The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 36.14 – September 15, 2021

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Local News —ĕƆĶĎĕŕƐƆĪëĈĕƐſëǔĶĈĶŕĈſĕëƆĕƱĶƐIJćĶşĕŕĕſīƷĪëĈĶōĶƐƷ Hans Lovejoy Bayshore Drive residents in Byron say while they support Council’s plans for a large bioenergy facility within the Byron Bay Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) site, the expected truck movements past their homes are unacceptable and ‘significantly understated’. Yet one of the most sympathetic ears in Council, Cr Cate Coorey, has dismissed their claims and traffic calculations, and instead made the case that if approved, the truck movements would be capped and would not be ‘significant in the context of the neighbourhood’. Cr Coorey spruiked the facility and repeated Council’s traffic study figures, which claims truck movements would equate to seven return trips a day (a net increase). David Dixon sits on the Strata Committee of Bayshore Apartments, and told The Echo his committee represents 14 property owners on the haulage route to, and from, the facility. ‘We are concerned, because the DA does not fully disclose the extent of the truck noise problem. It acknowledges there will be ten truck deliveries of waste per day in vehicles that will include 19m semitrailers. ‘However, the DA does not divulge the number of trucks required to remove compost and other materials from the site. Thus, total truck movements and noise are significantly understated. ‘There will be thousands of new truck movements past our homes each

KIDS DENTIST! Did you know our dental therapists are specially trained to treat children and young adults? Call our friendly staff to make an appointment today! 59/1 Porter Street, Byron Bay, NSW 2481 Bayshore Drive residents are not happy they may be facing increased truck traffic on an already busy road. Photo Jeff Dawson year and this level of noise will be intrusive, as well as detrimental to mental and physical health’. Another Bayshore Apartment resident, Susanne Love, told The Echo, ‘It seems like madness to talk about so many truck movements in a residential area. We are not the industrial estate’. Ms Love added she was also concerned for the impact on the Bird Sanctuary, located within the proposed area. Councillor Cate Coorey told The Echo, ‘I hear the concerns of neighbours, as none of us want see increased traffic anywhere near our homes, but this number of vehicles is low impact’. ‘That part of Byron, with Habitat, the Sun Bistro and Elements and the rest of the Habitat hotel site as it gets developed — all large traffic generating

businesses — is definitely busier lately’. Cr Coorey added that her concerns included the potential impacts on the wildlife at the STP wetlands, ‘and I need to get more information about that’. Council’s traffic report states, ‘the impact of the development traffic on the road network will not have any unacceptable traffic implications’.

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ōƐſşƖƐĕȃ Yet, by far the shortest distance from the STP to Ewingsdale Road is past the Cavanbah Centre, a facility owned by Council. Council staff were asked about that alternative route, and replied it ‘would involve construction and operations adjacent to the three highest biodiversity-value cells in the far southeast of the STP constructed wetlands’.



AUDIOLOGIST Chris Adelaide

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