan Bransfield(0-2), Darragh Lawlor (0-2), Alan Fenton, Ronan O’Regan (10), Anthony Spillane (0-5), Shane Moroney. Subs: Jack Barry, Brian O’Donovan, Shane Fenton, Colm O’Neill, Michael Geary, Declan Varner, Steven Hickey, Liam Moroney, Sean Cronin.

Thank you Castlelyons Premier 1 Minor Hurling Team 2011 finalists

Front row: Alan Fenton, Jack Barry, Colm O’Neill, Stephen Hickey, Liam Moroney, Darragh Lawlor, Coran Lawlor, Colm Barry, Sean Cronin, Shane Fenton, Colm Spillane, Anthony Spillane and Ned Daly. Back row: Declan Varner, Shane Moroney, Michael Geary, Brian O’Donovan, Ronan O’Regan, Tom Carroll, Eoin Barry (Captain), Cian O’Leary, Steven Joyce, Eoin Maye and Ronan Bransfield

Again, the Minor team were very well supported at Pairc Uí Rinn on Sunday night. Thanks to all who were there and made good use of their vocal chords to show support to the players. Thanks to all the people, club officers, parents and others, who

his fellow selectors and all the mentors the very best of luck. We also want to congratulate the Intermediate Camogie team on their County success last weekend.


2/10: Páirc Uí Chaoimh - Fr. O’Neill’s vs. Bandon, Co. IHC Final, 2pm. did vital work in the lead-up to the final. Thanks also to JJ Maher for his work in looking after the physical well-being of the players.

The flags in the village were a great sight. Well done to the men who took care of that side of things.


Only a few weeks ago, Coolagown achieved a Gold Medal for Small Villages in the Tidy Towns. At the weekend they received the news that they had achieved a Gold Medal in the Entente Florale competition. This is a European competition and only one other village was awarded a gold medal. This is a very deserved achievement after many years of hard work and planning. Well done to all the people who have been part of this.

Lotto, €17,200

The lotto numbers drawn this week were 9, 10, 18 and 27. There was no jackpot winner The following won €20 each: Pauline Sheehan, Ballydorgan, c/o Farrier’s Bar, Coolagown; Ann Cotter, Ballynoe, c/o Castlelyons PO; Michael Creed, Fermoy, c/o Castlelyons PO; S McCarthy, Rathcormac, c/o Ned Fitzgerald; Jack Kenny, Kent Tce., c/o D O’Connell; Michelle Griffen, Berry Hill, c/o Maura O’Sullivan; McNamara’s, Castlelyons, c/o Mac’s Shop and Olive Flynn, Ballynoe, c/o Farrier’s Bar, Coolagown. Next week’s draw will be at the Community Centre, Castlelyons. The jackpot will be €17,200.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Fr. O’Neill’s capture Intermediate Camogie title for second time in their history

Evening Echo Cork County Intermediate Camogie Final

FR. O’NEILL’S 3-9 TRACTON 1-6 Joan O'Flynn, President, Cumann Camogaiochta, F. O'Driscoll, M. Finn, F. Wiggins, A. Griffin and M. Kenefick former and current players

FR. O’NEILL’S captured the Evening Echo Cork County Intermediate Camogie Championship for the second time in their history, on Saturday evening last when they defeated a gallant Tracton side in the final, played on a superb surface at the County Board grounds at Castle Road, Mahon. The opening exchanges in this game were very even as both sets of backs were on top of their game. O’Neill’s won the toss and elected to play against a very stiff breeze, they conceded the first score to Tracton’s Jennifer Lynch when she converted a 45m free on the seventh minute. It took O’Neill’s until the

eleventh minute to put a score on the board when markswoman Fiona O’Driscoll levelled matters with a 20m free.

Jennifer Griffin added a second point for Tracton on the 18th minute, but Kate Harrington brought the sides level again when she pointed from 60m out against the wind. O’Neill’s defence was under pressure in this section of the game, but Yvonne Murphy in the full-back line and Gearodine Kearney and Frances Wiggins in the half-back-line kept Tracton at bay, and never let Tracton get too much time on the ball. However, Griffin extended the Tracton lead again when she exploited an error in the O’Neill’s

backline. Fiona O’Driscoll, who played in the first victory back in 1986, rounded her opposite number Nicola Mullane and hit a sublime point to level for the third time.

Sarah Harrington journeyed up from the half-back-line to put the East Cork side a point up coming into the closing stages of the opening half. Katie Ahern scored O’Neill’s opening goal on the stroke of half-time when she deftly tucked the ball into the corner of Claudia Murray’s net to leave the score at 1-4 to 0-3 at the short whistle. Both Jennifer Griffin and Erin Harrington added points early in the second half to reduce the O’Neill’s lead. Fiona added a

point from a free on the 36th minute and, a minute later, she hit a wonder shot to the Tracton net after a long delivery from a Gearodine Kearney free. Fiona ran onto the ball and, side-stepping her marker, gave Murray no chance in the Tracton goal with a powerful low shot.

This indeed was a purple patch that O’Neill’s were hitting as they took the game to the Carrigdhoun girls and were on top in all positions on the field. They were also aided by a seemingly stronger breeze, which meant that longer clearances by Kearney and Wiggins were having a greater impact on the forwards. Nora Ahern added a point on the 40th minute after some hard work by Denise O’Leary, and veteran Mags Finn got on the scoresheet

when she popped over a point at the three quarter mark.

Tracton’s Marion Jagoe tried hard to get them back on track, and was rewarded with a point with ten minutes on the clock. However, O’Neill’s replied with two points, one from a ‘45 by Fiona while Jagoe struck a goal for Tracton on the 54th minute. The last score of the game fell to captain Liz Sweetman when she goaled on the 59th minute to put real daylight between the sides. Time ran out on a gallant Tracton side who were beaten by a more balanced O’Neill’s team and, to the delight of a huge O’Neill’s crowd, Liz Sweetman raised the Nano Nagle Cup having being presented with it by Sister Gertrude of the South Presentation Sisters, who do-

Clashmore’s Mary O’Rourke leads New York at Croke Park IT WAS Ladies Football day at Croke Park last Sunday and while Waterford were not involved, one Waterford girl played a big part in New York’s draw in the junior decider. Mary O’Rourke from Clashmore was the New York captain, playing in the full-forward berth. The 27 year old former All Star holds U14 All Ireland and Minor All-Ireland titles with Waterford. Since moving to New York Mary has won two New York titles and two Players of the Year Awards as well as four New York AllStar Awards. Mary and her teammates will have to return again in two weeks time as New York and Wicklow will have to battle it out again before the title is decided. In the Intermediate game, Westmeath and Cavan also played out a draw while in the Senior game Cork just got the better of Monaghan.

nated the magnificent cup in her honour.

SCORERS: FR. O’NEILL’S: Fiona O’Driscoll 1-5 (0-3 f), Katie Ahern, Liz Sweetman 1-0 each, Kate Harrington, Shane Harrington, Mag Finn, Nora Ahern 0-1 each. TRACTON: Marion Jagoe 1-1, Jennifer Griffin 0-3, Jennifer Lynch, Erin Harrington 0-1 each. FR. O’NEILL’S: T. Cusack, C. McGrath, Y. Murphy, C. O’Shea, F. Wiggins, G. Kearney, S. Harrington, K. Harrington, D. O’Leary, C. Phelan, M. Finn, N. Ahern, F. O’Driscoll, L. Sweetman, K. Ahern. Sub. N. Nagle for K. Ahern. TRACTON: C. Murray, G. McCarthy, P. Harrington, N. Mullane, M. McGuinness, J. Kingston, C. Lynch, J. Lynch, K. O’Sullivan, E. Harrington, M. Jagoe, J. Griffin, C. Fitzgerald, A. Kiely, E. Collins. REFEREE: John O’Leary (Mallow).


This year we have a new addition to our calendar. An U12 league begins this week and our first match was at home vs. Killeagh on Monday last. The next game is away to Castlelyons on Saturday, October 1st at 11am. Further details to follow on remaining games against Youghal, Bride Rovers and St. Catherine's. Save the date: November 11th look out for more details in the weeks to come!

We wish the Fr. O'Neill's Intermediate team the best of luck next Sunday in their County Final.

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Lisgoold junior ladies advance to County Final Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal


THE Lisgoold Junior Ladies advanced to the County Final when they overcame Clan na Gael in wet and windy conditions under lights in Cloughduv last Friday night.

Having won the toss, Lisgoold elected to play with the wind to try and build a lead for half-time.

With this in mind, the forwards never let up from the get-go and fought for every ball as if their life depended on it. True to form, Taylor Bradley opened the scoring with a point from play, which was quickly followed by a free from Ella Ryan. The forwards were now settling into the game and were playing good football, finding the free player and taking on the Clan na Gael backs.

Leah Hogan’s running of the ball paid dividends when she put over a great point.

Lisgoold were playing well and no more so then Ella Ryan who controlled the play around midfield, making some great runs towards goals combining well with Leanne Woods and Laura O’Shea.

It was always going to be the case that Clan na Gael were going to push forward and, from a free, they sent in a high ball which was gathered and kicked to the back of the Lisgoold net, but credit to the Lisgoold players they never panicked and counteracted that goal by scoring three more points before half time: two from Ella and one from Taylor. Half time score: 10 points to 1 goal.

Our U12 girls took to the field of play on Sunday, September 18th against Erin’s Own in the semifinal of the East Cork C Championship. The game was played at the Lisgoold pitch and supporters were treated to an entertaining game of ladies football. Erin’s Own won the toss and opted to play with the aid of a strong swirling wind. From the throw-in, the Lisgoold girls got stuck into the game.

Midfielder Sinead O’Brien set up an attack but, despite pressure from our forwards, the Erin’s Own backs held firm. Despite playing against the wind, Lisgoold kept the ball in the Erin’s Own half for the first ten minutes and the first score came in the form of a point from Orla Fleming. This was followed by a well-taken point from Caitlin O’Brien. Erin’s Own came into the game and put some pressure on our backs. A foul committed on their full-forward resulted in a penalty for Erin’s Own.

This is a truly magnificent achievement for the adult club, having only formed 3 years ago, with few ever imagining this day would come.

Two more points from Taylor and one each from Cara O’Brien and Leanne Woods gave Lisgoold a six-point lead. Clan na Gael put in attack after attack but the dominance of the Lisgoold backs and their discipline throughout the whole game kept them scoreless at this stage. Caoilinn Hickey and Cara O’Brien were all over the pitch, putting in some superb tackles to deny the Clan na Gael forwards, while also working the ball up the pitch.

U12 Girls East Cork Championship Semi-Final Lisgoold 2-4 Erin’s Own 2-1

Lisgoold goalie, Britney Devine, stood firm and brought off a fantastic save. Britney cleared the ball from the goalmouth with a great pass to Aoibhe Savage, who passed it to Niamh Power who in turn kicked it into fullforward Ellen Flynn from whose boot it hit the back of the net for a great goal.

Barry Moran, Co-ordinator, East Cork Ladies Skills Competition congratulates Leanne Woods of Lisgoold, who will represent East Cork at next week’s final at half-time in the County Senior Hurling Final Laura O’Shea was rewarded for Lisgoold were now in the drivFacing the wind in the second her hard work with two points, ing seat and brought on subs half was going to be hard, but while Leah added another to Kelly McCann, Tanya Kingston, Lisgoold were up for the chal- bring her tally to two for the Sarah Hickey, Trish Tobin and lenge. game. Clan na Gael were com- Valerie Collins. ing again and had to settle for Using the ball wisely, and hold- two points as the pressure from Credit to Clan na Gael they kept ing possession, Lisgoold worked the full-back line of Maureen going to the final whistle and got the ball up the field, and it was O’Riordan and Francis Connery three more points, but it was LisElla Ryan who opened the scor- made it impossible to shoot for goold’s day and, when the final ing with a fine point from play. goal. whistle blew, scenes of relief and joy were witnessed by all. The pressure was always going Trish Walsh in goals made some to be on the backs but, with the good saves and her long kick- But, as the saying goes, ‘There is half-back line of Denise O’Rior- outs were finding Lisgoold play- nothing won yet’. dan, Linda Croston and Cather- ers who turned and launched ine O’Connell soaking up much another attack. Keep up the hard work at trainof it, the forwards of Clan na ing, girls, and enjoy the feeling. Gael were denied any scores. The rain was now teeming down Caoilinn, Ella, Cara and Leanne and it was making conditions TEAM: Trish Walsh, Maureen O’Riorworked tirelessly for the half, very difficult. At this stage the dan, Francis Connery, Catherine O’Connell (c), Linda Croston, Denise winning the ball, coming out next score was going to be vital. O’Riordan, Leanne Woods (0-1), Cara from the backs and carrying it up Lisgoold pressed on again and O’Brien (0-1) Caoilinn Hickey, Ella to the forward line. when Taylor Bradley got posses- Ryan (0-4), Laura O’Shea (0-2), Taylor sion there was always going to Bradley (2-4) Leah Hogan (0-2) Subs The forwards, who might have be one outcome: she buried it Kelly McCann, Sarah Hickey, Tanya Kingston, Valerie Collins, Brid Cullihad more then a few wides in the into the back of the Clan na Gael nane, Johanna Lane, Katie Jeffers. first half, used the ball a lot bet- goals to give Lisgoold a great ter this half and made every at- cushion, but she wasn’t finished tack count by scoring. and a few minutes later she found the net again.

Erin’s Own launched an attack from the kick-out but centreback Fiona Murphy, Katie O’Mahony and Aoibhe Savage, spearheaded by full-back Sarah Kelleher, were alert and stopped any threats. The ball once again found its way to the Lisgoold forwards where a lobbing ball into the goal-mouth resulted in a bat down by the Erin’s Own goalie and alert corner-forward, Laura Whelan, was on hand to fist it into the net for Lisgoold’s second goal. On the restart, Lisgoold had the aid of the swirling wind. Erin’s Own came into the game much more in the second half and put a lot of pressure on our backs. Our backs held firm and prevented scores. With the swirling wind, both teams were finding it hard to hit the target for scores. It was Erin’s Own who opened the scoring for the second half with a point.

They continued to put on pressure and were eventually rewarded with a goal. Lisgoold responded with more pressure and centre-forward Niamh Power put over a point, quickly followed by a second one. Erin’s Own once again responded and rallied for another attack on our



hardworking backs and managed to slip in for a second goal. From the kick-out, Lisgoold launched another attack and kept the ball in Erin’s Own half for the final few minutes of the game. It finished in a win for Lisgoold. Lisgoold’s player of the match was full-back Sarah Kelleher who was rock solid throughout the game. Credit is due to all eighteen of Lisgoold’s players who each played their part in a great win. We now await the winners of Carrigtwohill and Mayfield from the other semi-final. Well done girls and the very best of luck in the final.

LISGOOLD TEAM: Britney Devine, Rachel McCann, Sarah Kelleher, Katie O’Mahony, Aoibhe Savage, Fiona Murphy, Grace O’Driscoll, Sinead O’Brien, Caitlin O’Brien, Orla Fleming, Niamh Power, Sarah Murphy, Laura Whelan, Ellen Flynn, Nicole O’Keeffe, Ciara Beirne, Amy O’Keeffe, Erin Nagle.

Under 10 Ladies Football League Glanmire 6 - 6 Lisgoold 0 - 3

The Lisgoold girls played a brilliant game of football against a strong Glanmire team. Our girls have developed their skills well and played a defensive game holding off the Glanmire team from scoring for most of the first half. Glanmire had the advantage of the fall of ground and took the lead, going into the break with a couple of high goals. Excellent goal-keeping by Anna Morrissey prevented further scores. In a fast-paced second half, Glanmire pushed ahead but, overall, the game was a good exhibit of fair play and active participation by all of our players who benefited from the encounter. Lisgoold will go ahead to take part in a league semi-final in the next few weeks. Our Under 16 girls play Glanmire this Thursday in the league semi-final in Glanmire. Time to be confirmed - check locally. Under 8s are training on Saturday mornings with the Under 10s - new members welcome. Congratulations to Leanne Woods on winning the Junior East Cork Skills competition in Aghada last Thursday night.

Thanks to all those who supported the Church Gate Collection.

The Lisgoold GAA Development Fund Committee would like to sincerely thank all those who once again supported our recent ‘Cash for Clobber’. Our new local playground was officially opened last Saturday and a great day was had by all.

Congratulations to the Cork Senior Ladies Football Team on their All-Ireland victory over Monaghan on Sunday.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Deane ‘points’ Glenbower Rovers to first A football title


East Cork Junior A Football Final: Glenbower Rovers 0-16 Lisgoold 0-6

GLENBOWER Rovers inscribed their name on the ‘Jim Ryan Cup’ for the very first time with a well-deserved victory over a Lisgoold side also seeking a first victory, in the Michael O’Connor Motor Factors East Cork Junior A Football Final, played at the Caherlag venue on Saturday evening.

There was no disputing Glenbower Rovers’ mastery once Andy Walsh put them in front in the opening minute; and Lisgoold were always playing catch up. The midfield dominance of Seamie Harnedy and Kieran Lane (who both added points), left Glenbower three points to one in front after John Cronin got Lisgoold off the mark from a free.

Both sides tried to play football on an excellent surface, yet Lisgoold struggled to get any kind of rhythm going as their laborious build-up saw their forwards starved of possession when playing with the breeze. In contrast, Glenbower were far more direct in their play, and it paid dividends with Joe Deane, Sean Long and John O’Connor all getting on the scoresheet from play. While Barry Ahearn had Lisgoold’s first point from play, it also proved to be their only one, as John Cronin and Kevin O’Shea converted frees to leave Lisgoold trailing by 0-7 to 0-4 at the interval, after Seamie Harnedy had kicked his second point from play for Glenbower Rovers. On the resumption, Deane shot the first of his four second half points and while John Cronin (from a free) and John Cashman (from play) had points for Lisgoold, they were always playing catch up as Glenbower poured forward, with Andy Walsh, Colin Fogarty and Brian Collins doing sterling work to feed their attack.

Sage players Joe Deane, Mark Landers and John O’Connor knew where the posts were and in the fourth quarter Glenbower Rovers pulled well clear for a deserved first victory. Glenbower showed that their midweek win over Carrignavar was no shock, and they produced another hard-working display, scoring all but their final point from play, in what was a really enjoyable game, let flow by the common-sense refereeing of Carrigtwohill Chairman Niall Barrett. While Lisgoold lost on this occasion they had fine displays from Brian O’Leary, Jerry O’Connell, John McCarthy,

A job well done as a delighted Glenbower Rovers’ contingent celebrate their first Junior Football title win

East Cork Board Vice-Chairman Dick Fitzgerald presents the Jim Ryan Cup to Glenbower Rovers captain, Padraig McCarthy

Noel Connery and John Cronin at times. Glenbower Rovers will now go on to represent the Imokilly Division against the Duhallow champions, Kanturk on Friday week, so they have plenty of time to enjoy their victory.

East Cork Board Vice-Chairman Dick Fitzgerald presented the Jim Ryan Cup to a delighted Glenbower Rovers captain, Padraig McCarthy, who suitably replied on behalf of the new East Cork champions.

GLENBOWER ROVERS: J Deane 05 (1f), S Harnedy 0-3, J O’Connor 0-3, A Walsh 0-2, S Long, K Lane and M Landers 0-1 each. LISGOOLD: J Cronin 0-3f, B Ahearn and J Cashman 0-1 each, K O’Shea 01f. GLENBOWER ROVERS: S Scully, T Murphy, P McGrath, P McCarthy Capt, C Murphy, C Fogarty, S Murphy, S Harnedy, K Lane, B Collins, J Deane, A Walsh, J O’Connor, M Landers and S Long. Subs used G Dullea and G Collins. LISGOOLD: C Cronin, C McCarthy, N Connery, J Hurley, M O’Connell, B O’Leary Capt, C Walsh, B Clifford, J Cronin, B Ahearn, J O’Connell, P O’Mahony, K O’Shea, W Kingston and J McCarthy. Subs used J Cashman and K Kingston. REFEREE: Niall Barrett, Carrigtwohill.

Joe Deane gets off a pass despite the close attention of Brian O’Leary

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal


Donoughue saw a pass to Yves Sehoge who crossed for Gerome Glavin to score from 6 yards.


SANTA Ponza or Bust is on this Friday, September 30th at 8.30pm, now at the Mall Arts Centre. This show has been moved from the Walter Raleigh Hotel to the Mall Arts Centre due to the closure of the hotel. Numbers have been significantly reduced from 400 to 200 so if you have not got a ticket, please secure one now. Tickets still on sale from the same outlets: Cree’s Card Shop and Sammy’s Butchers or by contacting Paudie Sheehan on 087-9450004 or Emmett Perry on 087-2835286. Tickets are €15 each and there is a chance to win two tickets on CRY 104fm this Thursday on the Shane Supply show ‘Yawl ready for this’. Tune in between 12noon and 2pm for a chance to win.

Munster Senior League Lakewood 0 Youghal United 3

Youghal travelled away to Lakewood early Sunday morning and came back down the N25 securing all three points. Youghal now have 7 points from a possible total of 9 points and what a great start to the season they are having. Leon Geary was on the scoresheet twice and Leigh Desmond got the other one. A great team performance which saw Anthony Kelly and Teddy Cunningham in top form . Roll on the next game!

Youghal United 1 Temple United 0

Only the previous week Youghal drew away to Temple 1-1 in the first league game of the season in very bad conditions. It is unusual that you play the same team the following week but that’s the way it ended up, so we had to get on with it. The management team lost last week’s goal-scorer Teddy Cunningham in the warmup and had to re-jig their team.

Both teams didn’t really start with any pace and it was Youghal who put together the first real move when Leon Geary played a one-two with Sean Kenneally who got clear down the right wing only for the defender to make a great last ditch tackle. The boys got to grips with the game and were applying a great deal of pressure on the Temple outfit. On 20 minutes Youghal worked the ball out of defence with a combination of first touch football through Geary, McDermot, and A. Kelly to Hennessy who played a lovely 30 yard pass into the path of Jason O’Neill, whose shot was narrowly wide of the keeper’s right hand-post.

Youghal finished the half very strong with Leon Geary swinging in some lovely crosses and David Herlihy causing all sorts of problems for the Temple defence. You had the feeling the opening score wasn’t far away. Half time 0-0. The second half started as the first finished with Youghal applying all the pressure. Patrick Durkin was introduced on 50 minutes for the hard-working David Herlihy. Patrick’s first phase of play was to run into the right hand corner, pick up the ball and whip a cross into the onrushing Sean Kenneally who headed over from 8 yards. Temple had their only real chance of the game when they picked up a loose ball in midfield, worked it forward quickly and their forward had a go from outside the box only to see it hit the crossbar. Anthony Kelly was the first to react and knock it out of the danger area. From there, Youghal were well on top and causing frustration for the away side, leaving them to argue amongst themselves and with the referee. In a matter of minutes, Youghal were sloppy at one end eventually clearing the danger and went straight into attack when Shane Ryan got on the end of a pass and worked his way into the penalty area and his trickery caused the defender to pull him down, giving the referee an easy decision to point to the spot! With ten minutes remaining, up stepped David O’ Keeffe to score at the second attempt as the keeper got to save his initial shot. Youghal saw out the remainder of the game to secure their first three points of the season.

TEAM: D. Kearns, P. Kelly, A. Kelly, B. McDermot, D. O’Keeffe, L. Geary, S. Kenneally, T. Butler, A. Hennessy, D. Herlihy, J. O’Neill. Subs used: P. Durkin for Herlihy & S. Ryan for Hennessy.

Cork U19 league Temple United 1 Youghal United 3

After last week’s disappointment, this was a great result. Both sides took a while to settle and the first half passed by without too much to report. The second half was different, as both sides began to open up and it was Temple’s more direct football that created the better chances. David Cashman, in goal, pulled off two outstanding saves and some good defending kept Youghal in the game. Eventually, Temple scored after a good move down the left, a pull-back and a good finish by the inrushing midfielder. With only 20 minutes to go, Youghal had to do something and putting an extra man upfront produced an immediate response. A great run by Bobby


Youghal were stroking the ball all over the park, but it was a ball over the top from Calum Gallogley that was coolly slotted home by Bobby Donoghue.

Again, with the third goal we had Bobby & Yves combining for Jerome to score - great football by Youghal. A hard-earned win to continue the good start. Best for Youghal were the entire back-line.

Team: D. Cashman, Killian O’Callaghan, Ross Desmond, Jason Galvin, Aaron O’Connor, Colin Sheehan, Calum Phelan, Jamie Meade, Bobby Donoughue, Jerome Glavin. Subs Used: Calum Gallogley & Yves Sehoge.

West Waterford/ East Cork League Div 1. Youghal United 2 Kilworth 2

The lads drew their first game of the season at home to Kilworth. They found themselves 1-0 down at half time and, as these bunch of lads are relatively new and playing together for the first time, they could be excused for not hitting the ground running. Stephen Barry brought Youghal on level terms early in the second half. Youghal, playing much better in the second half, found themselves behind again when the visitors scored their second goal. Diarmuid Shuel got Youghal back into the game, scoring Youghal’s second and what would be the last goal of the game. The home side battled to the end and showed some good, patient, build-up play but the win was not to be. Youghal finished strong and should have had a winner, but in the end a point was a good result for their first outing. TEAM: S. Kelly, S. Ring, D.Troy, S. Spillane, P. Sheehan, J. Mason, M. Crowley, C. Hennessy, A. Mackey, S. Barry, A. Leahy. Subs: P. Hennessy, T. Carey, D. Shuel, C. Walsh.

Under 15’s College Corinthians 1 Youghal United 2

Youghal United had to work very hard to bring home the three points from this under 15 league encounter at Corinthian’s Park. Having been reduced to ten players after fifteen minutes it took an awesome effort from the rest of the squad to ensure Youghal got this deserved victory. While Youghal always looked the better footballing side, Corinthians scored after ten minutes with a break-away goal they hardly deserved. The sending off soon followed and resulted in a penalty being awarded against the shocked United side. This proved to be the turning point of the match

as Youghal’s keeper Conor Sheehan saved a very well-struck penalty with a perfectly timed dive to his left. This lifted the heads and the ten men of Youghal immediately grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck and never let go. Wave after wave of United attacks followed and it would only be a matter of time before the goals came... The first was a solo effort from Man of the Match Aaron Clohessey who picked the ball up inside his own half, carried it to the edge of the opposition’s box and drove home a fierce drive. The winner was just as sweet: a free kick outside the Corinthian’s box was expertly dispatched by Padraig Delaney as the keeper could only watch it float into the top corner of his net. The Youghal lads then kept the pressure on the home team, making sure they were not going to let the points slip. Andy Nelrexhepi and Daragh O’Connell led by example and Darren O’Connor, when needed, got the ball down and calmly took the sting out of the Corinthian’s tail. Overall, this was a victory for the team that played the better football.

TEAM: C. Sheehan, A. Clohessy, A. Nelrexhepi, H. Oliphant, A. Quirke, B. Colin, D. O’Connor, D. O’Connell, K. Cantillon, P. Breslin, P. Delaney. Subs used: A. Semple, C. Hogan, C. Dempsey, A. White and J. Skelly.

Coaches Gavin O’Leary and Kevin Gallogley should be more than pleased with the performance of their squad in this one.

Under 12’s Youghal United 4 Watergrasshill 3

Youghal continued their great start to the season with a 4-3 home win against Watergrasshill. The boys led 2-0 at the interval and were in control of this tie. They increased their lead to 3-0 not long into the second half and this game looked to be all over. However, Watergrasshill had other ideas when they opened their account via a penalty. Youghal again maintained their three goal lead with one of their own - making it 4-1. The game looked to be over again for the away side but, to their credit, they battled away to the end giv-

ing the home side some worrying moments as they closed in and made it 4-3. Youghal stuck it out and collected another three points. Liam Moylan Ansbro bagged a hat-trick and impressed throughout the game. J. Lane got the other goal. Well done again lads and keep up the good work!

Under 14’s Buttevant 5 Youghal United 1

A disappointing start for all involved here with a losing start to the season for the under 14 outfit. They went down 5-1 away - not much more to be said about this one. They will have to regroup and come out fighting again the next day! The highlight of the game was a superb glancing header by Darren Walsh to open Youghal’s scoring account for the season.

Match results

Notice to all managers – It’s great to see most managers compiling and sending in their results after each game – if you’re not doing so yet then please, after each game this season, could you text or e-mail your result to Anthony Horgan on 086-6013685 or so we can publish scores or match reports of same.


The Club’s Soccer Academy started back training last week. Membership for the year is €30. The following are the training times: Born in 2002 - Wednesday 4pm to 5pm; also 5pm to 6pm Born in 2005 –Sunday 10am to 11am Born in 2004 –Sunday 11am to 12am Born in 2003 –Sunday 12am to 1pm All are welcome. For those kids trying it out for the first time, they can train for the first couple of weeks to decide, after that membership is payable.

New academy kit

The club has organised a lovely new kit for all the kids and it is excellent value at only €30. The kit includes a jersey, socks and shorts. The kit can tried for size

at Sports and Leisure and orders can be made there. Names and numbers on the back of the jersey will cost extra.

All-Weather Pitch

Youghal United’s all-weather pitch is available to rent from €25 per hour and there are some mid-week times available for any group or club wishing to avail of the facility. The contact number is 083-3835844.

Training times

All teams have now had their training times allocated for the coming season. Please adhere to these times. Training has now stopped on the pitches as competitive matches have commenced. No exceptions.

New caretakers look after all-weather pitch

Two new caretakers have commenced work with the club in looking after our all-weather pitch. Mandatory €2 is required as a contribution towards the mortgage payments on the allweather pitch.

WWEC Schoolboy Soccer fixtures

1/10: U14 SFAI National Cup 1st Rd Corinthian Boys A vs. Lismore, Castletreasure, 1.30pm, ISRS

U12 League Brideview vs. Valley, 11am, A. Higgins Castlebridge vs. Ardmore, 11am, S. Drislane Ballybridge vs. Cappoquin, 11am, K. Griffin

U16 League Brideview vs. Valley, 12.30pm, A. Higgins Castlebridge vs. Ardmore, 12.30pm, S. Drislane Cappoquin vs. Kilworth, 12.30pm, M. Reddy Ballybridge vs. Ballymac, 12.30pm, K. Griffin U11 League Ballymac vs. Ardmore, 11am, D. Guiry.

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Munster Junior Cup 1st Round Carrigtwohill United 0 Kilreen Celtic 2

CARRIGTWOHILL exited the Munster Junior Cup at the first round after a disappointing display against fellow Premier A team, Kilreen Celtic, at Ballyadam. Kilreen started the game much better than Carrigtwohill, who played poorly in the first half and went one up midway through the half. A cross into the Carrigtwohill box wasn’t cleared properly, and the Kilreen right winger pounced on the loose ball at the edge of the box, and his shot gave keeper Tom Corcoran no chance. Both teams had chances to score in the first half. Chris Casey had a great chance to equalise but the Kilreen centre-back got a lastditch touch on the shot to deny the goal. Kilreen also hit the bar when their centre-forward chipped keeper Tom Corcoran, only for the ball to bounce up off

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

the crossbar. Carrigtwohill were much better in the second half, and had a number of chances to score but could not put the ball into the net ,and the Kilreen keeper made a couple of decent saves. However, Carrigtwohill paid for their failure to score when Kilreen made it 2-0 on the break with two minutes to go. Overall, a disappointing way to exit the cup but Kilreen deserved the win. Ballseedy Man of the Match: Derek Healy.

Carrigtwohill Utd. B 4 Knocknaheeny Celtic 4

Carrigtwohill United B were involved in another thrilling match at home to Knocknaheeny Celtic on Sunday morning. Conditions were tough as torrential rain before the kick-off meant the pitch was full of water and passing was difficult for both teams. Carrig started the brightest and took the lead early on, Kevin O’Keefe took the kick-out and the ball

was flicked on by Stephen O’Brien into the path of striker Joe Mhonduwi. Joe rounded the keeper and put the home team one up, scoring his third league goal of the season. The home team were two nil up minutes later. Pearce O’Malley picked up the ball on the left hand side, passed his marker and hit a shot with his right foot, the keeper did get a touch but couldn’t stop Pearce scoring his first goal of the season. Knocknaheeny, meanwhile, were playing some decent soccer and came close on a few occasions, and got one back soon after, the ball should have been cleared by the Carrig defenders but fell to the path of the Knocknaheeny striker and he put the ball in the bottom corner. But again Carrig came back and increased their lead soon after through Brendan Cronin. Pearce O’Malley put the ball towards Kevin Cody and won the tackle to play the ball to Cronin, who beat the offside trap but still had some work to do and calmly fin-

ished the ball into the right hand corner to score his second of the season, to put the home team 3-1 up. But the away team fought back and scored a great individual goal close to the interval: 3-2 at half-time.

As predicted, both teams came out and played with a higher intensity in the second half, but it was the away team who got the next and the equalizer. The Knocknaheeny player got a free shot and the keeper did his best but couldn’t stop the strike. The Carrig keeper, who was brilliant on the day, despite conceding four goals, kept the home team in it and deserved his Ballyseedy Man of the Match award and the home team took the lead through substitute Cormac Carrol who rounded the keeper to score. Carrig were winning 4-3 with 5 minutes to go but again the away team came back with an equaliser from a set piece to bring it to 4-4, and the game finished this way. Carrig can be disappointed as they were winning on three separate occasions, but a draw was a fair result. BALLYSEEDY MAN OF THE MATCH: Stephen Aherne STARTING LINEUP: S. Aherne, K. Cody (S. Deady) A.Walsh, K. O’Keefe, C. Ahern, J. Broderick, D. Sylvester (C. Carroll), S. O’Brien, P. O’Malley, B. Cronin (P. Finch), J. Mhonduwi.

At Ballyadam Park, on the occasion of the launch of the Soccer Academy, Barry McGrath, Carrigtwohill United AFC Chairman (right) presents the new club jersey to Nathan McDonnell, Managing Director of Ballyseedy Home and Garden, the club’s new main sponsor

Carrigtwohill autumn 6-a-side SOCCER LEAGUE

THE above kicks off in October at Carrigtwohill All-Weather Facility. To get involved, please email or call 087 9867596.

Watergrasshill United Mogeely FC Mogeely take on Inch

ON Sunday morning with the rain coming down as the saying goes, like cats and dogs, no one expected much of a game, not to mind goal,s but we had both a great open game of football,with Mogeely taking on the champions Inch who were hoping to dominate this game.

National Cup: Watergrasshill United 0 Blarney 4

WE were away to Blarney on Saturday morning, September 24th. We fielded an experimental team on an astro-pitch, so needless to say we would be up against it, but a lot of positives can be taken from this game with Adam finding his feet again and stating to control how we play, Andrew playing his best football ever this season and improving with each game.

But it was Mogeely who got off to a great start as, after only 4 minutes, Philip Ansbro was in the right place, but he was the one who set up Ethan with a great pass, but the keeper got down well to save it but could not hold onto it and Philip just picked his spot - a great start for the home side.

Padrai,g from being a squad player to making the starting 11 with ease to be honest, there was not much between the teams, only that Blarney were more suited to playing on an astro-pitch surface than Watergrasshill. Overall, a lot learnt & from here on our season begins. With an improvement on player commitment and attitude we should be challenging for the league. SQUAD: Kieran, Conor, Colin. Adam. Andrew, Owen, Luke, Daniel , Padraig, Aaron, Karol, Jake , Christy, Iliya, Joe, Darren.

League Under 11’s Watergrasshill United 8 Youghal 3

Another fantastic squad performance with goals coming for all areas again. As each week goes by, the entire team are gelling fantastically & playing the offside well with a little help from Pat & Dave on the line. Our eagerness to win is quite obvious with all players playing for each other. Training continues each Tuesday night from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Last Saturday we welcomed back our academy boys and girls. We had over 50 taking part in this

With both teams playing some great football in the bad conditions, it was Mogeely who went forward again and, with a cross from Dwain, it was Philip on hand again to place the ball into the net on the 15th minute. Paul Sharkey, PRO, Watergrasshill United presents Lena Spillane, Watergrasshill & Fermoy District Credit Union with a club framed jersey in recognition of their support of Watergrasshill United’s Summer Camp a few months ago. Many thanks to Pat Morrissey & Fermoy District Credit Union

academy. It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all. Thanks to all new / existing members and coaches for all their help & assistance. Please note that all registration is now due, please liaise with relevant coaches and managers. Training continues each Tuesday evening for Under 11/12/13/14’s.

Please check our Facebook page for updates & match fixtures.

After that, Inch started to push forward using their height and hitting some high balls into the box, and they got their reward with a header into the net, leaving the game at 2 goals to 1.

The pressure was back on again, but up stepped Man of the Match Philip, who was out on the wing going forward when he had a quick look up and saw the keeper just off his line and, with a great shot, he lobbed it over the keeper and into the net as cool as you like. With only 10 minutes to half-time, Mogeely needed to just keep the ball but, again, on the stroke of half-time Inch got another headed goal but I guess that’s why they are champions. So, at the half-time break, Mogeely led by 3 goals to 1. With the rain easing for the start of the second half, the players seemed to ease off themselves but, on the 15th minute, Ethan made a great run, heading for goal, when he was brought down in the box and he got up, brushed himself down and took the spotkick himself, even with the keeper going the right

way. But the shot had too much power and it nestled in the bottom corner.

Things were looking comfortable again for the home side but no, only 10 minutes later, Inch got their 3rd goal, but nearly straight from the kick-off the ball was crossed into the back post and Coly rose the highest and headed it back across the goal and into the net to restore the two goal lead.

After that, Mogeely took control of the game and played some great passing football and should have scored more. Then, with only 4 minutes to go, Inch broke forward and got their fourth goal so the pressure was back on for the last few minutes and Inch, threw everything forward, even bringing their keeper up for a corner - but to no avail. So, with the final whistle going, we had a thriller on a wet and windy morning in Mogeely, withMogeely winning this one on a score of 5 goals to 4.

Under Age Soccer Academy

We will be commencing our underage soccer academy on Saturday, October 1st at Mogeely Soccer Pitch (behind Mogeely Playground) from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. The academies are open to all children from Junior Infants up to and including 6th Class. We will run the academy on a weekly basis following the school calendar. Each child is to wear proper gear at all times; jersey/top, shorts, socks, shin guards & football boots. We would advise during the colder weather that your child wears warm clothing – hat/gloves/tracksuit.

We ask that you bring and collect your child on time. Children will not be allowed to leave the venue without the parent/guardian unless a written noted is supplied by the parent/guardian. You are welcome and invited to stay for the duration of the session and we welcome anyone who wishes to get involved and help out. Please ensure you complete the registration on your child(ren)’s first session. There will be a membership fee of €10 per child, €15 for 2 and €20 for 3, payable on your child’s first session and each session thereafter will be €2 per child.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Midleton Football Club

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Main Sponsor: Wallis’ Bar Under 13 Division 1: National Cup at home Midleton 3 Corinthians Boys A 2

Midleton got off to a great start as, only four minutes into the game, they took the lead as Adam Wilson pulled the ball back outside the box to Mike Kelly who chipped it into the top corner - a great goal. Midleton really never took their foot off the pedal from that goal, they were solid all over the pitch and I think Corinthians were a bit taken aback the way Midleton set out their stall from the start. The two centre-backs, Mathew Lamb and Owen Mitchell were solid and Alan Horgan, who played just in front of the centre-backs, stopped Corinthians from breaking into the box.

Midleton were on the break again when they were awarded a free kick just inside the Corinthians’ half. Lamb stepped up to take it and saw Adam Wilson make the run and floated it into the box and Wilson, who was playing up front on his own, made the run and the connection and slotted it into the net. 14 minutes into the game and Midleton were 2-0 up. But the celebrations were short lived as Corinthians got a free-kick outside the penalty box - there was nothing the Midleton keeper Conner O’Farrell could do as it went straight in to the top corner.

But Midleton got straight back into it and were taking the game to the away side. Evan O’Meara and Kelly were fighting hard in the middle and Andrew Nestor linked up well on the left midfield and it was from this play that the third goal came. Nestor came down the left, crossed over the ball into the box and Ciaran Newlands picked it up, got the ball under control and blasted it into the back of the net - a great goal and a great first half for Midleton. As the second half got underway, Midleton came out with the same attitude as the first half: they gave it their all and, as the game went on, they tightened up more at the back and that probably let Corinthians into the game a bit more. With 10 minutes to go, the Midleton lads gave a sloppy goal away just through pure tiredness, and a bit panicking in their play.

But, for the last ten minutes, they gave everything to hold on to their win against a premier side team. It was a first class team performance from every one of them, but it must be said that Wilson did a great job on his own up front and Newlands never stopped running all day - his tracking back was first class and the centre backs were brilliant. Horgan, who was put into a new role, made a massive contribution to the team but the Man of the Match goes to Mathew Lamb. He just stood out all day.

Under 13A: National Cup at home Midleton 0 Mallow Utd. 3

A gallant Midleton team gave a fine performance before being beaten, somewhat unluckily, by 3 goals . Midleton opened brightly and a spell of pressure led to a handball in the box and a penalty was awarded. Team captain, Luke Smith, took responsibility and stepped up to take the kick. However, a good save from the Mallow keeper ensured that the game remained scoreless. The game was then taken to Midleton by the Mallow midfield and they were awarded a free-kick on the corner of the penalty area. A dangerous ball was played across the goalmouth and, although it eluded the oncoming forwards, the ball ended up in the bottom corner of the net. Midleton responded well to this setback with good work by Colin Edgebe and David O’Sullivan, in particular, in the back line repelling everything Mallow could throw at them. Midfield began to get a bit of an edge with Michael Curtin and Daire Daly challenging for every ball. The half ended with Midleton on the attack and looking good. A couple of changes were made at half-time with Chigozie Iganabousi and Craig Ryan replacing Dylan Finn-Hannon and Killian Leahy, who had both given their all in the first 30 minutes.



The game remained finely balanced until a through ball found a Mallow attacker in space and he gave Andrew Ryan no chance from close range to make it 0-2.

Once again, Midleton refused to lie down and a fine finish from Ryan Higgins looked to have brought Midleton back in to the match. However, the referee had other ideas, and the goal was controversially ruled out for offside. Midleton continued to chase the game and Chigozie was unlucky with a long-range shot that seemed to be creeping in, but ended up going just wide.

Another controversial moment occurred just before the full-time whistle when a Mallow forward tucked the ball into the net from what looked like an offside position, but the goal was allowed to stand. This was a good performance by Midleton who continue to show improvement, but on this occasion luck deserted them.

Under 12: National Cup at home

Midleton 3 Greenwood 2

Greenwood, leaders of the Cork Schoolboys Division 1, and unbeaten so far this season came to Knockgriffin to play Midleton in the National Cup. Weather conditions for the game were far from perfect, with wind and torrential rain prevalent. The game started well for the home side and Dale Holland found the net early in the first half with a nice swinging shot. Greenwood equalised soon after from the penalty spot, and Midleton were lucky not to go behind in the first half only for a great reflex save from our goalkeeper, Ciaran Evans. Greenwood went into a shock lead early in the second half. A few changes were made and soon, with Joe St.ack’s growing influence at centre field, we began to pile on the pressure. Daniel McGauran came close on a few occasions and with five minutes left in normal time Daniel got our well-deserved equaliser. A strange goal as we all watched the ball dribble towards an empty net, and it could very easy have been either side of the post. Extra time beckoned and, during the first half, it was all Midleton: Conor O’Leary broke through the centre after a through ball and only had the keeper to beat, leaving the score at 3 -2 to the Magpies. With the extra 20 minutes, Greenwood started to tire and Midleton came away with a well-deserved cup victory. The team’s comeback and never-say-die attitude must be commended. Good performances today from Joe St.ack and Alan Horgan.

TEAM - C Evans, O’Neill (D Scanlon), M McCarthy, J St.ack, A Horgan, T O’Connell (M Daly), G Hurley (S Morrissey), S O’Riordan, D Holland (C Whalley), C O’Leary, D McGauran.

U12 girls away to Ballinhassig in the league

The U12 girls travelled to Ballinhassig on Saturday to play their first league game of the season. This season the U12s will play 9 a-side from 18yd box to 18yd box, with roll on roll off subs. Unfortunately, we had a few missing due to illness and had to play with just 8 players. The game started well and the girls settled into this new format. We opened the scoring after 10 minutes with a welltaken goal by Shannon Cremin, after hard work by Courtney Histon set up the chance. Courney followed this up with a goal of her own, struck from 20 yards out, into the roof of the net. Ballinhassig came back into the game with two good goals of their own to level the game despite the good play by Captain Rayanna Clarkin Power in goals. Catherine Walsh, Aishat Onilogbo and Kate Dineen performed very well in defence, stopping many of the Ballinhassig attacks. Then we retook the lead after great work from Aisling Murphy and Lauren Linehan led to Lauren being fouled in the penalty area, and she stood up and sent it to the back of the net. Leading at half time and the girls deserved their break. The second half started as fast as the first and, midway through, Courtney extended our lead with a great finish. Meanwhile, the fact that we had one player less was really making life difficult of us and the girls had to dig deep to keep going. Catherine was having a great game in the heart of our defence and came to our rescue many times. Then, Ballinhassig scored a great goal with an unstoppable shot from 20

yards. The girls dug in for the last 10 minutes and almost scored a couple of times, but also had to defend with all their hearts. We held on for a great win to start the season, especially when you consider we played with only 8 players. Player of the Match was Catherine Walsh. Well done to all the girls and we look forward to our trip to Dublin next week for the U13 UMBRO All Ireland Blitz finals

Under 11 National Cup at home

Midleton 6 St. Mary’s 0

The first round of the National Cup saw a performance from Midleton to enjoy. Three previous matches, a 7-1 defeat at Springfield, a 3-0 home defeat to Wilton and a narrow 4-3 loss to Watergrasshill showed the improvement in this new team. This match’s opponents, St. Mary’s, came to Knockgriffin full of confidence on the back of two wins and were hoping to make it three-in-a-row. The match began with the lads knocking the ball about and being in total control, but unless you get the goals it means very little. The breakthrough came when Eabhan de Barra was fouled and awarded a penalty. He bravely stepped up to take it but it was well saved by the keeper, only for Ronan Hayes to be the most alert in the area and finish it coolly. A second goal from the classy Craig Healy made the half-time score a more realistic 2-0.

With their tails up, Midleton piled on the pressure in the second half with Sam O’Reilly coming on and terrorising the St. Mary’s leftback and, with further goals from the nifty Paul Connaughton, a second from Hayes and a penalty from Conor Ronayne, the goal of the day came from the sweet boot of Max Aherne. The midfield of Jack Lamb, on the right who played in some clever passes, and the impressive Sam Quirke, who bossed the middle, and Eoghan Martin, who only played a short time due to illness were a joy to watch. The back line of Christian Murphy, David Scanlon and Gary Carrol never gave the St. Mary’s lads a chance and when they did the big man in goals, Peter Fleming would put out the fire of St. Mary’s.


Results for Thursday, September 27th, for a jackpot of €6,500. The numbers drawn were 5, 7, 18 and 22. There was no winner. Bonus draw for €1,000. The numbers drawn were 1, 14, 18 and 26. There was no winner.

Lucky dip winners were Eoin Tighe (Eoin), David Cadigan (L. O’Driscoll), Iris Ring (Pa), Mary White (Pa), Ollie Lynch (B. Lynch) Ita, Susan, Paula and Rachel (Pa), Nora O’Driscoll (A. Kearns), Pat Tobin (Nuala), Mary Lordan (Pa) and Catherine O’Hara (Bert). The next lotto draw will take place at the Club House, Knockgriffin Park, on Thursday, September 29th for a jackpot of €6,750.

Under 16 Division 12: National Cup away

Ballincollig A 1 Midleton 2

We played away to Ballincollig on a very wet Sunday morning. Midleton went into this first round National Cup game Division 1 against Division 3. Ballincollig put us under real pressure from the start. In fact, it was all Ballincollig in the first fifteen minutes with Midleton trying to get out of their own half. The breakthrough came in the first half when we were awarded a free-kick twenty yards out and Kalum Deady stepped up to score a brilliant free-kick. I have never given Man of the Match as I think it’s not fair, but this week I will: if it wasn’t for our goal keeper Josh Deady, we would have been out of the match. The second half saw Midleton play ball and miss three clear sitters. Ballincollig got a goal in the last two minutes of normal time, well deserved. Extra time again saw Josh use every part of his body to keep the ball out. To be fair, it could have gone either way. Midleton got a corner; Kalum delivered and Kevin Rohan, in the right place, blasted it into the back of the net. Well done Ballincollig for a great game. Well done lads and Man of the Match Josh.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862



Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal



CAPPOQUIN, by defeating Clashmore, went top of the table on Sunday evening when Brideview and Kilworth lost their unbeaten start to the league, both losing to Pinewood and Valley Rangers respectively.

Mogeely and Blackwater recorded their first victories of the season. Lismore continue to set the pace in the promotion race, with Youghal winning their first league game since returning to the league.

This coming Saturday at Cappoquin, the WWEC Inter League Team play their opening game in this season’s Oscar Traynor Cup when the Carlow League are visitors.

Brideview 1 Pinewood 2

Pinewood came to Brideview Park to face a Tallow side who are top of the table from two victories, but as they did a few months back in the Bolger Plate Final, the Ballymac side came away as winners. Brideview were short a few regulars, but Pinewood played the better football and were rewarded on the stroke of half-time when Keith Guiry scored. 15 minutes after the restart, the same player added a second and at this stage the visitors were comfortable. Indeed throughout, Pinewood were the better team and while Brideview can look on chances not converted, Pinewood will also say they had opportunities and should have scored more than the two goals. With only a few minutes remaining, Michael Curley converted a penalty for the home side, but it was too late to have any effect on the outcome of the game. Overall, Pinewood will be happy with the three points, especially in Tallow and can now look forward with confidence to the rest of the season.

Valley Rangers 3 Kilworth 1

Joint top of the table on Sunday morning, Kilworth travelled to Conna confident of taking at least a point if not all three, against a Valley side who struggled the previous week in Cappoquin. However, for the

opening 15 minutes it was the home team that called the shots with Daniel Mangan shooting Valley into the lead within 5 minutes of the kick-off. Marty Connelly then added a second before 15minutes had elapsed and it was then that Kilworth came to life and showed why they are top of the table. A Seanie Shanahan thunderbolt from a free-kick hit the back of the net and then we had a game on our hands. With only a few minutes to the break, Kilworth were given a glorious opportunity to draw level when they were awarded a penalty, but a wonderful save by Paul Geary in the Valley goal from the spotkick saw Valley in a half-time lead. The second half saw Kilworth chase the home team for the equaliser and there was some great football by both sides in this half, but with the visitors in all-out attack mode for the equaliser, Valley broke and Shane Cotter got the all-important insurance goal in the last few minutes. Valley will be happy with all three points, while Kilworth know chances created must be taken and that was the difference between the two sides at the final whistle.

Cappoquin 2 Clashmore 0

Cappoquin have defied the odds and are proving us ‘experts’ wrong so far with another great display last Saturday night, winning at home to Clashmore, and following the results on Sunday, Cappoquin now lead the Premiership table. After a terrible Bolger Cup campaign, Cappoquin have now won two and drawn one of their three league games, and Saturday night’s game saw them play very well with a young side. Credit both teams for a very entertaining and open attacking game. Cappoquin led at the break when the visiting defence failed to deal with a free-kick and David Walsh was given the simple task of a tap-in. The second half saw Clashmore go in search of an equalising goal and it took some good goalkeeping from Evan McGrath to keep the visitors from scoring. At the other end, Cappoquin increased their lead when David Leahy got a glancing header to a cross to nestle in the back of the

net. So, Cappoquin march on after a great start to the season, a start that see Ray Murphy’s side top the Premier table, while Clashmore will be disappointed not to have come away with at least a point for all their attacking play.

Blackwater 3 Castlebridge 2

Two teams without a victory met at the Ballinameela venue on Sunday morning and Blackwater, at long last, record a home victory. This was a game both teams needed to win and, with five goals scored, it turned out to be a very entertaining clash with Blackwater under a lot of pressure to hold on to their lead. Blackwater led at the break, thanks to a Sean Browne goal. In the second half Browne scored again as did Steve Landers, while Robbie Feeney scored twice for the visitors who created plenty of chances, but could not convert those chances into goals. Indeed, in the final few minutes Castlebridge saw the crossbar prevent them from scoring. Overall a game that Blackwater will be happy to have secured all three points from, while Castlebridge will bemoan the opportunities presented but not availed of. Last week we asked what had happened to the champions? Two games played, eight goals conceded and no goal scored. Last Sunday morning, Inch scored four times, but conceded five. Twelve months ago they were top of the table, now they find themselves propping up the bottom. How times change in a matter of months. Mogeely led at the break by 3 goals to 2 goals, with Philip Ansboro scoring the three home goals and Michael Byrne and Brendan Barry scoring for the visitors. In the second half, Colman Motellebi and an Ethan Hayes penalty increased the home team’s score before goals from Richie Cunningham and James Fogarty cut the deficit to the minimum. Overall a welcome win for Mogeely while, as yet, a depleted Inch team are trying to find the form that saw them clinch their first title last May.

Mogeely 5 Inch 4

Clashmore B 0 Lismore 6

Another top class performance from Lismore as they stay top of the table on full points and 23 goals scored. The opening half was pretty even with the visitors leading at the break through a Kevin O’Donoghue goal. However, in the second half, Lismore upped their game with Pat Quinn adding a second 5 minutes after the restart, Eddie Pollard scored twice in the space of 5 minutes and O’Donoghue and Gavin Pratt completed the scoring with a goal each. With their displays to date, Lismore have shown their intent on getting back to playing Premier Football again next season, and while there are many weeks of football to be played and stronger opposition waiting in the long grass, Lismore can be happy with their displays so far, in the knowledge that a good start was needed by them in the opening five or six games, and if this form is continued for the next month or so, they will be in the shake-up at the end of April.

Accrington 0 Glen View 0

No goals at the Pike venue and the points shared, which is a better result for the visitors than the home side. Glen View travelled short many of their regulars and were visiting a side with full points from their two games played. Both sides had chances in the opening half with the best opportunity for Accrington when they were awarded a penalty, but the spotkick sailed over the bar and gave a let-off for the Melleray team. The second half was much the same as the opening 45 minutes with chances created and neither team able to find the net, and a goal that would have given three points to either team. But of the two sides, Glen View will be the happier after their shock defeat the previous week to Kinsalebeg. Accrington drop two points, but will be stronger in the next few weeks as they try to get back to the Premier at the first attempt.

Youghal Utd. 3 Ballybridge 1

Youghal Utd. had their first victory in the WWEC since their return this season with a comprehensive win at Ardrath Park on Sunday afternoon against neighbours Ballybridge. Youghal raced into a first-half lead when Stephen Barry scored. Just on the stroke of half-time, Will Sliney equalised for the visitors to leave the sides level at the break. Within 5 minutes of the restart Mark O’Connor put the home side into the lead and Barry scored again to give Youghal a deserved win and a victory that sees them move up the table after only two games. For Ballybridge, this was a result that on the day saw the better

team win, but the Ballymacoda side are still a team to be reckoned with in the rest of the league. For so many, it is great to see Youghal back in the WWEC League and it should help to improve the standard all around.

Another great result for the newcomers. Fresh from their victory last week against Glen View, Kinsalebeg collected a very important point against the Inch second string at Fitzgerald Park on Sunday afternoon. A Roger Ryan penalty had the home team in the lead early in the opening half, before Michael Kirby levelled before half-time. In the second half, a Trevor Murphy penalty for Inch and a Paul O’Sullivan goal for the home side ensured there was a share of the points. Both sides will be happy with the result as over the 90 minutes a draw was a fair result.

Kinsalebeg 2 Inch B 2

Kilworth B 2 Brideview B 1

Kilworth recorded their first league victory of the season defeating Brideview at Pound Lane on Sunday morning. The home team led at the break with a Jamie Condon goal. In the second half, Paul O’Farrell scored for the home side and Michael Linehan converted a penalty for the visitors to complete the scoring and give the North Cork side all the three points - points that see them in the middle of the table. Brideview will be disappointed with this defeat, but at the moment they are not at full strength and will be a force as ever when all their players are back on the squad.

Kilworth 3 Valley Rangers 2

What a cracking U19 game we had at Pound Lane on Saturday afternoon. Valley Rangers led by two goals to nil with just under 15 minutes remaining, when Kilworth staged a wonderful fight back, scoring three times in the space of 13 minutes to take all three points and go top of the table in the Youth League.


MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER Brideview 1 Pinewood 2 Mogeely 5 Inch 4 Blackwater 3 Castlebridge 2 Valley Rangers 3 Kilworth 1 Cappoquin 2 Clashmore 0

LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV Youghal Utd. 3 Ballybridge 1 Accrington 0 Glen View 0 Kinsalebeg 2 Inch B 2 Clashmore B 0 Lismore 6 Kilworth B 2 Brideview B 1 U 19 LEAGUE Kilworth 3 Valley Rangers 2


This coming weekend see the first group game in this year’s

Oscar Traynor Cup taking place in Cappoquin when the Carlow League are visitors. There are leagues down for decision also, but clubs that will have players playing, and we stress playing, in the Oscar Traynor on Saturday will be allowed to have their league game postponed on Sunday providing that they contact League Hon. Secretary Noel Hegarty on Saturday afternoon. We emphasise, the club players must have played in the Oscar Traynor on Saturday before a cancellation or postponement is granted.

WWEC League vs. Carlow League

The first group game in this season’s Oscar Traynor Cup will take place at Cappoquin on Saturday evening with a 5pm kick off. Last season, both sides met in Tullow and the game ended in a draw, one goal each, with the WWEC leading from 25 minutes in the first half to the last 20 minutes when the home side equalised.

Speaking to some of the Carlow management after the game, they were surprised at the high standard the WWEC played at, considering the small league the WWEC is noted for. That game was a real eye-opener for many in the Leinster League and the WWEC then went on to draw with the Wicklow league in early January, thus allowing the WWEC into the open round of the competition. Team manager Joe O’Riordan told us over the weekend that he is very happy with the squad of players at his disposal and he is optimistic and confident that the WWEC will commence the campaign with a victory. Kick-off in Cappoquin on Saturday is 5pm and we would ask as many people as possible to come out and support the team.

Pinewood vs. Blackwater

What a start for the Ballymac side in the league, winning both their opening two games, and they are now in joint second place on the league table. Much will depend on the Oscar Traynor game the previous night if this game is to take place or not, as both teams will more than likely have players on the interleague team. Blackwater had their first win last week in three outings, and not still at full strength, they may not be strong enough for a Pinewood side that is playing great football since their return to the Premier at the start of the season. We think Pinewood will come out on top here.

Brideview vs. Mogeely

Contrasting results last week for


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE

both teams. Brideview lost at home to Pinewood, while Mogeely defeated league champions Inch at Railway Park. Mogeely were recording their first victory, while Brideview were suffering their first league defeat. Brideview cannot afford to drop points so early in the campaign, especially at home, and will want to get back to their winning ways. We think they may be too strong for a Mogeely side that has yet to really lift themselves to the quality we know they possess. Brideview to win.

Castlebridge vs. Valley Rangers

Valley had their first league victory last Sunday, defeating Kilworth in Conna. While the score-line saw them comfortable winners, they were anything but, as they had to defend strongly against the visitors. At the same time, Castlebridge lost away to Blackwater, a result that see them after losing both their opening league games and also an FAI Junior Cup game in North Tipperary. Sunday’s game is a local derby and in such games there is very little to choose. We think this is a game that has a draw written all over it. The bottom take on the top in this fixture as Inch, the champions, who are bottom of the table play the current leaders, Cappoquin, at Sexton Park. Without a victory in three league games, Inch play host to a Cappoquin team that was hammered by Inch in the Bolger Cup in the middle of August.

Inch vs. Cappoquin

How the tables have turned in the space of a few weeks, as Inch have lost all their league games and Cappoquin have dropped two points out of a total of nine, and now lead the table. Current form makes Cappoquin the favourites, but Inch, while defeated last week in Mogeely, still scored four goals. For this game to take place, much will depend on the Oscar Traynor game the previous day.

Kilworth vs. Clashmore

Both sides lost last week: Clashmore in Cappoquin and Kilworth away in Conna to Valley Rangers. Neither side can afford to drop points if they want to stay with the leaders and current form would see Kilworth as winners. While both teams suffered defeats last week, Kilworth know they had the chances to take at least a point home from Conna, but did not convert the many chances presented, including a penalty, to get something from the game. Clashmore played well in Cappoquin, but came up against a strong home defence and could still have scored once or twice. Sunday should see a real cracker and we think Kilworth may just come out on top.

Youghal vs. Accrington

Youghal had their first league win last Sunday in the league when defeating Ballybridge at Ardrath Park. Accrington drew at home to Glen View and

those were the first points dropped in three games. Youghal, we believe, are a strong side and will be serious promotion candidates come the end of April, while Accrington hope to be back in the Premier after a year in the lower division. This has the makings of a good game, and we think Youghal may come out the winners and keep the pressure on the sides above them.

Ballybridge vs. Valley Rangers B

Ballybridge were disappointed to lose last week away in Youghal and will want to get back to their winning ways on Sunday at home to Valley Rangers. Valley had no game last week, but lost heavily the previous week in Lismore.

Sunday’s game will be totally different as we have two teams coming from defeats hoping to get back to winning ways. Ballybridge at home are always difficult, and we think they may be too strong for the Conna outfit, although we felt they were better than the score-line suggested against Lismore. Ballybridge to win.

Inch B vs. Brideview B

The Tallow side were defeated in Kilworth last Sunday and will hope to bounce back at Sexton Park on Sunday morning. Neither side is at full strength at present and any points picked up in those weeks will be of benefit in the weeks to come. Inch drew away in Kinsalebeg last week, and will be confident enough to get at least another share of the points. Game could end in a draw.

Lismore vs. Glen View

This is a real local derby with the high-flying Lismore hosting their Melleray neighbours at the Castle Farm Grounds on Sunday morning. Lismore, to date, have scored an astonishing 23 goals in their three winning games, while Glen View lost to Kinsalebeg two weeks ago in a shock defeat, but forced a draw last week away in Accrington. Current form points to a Lismore victory, but the home side is only too well aware of local derbies when they played this opposition two years ago and will take nothing for granted on Sunday morning. We think Lismore will continue their winning ways.

Railway Athletic vs. Kinsalebeg

What an improvement in the Kinsalebeg side since their opening day heavy defeat to Lismore. In their two games they have taken four points and will go to Railway with a confidence that did not previously exist.

Railway had no game last week, but won their last league game, while losing in Cashel the previous week in the FAI Junior Cup. Railway will not take their opponents lightly, but we believe they will be too strong for the visitors. Railway to take all three points.

Clashmore B vs. Kilworth B

This game takes place on Saturday afternoon at Pablo Park between the

second strings of both clubs. Kilworth had a good win at home last week against Brideview, while Clashmore were on the losing side to Lismore. Kilworth seem to have a stronger team and we expect them to come out on top and take all three points. Kilworth to win.



Corkbeg AFC Corkbeg 1 Glanworth Utd. 2


1/10: UMBRO FAI OSCAR TRAYNOR CUP WWEC League vs. Carlow League at Cappoquin, 5pm. Referee: E. Cusack. Assistants D. Coleman, M. Reddy

LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIV Clashmore B vs. Kilworth B, 3pm, K. Griffin

2/10: MARI MINA PHARMACY PREMIER Pinewood vs. Blackwater, 2.30pm M. Curran Brideview vs. Mogeely, 2.30pm M. Reddy Castlebridge vs. Valley Rangers, 2.30pm, D. Coleman Inch vs. Cappoquin 2.30pm, J. O’Riordan Kilworth vs. Clashmore, 2.30pm

LISMORE HOUSE HOTEL 1st DIVISION Youghal Utd vs. Accrington, ref and time TBC Ballybridge vs. Valley Rangers B, 11.30am, P. Griffin Inch B vs. Brideview B, 11.30am, J. O’Riordan Lismore vs. Glen View, 11.30am, S. Forde Railway Ath vs. Kinsalebeg, 11.30am, S. Drislane

Delegate Meeting

There is a Delegate Meeting of the WWEC Junior League this Monday, October 3rd at the Lismore House Hotel commencing at 8.30pm. It is important that all clubs are present as fixtures for October will be announced - fixtures that include the Oscar Traynor Cup, Youth Inter League, Bolger Cup and Plate Finals, FAI Junior and Munster Junior Cup fixtures as well as Premier and First Division fixtures. It is imperative all clubs are represented on the night.

League Champions Trophy

The new Munster Cup Competition League Champions Trophy, has already commenced with the

first rounds all completed and the second round taking place the week ending October 8th and 9th. The WWEC will be represented by league champions Inch, and they have a home draw against Waterford Premier Champions, Carrick Utd.

The competition is for the winners of the top division in each league in Munster, and Inch got what many describe as the ‘plum’ draw with the visit of Carrick to Sexton Park. We will write more on this game in our notes next week.

Corkbeg AFC pictured before Saturdays defeat to Glanworth Utd’

CORKBEG slumped to a poor defeat against a much hungrier Glanworth side on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Whitegate. Without a doubt, it was the ‘Beg’s worst performance of the season so far, and the 2-1 win for the North Cork side was thoroughly deserved. And yet, it didn’t start off too badly for Corkbeg. They had the upper hand for the opening 15 minutes and deservedly took the lead when Fred Wenham’s attempted cross luckily sailed over the Glanworth goalkeeper’s head after some good work by John Hynes.

The away side forced the game for the remainder of the half and got a deserved equaliser after 25 minutes, when the Glanworth midfielder looped a header to the Corkbeg net after a whipped free-kick from the left-hand side. It could have got worse for the ‘Beg before half time. Paul O’Reilly saved a Glanworth penalty after 35 minutes and, soon after, the Glanworth striker shot narrowly wide when sent clear through on goal. Darrian O’Donoghue’s off-target free kick was all that Corkbeg could offer up in response. The second half got no better for Corkbeg. It took until the 85th minute for the ‘Beg to have a shot on target, Damien O’Driscoll forcing a good save from the Glanworth keeper with a left-footed drive. Glanworth were 2-1 up at that stage. After 65 minutes, the Glanworth striker took a pass on the edge of the area and drove a rising shot to the top corner. It was well deserved as the away side enjoyed the lion’s share of possession and although they didn’t create many chances, they at least looked like they wanted to win the game.

Corkbeg were out-passed and out-fought. Kerrie O’Mahoney had a long-range effort drift wide for the ‘Beg and, apart from a few half chances and blocked efforts, Corkbeg had no joy. Corkbeg deserved nothing from the game and a much better performance will be needed in the last 16 of the Saxone Cup against City Wanderers next Saturday. TEAM: P. O Reilly, C. Kelly, D. O’Driscoll, S. Quirke, D. Keegan, K. O’Mahoney, A. Cotter, J. Hynes, I. Casey, F. Wenham, D. O’Donoghue Subs: A. O’Brien for J. Hynes (75 mins) R. Forde & C. Horgan for Wenham & O’Donoghue (80 mins), D. O’Sullivan, K. Jordan.

Cork Schoolboys League set example for Suicide Safer Communities

CORK Schoolboys League (CSL), together with their many clubs and volunteers, provide very positive coaching, support and sporting facilities to thousands of young people across Cork. Their latest initiative to support as many young people as possible is in relation to the subject of Suicide which has seen CSL make a commitment for their committee, clubs, coaches & referees to complete Suicide Awareness, Intervention & Prevention Training. This training will be provided by Breaking The Silence which is a voluntary group that works to help create a Suicide Safer Community by connecting the person at risk of suicide with life preserving resources.

Clubs from all parts of Cork were present at the first training session including Ballinhassig AFC, Rockmount, Mallow United, Mayfield, Cobh Ramblers, Lakewood AFC and CSL Chairperson Anthony Kenneally. This training is called Safe Talk and the ‘Safe’ in Safe Talk stands for Suicide Altertness for Everybody. It is hoped that other sporting bodies will follow the example being set by Cork Schoolboys League and their clubs on the subject of suicide. For information on training and support provided by Breaking The Silence, check out their Facebook page - Breaking The Silence Cobh.

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Midleton Football Club


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Main Sponsor: Wallis’ Bar Seniors Premier Division Everton 2 Midleton 2

MIDLETON’S seniors met Everton in the Premier Division of the Munster Senior League on what was a very wet and blustery morning at Everton Park. Midleton started very well, dominating the opening exchanges of the first half, even though they were playing against a strong wind and up the infamous Everton Park hill. Midleton created a lot of chances up the right with Martin Hickey and Brian McCarthy combining to good effect and probably should have been ahead had any one of number of good crosses been converted. However, after 15 minutes, Midleton were dealt a sucker-punch when a free-kick inside the Everton half found its way to the back post and was converted with an impressive first-time shot. Midleton kept pressing however and again had the better of the play for most of the remainder of the half.

With 20 minutes left in the half, a mix-up in the Everton defence saw the ball fall to Killian Flavin whose low shot from 25 yards found the bottom corner of the net. Playing conditions were very difficult with both wind and rain playing havoc and this was to prove to Midleton’s undoing shortly before half-time. A clearance from the Everton half was missed and a low cross into the Midleton box was adjudged to have been handled by a Midleton player and Everton converted the resulting penalty kick. Midleton came out in the second half determined to turn the tie around. Everton’s keeper made a great save from Martin Hickey’s 20 yard pile-driver after some very good midfield build-up play.

With 15 minutes gone in the second half, Midleton were rewarded for their battling in the middle of the park. Ian St.apleton was put through on goal and, while the keeper saved well from his shot, Brian McCarthy was taken down in the box after collecting the rebound. Ian St.apleton sent the keeper the wrong way and finished high into the top corner. The match ebbed and flowed with chances for a third falling to both sides. With 5 minutes on the clock, Midleton were reduced to 10 men when Peter O’Halloran was sent to the line after challenging the Everton centre-forward who was bearing down on goal. Everton piled on the pressure and hit the post twice in the closing stages, even though Midleton still looked a threat on the break. Midleton held out though and, after 5 minutes of injury time, the referee called time on the match. While Midleton had the better of the chances over the 90 minutes, both sides were happy with a point. Midleton’s players put in a strong performance throughout with particularly strong performances coming from Dave St.ack, Martin Hickey, Mark Duggan, Tom Daly, Brian McCarthy and Killian Flavin.

Juniors League Midleton 3 Ringmahon Rangers 1

Twenty minutes of scintillating football secured Midleton’s position at the top of the league. Midleton played their first home game under lights on Friday night in Knockgriffin to the delight of a sizeable local crowd. All the prematch banter was about whether or not Vice-Captain Cormac Ahern would pass a late fitness test. Unfortunately, the severity of his ankle injury sustained at training Tuesday night meant he couldn’t make the squad. On the other hand, there was a welcome return for two other players. One of the veterans of the squad, Johnny Mallon made the starting eleven having served his controversial two match suspension for the dismissal in the cup match against Mayfield. In addition, young hopeful Oisin Lynch, who injured his foot in suspicious circumstances during the summer months, made his way back into the squad for the first time this season. The game started at a ferocious pace as Midleton did their best to entertain the punters. From the outset there was a commitment by all the players to create goalmouth opportunities. All of Midleton’s goals came within the first half hour from pressing high up in the Ringmahon half.

Johnny Barrett grabbed the first after latching onto an excellent ball across the box from Jason Murphy. Soon afterwards, Micky Deasy pounced on another Johnny Barrett shot that had been saved by the Ringmahon goalkeeper to get Midleton’s second. Finally, Midleton made it 3-0 when Jason Murphy got on the score sheet himself. A wonderful ball into the corner towards Micky Deasy by Coleman Cody had Ringmahon in disarray.

Deasy picked the ball up and managed to power past a number of defenders before squaring it and Murphy finished with confidence. Similar to recent weeks, Midleton lapsed into cruise control towards the end of the first half.

Ringmahon were afforded time on the ball as Midleton’s midfield retreated further back on top of their defence. Just before half-time, Ringmahon were given a lifeline when their left-winger struck a ball from about thirty yards. The ball’s flight was altered by a gust of wind and flew into the top right-hand corner of St.uart Costigan’s net. The teams headed for the break with the score at 3-1 to the home-side. The second half was a bit of a non-event with neither team managing to create many clear-cut chances. Midleton did maintain most of the possession in the opposition’s half, but unfortunately were hindered by a number of offsides and misplaced passes. Team captain Derek Deehan claimed the team could have played with a little more desire to keep the ball. ‘We were searching for the killer pass,’ he remarked after the game. Despite the lack of fluency in the second half, the game finished 3-1 and all agreed it was a job well done. Finally, the chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Midleton Junior Team Social Committee, Oisin Lynch and Andy Howick, have also asked that the match sponsor Mc Cathy’s Bar be thanked for their sponsorship of the match and warm welcome after the game.

U17 League Midleton 0 Youghal 0

A very tight game finished scoreless, as both teams wasted good opportunities to win. Midleton had the upper hand in the game, and the better chances, but failed to convert. Robert Williams, David Williams and Abimbola Bello all went close, with Cian Haines producing two fines saves to keep Youghal at bay.

U15 Division 2: National Cup away

Douglas Hall A 1 Midleton 8

other crisp move saw China released and, again, he finished well to make it 7-1. With time up he was not to be denied and, after rounding the keeper, he completed his hat-trick to make it 8-1. What an impact. A good win, apart from 20 minutes in the second half. We played some great football from back to front, passing the ball extremely well. St.and-out performers though were Aaron who had a storming first half, Kyle with his general play and three great strikes, and China with his 11 minute hat-trick. MOM award this week again very difficult, but Kyle would just edge it from China.

U15A: National Cup away to Springfield Ramblers Springfield Ramblers 1 Midleton 0

A brave Midleton U15A team played against Premier League leaders, Springfield Ramblers in the National Cup. Midleton, a 3rd division team, and Midleton’s U15 second team took Ramblers to extra time and only lost out in the last minute of extra time. The story of this game was summed up by the Ramblers’ manager when he entered our dressing room after the game to say a few words when he said he has never seen a team with such determination and heart and that we had something very special. Ramblers deserved their win as they were the better football team on the day with most chances, but the heroes of the day were Midleton. The underdogs from the word go, these lads displayed a never-say-die attitude that would inspire anyone. These boys played their hearts out and never stopped running even when beaten. Cobh could not penetrate the Midleton defence in 98 minutes of football. In goal for Midleton was Colin Dempsey O’Reilly who saved Midleton on several occasions during the game. This lad played a brilliant game and gave a great display of goal-keeping which all at the game appreciated and showed it. Our defenders were Finian Murphy, Luke Finerty, Tadgh Gilroy (Captain) and Cormac Lynch. These lads played like heroes all through the game never giving up despite the pressure they were under. Tadgh Gilroy, playing a true captain’s part, led our midfield of Cian McEnerney, Aaron Hennessy Shay O’Gorman and Audrey Tshimanga by example. They also played their hearts out. Up front were Ansou Konde and Jack Farmer who gave Ramblers a couple frights. Shay O’Gorman came off injured and was replaced by Cian Savage. Fergal Roche replaced Aaron Hennessy. Both subs played very well and this team should hold their heads up high and look forward to the rest of the league season, onewhich they will play a big part in in the closing stages. So well done lads, a display of courage, showing bravery and heart - keep it up.

Under 14A Division 4: U15 players Kyle McCarthy and China Igboanusi

Goal scorers: Kyle McCarthy 3, China Igboanusi 3, Conor Fitzgerald, Jack Enright.

The first round of the National Cup saw us away to Douglas Hall A where, at times, we put in a master class in the art of passing. The first half was all one-way traffic as we moved the ball at speed. Killian Browne was unlucky after 2 minutes when his left foot strike hit the post, but on 4 minutes Kyle McCarthy opened our account with a terrific strike from 25 yards. His second on 8 minutes was a carbon copy when, after another slick move, his long-range strike hit the net. With Aaron Butler overlapping at every opportunity, his attacking play led to Killian providing the pass for Conor Fitzgerald to slot in our third on 17 minutes. Our fourth was a gem as Kyle completed his hat-trick with a beauty again from outside the box on 20 minutes. It was tremendous to watch and after 28 minutes, another storming run by Aaron as his cross was tucked away by Jack Enright for our fifth and his first of the season. Half time arrived with us 5 nil to the good. The second half saw Douglas put in a spirited 20 minutes and they scored a well deserved goal after 54 minutes to narrow the gap. With all 4 subs on, it took us a while to get going again and the Douglas goal seemed to get the best out of us. For the last 20 minutes we were camped in the Douglas half, a Conor strike hit the post, sub Alvaro Miguel dragged his shot just wide, then on 69 minutes fellow sub China Igboanusi powered through to finish well to make it 6 - 1. An-

National Cup at home Midleton A 0 Blarney United 4

IT WAS the first round of the National Cup & Midleton A from Division 4 were drawn against Blarney United, unbeaten in Division 1. With a tough match in prospect the team needed a strong performance from everyone and although the scoreline suggests otherwise, it was a hard-fought contest throughout and one that shows Midleton A are improving every week. Midleton A got off to a great start and controlled the game for the first 10 minutes. However, on 13 minutes, Blarney got a rare cross in from the left and it was sidefooted home at the near post. The remainder of the first half was strongly fought by Midleton A and they just lacked the final through ball to create a clear chance. After half-time, Blarney came into the game and their superior size started to have an effect. On 42 minutes they got a corner and the ball squirmed through a myriad of legs before being tapped home at the back post. It was a bad goal for Midleton A to concede. The pressure continued but Midleton A defended very well and it took an opportunistic lob from 20 yards after a cleared corner on 45 minutes to beat the keeper. The fourth goal came on 60 minutes as a result of a high cross that was dropped by the keeper, and toe-poked into the net from 2 yards. Throughout the match, Midleton A worked tirelessly as a team and deserved more from the match. Discounting a couple of soft goals conceded, it was a good overall performance and one that will stand them in good stead in their next league match. - Colm Smyth.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Wallace -


Costigan -

2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of Teresa, a dear wife, mother and grandmother, whose anniversary occurs on September 29th. This day is remembered And quietly kept, No words are needed, We shall never forget. For those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every day. Unseen and unheard, but always near, So loved, so missed and so very dear. Sadly missed by your loving husband Dan, your sons, daughters, daughtersin-law, sons-in-law and grandchildren.

Anniversary Mass, for Teresa, will be held on Thursday, September 29th, at 7.30pm in Mogeely Church.

Shinnick -

20th Anniversary

In loving memory of a darling daughter and wonderful sister, Emer, whose 20th anniversary occurs today, September 28th. A whisper on a September morning, You heard a gentle call, You took the hand of Jesus, And quietly left us all. You left us as you loved us, Quietly and without fuss, And on the day you went away, You took a part of us. We loved you then, We love you still, And in our hearts we always will. Always loved and missed by your dad, sister Niamh, brother Pádraig and brother-in-law Pádraig.

Casey -

12th Anniversary

In loving memory of Patrick Casey, late of Sheepwalk, Dungourney, whose anniversary occurs at this time. Nothing on earth can ever replace, The sound of your voice Or the smile on your face. No verse, no flowers, no tears can say, How much we miss you every day. Sadly missed by your wife Ethel, Mam and Dad, brother, sisters and families.

2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of Tommy Wallace, late of Upper Saleen, who died on September 30th 2009. Our thoughts are ever with you, Though you have passed away, And those who loved you dearly, Are thinking of you today. Sadly missed by Annette, Maureen, Helen, Teddy, Tony and Jerry. May he rest in peace.

Savage -

3rd Anniversary

In loving memory of my dear Dad Paddy, late of Park, Youghal who died on September 29th. The loss of a dad is so hard to bear, When you open the door and he's not there. He was always at home, Content and carefree; Oh I wish in my heart he was here with me. He never looked for praise, He wasn’t one to boast, He just went on quietly working, For those he loved the most. He was a firm foundation, Through all our storms in life, A sturdy hand to hold on to, In times of stress or strife. A true friend I could turn to, When times were good or bad, One of life’s greatest blessings, That wonderful man...... my Dad. I love you dad with all my heart, And hate that we have to be apart, Our love is a bond that can’t be broken, You may be gone, But you will never be forgotten. HOLY MARY PROTECT HIM. Dearly loved and sadly missed your loving daughter, Breda and son-in-law, Ted xx GRANDDAD SAVAGE In loving memory of our dear granddad. We loved it at your house granddad, We were always happy there, When we were feeling down granddad, We knew that you would care. We loved it at your house granddad You always made a fuss, You were a best friend granddad, To every one of us. We loved it round your house granddad, The reason for this is true, Cos you were always there granddad And we loved being with you. You will never be forgotten granddad, No matter how much we grow, A man more honest and sincere This world will never know. Love and miss you always. Love Robert, Andrew, Karen and Aidan xxxx SAVAGE: IN LOVING MEMORY OF DADDY Your presence we miss, Your memory we treasure, Loving you always, Forgetting you never. Always in our thoughts and prayers. Love from your son and daughter, Patrick and Teresa xx

Buckley 2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of our mother, Sheila Buckley, late of Broomfield, who died on October 3rd, 2009. You hold a place within our hearts, And there you shall remain, To walk with us throughout our lives, Until we meet again. Love always, Donie and family. Mam, Nothing on earth can ever replace, The sound of your voice, Or the smile on your face. No verse, no flowers, no tears can say, How much we miss you every day. Love always from Andrew and Trish and family x. Anniversary Mass for Sheila will be held on Saturday, October 1st, in the Church of the Most Holy Rosary, Midleton, at 6.10pm.

Buckley 2nd Anniversary

In loving memory of my Mam, Sheila Buckley, late of Broomfield, Midleton. Will those who think of her today, A little prayer for Sheila say. From her son James, Noreen and family.

Buckley 2nd Anniversary

Fond memories of a loving mother and grandmother, Sheila Buckley, late of Broomfield, Midleton, who died on October 3rd, 2009. Memories are special, They don’t fade away, We think of you always, Not just today. Love forever, Eileen, Pa, Dan, Debbie, Shauna, Sabrina, Shane and Leon.

Hallissey -

8th Anniversary

In loving memory of Peggy Hallissey, whose anniversary occurs today, Wednesday, September 28th. Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning’s hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, Of quiet birds in circled flight, I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die. Always remembered by her husband John, daughter Aimee and grandchildren Noah, Alex, Izzy and Elliot.




CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Corcoran Engineers & Architects Tel: 0214630101 intend to apply on behalf of Agnes Woods for outline permission for the erection of a dwelling house, new entrance and a waste water treatment system along with all other associated site works at Lisgoold North, Leamlara, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Barrie Hastings Dip Arch Tech (0876529990) on behalf of John & Sandra McGrath, 28 The Spires, Carrignafoy, Cobh, Co. Cork, wishes to apply for planning permission to construct a First Floor Extension over existing single storey annex at side of dwellinghouse. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Alman Surveying, Tel 087 245 1065, acting on behalf of Michael Cotter, (Liquidator), J. and W. Leahy Brothers (Midleton) Limited, (in Liquidation), is applying for Planning Permission for Retention of 3 No. Terraced Dwelling Houses as constructed within the boundary, at Townparks, Cloyne, Co. Cork. (Previous planning Ref: S/00/3934). The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork, during its public opening hours, i.e. 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks, beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL We Isaac and Rachel Allen wish to apply for permission to carry out the following works at Ballynamona, Shanagarry, Co. Cork. (a) alterations to elevations of existing dwelling. (b) construction of a single storey apartment with link corridor for use as ancillary accommodation to existing dwelling. (c) ground floor extensions to front, rear and side elevations of existing dwelling. (d) first floor extension to rear elevation of existing dwelling. (e) construction of double garage. (f) decommission of existing septic tank and installation of wastewater treatment unit and associated works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Harrington O'Flynn Ltd. Consulting Engineers, Tel: 021-4636760 intend to apply on behalf of P.J. Cottter for permission to demolish two agricultural sheds and construct a new detached single storey dwelling, wastewater treatment unit and associated site works at Ballyrichard More, Midleton, Co. Cork. This application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within a period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL I, Dan Corcoran, intend to apply for Permission to demolish an existing porch to the side of my dwelling and erect a singlestorey extension in lieu of the porch at 4 Daly's Terrace, Cork Road, Killeagh, County Cork. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

CORK COUNTY COUNCIL O’Callaghan Eng. & Design Ltd., Dungourney (021 – 4668365) intend to apply on behalf of Emer Kelleher for permission for construction of a dwelling, garage, septic tank, percolation area, well and associated site works at Glenbeg, Dungourney, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL I, Pat O’Sullivan, intend to apply to the above Council for outline permission for dwelling and sewage treatment unit at Knockanenakirka, Dungourney, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. CORK COUNTY COUNCIL Harrington O'Flynn Ltd. Consulting Engineers, Tel: 021-4636760 intend to apply on behalf of Kenneth Walsh and Kathleen O’Donovan for permission to construct a new two storey dwelling, entrance, domestic garage, treatment unit and associated site works at Finisk, Killeagh, Co. Cork. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, on the payment of a fee of €20.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Planning notices FROM €60 East Cork Journal 021 4638022 For: Midleton Town Council, Youghal Town Council & Cork County Council (restrictions apply on Cork Co. Co.)

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AHERNE, (née Cashman), Mary, Carrigtwohill, and late of Coolbawn, Midleton, on Sunday, September 25th. RIP. Requiem Mass, yesterday, Tuesday, in St. Mary’s Church, Carrigtwohill, followed by burial afterwards in the local cemetery. O'CALLAGHAN: John, of Castlemartyr and Dwyer Road, Midleton, on Saturday, September 24th. RIP. Requiem Mass, yesterday, Tuesday, in the Church of the Most Holy Rosary, Midleton, followed by burial afterwards in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Ladysbridge.

CUNNINGHAM: Maurice (Mossie), of Inch, Killeagh, on Friday, September 23rd. RIP. Requiem Mass on Monday last in St. Patrick’s Church, Inch, followed by burial afterwards in the Holy Rosary Cemetery, Midleton. HAYES: James, of Glanmire, on Friday, September 23rd. RIP. Requiem Mass on Monday last, in St. Joseph’s Church, Springhill, followed by burial afterwards in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Little Island.

O'DEA: Brian, of Cobh, on Saturday, September 24th. RIP. Requiem Mass on Monday last, in St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, followed by burial afterwards in Old Church Cemetery. CONNERY, (née Mulcahy): Mary (Maureen), of Ballincurrig, on Tuesday, September 20th. RIP. Requiem Mass on Thursday last in St. John the Baptist Church. Lisgoold, followed by burial afterwards in Lisgoold Cemetery. BYRNE: Louise, of Cobh, on Thursday, September 22nd. RIP. Requiem Mass on Saturday last in St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, followed by cremation afterwards in The Island Crematorium.

GLAVIN, (née Spillane): Mary (Molly), of Glanmire, on Wednesday, September 21st. RIP. Requiem Mass on Friday last in the Church of Our Lady Crowned, Mayfield, followed by burial afterwards in Rathcooney Cemetery. MURPHY, (née Mulcahy): Esther, of Lower Road and Youghal, on Tuesday, September 20th. RIP. Requiem Mass on Friday last, in St. Stephen’s Hospital Chapel, followed by burial afterwards in St. Joseph’s Cemetery.

O'CONNELL: Cllr. Tomás (Tommy), of Youghal, Cork, on Friday, September 23rd. RIP. Funeral arrangements later.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

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Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services DOMESTIC


Noel Ahearn Telephone 021 - 4668312 086 - 2449146 DOMESTIC APPLIANCES

Repair Service Sales

* Cookers * Fridges Tumble dryers * Washing machines Vacuum cleaners * Dishwashers

Fast efficient service throughout



LANDSCAPING SERVICES Gardening, decking, hedge cutting, planting new lawns, grass cutting.

Contact 086 3462093



Roof repairs: Slates, tiles Velux Windows fitted Flat roofs, torch on felt No job Small Plumbing jobs too big Tiling of walls or small and floors

All types of doors & locks replaced

Plastering interior & exterior Patios, Paths & Driveways Attic & Wall Insulation Attic Stairs Power Washing of Fascia & Soffit Gutter Cleaning & Repair General Property Maintenance These are just some of the services we offer If you don’t see something on our list, give us a call on

086 3336190 Qualified tradesmen Fully insured

SEWING CREATIVE SEWING 46 Main Street, Midleton Tel: 021 4632029 Over Ballycotton Seafood

Ladies & Gents Alterations and Repairs

Jeans take up only €5.00 No job to big or small

Bridal & Debs Alterations Curtains made, re-lined & taken up

OPENING HOURS Mon / Fri 10am to 5pm Wed /Sat 10am to 1pm Lunch 12.30am to 1.30pm



DINECO CLEANING All Eco Cleaning (products supplied also) Fascia and Soffit Power washing Window cleaning Carpet cleaning House cleaning Office and commercial Deep cleaning Eco Products sold


086 3462093



Water Softeners

*Water Softeners (limescale removal) * ph Correction (acid water) * Carbon filters (taste & odour removal) * UV Sterilisers (bacteria removal) all work guaranteed free survey without obligation call TONY on

087 2847612 / 025 37900



VEHICLE UPHOLSTERY Top quality seat repairs for cars Tractors, trucks, motorbike etc. Contact


Tallow, Co. Waterford.

087 2393412


Now that our wedding season is over, Barnabrow House is available for booking:

We come to you at home or at work

Significant birthday parties Christenings Dinner dances Christmas parties Charity events and all other celebrations


086 0655959

021-4652 534

Mobile car valeting service

We can tailor a menu to suit your budget


AVON COSMETICS require representatives in all areas of Cork and county. Free brochures and no start-up fee. Free products on your first order. For details, please contact Yvonne on 087 9384902. EXPERIENCED MALE, 40, SEEKS PART TIME bar work, Midleton and surrounding areas. Mid-week preferred. Contact 086 0665479 after 5pm.

Honest and reliable individual wanted to work part-time on SMALL STUD NEAR BANDON. Applicant must have experience of TB broodmares and foals, weaning, handling young TB horses, injured racehorses, License to transport horses, basic farrier skills and some knowledge of sales required. References essential. Option to rent small farmhouse. Apply in writing to Sheila O'Callaghan, 27/29 Washington Street, Cork.


Childminder available, car owner, non-smoker. Cloyne area. Contact Catherine on 087 2824872.



TEL 021 4634592


WINDOW CLEANING Also power washing

FASCiA & SOFFit HOuSeS * GutterS PAtHS & DriveWAyS Contact

086 0655959


Fully furnished, 1 bedroom apartment to let, off MAIN STREET, MIDLETON. €500 per month. Tel. 086 7234173.

Fully furnished, 2 bedroom apartment to let, gas central heating, off MAIN STREET, MIDLETON. €550 per month. Tel. 086 7234173. WHITEGATE: To let, new two bedroomed, fully furnished house. All mod cons. €135 per week. Contact 021 4293411 or 087 9524113.

Your One Stop Shop For East Cork Services Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

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The Puzzler WIN 2TICKETS FOR...

All Mixed Up

TEL. (021) 4630066 WITH OUR 3








10 14


21 23


16 18 22

12 17


20 21









Congratulations to last week’s winner:


ACROSS 22. Bovine animals (4) 1. Consumed (8) 23. Mend (4) 5. Irish footballer, 24. Sledge (8) Brady (4) 7. Tennis player, DOWN McNeill (4) 1. Timothy, 8. Salutation (8) British actor (6) 9. Citrus fruit (6) 2. Constellation 12. Despotic rule (7) containing Betelgeuse (5) 15.Country east of Laos (7) 3. Scoundrel (5) 19. Labour PM, 4. Profoundly (6) 1945 – 51 (6) 5. One of the 21. Unfriendly (8) Baltic States (6)

6. Very strong (6) 10. Church recess (4) 11. Duty Free actress, Taylor (4) 12. Male cat (3) 13. Split (4) 14. Fastener (4) 15. Treasured (6) 16. Hurled (6) 17. Devotee (6) 18. One of the Beatles (6) 19. Improvise (2, 3) 20. Leather strap (5)

ANSWERS TO LAST WEEK’S CROSSWORD: ACROSS: 1. Hypnotic 5. Feed 7. Gear 8. Shambles 9. Legacy 12. Inhabit 15. Romance 19. Namely 21. Doughnut 22. Soar 23. Mast 24. Tidiness. DOWN: 1. Haggle 2. Norma 3.Tasty 4. Craven 5. Fibula 6. Desert 10. Glum 11. Chan 12. Ice 13. Hula 14. Bore 15. Random 16. Alight 17. Cygnet 18. Cyprus 19. Noted 20.Mason.

Name: ______________________________ Address: ____________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Tel (mobile):______________________________ Home:_______________________________ Entries to East Cork Journal, 1st Floor, Watersedge, Riverside Way, Midleton





Test your concentration with this word ladder




Five Minutes - Five Questions

1. A cachalot - an old French word for tooth - is better known as what creature, the largest living toothed animal?

2. What do the 'Int' and 'el' stand for in the computer chip manufacturer Intel Coporation’s name? 3. Which planet (in terms of its orbit) is between Saturn and Neptune?

4. Name the founder of psychoanalysis who wrote the The Interpretation of Dreams, and Beyond the Pleasure Principle?

5. Traditionally the largest book publishers’ tradeshow in the world, in which German city is the Book Fair held each October?

Answer to last week’s Medium


ANSWERS TO WORDGAMES: 1. TOUCHTONE 2. CORD COLD COLT ANSWERS: 1. Sperm Whale 2. Integrated Electronics 3. Uranus 4. Sigmund Freud 5. Frankfurt



Find the 9 letter word hidden in this word wheel

Answer to last week’s Difficult

Tea-Break Crossword


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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The Big Screen Dumb, but not stupid


DVD Midleton Corner SEPT. 30th - OCT. 6th

ABDUCTION (15A) Thunderbolts & lightning... 1.30 4.00 6.15 8.45PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM Market Green 021 4630066


1.45 4.15 6.35 9.00PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM




2.00 4.15 9.15PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM


KILLER Elite is a dumb film. But it’s not stupid.

Dumb because it’s a big, loud action movie with lots of things blowing up, tough guys beating each other even more senseless and plot twists that will be even more confusing when this film is finally seen in its natural environment: on Saturday-night cable, after a couple of beers.

It’s not stupid, though, because at least it knows enough to accept that it’s a big loud movie. And it’s smart enough to play to its own strengths by casting a genuine action star who doesn’t need tricky editing to look good, and adding several real actors to make him look even better.

The star is the perpetually tense Jason Statham, here playing a British SAS man - the commando force that, according to this film, makes US Navy SEALS 'look like a bunch of cupcakes.' After the service he drifted into freelance assassin work. Then he retired. But now he’s going to have to come out of retirement - that is, if he ever wants to see his former mentor alive again. Statham is a modest, intense hero and the film lets him do what he does best - leap off things, drive cars very fast and knock people around while adding a bit of invention. In one great scene there’s a three-way fight - between Statham (who’s tied to a chair), another man who’s in handcuffs, and the last, who has the gun. It’s the kind of goofy but exhilarating action sequence you used to see in Hong Kong movies, and Killer Elite has a couple more like it.

It helps, too, that Statham’s mentor is played by Robert De Niro, and the chief villain by Clive Owen. It goes without saying that both are fine actors; what may not be so obvious is that they make everyone else in the cast look better by elevating the tone a bit, whenever the movie occasionally stops for a few lines of dialogue. Entertaining, too, is the 1980 time period (everyone except the chromedomed Statham rocks some seriously awful hair).

Of course this is not quite The Bourne Identity, let alone James Bond. The plotting isn’t very clear, and the script has to go through a lot of dumb machinations to keep its assassin hero sympathetic.

But the movie’s not stupid. And that makes it more than bearable and often a little fun.

8.45PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM

THE CHANGE UP (16) 9.00PM L/S FRI & SAT @ 11.15PM

JANE EYRE (12A) 6.15PM



1.45 4.15PM PLUS SAT & SUN @ 11.30AM



GateCinemasAppnowavailableintheAppStoreFREE Book online at

KENNETH Branagh isn’t a name you’d link to a fresh foray into Marvel’s cinematic universe, but for the Shakespearian actor and director, the gig has a classic appeal, not immediately apparent to its target audience. He’s on record, comparing the story, with its passing King, warmongering heir and clash of kingdoms, with the Bard’s Henry V. Thor, chiselled from a block of arrogance by Chris Hemsworth, is a super-human colossus, who’s marooned in small town America and invites its destruction when his galactic foes arrive to finish him off. The film flits between this Earth bound, God out-of-water low comedy – Thor walking into a pet shop and demanding a horse for example, and superior scenes on his home planet of Asgard.

It’s within Asgard’s gold and ornate confines, that Branagh can indulge himself and let loose with florid language, duelling warriors and thick camp spread over a lavish computer-generated landscape. This is the meat of the film and it shows; its melodramatic, in the Shakespearian mould, epic in feel and often exhilarating. Thor is found on earth, taken to the nearest town by a team of scientists, makes them breakfast, tries to retrieve his hammer, fails, gets drunk, goes back to the town and gets attacked – that’s it. The plot doesn't pack as much punch as a chisel, let alone Thor's hammer - but when you're having that much fun, you simply don't care.

Hemsworth is well cast in the lead and keeps the film going when it starts to slow down. Anthony Hopkins, as Thor’s father and reigning monarch Odin, can do this sort of thing in his sleep (in fact he is asleep for half the picture) but is nevertheless good value, giving the scenes between father and sons a bit of heft, while Tom Hiddleston, as Thor's meddling brother Loki deserves his own movie, and may well get one when The Avengers comes out next year.

It may not be strongest film to have made the transition from comic book to screen but it does whet the appetite for more from the hammerwielding thoroughbred and his jealous sibling. We were, in short, Thoroughly entertained.


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Fo o d fo r t h o u g h t

Sponsored by Well & Good, Broderick Street, Midleton Tel. (021) 4633499


Porter Cake


HAIR loss can be very distressing for both men and women. There is little that can be done to curb traditional male-pattern baldness, so if you are 25 and worry about a receding hairline there isn't much comfort in store. For women, however, it’s a far more disturbing issue, and there are a variety of causes.

Hair loss after pregnancy is a common and temporary concern. As a rule, about 85 percent of the hair on your head is growing and the other 15 percent is in a resting stage. After the resting period, this hair falls out - often while you're brushing or shampooing - and is replaced by new growth. An average woman sheds about 100 hairs a day. During pregnancy, increased levels of oestrogen prolong the growing stage. There are fewer hairs in the resting stage and fewer falling out each day, so hair is thicker and more luxuriant.

After birth, oestrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage and fall out. This shedding tapers off and hair will be back to its pre-pregnancy thickness by baby’s first birthday.

The loss of specific patches of hair can be due to pernicious anaemia or be connected to thyroid or adrenal problems. Pernicious anaemia can be severe, but simple dietary changes help. Foods high in B12 are key (eggs, meat, poultry, shellfish, milk, oranges, wholegrain rice, green leafy veg, chickpeas, beans and lentils) and a sub-lingual B12 supplement or B12 injections are usually prescribed. Iron-deficiency anaemia leads to more generalised hair loss and a brittle texture. Again, diet is vital, with foods such as red meat, beans and pulses, eggs and beetroot all high in iron, as well as the B12 foods already suggested.

Hair loss due to low thyroid function: if not on medication, supplements can be very successful.

PORTER, a type of dark Irish beer, is not now as widely available as it once was - but this cake will reintroduce you to it in style. Porter is not as strong as stout but Guinness, Murphy's or other Irish stout can be substituted in this recipe if mixed fifty-fifty with water. This cake is quickly and easily made and, though it tastes good fresh from the oven, it is best kept for about a week in an airtight tin.


250ml Porter 8 oz. butter 8 oz. brown sugar 1kg. mixed dried fruit (equal quantities currants, raisins, sultanas, with about half as much mixed peel) 1/2 kg. plain flour 1/2 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. mixed spice Grated rind from one small lemon (optional) 3 medium eggs


1. Melt the butter and sugar in the porter in a saucepan. 2. Add the fruit and simmer for 10 minutes.

3. Allow to go cold and add the sieved flour, baking soda, spices and lemon rind. 4. Beat the eggs and mix in with a wooden spoon.

5. Pour into a greased and lined 9 inch/ 25 cm cake tin and bake on the middle shelf of a preheated oven at gas mark 3, 325°F, 160°C for about one hour and forty-five minutes. 6. To test the cake, push a skewer into the centre; if ready, the skewer will come out clean. 7. Allow the cake to cool in the tin. 8. Enjoy!

Hormonal changes as we age often lead to whiskery chins and thinning locks, and sometimes women simply inherit a tendency to go thin on top, which is very hard to rectify and is extremely distressing. There are supplements which can help, but also simple self-help steps worth trying: * When shampooing, choose a low-chemical brand and dilute it well before applying. * Use only gentle hair colours – harsh ones can damage scalp as well as hair. * Encourage blood flow to the scalp by lying across the bed for a few minutes with your head over the edge. A head massage is wonderful but harder to come by on a regular basis!

Well & Good

Broderick Street, Midleton * Tel. / Fax. (021) 4633499


WHEN customers ask about hair loss, the first thing we do is to ask them about their diet. Then we check on stress levels which can seriously affect hair condition and growth. Silica Capsules work well for hair, skin and nails, as does Solgar’s specific supplement blend. Well and Good stocks several ranges of low-chemical shampoos and conditioner – Hauschka, Faith, Jason, Avalon – and the full range of Naturtint hair colours. And if stress is a problem, we can help there too.


Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


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Arcade Midleton: For timeless fashions - whatever your age! for every generation, every size and every style... arcade Midleton has it covered this autumn!

THIS autumn at Arcade Midleton, it's time to put a little bit of class back into fashion!

We love this black silk long-sleeved, below the knee jersey dress with red stitching for only €49.99 in sizes SM to 2XL. Add a splash of colour with a red accordion pleated scarf for only €14.99 and keep your neck and shoulders out of those autumn winds! Make a statement, staying on trend with a gorgeous tartan, panelled, grey, long-sleeved, wool dress. Below the knee, its flattering neckline and asymmetrical patterning, will give you a fabulous hourglass figure for just €59.99

in sizes SM to XL. Add a pair of thick tights (also available in store), a gorgeous handbag (new stock arriving daily - see below for more details) and a statement neck-piece with coloured glass and embellishment (only €3.99) - and you're good to go!

new david jones handbags in store

Bags - it's mine!

New season, new handbag - it's as simple as that for us, ladies. Pick up a fabulous leather handbag in grey or khaki, a tartan statement bag (ideal with the grey and tartan dress pictured) or a David Jones bag for only €39.99. David Jones, beloved the world over, brought the following comment from one Arcade customer: 'Every once in a while, I fall in love with a designer that captures my heart like no other. This time, David Jones has managed to capture my heart with his new handbag collection. It is absolutely breathtaking and of course I couldn’t wait to snag one up for myself asap!'

Ladies, let's party

enjoy a warming cuppa!

new stock now in!

As party season is just around the corner, why not pick up a fabulous and flirty party dress at Arcade Midleton. We love the strapless mini party-dress pictured left, with a nude (a colour so on trend right now) bodice and black A-line skirt, in sizes XS to large. The silk bow will give you a perfect waistline, and add a string of pearls or a funky party cardi (€39.99) to give the look that little something extra.

Sunday 2pm 6pm Monday Wednesday

AS the weather gets a little chillier, why not pop upstairs at Arcade Midleton to the XPresso Cafe and enjoy a warming cup of coffee or a delicious Sukí Tea - tea as it should be. Savour a delicious, freshly-made sandwich or scone, or try a fancy cupcake for dessert. Whatever you choose, at Arcade's XPresso Cafe you're guaranteed a warming, welcoming time.


only €14.99

sponsored by: arcade

021 4631077

Pushing prices down

94 Main Street, Midleton Open 7 Days a Week – Customer Car Park on Riverside Way

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

THE PLACE TO BE sponsored by


Mobile DJ & Disco Mobile: 086 732 5684


Midleton Concert Band in final rehearsals for Lord Mayor’s Heritage Concert

An Seanachaí &4 *56&74&16 2/.)&: 266&,*5 7//& 4255 71,&48&1 2 %&6*4+24)




! <

! "

-262,4&3-.( 2(70*16&4: +420 6-*

+&5(.1&6.1, (2//*(6.21 2+ 3.(674*5 ': :4./ = &44*//=

&46 2+ 6-* $.57&/ 465 "4&./

!624:6*//.1, !276- &56 *56.8&/ 999 5624:6*//.1,5276-*&56 (20

4.)&: !*36*0'*4

6- &6


! !


22) 5*48*) &// )&: *8*4: )&: 71(- )&./: 30 62 30 /; (&46* *8*1.1, 53*(.&/5

IN Cork’s City Hall on Saturday, October 1st, Midleton Concert Band, under conductor Noel Galvin, will take part in the Lord Mayor’s Heritage Concert. This prestigious annual event is run by Cork Lions Club and promises to maintain the high standard of entertainment as in previous years. Midleton Concert Band will join with Cork Barrack Street Band to perform music around the theme of movies and shows. Beautiful melodies courtesy of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Charlie Chaplin, Ennio Morricone and others form the programme, making this an evening to remember. Also in the line up is Michael Twomey of ‘Cha & Miah’, Joe Mac and City Voices Male Voice Choir.

The evening always achieves a full house and this year will be no different. Tickets are not on general sale but a limited number are held by the band to cater for their loyal followers in the area. Please contact a band member if you require tickets or email and we will do our best to accommodate you. There is no charge for these tickets as the concert is run on the basis that no money is paid to the performers and no money is asked of the audience.

John Curtin, Chairman, Midleton Concert Band discussing the arrangements with the Lord Mayor of Cork, Terry Shannon

Sugar tax to come for Ireland?

HEALTH Minister James Reilly has said he is examining the possibility of imposing a 'sugar tax' on certain foods on sale in Ireland, such as soft drinks.

Minister Reilly said he has been looking at similar models introduced in New York and France, with the aim of reducing our intake of sugar, in the hope of stopping the epidemic of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

However, there are concerns that a sugar tax will disproportionately hit those with low incomes, given that some processed foods are cheaper than healthier options.


Minister Reilly, however, said he believes the high sugar intake in Ireland must be tackled, and he has warned the food industry that self-regulation, as it stands, will not be tolerated. ‘I'd invite the food and beverage industry to come and talk to my department as soon as possible,’ he said.

‘Those responsible need to get their act together or we will be coming with regulation and legislation to ensure that they behave in a responsible fashion.’

Regardless, a tax on sugar will definitely cause a (sugar) lump in all of our throats.

arty’s Bar & Restaurant CLOYNE



Culchie Festival Grand County Final 2011 )*&/ 8*17* +24 3&46.*5 &1) +&0./: 2((&5.215

& // & ,5

999 5*&1&(-&. .* 5*&1&(-&.'&4 *.4(20 1*6

( Winner will represent Cork in Ireland’s National Culchie Festival in Mohill, Co. Leitrim in October)

Harty ’s Traditional “Pig on a Spit ” * Music by “ The Culchie Club”.

Special Guest – Brendan Morrissey (Festival Director of Ireland’s National Culchie Festival) Escorts provided for Culchie Finalists * Raffle & Spot Prizes to be won. “Guess the weight of Pig” competition - €2 per guess

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

E N T E R TA I N M E N T G U I D E !


Mobile DJ & Disco

You pick the venue, we create the atmosphere!

* 21sts, 18th - any birthday! * Weddings & Civil Partnerships * Any club discos Our Laser Lights, LEDs, Moonflower Lights, Smoke Machine and Sound Rig will transform any venue into the coolest place to party!

A haunting affair World Ghost Convention comes to Cork THE World Ghost Convention, which is the first of its kind in the world, is an event for all those who are curious about all things supernatural.

Officially opened each year by the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Cork, it provides an ideal opportunity for the many people fascinated with the supernatural to hear a colourful assortment of supernatural topics explored by speakers from different backgrounds and professions. In addition, those who have experienced supernatural occurrences have the chance to share their own personal supernatural experiences if they so wish as well as hear first-hand the accounts of others who echo similar experiences. The magnificent 19th Cork City Gaol where the 11th World Ghost Convention will be held on Friday, October 28th is a splendid atmospheric setting for such a unique Convention as it has its own resident ghosts which have been seen by members of the audience and speakers since the first Ghost Convention was established in 2001. So, come along to Cork City Gaol on October 28th - just don’t get spooked.

One village, two events as Ballinrostig gears up for a vintage weekend! ON Sunday, October 2nd, Ballinrostig Vintage Club are holding two events.

The first is the annual vintage ploughing and fun working day which takes place on the land of James Tait, Curraheen, with his kind permission from 1pm to 5pm. This will be signposted from Whitewell Cross, which is on the main Midleton to Whitegate road. This will give our club members and other vintage club members a chance to show off their ploughing skills and also their vintage implements. Light refreshments will be supplied by the club for those taking part, so if you have a vintage tractor or any vintage implement, come along and join in on the fun. The second event takes place that evening at 7pm in Poc Ar Buile Pub, Ballinrostig, with the presentation of money raised from the annual field day which took place in July, to Marymount Hospice, Midleton Hospital and other local charities

There will be music on the evening by the ever-popular John and Edmond also, with weather permitting, a specially constructed dance stage will be erected outside the pub for those who wish to show off their dancing skills. For further information on both events, please visit our web site at or contact any club member. Hoping to see you there.

Wallis’ BAR MIDLETON Where a smile & a warm welcome await... EARLY OPENING 9AM MON - SAT TEAS, COFFEES, HOMEMADE SCONES ETC.

Thursday, September 29th:

SCRUFFY Sunday, October 2nd:


BIG GENERATOR Monday, October 3rd, 9.30pm:




MID-WEEK OPEN MIC with JAMES MCGRATH Wednesdays, 9.30pm

IN-HOUSE MUSIC Every Fri & Sat, 9.30pm - close

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862


Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - The East Cork Journal

Things are getting a little scary... Corkonians go mad in the hunt for jobs at The Nightmare Realm live auditions

THERE was an outbreak of insanity in Cork on Thursday, September 22nd, as Corkonians went barking mad in a bid to get one of the much coveted part-time jobs at The Nightmare Realm. People’s inner monsters came to the fore as they were asked to do some crazy things for their auditions such as... - Pretend you’re an egg and you’ve just been cracked open - Pretend I’m the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, I make you sick - Pretend your skin is crawling with flesh-eating spiders - Let me hear you’re loudest scream - Sing badly - Cry, laugh, cry

The Nightmare Realm, Cork’s first scare house attraction, was holding live auditions on Patrick Street to recruit Cork’s weirdest and most manic characters to play a part in their nightmarish extravaganza that takes place in Navigation House on Albert Quay for the month of October. The only criteria is that you are willing to act the part and are up for scaring the wits out of fellow Corkonians! Almost 40 positions were successfully filled as a result of the auditions and those recruited will now be trained in the art of psychological scare tactics and transformed via the use of professional masks, costumes, makeup and prosthetics.

Tickets to The Nightmare Realm which runs from October 1st to 31st will cost €12 for adults and €10 for students and are available to purchase from or on the door each night for 13 year olds plus.

carrigTWohill large chicken only €4

‘What do you mean you don’t think my running for President is a good idea?’ Auditions get scary for The Nightmare Realm

Tel: 021 4882411

Buy 4pk Quarter Pounders (frozen) for €2.99 and get a Free Bag oF Frozen chiPs!

Kitkat 6pk €1 Wagon Wheels 6pk €1 cadburys Fingers €1

All 24 pk cans of 7Up, Coca Cola, Pepsi still oNly €10

comfort 5l only €5.49 Daz 90 wash only €13 Fairy 90 wash only €18

chicken Fillets 10 pk only €8.99

Price Fall for Autumn!

More For 4 on all Wine...

Aptamil and SMA large Tubs


Pampers Simply Dry BoX Nappies

DiscounT with every four bottles bought in a single purchase

oNly €9

All 10kg Roosters and Queens potatoes still only €3.99

oNly €10

Full loTTo in-sTore!

Dairygold 454gr

Budweiser 15pk oNly €13

jUST €2

Bulmers / Guinness pint bottles 4 for €10

Sno Fromage Frais 6pk jUST €1 Irish yogurts 8pk

jUST €3

Smirnoff Ice, WKD Range 2 for €10

oPENING HoURS MoN - FRI 6.30AM - 10PM SAT & SUN 8AM - 10PM

Enjoy Alcohol Sensibly. Visit

While stocks last. Customer Quotas will apply.

Email us at * call us at (021) 4638 022 * TEXT US AT 086 807 3862

Issue 210  
Issue 210  

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011